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Volcanic Dust To Disrupt Air Traffic Again


Celebrate World Turtle DAY

spain joins un council for human rights fines to invest in marble industry & sculpture


president obama calls zapatero to talk through spain’s economic situation spain’s public sector to strike on june 2nd


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Volcanic Dust To Disrupt Air Traffic Again


A Spanish military plane has been carrying out test flights

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A Spanish Ministry of Defence plane has been carrying out flights to detect the volcanic dust from the Icelandic volcano which continues to erupt.

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Four flights in C212 defence planes equipped with detection equipment have been carried out; the plane counts particles, but can only be used in a cloudless sky as it cannot distinguish between ash and water particles.

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seen a 5.3% recovery in passenger numbers when compared to 2009.

Flights to England, Holland and Ireland are those currently most affected.

AENA calculates that 12,338 flights were cancelled in April because of the Eyjafjalla volcano.

AENA, the Spanish Airports Authority, has said that the cloud reduced air traveller numbers by 8.6% during April, compared to the same month last year, after the first three months of the year had

Curiously cargo flights were not affected with volume up 39.3% on last year and 111 additional cargo flights seen in April at Madrid, Barcelona, Zaragoza and Vitoria airports.

Spain Joins UN Council For Human Rights

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Experts are predicting

that the cloud of ash which has reappeared over European airspace again this week will clear again as the week goes on.

It comes as the United Nations has joined Zapatero’s Alliance of Civilisations Spain is to become a member of the United Nations Council on Human Rights for the first time. It’s the main international body which has the job of evaluating fundamental rights around the world. The Spanish candidacy was supported by 177 of the 192 countries in the United Nations. An earlier application by Spain in 2008 was defeated by a single vote. Also chosen for the first time on Thursday were Guatemala and Ecuador. Meanwhile the United States has joined up to the United Nations ‘Alliance of Civilisations’, the group which was

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launched by Spain and Turkey back in 2004. A total of 119 countries and international organisations are now members of Zapatero’s initiative, but the United States support is important. US Assistant Secretary of State for Public Affairs, Phillip J Crowley, said Thursday that ‘Recognising the value of the Alliance of Civilisations as an important initiative which searches for the better understanding between cultures and peoples, the United States joins the 119 countries and international organisations which are members of the group of friends to the alliance’.

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Zapatero Defends His Austerity Plans

NEWS UPDATE... FINES The Ministry of Employment of the Junta de Andalucía has awarded the company Albaida Almeria Natural and Environmental Resources, Inc. the contract to build the second phase of the expansion of the School of Marble in Andalucia. The Ministry of Employment is expected to invest over 2.3 billion euros in the expansion of the school. Once finished it will cover almost 4,500m2, have a training centre will have a new building of almost 4,500m2 equipped with two workshops, a basement and two floors with classrooms, technical laboratories, auditorium, library, administration and office areas. The new area will also house the existing industrial machinery. The proposed expansion should not affect the running of the present school, as the works will be contained within a separate area. The Marble School of Andalucia is nationally and internationally renowned for the skills of its students, with nearly 1,800 professionals trained in its 15 years of operation and a job placement rate of 80%.

The Spanish Prime Minister has been defending his policies on pensions

two main parties has now widened to 9.1%. Meanwhile the Minister for Development, José Blanco, has called for a ‘proportional response’ from the unions, which have already organised demonstrations and a general strike from public workers.

The Spanish Prime Minister, José Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, has been defending the Government’s austerity plans, and has said that he has the responsibility of thinking of the country and not of himself. He said that he understood how the measures, which he described as ‘harsh but necessary’ will have an impact in the support for the Government.

ALBOX The water problems in the north of Albox are set to be improved this month. The action focuses specifically on the construction of pipelines, water treatment stations and reservoirs suppling drinking standard water. The main areas to benefit are the Fuente del Mojon neighborhoods, Llano del Espino, Llano de las Animas, Rambla en Medio Saliente Pocicas, Fuente del Carmen, etc. The work will extend through the Rambla de Oria, Albox and Saliente, coming together at Llano de los Olleros. Two tanks will be built, one in each zone, with a total capacity of 4,500 cubic metres. Water will be transported via nearly 50 miles of pipeline. Albox’s Mayor, José García, said that this was one of the most important projects to be undertaken in Albox, will end a historical problem in this municipality, and will give the residents of these areas a water supply to their homes.

LIJAR The Calle San Blas is to have its wall replaced. The old wall will be demolished, some consolidating groundwork done, the access improved, and the pavement widened, so that it will no longer be necessary for pedestrians to step into the road. It will cost 33,343€, and will receive a grant from the Junta de Andalucia.

Zapatero was speaking after the EU-Mexico summit held in Comillas, where he was asked about the measures by the journalists present. An opinion poll showed that the gap between the

The Partido Popular have been continuing to criticise the plans, with party leader Mariano Rajoy saying they do not go far enough, and saying that pensioners should not have been hit – ‘Let them look pensioners in the eye’, say the PP. Zapatero has responded to those attacks by underlining that, taking this legislature as a whole, pensions have not been cut, because of the increases above inflation granted in previous years. The measures were welcomed as being ‘brave and necessary’ by the European Council President, Herman Van Rompuy, and the President of the European Commission, José Manuel Durao Barroso.

Bank Workers Offered 200,000€ To Accept Early Retirement

Unicaja and Cajasur are moving towards merger

The merger between the Unicaja and Cajasur savings banks in Andalucía is now entering the final stages, but still depends on an agreement on staffing levels where 57 million € a year in personnel costs has to be found. Press reports indicate that the two banks are putting 200 million € on the table for the purpose and anyone who accepts early retirement is being offered 200,000 € on average. A report for the banks drawn up by Boston Consulting Group concluded that 1,224 jobs have to be lost. The Bank of Spain says it wants the deal in place by May 21, and that means that the boards of both banks must approve it by then. Cajasur, based in Córdoba and still controlled by the Catholic Church, is expected to see losses this year of 500 million. Union UGT has called for an end to what it called the ‘immoral privileges’ of the Catholic Church in the banking sector.

ALBOX The Deputy Social Welfare Officer of Almería, Maria Lopez Cervantes, has signed a two-year extension of contract with Clece, the home-help service in Almería for municipalities with fewer than 20,000 inhabitants. She expressed satisfaction with the service provided by the company, saying that they are managed by great professionals and offer efficient work. Their manager, Javier Gallego, said that Clece serves about 1,400 people in 65 municipalities. Clece, as of March this year employs 720 people, 90% of them are people from the municipality itself, who have been selected and trained by the company.

ALCONTAR The Barrio Hijate is set to have a Funeral Home. A low-rise white building with two separate entrances, one for visitors and the other for funeral services, the total floor space will be 138.53m2.


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Public Sector General Strike Called For June 2

Trade unions are angry at the Government’s plans to cut civil servants wages by 5% & to freeze pensions Any hopes that the Spanish Prime Minister may have had of holding off union protests over the Government’s austerity plans by meeting the leaders of the two main unions UGT and CCOO were dashed when the Public Services Federation of the UGT joined with the CCOO and announced plans for a General Strike of all public sector workers on June 2. The unions are particularly angry about plans to freeze pensions and to reduce civil servants wages by 5% this year and freeze them next year, despite the exceptions at the lowest levels.

red line had been crossed, and said that the measures came as a result of ‘international financial power which had put states on their knees’, adding now the Government proposed more suffering for the workers.

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Before the public sector workers general strike, called for June 2, the UGT union is calling for demonstrations from public workers in all provincial capitals on May 20th. This call is supported by other unions CCOO, the CSIF Civil Servants Union, the SUP Police Union and the Unified Association from the Guardia Civil.

Cortijo Pipa, Avenida de Limaria, 1, Limaria, Arboleas (next door to the Welcome Stranger)

Enrique Fossoul, General Secretary of the Citizens’ Services Federation of the CCOO said that they are ‘criminalising’ the civil servants because 90% of public sector workers earn less than 1,500 €. He also expressed concern to the fact that the Government has opened the door to more adjustments, and lamented that now it was the ‘speculators’ who are dictating Spanish economic policy.

The Chairman of the CEOE Employers’ Organisation, Gerardo Díaz Ferrán, met with the Prime Minister on Thursday afternoon, with Jesús Bárcenas, the President of the CEPYME small business group. He said that the Government should be allowed to govern, and distanced himself from the unions. ‘The country should come together and look for solutions’, he said. He also suggested that the Government could cut subsidies for those public services which are not free at point of use.

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He described the new measures announced by José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero as an opened door which would be difficult to close. The unions found support from the IU left wing coalition. Their general coordinator, Cayo Lara, said that a

White House spokesman, Robert Gibbs, confirmed the phone call, and said that the Spanish Government had already started to work on new economic reforms. Gibbs said he did not want to give details of the conversation, but said the call was made because Spain’s problems meant that reforms were needed. He said that Obama and his economic team have been supervising the situation in Europe for some weeks, and that the President had been in contact with some leaders to ‘encourage them to take the steps needed’ to avoid any slowdown in the recovery from recession.

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There has been plenty of international reaction to the measures. Barack Obama has considered them ‘bold’ and welcomed the ideas which he said would create confidence in the markets. Hugo Chávez of Venezuela however declared himself to be ‘surprised and worried’, and said the measures reflected the crisis in capitalism.

President Obama called the Spanish Prime Minister to discuss the economic problems facing Spain

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The new measures are expected to be passed by the cabinet and put into immediate effect by Royal Decree.

Obama Calls Zapatero To Discuss Spain’s Economic Problems

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Speaking last Thursday, the Minister for Tax and the Economy, Elena Salgado, has said that taxes will not increase, for now. However other Ministers have failed to give that undertaking to the media, leading to reports of a lack of coordination over the planned measures.

British Paedophile Arrested In Barcelona Martin Anthony Smith has been on the run from the U.K. for the past two years

One of Britain’s most wanted paedophiles, 45 year old Martin Anthony Smith, originally from North Shields, has been arrested in Barcelona. New of his arrest by the Catalan police, Los Mossos d’Esquadra, last Friday in the HortaGuinardó district of the city has just been released. The man, who has claimed to be a medium in the past, is accused of several sexual aggressions between 1995 and

2005 and is also accused of repeatedly raping his step-daughter. He has been living in Barcelona for the past two years that he has been on the run from the British authorities. They had thought that he was in Spain with his wife and daughter, and included him in their Operación Captura campaign. He will now be extradited back to the UK to face justice.



The Ramones Kick Off Spanish Tour 14 years after disappearing off the rock scene, mythical punk rock band The Ramones has been brought back to life again by the sole surviving founder member

Drummer Marky Ramone started an eight-gig tour with ‘The Blitzkrieg’ in Palma on 13th May, performing all the band’s classic hits. More than a decade after The Ramones’ last concert in Los Angeles in 1996, Marky Ramone has decided to give new life to the distinctive punk rock sound that made the band from Queens so famous and that inspired entire generations of rock musicians. Despite achieving only limited commercial success, The Ramones were a major influence on the punk rock movement both in the United States and the United Kingdom. They performed 2,263 concerts,

touring virtually non stop for 22 years. By a little more than eight years after the breakup, the band’s three founding members — lead singer Joey Ramone, guitarist Johnny Ramone, and bassist Dee Dee Ramone — had all died. In ‘The Blitzkrieg’ former lead singer of the Misfits, Michael Graves, will take on the task of replacing Joey Ramone, accompanied by Alex Kane on guitar and Clare B on bass. The Ramones formed in Queens, New York in 1974. Marky Ramone, whose real name before changing it to take on the band ‘surname’ was Marc Bell, joined the group in

Telefonica Reports Slight Profit Gain Spanish telecommunications group Telefonica reported a 2.0 percent gain in first quarter net earnings Thursday, as well as a slide in operating profit, and maintained its targets for this year. The company said net earnings came to 1.656 billion euros (2.1 billion dollars) compared with first quarter 2009 while operating profit before depreciation fell 4.1 percent to 5.114 billion euros. Sales in the first three months of the year totaled 13.932 billion euros, a gain of 1.7 percent from the first quarter of 2009. “First quarter results are in line with the company’s expectations and allow it to reiterate all financial targets for 2010,” Telefonica said in a statement.

Spain Unveils Cabin To Recharge Electric Car Batteries Spain has unveiled a telephone box in which users can both make a phone call and recharge the battery of an electric car The cabin in a Madrid suburb close to the headquarters of the Spanish telecommunications giant Telefonica has the appearance of a normal telephone box but is also equipped with electric sockets that can be used for recharging. The dual-purpose phone cabin, the first of its kind, has been developed by Telefonica and electricity company Endesa, a statement said. Spain’s socialist government wants to see up to 250,000 electric cars on the country’s roads by 2014.

European Spies Meet In Secret

News of the secret meeting held earlier this month has only just emerged It’s been revealed that 29 European spy chiefs met secretly in Madrid last May 5 in what was the least publicised summit organised as Spain’s six month Presidency of the EU continues. There were no press releases or photographs to emerge from the meeting which was held in Alcalá de Henares, and the Presidency website overlooked the event. It was chaired by the Deputy Prime Minister, María Teresa Fernández de la Vega, and saw the chiefs of the British MI5, the German BIV, the French DCRI, the Italian AISI and the Spanish CNI, among others. The 29 who attended represented the secret services of all the EU countries with the exceptions of Norway and Switzerland. The meeting, which coincided with the frustrated attack in Times Square in New York, has the threat from Islamic terrorism as its central talking point.

1978, before “Road to Ruin” was recorded. His history with the band was chequered, having been expelled by the other members after recording “Subterranean Jungle” in 1983 because of his problems with alcohol and he did not rejoin them until 1987, in time to record “Brain Drain”. In total, he played on 15 of the 21 albums recorded by the band. The Ramones’ Spanish tour now moves on to Cornellà, Castellón, Alicante, Madrid, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Zaragoza before ending iny Pamplona on May 22nd.

Spain’s ‘Superjudge’ Baltasar Garzón Is Suspended The judge has been removed from his post as the case against him investigating disappearances during the Franco years has put him on the accused bench of the Supreme Court where he faces charges of perversion of the course of justice

National Court judge Baltasar Garzón has been suspended from his position by the General Council for Judicial Power, who told the judge of their unanimous decision on Friday afternoon. All 27 members of the council and the President approved the measure. It’s a temporary suspension which is in force while the Supreme Court case against him, in charges of perversion of the course of justice proceeds as a result of Garzón starting an investigation into the disappearances of people during the Franco years. The prosecutor alleges that the judge knowingly acted beyond his remit and responsibilities by opening the case. Garzón heard of the decision while he was taking the declaration of a person in another case, when several judges came into his office to offer their condolences. El Mundo reports that Garzón was crying when he left the Audiencia building to the applause of his colleagues.

Franco years.

Garzón’s wife, Rosario Molina, also went to the court as the news broke.

The decision reached the worldwide twitter top ten in the number of comments it received.

A dozen or so people protesting at the decision gathered outside the National Court shouting ‘We want justice’ and ‘You fascists are the terrorists’.

22 years and seven months of service in the National Court was ended in less than three hours by the CGPJ, the body which oversees the judiciary in Spain. They considered that the move was necessary following the decision of the Supreme Court judge, Luciano Varela, to open the oral case against Garzón.

Many intellectuals and others have already come out in defence of the judge following the news of his suspension, Almudena Grandes, and Pedro Almodóvar for example, who have voiced an increasing unease and lack of confidence in the judicial system. A protest has already been called for 8pm Friday evening outside the National Court, followed by weekly demonstrations in the Puerta del Sol in the centre of Madrid, in solidarity with the victims of the Civil War and

A statement from the Government asked for people to continue to respect the presumption of innocence. The CGPJ are now reported to be considering whether Garzón’s application to accept a post as external advisor in the International Criminal Court in The Hague can proceed or not

Carlos Fabra Failed To Declare 3.6m € To Hacienda The PP President of Castellón has been suspected of fiscal crime for some time

Hacienda technicians have drawn up a report on the assets of the PP President of the Diputación de Castellón, Carlos Fabra, has indicated that he has committed five fiscal crimes between 1999 and 2003. They say he failed to pay 900,000 € owed in tax, and committed another fraud worth 94,000 in 2004. In total his unjustified earnings are 3.6 million. His wife should also have

paid hacienda 1.7 million between 1999 and 2004. Fabra’s claim that he had taken the money out of cash dispensers to pay into other accounts has been dismissed by Hacienda for one simple reason – Cash machines only give 50 € notes, but many of his payments into other accounts were made in 100€, 200 € and 500 € notes. Meanwhile



from the Supreme Court to the Valencia High Court to reopen the case against the PP leader in Valencia, Francisco Camps, who faces charges of passive bribery for accepting gifts in the Gürtel case, is reported to have resulted in splits in the regional party. Several top members are reported by El País to be expressing their concern in private, and the Provincial

President of Alicante, José Joaquín Ripoll, has confirmed he failed to appear at the executive meeting called last Wednesday to support Camps, but said he had an excuse for his absence. Meanwhile the Mayor of Valencia, Rita Barberá, has tried to play down those who have named her as Camps obvious successor.


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Euro Falls To Four-Year Low Against Dollar The euro has fallen to a four-year low against the dollar, after being hit by renewed fears over the strength of the eurozone economy. The euro fell to $1.2237, while one pound was worth 1.1702 euros.

euro have begun falling again.

Despite the huge sums of money pledged in support for eurozone countries, severe austerity measures are needed to cut budget deficits and debt.

Italy Fines Ryanair Over Volcano Ash ‘Failings’

Italy has fined Irish low-cost airline Ryanair 3m euros (£2.5m) for failing to help passengers after cancelling their flights during the volcanic ash crisis.

Italy’s civil aviation authority said it knew of 178 cases of passengers who did not receive mandatory assistance, such as food, between 17 and 22 April.

Ash from Iceland’s Eyjafjallajokull volcano triggered a massive shutdown of European airspace last month. A spokeswoman for Ryanair said the allegation was “complete rubbish”:“Ryanair fully complies with EU [Regulation] 261 and has been complimented by the EU,” she said.


This is affecting the value of the euro as analysts worry the cuts will hold back economic growth in the eurozone.

The ash cloud paralysed many airports and left an estimated eight million tourists and business travellers stranded. Italy’s air agency, Enac, accused Ryanair of failing to provide passengers at Rome’s Ciampino airport with drinks, foods and

John Kyriakopoulos, from the National Australia Bank in Sydney, said: “Concerns that severe fiscal austerity in the eurozone will crush growth in the region continues to weigh (on the euro).”

accommodation as required by European law. Enac found that most other airlines had managed to meet their obligations despite the difficult circumstances. Ryanair initially insisted it would only refund the cost of passengers’ tickets, but later agreed to fully implement European regulations and pay all “reasonable expenses”. Under EU Regulation 261, if a flight is cancelled, those flying with European carriers into or out of the EU have the right to a refund or to be re-routed. If passengers chose the latter, they have the right to care - such as accommodation and meals - while they wait.

US Says BP Move To Curb Oil Leak ‘No Solution’ On F r i d a y, t h e r e w e r e sharp falls in European s t o c k markets, with Spain’s stock market dropping 6.6% and France main share index down 4.6%.

Earlier this month, the European Union and International Monetary Fund agreed a package worth 750bn euros to try to prevent the Greek crisis from spreading to other weak eurozone economies. But despite the initial euphoria that greeted that announcement, fears have returned and shares and the

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The success of a move by oil giant BP to curb a leak in the Gulf of Mexico is “not clear” and the technique provides “no solution”, the US has said.

It was responding to BP’s move to siphon oil from the leaking well head to a tanker on the surface. A government statement said it would not rest until the leak was permanently sealed and the spill cleaned up. BP executive Kent Wells earlier said that the siphoning process was “working extremely well”. This was the third attempt it had made to insert a long narrow tube into the leaking pipe, using underwater robots. It is thought that BP’s 6in-wide (15cm) tube and stopper could capture more than three-quarters of the leak, although a smaller spill nearby also has to be contained.

Mr Wells said on Sunday at the firm’s US headquarters in Houston, Texas, that over the next few days the company planned to slowly increase the amount of oil and gas flowing through the pipe to the tanker. But a joint statement by Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano and Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar said the latest technique was “not a solution to the problem and it is not yet clear how successful it may be”. It added: “We will not rest until BP permanently seals the well head, the spill is cleaned up, and the communities and natural resources of the Gulf Coast are restored and made whole.”

