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Sofa Furniture Repairs Service NZ We pride ourselves on the quality of work we produce every time, on our relationships we have formed with our supporters, our stealth reputation in this industry, our safety practices and our strong work ethics. This is what makes Sofa repairs NZ Tech the best in the industry. WHY REPAIR? When it comes to furniture repairs Sofa Tech are ahead of the game. So, why repair? Why not go ahead and replace your current furniture?

There are a few good reasons to upgrade your furniture with Sofa Tech, and it’s not all about money. You might repair for nostalgia, to keep a piece that fits a room particularly well – or to support your ethical desire to reduce waste. • FURNITURE FOR LIFE • IF IT AIN'T BROKE!

FURNITURE FOR LIFE:- Did you know when you decide to extend the life of a sofa or other furniture item in your home or office you reduce your carbon footprint? In the old days everyone worked hard to keep items in circulation for as long as possible, this way of living has been somewhat pushed to the side in the time since mass production took hold, but here at Sofa Tech we love to take your tired furniture repairs NZ and give it a second chance to shine! When you are looking at sofa repairs you may also be considering how rejuvenating an older piece is going to reduce the need for a factory to be pumping smoke out into the atmosphere. It’s pretty easy to give a nod to the planet while updating your living room. And yes, money! Rejuvenating and repairing an existing sofa, lounge suite or favourite chair can come in substantially cheaper than going out and buying something new. IF IT AIN'T BROKE:- Well, if you are getting in touch with the furniture repairs company that prides itself on being the best in the business, there’s a good chance that it IS broke. But just because a piece has a lowered function, or it’s seen better days, doesn’t mean you should get rid of it. The furniture we live with and use every day is a big part of our lives – think of all the good times you have had on your sofa, what about all those special family moments shared on that lounge suite? Get in touch with the experts in sofa repairs – and don’t be too quick to discount the joy of a lived-in (or on) piece of furniture repairs NZ. Whether you are dealing with a structural repair, scratches from a loved pet, or maybe the stuffing in your favourite chair needs plumping up. No matter what the repair issue is, our staff are trained to show you where we can breathe new life into old pieces.