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Sept./Oct. 2012


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Greetings all sled heads! What a hot summer we have experienced, makes you want to sit in some snow banks to cool your engines. You know we all ride many different machines, snowmobiles, motorcycles, ATV’s, boats, etc. Now it may be time we all get together to experience the off road trails that are developed. NDPR has initiated a few trails that combine snowmobiling and OHV on a few small sections of designated snowmobile trails. Now it’s up to us to govern each other to keep the trails safe and maintained. Hopefully the NDPR folks will develop a contract with the ATV riders someday, to help with the combined trails sections. If we have any issues with these sections we must help to resolve and report the maintenance or signage issues to keep the trails safe for our families to enjoy. These are changing times and we will have to share to keep our snowmobile trails in every part of the state. Hopefully, I didn’t confuse anyone, I’m truly devoted to snowmobiling in North Dakota and I hope many of you are too. Wow! How many hours has the board put in this summer, possibly hundreds. We had long board meetings this summer and a few employee, budget committee meetings to keep us on track. The equipment committee has met several times to ensure we have updated equipment. How about a new drag and a few new groomers to start? Our RTP fund may expire one day and it’s time for us to be pro-active and contact our state government to keep the RTP funded. We are projecting a possible trail fee or increases in registration to

ensure we can keep the trails groomed properly, equipment updated and meet our budget. I know that your pocket book can handle this. Isn’t it great to open up your sled on a fresh groomed trail and feel the excitement of power and enjoy the scenery that flashes by? It’s worth every dime to keep those trails safe and maintained. Enough business, let us know what you expect this snowmobile season, write an article for the Sno-Dak News. Express yourself or maybe tell us about a great ride you have experienced. We all have some great stories. My favorite is a friend of mine jumped one too many approaches and flew off his sled. Now in our group we are all big guys if you know what I mean. So to get up and brush the snow off and say, “Big boys do fly” gives a true meaning to how fortunate we are. Hey, we like to say, “MY HELMET IS OFF” to Greg Strommen who is moving to Minnesota and has been a dedicated SND Board member for a few years. He has done a fantastic job on many SND committees, especially the Equipment Committee. He has repaired, helped design and make many decisions to keep the trail groomed, safe and well maintained. I will miss his enthusiasm on the board to ensure all equipment in the state is ready for the coming years. Thanks Greg, for keeping SND on track and helping us on our way into the future. Big snow (hopefully) and the SND board welcomes Chelsey Thronson who will help us improve and increase t h e

Sept./Oct. 2012

distribution of our magazine. Chelsey is going to be a part-time designer for the e-magazine on a trial basis for one year to try to increase the ad sales. She has already educated me on a few items in designing of a post card and the front page of our SNO-DAK News. Welcome to the SND office team. Enough already with the business, let’s make this year a family fun time at the convention in December at Rugby, bring your children and teach them the right way to enjoy snowmobiling; safety classes and pizza party await them. Don’t forget to ride the NDPR simulator! I have enjoyed meeting every one of you that have been at the convention and other SND activities in the state. Keep supporting your local businesses and don’t be afraid to ask them to become an associate member. Enjoy the ride and live snowmobiling! Happy Snowy Trails

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Sept./Oct. 2012

March/April 2012

Hi everyone, How was your summer? The summer was dry, but now we get to hope for snow and lots of it! Due to the lack of snow last year, everyone has the itch to ride. We can’t wait to see our snowmobiling friends, talk about the great trails and the deep snow. Dream snow! We need to make sure we are prepared when we ride snowmobile. Even if you are going for a short ride, one needs to be prepared. Here are some items you should have in your survival kit when you ride.


First Aid Gear 1. 4” x 4” gauze pads 2. 1” adhesive tape roll 3. Band-Aids 4. Antiseptic swaps 5. Antibacterial ointment 6. Aspirin 7. Prescription medication 8. First aid information The majority of these items don’t take up that much room. The snowmobile rider can place them in a fanny pack or backpack. Always be prepared!

Survival Gear 1. Knife 2. Compass 3. USGS map 4. Waterproof matches 5. Candle 6. Water bottle 7. Vaseline 8. Cotton balls 9. Signal mirror 10. Whistle 11. Space blanket 12. Flashlight 13. Extra pair of gloves 14. Shovel 15. Power bars (snacks)

www.snowmobilend.org snowmobilend.org

QR Codes?

Snowmobile North Da kota and the Sno-Dak Ne ws will be using QR code s to help point readers and riders in the right direc tion. These little black and wh ite boxes can be scan ned with smartphones with the QR code rea der application. They can be found throughout the North Dakota Snowmob ile Trail Guide and the SnoDak News. If you see on e, simply grab your ph one or any other cam era ready device with the software and CLICK! It’s as easy as taking a pic ture, and downloading the application to read QR codes is easy and fre e. Depending on what QR code you scanned, you will be directed to on e of our many online po rtals like our website, trail m aps or trail conditions. Happy Clicking!



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Sept./Oct. 2012

OFFICER’S NOTES I don’t know about you but I’ve been counting down to this season since May! I’m not sure there has ever been such an odd year in the history books for weather. All I know is “Out with old and in with the new,” it’s time to roll into the 2012-2013 season. SND doesn’t let the dog days of summer get in our way and keep pushing forward with new projects, opportunities and research for the snowmobile program’s future. The staff has done their best to keep the Board of Directors on their toes and excited for the upcoming season. This wasn’t hard to do between proofs of new promotional materials, updating policies and attending conferences. Special thanks to the North Dakota Parks and Recreation Department, SND Board of Directors and the association Trail Coordinators. We pestered all of you for information and proofing of the new state snowmobile trail maps and the trail guide booklets. We are extremely proud of these projects and can’t wait to start handing them out this season. I know it’s hard to think snowmobiles in the midst of harvest and 100 degree days, so your time and input was greatly appreciated. These promotional pieces will be available to the clubs for distribution. A couple new things will be required this season. All of the snowmobile clubs are going to be required to complete a club officer form and submit it to SND by December 1. This will help

us make sure we are publishing the correct information in the Sno-Dak News and on www. snowmobilend.org. Each year, SND provides the trail associations with a copy of the land leases for the trail system. This document will be required to be returned to SND to reflect any changes in lease content such as addresses, phone numbers and to reflect canceled leases. Pretty painless, just some minor changes to ensure SND’s records reflect the latest information. As always it was a pleasure to attend the International Snowmobile Congress on behalf of SND. One statement stuck with me after the conference. The Executive Director of the Canadian Council of Snowmobile Organizations attended the International Snowmobile Media Council’s meetings. He asked the members present, “Where has all the fun gone?” Our organizations have spent countless hours for many years promoting practices of safe riding, supporting land access, fighting for insurance and funding, that we forgot why the organizations were created in the first place! This is a statement I’ve thought of a couple of times over the past year, but it never became a focus until I heard someone else speak my thoughts. The advice that came with his statement was whatever you do in the next year, remember to

make it fun. After all, this is why we are all here! I will end this article with SND’s mission, “Generate excitement for the sport of snowmobiling!” When hosting an event or preparing for a ride, remember our mission and let’s work together to bring back more “Fun” in everything we do this season! Cheers to 2012-2013! I know all of you will “Make it Count!”


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Sept./Oct. 2012

OFFICER’S NOTES preparations for this year’s snow season and the suspense has been killing me! I am so thrilled to be working for SND. I absolutely love working for this organization and I am happy to be doing what I love.

I was recently added to the SND staff as a Marketing Specialist. I help out with the advertising, marketing and promotional aspects of SND and the SnoDak News. The entire summer has been filled with making

This summer I have been working with the Sno-Dak News advertising and also working on several other office projects including designing a new snowmobile trail guide and map. Now that the trail maps are all finished, it’s time to focus my time and energy into making the Sno-Dak News as awesome as possible! Our team has some great ideas for the Sno-Dak News this year and we hope you think they’re as great as we do.


What do you like to read about? What gets you excited to open up each issue of the Sno-Dak News? Let us know! We all want to make sure our readers are getting the latest and greatest snowmobile news and information. This year, I know we are going to get a ridiculous amount of snow. So, when you’re all out there hitting the trails this winter, make sure you set your cameras to a high resolution setting and send those pictures to us! We want to see North Dakota snowmobiling pictures in the Sno-Dak News as often as possible, so we need your help. Send your photos to info@snowmobilend.org. It is going to be a great year and I can’t wait for the promising season that lies ahead. See you out there!

Special thanks to the following businesses for sponsoring the 1st North Dakota Trails Conference lunch


Published by Snowmobile North Dakota - An Organization of North Dakota Snowmobile Clubs


What is a High

Resolution Photo? What is a high resolution photo?

The Importance of Using High Resolution (300 D.P.I.) Images for Commercial Printing

High resolution photos are required for sharp reproduction in our publications otherwise the printing quality is very poor. Pictures should be taken at the highest resolution setting on the camera.

What is a high resolution photo?

Photo submission High resolution photos are are required requiredfor forsharp sharpreproduction reproductionininour ourpublications publications High resolution photos otherwise the printing quality otherwise quality is is very very poor. poor. Pictures Pictures should should be be taken taken at at the the TYPE DIMENSIONS FILE FORMATS FILE SIZE highest resolution resolution setting on the camera. Typically Fine, Superfine, etc. highest Profiles, interviews, 5" x 7" 1500 x 2100 jpg, eps, tiff or psd (at a min. 800 KB Breakfast with the pixels resolution of 300 dpi) or an for jpeg Chiefssubmission promotion original Adobe Illustrator Photo (.ai or eps) TYPE Announcements,

DIMENSIONS 2" x 3" 600 x 900

Profiles, online interviews, Breakfast with the Chiefs promotion

5" x 7"

1500 x 2100 pixels pixels

Announcements, 2" x 3" 600 x 900 These are samples of photos when printed: online pixels

FILE jpg,FORMATS eps, tiff or psd (at a

FILE SIZE min. 175 KB jpg, eps, tiffof or300 psd dpi) (at aor an min. 800 KB resolution for jpeg resolution of 300Illustrator dpi) or an for jpeg original Adobe original (.ai or Adobe eps) Illustrator (.ai or eps)

jpg, eps, tiff or psd (at a resolution of 300 dpi) or an original Adobe Illustrator (.ai or eps)

min. 175 KB for jpeg

These are samples of photos when printed:

Low resolution photo • Any pictures found on the web are - 72 dpi low resolution and not suitable for print quality • A picture that is low-resolution cannot made into a high resolution photo Lowbe resolution photo

High resolution photo • A high resolution picture is determined - 300 dpi by its number of pixels; more pixels improves the sharpness of the picture. • This is print quality

High resolution photo • Any pictures found on the web are • A high resolution picture is determined low resolution and not suitable for by its number of pixels; more pixels print quality improves the sharpness of the picture. • A picture that is low-resolution cannot • This is print quality Helpful tips be made into a high resolution photo The amount of space a picture takes up on your computer and how long it takes to email is determined by the picture’s file size. The more pixels a picture has, the larger its file size will be.