It was the second strong statement to BP by the government officials on the current crisis. Earlier they sent a letter saying they wanted to be sure BP would honour commitments not to limit costs to a US statutory cap of $75m (£50m). BP responded by saying it had already made clear its position on paying damages for the disaster. It said last week the cap was irrelevant and it would settle all legitimate damages claims. “What they are requesting in the letter is absolutely consistent with all our public statements on the matter,” said BP spokesman David Nicholas.

EU Prepares To Vote On New Hedge Fund Rules A key committee of Euro MPs is preparing to vote on a controversial new directive regulating hedge funds and venture capitalists. London-based fund managers have said the proposals will make it impossible for funds based outside the EU to raise money within Europe. The US government has argued those plans are protectionist.

The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, has said in the past that EU plans to regulate the funds could “strangle” London as a financial centre.

The European Parliament’s economics committee is set to vote on the legislation this week, then EU finance ministers will discuss it. The parliament and member states’ governments have equal powers to shape the new regulations.

The legislation seeks to: limit the rewards paid to hedge fund managers; impose new marketing rules on non-EU hedge funds in Europe and on EU hedge funds investing outside of the EU; ban naked short-selling - that is, selling shares that the seller does not yet possess. The legislation also seeks to curb highly-leveraged funds - that is, funds that borrow a high multiple of their capital to increase the size of their investment.

Hedge funds use sophisticated, complex investment strategies to make returns, and often make money when markets are falling. They are more important to the UK than almost anywhere else in Europe. It is estimated that 80% of Europe’s hedge funds are based in London, and about a quarter of the world’s such businesses.

The EC wants new rules to overcome what it sees as gaps and inconsistencies in existing, national regulatory frameworks. It has already delayed one vote - taking it off the agenda at a meeting in March after Britain’s former Prime Minister Gordon Brown persuaded EU officials that more time was needed to reach a consensus.

Britain’s new government wanted to delay the vote, but a report suggests efforts failed.


George Osborne Promises Spending Cuts Plan Next Week Chancellor George Osborne has said the government will announce next week how it plans to make £6bn in spending cuts this year.

thing for the chancellor to give up... I’m deliberately doing this because I don’t think it [the current system] produces good Budgets.” Mr Osborne said Labour’s economic forecasts had mostly been wrong and “almost always in the wrong direction”. The coalition’s changes could “enhance” frontline services, he argued, saying: “In the end this is about value for money.”

There will be significant reductions to the costs of quangos and some Whitehall departments, he said. Mr Osborne also pledged to make it harder for the government to “fiddle the figures” by giving up the job of making economic forecasts. The coalition’s emergency Budget will be on Tuesday 22 June, he added. Mr Osborne, in his first speech since becoming chancellor, said the newly formed independent Office for Budget Responsibility would publish economic and fiscal forecasts, rather than the government. He said these forecasts, the first of which will come out before the Budget, would create a “rod for my back down the line and for future chancellors. That’s the whole point.” Mr Osborne said: “This is an enormous

He also said: “I’m absolutely clear that, alongside reform, we can improve the quality of education that people receive and the healthcare that people receive.”

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Mr Osborne said: “The Treasury’s assessment is that there is a strong economic case for an immediate spending reduction of £6bn. So we are in no doubt that this action is advisable. By tackling wasteful spending now rather than later, we can demonstrate our commitment to tackling the deficit.” The chancellor said he would like his first Budget to be about “handing out goodies”, but the UK had to “live within its means”. Lib Dem David Laws, the chief secretary to the Treasury, said the task ahead was “colossal” and that Labour had left the public finances in an “unacceptable” state. The reductions would amount to about 1% of government spending, he added.

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Ed Miliband Vows To Unite Labour

Pilkington K for Cold Winters

Labour leadership contender Ed Miliband has said he can “unite” the party and win back the voters it has lost.

During an interview on BBC One’s Andrew Marr Show he commented that deciding to take on brother David for the leadership had been one of the hardest decisions of his life.

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The two Milibands are the first and so far only Labour MPs to have thrown their hat into the ring. They have both promised to reconnect the party with voters and move beyond the Blair/Brown era. Ed Miliband refused to be drawn into commenting on why he thought he would make a better leader than his older, and better known, brother. The former energy and climate change secretary told Andrew Marr: “I would try and bring my sense of idealism and values, my sense of empathy and my ability to reach out and understand people’s lives and my ability to unite the party.” Asked whether he was “more human” than his older brother,

he said: “Honestly that’s all rubbish, one thing I’m not going to do in this contest is mischaracterise my brother because I think he’s got an enormous contribution to make to our country.” He said Labour had lost the support of traditional Labour voters on issues such as immigration but had also “lost the voters that Tony Blair attracted to our party in 1997 and I would want to win them back and I would make that a very important part of my leadership”.

The two brothers have pledged to work together regardless of who wins the leadership. David Miliband told the Observer it was time to for the party to move on from the New Labour, saying tensions between Blairites and Brownites were “gone and over”. “Anyone who thinks that the future is about re-creating New Labour is wrong. I think we’ve got to use this period to decisively break with that. What I’m interested in is Next Labour.”

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Storytelling is at the root of every art form: we think in story form, make sense of our world in narrative - from something we’ve seen from last night’s television, to what family and folk stories we remember and retell. Performance storytelling can be a powerful experience, both entertaining and moving. Story is also the traditional medium of communication from generation to generation, a tool for education and therapy. The deaf community carry their stories in the palm of their hands and write them in the air. For visually impaired people, storytelling is a natural accessible medium that stimulates all the senses of the imagination. Stories through history came in all shapes and sizes, myths, legends of all kinds, tall tales, fairy tales, fables, trickster stories, hero stories, ghost tales, teaching stories, oral histories and epic adventures. These stories were told, retold and passed down from father to son, mother to daughter and one generation to another. The

stories increasing came to convey the accumulative wisdom and knowledge of early people, often used to explain significant and often confusing events and disasters in nature such as storms, tidal waves, lightening, and fire. Stories of gods and heroes bound groups of people to a common heritage and beliefs. Tales with a moral help develop

the laws and customs that help control the destructive impulses in humans and develop civilization and societies we know today. In fact, many historians, anthropologists and psychologists suggest that storytelling is one of the many things that define our humanity. Humans are perhaps the only animals that invent and tell stories.


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Spring – Making A Difference

by Jack Brennan

From March until May and occasionally early June in the UK we listen to the weather forecast and impatiently await the arrival of spring. It is a provocative time; some weeks full of promise, only to disappoint when the cool winds sweep in from the north east. I wait for a good day in the garden to potter and make a difference; clear out the winter blues and replace with a well-ordered paradise.

When spring gets under way the garden centres are full of busy lizzies with petunias in great demand. Owing to a misunderstanding I have acquired nearly one hundred tiny stubs of busy lizzies and petunias this year. They arrived very fragile, so all the geraniums nursed through the winter have been removed from the window sills to make room for the new arrivals. Looking out through my conservatory glass doors there is a wonderful display of massed white and gold daffodils - in the words of Wordsworth, “A host of golden daffodils swaying and dancing in the breeze” – just coming to the end of their season, allowing space to pot out the summer crop! So much to do when spring starts! At the bottom of the garden the wooden eighteen foot greenhouse, a fixture for nearly fifty years, has once again withstood the winter winds. Although there is a distinct lean to the right all it requires is a still breeze from the west and a slight adjustment on the guy ropes attached to the apple tree to bring things back to normal. My garden shed at long last has had a clear out. I hope the dustman does not ignore the overweight dustbin! An optimistic weather forecast promised well for the week that lay ahead and on Monday I was determined to make a start in the garden. Following a leisurely breakfast I ventured out, the mind and spirit quite willing but the


Drumming toddler is online hit!

A three-year-old drummer has become an internet sensation after a clip of him playing on YouTube attracted millions of hits. More than 3.7m people have watched Howard Wong’s astonishing performance on the drums. He first displayed his percussion skills aged just 18 months with an accompaniment to Old MacDonald Had A Farm. And now, at the age of just three, Howard is already the centrepiece of his father’s band, wowing audiences with his skills in a series of rock numbers. At one show, Howard can be seen grinning as he produces a showstopping finale. One YouTube fan wrote: “I can hardly believe that this child is so good. Every beat perfectly timed. He certainly found his gift early in life.”

body rather weak. Having placed a chair on the lawn I surveyed the rough ground that badly needed attention but my limbs seemed to say, “Do we really need this?” Then the sun came out, surprisingly warm, and I removed my jumper to take advantage of the warmth. The wife even brought out the sun cream; it’s aroma reminded me of the seaside and I could feel the heat seeping into my bones. I must have dozed off for a while and a tinkle of a tea cup broke the spell. The sun disappeared behind a cloud and a brief flurry of raindrops called for a hasty retreat indoors. At which point the newspaper dropped through the letter box and the postman called and before I knew it the morning had gone. After lunch, determined to show willing, I went out once more but a cool wind and a dark cloud persuaded me to seek shelter in the shed and sort out the garden tools. “Oh, you have made a difference,” said my wife, glancing out of the window when I decided to call it a day. A remark that I considered to be uncalled for!

By Jack Brennan

If you would like to contact Jack Brennan regarding this or any of his articles we’ve featured in Sol Times, please email mrmoose@loodude.fsnet.



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A couple of weeks ago I appealed for information about Benjie Bugs... To recap, Benjie Bugs are beetles, about 2 inches long, with all their legs at the front, and a black elongated body behind. When threatened they give off a blood-like substance and act dead. They seem completely harmless as they go about whatever business Benjie Bugs have. Nobody, however, seemed to know what they were, so Pete took a photo of one, and photo in hand we traipsed down the road to Josè and Matilde. They are the source of all our knowledge of anything to do with the Spanish countryside - for sure they would know what a Benjie Bug was. They did – sort of! After a quick glance at the photo Josè straightened up, scratched his head, sucked in a deep breath and prepared to speak slowly – he knows I can’t keep up with normal speed Spanish. He knew what it was, all right, he just didn’t know the correct name for it. Here in Limaria, he said, it is called a Cura.

£88 + VAT

So Benjie Bugs were still a mystery, even to Josè. We couldn’t leave this conundrum alone; there was research to be done. Was it perhaps a type of beetle unique to Limaria, but unknown elsewhere in Spain? Perhaps we have discovered a new species? Would our names forever be remembered as the people who discovered a previously unknown insect? Would it be named in our honour, and henceforth be known as Scarabaeus Biggsii? Would future generations of enthusiastic entymologists murmur the name with reverence? Excitedly we sought out the website of the Natural History Museum. We would send them our photo, they would know whether this was indeed the new and previously unheard of Scarabaeus Biggsii. The Natural History Museum will be more than happy to tell us whether our beetle is a Benjie Bug or a Scarabaeus Biggsii – if we send them a photo and £88 + vat! Suddenly I went off the idea of being famous for having a beetle named after me. I’ve decided that I’m quite happy with Cura.

By Jos Biggs

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El Rocio P ilgrimage


to recapture the spirit of A pilgrimage of oxcarts and horse-drawn wagons that allows the faithful romería - pilgrimage - in popular most the doubt without is Rocio El . Andalucia’s most famous romería of miracle Nuestra Señora del Rocío, Andalucia, and perhaps in all of Spain. The Romería commemorates the with fertility & magical powers. credited is a statue of the Madonna which was found in El Rocio and

The first romería brotherhoods were established towards the end of the 17th century, and in 1758 the brotherhood of Almonte drew up the beginnings of the set of rules that we know today. According to these rules, the pilgrims must follow the route either on horseback, on foot or by cart, and they must wear flamenco costume dress. They must accompany the Simpecado, the oxcart that houses the Virgen. The different brotherhoods set out from different parts of Spain, especially from Andalucia, and the village somehow finds room for more than a million pilgrims. A Sunday Mass is held for the multitude in El Real, the site of the romería, with offerings and prayers. The festivities continue as the pilgrims of El Rocio form rings, improvise songs or dance to the sound of a small drum, usually helped along by copious quantities of wine. On the Monday, at dawn, the Salto de la Reja takes place. This is the privilege of the brotherhood of Almonte, as they take the

Virgin out of the shrine and parade her through the crowd who acclaim her as Queen of the marshes, and The White Dove.

on to their shoulders. Then, the portable platform is paraded around the whole village, with a stop at most of the houses of the different brotherhoods until midday on Monday. So, the Virgin goes around the village for twelve long hours until she is returned to her altar and the main part of the pilgrimage ends.

Then the proces sion moves to the headquarters of each of the different brotherh o o d s , where the Salve is sung, until the Virgin is finally taken away again and the festivities

The pilgrimage of El Rocío is an instrumental part of the history and natural surroundings of Doñana. It is , by all accounts, a strange marriage between Europe’s largest pilgrimage and one of the world’s most significant national parks, but with seven centuries of shared tradition and legend bring together a pilgrimage brimming with spirituality and warmth.

end. After the Rosary a solemn procession through the village begins and ends at the Hermitage at 2 or 3 a.m. Nuestra Señora del Rocío is paraded before the faithful, early on the Sunday morning. Once the processional banner of the Parent Brotherhood is safe in the Hermitage, the culmination of EI Rocío occurs - the Salto de la Verja or “Leap Over the Railings”. The many young men from Almonte in the Hermitage literally leap over the iron grille railing protecting the altar and hoist the portable platform carrying the image of the Virgin

Celebrate World Turtle Day

Spanish Without Tears Complaints Alguna queja? Any complaints? (alGOOnah KEha)

Quejar means to complain or moan about Someone who is always complaining might be described as a quejón or quejona, if a woman. Refunfuñar is an almost onomatopoeic word for ‘to grumble’, and those that do almost always have a cara de mala leche – a face like sour milk! If you need to make a complaint about a product or service, you need to reclamar. In this case, you may need to ask for the Hoja de Reclamaciones, the complaint book that all establishments are obliged to keep. Una reclamación (a complaint) might be made if something doesn’t work –no funciona – doesn’t function. Trabajo is the sort of work that is Not a question to be asked lightly!



done for money or, unpaid, about the house … in which case you may find yourself

refunfuñando again!

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World Turtle Day is celebrated worldwide on 23rd May. Its main aim is to bring attention to, increase knowledge of & respect for both turtles and tortoises; encouraging human action to help them survive and thrive. For more information GO TO:

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“Shall brothers be for a’that” Robert Burns had books written about it, but it is a competitiveness heavily tinted with good humour and mutual admiration. Not so with the Scots.

There is often a sneering contempt for anything English, and when it comes to football or rugby, then you had better duck, because it is out and out warfare. Perhaps not surprising in view of the one-sided results, but the vehemence and bitterness that spews forth from the fans from north of the border would leave an unbiased observer speechless. And even if the English football team was playing a New Guinea Head Hunters eleven, you can bet your bottom dollar that Hamish and Co will be cheering on the cannibals. If you can’t beat ‘em, eat ‘em! But tell me please, what is that about?

According to census figures I was looking at recently, there are just over 5,000,000 people in Scotland – all but 200,000 or so are native Scots. This got me wondering just how many Scots there are outside of their homeland and throughout the rest of the world. I mean, everywhere you go on the planet you will find the Scots. England is awash with them – they are in every street and every village in the land. They are prominent in the media, business and entertainment, and they dominate British politics in Westminster and thereby every facet of our lives. They are a resourceful and talented people. I envy them. Unlike the English they have a strong sense of identity with the

accent easily identifiable and recognised throughout the world. They have the rousing sound of the pipes; porridge; kilts and tartan; Nessie, and a sheep’s stomach filled with offal that they seem to worship every 25th January, and at every other opportunity throughout the year for that matter. And of course the greatest gift to the civilised world – Scotch whisky. The highlands are stunningly beautiful, and Arbroath Smokies are to die for. Why then do the Scots seem preoccupied with forever slandering the English and generally trying to outdo them whenever and wherever possible and in the most vindictive of ways? There has always been a strong competitiveness between the Australians and the English, and a banter that has

We English, on the other hand, have always supported the home countries in their endeavours against foreign opposition, although I sense that in light of this never-ending hostility, this has begun to change. Now look guys, Culloden was 264 years ago and I’m sorry if Edward Longshanks removed William Wallace’s entrails in public, I truly am, it was very unsporting of him. But you don’t hear us slagging off Mel Gibson for leading the slaughter of our blokes at Stirling Bridge. We don’t keep on about the Scots breaking a treaty and invading England in 1513 in order to support their French pals. And you will never hear us gloating

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Scotland has given the world Alexander Fleming, Robert Louis Stevenson, John Logie Baird and Billy Connolly to name but a very few. But the English have had to put up with the Caledonia MacMafia of Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and Alistair Darling and a host of others. Why is it we get the dregs? Is it all part of the same plot to bring the English down? Okay, we have had to return one recently with a serious design flaw hopefully the first of many politicians - but there seems to be an inexhaustible supply. I will never tire of the sight and sound of the pipes and drums of a regimental marching band, with the inevitable lump in the throat that it gives me. Neither will I turn to Vodka and away from my favoured Cardhu single malt nectar, and I will continue to sing Auld Lang Syne with gusto. But please, why don’t we just draw a line under the past, celebrate our differences and respect each other’s achievements. AKA . . . get a life!

By Colin Bird

Now if this doesn’t get you writing it…send your version of history to Colin c/o

The mug that doubles as a kettle!

Two students have revolutionised tea and coffee making with a new gadget that acts as both a kettle and mug. NOWOPEN EVERY: Monday 10am 1.30pm

about the fact that they got their comeuppance at Flodden, losing King James and 10,000 men in the process. Because Englishmen don’t feel the need to do that. Good result though!

tea. After chatting to them we found out how difficult it was for them to lift a kettle and that’s how it all started.”

Called the Kug, the space-age creation looks like a normal travel mug but comes complete with its own heating element that can boil water in just 90 seconds.

“And after lots of concepts we ended up with this idea. It meant one less object people would have to deal with and it wouldn’t be such a strain on the wrists, hands and fingers.”

Designers Ben Millett, 21, and Alan Harrison, 22, initially developed the Kug as part of a college project. The pair, both students at the National College of Art and Design in Dublin, Ireland, were tasked with creating a gadget that would make life easier for arthritis sufferers.

After two months developing the idea the pair finally had their finished product and the design was so well received that it won the Arthritis Ireland Easy to Use Design Award. The Kug is made up of two cups. The outer cup contains the heating filament and is plugged into a base, powered through mains electricity, while the inner cup contains the liquid.

Mr Millett said: “As part of our research we met people with the condition to talk to them about what kind of problems they encountered on a day-to-day basis. “And when we stopped for lunch we noticed some of the ladies trying to pour a cup of

Mr Millett and Mr Harrison are currently discussing mass producing their ground-breaking gizmo and hope it will appear in shops later this year.

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Be Prepared!

“Half the costs of illness are wasted on conditions that could be prevented,” so says an eminent naturopathic doctor, Dr Joseph Pizzorno. Of course not every illness can be prevented, but take heed of these measures, and maybe you can to ward off any bugs that think you are an easy target! As we age (which is unavoidable) our body’s needs change.

prime importance in our 30’s…

Stress less. In your 30s, you may be coping simultaneously with small children, a career and ageing parents. Learn to calm yourself, and take control of your stress. Learning to relax is not a mystic technique, there are a multitude of self-help books and CDs, as well as professionals who are but a call

away. Use them. Watch your birth control. Have a word with your doctor, especially if you have been using the same oral contraceptive for a period of years. Your body’s hormonal needs change as you reach the thirties, and it may be beneficial to change pills, even if you are experiencing no adverse effects. Of course, if you have any worries, see your doctor immediately.

Get enough calcium. Optimal bone mass is obtained by the age of 30. 80% of osteoporosis sufferers are women. You need to address this now to prevent problems later.

Eat cancer fighting foods such as spinach, carrots, mushrooms, tomatoes, and selenium rich foods such as sunflower seeds and Brazil nuts. Act now, benefit later! Take care of your skin. This is the age when the dreaded wrinkles begin to appear, because the rate of formation of new skin cells begins to slow down. Don’t stint on moisturisers, cleansers, or sun protection creams.

