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Protests over land designation continue


Members of the Plataforma de Afectados por la Reparcelación de Las Salinas held a protest outside the Biblioteca Municipal de Roquetas de Mar to protest over the land redesignation and division in the Salinas de San Rafael. They are requesting a written undertaking for the suspension and permanent withdrawal of plans to redevelop this area. The protestors have explained their case to the Mayor Roquetas de Mar, Gabriel Amato, who responded that the project has been halted. However, the spokeswoman of the Plataforma, Raquel Peinado, stated ‘we disagree and we want his promises in writing.’

young people help installation of renewable energy

22 young people from Huercal de Almeria have been trained in the installation of renewable energy equipment, and have been presented with Diplomas by the Mayor, Juan Ibañez, Councilwoman Dolores Salmerón, and the Provincial Delegate for Employment, Francisca Pérez Laborda. The youngsters have studied two modules, one for renewable energy and other metalwork at a school maintained by the City Council through a grant of more than 569,000 euros from the Department of Employment. The 22, who were unemployed, have studied for the installation of solar thermal systems in different municipal buildings, including residences for the elderly, the football field, the municipal hall and the local police units. The Mayor indicated that the Schools Workshop specialising in renewable energy facilities is the first of its kind to take place in Almeria, and served to ‘provide an opportunity for our unemployed workers to learn and practice skills in these new facilities, thus opening up the range of employment opportunities for them in the future.’ The Schools Workshop, promoted by the Ministry of Employment Board, focuses on training unemployed under 25 year olds, with an initial training period of six months and another 18 months under contract training, but receiving 75% of the minimum wage.

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Officers of the Policía Local have arrested two women accused of robbery with violence from the clothing shop Bershka in the Paseo de Almería. The incident unfolded when a young woman called a security patrol officer in Calle Navarro Rodrigo, and informed him that the staff of the Bershka store had just been the victims of a robbery. They had become suspicious of two women who were carrying several bags full of new clothes. When the store staff asked to examine the contents of the bags they were subjected to verbal abuse and punched to the ground, upon which the women fled the store. They were apprehended in Calle Trajano. When the bags were checked staff recognised trousers, t-shirts, 6 sweaters in different colours, tank tops, a jacket, a denim skirt and a white tracksuit. All the items were the Bershka brand, and carried the original labels and tags, and in total were valued at more than 400€. The bags also contained pliers and scissors, used to remove the security tags from the items stolen. Those arrested were Maria José. D.R., 44 years of age and of Spanish nationality and Silvia M. 39, from Bulgaria. Both are residents of Almeria.

Spanish air controllers Ayuntamiento de Mojacar sued for 50 million euros Concejalía de Cultura Passengers hit by a 24-hour wildcat strike by Spanish air traffic controllers announced this week they had sued for 50 million euros in damages

An association of 5,000 passengers said it had filed suit in a Madrid court against controllers who called in sick en masse December 3, disrupting travel for more than 200,000 people on a holiday weekend. Spain’s government forced the controllers to return to work the following day by declaring a state of alert, putting the military in command and threatening jail for those who refused. It was the first state of alert in Spain since the 1975 death of dictator General Francisco

Franco. “In the civil action, we are requesting the opening of a civil suit to claim 10,000 euros in moral damages and financial losses for each person,” the association said in a statement. “The closure of airspace affected thousands of people who were hostage to the situation in national and international planes and airports, causing major losses to the tourism sector and damaging the image of Spain,” it said. According to the association’s

legal counsel, Cremades & Calvo-Sotelo, thousands more people were expected to join the action. Spanish prosecutors are already investigating air traffic controllers for possible sedition charges for abandoning their posts. If the controllers were found guilty and unable to pay the claimed damages, the claimants ‘ association said Spain’s airport authority AENA should be held accountable.

Spain asks court to ban new Basque party

Spain’s government has asked the Supreme Court to outlaw a new Basque pro-independence party called Sortu, arguing it is an extension of the banned political wing of the armed separatist group ETA. Sortu was launched by people close to Batasuna, ETA’s outlawed political wing, on February 7 as a new party that rejects violence and is committed to fighting for independence through purely political means. It wants to take part in municipal elections in the Basque region in May. Batasuna has been ruled illegal since 2003 because of its links to ETA, whose bloody campaign of bombings and shootings for a Basque homeland independent of Spain has been blamed for 829 deaths in more than four decades. Spain’s central government has voiced doubts over the legality of Sortu, and said it would be up to the courts to make a decision. The government believes Sortu is “an extension of Batasuna”, Joaquin de Fuentes Bardaji, a senior justice

department lawyer, told reporters after filing the request with the Supreme Court asking that the party be banned. In the request to have Sortu banned, government lawyers argue based on police reports that the party’s rejection of violence “is cosmetic, rhetorical, not real.” The Supreme Court now has 20 days to decide if Sortu is legal or not. ETA on January 10 declared a “permanent and general ceasefire” to be verified by the international community. But Spain’s Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero rejected the declaration, saying he wanted nothing less than ETA’s dissolution, and the authorities have vowed to hunt down ETA members. Spanish police arrested four suspected ETA bombers on Tuesday and seized about 200 kilogrammes (396 pounds) of explosives as part of the operation in the harshest blow against the group since it declared its latest ceasefire.

From 4th March until 31st March the Centro de Arte ‘Mirador del Castillo’ in Mojácar Pueblo there will be a photographic exhibition. The artists featured are Beverley Michael and John Michael. Their unique ability to see everyday objects from unusual angles, their appreciation of colour and perspective gives their work a vibrant, invigorating look. The exhibition is open from Tuesdays to Sundays at 10.30 until 2.30pm. Another celebration occurs on Ash Wednesday, with the Entierro de la Sardina, literally the Burial of the Sardine! This is celebrated with great enthusiasm in Garrucha, where a procession carries the Sardine on its final journey around the port. This is not quite as bizarre as it sounds. The Sardine represents earthly pleasures, which devout worshippers will give up for the duration of Lent. However, they will have a final last fling on Ash Wednesday, before their period of abstinence begins - Hence the procession! The nearest comparison to this traditional Fiesta is our own Pancake Day.


The ‘Tanden-nostrum’ makes a stop in Carboneras! This is an initiative by two youngsters, Luis and Mercedes, who are supported by Carboneras Socialist Youth, and who are planning to ride a tandem bicycle around the Mediterranean coast in a bid to explore the civilizations and cultures of the Mediterranean basin. “We are very pleased to have Carboneras as a starting point in the stage that coincides with the day of Andalucia. Andalucian culture today is a fusion of genetics, traditions and trade of the peoples of the Mediterranean. We are a universal village, for Spain and for humanity”, quoted the Carboneras Socialist Youth. The Organisation continued ‘We believe that there is much more that unites us to the Mediterranean cultures than that which separates us. We live in an environment in which religions have emerged as a source of conflict and instability, thus it is essential to promote dialogue and to appreciate these differences as an opportunity for cultural enrichment.’ ‘These initiatives are more effective and stimulating than the bureaucratic alliance of civilisations. This project is invaluable because young people are the machine of change in the Mediterranean, as proved by the democratic movements in Egypt, Libya and Tunisia.’ Luis and Mercedes anticipate that the total ride will take around a year and a half.

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Spanish housing ‘amnesty’ given cautious welcome Thousands of British expatriates whose Spanish holiday homes were declared to have been illegally built are set to benefit from a new government ‘amnesty’ a report featured in The Daily Telegraph states.

The homes are among vast numbers of properties in southern Spain that faced the prospect of compulsory demolition after local officials ruled that they had been built with inadequate planning permission. In many cases, construction had been approved by corrupt town hall politicians but later ruled illegal by regional planning chiefs. Now, in a major boost for British owners, many of whom had invested life savings in the properties, the Andalucian regional government has declared that more than 11,000 of them in the Axarquia region near Malaga may be legalised. “Finally, we think we’re hitting the home straight,” said Philip Smalley, president of residents’ group Save Our Homes in Axarquia. “At the moment it is just words, but our understanding is that finally the council in Andalucia will pass an amendment to legalise these houses. It is absolutely a step in the right direction.” Josefina Cruz, the head of the department for public works and housing in the Andalusian regional government, met with mayors from 14 municipalities in the Axarquia region on Friday to explain the decree, which will normalise 11,025 houses in their area. Many British owners claim to have bought the homes in good faith, only to become embroiled in lengthy and expensive court battles and planning rows. Ms Cruz said the move would permit the “recognition of the houses”, and would be enacted within three to six months. Crucially, the amendment will state that the properties can have access to infrastructure and basic services - at present, many illegallybuilt homes have been denied permission to even connected to mains electricity, water systems or sanitation facilities. Campaigners say this is seen as a step towards fully legalising the property. Ms Cruz described the announcement as a “a recognition of a reality which is there, and responding to it, but with conditions. What we are doing is recognising the existence of 11,025 homes which can start a process of regularisation.” The latest announcement would seem to be another initiative to restore confidence in the troubled Spanish property market, which has been badly hit by the global

economic downturn and the problems in the Eurozone. Earlier this month, Beatriz Corredor, the Spanish secretary of state for housing, told The Sunday Telegraph that the Spanish government was keen to woo British buyers back to the Spanish property market. She said that new legislation was being put in place to reassure potential purchasers their homes were built legally, and prevent a repeat of the illegal building fiasco which has blighted much of Spain’s coastal provinces. According to government figures, 100,000 homes built around the coast during the last decade face unresolved planning problems, The amnesty in Axarquia’s will put the vast majority of the area’s illegally-built homes on the road to legalisation, although a remaining 859 properties deemed to have been illegally built on specially-protected land may still be demolished. Mrs Cruz said: “We will act forcefully so that the occurrence of illegally-built houses in Axarquia is contained, because we have to protect the countryside and the touristic value of the region.” However, some embattled home owners fear that the new decree does not go far enough, and remain deeply sceptical about the initiative. “We’ve heard all of these promises before,” said Maura Hillen, president of a resident’s association in Albox, 130 miles south of Alicante. She has spent recent years campaigning for Britons who, like her, have been given demolition orders. “The devil really is in the detail, and they haven’t published any documentation on this so far. They are very good at making promises, and very bad at living up to them.”

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Spanish jobless rises again in February

The number of Spaniards out of work rose for a second consecutive month in February, official data showed this week, adding to government problems in cutting spending and restoring the public finances There were nearly 4.3 million people registered as unemployed last month in Spain, which has the highest jobless rate in the industrialised world, a rise of 68,260 people or 1.6 percent from January, the labour ministry said. Compared with 12 months ago, the figure was up 4.0 percent or 168,638. The rise in the number of those unemployed and claiming benefit adds to the squeeze on public sector finances just

as the government is trying to stamp out fears that Spain will need an Irish-style EUbacked bailout. Figures Tuesday showed Spain had a 2010 public deficit of 9.24 percent of economic output, just below its target of 9.3 percent as spending cuts by the central government offset the missed targets of about half of the country’s 17 regional administrations. Spain has vowed to drive its public deficit down below the European Union limit of 3.0 percent of Gross Domestic Product by 2013. “The latest unemployment data were very disappointing, providing further evidence that negative sentiment in the household economy is going to Spain raised 3.8 billion euros ($5.2 billion), just below its target linger during 2011,” of 4.0 billion euros on Thursday but had to pay higher rates of said Raj Badiani, an returns to investors to secure the fresh funds. economist at IHS Concerns that eurozone debt troubles could spread to Spain Global Insight in pushed bond rates sharply higher last year, adding to the costs London. of servicing the country’s sovereign debt, and although they “Firms continue have steadied since, concerns remain. to exercise a very The government has strengthened bank balance sheets, cut cautious approach spending and pursued economic reforms to allay market fears to hiring as a that Spain may be forced to seek a rescue by the European result of the weak Union and IMF like Greece and Ireland last year. domestic demand conditions and tight The Treasury said it sold 2.65 billion euros in five-year bonds profit margins,” he on Thursday at an average yield of 4.389 percent, up from 4.045 added. percent in the last comparable auction February 3, 2011. The government It also sold 1.15 billion euros in three-year bonds at an average does not provide a yield -- the rate of return earned by buyers of the bonds -- of jobless rate but the 3.592 percent, up from 3.254 percent in the last such auction national statistics in February. institute, which Demand for the five-year paper was 2.2 times the amount sold uses a different and three times for the shorter-dated bills. calculation method The Treasury had hoped to raise between 3.0 and 4.0 billion from the labour euros. ministry, said in

Spain has to pay more to raise fresh cash

January that it stood at 20.33 percent at the end of 2010. That is the highest level in the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development and topped the government target of 19.4 percent for the year. Spain’s booming construction industry drew millions of unskilled immigrant workers and generated high levels of economic growth in the decade to 2008. But the collapse of the property bubble, compounded by the global financial crisis, left many people out of work, especially immigrants and youths. Secretary of state for employment, Mari Luz Rodriguez, called Wednesday’s unemployment figure “a bad number” but she stressed that the rise in joblessness was smaller then those posted in February of 2010 and 2009. In October, the government raised its forecast for the jobless rate for 2011 to 19.3 percent from a previous estimate of 18.9 percent due to the effects of spending cuts aimed at reining in the public deficit. It predicts the jobless rate will dip to 17.5 percent in 2012 and 16.2 percent in 2013. The Spanish economy, the European Union’s fifth biggest, shrank 0.1 percent in 2010, after contracting 3.7 percent in 2009, making it one of only three eurozone countries along with Greece and Ireland to have shrunk last year. The government predicts it will expand by 1.3 percent this year but the International Monetary Fund sees growth of just 0.6 percent. Last year, the government introduced a hotly contested labour market reforms which cut the country’s high cost of firing workers and gave companies more flexibility to reduce working hours and staff levels in economic downturns -- changes that it argued would boost job creation.


Zapatero offers help to Tunisia as Libyan border crisis escalates The Spanish prime minister, José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, today lent his support to the new regime in Tunisia and promised the Tunisian authorities 300 million euros worth of credit over the next years to help the country in its transition towards democracy Zapatero also recognised the severity of the situation on the border between Tunisia and Libya and offered to send boats and planes to ease the refugee crisis that the country faces. Some 70,000 people have fled Libya since the unrest began two weeks ago. About 14,000 people flooded across the border on Monday alone, many of them Egyptian migrant workers. In the no-man’s land between the Libyan and Tunisian border posts, desperate arrivals are being crushed against barriers controlling access to the Tunisian passport control and customs area after leaving the Libyan border post 50m away. International relief officials admit their efforts have been far outpaced by developments on the ground. “The needs are much much greater than what is being provided,” said Firas Kayal, spokesman for the UN’s refugee agency, the UNHCR. “The situation is significantly increasing. The numbers keep flowing. There has to be a massive international effort to ease the situation. Governments have to take

action, right now.” The UNHCR has helped the Tunisian army set up a transit camp, that was initially intended to shelter 10,000 people, a fraction of those now stranded in Tunisia trying to get home. The massive influx is putting a huge strain on Tunisia, as it goes through its own tumultuous changes. Thousands of jobless young men have been trying to flee to Europe by taking boats to the Italian island of Lampedusa, the closest point reachable by illegal smuggling boats. Meanwhile, the Libyan leader, Colonel Gaddafi, shows no sign of stepping down and has today openly criticised the imposition of sanctions on him and his associates. “The UN Security Council is not supposed to hand down resolutions on the grounds of media reports from outside Libya. How can the United Nations and Security Council base their resolutions on false reports?” he asks. He has also warned that “thousands of Libyans would be killed” in the event of foreign military intervention in Libya.


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Backlash over Spain’s energy saving Spain’s government faced a backlash from its two wealthiest regions over plans to implement energy saving measures amid soaring oil prices brought on by unrest in the Middle East

Madrid and Catalonia have both refused to cut rail fares on commuter trains in their regions arguing that the costs would be “unbearable” at a time when they are battling to reduce burgeoning debt. The socialist government of Jose Luis Rodriquez Zapatero last Friday announced emergency energy saving measures that include lowering the national speed limit, reducing rail fares and cutting street lighting by 50 per cent. The government pledged to lower the price of commuter and short-distance rail tickets by five per cent in a bid to encourage drivers to leave their cars at home and take public transport as fuel prices rocket to above 100 dollars a barrel for the first time in two years. But the fare reduction, which is meant to be effective from March 7, looked in jeopardy in both the capital and Spain’s second largest city, Barcelona, after the regional governments controlling those cities argued they should not be made to foot the bill. The Catalan government led by the centre right CiU party expressed fury that the measures were announced without consultation from the central government. “They invite you to a coffee; you drink it, and they tell you you have to pay for it,” said Francesc Homs, the spokesman for the Catalan government. Catalonia, traditionally the wealthiest region in Spain after Madrid, is struggling to control spiraling debt. Last year its debt rose by 24.2 per cent to 29.5


billion euros (£25 billion) as of end of June 2010. Meanwhile, the conservative Popular Party run Madrid regional government said the measure would be ineffective as it would only cover four per cent of public transport trips yet would cost regional authorities around 45 million euros (£38m). “It’s strange to be asked to cut fares when the cost of transport is actually rising,” said José Ignacio EcheverrÃa, regional transport minister. The government has been forced to backtrack on its pledge to reduce street lighting by half after highway watchdogs argued it could lead to an increase in road traffic accidents. Rather than switching off lit areas or reducing the hours of illumination the government said it would consider a move to replace street lamps with energy saving lightbulbs.

Thirty five years after the death of dictator Francisco Franco, Spain is still battling for his family to return assets to the nation, STATES A REPORT PUBLISHED IN THE DAILY TELEGRAPH.

The question of what to do with the family of a dictator after the fall of the regime is still a sore point in Spain, where Gen Franco’s heirs enjoy privileges and wealth despite the nation’s transition to democracy on his death in 1975. Authorities in Galicia have for several years been battling to vacate the Franco family from the Pazo de Meiras, a vast country palace, “donated” to Gen Franco at the end of the 1936-39 Civil War. On the dictator’s death in November 1975, the property, which dates from the late 19th century, passed to his heirs and is still used as a country retreat by his daughter and grandchildren. But the regional government is determined to have it recognised as a place of “historical and cultural value”

and opened to the public. The family has refused and the matter is now being dealt with in the courts. The row sparked a national debate over whether the descendants of Franco, who is said to have been responsible for the deaths of 300,000 people during the civil war and ensuing dictatorship, should be allowed to continue enjoying the spoils of his regime. The family assets are estimated at somewhere between £244 million and £406 million but there are no official records. There are regular calls for the Francos to return other properties “given” to the dictator including a 2,000-square-metre palace outside Madrid and the 18thcentury palace of Cornilde in Corunna.

The heirs of Franco have in the meantime been profiting from construction projects on land once confiscated by the fascist dictator. After the death of Franco, the transitional government judged it better to encourage forgiveness than to stir antagonism that could engulf the fledgling democracy. As a result a tacit “pact of silence” was introduced to avoid recriminations over want went on before. It was only in 2007 in an initiative led by Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, the Socialist prime minister and grandson of a republican executed by Franco’s soldiers, that the state cut funding for the Franco Foundation run by Carmen Franco Polo, 83 yearold daughter of the dictator.

Government freezes Gaddafi’s assets in Málaga

ECB signals that eurozone economy has recovered Market Commentary 4th March 2011 The European Central Bank (ECB) gave a crystal clear signal yesterday that it has already made the decision to raise interest rates in the near future. The European Central bank said in its introductory statement to its press conference that “strong vigilance is contain upside risks to price stability”. On Thursday the ECB decided to keep rates at 1% at this month’s meeting. Speaking at a press conference, Jean-Claude Trichet, president at the ECB stressed that no decisions had yet been made. “We are never precommitted. The decision will be taken at the next meeting by the governing council,” he said. But analysts said it was a clear signal that a rate rise next month was likely. Trichet, said a rate hike next month is “possible”. The ECB decision to keep rates on hold for March is the 22nd-consecutive month they have been kept at record low of 1%. Mr Trichet said a rate increase next month would not necessarily be the first of a series of hikes. Nonetheless, given the momentum in the economy and the fact that headline inflation is likely to rise further, there must be a strong possibility that an April hike will be followed by at least one further move. For now, analysts have pencilled in another hike in July. But with growth likely to slow and inflation concerns ease later this year, don’t expect rates to rise as far as the markets are currently anticipating. Overall, while the ECB’s desire to tighten policy ahead of other

Franco’s forgotten family

central banks partly reflects the relative strength of the euro-zone economy, its actions could deal a further blow to the region’s weaker economies and hence add to the risks surrounding the future of the single currency union. In the longer run, the ECB’s stance could therefore increase the downside risks for the euro. This indecision could very well explain the trading pattern of the Euro since the conference; a leap up in value on the statement release and then nothing. There was no reaction in the US, nothing in Asia and no follow through on the European opening this morning. The proximity to this afternoon’s US employment data might go some way to explaining traders caginess to push the Euro any higher. It looks far more likely that they are unconvinced that it is the correct way forward, preferring to side with the policy being adopted by the US and UK of ensuring economic recovery before trying to suppress inflation. This morning’s release of the Halifax UK house price survey has caused Sterling to slip a tad with the headline number marginally worse than expected and a weak outlook for prices over the rest of the year.

The contents of this report are for information purposes only. It is not intended as a recommendation to trade or a solicitation for funds. Currencies Direct cannot be held responsible for any loss or damages arising from any action taken following consideration of this information. Information provided by Currencies Direct, leading providers of foreign exchange. Call to find out how we can help you get the best rates and save your transfer fees. Contact the Mojácar office on 950 478 914 or 0871 218 5001 from the UK or email

The Spanish government has blocked Libyan leader, Muamar el Gaddafi’s, building project in Benahavís (Málaga), where he owns land and had planned to build about 2,000 homes, a golf course and a conference centre. The Government took the decision, to comply with the sanctions imposed by the UN and EU on Libya last weekend, which includes the freezing of bank accounts and assets in the name of Colonel Gaddafi and members of his family. Gaddafi’s land lies in the town of Benahavís, between Marbella, Estepona and Ronda. The embargo on the land prevents Gaddafi and his family from “using the property for financial gain”. The Libyan leader and his family are thought to have other property on the Costa del Sol, and their assets are being analysed by the

Government and the Junta de Andalucía. Gaddafi’s finances in Spain are also being looked into, and any bank accounts in his name will be frozen immediately in line with the international sanctions. The European Commission will today approve the sanction ruling made by Brussels on Monday, which also includes a ban on issuing visas for Gaddafi and 25 other people, preventing them from entering EU countries, and an arms embargo. These sanctions were issued after Gaddafi ordered an armed military repression of demonstrators demanding his resignation after 42 years in power. The Libyan leader was in Málaga on a private visit in December 2007.

Qatar promises to invest 3 billion euros in Spanish companies

Spain’s prime minster, José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero has had a successful first official visit to Qatar, where he discussed investments in Spanish companies with Qatari Prime Minister Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim bin Jabr Al Thani. Almost 300 million euros is expected to be invested in Spanish savings banks and the Qatari prime minister said the move would be to “invest in these companies and capitalise them”. “We have confidence in

emir will visit Spain on a state visit in April. “This will be an important step forward for the Spanish economy and will consolidate c o n f i d e n c e ,” Zapatero said.

the Spanish economy; the government has taken many positive steps,” Sheikh Thani told reporters on Monday. Sheikh Thani is also the head of the Qatar Investment Authority, the Gulf state’s sovereign wealth fund. Qatar’s

Zapatero said the two sides had also agreed on more investment by Qatar in the communications and energy sectors. Last week, Qatar said it was open to buying stakes in part state-owned British lenders RBS and Lloyds Banking Group.