Helpful tips The amount of space a picture takes up on your computer and how long it takes to email is determined by the picture’s file size. The more pixels a picture has, the larger its file size will be.

Camera Phones

Any further questions can be directed to the Design Department,

Some phones allow you to Ask choose whatorresolution you wantinformation to take photos 416-864-9667. for Yvonne Jonathan. More detailed canwithout be found insaying the Author at www.longwoods.com at. It almost goes thatGuidelines the higher your resolution the clearer your shot will be. This is especially true for camera phones which often have sensors of under 1 megapixel in them. Keep in mind however that the higher Any further questions can be directed to the Design Department, the resolution416-864-9667. the larger the file size of the images you take – this means if Ask for Yvonne or Jonathan. More detailed information you want to send images can Guidelines end up taking a long time to send. can be found in they the Author at www.longwoods.com Other helpful tips... 1. Light Your Subject Well 2. Get Close to Your Subject 3. Keep Still 4. Avoid Using the Digital Zoom 5. Experiment with White Balance 6. Use the highest resolution possible on your camera phone 7. Keep Your Lens Clean IPhone Tip: All pics taken with the back camera are 8MP. All pics taken with the front camera are 640x480. No way to change either.

When designing digital files intended for commercial offset printing, it is essential that all of the photographs and images in your in files are high resolution. If you have ever seen printed material that contains blurry or blocky images which often provides a bad presentation, it was likely caused by incorporating low resolution images. Ensuring a high quality printed job is as simple as making sure all photos and images in your digital files are all high resolution. The information below covers the specific differences between the two and how to avoid problems. If your camera has a “RAW” feature, try to always shoot in that mode. Many photographers will choose to shoot in RAW and JPG at the same time. With camera RAW, editing the image later will (in most cases) not damage the pixel information (in other words, the data that makes up the image). Make sure your memory card has sufficient storage for the kind and length of event you will be shooting. Shooting in RAW and JPG at the same time can easily fill up a memory card in no time. Check your camera settings, and make sure that when you are taking pictures with it they are the highest resolution possible. Look for the section in settings that says something like “Resolution,” or “Image or Picture Size.” Choose the highest number available to make sure that you start with the highest resolution possible before you even take your pictures. And when in doubt consult your camera’s manual. This should help you find the proper settings. If you don’t have your manual, search online. Most camera manuals are available for free online. Resampling and Interpolation - Why Resizing isn’t the answer... All artwork design programs allow you to resize an image you are working on, but it’s important to understand why simply resizing a low resolution image will not produce a true high resolution image. When you resize and make a low resolution image larger to meet the commercial printing specifications of 300DPI, all you are really doing is stretching the image. The technical term is called either resampling or interpolation. Since high resolution images are based upon the number of pixels an image contains, resizing will not create new pixels, information of your images and will only make each pixel larger by stretching it. The only way to ensure picture perfect high quality printing of your photos and images is to start with a high resolution image obtainable by the methods mentioned above. NOTE: Most pictures “copied/downloaded” from the internet are more than likely 72dpi (unless otherwise indicated).

TESTING For Perfection


ust the word, “equipment” generates excitement for anyone. Envision several certified and skilled groomer operators all getting the chance to operate snowmobile trail grooming equipment and the fun jitters run wild. On March 9-10, 2012, the North Dakota Parks & Recreation Department (NDPRD) and Snowmobile North Dakota (SND) held an Equipment Field Test in Bottineau, ND. The purpose of the field test was to evaluate snowmobile trail groomers against NDPRD’s procurement specifications for groomers and also to determine whether those specifications needed to be modified. Manufacturers of snowmobile trail groomers and drags (an implement pulled by the groomer to lay snowmobile trail) were invited to participate. Representatives from Arrowhead, Dubie Groomers, Mogul Master, Pisten Bully, Prinoth, Trailmaster and Tucker all participated. Special thanks to all these companies for participating in the Field Test and supporting the North Dakota snowmobile trail program. The test would not have been a success without all of you. The snowmobile trail system surrounding Bottineau, ND was selected as it offered the best representative samples of the varied 8

types of snowmobile trails a piece of grooming equipment may encounter throughout North Dakota. On the first day of testing the Pisten Bully, Prinoth and Tucker all pulled the same type of North Dakota drag (Trail Tamer) and travelled the same route. On the second day of testing the Arrowhead, Dubie Groomers, Mogul Master and Trailmaster were tested. Evaluations were conducted by six experienced groomer operators from throughout North Dakota, who all took turns operating each piece of equipment in all condition types. Each piece of grooming equipment was evaluated on numerous features in three main categories: Features, Maintenance and Operations. The rating system used by the reviewers was a five point scale for each feature with five being the highest score and one being the lowest. Once all scores were compiled, they were added for each feature and then totaled in each category. It was found that each piece of equipment had unique characteristics that were excellent and each of the testers was excited to learn about the different equipment and their features.

equipment had certain features that stood out. After comprehensive head to head testing, the results supported continuing the practice of procuring four-track grooming machines rather than two-track and building drags to fit the needs of North Dakota’s snowmobile trail program. Special thanks to testers Dale Deibert, Greg Strommen, Mark Shipley, Perry Brintnell, Shawn Cole and Todd Thronson. Your time and consideration of the testing was greatly appreciated. Also, special thanks to the staff of NDPRD, SND and Twin Oaks for making sure the Field Test was conducted professionally and ran as smooth as possible. A big thank you goes out to the Peace Garden Trail Association for helping with transportation and use of the local snowmobile trail program equipment during the test. Everyone’s dedication to this event helped make the first ever Snowmobile Trail Program Equipment Field Test a huge success and a process to emulate for other programs.

The field test supported the existing procurement specifications used by NDRPD for all snowmobile trail grooming equipment. All the

Published by Snowmobile North Dakota - An Organization of North Dakota Snowmobile Clubs


CHANGES. Change is good. Change is not always easy. The big change this year is moving the 33rd Annual SND Convention to December 1. A couple factors, the convention has been down sized to one day, and the date is later into the year. The intentions are to entice attendance. Everyone has busy schedules and it is oftentimes difficult to commit to a three day event. With moving it to the beginning of December, we are hoping that helps with those who are usually still working the fields getting crops off at the end of October. The Northern Lights Trail Blazers are hosting the event. Preliminary planning has been conducted with plans to be finalized in September. Although the convention is slated for one day, we are still going to plan a Bon Fire at the South Warming House on Friday night to get things rolling! Bonus, if we get a dumping of early snow, we will have a mini-fun run that evening. Saturday will be slated with meetings, classes, vendors, give-aways, possible Avalanche Speaker and meals. Saturday evening will wrap up with the Annual Awards/Recognition Banquet. The members of NLTB won’t be ready to shut down right then, we have a DJ booked for another evening of fun, for those of you who will be able to stay an additional night. The next issue of the Sno-Dak News will have a complete schedule of events as well as a registration form. Also, keep your eyes on the SND website! If you would like to be ahead of the fun, a block of rooms have been reserved at the Northern Lights Inn. Dakota Farms (the adjoining restaurant/banquet area) will be headquarters for most of the meetings. See you in December!


33rd Annual State Snowmobile Convention • Hosted by Northern Lights Trail Blazers December 1, 2012 • Rugby, ND • Northern Lights Inn • 701-776-5776

Dale 1 Deibert Region 1



Where has the summer gone? It sure went by fast and it is time to gear up for a new snowmobile season. The temperatures were nice this summer, but there was a very little rain in most areas. I hope that means it will be a good and above normal snow season.



The Gasmann Coulee Cruisers of Burleigh had a summer campout at the Antler Outlaw Shack Campground on June 22, 23 and 24. Many members attended and all had a good time. The Dakota Trail Blazers of Minot had a summer get together at Lake Metigoshe on August 17 and 18. It was hosted by Randy and Judy Hoffer at their lake cabin on Lake Metigoshe. Many members attended and all had a great time. The clubs of the Sno-Trails Systems around Minot are getting ready to sign the trail system. The clubs of Sno-Trails are the Dakota Trailblazers of Minot, the Magic City Driftbusters of Minot, the Ghost Riders of Velva, the Mouse River Sled Runners of Towner and the Gasmann Coulee Cruisers of Burlington. The clubs of the Peace Garden Trail System of Lake Metigoshe, Bottineau and Rolla areas are getting ready to sign the trail system. The clubs are the Roaring 20’s of Bottineau and Lake Metigoshe area and the Seldom Seen Snowmobile Club of Rolla.

Remember to register your snowmobiles because that is the main part of the funding for the snowmobile trail system. The number of sled registrations are down from last year which means fewer dollars for the trail system in the state. Also remember to get your sleds insured for liability coverage. That is all for now, see you on the trails.

Tonia Dosch Region 2 Hello Fellow Snowmobilers. Can you believe it is time to THINK SNOW already? With the minimal snowfall last season, I’m hoping for a TON this year! MEMBERSHIP. MEMBERSHIP. MEMBERSHIP. Since you are receiving this magazine, that means you are up to date with your SND/Local Club membership. THANK YOU. Don’t wait until it snows to renew. Membership numbers are crucial for a number of reasons. One major reason is the funding from the State of ND depends on the membership numbers. There is always room for recruiting a friend (or two or three or four…), invite them to be a part of your local club and engage in SND sponsored events as well.

Region 2, Northern Lights Trail Blazers of Rugby are excited to be the host of the State Convention in December! See the additional article regarding information on this event. For those of you who attended the State Ride in 2011 can remember what a great event NLTB hosted. I am sure they will not disappoint you with the convention either! Make plans to attend.

Greg Strommen Region 5 Another winter season is just around the corner! You may think to yourself that there is still some time yet until the winter season arrives. Remind yourself how fast the summer has gone by! So yes, the winter season will be upon us before we know it! Let’s continue that effort to get more people involved this year! Keep that in your mind as you approach this upcoming season. Be sure to invite those with sleds to your first meetings this fall. Be sure to get those calendars marked with all of SND’s events and your local events this year! Hopefully we will be blessed with adequate snow for good trails this year! And lastly make sure our voices are heard regarding the continuation of RTP funding. Please contact your local and state Senators and Representatives regarding this! This has helped SND tremendously in the past!

Published by Snowmobile North Dakota - An Organization of North Dakota Snowmobile Clubs


Sept./Oct. 2012



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IASA Awards Keri Wanner for Professional Excellence


Sept./Oct. 2012 www.snowmobilend.org

By Dan Moore, IASA Secretary/Treasurer


Stephen Lewis, IASA Chair, pres enting Keri Wan her award for Pr ner ofessional Exce llence

n Keri Wanner’s ten years as the Program Manager for Snowmobile North Dakota, a nonprofit organization representing snowmobilers in North Dakota, she has worked with local snowmobile clubs, communities, North Dakota Parks and Recreation Department and North Dakota law makers to ensure snowmobilers have quality groomed trails to operate on. She is an avid snowmobiler and trail user herself, she understands why trails are important, especially winter trails in keeping people active and in the outdoors year round.