In your fighting 40’s…

Read the label. Your metabolism begins to slow in your 40s – it is at this age that the saying ‘A moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips’ kicks in. Every four grams of carbohydrates is equal to one teaspoon of sugar, and one 20-ounce bottle of fizzy drink equals 17 teaspoons of sugar. More than 60 physical ailments have been associated with excess sugar intake! Check potential cancer spots. Especially your breasts. If you find any changes, or have any worries at all, ask your doctor to arrange a mammogram. Check your skin. Keep a close watch on any moles or

skin discolourations. Changes in size or shape should be brought to the doctor’s attention, even though they may be completely harmless. Always use a SPF factor 15 or more sun cream. Stretch. Learn some yoga stretches to maintain your flexibility. Do them morning and night. A flexible body is less likely to suffer strains or muscle tears. Your menstr ual cycle may begin to change. Periods may be shorter or longer or change in bleeding profile. This is another area where the doctor’s advice can be really helpful.


Eating nuts can lower cholesterol, say experts Eating nuts may help lower cholesterol levels, US research suggests. The review of 25 studies, involving nearly 600 people, showed eating on average 67g of nuts - a small bag - a day reduced cholesterol levels by 7.4%. The US Loma Linda University team believes nuts may help prevent the absorption of cholesterol. UK experts said the research showed nuts were an important part of a healthy diet, but warned against eating nuts covered in sugar or salt. Previous work has indicated eating nuts regularly is beneficial, but the Archives of Internal Medicine study set out to put an accurate figure on the effect. The people involved ate 67g of nuts a day on average, over a period of three to eight weeks. As well as improving cholesterol levels, it also reduced the amount of triglyceride, a type of blood fat that has been linked to heart disease. However, the impact was least pronounced among the overweight. It is not yet clear why nuts have this effect, although one suggestion is that it is down to the plant sterols they contain, which are thought to interfere with cholesterol absorption. Lead researcher Joan Sabate said increasing nut consumption as part of a healthy diet should be recommended. He added: “The effects of nut consumption were dose related, and different types of nuts had similar effects.” Ellen Mason, senior cardiac nurse at the British Heart Foundation, agreed, but she urged people to go for unsalted nuts. “Apart from salted peanuts at the pub, nuts in sugary cereals or the traditional Christmas selection, nuts have been largely lacking in our diets in the UK,” she added. The study was carried out by independent researchers, although it was partly funded by the International Tree Nut Council Nutrition Research and Education Foundation.


IN YOUR FABULOUS 50’S... Don’t mix medicine with alcohol. Did you know that more than 150 medicines are affected by alcohol. Alcohol is not necessary to your life, but your medication may be! Practice your Kegels. Urinary leakage is an unpleasant reality for many women in their 50s. Practice Kegel exercises to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles More about this in a later issue. Check your eyesight. Long-term exposure to ultra violet light increases the risk of macular degeneration. Always wear sunglasses that block UV light. Exercise your brain. It has been proved that

challenging your brain on a daily basis, such as with crossword puzzles or logic puzzles keeps your brain alert and in good shape. Get enough sleep. As we age we sleep less deeply, and insomnia is a common menopausal complaint. Look after your heart. Diet, exercise, relaxation, as well as the ever-quoted alcohol and smoking risks are all present in this category. The symptoms of heart problems vary from those experienced by men, and may include fatigue, sleep disturbances, nausea, neck pain and shortness of breath.

Put a smear of Vaseline inside each nostril to ease the soreness and to capture pollen entering the nasal passages.


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◊ Stress Managment

◊ Naturopathy

Calle Tortola, 4 ◊ Homeopathy Roquetes de Mar Almeria ◊ Bach Flowers ◊ Reflexology

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◊ Nutrition & Diet

◊ Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) ◊ Integrated Energy Therapy ◊ Relaxation &

◊ Yoga ◊ Tai-Chi


Natural health Centre

Your Guide to Buying & Wearing Sunglasses Choosing sunglasses can be difficult given the number of different styles available. Learn which style of sunglasses flatters your face shape, features, and style. Sunglasses are a vital accessory for summer. Not only do they protect your eyes from UV rays, they can be an important part of your look, so it is important to choose sunglasses that are best suited to your face shape, features, and personal style. The following tips will help you choose the best sunglasses for you:

your face shape

The first step is to decide if your face is round, oval, square, or heart-shaped. Take a photo of yourself directly facing the camera and use a piece of tracing paper to outline the edge of your face. What is the shape of the outline? This can sometimes be difficult to determine, but choose the shape that seems to be the most dominant.

Almeria Angels

Decide which styles work best with your face shape.

Making your Life Easier

Tel: 665 017 950

Round Faces: If you have a round face shape, avoid sunglasses with round frames. Look for angular shapes that can help slim a round face.

Do you need an English Nurse or Care at Home?

Oval Faces: Those with oval faces

Almeria Angels are dedicated professional caring agency working in Almanzora Valley providing individual care packages to all our clients within their homes or during hospital stays. Now Home Visits : We visit you in the comfort of your own Carin g in home, this can be on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. the Costa Hospital Visits : We can assist you in any visit Calida you may have to the hospital, pick up service Area! available on request.

have the most options when choosing sunglasses. Almost any style will be flattering, but slightly square frames

often look best.

Square Faces: If your face is square, look for styles that can help soften and angular face. Sunglasses with an oval or round shape are often the most flattering option.

Heart-Shaped: The key to choosing sunglasses for a heart-shaped face is to balance out a wide forehead and narrow chin. Try tortoiseshell or other colorful frames to help draw attention to your eyes.

UV protection

Before you decide on a pair of sunglasses, it is absolutely vital to ensure that your chosen shades have good UV protection. Many eye care professionals believe that exposure to sunlight can contribute to cataracts and other eye disorders, so be sure to check the labels on your sunglasses. If you are unsure of the UV rating, ask your eye doctor to recommend brands with good UV protection. Check for sunglasses with a sticker that reads “Z80.3.” This label indicates that they meet the standards for UV protection established by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).

T h e s e sunglasses s c r e e n anywhere from 60% to 98% of harmful radiation. The American Optometry Association (AOA) also issues a label, which indicates that 99% of all UVA and UVB rays are blocked.

Try something new It’s all too easy to fall into a fashion rut, so try mixing up your style by choosing a pair of fun sunglasses. Some of the latest popular trends include ultra-sized shades and aviator glasses. Stick with a classic style if you’re wary of looking too trendy, but try out a style in a bold or unique color. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different styles, colors, and trends when shopping for sunglasses.

progress update It is all very well to set goals and take action towards them, but a regular review of progress is vital. It provides an opportunity to check that you aren’t forgetting an area that you wanted to work on and also to monitor how well each area of your life is working.

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While I was in Goa I spent some time taking stock and reviewing my life. I asked myself several searching questions based on my reading of the book “Be Happy” by Robert Holden. I wrote out each question and noted my answers in a book, as I know I often suggest that you might like to do – please note that I took my own advice! Nearly three months has passed since then – time to review my notes to see how well I am Sue Courtney is a Personal Success Coach & Stylist, currently writing from Goa. She can be contacted at sue@successandimagecoach. or you check out her website at www.

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currently doing and where I still have work to do. Life being what it is, and my memory being what it is, I found that I had overlooked (or forgotten) some of my planned actions so it proved a very helpful exercise. There are two parts to the review process – 1. Assessing whether your response to the question remains the same. 2. Assessing whether you have taken the actions noted, how successful they have been and whether any new actions now seem appropriate. Give yourself credit for all that you have achieved and note what is still to be done. Frequent reviews enable you to assess which areas of your life are working well and which could use an overhaul. It is a useful way to keep your life on track, celebrate your successes and maintain momentum.



health news... Champagne is good for your heart! Reduce your risk of strokes and heart disease with a few glasses of champagne Food scientists at Reading University have discovered that raising a few glasses of bubbly will lower your chances of suffering some serious ailments. “A couple of glasses a day has a beneficial effect on the walls of blood vessels, which suggests Champagne has the potential to reduce strokes and heart disease,” explains researcher Dr Jeremy Spencer. The study published in the British Journal of Nutrition outlines that chemicals called polyphenols reduce the loss of nitric oxide from the blood, dilating vessels and improving circulation.

Cheers LTH A E H Y L I FA M

The best bit: you don’t have to bust the bank on Bollinger, Dr Spencer sees no reason why Cava won’t offer the same benefits, so you can toast your good health every night!

diabetes PART 1

DNA clue to life at high altitude... The ability of Tibetans to live on the “roof of the world” may be down to their DNA, US researchers say. University of Utah researchers found 10 genes which help Tibetans thrive at heights where others get sick. Two of the genes are linked to haemoglobin - the substance in blood that transports oxygen round the body. Doctors say the research could lead to treatments for severe forms of altitude sickness and other illnesses. Altitude sickness is the name given to ill-effects caused by the body’s struggle to deal with a lack of oxygen at high altitude. It can lead to brain and lung complications, which can threaten even the fittest mountaineers. People native to high altitudes appear to be immune to such effects, through thousands of years of genetic selection. Tibetans have evolved genes that others living at high altitudes - such as in the Andes - have not. Professor Lynn Jorde, of the University of Utah School of Medicine, said: “For the first time, we have genes that explain that adaptation.” The study looked at DNA extracted from blood samples taken from 75 villagers living at 15,000ft (4,500m). The Utah team, in collaboration with the Qinghai University Medical School, China, compared stretches of their genetic code with that of lowland Chinese and Japanese populations. A handful of genes turned up, including 10 unique oxygen-processing genes. Two appear to contribute to lower levels of haemoglobin in the blood, which may help the body fight altitude sickness. Prof Josef Prchal of the University of Utah said the work could help in developing treatments for illnesses that affect people everywhere.

Diabetes is a longterm (chronic) condition caused by too much glucose (sugar) in the blood. In the UK alone, diabetes affects approximately 2.3 million people, and it’s thought there are at least half a million more people who have the condition but are not aware of it.

How does diabetes occur? Normally, the amount of sugar in the blood is controlled by a hormone called insulin, which is produced by the pancreas (a gland behind the stomach). When food is digested and enters your bloodstream, insulin moves any glucose out of the blood and into cells, where it is broken down to produce energy. However, in those with diabetes, the body is unable to break down glucose into energy. This is because there is either not enough insulin to move the glucose, or because the insulin that is there does not work properly. There are two types of diabetes - Type 1 and Type 2. Type 1 diabetes occurs when the body produces no insulin. It is often referred to as insulin-dependent diabetes. It is also sometimes known as juvenile diabetes, or early-onset diabetes, because it usually develops before the age of 40, often in the teenage years. Type 1 diabetes is far less common than type 2 diabetes, which occurs when there is too little insulin produced by the body to work, or when the cells in the body do not react properly to insulin. People with type 1 diabetes make up only 5-15% of all people with diabetes. If you have type 1 diabetes, you will need to take insulin injections for life. You must also make sure that your blood glucose levels stay balanced by eating a healthy diet and carrying out regular blood tests. Type 2 diabetes occurs when not enough insulin is produced by the body for it to function properly, or when the body’s cells do not react to insulin. This is called insulin resistance. Type 2 diabetes is far more common than type 1 diabetes, which occurs when the body does not produce any insulin at all. Around 95% of all people with diabetes have type 2 diabetes. If you have type 2 diabetes, you may be able to control your symptoms simply by eating a healthy diet, and monitoring your blood glucose level. However,

as type 2 diabetes is a progressive condition, you may eventually need to take insulin medication, usually in the form of injections. Type 2 diabetes is often associated with obesity. Obesity-related diabetes is sometimes referred to as maturity onset diabetes because it is more common in older people.

Diabetes in pregnancy During pregnancy, some women have such high levels of glucose in their blood that their body cannot produce enough insulin to absorb it all. This is known as gestational diabetes, and it affects approximately 27% of pregnant women. Pregnancy can also make existing type 1 or type 2 diabetes worse. Gestational diabetes can increase the risk of health problems in an unborn baby, so it is important to keep the levels of glucose in your blood under control. In most cases, gestational diabetes develops in the second half of pregnancy and disappears after the baby is born. However, women who develop gestational diabetes are more likely to develop type 2 diabetes later in life.

Symptoms of diabetes The main symptoms of diabetes are feeling very thirsty, producing excessive amounts of urine, tiredness, and Weight loss and muscle wasting (loss of muscle bulk). Symptoms of type 1 diabetes can develop quickly, over weeks or even days. Other symptoms are itchiness around the vagina or penis or getting thrush regularly, blurred vision (caused by the lens of your eye becoming very dry), cramps, constipation, and skin infections. If you have type 2 diabetes, the symptoms will usually develop over weeks or months. Your symptoms may develop so slowly that you do not realise that you are unwell for some time. Type 2 diabetes may also cause additional symptoms; for example, if you have cuts and sores, they may take longer to heal. It is sometimes possible to develop type 2 diabetes without having any symptoms at all, or only having a few symptoms. However, you will still require treatment to prevent other health problems such as kidney disease, from developing later on.

article by Nicki Wakeman, RGN, DIP H.E in Nursing ~ Almeria Angels call: 665 017 950

He said: “What’s unique about Tibetans is they don’t develop high red blood cells counts. If we can understand this, we can develop therapies for human disease.” Professor Hugh Montgomery is a geneticist and director of the UCL Institute for Human Health and Performance at University College London. He said the study helped in the understanding of how patients with the likes of heart failure and lung disease cope with low oxygen in the blood. He commented: “It’s important clinically because it helps us understand how patients cope with low oxygen levels. There are opportunities here for developing new drug therapies.” He said the work was also important scientifically, by showing how Darwin’s science coupled with modern technology could be used to identify beneficial genes: “It’s a lovely example of Darwinism,” he added

Doctors cause blood pressure to rise... The ‘white-coat’ effect - where blood pressure rises during a check by a doctor - is even worse in someone whose level is already high, researchers say. The effect is due to patients becoming stressed by being in a doctor’s surgery or a hospital. Writing in the British Medical Journal, an Australian team say giving people a cuff to wear for 24 hours is a better way of checking blood pressure. A UK expert said it showed clearly that external factors affected readings. High blood pressure affects about 40% of adults in the UK and is a major risk factor for heart attack, heart failure, kidney disease and stroke. In 2001, 90 million prescriptions for blood pressure lowering drugs were issued by the NHS at a cost of £840 million. The researchers monitored over 8,500 patients who were being assessed at 11 blood pressure clinics around Australia. They compared ambulatory blood pressure measurements with those taken by doctors and nurses and found that there can be a difference of as much as 29 units if a doctor checked it, compared with a rise of 17 units if a nurse took the measurement. The differences also varied depending on the sex and age of the patient. However, the study also found that the closer the patient’s blood pressure to normal levels, the less of a difference between measurements taken by ambulatory monitoring and those taken by a nurse or doctor. Professor Arduino Mangoni, who recently joined the University of Aberdeen from Flinders University in Adelaide, said: “Ambulatory blood pressure monitoring is the tool of choice to correctly diagnose high blood pressure. “Clearly, if you’re going to be treating a person for the rest of their life, you want to get the readings right, and often the reading in the doctor’s office is much higher.” Professor Mangoni said the fact there was a difference between doctors’ readings and ambulatory measurements was already known - but the surprise finding was how big the gap was for those with high blood pressure. He said the team’s findings should be used to help shape new blood pressure monitoring guidelines.


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“Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude.” Thomas Jefferson


the other side of the coin

Apparently, a third of the population still feels uncomfortable at gays holding hands or kissing in the street. A sizeable percentage therefore, who according to current thinking, are ignorant and homophobic. It’s such a serious problem that ITV felt duty bound to screen ‘Afraid To Be Gay’, where hidden cameras were used to elicit the real feelings of members of the general public towards to gay community. The objective of the programme, it was stated, was to find out the truth about our attitudes to homosexuality, and to explore the reason for a recent rise in homophobic attacks, with Gareth Thomas, the Welsh rugby star, enlisted to conduct the interviews. Two things immediately struck me about this programme. Firstly, the fact that hidden cameras were deemed necessary, suggests that people are frightened to state their opinions openly, and therefore begs the question why? I am not including the mindless morons with the intellect of rhubarb and brains the size of sultanas here, but the ordinary man and woman in the street. Your typical average citizen.

There are strong parallels with the racist issue here. Prior to the recent election campaign in the UK, people had become almost as frightened of being labelled racist by the politically correct nazis, as their very real fears of the dangers of unbridled immigration itself. The main political parties were not listening, so, many turned to those that were, hence the rise in BNP support and their breakthrough in local politics, and the fact that they now have two MEP’s. As soon as commenced, issue into the expedient for

the general election campaign public demand forced the open, and it became politically Cameron and Brown to make

certain assurances. Ipso facto, support for the BNP melted away like snow in Nairobi, and they did not come close to winning even one seat. Which brings me neatly on to the other thing that hit me. Why were ordinary people’s attitudes towards gays used in the same context as the violent, sometimes fatal attacks perpetrated by psychopaths? The inference was that if you have an objection to gays, then it is a natural progression to go out and indulge in a bit of ‘queer bashing’ as part of a normal evening out. This is like making a programme about dangerous dogs, and suggesting that all dogs, from chihuahuas to spaniels, will maim and kill humans given half a chance. It’s nonsense.

I have a great respect for Gareth Thomas. Here was a man at the top of his game in a sport that is the epitome of all things macho, and to have the courage to announce to the world that he is gay, is admirable. We must remember though that having been married for four years, Gareth is not the only victim here. It seems to me that this is yet another example of the politically correct establishment making dangerous pronouncements. Whilst there is a lunatic minority who will verbally and physically abuse gays, most people who genuinely feel that homosexuality is wrong do so through a strong belief based on faith, and the teachings of their religion. But even without that religious element in place, everyone has the right to accept or reject homosexuality if that’s what their conscience dictates, and as long as this does not impair the lives of gay people in any way – either socially or professionally - that right should be defended not condemned. Theirs is an opinion not a phobia! So, as with the BNP situation, there is a very real danger of a backlash here if the thought police are allowed to have their way. Tolerance is a two-way thoroughfare, and those that have been discriminated against, should know this better than most.



Mr DIgItal

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Spanish Business Update ...The Spanish Stock Market fell back into negative territory to end the week, in what was poor day’s trading across Europe. The IBEX 35 closed down 6.64%, losing the 9,400 level at 9,314.7, and with bank shares leading the way south. Banco Popular shares lost nearly 9% on the day, Santander the same, BBVA nearly 8%. Meanwhile the Euro is down to 1.24 against the $, and gold has reached another high. It’s all over fears of another fall into recession. ...In an interview in the Financial Times, Spain’s Minister for Tax and the Economy, Elena Salgado, said it was important for Spain to generate confidence in the markets. She admitted to the paper that it was difficult to differ with the unions regarding the austerity plan, but said that the Government had no option. Meanwhile Angela Merkel has said that Europe faces its biggest challenge since the fall of communism. ...Spain’s debt to the European Central Bank grew by 10% in April and now stands at 74.6 billion, still 7.3 billion below the high seen last October. ...The Government’s hopes to pass the new austerity plan for the country, cutting civil servants wages by 5% and freezing pensions, today, have been dashed because ‘of the technical complexity of the content of the decree’. The plans had been drawn up at breakneck speed and it was hoped they would be approved in cabinet today, but now that approval will not be given until Friday next week, after which the measures are expected to be approved immediately by Royal Decree. ...It has now been made clear that the 5% wage cut does not affect workers who are employed by public companies, such as RENFE, AENA, CORREOS and RTVE. Deputy Prime Minister, María Teresa Fernández de la Vega, clarified that in such companies only management would see the 5% reduction. ...Catalan party CiU has warned that it will not support the pensions freeze proposed for next year by the Government. However the Catalan nationalists have said they don’t see a vote of confidence in Zapartero valid at this time. ...The IPC Consumer Price Index in Spain rose by 1.1% in April from the data released today by the INE National Statistics Institute. It takes the annual rate to 1.5%. It’s the highest annual level of inflation since December 2008. The biggest contributors to the increase were clothing and footwear, up 9.5%, transport up 1.5% and housing up 0.7%. Underlying inflation, which excludes food and energy prices, fell by three tenths to -0.1% in April, taking it into negative territory for the first time since August 1986 when the index was first introduced. ...The Reyal Urbis real estate company has managed to refinance its debt which had risen to 4.6 billion. The company avoided bankruptcy by signing an agreement with 50 banks, granting them some assets in exchange for the restructuring of the debt. ...Iberia airlines estimate that the Icelandic volcano has cost the company 17 million €, with the disruption caused in April. The airline had to house more than 6,000 passengers in hotels, contract coaches and taxis to get 5,000 clients to their destinations and change the reservations for 40,000 people. In the first quarter the company reduced its losses by 44% to 52 million € thanks to a program of cost cutting and a 5.2% reduction in the number of the workforce.