New Eastern European ‘benefit tourism’ fears after safeguards scrapped

Workers from former Eastern Bloc nations will become eligible to claim hundreds of pounds in jobseeker’s allowance, council tax help and housing benefits. Migrants will be able to receive the benefits because restrictions on eligibility – introduced through a scheme introduced by the European Union seven years ago - are due to be abolished in May. Under EU law all restrictions on citizens of new member states must end after a seven-year “transitional” period. Ministers conceded last night they are powerless to prevent the changes because Britain needed to maintain “our national and international obligations”. The three benefits combined could be worth up to £250 a week, per person, The Times reported. The disclosures will lead to concerns that a fresh wave of migrants will embark on “benefit tourism” placing an even greater strain on public finances. Officials at the Department of Work and Pensions have pledged to be vigilant against fraud and promised to crack down on abusers. Under the changes, nationals from the eight states will be able to access the three benefits as long as they can prove they have worked in Britain, sought more work and intend to live here. It also means that tough rules introduced by other EU countries will also be scrapped. At the time the EU expanded only Britain, the Irish Republic and Sweden opened up their jobs market. It means that countries such as Germany and Austria will be opening their doors to workers for the first time from May. The scheme was introduced by Labour ministers in 2004 amid concerns that migrants from poor nations would arrive in Britain en masse. After it was introduced following eight former Soviet bloc states

Tens of thousands of Eastern European migrants will be able to claim increased benefits in Britain within weeks because the government is being forced to scrap safeguards on receiving handouts.

joining the EU it led to “the largest single wave of foreign inmovement ever experienced by the UK”, according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS). Migrants were barred from receiving jobseeker’s allowance, housing and council tax benefit unless they had worked here continuously for twelve months. But very few qualified mainly due to their work was seasonal. Official figures show that since 2005 hundreds of thousands of migrants have registered to work, reaching a peak of 224,195 in 2006. That number fell after that but rose at the end of last year as Britain emerged from recession. Damian Green, the Immigration Minister, said the Coalition would impose “transition controls2 on all new EU member states in future. “We’re in the process of delivering major reform to bring immigration down to tens of thousands with the introduction of a new limit on economic migrants from outside the EU,” he said. A DWP spokesman added: “We have to remain in line with our national and international obligations. “However, it is absolutely necessary to protect the taxpayer and the benefit system from possible abuse. This is our No 1 priority.”

EU to scrap controversial fishing restrictions

Under the EU Common Fisheries Policy, fishing fleets are governed by catch limits and cannot land any “by-catch”, fish they have netted accidentally or which are over their allocated quota. The so-called “discard” is thrown back, dead, into the sea. Maria Damanaki, the Greek fishing commissioner, on Tuesday pledged to end this practice after a growing campaign against it.

”This is unacceptable. We have to abandon discarding.” Hugh FearnleyWhittingstall, the television celebrity chef, has campaigned on the issue with over 650,000 people signing a petition supporting a ban. British trials have begun on new rules in the North Sea cod fishery involving 23 English and Scottish vessels.

John Galliano to stand trial Disgraced fashion designer John Galliano, will face trial over an incident at a Paris café during which he allegedly hurled anti-Semitic and racist abuse at Géraldine Bloch, 35, and her companion Philippe Virgiti, 41. The Paris Prosecutors Office has issued a statement saying it has decided to put John Galliano on trial following a police investigation. The proceedings could take place in the second quarter of this year, and Galliano could face up to six months in prison, and up to €22,500 in fines, if convicted. Galliano, who was fired from his role as creative director of Christian Dior over the allegations, issued a personal statement on 2nd March, completely denying the claims made against him, renouncing anti-Semitism and racism, and apologising unreservedly for any offence his behaviour has caused. It is believed Galliano has now left France and he is reported to be attending a rehabilitation facility, most likely The Meadows in Arizona. Christian Dior intend to go ahead with their autumn/ winter 2011 show this Friday at Paris Fashion Week, but whether Galliano will show his eponymous line on Sunday is unconfirmed.

Peace of Mind for You & Your Loved Ones In A Language You Understand

Someone to turn to for: • Instant Support With Our 24hr A Day British Angel Operators • Translation Service • Unlimited Wellbeing Checks • Medical support - Hospitals & Doctors • Secure Medical History Held For Instance Access In Times Of An Emergency • Members Community Nurse • 24hr Member On-Call Nurse

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Items being accepted for forthcoming auctions on 16th March & 30th March Approx 250 lots per auction Week of sale viewing Mon & Tues 10am - 2pm, and all day Wednesday Auction starts prompt at 5pm Large quantities or awkward items can now be collected

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Content is king at ‘A Place in the Sun Live’ Show organisers focus on the better informed buyer A Place in the Sun Live is all about - and only about - overseas property. This market-leading, three-day event is the biggest and best-attended overseas property show of the year. With 6,127 visitors attending the show in 2010, an audience of over 7,000 visitors is expected at the London spring 2011 show, highlighting the continuing appeal to the British public of buying abroad Visitors to March’s A Place in the Sun Live will leave the show as better informed buyers, thanks to the exhibition’s enhanced feature content. A series of areas dedicated to specific countries will formalise the show’s deeper content by giving individual countries a whole day to put advice forward, rather than just one-hour slots. The specialist areas include a new feature - The Florida Pavilion - focusing on the sunshine state, a perennial favourite among UK buyers. The Florida Pavilion will be joined by: The French Village featuring a mix of agents and developers specialising in French properties, with thousands of homes for sale alongside a detailed

seminar programme covering all aspects of buying and living in France; The Spanish Village offering a huge selection of bargain properties from across the Spanish Costa; and The Portuguese Pavilion, in association with the Portuguese Chamber of Commerce, bringing together developers, agents and legal experts to give an insight into all that Portugal has to offer. “This year, more than ever, it’s all about content,” said Andy Bridge, MD of show organiser APITS Ltd. “We’re focusing on education and information to help create the better informed buyer. Today’s overseas property buyers are understandably more cautious, and need better information before committing to a purchase. They’ll find everything they need at A Place in the Sun Live.” Alongside the additional features, the Earl’s Court show will host over 150 stands from exhibitors representing more than 40 countries worldwide and featuring properties to suit all pockets – from under £20,000 to over £1million.


Clegg Defiant Despite Lib Dems’ Slump In Barnsley Poll Nick Clegg has said people should not “write off” the Lib Dems despite the party slumping to sixth place in the Barnsley Central by-election.

The party finished behind UKIP, the BNP and an independent as its share of the vote dropped to just over 4%. Labour, which won the poll on a 36% turnout, said voters had sent a “very clear message” to Mr Clegg about their dislike of his role in the coalition. But the Lib Dem leader said the party would prove its critics wrong. The Lib Dems slipped from second place in last year’s general election to sixth place in Thursday’s poll - which was triggered by the conviction of the constituency’s former Labour MP for expenses fraud. Labour held the seat with a slightly increased majority of 11,771, with UKIP doubling the share of the vote it gained in May to beat the Conservatives into third place - one of the eurosceptic party’s best-ever by-election results. Turnout in the by-election fell to 36.5%, compared with 56.4% at the May 2010 poll. Mr Clegg said it was “obviously a bad result”

for the Liberal Democrats, whose share of the vote fell from 17.2% last year to 4.1% and whose candidate lost his deposit. “In truth it was a no contest for any nonLabour candidate,” he said. “It was a very safe Labour seat. Labour got a huge majority on an abysmally-low turnout and everybody else was left to pick up the pieces.” But the Lib Dem leader was defiant about his party’s long-term fortunes and its continued alliance with the Conservatives in the coalition government. “I have no doubt people will try to use this single result to write off the Liberal Democrats. They have done it in the past and we have proved them wrong and we will prove them wrong again. “In government, nationally, we will continue to do what I think is absolutely vital for the long-term benefit of the country. Namely sort the economic mess we inherited from Labour for the long-term benefit of Britain.”

plas-tech Windows

UK Window, Doors, Conservatories, Patio Doors and Guttering Enclosures Specialist Happy in the knowledge that they didn’t buy a fly enclosure because they’re going to be nice ‘n’ warm this winter just as they were nice ‘n’ cool this summer!

Euro MP allowances boosted again Euro MPs have awarded themselves a 1,500-euro (£1,278; $2,083) increase in their monthly office allowance.

The decision adds 13.2m euros to the European Parliament’s 2011 budget. The extra cash will enable MEPs to hire more, or better qualified, assistants, a parliament statement said. Last year the 27 EU member states’ governments limited the total EU budget rise for 2011 to 2.9% - not the 6% that MEPs wanted. MEPs’ pre-tax monthly salary is set at 7,956.87 euros. MEPs also received a 1,500euro increase in their office allowance last year. They defended the budget rise by

arguing that the Lisbon Treaty - which greatly boosted the parliament’s powers - had increased their workload. On top of their salary, the latest increase will raise MEPs’ monthly 4,299-euro office allowance to 5,799 euros. Their official trips to Brussels and Strasbourg are refunded, and they get a separate annual travel allowance of 4,243 euros. In addition, MEPs get a flatrate allowance of 304 euros for each day of attendance at official parliament meetings,

to cover accommodation and meals. It is paid only if they sign the attendance register. The office allowance increase was adopted by the parliament’s budgetary control committee on Thursday. The largest MEP groupings - the centre-right European People’s Party (EPP) and centreleft Socialists and Democrats (S&D) - backed the increase. It was opposed by the liberals (ALDE), left-wingers and the Greens.

Oil price rises as Libya tensions grow Oil prices rose more than a dollar this morning as fighting in Libya intensified

Brent crude climbed as high as $116.20 a barrel, up over 1%, amid fears that the crisis could spread from North Africa to oil-rich countries in the Gulf. A Libyan warplane dropped bombs just beyond the walls of a military base held by rebels in the eastern town of Ajdabiyah but did not hit it, Reuters reported. The latest rise in oil prices comes as Chris Huhne, the UK’s climate and energy secretary, warned of a 1970s-style oil shock. He said if the oil price doubles from $80 a barrel last year to $160 a barrel this year, this could wipe £45bn off the value of the British economy in the next two years. “This is not just far-off speculation: it is a threat here and now,” he said. The crisis has disrupted oil production in Libya, which

usually pumps 1.6m barrels of crude a day. Fatih Birol, the International Energy Agency’s chief economist, repeated his warning that the surge in oil prices could derail the global economic recovery. “The age of cheap oil is over, though policy action could bring lower international prices than would otherwise be the case,” he said at a conference in Berlin this week. If prices held at current

levels, Europe’s oil costs would be higher than in 2008, a record year for prices, he warned. “Europe is the weakest link in the chain of economic recovery ... In Europe, 75% of the gas prices are linked to oil prices. In a few months gas prices are going to increase,” said Birol. The IEA is considering tapping its strategic oil reserves, he reiterated in an interview with the Financial Times Deutschland. “We are monitoring the situation from hour to hour very closely and are in close contact with governments,” Birol said. “We can bring 2 million barrels onto the market every day and that for two years without a pause. At the moment, Saudi Arabia is making up for the shortfall caused by the Libyan crisis by stepping up its own production.

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Ankara watch out for Royal wedding party 29th April with Groovy Phil. Tapas every Friday 12-5.45 Thursday night specials from 8pm to 10pm. 1.20 for beer or wine 2.50 spirit and mixer.








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Almerimar Insurance Services Office - 950498000 Mobile - 667 479940 Calle Jabeque 16, local 5, almerimar your local insurance broker



Every Friday Curry Night

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construcciones y reformas Fax: 950 563 311

Full English Breakfast Authentic Indian Food Sunday Roast Wide range of Tapas Warm Welcome from Karen La Batea 7, Almerimar Open Mon-Fri: 10:30-23:00 Sunday: 10:30-6pm Closed Saturday

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Sol Times Distributed 8pm–11pm: Yachties Quiz Night Espigón


6–8pm: Las Uvas Scandanavian Get Together 8pm - 11pm: Tapas & Music Fosil Cocktail Bar


Friday Golf 11am–12pm: Tai Chi - 1€ Donation - Espignon 7:30pm–11:30pm: Yachties Get Together - Las Uvas 11pm–2am: DJ Jam (Pinchu tu musica!) Fosil Cocktail Bar


5:30–8:45pm: Ballroom Dancing - Bar Centro Mayores 11pm-2am: DJ Matt at Fosil Cocktail Bar

Local: Fosil have an interesting Budweiser Local Scene Festival ( going on at the moment. CK Lounge have installed their 6th TV, a larger one in the bar, a small one behind the bar itself, and a larger one that can be seen from outside in the alley. CK Lounge have added 5 vegetarian meals to their menu, all homemade. The Almerimar Residents Association are far from happy that the new school in Almerimar isn’t open yet, and appears to be no fixed date and no confirmation of how many classes. Election fever has started in El Ejdio: well a few posters have been put up for the May 11th elections. Almerimar will be getting a new radio station as Spectrum FM have announced a new mast (104.3FM) for Almerimar, Roquetas, Almeria. This years Creamfields will be in Jerez not Guardia Viejas Congratulation to Idris & Shirley for 57 years of married life together! The Town Hall have recently said that they are working to resolve the roadworks by the AR Hotel

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Steak Night at Harbour Lights 13.50€ 3 Course Meal & a Drink at El Arroz 12€

Fridays: Friday Curry Day at Harbour Lights 9.95€ Fish & Chips at Leo’s

Sunday: Grilled Kippers Breakfast Special at Mac Gowan’s

Monday: Wine for 1€ at Harbour Lights

Tuesday: FREE Tapas at Harbour Lights

Out and About: Córdoba bar owner fined 30,000€ for allowing his customers to smoke...Arbiter rules that Spanish Air Traffic Controllers be paid less to work fewer hours... Spanish TV viewers need to retune their boxes from March 1... Harbour Lights, CK Lounge Bar, Cafe Bar Ankara, and Marios are supporting the ALStrays book hire scheme. You can rent a book for 50¢ from any of these bars and return it to a bar of your choice. Mac Gowan’s have a book sale scheme in support of Pam’s stray dog appeal where you can buy books for 50¢ at anytime. Remember this is YOUR page! The more you tell us the more we will print ~

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Childrens Menu from €3.95 Free Tapas with Beer or Wine So if it’s a Full English Breaky to Start The Day Or a Long Cool Drink to End It CK’s Has it All!

It has to be said that I love my dressing gown! It is not unknown for me to spend all day sat at the computer in my dressing gown.

Sands has commented more than once that maybe I should wear it when I went out. She was being sarcastic, but after the other night I think she sees it as a distinct possibility!

Dressing Gowns? Well the Harbour Lights have come up with a brilliant little concept to help keep the smokers warm when they are sat on the terrace – they have a bunch of dressing gowns for people to borrow. Does look somewhat bizarre, a group of people sat around in dressing gowns, but at the same time it is practical, creative and fun!

What has this got to do with

There was a good turn out

at the Taberna El Mulero recently for the flamenco by Kiko, or “El Grillo” as he likes to be known, but I can’t help wondering how many more there would have been if the Spanish could actually stick to the published time for a change! The poster said the event started at 2pm and when we called in on the way back from a bike ride a few English residents has already turned up, only to be told it was actually starting at 4pm. They were not alone, other friends said they turned up


10:30am–1:30pm: Almerimar Walking Club (Meet at Mercadona) 6.30pm - 9pm: Time Transfer at Fosil Cocktail Bar


11am–1pm: Ladies Coffee Morning - Yachting Golf Restaurant 5–7pm: Jeu de Boules - East Beach





Tuesday Golf - Almerimar 11am–12pm: Tai Chi 1€ Donation - Espigón 7.30pm - 11.30pm: FREE Tapas at Harbour Lights NB: Information correct at time of printing BUT please check with the relevant venues that events are taking place

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free wi-fi AR Hotel ~ Cafe Emporio XL ~ Habana Mario’s ~ Restaurante El Arroz ~ El Laurel

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for lunch at to listen to the music, but the late start meant they had to leave early because of commitments. What should have been a pleasant lunch and music wasn’t to be, which was a shame because as far as the music was concerned it was great - can’t comment on the food as we turned up after lunch at 4.30pm! I do think that the Spanish need to have a look at their ‘mañana’ culture, as while it is no doubt charming and not an issue to the Spanish, and

I am totally of the view that it is up to us expats to adapt to the country that we are living in, IF the Spanish want to attract more expats into their bars and restaurants it wouldn’t do them any harm to start things at the advertised time! You can hear all the latest Almerimar Street Talk, brought to you by Nautica Directa, on a weekly podcast on Chris MArshall

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...Dance for a cause!

If you haven’t heard of ZUMBA® already you soon will. The craze that has taken the world of fitness and dance by storm has hit Spain. Known to many as a fitness party, the ZUMBA® program combines unique dance moves and hot international tunes to create a party atmosphere where you can dance, have fun and get fit at the same time. The brain child of Columbian dancer Beto Perez, the ZUMBA® program came about by accident, when rushing to teach an aerobics class one day he forgot his music so he grabbed a few of his favourite Latin CDs from his car and improvised a Latin inspired workout. ZUMBA® was born. The ZUMBA® program has transformed the lives of millions of people worldwide. ZUMBA® doesn’t see race, religion, and colour. ZUMBA® brings people together. It is not just a workout it is a way of life, once you try ZUMBA® you are hooked. Not only do you see the difference in your body and energy levels but you will find your self dancing round the house and unable to wait for your next class. That is probably why ZUMBA® has been so successful you won’t dread going to work out because it is fun so you stick to it, it works. ZUMBA® has only just arrived on the Costa Almeria and is already making waves. Top ZUMBA® instructor from the Costa Almeria, Rachel Medi and her partner at ZUMBASPAIN, ZUMBA® education Specialist Hermann Melo are hoping to make ZUMBA® history here in Spain when they host their ZUMBATHON® in Mojacar this spring to raise much needed funds for the AECC, Spains national cancer charity. If have never been to a ZUMBATHON® I suggest you try it. This one an a half hour dance party will have you all up out your seats and pumping for a great course. Hermann, Rachel and other top ZUMBA® dancers

including Kimberley Harrison will travel from all over Spain to show the Costa Almeria how to get down. Any fitness level, any age, there are no stipulations except to have fun! ‘Just listen to the music, move your body and follow our lead, the AECC does amazing work and I’m very excited about this event’, says Rachel [zumba instructors network TM] The AECC are extremely excited about the event, ZUMBA® has been raising money for cancer for over ten years with their world famous party in the pink dance events and now it is Spain’s turn to spread some ZUMBA® LOVE. The ZUMBATHON®, hosted by Rachel Medi [zumba instructors network] and Hermann Melo [zumba education specialist] in association with Indigo Gymnasium and the AECC will be held at La Mar Salada on Mojacar Playa 19.00 on the 1st of April. The event is being supported by political party Mojacar Se Mueve who has a real interest in supporting tourism in the area and believes that ZUMBA® might be just the thing that helps put Mojacar’s party scene back on the map. Front runner Jessica Simpson regularly takes part in Rachel’s ZUMBA® classes in Mojacar and will be one of the dancers from Rachel’s troup making an appearance on stage on the day. Tickets cost just five euros for all, and all proceeds will go the the AECC there will be various merchandise and nutritional advice available on the day and a chance to chat with Rachel and the other instructors. For more information and to purchase tickets check out where you can email Rachel directly OR drop in to Indigo Gymnasium on Mojacar Playa or see Jessica Simpson, KILOMBO in Mojacar Pueblo.

Glad Rags – The largest boutique stocking British designs not only in Albox, but also in the surrounding area, will celebrate it’s fifth anniversary in May this year having gone from strength to strength since it’s opening in 2006. “Attracting quality brands into the shop has been an important part of our growth” said owners Margaret & Derek Norman. “We were very excited four years ago to have the exclusive rights to sell Pomodoro in Albox and last year we added Adini, Marble, Phool and Capri to our portfolio. Although that is an impressive list for an independent store, we have more new brands coming for this summer season.” Margaret and Derek are constantly looking for new cutting edge designs combined with fabrics suited to the Spanish climate. To help achieve this they visit the huge wholesale clothes show at the NEC Birmingham which is held twice a year, rubbing shoulders with buyers from stores like John Lewis as well as large independent retailers “the first time we went I felt totally overwhelmed” said Margaret “but you soon realise that everyone is in the same boat….we are all looking into our crystal balls and trying to guess what our customers will want next season and also what size they will need” Margaret & Derek have just come back from Birmingham…..let’s hope they have chosen well…..if you want to find out why not visit them in Calle Malaga, Albox. Open Mon-Fri 10am–4pm, Sat 10am2pm ~ Tel: 620 534 423.


price busters

HUGE RANGE OF FAMOUS NAME FOODS including JACOBS CREAM CRACKERS 5€ (900g tub) PET FOOD We stock the largest range British Dog and Cat Foods YOUR FAVOURITE SAUCES include Full range of your favourite toiletries & cleaning products

the chill zone

Always in stock ~ All your favourite Frozen Foods Ross Findus Youngs Ready meals including Kershaws & Country Park ~ Wide range of Weightwatchers meals & desserts ~ Bread includes Tinsdale & Stanton, Jacksons, Irwins Sunblest Crumpets, Bagels, Garlic Bread & Pitta Breads ~ Our fridges are stocked with a wide variety of cheeses and Cravendale Milk! Open Mon-Fri 9am-6pm, Sat 9am-4pm Sun 10am-2pm

TEL: 950 951 494 Avda Americana, 8, Albox

just along the road from the back of Mercadona

spring stock now in store! Chose from fabulous frocks, trendy tunics, tailored trousers, comfy crops or summer shorts...

We have something for every occasion. Why not pay us a visit! Open: Mon - Fri 10am-4pm Sat 10am-2pm Calle Malaga, ALBOX (1 street up from the Mercadona)

Tel: 620 534 423 or: 950 064 269


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Look Good Feel Great

Could apples hold the secret of longer life?

d n u o f t i Fru t n e v e r p o t d e t a l e r e ag n o i t a r o i deter

An apple a day could keep the undertaker away. Scientists have linked the fruit with a longer life – at least in flies! Fruit flies, which share many genes with humans despite their tiny size, were either fed normally or had an

apple extract added. Those fed normally lived an average of 50 days – five days fewer than those whose food was supplemented with apple, the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry reports.


Not only did the flies given the apple extract live ten per cent longer, they also found it easier to walk, climb and move about as they aged.

The apple’s genetic code has recently been cracked, paving the way for crunchier, juicier and healthier fruits.

The apple extract also cut levels of various biochemicals found in older fruit flies and linked to agerelated deterioration. The researchers, from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, believe that the antioxidants in the extract mopped up free radicals – dangerous chemicals blamed for a host of ills, including ageing. A spokesman for the American Chemical Society said: ‘The results, obtained with fruit flies – standins for humans in hundreds of research projects each year – bolster similar findings on apple antioxidants in other animal

By Award Winning Toni & Guy Stylists our Hairdressers


In another study, researchers who quizzed thousands of women about their diets found that those who regularly ate apples were 20 per cent less likely to suffer heart attacks and strokes.

Researchers are already using the information to grow red-fleshed apples bursting with antioxidants credited with keeping eyes and joints healthy and warding off heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer’s disease and diabetes. Apples that suppress appetite could also be in the pipeline, with the first ‘extrahealthy’ apples on supermarket shelves within just four to five years. The decoding of the apple’s DNA by a team of almost 100 scientists from five countries has also shed new light on its roots. The research suggests that around 65million years ago, the time when a comet is thought to have wiped out the dinosaurs, the plant that would eventually give rise to the apple tree underwent a massive and rapid genetic change, in which many of its genes were duplicated. The extra genes allowed the apple to adapt to tougher conditions and sent it along a different evolutionary path from peaches, strawberries and other related fruit.

A Mind, Body & Spirit Event will take place at:

Valle deL Este Golf Spa & Beach Hotel, Vera

Urbanización Valle del Este, Autovía E-15 Salida 529, 04620 VERA Almería

* s l ia c e p s y a d ’s r e h *mot Luxury Facials

29.95€ Becks

Full head colour, cut and blow dry and manicure with Terry Excluding foils


Fully qualified Body Massage and Hot Stone Massage

Manicure & Pedicure (save 8€)


lois benson

BSc (Hons) Podiatry

UK trained sports masseuse.

nail art by Sandra for fingers or toes




Monday - Friday 9.30am - 5pm Saturday 9.30am - 3pm. No siesta

From holistic therapies to natural health and wellness. Skin care, cosmetic and NPA (non personal awareness) / Holistic Journey. Emmett Technique, Allergy Testing, EFT, Theta D.N.A Healing Psychic and spiritual mediums - readings thoughout the day. Tarot, and Angel card readings. Rune stones.

many years nhs for

Psychic Artist & Clairvoyant

all foot problems

Demonstrations & talks on the day

expertly treated

mother’s day vouchers available

Calle Malaga - Albox (100m from Mercadona)

thursday 31st march 2011 10am - 6pm

Call for an appointment

950 633 086

Prices are subject to change without notification. Please confirm on booking. We reserve the right to withdraw offers at any time.

