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Snelling Connection Newsletter of the Hancock/Hamline University Collaboration

Spreading Spring Spirit on Snelling

Ashley Olson

Mrs. Herrick’s 3rd-grade class paint flowers on wooden squares, with the direction of MamaDada member Rayna Olson, that later were hung on the fence along Snelling Ave.

By Caitlin Hare and Quinn Nelson Hancock Student Editors


hat do you get when you mix a bunch of Hancock 3rd-graders, Hamline art enthusiasts, and colorful tubs of paint? Beautiful artwork, a lot of fun, and maybe a bit of a mess! These products were the result of Hamline’s student art organization, MamaDada, once again pairing up with Hancock 3rd-graders to create art. This year’s project involved making a mural of painted plywood squares to hang on the fence by Snelling Avenue. MamaDada visited each 3rd-grade class last month to help them work on the project. Part of the 3rd-grade class curriculum is a focus on the art of Georgia Volume 11, Issue 4

O’Keefe. In keeping with this focus, MamaDada decided to make a mural of flowers, which reflect Georgia O’Keefe’s work. The flowers also serve as a sign of spring. MamaDada has been paired with the 3rd-grade classes at Hancock for over four years. This connection is one of the many Grade Level Departmental Pairings that make up a key component of the Hancock-Hamline Collaboration. The 3rd-graders participated in the art project by painting flowers on the plywood squares. The students first drew their flowers on the squares with chalk or pencil, and then used house paint to paint the flowers. Each student painted one big flower on a 10-inch square of plywood. Hancock and Hamline students alike put in their time and effort into this project, and they all had a great time! Summer 2008

H-H Collaboration News

By Craig Anderson Hancock Curriculum Coor. and Hamline Liaison


he Hancock-Hamline Collaboration has partnered with the Saint Paul Public Schools Foundation to study the America Reads and America Counts tutoring program at Hancock. The Collaboration will survey all stakeholders involved in the tutor program: students, teachers, parents, tutors, community members, and administration. This survey will serve as a means to evaluate the program and as a template for others to use in conducting similar investigations. For the template and the experience the SPPSF has agree to fund the project with $4,500. The money will be used to fund the study and support the mission of the Collaboration. Because of in-kind staff donations from the Saint Paul Public Schools and Hamline University the Collaboration will use the money to remain fully funded for many years in the future. Page 

Each year, kindergartners tour Hamline’s campus and get a taste for college life. This is just one of many ways the Collaboration lives out its slogan “College Begins in Kindergarten.” The Collaboration is striving to make this slogan a reality.

Does College Really Begin at Hancock? By Craig Anderson Hancock Curriculum Coordinator and Hamline Liaison


e’re going to find out. The Hancock-Hamline Collaboration wants to know if our motto, “College Begins in Kindergarten (CBiK)” is working and how to increase support for former Hancock students. The Collaboration’s “CBiK” sub-committee has focused its attention on three areas: 1. Following Hancock students to middle and high school with the support and resources of the collaboration. 2. Tracking the Hancock students to see if they access higher education when they graduate from high school. 3. Providing resources in the form of a $1,000 Hamline scholarship that will one-day support the dreams and continued education of a former Hancock student. Last month a group began meeting with all of the 7th-graders who attended Hancock last year. The group will be composed of • Four Hamline students who are currently enrolled in a management course, • Craig Anderson, the Hancock liaison to Hamline, • Nancy Gammel, the Hancock family liaison, and • Megan Anderson, the Collaboration coordinator. This group will bring stories from Hamline, information about higher education opportunities, and finally questions about other ways the Collaboration can support college readiness. The group plans to use the answers to these questions to improve the connections for next year when they will support both 7th- and 8th-graders who previously attended Hancock. Part of this support, as mentioned above, will include the Hancock scholarship fund. This fund is continuing to grow. To endow a yearly $1,000 scholarship the Collaboration needs to raise $20,000. We are currently about half way to our goal. This year the Collaboration added about $2,000 through donations and our first “College Begins in Kindergarten” t-shirt sale. With access to materials, access to teachers and Hamline students who care, and a future scholarship, the Collaboration is working to make college access a reality for all former Hancock students. Summer 2008

