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How do I get to the Setup Page on Let's go over the steps for setting up your Netgear Wifi Range Extender in quick and easy steps. Let's go over the points for setting up a WiFi Range Extender: • Plug the WiFi Range Extender into a power outlet. • Go to your computer's or laptop's WIFI settings. •

Select the network "Netgear ext."

• Go to or Mywifiext.local and type in the web address. • You've arrived at the WiFi range extender's setup page. • Create a username and password for mywifiext setup. Setup Guide for Mywifiext Net The login page for the Netgear New WiFi Range Extender is Setup. You can use the default credentials to log into the Netgear Extender Setup using

The following are a few methods to linking to the Login/Setup Page: • After unboxing your Netgear Wifi Range Booster, plug it into an electrical outlet. • Make sure your router and WiFi range extender is in close proximity. • Now take your laptop or phone out of the bag and go to the Wi-Fi settings. • Search for Netgear ext Wi-Fi. • Enter the password to connect. • Register your Netgear Range extender unit on the Setup tab. • Locate and click the NEW EXTENDER SETUP button. Note: If you continue to have issues with your Netgear WiFi Range Extender Setup, do not worry; we will assist you

and you may contact our Mywifiext Expert at any time. F.A.Q:When you mention, what exactly do you mean? How can I get to the login page? Easy Steps to Access with a Netgear Extender