Therapists and local businesses that wish to register interest or to book a space / trade stand contact Becks on 671 433 896 or email


Ibuprofen ‘cuts health Parkinson’s disease risk’ news

Frillies - UK Lingerie Lesley Miller Tel. 620 676 833 email:

People who take ibuprofen on a regular basis have a lower risk of developing Parkinson’s disease, research suggests.

House parties, fitting service, special orders Come and talk to us at: Essentials - 1st Wednesday every month, Los Higuerales - 2nd Wednesday every month

The drug is commonly used to ease aches and pains but US research, in Neurology journal, found it had an added benefit. In studies of more than 135,000 men and women regular users of ibuprofen were 40% less likely to develop Parkinson’s. However, experts say it is too early to say whether the benefits of taking the drug outweigh the risk of side effects such as gastrointestinal bleeding.

Do you need an English Nurse or Care at Home?

A recent study also linked ibuprofen taken daily for some years to a small increased risk of heart attack and stroke.

Lead researcher Professor Alberto Ascherio, of the Harvard School of Public Health, said: “There is no cure for Parkinson’s disease, so the possibility that ibuprofen, an existing and relatively non-toxic drug, could help protect against the disease is captivating.” In his study, funded by the Michael J Fox Foundation, men and women who used ibuprofen two or more times a week reduced their risk of Parkinson’s disease by more than a third compared with those who regularly used aspirin, acetaminophen, or other NSAIDs. Dr Kieran Breen, director of Research and Development at Parkinson’s UK, said it was difficult to know exactly what effect ibuprofen might be having on the death of nerve cells in the brain, and how it might affect whether somebody will get Parkinson’s. But based on the findings of this latest study, he said there would seem to be an interesting link. He said: “We know that inflammatory changes in the brain may be involved in the death of nerve cells which cause Parkinson’s, particularly in the early stages of the condition.

Have you tried it yet?

Call 900 81 81 12

for your nearest meeting


Osteopath Naturopath Tel. 629 289 385

for info and appointments

Health Care For Adults and Children • Emergency Home Visits • English • Spanish • French • German • 20 Year’s Serving the community

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As to why ibuprofen alone might have the desired effect, the US researchers say it could be down to the fact that this drug has a specific role in blocking a biological pathway of cell damage and death.

The cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the energy system. E.F.T. balances the energy system & removes negative emotion.

Enrique Arias, N.D, D.O

“We are currently funding research into this area ourselves at the University of Oxford.”

Emotional freedom technique

Almeria Angels are dedicated professional caring agency working in Almanzora Valley providing individual care packages to all our clients within their homes or during hospital stays. Now Caring Home Visits : We visit you in the comfort of your own in the home, this can be on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Mazarron & Hospital Visits : We can assist you in any visit Campos ol you may have to the hospital, pick up service Area! available on request.

This most recent study suggests it is ibuprofen alone that has an effect. But like all NSAIDs, ibuprofen can cause worrying side effects, like an increased risk of gastrointestinal bleeding.

If it did, it could offer a new way of managing this incurable neurological condition.

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Scientists have suspected for some time that anti-inflammatory drugs might help buffer against the disease but it was unclear which ones in the family of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or NSAIDs conferred a benefit.

The findings relate to non-steroidal antiinflammatory drugs like ibuprofen prescribed long-term to treat painful conditions such as arthritis. For this reason experts say more work is needed to determine whether the benefits of taking the drug more often would outweigh any risks.


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Poor Manners Bequile Your New Found Intelligence! Part II Last time I told you about you could get by in Spain knowing less than 600 words, and how to use your new found linguistic honours, so this week I am going to take a look at how a long with these new linguistic skills and friendships comes the inevitable social graces of common manners a detail of absolute paramount importance in this sunny country where little of actual importance seems to occur. Not greeting a friend you haven’t seen in four minutes or waving wildly at your neighbour and acknowledging his presence is a shameless error of criminal proportions. Greeting (acknowledging) everyone’s being upon entering a public room or restaurant is fundamental. It is a “Good Morning” to all and leaving is no different. In the meantime, if you know anyone personally in that room they must be acknowledged. Everyone in that room wants to know where have you been all day, with whom? What you talked about? What you’re having to eat? Why? And seek for the smallest crumb of new information, even if a lie or an improbable rumour. Years back while rushing out of a restaurant, late for some toros, I swiftly paid a small bill. It was high, the more I contemplated my obvious and flagrant rape I insisted I go back and have a proper argument. No said my Sevillano friend, wait until after the corrida and I will show you what to do. We went back but not to the errant bar but to the one right next door. Then my friend instructed me to gripe, bitch, shout and tell the new bartender and all the patrons how I had been cheated. “Be forceful, just like you’re talking to the man that robbed you”. Didn’t make sense to me but the following day as I game out of the very large and full Real Maenstraza of Sevilla I was greeted by none other than the actual robber who effusely greeted me and insisted I return to his bar for drinks and tapas so the toros could be discussed. Manner dictated that no apology was issued nor asked for. The conversation was forced but made and soon forgotten.

Ric Polansky is one of Mojacar’s most colourful residents and the owner of Polansky & Assoc ( His column is sponsored by Bay Radio Costa Almería: Turre 91.5 FM and Mojacar 95.5 FM Online: You can read more of Ric’s writing on and on and, his life long passion!

‘Life in the Grey’ …the grey area between right and wrong, legal and illegal!

After living on the Costa del Sol for several years, I finally came across an angle for which to base a documentary regarding the ‘the coast’. Something I had wanted to do for many years. I used to watch the series on English television ‘Costa del Crime’ and more recently ‘Benidorm’; the people are fascinating, especially to the British back in Britain. Almost a year ago I met yet another new face on the Costa del Sol ‘The Coast’- as we call it down here. Having learned his story over the following months, I had my base storyline and the creativity and expansion flowed. In fact, there is a funny story to our initial meetings! On 2 occasions Ian R.D.M purposely gave me an incorrect mobile number to contact him on - a joke we often revisit when he asks me to call him and I reply by saying ‘On which number? You gave me 3 remember!’ He explained, that at the time that he didn’t know me very well and never gave his number out. Unlike most people you meet, he didn’t talk about himself; in fact, nobody really knew anything about him accept he was ‘a nice guy’ and ‘a bit posh’. Ian had a very articulate and eloquent way of effectively saying ‘this and that’, when asked what he did. Having spent time in Mojacar and Marbella on the Costa del Sol, he mentioned that Mojacar is different to every other ex-pat location in Spain: “People there seem normal! They don’t have too many stories, which is nice.” I was shown an article where a journalist,

liaising with a radio presenter said, “Ian R.D.M; councillor, master of philosophy, educated, eloquent and erudite…a great subject for discussion”. He was right! Ian’s ‘life in the grey’ include the worlds of academic philosophy, politics, finance and banking. The documentary travels from the coast ‘del Sol’ up to Mojacar and features some extraordinary stories. What’s more interesting to me personally, as a Bulgarian, is how people almost choose a life of unnecessary risk. We took risks growing up in Bulgaria because we had no choice, but Brits have so many choices and so much help from banks and the government; is it out of greed perhaps? Or does the heat from the Spanish sun fuel us with a care free attitude? My documentary will conclude on these points. I love the coast! I love the stories! I love this project! I look forward to capturing the innocents of Mojacar!

To find out more or if you want to get involved please e-mail: lifeinthegrey@ There will be a website where you can follow the progress and watch the clips as they are made. Chris J. B.

True Confessions of a Doctor

Dear Friends, It is rarely pleasant for true confessions; in fact they can be very rough. Nonetheless confessions set the truth free and keep the record straight. It allows me to give credit, where it is due. Before I talk about my confession, I would like to say a few things first.

Many years ago, as a child, something happened to me that changed my life forever. Let me tell you my story: “When I was7 my family and I moved West across the United Sates. It was an exciting time to travel, find a new home; meet new friends and have a new life full of adventure. Then one day a car in a crosswalk bumped my mother. It was very light and she barely fell over – but then she couldn’t get up. At first I thought she was joking until the ambulance arrived to assist us. Upon arriving at the hospital the doctors did their best but could not discover anything wrong. She was prescribed painkillers and muscle relaxants and sent home with the prognosis that all would be well in a few days. Within a few days, with much dismay, the symptoms did not alleviate in fact they worsened. This time the doctor prescribed even stronger medication and instructed her to go to physical therapy three times a week. We left with new hope. She began her physical therapy care. Unfortunately it did not get the results we so desired. In fact my mother would come home in tears after every session and remained bedridden. Three months transpired with physical therapy and now my mother’s trouble began to impact me. With my father out of the home it left me responsible for cooking, cleaning, walking the dog and caring for my mother and myself. Suddenly my adventure at 7 was quite different and not so exciting. She visited other therapists without results. Time continued to elapse. She spoke with her doctor again who referred her to an orthopedic surgeon. Unfortunately nothing was discovered and surgery to cut & kill the nerve trunk was the only option. This seemed ridiculous for my mother. She was only 26 and now bedridden, taking over 10 tablets a day with extreme pain debilitating almost all activities and unable to care for me properly. She had always been physically fit and the accident was so minor. As time passed my mothers’ health continued to decline. After nearly two years of being bedridden, using all remedies offered, conventional or not, the doctors finally decided to send her to a special hospital where they would teach you how live with the pain. They had given up and ran out of options. One day at the hospital I heard a passing

conversation about a local chiropractor. Curious to discover more I eves dropped. Now at the age of nine and very mature for my age I listened and heard of a possibility. Others had gone for differing troubles and many had positive results. I quickly rushed to inform my mother. My mother was very despondent and not very receptive. Still I pleaded with her; it was our last chance for hope. I can be very persuasive and finally she conceded to visiting the chiropractor. The chiropractor did a thorough consultation, examination and a detailed report where he fully explained my mother’s trouble. He then proceeded to adjust the spine of my mother. After the adjustment my mother was able to stand up straight and without pain for the first time in two years. My mother’s health soon returned. After a few weeks she no longer needed the assortment of medication. In a few months she had returned to the mother I remembered at 7. She no longer had what the doctors called a short leg since she was a child. Her menstruation returned to normal and she never again suffered from periodic headaches. My mother was back and better than ever! After two years of hospitals I witnessed a great deal of suffering, the results while at the chiropractor were so astounding that I was inclined to go to chiropractic school and become a chiropractor myself. It is strange how life can come full circle because now people come to see me with their health problems. They come to me with their headaches, migraines, chronic pain, neck pain, shoulder/arm pain, whiplash from car accidents, backaches, ear infections, asthmas allergies, numbness in limbs athletic injuries just to name a few, they get such great results that some of my clients have decided to study chiropractic. And that is how it happened!” Here’s what some of my clients say:

My daughter was asthmatic taking inhalers and medication daily. She was sidelined and unable to play with her classmates; now her health has improved so much she no longer uses medication or inhalers and is the captain of the football team! (L. Hamn) After injuring my back I could only play a hole or two, of golf, for almost two years. I was about to give up the game. This is serious because I am a professional golfer. I laughed at Dr. Jensen when he said I would be out playing again after only 2 weeks! But it was true and now I am at the top of my game. (S. Fernandez) I have suffered with constant headaches and migraines since my childhood, the moment that I met Dr. Paul and he adjusted me a miracle happened, no more headaches and no more painkillers. Thank you for exposing me to the wonderful world of Chiropractic, I couldn’t imagine my life without it. (R. Sastre) I am honored to have helped so many people with their health care problems but I cannot really take credit. My confession is that I have never healed anyone of anything. What I do is perform a specific spinal adjustment to remove nerve pressure, and the body responds by healing itself. We get tremendous results. It’s as simple as that! It is very challenging to be a chiropractor today. There are many so-called experts out there with extreme misinformation, much of which is ridiculous. But the studies speak for themselves, like the Virginia, USA study that showed over 95% of people who saw a chiropractor were satisfied with their results. That is outstanding! Studies show that chiropractic may double your immune capacity, naturally and without drugs. The immunes system fights colds, the flu and other sicknesses. The results? You may not be sick in bed

as much. This is especially important when you are self-employed. Benefit from an Amazing Offer Would you like to see if chiropractic is the solution to your health problems? Would you like to see for yourself it it’s as easy and as effective as I say it is? Sure you would! And now here’s the best part. When you bring in this article by this Friday you will receive my entire new client exam and report for only 35 euro. That includes a postural analysis, a spinal thermo graphic and sEMG scans and a detailed report of your findings. Everything! How can such an offer be made? The answer is simple. I know that chiropractic works so well I am willing to take most of the risk. I hope that you accept my offer. Let’s discover if chiropractic can help you. You cannot lose – but you sure can win! Be happy to know that I have affordable individual or family plans. Not only great fees….but great care! I am very confident in my ability to provide you great care. I have studied many years with a group of elite chiropractors that have spent years and thousands of euros to remain on the cutting edge of or practice, technology, research and strategies. Our care is gentle and effective. As a result I have been entrusted to care for everyone, including newborn babies, delicate seniors and tough athletes. My staff is great, they create a warm and caring atmosphere that welcomes all, I am sure you will think so too. Our office is called “Estilo de Vida” Centro Chiropractico. You can locate us at c/Mayor #19 Garrucha. Our phone number is: Tel: 950 460 953 or Mob: 605 322 612. Call my staff for an appointment so we can help you! For Optimum Health,Dr. Paul Jensen P.S. This offer extends to all your family members for the same great fee. P.P.S. Can you believe not having to wait for your appointment? We have a no-wait policy. Your time is valuable to us both; therefore you will be seen within minutes of your scheduled appointment. That is how we can serve busy people like you. Mainland Spain has distinct climatic zones: The Atlantic climate of the northern coast, where the average temperature is 9C in winter and 18C in summer is also the wettest part of the peninsula. The annual rainfall here is between 800-1500mm, particularly in autumn and winter. Summers are cooler and wetter than in the rest of Spain, but still plenty of sunshine! The Continental Mediterranean climate of the interior central plateau, or meseta, has temperatures -15C in winter; -20C occurs regularly, while summer temperatures average at 24C. The annual rainfall is under 400mm. with heavy snowfalls in winter. There is a Castilian expression: “nueve meses de invierno y tres meses de infierno” translates as ‘nine months of winter and three months of hell!’. The predominant Mediterranean climate - the eastern and southern coast and much of the Guadalquivir Valley – has average temperatures of 11C in winter and 23C in summer, with an annual rainfall between 250 mm and 600 mm. The official record of the lowest temperature in Spain is at Estany Gento in Lerida with -32C in 1956, though on peaks in the Aragonese Pyrenees it can easily fall to -40C. On peaks above 2,500m in the Pyrenees, Picos de Europa, Sistema Central & Ibérico and Sierra Nevada it snows between 90 and 120 days a year. In fact the Sierra Nevada hopes for snow from October to June, though it only hangs on in the highest and shadiest spots. Snow does, however, remain all the year round in the glaciers of the Pyrenees. Unsurprisingly the valleys of the Sistema Ibérica have the highest numbers of frosts, with Calamocha and Molina de Aragón having an average of 120 frosts per year. On the other hand, Ecija, known as the ‘sartén or frying pan of Andalucia’, has the highest temperatures, at around 47ºC. Due to the curvature of the earth, and their respective positions upon it, there is a significant difference in


sunlight received at Bilbao in the north, which receives 1,525 sunlight hours, down to the Costa de La Luz in the south, where Huelva and Cadiz receive around 3000 hours. Taking this statistic a little further, there is a rule of thumb which gives a decrease in average temperature of 0.65C for every 100m in altitude ascended. This means that there is a difference of some 22C between the freezing peaks of Mulhacen - the ceiling of the Sierra Nevada at 3,478m - and the semi-tropical Granada coast just 40km away. Thus, much of the Mediterranean coast averages around 15C – which is close to the world average – while the temperature above 2500m is below freezing. Temperature ranges of up to 30C occur in Belichte in Zaragoza and Ordesa in Huesca, caused by altitude difference. Annual rainfall varies hugely by as much as 20% from one year to the next, even as much as 40% in the Mar Menor in Murcia. The average rainfall in Spain as a whole ranges from 300mm to 650mm, with Almeria the most arid region in Europe. The Cabo de Gata, Europe’s only semi-desert, receives barely 125-150mm of rain a year. Whether in the plain or not, rainfall tends to be concentrated in just a few days, and within this sometimes within a few hours. The absolute record for one episode is a remarkable 878mm in Xàvia in 1957, while 119mm fell in one hour on 1 July 2003 in the village of Manuel in Valencia. So, to summarise: for a suntan, stick toAndalucia. If you favour winter woollies, go north to the Pyrenees. And, if you want to try out your pacamac and wellies, then come back to Andalucia. Why? Because one of the wettest villages in Spain is right here in Andalucia. Grazalema in the Sierra de Grazalema has an average of 2,153 mm of rain a year, caused when the warm, humid winds blow in from the Atlantic and cool and condense as they pass over the Sierra’s limestone peaks.

Strange Fact: If you were to flatten Spain out you would end up with an average altitude of 660m!


The Rain In Spain ...stays mainly on the plain, according to Professor Higgins. This is not wholly right, nor wholly wrong...


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technology news

‘Tractor beam’ is possible with lasers, say scientists A laser can act as a “tractor beam”, drawing small objects back toward the laser’s source, scientists have said.

It is known that light can provide a “push”, for example in solar sails that propel spacecraft on a “wind of light”. Now, in a paper on the Arxiv server, researchers from Hong Kong and China have calculated the conditions required to create a laserbased “pull”. Rather than a science fiction-style weapon, however, the approach would only work over small distances. The effect is different from that employed in “optical tweezers” approaches, in which tiny objects can be trapped in the focus of a laser beam and moved around; this new force, the authors propose, would be one continuous pull toward the source. And it relies on directly impinging on an object, making it distinct from an approach demonstrated in 2010 by Australian researchers whose trapping worked by heating air around a trapped particle. The trick is not to use a standard laser beam, but rather one known as a Bessel beam, that has a precise pattern of peaks and troughs in its intensity. Seen straight-on, a Bessel beam would look like the ripples surrounding a pebble dropped in a pond. If such a Bessel beam were to encounter an object not head-on but at a glancing angle, the backward force can be stimulated. As the atoms or molecules of the target absorb and re-radiate the incoming light, the fraction re-radiated forward along the beam direction can interfere and give the object a “push” back toward the source. The idea appears to be qualitatively similar to one proposed in 2009 by Washington State University physicist Philip Marston that uses sound waves to achieve a similar result. “Light can indeed pull a particle,” the authors wrote, “...and this may open up new avenues for optical micromanipulation, of which typical examples include transporting a particle backward over a long distance and particle sorting.” Ortwin Hess at Imperial College London called the work - which has not yet been peer-reviewed - as “fascinating”, saying that it “takes a radical idea forward”.

Boom in Mills & Boon electronic book sales

The guilty pleasure that is Mills and Boon romances is driving sales of electronic ebooks as they allow customers to avoid the “embarrassment factor” of being seen reading and buying them! The British publisher said electronic sales of the bodice-rippers have more than doubled over the last year and have now overtaken actual paper book sales. While the company refuses to reveal the total number of downloads sold, official figures show it must be more than the 3.3 million paperbacks purchased in 2010. Amazon, the online retailer, added that the Mills & Boon title “The Temp and the Tycoon” was one of their most downloaded romance novels to date. The sales have been such a success that Sony has designed a rose-pink version of its reader, complete with M&B logo, for those proud to be seen reading the novels. Mills and Boon, which boasts it sells a book every four seconds, put the boom down to their early adoption of the new technology but industry commentators believe it is more to do with avoiding embarrassment. It is the same reason why Mills and Boon’s more racy cousins, erotic fiction, is seeing a rise in sales in electronic form. Philip Stone, charts editor at the Bookseller magazine, said: “Mills & Boon are probably the publisher feeling the biggest benefit from e-books. “They were the first out of the traps to take advantage of e-books no doubt because

they realised that one of the reasons people did not buy their books was that small embarrassment factor. “That is completely eradicated with an ereader.” Mr Stone said that the switch to electronic devices was probably why sales of Mills and Boon physical paperbacks had dropped in 2010 by six per cent to 3.3 million. At the same time, electronic sales of erotic fiction rocketed while actual paperback sales fell by 30 per cent. A spokesman for M&B, which was founded by Gerald Rudgrove Mills and Charles Boon in Covent Garden 1908, played down any embarrassment its readers experienced. “We were just the first UK publisher to take advantage of e-books.” Amazon, which is also seeing sales of e-books on the Kindle booming, put the growth down partly to romance novels. A spokesman said: “We have seen

significant demand for romance novels since we opened the Kindle Store last year. “In fact, it was the fourth best selling genre of book during 2010. “Bestselling romance titles include a number from British publishers such as Mills & Boon whose ‘The Temp and the Tycoon’ is one of the most downloaded Romance novels to date.”


Charity Offers Bridal Gowns At Bargain Prices

pause for thought

“So how’s your training going?”, friends keep asking me, to which I tend to reply “Painfully!” The trouble is that there’s no way of preparing yourself for the dreaded Altitude Sickness, other than going to live somewhere above 3000 metres, so I’m unable to do much about that. But physical fitness is another matter and I’m certainly working hard on that aspect of preparation, power-walking miles on maximum gradient on a treadmill at Sophia’s in Arboleas several times per week, as well as continuing regular walking around the hills above Albox. So today saw me covering the 21Kms from Mercadona to the Monastery at Saliente, carrying my heavily weighted rucksack, in just over four hours. With aching legs and shoulders, it was with immense relief that I was able to discard my burden on arrival at Saliente. And as I did so, I was forcibly reminded of that wonderful story of Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress, with Christian carrying his burden, not just for a mere four hours, but throughout his life. And where my rucksack was filled with a random selection of items, chosen for weight rather than value on the walk, so Christian in the story, carried a remarkable variety of items like guilt, shame and fear, that weighed him down, utterly useless for the journey on which he had embarked. He tried a number of options for release, such as doing good, serving legality, civility and morality, but when eventually the burden was released at the place of deliverance, his relief knew no bounds. A very old story, but still one with considerable meaning, for how many of us cart around with us burdens like his, that spoil our enjoyment of life, and struggle though we may we find ourselves utterly powerless to remove them ourselves. In those circumstances we, like Christian in the story, need a deliverer to take the burden from us, and as a Christian of course I believe, as Bunyan himself did, that deliverer to be none other than Jesus Christ alone. There are a number of English Language Churches in the region for any wishing to Worship; further information about the Anglican Church in this area may be seen on the web site

Duncan Burr is Licensed Lay Reader for the Anglican Chaplaincy of Costa Almeria and Costa Cálida and may be contacted at


A new charity ‘outlet’ store in Vigo is giving brides-to-be the opportunity to buy a bridal gown at a bargain price and do their bit to help a good cause at the same time. Cáritas Diocesana has set up store in the Galician city with the aim of raising money for social projects and is offering new gowns that would normally cost anything up to 3000 euros, at a knock-down price of between 200 and 400 euros. They started with a total of 120 gowns for sale, but they are disappearing fast, with 12 sold in the first three days of trading. They were donated by a bridal shop that had to close in December, but which has opted to remain anonymous. The 15,000-18,000 euros the charity hopes to raise will go towards single mothers who receive no financial support from the fathers of their children. The philosophy behind the ‘outlet’ store is see that “women who want to get married in white can do so” and at the same time “those who have nothing and have to beg to feed their children” get the support they need, said Ángel Dorrego, director of Cáritas for the Tui-Vigo area. The campaign is set to run until March 26th, but will end sooner if the gowns sell out. A fashion show featuring many of the gowns on sale gave the charity initiative some extra publicity on Sunday.

