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2010-2011 INVESTORS’


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From the President


From the Chair of the Board of Trustees


Board of Trustees


The Source of Saint Mary’s Support


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Saint Mary’s University Investors’ Report 2010-2011

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2010-2011 INVESTORS’


A message from the President “Be convinced of what Saint Paul says, that you plant and water the seed, but it is God through Jesus Christ who makes it grow, that He is the one who brings it to fulfillment.” These words of Saint John Baptist de La Salle express my deepest belief that my work, and our work together as Saint Mary’s University faculty and staff, is truly to “plant and water” the seeds of faith and knowledge in the hearts and lives of our students. You, our benefactors, share in this most important work. Together, we promote the education of over 6,000 students in Minneapolis, in Winona, across Minnesota and Wisconsin, in Jamaica, and in Nairobi, Kenya. We nurture and guide our students, preparing them to lead lives of service and leadership. I am privileged to serve as President of Saint Mary’s University during this dynamic and historic time. As we launch the Centennial year in June 2012, I believe the university is strong, vibrant, and excellent in the variety of ways that it provides meaningful teaching and significant learning at the undergraduate and graduate levels. We have made significant strides in the past year in the areas of increased student enrollment and retention; visibility in the Twin Cities; excellent teaching, as demonstrated in outstanding ranking on the National Survey of Student Engagement; increased opportunities for deepening our Lasallian Catholic heritage; and strengthened economic well-being through your many gifts and partnerships. As we began the current academic year, I provided the university community with a focused agenda for continued excellence. I share it here to invite your support and participation. To move forward in strategic and excellent ways, we need to: • • • •

Successfully complete a dynamic strategic plan Maintain a strong academic environment Enhance communications and marketing Continue to attend to and nurture our Lasallian heritage • Seize the opportunity of the Centennial to launch us into a second 100 years As I meet with our alums and other friends, they share very personal and unique stories about their experience of this university. I am immensely proud of the work we all do together. It is inspiring for me to hear how much these constituents value their education, how much they appreciate the attention and


support they received, and how they are motivated to stay connected with their alma mater. It is once again my honor to thank our philanthropic partners and to celebrate the support they have shown to Saint Mary’s and our students through this annual Investors’ Report. De La Salle’s quotation at the beginning of this letter reminds us not only of God’s provident care but also of the necessity of our own work and careful stewardship in any good that is accomplished. With the concerted effort of each member of the Saint Mary’s University community, with the support of our extended network of partners, and relying on God’s abiding love and presence, we will continue to build on the first 100 years of this wonderful university in a strong and excellent manner, and be confidently positioned to begin the second 100 years with faith and zeal. Saint John Baptist de La Salle, pray for us. Mary, patroness of our university, pray for us. Live Jesus in our hearts, forever.

Brother William Mann, FSC President

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A message from the Board Chair 4

Saint Mary’s now boasts more than 40,000 alumni. We’ve grown from a small school for boys in Winona to a complex, dynamic, global university offering a multitude of programs and conferring bachelor, master and doctoral degrees on multiple campuses. For all of us, Saint Mary’s has meant more than just the “place” where we received our degree. Along with an SMU degree come memories of classmates or cohorts, dedicated professors, and a relevant and challenging education; these memories last a lifetime. The educational mission of the university is grounded in the inspiration of John Baptist de La Salle, the patron saint of educators and the founder of the Brothers of the Christian Schools. De La Salle believed in making education accessible to all, regardless of background or financial status. Under the leadership of Brother William, Saint Mary’s Lasallian Catholic heritage is strong. I am especially proud that Saint Mary’s graduates are prepared to be ethical leaders in today’s tumultuous world. I am pleased to report that over the course of the 2010-11 year, nearly $6 million was contributed to Saint Mary’s through the generosity of thousands of benefactors. Some dedicated their contributions to specific areas of the university – from the arts to athletics, from the First-Generation Initiative to Lasallian Formation. Others directed their donations to the Saint Mary’s Fund, which strengthens the university's overall ability to empower, awaken, and nurture learners to lives of service and leadership. These gifts have an immediate impact on the campus community and support the university’s highest priorities.

As our Centennial approaches in 2012-13, Saint Mary’s is planning a yearlong calendar of events to honor our rich heritage and the many people who have helped Saint Mary’s thrive during the past 100 years. The Centennial is also a tremendous opportunity to dream, to plan, and to celebrate the future of this excellent educational institution. We sincerely hope you will join us in both honoring the past and helping us create the next 100 years of excellence. We are all humbled by your generosity and confidence in the university. Please know how much we appreciate your gifts and know that your generosity is never taken for granted. We thank the many alumni and friends who have shared their time and talents with us in the past year in a variety of significant ways. Together, we are positioning this university to provide another 100 years of transforming education. Thank you!≠

Michael Gostomski ’62 Chair Board of Trustees

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2010-2011 INVESTORS’



Michael Gostomski ’62 President, WHV, Inc. Winona, Minn. BOARD VICE CHAIR

James L. Coogan ’69 Hinsdale, Ill. PRESIDENT

Brother William Mann, FSC Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota Winona, Minn. SECRETARY

Celeste L. Suchocki President & CEO SCI Advisory Group Valley View, Ohio TREASURER

Joseph J. Ross ’67, J.D. Naperville, Ill. ASSISTANT TREASURER

Cynthia Marek Vice President for Financial Affairs Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota Winona, Minn. ASSISTANT SECRETARY

Mary Becker Administrative Assistant to the President Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota Winona, Minn.

Brother Gustavo Ramirez Barba, FSC, Ed.D. Visitor of the District of North Mexico Brothers of the Christian Schools México Mary Burrichter Finance Director for City of Winona Winona City Hall Winona, Minn. Brother William Clarey, FSC ’62 Saint Paul, Minn. Brother Michael Collins, FSC ’59, Ed.D. President DeLaSalle High School Minneapolis, Minn. Michael G. Dougherty ’76, J.D. President Severson, Sheldon, Dougherty & Molenda, P.A Apple Valley, Minn. Thomas E. Dyer ’67 Whitefish Bay, Wis.

Marilyn Frost, Ph.D. Winona, Minn.

Mary Ann (Wera CST’64) Remick Rochester, Minn.

Karen George ’76, J.D. Managing Consultant John F. Brown Company Plymouth, Minn.

Terrance K. Russell ’76 Executive Vice President and Mid-America Region Manager Guy Carpenter & Company, LLC Edina, Minn.

William Herzog ’70 Managing Partner Course Charters LLC Apple Valley, Minn. Mark Jacobs President Watkins, Inc. Winona, Minn. Linda A. Kuczma ’78, J.D. Administrative Trademark Judge U.S. Patent and Trademark Office Alexandria, Va. Brother Michael McKenery, FSC ’84 President La Salle Academy Providence, R.I. Paul J. Meyer ’64, J.D. President and CEO Clear Channel Digital Phoenix, AZ 85016 Brother Frederick Mueller, FSC, Ed.D. Coordinator for Faculty/Staff Professional Development and Lasallian Formation La Salle Academy Providence, R.I. Kaye O’Leary Principal Tevera Consulting Wayzata, Minn. Salvatore F. Polizzotto ’67 Partner Gonser Gerber Tinker Stuhr Naperville, Ill. Brother David Poos, FSC Principal Christian Brothers College High School St. Louis, Mo.

Patrick A. Salvi ’75, J.D. Managing Partner Salvi, Schostok & Pritchard P.C. Waukegan, Ill. Brother Larry Schatz, FSC Visitor of the Midwest District Brothers of the Christian Schools Burr Ridge, Ill. Brother Robert Schieler, FSC General Counselor Christian Brothers Conference Washington, D.C. Sandra (Kaiser CST’72) Simon KJ Investment LLC Chicago, Ill. Michael Slaggie ’93 President Slaggie Capital Group Winona, Minn. John Smarrelli, Jr. President Christian Brothers University Memphis, Tenn. Walter E. Smithe, III ’81 President Walter E. Smithe Furniture Itasca, Ill.

TRUSTEES EMERITI Lyle Delwiche Clearwater, Fla. Thomas F. Meagher ’53 Burr Ridge, Ill. Loras “Red” Sieve ’60 Edina, Minn.

Hamid Quraishi President HASSQ Consulting Company Winona, Minn.

David Thies ’59 President Thies & Talle Management, Inc. Chanhassen, Minn.

Richard J. Reedy ’76 Partner Four Corners Group Durango, Colo.

Bernie Wagnild President Valley Automotive Group Apple Valley, Minn.


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Commitment, noun. (1) an agreem in the future; especially an engage obligation at a future date. (3) The emotionally or intellectually to a c person or persons. Synonyms: alle devotedness, faithfulness, loyalty, s

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2010-2011 INVESTORS’



ment or pledge to do something gement. (2) To assume a financial he state of being bound course of action or to another legiance, attachment, dedication, , steadfastness.

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2010-2011 INVESTORS’


The Source of Saint Mary’s Support Loyal donors with a track record of giving are critical to the university’s future


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Sarah Weir ’10

Jim ’61 and Lynn Casimir

The Saint Mary’s students who will benefit from 2010 graduate Sarah Weir’s planned gift haven’t been born yet. Jim Casimir ’61 and his class commemorated their 50th anniversary with a transformational gift that they hope will help build the university’s endowment. Separated by nearly 50 years, these alumni share a common commitment: to provide Saint Mary’s University students of the future with the same educational opportunities they’ve had. These alums — along with countless other benefactors — say their lives have been enriched by their experiences at Saint Mary’s.

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2010-2011 INVESTORS’



Derrick ’96 and Alyssa (Gostomski ’98) Carter


aint Mary’s benefactors are diverse and have a variety of reasons for financially supporting the university — or a specific area that is near and dear to their hearts. But each of them believes in Saint Mary’s mission to awaken, nurture and empower learners to ethical lives of service and leadership. Whether undergraduate or graduate alumni, and whether they attended classes in the Twin Cities, Winona, Apple Valley, Rochester, Oakdale, Minnetonka or even Nairobi or Jamaica, alumni appreciate the university’s frequently touted smaller class sizes, individualized attention and friendly atmosphere. And, they appreciate a quality, faith-based education that has helped shape them, defined their values, and prepared them for their careers, their families and their communities. “Saint Mary’s helped shape who I am now,” said Derrick Carter ’96, who is giving back to Saint Mary’s by helping the next generation of first-generation college students on campus. Weir agrees: “I am who I am today because of this place and the people I met,” she said. With the centennial just around the corner in 2012, Saint Mary’s University is especially appreciative of the financial support provided by its many partners, which will strengthen this university as it positions itself for the future. Every dollar counts, as do the countless hours alumni and friends spend serving on boards and committees, speaking to classes, advising

Russ Michaletz

students and shaping our future. Russ Michaletz, vice chair of the SGPP Council of Regents, is sharing his diverse experience to help the SGPP excel in the competitive arena of higher education. Jim Cooney ’60 tells others, “Try it, you’ll like it. There’s such a good feeling you get when you give and help others out. You feel like you’re helping someone. It’s a good feeling, especially when it’s a good cause.” Alyssa (Gostomski ’98) Carter quotes her husband’s grandmother with some sage advice: “Don’t block your blessing.” “I take it to mean that when you are blessed with something, it’s also your responsibility to help others. It’s one of my favorite quotes,” she said. Her husband, Derrick Carter, adds, “What’s little to you might be huge to someone else. And if you’re not in a position to give, there are so many other ways you can give back.” Weir suggests that alumni examine the possibilities of sharing their experiences in the classrooms or serve on committees. But, she adds with a laugh, financial contributions are also appreciated. “I want to perpetuate the experience that I had,” she said. “There are so many different places you can put your money; find the thing that you’re passionate about.” Michael ’66 and Claudia (Drvota CST’68) Dooley said simply, “We feel like we’ve helped an organization that has been meaningful in our lives.”≠

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Building the Foundation Jim ’61 and Lynn Casimir Henderson, Nev. As a small-town boy from the backwoods of Upper Michigan, Jim Casimir ’61 said that relocating to Winona to attend college in the late 1950s was like moving to “the big city.” Whenever Casimir is asked why he chose to enroll at Saint Mary’s, he responds with a laugh, “I didn’t know you had a choice.” He quickly explains that he had attended high school for three years with Christian Brothers, who guided him directly to Saint Mary’s. In fact, Casimir made only one college application. Luckily, he says with a chuckle, “it turned out just fine.” It was at Saint Mary’s that Casimir truly came to admire the work of the Brothers. “I have never met a bunch of guys more dedicated than the Christian Brothers are to education,” he said. “They devote their whole lives to teaching, without recognition. They really made an impact on my life.” Casimir also credits the university for the strong liberal arts education he received, especially in the areas of great books, logic and philosophy. “This was the foundation of the rest of my life and my career,” he said. “Saint Mary’s taught us how to think and reason, how to make judgments. They taught us how to express ourselves in the spoken word. Saint Mary’s became the experience of my young life.”