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Is There Really Love At 10 Downing Street?

Market Commentary 13th May 2010 David Cameron finally entered Downing Street on Tuesday night after days of behind the scenes deal making. Mr Clegg has secured the deputy prime minister post and several other prominent cabinet positions for his team including a business/banking role for Vince Cable. Changes to the voting system were also part of the deal, and can be seen as the major issue conceded by the Conservatives in forming the alliance. Quite how this full coalition will work out after the honeymoon period is far from clear and may explain Sterling’s slightly muted reaction thus far. The markets now wait to see details on the immediate reduction of the Government deficit. The Sterling rally may not last long if the new Government cannot decide on the swift policy responses that the market thinks is required. The new PM’s main priority is to reduce the size of the £163billion budget deficit, starting with £6 billion of cuts this year. This plan was publicly endorsed by Bank of England Governor Mervyn King yesterday, who spent the morning discussing the plan with the Chancellor of Exchequer, George Osborne. An unusual move by King to make political alliances with a party but indicates the Governor’s concerns over the economy as opposed to politics. King’s Quarterly Inflation Report projected that inflation will remain above target for the rest of the year, March figures we upwardly revised to 3.4%. Also in the UK unemployment for the three months ending in March stood at 8.00%, the highest level since 1994. Unemployment

increased by 53,000 to 2.51 million according to the office for National Statistics. After the bounce on Monday from the EU/IMF rescue package, the Euro is now trading lower as the details of the deal are digested. The general impression we now have is that although the size of the deal is unprecedented, the further you get into the details, the less impressive it seems. It does not seem to address the root problem – namely that Eurozone countries need to deliver drastic spending cuts. The rescue package may just be pushing the problem further down the line. Another point to consider is that €750 bln may not go that far if a country like Spain were to get into real trouble – which would then almost certainly drag Italy & Portugal down as well, and the cupboard would be well and truly bare. So the outlook remains gloomy in the Eurozone with the Spanish PM announcing a 5% reduction in public sector pay. The comments were relatively ignored by the markets as investors are waiting to see the reaction of the latest austerity measures to hit one of the Pigs (Portugal Ireland Greece Spain). The contents of this report are for information purposes only. It is not intended as a recommendation to trade or a solicitation for funds. Currencies Direct cannot be held responsible for any loss or damages arising from any action taken following consideration of this information. Information provided by Currencies Direct, leading providers of foreign exchange. Call to find out how we can help you get the best rates and save your transfer fees. Contact the Mojácar office on 950 478 914 or 0871 218 5001 from the UK or email


Summer Time…


There’s nothing like summer to get people excited about summer outdoor decorating. One of the wonderful things about summer weather is that it lets you expand your living space without a costly home renovation or addition. In many cases, you don’t have to do much decorating at all; all you really have to do is sweep off the terrace and move a comfortable chair outside. Others of you may want to create a room outside, and the newest products for outdoor living can help you do that at a minimal cost.

..and, they say, the living is easy! It’s time to enjoy the wonderful weather and beauty of nature. Comfortable outdoor furniture is a must, but doesn’t have to be expensive. Two lounging chairs and a table with four chairs for eating will really make your outdoor space comfortable. Many products are available in a wide range of prices and come ready-to-assemble. Make a modest investment in cast aluminium or wrought iron pieces that will last longer. More substantial furniture pieces made of teak, redwood, or the new, less-expensive eucalyptus will give you many years of service if treated properly. Wicker furniture looks wonderful and classic outdoors, but does not wear well in the elements. Cushions must be brought in from the rain and the wicker will deteriorate in the hot sun and humidity if not cared for properly. A glass- or porcelain-topped table will hold up well throughout the season. Top it with an umbrella to keep the sun off. You may want to look at a fade-proof umbrella. Some new umbrellas are enhanced with solarpowered LED lights strung up the inside on the spine; they give a wonderful light for 8 hours after dark and are easy to maintain. To enhance your outdoor space, flowers and plants are a must! Classic terracotta pots can be put anywhere to create a border around your outdoor space and with the choice of style and colour available here in Spain, there’s no excuse!

So, what are you waiting for? Enjoy the outdoors in your new-found outdoor living space!

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These official statistics are good news for both buyers and sellers and for the property market as a whole. If you are selling a property the key to achieving your objective is being realistic about what your asking price is going to be. It is imperative that you follow the advice of a reputable estate agent who is abreast with the property market at the present and is willing to tell you the truth i.e. that your property may not be worth what you think it is. In my view, an agent that has your interests at heart will quickly make it clear to you if your desired asking price is unachievable and advise you on how to better your chances to sell and move on.

The example below ref. 1470 is a very good example of a vendor meaning business. We have been instructed to market their 2 bed / 2 bath south facing Villa with an 8x4 private swimming pool on a walled private plot of 400 mts² on the 1st phase of Agua Nueva in Turre within a short walk to the village and 5 minutes drive to Mojácar Playa. Asking price: 169,950 Euros. Opportunities such as this do not come everyday and we expect this Villa to sell very quickly. If this property or any other on our portfolio attracts your interest, do not leave it for tomorrow, make it a priority and call us today to arrange a viewing appointment!

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E 1/2 PRIC

At Veritas Homes we are already getting more enquiries and viewings and therefore we have a real need for more well priced properties of all types and areas but more so in Mojácar Playa. Our message to both sellers and buyers remains unchanged: The outlook is good, the climate is great and at Veritas Homes we want to help you buy or sell in Spain and to give you something to smile about. So, when the temptation is to wallow in doom and gloom, to moan about the weather or the economy, or anything else that is upsetting you; remember that you, only you, can make it happen.

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By the time this article goes to print hopefully the saga following the hung parliament would have been sorted and we have a coalition government that will, hopefully, provide some stability and help the battered pound to regain the ground that many English buyers are waiting for. I am in no doubt though that English buyers will soon realize that they will only be able to capitalize on the current property market in Spain if they act quickly.


sale sale sale sale

Find us at: Avenida de Almeria, No. 76, Local 2, Turre, Almeria Next to The Fundraiser

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The surge in the property market that we have been experiencing lately and I have been reporting on is finally being felt across the country. The numbers just released for March 2010 confirm the upwards trend. In March 2009 we saw an increase of 9% in the number of properties sold compared with the same month last year. According to the National Institute of Statistics in March alone there were 37,561 properties changing hands. The cumulative increase for first two months of the year stands at 9.7% in relation to the same period of 2009. We expect this trend to continue.

My advice to buyers, really, has to be to “take the plunge” because if you don’t somebody else will! We are beginning to see clients losing their dream property simply because they have not moved quickly enough. The perception of non urgency that many would be buyers have developed in the last couple of years is now a fallacy!

(aluminium wood or pvc in a wide range of colours)

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It is no longer an opinion but a fact as official data shows that the property market is on the up again! By André dos Santos


New One Stop PRICE €219.000

Ref: 189

CABRERA • Magnificent 2 beds, 2 baths detached home • On a beautiful Moorish style community • With the use of a pool and sun terraces • Lounge/dining room with an open fire place • Well fitted kitchen with range of cupboards • A back door goes into a walled courtyard • Large sun terrace with stunning views. • Private parking area under a covered pergola.

BARGAIN €75.000

PRICE €239.950

Nr LUBRIN • Lovingly restored 4/5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, • 210m2 built country house in a tranquil setting. • Located on a 16,000 m2 plot in semi-rural position • The property can be characterized by elegance throughout. • Lounge with original fireplace, separate dining room • Full under-floor heating. The roof and walls are fully insulated • Massive terrace in the ground floor and another at top floor. • Its own well as well as being connected to the mains water

Ref: 161

CUEVAS • 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms large apartment, • 97m built approximately plus a terrace • Good size lounge/diner with open country views • Fully fitted large kitchen, marble top & larder • Sold fully furnished & equipped as seen • Close to all amenities & 10 minutes to the beach • Comes with private underground parking

Ref: 147

REDUCED €110.000

Ref: 027

MOJACAR • • • • • • • •

Brand new 2 Apartments in small community 2 double bedrooms, 1 family bathroom Small terrace with beautiful sea view Complex with communal swimming pool Fully fitted kitchen with white goods 500 meters to all amenities & beach. Private Garage available if necessary For sale 20k under construction price

Tel: 950 473 040 Fax: 950 472 412

Paseo del Mediterraneo 131, Mojacar Playa 04638, Almeria OPEN TO OFFER €269.000

Ref: 145

PRICE €399.000

Ref: 146



• Delightful detached villa of 180m built • There are 3 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms • The property boasts a very spacious lounge • Lounge has a log burner, sets on 5,400m plot • Has a large pol 8x4 with open mountain views. • Large fully fitted amble kitchen + white goods • 3 large storage area/garage/ work shop.

• Enormous farmhouse measuring 210 m2 • With a guest house measuring 80 m2 • 5,230 m2 flat plot with spectacular 360 view • It boost 6 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms • 2 X Lounge /diner, fitted kitchen, • Landscaped pool with beach features • private drive way, totally fenced & gated • Various terraces with open mountain views

PRICE NOW €139.000

Ref: 144

PRICE NOW €139.000

Ref: 157



• Luxury 2 Bedrooms, 2 Baths Apartment • Sun terrace 39m with fantastic sea view • Sold fully furnished & totally equipped • Private locked garage of 18m for storage • Good size kitchen fully fitted with white goods • All the property fitted with A/C (hot & cold) • Beautiful communal pool & garden • Price before reduction 199.000€

• Fully renovated semidetached country property • 5 beds, 3 baths, 2 lounge, 2 kitchens, dining room • En-suite master bedroom with door to terrace • 4,000m of land with 10x5 half finished pool • There is a 34,500€ mortgage can be transferred • Beautiful large drive way to park 5/6 cars.

Property of the week MOJACAR - Ref: 134 price: €109.000

• Luxury large furnished Penthouse of 50M • 1 double bedroom + wardrobes & 1 bathroom • Large Terrace of 39m with open sea & mountain views • Fully-fitted & equipped kitchen with all white goods • Sold fully furnished & fully A/C (hot & cold) • Private locked garage of 18M for extra storage • 2 communal pools, south facing and sunny PRICE NOW €175.000


MOJACAR PLAYA • Half finished detached villa on 1,500m plot • 3 beds, 2 baths, lounge, kitchens • Possible to extend double the current size • Located in a cul-de-sac with fantastic sea view • Space for a large pool, garage or drive way


Ref: 174

MOJACAR BEACH • Busy modern Restaurant /Bar for Lease • Newly decorated, fitted to high standard • Sets 60 persons in and out, fully fitted • 2 Bathrooms & large lounge area • With beautiful sea view & sunny terrace • In a quiet busy area of Mojacar Playa. • Lease for 9,500€, income of 50k a year


Ref: 003


Ref: 416


Ref: 367




• Busy modern Restaurant /Bar for rent • Newly decorated, fitted to high standard • Sets 90 persons in and out, fully fitted • 2 Bathrooms & large lounge area • With beautiful sea view & sunny terrace • Front line In a quiet busy tourist area • No lease hold to pay to start trading

• Busy modern Café/Bar for lease hold • Newly decorated, fitted to high standard • Sets 60 persons in and out, serving snacks • 2 Bathrooms & lounge area + sky TV • With beautiful sea view & sunny area • In a quiet busy tourist area • Suitable as a start up business

• Large Bar/Restaurant for sale or rental • On the ground floor lounge of 60m • Top floor terrace & bar area of 60m • Large bathroom & clock room • Fully fitted, & has small store room • In a quiet busy tourist area of the village • Rent with option to buy if required.

PRICE NOW €249.000

Ref: 438

RENTAL PRICE €1,500PCM Ref: 261


Ref: 437




• Free hold Very busy well known Restaurant /Bar • Decorated & fitted to a very high standard • Sets 90 persons in and out, with fully fitted kitchen • 2 Bathrooms & large lounge + winter fireplace • With beautiful sunny terrace, mountain views 360 • Over 400 client list to hand to the new buyer • Come with an apartment for living accommodation

• First line beach well known French Bar

• Busy modern Restaurant /Bar for Lease • Newly decorated, fitted to high standard • Sets 75 persons in and out, fully fitted • 2 Bathrooms & large lounge area • 100m inside plus outside sunny terrace • Near to supermarket Mircadona of Carboneras. • Lease hold to be negotiated with the owner

• For lease hold, inner space of around 200m • Plus outside terrace seating area of 60m • 2 X Bathrooms & a Extra large store room • Good size kitchen and beautiful Bar area • Located in 4* hotel quiet busy with tourist



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! o c s e r F l A One of the pleasures of long summer days is being able to entertain friends in the garden. For a seamless transition from indoors to out choose a toning colour scheme for a harmonious feel. Take inspiration from the colours of the room leading to the garden, choosing furniture and accessories in complementary shades for your outdoor entertaining space.



ol s old s old s d sol

We have clients waiting for realistically priced properties! We urgently require a 3 bed villa or detached & fully reformed character house with additional guest annexe up to 160,000€ for a cash buyer.

Calida Homes subscribe to over 20 major search engines which means potentially millions of buyers will see your home 24 hours a day.

Dining Set up an alfresco kitchen where food can be prepared within easy reach of the table and you don’t have to leave the party to prepare nibbles!

Lighten Up The sparkle of outdoor lights wrapped around a metal chandelier will make every evening in your garden feel like a party. If an electric plug isn’t handy, try a wroughtiron chandelier that holds pillar candles.

Add Comfort A generous helping of scatter pillows will instantly make a seating area look and feel inviting.

Make It Portable Assembling and dismantling an outdoor room is easy if you stash rugs, pillows, candles, and other necessities in an old trunk or basket; it can also double as a coffee table or a place to put up your feet.

Set the Mood Recycle everyday containers to create ambience outdoors. Jars filled with candles can be quickly turned into hurricane lanterns.

Room With a View Place a table in just the right spot and you’ll be amazed at how often you use it. Depending on which part of your garden is looking best you can relocate your dining area to take advantage of the landscape.

Set the Scene A homemade canopy becomes a striking backdrop and helps define the outdoor room (see below for a guide to making one). Offering much-needed shade during the day too, try draping floral fabrics or crisp duck cloth to keep summer breezes at bay.

Take a Seat Folding chairs are a natural choice to pair with a movable dining table because they’re easy to transport. Add plenty of cushions (matching or not) for everyone at your table. Look out for faded floral and soft stripe designs at sales and markets.

Creating a Canopy

tel:950 430 763 Andrea Mob: 697 875 717 or email us at:

What You Need... 10 yds/9m of 60in/ 150cm wide muslin 4 x Umbrella stands 6 x sturdy eight-foottall bamboo poles Sisal or garden twine 6 x spring clamps

How to Do It... Place two poles on the ground seven feet apart. Take a third pole and place it across the poles six inches from the top. Using sisal or garden twine, lash the poles together where they meet to create a frame. Repeat the process with the other three poles to create a second frame. Place two umbrella stands at each end of the table and insert the frames into them. Loosely drape muslin over the crossbar of each frame and secure the fabric with spring clamps — one at each corner and one in the centre of each crossbar. To allow more light into your dining area, use clothespins to fold away excess fabric.

Mojacar Office 950 473 102


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Frankie’s Garden Garden Frankie’s

QUESTION: What is the very big cactus growing wild which has the very tall flower spikes? I think you are referring to the wild Agaves which are very common around here. Agaves are not strictly speaking cactus but a succulent. Originally from America the most common is the Agave Americana and is a grey-green colour. Almost as common is the variegated Agave Americana Marginata, similar to the grey-green one but with a distinctive yellow stripe down each side of the spiky leaves.

Given the right conditions they will grow to a spectacular 4 metres across and 2 metres tall.

All Agaves have one thing in common and that is the lethal spiked ends to the leaves and the vicious needles along each side.

At one time Agaves were thought to flower once in 100 years and then die and had the nickname ‘Century Plant’. In fact, they will flower when mature after about 10 years. The parent will then die but will be replaced by the many clusters of smaller plantlets at its base. The flowers will grow at approximately 1 foot per day to a staggering height of up to 33 feet!

Agaves are drought tolerant and easy to grow but not advisable in any garden with young children or anywhere with limited space.

Many old homes here in Spain have the dried stalk of the Agave flowers incorporated into their ceilings as beams; Wood is an expensive

swimming pools

pool sureste sl made with “Gunite” FREE Dolphin & Seal Mosiac Design on base of pool. Ask for details.


l sh & SIZES apes eg.

8.500 €

8m.X 4m. pool Repairs Terraces Pool Covers

968 461 404 - 630 810 299 E-mail:

• Scandinavian stress-graded, kiln dried C16/C24 timber – ideal for joinery and / or construction. Available in any length up to 6.0m (20ft). • Pressure treated timber • Wood stain available in various colours & Teak Oil. • Timber can be re-sawn and or cross-cut to customer’s requirements. • Also available OSB, MDF and Exterior Plywood in various Delivery sizes from 3mm up to 25mm thickness. Now • Round Poles – up to 3.66m x 85 diameter. Available • Tongue and groove boards.Whitewood up to 5.4m long. • Decking Boards – 145 x 28 x 4.2/5.4m. Redwood, kiln dried & treated. Dual profile. Decking screws – 63mm also available. NEW IN • Plasterboard – 2400 x 1200 x 12.5.Thistle Plaster and 52cc Chain plasterboard screws. saws 119€ • Trellis fencing and panels made to order. • Now in stock - Laminated Beams 140x140 & 200x200 up to 12m long

ish MultiFin plaster


boards plaster


GRAHAM - 606 156 151

PAUL - 661 147 689

Opening hours: Mon to Fri 9.30am -2pm then 3.30pm - 6pm Saturday & out of hours contact Paul’s mobile El Poligono Industrial, 60,Velez Rubio. Exit at junction 108. Tel/Fax: 950 614 050 Out of Hours: 661 147 689 All major credit cards accepted

and s c a rce commodity here and the Agave flowers were a cheap alternative growing in abundance in the campo. Historically, the Aztecs manufactured a form of paper from the pulpy leaves and they were further refined to make cloth. The heart could be boiled and used as food for both man and animal and the sweet liquid extracted and used in other culinary dishes instead of sugar. When dried the dead leaves could be used as fuel. These days the most important use of the Agave is in the manufacture of Tequila! Mature plants are roasted, the sap extracted and allowed to ferment. This process has been carried out for centuries in South America and is now legally regulated! The Mexican Government passed laws in 1994 to limit production to 6 areas around the town of Oaxaca where over 100 million plants are farmed on legal plantations. Many Mexicans continue to make their own tequila as they believe the current production and storage methods have destroyed the taste and flavour of the original drink. Perhaps we could start our own little bootleg business here in this corner of Spain?

Ask Frankie your ‘gardening questions’ by emailing

PAWS A WHILE PET HOTEL • A home from home friendly atmosphere. • A full menu to suit all requirements. • Pet suites. • 24/7 Veterinary care. • Pets play area • Very secure surroundings with ample space & shade. • Yours or your pets portrait available.

OPEN EVERYDAY: 10am - 12pm & 5pm - 6.30pm

ENGLISH & SPANISH SPEAKING Telephone for prices & details of vaccinations required for stay.

DEAN: 696 562 662 Fines, Nr Albox


Climate change threatens lizard population Climate change could wipe out 20% of all lizard species on the planet by 2080, a process that could be slowed down if we reduced CO2 emissions, but not stopped altogether. According to a new study published in “Science” journal, even if steps are being taken to reduce the emission of polluting gases, it is “inevitable” that 6% lizard species will be extinct by the year 2050. These are two of the main conclusions of the study, presented yesterday in Madrid, which was headed up by Barry Sinervo, a researcher at the University of California in Santa Cruz, and among others, Ignacio De la Riva, from the National Museum of Natural History. The study explicitly states that viviparous lizards are at particular risk of compared with the more common oviparous ones. According to forecasts, between 1,300 of the 5,100 known species of lizards extinct within 70 years.

could be

The authors have indicated that for many lizards climate of “life or death” and acknowledged that the data collected and devastating”, although “there is hope” for lizards in action is taken now. The research began with the observation that certain lizard (Zootoca vivipara) of France had died, as well as a species of lizard (of the genus Sceloporus) in Mexico, they had disappeared from 12% of the 200 even though their habitat

change is a matter is “disappointing the world if global populations of bog study of 48 different which revealed that locations sampled, remained intact.

