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Annoucing the launch of our new website In February 2013 Sola Switzerland AG launched successfully its new website Our website has undergone a fundamental change, both in terms of its content and design. This change reflects our intention to combine innovation and design not only in our production but also in presentation of our products towards our customers. SOLA Switzerland AG admires creativity and supports the art

and artists. Combination of these elements is reflected in the four main light motives which we present on our website.

For those who want to know where to meet us we provide information about the events where SOLA Switzerland AG will participate during 2013.

The new website offers information for each visitor about our products - product lines, cutlery, porcelain, kitchenware and other household accessories as well as news that the company Sola Switzerland AG launches.

Individual product lines and our novelties are presented in the on-line catalogs. Our goal is to launch an e-shop soon and make shopping of Sola products more convenient. Just one click to and you get all the information you are looking for.

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Avantgarde Gold

Experience the art

Experience the art - the new premium catalogue in portfolio of Sola Switzerland Innovation in harmony with the art Sola Switzerland satisfies the global cutlery market for decades. The fame never comes automatically, but as a result of precise, creative and positive attitude to work. This is the vision of Sola on the way to success. Such approach is perfectly parallel with the art of ballet. Individual performers must drill their skills for months in order to deliver perfect dance figures. It requires them to be focused on each detail because slips are barely tolerated. An audience is strict and naturally expects performance without any mistakes.

With the newest cutlery art – the premium line selection, the Swiss manufacturer proudly presents the finest results of its hard work over the last period. The whole spectacle of individual cutlery shapes introduces the production of cutlery in line with the art of ballet. Each achievement has been earned via hard work and focus on details. Sola similarly as ballet dancers is trying to impress you by elegance integrated in new lines. Besides the qualified performers on the scene, Sola has always an ambition to offer novelties to its customers. Sola Premium 2013 – 2014 proudly released new lines such as Vaasa, Virginia, Dolce and Vita.

Looking ahead to modern design Vaasa is a unique type, which fully incorporates the idea of ballet, with its brave shapes and modern design. It perfectly expresses the handwriting features of Sola Switzerland. The fine lines - Luxus and Avantgarde have been upgraded and can be found now in two colour variations gold and black. It is worthless to describe all new lines individually in words. The Premium Cutlery Collection Catalogue 20132014 does not contain too many words, but it aims to attract by it impressive design and creative pictures.

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New dealerships map for Scandinavia, Baltic Countries and Russia.

Change in dealerships for Scandinavia, Baltic Countries and Russia Sola Switzerland is closer to customers – new warehouse in the European Union Sola Switzerland fairly belongs to the group of the oldest Swiss companies. It operates on the world market since 1866 and its product development and corporate culture is active and ambitious. Sola dynamically monitors developments in the world markets and tailors the range of product portfolio in order to satisfy actual customers’ demand. Moreover, Sola as a leader in tableware business, sets up new trends in this industry.

Increase of orders required Sola to grow exponentially. It was the reason for Sola to settle down in Slovakia in order to be closer to its customers. Due to the organizational changes in our structure and the new warehouse opened in Slovakia in November 2012, we have decided to appoint the new Sales representative for Scandinavia, Baltic countries and Russia. The warehouse capacity in Slovakia enables Sola to promptly supply its products to its customers throughout Europe and Eurasia.

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HEAD OFFICE SWITZERLAND Seetalstrasse 39 CH-6032 Emmen/Luzern Tel: +41 (0) 41 268 8383 Fax: +41 (0) 41 268 8389 Email:

REPRESENTATIVE OFFICE EUROPE Kmetkova 23 SK-949 01 Nitra Tel: +421 (0) 37 642 4091 Fax: +421 (0) 37 642 1897 Email:





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