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Collaboration Teams up with SPPSF to the tune of $4,500

English Learners Help English Learners

By Vanessa Jenkins and Sabrina Yang Hancock Student Editors

Hancock,” said Janet Hagen, the teacher of the Nacel class that visited Hancock. The Nacel students went to Mrs. Simonson’s kindergarten class twice last month. They read the books they had been practicing to the kindergarten students. The students, young and older, also came together to dance and sing songs, and in a later meeting, play games and have snacks. “My kindergartners love to get attention. We are not picky about who gives us attention. We like someone who listens to us, and shows interest in us,” said Mrs. Simonson. The kindergarten class has enjoyed attention from Nacel students through this pairing for the last few years. While the students and books may vary, the fun of reading, dancing, singing, and sharing snacks is always present. “We really enjoy it and we were excited to be able to visit twice this year,” Hagen said. Students clap hands and dance in classroom.


Janet Hagen

rs. Simonson’s kindergarten class paired up again this year with the Nacel Open Door High School to read, dance, and have fun together. Nacel is an international high Nacel and kindergarten students school located on Hamline Unihold hands, dance, and laugh. versity’s campus. Students from all over the world come to this high school. The students attend classes in Hamline’s classrooms around campus. The Nacel students, like many of the kindergartners, are just learning to speak English. This pairing, then, is both very unique and fitting. The Nacel students learned to read books (in English) about different cultures. “We practiced reading our books before we went to

Janet Hagen

Hamline Students At Hancock Are Outstanding! By Whitney Klein Editor

Whitney Klein

Hancock-Hamline Collaboration Coordinator Megan Anderson. Heather serves as the president of Hand in Hand, a Hamline organization that pairs Hamline students with Hancock students for 45 minutes per week to build their social skills and address college access questions. In her nomination form, Megan said that Heather “believes in the true meaning of commitment to her buddy as well as being a mentor. Her passion for volunteering in the Hand-in-Hand program is infectious.” courtesy of Heather Albrecht


Glynis Grostephan


ach year, the Hancock-Hamline Collaboration selects a few very outstanding Hamline workers and volunteers at Hancock to win the Outstanding Awards. This year, the exceptionality of the candidates is just as great as years passed. The Collaboration is pleased to congratulate this year’s winners: Angie Flor (Outstanding Student Worker), A.J. Heritage (Outstanding Student Worker), and Heather Albrecht (Outstanding Student Volunteer). Angie Flor was nominated by Mrs. Simonson, Hancock kindergarten teacher. She noted that Angie is a senior who has worked at Hancock

ing because…” followed by long list of qualities that A.J. possesses. These qualities included his flexibility, consistency, commitment, easygoing nature, and positive aura. “He has the makings Outstanding Student Worker: Angie of a teacher!” Mrs. Nguyen all of her four years as a said. student. She said that Angie, Mrs. Nguyen’s class also with her education major, brings a lot of expertise and background knowledge to the job. “She effectively works with the at-risk and gifted students. Our kindergarten population looks to her as a responsible Outstanding Student Worker: A.J. college role model to be had many positive things copied someday,” said Mrs. to say about A.J., including, “He comes in with a good Simonson. A.J. Heritage, a Hamline smile and keeps our day sophomore, was nomi- going,” and “He asks us if nated by Mrs. Nguyen and we’re ok when he notices we her 3rd-grade class. In her need help.” nomination letter, Mrs. Heather Albrecht, Hamline Nguyen wrote “He’s amaz- junior, was nominated by

Outstanding Student Vol.: Heather Snelling Connection

From the Desk of...

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Quinn N


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Whitney Klein

Hello! As many of you know, I am the editor of this publication and I am writing this letter to say goodbye to Snelling Connection readers. After two-and-a-half years as the editor, I am moving on. Though I still have a year left at Hamline, it is time to focus on my studies and start looking for employment in my future field of social work. I have genuinely enjoyed every aspect of working for the Hancock-Hamline Collaboration, and I will sincerely miss it. I have had the opportunity to see each of the many facets of the Collaboration, whether by interviewing participants, observing, or by taking part in the activities. I have watched the programs grow and change, people come and go, and the Collaboration itself transform. In the end, the Collaboration has come very far, just in my short time involved. The Snelling Connection itself has seen a face-lift, including a new look and many different columns. The Collaboration is an amazing partnership, and I know that it will continue to do great things long after I leave Hamline. I want to thank all of those from Hamline, Hancock, and community who have helped make the Snelling Connection and the Hancock-Hamline Collaboration what they are. I hope to see them both continue to grow and improve over the years. More than anything, I hope to continue to see the idea that “College Begins in Kindergarten” alive and well in the HancockHamline community. Even though I will no longer be in the editorial position, I’m sure you’ll still be hearing from me, and I’ll see you on one side of Snelling or the other!