These findings led Sinervo to develop an artificial lizard with microchips, capable of replicating the body temperature of a lizard lying in the sun. His team placed these thermal models in sunny areas for four months, both in areas where lizards where still living and others where the lizard population had died. He evaluated the number of hours per day the reptiles would be forced to take shelter from the sun and found that in places where the lizard population had died out, lizards would not have had time to eat or reproduce, because high temperatures w ou ld force them to spend most of the time sheltering from the heat. From this first study, the team developed a mathematical model of extinction risk, which showed the climatic and physiological variables related to thermoregulation of reptiles. They then gathered dara from the largest possible number of sites and species, to produce global predictions. In total, they collected data from 1,216 lizard populations covering 587 species in 34 families of lizards, and concluded that Madagascar could be one of the areas most affected by the impact of global change, with 21 percent of lizard populations extinct. According to Ignacio De la Riva, the loss of diversity of lizards “will have huge consequences for the entire food chain, as these reptiles are frequent prey of many predators,” and added that there was an urgent need to “implement measures such as limiting deforestation and protecting mountain areas”. In Spain, he said, climate change will change the distribution of several species of lizards typically found on the peninsula, “putting them at risk in many cases.”

Concert for dogs at Sydney Oper a House

Sydney Opera House will be transformed into the world’s most iconic kennel - when it stages a concert for dogs. The one off concert will feature music in such a high pitch that only dogs will be able to hear it. The 20-minute outdoor show will take place on the worldfamous building’s northern foyer. The experimental concert, to be held on June 5, is part of the

upcoming Vivid Live music festival at the Opera House from May 27. Local dog owner Renee Russell said she would definitely be bringing her spaniel Ollie along to enjoy the show. “I’m definitely going, I want to see how he’ll react,” she said. “It’s getting harder to find places you can take dogs so it’s nice they are putting on an event for them.”

Pests can be a big problem in the garden and cause a lot of damage to our much loved plants. However, not all of the insects in your garden are undesir able. There are many, such as predatory beetles, mantids, and par asitic wasps, which are valuable allies to gardeners. Care should be taken not to har m or discour age these helpful creatures when we do battle with our garden pests. Plant selection to attract an onslaught in your region, because something else, unless


Prob l e m Pe st s Having a few unwanted guests in the garden is a good thing if it ensures that you also have a healthy resident population of beneficial insects. It is much better - and infinitely more achievable - to maintain a healthy balance in the garden than it is to create a situation in which populations of insects swing from one extreme to the other. The first, best, and most obvious way of controlling pests is to incorporate pest control into normal, everyday garden maintenance. This means tailoring what you do in the garden to making it as inhospitable to pests as possible, while giving the plants in your garden every opportunity to flourish. Tidiness - Many insect pests spend at least a part of their life cycles in leaf litter and garden debris. By keeping your garden tidy and not allowing leaves and such to accumulate around your plants, it is possible to deny many insects the opportunity to reproduce. Pruning - Pruning shrubs to remove dead or diseased branches and improve air flow will greatly improve the overall health of the plants and assist them in combating pests, many of which are chemically attracted to plants in distress. The routine removal of older branches also serves to reduce egg masses and places of natural cover. This is particularly effective during winter pruning, when pupae and egg masses are relatively easy to spot. Simply put, this means not planting the things that are likely of pests. If there is a high incidence of a particular pest of the climate or other factors, it makes sense to plant you are willing to commit to a long-term battle.

Companion planting - It is plants in your garden to the insects don’t like. Many nasturtiums amongst their

often possible to offset the attractiveness of certain insects by interplanting them with other things that vegetable gardeners, for example, plant marigolds or crops in order to discourage pests.

Chemical Controls

The use of chemical pesticides is a contentious issue. It is also one that is strictly governed by laws, which may vary from place to place. Chemical pesticides are important tools which can be a very effective means of controlling insects. But it should be remembered that they are all toxic to humans to some degree, and many have residual effects on the environment that are only beginning to be understood. In general terms, it is always best to avoid the use of pesticides whenever an alternative solution is available. Be extremely cautious about when and how chemicals are applied. Wind and rain can carry chemicals with unhappy consequences, but so can calm, sunny weather. Chemicals can drift as a vapour in warm weather, and cause damage to nearby plants. Never apply pesticides when children and pets are about; and follow the manufacturer’s recommendations regarding a safe re-entry interval. Always store pesticides in a dry place with good ventilation, preferably to the outside - a shed, for example. Keep them under lock and key, out of the reach of children and pets too. Many insects are capable of developing immunities to pesticides, particularly the relatively benign products available to home gardeners. To make this more of a challenge for them, it is a good strategy to rotate two or three products with dissimilar chemical compositions.

P&D METALS TEL: 638 707 406



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Free Packing • Tailor made service • Storage • Free Packing • Tailor made service • Storage

Haven’t got a clue about moving...


STANDARD CROSSWORD CLUES Down 1 Has a sting in the tail (8) 2 Navigational instrument (7) 3 Era (5) 4 Protagonist (9) 5 Elucidate (9) 6 Reddish brown (5) 8 Ecclesiastical council (5) 11 Do away with (7) 12 Clapping (8) 14 First appearance (5)

ACROSS 1 Animal seen in sort of music show (8) 5 Element of vehicle and element of skeleton, nearly (6) 9 Almost defer southeastern uncertainty (8) 10 Russian physiologist with a forty-five in Post Office vault, at first (6) 12 Catapult outside of quiet vessel that’s glittering (9) 13 Armed operation? It’s only imaginary (5) 14 Turn to swallow stopper (4) 16 Dawn chorus finally inures change (7) 19 A cold figure standing less chance of survival after 16? (7) 21 One of two (or more) contesting groups is subsidiary (4) 24 Puts up with swellings (5) 25 Religious code of ceremonies follows spin, mostly (9) 27 Make a mistake inside hill, causing extreme fear (6) 28 Awfully hot demos freed from obstructions (8) 29 Lower sword back into empty drawer (6) 30 Half of gifts certain to show constraining force (8) Down 1 Maintain persistently in relative quiet, at the end (6) 2 Most of dish might appal (6) 3 Charlie to smell stream (5) 4 Trying out the heartless weapon of some plants and animals (7) 6 Gave up China’s last group with one head of department (9)

7 Slug in news report (8) 8 Somehow move with Bernie - that is, disappearing for a month (8) 11 Matures for a long time (4) 15 One following fruit with saint’s rock (9) 17 Detached after time in parties - I turned up (8) 18 Come without Mercedes to interchange of merchandise on a large scale (8) 20 Where eggs may be found at a place of residence (4) 21 Mrs Wei drunkenly caught Malaysia’s first athlete (7) 22 Silence shown by hospitals around America (4) 23 Shanghai’s leader has shelf for vehicle (6) 26 In armchair on social clubs (5)









Sudoku is a placement puzzle. Enter the numbers 1 to 9 in each row and column of a grid, made up of 3 x 3 subgrids. The catch is that each row, column and grid must contain only one instance of each number or letter.

ACROSS 2 Ambit (5) 4 Musical instrument (9) 6 Singing voice (7) 7 Assists (5) 9 Makes good use of (8) 10 Borderline (8) 13 Performed (5) 15 Schemed (7) 16 Insurrection (9) 17 Very difficult (5)

Contact: Global Removals on: 966 789 522



entertainment news... entertainment news... Clarkson Ordered To Reopen Footpath

Jeremy Clarkson has been ordered to reopen a footpath near his home after a public inquiry. The Top Gear presenter diverted a path away from his Langness peninsula lighthouse holiday home on the Isle Of Man, which sparked complaints from local ramblers groups. Clarkson claimed that there had never been any right of way across the land, but the inquiry inspector Roy Hickey has argued that there is “strong and persuasive evidence”

that the public should be allowed to use the paths. ted that it was Rushen MHKs Juan Watterson, Quintin Gill and Phil Gawne commen of the more some of a “victory for common sense”: “While not condoning the actions on the impose or wildlife distress militant campaigners who used dogs to deliberately sense n commo for victory a was this that feel did privacy of the landowners, the MHKs nt. stateme joint a in said and people power,” they problems for her Clarkson’s wife Frances Cain has complained that the path caused family with unwanted attention from walkers. my children, with She said: “This is the place that I brought my family, my husband and ces.” experien horrible such had we’ve such a happy heart, and ruling. The TV presenter and his family have 28 days to appeal against the

Sinitta: ‘Cowell Probably Won’t Marry’

Simon Cowell’s ex-girlfriend Sinitta has reportedly admitted that she does not expect the music mogul to go ahead with his wedding plans. The X Factor judge announced in March that he is engaged to marry make-up artist Mezhgan Hussainy, who he met on the set ofAmerican Idol. However, Sinitta is quoted as saying: “I really don’t know if he will go through with it. If he is really true to himself, he probably won’t... He always said he never wanted to get married.

He surprised us all.”

According to sources, Sinitta’s doubts are shared by a number of Cowell’s other friends, with one insider claiming that he is “overwhelmed by the whole marriage thing” and “hates everyone talking about it”. However, another source insisted: “They make a great couple and Simon’s intentions are totally genuine.” A spokeswoman for Cowell said: “We do not comment on Simon’s private life.”

Alex Reid ‘To Work As Fitness Expert’

Alex Reid is planning to reinvent himself as a Mr Motivator-style fitness guru, a report has claimed. The cage fighter is rethinking his career prospects after failing to secure television and movie roles as he had hoped. A source commented: “If there is one thing Alex knows about, it’s how to look after your body, you only need to look at him to see that. “His time in the Celebrit y Big Brother house really showed people what he is made of and he needs to exploit that.” Reid recently hinted at a fitness expert role by revealing that he would consider releasing a workout DVD with wife Katie Price. He said: “I’d love that, it’d be great.” Mr Motivator - real name Derrick Evans - was a regular on GMTV in the ‘90s and made a brief return to the breakfast programme last year.

Joan Collins To Appear In Panto! Joan Collins has signed up to make her pantomime debut in Birmingham. The 76-year-old Dynasty legend is to play the role of Queen Rat in a production of Dick Whittington at the city’s Hippodrome venue this Christmas. and Clary Julian Comedian Coronation Street star Nigel Havers have also been cast in the play, along with ventriloquist Keith Harris and his famous puppet Orville the Duck. Speaking of the signings, Hippodrome chief executive Stuart Griffiths said: “It’s very exciting to confirm such a star-studded pantomime cast. Birmingham audiences really love their pantos and this is a real coup for the city - the news will be greeted with huge anticipation.” run until Dick Whittington will launch at the theatre on December 18 and January 11, 2011


Number one broadband internet provider in the area from 17€ for a 256kbps connection per month plus IVA (Tax) = 19.72€ HOLIDAY RELIEF BROADBAND PACKAGES AVAILABLE Select and pay for 6 months of your choice

To include: Phone, Installation English landline Spanish landline AIR CONDITIONING Supplied & Fitted

SATELLITE SPECIALIST • Air Conditioning supplied fitted and maintained • S pecialist in broadband internet via Wi-fi and Wi-fi related products • Specialist in satellite systems for TV and Internet • Reverse osmosis water filters



For just 20€ per month inc. All Sky Sports Requires broadband internet

FIND US ON 107.5 FM ENJOY FM Powered by Terms & Conditions Apply

Tel Martin: 678 813 505


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Est: 1873

John Oxley

4th Generation Family British Butcher Formally of GB Stores, Albox.



Monday to Friday 9am - 4pm Saturday 9am - 3pm Sunday 10am - 2pm



Card payments available.

Just round the corner from The Peper Tree.





TEL: 690 152 974 or 669 308 010 ì




All Football Rugby and Gaa shown on big screen

Saturday 29th May


Karaoke & Party Night


with DJ Steve King!

Guinness on draught

SPICY CHORIZO & CHILLI SALAD 1 (160g) bag mixed salad leaves 450g/1lb baby new potatoes, halved 150g/5oz chorizo sausage, sliced 1 red onion, chopped 1 green chilli, deseeded and sliced 30ml/2 tbsp balsamic vinegar pinch of caster sugar salt and freshly ground black pepper

Open: Mon to Fri 6pm till late Sat & Sun 2pm till late

For more information:


to Hotel Indalo



697 224 283





Pasao del Mediterraneo 113 Mojaca Playa


1 (130g) bag crisp mixed salad leaves Cook the potatoes in boiling salted water for 10150g/5oz brown rice 15mins or until tender. Drain, rinse in cold water and leave to cool. Heat a non-stick frying pan 2 sticks celery, sliced add the chorizo and sauté for 3mins or until the ½ red onion, chopped sausage is golden. Remove the pan from the heat, 1 (195g) can sweetcorn lift out the sausages with a slotted spoon. Return kernels, drained the pan to the heat add the onion and chilli and 1 (250g) can red sauté for 2 mins. Add the balsamic and sugar and kidney beans, drained sizzle for 30 seconds. Remove from the heat and 1 (195g) can tuna in season to taste. Empty the salad leaves in a large brine, drained bowl, add the potatoes, chorizo, onion and chilli For the dressing: mix and toss well. Serve with crusty bread. 45ml/3 tbsp olive oil ; juice of 1 lime; 2.5ml/½ tsp caster sugar; 45ml/3 tbsp chopped fresh coriander; and salt and freshly ground black pepper


Cook the rice in boiling salted water for 20mins or according to pack instructions. Whilst this cooks, mix all the dressing ingredients together with a fork and season to taste. Drain the rice in a sieve, rinse until cold under cold water. Drain again and empty into a bowl. Add the dressing, celery, onion, sweetcorn, kidney beans, tuna and salad leaves and toss to mix.


1 red onion, sliced 150g/ 5oz large mushrooms, sliced 150g/ 5oz baby plum tomatoes 1 clove garlic, unpeeled 2 tsp olive oil plus brushing 2 (120g) sirloin steaks, trimmed 225g/8oz baby new potatoes 1 (150g) bag salad leaves For the dressing: 1 tbsp olive oil 1 tbsp red wine vinegar ½ tsp caster sugar salt and freshly ground black pepper


to La Parata



ith sean gr! ew live music w day & sunday night every satur

…don’t just think lettuce, tomato & cucumber…



Avenida Guillerho, Reyna, 53 Loca Z 04600 Huercal Overa.





Preheat the oven to 220C/Fan 200C/450F/Gas Mark 7. Place the onion, mushrooms and tomatoes in a roasting tin, add the garlic and olive oil and toss well. Roast for 20 mins or until tender and lightly charred. Remove from the oven. Meanwhile, heat a griddle pan until

really hot. Season the steaks on both sides and lightly brush with a little oil. Cook the steak on the griddle for 8-10 mins turning once until the steak is cooked to your liking. Transfer to a plate to rest for 3 mins, before slicing. To make the dressing, slip the roasted garlic from the papery skin and crush to a paste with the edge of a knife. Place in a bowl, add the oil, vinegar and sugar and seasoning to taste. Whisk together until smooth. To serve, empty the salad leaves into a large bowl, add the roasted vegetables and dressing and toss together. Divide the vegetables between two plates and top with the sliced steak. Serve straight away. Cooks tip: For those with a healthier appetite, try boiled new potatoes, which can be tossed whole into the mix.



FOOD & DRINK... FOOD & DRINK... Bar Restaurant Ingredients 250g smoked salmon, finely sliced 250g crème fraîche 25g caviar 1 bunch fresh chives, finely chopped black pepper 1 tbsp olive oil 1 lemon, sliced into wedges freshly ground black pepper, to serve For blinis: 300ml milk 1 bay leaf 1 tsp dried yeast 50g plain flour, sifted a pinch of sugar 4 egg whites 2 tbsp sunflower oil


what is a blini? A Russian type of pancake, traditionally made from buckwheat flour and served with caviar. They make a great party dish served with soured cream and smoked salmon. Make batches of them as they freeze well.

First make the blinis. Gently heat the milk with the bay leaf in a saucepan. Add the dried yeast to a large mixing bowl. Add the sifted flour to the yeast. Slowly whisk the warm milk into the yeast mixture, discarding the bay leaf, making a smooth thick batter. Mix in the sugar. Whisk the egg whites until soft peaks form. Using a metal spoon, gently fold the beaten egg white into the dough. Leave the batter to rest for at least 10 minutes. Heat a heavy non-stick frying pan. Lightly coat with oil. Drop tablespoons of the blini batter into the pan, spacing well apart. Cook until bubbles appear on the surface of the blinis. Turn the blinis over gently using a palette knife or spatula and cook on the other side for a further 2 minutes. Transfer the cooked blinis to a large flat serving plate. Repeat the process until all the batter has been used to make blinis. Bring the smoked salmon to room temperature, which brings out its flavour. Cut the smoked salmon into squares roughly the size of the blinis. Mix together the crème fraiche, chopped chives, olive oil and a pinch of salt. Using a teaspoon place a small dollop of crème fraiche onto each blini. Top with a piece of smoked salmon and follow with another dollop of crème fraiche. When all the blinis have been topped in this way use the handle of a teaspoon to add a small amount of caviar to the top of each blini. Serve the blinis with lemon wedges and black pepper.


LA PARATA Menu del dia 10€ for 3 courses

Menu del noche

12€ for 3 courses Sunday Lunch served as normal

Contact us for details on our future events.

on Closed for a wedding Friday 21st May normal. Otherwise services as

La Parata Total Entertainment and Emporium

For Reservations please call 950 478 186


Mojacar Playa

Red Cross

Bar la Union

FRIDAY IS Fish & Chips (Cod or Haddock) from 5€ plus live entertainment 9pm

entertainment every friday 9pm

May 21st - Brian Dee “70’s, 80’s, Elvis” 28th - Tony Justice “Rat Pack Tribute” June 5th - Sabrina Lloyd “60’s to modern day” 11th - Brian Dee “70’s, 80’s, Elvis” 18th - Chris Keen “70’s, 80’s”

Live WORLD CUP football England & Spain matches on the big screen

Sunday Lunch

12pm - 4pm & 6pm - 7pm from €6.50 inc free glass of wine pp Beef/ Lamb/Chicken/Pork

Saturday night QUIZ at 8pm followed by

Mo t o w n d i s c o


Monday 24th May 100€ JACKPOT

Avda Andalucia 41, La Alfoquia - Zurgena

Tel: 950 634 533

under new management

PROPRIETOR: Terry Jackson • CHEF: Julia Golding • MAITRE ‘D: Janine Maloney

19th may 10am - late

under new management

Swimming Pool NOW OPEN with Poolside Snack Menus


Kimrick kimrick correos farmacia red cross

Approx 300 metres

The Stunning New Look Restaurant

mojacar playa

Telephone: 950 475 198

A La Carte & Private Functions

Free WIFI ‘Password Protected’ Air-Conditioning Restaurant non-smoking

10€ 12€


Kitchen Open: Wednesday to Monday 12pm - 4pm & 7pm - 11pm Closed on Tuesdays


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Happy 2nd Birthday

j d te t e u o silh here comes the sun...

friday 28th may 9pm

sands bar, mojacar playa

beach party

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5th June from 9.30pm



Mojacar Playa

Sol Times Newspaper Group


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Mojacar Playa


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the event of the summer ! DJ Silhouette in conjunction with Mojaca

Living Water Church Mojacar Coffee Morning

Venue: Koi Cafe opposite Parque Commercial, Every Thursday 10:30am to 12pm - A great oppotunity to meet new friends and enjoy a relaxing informal time. Cost: 1.50€ for coffee and doughnuts Phone: Dave or Pam 950618814 Check out our church website:

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India Violet Cornwell Lots of Love XXXX


Cave Bar Mojacar Playa

Bar Stop Tur re


Mojacar Playa




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n Blue Lagoo Mojacar Playa

Dance the night away this Summer in style ! Watch this space for event dates…

Fancy dress nights… drinks offers… and the party NO-ONE wants to miss this Summer

Call Claire on 677 993 717 for more information

Come along and learn to Rock’n’Roll With Trev & Suzie MONDAY: The White Horse, El Cucador TUESDAY: Bar Rumores, Albox FRIDAY: The Piano Bar, Turre Starts at 7:30pm ONLY 3€ per person A Great Way To Keep Fit & Have FUN! For more information call 689 892 745

Congratulations To Marie & Paco on the birth of their 1st son. Dani. 6th May - 6lbs 4oz lots of love from Grandma Loraine, Bryan, Auntie Hannah & Annie xxx

Congratulations Bryan and Emi on the arrival of baby Carla love Fred & Kath xxxxx WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU!!! email your local events to EDITOR@SOLTIMES.COM

Happy 18th Birthday for the 23rd May Big Bro! Lots and lots of love Trinity xxxxx


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syedpur are pleased to announce their


all you can eat buffet every thursday

market day special tuesdays & wednesdays daily special main meal

only 5€ call for more details


10% off all takeaways limited period only

Tel: 950 120 606


EVERY Wednesday

Pitch Only 2€ Wonderful drive from Albox to Taberno then 5km further on to a fabulous Bar & Restaurant, from Tapas to Menu Del Dia - excellent value! Outdoor swimming pool makes for a great day out. Moving soon to restaurant area.