Fifty years later, Casimir believes that a quality, wellrounded education, grounded in faith and ethics, is more important than ever. “Saint Mary’s gives you the foundation for any career,” he said. That is why Casimir agreed to take on the role of a primary fundraiser for his class’s 50th anniversary gift. At just under $400,000 in pledges, planned gifts and cash donations, he’s still hopeful that his class will reach $1 million by the end of this year. He laughs at the thought of counting up the number of hours he’s spent or miles he’s logged making personal connections with classmates. “I spent 32 years with the IRS assessing and collecting money, so I’m not a bit bashful in asking my classmates to favor Saint Mary’s,” he said. “Raising Saint Mary’s endowment is my interest. Saint Mary’s continues to offer a quality education at a price that (students) can afford, and I want others to have the same chance I had.” Jim Casimir had a 32-year career with the IRS followed by nearly 12 years at Price Waterhouse and then at the merged firm of PricewaterhouseCoopers. At IRS he concluded his career as national director of appeals. His position at PWC was national director of dispute resolution in the firm’s Washington National Tax Practice where he resolved disputes for many of the Fortune 500 companies in the U.S. He is currently the CEO of Casimir Consulting in Henderson, Nev.≠

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2010-2011 INVESTORS’

A Strong Connection Derrick ’96 and Alyssa (Gostomski ’98) Carter Minneapolis, Minn. They came to Saint Mary’s for two very different reasons. Alyssa (Gostomski ’98) Carter was following in her father’s footsteps (Michael ’63, chair of the Board of Trustees). “My father is a Saint Mary’s grad, and I’m very close with him,” she said. “He handed me my diploma at my graduation which was a really emotional moment for me.” Her husband Derrick “Chip” Carter ’96 came to Winona from Chicago to play basketball. He worked hard to make ends meet and to be the first person from his family to graduate from college. When the couple — who met at the Winona YMCA 17 years ago — heard about Saint Mary’s First-Generation Initiative (FGI), they both felt a strong connection to the project. Alyssa serves on the First-Generation Advisory Board; both are financial contributors to a four-year FGI scholarship; and Derrick has come to speak to the freshman FGI class. Several FGI students have followed up with Derrick for counsel after his visit and look up to him as a big brother. “We see through the same lenses,” Derrick said. “I told (the FGI students) that when I was at Saint Mary’s, I didn’t have the same resources as they have available. I told them what a great opportunity (the First-Generation program) is because of the tutor sup-


port and the financial backing.” Derrick said that, unlike him, students in the FGI program won’t ever need to worry about the burden of paying for college. But, he added, “Where I come from, there’s not a lot of push to graduate from college, so I can see the barriers they had to overcome to get to where they are now.” Derrick believes the FGI students will benefit, as he did, from the small class sizes and individualized attention Saint Mary’s provides. “All the professors knew me by name. It felt like an extended family,” he said. Alyssa too remembers several faculty who made a huge impact on her life. “The quality education I received was phenomenal,” she said. “I had the pleasure of having Father (Andrew) Fabian twice. That was worth the tuition alone. He is an SMU legend. I loved my classes and all my professors.” “(FGI students) have been given a tremendous opportunity to attend a tremendous university,” Derrick said. “These kids have an opportunity to do something great. I hope they give back. I hope they graduate and I hope they pay it forward.” Alyssa adds that the backgrounds of FGI students make the Saint Mary’s community richer. “It’s nice to see some different faces on campus, more diversity. It’s good to see different people from different backgrounds interacting with each other, and that’s what a college experience should be about,” she said. The Carters currently live in Minneapolis and have three children, ages 7, 6 and 4; Derrick also has a 19-year-old daughter from a previous relationship. They’ve been married 11 years.≠


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Planning Early Comes Easily for Young Alum Sarah Weir ’10 Chicago, Ill.


Sarah Weir ’10 has a hard time remembering all of her extracurricular college activities. She begins rattling off activities like singing with the Chamber Singers, performing in Blue Angel, Fireside and Gaslight, studying abroad in Florence, volunteering with Campus Ministry, spearheading the Hendrickson Leaders Committee, ballroom dancing, and completing work study. Because of her involvement, she was named both an Outstanding Senior nominee and won the Lasallian Honors Award her senior year. But, she worries that she’s leaving activities and organizations off of her lengthy list. “I know I was super busy. That I remember,” she said with a smile. Weir speaks passionately about her four years at Saint Mary’s. “I miss that place,” she says, sighing. “I especially miss the community. Thankfully, technology has allowed me to stay in touch with my incredible classmates who continue to challenge and inspire me and my professors and the administration and staff who became my friends and mentors.” It’s this same passion that drives Weir in her career pursuits. She currently serves as the senior team leader at Feed My Starving Children in Aurora, Ill., a nonprofit Christian organization committed to feeding God’s children hungry in body and spirit. Meals specif-

ically formulated for malnourished children are packed and shipped to nearly 70 countries around the world. Weir’s job involves facilitating volunteer groups. A perk, she jokes, is that she gets to operate a forklift. Like many new alums, Weir is still finding her footing after college. Young alums are starting out, sometimes in entry-level positions and struggling to make ends meet. Especially working for a nonprofit, Weir said, extra money is hard to come by. But Weir, who wants to build a career out of “giving back,” found ways to give back to her alma mater — by donating to her Senior Class Gift and by naming SMU as a beneficiary of her retirement plan. “I knew nothing about retirement plans,” she admitted. “But when I got the information and saw the option for naming beneficiaries, the first beneficiary I thought of — besides my family — was Saint Mary’s. I am who I am today because of that place and the people I met.” This deferred gift costs Weir nothing during her lifetime and will be tax-free when Saint Mary’s receives the gift. “Saint Mary’s was such a huge blessing for me, so when I realized that I could give back through my retirement plan, I found a way to pass along that blessing to students who will attend SMU someday,” she said. Sarah Weir ’10 majored in global studies and minored in theology at Saint Mary’s. She currently works for Feed My Starving Children in Aurora, Ill., and has dreams to travel and return to Saint Mary’s one day as a professor in the humanities.≠

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2010-2011 INVESTORS’


A Bold View of Higher Education Russ Michaletz Vice Chair, SGPP Council of Regents Russ Michaletz is one of the leaders of the reformulated Council of Regents for Saint Mary’s Schools of Graduate and Professional Programs. As vice chair, he brings a wealth of vision and diverse experience to his volunteer role in helping the SGPP excel in the competitive arena of adult higher education. Michaletz has been a tax partner with Arthur Andersen and is currently a partner with Deloitte Tax LLP in Minneapolis. He graduated from Gustavus Adolphus with a B.A. in Accounting, and received a J.D. from the University of Minnesota Law School. A friend recommended Saint Mary’s to Michaletz because of the reputation and mission of its graduate programs. “I had heard about Saint Mary’s and I thought this would be a great opportunity, since I had never been involved with a graduate program before,” he said. Michaletz helped develop the initial Board of Regents of the SGPP several years back. Some of the biggest assets he brought to that group, and continues to bring to the current Council of Regents, are his skills in governance, strategy and thinking outside the box. Michaletz also has financially supported the annual Hendrickson Institute for Ethical Leadership Forums in the Twin Cities, which attract hundreds of business leaders each spring. “One of the values of a governance or advisory board, particularly in higher education, is they allow people to come in who think about things in different ways than the institution; they see things that the people in the institution don’t see,” he explained. Michaletz began his focus on higher education at Gustavus, first working on the Alumni Board there. He later was elected to the Board of Trustees. “I served many roles on the Gustavus board, particularly on the trustee committee, and helped the board focus more on the purpose and mission of the college, instead of just hearing reports,” he said. “Some of my most rewarding years were as chair, helping people become more involved with the school in productive ways,” he said. Michaletz currently serves on the Minnesota Private College Council, an organization that represents private nonprofit higher education in Minnesota. “I wanted to do something that served more schools,” he said. Seventeen institutions are members of the council, all sharing a liberal arts focus, with many of them household names in Minnesota higher education.


He was previously involved with the University of St. Thomas Family Business Institute. “I saw how St. Thomas was effective in its focus around the business community, and that was impressive. It was different from Gustavus, but each one played a unique role in their community from an educational standpoint,” according to Michaletz. Michaletz says one of the challenges facing the Saint Mary’s SGPP is to increasingly think boldly, to think outside the box, to set high goals. He calls this thinking “big hairy ideas,” and says this is what’s fun about being a Regent. “Every institution has a certain amount of inertia,” he says. “But the marketplace is changing and to stay ahead, we need to be new, fresh and exciting!” Michaletz is a partner at Deloitte Tax LLP, Minneapolis, and has supported the Hendrickson Institute for Ethical Leadership Forums for several years.≠

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2010-2011 INVESTORS’


Experiences Inspire Giving Couple gives to areas at SMU dear to their hearts Jim ’60 and Judy (Cramer CST’60) Cooney Leawood, Kan. Back in high school, Jim Cooney ’60 considered himself a “low-key guy.” When he came to Saint Mary’s, he decided one way to break out of his shell was by joining the Redmen Revels. Suddenly Cooney found himself onstage — a wallflower no more. “We sang songs, dressed up. I was an emcee once. It was my first experience performing in the theatre, and I enjoyed it,” he said. Later, the women from the College of Saint Teresa joined the men of Saint Mary’s for a production of “Kiss Me Kate.” Jim again felt the lure of the stage. “I’ve done some local things here, not professional, like skits at our country club, and I attribute it all back to the Revels and ‘Kiss Me Kate’,” he said. This newfound confidence served him well in his lifelong career in sales. “I was a different person when I came out of Saint Mary’s,” he said. “I had more personality. I used to be kind of quiet and shy, and I wanted to be more outgoing and have more self-confidence.” So when the opportunity arose to support the arts at Saint Mary’s, Jim did. Back in high school, Jim ran track and cross country. “It was a very good team, and cross country has been very beneficial to me. I learned a lot from those sports. When I saw Saint Mary’s was building the track, I wanted to contribute,” he said. So, when the opportunity arose to support Saint Mary’s athletics through the new outdoor track and soccer complex and through the Cardinal ‘M’ Club, Jim did. Jim and his wife, Judy (Cramer CST’60) met on a blind date. Jim had called a different student at the College of Saint Teresa to go out. She explained that she already had a date but suggested Jim ask out her roommate, Judy. “I said, ‘I don’t know her,’ ” Jim said. “And she said, ‘She’s a really nice gal.’ So we went to the mixer at Saint Mary’s and had a good time.” The next date was supposed to be to the winter carnival at Saint Mary’s, but Judy never arrived. “She didn’t show. I knew she was crazy about me. She was just playing hard to get,” Jim jokes. Judy agreed to another date, and he said they “really hit it off.” They graduated in June of 1960 and were married in October. “The rest, as they say, is history,” he said. “We celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary last year.” So, when the opportunity arose to support the Saint Teresa Leadership and Service Institute for Women — an institution guided, in part, by the traditions of the College of Saint Teresa, Judy did.

