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2.5-Ton Floor Jack


• Low height of 3-7/8" to fit easily under a variety of vehicles

• Maximum lifting height of 23.4"

• Lift arm is contoured to allow clearance with the vehicle’s rocker panel

• Premium U-Cup seals on pumps and ram pistons for long life

• Professional one-piece handle design

• Special high-performance hydraulic oil for extreme temperatures and reduced wear

• Internal filtration with a magnet in the pump reservoir to maintain oil cleanliness

• Dual-pump pistons for speed to reach service height quickly

• Grease fittings in the front wheels, lift arm and yoke pivots for reduced wear

• Removable saddle with a rubber pad

• Front wheels have a nut and shoulder design for positive retention

• Meets ASME®-PASE 2014

2-Ton Super Low Service Jack


• 2 tonne lifting capacity with lift height of 495mm

• Foot pedal for quick lift

• Super low entry height at only 68mm

Tyre Pressure Sensor System Tool Kit


• Automatically compares sensor ID to ECU stored values

• Features vehicle-specific TPMS system relearns and resets

• Enhanced OBD-II vehicle connectivity to write sensor IDs and relearn TPM systems

• TPMS tips and repair guidance along with tool demonstration video

• Capable of storing and sharing TPMS system report and multiple customer vehicle records

• Read and clear TPMS Diagnostic Trouble Codes

• Includes replacement TPM sensor part number and image lookup for OEM and aftermarket sensors

• Features a full color 5.0" daylight readable LCD 1,280 x 720 pixel touch panel

• Includes tool, OBD cable, AC/DC power adaptor, USB cable, jump drive with owner’s manual, soft-sided carry case and quick start guide

• Includes software to program aftermarket TPM sensors

Tyre Pressure Sensor Monitoring System Tool Kit


• Relearns vehicle TPM systems by providing vehicle-specific reset procedures when a vehicle’s tyres have been rotated

• Features vehicle-specific prompts that guide the TPM system relearns following a sensor replacement

• Works in conjunction with Snap-on® diagnostic platforms to relearn sensor IDs on Asian vehicles

• Aftermarket programming software to easily replace TPM sensors with low battery life, one that is nonfunctioning or to install duplicates in summer/winter tyres

• Includes replacement TPM sensor part number lookup for OEM and aftermarket sensors

• Daylight-readable 2.8" high-resolution VGA display

• Includes a TPMSconnect portal that installs on a PC or laptop, and administers software updates

2.5-Ton Ally Race Jack


• Min height: 95mm, Max height: 485mm

• Dual pump for quick lift - 5.5 pumps to full height

Dial Type Pressure Gauge (Blue-Point®)


• Reads tyre pressure from 0-200 PSI in 0.1 PSI increments

• ±1% full-scale accuracy for precision inflation

• Backlit display, with PSI, kPa, bar and kg/m² scales

• Vinyl-coated, braided stainless steel hose for increased strength, flexibility and protection from scratching

• Three-position trigger allows the user to quickly read, inflate and bleed off tyre pressure with one hand

Instinct® Air Chuck Dual Foot GA359B • Features a comfortable Instinct® soft-grip screwdriver handle • Dual-foot chuck easily accesses inner tandem wheels • 30° reverse angle chuck can be used on outside tyres • Thread size of 1/4" MNPT with 12" overall length Tyre Thread Depth Gauge TDG16C • VOSA approved • Department of Transport accepted for MOT Testing Instinct® Tyre Valve Tool SGD107BR /BG /BO • Designed to install and remove standard tyre valve cores • Instinct® handle provides greater turning power and comfort Tyre Valve Tool TR107A/ AG/ AR • Designed to install and remove standard tyre valve cores Ask about a MEGA Warranty High2.5Performance -Ton Jack Ask why this is the you'll ever buy BEST JACK GET A GREAT DEAL ON THIS PRODUCT WHEN BOUGHT WITH A DIAGNOSTIC PLATFORM £13.00 £40.00 £12.00 £9.95 £199.00 LIMITED TIME DEALS - DON'T WAIT! 2 Visit All prices exclude VAT. Offers available while stocks last.

Fluid Service

Convenient magnet for hands-free use

TEST compression, fuel, engine oil or transmission fluid pressure up to 500 PSI or vacuum down to 30 inHg

VIEW pressure and vacuum measurement results on the backlit display

TRANSMIT wirelessly to your Bluetooth® enabled Android® or Apple® device (not included)

RECORD readings to the device during a road test and view the results back in the shop

STORE results by customer, vehicle, license plate, date, technician and more

SHARE results via shop email, text or social media— include with vehicle owner’s invoice

500 PSI Wireless Pressure Tester Set with Free App


• Includes the digital display transducer unit and all the necessary adapters in one convenient kit

1,000 PSI Wireless Diesel Pressure Tester Set with Free App EEDF700-MSTR

• Test low-side fuel pressure and compression on Powerstroke®, Cummins®, Duramax® and other light and medium duty trucks— test vacuum and more

