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Sleeping Rainbow School of Music’s Spring Violin Recital

Players at last weekend's violin recital in Bicknell were Hanna Williams, Kenadie Leavitt, Shayla Barlow, Kenna Stephenson, Vanessa Barlow, Breanna Winters, and Adam Winters. BICKNELL - Whether you have a young brain that is still growing or an old brain that needs exercise, learning to play an instrument is a brain booster. But the seven violin players who performed at Wayne High School in Bicknell on May 17th didn't care about growing new synapses, they were in it for the sheer joy of playing music. Their families and friends were there to celebrate their accomplishments and to encourage them to keep learning. The violinists were students of Lynsey Shelar of

Torrey. Lynsey's Sleeping Rainbow School of Music students range in age from 3 to 87. Some are starters and others want to hone their abilities after decades of playing. The students who performed at the Spring Solo Violin Recital were Kenadie Leavitt, Shayla Barlow, Kenna Stephenson, Adam Winters, Vanessa Barlow, Breanna Winters, and Hanna Williams. The selections they chose ranged from simple folk songs to Johann Sebastian Bach. Lynsey is an avid rock climber who has traveled the

world in pursuit of physical challenges that may seem at odds with also being a trained violinist but she says her passions for vertical walls and music are similar. "Music, after all, is the landscape of the soul. I want to help my students explore that. They'll find that same attention to detail and positive attitude you need to climb a cliff," she said. Lynsey Shelar's Sleeping Rainbow School of Music can be contacted by calling 435531-3599. —Chip Ward

High Adventure Holds Grand Opening ESCALANTE - High Adventure Gas & Goodies/ATV and Jeep Rentals held their grand opening celebration this past Friday and Saturday, attracting a steady stream of locals and travelers with free hot dogs and drinks over the twoday event. The store initially opened last October 1st and has been open all winter, however Escalante’s Seymour family, who have polished up the Main Street location with a completely renovated building, new gas pumps and lighting (and much more), felt that offering an opening party would be much better at the first officially warm breath of spring. “Some people wondered why we waited so long, but we wanted it to be a really welcoming event and have the store completely stocked,” said Jeannie Seymour. “It’s been great…we’ve had a lot of people come in who hadn’t been in to the store, yet.” High Adventure ATV and Jeep Rentals offers three different models of ATVs as well as Jeeps for exploring the region. The Gas & Goodies store has a walk-in “beer cave” which is kept at a constant temperature of 30 degrees and includes a wide variety popular Utah microbrews as well as imported beers and old standbys. For those in need of a morning (or any time) kick-start, High Adventure offers fresh ground coffee (we grind it every morning!) including Eyes Wide Open and Columbian Supreme. For lunch there are fresh sand-

High Adventure's Seymour family welcomed locals and travelers alike to their grand opening party on Escalante's Main Street last weekend. wiches from Granato’s in Salt Lake City, and the store stocks magazines, souvenirs and Tshirts and regular “convenience store stuff” such as ice and soda. The store also stocks milk and bread, which the Seymours say are fast movers, and, starting next week they also plan to have fresh donuts (!) every morning from Little L’s Bakery in Panguitch. The Seymours offer a variety of specials for locals, such as discounts on gas of 5 cents off per gallon, and $1 drinks any

REGIONAL Weather forecast for some but not all regions represented in our newspaper coverage area

Thurs. MAy 22 - wed. May 28 THIS WEEK'S FORECAST calls for isolated thunderstorms Thursday through Sunday, with a 30% chance of rain projected, highs in the upper 60s and lows in low 40s. Monday through Wednesday should be warmer and sunnier with highs in the 70s, lows in upper 40s. Spring gusts continuing throughout the week, with winds 7-15 mph.

size, and they plan to offer a variety of other discounts to locals over the course of the season. “What we want the community to know is that we want to be able to service the community and the tourists alike,” said Seymour. High Adventure is located at 85 W. Main St., Escalante. Summer store hours are 6am11pm M-F, 6am-midnite Saturday and 7am-11pm Sunday, tel. 435-826-4112. —Insider

Thursday, May 22, 2014 • Issue # 1049

Cowboy Movies Come to Torrey! TORREY - Mark Friday nights on your summer calendar. Real cowboy fun is coming to Torrey Town! Robber’s Roost and the Broken Spur Inn and Steakhouse are partnering to create a great family event – Cowboy dinners and Western movies on the lawn at Robber’s Roost. On June 6, the series kicks off with the Academy Awardwinning Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. Other classic Westerns on the schedule include The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, Shane, True Grit (for which John Wayne won his only Oscar), and Paint your Wagon. Robber’s Roost, named after the nearby red rock hideout of Butch Cassidy, is owned by the Scholl family, including Laura, her brother Barry, and his wife, Tifani. The Scholl's have a long family history on the Colorado Plateau. Their great-grandfather, George Chaffin, was an early Wayne County settler who homesteaded at the site of today’s Red River Ranch. Their uncle, Arthur Chaffin, ran the ferry across the Colorado River at Hite Landing in the 1940s, ‘50s and ‘60s, and is widely credited with discovering Goblin Valley, in the 1930s. Their

History in the Attic: Community Scanning Event Reminder ESCALANTE - Remember to bring your original photos (1950’s and earlier), histories (typed or hand written), family history books, journals, Bible record pages, cemetery records, etc. to be scanned by BYU and Family Search professionals using high quality equipment this Friday (Escalante Community Center, 10-6) and Saturday (Escalante High School, 10-5). We have a lot of great old photos of our area, let’s overwhelm them with scanning. These two groups have never joined forces and come to a community to do anything like this. Take advantage of this opportunity to document our history. This project is sponsored by the Utah Academic Library Consortium and Mountain West Digital Library in partnership with Family Search, Escalante Utah Stake Heritage Center, Escalante Heritage Center, Boulder Heritage Foundation, Escalante River Watershed Partnership, Sons of the Utah Pioneers, Daughters of the Utah Pioneers and Escalante Heritage Day. For more information or to make an appointment, contact SusAnn McLemore at (435) 4634812 at or Scott Eldredge at (801) 422-6723. —Escalante River Watershed Partnership

Gary Hallows of the Broken Spur Inn and Barry Scholl of Robber's Roost Books in Torrey are teaming up for a summer of cowboy dinners and western movies at Robber's Roost. great-uncles and cousins ranged widely across the area as stockmen, backcountry guides, and miners. The Roost has become the Torrey hideout. It is a bookstore, gift shop, vintage guitar store, and gathering place to share coffee or juice with friends and family. Almost an acre of lawn and old growth cottonwoods make it the perfect place to bring your lawn blanket or low-backed chairs to enjoy a classic Western film. In addition to the movies, Gary and Francine Hallows and their partners, Travis and Holly VanOrden, owners of Torrey’s new Broken Spur Inn

Panguitch's GEM Theater Hosts a Memorial Weekend Film Festival PANGUITCH - The Panguitch GEM Theater will be hosting a “Memorial Day Weekend Film Festival” featuring sixteen of the all-time greatest war movies, four per day on May 23, 24, 25, and 26. The event was conceived and organized by local Panguitch resident, Randy Swanson. Sponsored by the Panguitch Lion’s Club, the Panguitch Sesquicentennial Committee, and the GEM Theater, this special event will honor our veterans and educate our young people to the incredible sacrifice made by so many to protect freedom and liberty in these United States. All of the movies are classics. The modern day Spielberg film, War Horse, is a story set in WW I and displays the gruesome trench warfare from that war that few people have ever seen in big screen Technicolor. Pearl Harbor is an epic film showing the beginning of WW II with the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor in Hawaii. Unlike other movies of this attack, this film continues the story through the magnificent U.S. reprisal with the Doolittle raid on Tokyo. The Guns of Navarone and The Great Escape are from WW II. Based on true stories, these two films show superstars like Gregory Peck, David Niven, Anthony Quinn, and Steve McQueen at their heroic best. Midway depicts the turning point of the war in the Pacific when the U.S. defeated the Japanese navy. The judgments and decisions being made by our military in the battle of Midway are riveting. The display of luck, skill, and the hand of providence will keep you on the edge of your seat. Saving Private Ryan has the most realistic portrayal of the

D-Day landing that has ever been created. Patton shows the North African campaign to defeat Rommel and the final battles of WW II in the battle of the Bulge where the Nazi forces were finally broken leading to the defeat of Hitler. In an interview, George C. Scott stated that this was one of the hardest acting jobs he had ever undertaken and he felt it was one of his best performances. The film won seven Academy Awards in 1970. Schindler’s List is a moving, and somewhat shocking, drama about one man’s efforts to save Jews during the horrific annihilations during the Nazi occupation of Europe. If you have never really understood the holocaust, this film is a must. The Korean War is depicted in the classic film M*A*S*H which stands for Mobile Army Surgical Hospital. This humorous film shows the contrast between the horrific triage medical heroics of the surgeons and staff during the Korean conflict, and the humor of wacky people, antics, and relationships that were necessary to stay sane in the midst of constant barrage of human destruction. We Were Soldiers, starring Mel Gibson, is the accurate story of our first military action in the Vietnam War with the first use of helicopters as the primary aircraft for jungle warfare. The Green Berets with John Wayne is the only totally positive movie ever made about the Vietnam War. Platoon, I am told by many friends who served in Vietnam, is the most accurate portrayal of what our young men actually faced who were on the front lines in Vietnam. Gem Theater Cont’d on page 2

Phone: 435-826-4400 Fax 1-888-370-8546 PO BOX 105 Escalante, Utah 84726

One of the few good things about modern times: If you die horribly on television, you will not have died in vain. You will have entertained us. —Kurt Vonnegut (1922 - 2007) THE WAYNE & GARFIELD COUNTY INSIDER is owned and operated by Snapshot Multimedia, LLC and is distributed weekly to all of Wayne and Garfield Counties, Utah. Its purpose is to inform residents about local issues and events. Articles submitted from independent writers are not necessarily the opinion of Snapshot Multimedia, LLC. We sincerely hope you enjoy the paper and encourage input on ideas and/or suggestions for the paper.

and Steakhouse, will be serving a variety of great meals - all the way from hamburgers and hot dogs to mutton and Dutch oven delights. Surprises are in store. Members of the Wayne High School Wrestling Team will provide customer service. These young men are working to earn money for two National wrestling meets as well as their college tuition. Robber’s Roost is located at 185 W. Main in Torrey. Bring your blanket or lawn chair, enjoy dinner from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. and watch a classic Western movie on the lawn. Movies begin at sunset. —Lorraine Miller

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Capitol Reef Classic Named as Utah State Road Race Category Championship BICKNELL - The Capitol Reef Classic road bike race has been named by the Utah Cycling Association as the state Road Race Championship for category racers. The race and “Gran Fondo� (big ride) will be held in Wayne County on Saturday, July 19, 2014. The start and finish of the race and ride will be in Loa, located in south-central Utah. Racers will participate in either the 94-mile or the 62.5-mile course, depending upon racing category; each course features rolling hills and major climbs up into Fishlake National Forest. Gran Fondo riders will have significant challenges as well hills and a major climb on

374 S. 300 E., Bicknell Days/hours

Monday thru Friday 8:00 a.m to 6:00 p.m. call for appointment


Decorative Rock Sand Gravel Driveways Culverts Amy Jackson, Owner Local pit located in Torrey Call 435-425-3030 or 435-691-5745

