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hat’s good! Thank you for your interest in So FN Dope Magazine. We are a brand new magazine based on the West Coast looking to make an impact in the entertainment industry by highlighting music, performance, and the entrepreneurial spirit of independent artists, all across the country. Our staff constantly spends countless hours scouring for dope content to feature including, but not limited to, new music, music videos, artwork, interviews, comedy, models, live performances, photographers and bloggers. In other words, we are always looking for new content for our digital magazine as well as our website. It is going to take dope independent artists like you to help build our brand, but it will also take magazines like us to give indie artists a platform to be heard. We would love to feature your music, videos, mix-tapes, photography, artwork, as well as set up interview arrangements for future issues of So FN Dope Magazine. Let’s work together and leave our mark on the industry to show the world why we are So FN Dope!

DISCLAIMER: Here at So FN Dope Magazine, we have done our best to provide content that is up to date and correct. However, changes may have occurred since the content was submitted that may affect the accuracy of this issue for which So FN Dope Magazine holds no responsibility. The views and opinions of our contributors are not necessarily shared with So Fn Dope Magazine or its staff nor are we liable for their views and opinions or how they may be interpreted.


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VARUS BELL The streets are on fire right now as rising star Varus Bell hits the scene with his “Omissions” mixtape.


TITO MONTANA Come witness rue hip-hop at it’s finest as New York rapper Tito Montana hits us with some “Lyrical Therapy”.

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8 MUST SEE MOVIES THIS FALL Check out eight of the most anticipated films scheduled to hit theaters this fall.

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DOPE QUOTES Stay Positive! Dive into some inspirational quotes both the past and present from some very influential people in entertainment.

IVY BOX Check out our interview with Ms. Ivy Box as she gives us the blueprint to success, happiness and respect in her latest book.

BOBBI STORM A storm is coming! Check out this exclusive interview with R&B songstress Bobbi Storm as she talks to So FN Dope Magazine about her life, her music and her insatiable desire to perform.

OMAR J. DORSEY Get to know the man behind Queen Sugar’s “Hollywood”. So FN Dope Magazine takes him down memory lane as we we go behind the scenes of his life and career as an actor.









Michael W. Eaton








OW! We are on our seventh issue already! It seems like just yesterday we began laying the foundation for So FN Dope Magazine and establishing our purpose and goals. We remember the long discussion about how we wanted to give the unsung heroes of the indie music, fashion, and film industry a platform for introduction. We remember spending countless hours brainstorming about how we could take the ambitious and determined but often overlooked Independent entrepreneur and provide them a stage to say “Here I am! “ So FN Dope has become much more than a mantra or catchy slogan on a shirt it has become an expectation; a status if you will.

seven often represents perfection or completeness. This issue for us brings everything full circle for us. We’ve had the privilege and an honor to meet and interview artists and entrepreneurs from all over the world that personify what it actually means to be So FN Dope! However, over the past six issues our covers have consisted solely of musical artist. For issue #7 we were inclined to step out of our comfort zone a little bit. We wanted this issue to signify something unique, something unexpected something So FN Dope! We think our readers and supporters will appreciate this change of pace and will get a glimpse of what is in store for the future of So FN Dope Magazine! Enjoy! Sincerely,

This issue marks a milestone for So FN Dope Magazine. It is the LUCKY #7.Throughout history the number

Corey Norwood Sr. Co-Founder So FN Dope Magazine

“We wanted this issue to signify something unique, something unexpected something So FN Dope!”

Walter M. Welch Jr. Co-Founder So FN Dope Magazine






We are all too familiar with this character from the Spiderman Comics, cartoons, and movies. It is only fitting that Venom gets the spinoff that he actually deserves. Actor Tom Hardy will star in this action packed film in which a journalist is overtaken by a parasitic alien, which consequently gives him super abilities beyond his wildest imagination.



These sequels never get old. There’s nothing better than seeing the human race going head to head with an alien species that clearly much smarter and more technologically advanced. We definitely look forward to seeing this Sci-Fi thriller starring Keegan-Michael Key and Olivia Munn.



This movie has a very interesting concept. Four widows decide to join forces after their husbands were killed in a robbery attempt. Definitely not your typical heist film. We are curious to see how this plays out. The film’ stars Oscar winner Viola Davis and is scheduled for a November 16, 2018 release.


This movie is an absolute must see for the fall. A sequel is just what the doctor ordered following the tremendous success of Creed. Adonis (Michael B. Jordan) is back for more as he goes head to head with Viktor Drago son of Ivan Drago in what is sure to be th boxing match of the decade. Creed II is scheduled for a November 21, 2018 release.

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all 2018 definitely has a lot in store for us in theaters this time around. Some of the most anticipated films of the year are scheduled to make their debut . Here are just a few films that we thought would spark your interest over the next few months.


This movie should be dope. It is a spinoff of the Transformers franchise. The film focuses primarily on the character bumblebee as he eludes the government agency plotting his capture in the 1980’s. This movie is scheduled to be released on December 21 2018.


The highly anticipated installment to DC’s films is sure to make waves this fall. Aquaman who has made appearances in Batman vs. Superman, as well as Justice League finally gets his own film. The film features Jason Momoa as Aquaman is set to hit theaters December 21, 2018.


This version of the classic tale of Robin Hood seems overwhelmingly intense. The preview alone was fantastic. This film revisits the tale of everyone’s favorite thief who steals from the rich and gives to the poor. The film stars Taron Egerton and Jamie Foxx.


He’s back! It is hard to believe that it has been 40 years since the original film debuted in 1978. Michael Myers has haunted the imaginations of millions of moviegoers ever since the film first hit the big screen 4 decades ago. This thriller is sure to have you on edge, as Michael Meyers is once again unleashed on yet another bloody killing spree. Hits theaters October 19, 2018 .





STARKVILLE, MS Our first artist has already been making some noise in the streets with his latest mixtape “Omissions.” In the midst of the cultural shift in hip-hop, this rising artist is preserving the sound of southern rap. Check out his story in our exclusive interview with this dope new artist Varus Bell.




FND MAG: Varus Bell. What’s the business bruh? We appreciate the interview. Glad we could make this happen.

VARUS BELL: It’s an honor to be here with you guys, Y’all are like family.

SFND MAG: So, Tell us a little bit about yourself. Where you from and how did you initially get started making music?

VARUS BELL: Born and raised in the deep south Starkville MS, in a 3-bedroom trailer. I first got into music when my mom was accepted for government assistance and we moved to a neighborhood called Reed Rd. on the West Side of Starkville. I met my best friend / brother Mario and he put me on Three Six Mafia, Kingpin Skinny Pimp, Tommy Wright 111(3rd). This was in like 1996. SFND MAG: What was it like growing up in Mississippi and what influence did it have on your music?