• Gray housing helps identify diesel vs. the original red gas version

Complete Kit Plus Printer

Handheld Gas Analyser (5-Gas)


• Measures exhaust emissions for CO, CO2, O2, HC, NOx and AFR/Lambda


Cooling System Tester


• Takes less than 30 seconds to pump up to required pressure

• Quickly identifies leaks in the cooling system

Master Fuel Pressure Kit EEFI500A-EU

• Kit includes adaptors, 150 PSI gauge and a case

• User manual features updated test connection illustrations and application charts

• Designed for truck cooling systems to pressure test for leaks

• Tester achieves required 35 PSI with significantly fewer pump strokes reducing physical effort by nearly 50%

• Includes TAB10022/ 10025/ 10027/ 10084/ 10054/ 10102

Motorcycle Compression Gauge Set


• Tests motorcycles and recreational vehicles with hard-to-access spark plug ports

• 2-3/4" diameter, 300 PSI gauge assembly has superior accuracy, pressure release button and 24" flexible hose with quick coupler

• Convenient lid label shows image of components, part numbers and applications for quick and easy identification and storage

• Portable handheld 5-gas analyser for use in the bay or a road test

• For use on gasoline, LPG and CNG vehicles; ideal for emissions pre-compliance testing, vehicle servicing and diagnostic work

• Six-line illuminated display allows the user to view all exhaust emission readings simultaneously

• Provides an instant assessment of an engine vehicle exhaust and catalytic converter

• Great for pre-OBD vehicles, as well as hot rods, muscle cars, collector vehicles and race cars for measuring and adjusting the perfect air/fuel ratio

• Links to ZEUS™+, ZEUS™, VERUS®, VERUS® PRO, and VERUS®


leaks that smoke cannot locate alone

Includes a combination LED and UV light, plus special glasses 8 of the top 10 emission DTC codes can be diagnosed with this unit Smoke solution does not produce an unpleasant odor in the shop

• Set contains a tee manifold with a shutoff valve, a 3-1/2" diameter gauge assembly with a blowdown valve and the adaptors needed to test most fuel injection systems

• Dual-scale gauge with increased range to 150 PSI/1,000 kPa for newer vehicles utilizing higher pressures

Truck Coolant Refiller


• The first refiller designed specifically for large trucks and oversize systems

• Dual Venturi system has greater capacity and vacuum capability than smaller refillers

DOWNLOAD THE APP Find the app in the App Store or on Google Play and sync to the tester to take readings, diagnose and then store and share results on your mobile device. TRANSMIT WIRELESSLY TO YOUR DEVICE *Device not included Gas Analyser Easily print results using the Snap-on Hard plastic carrying case included • Printer is included with kit
Smoke EVAP Machine
Diagnostic Smoke
generalpurpose applications UltraTraceUV® non-contaminating dye solution pinpoints
EELD100A Contains
technology for EVAP testing and
£285.00 £285.00 £189.00
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£319.00 £1,835.00 £1,530.00


Battery & Electrical Service

Low Current Colour Digital Display Clamp Meter


• Measures DC V, AC V, ohms, DC A, AC A, Hz, temperature and capacitance

• Inductive amp reading: 0–100A and 0–5,000mA

Digital Hybrid Multimeter

CAT III (1,000V, CAT IV 600V Safety Rating)


• DCV (DC Volts): Measure up to 1,000V

• ACV/Hz (AC Volts & Frequency): Measure up to 1,000V AC

• CAP: Measure the capacitance of condensers and capacitors

• Hz: Measure the frequency, duty and pulse width of sensors and signals—also used to measure temperature

• AC/DC Current Functions (Amps): Measure the parasitic draw with ignition off

Multimeter/Insulation Tester





• Insulation testing of electric motor coil winding on hybrids: Checks the coating on the wires to detect leakage current that can result in poor performance or failure

• CAT III 1000V, CAT IV 600V Safety Rating

• 0.25ms Peak MAX/MIN Mode

Capture: Catches faster signals that other meters may miss

• 4,000 Count Color Display: World’s 1st DMM in color, easy on the eyes and can be seen in sunlight

Temperature Adaptor


Adds temperature capabilities to multimeters that do not have it built-in

Provides dual temperature and differential temperature measurements

Output equals 1mV per degree

Use with any multimeter with 200mV DC and/or 2V DC ranges

Borescope 5.5mm

Imager with Mirror & Magnet Accessory


• Includes mirror & magnet accessory

• Small, rugged housing designed for comfort and functionality, with a vibrant 2.5" LCD screen

High-Definition Borescope with 5.5mm Dual Imager BK7000

• End-to-end true HD provides the best image quality on the market

• Capture forward and side camera images simultaneously

• Large 5" high-resolution screen provides best-in-class viewing

• Touchscreen interface for a more familiar user experience

• HD 1,280 x 720 5.5mm dual-view imager for capturing finer details

Digital Tach/Advance Timing Light EETL500

• Clearly view each flash with patented skip circuitry for tachometer readings up to 9,900RPM, adjust engine RPM