New Escalante City Police Department Phone Number: 435-826-4262 The Escalante Police Department is starting Vacation Checks for Escalante Residents. We will perform a thorough inspection of your property while you are away on vacation. Vacation checks entail a visual check of your home and outbuildings and ensure that vehicles, gates, lighting, and general security of the home is intact and in accordance with the request. If you would like this service please stop by the Escalante City offices to fill out a Vacation Check form.

the 62.5-mile course. “Racing and riding in Capitol Reef is world-class. It includes incredible terrain and scenery and the volunteer base provides great rider support. Having done the CRC racing events and gran fondo in prior years, I highly recommend this year's events to all racers and riders. I guarantee that you'll "ride away" with a highly rewarding experience,� said Scott Morrison, a licensed Utah racer. “To have the race designated as Utah's state championship is inspired and will provide a great competitive environment. I am so excited to have the Capitol Reef events back on the calendar

code red Wayne County Residents I am in the process of updating the Wayne County Contact list and mapping for the Wayne County reverse 911 system-CodeRED and I need your assistance. The "CodeRED system is a geographical based notification system, which means street addresses are needed to select which phone numbers will receive emergency notification calls in any given situation. The system works fine for cell phones too, but we have to have a street address". People who have recently moved but kept the same listed or unlisted phone number also need to change their address in the database. To ensure no one is omitted, all individuals and businesses need to log onto the Wayne County website www. , and follow the link to the "CodeRED Residential and Business Data Collection" page (upper right corner on home page). Required information

includes first and last name, street address (physical address, no P.O. boxes), city, state, and zip code, and primary phone number, additional phone numbers including cell phones. No one should automatically assume his or her phone number is included. All businesses should register, as well as all individuals who have unlisted phone numbers, who have changed their phone number or address within the last year, and who use a cellular phone as their primary home phone. CodeRED gives those who want to be included an easy and secure method for doing so. The information will only be used for emergency notification purposes". If you have any questions please call Jeri Johnson, Wayne County Emergency Manager (435-836-1319) please leave a message. —Jeri Johnson, Wayne County Emergency Manager

Gem Theater

who fought for our freedom and liberty around the world, representing the best of these United States of America. Support our vets and come to the movies over Memorial Day weekend. Look for the GEM Theater posters and fliers for schedule and pricing. —GEM Theater

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Dr. Scott Andersen, DDS The Tooth Ranch

May 22, 2014

Good Morning Vietnam, starring Robin Williams, is a funny and tragic film about the life of the military in Saigon and the local Vietnamese villagers. Black Hawk Down is a story of U.S. military trying to assist in the Somalia conflict where war lords and mercenaries were brutalizing and starving the people of Somalia. The film is particularly about the commitment to never leave a soldier behind when two Black Hawk helicopters are shot down and herculean efforts are made to save the crews. Finally, Desert Storm and the Iraq War are portrayed in the two movies Hurt Locker and Zero Dark Thirty. Hurt Locker is about the men who defused the bombs set for the military by local terrorists in Baghdad. The movie received six Academy Awards and is hailed as a defining movie of the present era. Zero Dark Thirty is the movie about the finding and killing of Osama bin Laden. This story is reviewed by the critics as history’s greatest manhunt for the world’s most dangerous man. Before each film, there will be a short video presentation of interviews with a number of our veterans currently living in Panguitch and Hatch. You won’t want to miss these veterans, your friends and neighbors, as they share some of their story on the big screen. These films are all historically true about the heroic conduct and the sheer magnitude of the U.S. military engagements over eight decades of world conflict. Some of the depictions are controversial, as are the reasons or propriety of the military actions in the first place. Many young people hear references to these wars, but know very little about what actually took place. Every one of these military stories is a slice of history that will leave you, your children, and grandchildren enthralled. Memorial Day is a fitting time to honor our veterans, and, whether you agree or not with the wars, a time to revere the blood shed by our brave men and women

this year and expect that it will be an awesome gathering of riders and racers.� The Capitol Reef Classic road race is sanctioned with a permit by USA Cycling, and is also a UCA point series event, with all USA Cycling rules in effect. Current USA Cycling license is required, or a $15 one-day event license may be purchased for the race. Register on-line for both the race and the Gran Fondo at Registration fees are $65, after June 25 fees increase to $85; fee includes race, t-shirt, water bottle, feed stations, event window sticker and post-ride meal. Cash and prizes will be awarded to cat-

egory racers, and participation awards will be given to Gran Fondo riders. Volunteers will be needed for all aspects of the race & Gran Fondo. Please contact Lyman Kinney, Volunteer Coordinator to get involved: The Capitol Reef Classic Road Race and Gran Fondo are produced in association with Golden Spike Cycling. Additional details are available on the website – with course maps, start times and more. For accommodations and area information, see capitolreef. travel. —Nan Anderson

Jason Orton Wins Browning Prize Orton Tire is the winner of a new Browning shotgun

Jason Orton of Orton Tire and Lube Service in Panguitch won this year's Browning Corp./Cooper Tire Prize for service. PANGUITCH - Jason Orton was surprised last week to see two men enter his tire store in Panguitch and presented him with a box. The box contained a coveted Browning shotgun. This Browning, Shadow Grass Camo A5 3 ½ Magnum is one of top Browning guns made, and is a highly sought-after entry in Browning’s collection. Browning Corporation and Cooper Tire, one of the tire lines that Orton carries, combined for a promotion throughout this year. For every set of Cooper tires a customer purchases, he or she is given a new Browning pocket knife. The tire dealer is then entered into a drawing for the shotgun. “I’ve never won anything before,â€? Jason said, “ex-

cept a bicycle years ago!� Jason has worked in the tire business most of his life. In 2004, he founded Orton Tire, which has been a strong presence in Panguitch. Beginning as a small tire store, Orton Tire has expanded into a full service auto care facility. Known for their cleanliness, honesty and service, Orton’s has grown to serve several communities. Jason is also active in the Panguitch area as an avid golfer and a family man. His son, Jansen, also works with him in the business. Those who know him and his business describe him as one who “is always helping people.� —Larry Pearson, Pearson Tire




The Wayne & Garfield County INSIDER

May 22, 2014


By Cynthia Kimball You are broken. I am broken. Everyone is broken to some degree. But broken things can be mended as LDS artist, Kenneth Cope, tells us in his song, “Broken,” (, 2008). Isn’t that great news? You may be broken, but you can be fixed and then help mend others. Here are a few examples of people I know who have done just that. A teenage alcoholic and drug addict became sober and now as an adult counsels others struggling with drug and alcohol dependence. A woman who suffered with being passive, learned to assert herself and then taught others to do the same and believe that they are more than enough.

Broken? Help Others with Their Brokenness

As a cancer survivor and BRCA mutation carrier, I help patients and family members deal with a cancer diagnosis and treatment and speak nationally about the “broken” mutations, BRCA1 & 2. One father, who did not have good role models for parents, became the best parent he could be. He essentially became what he did not have instead of cursing about it. Now his children reap the blessings of his love. And he feels their unconditional love in return. One teacher, who was bad in math in her K-12 years, later found a college professor who taught her math in a way she could understand. After that, she became a math teacher and fear was replaced with passion. She now “catches” students

who may be fearful of this same subject (i.e., those who just may not “get” math). Cope believes “that God loves broken things,” (Lyrics. com, 2008). Therefore, find purpose in your brokenness just like those above did. Then pray about who you need to help mend. After all, Cope believes, “Broken walls [will] make friends of you and me.” (Lyrics. com, 2008). Cynthia Kimball has a doctorate in curriculum and instruction. She is a speaker and trainer through her company Every1Counts, LLC. She sometimes writes for Deseret Connect. E-mail:



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tHe lAuGhiNg pOiNt!!

A friend was thinking about buying a new house in the country and asked me to come out and look at it. We found the town, but we couldn't locate the road. We drove over to city hall, where a community get-together was going on, and asked around, but no one had heard of the road. Even the policemen and fire personnel were stumped. We went in to city hall and consulted a map, with no luck, until finally one young man came to our aid. He pointed to the map, showing us exactly how to get there. I thanked the young man and asked if he was with the police or fire department. "Neither," he replied. "I deliver pizzas."

Instant Cure

There was a nervous man whose imagination afflicted him with all kinds of ills which never seemed to materialize. One afternoon he staggered into the house. He was bent forward, and tottering to a chair, and still curled into a halfmoon shape, dropped into it. "Honey," he gasped, "it's come at last. There was no warning. All of a sudden I found that I couldn't straighten up and couldn't lift my head." When the doctor arrived and looked over the patient, the wife inquired, "Is there any hope?" "Well," the doctor said, "it will help a good deal if he can unhitch the third buttonhole of his vest from the top button of his trousers."

Safety First!

Dad's a safety-first kind of guy. But while vacationing with some buddies, he was talked into going parasailing. He was on the back of the boat getting hooked into the parachute when he nervously asked the pilot, "How often do you replace the rope?" The pilot replied. "Every time it breaks."

535 W. Main Escalante 84726 435-730-5540

HATS - 50% OFF

HAPPY HIKING on Memorial Day Weekend

Guys & Gals, straw, baseball, leather, crocheted, stocking, cowboy & BIG sombreros (great for field work hat) Funky VINTAGE JEWELRY $3.00 & up

*also provides obstetrics

Lance Allen, DO Family Medicine

*also provides obstetrics

Answers for this week

Kevin Anderson, PA-C Physician Assistant

Muscles in Motion Can Make a Difference Canine Massage Therapy: Roger D. Blomquist, MD Radiology

Jeffrey Brown, DO Family Medicine

*also provides obstetrics

Devone Burton, MD Radiology

L. Jeffery Chappell, MD Family Practice

• Improves circulation • Increases flexibility • Lessens inflammation in the joints, alleviating pain • Relieves tension • Lengthens connective tissue, improving muscle tone

When you can't comfort your ailing or aging dog due to: • Hip displasia • Decreased mobility • Joint discomfort

Brenda Zirwas Kyle Christensen, PA-C Physician Assistant *Orthopedics

David R. Crimin, DO Family Medicine

Mark R. Greenwood, MD Family Medicine

Mark W. Greenwood, MD Family Medicine

Bret Hilton, PA-C Physician Assistant

Charlie Jacques, FNP Family Nurse Practitioner

Robert Nentwich, PA-C Physician Assistant

Rebekah Patterson, FNP Family Nurse Practitioner

*also provides obstetrics

Certified E.S.M.T. and C.M.T. by Equissage, Inc. 435-425-3192 435-633-5833, cell

Muscles in Motion Muscles in Motion

Massage Therapy is not a substitute for veterinary medicine.


You have the right to choose your home health & hospice agency. Please consider: David Pope, MD Family Practice *also provides obstetrics

Dixie Rasmussen, CNM Certified Nurse Midwife

Sherree Rechtsteiner, FNP Family Nurse Practitioner

Daniel Smith, MD Family Medicine

*also provides obstetrics

Our Team of Local Nurses: Teri Leavitt, RN 435-979-7495

Trista Morgan, RN

Jesse Spencer, MD Family Medicine

*also provides obstetrics

James Thomson, MD Internal Medicine

Gary Zeluff, MD Orthopedics

Blake Zobell, DPM Podiatry

45 E. 100 N., Gunnison


Sara Rees, CNA 435-691-0980 Connie Durfey, CNA Julie Chappell, RN Serving Wayne & Piute Counties, & Boulder, Utah

REVERSE MORTGAGE KENNY KING See if a reverse mortgage can work for you • 1000 North Main • Richfield • UT • 435-893-4100 •

Texas Vegetables

I don't think I'll ever have a mother's intuition. My sister left me alone in a restaurant with my 10-month old nephew. I said, "What do I do if he cries?" She said, "Give him some vegetables." It turns out that jalapeno is not his favorite.