Lots of stalls and bargains to be had

Open to stall holders from 8am onwards Open to the public from 9am - 2pm Situated on the Huercal Overa/Taberno road at the junction of Los Llanos & Santopetar crossroads. For further information contact Julie on

646 675 297

APSA Charity May Fayre

The Etticut Creative Hair Show

CELEBRATING 3 years of creativity through hair and raising funds for the Vera Orphanage. Saturday 22nd May 2010 at 7pm A dazzling showcase of dance from Los Andes, live music by Menta & Canuela & inspiration as the artistic hair team translates the theme: Party In 2010. Taste the multi course Gala buffet from the renowned Casa del la Vega.

Tickets can be booked through or ring:

667 971 960

Quiz Night - Every Thursday Evening oléas

Arb At the Kubatin (under Hostal Meson), itting! perm Starts 8pm ~ In or out, weather es! priz in Entr y 1.50€ - all money back

- Sunday 30th May 11am to 6pm Plaza Mayor in Albox

Sophia’s Walk For Life 2010 Update

Supported by the Mayor, we are planning fashion shows, live music, stalls, crafts, medieval stocks, dancing displays, games, treasure hunt - something for everyone! If you can donate any plants, bottles and cakes take them to the APSA shop in Calle Ancha, Albox. Please ring 616 175 291 or 663 762 642 for further details

We Are Nearly There! We are only 200€ away from 5000€ Friday 28th May – 5pm – Tombola We want your unwanted birthday or Christmas gifts… Any homemade jams, pickles or marmalades… Any homemade cakes or pies… Every item will have a raffle ticket number so everyone is a winner! Please bring your items by 26th Ma y (Fresh produce on the morning of the event) HELP US REACH OUR TARGET!

Congratulations to Emi and Bryan on the birth of their baby daughter Carla Rosemary, Greg, Ben, Nick, Emma and Fliss xxxxxxxxx

It’s that time of year again!!


(Fundraising in Arboleas Caring for Everyone) Annual “Family Fun Day” is coming soon!!

Sunday 27th June 12-6pm by the Nave, next to Arboleas swimming pool. As always we need you help so can we please have tombola prizes, bric-a-brac, books, plants, homemade goods i.e. jams, marmalade, chutney....and lots of cakes!! You can drop these off at the following drop off points: Essentials, Arboleas; Sophia’s Gym, Arboleas; Choice Entertainment, Huercal Overa; Mo’s Bar, Alfoquia; Rumores, Albox Thanks to everyone for your continued support! The hard working gang at FACE

FASHION SHOW At Los Pastores Restaurant, Cabrera

PLUS LIVE MUSIC FROM ARRIBA ARRIBA Sunday 23rd May 2010 from 3.30 pm Tickets are 10€ per person (Proceeds going to the Cabrera Fiesta Fund) You will be greeted with Cava, Canapés and Live music on arrival! The Fashion Show will commence at 4.30 pm with Fashion by Donna. Besides the catwalk performances along with accessories for women of all ages, there will be hair design by Lou Lou’s of Turre, Beauty demos by Sharon of Sol Passion and Cosmetics by Isabellas Comestic boutiques. Also there will be Raffle prizes, beauty treatments, make overs, and stalls. Plus Free entry for tickets holders for VIP MAKE OVER...You can then enjoy some fine dining at Los Pastores Restaurant (Menu of the day 15€) whilst listening to Live Music by Arriba Arriba. Tickets available from Margaret 950 982 550, Robert 950 982 555, Mo 950 982 528 & Donna 677 542 931

Happy 18th Birthday Cameron!! Sunday 23rd May Lots of love from Mom, Dad and Matthew xxx

Copa Primavera 2010

El Naranjo in the final against La Finca

One nil down to 3 – 2 up that’s how Naranjo won the cup! Congratulations Boys!!




...remember to say you saw it in the SOL TIMES


SOL CLASSIFIEDS for sale White UPVC windows 130 wide x 122 deep open inwards x 3 150€ for the 3, or will split. Tel 659089658 or 950390964 (Ref:239) Job lot of ladies cosmetics, lip stick, lip/eye liner, eye shadow nail polish etc over 100 items (suit car booter) 50€ Tel 659089658 or 950390964 (ref;239) Gas Fridge / Freezer – Butsir. vgc. 3 years old. 200€ Tel: 667 080 996 (ref:239) 3.5kva Honda Generator. Petrol. Good working order. Recently serviced. 200€ Tel: 667 080 996 (ref:239) Portable Air Con Unit 30€ 950 475455 Mob: 661016366 Sun Lounger 5 Positions Colour Yellow Brand New Never Been Out Of Box 50€ Ring 950 475455 Mob: 661016366 Computer Desk Light Oak Excellent Condition 75€ Ring 950 475475455 Mobile 661016366 Portable Air Con Unit 30€ 950 475455 Mob: 661016366 Quad Bike Small Luggage Box Brand New 45€ Ring 950 475455 Mob 661016366 Computer system complete with Monitor, Keyboard, Scanner, HP Colour Printer. All in VGC with many programmes 130€ Tel:950 461500 Asssorted Golf Clubs c/w bag & electric trolley & batteries 100€ Tel:950 461500 Ironing Table €8 Tel:950 461500 2 Bedside C a b i n e t s rosewood veneer in good condition 25€ the pair. Tel: 663 440 259 (ref238) Electric Hob for sale, as new, Balay Touch Control 4 burner, cost new 425€, bargain 100€ tel 950 439 214 Sky Box €60, Sky+ Box €65, Sky HD Box €175, recording requires a valid matching card Tel: 652 073 581. Interior doors toclear size: 198 x 76 pine wood or white moulded 50€ each. Tel:699 483 438(Oria) 6ft by 3ft pool table, cues & balls. Excellent condition. 100€ Tel: 670 595 932 Toledo mitre saw 205mm cut. 35€ Tel: 670 595 932 Challenge bench drill 13mm chuck. 60€ Tel: 670 595 932 Texecom 8 zone house alarm. 60€ Tel: 670 595 932

E l e c t r o n i c house safe keypad. 25€ Tel: 670 595 932 Golf clubs new, bag, balls & tees. 100€ Tel: 670 595 932 HP camera 5mp. Bag, lead etc. 50€ Tel: 670 595 932 Caterpillar crosstrainers goretex.5 uk.30€ Tel: 670 595 932


with cover & steps, 4/5 varying jets & internal lights, 2 1/2 years old, all guarantees in force. Cost new 5,500€, reluctant sale 3,500€ or near offer Tel: 950 479 628

wanted Fridge freezer ½ x ½ Tel: 950 461500 Rescue Toy Yorkie Wanted for a kind loving home Tel 950 439 017 We buy quality used furniture and white goods to furnish our own rental apartments. Tel: 965 720 817 or 966 723 437

Rotary blade, petrol lawnmower TEL: 681 167 837 Small neat 4 seater hot tub. Must be in good working order & mint condition. Sensibly priced cash customer Call Roger Tel 950 970 434 (ref:236) Small neat 4 Dog Cages or crates all sizes needed Tel 950163489 AA Auctions want all of your unwanted items! Call: 600 007 175 or 950 064 576


Want all of your unwanted items! Call

MD AirConditioning & Refrigeration S.L. Sales, service, installation, fully certified & legal. Tel: 950 432 110 or 607 364 917 md_ aircon@mobileemail. v o d a f o n e . e s

Alternative Energy Solar & wind power Best equipment C&G qualified 15 years experience, electrical work and pool heating. Call Phil on 636 261 240 www. Carlos (Saliente) plumbing & heating services. If it involves water, we can help! w w w.carlossaliente. com Tel: 968 969 962


Supplies & Workshops

Specialising in Card Making, Scrapbooking & Paper Crafts

Tele: (0034) 950 39 12 26

Quality air-conditioning & electric boilers supplied & fitted 6 years experience Call Lee on

670 595 932

For Hire - All types of building work - References Available. Call: Kevin 610 926 833

Summer’s coming

Any small building jobs including Patio’s, Brickwork, Rendering, Custom Made & Fitted Rejas and more...

Neil Bates Builder

City & Guilds Qualified

All aspects of building work

Tel: 950 137 621 or 639 435 141


Competitive Prices






600 007 175 950 064 576


Call Justin at Sol Shaders for a free no obligation quote Tel: 627 907 207 Email:

Barry Welsh

For all your Carpentry needs Specialists in Kitchens Pergolas & fitted wardrobes. All work guarenteed & all areas covered Tel: 663 709 810


At Location Auctions, Antas El real Ind. Est. Every 2 weeks. Next auction Wed 21st April. Starts Tel: 950 067 943 5pm. Viewing Mon/ or 676 389 592 Tues and all day Wed. House clerances speciality. Tel: 667 Ross Regan We cover all aspects of 698 795 work from total reforms, new builds, interiors, craft & hobby exteriors design & build Call for a free no obligation quote 671 Elaine’s Wools 843 155 / 646 234 222 quality UK wool & accessories. Also KP Smith available at Camposol, C o n s t r u c t i o n Mazarron & Huercal Building Services. Overa. Call: 667 273 all building work 889 elaineswools@ p r o f e s s i o n a l l y undertaken. Tel: 634 960 115 Craft

H.S.H Turre bedlinen specialists. Fitted percale sheets 6€,8€,10€! Pillowcases from 1.99€, Pillows from 4.50€, High quality duvet covers-single 14.99€, Double 19.99€, King 24.99€. 500gsm: towels hand 5€, bath 10€, sheet 16€ Choice of 10 colours in stock now. Duvets, Curtains, accountancy Mattress Protectors, Cushions, etc, etc. We SR Accountancy have the best variety at offers Completion of the best prices! Tel 950 Non-Resident Tax 479 487. returns, Renewals of Residencia, European blindS Health Cards and Registering of E121 etc. For more information, Internal & External call 685 248 999 Blinds. Call Justin at or email sharon@ Sol Shaders for a free no obligation quote on 627 907 207

air conditioning


to place your BY PHONE call: Lynn or Paulette 950 430 820 By EMAIL: advertisment.... By PERSON: Avda 28 Febrero, 54, Albox

number one broadband internet provider in the area from 17€ for a 256 kbps connection per month call 678 813 505

car boots Boot sale at El Rancho, Taberno. Every Wednesday, pitch only 2€ lots of stalls and bargains, for more information call Julie 646 675 297



MINI digger

Andrew Morrison All electrical work undertaken. Boletin available. Tel: 627 250 204 Knowles & Abbott no.1 for electrics and plumbing. Re-wires, free to air UK satellite systems. Tel: 950 137 208 or 638 010 691

Mini Digger and Driver Hire. Tel: 610 345 725

for hire

cleaning Specialists in: Upholstery Rugs Kitchen Cleans and all high level and inaccessable areas Call Now

635 113 172

cheap calls

Calls to all european landlines for 1.4c per minute? call 678 813 505


Steve Hayes Informatica Pc’s, Laptops, Printers etc. Sales & Repairs on-site callout / tuition. Consumables Tel: 950 120 900 DON ROBINSON

Professional Baby Equipment Hire. FREE delivery & collection.

For Hire. Up to 5 ton loads with driver. Tel: 619 070 839


Potty finca Services

All types of Tree work undertaken. Also hedge cutting and heavy duty strimming.

I come to you


electro-os s.l. damp proofing English / Spanish 15 years in Spain

Tel: 958 656 560 or 619 666 363 or Email: DRESSMAKING

Bespoke curtains, alterations, repairs, gazebo covers & W i l d w o o d mosquito nets. Tel: 649 Bespoke Joinery 503 875 – High quality made to measure carpentry enclosures & joinery. Reliable & professional service at competitive prices. Avoid disappointment, call James on: 950 067 011 or 685 955 ENCLOSURE 768 james@wildwood. SPECIALISTS com www.wildwood. GLASS SCREENS es

ALKEMI SALON Chair for rent in busy hair Salon. Stylist wanted Min 5 years experience. Send CV to Tel Diana 663 397 789 HAIRDRESSER


La aLfoquia SPECIAL OFFER every Thurs & Sat Cut & Blowdry 15€

OPEN: Tues - Sat 10am - 5pm TEL:687 312 193



to advertise Telephone: 950 430 820

Multi-skilled handyman Requires work

Over 30 years experience. Anything considered, driving, painting, property repairs etc.

Call Dave: 950 064 342 Mobile: 617 621 729

health/Beauty FM


Come and see us on the quality fragrances at Albox road for a free no affordable prices.To obligation quote find a distributor in

Call 677 114 576 or 950 135 564

Using quality materials. This fast, friendly, clean and efficient service will never be beaten on price. No payment until complete satisfaction.

TEL IAN: 617 904 774

691 987 454


Carlos (Saliente) plumbing & heating services. If it involves water, Everything for the we can help! www. visiting baby. Car c ar l o s s a li e nte.c o m seats, high chairs, stair Tel: 968 969 962 gates, cots etc. Tel 950 HORSE RIDING 436 581 or 666 375 688 expectingbaby@ Rancho Luz Del Sol, Retamar, Bouncy Castle For Partaloa. One to one Hire 50€ per day Tel: or group lessons, latest EN standard 686 923 578 hats provided. TIPPER HIRE Escorted hacking and Tommy’s Tipper treks. Qualified BHS Instructor. Call Erika Wagon Drew on 678 838 547

your area call Karen on 627 635 514


Herbal alternative to Viagra, Cialis, Kamagra etc. Guaranteed to work. No chemicals or side effects. funinthesun1950@

Phone Ken: 634 336 024

Tel: 629 483 618 Sensual, tender insurance woman (30) with sexy curved body spoils you daily on her private, descreet finca near Albox. Enjoy the different services in luxury rooms, in the Jacuzzi or outdoor at the pool. Tel: 669 101 316 Sexy German beauty, busty and shaved, enjoys to please ironworks you with arousing massages and more. Real Steel for all Affordable rates. Call quality metal work, 676 565 128

locksmith Lock, Stock and Barrel, Fully qualified locksmith. Change any lock, upgrade, break-in or lockout. 24 hour service. No call out charge. Tel Dave: 608 673 086 Phil the Pick Locksmith 24 hours. Locked Out? Locks fitted/upgraded house safes. Arboleas & surrounding area. Special weekend rates. Tel: 697 243 181

afternoon, dog training courses. Twice weekly obedience classes, Tuesday & Thursday mornings. Call: 639 722 197 Puppy Rescue if you would like to help in any way, phone us on: 950 431 435 or 667 623 254. www. puppyrescueinspain. com


Pretty Woman, sensual and tender, spoils you daily discreet in her private home. Tel: 676 565 128 Male Masseur HOuse painter – Men ONLY Relaxing & affordable. Tel: 676 House painted 902 388 outside villa to include Attractive couple minor repairs plus 10 (m42/f29) offers rejas. Quality product. exclusive erotic services Ref available. 648 898 for women, men and 719 or 677 577 190 couples. Also house europaintersspain@ and hotel visits possible.

rejas, gates etc, and chain link fencing. Call: 689 524 024 or visit P&D Metals All aspects of metal work undertaken. Specialists in Ornamental Gates, Rejas. Tel: 638 707 406 The Metalworks -Grills, railings, gates of all types, security/sliding/roller, rejas, concertina doors etc. Made to measure. Tel: Keith Wood on 600 438 436

Home: 649 333 226 Mobile: 650 211 952

Experienced Interior Animal Hotel – & Exterior Decorator Aquilas, every Saturday

Tel: 649 332 134

Tel: 950 163 930 Mob: 616 855 294


Avon Cosmetics Sun creams now available Buy 3 & get a free pair of glasses. To place an order or request a brochure contact Claire

PC hardware & software specialist. Unbiased advise on purchases Installation, help and training. Diagnosis & Repair 15€ an hour min charge 1 hour + parts Comp TIAA+certified Tel: 646 587 746 E:


WOODHOUSE BOARDING KENNELS & CATTERY ARBOLEAS Small friendly kennels, 24hr vets service, pet transporting arranged, welcome to view Tel: Tracy

pets Lornas Mobile Dog Grooming Service Tel:667 722 225 KareClif Cattery – short or long-term stays – call Clive on 950 449 588 or 677 791 165 or visit www. k a r e c l i f c a t t e r y. c o m Palomino Kennels – exclusive boarding kennels / cattery. Warm, friendly secure countryside environment. Call 619 306 870 or 950 067 051 www.palominokennels. com


0044 7533 285 918

parking AAParking & storage Almeria Murcia Alicante Tel: 639 081 067

plumbing Carlos (Saliente) plumbing & heating services. If it involves water, we can help! w w w.c ar lossaliente. com Tel: 968 969 962 A&E Taylor – Gas boiler & Plumbing repairs. Tel: 618 062 080 Knowles & Abbott no.1 for plumbing and electrics. CH, solar hot water and water deposits. Tel 950 137 197 or 606 807 797

post service C.A.T. Services Postal pick-up and Parcel safe in La Alfoquia – call Karen on 627 635 514



removals House Clearance Man with a van

Going back to the UK? We will sell your second hand goods!

Tel: 692 285 129 ABBOTTS


Regular runs to and from Spain – UK – France – Ireland Full and part loads Collections and deliveries within Spain Phone for best service & price Tel: (0034) 689 886 042 or 628 856 554 E: W:

James & Son



DIGITAL SATELLITE TV & AERIAL SERVICES UK Free to Air Satellite system fully installed from 295 euros BBC, ITV, CH4, CH5, radio etc. New white SkyFreesat cards 70 euros. Freesat HD and Sky HD systems Spanish TDT servicing & installations Call 636710559 for details


Floor / Wall tiling rendering and garden services. Carpentry, joinery & Tel 647 379 795 building refurbishment specialist. Tel: translation 627 907 207 C.A.T. Services storage Translations at very reasonable prices, Caravan & boat confidential and reliable storage & sales, Antas call 627 635 514 Tel: 661 508 776


stonemason sits vac

WE WANT YOU! A1 Sky Enthusiastic and Television committed sales Systems people wanted to work

Restoration/ Rebuild of Historic Buildings, Fincas, Cortijos, Stone Carvings, Design, New Build, Walling, Paving. 20 years experience. Tel: 652 294 131

Swimming pools on commission only basis, must have own Tropicana Pools Removals / Storage transport, if you can Construction & Repairs. close a deal and have a Tel: 661 508 776 UK, France & Spain desire to work for an Pet Transportation tiling established company. Sky Digi Box, Call 965 720 817 or PACE with blue sky Floor and 616 493 487 card BBC1, 2, 3, 4, Satellite TV installations, alignment of dishes etc. Also broadband & Internet via Satellite Tel Dave: 628 607 778

651 519 307 SATELLITES


ITV1, 2, 3. Ch4 & 5. 79€ Can deliver. Tel: PART-TIME 667 235 205 or 657 478 771. CARER/CLEANER Skystars – satellite Vera area i n s t a l l a t i o n s , Must have own transport to relocation & take elderly lady shopping alignment of dishes, etc 2 days per week & all areas covered. some general cleaning Tel: Paul 687 042 335 required.Vera resident to advertise preferred. Tel: 950

430 820

Tel: 687 905 761

Wall Tiling Specialist

Blue automatic - 1993

MOT end June, good little runner

1050€ ono

Tel: 609 199 394 or 647 379 878

swimming pools

Floor & Wall Tiling Specialist Not a jack of all trades, just a master of one! Call Steve Holman: 697 678 708

CLEAN & CLEAR Complete pool maintenance, professional reliable service Take advantage of our unbeaten Summer offer.