Prince Charles & Camilla to visit Spain

Prince Charles and his wife Camilla will make their first official visit to Spain as a couple towards the end of March, the leading daily El Pais stated this week. The British royals planned to stay for about three days, visiting Madrid and the southern city of Seville, but there were no exact dates yet, the paper said, without identifying a source. In London, Charles’ press office declined to comment on the report. Charles and his wife would meet with King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia, Prince Felipe and his wife Princess Letizia, Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero and Madrid Mayor Alberto Ruiz-Gallardon, the paper said.



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‘Fantastic value’ offered by Spanish repossessed property

Demand for property in Spain may be set to increase following comments from one leading property portal regarding the surplus of repossessed residential homes now on the market. Similar to a number of other Spanish property companies, has seen an increase in the number of enquiries for real estate in Murcia - near the proposed new Paramount Film Studio Theme Park. Indeed, the firm explained that demand in 2011 is already up over 150 per cent on last year. “With the banks keen to clear their property portfolios, the

Manuel Galindo, president of the organisation, believes will positively impact the market. A Place in the Sun reported that Mr Galindo said: “More flats are now being sold then built.” Mr Galindo expects Spanish property sales to increase further as a result of low prices, but he added that housing starts will remain at an historic low.

nearly 20 per cent. A recent market report by Reuters has suggested that he oversupply in the market will take around six years to absorb. It added that the fall in property values in Spain could accelerate further as a result of mortgage lenders’ need to offload the properties they accumulated in the previous years. Reports suggest that there are over a million unsold properties


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prices on bank repossession property in Spain offer fantastic value,” Mike Price, sales director, said. Reports suggest that there are more than a million unsold properties in Spain currently. The news follows figures released by real estate portal which revealed that some 37.5 per cent more searches for property in Spain took place in January compared to the previous year. According to website, interest in the Balearics and Canary Islands could be replacing main land Spain for property purchases in the coming year. Reports also suggest that the current oversupply of properties on the housing market will be absorbed with rising sale transactions and a drop in supply of property. This is according to a forecast made by the association of Developers and Constructors, which noted that there are currently believed to be in excess of one million unsold homes on the market. The firm suggests that this is a result of the ten-year construction boom and has resulted in property prices in the country falling dramatically over the past few years. According to official data, property sales in the country increased by 6.8 per cent last year, something which Jose

There could also be an increase in the number of individuals looking for property in Spain after new figures revealed that residential prices in the country fell by five per cent in January. Since the market peak in 2007, the Tinsa real estate price index shows that the value of homes in the country have fallen by

in Spain and given the highest unemployment rate of around 20 per cent and tougher mortgage lending conditions this is unlikely to decline soon. However, recent data from the country’s National Statistics Institute has shown that the Balearic property market is performing better than the rest of Spain.

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Spain: ‘top eurozone holiday destination’ Individuals looking to buy property in Spain may be interested in the latest figures released by Eurostat.

According to the statistics body, holidaymakers have continued to flock to the country despite recent economic troubles and a collapse in the nation’s property market.

Spain is nev er going to lose its special p lace in the British trav eller’s hea rt – whatever happens to t he Euro. Sun, se a and sangr are still th ia e order of the day on the Cost as

The organisation reports that a total of 268 million nights were spent in hotels in Spain by tourists last year, an increase of 6.4 per cent from 2009 figures. Following Spain at the top of the rankings was Italy, then Germany, France and the UK. These five countries made up a huge 70 per cent of total hotel stays in the eurozone.

Wall Art from Gecko, Dragonfly, Butterfly

€€12 12

In broader terms there was an increase of 2.8 per cent in hotel stays across the European Union as a whole, which should be regarded as a positive step for the tourism industry. The past two years have been typified by steady declines as the financial crisis saw many international travellers tightening their belts.

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Andirondack Syle CHAIRS €75 Mercadona

Albox Football Ground

If it involves water we can help!


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pa Le

Peugeot Garage


Avda. Lepanto 36, 04800 Albox Open MonDAY - Sat 10am - 2pm

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For more info or free no-obligation quote, call, email or pop in & see us. Open Mon-Fri 10am-3pm. Cortijo Pipa, Avenida de Limaria, 1, Limaria, Arboleas (next to the Welcome Stranger) Tel: 968 969 962

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New One Stop

property of the week ref: 004 mojacar 199.950€

Tel: 950 473 040 Fax: 950 472 412

Paseo del Mediterraneo 133, Mojacar Playa 04638, Almeria


• Detached villa of 140m set in 350m plot • 4 double bedrooms, 2 full bathrooms,

Transferring Currency Abroad?

• Quiet location with nice sea views • Private parking space, various terraces • Need little modernization or TLC. • Absolute bargain for the asking price

ref: 152

north albox 52.000€

ref: 082


• Cortijo 150m in need of total reform

• 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms large apartment,

• Set on a plot of flat land of 5,000m

• 90m built approximately plus a terrace

• Set in the most magnificent rural location

• Good size lounge/diner with open views

• Electricity and mains water by the house

• Fully fitted luxury large kitchen & larder

• The property comes with full title deeds

• Private underground parking

• Totally gated and fenced entry

• Walking distance to all amenities.


• • • • • • • •

• Bargain

ref: 357

• • • • • • •



Beautiful new large apartment of 92m 2 double bedrooms, 2 complete bathrooms Communal large pool Solarium Walking to amenities & 5 minutes to beach Fitted wardrobe Lift in the complex

ref: 391

puerto rey

ref: 379


• • • • • • •

• Large semi-detached villas of 129m built

ref: 383 desert springs 160.000€

ref: 274

• • • • • • • •

• Picturesque Farm house property

• Set on a 350m flat plot with nice views • Space for large pool with sun bathing area • 3 double beds fitted wardrobes, 2 bathrooms • Good size lounge / diner with open fireplace • Fully fitted large kitchen & Larder




Penthouse or G. Floor with garden 1 double bedroom, 1 full bathroom Complete equipped & fitted kitchen Large terrace of 25m² looking pool Large communal pool & green area Beautiful community, secure gated. Underground parking & store room

ref: 340

• • • • • • •


Ground floor apartment close to the beach 2 double bedrooms, 2 full bathroom Complete equipped & fitted kitchen Outside sun terrace, easy access 2 Large communal swimming pools Beautiful community, secure gated. Private allocating underground parking Bargain

ref: 304

ref: 345 los carasoles 119.950€

• Top floor apartment close to the beach • 2 double bedrooms, 2 full bathroom • 60m huge private roof terrace • Outside sun terrace, easy access • 2 Large communal swimming pools • Beautiful community, secure gated. • Private allocating underground parking • Bargain

2 beds, 2.5 baths Townhouse in golf course Located in one of the most enviable positions Living / dining area and fully fitted kitchen Private roof terrace and various terraces Views over looking 1st & 18th fairway Communal large pool Secure parking Close to all amenities & short drive to sea.


• Top floor apartment • Close to the beach • 2 double bedrooms, 2 full bathroom • 65m private roof terrace & sea views • Outside sun terrace, easy access • Large communal swimming pools • Beautiful community, secure gated • Private allocating underground parking


ref: 375



Detached large country property Set on flat fenced plot of 1.850m 5 double bedrooms, 2 bathrooms Good size Lounge / diner Fitted kitchen Large covered front terraces of 30M Large 12 x 5.5 tiled pool with pump

• Patio

velez rubio 169.995€

• On a plot of land total of 36.500M • 4 double bedrooms & 1 bathroom • Good size lounge with open fire place • Large open swimming pool 12 x 8 • Land planted with almond & olive trees

ref: 313



• 4 beds, 4 baths detached villa 195m built • 2,000m plot one of the most enviable positions • Living / dining area and fully fitted kitchen • Private drive & Garage • Large pool • A separate apartment ideal for guests • Views to the sea & Cabrera mountains • Walking distance to all amenities.



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Paseo del Mediterraneo 197 - Mojacar - Almeria

Tel: 950 472 430 /+44 208 180 3240

property group Front line golf - detached 3-bed / 2-bath Villa plus independent annex in Mojacar Playa.

Just reduced to

375,000 euros!

There could not be a greater opportunity to purchase a well appointed 3-bed / 2-bath Villa right on the edge of the golf course in Marina de la Torre, Mojacar Playa within a 1 minute walk to the sea. The Villa has a built area of 189,50mts² distributed between a large basement area that houses an independent annex with its own kitchen and bathroom, plenty of living and storage area and a separate massive lock up garage and store room; ground floor with an entrance hallway, a large dining room, a sitting / living room with a wood burner; a large open plan kitchen, a double bedroom, a bathroom and stairwell leading to the upper and lower levels; and 1st floor with 2 double bedrooms, a hallway and a family bathroom. The Villa also has massive terraces totaling 44.05mts² on the lower and upper level facing the golf course - the upper terrace also has great sea views. The Villa also benefits from an additional 225.10mts² of land which surrounds the property – this has been completely terraced by the existing owners. The property benefits from air conditioning (hot and cold), double glazed windows throughout and all the terraces have retractable awnings. This Villa really is an ideal full time residence or a very special holiday home for those looking for something special, especially for the golf enthusiast.

Priced to sell!


proper ty group S.L.

The resort where it is located has a private outdoor swimming pool and a year round gymnasium. At this reduced priced of 375K euros this property is likely to sell very quickly so an early viewing is highly recommended to avoid disappointment. It is a 2 minute drive to Garrucha and 5 minute drive to either the main shopping center in Mojácar Playa or Mojácar Village up in the hill. There are also several other golf courses nearby - Cortijo Grande, Valle del Este and Playa Macenas are all within 10 minutes drive, and Desert Springs is within 20 minutes drive. The Airport of Almeria is within no more than 45 minutes drive. For more information please visit our office or contact us by phone or e-mail. The property reference is 1479.

(0034) 950 617 611


La Judea Arboleas (ARB464)

Los Gallardos (LG155)

El Chopo Arboleas (ARB050)

Large Detached Villa located in El Chopo, with an PROPERTY OF THE WEEK!! INCREDIBLE LOCATION, INCREDIBLE VIEWS, complete A Large Family Villa located just outside Los Gallardos, with extensive well distributed plot, and private swimming pool. with a totally private pool and terrace area. The Villa Comprises of 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, extensive living space, 4 Bedrooms and 3 Bathrooms. The An extremely well distributed large 3 bed 2 bath Villa, and would be an ideal family home. Villa is also situated upon 10.000mts Plot complete with with impeccable presentation. totally private swimming pool and terrace areas. This is an €169.693 €199.950 incredible investment in this location at this price.

p positipa

S .L.


proper ty group

950 617 611

tel: (0034) 950 617 611 Centro Comercial Montemar, Local 8A, Mojacar 04638, Almeria


property group Paseo del Mediterraneo 197 - Mojacar - Almeria

Tel: 950 472 430 /+44 208 180 3240 You can find us on turre


Mojacar playa

€80,000 Vera playa




1 bed / 1 bath large Apartment overlooking Cortijo Grande Golf. Terrace. Fire place. Nice views . Ref 1474

mojacar playa


2 bed / 1 bath Apartment. Marina de la Torre. furnished. Terraces. Pools. Ref 1008

2 bed / 2 bath 1st floor Apartment. Fully furnished. Indoor & outdoor Pool. Close to Mercadona. Ref 1449

property of the month Los gallardos


mojacar playa bargain


2 bed / 1,5 bath Apartment on 2 levels. Beautiful complex. Fully furnished. Terraces. Sea views. Pool. Ref 1066

arboleas reduced


2 bed / 1 bath Apartment with stunning views. Marina de la Torre. Fully furnished. Pool. Private parking. Ref. 1209

2 bed / 2 bath Villa. Plot 600 m², lockup garage. Pool. Terrace. Wood burner. Ref 1385


mojacar playa new



2 bed / 1 bath Villa in the 1st phase of Agua Nueva. Plot 419 mts². Plunge Pool. Ref.1493

vera playa bargain



3 bed / 2 bath Townhouse in Huerta Nueva. Solarium. Terraces. Gas central heating. Communal Pool Ref.1260 turre


3 bed / 2 bath Townhouse. Terrace with retractable glass doors. Fully furnished. Pool. 10 min walk to beach. Ref 1056

2 bed / 2 bath Villa in the 1st phase of Agua Nueva. Plot 400 mts². Garden & Pool. Fully furnished. Ref.1470


mojacar playa


3 bed / 2 bath Villa in Agua Nueva. Large terrace. Pool. Roof terrace. Nice views. Ref 1501


mojacar playa new


3 bed/2 bath semi-detached Townhouse. Close to beach. Comm Pool & tennis court. Private garden & parking area 113m². Ref 1505

mojacar playa




3 bed / 2 bath Villa in La Parata. Panoramic sea views. Close to restaurants & club. Space for pool. Ref 1400

3 bed / 3 bath southeast facing Villa 5 min walk to beach & promenade. Sea views. Pool. Central heating. Many extras Ref 1401


2 bed / 1 bath 1st line Apartment. Roof terrace & front terrace. Stunning sea views. Private garage. Pool. Ref. 1059



3 bed / 2 bath Villa. Build 140 m², Plot 612m². Heated pool. Solarium. Central heating Ref 1420

mojacar , Micar €695,000

6 bed / 6 bath luxury Villa. Plot 3.348 mts². Gardens, Pool and so on. Must be seen to be appreciated. Ref 1296

Please visit our office or refer to our website for more “bargains”. Vendors: If you are seriously considering selling your property please visit our office to discuss effective ways of achieving your goal. As per decree 218/2005 the “Documento de Información Abreviada” (D.I.A) for any property sold by Veritas Homes is available at our office.



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TO ADVERTISE HERE CALL 950 430 820 OR EMAIL: SALES@SOLTIMES.COM “Business is never so healthy as when, like a chicken, it must do a certain amount of scratching around for what it gets.” Henry Ford Euro Painters Spain Recession Price Buster

house painted

Any 2 / 3 bedroom villa outside painted including repairs, plus painting up to 10 rejas Recession Buster Only 1,000€ (Total price)

Call Jim on 677 557 190 or email:

Coastal Mosquitos

Mosquito Screens for Windows & Doors For a free estimate call us on 610 000 700 Awnings shower screens replacement window and doors

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Plisse retracting screens ideal for all types of door openings

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SOLAR POWER Small system for lights and TV from 600€. Large system full

house 5000€. Photowatt solar panels 170w 399€ cheapest panels in spain. Hawker deep cycle AGM batteries 15yr life span 120a 65€. Chloride deep cycle 2v 1300a to make 12/24/48v battery bank 100€ per cell. Solar hot water system 100-300 ltr from 250€. Inverters from 50€. 3000w pure sine inverter/charger best deal in spain 850€. 24v wind turbine (as used for Olympic Games) 400w new 500€ All types of solar equipment bought for cash.

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now available at For more information contact

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619 070 839 swimming pool engineers Complete sand change, labour & sand media ONLY 80€


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4 Blocked toilets sinks & baths 4 New showers, baths & toilets 4 Blocked drains & pipes 4 Turbine root cutting 4 CCTV surveys & inspections 4 Blocked cesspits 4 Drain tracing All domestic and commercial work carried out All work guaranteed Call out within 1 hour when possible Mojacar, Arboleas & all other areas covered

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Air Source Heat Pumps ● Zero Carbon Emissions ● Low Running Costs ● Pool Covers ●

Winter months in Spain are often sunny but the pool is too cold to use. By installing one of our Air Source Heat pumps you can use your pool all year round.

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I’m finding it difficult to sleep at nights of late. I recently read yet another article about that Mayan prediction, you know, the one about the world coming to an abrupt end on December 21st 2012, and it’s getting too damned close for comfort. Scientists agree that the Mayans advanced level of knowledge in astronomy was, umm, well, astronomical, and having taken years to painstakingly carve out their thoughts in stone with their mallets and chisels, it would seem a good idea to take them seriously. Except – and here’s the conundrum – that they never realised the practical use of the wheel. I mean, can you believe anyone who predicts the end of the world, but who didn’t even have the nouse to develop wheel based transport? They were a strange lot the Mayans. It would appear that as a body, they simply upped and left their great cities one Wednesday morning. A note was left on the door of a stepped pyramid saying ‘Gone to Lunch’, and they simply never came back, and although there are traces of them still in Central America and Wolverhampton, to all intents and purposes their great civilisation disappeared. And it was obviously on foot, because rumour has it that a

massive fleet of wagons was found intact in the temple car park, propped up on bricks just waiting for someone to stop star gazing and invent something circular to go in each corner. But it’s not only what the Mayans prophesied that worries me, because apparently ancient smart arses from other extinct civilisations have made the same prediction of impending doom. The same civilisations in fact who wrote about a great deluge that covered the earth in pre-historic times, eerily similar to our own Biblical account of The Flood and Noah Marine Ltd. So clearly something is going on here that we should know about. If it is a fact that there was some sort of great and very damp upheaval millennia ago – and it is generally accepted that there was – then what’s to say that it won’t happen again. But from where, and what will trigger this catastrophe? Today’s astronomers have the means to spot the approach of an asteroid or comet well in advance. We have powerful radio telescopes constantly trained on the heavens, we have Hubble and we have Patrick Moore. So the possibility of some celestial Brazilian striker ghosting in on the blind


My body has not been keeping its side of the bargain recently, and I am not best pleased with it. For these past many years I have fed it, watered it and clothed it. I have been patient with its many inadequacies, like its inability to run faster than a speeding bullet or leap tall buildings. I very seldom grumble at its insistence on 8 hours of sleep every night, even though I regard so much sleep as a waste of time and a sheer self indulgence. I am more than tolerant with its less than goddess-like appearance, in fact I even buy it all sorts of cunningly designed clothes to disguise its faults, not to mention the quantities of creams and coloured potions in the form of make-up that I have to apply regularly to the pieces that stick out beyond the covering grace of jeans and jumpers. Due to the unsatisfactory state of my relationship with my body at the moment I

side and scoring a cosmic screamer is highly unlikely and even if there were, apart from shouting rude words at it and waving a stick, there is very little we could do to stop it in its tracks with our present level of technology, whatever Hollywood and Bruce Willis say. The really worrying part is the exactness of the date given by our pals the Mayans. What sort of worldwide disaster could occur that instantly? The scientific world has been perplexed for years over the discovery of the near perfect remains of numerous mammoth carcasses preserved in the Siberian permafrost, and as a result quite a lot has been learned about the last ice age, and it is chilling. Remains of other species have also been discovered, and get this: they were species that could not have lived in the harsh conditions that prevail in that region today. To add to the mystery, herbs and grasses found in the mouths and stomachs of some of these animals are only found in temperate regions. Conclusion: Instant climate change. Result: Birds Eye frozen mammoth. It is obvious then, that something happened that brought a major change to the Earth’s climate in the blink of an eye – or more to the

have been giving a lot of thought to how bodies could be improved to prevent future generations encountering the same sad state. I believe that the next evolutionary step should be built in technology. I would be only too pleased to have a Cut and Paste facility installed – think how much time and diesel the world and I would save, going from place to place electronically! Or perhaps I could e-mail myself to Mercadona, returning via the Reply button with the shopping as an attachment. This would also save me the embarrassment of constantly forgetting to take my recently purchased 60 cent bag with me! But my favourite at the moment would be a Clipboard facility. I could then put myself on the clipboard, ready to rejoin the human race when I felt like it, thus sidestepping all the unpleasant bits of life, such as housework! Until this update becomes available I did wonder if I could go through the Complaints

By Jos Biggs

By Chris Marshall SLOW DOWN, SWITCH OFF 110kph? Zapatero has stated several times that it is a temporary measure, but not many seem to believe him. Alonso, Spain’s two-time Formula One world champion, has been widely reported as slating the decision saying that it will be “difficult to stay awake” when driving at 110 kph, which is 68 mph by the way, just 2 mph below the speed limit in the UK! Of course if this was the UK the ‘political correctness’ brigade would be slamming Alonso for such a statement, and after all it is a pretty dumb thing to have said, but here in Spain he is being

By Colin Bird

Procedure, register my dissatisfaction officially, and obtain replacement parts. Then I realised that: I had no receipt to prove purchase, and no matter how diligently I searched, I was unlikely to find one. Plus I had no guarantee, and I had the sneaking feeling that, even if I had one, it would be out of date by now. In any case, would it be internationally recognised? Would an English guarantee be valid in Spain? This guarantee could prove to be the ultimate sticking point. I am sure geeks and scientists in the future will be able to genetically implant technology in any and all who request it, but who is going to assume responsibility for the guarantee, should a fault arise? Answers please...

Views From A Balcony In Spain

I have been trying to figure out why so many people have a problem with a reduction in the speed limit from 120 kph to 110 kph to be imposed on March 7th in response to the escalating costs of petrol due to the events in Libya. Sure it may be a little inconvenient for some, but to be honest my first reaction when I read about was: makes sense, can’t do any harm, and good on the government for being proactive. Let’s face it, I suspect the vast majority of complainants are unlikely to have adhered to the 120 kph in the first place! I just can’t see how someone would have ‘stuck’ to 120kph but not

point, in the middle of lunch, and the only event that could have brought all this about was the changing of the planet’s polarity. It doesn’t help to learn that this has happened at regular intervals throughout time, and should the melting of the ice caps continue at their present rate, there is a very real danger of a large chunk of Antarctica breaking away and drifting north, causing the Earth to literally tip over and create a similar cataclysm. The resultant tidal waves; earthquakes and volcanic eruptions would devastate the planet on an unimaginable scale, wiping out all but small isolated pockets of life. No more Eastenders, KFC or Katie Price, so it’s not all bad news. Just imagine the puzzlement on the faces of scientists in some post apocalyptic future world, when they find the remains of a Big Mac and medium fries in the stomach of a petrified cross dresser from Romford. Bearing in mind that small pockets of humans could survive the calamity, I know where I will be on 21st December 2012. Felixstowe. Nothing ever happens there.

applauded as you can imagine. Of course not everyone is going to ‘suffer’ as EcoCd Signalling, an Alicante-based company founded by three unemployed people in 2009 that specialises in road signs, has already received a vast number of orders for the new 110Km/hr speed limit signs. The main success of the EcoCd company has been the creation and marketing of a type of magnetic laminated large disc that fits precisely over the speed limit signs, and is far easier to use than a 110 sign with adhesive. In addition, these magnetic signs can resist winds of up to 160Km/hr, support extreme

temperatures, and once removed the original sign remains clean. What a clever idea! On the other hand three energy saving measures just seemed daft to me: alternating which days you could drive into cities by number plate (evens one day, odds the next) simply can’t have been thought through, not least because of the cost of policing it, and the suggestion to turn off a percentage of the street lights was just insane: a sure fire way to see an increase in both crime and traffic accidents I suggest. On this one at least common sense has prevailed and the street lights are now to be exchanged for low consumption ones, when they get them in stock that is, although this is going to cost 4€ million give or take!



oh, by the way....