• Patented pivoting head with a xenon strobe and dual LED flashlight makes it easy to get into tight spots

• Comes with a hard case for storage and protection

6, 8, 12V Enhanced

Battery System Tester


• Tests 6, 8 & 12V batteries rated 100–1,700 CCA; tests standard, AGM, GEL and EFB batteries

• Detects discharged battery down to 1V and displays percentage value of cold cranking amps

• Patented conductance technology

• 4' cable and medium alligator clamps

• Reverse polarity protection

• Power from vehicle or internal 9V battery

• Post/stud adaptors and zipper storage case included

Battery Charger+


• Performs a unique charge cycle for each lead-acid battery type: standard, AGM, GEL, EFB, deep cycle now with a 12V Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) mode

• Exclusive flash reprogram power supply maintains consistent OEM-specified voltage up to 100A for three minutes

• Charges lead acid 6V and 12V batteries and 24V battery packs with a 4A maintain rate, a 15A fast rate or a 60A boost mode; charges 12V LiFePO4 batteries at 4 or 15A

• Automatic microprocessor-controlled operation selects algorithm to optimise the cycle without overcharging

• In maintain and fast rates, the unit displays the vehicle battery voltage and percent of charge

• Higher working-height handle helps relieve back strain with an excellent design that looks like no other charger

• 300A engine start with a 20s crank time at the 12V setting

150A Flash Charger


• Featuring four modes: Charge, Test, Diagnostic, and Showroom

• Perfect for use with: Key coding, Remapping, ECU & Module programming, updating software, Key-on, and Engine-off (KOEO) battery support

Test Lead Kit


• Interchangeable probes permit a wider range of testing possibilities

• Right-angle 48" long test leads made from doubleinsulated silicone super-flex wire

• Spring hooks for use on 16-gauge and smaller bare wire

Traditional Digital Multimeter


• Large, easy-to-read, 2,000-count LCD display

• Ohm measure function determines coil or spark plug resistance

• Continuity buzzer tests continuity of fuses, fusible links, components and circuits

• Diode Test: Use the diode function to test the diode pack on a typical alternator

• Integrated 5.5mm highresolution imager is easy to use and ensures that the product is always ready to go

Digital Timing Light (Blue-Point®)


Multifunction timing light works on all distributorless and conventional ignition systems

Patented skip circuitry tests tachometer readings up to 9,900RPM

View, set and adjust ignition advance and retard: 0-90° Measure and adjust ignition dwell: 0-180°/2-12 cylinders

• DC Amps: Measure DC current to determine the presence of a parasitic load; measures current draw of branch circuits

• Data hold: Lock reading on the display in locations where it is difficult to read, or for future reference

4A 12V Battery Maintainer + LiFePO4



• Now able to charge 12V lithium LiFePO4 vehicle batteries and conventional lead-acid (standard, maintenance-free, AGM, gel and deep-cycle batteries)

• Fully automatic 6/12V operation, 4A charging rate

• Perfect for new car showrooms to maintain battery voltage while car accessories are turned on to show customers

• Includes a quick-connect output cord with clamp set, ring terminal set and 12V adaptor output accessories

Side View BKIMG38SV Scope with Dual 5.5mm Imager BK5600DUAL55 Front View BKIMG38FV Features Imager 5.5mm Straight (90° glass mirror and magnet retrieval included) Imager Length 36" (914mm) Power Supply (6) AA Batteries Video Out No Imager Resolution 640 x 480 Screen 480 x 272 Backlit LED Touchscreen Screen Size 4.3" (109mm) Records Video No Captures Images Yes Internal Memory No External Memory SD Card Data Transfer No
3.8mm HD Imagers GET INTO MUCH TIGHTER SPACES AND SEE EVEN MORE THAN STANDARD 5.5mm IMAGERS • For use on BK5600, BK6500, BK8000 and BK8500 digital borescopes
£199.00 £199.00 £259.00 £349.00 £429.00 £949.00 £85.00 £125.35 £29.00 £384.10 £365.00 £169.00 £115.00 LIMITED TIME DEALS - DON'T WAIT! 4 Visit All prices exclude VAT. Offers available while stocks last.


160Amp MIG Welder


• Portable inverter MIG & MMA welder with 230V AC input

• 30Amp - 160Amp MIG welding output

• 15Amp - 120Amp MMA welding output

Can be used with: 0.6mm and 0.8mm MIG wire gasless flux core wire

1.6mm - 3.2mm MMA electrodes

180Amp MIG Welder


• Comes complete with 3m MIG torch, Argon gas regulator and detachable work return lead and clamp

• Full high quality electronic inverter control, gives stepless adjustment Of voltage and wire speed for the very best welding conditions in all applications across the entire output range

• Digital ammeter for visual indication of welding power

• Welds thin automotive materials and thicker steel up to 4mm

10hp 400V Belt Drive Compressor WSA40-270S

10hp 400V Screw Compressor WS4152040061


230V Air Plasma Cutter


• Adjustable output for cutting thickness or travel speed

• Rugged yet simple and user friendly design allows for ease of use in any plasma cutting operation