“Judy said she would like to do something for women, so we formed an endowment, a way to honor the College of Saint Teresa and help women; it covered both bases,” Jim said. The couple also purchased a brick in the SMU Veteran’s Memorial, in honor of Judy’s uncle, Robert Brannan ’42, USN, who was killed in service. Jim was the first student in his family to complete college, so SMU’s First-Generation Initiative resonated with his background. “This is going to enable these kids to make something of themselves,” he said. “And Countdown to College works with high-schoolers a couple of weeks each summer so they have a much better opportunity to do well in college and hopefully graduate. The FGI Initiative also gives them the opportunity to go to Saint Mary’s, which they wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford to do. And then if these students go back to the areas they came from, they will touch other people as they move forward. With 15 students coming to Saint Mary’s every year, this can really have a tremendous impact.” So when the opportunity arose to give to this initiative, Jim did. Cooney’s class also supported the First-Generation Initiative for its class reunion campaign, and Cooney was one of the volunteers who led the fundraising. Jim — and partner Roy (Fisher) — were both in sales their whole lives and had no problem convincing others of the worthiness of this initiative, raising $211,000. “Without my college education, I wouldn’t have gotten the job opportunities I’ve had. It opened the door for me,” he said. “I think I had values, from my parents who were good, hardworking people. Attending St. George High School with the Christian Brothers built on those values, and Saint Mary’s reinforced them. It’s always important to be honest, mindful of others, do what’s right. Those are values that I will have forever. I’ve tried to pass those values, the way I live, to my children. “I didn’t contribute to Saint Mary’s right away, but after a while I began to realize the positive influence Saint Mary’s had on me and felt it was time to give something back, to share my good fortune.” Jim ’60 and Judy (Cramer CST’60) Cooney of Leawood, Kan., have been married more than 50 years. Now retired, Jim’s career revolved around sales. Their three daughters took over his business. Judy has three master’s degrees: Southern Methodist University in history and philosophy; Webster University in human relations; and the University of Kansas in social welfare. Judy is a LSCSW (Licensed Specialist Clinical Social Worker) and recently retired from the University of Kansas Medical Center.≠


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Carrying on the Family Name Dooleys create scholarship to honor their parents Mike ’66 and Claudia (Drvota CST’68) Dooley Chesterfield, Mo. 18

Mike Dooley ’66 and his wife, Claudia (Drvota CST’68) Dooley recall the sacrifices their parents made so that they could get college degrees. “I was a first-generation college graduate in my family,” Mike said. “My parents made it possible for me to go.” Claudia’s story echoes that of her husband. “My mom went back to work to send me and my sisters to college. My parents valued education,” she said. When the couple was approached about endowing a scholarship at Saint Mary’s, the Dooleys decided to dedicate it to their parents – a way to say thank you and to acknowledge the love and support their parents provided. “Both sets of parents sacrificed to send us to college, so it seemed appropriate to put the scholarship in both of their names,” Claudia said. Each year, the Dooleys receive a personal letter from the students the Clayton J. and Helen Dooley and Anthony and Irene Drvota Scholarship is benefitting. While their parents were still alive, the letter was addressed to them. “That was something that made us feel very, very good and made our parents feel good. They were very moved by that,” Mike said. “Our family’s name is being carried on. That is a legacy. And we feel like we’ve helped an organization that has been meaningful in our lives.” Through generous employer matching gift programs, the Dooleys have found they can significantly increase, often times even doubling, the amount of their own annual donations to the scholarship. The Dooleys met while both were attending college in Winona. It was the era of sock hops that brought together the men of Saint Mary’s and the women of the College of Saint Teresa. “Women were only allowed in dorms on campus twice a year for about three days,” Mike remembers. It started out as a blind date, only Mike was being set up with a different CST student. Claudia simply tagged along. Mike took one look at Claudia and asked her out instead. “I didn’t know who they were trying to hook me up with,” he said with a chuckle. That case of mistaken identity has led to 43 years of wedded bliss. It was a different time in the ’60s. Slide rules, not computers, were the norm. “My iPad was yellow and had lines on it,” Mike jokes. “We had to wear a hat, gloves and heels, and if we were wearing slacks, we couldn’t go out the front door, we had to go out the back. We were ladies,” Claudia remembers. Yet, Mike said, when he talks to Saint Mary’s students today, not all that much has changed. “They all wonder about their future, just like we did. However, they know

more about the world than we ever did, and our future was a lot more limited in our vision than it is today.” Another thing that hasn’t changed, in the Dooleys’ eyes, is the personal connection to professors. “The faculty interaction was so spectacular when I was there, and it still seems to be there,” Mike said. “That’s got to be one of the key components of a Lasallian tradition.” Mike particularly remembers the impact that English composition classes with Brother L. Michael Kump ’36 had on him. “He had a reputation of being tough, but he was a quality instructor, and his lessons in written communications have had a major impact on me throughout my working life,” Mike said. Mike believes that type of education is especially important today. “The world seems so crazy today. I think it’s important for students to be grounded,” he said. “(Saint Mary’s provides) concrete ideas about helping your fellow man. In many other institutions, that’s not valued as much as it is at Saint Mary’s.” Claudia has also been impressed with the Saint Teresa Leadership and Service Institute for Women, which is carrying on the traditions of her alma mater on the SMU Winona campus. Mike’s dream, as SMU approaches its centennial, is for Saint Mary’s name to become synonymous with excellence, across all aspects of the university, and that includes everything from athletics to the sciences. As a trustee for 20 years, Mike recalls his favorite meetings occurred when students were on campus, when he could see and talk with them and feel the energy they infuse in the campus. Of note, Mike only missed one meeting in his 20 years of service to the university (1984 to 2011) … and that was because of his mother’s passing. While the Dooleys have honored the legacy of their parents through the endowed scholarship, the couple has also included Saint Mary’s in their own estate plans, naming the university as beneficiary of a life insurance policy. In doing so, Mike and Claudia are part of the Saint Mary’s Lasallian Legacy Society. In addition to serving as a trustee, Mike has helped plan and initiate alumni events, served on the alumni board and got involved in the university phone campaign. “Once I became involved, it became addictive,” he said. “You learn more about the institution as you’re telling other people about it, and the more you learn, the more you want to become involved. One thing led to another. It hasn’t always been easy because we keep relocating further from Winona, but I believe it’s important to renew the relationships and see how our donations are helping.” Mike Dooley is retired from the employee benefits/insurance business. He and his wife, Claudia, have been longtime supporters of Saint Mary’s, both financially and through their many involvements. They also have four sons and two grandchildren.≠

SMU IR 2011 2-25 10/13/11 12:20 PM Page 19

2010-2011 INVESTORS’



SMU IR 2011 2-25 10/13/11 12:20 PM Page 20





Saint Mary’s continues the Christian Brothers’ legacy through formation, education New endowment opportunity to fund Lasallian training programs Saint John Baptist de La Salle — the founder of the Brothers of the Christian Schools — believed that an excellent education should be made available to everyone, regardless of their position or wealth; he believed that education should be adapted to focus on the needs of individual students; and he believed that compassion for students was a crucial underlying foundation. His educational vision began more than 300 years ago with the education of a small group of teachers. This small group of teachers eventually became the Institute of the Brothers of the Christian Schools, who are known in the United States as the De La Salle Christian Brothers. When De La Salle died in 1719, there were only about 100 men who had dedicated their lives as Brother Teachers to following his example of teaching the students of the poor and working class. Throughout the long history of the Brothers, they have received years of education and formation in the heritage and charism of the Lasallian education mission. Today, inspired by his work, thousands of laypeople — together and by association with the Brothers — carry out the vision of the man who would, in 1950, become the patron saint of educators. There are currently Lasallian schools in 82 countries, teaching 1 million students with just 5,000 Brothers — and more than 80,000 dedicated lay people. So that De La Salle’s story is not forgotten, and the spirit and zeal of the De La Salle Christian Brothers does not diminish in today’s world, several Lasallian education and formation opportunities are available to Lasallians worldwide — including faculty, staff and students at Saint Mary’s. “Older generations of Saint Mary’s alumni know of Saint Mary’s as a Christian Brothers School, while alums from the ’90s and more recent know of SMU as a Lasallian school,” Brother William Mann, President of Saint Mary’s University, explained. “Given that our 350year Lasallian Catholic heritage is one of our most strategic assets, it is imperative that the university find ways to continue to nurture and develop this treasure into the second century of Saint Mary’s educational mission. We cannot do this alone; and we, therefore, rely on our partnerships with alums, current students

and their families, faculty and staff, and area businesses to secure the resources necessary for a work that is the heart of the university.” Through the generosity of our donors and benefactors, nearly 50 individuals were able to participate in summer Lasallian education and formation in the past year. These opportunities bring faculty and staff from the Winona and Twin Cities campuses together — with Lasallians from around the world — for a common purpose: affirmation and formation in the Lasallian charism.

Buttimer Institute of Lasallian Studies, Moraga, Calif. An intensive Lasallian formation and education program that studies the life and work of Saint John Baptist de La Salle and the origins of the Lasallian mission.

Gena Bilden, dean of Enrollment Management and Student Services on the Twin Cities campus, recounts her three-summer experience at Buttimer. “I really wanted the experience to be relevant to my work, and the question in my mind when I began attending Buttimer was, ‘How does the Lasallian philosophy relate to me as an administrator, someone who is not in the classroom?’ “As I progressed through the three years, I realized I am a teacher.  My interactions with students, faculty and staff are opportunities to teach and model the Lasallian philosophy.”

International Leadership Program for Lasallian Universities, Rome A two-week seminar held annually that brings together professors of the worldwide network of Lasallian colleges and universities to deepen understanding of and commitment to Lasallian partnership by study of the Lasallian charism, the Catholic intellectual tradition and the international Lasallian educational network.

Jay Mutter, chair of the Psychology Department for the undergraduate program in Winona, attended this seminar in 2011. “After more than two decades of teaching at Saint Mary’s, I had grown accustomed to reciting the Lasallian reminder, ‘Let us remember ... .’

SMU IR 2011 2-25 10/13/11 12:20 PM Page 21

2010-2011 INVESTORS’



Saint Mary’s International Leadership Program for Lasallian Universities participants.

It wasn’t until the formation experience at IALU, that I developed a first-hand context for what it really means,” he said. “I came away with an entirely new appreciation for how far the arms of De La Salle stretch around the world. The experience at IALU shaped the way I create my syllabus and enter the classroom every day, and it makes me proud to be a member of such an extended family steeped in the tradition, ‘together and by association.’ ”

Lasallian Leadership Institute, Romeoville, Ill.

Buttimer Institute of Lasallian Studies participants.

Lasallian Summer Retreat, Owatonna, Minn.

A three-year program that integrates and promotes the Lasallian heritage in the personal and professional lives of Lasallian educators with the intention of preparing them to be future catalysts of the Lasallian mission.

An event that brought together numerous faculty and staff on our own campuses in Winona and Minneapolis for a twoday retreat with a world-renowned Lasallian scholar. The group explored the themes of Lasallian history and the life of De La Salle, with an emphasis on the spiritual life and Lasallian spirituality.

Lasallian Social Justice Institute, Memphis, Tenn.

Other Lasallian formation and education

A one-week workshop held in different locations around the country, which attempts to ground participants experientially, practically and spiritually in the Catholic social teachings on social justice and in the preferential option for the poor that is a hallmark of Lasallian identity.

Collegium: A Colloquy on Faith & Intellectual Life, Worchester, Mass. These seminars bring together scholars interested in exploring aspects of the Catholic intellectual tradition and their role in the mission of Catholic higher education.

Lasallian Mission Days, Winona campus A new formation opportunity that provides faculty and staff with the opportunity to learn more about the many aspects of our Lasallian mission, from the life and times of Saint John Baptist de La Salle, the development of the international Lasallian education mission, the Christian Brothers worldwide and at Saint Mary’s, and the history of Saint Mary’s University.