Last week I was presented with a list to sign against the new anti-tobacco law. Needless to say I signed the list! Much has been said and written about the new law – pros as well as cons. Before you read on, let it be known that from the very beginning I was against the new law, but 100% in favour of the previous law. Well, before the current anti-tobacco law came into force, we had to rely on non-smokers’ claims that they did not have the same freedom of choice as us smokers, using the argument that the majority of the bars and restaurants had chosen to allow smoking. This argument led us all to believe that making all establishments non-smoking areas, there would be an influx of costumers, who previously could – or would - not frequent the bars and restaurants. Though the professionals of the restaurant business claimed the new law would be detrimental to their business, the lack of solid proof of either claim left it impossible to determine the impact the new law would have. We are now in mid-March, and have lived with the new law for 2 ½ months. During these months, the news has been filled with restaurateurs’ complaints about lack of customers. During this relatively short time we have unfortunately also seen many bars and restaurants closing. With the region’s above average unemployment rate, this represents a very serious problem. Not to blame the non-smokers, but where the Hell are you? You were supposed to fill the establishments in the absence of the smokers. Together with those of the smokers, who are willing to go outside to smoke, you were supposed to be the backbone of keeping the restaurant business afloat. I do not think one could find a better argument to support my opinion than my observations, when my husband and I went for a drink and a tapa in Cartagena the other day. We chose at random a tapa bar close to where we had been shopping. We were about 20 minutes ahead of the midday rush, so all bars were more-or-less empty leaving us with an absolute freedom of choice. The chosen bar had tables inside and tables outside under cover – all tables sporting ashtrays (and the waitress smoking while cleaning the tables), though it was covered on three sides (the law says that smoking is only allowed when only two sides as covered). Anyway, we sat down – and discovered that the food was delicious and, when the time for payment arrived, also discovered that the prices were very reasonable. Having enjoyed our tapa and drink, finishing with a cup of coffee, other customers started to arrive. Soon five of the six tables outside were occupied, while only one table inside had a customer. Four people arrived, looking for a table, but the remaining table was only big enough for two persons. The waitress offered them a table inside, but the party declined the offer. One does not need to be Einstein to figure out, why they wanted to sit ‘outside’. They must have been smokers. The restaurant lost four customers whom they could have accommodated, had smoking been allowed inside. Okay, supposedly another restaurant further on, with an empty table for four, got the business. But what about the next party of four on the look-out for a table for smokers? Did they find a table? Or did they go home with an empty belly and left the bar with an empty till? But hey-hoe! The great news is that we will die as very healthy paupers, if we continue down this lane! Biggy Marshall is educated within law and administration and has been writing most of her life. She has been published in the Danish press as well as in local English publications. She has lived in Spain for nearly 20 years, the last 14 years in Murcia. Biggy can be contacted on DISCLAIMER: The opinions expressed in this column are the opinions of the columnist and not the opinions of Sol Times Newspaper Group. The newspaper takes no responsibility for the content or the opinions of columnist.

And the third suggestion? We all rush out to buy new tyres to improve our fuel consumption. On the subject of ‘madness’ I see that the European Court of Justice has ruled that insurers should not treat gender as a risk factor when assessing premiums. What this means, for example, is that a 17 year old boy and a 17 year old girl must be treated the same when it comes to the cost of insuring their car. Now the phrase ‘boy racer’ wasn’t just conjured up out of thin air, it comes from the statistical evidence that proves that young males are more likely to smash their cars up. This is something I know about, as many moons ago I worked for an insurance company and sat through far too many meetings with Actuaries

(the people who in effect weigh up the risk based on tons of statistical stuff) as we set the premiums. Now I am the first to accuse the insurance companies of double standards in many ways: they after all are in the risk business yet over the years they have seemed to try and capture the least risk customers and avoid the high risk, and that seems wrong to me but imposing blanket rules like this just seems wrong to me. Yet more good headlines for the tourist industry here in Spain, as reports say that Spain remains the number one destination in Europe, and that the British are still heading the league table of nations taking their holidays in Spain.

Chris Marshall is a professional blogger and freelance broadcaster and writer who lives in Almerimar, Spain with his wife Sands, four cats, two Harley Davidson’s and more often than not a bottle of red to hand! His weekly column in The Sol Times is sponsored by Bay Connect ( You can hear him daily on and read him monthly in the Daily Telegraph.

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Very Hard!


CRYPTIC crossword



Down 1 Benevolences (10) 2 Decorate (6) 3 Profound (4) 4 Infractions (8) 5 Depressions (4) 6 North African country (5) 8 Rules (7) 12 Levees (5) 14 Underscores (10) 16 Singalong (7) 17 The head of an editorial page (8) 21 Least high (6) 22 Acclaim (5) 24 Pocketbook (4) 25 Fathers (4)


Across 1 Second issue causes offence (8) 5 Origins, say, of things to go with food? (6) 10 S  hot off with drug at area of potential trouble (3,4) 11 Passed Lynam coming back with White (7) 12 Summarise funny caper! (5) 13 A hundred soldiers surrounding England - time for reconciliation! (9) 14 Rare invite surprising a new sort of doctor (12) 18 W  ithout doubt, uni bedsit plan almost collapses (12) 21 P  ut a nearly nice Rhode Island inside, being strictly moral (9) 23 T  here it is love, hiding in a broken vial! (5) 24 Q  uestionable university subject initially taken after bringing up mate I love (7) 25 A  conflict in United Nations - Egyptian leader not knowing (7) 26 Girl, yet strangely without 14, shortly (6) 27 P  ut the emphasis on bringing up puddings? (8) Down 1 Ball in this place after initially students keep quiet (6) 2 Discover wide tectonic section (6) 3 Extra money for university to put Iron and Ecstasy in young dogs (3-2,4) 4N  ot in anger, Souness displayed immoderacy (14) 6 A way in to mineral? (5) 7 Head of Cambridge returning company without items for improving beauty (8)

8 Making calm gnats die out? (8) 9 Stop education, perhaps, keeping cold place for your money (7,7) 15 Relieve Woody, nearly, by way of time and energy! (9) 16 Clearly left one lazily following MP (8) 17 Lovely daughter, or a bighead when taken by drink! (8) 19 Nearly discover a learner’s important exams! (6) 20 Cigarette stump craze surrounding information (3-3) 22 Cat’s tail and part of rat not in fish (5) 26 Quiet number returning to vessel (4)



Across 6 Effeminate (7) 7 Wife of Odin (Norse mythology) (5) 9 Looked at (4) 10 Indicative of (10) 11 Marked with linear discolorations (8) 13 Wriggle (6) 15 Anagram of “Seek” (4) 17 Creates (5) 18 Thin flat circular plate (4) 19 Seizes (6) 20 Wages (8) 23 Bode (10) 26 Sicknesses (4) 27 Mediterranean herbs (5) 28 Movement downward (7)

Thomas Jefferson


Sudoku is a placement puzzle. Enter the numbers 1 to 9 in each row and column of a grid, made up of 3 x 3 subgrids. The catch is that each row, column and grid must contain only one instance of each number or letter.

coffee break

Do you want to know who you are? Don’t ask. Act! Action will delineate and define you.




be an environmentally friendly gardener

UK Motorists face threat of £120 for letting their engines idle

The Prince of Wales has called on gardeners to ‘be the change you want to see ‘by going green. But how do you make your garden more environmentally friendly?

Motorists could be fined up to £120 for leaving their car engines idling, under plans drawn up by Boris Johnson

London’s mayor wants to increase the current £20 penalty and bring it into line with fines imposed for parking offences. If his plans are adopted, it would see motorists in the capital being fined £120 and outside London the charge would be increased to £70. Higher penalties would hit an array of road users from delivery drivers and taxis to mothers waiting to pick up their children from school. Mr Johnson has written to Philip Hammond, the Transport Secretary, urging him to toughen the law. Motorists who leave their cars idling “unnecessarily” while parked can be fined under powers given to local authorities in 2002. But according to Mr Johnson’s new air quality strategy, the law is too weak to tackle the noise and pollution caused by motorists who leave their engine idling. It also said the current £20 penalty charge is “too low to be a powerful

disincentive.” However a spokesman for the AA disagreed with Mr Johnson. “Persistent offenders should be prime targets and perhaps it would make sense to keep the £20 penalty and allow escalation to a higher level for those who regularly don’t comply. “We also need to make sure there are safeguards for those who perhaps have to leave vehicles idling or where a mistake may have been made.” Since taking office Philip Hammond, the Transport Secretary, has promised to “end the war on the motorist”. His spokesman gave a cool response to Mr Johnson’s plea. “For us to consider a case for increasing the penalty, we need to see clear evidence of the level of non compliance. “If there proves to be an issue with non compliance, we will be happy to work with the Mayor on considering his proposal.”


Go organic – Cutting out chemicals and using manure and crop rotation instead is thought to be better for the health of the organisms in the soil and wildlife. Make compost - Using compost not only cuts the needs for chemicals but recycles food waste. Grow your own - Fruit and vegetables grown in your own garden reduce the need for bringing in food from abroad, therefore cutting carbon emissions. Grow ‘bee-friendly’ plants – Planting wild flower and species like poppies, lavender and sunflowers can help bees and other insects to have a varied diet of nectar. Leave wild places – Wood

Solar Hot Water & Pool Heating Full Heating Installations Water Treatment Systems Water Deposits & Pumps

All At Unbeatable Prices. Fully Guaranteed And Insured.

Cortijo Pipa, Avenida de Limaria, 1, Lamaria, Arboleas (next to the Welcome Stranger)

968 969 962


piles can provide a home for hedgehogs and beetles while nettle patches help many species of butterfly. Encourage birds – Bird feeders can help garden species like sparrows and robins, as well as helping pest control as the predators eat insects. Harvest rainwater – A butt to collect water both from the rain and grey water from bathrooms and kitchens helps to cut use of water and therefore energy. Be more energy efficient – Heating greenhouses and cutting the grass can be done using less energy by using modern equipment or even renewable energy.

Solar/Oil/Gas Hot Water Hot Pool Hot House

Mosquito Screens & Blinds

Pull down / Sliding Blinds & Screens, Windows & Patios • Vertical Blinds • Security Grills • Shower/Bath screens • Awnings

All areas speedy response RING PETE & SEE FOR YOURSELF


600 049 515


■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■

domestic & commercial supplied & fitted many colours & styles all areas covered free quotations signwriting service FOR COMMERCIAL

Tel: 627 907 207


Parque Ind El Real, Antas 04628

Tel: 950 459 136

the workshop

If you want your car serviced by our professional staff who leave nothing to chance (as I can testify) to a very high standard at a competitive cost then give us a try. We currently have many special offers on servicing, tyres, diagnostics, etc. And of course our unique monthly payment plan. We are now just starting our sixth year on the same site to which our regular customers can testify. So come and see us with your vehicle requirements and be met with our friendly efficient staff.

tyre centre

Fact: Second hand tyres are illegal in Spain because there in no legal warranty. Fact: Remould tyres are also illegal as the original casing date has been removed by the remoulder, the treads might be new but the tyre itself is not - and this is the part that blows out. Fact: T  here is no manufacturer warranty on Chinese tyres.

We have offers in conjunction with our main suppliers on genuine, legal tyres. Call for details.

service plan

Special offer

for new customers Sign up to our service plan, have your timing belt changed with no labour costs - you only pay for the parts. Discounted labour rate by 20% on repairs to service plan customers cars. Fixed price 2 year servicing plan! Easy monthly payments from 12.50€ that’s less than 45c a day!

Mojacar Showroom and rental office

stop press

To include:

1 x ‘A’ Service

(oil + filter, full vehicle check)

1 x ‘B’ Service

(as above + air and fuel filters)

1 x ITV (Spanish ITV)

2 x 6 month vehicle inspections All paid for over a 2 year period by standing order from as little as 12.50€ per month

Interest Free ! (conditions apply)

459 Paseo de Mediterraneo, Mojacar Playa

Tel: 950 069 272

check out our website and book online hire cars now available from almeria, alicante & murcia airports

Cars now available at plane parking Murcia Airport

Car hire rates from 1st October 2010 through to March 2011. Prices are the same at all depots eg. Mojacar, Antas & Murcia Airport. (Phone main office for Airport bookings) Don’t forget our budget cars available at only 15 per day Now available excess waiver from 2€ per day

AA PArking @ Almeria Airport, and plane parking @ Alicante & Murcia

GROUP CAR budget Group A Group B Group B1 Group C Group D Group E Group F



Marea / Polo Ka / Opel Agila Ford Fusion / Hyundai Renault Kangoo Focus / Megane / BMW 320 Renault Traffic Van Ford Transit5 Ducato Minibus 9 seater or Peugeot boxer Van

15 18 23 25 27 45 50 60

75 90 - 104 118 - 132 120 - 134 134 - 148 225 - 246 265 - 286 310 - 331

Now available from the Mojacar office: Bicycle Hire 5€ per day, 20€ per week Child seats 2€ per day GPS 20€ per week Additional drivers 10€ each per hire - must be named on contract

MOJACAR OFFICE OPENING HOURS: Mon~Fri 9am-2pm / 3pm - 7pm Car Hire: 950 069 272 ANTAS OFFICE OPENING HOURS: Mon~Fri 9am-6pm Sat 10am-2pm Car Sales: 950 459 136 Workshop: 950 459 209


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‘Blue Nun’ gets a makeover to tempt the female palate!

It was the wine of choice for the appalling, cheesy, TV chat show host Alan Partridge. However, it survived all the put-downs and even won the approval of style icon Victoria Beckham, who might be assumed to prefer Cristal champagne. After a number of reinventions, the original version of the semisweet German creation in the blue bottle with a nun on the label is being relaunched as an ‘unpretentious’ and ‘contemporary’ wine. The taste has been devised to suit British women aged 25-45, although German

owner Langguth plans to sell it worldwide. The move is part of a wider effort to build a new interest in German wine, which has suffered a disastrous slump since Blue Nun and Black Tower were the height of sophistication. Blue Nun introduced millions of Britons to the intimidating world of wine. Billed as a wine that could be drunk throughout a meal, it solved the dinner party problem of not knowing what to serve with a particular food. Surprisingly, the brand can trace its roots back to 1921, while it became the biggest selling



wine in the world between the 1950s and 1980s. Originally a Liebfraumilch and later a blended wine, it has become less sweet over the years. The new version, in the shops next month, uses the Rivaner grape, a cross between Riesling and Gutedel. Wines are generally light with a flowery bouquet and less acidity than Riesling. The taste of the latest version has been devised particularly to suit British women, however the plan is to sell it around the world. Blue Nun is owned by the

German company Langguth, whose winemaker, Heinz Blümling, worked with British importer, Bottle Green, to develop the new taste and image. A spokesman for the firm said: ‘In addition to the Original being re-crafted, the brand will also re-launch with a range of German varietal wines such as Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling and Pinot Noir. ‘As well as improved wines, the packaging has been given a major overhaul. The iconic Nun remains but is set within a bold, contemporary re-stylisation.’


merald Isle E e Th IRISH PUB Mojacar Playa, nr La Hacienda


PolIgono Industrial Albox, Near the ITV Garage

Homemade Andalucian Cooking


Menu del Dia

Everyday we have a large selection of stew, lamb, pork, chickpeas, chicken and fish soups.

Menu del Dia

Roast Lamb Shank and Roast Pork Knuckle Times 1pm-4pm and 7pm-11pm

Daily Roast

sunday roast Menu del Dia

4 courses including bottle of ESTE wine per couple; Roast lamb shoulder, roast pork knuckle, beef steaks all served with roast potatoes & vegetables Lunch time 1pm - 4pm

Vegetarian dishes available

Petrol Station

Tel: 697 224 283

Baza/Fines ► ◄ Albox


The Kimrick 

St Patricks Day Live Music & Irish Stew

Just 5€ per person Book now La Alfoquia

Tel: 950 449 635


Sunday Lunch


dinner dance 19th march

20 €

with Arriba Arriba, 3 course meal including a bottle of wine per couple

Friday Fish & Chips

served Lunchtime and Dinner Fresh Cod or Haddock, Chips & Peas

4. 95€ 6. 95€

Venue for hire!

for Private Parties, Birthdays Weddings


Tel: 950 475 198


TEL: 657 445 396 OR 626 893 799

Delicious home cooked food in cosy & intimate 1 HOUR HORSE RIDE AT surroundings at RANCHO LUZ DE SOL WITH 3 COURSE great value... LUNCH

A la Carte Menu Available Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Monday


Large kimrick correos farmacia red cross

Approx 300 metres

Thursday 17th March 7pm

Saturday 12th march - disco & karaoke night with steve king from 9pm every sunday from 8pm ‘Fun quiz’, irish bingo & play your cards right with ian - followed by a disco! every wednesday live music with sean grew from 9pm Open: Mon - Fri 5pm - late, Sat & Sun 2pm - late




We are open Monday to Saturday 7am ‘till late Sunday 9am - 4pm Booking recommended. Spanish speaking 950 430 145 English speaking 647 730 103

As well we have inside BBQ to make our fresh Galician suckling beef bone-in, beef sirloin steaks, beef fillets, pork tenderloin flame grilled to your liking.

• Air conditioning • gaa games and all football shown on big screens. • guinness on draught • Snacks available


swordfish, hake, tuna, salmon, squid rings and cod.

a different roast including roast lamb shank, roast lamb shoulder, roast pork knuckle, roast pork spare ribs. All inclusive in our menu del dia

5pm Wednesday 9th march from

4 courses including bottle of wine per couple & coffee; Monday to Saturday lunch & dinner inclusive 10€

Large selection of fish

It was the height of sophistication...or a byword for tackiness. Blue Nun was the world’s top-selling wine between the 1950s and 1980s, but became the butt of jokes and fell out of fashion.

mojacar playa




ST.PATRICKS DAY Steak & Guinness Stew

only €3

with Irish Music

OPENING TIMES: THURS & MON 6 - 10 pm Fri & Sat 1 - 10 pm Sun 1 - 5 pm


29 & DRINK a stark double warning:

Food and fuel bills to rocket

A catastrophic 1970s-style oil price spike is on the cards while the price of supermarket basics continues to soar Vince Cable said the twin threat puts the economic recovery at risk and piles pressure on struggling households. Meanwhile, new figures released reveal that fuel duty is the UK’s most unpopular tax, with research suggesting that one in five people say they would like to see it abolished. The figures, published on professional advice website, revealed that as petrol prices soar, fuel duty was the tax most Britons wanted George Osborne to slash in this year’s budget. Karen Barrett, chief executive of unbiased., said: “While everyone knows paying taxes is a fact of life, it appears consumers are becoming increasingly irritated by hefty fuel prices, resulting in fuel duty making the top slot for taxes they want to abolish the most. In reality we all know that getting rid of fuel duty is very unlikely to ever happen, but there are other things we can do to make a real impact on the amount of tax we are liable to pay.” Commenting on the rising fuel and food costs, Business Secretary Vince Cable said: “We now have the prospect of a fullyfledged energy and commodity price shock squeezing real wages and pushing up inflation.” Chris Huhne, his Lib Dem colleague and Energy Secretary, said the political turmoil in the Arab world could send oil prices skywards. Higher fuel costs hit food producers, pushing up the prices paid by consumers. That would add to inflationary pressure and increase the prospect of interest rate rises. Economists also fear that food price hikes will reduce economic activity and squeeze household spending as families desperately cut back elsewhere. A UN report revealed that rises in bread, pasta, breakfast cereal, dairy and meat prices are on the horizon – irrespective of future oil price hikes. The commodity price of key foods rose again in February, making it the eighth successive month of increases, according to the UN Food & Agriculture Organisation. It pointed out that the export prices of wheat, corn and rice are up by a staggering 70 per cent in one year. British bakers expect a standard loaf to cost 10p to 15p more within weeks. Higher grain prices also lead to more expensive meat and dairy products in the shops because of their heavy use in animal feed. Gary Sharkey of Hovis said: “Bakers cannot possibly absorb the latest round of increases. Flour costs have risen yet again, and there have been big increases in energy costs, a major factor in baking, plus significant rises in oil prices affecting daily distribution costs.” Global commodity prices are running at their highest level since 2008, when food riots rocked

many poor states. A report by investment bank UBS earlier this week said UK supermarkets and manufacturers had taken advantage of the global situation to push up prices by more than was justified. It found that British prices were rising at an annual rate of 4.9 per cent, compared with 3.6 per cent in Germany and 1.8 per cent across the euro zone. The United States had a 1.5 per cent rise. The report said commodity inflation would justify a 3 to 3.5 per cent rise in processed food prices, but UK supermarkets have









lifted prices by 6 to 6.5 per cent. Extreme weather, ranging from droughts in Russia to floods in China and Australia, has particularly hit global wheat production. The UN report said: “We expect a tightening of the global cereal supply and demand balance in 2010/11. In the face of a growing demand and a decline in world cereal production in 2010, global cereal stocks this year are expected to fall sharply because of a decline in inventories of wheat and coarse grains. International cereal prices have increased sharply with export prices of major grains up at least 70 percent from February last year.” The FAO’s David Hallam said: ‘Unexpected oil price spikes could further exacerbate an already precarious situation in food markets. This adds even more uncertainty concerning the price outlook just as plantings for crops in some of the major growing regions are about to start.’ In a speech to City businessmen and bankers last night, Mr Cable said Britain was still facing a ‘difficult’ recovery. ‘There is no Delia Smith cookery book providing a simple recipe for producing growth, let alone in the abnormal post-crisis environment which we inhabit,’ he added.

the place in the area for football on AD sports in hd

Tues 15th March: Man UTD V Marseille 20:30


cafe bar Los Mellizos Wed 9nd march: Spurs V AC Milan 20:45 Everton V Birmingham 21:00 THURS 10th march: Dynamo Kyiv V Man City 20:45 sat 12th march: Birmingham V Bolton 13:30 Man UTD V Arsenal 18:00 sun 13th march: Stoke V West Ham 15:00 Dundee V Motherwell 14:15 Man City V Reading 17.30


wed 16th march: Chelsea V FC Copenhagen 20:45

Every friday, karaoke disco this saturday Rock ‘n’ roll night with free buffet

Open every day 9am - Late

Tel: 638 889 520






Poligono Industrial, Arboleas Tel: 950 120 269

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around the costa almeria cHURCH SERVICES

AGUAVIVA EVANGELICAL CHURCH Call 950 064 402 www Anglican Chaplaincy, Church of England, Mojacar Canon Hugh Broad, 950 478 432. Contact Church Wardens Alan Smith 950 478 066or visit: Anglican Chaplaincy, Church of England, Albox Contact Peter for details on 950 293 806 Anglican Chaplaincy, Church of England, Roquetas Contact Peter for details on 950 293 806 Evangelical Church Tel: 950 617 549 or visit our website Full Gospel Church International Call Peter 676 241 292 or Alfred 619 959 015 for further details Roman Catholic (Mojacar Village) Priest: 950 475 017 THE LIVING WATER CHURCH – MOJACAR For further details contact Pastor David Hamilton 950 618 814 Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses English meetings, Tuesday 7.30pm, Sunday 10.15am at Oliva 15 (road opposite Lidl), Vera. Tel: 677 857 920 Turre Church Toddlers on Fridays 10 - 11.30am Contact: Marianne on 950 472 349

clubs & assocIATIONS A.A. Alcoholics Anonymous Call 620 165 005. Almanzora Group of Friends: Information Centre & Library Ccontact Diane Bolam 686 009 788 Animal Protection Society Albox (A.P.S.A.) Homing Officer - Call 662 000 378 Mon-Sat 10am-2pm. Charity Shops are: ALBOX Calle Ancha, (just up from Santander bank) & TIJOLA Calle Vulcan (near the police station) General Enquiries: 663 762 642 Amigos de los Coches Clasicos del Levante A classic car club situated in the Almeria/Murcia region of Southern Spain. For more information, Harry 629 529 656 or Hans 968 419 256 or email: AUAN - Abusos Urbanisticos Almanzora No - meet on the 3rd Saturday of each month 11am at La Parilla in Albox. Tel: 617 118 209 - New members always welcome! Betty’s Garden Club 12pm, 2nd Monday of the month at Camping Los Gallardos. Contact: 950 398 162 Cabrera Lawn Bowling Club Secretary Doreen Sands- call 950 064 791 Cantoria Residents Association For further details www. or phone the secretary on 662 413 075 Classic Automobile Club For further information call: Monique: 699 961 002; Hans: 968 419 256; Peter: 968 419 222 Dames in Huercal Overa meet on the 3rd Wednesday of the month at the Tennis Club. 10.30 til 12.30. For further details please contact Pam 677 273 736 Dames in Turre Call Lesley 950 478 633 or email Dames in Spain Meet at Kimrick Mojacar 3rd Monday of the month 11am. Guests welcome. Contact Gail Creasey Chairman 950 472 225 or Iris Hamilton Secretary 950 475 863 Elderberries Lunch Club For elderly, lonely, handicapped etc. Tel: Margaret 950 477 063 or Marianne 950 472 349. Expatriate Ostomates of Spain (EOS) Have you had surgery on the digestive or urinary system for cancer or other disease? If you would like to help someone, or receive further information, please call our local contact Dee 950 064 322 Forum Golf Society plays organised friendly games at local courses twice a month. Contact Phil Elam on 666 847 840 or, or see Indalo Bowling Club Los Gallardos visitors welcome. Please contact Toni Watts, Club Membership Secretary 950 468 165 Indalo Players Theatre Group All enquiries to Sue 950 133 655 / 666 133 217 Model Aero Flying Club For further information contact: Johnny Hayes 950 478 899. Mojacar Cricket Club For further information call: Dave Redpath 950 617 606 or Sam Lewis 632 132 487 mojacar taekwon-do club Indigo Gym, Mojacar Playa. Lessons on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays. Call or see our website for more details, and times of lessons. Tel 646 844 708 or Santa Irene Club de Vela Sailing for all! Tel: John Talisson 950 475 157 or Email: sailrway@hot mail.corn

MUsiC & ENTERTAINMENT Pamela’s Line Dance Club Call Pamela: 950 398 076 Dancing Classes In Vera and Los Gallardos for adults and children. Information contact Anita Watson Tel 950 453861 Julie Bruce Dance/Drama Academy Call 950 617 545 or 697 861 071 For inclusion or amendments, please email: editor@ WITH THE NAME OF YOUR CLUB/ASSOCIATION AND A CONTACT TELEPHONE NUMBER AND/OR EMAIL ADDRESS


EVERY Wednesday 9am Restaurant Car Park

P i t ch O n l y 2 €

For further information contact Julie on 646 675 297 ‘Situated on the AL8102 Huercal Overa/Taberno Road to the junction of Los Llanos & Santo Petar crossroads’

NEW STALLS inc: Fruit & veg, dvd’s, cd’s, avon & plants/flowers


Menu deL dia ~ TUE-fri - 3 courses ~ 7€ el Rancho caravan park now open

Our website:


~ Verduras ~ Hortalizas ~ ~ Carne ~ Charcuteria ~


Whole 1.89€ PER KILO

breasts 4.80€ PER KILO

Wings 1.99€ PER KILO Legs 2.20€ PER KILO

Cauliflower 99c PER KILO Courgette 95c PER KILO Tomatoes 69c PER KILO Carrots 59c PER KILO BAG

Open Mon-Sat 9.30 - 8pm (no siesta) Avda Lepanto, Esquina C/Malaga - ALBOX

TEL: 950 121 379 / 616 740 638 E:


My friends at Bay Radio have asked that I tell you about a few special places that some of you might have missed in the last year. One of them is the “COWBOY COCINA” near the Guardia Vieja complex on the beach front of Mojacar. Besides having some of the best steaks around I don´t want you to miss out on Kenny´s speciality, his Nashville ribs done in his own special sauce. So that you won´t, for Kenny´s been right polite, he´s doin´ a Cowboy nite on March 16th for you listeners of Bay Radio (all ribs HALF PRICE). He´s got hamburgers too, lots of TexMex and some foot stompin country sounds. Óh, and free drinks too, if you can get to the bottle before the snake bites you. If you´re too busy for a meal, come by and have a gawk, it´s a pretty fine museum too. Ric Polansky

arab party!!