VARUS BELL: Growing up in Mississippi for me was like a blessing but also it hindered me a lot mentally. It was a blessing because of my family instilled in me principles; morals and values that I need in order you make it in this world no matter what. Like, if the world go through a stage where we have to live off the land I would survive because I grew up in the country on a farm. I started driving at nine and it was a tracker. They taught us respect, manners, and how to be humble. What influences my music is all the things I’ve been through, and I feel I have a story to tell that’s relatable to so many people weather you’re in the streets or not. I grew up in the hood but I fought like hell to try to get out but I always had one foot in and one foot out. SFND MAG: So we see you’re out in Dallas now. Now that you’ve relocat-

"There's too much competition and not enough

companionship. ed, do you feel that it is difficult being an independent artist especially in such a huge city like Dallas?

VARUS BELL: It’s very hard because in Dallas, nobody wants to help you because they’re afraid that your success will over shadow their success. There’s too much competition and not enough companionship. There’s not enough compromising. People here would rather go against you than team up with you. SFND MAG: Who are some of your major hip-hop influences? VARUS BELL: Jay-Z, J- Cole, 2 Chainz, Kevin Gates when he not singing, Cap-1, Meek Mills, Rick Ross, and the old group Field Mob.

SFND MAG: At this point in your career, what do you feel is the most challenging thing about being a hiphop artist in the game right now?

VARUS BELL: Exposure, because like I said, nobody wants to help or listen. But I get it… nintey percent of the music out now is trash so it’s like “Here go another one”. It’s like… to be seen or heard now you have got to do something for attention like wear a lot of weird shit, fake beef with folks, wear a dress, or dye your hair, or steal Migos, Chief Keef, and Drake’s style. SFND MAG: I agree that there are a lot of gimmicks out in the game right now. There are very few people are staying true to themselves, or keeping it 100, but that’s another story. Anyway, let’s switch gears a bit. Let’s talk about your latest project. Maaannnnnnnn!!!! That” Omissions “ mixtape is crazy, crazy, crazy dope! Literally had it on repeat the last couple of weeks. What was the inspiration for this mixtape? VARUS BELL: I just had some things I needed to say to some peo-



FEATURE ple, and I wanted to vent to my City and State about certain things. My mixtape was also just something to throw out there and really start building my cult following. I think I’m almost there. SFND MAG: Personally my favorite songs are “Petty” “The Squeeze” and “Checks” Tell us what are your favorite three songs off your mixtape and why.

noticed that you have a pretty dope clothing line as well. How did you get off the ground? VARUS BELL: Yea me and my partner Ryan started a clothing company called Cvltvre Worldwide in 2016 and with my influence from music and parties

VARUS BELL: Everything is @varusbell from Twitter, instagram, Facebook and Snapchat. YouTube it’s Varus Bell also. SFND MAG: Before you go, could you name another artist that you think is “So FN Dope” and tell us why?

VARUS BELL: I love “The Squeeze” because I was trying to rap in a different style and I loved my delivery. I love “Petty” because I was speaking to some individuals and I think I got the message out plain and clear. Lastly, I like “Broken Letter” because I cried writing it cause I had so much pinned up anger towards so many people and that song allowed me to vent. SFND MAG: Definitely feeling your video “ Bitch Where Ya Man At?” Dope visual for that joint! You got any other videos or visuals on the way that we can look out for? VARUS BELL: Yes I’m going to start working on my documentary called “The Ugly TRUTH” and I’m going to drop 3 videos for 3 songs off my Album “The Ugly Truth”) SFND MAG: Are you putting together any other projects here soon… Maybe a full-length album? Anything in particular we can be looking out for? VARUS BELL: “The Ugly Truth my debut album is subject to release in August or September, and in between time, I’ma just kill rappers on their remixes. [LAUGHS]. SFND MAG: If you could change one thing up to this point in your career or do one thing over what would it be? VARUS BELL: I would have taken music more seriously years ago but I was caught up in the streets and in and out of prison. SFND MAG: We are also quite the entrepreneur. Tell us a little bit about your other ventures outside music. We’ve



people gravitated to it a lot and with Ryan military background it allowed us overseas exposure) SFND MAG: It’s easy to see that you are a very well rounded artist and entrepreneur. Where would you like to see yourself in the next two or three years? VARUS BELL: Performing on BET, sign a major label for management and distribution, doing hella shows and owning a clothing store in all major cities in the World. SFND MAG: How can your fans reach you on social media?

VARUS BELL: I think three from my City are dope Quez Codean, Mbg Montana, and Rara HeadHoncho. I think they dope because they got that flow the young generation wants to hear but they got the bars and sauce to match it. SFND MAG: Once again, thank you so much Varus for interviewing with us. We definitely appreciate it. We definitely wish you much success. VARUS BELL: Thank you too! Man, it was an honor!



"People here would rather go against you than team up with you." SEPT / OCT 2018- SOFNDOPEMAGAZINE.COM -


The Podcast taking you Behind The Curtain in the NFL, Sports, & Entertainment // No Hot Takes, Just Real Talk! . Hosted by former NFL offensive lineman and current coach Jeremy “JB” Bridges, and comedian and music/sports publicist Ben “Benny Blue” Rhinesmith Available on iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play, TuneIn, & CastBox













Michael W. Eaton




The art of lyricism is still alive and well. We have seen this recently through artists like J. Cole, Joyner Lucas, Kendrick Lamar, and others. There is just something special about an artist that not only can rhyme, but is also a true wordsmith. We’re talking about someone who has the ability to create complex rhythms accompanied by alliteration, clever metaphors, and punch lines. Sadly, in today’s mainstream music this is rare, which is why we get excited whenever we come across an artist with such a gift. Our next artist definitely has that ability. Check out our interview with New York rapper Tito Montana.




EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW FND MAG: What’s crackin my brother? We appreciate the interview. We’ve been anticipating this moment for a while now.

TITO MONTANA: I appreciate the opportunity, more importantly the photo shoot it was “So FN Dope” shooting with Michael Eaton. SFND MAG: All I got to say is that “Lyrical Therapy “joint is unbelievable… and the Remix featuring Mysonne is even crazier! Sheesh! [LAUGHS] We will get into that a little later. Tell us a little about yourself. Where you from and how did you initially get started in the music industry? TITO MONTANA: Well I was born in Brooklyn NY, but I came up in Poughkeepsie NY, where I developed my craft as a Hip Hop artist. As far as how did I initially got started in the music industry “ I’d have to say I’m grinding hard to actually crack into the business, however in 2009 is when I started my quest to make that happen. SFND MAG: No Doubt! How would you say that you describe your style to someone out there that may have never heard your music before?

they’re from and not follow the sound of the Atlanta & Chicago markets. (S/o to those guys that represent those regions as well).

"My inspiration comes from past, present, and what I foresee for my

future experiences."