• Variable adjustable output allows you to have much finer control over your cuts

• Requires compressed air supply (4 CFM @ 5 bar)

• Supplied with torch and air regulator

Welding/Plasma Cart with Single Tank Storage


• Stores MIG/TIG welders and plasma cutters, along with accessories and consumables

• Sturdy design has a total weight limit of 165lb

• Multiple cord hooks provide storage

• Stores a single cylinder of shielding gas

7.5hp 400V Belt Drive Compressor


3hp 230V 90L Compressor



Adjustable Auto Darkening Welding Helmet with Grind Feature EFP2MORBID

• 180˚ welding lens, along with four-sensor high-quality auto-darkening filters with grind, sensitivity and delay controls, plus low-battery and grind flash warning indicators

• Low profile provides access to tighter spaces with minimal strain

Auto Darkening Welding Helmet with External Shade Control


• 180° welding lens, along with four-sensor, high-quality auto-darkening filters with grind, sensitivity and delay controls, plus low-battery and grind flash warning indicators

• Low profile provides access to tighter spaces with minimal strain

• True Color Technology gives much better viewing clarity and light

Auto Darkening Welding Helmet with External Shade Control


• Convenient external shade controls and grind lockout mode

• Solar-powered lens with easily replaceable AAA battery backup

• Dual adjustable shade modes (#5–8 & 9–13)

• Sensitivity and delay adjustments

• Four wide-angle arc sensors

Auto Darkening Welding Helmet

Grind Feature & Wide-View Lens


• Fully-adjustable auto-darkening welding helmet with a high-definition lens has the most clarity, and widest viewing area

Red Welding Gloves (Blue-Point®)


• Help protect hands from sparks when welding

• Leather construction with insulation for heat protection

• Reinforced palm for durability

• Four arc sensors provide a wide range to trigger the lens under multiple welding processes

• Grind lockout feature doubles as a face shield

• Up to shade DIN 16UV protection at all times

• 1/25,000th of a second from light to dark

WSA40-270S WS4152040061 WSA30-270S WSAV3-90P Tank Size 270LTR 270LTR 270LTR 90LTR Horsepower 10HP 10HP 7.5HP 3HP Input Power 400V 400V 400V 230V Max Pressure 145PSI 145PSI 145PSI 145PSI Air Displacement 39CFM 34.1CFM 29.8CFM 13CFM
£1,019.00 £14.00 £169.00 £399.00 £399.00 £199.00 £199.00
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Body Repair


Heavy-Duty Manual Interchangeable

Master Puller Set CJ2500

Puller Sets

• Easy to use: Spring loaded locking mechanism allows the puller jaws to easily lock onto work surface for both “inside” and “outside” pulling applications, preventing the puller from slipping off the application—two-handed operation without the use of tools

• Interchangeability: Reversible jaw design, two-position yokes that accommodate multiple jaw lengths, spring loaded mechanism allows quick changeover without the disassembly of the puller and without the need of nuts and bolts resulting in faster set-ups and fewer man-hours

General Purpose Slide

Hammer Sets



• Slide screw threads are standard and interchangeable with many Snap-on® puller yokes

• Slide screw has rolled threads instead of cut threads for optimum strength and durability

• Slide screw is heat-treated for optimum strength and durability

• Industrial finish helps protect against corrosion (slide screw)

• Ergonomic handle grip

Heavy-Duty General Purpose 33/4lb

Slide Hammer Foam Set CJ270HMRFR

General Purpose 21/2lb Slide Hammer Foam Set CJ250HMRFR

1 HP Heavy-Duty 3" Cut-Off Tool

• 25,000RPM for maximum performance and stall torque

• Powerful, efficient, thermally balanced air motor cools internal components Green PTC430G Red PTC430 Orange PTC430O Hi-Viz PTC430HV Gun Metal PTC430GM


General Purpose Puller Set CJ250

Multi-Piece Lockout Kit (Blue-Point®)


• Includes three-piece door unlocking tool that screws together with a connector sleeve for easy assembly and storage

• Also includes plastic slim jim, two plastic wedges to create a gap between door and frame without damaging door or weather stripping and BF272 Inflatable Wedge

• No danger of airbag activation or disconnected door linkages

• Actuate the door handle, manual lock button, or electric lock button on 98% of all cars and trucks

• Use the BF272 to easily separate door from body without damage to the vehicle

1/2 HP 3" Cut-Off Tool


• 23,000 RPM for maximum performance and stall torque

• Adjustable cutting wheel guard rotates to any safe and convenient position

• Adjustable regulator matches tool speed to job requirements

3" Reversible Cut-Off Tool (Blue-Point®)


• Spark direction control

• Built-in speed regulator for fine tuning

Vinyl Cutter (Blue-Point®)


• Cleanly cuts plastic, rubber, vinyl, upholstery, leather, hoses and rope

• Ergonomic grip handle with safety lock

• Blade storage in handle

• Includes (3) replacement blades

Rivet Tool (Blue-Point®)