Saturday 12th march

Typical food - Coucous, Pinchos morunos, Harira (soup), maroc salad, Tajin, Te Arabiam, Desserts Reservations Only! Traditional music, Typical clothing, € Chilaba, Pandora, Kaftan pp Limited Places - book now


Tel: 950 930 169 or 650 599 739

Are you crafty?...We are!!! Looking for a new hobby? Already a keen Crafter?

CRAFT MATERIALS, cARD STOCK, DUFEX, MARTHA STEWART PUNCHES, Lace, Stamping,P.C.A Pergamano, Glass Paints, Decoupage, Quilling, Art Supplies, Embossing & MUCH MORE... OPENING HOURS: MON, TUES, THURS,FRI & FIRST SAT of every month 10-2PM

CALL MARGARET ON 950 064 662

Avda. 28 de Febrero (Between Sol y Mar/The Post Shop & Rumores)

Show this week, almeria life from 3-4 on Fridays with Jackie Miles-Kirby and Carmel Langdon WALKING ON SUNSHINE !

GET FIT & STAY FIT…. with Alison

It’s a fact that most of us have suffered back pain at some time, which can range from mild to severe and affect equally men and women. This pain is often caused by a sedentary lifestyle, overuse or general wear and tear due to ageing. Often people are told to strengthen their abdominal muscles to fix a back problem,however traditional abdominal exercises such as crunches or sit ups only work the superficial muscles of the rectus abdominus,or six pack,while bypassing completely the deeper supporting muscles of the spine.If these deep,stabilizing muscles are overlooked they cannot do their job of alleviating pain and supporting the spine during daily life.This is where pilates comes in,as an invaluable aid in preventing and managing back pain.Pilates was once an elitist form of exercise only available to the rich or famous,but has now been embraced by the general fitness world due to updated research and techniques making the moves highly efficient and beneficial for everybody.

Happy 14th Birthday


Love from Mum, Dad, Finley and all the family XXXXX To the Best Mum in the World !

Happy 60th Birthday


You look Amazing ! Love From Us All Especially Babs

Here’s 4 reasons to give it a go: Pilates develops body awareness,ensuring that once you have learned the technique you can apply it almost subconciously in normal life to ensure great posture and reduced back pain. It encourages correct breathing patterns which will help alleviate stress,one of the major causes of back pain. Pilates develops core strength and stability,which ensures that the deep pelvic muscles work together effectively to support the spine. Finally,it encourages the whole trunk to work at its best,rather than emphasizing only the lumbar area or just the painful zone;hip joints,thoracic joints and the cervical spine are all stretched and strengthened in a typical session. So why not treat yourself to some classes with a qualified instructor,and learn this technique that will benefit you for the rest of your life.


going on ! in your area?


Happy Belated Birthday


From Sue, Rich, Lolly & Delphi xx



Every Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri & Sat. Permanent exhibitions at the museum showing old and new techniques to produce olive oil. Visitors also able to sample the local produce at Calle Real 15. Open Monday to Friday 10:00-13:00 and 17:30-20:00, and Saturday 10:00-13:00. Admission €3 and free to children.

New members always welcome. Meetings held the first Tuesday of each month, at 15:00 at ‘Y da Wakes’ on Calle Serena. Contact Joan, Secretary, with any questions, Tel: 950 333 243 or Y da Wakes at Tel: 637 903 559

Burtys Bar....................... Every Tuesday 2pm Bingo

Anglican Chaplaincy...... Table Top Sale..................

Priest Canon Hugh Broad Tel: 950 478 432 holds & british clothes sale Sunday 13th March at the Roquetas Eucharist service on the 3rd Thursday every month at 11:00 in the Lutheran Church, C/ Burty’s Roquetas De Mar 679 156 715 Mar Egeo, Roquetas. The Church Wardens are: Alan Smith el: 950 478 066 John Salmons Tel: 950 L atin/Ballroom/Salsa Dance Classes. 472 112 All 6 Nations Rugby ....... Every Tuesday 10.30am 4€ PP Boulevard Bar beach front Roquetas de Mar. With Paul & Caroline

Shown Live At MacGowans

Southern Bar.................. Every Thursday 2.30pm Bingo

Johnson British Senior Champions. Learn to Dance and have fun!

Y Da Wakes Bar................. send your news & events Every Monday Night 9.30pm Bingo to:

of Semana Santa. There is a magnificent procession led by the Bishop from the Cathedral. From Ash Wednesday onwards there are processions every day in different areas of the city, led by the various Brotherhoods in their splendid robes and carrying the lavishly decorated floats (Cofradias) with representations of Christ. The predominant colour of each procession will vary according to the Brotherhood. Each will have the banner of their Brotherhood leading the procession, and will have bands and Nazarenes, or penitents, wearing distinctive robes, following the main float.

24th April: Easter Sunday. A choral High Mass takes place in the Cathedral. The magnificent displays of flowers will include those used earlier in the week to decorate the floats.

1st May: (Sunday) Dia de Trabajo (Labour Day). As this falls on a Sunday there will be some local celebrations on the Sunday, but the shops will shut and the main Fiesta will be on the Monday.

23rd June:

(Thursday) Corpus Christi. The traditional date upon which children will take their First Communion. The Mass is a full dress affair, girls in white dresses with posies and floral headdresses, boys dressed up like miniature Admirals of the Fleet, with brass buttons and plenty of gold braid! Later on they will party with all members of the family from every generation, and lavish gifts will be given.

24th June: (Friday) San Juan (St John). 29th June: (Wednesday) San Pedro and Pablo (St Peter and St Paul)


25th July:

(Monday) Santiago (St James) St James is the Patron Saint of Spain.



(Monday) Asuncion (The Assumption). This is celebrated as the day upon which the Virgen Mary died, and her body was taken up into heaven without suffering decay.

4th September (Heart of Mary)

(Sunday) Corazón de María

Roquetas de Mar, Aguadulce Almerimar, Vicar, La Envia Golf


Rental properties in Roquetas De Mar & Aguadulce

Mobile: (0034) 663 426 921

MANHATTAN FANNY’S OUT OF REHAB THE BITCH IS BACK IN TOWN On Sunday 20th March Playa de Golf, No 4 Playa Serena, Roquetes de Mar

Chiringuito Casablanca Beachfront Bar

Pizzas - Fish - Paellas 12pm till 4pm Live Music Paseo Maritimo, next to Hotel Playa Sol

Every Wednesday


With chips and salad €9.50

Tel 950333076

In front of Hotel playa luna, Roquetas de mar

Wright’s Carpentry & Building Services

22nd April:

(Friday) Viernes Santo (Good Friday). This is the main day for the biggest and finest processions, with many bands and floats with accompanying marchers being drawn in from other local towns and villages.

Property management Sales & Rentals

950 880 114

national holidays 19th March (Saturday) San Jose (Fathers Day) 17th April: Palm Sunday. This is the beginning


Spanish Registered Company

Fully Qualified English Carpenter/Joiner With 30 Years Experience David Wright

Tel: 600 217 968


Couriers International Parcels to and from Europe Excellent Rates Also Full Loads or Part Loads To and from UK Drop Off Point in Roquetas De Mar Almeria Living Avenida Playa Serena, Hotel Playa Capricho Local 3 04740 Roquetas De Mar Tel: 950 336 626 / 670 784 470 Drop Off Point in Ambiente Calle Lago como 8 Pasaje Andaluz, 04740 Roquetas de Mar ~ 950 333 411 Drop Off Point in Almerimar Almerimar Insurance services Calle Jabeque 16 Local 5 Almeimar Tel: 950 498 000/667 479 940

For Further Enquires or Tel: 600 585 789

We Buy & Sell Gold Avda. del Mediterraneo No 49 (Frente Hotel Zafiro) Urb. de Roquetas de Mar 04740 Roquetas de Mar Almeria

Tlf: 950 333 320

Burty’s BAR Sunday 13th March table-top sale

To Include: Sunday Lunch - €5.95 - Home Baked food by Adrian - Home-made Pickles and Jams Choice of Pork, - Clothing Lamb or Beef - Arts & Crafts - Household Items & Brik-a-Brak Booking Essential

Call & Reserve 679 156 715 Open every day from 11am ~ Closed Saturday ~ Playa Serena, roquetas de mar

La Grappa

Authentic Italian Restaurant • Pizzas • Fresh Pastas • Fresh Fish • Argentinian BBQ’d Food on the terrace

Open 12 - 4pm 7 - 12.30am Av. Playa Serena, 37 Roquetas de Mar

950 334 188 609 337 316

to reserve your table

MASQUERADE 2nd Hand Shop Quality Furniture, Clothing and all things collectable. Sold on 50/50 basis

Tel: 689 278 936

10am - 4pm 7 days a week

Infront of Hotel Bahia Serena, Roquetas Next to Y da Wakes


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Rose bushes, s u m m e r f l o w e r i n g bulbs, compost, grow bags, seed potatoes, onion sets, vegetable growing kits, seeds etc. HSH, Turre (on main road next to “Dia” supermarket) 950 479 487 MonFri 10-7 Sat 10-4 No Siesta. Huge range of Bakeware, Cookware and Household Goods. Budget price through to luxury quality. No-one has a better selection! HSH, Turre. Kettles, and Toasters Coffee machines, Juicers, Blenders, Food Processors, Slow Cookers, S t e a m e r s , Fryers, Grills, Irons, Hairdryers, Hoovers, Huge Range of Small D o m e s t i c Appliances. HSH, Turre E l e c t r i c blankets, hot water bottles, duvets, draught excluders. Keep Warm at HSH, Turre. Cheap 50/50 sheets, percale sheets, Egyptian cotton sheets, pillows, duvets & duvet covers, cushions, ready made curtains, quality towels in 12 colours. HSH, Turre Wide range of paints including Dulux, Crown, Berger, Johnstones & brushes, rollers, fillers, sealants etc. HSH, Turre. Still some half price or less Christmas confectionar y left & Thornton’s Valentine’s chocs, Easter eggs now in. HSH, Turre. Yorkshire teabags 240 €7.99, Ty-phoo & Tetley at bargain prices. HSH, Turre. Static therapy couch, hydraulic ‘pump’ pedestal, adjustable back & foot support, 100€. Delivery available. Tel: 608 719 015 3 drawer, 2 chrome shelf trolley, suitable for clinic or bathroom, 20€. Tel: 699 603 088 New water/ fuel container, approx 1000Litre capacity, 60€, delivery available. Tel: 678 490 294

Extending table Pace Sky and four chairs, Digibox Model seats covered in DS430N, complete blue material, Light with remote and coloured wood. mains lead. The Would suit kitchen best Digibox for more than dining room Cost 600€ Spain. Bargain at new´accept 250€. only 60€ Tel: 693 Tel: 676 749 563. 702 635 4 white plastic Arboleas SKY Freesat garden chairs card. 10€. Albox Welsh Dresser viewing area. Telephone in Pine 135cm Watch all the free 690757968 H x 190cm L. channels including 1 Orbegozo Cost 450€ New SKY3, FIVER, CV2500 electric will accept 225€ FIVE USA etc. Will heater excellent Tel: 676 749 563 work in any Sky condition 15€ Arboleas Digibox. Only 35€. T e l e p h o n e 1 ladies and 1 Tel: 693 702 635 690757968 gents bike, as rods, F AG O R good as new 50€ Fishing ELEGAN C E each Tel: 671 971 Olympic fibre glass OVEN (WHITE) 415 or 652 210 870 3-piece 13ft and VGC 95€ tel: 630 Rain-Beau fly rod 892 049 Satellite dish 2-piece 8ft, bag, F a n t a s y / S F (uk) 1.3m 60€ ono gaff, landing and h a r d b a c k Buyer Collects. collection, ‘as Tel: 634 873 035 keep nets, reels new’; offers on part and various tackle, (Arboleas) or entire lot.Tel: 40€ the lot. Tel: 699 603 088 White leather 950 469 479 Yamaha PSR- sofa, corner sofa 5 seater with arm 400 electric wanted keyboard organ. chair and pouffe. gym 25 € Tel: 678 490 300€ Tel: 699 508 Any equipment, 294 545 including step ‘Stageline’ bikes machine, free MPX-210 Stereo Quad cc weights, Disco Mixer childrens.50 boxing Unit, 4 channel, 2 petrol needs 12 gloves, & kick DJ mic. Channels, volt battery. 125€ pads, exercise ball, 3 way equalizer. each Tel: 699 508 basket & ball, table Offers over 100€ 545 Cupboard and Tel: 678 490 294 chest of draws tennis etc. Call 677 993 717 Ikea white matching. rollerblind, still in packaging, 120cm wide 20€ Tel: 699 603 088 Air-con Swimming pool, still in box, 457cm round x 91cm high. 99€ Tel: 678 490 294 2 cycles, 1 man,s 1 ladies. As new 100€ ono Tel: 669 097 177 R o m a n end strong swimming pool cover, 7 x 3 1/2 mts. v g c 135€ ono Tel: 669 097 177 Orbegozo PWS 2045, large upright fan, with control panel, 3 speeds, swing mode and timer.Cost 110€ will accept 40€. Excellent condition. T e l e p h o n e 690757968.




Units fitted from €125

Tel: 678 813 505

To place your ad.... Call: Paulette 950 430 820 Email: or in Person: Avda 28 Febrero 54, Albox

Private sale ads are free under 300€ (3 ads per week) email them to:


L o c a t i o n Auctions, Antas El Real Ind. Est. Every 2 weeks. Next auction Wed 16 March. Starts 5pm. Viewing Mon / Tues and all day Wed. House clearances speciality. Tel: 950 391 412



Internal & E x t e r n a l Blinds Call Justin at Sol Shaders for a free no obligation quote on 627 907 207

SPARKLES Property Care Service, Key Holding, Holiday Change Over Cleaning. Let us take good care of your property!

Tel: 627 279 584

Cleaner/Home Help INTERNAL & EXTERNAL BLINDS Experienced Pet Sitter (daytime only)*


do you have a business? want to Advertise? telephone 950 430 820

Call Justin at Sol Shaders for a free no obligation quote Tel: 627 907 207 Email:

builders Ross Regan We Neil cover all aspects Bates of work from total Builder reforms, new City & Guilds Qualified builds, interiors, All aspects of exteriors design building work & build Call for a Tel: 950 137 621 free no obligation or 639 435 141 quote 671 843 Competitive Prices 155 / 646 234 222


ross regan s.l.

Building, Reforms and General Maintenance & Roofing

spring is here!

Are your BBQ’s, Pool Surrounds, Patio’s & Pergolas ready? Paul on 671 843 155 Terry 646 234 222


Construcciones Matreros Swimming Pools Terraces All build reforms Matt Murray T: 950 069 065 M: 647 841 750

25€ for 4 hours. Why not have your pets looked after as well and go out for the day? Albox area. References available* Ring Larraine: 950 122 076 or 696 14 64 58

computers DON ROBINSON

PC hardware & software specialist. Unbiased advise on purchases Installation, help and training. Diagnosis & Repair 15€ an hour min charge 1 hour + parts

I come to you Comp TIAA+certified Tel: 646 587 746 E:

Steve Hayes Informatica

Pc’s, Laptops, Printers etc. Sales & Repairs onsite callout / tuition. Consumables Opening hours Mon-Fri 10am - 6pm & Sat 10am until 1pm

Tel: 950 120 900

Antas Computer Services

All types of computer problems solved Hardware/ Software upgrades, internet & wireless Networking installed. ALL AREAS COVERED Call Colin 950 453 622


Soft Options

& shopping run. involves water, we

Single bed and mattress and light oak headboard 6 months old new condition €90 Tel: 689 906 691 2 electric convector heaters. As new. 60€ ono Tel: 669 097 177

can help! www. Tel: 968 969 962 Solar Wind P o w e r etc. cheap rates S o l u t i o n s . SPECIAL OFFER Tel: 689 945 300 on large solar panels. Over 15 years installation Tel: 639 081 067 experience Call Phil Cheap for competitive Airport Parking prices 636 261 Alicante Almeria Murcia 240 email:info@ sunergyalmeria. New com www.sunergy Servicing / Repairs




25 years experience Full City & Guilds Fully insured & legal Boletins supplied

elegance and beauty As seen on TV

Avon Rich Moisture Lipstick

Just €5.95

Tel : 687 245 569

For a brochure contact

Suckling Electrical

691 987 454

Mojacar & surrounding areas

- Mains Electrical Installation - Electrical Repairs Been cut off - ICP - Fault Finding - Surge Protection problems Call Us! - Water Pumps

- Econo-Heaters (supplied & fitted)

663 660 409 (Eng) 677 672 144 (Span)

Knowles & Abbott no.1 for electrics and plumbing. Rewires, free to air UK satellite systems. Tel: 950 137 208 or 638 010 691




New Year, New Start? Make this year the year to rid yourself of unwanted phobias, addictions or other problems. Fully Qualified Therapist can help resolve most issues. Call Stephanie for a chat. 645 290 728 Deep Pressure Massage Call 687 569 113 950 064 484

for hire Professional Baby Equipment Hire. FREE delivery & collection.

Tel: 649 332 134

Come and see us on the Albox road for a free no Everything for Curtains, & Soft the visiting obligation quote Furnishings. Made baby. Car seats, to measure curtains Call 677 114 576 high chairs, stair & blinds.Cushions or 950 135 564 gates, cots etc. & accessories. Also Tel 950 436 581 or 666 375 688 Roman, Blinds fibreglass Competitive Prices expectingbaby@ Te l e p h o n e Wo r k s h o p : F i b r e g l a s s Tel: 968 959 632 Supplies. See Mobile: 686 377 172 handyman our main advert on Page 19

MD Air-Con & Refrigeration S.L. Sales, service, installation, fully certified & legal. Tel: 950 432 110 or car boot sale craft / hobby do you 607 364 917 md_aircon@mobileemail. Boot sale at Elaine’s Wools have a El Rancho, alternative Taberno. Every business? quality UK wool & Airport accessories. Also energy Wednesday, services want to available at A i r p o r t C a r l o s pitch only 2€ Advertise? C a m p o s o l ( S a l i e n t e ) lots of stalls and Mazarron & on s e r v i c e s telephone the Arboleas plumbing & heating bargains, for more call 950 430 820 forum. Patio Table Set Airport, Call social services. If it information Julie: 646 675 297 667 273 889 100 cm diameter D e s k t o p C o m p u t e r Base Unit 2.8Ghz processor, XP Software, 17 inch monitor, Printer, A4 Scanner, Stereo Speakers Bargain €140 Tel 689 906 691

table and 6 chairs colour dark grey Tel: 677 667 722 black quality plastic cost €180 bargain Airport runs – €75 Tel 689 906 Alicante / Murcia 691


financial Secured loans, Capital Raising, cash advances whilst you sell your property. Equity release. 902 585 569 / 652 986 088

HANDYMAN Painter / Decorator Interior & Exterior Property maintenance Over 30 years experience. All work considered, driving etc. Honest & Reliable Call Dave: 950 064 342 Mobile: 617 621 729


elaines wools@

cycle hire

Ray’s Collectables

Rainbow Rentals Electric cycles €5 per day www.rainbows Tel: 608 719 015

Call Ray:

B e s p o k e c u r t a i n s . alterations, repairs, gazebo covers & mosquito nets. Tel: 649 503 875

Buy, Sell & Part Exchange, Coins & Billets, Military Medals, Pocket Watches, Small Gold & Silver Collectables

634 671 887

dress making w w w. n e a t e r h e a t e r. e s Carlos (Saliente) plumbing & heating services. If it involves water, we can help! Tel: 968 969 962


house clearance

Capital Clearance Need cash?

Immediate payment Best deal on all unwanted goods Contact Jane for advice or prompt appointment.

Tel: 689 023 602 Preowned items for sale CASH CONVERTOR

We will buy, exchange or sell your unwanted items at Mercamundo 7 day indoor market visit us at El Real poligono Antas from 10am-till late we can also offer local removals & transport to and from UK

we have moved

Across from the petrol station

637 184 625


Immediate Cash. Quick decision. * We cover all areas * We turn up, give cash & carry * We buy almost anything – The Highest Cash Prices Paid **ONLY serious & immediate sellers should call please**

locksmith continued


Logs for sale, all sizes, good quality slow burning wood, no roots or rubbish, based in Mojacar €80 per trailer, can deliver to most areas within 30km please call 950 478 886 or 659 261 339

Lock, Stock and Barrel, Fully qualified l o c k s m i t h . Change any lock, upgrade, breakin or lockout. 24 hour service. No call out charge. Tel Dave: 608 673 086 Phil the Pick locksmith Locksmith 24 Locked 24 HR CASASERVE hours. Out? Locks fitted/ Locksmith, new locks, upgraded house Arboleas safes, security grills, safes. & surrounding window locks fitted. area. Special rates. Call 950466438 weekend Tel: 697 243 181

or 676306269

Jewellery & repairs

We also have a wide selection of pre-owned items for sale! Tel: 619 862 203

Marie’s House Clearance Anything large or small. Transit van & driver for hire.Telephone:

699 483 438


Painting Inside All and Out. quality products Free quotes. Tel: 620 112 193

Professional Interior & Exterior Decorator Coving etc. Competitive rates only top quality materials used Call Barry on 664 753 280 Experienced Interior & Exterior Decorator Using quality materials. This fast, friendly, clean and efficient service will never be beaten on price. EG: Interior rooms form 80€ & Villas from 475€ No payment until complete satisfaction.