TITO MONTANA: I’d say my style represents the essence of what Hip Hop is. The expression and representation of an artist as an individual and where they’re from. My sound is just that... “My sound”. SFND MAG: So, tell us a little about the music scene in New York right now, and how do you feel you fit in the equation currently. TITO MONTANA: The music scene is definitely coming back around full circle to where artists can sound like where

SFND MAG: Music has changed a lot over the years. Do you feel that it is even more difficult being an independent artist in the New York right now as opposed to say… five to ten years ago? TITO MONTANA: No. Actually now is


the best time since the 1990’s for New York artist. Five to ten years ago, it was transitioning to what it is today, but all of that is changing around for the better. SFND MAG: We always keep a close eye on Independent artists. We see there is a new wave of artists who have surfaced and are making their mark on the industry that are actually bringing the realness back to hip-hop and rap music. You definitely bring back that oh so familiar hip-hop flavor as well and it is definitely refreshing especially with the lyrical content. Where do you get your inspiration from? TITO MONTANA: My inspiration comes from past, present, and what I foresee for my future experiences. I use music as a form of Therapy so a lot of what I record is simply venting with rhythm. [LAUGHS] SFND MAG: At this point in your career, what do you feel is the most challenging thing about being an independent artist in the game right now and why? TITO MONTANA: Just competing with all the music that comes out on the daily basis. And my reason why is I haven’t figured how to get my music on those major platforms. SFND MAG: As a lyricist, do you feel offended or frustrated when you hear the bubblegum rappers getting major radio play while the artists who actually work on perfecting their craft struggle? TITO MONTANA: Nah, because the music represents the mind state of the youth today, so I get it. When I came up the music reflected our mind state as well, we were on that Knowledge of Self wave, now they pop pills and sip lean, so that’s what the machine pushes. SFND MAG: Let’s switch gears a bit. Let’s talk about Lyrical Therapy (Remix). Very dope video by the way! How did this collaboration happen? All ya’ll had bars on this joint! TITO MONTANA: I want to shout out my brothers O-pressure and Cyncere over at Ruff Ryders Radio for getting


"I use music as a form of therapy, so a lot of what I record is simply venting with rhythm."




"My sound is just that... My sound." -TITO MONTANA


Michael W. Eaton






Michael W. Eaton


Mysonne and Chris Rivers on the record and I reached out to Jaquae on my own and it just all came together and I must say it was magic! SFND MAG: Personally, my this is one of my favorite joints on my Spotify playlists right now. Tell us what are your favorite three songs you’ve released so far and why? TITO MONTANA: “Lyrical Therapy” the original and remix, (I’ll consider that 1 track) [LAUGHS] and the other two are “Must Be Crazy” ft Dave East & “Milly By The Summer” ft Fred the Godson. My reason for those three is because they all feature some of NY’s elite lyricist and I held my own. SFND MAG: Most definitely… So, with your recent releases continuing to gain notoriety, where would you like to see your career in music in the next 3 years? How do you plan to get there? TITO MONTANA: I’m just trying to secure a label situation with a major, so I can better establish my company Final Score Entertainment, and I’ll accomplish


that goal by remaining consistent.

TITO MONTANA: Look me up on IG/ Twitter @Iam_titomontana And FB/YouTube under Tito Montana or that good old fashion Google search [LAUGHS]

SFND MAG: Who has been some of your biggest musical influences over the years? Name three artists that shaped and molded you into the artist you are today. TITO MONTANA: Not to be bias but I’d have to say Biggie, Jay-Z & Nas and not for nothing definitely Diddy as far as my business approach to the game. SFND MAG: We are loving your content, your music, videos, and your social media presence, what can we expect from Tito Montana in the near future? Any albums or full-length projects in the works? TITO MONTANA: Yes actually I’m about to go in and start working on my New EP “The Young Tito Project” I’m really looking forward to this release based on the content I’m about to deliver.

SFND MAG: Before you go could you name another artist that you think is “So FN Dope” and tell us why? TITO MONTANA: I’d have to say my artist “D-weathers” This kid has been releasing records ever WEDNESDAY! since the start of the year and he’s actually been a inspiration to by doing so look him up @Dweather5 I think he’s on to something actually, I KNOW HE IS! SFND MAG: Once again, thank you so much Tito Montana for interviewing with us. It has been a pleasure. We definitely wish you much success and look forward to seeing you at the top. TITO MONTANA: “YOU WILL MOST DEFINITELY SEE ME THERE”

SFND MAG: How can your fans reach you on social media?

"I'd say my style represents the essence of what Hip Hop is." SEPT / OCT 2018- SOFNDOPEMAGAZINE.COM -








The individual in our next interview is truly an inspiration. We have had the opportunity to watch her grow tremendously over the years, developing relationships with a host of public figures as well as absorbing knowledge and wisdom from everyone she has come in contact with. She is an author and a philanthropist, among many other things. Her books are currently impacting lives of people all over the country. Check out our interview with Ms. Ivy Box.

PHOTO BY: Rome Kamera



FND MAG: Ivy !!! What’s up, what’s up, what’s up! We can’t thank you enough for agreeing to interview with us. This is greatly appreciated.

IVY BOX: Thank you for having me. SFND MAG: First of all before we do anything I just want to let you know how much of an inspiration you have been!!! We’ve seen how much grown you have covered and the many lives you have touched through not only your book, but your interviews and positive messages on social media. We are completely blown away. IVY BOX: Thank you, I’ve always been conscious about the things that I put out electronically and on social media. What you put out there comes back to you so it’s better to build your audience up then to tear them down. SFND MAG: Anyway, back to the interview [LAUGHS] For our readers out there who may not know you just yet, give them a brief introduction of who Ivy Box is and the many hats you wear. IVY BOX: Well, I’m a self proclaimed Certified Go Get HERS, a southern belle with a Caribbean twist. I’m a philanthropist, author, entrepreneur, and marketing consultant, but I don’t hold myself to just those titles. SFND MAG: You are quite the philanthropist. We see that you’ve founded a few non-profit organizations as well. Tell us about those. IVY BOX: I love philanthropy; I have done my 10,000 hours and then some. It’s something I’ve been doing since I was a child. In 2014, after years of working with non-profits and helping others with theirs, I decided to create my home. It’s

called Voice T.H.E. Movement, Incorporated. Our mission is to help improve the quality of life individuals through Health, Education, The Arts & Entertainment, and Technology. SFND MAG: Now, today we really want to get to know Ivy Box the author. You’ve recently written two books. The 365 Go Get H.E.R.S. Guide and The 365 Go Get HIS Guide as well. Congratulations first of all. This must be very exciting for you? IVY BOX: Yes, writing and then releasing “The 365 Go Get H.E.R.S. Guide” was super exciting. H.E.R.S. stands for Happiness, Education, Respect, Success, it’s a self-help book for women and girls about what you want, when you want it, how to get it, make it happen. My second book, “The 365 Go Get HIS Guide” is the male version of the first book. It has been a great accomplishment, something I have been wanting to do for a while, so to finally get it done and out to share with the world is exhilarating. SFND MAG: Now, Please correct me if I’m wrong but I thought I heard you say in another interview that you never intended to be an author when you began down this road. Correct? This kind of just happened after beginning to create the guide for yourself. Tell us how this grew from a simple personal guide to two entire books. IVY BOX: Yes, well, sort of. Growing up, I never thought about becoming an author. When I first started working in the entertainment industry over a decade ago, the idea to write a book came to mind. It was all about being a Girl Boss and it had a similar title. SFND MAG: What was the tipping point for you when you finally realized that you were on to something? IVY BOX: After going through some ups and downs, career changes, and refocusing my overall purpose, I started to see life in a broader scale and started to have a better understanding of people. I attended a lot of conferences, workshops, and read a lot of great books. I had so many notes and needed all this goodness in one place. I realized that if I needed something like this, then I’m sure there


are many more people looking for the same thing and the book, as we know it was birthed.