Sevier Valley Medical Center Affiliated Providers

Brent Allen, DO General Surgery

After a long day out, my mother and I stopped at our local grocery store on the way home. I ran in to pick up just a few things, leaving her in the car. As I approached the checkout, I was surprised to find her standing there, waiting for me. "Mom," I said, "what are you doing here? I left the motor running." "I know, dear," Mom replied, "and it's all right. I locked the doors."

To Play: Complete the grid so that every row, every column and every 3x3 box contains the digits 1 to 9

Open 10 - 6 / Closed Mondays

Justin Abbott, DO Family Medicine

Shpping with Mom

801-891-4799 Spectra Capital NMLS # 86442, and 297668

Producers Livestock Auction, Salina, Utah Tuesday, May 13, 2014 Receipts: 702. Last Week: 767. Last Year: 862. Feeder Steers: wts under 700 lbs 2.003.00 lower; over 700 lbs 3.004.00 higher. Feeder Heifers: Mixed but mostly 2.00-3.00 lower. Holstein Steers: 2.003.00 higher. Slaughter Cows: steady. Slaughter Bulls: 1.002.00 higher. Feeder Steers: Medium and Large Frame 2: 200-250 lbs scarce; 250-300 lbs scarce; 300-350 lbs scarce; 350-400 lbs 195.00-227.00; 400-450 lbs 222.00-230.00; 450-500 lbs 215.00-224.00; 500-550 lbs 206.00-226.00; 550-600 lbs 200.00-227.00; 600-650 lbs 192.00-211.00; 650-700 lbs 182.50-198.00; 700750 lbs 160.00-179.50, pkg 194.25; 750-800 lbs 156.00171.00, pkg 176.00; 800850 lbs 164.00-171.00; 850900 lbs scarce; 900-950 lbs 153.00-159.00; 950-1000 lbs scarce. Holstein Steers: Large Frame 3: Bull Calves: scarce; 200300 lbs scarce; 300-500 lbs pkg 143.00; 500700 lbs 90.00-135.00; 700-900 lbs 90.00-116.50; 900-1100 lbs scarce. Feeder Heifers: Medium and Large Frame 1-2: 200-250 lbs 276.00-281.00; 250-300 lbs scarce; 300-350 lbs scarce; 350-400 lbs 201.00-210.00; 400-450 195.00-210.00; 450500 lbs 190.00-211.00; 500550 lbs 184.00-206.00; 550600 lbs 186.00-201.00; 600650 lbs 178.00-190.00, pkg 196.00; 650-700 lbs 161.00177.00; 700-750 lbs 160.00176.00, pkg 182.00; 750-800 lbs 158.00-167.50; 800-850 lbs scarce; 850-900 lbs 151.00152.50; 900-950 lbs 147.50151.00; 950-1000 lbs scarce. Heiferettes: 83.00-131.00. Stock Cows: Few Pairs: 1,350.00-1,850.00/pair. Slaughter Cows: Boning 80-90% Lean: 90.00-101.00, High Dressing 108.50; Breaking 75-80% Lean: 97.00106.50; Cutter 85-90% Lean: 80.00-89.50. Slaughter Bulls: Yield Grade 1000-1500 lbs 106.00-116.00; 1500-2175 lbs 112.00-121.50, High Dressing 132.50; Yield Grade 2 1000-1500 lbs scarce; 1500-1885 lbs 107.50-111.00; Feeder Bulls: 1055-1260 lbs 119.00-134.00. Source: USDA-Utah Dept. Of Agriculture Market News, Salt Lake City, UT (435-230-0402.)

The Wayne & Garfield County INSIDER

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May 22, 2014

School Notes PHSbyNotebook D C Thank You for Everything onnie

Continuing Education With the conclusion of the graduation ceremonies in three high schools, we honor those students in the senior class who have completed the graduation requirements by conducting well-deserved graduation exercises celebrating their accomplishment with speeches and formal commencement activities. In the District, we also have several graduates who did not participate in the graduation exercises, but completed all of the requirements necessary to receive a high school diploma. I am referring to those students who graduated through the Garfield School District’s Adult Education Program. Curtis Barney is the Adult Education Director for the District and works diligently with those individuals who return to the District to acquire their high school diploma. Mr. Barney secures the funding for the program by applying for grants and state funding. The program is to-

tally funded by a competitive grant process at the Utah State Office of Education. This year the Adult Education Program graduated three students with their GED and 14 students with their Adult Education Diploma. Many of the adults who receive their diplomas are inmates in Garfield County Correctional Facility. If you are over the age of 16 and have not received a high school diploma, Mr. Barney would be glad to meet with you to enroll you in the program. The program can be completed wherever an internet connection is available. There is no charge to enroll or complete the program; it is totally free to anyone who enrolls in the program. If you would like to inquire about additional information relating to the Adult Education Program, please contact Curtis Barney at 435676-1151. He would be happy to help you acquire your high school diploma.

If you started college but never had a chance to finish your Bachelor’s Degree, Southern Utah University now has a program called The School of Continuing and Professional Studies, which will allow you to enroll in college to acquire a Bachelor's of Art/Science with a minor in General Studies. The program allows you to apply your old college credits towards a Bachelor Degree. The program is online and designed for adult learners who have at a minimum earned 60 college credits from a regionally accredited college or university. For more information about the General Studies Bachelor Degree program please visit No matter where you are in your life, if you would like to continue your education, there are multiple options available at your fingertips. —Superintendent Ben Dalton

Hoofbeats News from Bryce Valley High by John Cloud

This past week has been quite busy. The main event this week was State Track. We had many medalists, including Adam Plat in his runs, Lizzy Plat in her events, and Taryn plat with his races, and Emilee Courtright managed to take first across the state in the High Jump! We send her many congratulations! The Bryce Valley team also managed to take third in the Relay Medley. The Elementary had their Track Meet as well. The High Schoolers naturally had no school that day, due to the fact that so many were helping out with the meet itself and running the thing. Boredom set in for many, mainly those who were not somewhere else or helping out with the fundraiser, but there were more than a few students who spent the day working on and finishing

their Film Projects for history, an event which usually happens around twice a year in our school's history class. This assignment is only one of the major projects, almost all of which were due this past week, and, save for one or two for specific classes, these final projects are at an end! Many students have been protesting the sudden rush of huge assignments, and are more than glad that they have come to an end. Pride Points for our school, based on Participation in sports, coming to the Games and cheering, avoiding Detention, and your GPA, have also been totaled at last, to determine which two classes get to go on the Pride Point trip on Tuesday. The winners were the 9th grade for the High school group, and the 7th grade for

the "middle school" category. These students will be going to Fiesta fun with their advisors. Naturally, we older students are wishing we had been better at avoiding Detention in general. Another major event this week was the Dinner/Talent Show / Auction that was held on Friday at the high school. The point of the auction was to provide money to treat those with cancer in our area, and there was a very large attendance of this event. It began at six, and we hope those dealing with these problems can get some help from the prospects. The last week of school is next week, (now this last week as of publication) and the next crazy summer of work begins! John Cloud is a Junior at Bryce Valley High School.

Loa Elementary Snippets by Lisa Stevens

School is OUT! Graduation is over and the students are now enjoying the long fun-filled days of summer. Throughout the year Mrs. Wendy Potter’s 1st grade class worked on their 1st Grade Window books. Just before the last week of school the student published their books, “We can see how much we have improved,” said Mrs. Potter, “We wrote about our weekends, how to's, what we like and other things.” Con-

gratulations to the 1st grade authors! Thank you to the teacher who helped me with this article this year, I sincerely appreciate all the help I received. Also thank you to Carrie Brinkerhoff and Heather Trenka for sending me the names for student government and student of the month. This is my last article; my two years on community council are done and I want to thank everyone who

read this article and the support I have received, it has been fun! School is out for summer!! Watch out second we come!

This week is a monumental one in many aspects. Firstly, It is the deadline for all end-ofyear testing, and a relief for the students and teachers who have spent so much time preparing for the exams. The Seniors began this Important week on Tuesday with their Graduation Tea. The annual and traditional event is hosted by the business women of Southern Utah, and is a good way for the Senior students at PHS and their relatives to reflect on and celebrate. the memories that have taken place over the years. This week is also the last chance for the Track team at PHS to get in a few good practices before the state competition at BYU. After the months of hard work they have put into their team and themselves, they will travel to Provo on Thursday. In their final efforts to perfect their many talents, we wish them a final round of “good luck” in performing well and possibly bringing home another state championship. Core testing and Track, with all of their excitement and anticipation, are not the only things coming to an end this week. Friday marks a calendar date 13 years in the making- Senior checkout. With the even more impending day of the Graduation ceremony set for next wednesday, This week also holds a bit of finality in itself for the Seniors, as they begin handing in their books and cleaning out their lockers at PHS for the very last time. Now that we are on the subject of finality, it becomes apparent that after many crazy weeks, a few typos, and 34 Articles, we have come upon my last article. As I prepare to say goodbye to this newspaper and to PHS, I realize that there are too many thank-you’s for me to give before the time comes. Since this is my last article, I think I’ll use this opportunity to shorten that list a bit. Here are a few dedications and shoutouts to the teachers that helped make me who I am today. (If I miss anybody, you know where I live, and I will let you beat me up yourself.) Mr. Norris- 4th grade was a lot of fun, and I remember you as one of the first teachers that made me take education seriously. I also know you as a great track and cross country coach and a great motivator. Mr. Torgerson- 5th grade was a blast, and I can honestly say that I never had a dull moment in your class. You are one of the funniest guys I know, and I have no doubt that you will continue your success in brightening the days of young students while still making them learn. Mr. Craig Barney- 6th grade will always be a special year for me. It was the year i first decided that I liked to write and read. Thank you for being one of the first ( if not the first) to encourage me to write more. Your belief in an overweight 6th grade introvert to “become the next J.K Rowling” has always been an incentive to never stop learning. You were probably my favorite elementary school teacher. Mrs. Chid- Whether or not you really meant it when you said I was your favorite student, I took it to heart, and it made Middle school a lot of fun. Thank you for never being afraid to say what was really on your mind. Coach & Mrs. Frandsen You were dealt a hand of very rambunctious students, and held on. Thank you for not losing your touch. Mrs. Pollock- Though I only got the great opportunity to be taught by you for one year, I will always regard you as one of my favorite teachers. Your presence in the school was always warm and inviting, and is missed daily. I’m not sure if you