Keri has been actively involved with the International Association of Snowmobile Administrators (IASA) since 2003. Keri is highly motivated and has made significant contributions to IASA since she became part of the group. She is respected among her peers and has done a great job for IASA and for her association. Keri contributed to the administrator’s table the first day she sat down. Into every decision, the needs and safety of an individual snowmobiler and that of the North Dakota association is considered. She is always willing to put long hours into helping the snowmobile community achieve their goals. In 2005 and beyond, Keri was the central figure in the drafting of a statement of work for the development of the IASA website. She has since been instrumental in the continual maintenance and upgrading of the website. She also sits as the chair of the Website Committee. In 2006 Keri became the Chair of the Resolutions and Bylaws committee. In 2009, Keri volunteered to sit on the Planning Committee in addition to her other duties. Keri also promotes and assists the Pink Ribbon Riders actively throughout the year. She is the chair of the ND Snow Run and actively volunteers at other events the organization participates in throughout the year. All this and Keri was nominated and elected as the Co-Chair of the International Snowmobile Media Council (ISMC) in June of 2012 because of her dedication to fundraise for the organizations C.J. Ramstad Memorial Scholarship and her enthusiasm to promote snowmobiling. Keri’s spirit is unique and one that is an asset to the snowmobile industry. She has been a positive, supportive force with IASA for many years and is truly a credit to her State Association and to IASA. IASA is a self-organized, nonprofit organization comprised of snowmobile program administrators representing US states, Canadian Provinces and Territories, and a European Country to facilitate communications among administrators. IASA promotes sound management of recreational snowmobiling, including snowmobile safety; uniformity and enforcement of laws, rules, and regulations; International, Federal, State, Provincial, and Territorial cooperation and coordination; harmonious relationships with the environment and wildlife; the collection, development, and dissemination of information; in collaboration with other trail user groups. Published by Snowmobile North Dakota - An Organization of North Dakota Snowmobile Clubs 11


Sept./Oct. 2012


Come to West Yellowstone this winter and join us this year at the Brandin’ Iron Inn! Ride the “Number 1 Trails in the West” by Snowest Magazine. Having some of the most consistent snow annually teamed up with the best trails in the West and a town full of activities, entertainment, shopping and a fun culinary scene will have you coming back year after year. The Brandin’ Iron Inn is a part of Yellowstone Vacations and has been family owned and operated for over 30 years. Yellowstone Vacations is your one-stop shop for vacation planning when you’re traveling to Yellowstone National Park. Allow our courteous staff to help you create your vacation itinerary en route to a most unique adventure. We can provide snowcoach and snowmobile tours of Yellowstone National Park and snowmobile rentals with lodging at AAA rated Brandin’ Iron Inn. The forest service land adjacent to Yellowstone offers over 350 miles of groomed trails right from our front door. There are many treasures to explore such as Mesa Falls, the headwaters of the Snake River, crossing the Continental Divide and panoramic views overlooking Yellowstone, Montana, Idaho and the Grand Tetons. Ride to a snowmobile only resort for lunch. For our backcountry riding, well there are too many places to list, but the snow, ease of access and enjoyable lodging will have you tired at night and refreshed in the morning. Our Rendezvous Snowmobile Rentals is a licensed outfitter operating under special use permit in the Gallatin National Forest. YellowstoneVacations.com is the area’s favorite vacation planning SuperStore. We offer the highest quality lodging, snowcoach tours, snowmobile rentals. You can’t beat our knowledge of the area. Let us help create your Yellowstone Vacations itinerary! 12

The Roberson Family

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www.snowmobilend.org www.snowmobilend.org

Sno-Barons Hay Days: September 8th & 9th, 2012 - North Branch, MN

Sept./Oct. 2012

Show n Shine October 27th, 2012 Bismark, ND

SND Board of Directors Meeting: September 22nd, 2012 – Bismarck, ND

SND Annual Convention: December 1st, 2012 - Rugby, ND

November material for the Sno-Dak News due: October 1st, 2012

4th Annual Pink Ribbon Riders ND Snow Run: January 11th & 12th, 2013 - Bottineau, ND

SND State Ride: February 16th, 2013 - Fordville, ND

Lake Region Trail System Trail Description: The trail system is centered on the city of Devils Lake of Ramsey County in the northeast part of the state. A day of riding may include tight twisting trails, wide open lake runs and long straight sections of country road ditches. Heated and lighted warming houses are located in strategic points on the trail system. Miles of Trail: 216 Miles Trails Included: Trail1, Trail 2, Trail 3, Trail 4, Trail 5 and Trail 6 Connecting Trails: North Central Trail and Northeast Trail

Cattail Trail System Trail Description: The Cattail trail offers trail traveling through field, woods, lakes, prairie trails, sloughs, and ditches. Offers fuel stops, restaurants, and bed and breakfasts. Miles of Trail: 104 Miles Trails Included: East and West Connecting Trails: None

Published by Snowmobile North Dakota - An Organization of North Dakota Snowmobile Clubs


Sept./Oct. 2012





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$ OR





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Visit your nearest Yamaha dealer or PRO Yamaha dealer today. For more on PRO Yamaha dealers, visit yamaha-snowmobiles.com.






T’S TEAM YAMAHA BLAKE’S MARINE & SPORTS U MOTORS, INC. 509 11TH ST W 434 HIGHWAY 2 W 217 38TH ST S WITH LAKE, ND 58301-2940 BOTTINEAU, ND 58318-1916 DEVILS FARGO, ND 58103 ** YAMAHA-MOTOR.com/SLEDGRAPHICS 701-228-3882 MONTHS FINANCING 701-662-6655 701-232-5000


VALLELY SPORT & MARINE 2125 ELK DRIVE MINOT, ND 58701 701-852-1625 *

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*On approved credit. See dealer for details. **Rates and down payments based on credit approval criteria. Offer is subject to credit approval by GE Capital Retail Bank. Valid on the purchase of new Yamaha Snowmobiles made between 8/15/12 and 12/31/12 on your Yamaha installment loan account. 84 month term and Rate of 4.99%, 8.99% or 12.99% APR will be assigned based on credit worthiness. Low payment example: $119 monthly payment based on $8,599 purchase for 84 months at 4.99% APR; and 12.99% APR requires payments of $140.75. Example based on 2013 Phazer MSRP, less 10% down payment. Minimum Amount Financed of $5,000 or more and 0% to 10% minimum down payment required. Sleds shown with custom graphics kits installed. See Yamaha-motor.com/sledgraphics for more designs. © 2012 Yamaha Motor Corporation, U.S.A. All rights reserved.


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Sept./Oct. 2012




Take On the Snow with Track Track is the Midwest’s source for competitively priced, reliable, new and used snow grooming equipment and vehicles. We offer a wide range of versatile groomers and trail maintenance equipment from top manufactures. We have brought safe and fun, groomed snow trails to thousands of snow sport enthusiasts, including snowmobilers, alpine and cross-country skiers and snowboarders. Whether you have thin snow, hard snow, soft snow, wide trails or narrow trails, we can help you find the snow trail equipment to help you produce a superior trail.

call us today!

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952.888.7372 | www.trackinc.com


Sept./Oct. 2012

North Dakota Park’s & Recreation

Arik encer Sp Last year, North Dakota experienced one of the mildest winters on record. While this may be pleasing to some, it is a cause for concern to North Dakota’s Snowmobile Program. Conditions like this reduce the incentive to register a snowmobile, get active with a club or take a snowmobile safety course. Interest in all these things seems to be driven by snowfall, which is why I hope for ample snowfall, allowing our trail system to be fully operational, providing the great riding experiences we work together to offer. Because we had such a mild winter last year, there was a large decrease in registrations, which of course has financial impacts to the program and trail systems. Snowmobile North



Dakota and the North Dakota Parks and Recreation Department are working together to minimize these financial impacts, but sacrifices will have to be made as costs to operate naturally increase. One of the steps we are taking to minimize these impacts is related to planning for the future. Snowmobile North Dakota and the North Dakota Parks and Recreation Department are working together to develop a new five year strategic plan, which is intended to provide a unified direction for our program and offer guidance on how to manage the various issues facing us. I would like to thank those of you who participated in this planning process by completing the surveys that were distributed. I would also like to thank the staff of Snowmobile North Dakota and the North Dakota Parks and Recreation Department’s Recreation Division staff for leading this effort. The 20132017 North Dakota Snowmobile Program Strategic Plan will be completed this fall and available

on our website as well as Snowmobile North Dakota’s. I look forward to working with Snowmobile North Dakota and its members this upcoming season and encourage you to contact our office to schedule a safety course, if you have questions relating to enforcement or regulations or just want to share your thoughts with us. We can be reached by calling 701-328-5357 or parkrec@ nd.gov. Sincerely, Arik Spencer Recreation Division Manager North Dakota Parks and Recreation Department

Published by Snowmobile North Dakota - An Organization of North Dakota Snowmobile Clubs



Sept./Oct. 2012

Making Impacts One Fundraiser at a Time By Keri Wanner

Working hard and promoting what members believe in is a major key in all nonprofit organizations. We are all experts when it comes to chatting about how we play and the hard work that goes into establishing and maintaining non-profits. But the one action that is in fine print letters below all of the requirements for non-profits is, “fundraising”. Fundraising is the act of raising money for a cause or a project. Sounds easy enough but it’s also one act that can cause the most struggles for non-profit organizations. As the definition says, fundraising occurs to help a cause or a project. Everywhere we look, individuals are being asked to support causes such as breast cancer, veterans, kidney diseases, schools, you name it, there is a cause for it. But “cause” is defined as a person or thing that gives rise to an action, phenomenon, or condition. So, is snowmobiling a cause?

rides, membership drives and steak fries in an effort to fundraise for the latest projects, trail maintenance and to help others. During the 2011-2012 season, Snowmobile North Dakota (SND) raised over $6,300 to assist snowmobile clubs in the state. The revenue generated through the different fundraisers was used to help provide snowmobiling youth educational opportunities, trail enhancements and to host events. What a great way to recognize a cause and fundraise to show support. The largest cause SND supports is the Pink Ribbon Riders. SND partnered with the organization in 2009 to host the ND Snow Run. Since this time, supporters of the event have raised over $100,000 for the Pink Ribbon Riders Patient Assistance program. It doesn’t get much better then supporting something we believe in for the citizens of North Dakota, all while enjoying a passion.