• Head swivels 360° to rivet at any angle

• Fastens metal, leather, canvas and vinyl

• Sets 3/32, 1/8, 5/32 and 3/16" rivets

• Four interchangeable nosepieces store in handle when not in use

Recessed Body Clip Pliers (Blue-Point®)


• Removes most clip types from trim & bumpers

• Ergonomic tool with special angled tips for access to tight spaces

• 9" long; 1-1/2" jaw length

£1,589.00 £325.00 £99.00 £210.00 £220.00 £49.00 £29.00 £31.00 £175.00 £119.00 £155.00 LIMITED TIME DEALS - DON'T WAIT! 6 Visit All prices exclude VAT. Offers available while stocks last.

Pneumatic Tools

3/8" Drive Super-Duty Long Neck

Air Ratchets PTR768

• 70 ft-lb of torque removes stubborn fasteners

• Easily withstands 158 ft-lb of manual torque

• 275RPM free speed for fast removal and installation of fasteners

• Cushion grip handle for positive tool control

• Dual pawls for added strength

• Stop lock pins prevent ratchet lock up

• Steel wear bushing reduces ratchet head wear

3/8" Drive Mini Air Ratchet


TakingTrades on these Products

1/3 HP Mini Die Grinder

• Built-in 10-position air regulator provides the ability to dial in exact speed for a specific application

• Adjustable rear exhaust allows user to direct airflow away from work area

Hi-Viz PTGR100HV

Gun Metal PTGR100GM

3/8" Angle Drill (Blue-Point®)


• Convenient one-handed push-button forward/reverse operation

Mini Right Angle Air Drill


• Compact head for access to tight spaces

• Low spindle runout for precise drilling


3/8" Drive Mini Impacting Ratchet Wrench (Blue-Point®)


• 40ft-lb torque

1/2" Reversible Drill (Blue-Point®) AT5000

• Variable-speed trigger

3/8" Drive Stubby Air Impact Wrench

• 950Nm of bolt breakaway torque and 678Nm of working torque

• Compact design for greater access in tight spaces

• Features a jumbo hammer for added durability





10 Tonne Body Jack Set


• Sets are portable for easy usage in shop or on the road.

10 ton set has wheels for easy movement

• Designed for applications of pushing, spreading and pressing of vehicle body panels as well as various component parts and assemblies

2,000KG Engine Crane


• Min height - 1,800mm, max height2,130mm

• Folds to a highly compact form-factor to save floor space when not in use


Metric/ Imperial Steel Ruler


• 12" stainless steel rule

• Metric edge is etched with mm and cm increments

HI-FLO Venturi Tip Blow Gun


• Nozzle delivers up to 21CFM

Digital Rotor Gauge (Blue-Point®)


• Measures brake rotors and ball joints

• Pointed anvil and 3-1/2" long arms for increased measurement accuracy and coverage

• 0–140mm range; 0.01mm graduations

Digital Contact/ Non-Contact Laser




• Ideal for use on fan or serpentine belts, industrial equipment, race cars, marine, motorsports, ATV, big rig engines and more

• Obtains RPM readings up to 25' away from its target

• Uses standard 9V batteries


• Measures gap by sliding gauge between center and side electrode of spark plugs

• Graduated ramp measures gaps in inches and millimeters

• Range is 0.55–2mm

• Gap can be adjusted using slot at the end of ramp gauge

10 pc Soft Grip Terminal Tool Set

Red SGTT110B

• Includes SGTT1B–SGTT10B terminal tools in a storage tray

Green PT338G Red PT338 Hi-Viz PT338HV
SPECIFICATION Boom Position Max Height Max Weight 1 1,800mm 2,000kg 2 1,910mm 1,500kg 3 2,020mm 1,000kg 4 2,130mm
Orange FBP2ORG Hi-Viz FBP2HV Green FBP2GRN Red FBP2 Ramp
£520.00 £315.00 £10.00 £95.00 £299.00 £230.00 £249.00 £175.00 £309.00 £199.00 £249.00 £10.00 £110.00 £39.00 £129.00 £179.00 LIMITED TIME DEALS - DON'T WAIT! Snap-on UK & Ireland All prices exclude VAT. Offers available while stocks last.