ever get tired of hearing about how much of an inspiration you are. If so, I’m sorry to tell you that the people of Panguitch Utah and Garfield Country will never cease to shout it from the rooftops. Thank you for being such a great mentor and example for students and teachers alike. Mr. Ryan Houston- I’m seriously going to miss hearing “ Shut Up, Donnie.” Everytime I walk past your classroom. The years in your classes have always been enlightening and very funny. Thank you for introducing me to debate and public speaking- I would not be the same person without those experiences. Mrs. Caine- “WOW!” Your energy is always inspiring and I have never once thought you don’t love what you teach and who you teach. Thank you for never being boring and always helping the students with their technology-related projects. Mrs. Bennett- I can say without a shadow of a doubt that I have learned the most valuable life-related knowledge from your classes.I mean, seriously, I never walked out of your class not feeling enlightened. You are a very thorough educator and a very good person. Thank you for never putting on a mask to hide your feelings and thank you for leaving me informed about the adult world. Mr. Bennett- As a counselor, you have done your duty very well. I think we both know that I have probably loaded you up with more questions than just about any other student at PHS this year. Your advice and assistance in Sterling Scholar made the experience much less stressful for me. Thank you for always being funny, understanding, and never hesitant to give me good advice. Lisa Johnson- I think we all know that you are really the force that keeps the school running (sorry, Mr. Q). I will sincerely miss your rich laughter and your smile each morning in the office. I will do my best to “Make your heart smile” In the future. Mr. Palmer- I only had your class for three quarters, but I will never forget it. I felt at times like I was taking an introductory Philosophy class as well as a mathematics course when I walked into your classroom. Thank you for your sincerity in your interest of our education, and your efforts to make math seem enjoyable. Mr. Perkins- Thank you for showing me that FFA is not about Farming only but about leadership as well. I have enjoyed talking to you in your classes. Mrs. Perkins- Music was so much fun this year! Thank you for believing in my ability and forcing us to work seriously as a choir. I learned many things in your class, and you always try hard to make sure we really grasp the concept of the subject. You are a good person and a good teacher. Mr. Quarnberg- The principal is a tough job, but somebody has to do it! You have done the job well, in my opinion. Thank you for working with the students and the student council to make this year and the years before it fun. Mrs. Baldwin- Your technical advice in drama has made me a better actor, and I thank you for that every important


knowledge. (Seeing as I am going to college on a theatre scholarship, it is VERY important knowledge) Mrs. Cheryl Church- I have loved every second of your classes, and will never forget your drama and life lessons. Along with being one of my favorite teachers, you are also one of my very favorite people. Please know that I am going to need your advice quite frequently as the years comeand will probably still want to receive teachings from “the church.” Mrs. Breinholt- Your “ Pitiful creatures” are all grown up! I cannot begin to express how excited I was when I heard that you were coming back this year. Your class has always been exciting and you never hesitated to let us speak our minds about a subject. I’m going to sincerely miss being your T.A., and getting your morning Diet Coke. I don’t think the Student council or the Sterling scholars would have made it through this year without your help.Thank you for being there whenever I needed English assistance, life advice, or a book to read. Mr. Frank Houston- Frank, You are my hero. That word gets thrown around alot in our world today,but I can honestly say from the bottom of my heart that you are MY hero. This chubby, lazy freshman would not have made it through Wrestling season or High school without you. Thank you for being my friend and never giving up on me. There were times over these past few years when I needed someone to believe in me- you were always there to fill that spot. There were also more than a few times when I needed a butt-kicking to get myself put together- and you were always there for that as well. Thank you for making me want to work harder in the wrestling room and in life. You are PHS’s resident tough-guy and moral coach. You have made me laugh, cry, and smile more than anybody else in this school. If you ever need anything in this life, please don’t hesitate to find me. Don’t ever stop being you, big guy- because you changed my life, and continue to change the lives of ethers around you. In closing, I would just like to say thank you To Lisa Breinholt ( My English Teacher) and Erica Walz from the Wayne and Garfield County Insider for allowing me to write newspaper articles for my school this yearit has been an amazing thing to take part in. If any of you readers forced yourself to make it though even one of my articles, or even refrained yourself from making fun of them, then I thank you as well. I would also like to thank my parents for putting up with me, and the community of Panguitch for being good neighbors and good people, and helping me to find my way in these first crazy years. I plan to attend USU eastern in the fall on a theater scholarship, and I intend to do great things that will make you all proud. Pub. note: Thank you, Donnie. It's been a pleasure receiving your contributions to the newspaper each week, which have been informative, entertaining and full of personality. The quality of your work is a positive reflection on your teachers, as well. I'm sure you are off to do great things! —EW

I'd like to thank ALL of our student (and adult!) columnists for their coverage of school events this year...Donnie Corwin for PHS Notebook, Maggie Ellett and Bethany Lamb for Wayne Sports, John Cloud for Bryce Valley Hoofbeats, Lisa Stevens for Loa Elementary Snippets, Ellen Fagergren & Kezli Floyd for Bryce Valley Elementary News, Crystal Mortensen for Bryce Valley Sports, Vickie Syrett for both reporting on and coordinating school submissions from Bryce Valley, Mack Oetting for PHS Sidelines, Tracy Albrecht for Hanksville Elementary students of the month...and sorry if I missed anyone! It will feel like an empty nest without you all for a while, and I look forward to next year's columns and columnists (but we won't think about that for a while, yet.) Have a great break and HAVE A GREAT SUMMER! —Erica Walz, The Wayne & Garfield County Insider

May 22, 2014

The Wayne & Garfield County INSIDER

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School Notes Utah Digital Media Art Competition

Left to right are Panguitch Digital Media students: McKayla Blackburn, Photography; Kodee Fulmer, Photography; Katie Draper, Photography; Lexi Anderson, Slader Matthew, Digital Audio; Teacher Ms. Caine, Josiah Sarles, 3D Graphics; and Kenzey Veater, Photography.

Bryce Valley Sports Compiled by Crystal Mortensen

PANGUITCH - Panguitch High Digital Media students enter the UDMAF again this year at UVU. This year the student’s projects were outstanding. Utah Digital Media Arts Competition is a yearly festival showcasing the best work of Digital Media students from across the state! There are many different categories students can compete in such as: 2D & 3D Graphics– Vector & Raster, Photography, 2D & 3D Animation, Digital Video & Audio, Web Design, and Interactive Media. —Shawn Caine

Entrada Institute Announces 2014 Wayne High School Cowboy & Cowgirl Poetry Winners

Another track season is in the books upon the completion of the Utah State High School Track Meet held at BYU on May 16-17th. Bryce Valley had 15 athletes participate in the State Meet. When it was time to wrap up the weekend, many were proudly wearing brightly colored hardware around their necks. We appreciate all the dedication and hard work to improve and preform their best at the State Meet. The following athletes placed and or medaled at State: Samantha Chynoweth 5th 100 M Hurdles

Danielle Brinkerhoff 8th 400 M Alyssa Russo 5th Long Jump Codi Mangum 8th Shot Put Lizzy Platt 3rd Long Jump; 4th High Jump Emilee Courtright 1st (State Champ) in High Jump 5’3” tying teammate Lizzy Platt for the School Record; 5th in Javelin The girls 4x400 Relay team placed 7th overall running shaving off 7 seconds from their best posted time. Girls running the relay were Lizzy Platt,

Tyreah Tebbs, Alyssa Russo, and Danielle Brinkherhoff For the Bryce Valley Boys; Medley Relay team placed 3rd with team members Roman Platt, Trenton Leslie, Taryn Syrett, and Adam Platt Adam Platt 5th 800 M; 5th 300 M Hurdles; and 8th 1600 M Joshua Rose 5th Shot put Taryn Syrett 8th Javelin The girls team of BVHS placed 7th overall with their team scores. Congratulations girls. Congratulations to all the state Qualifiers.

Wayne School District Preschool Screening / Registration From left to right: 3rd place winner Bryan Batty, 2nd place winner Braydee Webb and 1st Place winner Preston Stephenson. Both cowboys and cowgirls from Wayne High School participated in to the annual poetrywriting contest. Preston Stephenson will recite his 1st place poem, “Ol’Red" at this weekend’s Cowboy Music and Poetry Festival. Braydee Webb won second place with her poem, “A Small Town Life." Bryan Batty took third place with his poem, “The Hunt.” Each winner will be the recipient of a cash prize at this week’s award assembly at Wayne High School. Congratulations to the winners and thanks to everyone who participated in this year’s contest. —Entrada Institute

Highlight on Hanksville Elementary

HANKSVILLE ELEMENTARY STUDENTS OF THE MONTH FOR APRIL ARE: Right to left, Alysia Lusko daughter of DG and Saleta Lusko, Marcus Wilson son of Kim and Sarah Wilson, and Nynaeve McIntosh daughter of Stacy and Wayne McIntosh. —Tracy Albrecht

BV Elementary News

by Ellen Fagergren & Kezli Floyd The fifth and sixth grade took their annual Bryce Canyon Hike this past week. The second grade also visited Bryce Canyon. The fourth through eighth grade District Track Meet was a huge success. It was held at Bryce Valley HS track and there were a lot of folks in attendance. These students work hard to participate in the track meet and appreciate your support. The BVE Awards Ceremony will be held this Friday and that is where the Ribbons for the Track Meet will be given out. There will also be other awards given that day. It will be held at 11:00 A.M. Sixth Grade Graduation will also be held on Friday the 23rd at 8:30 A.M. The halls of Bryce Valley Elementary have been decorated with the art of our students this past week. We can see that there are very many talented young folks. The sixth graders also displayed their Country Reports and used their Chrome Books to show how they had worked on their reports and what they had to show. It was a great way to show their hard work. We do appreciate the beautiful work of all of our students and their teachers.

Wayne School District will conduct its annual preschool screening / registration of three and four year olds. If you suspect that your child has a developmental delay in one or more of the following areas, please call for appointment. In a student ages three through seven, developmental delay means asignificant delay in one or more of the following areas: physical development, cognitive development, communication development, social or emotional development, or adaptive development. The delay must adversely affect a student’s educational performance. If you would like your child screen / or register for preschool, please contact: Five year olds that miss the Kindergarten deadline will automatically qualify for preschool. Jan Brown, Loa Elementary, 435-836-2851

The Entrada Institute presents the 13th annual ...

Cowboy Poetry and Music Festival

Photo by Teri Taylor

Free Family Fun!

