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Global Impact Project is a project focused on the analysis of the identity of the participants in an intercultural space, where, from itself, can strengthen their sense of community for themselves generate analytical and critical of their reality facilitating it to find the solutions in which it can support. Thus, it seeks to empower students with a view to future change agents.

Global Impact Project

Education: The intern will have to participate in workshops about each topic required before and during the project. Interns will work with adolescents 12 to 16 years old. The intern must plan theorical and practical classes on leadership and social entrepreneurship. Also, the interns will coordinate and prepare the activities for each module (M1: Identity of each student, M2: Multicultural issues and immersion, M3: Students' social projects execution)Teach about different social issues before, during or at the end of each workshop.


100 kids from highschool in poor conditions

Conditions: Accomodation and Food provided

TN Forms: TN-In-PE-UC-2013-1464 TN-In-PE-UC-2013-1465 TN-In-PE-UC-2013-1506 TN-In-PE-UC-2013-1507 TN-In-PE-UC-2013-1508 TN-In-PE-UC-2013-1509 TN-In-PE-UC-2013-1510 TN-In-PE-UC-2013-1511 TN-In-PE-UC-2013-1512 TN-In-PE-UC-2013-1513

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