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Winter 2014 Vol. XXI No. 1

One Heart. One Hope. One Mission.

Sister Mary Paulynne returns to Uganda to prepare new leaders for Saint Julie School Page 6

Letter from the Provincial Superior...

Dear Readers,

We look to you, our friends and benefactors, with gratitude for the support and friendship that you have shared with us. Whether you are long-time friends or newer ones, we hold you in our grateful prayers and wish you every blessing in 2014.

This issue of Vision & Challenge provides us with an opportunity to share our annual report, recognize our generous donors, and share with you a glimpse of some of the blessed moments of 2013. You will see in our financial report and accompanying chart how your generous gifts have contributed to our financial future full of hope… enabling our sisters here at home and in Uganda to minister effectively, supporting our sisters whose volunteer ministries touch the lives of our sisters and brothers in need, and helping us to provide for our future needs and assisting us in caring for the needs of our retired sisters. Once again this year we have enjoyed so many events with you, our friends: the celebration of religious jubilees of six of our sisters, first vows and perpetual professions, book studies and workshops like “Awakening the Dreamer.” Being lifelong learners is important to us all, and doing it together is a bonus! Our sponsored institutions are advancing our mission through the outstanding education they provide to the students of the Notre Dame Academy Schools of Los Angeles and La Reina High School. Read what they’ve been up to in the pages that follow! Speaking of advancing the mission, in late October we missioned Sister Mary Paulynne Tubick to her new ministry as head teacher of Saint Julie Model Primary Boarding School in Uganda. It was a wonderful celebration of Sister’s “yes” to bringing our spirit and charism to the beautiful people of Uganda. As we begin a new year we can’t help but to look back and reflect on the many events of the past year: the moments of joy, the times of challenge, the events which stretched our hearts and our faith as our world endured threats of conflict, ravages of natural disasters and the heartbreak of lives and dreams lost. And yet, with all of this, the glowing light of hope in the belief that our good and loving God continues to walk with us on our human journey, lavishing us with grace and the desire to be sisters and brothers to each other wherever our circumstances of life lead us. With the new year upon us, we wish you and those you love every joy and blessing.

Gratefully in Our Lady,

Sister Mary Anncarla Costello Provincial Superior

V& C

Sisters ramp up conservation efforts The Sisters of Notre Dame serve in a variety of areas including catechesis, pastoral ministry, education, health care, social ministry and missionary activity. Across all of their ministries, a shared concern for social justice and the environment permeates everything they do. The sisters call this effort Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation (JPIC). This past summer, JPIC coordinators from each of the four Sisters of Notre Dame U.S. provinces met with superior general Sister Mary Kristin Battles and assistant general Sister Mary Shauna Bankemper. Sister Mary Patricia Dorobek, JPIC coordinator for the international congregation, was also in attendance. The sisters agreed to make a new, coordinated effort to raise awareness about environmental issues in their communities. “Our whole life, charism and everything we do is for JPIC,” said Sister Betty Mae Bienlein. The coordinators decided to partner with the Pachamama Alliance, an international non-profit organization “dedicated to bringing forth an environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling, socially just human presence on this planet.” Since 2005, volunteers for the Pachamama Alliance have led thousands of educational workshops on how to assist in local conservation efforts. “We feel that the mission of the Pachamama Alliance fits well with the goals we are trying to accomplish,” said Sister Betty Mae. In July, 17 Sisters of Notre Dame attended a Pachamama Alliance workshop in Ventura, California called “Awakening the Dreamer.” The symposium helps participants understand the grave state of Earth’s natural resources and overcome their feelings of helplessness in the face of those issues. All four provinces will host the “Awakening the Dreamer” workshop at least once. In November, the sisters in California hosted a workshop at Notre Dame Academy in Los Angeles that drew 30 participants and many students from Notre Dame Academy High School. “The goal is to join with others who want to make a difference and to put a fire in their belly,” said Sister Betty Mae.

Sister Betty Mae Bienlein (right) with symposium presenters Bob Dodge and Kristin Jensen Storey.

Things you can do u Walk or bike to work or school v Print or write on both sides of paper w Take shorter showers x Eat less meat y Take a reusable water bottle or coffee cup on the go z Give unwanted clothes and toys to charity