SFND MAG: Since, your books release you have created quite a following on social media. What type of feedback have you been getting from those that have been putting your book into action? IVY BOX: It’s amazing when I get an email, text, or DM about how my book inspired someone. I put time into the content and laid it out so that people can follow it, understand it, take it in, and apply it. My book was self-published, but you would of thought that a big name publisher published it. They say love is in the details and I wanted to share that love with the world. SFND MAG: We recently purchased a copy of The 365 Go Get His Guide and began reading it and I must say that it is powerful. You touched on many areas life that we must pay close attention to in order to be successful individuals, but what I like most about the book is that you give step-by-step instructions on how to achieve things each area. Tell us a little about you’ve been able to apply these concepts in your own life. IVY BOX: Thank you for purchasing the book, I truly appreciate the support. The book is filled with universal principles, things that I knew, things that I wish I knew, and things that I am continuing to learn, even now. We as people should never stop learning or growing or improving every area of our lives. The book is a guide, a book that is made to reference whenever you need to revisit one of those universal principles. Everyday I’m working on building a strong foundation, working on my discipline, being consistent, setting goals, dealing with relationships, paying it forward, and more. Everyday is an opportunity to learn and grow and the book is helping with all of that. SFND MAG: Can we expect any more books from you in the future? Is there anything else in the works? IVY BOX: Oh yes, I will be working on my 3rd & 4th book soon. You will also be seeing a lot more from the Go Get



EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW H.E.R.S. brand overall. I’m super excited and can’t wait to share everything with the world. SFND MAG: a.) As a young black female author in America. Where would you like to see yourself in the next 3-5 years?

IVY BOX: Hmm, there’s so many, I can’t list just one, it also changes depending on what is going on in my life. The mainstays, aside from my family, have been Tupac, Michael Jackson, Suzanne De Passé, Diana Ross,

IVY BOX: There have been so many wonderful opportunities opening up for black women these past several years. I plan to participate in that movement. I see myself with a successful multi-media business that creates opportunities for other women and men just like me. I also see myself married with a few kids too. SFND MAG: What advice do you have for other young people especially young women out there that decide take a path similar to that of which you’ve already taken.

another person that you think is “So FN Dope” and tell us why? IVY BOX: Everyone woman and man that is out their living their lives unapologetically, but with respect to others. Everyone striving to be the best versions of themselves and that are helping others to do the same. You all are “So FN Dope” and inspire me each and every day! SFND MAG: How can your fans reach you on social media?

" We as people should never stop learning or growing or improving every area of our lives."

IVY BOX: My advice to young women is to do the most work on you. Build yourself up and fill your cup to capacity. What overflows is what you give to the world. Follow your heart, trust your instincts, and don’t let fear stop you from accomplishing whatever it is that you want to accomplish. Remember that the sky is NOT the limit, it is only the beginning. SFND MAG: Obviously you’ve been influenced by many, many, many different people, and by the experiences, in order to create such a great body of work. With that being said, dead or alive, who do you think your biggest influences are, and how have they shaped your life, your career as a new author, and shaped you as an individual?



Barack & Michelle Obama, Ryan Coogler, Ava Duvernay, of course Oprah and Gayle, man, I feel like I’m accepting an award and don’t want to forget anyone in my thank you’s, lol. All of these people and so many others, famous and non-famous, have shown me that anything and everything is possible. There’s so much that can be accomplished if we just believe in ourselves and in others. SFND MAG: Once again, thank you so much Ivy for interviewing with us. This has been a pleasure but before you go, could you name

IVY BOX: I can be reached on all social media platforms at @MsIvyBox and at SFND MAG: Thanks again. It was a pleasure having you for this interview. We definitely wish you nothing but success and look forward to seeing you at the top. IVY BOX: Thank you, I look forward to seeing you all at the top with me!



39 36




" Follow your heart, trust your instincts, and don’t let fear stop you from accomplishing whatever it is that you want to accomplish. "



DOPEQUOTES “How many “Speak the truth even people you if your voice shakes.” bless, is --Iggy Azalea how you “I’ve never really viewed myself as particularly measure talented, where I excel is success.” ridiculous, sickening – Rick Ross

“Learn life, before life learn you.” -Jadakiss

work ethic. While the other guy is sleeping, I’m working. While the other guy is eating, I’m working.” -- Will Smith

“God will take you through hell, just to get to heaven.” – T.I 39- SOFNDOPEMAGAZINE.COM - SEPT / OCT 2018

DOPEQUOTES “No matter where life takes me. Find me with a smile.” – Mac Miller “We can’t change the world until we change ourselves.” – Biggie Smalls “When you’re grateful you have no time to become mad or hateful.” -- Rev Run


“My mama always used to tell me: if you can’t find something to live for, you best find something to die for.” – Tupac

“If you always put limit on everything you do, physical or anything else. It will spread into your work and into your life. There are no limits. There are only plateaus, and you must not stay there, you must go beyond them.” -Bruce Lee

“I hated every minute of training, but I said, ‘Don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.” Muhammad Ali



ONTHEAVENUE APPAREL @ontheavenueapparel

PHOTO BY: Trigger Jones




STORM This next artist can easily be summed up in two words. “UNDENIABLE TALENT”. Her vocal ability is second to none and there is no question that she is on the radar as one of America’s next rising stars. There is no shame in her game and she is known for captivating audiences with impromptu performances anywhere people are gathered. We hope you’ve brought your umbrella because it looks like rain. Check out this exclusive interview with R&B songstress Bobbi Storm.

