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READING COMPREHENSION 1. Find three sentences about physical description into the story (encuentra en la historia 3 frases sobre cómo es Ferdinand)  Ferdinand’s got blue eyes and brown hair  ____________________________________________________  ____________________________________________________  ____________________________________________________

2. Write the number where you read these sentences (escribe al lado de cada frase en qué viñeta de la historia están)

A. He’s wearing a black t-shirt, black jeans and trainers B. The girl at the hairdresser’s is nice C. He’s got a pink bottle called big hair D. I’ve got lovely long brown hair E. Oh, no! I´ve got lots and lots of hair F. I haven’t got any shampoo for lovely hair G. Ferdinand hasn’t got long hair now H. She’s nice. I like her I. Ferdinand’s very rude J. How vain!

Ferdinand's hair  
Ferdinand's hair  

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