TEL 950473056 / 617894484 PRICE: 19,500 EUROS FOR QUICK SALE


Metalic silver, 6 speed gearbox, CD autochanger, RHD UK plates, reg Sept 2002, MOT Nov 2010, taxed ‘til March 2011. Good condition, towbar fitted, 125,000 miles. 4995€ Tel: 671 152 664 to advertise Tel: 950 430 820

vets Europa Clinica Veterinaria. Complete healthcare for your pet. Tel: 950 472 262 Emergencies: 629 099 921

Not a jack of all trades, business opps just a master of one! Business Opportunity Call Steve Holman for sale Tel: 697 678 708 shop fixtures & fittings+

motoring section OPEL VECTRA 2.0i

van hire

Renault Megane 1.6 DOMINIQUE

16 valve 2005 black, english left hand drive spanish plates headlights changed 49,688 miles tax-oct itv-feb

€5950.00 tel 689 200 671


Rails etc+Extensive Stock of Baby/Children's clothing. everything needed to start up own shop.

(inc all chemicals)

for less than 17€ per week Also offering pump repair & services. FULL SAND CHANGE ONLY 95€

Call: 689 200 671 4yrs established in Albox area.


Turn your old or unwanted CAR into CASH. We will dispose of in our Authorised Depollution End of Life Treatment facility.

Certificates issued CARS, VANS, LORRIES, TRACTORS,





* Are you returning to the U.K.? * * Moving House/Downsizing? *


for all of your repairs of Washing Machines, Dishwashers, Cookers & Tumble Dryers

* Need extra cash? * * Have unwanted items? * * Immediate Cash Payout *

If so – call us on 686 140 034

Tel Rod: 687 261 280

For a no obligation appraisal - all items considered

building & maintenance



ross regan s.l.

Creative Landscapes, Building, Reforms and General Maintenance

get your property ready for summer! bbq areas, patios, gardens - no job too small Paul on 671 843 155 Terry 646 234 222 Email:


Mosquito Screens& Blinds


■Made to measure ■To fit any size ■Door or window

Best Quality at Affordable Prices All Areas Covered - Ring for VIP Service

TEL: 600 049 515


abel decor

tel:670 243 724



RHD Mitsubishi Elegance LWD 7 Leather seats, 3.5 Petrol v6, Double Socket Tow bar, Roof Rack, Long U.K MOT, U.K tax until end of May, Auto/Tiptronic Gearbox, Recent new tyres. CD Stacker.


Ex RSPCA Inspector. 50 years experience. Going away? Let us take care of your pets, either at your home or ours. Dogs kept in house or kennels. Pet passporting service. Just outside Albox.


Tel: 950 064 616 671 220 105

Tel: 607 554 984

car Air-Con


Air-Conditioning services

RE-gassing from 49€ free Call out service

Call autofrio M: 600 827 517 T: 950 104 488

AS Auto Shine Body repairs Panel beating, Paint spraying & more. Call Mark on 607 324 623



Dog & Horse Sitting Service


The hBox c n Lu

business for Sale

All realistic offers considered Tel: 610 601 458


Top prices paid. DVLA

Mikes Mobile notified. Also 4x4s M e c h a n i c s . breaking. All parts All types available. Distance of service, repair and no object. Will collect and deliver. Buyers Spanish or English ITV testing. Fully of all metals - Brass, Also buyers of COPPER, BRASS, qualified and legal Copper, Lead, ALUMINIUM, LEAD, STAINLESS STEEL with over 35 years Aluminium and top experience. Ring Mike prices paid for Gold. & GOLD or Chris: 628 350 178 Tel: 645 094 339 TEL: 645 094 339 / 950 064 763 or 687 314 775 or 636 824 974 TRAILERS, PLANT MACHINERY

house clearance

For all of your interior/exterior For more info call: decorating needs. 691 821 235 Only top quality materials used, no fuss just a quality finish. We all know times are hard. Worried about cost? Hyundai tuscon Why not try me on 673 421 503 2.00crdi, 67,000km, 4wd, 3 years old, towbar, full At least the estimate is free. service history, leather 35th year of trading in the UK & Spain. upholstery, spanish plates email: €12,500 o.n.o

car body repairs


appliance repairs



With or without MOT - Must be able to be driven and roadworthy

Call John on 647 011 084

SITUATION VACANT Part time Job T & T Textiles & Hoisery (UK)

Description: T&T Textiles & Hoisery are in need of a very serious & decicated part time job seeker, computer literate, efficient & at least 2 hours access to internet in our company. You will be employed as a Sales/Payment Representative & we pay 350-400€ per week & it does not disturb your present job.

For full details contact Patricio by email

windows & doors


The people you can trust

Prices to suit your pocket! Windows • Conservatories • Doors

• Patio Enclosures ~ arches are our speciality

• We supply & fit top quality Aluminium, UPVC and Wood

• Free home survey, professional advice & 10 year guarantee • With 30 years experience, quality & satisfaction guaranteed • All types of building work undertaken • No job too big or small

Phone Kevin on 950 121 909 or 680 743 311


...remember to say you saw it in the SOL TIMES




PROPERTY for sale Nice 2 bedroom. 2 bathroom, townhouse on Valle del Este Golf, furnished, €400 per month. Plus water and electric. Call Graham on 678 655 453

Beautiful 3 bed, 2 bath villa with pool and stunning views available for rent in the sort after urbanisation of Retamar, Partaloa. 450€ per calendar month. Call 634 601 602

Apartment in El Faro Puerto de Mazarron, 2/3 Double Bedrooms, Lounge/ Diner, Kitchen with white goods, Communal Pool, parking space, long term rental 325€ pcm + bills Tel: 968 199 325 or 680 913 840


3 baths, garage, lounge/ diner, seperate kitchen with white goods, patios front and rear,balcony, 3 solariums,pre installation for jacuzzi and air con, sat, tv, telephone, adsl. mortgage transferable,all legal. 10 min from San Juan / Villaricos. REDUCED from 158.500€ to 145,000€ TEL: 950 396 820 / 646 009 453

for sale


Whether you´re looking to 2 bedroom, 2 bath buy or sell a home, having with parking the right agent can make all the difference. €129,000 Contact Ann 666 260 792

Restaurant leasehold 9.500€

5+5 years renewable & transferable Mojacar Playa seafront 30 covers terrace, 30 covers dining room Profit €50.000/year

Potential further profit through re-sale of lease

Ring: 678 719 745

PROPERTY for rent

4 bed semi-detatched duplex

Long-Term Let

Mojacar Playa, 2 bed, 1 bath apartment. Lovely sea views, large sunny terrace, small quiet community, 300mt from beach. Fully furnished, air/con, Sky TV. 350€ + bills Tel 950615 033 / 610691128 after 12pm

Semi-detatched furnished apartment in Limaria lounge, diner, kitchen, 2 beds, shower room, private courtyard & parking 300€ pcm + bills Call for more info 868 931 801 or email:

Luxury 2 and 3 bedrooms (2 bathrooms) apartments in the centre of Miguel de Salinas, video entry, marble entrance, lifts to all floors, underfloor heating, roof top pool, next to supermarkets, stunning view from 385€ per month. Tel: 965 720 817 or 616 493 487


Avda. Guillermo Reyna 53 Tel/Fax: 950 135 512 Mobile: 678 002 006

• 520m2 build • 27,000m2 land • 8+ bedrooms / 5 bathrooms • Separate apartments • Ideal rural hotel / restaurant • 3 minutes to villages • 15 minutes to Huercal Overa • 35 minutes to the Coast


678 655 453 Anytime

Having problems with the campsite? Struggling with the rent? Don’t risk losing your home. We can remove and store your home for you. Transport to France or UK arranged

Average 2 / 3 bed Villa

Recession Busting Offer!

Detached villa for sale in Oria. 900m² plot with self contained detached wooden cabin. Full paperwork. For quick sale 139,000€ ono. Tel: 699 483 438. mariaga@ Antas-Large 3 bedroom 3 bathroom town house for rent, Garage, Pool, Sky & telephone 475€ plus bills TEL: 610 316 101 A ntas - Un fur nishe d top floor apartment, 2 bedroomed, 2 bathroom, solarium, centre of village 275€ plus bills TEL: 610 316 101

Email: We can help !

Call: 638 849 254 LOOKING TO BUY? CALL US NOW!

Urgently Wanted: All types of properties for sale in Huercal Overa, the immediate villages & countryside. Call Andy on: 678 002 006 or 950 135 512

ADVERTISE FROM AS LITTLE AS 20€ A WEEK AND REACH OVER 22,500 READERS... Call: 950 430 820 or email

Euro Painters

incl. all minor repairs & 10 rejas!

only 1,000€

We only use quality materials Spray Painting and Textured Finish our speciality! References Available

• All work guaranteed Please call Graham on

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The fact Files

Microsoft Office 2010 takes aim at ‘Google Docs’

Microsoft has unleashed its latest weapon in its ongoing battle with Google. The software giant has launched its flagship product Office 2010, aimed at businesses and home users. The latest version of the software has a free online component - called Office Web Apps. Analysts believe the web offering is a response to Google, which has been encroaching on Microsoft’s core business with its free online tools. Crucially, Microsoft will also offer its online office suite to all users of one of the world’s most popular social networking sites, Facebook. “There’s no question - Microsoft is responding to Google’s threat,” said Whit Andrews, analyst at research firm Gartner. Google and Microsoft have increasingly begun to stray into each other’s traditional markets. Microsoft has thrown its full weight behind its search engine Bing, whilst Google is about to launch its own operating system, known as Chrome OS. The battle for the Office software market started in 2006 when the search giant launched the first elements of its Google Docs. “Until Google emerged with a credible suite of networked applications, Microsoft was not compelled to do anything.” Google Docs now offers word-processing, spreadsheet software and a presentation tool, amongst others. Businesses can pay for premium versions. “Each release of Office has a new set of competitors and we take those very seriously,” Jeff Teper, vice president of the Microsoft Business Division commented. “[Google] has introduced a product that they have tried to target businesses with - it hasn’t done very well.” Google Docs currently has a small (4%) but growing share of the market. By contrast, Microsoft dominates the office software space, with a market share of more than 94%, according to Gartner. The vast majority of sales are to businesses. Microsoft retains its dominant position despite the free offerings from Google and other alternatives such as Zoho or the free office suite Ahead of Microsoft’s launch Google posted a blog urging businesses to switch to its software, claiming that it represents a real alternative”. “If you’re considering upgrading Office with Office, we’d encourage you to consider an alternative: upgrading Office with Google Docs,” it read. Despite, Google’s focus on businesses, Mr Andrews said its message and software were likely to appeal to younger people, who have not necessarily grown up using Microsoft products. “If all your content is generated in the Google apps system and it lives there, you would need to have a really good reason to move,” he said.

Honeybees: 3D images reveal life inside a live hive

Scientists have devised a new way to peer into the inner workings of a live honeybee colony, without disturbing the insects inside. The technique, known as Diagnostic Radioentomology (DR), scans a beehive, taking a series of 3D images. This reveals in real-time how many bees are inside, where they are, and gives clues as to what they are doing. Such information could help scientists understand what is causing bee numbers around the world to decline steeply. The new technique is being developed by entomologist Mark Greco and his colleagues at the Swiss Bee Research Centre in Bern, Switzerland and scientists at the University of Bath led by Professor Cathryn Mitchell and Dr Manuchehr Soleimani. The researchers used an imaging technology called X-ray computerised tomography to scan a live beehive. This produced a series of coloured 3D images, which over time could be used to record in detail what goes on inside. Preliminary studies have revealed that DR can be used to identify individual bees within the colony, and even keep track of the movements of the queen bee, including her location and where in the colony she prefers to spend the most time. Crucially, “the approach is non-invasive and does not modify their normal behaviour,” Mr Greco said. “We can accurately assess the number of bees and where they are at the time of scanning.” The researchers are working to improve the DR technique, to increase the quality of the images and more accurately measure the bee population and the volumes of pollen, wax and honey within a hive. The team at the University of Bath are also working on producing new computer models that will be able to better evaluate when levels of pests or pathogens within a hive have reached critical levels. “Because the method is extremely accurate, we will be looking for critical thresholds of pathogen and parasite loads and loss of food resources from which bee populations can not recover,” explained Mr Greco, who is completing his PhD thesis. “[We will also be investigating] how pathogens such as mites, viruses, bacteria and fungi might interact, both among themselves, and with environmental pressures or stressors, to produce colony declines or collapses.” The team also hopes the new imaging technique may indicate what is reducing the numbers of other solitary bee species. “Many solitary bees forage on the same floral resources to those of honeybees, some also suffer from the same pathogens, such as fungal infestations in their nests.” Mr Greco and his colleagues at the University of Bath have already passed the first hurdle in their bid to secure further funding for their imaging technique from the UK Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council, which together with the British government is spending £10 million to investigate why bee numbers are falling.


Satellite Visibility Predictions

The table shows night time passes of the satellites over your location during the next 2 weeks. Max. Elevation is how high the ISS will get above your horizon (90° overhead). To see the spacecraft, at a given time look in the direction indicated by ‘Appearing’. You should see a bright, slowly moving “star”. The ‘Disappearing’ entries indicate where the satellite will be when it vanishes from sight. Sometimes an appearance or disappearance occurs well up in the sky when the spacecraft emerges into sunlight or slips into Earth’s shadow, respectively. Listed times should be accurate to within a few minutes.

Magnitude This is a measure of the brightness of a celestial object. The lower the value, the brighter the object, so magnitude -4 is brighter than magnitude 0, which is in turn brighter than magnitude +4. The system was started by the ancient Greeks, who divided the stars into one of six magnitude groups with stars of the first magnitude being the first ones to be visible after sunset. In modern times, the scale has been extended in both directions and more strictly defined.

Examples of magnitude values; Sun -26.7 Full Moon -12.7 Venus (at brightest) -4.4 International Space Station -2 Sirius (brightest star) -1.44 Limit of human eye +6 to +7 Limit of 10x50 binoculars +9 Pluto +14 Limit of Hubble Space Telescope +30

APPEARING MAXIMUM DISAPPEARING Date Magn Time Deg App Time Deg App Time Deg App




10 WNW 21:32:05

31 SW

21:34:44 10 SSE

23:11:27 21:30:50 23:08:56 21:27:50 23:06:33 21:24:55 23:04:23 21:22:04

10 NW 10 N 10 NW 10 N 10 WNW 10 NNW 10 WNW 10 NNW

23:15:26 21:34:02 23:12:40 21:31:26 23:09:51 21:28:48 23:07:02 21:26:08

48 WSW 21 NE 33 WSW 28 NE 24 WSW 38 NE 17 WSW 53 ENE

23:16:27 21:37:10 23:14:07 21:34:57 23:11:52 21:32:36 23:09:38 21:30:06

38 SSW 10 E 25 SSW 10 ESE 16 SSW 10 ESE 10 SSW 10 SE

00:17:31 23:45:51 23:14:10 22:42:30 00:23:06 23:51:25 23:19:45 22:48:05 00:28:41 23:57:01

38 WSW 60 S 38 ESE 19 ESE 33 WSW 55 SSW 40 SE 21 ESE 29 WSW 49 SSW

00:18:06 23:46:48 23:15:39 22:44:39 00:23:48 23:52:29 23:21:18 22:50:16 00:29:30 23:58:10

40 W 82 WSW 50 ENE 26 ENE 35 W 72 WSW 57 ENE 29 ENE 31 W 63 WSW

00:22:57 23:52:00 23:20:38 22:48:50 00:28:31 23:57:39 23:26:22 22:54:39 00:34:03 00:03:18

10 NNW 10 NNW 10 N 10 NNE 10 NNW 10 NNW 10 N 10 N 10 NW 10 NNW




19 May 20 May 20 May 21 May 21 May 22 May 22 May 23 May

3.2 4.3 3.9 3.9 4.5 3.4 5.0 3.0


19 May 19 May 20 May 21 May 22 May 22 May 23 May 24 May 25 May 25 May

3.9 2.9 3.3 4.2 4.1 3.0 3.1 4.1 4.3 3.2


19 May 3.8 20 May 4.0

23:00:17 10 SW 22:59:06 10 SW

23:02:16 14 SSW 23:02:16 14 SSW 23:00:07 11 SSW 23:00:07 11 SSW



10 WNW 20:32:11

25 SW

20:34:38 10 S

20:33:41 22:11:32 20:30:38 22:09:05 20:27:42 20:24:50 20:22:02 20:22:02 20:19:18 20:16:38

10 N 10 NW 10 N 10 NW 10 NNW 10 NNW 10 NNW 10 NNW 10 NNW 10 NW

20:36:41 22:15:24 20:34:06 22:12:37 20:31:29 20:28:50 20:26:09 20:26:09 20:23:28 20:20:43

19 NE 40 WSW 25 NE 28 WSW 33 NE 45 NE 65 ENE 65 ENE 88 SSW 61 WSW

20:39:37 22:16:27 20:37:28 22:14:07 20:35:10 20:32:44 20:30:10 20:30:10 20:27:30 20:24:41

10 E 33 SSW 10 ESE 22 SSW 10 ESE 10 SE 10 SE 10 SE 10 SSE 10 SSE

22:45:51 22:14:10 21:42:30 23:23:06 22:51:25 22:19:45 22:19:45 21:48:05 23:28:41 22:57:01

55 SSW 41 SE 21 ESE 29 WSW 49 SSW 42 SE 42 SE 23 ESE 26 WSW 44 SSW

22:46:55 22:15:44 21:44:41 23:23:56 22:52:36 22:21:23 22:21:23 21:50:19 23:29:39 22:58:17

72 WSW 57 ENE 29 ENE 31 W 63 WSW 65 ENE 65 ENE 33 ENE 27 W 55 W

22:52:05 22:20:48 21:49:06 23:28:30 22:57:44 22:26:31 22:26:31 21:54:54 23:34:01 23:03:21

10 NNW 10 N 10 N 10 NW 10 NNW 10 N 10 N 10 N 10 NW 10 NNW


10 SW

22:02:16 12 SSW 22:02:16 12 SSW




19 May 19 May 20 May 20 May 21 May 22 May 23 May 23 May 24 May 25 May

4.5 3.5 4.1 4.2 3.6 3.2 2.8 2.8 2.7 3.2


19 May 20 May 21 May 21 May 22 May 23 May 23 May 24 May 24 May 25 May


3.0 3.1 4.0 4.3 3.2 3.0 3.0 3.9 4.5 3.4

19 May 3.9


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Ashes sparks Quattro shortage Popularity of BBC TV show means second-hand parts for Audi’s Quattro are becoming hard to get hold oF!

Fire up the Quattro...or not. The final series of Eighties-inspired BBC One drama Ashes to Ashes was almost a non-starter due to a lack of spare parts for DCI Gene Hunt’s Audi Quattro. Since the series first aired back in 2008, sales of second-hand Quattro’s have taken off according to The Sun newspaper, and as a result it’s almost impossible to track down old parts. Speaking to the Radio Times, show mechanic Guy Bostock said the growth in popularity of the car, meant it was growing increasingly harder to source parts, and that finding stunt doubles for the show’s Sunset Red star was proving tricky, as the asking price for an ur-Quattro has soared since the show began. Debuting at the Geneva Motor Show in 1980, production of the Quattro finished in 1991. Since then it has become one of the most in-demand Audis ever built.