• Main light with 3600 lighting

• Powerful output for main light reaches 275lm; spotlight provides 140lm of output

• Size: 170mm X 21mm



• Powerful output of main light reaches 425lm; spotlight provides 200lm of output

• Size: 220mm X27mm

550 Lumen Auto-Focus Light


• Handheld unit with integrated dual light source provide flood lighting and spotlighting

• Lighting output intelligently adjusts in auto-focus mode, detecting the distance change from object to light source within 40cm; automatic highest lighting output over 40cm

Roadside Hazard Light


• Two-in-one lamp: flashlight and flare light

• 250lm flashlight and 80lm output for flare light

300 Lumen Articulating

Precision Lights ECSPA032

• 18" hose design adjusts to any angle

• Strong built-in magnets on the base enable hands-free use

• Built-in magnets on the bottom for hands-free use

360° rotating head and 180° swivel clip Magnets on the clip provide additional mounting options

• Spring-loaded clamping arms

• Fully rechargeable LED light

Red ECSPF032

Green ECSPF032G

Conversion Light


• Dual-sided light with spotlight: 600lm each inside and outside bars, 900lm with both bars on; 350lm spotlight

• 270° folding design offers the ultimate in flexible positioning

• Strong magnet on bottom and back for hands-free use

Orange ECSPF032O

• Variable-brightness switch with memory function provides maximum versatility; press and hold the power button to set

275 Lumen Magnetic Mountable Headlamp ECHDB022UK

• Easily remove the light from its band and attach it to other locations with built-in magnet



Wireless Charging

300Lm Flashlight ECFLD030

• IP65-rated for water and dust resistance

• Dimmable switch with memory function;

Black ECSPF032B Black

• Works with the Snap-on® ECFLPRA0 Charging Base

• Easy positioning of the lamp on panels with magnets

300 Lumen Wireless Charge

Two-hour run time at 300lm

USB-C charging cord included; also compatible with Snap-on® charging pads

Flexible pocket clip can be slipped in & out Magnet on the back for hands-free use

• Dimmable switch with memory function on the main light; press and hold to activate

700 Lumen Project Light

• Aircraft-grade aluminum alloy lasts in the toughest environments

• Variable brightness switch (0–100%) gives the ability to select the right amount of light for every situation

• 10-hour operation time on low; 1-hour on high

• IP65-rated for water and dust resistance

• Battery "fuel gauge" provides the ability to instantly know how much power is remaining




10W Mini Magnetic Floodlight


• Maximum 1,000lm output illuminates work area

• Colour temperature adjusts from 3,0005,500K, adapt to different applications

• 360⁰ rotation provides perfect lighting angle

• Built-in magnets for

design Fastcharge 400 Lumen Project Light • Ultra-fast charging, with 80% of capacity in 20 minutes; fully charged in less than 30 minutes • 360° swivel bracket with strong magnets • Strong, durable quality light that features a protective bumper • 3-hour run time at 450lm; • 8 hours at 160lm Lighting
hands free use • Use on most surfaces with non-slip clamp
Flexible & Posable Head
Full In
Fast Charging £77.00 £29.00 £45.00 £89.00 £70.00 £49.00 £79.00 £99.00 £47.00 £87.00 £66.00 £56.00 £99.00 LIMITED TIME DEALS - DON'T WAIT! 8 Visit All prices exclude VAT. Offers available while stocks last.
And Magnetic
Only 20 Minutes

Cordless Power Tools


Tool Kit CTR814U2

• Kit includes tool, (2) batteries and charger as shown

305Nm Breakaway Torque

+ One Battery CTR814W1

• Charger not included

14.4V 1/4" Drive MicroLithium

Cordless Impact Wrench


• 135Nm of bolt breakaway torque and 95Nm of working torque

• Variable-speed standard-style trigger for precise control

• Tri-beam headlight illuminates the work

• Built-in brake prevents the tool from throwing fasteners and sockets

• Over current and thermal protection of the motor prevents tool from overheating

• Under voltage protection will not overdraw the battery


14.4V 1/4" Drive MicroLithium

Cordless Impact Wrench CT825W1

• 305Nm of bolt breakaway torque and 203Nm of torque output

• Variable-speed toggle-style trigger for precise tool control

• Tri-beam LED headlight illuminates work area

• Brushless motor for longer run time and durability

• Glass-filled nylon housing for durability

Tool Kit CT861U2

• Includes tool, 2 batteries and charger as shown

Tool Only CT861DB

1,355Nm Breakaway Torque

14.4 V 1/4" Drive

MicroLithium LongNeck Ratchet

• 35ft-lb of torque output, perfect for applications with fasteners 12mm or smaller

• 350RPM free speed removes fasteners rapidly

• Variable-speed trigger for precise tool control

• Built-in LED illuminates work

• Long 6" extended neck for great accessibility

• Brushless motor means superior durability, longer tool life & maximum run time



• 200in-lb of torque output

• Two-speed gearbox: 450/1,550 RPM

• Brushless motor for longer run time and durability

• 300in-lb manual spindle lock

• Twin-beam headlight illuminates work area

• Built-in fuel gauge indicates battery state of charge

• Includes tool, (2) batteries & a charger

18V 1/2" MonsterLithium Cordless Drill

• 53Nm of torque output

• Two-speed gearbox—420 and 2,000 RPM

• Keyless 1/2" single-sleeve metal chuck

• Drill mode plus 18 clutch settings adjust for your particular application

• Brushless motor for longer run time and durability

• Variable-speed trigger for precise tool control

• Super bright 100lm LED light output

Tool Kit CDR9015U2

Tool Only


• This set includes the tool only Hammer Tool Only CDR9050DB/ GDB

14.4V MicroLithium Cordless Floodlight


Hammer Tool Kit CDR9050U2

18V 1/2" Drive MonsterLithium Cordless Impact Wrench

• 1,000ft-lb (1,355N·m) of bolt breakaway torque and 800ft-lb (1,085N·m) of working torque output