• Saint Mary’s has inaugurated De La Salle Week programming at both campuses. • Selected faculty and staff have participated in Lasallian book club discussion groups with the President. • Various heritage discussion groups further involved faculty and staff from SMU.

We need about $50,000 to $75,000 to cover the annual cost of these programs. An endowment of $3 to $5 million would fund and enhance Lasallian training programs without competing with other university operational expenses, salaries and benefits. Lasallian Formation donors might also consider gifts designed to build a new chapel on campus or to endow a chair or professorship of philosophy. To learn more about supporting the Lasallian Formation Initiative at Saint Mary’s, please contact Dominic Lawrence, assistant vice president for Development, at or (507) 457-1486.≠

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Financials Revenues and Expenditures

Consolidated Balance Sheet

Revenues and Gains


Tuition and fees ........................................$62,985,893.00 Less: Scholarships and grants................($15,507,008.00) Net tuition and fees ..................................$47,478,885.00 Government grants .....................................$2,243,838.00 Private gifts and grants...............................$3,091,362.00 Sponsored research and programs............$1,180,674.00 Endowment income.......................................$418,091.00 Other sources.................................................$864,754.00 Net gain on investments.............................$5,960,335.00 Auxiliary enterprises...................................$7,636,631.00

Cash and cash equivalents .......................$16,688,960.00 Receivables..................................................$9,849,993.00 Prepaid expenses...........................................$215,262.00 Endowment investments ..........................$44,548,047.00 Other investments.......................................$2,341,655.00 Funds held in trust for others ..................$16,559,754.00 Construction in progress ...............................$120,110.00 Property, plant and equipment................$48,451,105.00


Total revenues & gains

Total assets



Liabilities Expenses Instruction .................................................$24,278,030.00 Research ...........................................................$74,577.00 Public Service..............................................$3,835,444.00 Academic support.......................................$7,227,036.00 Student services ..........................................$9,775,244.00 Auxiliary enterprises...................................$5,052,934.00 Institutional support .................................$10,339,408.00 Annuities payable adjustment ......................($99,307.00) Total expenses

Accounts payable........................................$1,140,489.00 Accrued liabilities .......................................$1,997,273.00 Deposits and deferred revenue..................$9,585,583.00 Asset retirement obligation ...........................$606,537.00 Contract Payable-Food Service .....................$900,030.00 Loans and notes payable...............................$297,412.00 Bonds payable ..........................................$12,115,000.00 Annuities payable ..........................................$701,423.00 Deposit held in custody ................................$120,005.00 Funds held in trust for others ..................$16,559,754.00 Government grants refundable..................$2,862,569.00

$60,483,366.00 Total liabilities

Increase in net assets



Net Assets Unrestricted...............................................$57,018,678.00 Temporarily restricted ..............................$10,547,368.00 Permanently restricted..............................$24,322,765.00 Total net assets

Total liabilities & net assets



SMU IR 2011 2-25 10/19/11 5:10 PM Page 23

2010-2011 INVESTORS’


Sources and Uses of Funds 23

Revenues n Net tuition and fees ...........................................68.94% n Auxiliary enterprises..........................................11.09% n Net gain on investments......................................8.65% n Private gifts and grants........................................4.49% n Government grants ..............................................3.26% n Sponsored research and programs .....................1.71% n Other sources .......................................................1.26% n Endowment income.............................................0.61%

3.26% 4.49%

1.71% 1.26% 0.61%


11.09% 68.94%

Expenses n Instruction ..........................................................40.12% n Institutional support ..........................................17.09% n Student services .................................................16.16% n Academic support ..............................................11.94% n Auxiliary enterprises............................................8.35% n Public Service.......................................................6.34%

6.34% 8.35%

11.94% 40.12%

16.16% 17.09%

SMU IR 2011 2-25 10/13/11 12:21 PM Page 24





Honor Roll of Contributors June 1, 2010 – May 31, 2011

SMU IR 2011 2-25 10/13/11 12:21 PM Page 25

2010-2011 INVESTORS’



TOGETHER AND BY ASSOCIATION Saint Mary’s University is part of a Lasallian global network that includes nearly 5,000 De La Salle Christian Brothers and 80,000 colleagues engaged in the Lasallian educational mission to over 1 million students in more than 1,000 schools and educational centers in 82 countries. “Together and by association,” we are carrying on the spirit of Saint John Baptist de La Salle. It is our great honor to list the names of our alumni, parents and friends who have chosen to invest in Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota. Our benefactors shape the university’s future and ensure even greater excellence for the students we serve. Thank you for being part of our family. These lists reflect contributions made from June 1, 2010 through May 31, 2011. The giving levels are as follows: Annual Circles

Cumulative Giving Societies

• Heffron Circle Giving Level: $100-$999

• Saint Joseph Society Giving Level: $250,000-$499,999

• Presidents Circle Giving Level: $1,000-$4,999

• Saint Thomas More Society Giving Level: $500,000-$749,999

• Lasallians Circle Giving Level: $5,000-$9,999

• Saint John Baptist de La Salle Society Giving Level: $750,000-$999,999

• Christian Brothers Circle Giving Level: $10,000-$24,999

• Saint Mary’s Society Giving Level: $1,000,000+

• Saint John Baptist de La Salle Circle Giving Level: $25,000-$49,999 • Saint Mary’s Circle Giving Level: $50,000 +

Planned Giving Society • Lasallian Legacy Society

We remain grateful to our benefactors and we remember them all, living and departed, in our prayers at Mass each day. Saint Mary’s University has made every effort to ensure the accuracy of these lists. If, however, you notice errors or omissions, please bring it to our attention so we may promptly correct our records and the online listing. To notify us of changes, please contact Vickie Cada ’01, Donor Relations Director, at

SMU IR 2011 26-58 10/13/11 12:35 PM Page 26




The Value of Commitment




The names appearing on the following pages represent a wide spectrum of donors. They are alumni, faculty, staff, parents, friends, volunteers, students, corporations and foundations. They differ in age, economic standing, career paths, geographic location, cultural backgrounds and association to Saint Mary’s. Their connections to the university may be brand new or may span decades. Alumni may have received certificates or bachelor’s, master’s, specialist or doctoral degrees. And they may have come from one of our main campuses in Winona or the Twin Cities, but also from Rochester, Apple Valley, Oakdale, Minnetonka or one of our more than 100 off-site locations around Minnesota or Wisconsin — or even from Nairobi or Jamaica.

Yet every name listed here has something in common — an affiliation, admiration and appreciation for Saint Mary’s University … a commitment. Many of our donors thank Saint Mary’s for its quality education, and for the broad intellectual development they received here that led them to successful careers and meaningful lives. Some remember particular faculty and staff members – current or former – who have greatly influenced them. But the heart of Saint Mary’s is even more than a quality, transformational educational institution — it’s where people make lifelong friendships and create memories and experiences that carry with them forever. It’s a place where everyone from the President’s Office to the mailroom staff — working together and by association — wants the best experience possible for students. Jim Casimir ’61 said that he gives because “Saint Mary’s continues to offer a quality education at a price that (students) can afford, and I want others to have the same chance I had.” The following honor roll of contributors recognizes those who have generously made donations between June 1, 2010 and May 31, 2011. Donors ensure the fortitude of this university because from their gifts, Saint Mary’s is able to continue its mission of awakening, nurturing and empowering learners to ethical lives of service and leadership, enriched by our Lasallian, Catholic heritage. Saint Mary’s is at a pivotal moment as we near our Centennial in 2012-13. As we position for the next century, we have established many financial priorities that will enhance students’ experiences. The financial magnitude of these priorities is great, but we are blessed by our many donors who are committed to Saint Mary’s and who partner with us in our educational mission. For this, we graciously thank you.

($1,000,000 +) Honoring Mary — the Blessed Mother and patroness of our university. Anonymous Sandra Adducci Marjorie Galvin Michael ’62 and Joette Gostomski Jean Hendrickson Mary Burrichter and Bob Kierlin John and Mary Ann Wera CST’64 Remick Howard Toner ’66 Kathleen Nosbusch Toner

SAINT JOHN BAPTIST DE LA SALLE SOCIETY ($750,000-$999,999) Honoring John Baptist de La Salle — founder of the De La Salle Christian Brothers and patron saint of Christian educators. Dr. Jon ’48† and Betty Kabara Dr. Eugene ’53 and Sistie McEnery

SAINT THOMAS MORE SOCIETY ($500,000-$749,999) Honoring Thomas More — lawyer, literary scholar, and Lord Chancellor of England. Known for his moral integrity, Thomas More was martyred for his refusal to compromise his religious beliefs and conscience to render allegiance to the king. The chapel on the university’s Winona campus is named in honor of Thomas More. George and Mary Ann Kendall Carolyn Parmer Donald ’51 and Jean Joyce CST’55 Regan

SAINT JOSEPH SOCIETY ($250,000-$499,999) Honoring Joseph — husband of Mary, head of the Holy Family, and patron saint and protector of the universal Catholic Church. Anonymous Dr. Samuel J. Cascio ’48 Mary A. Dempsey ’75 Brother Louis DeThomasis, FSC John A. Ehlert ’67 Peg Figliulo James and Marlene Fugere Lara M. Kierlin Monique N. Kierlin-Duncan Paul ’64 and Carole Meyer Joseph ’67 and Barbara Ross Robert ’57 and Rita Scurio Michael ’66 and Sue Simmers Mary Jane Nystrom Straub CST’52 David ’59 and Marlys Thies Richard ’60 and Debbie Wojcik

($50,000 +) Honoring Mary — the Blessed Mother and patroness of our university. Anonymous Mary A. Dempsey ’75 Dr. Jon ’48† and Betty Kabara George and Mary Ann Kendall Mary Burrichter and Bob Kierlin Carolyn Parmer John and Mary Ann Wera CST’64 Remick Dr. Lee ’63 and Mamiko Van Horn

SAINT JOHN BAPTIST DE LA SALLE CIRCLE ($25,000-$49,999) Honoring Saint John Baptist de La Salle — founder of the De La Salle Christian Brothers and patron saint of Christian educators. Sandra Adducci Thomas ’58 and Gail Baryl James ’60 and Judy Cramer CST’60 Cooney Michael ’62 and Joette Gostomski Brother William Mann, FSC Patrick ’75 and Linda Salvi

CHRISTIAN BROTHERS CIRCLE ($10,000-$24,999) Honoring the over 5,000 Christian Brothers worldwide who carry out the work of De La Salle, providing a Christian education to young people and adults, especially the poor and marginalized. Christian Brothers have served Saint Mary’s since 1933. Dr. Jane CST’62 and Don Anderson William M. Bonnamy ’73 Dr. William and Lindy Cooke Michael ’66 and Claudia Drvota CST’68 Dooley Robert ’76 and Kim Febel CST’76 Figliulo Marjorie Galvin Mark ’81 and Aileen Hansen Anthony Jurewicz ’63 Edward ’58 and Sally Lillig Paul ’64 and Carole Meyer Rhoda Olsen Joseph ’67 and Barbara Ross Kathleen Conway Russell ’78 Terrance K. Russell ’76 Dr. Thomas T. Tang ’49 Mary Pat Navins Wlazik ’73

LASALLIANS CIRCLE ($5,000-$9,999) Honoring the over 80,000 lay colleagues who partner with the Christian Brothers in teaching over 1 million students in 82 countries. Saint Mary’s is a Lasallian community of faith, service and leadership. Anonymous John and Kathi Buck Barbara Bennett Burchill CST’71 B.J. Cassin James ’69 and Marianne Coogan Lyle and Johanna Delwiche Stephen and Margaret Hans ’76 Diebold Robert ’53 and Elodia Dixon † deceased 2010 – 2011