TEL IAN: 617 904 774

Rolex or C a r t i e r woman’s watch wanted must be good quality private buyer tel 647 379 878

do you have a business? want to Advertise? telephone

950 430 820

number plates


Don’t take a chance! Don’t break the Law! Let us take the hassle away from you and re-register your vehicle on to Spanish plates WE PROMISE TO BEAT ANY GENUINE QUOTATION For a full service contact:

Ken & Jackie Dog & Cat Sitter service Your home or ours. Honest & trust worthy. 3 years experience of all types of animals. References available on request. Tel: 950 067 943 or 676 389 592

satellite services


Satellite TV Full Sky Package for just €20 per month. inc all SkySports. FREESAT System MY PLACE OR YOURS fitted from 299€ Dog & Horse Sitting Service Tel: 678 813 505 Ex RSPCA Inspector. Dog day sitting Family run. Fully legal, Nr Huercal Overa discounts available pet passports transportation to UK. Tel: 950 168 508 or 651 519 307 Email:

Going away? Let us take care of your pets, either at your home or ours. Dogs kept in house or kennels. Pet passporting service. Just outside Albox.


Tel: 607 554 984 plumbing

pets section

Cattery Open !


pets section continued

Hilton Cattery The best care for your cat. Call 950 163 489


Tel: 679 207 545 or 686 697 665

The Clearance Company All your unwanted items bought for cash. From a single item to an entire house. ~All areas covered~

painter/ decorator

Animal Hotel, Aquilas every Saturday afternoon, dog training courses Twice weekly obedience classes Tues & Thurs mornings. Call: 639 722 197 WOODHOUSE BOARDING KENNELS & CATTERY ARBOLEAS Small friendly kennels, 24hr vets service, pet transporting arranged, welcome to view Tel: Tracy

Home: 649 333 226 Mobile: 650 211 952


C a r l o s (Saliente) p l u m b i n g & heating services. If it involves water, we can help! www. carlossaliente. com Tel: 968 969 962 B l o c k e d Drains ‘R’ Us Tel: 950 091 109 / 648 768 587 A&E Taylor – Gas boiler & plumbing repairs. Tel: 618 062 080

Knowles & no.1 Abbott for plumbing & Spanish electric. CH, solar hot water and tuition water deposits. Tel: 950 137 197 IMPROVE YOUR SPANISH with conversation, or 606 807 797 General Plumbing Heating Bathrooms Maintenance

Mojacar Plumbing

Established 11 years Based in Mojacar

Tel:699 909 773

SMITH PLUMBING SL official gas installers New Installations Safety Checks 17 years experience in this area

Tel: 950 468 041 removals

pronountiation & grammar practice. Diploma in Spanish Foreign Language next examination will be in May.

Victoria 950472590

SITUATIONS VACANT We have a vacancy for Maitre ‘D at the restaurant as we are sadly losing Kate, who is returning to the UK for personal reasons. An experienced person is required with at the very least conversational Spanish to manage the front of house operations and stock ordering. Please Email thekimrick@ or telephone the restaurant for an interview. 950 475 198

Spanish tuition


…among friends, in a fun and easy manner with Paco at Camping Los Gallardos, MiraFlores Restaurant. New, beginners class starts Monday 7th March 4.30pm.

Private lessons and different levels also available.


Van DAVES TRANSPORT Need a translator? Call Anna on 679 Loving 079 977 & REMOVALS Alan 662 249 159 care of Spain-UK-Spain. Fully Insured – Totally Legal small & 7.5 ton with Tail Lift tiling medium Full or half loads, Full/Part Load, Self Load. sized Unload. Spain to England personal plus car transport & Local For a competitive dogs Male Massuer in safe home quote call “Readers of Tel: 00 44 796 Men only Relaxing a sensitive 620 049 524 environment. and affordable. Tel: disposition 912 3588 4000m2 of 25 years 676 902 388 may find fenced land in experience some of the Arboleas advertisments plastering Not a jack of Tel: 950 431 852 in this section all trades, New Mob: British offensive” just a master 664 721 903 Roquetas del plastereR of one!

H o u s e Clearance, all items wanted. Large or small. Tel: Almerimar 615 214 562 Insurance Your local insurance home broker Tel: 950 contents 498 000 or 667 For Sale Full 479 940 E: info contents of @ a l m e r i m a r mar / Almeria apartment CHEAP Danna, The best Tel: 950 478 070 massage. Tanned iron works young Brazillian beauty! Stunning horse The Metal figure, Beautiful riding works Grills, breasts welcomes railings, gates of alone in Rancho Luz Del all types, security/ you sexy lingerie, by Retamar, sliding/roller, rejas, Sol, appointment. Mon Partaloa. One concertina doors –Sun 11-11pm Tel: Tel: Keith 645 629 083 to one or group etc. Wood on 638 900 lessons, latest 949 LIBIDUS EN standard hats Real Steel for all Herbal alternative to provided. Escorted quality metal work, Viagra, Cialis, Kamagra etc. hacking and treks. rejas, gates etc, and Guaranteed to work. No chemicals or side effects. Qualified BHS chain link fencing. funinthesun1950@ Instructor. Call Call: 689 524 Erika Drew on 678 024 or visit www. Phone Ken: 634 336 024 838 547


Floor and Wall Tiling Specialist

7 years experience in spain. friendly, reliable, competitve quotes, tel Ash 679 659 397



Call Steve Holman

Small family run kennels and cattery, 30 yrs experience in pet care, large secure exercise area, inspection welcome. 15 mins Huercal Overa 10 mins Urcal.

For more details call Tlf: 950 958 133 Mob: 616 615 528

Palomino Kennels

exclusive boarding

Tel: 697 678 708 windows & doors

satellite TV

A1 Sky Television Systems

solar Electric Bills too high? Reduce your costs with a simple solar solution

kennels / cattery. Optica Albox All Satellite TV installations, Warm, friendly alignment of dishes etc. your optical needs, secure countryside environment. Also Spanish eye tests, hearing Now managed by “freeview”systems supplied Call Phil APSA tests, contact Tel 681 286 298 & installed 636261240 lenses. Tel: 950 or 950 067 051 Tel Dave: 628 607 778 121 991


The people you can trust

Prices to suit your pocket! Windows • Conservatories • Doors

• Patio Enclosures ~ arches are our speciality

• We supply & fit top quality Aluminium, UPVC and Wood

• Free home survey, professional advice & 10 year guarantee • With 30 years experience, quality & satisfaction guaranteed • All types of building work undertaken • No job too big or small

Phone Kevin on 950 121 909 or 680 743 311


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van hire

Man & Large Van, very cheap rates Tel: 950 163 489

motoring section

situations vacant

Mikes Mobile M e c h a n i c s All types of


Sales Staff Wanted

Training provided. €4,200 per month ote. Must have own transport, computer & Internet. Basic computer knowledge. email:

Call 0034 950 109 699


RECYCLING Turn your old or unwanted CAR into CASH. We will dispose of in our Authorised Depollution End of Life Treatment facility.




TEL: 645 094 339 / 950 064 763



English or Spanish. Any condition Telephone: 659 685 133

JCB’s, Mini-Diggers (All Makes), Tractors, Trailers & all other types of plant machinery. Any age, any condition.

service, repair & ITV testing. Fully qualified and legal with over 35 years experience. Ring Mike or Chris: 628 350 178 / 636 824 974

For Sale Ford Fiesta Trend 1.4, 2002, taxed, ITV, insurance. Offers around €3,995 Tel: 950 437 088 or Mob 618 154 832

Cash buyer

All 4x4 vehicles for cash, Mitsubishi, Landrover, Suzuki, Nissan etc Tel: 645 094 339 or 950 064 763

Car air-conditioning

Car Air Con Re-gassing from €35

for sale

Kia Sephia 1.5 Spanish Reg One lady owner from new. 123,000kms (76,000miles) Year 2000, Full service history, drives beautifully, €2,500 OVNO Tel: 627 279 584

CALL NOW 636 411 540 or 664 619 819

TO BUY OR TO RENT Near Arboleas 3 Bed, 2 Bath villa €159,950

Avda. Guillermo Reyna 53 Tel/Fax: 950 135 512 Mobile: 678 002 006

Villa with land B226 - €164,950

• 3 bedrooms / 2 bathrooms • 8,434m2 of land - part fenced • Swimming pool & landscaped gardens • Walk to bars and restaurants • All utilities connected • 14 minutes to Huercal Overa

URCAL ~ FOR RENT 1 Bed Casita, Fully Furnished Large Fly Free Patio, Private Parking 250€ pcm + gas & electric

Tel: 666 281 323

If you’re looking to buy, sell or rent a property call us on Tel: 950 091 137 or 616 760 409

Villa for Rent • • • • •


The Race 2.2 DCI Nov 2002, silver, RHD, FSH, taxed & MOT July 2011. Central locking, EWM, A/C, alloy Wheels, one owner. €3,350 ONO Tel 676 045 164

Then please call Mr CASHMAN I would like to purchase your “vehicle” (Car, van etc) Spanish or English. All conditions considered. Also All Household Items: From Sofas -> fridges; Tables -> beds – absolutely anything. ****IMMEDIATE CASH & COLLECTION*****


cars for sale Very economical. 4 months tax / MOT Gold. 3,500€ ONO 677 557 190

For Sale Ford Focus, Spanish, LHD, 2004, 116,000kms, One owner, 2 door, Red, Manual gearbox, A/C, CD player, Merc 240 €3,595 - 677 114 576 Estate (123) Citroen CX2.5D 1982 Spanish Turbo Estate Plates, LHD. In 1990 Spanish Plates, good mechanical RHD, ITV, 12/11, fsh, condition €900. vgc. Needs small mechanical attention Tel: 639 253 075 €995 – Tel: 950 469 Mojacar Renault Grand 479


Tel: 678 813 505

Blaumar Estate Agents Huercal Overa

Car for sale Ford Mondeo Estate, 2004, Diesel 2.0, Spanish Reg, 2yrs ITV, 1 yr tax, Ferrari Red. 2,500€ Tel: 649 212 707 Rover 75.2 Turbo Diesel 2003 103.000 miles, 5 new tyres on alloy. Electric Windows / mirrors, A/C Radio.

scooter for sale

Bargain - Daystar 125 cc - under 2000km 2 Helmets, Locks, Leather suit etc New 2800€ Interested? 1,200€ ono (Great starter bike). For more details call 649 186 107


Soft Top. 1999. Miami Blue & Silver. PAS. Body kit, alloy wheels, free wheel front hubs, only 61.000 miles. FSH Spanish registered, RHD, ITV 22nd June. 3,950€ to include transfer of ownership. Tel: 950 398 772

advertise here!


Vera Playa Ref VER2AM01 Distressed sale!! 2 bed, 1 bath fully furnished 1st floor apartment on Vera Playa. Just 400m from the beach, sea views and full air-con. Now open to offers around €95,000 Legal villas with pools are urgently required

Our Ref: A1403

Long or Short Term Los Patricios Nr Albox

3 bedrooms 2 bathrooms Large fenced plot Pets welcome 400€ pcm + bills

Tel: 666 835 939 Tel: 950 469 592 Mob: 697 640 681 / 644 350 361

Property management Sales & Rentals Roquetas de Mar, Aguadulce Almerimar, Vicar, La Envia Golf

Services include Key Holding, Maintenance, Furniture Packs, Cleaning & Laundry, Apartment & Post-box Checks

Mobile: (0034) 663 426 921


Buy this 3 bed, fully legal villa in Cantoria without commission for €195,000, or near offers, the owner recieves all that you pay! 950 109 699 661 433 443

Your property still not SOLD? Call Ann, best selling RE/MAX real estate agent in Andalusia 2010 with 33 sales !

Tel : 666 26 07 92

ARBOLEAS €350 pcm 3 bed Villa + Pool & Garden TURRE €250 pcm – Central RENTAL PROPERTIES 2 bed Apartment location NEEDED CHIRIVEL €350 pcm 3 bed lovely Cortijo + great In all Coastal & Inland areas: Inc. Albox, Arboleas, Albanchez views Phone / Internet Vera, San Juan, Mojacar, Turre connected Client References Available ALBOX €550 pcm Contact us with confidence. Brand New 3 bed Villa + Garage in walled plot. 5 year + rental ALBOx €275 pcm 3 bed modernised Village House. Huge lounge & nice roof terrace

Tel. 638 849 254



Are we nearly there yet? Ford’s TALKING car can tell you the answer to age-old question

A system that promises to be the world’s most advanced in-car voice communication will arrive in Britain next year. It has echoes of KIT, the car made famous by David Hasselhof’s 1980s TV series. And far from being confined to exclusive, top-of-therange models, it will be available in one of the country’s biggest-selling cars, the Ford Focus. Makers of the system - called Sync - claim drivers will be able to use it to ask such age-old questions as ‘Where’s the nearest petrol station?’, ‘Can I go to the toilet?’ - or even that constant refrain of generations of children, ‘Are we nearly there yet?’ In all, Ford says its voice-operated technology will be able to master 10,000 commands in 19 languages, allowing motorists to control audio, telephone and satnav systems as well as accessing information about the surrounding area. But while the company claims it will be able to cope

with Geordie and other regional accents, critics are asking whether the sheer range of different ways in which we speak will defeat it - or whether the extra distraction of trying to master it will lead to more accidents. A version of Sync with 100 words has been available in the U.S. for three years and is fitted to three million Fords. Users can choose from a range of options - some have claimed the female voice sounds like ‘a robotic Cher’. The new, advanced version was announced at a technology show in Germany and will be available on the next generation of Ford Focus next year at a price of around £350. While some luxury cars, such as BMW and MercedesBenz, have basic voice command systems already, Ford’s claims Sync - developed in partnership with Microsoft - is far more sophisticated than anything currently available. With ever-growing connections between Internet and satnav technology providing a mass of information about a driver’s current location and nearby services, proponents say a voice-controlled system is the safest and least-distracting solution to accessing it. For example, when the car is low on petrol, it will be able to tell the driver where the nearest petrol station is, and it can also give directions to local toilets or restaurants. It can also control the music system, understanding voice instructions to choose a new track on the built-in MP3 player - Ford claims that doing so manually can distract a driver for 25 seconds, or half-a-mile on a motorway. The satnav system will also be able to cope with being given the entire address verbally, rather than having each line inputted manually, while the car can be instructed to change the interior temperature or read out an incoming text message. If the motorist fails to give a command when prompted, the voice in the car gives an electronic sigh and responds: ‘Asking “What can I say?” will always bring up a menu of choices.’ In the event of an accident, the system can identify exactly where in Britain or Europe it

has happened and automatically call a local emergency number in the local language.

Jason Johnson, Ford’s product development engineer, said: ‘Sync’s unique connection between the driver’s devices and the vehicle means that the user’s voice can control both the car and the device. Plus, Sync is being developed specifically for European customers with the ability to understand multiple languages and accents.’ However Kevin Clinton, head of road safety at the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, said he was ‘disturbed’ that drivers were being encouraged to use mobile phones behind the wheel. ‘Drivers also need to be aware that making or receiving phone calls or texting, even if they are not using a handheld phone, still affects their driving and they could still be prosecuted for not being in proper control of the vehicle,’ he added.

It’s unlikely to be the most entertaining conversation you’ve ever had. But talking to your car - and having it answer straight back could soon become as commonplace as pressing a button or consulting a map.

the ‘good news’ paper


is looking for someone special to join us A sunshine person who enjoys meeting business people and can bring energy and purpose to the role Experience is not essential as full and on-going training is provided. Excellent

Conditions Apply. A contract plus a high commission package, mobile phone & expenses. Positions currently available in South Costa Blanca and Albox, Almeria

An exciting opportunity for the right person. Are you...? t

Confident & energetic?


Able to work to deadlines?


S  miling when the pressure is on?


 ell-organised and able W to work on your own initiative?

t A team player with the ability to work with existing clients but also generate new business?

Then we want to meet you!

Call Chrissie to find out more on 647 379 878 or email your CV to:


Reservations 968 566 410 / 656 532 491

24hrs Alicante 656 532 725 / 24hrs Murcia 656 532 724 Email: Alicante and Murcia Dual Contracts UNLIMITED TRANSFERS Fly into Alicante and out of Murcia or vice versa Your vehicle will be waiting for you at the airport of your choice. Available for Long & Short Term Clients NO HIDDEN CHARGES

Parking couldn’t be easier or more secure Offering 24hrs parking, 365 days a year from as little as 82cent per day Unlimited transfers Just 2 minutes from San Javier (Murcia) and Alicante Airport Latest state of the art security system Complimentary external clean We also offer a complete car care services including ITV’s

We have over 20,000 square meters of secure parking

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...entertainment news


es s Car Crash Scen ‘EastEnders’ Film Branning and d a car crash stunt involving Max

Bleakley Admits Lampard Accent Struggle

Christine Bleakley has revealed that Frank Lampard struggles to understand the Northern Irish accent when he visits her family. The Daybreak presenter admitted that the Chelsea footballer’s shyness is worsened by the situation. “We speak so fast in Ireland and when Frank comes over for the weekend I can see him looking at me and trying to catch up,” she told the Daily Star. “I have to let him know what’s being talked about. He’s so shy anyway and he gets even more shy when that’s happening. “He tries to do the accent, but it’s more Scottish than Irish. And to be fair I can’t do an Essex or an East End accent.” Bleakley also claimed that she is a “Stepford wife at heart”, adding: “I love hoovering - and I have a thing about the fridge being tidy. It’s a bit OCD but Frank doesn’t complain - he verges on it himself.”

For Self’ ouldn’t Feel Soutrry Cowell: ‘Sheen lieShShee disagreements with n to stop complaining abo his

Simon Cowell has urged Char ck Lorre in public. Two And A Half Men creator Chu for shutting down he might sue CBS and Warner Bros Last week, Sheen indicated that production on the sitcom. general public have t Tonight, Cowell insisted that the In an inter view with Entertainmen ractual disputes. greater concerns than Sheen’s cont ,” he said. now right e “The world is a messy plac I genuinely would. n], stop feeling sorr y for yourself. Shee [to say ld The mogul added: “I wou it out yourself.” than you are - and you [should] sort There’s a lot of people worse off

Willoughby Praises ‘DOI’ Hamilton

Holly Willoughby and Hayley Tamaddon have praised Dancing On Ice’s Laura Hamilton for her performances on the ice. Host Willoughby and former champion Tamaddon described the children ’s TV presenter’s recent routines as “amazing”. Hamilton topped the judges’ scorebo ard last night, picking up 28.5 points, the highest of the series so far, for her routine with Colin Ratushniak. “I think you find yourself drawn to watching Laura,” said Willough by. “She gives such a great performances and great facial expressions. She is so good. You just can’t stop watching Laura.” Tamaddon added: “She gave the performance of her life last night and you literally just watch her. She was absolutely amazing. Not only can you see the energy in her face. She put in so many lifts and hard tricks. You never look at her and think she’ll falter. She always looks stable on her feet.” Dancing On Ice continues next Sunday on ITV1

r Auction To Be Held Clapton Guita Eric Clapton’s guitars

A selection of rock legend his Crossroads are to be auctioned to benefit n, it has been bea Carib the in re cent tion rehabilita announced. k this week at The instruments will go on the bloc , according to rters qua head Bonhams New York City website. se’s hou ion auct the on t men a state was held earlier A preview of the slate of items the musician’s of n ctio colle the but , this year up for sale on g goin ially offic personal belongings is ay. Wednesd to be sold is a Among the more-than 70 guitars Stratocaster, kie’ ‘Blac d fame ’s ician mus the of replica 000 (£12,300). $20, than e mor fetch be which is expected to rist explained that he is proud to guita d In an official statement, the acclaime n. ictio e struggling with add ion in able to be raising funds to aid thos agreed to host my third guitar auct have s ham Bon that py hap very re I “I am cent tion bilita reha hol alco gua, the drug and aid of The Crossroads Centre, Anti founded in 1998,” he said. years ago after Centre in Antigua more than 13 Clapton founded the Crossroads se. abu e tanc subs overcoming his own battles with course of his two-dozen solo albums over the The musician has released nearly career.

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8m.X 4m. pool Repairs Terraces Pool Covers

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BBC soap EastEnders yesterday filme his daughter Abi. pair end up to be broadcast next month - the The Sun reports that - in scenes wedding. a’s Tany a lorry on the way to his ex-wife trapped in Max’s car after he hits rged last eme first day dent on Tanya’s happy News that Max would suffer an acci . now l unti own unkn t in store had been month, but exact details of the stun a trip to ire requ and h cras the in suffer injuries It is thought that Max and Abi both exchanges her to hear the news shortly after she hospital. Tanya is then expected pting her to flee from the church. vows with fiancé Greg Jessop - prom ’s current to spark the conclusion to the soap The accident has also been tipped es to her com ning was reported that Ronnie Bran baby swap stor yline. Yesterday, it late son her to birth the incident, as she gave senses while visiting Max following nt. tme trea brother-in-law receives James at the hospital where her decision to rtedly realises the enormit y of her repo nie Ron ital, While at the hosp to Kat being es a dramatic confession, leading steal Kat Moon’s baby and later mak reunited with her son.

Entwistle ‘To Be Shakespearean Actress’

Coronation Street star Vicky ­ Entwistle has reportedly told friends that she will take elocution lessons to find theatre work. The actress, who announced last year that she is leaving the soap after 14 years of playing Janice Battersby, apparently wants to become a Shakespearean actress and star in period dramas both on stage and TV. A source told the Sunday Mirror: “Vicky was being ­absolutely serious when she told ­ people about her intentions for life after the Street. She was adamant that she would love to do Shakespeare or period ­ characters but she also realised that would mean having to tone her voice down and lose the accent she has. “Other people have done it, so why shouldn’t she? There were a few ­ eyebrows raised when people started discussing what she had been saying but that is ­ because her accent is so distinctive and everybody associates Vicky with that broad twang.” Entwistle filmed her final scenes for the soap last week. A guest at her leaving party said: “We were a bit shocked to hear she fancied doing Shakesp eare. Vicky is a bubbly, outgoing woman and it was just hard to imagine her all serious.”

letter to the editor Dea r Editor n Residents at the d of the Department of Europea From Maria Asu nción Prieto, Hea Diputación de Alicante h my Department forthcom ing benefit concert, whic I wou ld like to tell you about the 2nd April at the rday Satu On ). al British Legion (RBL is orga nising alongside the Roy 0 and 19:0 0) to 12:0 (at held be will s , two concert Prov incial Aud itorium in Alicante of this association. celebrate the 90th Ann iversary nisation of this actively collaborating in the orga The Diputación de Alicante is ide the United outs held first event of its kind to be importa nt event, which is the orm ing at the perf irs cho e larg l artists and many Kingdom . There will internationa the concerts of h Eac ers. orm perf sh nish and Briti event and they will include Spa to enjoy a able 1300 people, all of whom will be will have a capacit y for more than nised by orga r eve out dou bt, one of biggest events uniq ue event, which will be, with . the prov incial groups of the RBL de in the prov ince, I of Europea n residents that resi unt amo Considering the large ess and hope that aborate so that this event is a succ hope that the Tow n Halls will coll dents, in particular rmation amongst the foreign resi they help by spreading this info n Halls to display . I have asked all the loca l Tow the British, of thei r mun icipality al buildings as icip mun all re that they are placed in posters about the event and ensu for the event is ets tick of e pric The superma rkets. well as loca l bars, restaura nts and ormance (but tickets e and €15 for the evening perf €12 for the matinée performanc for this are nea rly sold out) al British Legion, event will go directly to the Roy All the money raised from the fit association -pro non This they do here in Spain. to fina nce the importa nt work that have served who ens citiz sh Briti to emotional support faci litates econom ic, social and Spain. The tickets thei r relatives, who now live in in the British Armed Forces and ts2011@gmail. cke 966 860 735 or by email to: rblti can be bought by telephoning . ban k transfer or cred it card com . Pay ment can be made via sh and Spa nish this event is to integrate the Briti of One of the primary targets essentia l work and ive ress imp the to jointly celebrate cultures, to share trad itions and e information please during last the 90 yea rs. For mor carried out by this association Federico Grove 4, pea n Residents situated in Avenue contact the Department of Euro teseuropeos@ den resi il: 91, fax: 965 98.0 4.12 or ema Alicante. Or telephone: 965 10 73 Warmest rega rds Mª Asu nción Prieto

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SANTE IRENE SAILING CLUB The 1st and 2nd of June 2002 was a fine weekend. Inside the Multi Centro Mojacar, were 3 “Optimists”, 2 “Cadets” and 2 “Mirror” Sailing Dinghies, a Dinghy Exhibition!! It was the Birth of the “Santa Irene Club de Vela”. As we approach our 9th Anniversary, we look forward to a bright future. Now , with 25 Dinghies, which include Catamarans, 6 Sailing Cruisers, Safety Boats ... With the permission of the “Garrucha Port Authority”, we have a Dinghy Park near the Slipway. The possibility of a Club House in the future and you can be part of it, come and talk to us any Weekend. Tel: 950 475 157/658 548 790

y? obb h u o y ’s what @ email: editor m

To use t h e w o r d “ c h o i r ” for “the Voices” is rather an understatement. Our shows feature music sung as a choir but also sketches and monologues, and one thing you can guarantee is that every show will contain a good smattering of humour. We are also becoming known for our concert versions of musicals – telling the story with song. Our summer show in early June will be called “Across the Pond....... and all that jazz!” It will definitely be a show of two halves, the first, a good mix of popular American music and humour and the second – well, something quite impressive we hope! If you enjoy singing and would like to join us, give Trudi a call. If you sing only in the shower but enjoy a good evening’s entertainment, we’d love to see you at our shows in early June. See the Sol Times for details!