• Three torque settings adapt to various applications

• Super bright 100lm LED light output

• This set includes the tool only



18V 1/2" Drive MonsterLithium Cordless Impact Wrench

• 1,952Nm of bolt breakaway torque and 1,423Nm of torque output

• Three torque settings adapt to various applications

• Super bright 100lm LED light output

1,952Nm Breakaway Torque



• Built-in brake prevents tool from throwing fasteners and sockets LIGHT

• 15-hour run time at minimum brightness; 3 hours at maximum

• Works with CTB8174 battery pack (item sold separately)

• Unique hinged design allows for up to 120° of adjustment

• Variable-brightness switch with memory function

• Strong magnet on the bottom

• IP54 resistant to water and dust infiltration

14.4V MicroLithium 700 Lumen Shop Light CTLSH861

• 700lm light bar and 200lm spotlight

• 10-minute low battery warning indicator

• 4-hour run time at the highest brightness; 14-hour run time at the lowest brightness

• 200lm spotlight run time of approximately 11 hours

Hammer + One Battery CDR9050W1
CT861W1 • Batteries and charger not included
+ One Battery CDR9015W1/
• Kit includes tool, (2) batteries and charger as shown + One Battery CTR817W1 • Charger not included
Tool Kit CTR817U2
14.4V 1/4" Drive MicroLithium Cordless Ratchet • 35ft-lb of working torque, perfect for applications with fasteners 12mm or smaller • 350RPM free speed removes fasteners rapidly • Brushless motor for longer run time and durability • Integrated LED headlight illuminates area • Variable-speed trigger for precise tool control 14.4V 1/4" Hex MicroLithium Cordless Toggle Screwdriver Kit CTS861BKW1
£59.00 £105.00
LIMITED TIME DEALS - DON'T WAIT! Snap-on UK & Ireland All prices exclude VAT. Offers available while stocks last.

Shop Essentials

Polymer Roll Cart KRP1HD

• Heavy-duty polymer construction will not scratch painted surfaces, will not corrode and is nonconductive

• Top slides in either direction to reveal storage compartment and work surface underneath

• Built-in tool holders in handles accept wide variety of screwdrivers, small prybars, pliers and other smallto-medium hand tools

• Drain plugs in both upper and lower trays facilitate cleanup

• Each tray has 160lb (73kg) load capacity

Blue-Point® Roll Cart

• 150lb load capacity

• Rugged construction with rolled edges and welded post holders

• 4 x 11/8" casters, two locking and two standard

• Trays feature rolled edges for improved strength and rigidity

• Trays measure 30" W x 17" D

• Casters are 4 x 11/8" (two locking and two standard)

Automotive Service Tray


• Leg clearance of 25" allows service tray to slide under hood from the front or side of vehicle

• Height adjustable support post (36.5–48.6") allows tray to clear fender or front end on most vehicles

• Removable parts tray and screwdriver holders built into the tray

• Protective bumpers included for the support post

• Tray will hold maximum of 125lb and the drawer 25lb

Fender Cover JCK7DBL

• Measures 26" x 36"

• For use on shorter fenders of most new vehicles

• High-density sponge rubber laminated to vinyl provides better protection and adherence to the fender

Weighted Fender


• Strategically placed sandbags secure cover in place to maximize protection and minimize overhang without magnets or sticky materials that attract metal shavings and are hard to clean

• PVC with carbon fiber pattern is easy to clean and resists chemicals

• Extra-large 48" x 26" area for superb coverage

High-Power Magnetic Mat (Black) MAGMATXL

Extra long 24", with innovative hinge design to fold in half for increased holding power or convenient storage

Ideal for use on vehicle lifts, tool carts, hutches, lockers and other ferrous surfaces

High-power rare earth magnets hold tools and parts securely in place

Flexible mat is easy to transport between tool box and workspace

10" Collapsible Magnetic Dish MAGDISH10

• 10" magnetic dish is ideal for storing loose tools, parts, hardware and fasteners

• Can be expanded to maximize storage or collapsed when not in use

• Strong neodymium magnets

• Soft silicone material will not scratch surfaces

• Easy to wipe clean

Fender Cover (Red) JCK8

• Measures 26" x 36"

• Non-slip, non-absorbent surface conforms to the fender of any vehicle

Truck Service Tray PLUS


• New taller design means it can be used on trucks

• Wider base to handle the taller height; provides better stability

• Large, heavy-duty casters for easier moving

• Top is able to rotate approximately 45° slightly left or right of center

• Hang more accessories with the larger top tray side wall/lip

• Larger tray provides more surface space

Neoprene Fender Cover

• Smooth 4mm 35" x 24" neoprene with a non-slip backing

• 12" ties attach to the vehicle offering security while working

• Can be rolled up and tied for easy storage

• Handy open front pocket holds loose fasteners

• Side loops and end pockets secure tools, keeping them within reach

Flexible Magnetic Trays and Mats

• High-power, rare earth magnets hold tools and parts securely in place

• Flexible design is easy to lift and move to work location

• Made with premium, faux carbon-fiber PVC outer material that resists punctures and common shop fluids

