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social commontating FOOD FASCISM defining you by your diet

You can just taste the middle class flavour.

The great diet dictator

You are what you eat

Self Righteous:


I know we can now get free school dinners by my child deserves better.

Don’t you realise that making your own pizza dough is so easy.

Unskilled: I also like to eat burgers. I make my own and it really is worth the effort, it’s just a matter of making some time for it.

Common: Crisps? Walkers!!

Thick: It says here you are a philistine for eating margarine and not butter.


It’s a matter of prioritising what is important in our lives and in our society. We take away sushi instead of McDonalds.



I only use local, organic, free range, sustainable products bought from the farmers market why can’t you?

Why is there no food on my plate.

You need some seasoning, this is leaving a bitter aftertaste.


Food fascism  

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