Capitol Reefers Preston Stephenson The Chappells Cameron Hallows Detour Utah Mike Moutoux Jim Jones

Broken Spur will have food available for purchase from 4-6PM

Memorial Day Weekend • Sat May 24, 1:30-6:30

Robber’s Roost Bookstore • Torrey Utah

Wayne County Travel Council,

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FYI Panguitch

obituaries Margaret Mecham

TROPIC - Margaret Mackay Mecham, 97, passed away May 18, 2014 in Panguitch. She was born September 30, 1916 in Granger to Vernal and Vera Elizabeth Bawden Mackay. She married David Benton Mecham, October 18, 1943 in the Salt Lake Temple. He preceded her in death, September 14, 1978. Margaret was an active member of the LDS Church and held many callings. She taught school for over 30 years at Bryce Valley Elementary. She loved spending time with her family and making quilts for her children and grandchildren. Margaret had five children: Nancy (William) Hubner, Vera (Neldon) Larsen, Vernal "Bud" (Linda) Mecham, Marjorie Mecham, Garnet (Robert) Barton; 12 grandchildren, 25 great-grandchildren and 1 great-great-grandchild. She is also survived by brother, Thurman Mackay; sister-in-law Adeline Mackay and brother-in-law, James Eldon Thomas. She was also preceded in death by her son, Vernal "Bud"; son-in-law, Neldon Larson; grandson, Jeffery Larsen, granddaughter; Kami Jo Barton; siblings: Roscoe, Ralph (Helene), Alvin (Alice), Nola (Robert) Bowles, Ann (Ruben) McDougal, Thelma Thomas, Kenneth Mackay; sister-in-law, Mary Mackay. Funeral services will be held Thursday, May 22, 2014 at 1:00 p.m. in the Tropic Ward Chapel where friends may call from 11:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Burial will be in the Tropic Cemetery. Funeral Directors: Magleby Mortuary, Richfield, Salina and Manti. Online guestbook at

May 22, 2014

by Mack Oetting ~ mackoetting

honor those who have gone before so that our life in this area can be so wonderful. Everyone is invited. The GEM Theater will be playing a lot of old war films all weekend long, many of these will be staring John Wayne. This will be the first time that we have had much in the way of events on Memorial weekend so come on out a support these endeavors by the good people in town, you might learn a lot about some of the pioneers that founded our town. The Quilt Walk players will be taking the Play to Beaver for a one night showing on May 27th. I understand

morning the Young Women at the Second Ward will have a breakfast and it will be held at the Social Hall, starting at 7:30. Then it is will be the giant yard sale along Main St., so clean out your garage or closets and turn it into some cash. There will be shirts, caps and pins for sale by the Lion's Club. There will be a bank robbery sometime in the morning. To rent a table call the City at 676-8585. Monday, Memorial Day, there will be a Panguitch Sesquicentennial Event; A Memorial Day Program, put together by LaMont Olsen. LaMont will welcome all at 10am. There will be a posting of the Colors and Pledge of Allegiance by the American Legion Post 25. Pioneer songs will be sung by 1st Ward Primary led by Becky Henrie. “The Panguitch Book” Author Robert Procter will speak. Family representatives telling about their Panguitch Ancestors will be: Vicky Burton, Tom Hatch, Doug Talbot, Wally Lee, Mike Tebbs, Allen Henrie, Max Sevy Stan Foy, and Frank Houston. This is the first time that Panguitch has had a Memorial Day event at the cemetery and it is expected to be a special occasion as we

I would like to start my column off with an apology to Violet Rae Hughes for writing her last name as Mathews in last weeks column. Don't know what got into me but I am sorry Rae. We are glad to hear you are home and doing well after your fall in your yard and a stay in the hospital. You take care of yourself and get better. Escalante Stake Seminary Graduation was held this evening and many were in attendance. Speaking from the Bryce Area was Tanner Barton and Carter Mortensen. Taylor Talbot introduce the Theme for the evening. It was a nice evening for all. Okay good people of Bryce, we need your help.Brandon Jones has the opportunity to go on the stem leadership program. He will learn new things and gain experience He will even earn college credit! It is in Atlanta Georgia we have come up with $1200 but we need help with the last $800. If you can donate that would be awesome. You can take it to the bank and Kami will make sure Brandon gets it. Let's show him straight A's get you somewhere good. Thank you in advance. Good luck to you Brandon we are proud of you and hope you are able to go. Congratulations to Brandon and Kaylea Crosby on their marriage and beautiful reception on Saturday evening. Kaylea is the daughter of Travis Shakespear and Tammy Bowman. Brandon is the son of Michael and Shauna Crosby of Kanab. We wish the newly weds a very happy married life and lots of good memory building together. A gentle reminder that every Thursday at 7:00 P.M. the ARP-Addiction Recovery Program is held in Tropic at the churchhouse in the Relief Society Room. It is a 12 step program and can help you if you have or think you have a problem with an addiction. That would include substance abuse, alcohol, pornography, eating disorder, etc. It can also help you if someone else's addiction is affecting your life. Many who attend find that their addiction is not unique and can gain strength from others who struggle with the same or similar problems. ARP is an anonymous program and attendance and discussions are strictly confidential. On Saturday, 17 May, 60 women from Garfield and Kane counties attended a Daughters of Utah Pioneers Convention in Escalante. It was hosted by the Escalante Company. Guest visitors were ISDUP President, Maurine Smith, ISDUP Board member,

Helen Gee and Region Rep. SW Area, Mariana Taylor. They gave very interesting and sometimes humorous accounts of their DUP activities and their own life. Honored for their work for many years in the DUP were Barbara Talbot of Panguitch Garfield/Cornelia Loyhova DUP and Verene Tait of Kane/Fredonia DUP. Everyone enjoyed a wonderful musical number from Escalante Natives Quinn and Doneen Griffin. They sang a very touching song written by them, "Waltz on the Fifty" and were persuaded by the ladies to sing a second song. It was very entertaining and we could have listened for many more songs. Then a delicious luncheon was served by caterers from Wild West Retreat of Escalante. Drop in on them sometime and sample the good food. It was a wonderful meeting and we all went home with a wonderful souvenior favor of a hand made Scrubby from the Pahreah Camp done by Anita Fletcher, Ramona Morreale and Catherine Littlefield. Thanks Victory Crawford and all the ladies of her Camp for a wonderful Conference. There will be no more DUP meetings until September. Driving down the street I almost ran off the road when I noticed the old Sears Building on the corner was being torn down. It shocked me and the first thing I thought of was all the beautiful artwork and the long hours spent on it by Val

Kelly. I could not believe my eyes. I guess progress is at work but I keep thinking of the art work Val did and it makes me sad. In Tropic Ward today they released Earl Slack as the Assistant Scout Leader and called T. W. Carr as his replacement. Travis Le Fevere was released as the 11 year old Scout leader and Sam King took his place. The Beehive Presidency was reorganized with the new President being Madison Syrett, 1st Counselor, Makenna Syrett, 2nd Counselor, Addie Steele and Secretary is Oakley Pollock. The MIA Maids also changed officers with President being Elayna Le Fevre, 1st Counselor, Danielle Brinkerhoff, 2nd Counselor Ambree Leslie, and Secretary Katie Stewart. Taylor Talbot earned her Young Womanhood Recognition Award which is equal to the Eagle earned by the Boy Scouts. She is the daughter of Gerald and Shauna Talbot. Marty Rich and his lovely wife, Ethel were the speakers today. In Cannonville it was the Missionary Farewell for Tyler Hansen as he prepared to enter the MTC prior to his mission in Mexico - Mexico South. Speaking with him were Nathan Platt and Adam Platt. Adam too will soon be leaving on his mission. Michael Atwood was advanced to a Priest. He is the son of Shannon and Melanie Muir. In Henrieville the speakers were Max Stewart, son

Sean Stewart and grandson Brennan Stewart. Ben Rose and Brandon Jones were both advanced to Teachers. Emily Clark was called as a Substitute teacher for the Relief Society. A heads up on the fact that next week Henrieville will be getting a new Bishopric. The town of Henrieville will be holding their annual Flag Raising ceremony at the Cemetary on Memorial Day at 7:30 A.M. and then back in town for the Breakfast at the Town Fire Station at 8:00 A.M. Kami Mortensen is looking for a babysitter. "I need a babysitter a couple days a week this summer. Mostly for Wednesday's and Thursday's, but I'm flexible. It would be from 8-5. Thanks:) I'm willing to transport from Henrieville or Cannonville if needed." Well graduation will be held this week and it is hard to believe that five months are already gone of this year. Unbelievable. Memorial Day is coming this weekend and it is time to once again honor our veterans and family members. We are so thankful for the military people and their willingness to help keep us safe and also other countries even if they don't appreciate it. We certainly do and want them to know that we love and pray for them each day. Please have a safe week and especially this weekend. If you have news you want in please call or email it to me. Thanks to you that take the time to do so. VS

TROPIC - On Friday may 9th Jana Jackson lead the Bryce Valley Elementary in a wonderful Mother's Day performance with music and dance stretching through the ages. Music has shaped so much of the history of this country and it was such a treat to hear the students singing songs that shaped several era's. From Hello My Baby, to Elvis and his Jailhouse Rock, Zipidy-Do-Da and the Chattanooga Train, the songs were sung from the heart of the students and their enthusiasm to perform was catching. There must be made mention of the incredible dancing that accompanied the songs. The students really came out of their shells to partner dance the two step, a little swing, and Jive! Each of them built up the capacity to sing and dance with excitement-no easy task! But they did an outstanding job moving to the steps and keeping a beat with snapping, clapping and singing. The theme running

through the program and narration was that music lifts us up out of our troubles! From the Great Depression we got big band/orchestra music, From the war torn 50's came Elvis and Rock and Roll, and with the 70's came happy songs that lift and help us. The brilliant summation of the concert eluded to the fact that these precious children are growing up in a challenging world, "with life moving by them at the speed of a train." and they will have to be strong and confident in themselves. The culminating song, Let it go from the hit

Disney movie, Frozen gave us new perspective on the quest of that song. These amazing youth will need to rise above so much to let their true selves shine through! And we caught a glimpse of that confidence as they raised the rafters with heart and soul. A huge thanks to Jana Jackson and the students for the inspirational gift they gave the mothers of Bryce Valley. Music makes such a difference in all our lives we are lucky to have this program at our elementary. —Mindy Grimshaw

Panguitch Senior Center HOT LUNCH PROGRAM

87 N 50 W • 676-2281/676-1140 Suggested donation $3.00 60 & older, $7.00 under 60 Call before 10 AM of the day of attendance to reserve a spot. Meals include milk & bread. Tues. May 27th Wed. May 28th Thurs. May 29th Potato bar w/chili, broccoli & sour cream Salad bar Tropical fruit Cherry crisp

Oven fried chicken Potatoes & gravy Green beans Peaches Chocolate pudding

You Already Know That.


Just a reminder that for nearly 100 years, we have offered a tradition of

Individual emotions may run very high while making arrangements for the passing of a loved one.

At Southern Utah Mortuary, we understand. That’s why during our initial consult, we strive to discover the particular needs of each individual family. We realize that each family is different and unique - with their own set of values and family traditions. With family values of our own, it is with great pride, care and a sincere understanding, that we provide your family with the comfort, dignity and closure needed during this most difficult time.

SOUTHERN UTAH MORTUARY 195 North 200 West • Beaver, Utah 84713 (435) 438-2201 • Toll Free (877) 438 - 2201

BRYCE VALLEY AREA Senior Lunches at the HENRIEVILLE Senior Center TUES May 27th

Tomato mac, green salad, pears & jello w/cream

WED May 28th

Hot turkey sandwich, potatoes & gravy, mixed veggies, pineapple & cottage cheese & pudding Roast beef, potatoes & gravy, green beans, apples & muffin

THURS May 29th

Call by 10:00 A.M. if you want a lunch or need a ride. 679-8666 Suggested donation is $3 for seniors and $7 for those under 60 years of age.

French dip sandwich Onion rings Salad bar Pears Ice cream

NOTE: PLEASE BE COURTEOUS AND CALL AHEAD. The kitchen staff work diligently to prepare a good dinner, and a head count helps them prepare enough for everyone.

Bryce Valley Area News by Vicki D. Syrett 679-8687 or

We’d Like To Say ... “We’re Here To Serve You”, But ...

that Beaver is going on a trek of their own, and our play will get them excited, help with expectations and hopefully will add to their enjoyment of their experience. My trip home from Seattle got delayed so I was not able to get the results of the state track meet in time to go to the publisher, PHS Struck gold at State with both the Boys and Girls coming away Champions. This is a three peat for the Girls and a second go around for the Boys. If I get any data by tomorrow I will get it in the paper. Stay Loose! Mack O.