Summer 2008

On the Issues: Graduation! Terrance Ollie-Forliti, Amy Proefrock, and Soua Thao interviewed graduating Hancock 6th-graders and Hamline seniors about their future plans. Their answers are below. (Note: Each 6th-grader’s future school is included below his/her name.) My favorite Hancock and Hamline activity was eating at the buffet [Sorin Dining Hall] with my Hand in Hand buddy. I will miss the activities, my friends, and the teachers at Hancock. For my future, I plan to go to college and become a makeup artist and a culinary artist.

Lashenya HaughtonLyons Washington Tech

Jamilyn Coleman

I will miss my friends and teachers at Hancock. For my future, I plan on being a photographer or a basketball, baseball, or football player. I am a psychology major at Hamline. I will miss the professors, the late-night study sessions, and, above all, the community. After graduation, I will work for a year with a nonprofit organization and then continue on to graduate school in psychology. My favorite thing about 6th grade was hanging out with my friends and making memories that I will be able to remember. My favorite Hancock and Hamline activity was when we dug by the old church that burned down. For my future, I plan to try my hardest, so I can hopefully get a scholarship for college.

Terrance OllieForliti Highland Park

Mariah Griffin Ramsey Jr High

My favorite Hancock and Hamline activities were Earth Day and Mock Trial. I will miss the teachers and some of my friends from Hancock that I won’t see next year. For my future, I’m planning to go to college, get married, and have kids.

Amy Proefrock Washington Tech

I am a Spanish and social justice double major at Hamline. I will miss my friends and professors from Hamline, and the children and teachers from Hancock, too. After graduation, I would like to volunteer for one year before I go to graduate school or get a job with a non-profit organization.

Tessa Wheelock

I will miss all the grade teachers and the friends I made at Hancock. I’m sad about leaving but happy about going to 7th grade. For my future, I plan to get my education and be a teacher.

Shakenna Forbes Open School

My favorite Hancock and Hamline activities were Earth Day, Mock Trial, and Arts Alive. I will miss my old teachers and my friends, and also I will miss this whole school. For my future, I’m planning to go to college and be a doctor.

Soua Thao Hazel Park Aca.

My favorite Hancock and Hamline activity was Earth Day. I will miss hanging out with friends and nice teachers at Hancock. For my future, I’m planning to learn how to cook and open my own restaurant.

Andrew Chung Highland Park

I am a theater arts major (dance emphasis) and am getting my education license at Hamline. I will miss the Dance Ensemble and all of my close friends. I really enjoyed my experience. In the Fall ‘08 I’ll be teaching, and then I want to get a job at an arts high school as a dance educator.

Jessi Kolodziej

I am a women’s studies major and ESL education minor at Hamline. I will miss the family I created here. After graduation I’m hoping to get my teaching license and become an ESL teacher.

Pa Kong Lee Page 

My favorite thing about 6th grade was making friends. I will miss my friends and the understanding of students at Hancock. For my future, I plan to go to college somewhere nice.

Oskar Barrett

Great River Montassori

Snelling Connection



Ashley Olson

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Editor: Whitney Klein, Collaboration Assistant, Hamline University student Hamline Liaison: David Hudson, Hamline University English Dept. 651-523-2893 Hancock Liaison: Craig Anderson, Hancock/Hamline University Collaborative Magnet School 651-292-3499 Hancock Student Advisor: Glynis Grostephan, Hancock/Hamline University Collaborative Magnet School 651-293-8715


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Summer 2008  

Summer 2008 issue of the Snelling Connection.

Summer 2008  

Summer 2008 issue of the Snelling Connection.