Not only is snowmobiling a cause but it also helps other causes too. Annually, members have dedicated their time to ensure success of their passion for snowmobiling. Snowmobile clubs from all over the state host

Annually, the International Snowmobile Congress

(ISC) collects charity information from its members. A total of 29 snowmobile jurisdictions completed the charity survey this year and generated over $3 million for causes. Over $1.7 million alone was for major charities such as MS, Red Cross and cancer. North Dakota’s snowmobile clubs and the ND Snow Run raised $52,000 placing the state in the top 10 jurisdictions. And to think this was all raised in a no snow year! Needless to say, North Dakota isn’t struggling to raise funds and is working hard and making sure to provide opportunities to individuals that need it and for those that just can’t get enough snowmobiling done in one season. Keep up the great work ND snowmobile clubs; you are making an impact one fundraiser at a time!

Published by Snowmobile North Dakota - An Organization of North Dakota Snowmobile Clubs


Sept./Oct. 2012


Stars Walk the ISC 2012 Red Carpet

SAM (Snowmobile Association of Massachusetts) hosted the International Snowmobile Congress (ISC) in Sturbridge, Mass. in June 2012. SAM rocked the red carpet filling the event full of stars from all sectors of the snowmobile industry. It was a do not miss event filled with excellent presentations, headlining speakers and lots of business directing the snowmobile industry into its future. You’re going to want to visit www.sledwarrior.com and find a way to help! The Sled Warriors is a group that was started to “defend the access to historical riding areas against the many who would steal it away.” This is your chance to get involved and protect your rights to ride! Last fall, SND collected signed letters from members at the Annual Convention supporting the Huron Manistee National Forests. On January 27, 2012, the Regional Forester signed the Record of Decision and states it will continue to allow snowmobiling on designated trails within the Huron Manistee National Forests. Wisconsin has set the stage and developed a youth board for the state association. One requirement, the board of delegates has to be younger 18

than the age of 18. They do their own business without guidance from the adults and they send representatives to the regular board meetings. ISMA (International Snowmobile Manufacturer’s Association) will again host the GoSnowmobiling Contest in 2013. In 2012, only three Canadian and five U.S. applications were received. This is your chance to host an event to promote the local riding area and club and get a chance to win $5,000. As soon as the contest information is released, SND will distribute it to the North Dakota snowmobile clubs. This past season, SnowTrails TV aired on Versus. In 2012-2013, SnowTrails TV will air on Fox Sports Network. Don’t miss an episode! The United States Forest Service (USFS) completed the testing for stopping distances and signing recognition this past season. On average, drivers understood 12 inch signs from a distance of 175 feet. Most riders decelerated at a rate greater than 11.2 feet/second. Signs using symbols versus wording were easier understood to the user. Most of the ATV (all-terrain vehicle) and UTV (utility vehicle) braking distances were similar to snowmobiles. However, motorcycles needed a significantly longer stopping distance. The USFS signing

plan draft is under review in Washington which should take about a year. The goal is to have the final draft presented at the 2013 ISC. The focus of the new plan is, “Less is More”; meaning the sign inventory is being depleted to only reflect what is needed. Trails are not engineered roads, riders have to take responsibility and ride the terrain. A new snowmobile program trend is placing GPS units in all of the groomers maintaining state trails. The goal is to provide a more efficient grooming program and to provide the latest updates to the users. Instead of providing a trail condition, a trail status will be provided to the user informing them which trails are open and closed. The next step of this project is developing applications (apps) for tablets and smartphones to display the GPS’d trails and the latest trail status. Attendees felt the industry has focused on business for so long that a new focus should be FUN! The shift needs to still include business but remind everyone why these programs initially started. “To generate excitement for snowmobiling”, so let’s get started on having fun today!

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Sept./Oct. 2012

Gasmann Coulee Cruisers Gives Back

By Kelly S tromberg

Many of us did not get the chance to turn the key or even pull the rope on our sleds last season. If you did, chances are you went riding in another state and most likely in the mountains. “Lucky Snowmobiler!”

all about!! So go ahead and give yourself a pat on the back, we all deserve it! The day of our Fun Run we didn’t have any snow, some ice but no snow, despite the conditions we still had an awesome crowd of followers for the event. I’m sure the Hunters Den in Foxholm can attest to that. Which again allowed us to help out some families with medical issues and/or crisis’s. Then with the “wild card” proceeds, we’ll present a check to the Burlington community church, Peace Lutheran, which was affected by last spring’s flood. They are in the process of preparing for their rebuild this summer.

Last season was like no other for our club. Through our efforts of working together, we and all of you raised some serious cash, during the SND Snowmobile Convention, which went to help numerous Minot area families in need this year. We received numerous “thank you, you’re so thoughtful, and you have no idea what this means too us”. It just warms your heart and verifies that your time and effort were so worth every minute! Giving back is what it’s

As the snowmobile season ended, we collected trail signs, turned in our volunteer sheets, gathered for the last meeting of the year, and ended it with our pot luck supper. At the end of the night, we hope everyone had a great summer. We enjoy each other’s company and look forward to hearing what everyone has been up to and look forward to creating some more good time memories this season. Again we’d like to thank everyone for your participation in the 2011 - 2012 season, even without the snow, it was a memorable year in so many ways!

The 2013 Snow Run Tour Schedule: 7th Annual Minnesota Snow Run January 4 & 5 Sugar Lake Lodge, Grand Rapids 4th Annual North Dakota Snow Run January 11 & 12 Twin Oaks Resort, Bottineau 7th Annual Michigan Snow Run January 25 & 26 Gaylord, MI 9th Annual New York Snow Run February 8 & 9 The George Hildebrandt Recreation Center, Old Forge 6th Annual Wisconsin Snow Run February 15 & 16 Amsoil Championship Eagle River Derby Track, Eagle River



2nd Annual Colorado Snow Run March 8 & 9 Winding River Ranch & Equestrian Center, Grand Lake 6th Annual Wyoming Snow Run March 15 & 16 Togwotee 19 Mountain Lodge, Moran

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Sept./Oct. 2012

s w e N b u l C Boy did the summer go fast. During the summer the Magic City Drift Busters were busy with steak fries. In June, we were at the Eckert’s house. In July, we were at the Kotasek’s house. In August, we were at the Miller’s house. In September, we were at the Peterson’s shop. We had lots of fun and good food.


MAGIC CITY DRIFTBUSTERS On Sept. 21, we had our annual kick-off pizza party at the clubhouse. At this time, we meet our new officers and directors and meet the new members of our club. It is hard to believe winter is just around the corner, but I can’t wait for snow. Our club members will be busy getting signs ready to mark the trails and schedule rides.

Everyone needs to do a snow dance, so we have snow to ride. See you on the trail! Laura Forbes

RED RIVER Fall is here and the Red River Snowmobile Club has lots planned for this coming winter. With last year being mostly a bust we are looking forward to more snow this year and have four trips planned if the weather cooperates. We hope to go on a ride in December to wherever the snow is. In January we do our annual trip to Pinehurst Resort in NW Minnesota. In February we hope to go to Lake Metigoshe, and in March to the Bighorns of Wyoming. Also the State Ride in Fordville, and we hope to have lots of local rides.


Last year we cancelled two of our rides but did manage to go to Pinehurst in January and to the International Falls, Voyagers National Park area in March. The riding on the March trip was different than we usually see with fair snow and trail conditions but the temps were in the 60’s. That was kind of nice. I hope everyone has a safe and fun winter this season. Steve Magnuson

Published by Snowmobile North Dakota - An Organization of North Dakota Snowmobile Clubs


Club News To all of our snowmobiling friends we hope that all of you are having a good summer and fall and are starting to think of all the winter activities that are available to us. For the Ridge Runners,this is the start of a special and busy fall as we get to host the 2013 North Dakota State Ride. The ride will take place on February 15 and 16. The ride will be based out of Fordville, North Dakota. This summer we were taking in summer parades with a float

RIDGE RUNNERS to advertise the ride. As we announce our activities, watch for our posters also we will be advertising on the SND website and on the Ridge Runners Facebook page. Along with the good riding that we will have on Friday and Saturday, we have hired the band Tripwire for the Saturday night activities. Also, we liked the Vintage Snowmobile Show that our friends From the Southern Valley put on last year so we decided to try it too. So if you have a machine from the past that you would like to show off, bring it along. We will be doing prizes for several classes. Hopefully Corey Wanner will

bring his old Skidoo all shined up back to Fordville where he purchased it. You never know, it could win a prize. We are again trying to make plans for our youth ride as we are committed to bring youth into the sport of snowmobiling. We are also looking at providing the safety class again. So, in closing, I would like to say watch for the advertising, come join us and have a wonderful time at the State Ride in February. Safe snowmobiling everyone From the Ridge Runners Vice President Claire Greciar

ROUGH RIDER SNOWMOBILE Hello fellow snowmobilers from the Roughriders! Not trying to rush summer away by any means, but shorter days and cool evenings means snowmobile season is right around the corner! Hoping you all had a nice summer, as we really did have a nice summer compared to last year considering the flood. Getting back to a normal lifestyle after the flood, mowing grass, it’s a great feeling . I get my fix with all of my twostroke “stuff!” I was voted the club president this past spring and had many grand ideas. One was to keep the club active during the summer months, but it was hard to get everyone together with the nice weather. I did get two meetings in with board members and a few club members. I will keep working at other great ideas for the club.

Although we couldn’t get all of us together during the summer months, some of us thought about winter and club items all summer! The board members and I were busy getting our new trail map designed and advertisements sold. We got a great start on it during the summer months, and now it’s almost done and ready to go to print . As we asked for donations from businesses, it was hard with the warm temperatures to think about winter activities, but we have great sponsors and great sales people and got the job done! We are proud of them all and a big ‘Thank You’ goes out to all who helped!

tober 27. We hope to get the club members in a great mood for winter and host a membership drive at the same time. Start thinking and working on trail signage and repair, along with other events we would like to put on. Finally, let’s get in the mood for a new, great winter season! Some are waiting for new iron to show up (spring orders), while the rest, be sure to get your gear checked out and maybe buy some new flashy gear! My wish to you is have a safe and fun winter season; may your sled never let you down and always have your greatest snowmobile friends around you! Enjoy!

