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social commontating YOU HAD BETTER WATCH OUT


The question remains what have they got you haven’t?

These days you can’t move without being warned by someone about the elite keeping you in your place.

the metropolitan elite

We are busy blogging about how and what you should eat, while secretly treating ourselves to a Burger King.

media elite

We remain unbiased and non-judgemental , haven’t you seen the new series of ‘Superscrimpers’.

educational e

The manner in wh a condescending correct sentence you need to know Schools.


political elite

hich I construct grammatically tells you all w about Free

This is my modest Oxfordshire home, we have a place in Tuscany but its a bit of a wreck.

cultural elite

We used to be revolutionaries but it was different back then. Our analysis of everyone else’s opinion is extremely important, why is no one listening?

Notice how the people warning you about the elite are just another version of the elite in disguise.

I bet you it was the baseball cap that had you fooled.

equals Holding all the cash

Holding all the cards.


You Had Better Watch Out. The Elite Are About.  

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