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Mercedes unveils new engines Updated V6 and V8 engines boast more power but improved fuel consumption and CO2 emissions Mercedes is out to prove that there’s plenty of life in large capacity petrol engines yet. Despite a new trend for hybrids and small capacity turbocharged units, the German firm is going against the grain to concentrate on improving its V6 and V8 engines. But, these new units have a clear focus on efficiency. With lightweight, low friction materials, direct fuel injection and a multi-spark ignition system, Mercedes has improved combustion to make the most of every drop of fuel. A new auto stop/start set-up, which re-starts the engine in the most efficient way possible has also been added. All this means that the new 3.5-litre V6 is 24% more economical than the outgoing unit and now puts out 301bhp-

an increase of 33bhp. The first vehicle to be fitted with the new V6 will be the S350 later this year which emits just 177g/km of CO2 and returns 37mpg. By comparison, the hybrid set-up in the Lexus GS450h produces 296bhp and 179g/km of CO2. Mercedes’ ageing 5.5-litre V8 is replaced by a new 4.7-litre unit which produces 429bhp- an increase of 47bhp- and is 20% more fuel efficient than the old engine. The CL500, coming later this year is the first model fitted with the new unit which will allow for emissions of 224g/km of CO2 and a 30mpg economy figure. Elsewhere, torque has been boosted from 530Nm to 700Nm and is now available from just 1800rpm making the new V8 smoother and more versatile than its predecessor.

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Now available our new fixed price 2 year servicing plan! Easy monthly payments from €12.50, that’s less than 45c a day! TO INCLUDE: - 1 x A Service (oil + filter, full vehicle check) - 1 x B Service (as above + air and fuel filters) - 1 x ITV (Spanish MOT) - 2 x 6 month vehicle inspections All paid for over a 2 year period by standing order from as little as €12.00 per month INTEREST FREE! (Conditions apply) SERVICE PLAN EXAMPLE 2 year period 1.4 Ford Fiesta Petrol 12.00€ per month Inclusive of 2 x Services 2 x Interim Inspections 1 x ITV - over 24 month period

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Our new Mojacar office is now open on the Playa opposite Neptuno’s Beach bar. This year there will be twice the cars, vans and minibuses available so our clients won’t be caught out with the Rental Rush this summer. Don’t forget our budget cars available at only €15 per day. Group day€ week€ car BUDGET 15 75 MAREA/POLO A 20 100 DEMIO / KA B 30 150 AGILA / CLIO C 35 175 MEGANE / FOCUS / BMW D 45 225 TRAFIC VAN E 55 275 TRANSIT VAN F 60 300 MINIBUS 9 SEATER / 7 SEATER

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Renault warms up for summer with the Mégane GT

The heat is on for Renault as they unveil two performance hatches to slot in under the Renaultsport Mégane 250, the GT and GT Line Two Renaultsport tuned GT editions of the Mégane are here to heat up inch anthracite alloy wheels, and share a similar suspension set-up as well. the start of the summer! Road-rockets like the Mégane 250 and Clio 200 What’s more, it will also get bigger, ventilated front discs, and the same offer thrills aplenty to drivers willing to sacrifice a little comfort for a lot of chunky leather steering wheel & high-performance Dunlop Sport Maxx tyres performance, but now there is a version for those of us a little less eager to found in the Renaultsport 250. compromise. Visual changes involve plenty of ‘GT’ badges inside and out, plus a revised The GT edition of the Mégane will arrive in June and bridge the gap front-end with new grilles and bumpers both giving the exterior a more between the truly hardcore hot-hatches and the rest of the range, while the aggressive attitude. Inside, there’s alloy pedals, cloth-covered sports seats, GT Line will be a sporty option pack available on all Dynamique models, rear parking sensors and an analogue rev-counter. including the five-door hatch and Sport Tourer estate. The GT Line pack features 17” alloys, and the same sports styling, but Mégane GT’s will come equipped with the two most potent 2.0-litre without the mechanical changes, and will cost £1,290. When the GT model turbocharged engines in the line-up. The first is a petrol unit with 180bhp, while the second is a slightly less-powerful diesel with 160bhp. To capture appears in showrooms this summer prices will start at £21,910 for the petrol some of the handling brilliance of its bigger brother, the GT will feature 18- hatch, and rise to £23,975 for the diesel estate.


What a start!! 2 podiums and 2nd saloon car home!!

I said at my last testing report that we were going to start our season on the 15th/16th May at Tabernas, Almeria because of personal and business comittments, but the volcanic ash put paid to all that. I was supposed to be at a wedding in Cyprus last weekend, but of course no flights, so at the last minute we put in my licence application and took a new heart test (they did the wrong test last time) and hey presto! my licence was faxed to me on the Friday before the race. We did not even have the required helmet for this year with the dreaded Hans device. It was delivered to the circuit 1 hour before qualifying!! So there we were, passed scrutineering and in the race. The gearbox had a tooth missing off, we think 1st gear, so on the whole we had to treat as an extended public test session, we really did not expect the gearbox to last. In the warm-up we were still struggling for pace, the only tyres we had, had been through more heat cycles than Sally’s hairdryer!!! So on to qualifying, I really had to talk to myself as I am crap at qualifying, so I went and really threw the car around and managed 5th on the grid behind two Porsche GT3 cars and a couple of very well driven Leon Super Cup cars. 1st Race - Well I have always been a good starter. I thought my heart was going to pack in. Lights went out, I dropped the clutch hoping the gearbox wouldn’t join me in the cockpit! and off I went. I arrived at the esses in second position, rapidly got swallowed up by one of the Porsches and a Leon. Put 4th. What goes through my mind? I said, anyone who was listening, take this off me if you dare! I had about 3/4 cars behing me, squabbling and running into each other for about 4/5 laps and then they finally took each other out. Respite at last; I could barely breathe, and could make no headway on the cars in front. The Porsche had 500 horsepower and last years champion on board, and then one of them blew up. Now 3rd! which I held all the way to the flag. 2nd Race - I couldn’t believe we were still in it. Now a little bit too confident? Lights out, 2nd into the esses again, missed a gear, rubbed painwork with the man next to me, engine went off the cam (explaination - race engines have limited rev range in mine under 3000 revs and it splutters to a stop) rapidly changed gear and set off in hot pursuit. Slowly hauled in the 3rd place man and outbraked him into last but one hairpin. Now 3rd, just stay on the black bits and we are in for second podium. The pressure was on right until the end until two of my chasers crashed into each other and visited the gravel trap. Even now I had some opposition only about 50/60 yds back. There was so much gravel on the track from accidents that it was like driving on ice covered with marbles!! So thats it, 3rd place again, and two more cups for the sideboard. Next race is Tabernas, Almeria on the 15th/16th May. We have a few modifications to make, plus a set of new tyres and a gear box for then. The track suits the M3 better, so who knows? depends who else turns up. Best regards, David Hardwick




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sport... sport... sport... sport... sport... sport... sport... sport... boxers Golf society Since October 2009, Boxers Golf Society have awarded prizes to 38 different players, out of the 60 people that have entered our competitions. Well done to all our winners. Dates for your diary Our next three Competitions are as follows: Tuesday, 1 June, Marina. Saturday, 5 June, The Big One…Ladies Night! Tuesday, 15 June, Haciendo del Alamo, coach available. If you would like to join, book a Boxers event, or would like further information on Boxers Golf Society, you can find us every Saturday morning at the Why Not bar in Albox between 10-11am or you can contact Brian Mayhew on 649 202 198, for booking or cancelling any golfing event, Malcolm Nicholls on 600 080 860, or any Committee Member, anytime. You can also find up-to-

date Boxers information on the Arboleas Forum Online, www. Moving away from golf for a moment, CDV Albox Football Club, The British Supporters Player of the Season for 2009/2010 is Valentin Garcia Martinez. This is the fourth year this award has been made on behalf of the British Supporters. The Presentation took place at half time at the last home league game of season. The Trophy was presented by the Captain of Boxers, Malcolm Nicholls and Kyle Ferrier, both long-time Sufferers, I mean, Supporters! The match ended in a 3-2 win over Roquetas B. Valentin came on as a second half sub, made one goal and scored what proved to be the winner, with a bullet header. Congratulations Valentin!

valle del este golf Tuesday we had 24 players who enjoyed a team event. The winning team were Mark Newall, John Walsh, Ray McHale and John Clements. Friday 14th May was our weekly Single Stableford Competition with 20 players in very windy conditions. the winner again was Mark Newall who is in a fine vain of form managing to keep ahead of the field without scoring


Yet more blustery wind but lots of sunshine made playing conditions last Friday, for the 14 players + 1 guest, pleasant but testing although it didn’t seem to affect several players’ high scores. The course at Valle del Este is under repair at the moment and as a result the men were playing off yellow tees instead of the usual blacks. Alan Diskin scored the only 2 and he also took top honours in Division 1 with 38 points followed by 2nd place Paul Henshaw with 36 points. Division 2 winner was Suzie Roberts with 32 points and Barbara Diskin 2nd with 28. Well done to all! Brendan Cullen and Keith Hughes took the prizes on Tuesday with scores of 35 and 34 points respectively. A quick reminder to all members that membership renewal time is fast approaching - 1st June - Carol 671 971 410 and John 950 477 347 are waiting to hear from you.

on or below his handicap. Marks winning score was 35 points. Second was Ray Harrison with 34 points and third also with 34 points on count back Mally Roberts. Nearest the Pin on the 6th was Mally Roberts. Anyone wishing to play, including guest on Tuesday or Fridays please contact Alan Townsend at least two days before the event on 950 591 991

cortijo grande Wednesday 12 May at Cortijo Grande and our winner with 35 points Alan Woodward, second with 32 points Geoff Bridgman and third with another 32 points David Bawden. No ball sweep winner. Sunday 16th May and a big score of 40 points by Christian Astheimer to win from Lilly Pepper with 34 points and Mike Picken also with 34 points. Ball sweep winners: Patricia Holt and Linda Bawden. Dates for your diary: Thursday 20th May at Aguilon To book for this or any Wednesday or Sunday call 950 469 088. Enjoy your golf at Cortijo Grande - visitors and guests welcome. M P

mojacar angling club

I hear that on Palomares beach there are signs saying no fishing from 8am ‘til 10pm. As far as I’m aware there’s always been a rule with bathers etc having priority over anglers between 8am and 8pm but typical of Spain it has to go over the top. Example: If it’s raining and not one sunbather or swimmer you still can’t fish on the beach. I can’t wait for the ‘No Smoking’ rule in public places; the police will be nicking smokers on the beach. I’m not joking; it’s already an offence to drink alcohol on the beach outside of licensed premises such as beach bars. ‘London Bill’ has spent the last week popping in search of the monster that spat out his lure last week. No joy but he did catch a few sea bass and palomete. Bill says there are some big atlantic scad out there but he only tempted one. He thinks a spinner or rapala will catch more. ‘Grumpy Old Man Shylock’ fished the Indalo Hotel Arm with his granddaughter Sasha and they caught a dangerous weaver which Mick was careful to keep well away from his little treasure. See photo of Mick and Sasha with the weaver, was it worth keeping Mick? Hope you shared it with the other Grumps!

Andy took ‘Spanish Alex’ and ‘Birmingham Gary’ on his inflatable boat (hence his nickname!) I’d have wrongly bet money the fish he said they caught weren’t two lizard fish taken off the top while trolling? I’ve caught them before but always on the bottom. They look very similar to a weaver but are not poisonous and do not have the dangerous spines. However they do have one massive set of sharp teeth and I can remember Brian (Cuba) having one hanging off his hand - it wouldn’t let go!

Talking of Captain ‘Brian’ Cuba, he’s only been out once this week with friends and they caught a few fish. Mainly Atlantic scad so it’s good news they are back in numbers; great fish to catch on light tackle and fabulous eating. More good news is the tuna, probably yellow fins, will be inshore chasing them. Shame I can’t get out for a few weeks yet because my bad back is keeping me land locked. I notice they didn’t ban the Garrucha trawlers fishing in April this year which is a shame because the shore fishing was so good last year.

Fishing from the shore is still producing good fish around Villaricos and anglers are being bust up by big dentex bream. I have photos of these fish weighing up to 30lbs caught in shallow water over rocky inshore marks.

At the end of July a new European law is coming in for trawlers and other commercial fishermen. Net sizes are to increase and they are not allowed to lay the nets within 300m of the shore. The bigger holes in the nets will hopefully stop them having to feed seagulls with all the undersized fish they catch.

‘Radio Ham Kevin’ fished Mojacar’s Pueblo Indalo Arm and caught 7 or 8 small palometes. Some whoppers are being caught at Macenas by Spanish fishermen. “Inflatable Andy” saw one Spanish man land a big one while popping.

Our girl Friday is going to get Andalucian beach, boat and coarse licenses on the 1st June. Please see me at the Beachcomber between the 25th and 30th May but phone first to make sure I’m in that day. Remember for beach and boat licenses I need one copy

each, passport and NIE, for each license required. An original English (in date) rod license is also required for the coarse license to save you having to partake in the 24 hour course! (This is for the coarse license only.) Checkout Mojacar’s weather and sea conditions here on the Beachcomber’s webcam: For further information on any of the above or to find out about beach, boat or coarse fishing licenses, see John at the Beachcomber Bar Restaurant on Mojacar Playa or tel 950 473 099. In case of difficulty reaching me (Probably out fishing) ask staff for my mobile number. Tight lines, Beachcomber John

the grumpy old men of los gallardos

Greetings from the “Sick Bay” in God’s little waiting room, where over the last few weeks I have become an authority on cooking, property and many other things, from watching the tele! Unfortunately, I made the mistake of looking in on ‘The Jeremy Kyle Show’, please tell me where they find all those ‘Fraggles’; they must have a pen the size of Harringay to keep them in, never again!!!. Back to the Hospital saga…the following morning, the surgeon arrived looking pleased with himself, clutching an X-ray of the offending leg. He showed it to me; it looked as if a overactive two year old had built his version of “The Eiffel Tower” in there - at least the surgeon was pleased with the outcome. Later on that morning, after being fed and watered, an apparition appeared in the doorway. ‘Er Indoors had arrived from the UK to look

after me and two days later I was discharged. Back home at the casa, we encountered our first obstacle – ‘The Matterhorn’ - two steps up to the casa, complete with wheelchair, no way! My dear wife immediately had the solution; leave the wheelchair outside, place an ordinary chair on the top step, have the typists chair for use inside, and pull myself up, it worked. I now career around the casa like some demented “bagatelle ball”. I had regular visits to the nurses in Garrucha, ably assisted by the wife and Grommet, to have the wounds redressed and liberally swabbed with iodine, culminating with the removals of the staples, which held the wounds together. The nurse, who looked like a cross between Donovan and Screaming Lord Such, set to with a vengeance with what can only be described as a ‘gardening

implement’. Eventually, after a few choice words from my vocabulary it was over. Back to the hospital for a check X-ray, not good, the fracture was not healing well enough. “You must realize that your getting older” said the surgeon. “But I’m still only 27 in my head” said I , all to no avail. Another month in plaster, so still waiting for my release. At the MENSA meeting, on Friday, Noah announced that Victor Meldrew, who as you know had to return to the UK because of medical problems, had sold his fishing tackle and had donated the sum raised to Asprodalba, it amounted to more than 180€. Now that shows you the measure of the man. That’s all for this week, can’t walk the ferret...until the next time... Tight lines Uncle Albert


marina members Golf club

Monday 10th May: Warm, slightly overcast weather with a strong breeze, for the Members Stableford. The Ladies competition couldn’t have been closer with three players finishing on 34 points. On a back nine countback 1st was Linda King, 2nd Liz Balmforth and 3rd Margaret Budd. The mens competition saw Grenville Balmforth in first place with 38 points, 2nd was Frank Varey 36 (bbn) and 3rd Andrew Markham 36. Warm sunny conditions with a testing breeze for the Team Event on Thursday 13th May. Organised by Liz and Grenville Balmforth the

competition was a 1, 2, 3 to count waltz with double score on the 3rd and 15th holes. Two teams tied on a score of 100 so the result was decided on countback: 1st Frank Varey, Neville (visitor) and Geoff Owen - 100 2nd Jim Budd, Bill Gill and Liz Balmforth - 100

cabrera lawn bowling club - april & may 2010 Since the snowbirds have flown back to the UK for their bowling season, it has been a lot quieter at Cabrera. PAWS held their annual Open Day in the middle of April when 30 bowlers had a fun day bowling, although the rain stopped play

3rd Kevin Bircher, Brian Couper and Bob (visitor) - 86 Visitors are invited to join us for our Thursday Team competitions. The cost is 30€ incl. green fee. To enter ring Tony on 950 467 687 or Mark on 950 475 242.

AGUILON GOLF MEMBERS CLUB The golf has continued with the course now in almost perfect condition and many visitors treading the fairways RESULTS Wednesday 28th April - Individual Stableford As the condition of the course has improved so has the scoring 1st Graham Jefferies 39pts 2nd Glyn Ombler 37pts on a card play off 3rd Neil Bott 37pts Twos - 7 recorded, Neil Bott, Bill Gibb, Glyn Ombler and Bob Schofield on 4th, Jim Barclay, Louis Long and Colin guest on 8th Wednesday 5th May - Monthly Medal It is still difficult for the members to beat par in a medal, which proves what we all know that most of this game is in the mind! 1st Caroline Willingham 8010=70 2nd Mick Siggers 78-7=71

3rd Steve Willingham 84-11=73 Twos - Bill Gibb 8th, Mick Siggers x 2, 10th and 12th Tuesday 11th May - League Match We hosted our final league against Forum GS at stake was 2nd place in the league, alas we slumped to our first ever home defeat, Forum coming out winners by 3pts to 2pts Wednesday 12th May - Individual Stableford On a day when the strong wind made the course very difficult there was some creditable scoring 1st Sandra Siggers 36pts, on a card play off 2nd Roy Stubbins 36pts 3rd Chris Baker 35pts Twos - a big payout for the one winner Graham Tabberer on 4th Guests and visitors are welcome to join us on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday. For information contact 650 835 188 or 634 641 199


late morning. Over €380 was raised for PAWS. The winning team was L-R John Sephton (CLBC) and Shelagh Allen and Chris Ewer (ABC). We had another fun day wearing red and white to ce lebrate S t G e o r g e ’s d a y , when the winning team was L-R Brian Marsh, Janey Leggate and Len Norgate. One competition, the Almazara Cup Drawn Hong Kong Pairs, was held

over four days at the beginning of May. Following two very close and exciting semi finals, the remaining two pairs who will go through to the Final in March 2011, were Doreen Hall/Gerard Douglas and Ken McKay/Pauline Hawkins. SMS (12/05/10)

mojacar taekwon-do club celebrates 7th anniversary

ALMERIA GOLF LEAGUE Once again the Harmony gym hosted our annual inter-club competition. Fifteen members were able to take part this year, between the ages of 3 1/2 and 15 years. They competed in patterns or techniques; stop/start points sparring and high jumping kick. A good number of parents, relatives and friends enjoyed watching some lively and very entertaining competition amongst

the students, with some of the very young competing for the first time. Many congratulations to all students on their individual performances and very high standards on the day. The club extends its sincere thanks to the referees and officials, Miss Shannon Edwards, Mr. Serge Dewrée and Mr. Steven Hayes, also members of the club, for giving up their spare time to help

run the competition. Special awards of “best students of the day” were presented to Olivia Taylor and Harry BoothRoberts for winning Gold medals in all three disciplines - well done. For further information on Taekwon-do training in this area with the Global Taekwon-do Federation, please call Michael on 670 381839 or visit


With Marina Members already being crowned winners, the last round of games was all about the race to get 2nd spot, Cortijo Grande made a late run with 2 wins, but Forum GS held on to that position with a good away win at Aguilon. And so ends another successful season which saw a lot of great golf played in a competitive but friendly atmosphere. FINAL RESULTS Thursday 29th April Media GS 1.5pts V Cortijo Grande 3.5pts, played at Valle Del Este Tuesday 11th May Aguilon Members 2pts V Forum GS 3pts, played at Aguilon Golf Friday 14th May Cortijo Grande 4pts V Boxers GS 1pt, played at Cortijo Grande LEAGUE TABLE P W H L F A PTS


Marina Members

10 7 0 3





Forum G.S.

10 5 1 4





Cortijo Grande

10 6 0 4





Aguilon Members

10 3 1 6


442.5 24


Boxers G.S.

10 4 1 5

429.5 470.5 21.5


Media G.S. 10 3 1 6 430 470 20 -40 Should any new club or society wish to join us for the new season starting in October please contact Les Raufer on 950 619 273 or 634 641 199

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Sol Times Newspaper Issue 237 Costa Almeria Edition  

Sol Times Newspaper Issue 237 Costa Almeria Edition

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