V& C

Lilliam Paetzold upholds Notre Dame spirit as principal of academy

Saint Julie Billiart said, “The Seed is the Word of God which you are called to implant in the hearts of the children. In its time it will bear fruit, and you will see that in doing good to one child, you have saved whole generations.” Lilliam Paetzold considers herself extremely blessed because she was both the seed that was planted when she attended Notre Dame Academy Elementary School and Notre Dame Academy High School; and, now she is the planter of seeds for hundreds as principal of her beloved elementary school and high school. “The heritage and traditions of the Sisters of Notre Dame are implanted in me,” says Lilliam, “I am a woman of Notre Dame. The Sisters laid a foundation of excellence in and out of the classroom in me and I, in turn, strive to challenge and encourage the almost 700 young students who share this beautiful campus nestled on the Westside of Los Angeles to always reach up. Every student has great potential and it is our job to nurture, guide and encourage that potential. “I was honored this past Fall when President Nancy Coonis asked me to lead the young women, faculty and staff at the Academy into the future,” says Lilliam. “Having the opportunity to work side-by-side with such amazing and talented teachers and witnessing God’s goodness in our young women has been both rewarding and humbling. Following in the footsteps of the 4


high school alumnae who have come before them, our young women are extremely bright, talented, hardworking and compassionate and I know that the world will be a better place because of their commitment to justice.” As the principal of the elementary school for the past three years, combined with her new post as principal of the high school this year, Lilliam understands and values the importance of personally knowing and engaging with each student. “Although we all share one large campus, I do have an office at each school,” explains Lilliam. “I want each student and every family to know that I am committed to ensuring that each student is receiving everything he or she needs to be his or her best; we only succeed when every student succeeds. “Working with the administrative teams at both schools, we are setting the bar high and aggressively embarking on a vision that will continue to keep both Notre Dame Academy schools the ‘beacons on theWestside’ that they have been for over six decades,” Lilliam said. “We unveiled a comprehensive strategic plan in the spring of 2009 that involves merging the administrative structure of the two schools to double our resources, provide the students with greater access to enriching programs and technology that will propel our students on to the road of their future success.”

Lilliam Paetzold invites Notre Dame Academy alumni to visit their alma mater any time.

V& C

La Reina High School hosts nine students from China Nine new students from China were welcomed at La Reina High School in Thousand Oaks, California, this academic year. La Reina, an all-girls school sponsored by the Sisters of Notre Dame, hosts two students from its sister school in Germany each year. The German exchange students stay for one semester, but the Chinese students plan to graduate from La Reina. “The German students are pretty much done with their secondary education and this program is enrichment for them,” said Robin Fontana, International Program Coordinator for La Reina, “The Chinese students want to matriculate from a U.S. secondary school and go on to college in America.” Eighth-grade international student Cherry Jia hopes to attend the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) after she graduates. Ninth-grader Kelly Ye also plans to attend a university to study business, engineering or music. The international students agree that their teachers at La Reina are friendly and willing to help them with schoolwork and the many challenges of living in an unfamiliar country. Learning English is one of the biggest obstacles they face. The language barrier initially kept them from socializing with other students. Ms. Fontana meets with the students three days a week as their English as a Second Language (ESL) instructor.

La Reina’s Chinese international students enjoy a break together. Photo courtesy of Robin Fontana.

“The first month was just a shock for them. They’re just now really clicking into their classes and doing better on homework and in class,” Ms. Fontana said during an interview in November. As the school year progresses, the Chinese students are adapting to their surroundings and branching out into the La Reina community. Several have joined clubs including Art Club and Robotics Club. Others are planning on forming a new Chinese culture club at La Reina. “Especially at first, the girls grouped together. We asked them to reach out when they felt comfortable. Now they have taken on American friends to eat lunch and hang out with. It’s a hard thing for any girl to come to a new school, whether there’s a language barrier or not. They’re very brave, courageous, strong girls,” Ms. Fontana said. Before they arrive, the students are matched with local host families through a home stay company called Green Planet. The host families often have children attending La Reina. “Many of the Chinese students are used to being the only children in their families, so it’s a big shock when there are other children that they have to share the home with,” Ms. Fontana said. Understanding La Reina’s Catholic history and foundation was also a hurdle for the students. According to Ms. Fontana, the students are either

atheist or Buddhist and have had very little exposure to Christianity or Catholicism. To help them understand the traditions at La Reina, Ms. Fontana invited Campus Ministries to speak in her ESL class. “They did basic catechesis for them and taught them about the sign of the cross, liturgy, and the basics of what Catholics believe,” Ms. Fontana said. The international students also take the same religion classes as their American classmates and receive extra help if they need it. Ms. Fontana believes hosting international students has been a positive experience for the whole La Reina campus. “Global awareness is so important to the sisters’ mission. I really think we’re doing a great service to the Chinese girls and to our girls as well,” she said. In the future, she hopes to increase the number of international students accepted at La Reina and make the program a true exchange in the future, allowing students from La Reina to travel to China to study. Sister Mary LaReina Kelly, Director of Mission Implementation at La Reina, agrees that the campus benefits from the exchange program. “This mutual sharing of customs maximizes the potential that all students will have an integrated learning environment where the seeds are planted to create catalysts for good in a global society,” she said. WINTER 2014


V& C

Sister Mary Paulynne returns to Uganda Continued from front cover...