• Inner foam membrane improves durability and provides structure

Roll Cart Red KRBC2TD Roll Cart Black KRBC2TDPC Roll Cart Blue KRBC2TDPCM
£205.00 £309.00 £409.00 £156.00 £156.00 £156.00
£99.00 Folding Magnetic Tray MAGTRAY • 10" L x 10" W Mini Magnetic Mat MAGMINI • 4.5" L x 4.5" W Magnetic Strip MAGSTRIP
12" L x 2" W Micro Magnetic Mat MAGMICRO • 2" L x 2" W
Magnetic Mat MAGMAT
8" L x 11" W
£25.00 £10.00 £55.00 £26.00 £48.00
£47.00 £33.45 £45.00 £29.00 £54.00 LIMITED TIME DEALS - DON'T WAIT! 10 Visit All prices exclude VAT. Offers available while stocks last.

Shop Essentials

12 Rings

and comfortable

• Elastic cuff provides a secure fit with easy on/off flexibility

• Reinforced thumb and index finger provide added durability

• Anatomically designed two-piece palm eliminates typical material bunching

• Touchscreen-capable fingers, palm and index finger knuckle

Small GLOVE300BS X-Large

Medium GLOVE300BM

Large GLOVE300BL


Impact Supercuff® Glove (Red)

• SuperCuff® design provides a super comfortable, snug and secure fit without restricting wrist and hand movement

• New reduced seam design for the index finger

• Full finger dorsal thermoplastic rubber (TPR) protection

• New two-layer fingertips for longer life

• Silicone-printed Snap-on® logo on palm

• TPR stitching instead of sonic welding increases flexibility

• Textured reinforcements on palm side finger tips for better grip

Heat & Flame Resistant Glove

Kevlar® material on back protects user from heat and flame exposure

Kovenex® fabric palm liner provides high heat resistance; commonly used in firefighter protective gear, material may char but will not ignite

Flame-resistant treated goatskin leather palm and fingertips with Kevlar® backers provides the perfect combination of protection and dexterity

Stretch-elastic cuffs provide easy glove removal

Ideal for handling hot material and parts—such as brake rotors, exhaust components—or for hot engine tear-down

Snap-on Heavy Duty Sports Jacket


• Flexible, allowing for a full range of motion while performing tasks

• Features high durability construction and materials to provide an optimal product lifespan

• The perfect work attire for winter months, allowing you to operate in sub-optimal weather conditions with minimal restriction to any operational situations

Range Of Sizes Available





Durable Top Layer Keeps You Warm While You Work!




£29.00 £72.00 £37.00 £37.00
LIMITED TIME DEALS - DON'T WAIT! Snap-on UK & Ireland All prices exclude VAT. Offers available while stocks last.

MOT Testing

Seeing a surge in MOT demand?

Are you missing out?


The Sun® ATL is a DVSA-approved automated test lane system for one-person operated MOT testing for class IV and VII (with optional class I, II, II and VL upgrades available). At the heart of the Sun ATL is the DGA6000 LINK, which integrates all of your MOT testing equipment together with the DVSA’s MOT Testing System (MTS) to reduce errors and make the entire process quicker and more efficient.

ATL Package + Service Package


• Connected: Use as your DVSA MOT Testing System (MTS) device. Meets the latest regulations for connected MOT testing to eliminate data entry errors and provide fast and accurate results

• User-friendly: The workstation features intuitive software requiring minimal training and guides the technician through the testing process simply and efficiently

• Efficiency: The Sun ATL has been engineered from start to finish to make your MOT testing process fast and reliable. By seamlessly integrating all your MOT testing equipment, it streamlines training, setup, and daily processes, saving technicians valuable time

• Dual revenue capabilities: The four-post lift has integrated rear slip plates for wheel alignment procedures (alignment equipment is an optional upgrade)

5-Year Peace of Mind Deal

DGA6000 LINK Connected Emissions Analyser Class IV or VII Connected Roller Brake Tester DVSA Approved Headlight Beam Tester Jacking Beam – 2000kg or 2800kg
to your Snap-on franchisee or technical representative or alternatively register your interest here
• Calibrations • Routine maintenance • Parts and labour warranty AVAILABLE All prices in this flyer exclude VAT at 20%. Items are available from participating Snap-on Franchisees for a limited time while stocks last. Price, availability and specifications may change without notice. Actual colour may not be accurate due to print process. Errors and omissions excepted. Snap-on® and Blue-Point® are registered trademarks of Snap-on Inc. Other trademarks are the property of their respective registered proprietors. © Snap-on UK Holdings Ltd 2023 LIMITED TIME DEALS - DON'T WAIT! Visit
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