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GEOTOURISM RE-INVENTED Nuno Ávila – Deimos Engenharia ( Simão Balau - ESHTE ( Sérgio Prazeres – SeeYourDreams (

GEOTOURISM Interaction between a Visitor and a Site

GEOTOURISM ‌ it is about providing an Experience

Site Value = f (Visitor Experience)

Communication investment aimed at providing a better absorption of the Site’s potential

• • • • • •

guided tours information panels printed media interpretative centers special events Etc… etc …

‌ but, Experience is subjective Background, interests, culture of the Subject change

... Feeling that Communication, existing, is poorly absorbed

Communication may even not be available where needed ‌ sometimes information panels would just be too obtrusive for the natural setting

‌ Visitors to Museums faced similar needs Access to context based information Information panels to distracting Personal guiding skills prohibitive

Implemented Audio Guides Searchable Easily accessible Personal

‌ GeoSite = outdoor natural museum Points of Interest widely dispersed; un-organized, unbounded setting Visitors Even more heterogeneous Might be there by chance, or with a purpose Take unconstrained paths (foot, bicycle, car) Cover all settings (nature, urban) Random visit timing and duration Information is an added value

Why not extending the concept of audio guide to GEOTURISM?

your location-based audio contents

your location-based audio contents

your location-based audio contents

Building blocks of the audio landscape Narrative audio points Music Audio effects Narrative Path (available soon)

your location-based audio contents

The Visitor just loads an audio map ‌ and goes!

your location-based audio contents

‌ It can’t get more natural The information is automaticaly played as the Visitor enters the context

your location-based audio contents

GeoSite advantage Less infrastructures Less landscape footprint Less maintenance burden No physical devices

Focus on contents Always up to date Available anytime, anywhere Targeted & configurable


your location-based audio contents



your location-based audio contents

For more information Nuno Ávila – Deimos Engenharia ( Simão Balau - ESHTE ( Sérgio Prazeres – SeeYourDreams (

Geoaudio – Geotourism re-invented  

The concept of Geotourism encompasses the coordination of interpretative facilities and services to promote the value and social benefits of...