Sister Mary Paulynne enjoys her missioning celebration.


On October 30, Sister Mary Paulynne Tubick returned as a missionary for the second time to serve as principal at Saint Julie Model Primary Boarding School in Buseesa, Uganda. “I’m grateful for this opportunity to serve again and that I have the health and energy to do it,” she said. Together with her sisters and her friends, Sister Mary Paulynne had a mission blessing and a farewell reception on October 27 at Notre Dame Center. “We are all part of the body of Christ and I feel honored, humbled and grace-filled that a segment of the Body of Christ will be present to pray over me and that I will go in their name,” she said. Sister’s first trip to Uganda in 2001 was four and a half years long. While there she taught fourth through seventh grades at Saint Julie Model Primary Boarding School. She also coordinated maintenance of the property, handled the business end of Saint Julie Model Primary Boarding School and Notre Dame Academy Senior Secondary Boarding School, and paid the workers, cooks, farmers and teachers at the end of each month. This time, Sister Mary Paulynne will serve for two years as principal, as Sister Cristina Marie Buczkowski is returning to the U.S. Sister Mary Paulynne’s goal is to train a few Ugandan junior professed sisters to eventually assume leadership of the schools. “My philosophy is that we need to give the people there the tools


with which they can dictate their future,” she said. “We need to be open-minded, focused and flexible with our mission.” Sister Mary Paulynne brings years of experience in education and administration to the mission in Uganda. She hopes to spend time in the classroom teaching mathematics, a subject she enjoys and is well-versed in. When Sister Mary Paulynne arrives in Uganda, the schoolchildren there will conclude the third and final term of the year. “I’ll be present for the final exams and as the children are packing up and leaving for home. Then we’ll need to think about supplies for the school, renovations and repairs, and preparation for the new school year in the end of January,” she said. Sister knows life in Uganda won’t include many of the comforts of home. “There are no telephones, no electricity and no delivered newspapers. We use solar power and a generator instead,” she said. The main diet in Uganda is very simple and mostly vegan. Beans, rice, cream of wheat, noodles, vegetables and fruit grown on the property are staples for the students and staff at Saint Julie School. Meat is served only on weekends or special occasions. “I always see life as a half full glass, not half empty. On any given day it’s important, even if it’s tough, to see God’s light shining through,” Sister Mary Paulynne said. We wish Sister Mary Paulynne many blessings in this venture and promise her our prayers.

I Know My Dream l A poem by Nansamba Proscovia a student of Notre Dame Academy Senior Secondary Boarding School in Buseesa, Uganda

I know my dream and work on it; I walk in valleys and mountains; My way is full of thorns that throw me. With a strong heart I struggle for my dream.

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Sister Cristina Marie Buczkowski (second from right) with five Ugandan junior sisters who teach at Saint Julie School with her. Photo courtesy of Sister Cristina Marie Buczkowski.

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The California Grapevine • La Reina High School in Thousand Oaks, California, was named a 2013 National Blue Ribbon School by the U.S. Department of Education. La Reina was founded by the Sisters of Notre Dame in 1964. • Sister Mary Leanne Hubbard recently finished a Master’s program in Arts in Theology with an emphasis in Spiritual Theology from St. John’s Seminary. She started taking one course at a time from St. John’s Seminary in 2008. Sister was also awarded her Doctor of Ministry degree after the successful presentation of her project on “Communal Discernment for Catholic Young Adults”. She and Sister Mary Teresita Keliher are planning a trip to the Holy Land and Jordan in June 2014. • Sister Antoinette Marie Moon received the Sister Mary Aloysia Service in Education Award. The award is presented by Notre Dame Academy in West Los Angeles to one alumna and one graduating senior annually. It is given to “A woman of faith who exemplifies a spirit of service and cooperation and demonstrates a commitment to serve the Church through education.” Sister Antoinette Marie graduated from Notre Dame Academy in 1963.

SAVE THE DATE WHAT A Justice Pilgrimage in New York City hosted by the

Sisters of Notre Dame. Itinerary includes a personal tour of the United Nations with Sister Mary Jo Toll, SND; Ellis Island; The Catholic Worker Ministry; Ground Zero and St. Patrick Cathedral.


May 14-21, 2014, register by April 14, 2014 Women ages 20-35 $325 per person. The cost does not include evening meals or transportation in New York City.

HOW For more information, or to register for the Justice Pilgrimage, please contact Sister Val Roxburgh.

Sister Val Roxburgh Director Vocation Discernment/Young Adult Outreach Phone: (Cell) 805-452-9699 Email: Website:

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The Vision & Challenge newsletter is published tri-annually by the Sisters of Notre Dame in California.

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