Stepping Out: Richard Harris is a prolific British television writer, most active from the early 1960’s to the mid 1990’s; he has contributed episodes of series like, The Avengers, The Saint and The Sweeney. Despite a career which has been largely spent writing for the crime and detective genre, in 1994 he won the prize for best situation comedy from the Writers Guild of Great Britain for Outside Edge. Although the majority of his work has been for television, a substantial amount of his output has been for the stage. In 1984, Harris once again put pen to paper and Stepping Out was born. The play revolves around eight students, who all attend the same weekly tap dancing class in a dingy North London church hall. The students come to class every week to chat, relax, and if they can manage to, learn a couple of dance steps. However, the steps and routines are just the background, the real focus of the play, are the relationships and interactions of these very different people. The inspiration for the show came

Come Come && Sail Sail with with the the Santa Santa Irene Irene Sailing Sailing Club Club

If you like to sing,

the Voices of Almanzora may be for you! We are a mixed voice choir singing mostly popular music in 4 or more parts. We produce 2 shows a year: at Christmas and this year at the end of May, and rehearse on a Monday evening in Albox. There is no audition and you don’t have to have sung in a choir before or be able to read music, although you will be very welcome if you have or can!

Call Trudi on: 950 432 333


Situated just outside Zurgena CLAYBUSTERS offers a unique Clay Target experience, with English Skeet, Olympic Skeet, Universal Trench and Shortrap layouts. Expert tuition for singles or groups, beginners or more advanced shots. Skeet shoots Fridays and Sundays. For all bookings and further information call Eric on 617 072 764. The Air Gun Club offers ranges of 10m, 25m & 40m so come and try with your own pistol or rifle or use the clubs state of the art PCP weapons with full tuition. For appointments call Ken on 678 116 828. The LODGE at Claybusters is currently open from 11am Friday, Saturday & Sunday serving a range of homemade tapas and snacks to accompany the selection of beers, wines and spirits on offer. An assortment of non-alcoholic hot and cold drinks are also • universal trench available. Come and • english skeet see us soon Tel: 603 663 295. • olympic skeet

For clay target shooting at it’s best

• sportrap


beginners or experts Guns and all equipment for hire (No license required)

from his late wife, the actress Hilary Crane. She suggested he attend her local dance class, as she felt there might be a play in it for him. He did attend and liked what he saw, so after a period of research attending various dance classes, wrote the play. The Independent Theatre Group is now proud to announce that they are bringing Stepping Out to various locations in the Almanzora Valley in April this year. This very funny play is really not one to be missed. Director Tricia Vandepeer says “I am filled with admiration for the cast who are to be congratulated on their determination and enthusiasm in learning to tap dance and getting to grip with the script. The Independent Theatre Group are supporting them to the hilt and have the large back stage crew necessary to put on this production. All we need now is your support. See you there - please see local press for further details!

We will be happy to see you at our Dinghy Park, the New Marina, Garrucha 11am Every Sunday

For more information tel John: 950 475 157 / 658 548 790 Email:

Lessons for Beginners Coaching for more advanced Air Rifle Club ~ Bar & Restaurant

Phone Eric on 617 072 764

For booking and opening times

Indalo Bowling Club

Situated between Turre & Los Gallardos

Come and make new friends while enjoying an outdoor sport. We meet every Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday between 10am - 2pm

For further details call Toni Watts 950 468 165 or 647 703 393 Qualified coaching provided


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angling news................. I went out on ‘Captain Brian Cuba’s’ Garrucha moored boat and was joined by ‘United Dave’ and ‘Pueblo Neville’. Even though the conditions seemed good and the positioning over our selected mark was dead on we didn’t catch anything of note. Well not size wise although I did add two new species to my 2011 list (now 17), a European eel and a bogue, actually the biggest bogue I’ve ever seen. We caught lots of the usual pandoras and combers and a few of the bigger ones made it into Neville’s soup bag. Brian went out earlier in the week with the ‘Mazzaron Boys’ and ‘Farmer Rory’ (Welcome back to paradise Rory, we missed you). They caught about 15 fish between them but the only thing of note was an octopus for Brian weighing about 6lbs. ‘Captain Chippy Pete’ is away

on holiday in the UK and we await his return for more sport. ‘Hissing Sid’ took friends out on his Garrucha moored boat, Luise and Tony formally from Germany now living in Canada and spending their winters in Mojacar, they were joined by Mick from Villaricos. The weather was not great but they all caught fish, small red snappers, pandoras and combers and an octopus. The weather got progressively worse until a storm came through and they had to make hast back to port, just getting ashore before the heavens opened. ‘London Bill’ has again been concentrating on Macenas Beach and the rocks at the northern end where he has continued to catch sea bass to 2lbs. ‘Baza Barry’ targeted Blanca Lake in Murcia and had a few carp out to 6lbs and small barbel.

BADGERS GOLF SOCIETY........ On Wednesday 2nd March, the Society played an individual stableford competition at Macenas. With balmy winds and a mixture of sun and cloud 21 players had a good day´s golf and a day for the girls with the winner being Jan Page with 41 points, 2nd with 38 points was Larry Kelly, & 3rd with 38 points,

was Lynn Sefton.There were 4 nearest the pin prizes.Tommy Fitzgerald was nearest on the 3rd,Bob Coomes was closest on the 9th Barry Sampson on the 15th in 2 & Alan Thomas managed somehow to get closest on the 16th.There was one 2 recorded and that went to Mike Knowles Next week´s competition

He said there was a lot of black bass showing themselves close in and what he guessed were trout further out in the lake. ‘Girl Friday’ is due to get the next batch of boat and beach fishing licenses mid March so if anyone is interested please see me, you will need a copy of your passport and NIE document. The next meeting of the Syedpur fishing club based in Albox (Sea and coarse) will take place at 4pm at the Syedpur Restaurant, Albox, on Wednesday April 6th then the first Wednesday of each month. For further information on any of the above or to find out about beach, boat or coarse fishing licenses, see me at the Beachcomber Bar Restaurant on Mojacar Playa or call 950 473 099. Tight Lines Beachcomber John will be at Alboran (9th), & the following week at Valle del Este(16th). A competition is held every Wednesday starting at 10.00am. New members & guests are very welcome, contact Keith Bradley at Badgers Bar Restaurant in MojacarPlaya, telephone number 950478525, or mobile number 607305339

the grumpy old men of los gallardos... 15 Year Guarantee

We specialise exclusively in the construction of swimming pools

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POOLS: 6mx3m 8.950€, 8mx4m 10.950€, 10mx5m 12.950€ including - Project, licence, excavation, iron 15x15x05, gunnite, roman steps, moulded all in edge, top quality reviglass tiles, decorative trimmings, pump, lights, choice of patterns (dolphin or sea horse), automatic filling.

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Greetings from God’s little waiting room, where once again the orthopedic gremlin has struck again. This time the afflicted person is none other than that pillar of the community, “Mr. Plod the Policeman”, the husband of “er that does for me” For some unknown reason, some fool put a sledge hammed in his hands and pointed to an object, a recipe for disaster if ever there was one. He took a might swing and hit something more solid then he thought, jarring his wrist. With a few choice oaths he decided that that was quite enough for one day. His wrist swole up, but with the application of “witch hazel”, and a stout bandage, the brave little soldier carried on with daily life. After 10 days and no improvement he decided to seek medical advice, and after a x-ray was told that he had dislocated his wrist. They told him they would reset it under G.A. They took his B/P and found it to be 165/135, so decided that this needed to be brought under control before he popped

this mortal coil. As for the rest of the “cripples”, Dustbin Pete has had the crepe bandage removed and is back in his “clog” and told he can weight bear. His long suffering wife thought he could now reacquaint himself with the sink, but he explained to her that the size of the boot precluded him from getting anywhere near the sink, nothing at all to do with his “paunch”, of course. Grommet has now progressed to crutched and can be seen exercising, daily. I wouldn’ say he is like a “Spring chicken”, more an “old brioler”. The “matriarch” is fully fir again, which equated to making everyone’s life hell!!! I have, at last cast aside my stick and am walking unaided, this way it gains a lot more sympathy!!! While at Dustbin’s, the other day, his cherished beloved presented me with a brand new wok , at no cost, well not yet anyway. It has had a test run and came through with flying colours. All is well with the world once more!!! The “Hairy Bikers”, along with “cat weasel” (Aka “The poison

fORUM Golf SOCIETY............ On March 4th another strong field of over 50 Forum Golf Society members contested a Double Par Medal strokeplay event at Playa Macenas, and some tricky pin placements did not prevent the top six players on the day all shooting net scores in the 60´s. Best of the day was Phil Miles, who carded a net 67 to record his first Forum GS victory, one

better than both Terry Moore (2nd) & Richard Swaine (3rd) who both shot 68, whilst countback was needed to decide the next three places after Dave Sharp (4th), Malcolm Fenwick (5th) & Louise Douglas (6th) were all just one shot further back with scores of 69. Derek Manning won the battle of the big hitters to claim the longest drive on the 7th hole,

dwarf”) have returned to the UK, along with two of “The Merry Widows”, so no need for ear defanders for a while. They are replaced by Willy Thorne, the lovely “motor mouth” and the brood. Nice to have them back with us again. While Grommet was in hospital, he had a visitation from Charlie Dimwit, Loose Lips and Wallace, friends of his, or so he thought. They arrived at lunch time, where Grommet had a nice three course meal in front of him. “That looks nice” say’s Wallace, “are you going to eat it all”. “No” says Grommet, “I don’t have much of an appetite”. Wallace didn’t need a second bidding, soon the tray was completely devoid of any vestige of food. They do say that the “eating irons” flashed through the air, like two sabers at a dueling competition. That’s all for this week. Until the next time. Tight lines. Uncle Albert

with nearest the pin prizes going to Richard Swaine, Malcolm Fenwick, Dave Sharp, Phil Elam, John Mills, Kevin Bircher & Dave Lloyd. Upcoming events are detailed as follows: 11th March Almeria League match away to Boxers GS; 12th March “Hot Stuff” Quiz & Curry night at Rumores, Albox For further information contact Phil Elam on philjelam@ 847840, or see www,forumgolfsociety.webs. com



SANTE IRENE SAILING CLUB...... Valle del Este Cortijo Grande........................ Golf Society.. Bang that Drum, Ring that Bell; We have arrived! After only 8 years and 8 months. We have a Dinghy Park, thanks to Garrucha Port Authority. It all happened on Monday morning the 23rd of February, 9 of us plus 2 cars towed the dinghies from beneath the trees of our old parking spot to our new site . You will find them standing in line, from the 7 ft 6 in. “Optimists” to the 17 ft 6 in. “Osprey” on our new tarmacked Dinghy Park, complete with water and electricity laid on. Launching is no problem, we can launch at any time on the very wide slipway, just 250 metres away, in to the calm waters of Garrucha harbour, to sail to Mojacar or Vera playa. We can sail further afield in company with the 5 sailing Cruisers which we have in the Club. Monday morning was a mile stone for the Club, we were all very happy; I could hear the Band playing “When the Saints go marching in...” There is more good news, our Club house “Rincon del Puerto” is now open and the future looks bright . Our Club will continue to grow, boats for youngsters will always be available. I´m happy to say 4 lads were with us last Sunday, what a pity the weather was´nt more accommodating, however along with Big Allen, we were able to go through the procedure of Rigging the “Pastinaca” sailing dinghy

with a couple of them,but then the rain and gale arrived. So their dinghy sailing trip was postponed until next week and we retired to el Rincon for a hot drink. That gale certainly created problems for the sailors in the Aguilas Carnival Regatta, several yachts from Garrucha were racing there. Our very own Frank, Vic and Crew were there racing Franks yacht “Eresana”and having Fun!! No damage was done,they retired gracefully as did two thirds of the Fleet. One yacht lost its new Carbon Mast which snapped in half! A very expensive day out!! The Barcelona World Race which started on the 31st December 2010. As I write, the leaders will round Cape Horn, with only about 80 miles separating them. The French yacht “Virbac-Parrec 3” is leading from “Mapfre” the Spanish yacht. By the time you read this, they could be in Mid. Atlantic. You can expect to see them in Barcelona towards the end of the month. Do what you can to Boost Mapfre, I´ve been promised a discount! Hope to see you this weekend at the “Rincon del Puerto” Garrucha, 11am onwards. Take care, John Tel. 950475157 / 658548790 / email: / www.

Hash House Harriers.............. The Rubbish Hash: The ‘hares’ – our trail layers - were summoned to the centre of the circle. So! What do you think of the hash, was the question? Rubbish! Rubbish! Was the refrain, as indeed it was! Our trail had risen up through the town of Zurgena, until eventually we found ourselves at the old town waste tip – the BASURA! Now closed – but we did have to skirt some rubbish. The town football team is/was rubbish too, cos most of the rubbish was tipped on their pitch, with the goal posts rising surreally through the waste. From there we descended back

down towards the town. Someone had carefully prepared a wide trail that gently spiralled down on a good smooth crushed stone surface. That someone was the ex Mayor of Zurgena – how considerate of him! Unfortunately (someone told us) the Mayor was now banged up for planning illegal property development, our smooth track included – but as they say – every silver lining has a cloud! A convenient ‘watering hole’ along the way in the town was Dancing Queen’s house. It is a work in progress, but has loads of rooms and loads of potential. He says it is like a

Wednesday 2nd March 011 at Macenas golf and 32 golfers enjoyed a lovely day. The winner of the first div with 37 points mark Sutton second with 34 Tony Lee and third with 32 John Hill. Second div winner with 37 Pat Hill second with 35 George Burton and third with another 35 Ann Jackson. Ball sweep winners Martin Oliver Sheila Picken Tony Lee John Hill Ian Jenner Leif Mhyre Graham Meeks. Sunday 6th March and the Asprodalba Charity golf day. Loads of money raised for this charity which does such a good job for the children of this area. The mens prize went to John \Hill with 38 points The ladies prize

It has been a sad week for the members of Valle Del Este golf society with the passing away of our secretary wife Pat Townsend after a short illness. Pat will be sorely missed by husband Alan and family. Pat while not a golfer herself was very much part of the society organising prizes and social outings, she was the life and soul of these outings. Pats other big love was our charity day for Asprodalba which she organised. Pat you will always be remembered by Valle Del Este golf society and the many people who knew you. Golf results this week on Tuesday stableford comp and the winner with an excellent score was our captain John Haydon with 39pts 2nd Mally Roberts 37pts and 3rd John Clements 36pts. Friday our medal day again some very good scoring and a few none returns as always on medal comps. Patrick Vickery was the outright winner and deservedly so with his handicap of 8 1st Patrick Vickery (gross 78) nett 70 2nd Ray Harrison (gross 89) nett 72 3rd Byran Brown (gross 91) nett 75 Nearest the pins were Alan Hewitt and Mally Roberts. Enjoy your golf at Valle Del Este

Harriett! It goes on and on and on and on............. ........... From there it was a short climb to the Mirador with amazing views over the valley, and then a swift descent to the ‘down down’. Two new m e m b e r s were named – NookieBare (what’s that about?) and Vodkatini. And then to the ‘On-after’ in the ‘old folks bar’ (how appropriate!) for delicious paella

thanks to everyone for sending their sport reports to us - we’re sorry we didn’t have space for them all in this week’s packed issue! keep sending them to

went to Wendy Woodward 34 points. First div winner with 35 Peter Jackson second with 34 Brian Harwood and third with 34 Martin Oliver, Second div winner with 34 Alan Woodward second with 31 Gunner Astheimer and third with 30 Ann Jackson. Third div winner with 30 Gelly Hughes second with 28 Val King and third with 27 Jean Lentern.Ball sweep winner Neville Pye. We had 48 gofers in support of the Asprodalba charity, my thanks to all of you for making this such a good day Enjoy your golf at Cortijo Grande visitors and guests welcome MP

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Ecclestone hasn’t given up hope of staging race

England turn to Eoin Morgan after f1: Bahrain Grand Prix ‘devastated’ Kevin Pietersen heads home from World Cup with hernia problem could be in November!

Almerimar Friday Golf...................

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Formula One supremo Bernie Ecclestone has returned to the idea of rescheduling the Bahrain Grand Prix in November after abandoning plans for a potential August slot. Ecclestone had suggested earlier this week running the race during F1’s traditional summer break in August, but now concedes the heat would make for unpleasant working and viewing conditions. The 80-year-old is now looking at the date originally mooted when the event was postponed 11 days ago due to civil unrest in the Gulf kingdom - November 20. That weekend follows immediately after the grand prix in Abu Dhabi and before the season-ending showdown in Brazil. It now remains to be seen whether the year would culminate with a brutal schedule of three back-to-back races or whether Brazil would switch to December 4. ‘I’m hoping upon hope that things settle peacefully in Bahrain and we can find a slot later on in the year,’ said Ecclestone. When asked by BBC Sport how likely that would be, Ecclestone added: ‘I don’t know how likely there will be peace, but if there is then we will find a way. ‘We will have a look and see what we can do, how we can swap things around a bit. Maybe we can change it with Brazil, or something like that. ‘But forget August. It`s too hot for the public to sit in the grandstand at 40odd degrees (Celsius).’ Ecclestone is determined to stage a race in Bahrain this season, rather than simply forget about it until next year’s calendar. ‘The people there, and the public, have been big supporters for us, and it (the event) has become bigger and bigger,’ said Ecclestone. ‘We’ve more support now, much more than when we first started there, and if they want the race then we want to be able to supply it for them. ‘If there is peace in Bahrain, we will be there.’ A decision is due to be made at next Tuesday’s meeting of the World Motor Sport Council in Paris.

England batsman Kevin Pietersen said he was ‘absolutely devastated’ to be returning home from the World Cup after finally succumbing to a hernia problem. The ECB confirmed Pietersen would fly back the UK in the next 24 hours due to the injury which was first discovered during the recent one-day series in Australia. The International Cricket Council have approved England’s request to replace Pietersen with Eoin Morgan in their World Cup squad. Morgan was originally named in England’s World Cup squad but missed out after suffering a broken finger in the build-up to the tournament. Morgan has responded well to treatment, however, and even if he is not deemed fit enough to face Bangladesh later this week, he would be a key addition to the squad for the knockout stage should England qualify. News that Pietersen’s World Cup was over emerged this morning while the England squad were en route from India to Bangladesh for their next match on Friday. It had already been confirmed that Pietersen would undergo hernia surgery after the World Cup, but he appeared laboured in the field during Sunday’s sixrun win against South Africa. England’s management have now acted to avoid further aggravation of the problem that has also ruled Pietersen out of the Indian Premier League, which he was due to contest with the Deccan Chargers. Pietersen, who will be out for around six weeks when he undergoes the surgery, said on his Twitter page: ‘Confirming the BREAKING NEWS ... I fly home tonight. Out of the WC & IPL.. Absolutely devastated! ‘Sad to leave India.. Love the people & the hospitality!’

It had been hoped England’s medical staff would be able to nurse Pietersen through the remainder of the World Cup. Speaking on Saturday, Pietersen said: ‘I’m obviously extremely disappointed to have picked up this hernia injury. ‘It will no doubt impact my preparation but careful management should see me still play a significant role in the team’s campaign.’ But Pietersen complained of soreness after bowling eight overs in the victory against South Africa, while his performance with the bat in Chennai gleaned just two runs. England team director Andy Flower believes the team are already moving on despite the hernia problem sustained

by Pietersen. Flower acknowledged however that England were losing a major player. ‘He’s a world class player,’ Flower told Sky Sports News. ‘I thought he was forming an interesting opening partnership with Andrew Strauss. In three of the four games they’ve played together they have looked good up front and they put on significant partnerships that have kicked off good batting performances.’ England coach Flower insisted that the ability to call on a player of Morgan’s quality in place of Pietersen means the team can move forward. ‘We’re moving on now and Eoin Morgan is an exciting cricketer. It’s going to be good to have him back.’


We are located on the paseo between the Zoraida Garden Hotel and the Port of Roquetas De Mar 4 March 2011: This week we had one of our 4 major competitions, the Overs vs. Unders Bowl. It was cold and a little overcast but the rain held off until we were safely back in the clubhouse. The competition was better ball match play between teams consisting of the older players (the Overs) and younger players (the Unders). I will not embarrass anyone by publishing the cut-off age for being in the Overs team. To help make the competition a good challenge the Unders men played off the official competition yellow tees, the Overs men played off the official blue tees and all the ladies played off the official competition red tees. This year the competition was won by the Overs for the first time ever (in 2009 it was a draw and in 2010 it was won by the Unders). It was a resounding 5 -2 victory. You can see the full results at www. If you would like to take part in the friendly Friday competitions at Almerimar you can put your name up on the entry list by the proshop or contact Almost every Friday there will be the regular

friendly Friday competition. Occasionally throughout the year we have to change the day of the event or cancel the event for a week due to other commitments. If this occurs we will use this page to notify members. Confirmed dates for other events in 2011 so far are: 1 June 2011 - Launch of Friday Golf Society - the list of Founder Members will be finalised on 31 May 2011 If there is enough demand the Friday Golf Society will plan to run individual stableford Tuesday competitions over the summer period while Marianne & Sune are not in Almerimar. Normal Tuesday service will be resumed with Sune & Marianne in charge once they return to Almerimar in the autumn of 2011. 1 July 2011 - Annual membership fees become due. 29 October 2011 - 2011 Almerimar Treasure Hunt in aid of Francis House 31 October 2011 - Annual membership fees must be paid by this date. 1 & 4 November 2011 - Woodsly Cup 18 November 2011 - Francis House charity golf competition 9 December 2011 - Xmas competition


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Bingo now on Tuesdays at 3.00pm Monday 4th April – British Clothes Party 11am M & S, Next, Evans, Wallis, New Look, Topshop etc.


TUEsday - bingo: 3PM ~ wednesday - quiz night 9Pm Friday - race night 9pm saturday - curry night 7-10pm Sunday lunch - 1:30-4:30pm - Booking Recommended

Sol Times Newspaper issue 277 Roquetas edition  

Sol Times Newspaper issue 277 Roquetas edition

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