PHOTO BY: Christopher





FND MAG: What’s good Bobbi Storm? Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for blessing us with this interview. We already know it’s going to be DOPE! We follow you on instagram it kind of feels like we have met before even though this is the first time. So glad we were able to make this happen. BOBBI STORM: Me too! Glad that you are interested. I like anyone that reaches out to me, to give me as much exposure a possible and I wish your magazine nothing but the best. SFND MAG: Thank you very much. So, for all those out there who may not be familiar with you or your music just yet, let them know who you are and where you are representing! BOBBI STORM: Oh, OK! I am Bobbi Storm. That is my stage name, but my birth name is Stephanie. A lot of people don’t know that. I’m not keeping it a secret or anything, so…you know… I like both names. Kind of like that “Shawn Carter / Jay-Z thing,” [LAUGHS], and I’m from Detroit, Michigan, but I live in New York City. SFND MAG: So you live in New York. What brought you to New York? BOBBI STORM: So, I was singing in a girl group a long time ago. I was doing some things with Ja Rule and Murda Inc. I did a couple of songs with him and from there I took a break for about a year, and just stacked up my money. I wasn’t singing pretty much at all, well… I did a singing competition where I won like five thousand dollars; but I was just working to save up to either go to New York, or L.A. So in that year, just like I promised myself, I went on ahead and went out to New York for about a month and a half or so and I hated it. SFND MAG: Whaaaaaat?

BOBBI STORM: I hated it because I had just gotten a car and I was not about to have it sitting at my parent’s garage, you know, if I was paying a note. So I was like “I don’t care what anybody says. I’m going to have my car out here.” And I brought a car, but the problem was that I was staying in Harlem. So I ended up like getting six tickets in a month. I was like “Forget this!” and I went back to Detroit. So after I went back to Detroit and I was getting ready to go to L.A., and that’s when I said to myself, “You know what…

"DETROIT raised me but NEW YORK made me." L.A. is kind of far away from my family. I can’t just get up and drive home whenever I want to.” Also seeing that I hadn’t established a career in music just yet, and was like just off of unemployment, I was like. “You know what…I’m just going to go ahead and go to a place where I know I’m going to focus and where I


can at least drive home whenever my family needs me.” I knew that if I went to a place that I didn’t like that I would focus. So, that was my whole thing about New York. That’s what brought me out to New York to pursue my career. And that’s about it. SFND MAG: Well you know what they say. They say if you can make it in New York… You can make it anywhere in the U.S. BOBBI STORM: I know that’s right! That’s why I say, “DETROIT raised me but NEW YORK made me.” SFND MAG: That is definitely what’s up! I recently had a discussion with a friend on who was going to be the savior of “real R&B” and I brought your name up. [LAUGHS] I sent him to your IG post of you singing on a fully loaded airplane. Needless to say, after watching the post he agreed with me hands down. That was a genius way to get people to listen to you sing and to follow you on social media. Generally, what is the reaction you get from people when they hear you sing for the first time? BOBBI STORM: Well, once they hear me sing, they love it, but it takes courage to make people shut up and I guess I’m use to that. Each time, it gets easier and easier, and the first time it happened, we were on a plane. I don’t know what the heck I was on, but that was the one I went semi-viral for. But I don’t know. They were having a long delay. We were stuck on the airplane for a while and something just…I don’t know, I feel like it was my grandfather, “Rest in Peace” that pretty much just told me like, “girl get up and sing”. So I did it. When I went to the bathroom after that, I mean I was shaking because of the adrenaline, because I had to hold all of that in while I was singing. There was so much adrenaline I didn’t know what emotions to have. I couldn’t even cry. So, once they hear me sing they love it, to answer your question. SFND MAG: You know, just being able to do that says a lot. It is already tough enough as it is to get on the stage when you actually have a performance you know, but to do an impromptu performance like that in a room full of people


"It's an addiction now. I can't just be in room of five or more people and not sing."

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PHOTO BY: Christopher



57 49 46


PHOTO BY: Trigger Jones


ON COVER THE ARTIST VERGE who do not know you at all. Half of them are already irritated, they don’t want to hear someone singing, in fact they probably don’t want to hear anything other than, “The plane is about to move”. So for you to do that and be able to captivate the audience that says a lot, because many artists do not have that. That is what they used to do back in the day. When they put you on the spot back then…. You had to perform. BOBBI STORM: That’s what I always say that I wish things were like the good ol’ days where I could just walk into a label and BAM! SFND MAG: And you would have it, because you have everything that they were looking for back then. It is just unfortunate that raw talent isn’t what they look for anymore. It is now about the numbers and the gimmicks, social media and the legwork that you have already done. But yea, I’m glad that you still do that. And we have seen you do that on more than one occasion. BOBBI STORM: Now it has become an addiction. I can’t just be in a room of five or more people and not sing, because I’m big on energy. Even if they are giving me bad energy, sometimes that is what motivates me. It’s just the frequency. SFND MAG: I think we heard you say something similar to that in another interview. You said that anytime you got the opportunity to share your voice with the world, you would do it! BOBBI STORM: Yea. How else are they going to hear about me? SFND MAG: So what else does Bobbi Storm do? We already know you have an amazing voice. Are you also a songwriter as well? BOBBI STORM: Yes! I am. I wrote “Lazy Love”and “Favors” I co-wrote with The Creatives. But yea… We came in…we were vibing. One of the guys in The Creatives, sang it an octave lower. Then the producer and I both go, “What if I sang it up in the falsetto of it” because he did it in a register that was too low for me to sing. So I did it, and at first I didn’t like it, and it was because in the session I was so

used to recording with my producer Troy Taylor that I was spoiled when it came to the way he made me sound. I’m not one of those people that likes recording dry. I like recording how the song is going to end up sounding. So when engineers are lazy or don’t know what they are doing; and not that they were lazy, but they are not engineers, they are writers and producers that I was working with. But, just in general when engineers are lazy they tend to want to add the auto-tune, the pitch correct, or the reverb afterwards and not from the beginning. So since they weren’t necessarily engineers, I was sounding really dry and not how I’m used to sounding. And that can sometimes give a singer less confidence to deliver. So we came up with the hook. The producer was the one who came up with the Jay-Z and Beyonce` line. I was the one who came up with saying over and over again “such in such love” saying Lazy Love (singing) and returning it again because all I was thinking about was the records that really are timeless are the ones that repeat things so people can have it stuck in their head. We got some of the first verse done and we got the chorus done, and then the next day I went in with Troy. I finished the second verse and pre-chorus by myself and then I got the bridge and I got stuck. So Troy said, “I’m going to go into the kitchen and fix myself a sandwich and watermelon. If I come back and you don’t have the bridge written then we’re scratching the whole song.” So he came back in, and that take that you hear on the bridge was the first and only take. SFND MAG: Wow! [LAUGHS] He put you on the spot! That’s dope! What I love about that song is that you sing it with so much power and conviction, and it just sounds like you were going through that at that moment. It definitely translates the emotion that is in it, and you actually feel it. We love the video and everything. BOBBI STORM: It’s a very timeless record. Next year is going to be a big year for “Lazy Love.” SFND MAG: We believe that 100%! So, we also peeped your latest song “Favors” as well. It is So FN Dope for sure! Your singles are banging! Can we expect an album from you soon? Do you have a