With the Haydays event September 8, it’s time to reRough Riders President : Al ally start thinking about the Hoesel sledding season. Pray for a good snowy winter! Our first club event will be the Show ‘n Shine at Gateway Mall on Oc- Clubs Published by Snowmobile North Dakota - An Organization of North Dakota Snowmobile

s w e N Club Sept./Oct. 2012

G r e e t i n g s Fellow Snowmobilers!! I am sitting in my backyard with an outside temperature of about 80 degrees, playing with 5 third-generation snowmobilers, and my wife informs me that my news article is coming due. I missed one meeting in I don’t know how many years, and it happened to be an election night, so I was railroaded into office by a certain person whose name I won’t mention, but thanks Greg G! Ha! Ha! Last year was not a good year for snowmobiling. Our groomer never moved a mile,


DAKOTA TRAILBLAZERS but that is no excuse for not sending in your snowmobile registration fees. At $20 per sled per year, this is a pretty cheap way to finance a 2,800 plus mile trail system, which SND maintains. I have been informed that each system may have to absorb a cut in funding if no more registration fees are forthcoming. (How sad!) A large number of snowmobilers still do not realize that our trail systems are totally funded by our registration fees only. If the number of sled registrations does not come up in the future, our trail systems, as we know and enjoy them, will be done! This is not a threat, it is a fact. So please, everyone,

Think Snow...

register your sleds. Our club’s summer gettogether at the lake is coming up this weekend at Lake Metigoshe. I will try and have a good time (duh)! There is nothing better than good food, a cold drink, and being with our club family. Well, that is all for now. Hopefully Mother Nature takes pity on us for last year and gives us a great white winter! Sherman Pladsen Dakota Trailblazers

Advertiser’s Index Arctic Cat................................... 10 Brandin’ Iron.............................. 15 Johnson’s Sports........................ 4 Joe’s Sport Center..................... 17 Moritz............................................ 2 Polaris....................................... BC SkiDoo...................................... IBC Snowmobile Storm.................... 15 Track........................................... 15 Yamaha....................................... 14


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Sept./Oct. 2012

go from trail to powder to never again considering another sled. new rmotion™ suspension.......A totally rising-rate suspension for industry-leading comfort and control on or off the trail. No adjusting required. linQ™ attachment sYstem........Our exclusive LinQ system. An easier, faster and bungee-free way to securely attach a fuel caddy and tunnel bag. rotaX® engine options......................An array of 2- and 4-stroke options allows you to strike the perfect balance of power and performance. wider track...............Our unique 16-inch track features more surface area for better flotation and traction without compromising trail handling.

ren egade ®

scan and see it in action!

Visit Ski-Doo.com for the latest promotion. © 2012 Bombardier Recreational Products Inc. (BRP). All rights reserved. ®, TM and the BRP logo are trademarks of BRP or its affiliates. Always ride safely and responsibly.

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*Rebates vary by model; see dealer for details. **On a purchase where the amount financed is $7,999, your down payment is $0: no INTEREST CHARGE FOR 6 MONTHS and no payments FOR 7 MONTHS. Thereafter, 60 consecutive monthly payments of $162.17 each. ANNUAL PERCENTAGE RATE: 7.99%. ANNUAL PERCENTAGE RATE subject to increase after promotional period. Note: The above financing programs are offered by Sheffield Financial, a Division of BB&T Financial, FSB. Minimum Amount Financed: $1,500; Maximum Amount Financed: $50,000. Subject to credit approval. Approval and any rates and terms provided are based on creditworthiness. Other financing offers are available. See your local dealer for details. All financing promotions are void where prohibited. Offer is effective on select new Polaris® snowmobiles purchased from a participating Polaris dealer between 08/01/2012 and 09/30/2012. Offer subject to change without notice. Rider pictured is professional on a closed course. Polaris recommends that all snowmobile riders take a training course. Do not attempt maneuvers beyond your capability. Always wear a helmet and other safety apparel. Never drink and ride. ©2012 Polaris Industries Inc.

SNO_MY12_MTN_8.5x11_.125_NDSD.indd 1

8/13/12 5:21 PM

Important update from the BlueRibbon Coalition Enough is enough... The Clearwater National Forest's recent decision to impose restrictions on areas they have identified for “recommended� Wilderness classification crosses a line that must not be crossed. Only Congress can designate Wilderness. So the BlueRibbon Coalition has joined with the Idaho State Snowmobile Association in filing legal action against the Forest Service... read about it at: http://www.sharetrails.org/news/2012/08/29/recreation-groups-file-suit-stop-illegal-wilderness Along the same lines, the BlueRibbon Coalition has also joined with other forest product and multiple use groups in filing a lawsuit to require the Forest Service to modify the New Forest Planning rule to avoid its devastating impacts on the health of National Forests, recreational uses of the forests and dependent local communities... you can read about the lawsuit at: http://www. sharetrails.org/news/2012/08/14/recreation-groups-join-efforts-challenge-new-usfs-planningregulations Legal action is the last course of action any advocate wants to take, but sometimes the only option as in these cases. It is expensive too. Please consider making a donation to help BRC sustain the fight at: https://www.sharetrails.org/donate As your Executive Director, I am now about four weeks into my epic ride around the country meeting with enthusiasts and leaders. Please read about it and track what I am learning from the grassroots at http://www.wearebrc.org. This is a big undertaking to create unity among members/ enthusiasts, gather and take a message to Washington, and help develop the BRC strategy for the next 25 years from the grassroots. We also have a Facebook page and Twitter feeds you can follow. BRC's Public Lands Policy Director, Brian Hawthorne, has written an article addressing the new "social sustainability" concepts we are seeing from the agencies and it really is a must read. Brian tells it like it should be told here: http://www.sharetrails.org/alerts/2012/09/05/must-read-editorialfrom-brcs-public-lands-guy It is that time of year again for the Fall Board Meeting and elections. This year we have a total of five candidates running for open positions. Members, this is your time to vote on who you want running your organization: http://www.sharetrails.org/story/2012/08/31/announcing-2012-boardelections Stay tuned with the BlueRibbon Coalition and all the latest on what is happening with recreational access around the country at http://www.sharetrails.org Make it a great day, Greg Mumm Executive Director BlueRibbon Coalition

A Message from Christine Jourdain American Council of Snowmobile Associations As you know, the current federal transportation bill was passed by the U.S. Congress in late June of this year after years of extending the previous bill. Among the many challenges of the new legislation is the opportunity for governors to opt out of the Recreational Trails Program (RTP) by notifying the Federal Highway Administration of their decision to do so. This year, the deadline was September 1. The RTP is a small but highly successful and popular federal program, funded by gas taxes paid by you -- snowmobiles and all off-road vehicles. RTP funds leverage several times the initial federal investment in local, state and private resources, prompting not just safe and healthy

access to the outdoors but highly needed economic and tourist activity. Long before the Sept. 1 deadline, ACSA was working with partners and allies on a strategy to maximize the number of states remaining in RTP. From our perspective, we thought it best for the states to utilize the relationships they have with their state leaders and to let us know when they needed assistance. Many times we were contacted with fears and stories. We followed up and continued to work with our partners as the Governors were making their final decisions and encountered a couple of last minute scares. I am happy to report that the Governors of each of the snowmobile states did not utilize the opt-out clause. In fact, in the end, only Florida,

Kansas and the District of Columbia opted out of RTP, shifting those funds to the Transportation Alternatives. Believe it or not, plans are already underway for the next transportation bill. This is probably a good time to touch base with your Governor’s office as well as others that you work with on the RTP in your state. Express your appreciation for RTP continuing on as it has been. Remind them of the importance of the RTP dollars to the local communities and the residents. And remind them that those residents and snowmobilers appreciate a portion of their gas tax dollars going back into the trail system.

t s a f e h t n i e f i Living l

Gabe following in the ski tracks of his Snowmobile Racing hall of fame father, Jerry Bunke. Gabe will be racing in the Pro classes again this year with the United States Cross Country (USXC) circuit.

Gabe Bunke

Bunke Racing is expanding its team for the 2012-2013 Season. We are excited to fill you in on some new up and comers and give you the dirt on who will be returning with our team. First, out of the shoot will be Gabe Bunke in the Pro class.


g n i c a R e k n u lane with B

Gabe will also be returning out to the prestigious Soo I-500 looking to defend his title. Bobby Menne will return racing in the PRO class with the Bunke race team. Bobby has been training all summer on the motocross track and is

waiting for the snow to fly. NEW to the Pro Class this season will be Spencer Kadlec. Spencer showed us his true skills and talents last year in the semipro classes earning 1st place in the Semi-Pro Improved class. Spencer will be a guy to watch as he eagerly wants to hit the podium in the Pro class. Next, we have Jen Fuller returning in our Women’s Pro class. Jen has been riding snowmobiles since her head was big enough to fit into a helmet and

she has been working on them since she could pick up a wrench. We are excited to welcome Jen back on the team this year. She is a spitfire looking for a Win. Returning in the SemiPro class is one of our legends, Jeff Klein. Jeff has been a veteran with cross country racing and we sure do appreciate his hard work and snowmobile knowledge. He is an asset to the team on and off the track. Jeff has a love for the sport

and we welcome Jeff back.

like his father grandfather.

NEW to the team this year is Taylor Bunke. Taylor will compete in the sport 600 and sport improved classes for Bunke Racing. Taylor spent his first 9 years racing 120 snowmobiles.

Being the son of lead Pro driver and team owner Gabe Bunke, Taylor has grown up riding snowmobiles and he is itching to throw on his helmet and get back out on the track.

He was very competitive and enjoyed the sport. Taylor was also involved with hockey at the time and decided to play hockey. Well, Taylor is now 16 and has a burning desire to race snowmobiles


He has some big shoes to fill and he is willing to test his skills out on the track. We are excited to see what the season brings. Follow us on our website: www.bunkeracing.com and check out Bunke Racing on Facebook.

e k n u B e b Ga

new riding gear

from arctic cat

Men’s freezone jacket Meet the new-school style of the men’s Freezone Jacket from Arctic Cat, a non-insulated, shellstyle jacket that performs as strong as it looks. It’s constructed from waterproof, breathable A-Tex-coated fabric with a moisture-wicking mesh lining and fully taped seams to keep you dry in all conditions. Zippered underarm air vents allow custom climate control, while a dedicated MP3 player pocket with tangle-free neck cord system helps deliver the perfect soundtrack to your ride. Front flap magnetic closure keeps the snow out, while three pockets contain your essential gear. And 3M Scotchlite Reflective Material delivers the ultimate reflectivity in low-light conditions. Available in both Lime and Black styles in S – 3XL sizes with an MSRP starting at $219.95 U.S./$249.95 Canada.

Sno Pro Break lever With a curved tip shape, the new Sno Pro Brake Lever from Arctic Cat delivers enhanced riding comfort. It’s constructed from forged aluminum an anodized in either black or silver. It attaches quickly and easily on any 2012-2013 Arctic Cat ProCross or ProClimb snowmobile. The MSRP is $59.95 U.S./$69.95 Canada.

retro shop shirt Wear the timeless style of the classic “swoosh” logo on the new Retro Shop Shirt from Arctic Cat. Constructed from 65 percent cotton/35 percent polyester, the button-front shirt features a hidden “stay-put” button collar. It’s available in S – 4XL sizes with an MSRP starting at $59.95 U.S./$69.95 Canada.

seat pack

The all-new Seat Pack from Arctic Cat delivers a midcapacity storage solution while tucked safely and securely behind the seat of any 2012-2013 ProCross or ProClimb snowmobile. Constructed from durable nylon to keep gear secure, the 1,600-cu.-in. capacity pack features two zippered compartments to keep items separated for easy and simple access. Quick-detach plastic loops make it easy to mount or remove the pack. All mounting hardware is included. Can also be used with the accessory 2-up seat. The MSRP is $99.95 U.S./$114.95 Canada.