SMU IR 2011 26-58 10/13/11 12:35 PM Page 27

2010-2011 INVESTORS’ Paul ’50 and Elaine Drack Thomas ’67 and Mary Ann Dyer Michael M. Feeney ’64 Philip ’52 and Barbara Feiten Roy ’60 and Lucille Farley CST’60 Fisher Dr. Renée J. Garpestad ’81 D’03 Raymond ’55 and Dolores Greabe Mark and Tricia Jacobs Thomas D. Matty ’79 Thomas ’59 and Judith McKenna William C. Moore ’84 William W. O'Connor ’59 Elizabeth Ryan Reese ’74 Theodore A. Reese, Jr. ’71 Robert G. Rettig, Sr. Duane and Evelyn Rivard Bernard ’38 and Mary Ann Semler Reid and Ann Doescher ’74 Shaw Bruce ’65 and Marie Sorensen David ’59 and Marlys Thies John and Rosalinda Thompson Bernie and Jan Wagnild

PRESIDENTS CIRCLE ($1,000-$4,999) Honoring the university’s 13 presidents, who have led Saint Mary’s with a commitment to both its Lasallian Catholic tradition and the advancement of the university’s mission. Anonymous Dr. Khaled Abughazaleh Donald J. Aleksy ’80 Donna Pagliarello Aleksy ’80 Dr. Donald and Mariann Alsum Dr. Robert Anderson ’71 and Karen Schultz Father David L. Arnoldt ’64 James J. Barrett ’61 Dr. James ’61 and Dorothy Barter Jennifer Gerise Baryl ’86 John ’54 and Jane Ritter CST’55 Beaty James and Maribeth Latterell CST’72 Bedtke Andrew ’60 and Ellen Betz Larry S. Beyna ’67 Michael and Jackie Bilski Jeffrey ’77 and Mary Pat Black Thomas ’63 and Carole Bohnert Dr. Gordon V. Boudreau ’51 Dr. Francis ’49 and Glenna Gervais CST’49 Boyle Bishop Robert H. Brom ’60 Colleen Musial Bubala ’93 Matthew Ben Bubala ’94 Thomas and Beverly Buckman Edmund ’65 and Maureen Burke Philip B. Byrne ’60 Carl ’41 and Joan Calabrese Joseph P. Calabrese ’46 John F. Calhoun ’74 Thomas ’70 and Bonnie Callen Michael Joseph Cannon ’73 Sally Weldon Cannon ’74 Theodore Carlus ’54 Dr. Samuel J. Cascio ’48 Claire Jan Chang M’09 James ’59 and Hildegard Charles Terry Malloy Chism ’71 David ’68 and Kathy Greden CST’69 Christenson Gerry Cichanowski Mike and Linda Cichanowski Christopher and Pauline McMahon ’86 Cimaszewski Arthur L. Clark ’61

Lorraine Clark William ’70 and Susan Clark Mary Cunningham Clasen ’76 Thomas F. Clasen ’78 Deidre Chase Clingen ’84 John ’58 and Patricia Coffey Dr. Roger and Florence Collins Sheila Collins ’76 and David Vargo Stephen ’78 and Camille Coman James Cunningham ’49 Kevin ’78 and Jill Cushing Dr. James ’68 and Therese Conway CST’68 Daniel Dr. Bernard ’55 and Marilyn Dansart Dr. William E. Davis Dr. Michael J. De Stefano ’67 A. Richard ’63 and Janice Deitering Martin Aloysius Dolan ’85 Michael and Cecelia Dolan John ’77 and Joan Fallon CST’78 Domanico Elizabeth Skiba Dougherty ’76 James ’64 and Mary St. John CST’65 Dougherty Michael G. Dougherty ’76 Dr. Marcel J. Dumestre Kevin ’76 and Susan McGuire CST’76 Dunigan David J. Dyer ’69 and Debra Deakin Dr. Edward ’59 and Edna Ellis Lucinda Pudwill Ethen ’85 Todd L. Ethen ’84 Brian J. Eveslage ’85 Rebecca Fain and Richard Olson David ’75 and Carole Feeney Christopher Scott Fischer ’91 Jennifer Cherry Fischer ’92 Michael ’74 M’96 and Mary Flynn Dr. John ’74 and Marcine Forrette Donald C. Gancer ’55 Lawrence ’57 and Letha Gillis George ’60 and Dorothy Giroux Ashley Dingels Gossen ’05 Timothy John Gossen ’01 M’06 Louis ’58 and Maureen Guillou James ’61 and Mary Sue Hackett Jerome ’62 and Joan Hass Dr. David L. Hegg ’53 George ’60 and Joan Henderson Jerry and Noreen Hennessy William ’70 and Kathy Stransky CST’71 Herzog Ann Marie Brooks Hettinger ’85 Joseph Arthur Hettinger ’87 Eric and Dr. Janet Heukeshoven Fred and Dr. Maria Swastek Hilgart ’85 James ’74 and Ann Hoey Linka and Gregory Holey David and Rebecca Glenn ’86 Hood Colleen Garrett Huey ’80 William E. Ibe ’55 Donald F. Ivansek ’83 Patricia Begg Ivansek ’85 Dr. Linda and Vincent Jackson James S. Jarvis ’60 John ’67 and Mary Yule CST’69 Jelinek Douglas W. Johnson ’63 Lawrence Juracic ’49 Julie Meehan Kaiser ’84 Mel Joseph Kaiser ’86 Philip Kaiser ’74 Philip P. Kaiser ’41† Thomas P. Kaiser ’69 Kevin P. Karnick ’72 Mary Lucas Karnick ’73 Barbara Hartnett Keane ’85

Blaise Paul Keane ’85 Thomas ’50 and Patricia Kearney Daniel ’55 and Aileen Keegan Dr. Gary Alan Kelsey M’91 D’01 Christopher Q. Kendall ’79 M’95 Jennifer Potvin Kendall ’84 George ’61 and Mary Ann Munao CST’62 Kies Stephen and Frances Kieselhorst Mary Hildebrand Kilbride ’79 Judge Thomas L. Kilbride ’78 Eugene ’61 and Margaret Kinney Andrew ’85 and Kerry Kojs Richard ’61 and Janet Kolker Kent and Jeanne Kollmer Dr. Richard M’67 and Rose Kowles Linda A. Kuczma ’78 Roger D. Kurdys ’64 Andrew ’65 and Janet Kurz Dr. Michael ’63 and Kathleen Sheedy CST’64 Kurz Melissa Kunert Lafond ’85 William Matthew Lafond ’85 Dr. Edward A. Laga, Jr. ’81 Dr. Robert ’59 and Nanda LaPata Eugene ’54 and Gwendolyn Lavin John and Cindy Leaf Joyce Letven Lawrence E. Lisack ’70 Mary Kay Locher Dr. Sharon Locy CST’63 Father Donald J. Lovas ’59 Michele Marie Mahoney ’94 Peter J. Manieri ’81 Leonard and Geri Maniscalco Edward Mann Cynthia Marek George A. Martin ’61 Robert Keith Martin M’02 Sandra Maskell CST’84 Dr. George ’60 and Mary Kay Hohn CST’60 Matzkanin Dr. Eugene ’53 and Sistie McEnery Dr. Mercedes Brabender McGowen CST’61 William ’60 and Dr. Mercedes Brabender CST’61 McGowen Kevin McGrath ’85 and Molly Fernholz Thomas ’53 and Mona Carens CST’53 Meagher Mark and Ann M’95 Merchlewitz Nicholas Andrew Michaels ’03 Bill and Julie Mikkelson Mary Beth Glynn Mikrut ’75 David and Ruth Miller Hugh and Vera Miller Kenneth and Sally Mogren Kenneth ’56 and Rita Monaco Lawrence ’60 and Carol Monnens Merri L. Moody M’88 Joan Mullins Leroy ’54 and LaVerne Mungai Bart T. Murphy ’78 Gabrielle Murphy ’82 Kevin James Murphy ’85 Mr. and Mrs. F. Gerald Nilles Gregory ’80 and Peggy Nilles Dr. Thomas P. O’Farrell ’58 Dr. Thomas J. O’Keefe ’68 Dr. Patrick and Lindsy Nelson ’05 M’06 O’Shea Robert ’57 and Michaeline Pajor Edward ’61 and Luci Passe Lee Ann Paulsen ’80 John ’72 and Stephanie Phelan Dennis and Sally Phenow


Paul and Marilyn Piazza Dr. Loren R. Pickart ’62 Ryan C’02 and Megan Ping Anthony ’69 M’82 and Kathleen Ordahl CST’70 Piscitiello Sal ’67 and Eileen Polizzotto Richard F. Prendergast Most Rev. John Quinn Donald ’51 and Jean Joyce CST’55 Regan Robert ’77 and Debra Rettig Dr. Steven ’79 and Susan Rice John ’48 and Joan Richter Dr. Richard ’59 and Mary Ellen Rock Thomas J. Rodell ’73 Reno ’43 and Rosemary Vanderah CST’43 Rossini Charles and Gretchen Rubin Dr. Robert and Jane Salinger David F. Savickas ’62 Sr. Judith Schaefer, O.P. Robert and Joan Schaupp Fr. Donald P. Schmitz ’61 Margaret Dise Schneider ’81 Thomas and Margaret Dise ’81 Schneider Susan Sughrua Schultz ’75 Thomas A. Schultz ’75 Robert E. Schuten ’46 Peter ’81 and Kim Schwab Marilyn Scully Dr. Mary Dunn Siedow CST’64 Loras ’60 and Rose Sieve Dr. Ronald ’61 and Marcia Simone Robert ’49 and Frances Perry CST’51 Skemp Dr. Samuel ’52 and Jean Skemp James ’60 and Nancy Smessaert Gail Thompson Smith ’80 Mark R. Smith ’72 Mary Moore Smithe ’82 Walter E. Smithe III ’81 Donald O. St. Dennis Geoffrey and Angela Scully ’76 Steger Robert J. Stiever ’49 Celeste L. Suchocki William ’52 and Gloria Sullivan Joseph Philip Sweeney ’81 Stacey Sanborn Sweeney ’82 Reid Thebault ’68 and Cathi Duchon Robert L. Thedinger ’44 Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Thoms Dr. Steven and Sara Titus Dr. Matthew ’61 and Mary Fran Gallagher CST’61 Toth Dr. Ann O’Connor Trauscht ’77 Dr. Robert W. Trauscht ’76 Dr. Donald G. Truhlar ’65 Dr. Terrence D. Truhler ’66 Paul ’76 and Susan Trunk Dr. Scott ’72 and Kathleen Williams CST’74 Turner Dr. Nelson and Autumn Updaw George ’65 and Cathy Valaika Brother Thomas Dominic Vance, FSC ’61 Ralph Anthony Vennetti ’85 Ralph and Katherine Vennetti Robert J. Vondrasek ’61 Dr. Donald E. Wedgbury ’63 Marc J. Weisenburger ’75 Robert ’67 and Patricia Wheeler Richard ’57 and Suzanne Willett Nancy A. Wiltgen ’75 Margaret J. Winters James M. Yang ’51 Ralph ’67 and Marianne Zito


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HEFFRON CIRCLE ($100-$999) Honoring the vision of Bishop Patrick R. Heffron, who founded Saint Mary’s in 1912.