name of the project or tentative release date? Anything you can give us now? BOBBI STORM: I do. I do have one coming out that I am paying off now. I pay for my own stuff. Bobbi Storm, LLC. So I paid for the Lazy Love video. I rented the house. I paid for the makeup artist. I did my own make-up for “Favors.” I do everything. The mixing and mastering. Everything so, right now I just made another payment today so the EP should be out next month and I’m going to name it “Attitude.” It has six songs on it. Maybe five though, because one of the records I’m working out with the producers. It may just be bonus track but it is coming out regardless. It may just be a bonus on SoundCloud. “Favors” was also co-written by The Creatives. They kind of get me. They get my sound. When I come to L.A. in about a week and a half, we are going to work on some music as well. “Favors” was a different vibe. “Favors” was split down the middle from everybody because we all contributed to that. It was just a bouncing of bars. Every single bar in that thing, if you really listen to the words. That’s why I’m glad someone put it up on a lyrics site so that people could really read it because the words in that song are so REAL and just straight fire. That was one of those sessions that I can only remember certain lines from certain people. Like Fred from Do The Write Thing of The Creatives, came up with “Miss me with that talk about missing me babe” He came up with “I’m after what’s after”. I came up with “What we have is fire but went up in flames.” It just was a bouncing of creativity in that session. SFND MAG: That is So FN Dope. I like what you said about working with producers that “get you”. That’s definitely important for an artist, and for you to know that, shows that you are in control of your own destiny right now Especially with taking care of all your business and to have that side of it as well, a team built around you that actually gets you. You’re really winning right now. So just get ready because when that wave hits you it’s going to be big. BOBBI STORM: I know… I feel it every day. That is what keeps me going. There used to be bad days where I was like



ON THE VERGE “What the hell?” but now, and everytime I doubt myself, I get another confirmation.

life. It was across the board. It was unanimous that it was going to be a hit and so I knew I had to put it out.

SFND MAG: That’s awesome. Now this is always a subject that we feel is necessary to bring up to artists, and it deals with social media. With the way the world is set up now, social media kind of controls everything in a sense. You know…I was just watching CNN and nowadays you can’t watch the news without them showing who tweeted what to whom. It governs everything now. So with that being said, as it pertains to the independent music industry currently where indie artists can now come up on their own social media presence and actually make money. How do you feel about the affects of that influence in regards to signing with a label or remaining independent?

SFND MAG: No doubt! So as far as collaborating goes, whom would you like to collab with in the future? BOBBI STORM: Pharell. He’s someone that can do no wrong in my book. You know what I mean? So I just know that whatever we created, it would be fire. It’s just like going in with The Creatives. When people care about music, and not only music but how it reflects them they’ll do everything right so I know he cares about music and that he would do it right. It’s not about a paycheck to him. It’s not about fame to him and he’s going to put his all in to it. So with that combination and another artist like myself who is going all the way in, then it’s a wrap!

" I felt like

everybody had BOBBI STORM: I think that I can do it their opinions of alone. However I went into this whole SFND MAG: Because he is going to pull thing, and still feel like with what I have something out of you that you haven’t what I should be and the music I have, I would love to tapped into yet, and you will spark some have a label budget. But, I do think I creativity in him that he hadn’t pulled out could do it independently. A lot of people yet either. what music and doing it independently are younger than I am. BOBBI STORM: Because I don’t think I should make , he’s ever met another artist like me. I SFND MAG: When you are not creating mean the world has not seen how I sing. I should your own music, what other artists does how Like, I really sing. I find myselflook doing Bobbi Storm listen to? things now that I never thought I could do,with my voice and constantly tapping what I should BOBBI STORM: I love Ella Mai. I think into that. And I say it in the most humble she is a huge game changer for this indus- sound way. I would love to have some voiceto like and try. Everything is about a vibe. She gives lessons. I do think I am capable of being me feel good music. She takes me back the greatest singer of our time. I never me ititwhenfelt home. Her music sounds like it’s from the believed people like; would comeIto Mid-West and I like the writers she has. my shows and be like “You’re better than like all these I think she is beautiful I think she is also felt Beyonce`” I’d be like “These people are in it just to sing. I think that “Lazy Love” crazy.” But now, there are things that I do will have a similar story as “Boo’d Up” that she can’t do… were ideas next year. SFND MAG: And I feel like there’s nothmaking me SFND MAG: I agree with that. And I ing wrong with saying that. Especially would probably put you in the same category, and this is just my opinion. But, if I had to group certain artists together, I would put you two together. You guys are definitely creating that next vibe, and it’s wonderful because it’s almost like a resurgence of that feel good 90’s music. It’s just the vibe you get from it. BOBBI STORM: Exactly! And you know…the thing with “Lazy Love” is that I’ve never had something so sure in my



if you can back it up. [LAUGHS] That’s what’s up!

BOBBI STORM: I mean… I’d never say it to the Beyhive [LAUGHS] SFND MAG: So aside from music are there any other future endeavors other than becoming a successful singer in the music industry? Often times, singers try to branch out into acting etc...things like that.You have any other endeavors?

BOBBI STORM: I just like being good at everything. So after that episode on STAR I would love to look into some more acting roles. Not that I acted on there, but I would love to. I’m actually working on some now. SFND MAG: Cool! When it is all said and done what is going to be your legacy? What will people say you brought to this game? BOBBI STORM: People will say, “Bobbi Storm is a fearless artist who just wants to sing.” SFND MAG: Fearless you are. And we just cannot get over the fact that you are now doing everything on your own right. That is the true definition of an independent artist. BOBBI STORM: All the way down to the cover art…everything. SFND MAG: Definitely So FN DOPE! So we are wrapping up the interview now so tell us how can your fans reach you on social media? BOBBI STORM: If you Google Bobbi Storm it’s now gotten to where my social media pops up, but all my social handles are bobbi_storm. SFND MAG: Before you go, could you name another artist that you think is “So FN Dope” and tell us why? BOBBI STORM: I love Rihanna. It’s a mixture of Rihanna and Beyonce`. I’m not as much of a Beyonce` music fan, however, I love her drive. I compare my drive to her drive. She is phenomenal and you can’t deny it. So I guess I’ll go with… wait... can I say two? [LAUGHS] I’d say Beyonce` and Rihanna. SFND MAG: Once again, thank you so much Bobbi Storm for interviewing with us. It’s been such a pleasure. We definitely wish you great success in this business! Please keep raising the bar for R&B. What you do is greatly appreciated! BOBBI STORM: Thank you! I appreciate it. It’s the people now…that I’m never going to forget.