Through modern technology I am writing this week's news letter in Seattle, Washington. We have three action packed days of non-stop touring. As starters we went to the University for our Granddaughter’s White Coat Ceremony. It signifies the transferring from science book work to clinical medicine. She will be spending the next two years going on rotation, 6 weeks at a time. Starting with surgery at the Veterans Hospital, then off to the Mental Hospital and so on. The next day we went to a 240 acre Arboretum; University of Washington Botanic Gardens, and then to a great Japanese garden. May is a perfect time for this because the flowers are all out and it is beautiful. The Arboretum has all kinds of giant Sequoia trees, what a great place to spend the day. Off to Pike’s Market for some shopping and finally a City tour on the local Ducks bus tours. It was a wonderful three days. The following weekend is Memorial Day and it comes early this year on May 26th. It starts on Friday, with the American Legion putting up the flags at the cemetery, down the main road and on all of the Veteran's graves. Saturday

Bryce Valley Elementary Students Perform Mother's Day Musical

May 22, 2014

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TORREY NEWZ by Adus F. Dorsey II

Evidence that it is an election year are popping up all over Wayne County. Wellplaced roadside campaign signs are beginning to occupy key areas along the Highway 24 corridor, like Loa’s MainStreet Business section, Lyman Lane, the confusing speed limit stretch from Lyman to Bicknell past Bruce’s Sawmill and the airport road, Bicknell’s 30 MPH (Thurber) four lane Main Street, then past Lee’s “Gas and Go” where it is 55 MPH through to the Community Center then 65 MPH past the Grist Mill and the Lodge buffalos to the Fremont river bottom where the speed limit drops to 55 and again to 35 right before entering Torrey. A speed limit feat so confusing and complex that only school bus driver Kevin Hatch knows how to make sense of it all, and he is surely the only person alive that knows what is daily happening on the highway between Torrey and Hanksville. Remembering to reset your cruise control at least six times between Loa and Torrey on Highway 24 is hard enough, but to add in two hundred bent-over campaign signs for who is running for County Attorney and the Wayne School Board will challenge the safest of Wayne

County drivers. Once the race for the open Wayne County Commissioners seats kicks in we are surely going to see an increase in local traffic tickets as we all try and navigate the law enforcement gauntlet by those sworn to serve and protect. Buckle Up and “May the Force be with You”. Not to be out done, Nycole Durfey, Wayne County Tourism Director received the blessing from UDOT (Utah Department of Transportation) to place an asphalt stamp on Main Street Torrey near the finish line to advertise the TOU (Tour of Utah) bike race on August 5th 2014. As you may remember the 2013 TOU hype elevated Torrey Town and Highway 12 as a World Wide bicycling destination, show casing southern Utah as a place to visit and see. Dedicated local volunteers are once again needed to make the 2014 TOU a Wayne County show case event. Contact Nycole Durfey via facebook or phone to volunteer. Be part of history, sign up to volunteer today. Capitol Reef National Park has kicked off the 2014 tourist season with a real bang, sponsoring many historical, cultural and outdoor events to honor the past and present local pioneers. Never would I be

so foolish as to think that after only 26 years living in Wayne County with no pioneer handcart lineage would make me a “local,” but from an informed outsider’s perspective I can attest to the fact that the most recent “open arm” acceptance and local historical embracement by the present Capitol Reef National Park Administration has had a very positive effect in the community known as Wayne County. To live together means to work together. Not to go without another mention the “Sleeping Rainbow” School of Music held a Violin Recital at the Wayne High School Auditorium on May 17th at two o’clock under the direction of instructor Lynsey Shelar, with piano accompaniment by Becky Pace of Teasdale, Utah.

Students Kenadie, Leavitt, Shayla Barlow, Kenna Stephenson, Adam Winters Vanessa Barlow, Breanna Winters and Hanna Williams perform their favorite tunes in front of a black tie audience. Refreshments of citrus water and homemade raisin, ginger snap cookies and fresh cut carrots were then served while parents and friends mingled and congratulated the outstanding young performers. It was a wonderful springtime Wayne County musical event had by all. Anyone missing a child’s black patent leather shoe should contact the Wayne High lost and found to reclaim the lost shoe. Please bring the matching shoe as proof of ownership.

Wayne High School Scholarship of Excellence Wayne High School would like to thank all of you who contributed to the 2014 Scholarship of Excellence Fund. Your contributions have helped twenty-five seniors with their college goals. We appreciate all of you who come through with this assistance to our students. Special thanks to: Duke & Jessica Alvey Stan’s Burger Shak Dukes Slickrock Grill Whispering Sands Motel Stan’s Chevron Duane & Ruth Hallows Garkane Energy Dudley & Mary Elliott Carl & Gail Albrecht Chappell Family Dental Brian Farm Service Bridgerland Dental Supply Dilworth & Carla Lyman John & Mary Freeman State Bank of Southern Utah Newell Harward Harward & Rees Muley Twist Inn, LLC Gregory L. Hunt Harold H. & Mona Hiskey Happy Valley Properties, LLC Springer Mortuary Springer/ Turner Funeral Homes Scott M. & Mary B. Schelin Boulder Mountain Realty, Inc. Margo Stevens David & Teresa Love Joe & Glo Jensen Frederick Anderson & Barbara Rose Sevier Heating Sharon O’Malley & Ernest Harmon Christopher Jones Fred Drury Phillip Enger George & Nancy Eisnman Herbert & Shirley Scruggs Kenneth & Karen Buchi Dwight & Carol Williams Barbara Bean/James Haisley M & D Auto The Boulder Mtn/ Michael Zimmerman Patricia Boyle Donna Mitchell Joanne Slotnik

Gary Bagley Brian & Lynette Thorn Broken Spur Inn Gilbert & Nano Podolsky Jason Peterson Kristi Pikyavit Craig & Margaret Denton Rolf & Heather Scheidegger Gerald & Stacy Smith Linda Minnick Chuck Narlin & Marcie Feldkamp Dana Carroll & Jeanine Marlowe Michael & Mary McConnell Barbara Deborah Sparks John Thomas Richard & Cynthia Nigro Trust Cary Larsen Richard T. and Beth Pratt Brown Brothers Construction Carolyn Marrow Kenneth and Penny Jameson David & Dana Joslyn George & Joni Britton Mark Schneider Allan & Thalia Smart Debora Threedy Dr. Seth Baber Jorgensen’s Bert & Iris McDonald Lars &Rhea Nelson David & Eloise Morrison Cache Valley Bank Garland Bray Barney Company Inc., Brian Auto Anne Taverne Scott Anderson, D.D.S. Pam & Russell Peterson Doug & Merlyn Oyler Thomas Rose & Sevier Valley Chiropractic Clinic Kim & Sharon Torgerson Entrada Institute Snapshot Multimedia

We would like to express a very special thank you to the Entrada Institute, Carol Gnade, Loraine Miller, and Becky Pace. Their support has been invaluable to the success of this program. Special thanks to Lois Brian for selling candy bars, and Tracy Kostinuk for sending out all of the letters for our donations!!

Fence Lines

by Ray Conrad

For the Birds May 15, 2014 Birds can fly! I cannot! Where is the fairness in that? Each time I try to take to the sky I faw down and go ‘Splat!” I pay taxes. Birds do not. Not a good system for sure. Birds flit freely o’er pasture and rangeland. I stumble through the manure. Birds are too tiny to drive nice cars. They motate with their little wings. I ain’t seen birds that need to depend on fossil-fuel energy things. They just start flapping and off they go. The Koch Brothers must hate that. Conversely the Koch Boys are much too big to get whacked by the local cat. Birdies don’t really get toilet-trained well. At poop-time they just improvise. Good thing that birds ain’t as big as a horse. You might get a nasty surprise. I guess I’ll stop my whining now how jealous I am of some birdy, And I hope I have made no sense at all, and did it not being too wordy.

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Memorial Gathering for Kathleen Knight Conrad

Saturday, May 31, 2014, Noonish If you can, please join Ray at the Teasdale Park for snacks, drinks, and conversation as we say a fond farewell to Kathleen Preston Knight Conrad. A lady with so many names needs a lot of goodbye. And maybe some music. No RSVP needed. Show up if you wish. Perhaps you will have a donation for Kath's beloved park in your jeans. Hoping to see you. —Ray Conrad

Wayne County Business Owners!

The Wayne County Travel Council will host an

Interagency Welcome Social on Wednesday May 28th, 6:00 p.m. at the new Wayne County Information Center in Torrey. Representatives from CRNP, USFS, BLM, WCBA, and WCTC will be there to address questions. Please plan to attend, get involved, and help us make this year a GREAT year for business and tourism. Light refreshments will be served. If you have any questions, please contact Nycole Durfey, Director WCTC 435.425.3930


Phil Allen Happy 90th Birthday

ANTIMONY - Phil Allen was born May 22, 1924 to Ashley and Matilda Riddle Allen and raised on a ranch in Escalante, Utah. In 1946 he moved to Antimony, where he met and married Billie Gleave. They have 4 children: JoAnn (Steve) Peters, Arlington, VA; Brad (Bobbe) Allen, Salina, UT; Shannon (Julie) Allen, Antimony, UT and Tracie (Scott) Peterson, Orem, UT; 15 grandchildren and 7 great-grandchildren. Phil still lives in Antimony. He has raised Registered Polled Herefords since 1948. Has served on many boards and committees in the cattle industry. He has also served as mayor in the Town of Antimony. Active member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and is former bishop of Antimony Ward. He enjoys rides to John's Valley, bull sales, and being with his family. He will be honored at an Open House on Saturday, May 24th from 4:00-6:00 at the Antimony Community Center. Everyone invited. No gifts, please.