Anonymous Jeffrey ’76 and Karen Fitzgerald Adair Dr. Stuart E. Adair Michael ’87 and Deb Adducci Thomas K. Ahern ’64 William ’57 and Helen Ahern William ’75 and Debra Sprung CST’74 Ahlstrom Robert and Kathleen Aiken Paul F. Albrecht ’79 Julie Allen Rudolph ’61 and Lucy Anderle Gregory James Anderson M’05 James and Susan Anderson Gregory and Kimberly Morgan ’89 Anderson John Lawrence Andra ’85 Robert Andrew ’65 and Kathy SmithAndrew Frederick H. Andrus ’59 George J. Anichini, Jr. ’82 David and Janelle Ansell Thomas ’64 and Luz Anzelde Dr. David ’86 and Brenda Appel Michael Arfsten M’06 Steven and Laura Assimos Dr. Carolyn and Brett Ayers Warren Brett Ayers Christine Calabrese Ayotte ’82 Mark Ayotte ’82 Francis J. Backe ’54 Robert ’61 and Linda Baer Bridgette Marie Baggio ’08 Steven ’83 and Maureen Bailey Allan ’68 and Carol Gant CST’68 Baldes Mary Williams Bambenek M’93 Dr. Theodore R. Bambenek ’70 Harlon and Ardis Bang James A. Bansley ’54 Dr. Mark Barber and Dr. Pat Calton Dr. Michael J. Barcelona ’71 Dr. John E. Barnes ’75 Father James L. Barrett ’68 Dr. John ’65 and Ellen Barrett Dr. Kevin F. Barrett ’75 Robert and Nancy Padden ’79 Barrett Jeff and Leslie Bartosz Peter and Kristine Gutzmann ’79 Bauer Timothy ’76 and Nancy Bauer Michael ’86 and Wendy Bauers Edmund Baumann ’54 Gerald and Julianne Baustian Sarah M’09 and Roger Bearbower Dr. James G. Beaudry ’49 Bernard ’53 and Patricia Beck Kristine Bork Beck ’85 David and Lucille Gerten ’84 Becker Mary Becker Robert R. Bedard ’59 Pat and Michael Beech John and Mary Beerling Dr. James ’66† and Judy Nelson CST’67 Beier Judy Beier Robert E. Bellock ’65 Roger A. Belmonte, Jr. ’74 Brent ’05 and Megan Bendson Nancy Melsha Bendtsen ’78 Dr. Joseph Benigni ’57 Ian Royce Bents ’03 John and Margaret Berges

Ellen ’05 and Dennis Bergler David Swope Bergman M’97 Richard H. Bergman ’58 Morris ’61 and Rita Berk Robert Berndt Robert J. Bertling ’49 Robert ’79 M’07 and Mary Biebel Gina Feldten Biel ’91 Dr. James ’61 and Margaret Williams CST’62 Bierden Charles ’65 and Rebecca Biesanz Eugene R. Biewen ’55 Gena Stapleton Bilden Matthew Albert Bilski ’07 John R. Bischof ’62 James ’89 and Susan Bischoff Duane Bissonnette ’94 Dr. Leslie Kern Bleskachek D’07 Jennifer Robyn Blevins ’94 C’95 M’97 Alison Bush Block Andrew W. Block Thomas and Robin Blondin Kenneth James Blouin ’86 Dr. David E. Blume ’83 James M. Boback ’63 Jerome ’61 and Dolores Beer CST’61 Bock Edward ’64 and Judith Martens CST’64 Boduch Dr. Ronald ’62 and Karen Boduch John ’64 and Mary Boege Francis W. Boler ’62 Gregory and Lisa Bollig Todd ’87 and Mary Borndale Larry and Wanda Borowicz Molly Elizabeth Bott ’85 M’97 Mr. and Mrs. Richard Bott Timothy ’79 and Jean Boucher Richard ’57 and Joanne Boudreau Dr. William A. Boulanger ’75 William J. Boulger, Jr. ’60 David and Laura O’Connor ’97 Bowman Chad Herbert Boyer ’03 Judge Arthur ’71 and Kate Fromelt CST’71 Boylan Jennifer Smith Boyle ’91 Neil G. Boyle ’91 Tania Jenelle Brandstrom M’08 Dr. William Brannen, Jr. ’58 Steven and Rebecca Hazelton ’94 M’98 Bratulich Christopher and Suzanne Braun Mark S. Brawley ’84 Father James I. Bream ’60 Eric and Gayle Engesser ’88 Brekke Robert ’63 and Nancy Boles CST’63 Brien Tom Brierton Joseph ’70 and Susan Brisch James ’56 and Mary Keohan CST’57 Bristow Becky L. Brodin M’99 Philip ’47 and Anne Brokenshire Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Brooker Don ’51 and Mary Brooks Angela Coleman Broos ’85 Daniel J. Broos ’83 Michael G. Broos ’81 C’00 Joseph ’77 and Julie Brosig Jody and JoAnn Brown Paul ’76 and Judy Brueggemann Bruna Bucciarelli ’76 Eugenia Buchmann Elizabeth Bono Buckley ’77 Patrick M. Buckley ’77 Edward J. Budi ’77 Dr. John ’42 and Mabel Buhl Paul ’46 and Janice Buhl

Dr. Richard R. Bukrey ’63 Lawrence Burgart Christine Henderson Burke ’85 Dennis ’71 and Carol Burke Michael Thomas Burke ’85 Gregory C. Buzicky ’75 Robert C. Cachor ’63 Dale and Margaret Cacka Jon and Vickie Speltz ’01 Cada Phillip F. Cain ’56 Dr. Pat Calton and Mark Barber John ’64 and Patricia Cannon James C. Cappetta M’08 Jerome and Therese Carberry Judge C. Bernard Carey ’56 Bruce E. Carlevato ’74 Carmen Alvarez Carlson ’75 Catherine Wahl Carlson ’78 Jacinta Timmons Carlson ’77 Jayne Carlson Dr. Robert T. Carlson ’75 Dr. Thomas B. Carlson ’78 Brother Francis Carr, FSC ’66 James and Patricia Richards ’77 Carroll Timothy Michael Carroll ’07 Christina Racheal Carufel ’07 Leo J. Casey ’44 Barry and Kim Cash J. Patrick Cashin ’59 James S. Cashin ’61 Nancy Lorenz Cassato ’76 Victor C. Cassato ’75 Col. John ’56 and Patricia Caulfield Vito ’74 and Colleen Cavallo Dr. Gerald D. Cavanaugh ’57 Richard J. Cech ’80 Dr. Joseph ’56 and Karen Cerniglia Catherine Troka Cerone ’75 Patrick ’69 and Phyllis Cerone Robert J. Cerone ’75 Mary Muir Chambers ’74 W. Patrick Chambers ’06 Meghan Chandler Kelly Gene Chapman M’08 Karen Connett Chapple ’94 Thomas ’68 and Elizabeth Krembs CST’68 Charnecki Dr. Lori J. Charron Michael ’79 and Dr. Lori Charron John and Charene Childers Elizabeth Childs and Todd Larson Dr. Jan F. Chlebowski ’65 Donald ’57 and Marylin Chopp Donald ’63 and Judith Christl David J. Cichanowski ’72 Richard ’54 and Barbara Citti Brother J. William Clarey, FSC Ph.D. ’62 Margaret Hansen Clarey ’79 William A. Clarey II ’76 Jean I. Clarke M’79 Michele Erin Clarke ’05 Robin and Ann ’76 Clark-Whitlock James and Joyce Clemens Sara Elizabeth Clements ’09 Christopher and Jean Tremaine CST’78 Clementz Matthew Paul Clementz ’08 Alfred Coco ’57 Mary C. Colbath Heidi Jane Colby ’93 James ’58 and Clara Coleman Terrance ’65 and Carol Coleman Donald and Karen Collins Frank A. Collins ’59 Jerry ’62 and Catherine Miller CST’63 Collins

Kerry and Joanne Braasch ’74 Collins Sean Patrick Collins ’86 Stephen and Kathleen Collins Dr. Stephen P. Collins ’60 Leonard ’62 and Judith Condon Alan Thomas Conniff ’97 C’10 Kathryn Kadlec Conniff ’97 D. Patrick Connolly ’95 Raymond and Elaine Connolly Robert and Julie Conover Michael ’60 and Eileen Conroy Bruno ’64 and Anita Contreras Father Gerald W. Conway ’53 Dr. Timothy and Kathy Conway Dr. Erin Cooke and Alex Turnow Remi and Barbara Coolsaet Halsey ’42 and Nancy Cory Anthony and Mary Costa Dr. Patrick ’54 and Joan Costello William ’65 and Joetta Costello Dr. William D. Cox ’58 Timothy ’68 and Susan Larsen CST’68 Coyne David ’67 and Mary Schottler CST’67 Crandall Dr. David ’65 and Gayle Cratty James P. Crinnion ’50 Barbara E. Croucher ’99 M’02 Lou Ann Rothbauer Crowley ’75 Michael J. Crowley ’74 Dr. William and Selma Crozier Dr. Philip J. Cullen ’70 Teresa Mooney Cullen ’80 Terrance J. Cullen ’80 Patricia J. Cullerton ’76 Daniel P. Cullnan ’64 Mr. Frank Cunningham, Jr. Shirley Hazelton Curbow ’84 Kevin and Mary Curry Donald ’67 and Sandra Curtin Karen M. Cushing ’80 Kenneth and Linda Cutler Ernest ’87 and Christine Cutro Mary Beth Cyze ’81 Father John Czaplewski, FCM ’60 Cecilia Ryan D’Acquisto CST’77 Captain Gene E. Dahm ’62 Dr. Michael ’74 and Rosa Dalsing Thomas ’59 and Helen Daly Dr. Gene ’65 and Tay D’Amour Barry R. Davis ’78 Ernest G. Dawson ’57 Michael James Day ’97 Dr. John and Yasmin Dean Gerrit and Lorraine Purcell ’77 DeBruin Andrew and Patricia Long ’87 Deckas Patrick Deeg ’05 Brandi L. DeFries Dr. Frank ’57 and Elizabeth Sweetman CST’57 DeGaetano Richard ’65 and Mildred Dehlinger Kimberly A. Delaney ’82 Patrick J. Delfino ’66 Paul Delmore Kenneth L. Delrose ’56 Thomas and Katherine Delwiche Patrick ’92 and Kathy Dempsey Laurene Gacek Demuth ’83 Timothy R. Demuth ’83 Michael J. Denigan ’55 Samuel G. Dennison ’68 Steven and Eileen DeSpain Wayne Elwin Detzler M’03 David and Teisha Smith ’00 Devine William and Bridget Kingsley ’07 Dicke Ann Catherine Dickey ’10 † deceased 2010 – 2011

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2010-2011 INVESTORS’ Lindsay Ruth Dickson ’08 Brother Konrad Diebold, FSC ’61 M’69 Dr. Larry and Shirley Dieterman Jason and Marisa Wilson ’01 Dille William and Lisa Dillon Cheryl Divine Joseph T. Dixon, Jr. ’66 Diane E. Dockery John and Christine Dockery Kim Renee Dockter M’98 Patricia Doctor Dr. Robert ’63 and Mary Doerr Donald ’50 and Rosemary Castro CST’53 Dohring Anne Lock Dolan ’79 Brendan Dolan and Kathleen Newsome James ’52 and Patricia Olson CST’53 Dolan Dr. James R. Dolan, Jr. ’79 Erin Marie Donnelly ’05 Laura Kieltyka Donohue ’85 James ’66 and Myrna Donovan Michael V. Doole ’75 Gerald ’61 and Mary Graff CST’63 Dooley Dr. Timothy A. Dooley ’69 Dennis J. Doran ’69 Jeanne Marie Doran ’86 Lt. Col. George Dostal Richard J. Douville ’58 Richard J. Dowd ’70 Dr. Bridget M. Doyle CST’63 John C. Doyle ’57 William and Helen Drennan William R. Dresback ’69 Deacon Raymond Louis Finnegan DuBois M’08 Ronald ’64 and Frances Duda Dr. Robert ’73 and Janet Duffy Dr. William Dukart ’68 and Janice Centa Dr. Ronald ’70 and Sally Dulek Jerry A. Duncker ’76 Michael James Dungan ’88 Rhonda King Dungan ’89 Jerome ’94 and Melissa Dunphy Peter ’59 and Frances Duszynski Yunge Hae Dutton M’10 Dr. John ’66 and Catherine Dvorak Stanley and Mary Dvorak John and Caron Dwyer Michael ’70 and Dorothy Dybas Michael John Dyer ’91 John ’75 and Gladys Ebert Larry and Peggy Ebert Robert ’67 and Susan Schlink CST’69 Edel Gregory ’74 and Dianne Butterfield CST’74 Egan Michael J. Eggert ’77 Brother Dominic Ehrmantraut, FSC ’67 Brother Stephen Eibert, FSC ’53 Douglas ’67 and Donna Eichten Dale ’53 and Lillian Cisek CST’52 Eickman Lillian Cisek Eickman CST’52 Michelle S. Eisenhauer Sara Marie Eisenhauer ’10 Patricia E. Eiynck Dr. Gerald H. Ellis Deacon Michael Joseph Ellis ’87 Matthew and Cynthia Cassidy ’94 Elumba Michael and Ginny Emmett Gary ’67 and Theresa Engel Robert F. Erazmus ’64 Andrea K. Essar Dr. Roxanne Eubank Lt. Col. Damian G. Evans ’63 Brother Ed Everett, FSC ’50