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Interviewed by Sy Sayanora





s consumers, we often take for granted the time and effort it takes to create great entertainment. We tend to focus solely on the end result, or the finished product. With music, we support artists by purchasing their albums. We also attend concerts and festivals to enjoy their live performances. With television and film, we often support actors by going to the local theater to watch their latest work, and if we really love the movie, we will likely see it in theaters more than once or buy it upon release to watch it repeatedly. We occasionally watch the Hollywood red carpet events and award shows to see who is being recognized and honored. We do all these things in support the finished product but we rarely know what goes on behind the scenes to create these works of art. So how much do we really know about our favorite artists or actors? More than often we know very little about whom they really are, which is why So FN Dope Magazine makes the effort to dig a bit deeper into the lives of our featured interviewees. We want our readers to see the side of them that most of the world has yet to see. With that being said, we are extremely excited to share with you the featured interview for this issue. We were able to sit down with this talented brother and have an amazing conversation about different aspects of his life and his transition into the realm of acting. His career has been successful on both the small screen and silver screen. He has made movie appearances in The Blind Side in 2009; Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained in 2012; and played the role of a civil rights activist in the historical drama Selma in 2014. We also learned that he is playing a role in the latest Halloween movie, which in our opinion is one of the most iconic horror movie franchises ever created. The film sequel is scheduled for release on October 19, 2018. Although he has done quite a few movies, recently he is widely recognized for his role as Hollingsworth “Hollywood” Desonier on the TV drama series Queen Sugar that airs on Oprah Winfrey’s network OWN. The series has just completed its third season and renewed for a fourth. We hope that you enjoy our exclusive interview with this phenomenal individual, so without further ado we would like to introduce you to Mr. Omar J. Dorsey.

SFND MAG: First, we would like to say Congratulations on all your success. OMAR DORSEY: Thank you. Thank you. I appreciate it. SFND MAG: [LAUGHS] Where do you want to start? We see that you are nice and comfortable. [LAUGHS] OMAR DORSEY: (Comically lying down on couch) We can start 1975… Atlanta, Georgia… December 22nd, a child was born. [LAUGHS] Nah… we can start wherever you want. SFND MAG: So, you are from Atlanta, Georgia? OMAR DORSEY: I am. Born and raised. Yeah, born and raised in Decatur, Georgia SFND MAG: Tell us a little bit about your background, more specifically your mom. She has really been in your corner. OMAR DORSEY: She is… my dad is amazing too but she was just this amazing woman. She started this drama ministry at church. We went to Greenforest Baptist Church. So many really good actors and singers came out of that church program like Dorian Missick and Shay Roundtree. SFND MAG: Did you want to be an actor at that time? OMAR DORSEY: I think I always did. You know… I just always liked people to look at me, and to make people laugh. That’s what I’ve always liked. I was a class clown. I was all that. There is just something about people’s reactions. You know… just to hear people laughing or even now to see people crying. To make people happy, sad or whatever just does something to me. Even when I play bad guys and I walk through the airport, I hear people say. “Oooh I can’t stand you” [LAUGHS] SFND MAG: [LAUGHS] So people react to whatever role you are playing. OMAR DORSEY: Exactly! Yeah.


SFND MAG: Did your mom ever give it to you in front of everyone, like the whole class? OMAR DORSEY: Yeah, she did, but you know what is so funny is … even up until before I moved. (I moved from Atlanta fifteen or sixteen years ago.) Whenever I had an audition, I would go to my mom and be like, “Mom could you help me with these lines?” SFND MAG: Really? Is that still the case today? OMAR DORSEY: Well, not so much now. She will just call and critique me now...[LAUGHS] and I listen to her. She keeps it real with me and I appreciate it. But yea, she is one of the best teachers. SFND MAG: Do you also sing? OMAR DORSEY: I used to sing. It is funny because I was a triple threat. I used to sing, act, and dance. SFND MAG: Did you play ball too? OMAR DORSEY: Yeah, I did everything. I sang opera. I did musicals. I did ballet. I did tap. I used to be a choreographer. I did all of that. SFND MAG: Did anyone tease you while growing up? I ask because nowadays a lot of kids at that age are developing and doing those things, and are often times bullied. OMAR DORSEY: You know what it is? I think it was the neighborhood that I grew up in. We did everything back then. We played ball. We sang you know… the ballet was a little bit tough, but it’s cool because I went to a performing arts high school so… there are probably some pictures out there of me wearing tights, but that was a long, long time ago. We tried everything from sports, and everybody in our neighborhood played an instrument. EVERYBODY! Someone played trombone. I played piano…drums… whatever, but it was just a different time.


. D O. SFND MAG: It definitely was a different time. So tell me about Queen Sugar. You play an amazing role. Your character is someone that a lot of us women would love to be around, even as a friend because you do not see that type of love so often or at least we do not see black males portraying those roles anymore. OMAR DORSEY: You know… the character is a beautiful creation. Ava DuVernay and all of our writers put this character together. I remember when Ava called me. I was in the Bahamas. She called me and she wanted me to read the script. She asked, “What do you think about this character?” I said that it was a beautiful character. Then she said “I want you to play this character because this is how I see you, and I want the world to see you how I see you”. SFND MAG: Wow! That is heavy. It must feel great to be thought of that way. OMAR DORSEY: Yeah, and it is a beautiful responsibility for me to have to play this guy. He is not a perfect man, but he’s perfect for her. He champions her. He

SFND MAG: Now, are these scripts solely written by women?

champions his friends and he champions his family. Although you do not see many people like that on TV, you know people like that, and so it is great to be able to bring that character that we see every day to the small screen. People appreciate that. SFND MAG: Do you see yourself in the character that you portray or do you take yourself away completely and do all method acting or was this character “Hollywood” just a little bit more close to home? OMAR DORSEY: It’s the character that I have always wanted to be, and honestly playing the character has made me a better person. Now I’m like “OK, this is how you’re supposed to treat a woman.” But, you know when I am playing the character it’s not me. Physically it is not me. The way I dress, the way I walk, and the way I talk, is really me putting on a cloak, but I look at it and sometimes I read those lines and I’m like “Man! I wish I really thought like this.” Well I do think like that but I wish I could articulate it the way “Hollywood” does. He is a simple guy.

OMAR DORSEY: No, we have a whole writing team and our head writer now is Anthony Sparks. We are about to start Season 4 in February and he is going to be our show writer. He’ll be the head writer. We also have Mike Flynn there and Anthony Sparks like I said before. My guy Jason was there Seasons 1 and 2 so we do have male voices in the room, which is good because you know they understand how a man thinks. And it’s good because it’s black men. It’s funny because I’ve been on shows before where scripts were written by…you know… a white man or white people and I’m like “Well, no one talks like this.” I tell them. “I’m going to say what I want to say and what you guys are trying to say even though it’s not written on this paper.” [LAUGHS] That is the good thing about our show. We have all these people of color and everyone from all different walks of life and women writing so those voices are there. And those are the voices that you don’t really hear a lot of. SFND MAG: Now were you at any point afraid to be vulnerable with this character or to maybe show this side of you? OMAR DORSEY: You know, the first couple of episodes we shot, Ava actually directed. I was so used to playing these macho guys and she pulled me to the side and said, “You can bring some of that down man, and open yourself up”. Once she gave me that little note, I just flew with it, and I found the character from that point. You know, because when you first go to a show or you are doing a movie or a play, the beginnings of it is something that is fresh and new and you really do not know where the character is going. But, yea she told me to take some of that macho off. I was lucky because the movie that I did right before that, I was playing a vulnerable fisherman in the Bahamas. Wait… Nah! I was doing Aquarius and I was playing a killer. SFND MAG: You went from playing a killer to Mr. Suave. Mr. “Hollywood”. OMAR DORSEY: [LAUGHS] Yea, so I think I still had some of that in me. So yea, it was a different turn.