Escalante Senior Citizens Menu Tues. May 27th Hogi bar Potato salad Potato chips Cottage cheese salad w/mandarin oranges Homemade oreo cookie

Wed. May 28th Ham Macaroni & cheese Salad bar Mixed veggies Roll Pineapple Rice krispie treats

Thurs. May 29th Tuna casserole w/peas Salad bar Onion bread Peaches German chocolate cake

All meals are served with milk or juice. If you would like a meal, please call us by 10:00 am. 826-4317. Suggested donation for seniors over 60 $3.00, and under 60 is $7.00

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May 22, 2014


ADVERTISEMENT FOR BIDS DOCUMENT 00 11 13 Owner: Escalante City P.O. Box 189 Escalante, UT 84726 Separate sealed BIDS for the construction of the Escalante City – Medical Clinic, which includes an approximately 5,100 square foot new wood-framed medical clinic building, asphalt paving, site concrete, helipad, and related work, will be received by Escalante City at the offices of Escalante City, 56 North 100 West, Escalante, Utah, 84726, until 3:00 p.m. Thursday June 5, 2014, and then at said office publicly opened and read aloud. The Issuing Office for the Bidding Documents is: Jones & DeMille Engineering, 1535 south 100 West, Richfield, UT 84701, (435) 896-8266. A list of pre-qualified general contractors eligible to bid on the project can be obtained by contacting the Issuing Office. Prospective Bidders may examine the Bidding Documents at the Issuing Office during business hours, and the following locations: 1. Mountainlands Area Plan Room – 583 West 3560 South, Suite 4, Salt Lake City, UT 84114 or Mountainlands Area Plan Room – 334 West Tabernacle, Bldg. J St. 9, St. George, UT 84770 or Mountainlands Area Plan Room – 1116 South State, Orem, UT 84097 2. AGC – McGraw Hill – 230 North 1680 East, B-1, St. George, Utah. Printed copies of the Bidding Documents may be obtained from the Issuing office during business hours, upon payment of $200 for each set which will be refunded upon return of the bidding document in good condition within 10 business days of the bid opening. Electronic copy (PDF) may be obtained for download at for free of charge. A pre-bid conference will be held at 10:00 am local time on Wednesday, May 28, 2014 beginning at the offices of Escalante City, 56 North 100 West, Escalante, Utah, 84726. Attendance at the pre-bid conference is highly encouraged but is not mandatory. Bids will be received for a single prime Contract. Bids shall be on a lump sum and unit price basis. Bid security shall be furnished in accordance with the Instructions to Bidders. Bids will be accepted only from Bidders prequalified by the Owner. May 21, 2014 Jerry Taylor/Mayor Published in The Wayne and Garfield County Insider on MAY 22 & 29 and JUNE 5, 2014



PUBLIC NOTICE ANNOUNCEMENT OF APPOINTMENT AND NOTICE TO CREDITORS IN THE SIXTH DISTRICT COURT IN AND FOR WAYNE COUNTY, STATE OF UTAH Wayne County Courthouse, 18 South Main, Loa, Utah 84747 In The Matter Of The Estate Of May Shaw, Deceased Probate No. 143600003 Judge: Marvin D. Bagley Vicki Lee Wilson, whose address is 94 Sea Crest, Shelter Cove, CA 95589, has been appointed Personal Representative of the above-entitled estate. All creditors and/or other persons having claims against the above estate are hereby notified that they are required to: (1) deliver or mail their written claims to the Personal Representative at the above address; (2) deliver or mail their written claims to the Personal Representative’s attorney of record, David A. Van Dyke, Of Van Dyke Legal Services, P.L.L.C., at P.O. Box 194, Teasdale, Utah 84773; or (3) file their written claims with the Clerk of the Sixth District Court in Wayne County, State of Utah, or otherwise present their claims as required by Utah law within three (3) months after the date of the first publication of this notice or be forever barred. Date of first Publication: May 8, 2014. DATED this the 29th day of April, 2014. VAN DYKE LEGAL SERVICES, P.L.L.C. /s/ David A. Van Dyke DAVID A. VAN DYKE, Attorney for Personal Representative Published in The Wayne and Garfield County Insider on MAY 8, 15 & 22, 2014 accepting bids Panguitch City is accepting bids for the construction of 8 kiosks in the following locations: Panguitch -2, Hatch – 1, Bryce Canyon City – 3 and Escalante -2. Kiosks will be 7’ X 3” with a 2’9” X 3’ flag stone veneer column sitting on a 8’ X 9’ concrete foundation, aluminum backing panel for signage to be mounted on, 3 standard aluminum flier boxes to house 8 ½” X 11” fliers, and 2”X 6”X7’3” timber posts. Sign is double sided. Please contact Panguitch City at 435=676=8585 or email for additional details. Bids should include time and material cost and must be received at the Panguitch City Office by 5 pm on May 27, 2014. Bids will be opened and awarded at the Panguitch City Council meeting on May 27th, 2014 at 6:45pm. Panguitch City reserves the right to accept or reject all bids. Published in The Wayne and Garfield County Insider on MAY 15 & 22, 2014

PUBLIC HEARING ADOPTION OF 2014/2015 BUDGET Panguitch City will hold a public hearing on May 27, 2014 at 7:00 p.m. at the Panguitch City Office, 25 South 200 East, to adopt the 2014/2015 budget. The public may inspect the budget at the city office between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. after May15, 2014 Published in The Wayne and Garfield County Insider on MAY 15 & 22, 2014


public notice The Water We Drink Panguitch City The 2013 Annual Water Quality Report is available at the Panguitch City Office. This report is designed to inform you about the quality of the water and services we deliver to you every day. Our constant goal is to provide you with a safe and dependable supply of drinking water. We want you to understand the efforts we make to continually improve the water treatment process and protect our water resources. We are committed to ensuring the quality of your water. Our water sources are Delong Creek Springs, Indian Hollow and the Panguitch City Well. Panguitch City has a Drinking Water Source Protection Plan that is available for review to our customers at our office. It provides more information such as potential sources of contamination and our source protections areas. We’re pleased to report that our drinking water is safe and meets federal and state requirements. This report shows our water quality and what it means to you, our customer. If you have any questions about this report or concerning your water utility, please contact Panguitch City at (435)676-8585. We want our valued customers to be informed about their water utility. If you want to learn more, please attend any of our regularly scheduled meetings. They are held the second and fourth Tuesday of each month beginning at 6:30 p.m. in the Panguitch City Office at 25 South 200 East in Panguitch. Panguitch City routinely monitors for constituents in our drinking water in accordance with the Federal and Utah State laws. This report is the results of our monitoring for the period of Jan. 1 to Dec. 31, 2013. Again, a copy of this Consumer Confidence Report is available at the Panguitch City Office. Published in The Wayne and Garfield County Insider on MAY 15 & 22, 2014

Public Budget Hearing Notice Garfield County School District June 12th , 2014 Garfield County School District will be proposing to the Board of Education its final budget for fiscal year 2014. This budget hearing has been scheduled at Escalante High School at 4:00PM, on June 12th, 2014 in conjunction with the regular monthly Board of Education meeting. The District is also proposing the beginning and tentative budget for the upcoming fiscal year 2014-15. Additionally, the Board of Education will be discussing a board compensation for services increase. A copy of the proposed budget can be obtained on May 28th, 2014 or thereafter from the District’s internet web site at http://www. or from the District Office at 145 E Center Street, Panguitch, Utah, 84759. Published in The Wayne and Garfield County Insider on MAY 15, 22 & 29, 2014 public notice All old paper medical records from the Bryce Valley Clinic in Cannonville are set for destruction on Friday, June 13, 2014. If you would like to obtain your medical record prior to destruction, you must contact Connie Sawyer at Garfield Memorial Hospital at #435-676-1278. After the date of June 13, the paper medical record will no longer be available. Published in The Wayne and Garfield County Insider on MAY 15, 22 & 29, 2014

Come Down to The Saddlery in Torrey Thursday, May 29th All Proceeds from the evening will be donated in thanks to the Wayne County Sherriff’s Office Search and Rescue

Celebrating 30 Years! Join Us for a

Customer Appreciation Day Friday, May 30th Lunch will be served from 11:30 to 1:30 Vendors will be featuring new products & demonstrations

Dance to the Fabulous Honky Tonk Heroes

Enter to win $1,000 Shopping Giveaway!!

Doors Open at 5 pm. No reservations necessary.

137 N. Main Street, Loa, Utah 435-836-2751

May 22, 2014

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Classified Ads

Classified ads start at $7.50 for 25 words or less. Call 435-826-4400 or email HELP WANTED

HELP WANTED BREAKFAST WAITRESS 360 W. Main Street, Torrey 435-425-3271


WAYNE county SCHOOL DISTRICT CTE Teacher Wayne School District is seeking applicants for a certified CTE Teacher, Skilled and Technical Sciences Education, for Wayne High School. Must possess a valid Utah teacher certificate, or be able to obtain one by August 2014 and must be considered “Highly Qualified”. For questions and to send application contact Superintendent Burke Torgerson, Wayne School District, PO Box 127, Bicknell, UT 84715, number 435-425-3813. rtn wayne county school district Certified Science Teacher Wayne School District is seeking applicants for a certified Science Teacher at Wayne High School. Must possess a valid Utah teacher certificate, or be able to obtain one by August 2014, in Secondary Education with a major in science and a science endorsement and be able to teach Physics, Chemistry, Earth Systems and Biology and must be considered “Highly Qualified”. For questions and to send application contact Superintendent Burke Torgerson, Wayne School District, PO Box 127, Bicknell, UT 84715, phone number 435-425-3813. Wayne School District is an equal opportunity employer; however, the District reserves the right to reject any or all applications. rtn

wayne county school district Loa Elementary Paraprofessional Loa Elementary is accepting applications for some paraprofessional positions. These positions will require applicants to work closely under teacher supervision with individual students or small groups of students. These individuals would also provide other assistance to teachers in various capacities as assigned. Loa Elementary is a Title I school and must meet the criteria of the guidelines of “No Child Left Behind.” Applicants must meet the requirements to be “Highly Qualified” to be considered. “Highly Qualified” requires the applicant to have at least two years of higher education which includes basic general course work, or an associate’s or higher degree, or pass a rigorous academic assessment. These positions will be from 15 to 27 hours per week with no benefits. Applications will be accepted until positions are filled. Wayne School District is an equal opportunity employer providing programs and services to all persons on a non-discriminatory basis. Wayne School District reserves the right to accept or reject any or all applications. Please send applications to: Burke Torgerson Loa Elementary PO Box 30 Loa, UT 84747 5/22

garfield county school district School Bus Driver for Henrieville/Cannonville Route Garfield School District is now accepting applications for a school bus driver for the Henrieville/Cannonville route. This will require morning and afternoon bus driving. This is a parttime position with no benefits. Position will begin with the 2014-2015 school year. Required training must be completed during the summer. SALARY: Beginning bus driver hourly rate according to the 2013-2014 Garfield County School District Classified Salary Schedule. ($16.44) QUALIFICATIONS: Applicants must have a current CDL, required school bus driver endorsement, and training. Must satisfactorily pass an employment background check and drug test. Applicants must work well with children. APPLICATION: Interested individuals should submit a Garfield County School District classified application. Please direct questions to Curtis Barney 435-676-1151 and applications packets to: Garfield County School District, PO Box 398, 145 East Center, Panguitch, UT 84759. Online application available: Applications will be screened and the most qualified candidates will be granted interviews. DEADLINE: Friday, May 30, 2014 5:00PM Garfield School District is an equal opportunity employer. Garfield School District reserves the right to accept or reject any or all applications.

EDWARDS TRUCKING OTR Flatbed Drivers Edwards Trucking is looking for OTR flatbed drivers. We have year-round freight. Clean MVR and CDL required. We offer fuel and safety bonus. We are looking for motivated, honest, reliable and positive employees. Wage is negotiable depending on experience. If a steady year round work is appealing to you call Derik Edwards 435-691-1169. 5/22 ADOBE SANDS MOTEL Housekeeping Adobe Sands Motel in Panguitch is looking for a parttime housekeeper. Experience a plus, otherwise will train. Please contact Kristina at 435676-8874 5/22


TWO WESTERN SADDLES: Custom built ranch saddle. Brand new. Less than 8 rides. Hermann Oak leather. Wade tree. Genuine sheepskin. Hand stitched. 16 in. seat. Full Quarter Horse bars. Custom carved design. Includes backcinch and matching breast collar. $1600.00. Circle Y cutting saddle. Oxbow stirrups. 15 ½ in. seat. New offside billet strap and cinch strap. $600.00 Both in excellent condition. See at Panguitch Main Street Yard Sale on Memorial weekend. Phone, 435-418-0109.

panguitch city Part-time Contract Janitorial Panguitch City is hiring a part time employee on a contract basis to provide janitorial services for the Panguitch City Offices (25 South, 200 East), the Panguitch City Fire Station (50 North 100 East), and the BIC building (old High School). Duties will include but not limited to the following: general janitorial services including vacuuming, dusting, cleaning restrooms, emptying trash, cleaning windows at the entrance to the buildings and other duties as assigned. Buildings will need to be cleaned twice per week (Wednesdays and Weekends) in the evenings or early morning. Panguitch City will provide all cleaning supplies. Sealed bids should be turned in to the Panguitch City Office by June 9, 2014 by 5:00 p.m. Bids will be opened at a regular City Council meeting on June 10, 2014 and the job will start immediately on June 11, 2014. For more information or to tour the buildings involved, contact the City Office at the address listed above or call 435676-8585. A criminal background check may be completed. Panguitch City is an equal opportunity employer. Panguitch City reserves the right to accept or reject any or all applications.