For additional information on Arctic Cat Arcticwear clothing and accessories, see your local Arctic Cat dealer or visit www.arcticcat.com. To find a dealer near you, call 1-800-3-ARCTIC. Visit the Arctic Cat online store at www.store.arcticcat.com to order online.

TEAM ARCTIC IS KING OF KINGS AT HILLCLIMB WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS Kyle Tapio Climbs into the Record Books with Five Wins aboard Arctic Cat ProClimb Thief River Falls, Minn. (March 28, 2012) – It was a beating of epic proportions at the World Championships of Hillclimbs in Jackson Hole, Wyo., as Team Arctic racers out-climbed the competition to score 10 victories by six different riders, including two podium sweeps.

at Jackson Hole, with Zollinger claiming the Stock class (where Frisby took third) and Ottobre winning Mod and taking second in Improved, all on M8 HCRs.

The star of the weekend was Kyle Tapio, whose record-breaking performance aboard the 2012 Arctic Cat ProClimb produced two class wins; both the Improved and Mod King titles; and the ultimate King of Kings crown.

Piloting his M8 HCR, Tapio won both 800 Improved and 800 Mod in convincing fashion.

Facing the steep and wickedlychallenging Snow King mountain aboard Arctic Cat M sleds, Team Arctic racers notched victories in every category, from 600 to 800, and in Stock, Improved and Mod classes. Jeremy Archibald started the ball rolling by leading a podium sweep with Chance Buckallew and Ben Adams in the 600 Improved class. That was followed by another podium sweep in the 700 Improved final, this time by Rob Kincaid, David McClure and Archibald. Then Tony Zollinger claimed victory in the 700 Mod final. Having dominated the Women’s classes for several years, Team Arctic’s Amy Zollinger, Jan Ottobre and Christy Frisby once again put on a winning clinic

In the big iron classes it was time for Kyle Tapio to reinforce his hillclimb legend status.

If Tapio felt any disappointment for taking third in the Open Mod final, he more than made up for it in the King competition, where the class winners in each category race for overall status. There, Tapio not only won the Improved and Mod King titles, he also scored the overall King of Kings crown as the best racer of the weekend.

“Team Arctic racers and crews did an outstanding job at the World Championship, especially the incredible performance of Kyle Tapio, who was in a class by himself at Jackson,” said Arctic Cat Hillclimb Coordinator, Al Shimpa. “Ten victories by six different racers is a testament to the depth of our team and the strength of our M machines. “In addition, I’m especially proud of Rob Kincaid, who finally knocked the monkey off his back to win his first-ever pro class World Championship in 15 years of competing at Jackson. And I’d also like to thank the Speedwerx crew, who worked extra-hard to ensure the success of most of our Improved and Mod-class machines.”

25th Annual Toronto International Snowmobile, ATV & Powersports Show Newmarket, Ontario: The 25th Annual Toronto International Snowmobile, ATV & Powersports Show welcomes back the DAYCO HP/HPX/XTX 120cc Snowmobile Race to the Toronto International Centre the weekend of October 19 - 21 for another amazing Show. “Come Celebrate our 25th Year, with more FUN for the entire FAMILY!” Commented Marketer Shows Inc. President, Richard Kehoe. Kehoe went on to say, “It’s fantastic to have DAYCO HP/HPX/XTX back to sponsor the race again this year. Their support is incredible and appreciated by our young racers. It’s wonderful to see the Dayco representatives talking and interacting with the future of our industry. This year we have a Special Guest flagging the checkers for the finals. Levi LaVallee will be at the Show encouraging our stars of tomorrow as they cross the finish line! This is the #1 Attended Snowmobile and ATV Show in North America and there will be more to see and do at the 25th Annual Toronto International Snowmobile, ATV & Powersports Show, being held at the Toronto International Centre on October 19, 20, 21, 2012.” Dayco Canada’s Bill Hay commented, “Being the title sponsor of the Dayco HP/HPX/XTX 120cc Snowmobile Race is a great way to spend time and have fun with future racers. Over the past 8 years, Show Attendees have come to enjoy seeing the 120 Racers pilot their race sleds around the challenging race track at the Toronto International Snowmobile, ATV & Powersports Show, and we’re extremely pleased to be a part of bringing such a fun family event to the Show.” The Dayco HP/HPX/XTX 120cc Snowmobile Race brings FUN to the participants and it provides excitement to the fans that line the grandstands to watch and cheer for their favourite mini racers. These pint size racers will converge on the Toronto International Centre on October 19, 20, 21, 2012, from all across North America to claim bragging rights for their first win of the season. Three classes will race on both Saturday and Sunday, including stock classes and modified classes. For more information on the 25th Annual Toronto International Snowmobile, ATV & Powersports Show, to purchase advanced tickets, or to be an exhibitor at the show, please call 1-888-661-SHOW (7469). Visit us online at www.torontosnowmobileatvshow.com to view the 2011 video and see what others are saying about the show.

2012 C.J. Ramstad Scholarship Awarded to Washington’s Aileen Warren The International Snowmobile Media Council (ISMC) announced the 2012 C.J. Ramstad Scholarship recipient during the banquet dinner of the International Snowmobile Congress this past June in Sturbridge, Massachusetts. Aileen Warren from Dayton, Washington, earned this year’s award with her wellwritten essay outlining how to draw snowmobilers into clubs and state/provincial associations through the use of social media. Aileen’s essay was one of nine evaluated this year; each earning a great score. In addition to her top-rated essay, Aileen has been a standout in the snowmobile community with strong involvement with youth at the club, state, national and even international level, with Snowmobiling 4H. She was also instrumental in organizing her state association’s legislative day where concerned snowmobilers visit their representatives in the State Capitol. The ISMC scholarship was introduced in 2008 as a way to honor C.J. Ramstad, a storied snowmobile photo journalist and member of the International Snowmobile Media Council. State and Provincial snowmobile associations are encouraged to enter their best annual scholarship winner for consideration. Visit www.snowmobilemedia.org to view Aileen’s winning essay, learn more about the International Snowmobile Media Council, or download a scholarship application.

A Clean Snowmobile Challenge‌ The Continuation of a Vision By Kay Lloyd For over 30 years I have been supportive of keeping families involved in the sport of snowmobiling and making sure that young people have a great experience, so the sport would continue to grow. In keeping with that I am currently Scholarship Chair for the Washington State Snowmobile Association and enjoy reading the student’s applications, with a winner to be picked by March 31, 2012. Earlier this year, as a snowmobiler on the BlueRibbon Coalition Board of Directors, I was asked to be a Judge at the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) Clean Snowmobile Challenge which was to be held at Michigan Tech in Houghton, MI from March 5-10, 2012. The Winter weather held, providing fresh snow and colder temperatures for the competition. The spirit of the 2012 SAE Clean Snowmobile Challenge is to stimulate high-quality research that will help create win-win

situations for snowmobilers, manufacturers, land managers, and those concerned with the environment. The end result is a great experience for young students in a meaningful engineering project as well as the opportunity to be part of a dedicated team effort as they further their education. The seven days began with a tour of Michigan Tech campus and viewing the ice sculptures done in a recent competition. I spent the rest of Sunday reading and scoring Design Papers that teams of students had presented. In addition, during the week each of the sixteen

teams were also scored on lab emissions, brake specific fuel consumption, in-service emissions, fuel economy and endurance, weight of the snowmobile, acceleration, objective and subjective handling and drivability on an outdoor course, cold start, oral presentations, a static display on Wednesday night, both objective and subjective noise, and ending with an Awards Banquet on Saturday night. The sixteen teams of engineering students presented their innovations in two categories. Twelve of the teams had rebuilt internal combustion (IC)

engines that could handle flex-fuel from E-10 to E-39; with the actual fuel being E-35. Check out the website: http : / / w w w. mtu k rc . or g / snowmobile.htm.

snowmobiles; seven were 4-stroke, three were 2-stroke, and two biodiesel engine (their fuel was B7). Four of the teams had built zero emission electric (ZE) snowmobiles. Though they don’t yet travel too many miles, they were designed to meet the needs of fragile areas in both the North and South Poles, as engineers and scientists haul equipment to do environmental testing. Two professors from Austria also came to learn more about the ZE machines. They are looking for an electric snowmobile to use in search

and rescue at ski resorts in alpine areas. On Saturday night I was overwhelmed as I looked out at the sea of faces of the future of the sport of snowmobiling. The SAE Clean Snowmobile Challenge was started in 2000 and has continued to impress snowmobile riders. Manufacturers have used the innovations presented by the students and built them into production snowmobiles. What impressed me most was that the students did not know what fuel they would be running and had to design

I had the honor, as the representative of the BlueRibbon Coalition, to present the Award for Most Practical Solution to Ben Edwards, Captain of the Clarkson University (Potsdam, N.Y.) Winter Knights Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) Snowmobile Team. This award is given to the team with the best balance between cost and measured noise and emissions. In other words, we add their noise score and their emission score and then divide by their Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price (which is verified by a three person committee). In addition to winning the BlueRibbon Coalition Award for Most Practical Solution, Clarkson also won First Place Overall.

TRACK TALKS What do we do when we have no snow? It’s been a hot dry summer. Fields are dry and the dust in the air makes it hard for me to think about snow. A high percentage of our customers are busy in their fields with hopes of rain and healthy crops. Track Inc. has also ventured into the fields with an Agriculture cat. This has been an unexpected venture. Tucker Sno-Cat® Corporation was approached by a family owned farm in Oregon that wanted to equip a front engine machine with farming implements. This request led to the Tucker Ag vehicle (for more details - visit www.sno-cat.com ). Track Inc. borrowed it for Farmfest and Dakotafest. Once Dakotafest ends, the vehicle returns to Tucker for a show in the west and then onward, to the customer who purchased it. The Model 1600 Ag Tucker-Terra® performs extremely well for soft ground farming applications and can be fitted with a multitude of farming implements. The vehicle pictured directly below (at our shop, in Bloomington MN) has the all rubber tundra tracks. The tundra tracks are a smoother, less aggressive track then what we use on the snow vehicles. Lorene Hanson President Track Inc.

3 1 0 2 r o f ® s

i r a l o P e r u P

the e v r e S r ea G g n i d i R ers f d o i R s l n i o a i Tr ect & l l n o i a C t n m Mou f o Premiu s d e Ne c fi i c e p S

Pure Polaris® has Polaris riders covered for 2013, both in terms of premium riding apparel that will keep them warm, dry and comfortable in all conditions, and with new accessories that will enhance their riding experiences.