Gerald and Sharon Every Monica Herriges Evon ’77 Thomas J. Evon ’76 Fr. Andrew C. Fabian, OP Gerald ’60 and Lillian Fair Dr. Robert ’53 and Helen Fallon Susan Ann Fangel M’08 Tim and Susan Fangel Sean and Julia Edmunds ’94 Farnan James ’57 and Aimee Farrell Timothy and Joan Newell ’77 Farrell Robert ’58 and Helen Farrell James and Carol Feather Laurel A. Feddema ’83 Dr. Sonia Feder-Lewis Percy and Karen Feldten Dr. Joel P. Felmlee ’80 Maryellen Tobin Fender ’73 Stacy A. Fender Nicole Fennern and Jamie Herrick William Feriancek John A. Ferrante, Sr. M’67 Kenneth ’67 and Marie Ferraro Greg and Sharon Johnson ’83 Fiebiger Robert ’54 and Marilyn Fincutter Daniel ’64 and Beatrice Liske CST’64 Finn Robert Michael Fiorentino ’04 Stanley ’68 and Suzanne Fiorito Barbara Hohenberger Fischer ’79 Rev. John M. Fischer ’82 Michael E. Fischer ’77 Richard and Anita Fischer Sarah Ann Fisher ’04 M’11 Kevin Antony Fisk ’92 Arthur ’61 M’67 and Ruth Fitzgerald Harry Fitzgerald ’08 F. M. Fitzpatrick ’68 John ’57 and Delores Korback CST’57 Fitzsimmons Joseph ’64 and Kathy Flad Dr. Kathleen Flanagan M’75 Dr. Michael G. Flanagan ’63 Barbara Ann Flasch M’95 Cletus Fleming Jacob John Fleming ’07 Fredrick R. Fletcher Eileen Marie Flynn ’89 Maurice ’54 and Betty Flynn Terese A. Foley ’84 Dr. Frank A. Folk Laura Folk ’72 William J. Ford, Jr. ’61 John ’50 and Donna Forrest Frederick and Marilyn Foss Larry and Mary Fowler Mary Catherine Fox, Ph.D. ’75 Bridget Rose Frauenshuh ’09 Patrick ’67 and Sandie Frawley Dennis S. Frederick ’71 Dr. Alan ’52 and Dorothy Fredian Kristin Rose Sellner ’01 Timothy Brian Fredricks ’02 Christina Nicole Freeman ’08 John Michael Freeman ’08 M’10 Lisa Mahler Freeman ’08 John and Jane Sommers ’85 Freiburger Thomas ’62 and Maureen Fremgen William Robert Frett ’73 Glen and Bonnie Freudenberg Rich and Carrie Dunn ’80 Frey Robert J. Fridlund ’56 Robert ’68 and Candace Young CST’68 Frie Terrance and Paula Friedman Richard and Kathleen Frisch Martin H. Froeschl ’77


Information you need to know for year-end gifts Saint Mary’s University receives a large number of gifts in December as the calendar year – and tax year – comes to an end. To ensure that our benefactors are able to take full advantage of available income tax charitable deductions in 2011 for gifts to Saint Mary’s, we want you to know the following requirements and recommendations: 1. Gifts made by check are complete upon delivery or mailing. This year, any gift by check must be delivered to the Development Office by the close of business on Dec. 30, 2011, or mailed to Saint Mary’s University by the time of the last mail pickup on Dec. 31, 2011. If you mail a check to SMU, the envelope must be postmarked Dec. 31, 2011 or earlier in order for Saint Mary’s to acknowledge your gift as made in 2011. A check mailed on Jan. 3, 2012, regardless of the date on the check, is considered a gift contributed in 2012. 2. Gifts made with a credit card are complete when the gift is charged. Thus, gifts made by credit card through the SMU online giving site must be completed no later than 11:55 p.m. on Dec. 31. 3. Gifts made by credit card through a mailed completed gift card or returned pledge card must be received by the Development Office on or before Dec. 22, 2011. Credit card gifts can also be made by phone during regular business hours (8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.) and, as noted above, can be made online anytime. 4. We recommend that gifts of securities should be initiated no later than Dec. 16, 2011, to ensure completion of the transaction by the end of the year. Gifts of stocks and securities can easily be transferred to Saint Mary's account at Linsco Private Ledger (LPL) Financial. The information below should be all a broker or agent needs to complete the transfer of stock or securities from your account to the Saint Mary's account. Agent: Mr. Fred Fletcher Telephone: (608) 784-9100 (La Crosse, Wisconsin office) DTC #: 0075 Account #: 6305-8609


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Dr. Marilyn Frost James and Marlene Fugere Lisa Marie Furey ’91 Patricia Ann Furtaw M’09 Dr. and Mrs. John R. Gaertner William Galante ’51 Thomas A. Galbraith ’62 Joseph W. Gale ’81 John Galella, Jr. ’69 Donald J. Gallagher ’54 Sharon A. Gallagher ’73 Edith Galvez ’10 Barbara Galvin Hon. Nello and Eileen Gamberdino James J. Gannon ’77 Jeanne Mullins Gannon ’77 James ’68 and Jane Gardner Jane Gardner Julie Biesanz Gardner ’85 Don L. Garrett M’95 Daniel Joseph Garrity ’91 Karri Moynihan Garrity ’92 Alan and Laura Garven Robert and Margaret Gas Dr. Ronald ’63 and Caryl Gates Daniel and Lynda Gatto Dr. Greg Gaut ’69 and Marsha Neff Joe and Melissa Mettille ’92 Gearen David and Patricia Geerdes Randolph and Peggy Geissler Allison Lucca Geist ’99 Kevin William Geist ’99 Dr. James M. Gentile ’68 John and Peggy Geraghty Michael ’85 and Kim Geraghty Dr. Richard A. Germundsen Lois J. Gernes Dr. John and Mary Ann Gernetzke Donald ’63 and Mary Statz CST’66 Gerum Stanley ’64 and Judith Getch David and Anne Gezon Dr. John ’69 and Linda Gfrerer, M.S., R.N. Francis J. Giannetti ’56 Ronald T. Giannoni ’57 Dr. Ann Patterson Gibson D’05 CST’69 Thomas Gibson ’68 Dr. Charles ’77 and Kerry Gilarski Roy P. Gillis, Jr. ’53 Richard ’49 M’67 and Dorothy Gilman George F. Girod ’71 Joseph W. Glenski ’83 Rosemary Glesener ’02 John P. Glish ’63 Maurice A. Godsil ’53 Harrie A. Goedde ’48 Joseph and Mary Goldberg Daniel and Nancy Goltz Richard and Karen Goodwin Elizabeth Doody Gorman ’87 John ’68 and Patricia Goss Dr. Bobbie Smith Gostout ’83 Dr. John D. Gould ’59 Patrick Grace M’07 and Julie Johnston Robert ’77 and Delphine Grala Rita Jean Eaheart Gramm ’87 Alan ’60 and Marjorie Grattafiori Dr. John B. Gratzek ’52 Thomas ’67 and Nancy Graver Dr. Edwin ’67 and Maureen Grayzeck Dr. John ’64 and Renee Greden Jeff and Jennifer Peel ’96 Greminger Stephen J. Griffin ’79 M. Langenderfer Grimms ’75 Walter W. Grimms ’75 Hubert J. Grogan ’69 Joseph ’70 and Suzanne Gross

Dr. MaryMargaret Gross ’91 Rebecca Ann Grube ’05 Robert James Grumich ’97 Stephen J. Gryl ’82 Alan Michael Guanella ’09 Dr. Peter F. Guidinger ’84 Joseph Robert Guillou ’89 John ’67 and Ann Palubicki CST’67 Gustin Geraldine and Thomas ’58 Guy Kathryn D. Guyer ’85 Michael and Amy Haas Laurie and Steve Haase Robert J. Haberski Mary Haerle ’80 and Andy Sutcliffe Kevin Ray Haessig ’94 Jeffery and Jennifer Halberg Scott Halberg Daniel ’80 and Sandra Hall Holly Hall M’11 Michael R. Halloran ’70 Father Paul F. Halloran ’49 John F. Halpin ’76 Denise F. Hamernik Dr. Julian J. Hamerski ’52 Terry ’80 and Robin Hamilton John ’65 and Suzanne Hampe Gordon Michael Hannon ’86 Kenneth James Hanrahan ’97 David and Paula Hanson A. Keith Hanzel ’59 Walter D. Haraburda ’70 Jeffrey ’82 and Vivian Hargarten Gary Reeves Harris, Jr. M’07 James P. Harris ’77 Darrell and Leona Hart Mark G. Hartman ’76 Dr. Susan E. Hassig ’77 Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hauer Dennis and Marian Haugh Robert ’56 and Mary Hauwiller Erin Elizabeth Havel ’99 Charles John Hawkins ’91 James ’54 and Diane Healy Robert and Linda Heath Terry R. Hebig ’59 Thomas M. Hebig ’71 Ryan and Leah Gleason M’04 Hebner, CFRE Walter ’58 and Patricia Heidkamp Dr. Cecilia Carroll Heiges ’74 Michael P. Heiges ’74 Joseph J. Heilgeist ’66 Benjamin M’04 and Julie Heimdal Dr. Joseph W. Heimler ’78 Jackie Ann Heintz ’11 Dr. Julian and Ursula Heitz James ’73 and Paula McKeen CST’74 Hellige David Leschke Hellstrom ’85 M’98 Susan Judith Hellstrom ’87 Jack and Marion Henderson Richard and Donna Hendricks Gerald E. Hendron ’60 Allan ’67 and Joan Henely Timothy ’95 and Michele Henne Thomas ’55 and Carol Hennessey Carol L. Hennessy ’84 Edward John Hennessy ’89 Patrice M. Henning ’84 Coral Leigh Henthorne Brenda Vucinovich Herald ’85 Dr. Priscilla J. Herbison James ’64 and Marjorie Herlihy Ward ’69 and Anita Wagner CST’69 Hertsted