“It’s the character [Hollywood] that I have always wanted to be, and honestly playing the character has made me a better -OMAR J. DORSEY person.” PHOTO BY:

Michael W. Eaton





“There is just something about people’s reactions. You know… just to hear people laughing or even now to see people crying. To make people happy, sad or whatever just does something to me.”


Michael W. Eaton



SFND MAG: That is good that you are able to trust the director and the writers who allow yourself to go there. Your role as “Hollywood” is definitely a tender role and you have to be mindful of your counterpart as well because the actress has to bring it too. It’s not just you, because if they move in a different way then it could be awkward.

OMAR DORSEY: Oh yeah! All day! They are like “Come on through, come on through. TSA 3 check! You’re good” [LAUGHS] But, yea… I always gauge, in any airport, how people talk to me. I don’t know why, but that just what I’ve noticed.

OMAR DORSEY: That is the lucky part about being on this show. We have some of the best actors. I mean this cast is ridiculous and I have most of my scenes with Tina Lifford anyway, and man, she gives every single drop of everything she has.

OMAR DORSEY: Oprah Winfrey? Oprah Winfrey! I love me some Oprah. She is the bomb.

SFND MAG: Were you apart of that casting when they were casting for her? OMAR DORSEY: Yeah, I was a part of that. I read with a whole lot of women. I had a folder full of women and trying to see who I had a connection with, and when Tina walked in, I remembered her from the TV show South Central, and thought, “Well, I’ve always liked her.” So, we worked and when the cameras came up, it was just instant. I called Ava right after the audition and I said, “She’s amazing and we have a beautiful chemistry.” It is an amazing simple romance, so it’s someone who is sixty and her man is forty so a lot of the women I read with were older. SFND MAG: Yeah, but you don’t see that after a while.

SFND MAG: So tell me about your fairy godmother?

SFND MAG: Tell me about the very first time you met her? OMAR DORSEY: The first time I met her… we were downtown Marietta, Georgia. We were shooting a scene from Selma, where we were marching into the square. It was the first day I met her and it was sad because I remember that it was also the same day that Maya Angelou passed away. It was sad that I was meeting Oprah on the day that her”fairy godmother” passed away. But I talked to her a little while… you know and just gave her my condolences. But I just remember all those days sitting in the trailer with me and Ms. Winfrey just sitting and talking about life, talking about business, and talking about the arts and I just really appreciate her so much because she gave me a big slot on her network you know and I love her. She’s my fairy godmother.

OMAR DORSEY: Oh My God, it’s crazy! I always gauge everything by what happens at Hartsfield –Atlanta International Airport. [LAUGHS] Whatever the TSA people say about me is what the rest of the world thinks. [LAUGHS]

SFND MAG: Let’s switch gears for a second. Recently, actor Terry Crews opened up about his #MeToo experience with a very prominent talent agent within the realm of the entertainment industry. He eventually filed a lawsuit, and his testimony in court started quite a stir on social media. It takes a different type of man to have the self-control not to “snap” in that instance the violation occurred and to also have the gall to come forward and speak out especially in a day and age where male sexual abuse allegation are often dismissed and treated with scores of comedic punch lines. Have you ever been in situation that may have been uncomfortable and if so how did you handle it or how would you handle it?

SFND MAG: Do you ever get special privileges when you walk through?

OMAR DORSEY: You know… I think the #MeToo movement is something that

OMAR DORSEY: It all falls away. After a while, all you see is love. That’s Hollywood and Aunt Vi. SFND MAG: So from the killer portrayed in the last movie to this suave guy you portray now [LAUGHS]; in the airport you were probably getting beat down one day and then the next day all the girls love you.

was desperately needed. I have been on sets where I was so uncomfortable with some of the things that were happening. At times I thought, “Man this is crazy”! They let things ride because they are dealing with people of power, but I am glad that this is all coming to the forefront. You know… because I work with all women and I treat them all like my sisters, so that means I’m protective. It’s like they are a part of my family, because that’s my job. So, if you’re my brother it is the same way. I protect whomever I love. But when I was younger, I saw things that were crazy… I was just this little nineteen, twenty, twenty-one year old dude, and I remember thinking like “Yo! Is this how it goes down?” I wanted to quit acting. I was like “This is crazy! Like who does this?” But I’m very glad that this is being pushed to the forefront, and I’m glad that a lot of these people got caught up or are dropping off because it’s archaic. It is an old way of doing things and you cannot feel like you just have this power and just lure it over people. So, I’m glad all of that is going away, and I am glad that these men and these women are speaking out. If I were Terry, I would have slapped the hell out of dude though. I am not going to lie to you, because I don’t play the reindeer games but Terry has a lot of self-control. I’ve seen him out. He is a real good guy, but that EASTSIDE Atlanta, GA would have come out of me. I just don’t play. I don’t like to play around. No one is going to be punching me in the nuts, or saying anything slick to me, but that’s just me. But like I said, Terry has a lot of self control and he’s a solid cat. Every time I’ve been around him he’s a solid dude. SFND MAG: Yeah, it’s commendable that he stood up because I know that must have been tough. OMAR DORSEY: That had to have been really hard for him to talk about, and he’s like this big “swole” alpha male type dude. SFND MAG: But it goes to show women and men know that wrong is wrong and right is right. These things should not be happening. OMAR DORSEY: What did Jack Nicholson say in the first Batman? He was playing the Joker. He said, “This town needs



“I protect whomever I love.” -OMAR J. DORSEY

an enema”. That’s exactly what happened last year with that #MeToo movement. All the assholes got cleaned out. They are treading extremely lightly right now.

film, where I am playing Mike Brown’s father. We are doing that film right after Queen Sugar next year in St Louis, and I am one of the producers on that film.

SFND MAG: So what is next for you? We hear that you will be in the next Halloween? We are excited about that.

SFND MAG: That’s awesome. Do you see yourself doing that a lot more?

OMAR DORSEY: What is next is Halloween comes out October 19th. I am also going to be in Central Park 5 that will be on Netflix and then back to Queen Sugar. Then we are producing a

OMAR DORSEY: Yeah, definitely. That’s the next transition. You know… I don’t want to be begging anyone for jobs. I really do want to be a job provider. I did a little shadow directing this season on Queen Sugar so that’s the next transi-


tion; writing, producing, and directing. I remember Method Man said one time “I’d rather be the mack in the back than be the chump in the front.” That always stuck with me. SFND MAG: Omar! Thank you so much for taking the time out of your schedule to interview with us. Man...This is greatly appreciated. You are So FN Dope! OMAR DORSEY: Thank you guys! That was So FN Dope!


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