PURE POLARIS APPAREL: SPECIALIZED COLLECTIONS FOR EVERY TYPE OF RIDER Pure Polaris has four collections of riding gear to serve the specialized needs of mountain riders, who need to stay dry while riding aggressively all day, and trail riders, who need gear to keep them warm and keep them riding even when temperatures plummet. The FXR® for Polaris Mountain Collection and PURE-DRY™ Collection serve the needs of mountain riders and aggressive trail riders enjoying mild temperatures. The FXR for Polaris Trail Collection and PURE-HEAT™ Collection will keep riders warm and comfortable no matter how cold it gets. The FXR for Polaris Mountain Collection features the FXR Zone Mountain Jacket, FXR Softshell Hoodie Bibs and Gloves, all of which use premium materials and innovative FXR designs and construction to ensure that riders stay dry and comfortable. The PURE-DRY Collection is a complete system of apparel, from a base layer to the comfortable uninsulated PURE-DRY Vapor Jacket, that keeps a rider warm, dry and comfortable. PURE-DRY items use Cocona® Xcelerator fabric technology for outstanding

moisture transfer to ensure a rider’s comfort all day. The FXR for Polaris Trail Collection includes the FXR Titan Cold-Stop Jacket with the innovative Thermal Flex liner insert and MMT two-stage dry technology. Combine it with the FXR Drift Bib, FXR Gloves and FXR Octane Boots, and a rider will stay warm and enjoy riding on winter’s coldest days. The PURE-HEAT Collection features the PURE-HEAT Adventure Jacket and coordinating bibs, available for men and women. These items feature durable shells and premium insulation. The jackets also offer great adjustability such as zippered vents and removable liners so a rider can remain comfortable as conditions change. Pure Polaris® also has a large selection of new Polaris-branded sportswear, caps, beanies and more with fresh styles and graphics.


Legendary backcountry freerider Chris Burandt was deeply involved in the development of several accessories that will enhance the riding experience of deep snow riders. He administered real-world testing to items in the Burandt Collection in some of the most remote areas only a rider of his skills could access aboard a Polaris 800 RMK Assault.

Among the items featured in the new Burandt Collection are Burandt’s HD PowderTrac™ Burandt’s HD PowderTrac Board

Boards, which provide a high-traction platform for an aggressive rider and ensure instant snow evacuation. The Burandt Signature Windshield is a low windshield with Burandt’s signature and his backcountry logo, and his graphic wraps – the Burandt Khaos Wrap and Burandt Signature Wrap – give a sled a custom look with exciting graphics Burandt helped design. These are premium-quality wraps from ArcticFXgraphics, the leader in motorsports graphic wraps. Backcountry riders will appreciate the Burandt Hand Saw, a compact, easy to use hand saw that will let a rider cut some brush to get out of a jam. Among the new Lock & Ride® accessories, all of which can be installed or removed quickly and easily without tools, is the Burandt Lock & Ride Tunnel Bag. This bag attaches easily without tools to the top of the tunnel and holds survival gear, food, and has a waterproof section for items such as electronics. Among the other new Lock & Ride accessories are the Lock & Ride Handguard Mounts. They are easy to install – without tools – on the handlebars and they hold the protective, newly redesigned handguards (sold separately) that offer outstanding protection and comfort.

New Gear from DRIFT Built for the active rider, the new men’s Sloper Jacket from DRIFT Racing is a high-performance nylon shell featuring a comfortable hood and moisture-wicking mesh lining. The waterproof and breathable D-Tex-coated fabric matches the fully taped seams for a dry, comfortable ride in all conditions. Drawcords on the bottom of the jacket complement the adjustable Lycra-lined elastic cuffs for a custom fit. Spacious, zippered pockets carry all riding essentials and include the convenient MP3 player pocket with tangle-free neck cord system. The plaid-printed fabric panels feature highly-visible reflective trim for added reflectivity in low light conditions. Available in S – 3XL sizes. The MSRP starts at $199.95 U.S./$229.95 Canada. Built as a tough, non-insulated nylon shell for hardcore riders, the new Racing Suit from DRIFT Racing is identical to the gear worn by DRIFT racing teams. The waterproof and breathable D-Tex-coated fabric features fully taped seams for allcondition dryness and comfort. Sublimated printed panels deliver premium style, while the highly visible reflective trim increases reflectivity in low light conditions. The jacket features adjustable nylon elastic cuffs, while the pants offer adjustable suspenders that zip-off to convert into waist-high pants. Available in black/orange in S – 3XL sizes. The Jacket MSRP starts at $199.95 U.S./$229.95 Canada. The Pant MSRP starts at $179.95 U.S./$209.95 Canada.

Available now at North American powersports dealers via www.driftracing.com.

Yamaha Racers Win Four #1 Plates in Cross Country Pleasant Prairie, WI—Yamaha FX Nytro snowmobiles clinched six championships and four No. 1 plates in a prestigious cross-country triple-crown series in Cable, Wis. on Saturday, March 3. At the final weekend of competition in this year’s series, conditions and the Telemark Resort were absolutely perfect for racing over the weekend. With nearly two feet of recent snowfall translating into three or four feet of base around the sevenmile course, the conditions were as challenging as racers could want – especially when Supercross-size holes five feet deep developed. Snocross specialist Ben Lindbom had a great introduction to cross-country racing in the Semi Pro Sprint and Distance classes, winning the Sprint race – and bravely finishing the Distance race after crashing – to capture the Semi Pro Sprint title and the Semi Pro No. 1 plate for the year. In the Pro class, veteran racer Nathan Titus took a third in Pro Sprint and a second in the Pro Distance races, wrapping up both titles and adding a Pro No. 1 plate to

Yamaha’s laurels for the year. And finally, Titus and Jake Jorgenson also took the No. 1 plate in Team competition. Although new to terrain racing, young Lindbom proved he has the tenacity and resourcefulness to race with the best. His win in the Semi Pro Sprint event was straightforward enough. But after crashing hard in the Distance event and damaging an A-arm and the wiring on his sled, instead of quitting Lindbom hotwired the electrical system, restarted the engine and finished – while also earning the Semi Pro Sprint title and Semi Pro No. 1 plate for 2012. “I could not believe how fast I was closing on the other guys,” Lindbom said later. “But the FX Nytro worked so well I could totally pick my lines.” But the most amazing feat of the day was still to come, as Lindbom moved up a class to make his Pro debut in crosscountry racing, finishing second in the Pro Sprint event ahead of Titus and then scoring another second in Pro Distance – an incredible achievement in his first shot at the top ranks

of terrain racing. But Titus quickly fired back, sweeping to the Pro Distance win and taking both class titles and the Pro No. 1 plate for Yamaha in the process. Like everyone who raced the FX Nytro this year, Titus was ecstatic with its newfound performance. “This snowmobile works so well, and makes it so easy to go fast, that I found myself giggling in my helmet the entire time today!” he grinned. “I was happy to see our developments work so well in these super-challenging conditions,” Yamaha’s Josephsen added. “The whole team came together to make it all work, but the wrenchturning of Seth Thorson and the dedication of our crew chief Brian Strawsell really stand out. Brian was truly the glue that held this team together and moved us forward. Thanks everyone!” The last crosscountry snowmobile race of the season comes up this weekend in Warroad, Minn., along with the second round of the RMSHA hillclimb series in Afton, Wyo.

Historic Podium for Willford and his FX Nytro MTX in RMSHA Finale PLEASANT PRAIRIE, WI— Aboard an FX Nytro MTX, Cable Wi l l ford became the first person in history to race a four-stroke snowmobile to a podium finish in RMSHA hillclimb competition at Schweitzer Mountain Resort in Sandpoint, Idaho on Saturday, April 14. With a blazing run of 1 min. 2.937 sec., Willford topped six other pro drivers for the position while also giving Yamaha its first RMSHA podium in recent years. Adding to the laurels, Willford and teammate Kody Malmborg both put their Yamahas into the finals in a total of seven different classes

on Saturday, ultimately earning three additional top-five finishes along the way. Simply put, the season-ender in Idaho was Yamaha’s strongest and most dramatic hillclimb showing this year, serving notice that its four-stroke snowmobile technology can match the best competing twostrokes. At about a quarter-mile long with 500 feet of

vertical gain, the run at Schweitzer Mountain was shorter than some hillclimbs, but it made up for this with a series of technical challenges including tight hairpin turns through the trees and lift towers. Mastering these rapidfire challenges required equal measures of power and handling, along with a boondocking-style technique that rewarded driver skill. Fortunately

weather conditions were terrific, with sunny skies for much of the weekend and well-packed snow that held up well. Willford and Malmborg both rose to the challenge on Friday, each qualifying their FX Nytro MTXs in five classes, the maximum number allowable, for the first time this season. RMSHA racing is perhaps the most concentrated form of snowmobile competition, in that drivers get only one chance to qualify and then a single final run – that’s it. When Willford lined his FX Nytro MTX up for the 600 Mod final, two racers had already run up the mountain and put good times on the clock. So he knew had to run hard and fast – with no mistakes – the entire way up. But Willford had a few tricks up his sleeve, starting with the 1049cc four-stroke Yamaha engine, which launched his sled out of the starting trench like a Top-Fuel dragster. He

then jumped the course’s one downhill section, which many drivers simply rolled, picking up more time. From there on, Willford blasted through the corners and maintained as much speed as he could on his way up the mountain, setting the third-fastest time in class to earn the historic podium. “After my run we had some tense moments waiting for the other racers to make their runs up the hill, and we had a giant celebration when my time held up,” Willford said. “It was a very rewarding moment and it put the competition on notice that we are here and getting better. This is definitely a building block to competing for overall wins.” Yamaha’s Eric Josephsen added, “Our goal the whole year was to put both Cable and Kody in the finals. We knew that Yamaha’s four-stroke machines are capable, and

we’re really happy with the way things turned out. Congratulations to the whole team, including Cable, Kody and our semi-pro rider Kolton Malmborg, our crew chief “Big Kody” and Troy Johnson, who maintained and tuned Cable’s machine.”

Outdoor Companies Unite Again for Tread Lightly! Charity Auction on eBay More than 50 companies have donated more than 100 products to the nonprofit organization Tread Lightly! for its Fifth Annual Charity Auction on eBay in an effort to raise money for solutions to urgent outdoor recreation issues such as restricted recreation access due to irresponsible behavior. The auction will be held November 1-11, 2012. Big ticket items this year include a Gator XUV 625i utility vehicle and a Toy Gator donated by John Deere. One hundred percent of the money raised will go to help keep access to trails and recreation sites open to the public. The auction also includes plenty of 4x4 accessories, powersports equipment and outdoor gear. Bids will start at 40 to 60 percent below retail prices. “We’ve developed some remarkable new programs to help grow the number of good stewards and educated recreationists to help protect recreation access,” said Tread Lightly!’s executive director Lori McCullough. “We’ve begun implementation, but we need help from the outdoor recreation community. Money raised from this auction is paramount in helping us save access and curtail closures.”