AUTO/TRUCK FOR SALE - 2006 Subaru Legacy Outback, 82K miles, 1 owner, $9,750. Call 435826-4922 5/22 FOR SALE - 2000 FORD F250 - Super Duty 4x4 Pickup. V8, gas, auto trans. w/ overdrive. Manual hubs. Reading Utility Bed and pipe rack on top. Low mileage, 82,000, primarily used in Washington City (no salt). 4WD Seldom used. Maintained, just inspected. $6,600. 435-425-3789 or 435-979-5029. 5/15




WANTED TO BUY - Old saddles, spurs, chaps, guns, boots and western memorabilia. Will pay premium prices. Contact Steve Marshall, 4357/3 616-2212.

RENTALS Tropic - Beautiful Large 3 and 4 bedroom homes available in Tropic Utah. 2 baths/ carport /Central Air. Pets welcome ( restrictions) must income qualify. Rents starting at $ 416. Equal Housing. Please give us a call 801-322-2505 or 435-865-1455 5/29

REAL ESTATE MUST SELL, OLD HATCH, UTAH livable fixer, great potential, 1400 sq. ft., 200' from Sevier River, 1/2 acre, own water well/water rights, trees. Attached garage, lg. attached enclosed carport. Exclusive remote area, $67K CASH, 435-735-4372 9/5

ESCALANTE - 2 bdrm. 1 bath house, very nice yard w/ fruit trees & garden area. $425 plus elec. No smoking. No pets. 435-826-4710



BICKNELL - House for rent, 43 S. 400 W., 3 BR, 1.5 bath, living room, day room, carport, AC & electric heat. $600/ mo, 1 year lease, 1st & last month’s rent + $800 deposit to move in. 435-425-3723

ESCALANTE - "Kittens to give away, vaccinated and neutered, ready in 2-4 weeks, must take 2 at minimum, unless to be indoor cat. Call 826-4967 if interested. 5/22


LYMAN - 2 BR, BA house, 3,600 sq. ft., newly remodeled, with hot tub, on large lot. $825/month, $500 deposit and first and last month's rent. Credit references required. 435-287-9165 5/29

Ronnie Hunt

Backhoe and Dump Truck Work Gravel, road base, driveways and road work. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Call: (435)



Commercial and residential interiors

I WEB CONN Internet Service Computer Sales Repairs & Tune-Ups Wi-Fi/Networking

Jan’s Cleaning Services

Shane’s Carpet Cleaning

Free Estimates References Flexible Hours 435-836-2691 435-491-0012

Carpet, Tile and Upholstery Reasonable prices Call Shane at



435-691-2891 435-579-3950

377 South Main, Lyman Call us for your commercial and residential needs, including: septic systems, road building & maintenance, driveways, power trenches, water lines, footings, basements, and more...

JACKSON Excavation

Kirk Jackson Tony Jackson


General Contractor

125 North SR24, Bicknell


Spaces will be available along Main Street & Center Street  for $10.00 each.   This includes one 6ft table per space   (if you need it), for this one day event.   You can set up at 8:00 a.m. Sale will be until 3:00 p.m.    This Giant Yard Sale attracts a lot of attention  as people drive through our city on this busy Memorial Day  weekend.   

This Event Will Be Advertised   on Radio, Gateway Banner & Various Newspapers  **Reserve your space today ~ Multiple spaces available**   


West Panguitch Irrigation Secretary/Treasurer West Panguitch Irrigation is seeking applicants for the position of Secretary/Treasurer. This position requires computer skills, good communication skills as well as bookkeeping skills. You must be able to work independently and must be self-motivated. Please submit a resume to West Panguitch Irrigation Company – PO Box 645 – Panguitch, UT 84759 or email a copy of your resume to If you have questions regarding this position please contact Trudi Owens at 435-676-8464. Applications must be received by May 27, 2014.

GARFIELD COUNTY OFFICE OF TOURISM International Marketing Representative Garfield County is currently seeking an individual to be the International Marketing Representative for the office of tourism. This person must be willing to travel internationally and have a vast knowledge of Garfield County, the attractions and tourism industry. The successful applicant will represent the county on International Sales Missions. The number of missions will vary on a year to year basis (approximately 3 per year). Countries that may be visited include but are not limited to: Germany, UK, China, Japan, France and Australia. This successful applicant will be paid a set fee for each of the shows attended. Interested individuals should submit a letter of interest and a resume to the Garfield County Clerk’s Office by 5 p.m. on Thursday, June 5. Garfield County has the right to accept or reject any applications. 5/29

Garfield county schoold district Music Teacher High School/Elementary Qualifications: Required education-BS degree in music or related fieldCurrent Utah teaching License Job Description and Function: Full-time K-12 music teacher at two elementary schools and two high schools. The elementary schools participate in the Beverley Taylor Sorenson Arts Learning Program. This program is designed to integrate fine arts into the elementary curriculum. Each classroom at both elementary schools will be taught with collaboration time with the classroom teacher and prep time. The high school classes will be taught in the afternoon and the elementary classes will be taught in the morning hours. Salary $33,347 annually 183 day contract- full time position Salary negotiable based on skill, education, and experience. Insurance package provided Opening Date: May 1, 2014 Closing Date: May 30, 2014 Application Procedure: • Complete Garfield School District Application • Provide a resume of experience • Three letters of recommendation • Provide official transcripts of college and university credits • Provide a cover letter outlining special competencies related to position and your philosophy on how music influences student learning Submit Applications to: Garfield County School District, 145 East Center, PO Box 398, Panguitch, Utah 84759. Pick applications up at the District office or visit our website @ www. Garfield School District is an Equal Opportunity Employer, Affirmative Action and ADA


garfield county schoold district School Bus Driver for Hatch Route Garfield School District is now accepting applications for a school bus driver for the Hatch route. This will require morning and afternoon bus driving. This is a part-time position with no benefits. Position will begin with the 2014-2015 school year. Required training must be completed during the summer. SALARY: Beginning bus driver hourly rate according to the 2013-2014 Garfield County School District Classified Salary Schedule. ($16.44) QUALIFICATIONS: Applicants must have a current CDL, required school bus driver endorsement, and training. Must satisfactorily pass an employment background check and drug test. Applicants must work well with children. APPLICATION: Interested individuals should submit a Garfield County School District classified application. Please direct questions to Curtis Barney 435-676-1151 and applications packets to: Garfield County School District, PO Box 398, 145 East Center, Panguitch, UT 84759. Online application available: Applications will be screened and the most qualified candidates will be granted interviews. DEADLINE: Friday, May 30, 2014 5:00PM Garfield School District is an equal opportunity employer. Garfield School District reserves the right to accept or reject any or all applications.




Contact Becky Yard 676­8060 (Cowboy Collectibles)  mrs 

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Spruced Up and Ready for Summer


May 22, 2014

Where does the water live?


Sources, sinks, and flow paths in the Escalante Watershed Join us for dinner, a presentation, and open house Help Us Celebrate 5 Years!

Annette Lamb

The Escalante River Watershed Partnership is turning five in June. We will be hosting community events in conjunction with our next Partnership meeting. Please join us—there will be an evening presentation on June 3rd and community meeting and open house on June 4th all in Boulder. Every one is welcome—come learn more about the ERWP!

Teasdale resident Gary Pankow cleans the roadside outside town as part of Teasdale Park and Community Cleanup Day. TEASDALE - Many Wayne county communities are holding their annual park and community cleanup days. The Teasdale Park Board would like to thank the many volunteers who participated in the Teasdale Park and community cleanup day. It was cool, overcast, and perfect for outdoor work. Wayne county is looking forward to a great summer season. —Annette Lamb


Tuesday June 3 @Boulder Mesa Restaurant 5:30pm—Social Hour 6pm-7pm—Presentation: Where does the water live? Sources, sinks, and flow paths in the Escalante Watershed presented by: Dr. Melissa D. Masbruch, U.S. Geological Survey 7pm—Dinner Join Us! (It’s free) RSVP to Peg Smith 435-335-7481;

Wednesday June 4 @Boulder Community Center 9am-12pm—ERWP Quarterly Meeting (public welcome) 12pm-1pm—Lunch (RSVP to Peg Smith 435-335-7481; 1pm-3pm—Open house: Come learn more about the ERWP, ask questions, and celebrate 5 years with cake! Join Us! (It’s free)

BICKNELL - Bicknell Town held a cleanup day on Saturday May 10th. Volunteers painted the park pavilion, spread new wood chips in the playground area, and generally spruced up the park. Many residents also worked in their own yards and utilized dumpsters provided by the county landfill and town. Lunch was provided by the town for all those that wanted to come eat and mingle. —Gil Hunt

Security Title Company

of Garfield County

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that you can request which title company to use when buying or selling a home, or even when refinancing your mortgage?

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you would like to use Security Title Company of Garfield County.

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15 North Main St. Panguitch, UT tel 435.676.8808

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Jeni - 435-425-2217  435-690-9954

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Join us starting our summer off with a “Bang”!

8 am—1 pm GIANT YARD SALE on Main Street Be sure to visit the Panguitch Event Booths for information on upcoming events! 9 am—??? Little Britches Rodeo, Triple C Arena (free to public) 1 pm—5 pm Book Signing, Cowboy Collectibles, 57 N. Main 1 pm—Bank Robbery!! On Main Street Following that ~ The Bar G Wranglers will perform at the S & C Coral—at the Social Hall 2:30—“Author’s Corner”, S & C Corral (Author’s will discuss their books and answer questions) 4 pm—5 pm Share your family “Outlaw” Stories Best Dressed Wild West Contest (Prizes for Adult and Children 12 & Under) Face Painting & Children’s Treasure Dig

Featuring Authors Bill Betenson ~ “Butch Cassidy, My Uncle” Harvey Murdock (Grandson of Elsa Lay) ~ “The Educated Outlaw” Jerry Nickle ~ “Bringing Sundance Home, The Real Sundance Kid, My Grandfather” Robert Proctor ~ “The History of Panguitch” All proceeds from book sales will be donated to Paul Newman’s “Hole in the Wall Gang Camp” For more information please contact Becky Yard at or Cheryl Church at *All events are weather permitted and may be moved to the Social Hall

May 22, 2014 Wayne & Garfield County Insider  

The Insider is the newspaper of general circulation for Wayne & Garfield Counties, Utah.

May 22, 2014 Wayne & Garfield County Insider  

The Insider is the newspaper of general circulation for Wayne & Garfield Counties, Utah.