2013 Polaris Snowmobiles: Terrain Domination in Every Segment, the Most Impressive Deep Snow Sled Ever, and the Return of the Legendary Indy® Name Polaris provides Terrain Domination® for every type of snowmobiler with its new 2013 lineup, which includes deep snow models that weigh just 417 pounds, the market’s leading trail performance sleds, and the return of the most legendary model name in snowmobile history – Indy®. The 2013 Polaris snowmobile lineup includes the 600 Indy SP and the 600 Indy, which are built on the innovative PRO-RIDE™ Chassis and deliver the exceptional ride and handling that has made Polaris the undisputed leader in snowmobile Terrain Domination The 2013 lineup also features the 800 Pro-RMK 155, which weighs only 417 pounds. This was achieved through the use of strong, lightweight materials and components such as the QuickDrive™ Low Inertia Drive System, the first belt drive system in production snowmobiles. 800 Pro RMK 155 The system includes a lightweight brake and extruded drive shaft and a maintenance-free belt drive in place of a chaincase. The complete system provides a 21% reduction in rotational inertia for enhanced efficiency and performance, which means 5 pounds less carving effort. This innovative drive system, along with features such as carbon fiber overstructure and PowderTrac™ running boards, make the 2013 Polaris Pro-RMK models the most flickable deep snow sleds on the slopes. All the 2013 RMK® models are strong, lightweight and powerful – exactly what mountain and deep snow riders demand. The 2013 Switchback® models are versatile sleds that are at home on- and off-trail. Like the RUSH® models, which deliver the ultimate in trail performance, the Switchback models are build on the PRO-RIDE™ Chassis, the world’s most advanced snowmobile chassis –

600 Switchback

light, rigid and perfectly balanced for precise handling even in the nastiest terrain. The PRORIDE Chassis is 300% stiffer than a conventional chassis, which creates strong sleds that deliver consistently precise and easy handling in all conditions.

The PRO-RIDE progressive rear suspension eliminates “spine tinglers” with the industry’s only uncoupled, progressive-rate suspension. This Polaris-exclusive design provides a bottomless ride with incredible acceleration and an unmatched fun factor. A typical coupled suspension starts soft, shares the load from the front arm and then crashes through. The PRO-RIDE suspension with its progressive rate delivers a bottomless ride. The PRO-RIDE™ IFS featured on most 2013 Polaris models was developed in conjunction with the highly successful Polaris snocross racing program. Polaris IFS provides riders with precise handling and flatter cornering with 25% less steering effort. The unbeatable combination of PRO-RIDE steering and the patented variable caster design eliminates bump steer. This is the most precise, capable and confidence-inspiring front end on any trail. The 2013 600 Switchback® Adventure™ features outstanding comfort, protection and Polaris-exclusive cargo-carrying versatility. It has a tall windshield with integrated hand protection to block wind and snow, as well as innovative wind deflectors mounted on the side panels. The Adventure Cargo System is built around a sturdy, versatile rear cargo rack on which Lock & Ride® Saddlebags can be installed or removed in seconds without tools. The Assault® models – the 800 RMK Assault 155 and 800 Switchback Assault 144 – are the choice of aggressive backcountry freeriders and top hillclimbers like

800 RMK Assault 155

Keith Curtis, King of the Hill at the Jackson Hole World Championships in 2011. They are lightweight, strong, powerful and have IFS with adjustable ski stance. The IQ® LXT models provide 2-up riders and solo touring riders with outstanding comfort and convenience, while the Shift models represent the best values in snowmobiling. The Widetrak models are versatile workhorses that can tackle big jobs in unforgiving terrain and deliver spirited trail performance when the work is done. For young riders, the 120 Pro-R is the ideal way to learn safe riding skills and develop a passion for snowmobiling. It has a 120cc engine and several safety features that provide supervising adults with peace of mind.


In the mid- to late-1970s, the early days of Independent Front Suspension (IFS), Polaris snowmobile engineers led the way in developing the most effective IFS. Polaris racers first used it to dominate the racing scene, then it became available to recreational riders, who experienced responsive handling and a smooth ride that exceeded their wildest dreams.

600 Indy SP

The first Polaris production model with IFS was the 1980 TX-L Indy, and soon the name “Indy” came to represent Polaris Terrain Domination. Polaris led the industry in IFS development, and the 1991 Polaris lineup was the first in snowmobile history to consist entirely of IFS models – the leaf spring front end era was over for Polaris riders. The new Indy models showcase Polaris suspension development as they ride on the PRO-RIDE Chassis and have PRO-RIDE IFS and an Indy Coupled Rear Suspension. The Indy models are powered by the class-leading 600 Cleanfire® engine and provide a rich snowmobiling experience deserving of the hallowed Indy name.

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Chris and Jeannie Brewer Regina Beach, Saskatchewan VOLUNTEERS

Russell Davis Sayner, Wisconsin INDUSTRY

So enamored with snowmobiling are these two that they got married on snowmobiles in 1990, dressed in matching snowmobile suits. Smitten by the bug at age 11, Chris has spent the rest of his life promoting, developing, volunteering, grooming and organizing snowmobile clubs and activities. He has received numerous honors including the International Snowmobile Industry Association Snowmobiler of the Year and Saskatchewan Groomer of the Year. In 2000 Chris was hired by the Saskatchewan Snowmobile Association as its Executive Director, a position he continues to hold. Jeannie started snowmobiling in 1967 and has the same passion and dedication to the sport as does Chris. She annually rides at least 1,000 miles. She is very active in many local and provincial club functions, grooming promotion, fund raising, and volunteering for almost any needed job that involves snowmobiling. A breast cancer survivor, Jeannie was instrumental in starting Prairie Women on Snow to bring attention and to raise funds for the cure. She has won the CCSO Snowmobiler of the Year in 2008. Her administrative talents have been recognized and she now serves as the Chief Financial Officer of the Saskatchewan Snowmobile Association.

Russ has been consumed by snowmobiling since his first sled, back in 1964. From that time on he has been involved in both the sport and business side of snowmobiling as an avid consumer and even more so as a leader on the industry side of the sport. As a racer, Russ successfully competed in cross-country and ovals across the Midwest from 1967 to 1976. This racing career soon led to a sales position with Scorpion snowmobiles. His novel and very successful promotional ideas had him quickly moving up to General Manager and then to National Sales Manager. After Scorpion, Russ switched to the Ski-Doo sales department. Again he continued moving up rapidly to finish his 20 year long career with them as VP of Sales and Marketing World Wide. He retired from Ski-Doo in 1995 but joined FAST, Inc. (Blade snowmobiles) as their president for three years. Russ now operates his own marketing and sales consulting company and is still involved in many snowmobile organizations and activities. Within the industry, Russ Davis and his accomplishments are well known. Russ is a most respected member of the snowmobile community.

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Kim Raap Sioux Falls, South Dakota


Kim Raap has dedicated most of his life to making snowmobiling better every where he can. His accomplishments range from trail development and partnership building to national leadership and program development. Kim has a passion for snowmobiling that has carried him well beyond job duty. He has been rewarded many times for his untiring efforts by being honored throughout his 25 years serving as a snowmobile trails program administrator and consultant for several Western states. Among these honors are: Snow Goer Magazine for Best Snowmobile Trail System (Black Hills), Professional Excellence Award from International Association of Snowmobile Administrators, Iron Dog Brigade Distinguished Service Award and Most Valuable Snowmobiler award from Snowmobile Magazine. Kim’s professional career was first with the state of South Dakota and later with the state of Wyoming. After leaving state government work eight years ago, Kim then founded his own consulting company called Trails Work. In this new capacity, he has produced several manuals on trail development, grant programs, ATV trails and trail guide books that are used by many state and national trails programs. His passion continues.

  Continuing a long tradition of honoring the unsung heroes who donate so much of their time and energy to grooming the trails that we enjoy, Arctic Cat sponsors and names for 2012 this groomer operator as the International Groomer of the Year.


The winner was nominated by his state snowmobile association. He will receive an Arctic Cat jacket and the use of a 2013 Arctic Cat for next winter season. In addition, his photo plaque will join the past winners of this award and be on display at the World Snowmobile Headquarters in Eagle River, WI. Jerry Emery: from Aitkin, Minnesota. Designing and building his own groomer, Jerry started his grooming career back in 1976. After 35 years, of planning, building and developing the trails around Mille Lacs, the club now has 130 miles of trails, 90% “Jerry built”. For him, grooming is a year around passion that he is dedicated to. The official presentation will be made September 15 at the International Snowmobile Hall of Fame Inductions Weekend at the Eagle River Inn in

  

2013 SKI-DOO MX ZX 600RS PUSHES ENVELOPE FURTHER BRP has pushed the snowmobile racing envelope further with the introduction of the 2013 Ski-Doo MX Zx 600RS model. The sled features revised front suspension geometry with better handling in bumps and refined engine components to maximize power output in all conditions. The Ski-Doo racing program saw huge success last year claiming the ISOC Snocross series championship, Eagle River World Championship in snocross, world famous Iron Dog cross country event and the gruelling Cains Quest race. That success was due mostly to the Ski-Doo MX Zx 600RS model using the REV-X chassis - the basis for all Ski-Doo trail snowmobiles. BRP continues to demonstrate the belief that racing production based sleds improves the consumer experience, and using the demanding race environment as a development laboratory, is one of the best ways to validate designs. “Our season last year was one to remember for sure” said Sebastien Thibault new BRP Racing manager. “But we don’t rest on laurels and that’s why you’ll see so many changes to an already very successful race sled this year. The team worked very hard to bring out extra horsepower and create a better front end on the 2013 race sled that should keep us on the top (podium) step.” For the 2013 MX Zx 600RS model, one feature leading the charge to victory circle will be the new front suspension geometry including new top A-arms, taller ball joint and revised spindle and tie rods. The new geometry eliminates bump steer and keeps camber variation to a minimum as the

suspension cycles through its travel. Racers will notice straighter tracking through the rough stuff and sharper turn in at the corners, letting them choose better, faster lines. The rMotion Racing rear suspension will get a new center shock spring and refined shock valving for snocross applications. The front suspension also benefits from refined calibrations to match the new geometry and rear suspension. The chassis has been further strengthened with new reinforced front suspension casting mounts and stronger Pyramidal frame members for the really extreme conditions of highflying professional snocross. In 2012 the MX Zx 600RS received a new motor design, for 2013 that has been further developed to deliver better performance across the entire power-band. Component changes include a new cylinder with revised intake flange, new carbon-fiber Vforce3 reeds, stronger pistons and a new freer flowing exhaust system. Cross-country racers will see and appreciate an immediate difference on the top end, while the snocross guys will benefit from a stronger pull on the hole-shot and out of the corners. Complimenting the engine updates is a gearing change to 21/49 that allows the clutches to better operate in their sweet-spot and put the extra power to the track.

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