Martin ’71 and Jeanne McGeean CST’71 Hertz Thomas and Julie Blaine ’79 Herzog Douglas ’84 and Stacy Hettinger Dr. Jeffrey R. Highland James ’52 and Mary Murphy CST’52 Hill Maureen Adams Hill ’86 Dr. Paul Steven Hill ’85 Ryan Patrick Hinton ’00 Paul Joseph Hoben ’90 Gordon T. Hoehn ’72 Dr. John ’73 and Linda Enyart CST’73 Hoehn Albert Hoffman ’49 Dr. John Hoffman ’51 Thomas ’83 and Brenda Hoffman Charles C. Hoffmann ’54 Mark and Nancy Blash ’81 Holihan John F. Holland ’56 Dr. Michael J. Holland ’71 Steven ’71 and Mary Hollander Dr. Don and Margaret Hollandsworth Dr. Jean Hollenstein ’84 and Dr. James Waage Thomas D. Holmes ’63 Dr. William ’52 and Charlotte Holohan John ’78 and Mary Holton Mary Welsh Holtorf ’88 Stephen James Holtorf ’87 A. Michael Holzemer ’66 Bob Hoodecheck and Dr. Sue Jelense Allan and Diane Hoogheem Patricia Rice Hooley ’85 John and Carol Hopkins Rebecca Prell Hopkins ’94 M’00 C’05 Mary Hoppe CST’73 Dr. Thomas ’65 and Beverly Horak John C. Houha ’65 Raymond G. Hoven ’56 Francis M. Howard ’76 Mary Beth McCall Howard ’76 Kenneth ’68 and Jeanne Hennes CST’67 Howell John and Donna Schuster ’83 Hrebec Robert ’64 and Colleen Hriszko Michael and Dr. Christina Huck Benjamin Leo Huegel ’99 M’00 Joanna Richardson Huegel M’04 Bryce and Kathryn Huemoeller Brian ’67 and Janis Bebo CST’67 Hughes William ’64 and Christine Hughes Stephen ’69 and Michelle Hujar Stephanie Ann Humbert ’08 Brother Lawrence Humphrey, FSC Paul ’64 and Patricia Hundt Toby Hurley Richard ’54 and Dolores Hynds Dr. Arthur Indelicato ’59 Dr. Hugh ’60 M’66 and Jeanette Ingrasci Henry ’59 and Margaret Irace Kurt and MaryRose Iten Jesse M. Izzo ’02 David and Phyllis Jackson John Ray Jackson M’09 Henry P. Jakobsze ’83 Audrey P. Janiak Kathleen Janikowski† Ronald G. Jans ’69 Kenneth ’58 and Kitty Merrick CST’59 Jansen Walter J. Jarrett, Jr. ’58 Dr. and Mrs. Anthony L. Jaspers Raymond ’82 and Gail Jenisch Julia B. Jenson John Jentink Pamela J. Joachim ’77

Dr. William A. Joern Paula Joers Ann Lodermeier Johnson ’82 Barton and Lynn Johnson Kurt and Connie Mueller ’82 Johnson Dwight and Kate Johnson Jeffrey L. Johnson ’74 Dr. John J. Johnson Lee and Susan Johnson Dr. Linda C. Johnson ’74 David and Maria Boser ’84 Johnson Marie Elizabeth Johnson ’97 Mark Edward Johnson ’86 Mary Pat Hellgeth Johnson ’88 Elaine Johnston Cynthia Engesser Jones ’88 James V. Jordan Kevin Jordan Marilyn A. Jordan Timothy and Cynthia Jordan Dr. and Mrs. Gerald T. Jorgensen Len and Marita Williams ’78 Jorgensen Charles ’66 and Katherine Joseph Dr. Michael P. Joseph ’44 Mary Niznik Joss ’84 Michael Martin Joss ’86 Dr. John J. Joyce ’81 Thomas E. Joyce ’77 Dr. Martin and Patricia Judd Stephen ’53 and Marilyn Judd Mary Albel Judge CST’58 Thomas ’56 and Mary Albel CST’58 Judge Ann Janczy Julsrud ’76 James R. Julsrud ’76 William ’55 and Christine Juneau John ’71 and Jeanne Jungbauer Joseph M. Jungbauer ’77 Ronald ’81 and Colleen Jungbauer Philip ’65 and Katherine Kaczorowski Captain Christopher J. Kaiser ’83 Dr. Dale ’59 and Carole Kaiser Amy Jean Kalina ’08 Lawrence ’68 and Lorrie Kampwirth Daniel ’61 and Annette Kanka Gerald L. Karel ’80 Judy Mohnen Karel ’80 Francis R. Kary ’62 Kenneth Kasarski ’77 Maureen Galvin Kasarski ’77 Brian and Angela Pieper ’07 Kasel P. Tim ’71 and Deborah Untiedt CST’73 Kaspar Ronald ’63 and Margaret Kassen Timothy ’57 and Mary Kavanaugh Dr. Peter P. Kaye ’76 Richard R. Kazmier ’73 Patrick J. Keane ’80 Michael ’73 and Mary Keating Margaret Keaveny Dr. Thomas M. Keefe ’56 David ’70 and Kathleen Richardson CST’70 Keenan Thomas ’68 and Judy Stollenwerk CST’69 Keenan F. Lee Keller ’42 Dr. Lawrence J. Keller ’62 Glenn A. Kelley ’77 Martin and Ellen Prendergast ’86 Kelly Joseph and Maureen Gronstal ’84 Kenney Lynn Sherek Kenning ’93 Joseph S. Kerns ’67 Robert ’58 and Roberta Kessler Jacquelyn and Brian Killian Robert and Debra Kimlicka Gary and Rebecca Kimlinger Mary K. Thein Kimlinger ’87 † deceased 2010 – 2011

SMU IR 2011 26-58 10/13/11 12:35 PM Page 31

2010-2011 INVESTORS’ Ronald Peter Kimlinger ’88 Edward L. King Jeffery ’87 and Jody King John K. King ’82 Margaret Maloney Kinsley ’85 Martin Kissane ’71 and Martha Hammond Marilee Kistler Thomas ’66 and Ann Klein Merrill ’64 and Marcia Kline Christina Mary Kluczny ’06 John ’72 and Catherine Klug Katherine Anne Klus ’10 Dr. David ’63 and Luanne Knutson Jamie Luv Knutson M’01 William Charles Knutson M’00 Sean William Koch ’05 M’10 Kimberly Marie Koecheler ’08 Kristina Marian Koecheler ’08 M’11 John W. Koenig ’58 Edwin Frederick Koezly III ’85 Monica Kelley Koezly ’85 Harold and Christine Kolasa Deborah Cantieri Kolb ’77 Dr. John W. Kolb ’76 Kevin E. Kolis ’74 Dr. Albert J. Kollasch ’62 Michael ’74 and Debra Konicek Kenneth J. Koos ’75 Sister Clare Korte, OSF Jeffrey E. Kosel M’05 Brian Joseph Kowles ’89 Eileen Gibbons Kowles ’88 Dr. Randy Krainock and Kristie Shappell James and Mary Kaye Kramer James and Celeste Kramer Jeffrey and Mary White ’74 Krasner John and Cindy Kratzke Patrick and Lisa Kremer Richard and Dr. Karen Padden ’97 Kress Daniel M. Kreutzberg ’67 Roy A. Kriesel M’08 William J. Kritek ’62 M’66 Phillip and Jane Kronlage Gregory M. Kruzel ’79 Kathleen Kust Kruzel ’79 Loretta Clarke Krydynski ’85 Vincent Joseph Krydynski III ’85 James and Diane Krzmarzick Steven and Sue Kueck Fred ’54 and Suzanne Larkin CST’54 Kueppers Robert ’64 and Barbara Kueppers Jacob Arlo Kugel ’97 Jennifer Mahowald Kugel ’98 Michael and Alison Kula David A. Kulhanek ’81 Robert A. Kulinski ’66 John E. Kumm Mike and Denise Kunkel Kevin R. Kurry ’81 Dr. Thomas ’73 and Barbara Kwiatt Father Joseph La Plante Michael ’77 and Linda Hines CST’79 Laak Michael L. Lach ’64 Kenneth and Phyllis LaCroix Alfred and Elizabeth Lais Joshua J. Lallaman Timothy P. Lamb ’69 Dr. Paul J. Lamberty ’71 Gary and Jean Lamusga Stefanie Jean Lamusga ’05 Dr. John ’57 M’64 and Joan Lane Col. Robert ’57 and Inez Lang Captain Thomas C. Lang ’70 Ronald B. Langton ’61

Robert ’71 and Sue Larson Thomas M. Laskey ’63 Mary Bodensteiner Laskowski CST’64 Roger ’54 and June Laven Daniel and Karen Lawrence Dominic Theodore Lawrence ’06 M’10 Sara Vargason Lawrence ’06 Jean Laux Leary CST’64 Michael J. Leary ’61 Patrick J. Leary ’60 Robert and Barbara Lechner John Edward LeClair ’97 Dennis ’75 and Karen Lee Dr. Edward R. Lee ’46 Michael ’92 and Julie Lehman Tracy Lehnertz M’97 Donald and Christine Leist John ’68 and Mary Kay Lentz Michael E. Leonetti ’77 David P. Levisen George ’58 and Dolores Pintaudi CST’57 Libera Dale ’74 and Linda Lieb Allan M’02 and Terri Lieder Martin ’62 and Cathy Lillig Valerie Lim David R. Limpert ’77 Susan Kell Limpert ’78 Kenneth E. Lindeman ’69 Kent Christopher Linder ’93 Dr. Gregory ’73 and Diane Ling Dr. Michael ’68 and Kathryn Loebach Joan Kuhlmann Lompart M’98 Cierra Lynn Lopis ’11 Peter T. Lotzer ’65 James J. Loughlin ’53 Mark and Debra Loughney Susan Gangl Lovegreen ’89 Jeanine Marie Lovell M’04 Dr. James K. Lowry ’48 Tamra and Ondrej Lubinski Ann Therese Lucas ’75 M’02 John R. Lucas ’84 Judy Mullins Lucas ’83 Mary Christina Luehne M’95 Matthew and Layla Gau C’04 Lunde Greg and Mary Schwartz ’81 Lunzer Travis and Nicole Lynch ’03 C’04 Peterson Karen Machlica CST’77 Dr. Wayne E. Mackie ’62 Sidney J. MacLeod, Jr. ’54 James ’72 and Lynda Mader Maureen Madigan Patrick ’68 and Margaret Madison Paul J. Maganzini ’70 Joseph ’52 and Maureen Magee Dr. Thomas ’57 and Beatrice Maguire Msgr. Gerald A. Mahon ’67 James and Milissa Mahoney Robert ’70 and Janice Mahoney Martin Paul Malecha M’01 Mary Jo Kaufman Malecha ’82 M’92 Robert ’64 and Mary Mallon John P. Maloney ’77 Dr. Thomas and Mary Kay Mans Ralph A. Marchetta ’58 William ’51 and Vivian Markham Robert ’64 and Karen McKenna CST’65 Marks William and Pat Markus Dr. Thomas D’04 and Cathy Marpe Charles N. Marron ’57 Christina and Peter Mart Dr. Debra Martin and Rod Feddersen John ’58 and Mary Jo Martin Kaylin Dawn Martin ’08

Dr. Mark L. Martin Anthony and Carolyn Martino John and Catherine Marx William N. Masterson ’54 Dr. Ruth Marie Mathews ’76 M’81 Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Mauszycki Monta G. May ’04 Richard ’68 and Rosanne Padesky CST’68 May Roberta Mayer Christopher Luke Mayock ’90 Scott and Dr. Mary Olmscheid ’95 Maytan Arthur ’54 and June Maze John L. Mazer ’52 Aloysius ’65 and Theresa Neitzel CST’67 Mazig Joseph ’51 and Dolores Zink CST’53 Mazzarella Dr. James and Ann Mazzuca Dr. Paul ’65 and Maureen Dowling CST’65 McAvoy Dr. Shelly Yvonne McCallum M’96 Charles ’62 and Ramona Flahaven CST’63 McCarter Shawn D. McCarthy ’01 Jack ’62 and Margaret McCarthy William ’70 and Kathryn McCarthy Dr. John Phelps McClure Michael E. McClure ’68 Matthew ’53 and Betty McConnell John Daniel McCormick ’89 Julie Jones McCormick ’90 Louis ’79 and Margaret Stringham CST’80 McCoy Dr. Andrew J. McCullough ’84 Lynn Nankivil ’71 M’98 and Ken McCullough Paulette Giesen McCullough ’83 Dr. Gary C. McDonald ’64 Anthony and Patti Grunt ’76 McDonald John T. McDonnell ’83 Maureen Mangan McDonnell ’83 Father James McDonough ’52 Rev. Joseph and Helen M’90 McDowell Donald ’58 and Sharon McElmury Elizabeth Connelly CST’56 McEnery Michael ’53 and Greta Jelen CST’53 McGroarty Brian C. McGuire ’74 Nancy Murphy McGuire ’74 Padraic and Nancy McGuire William F. McHugh ’62 Ted and Kris McKeeth Kevin ’84 and Karen McKenna Lisa McLean Deacon Randall Dale McMahon M’10 Shawn Patrick McMahon M’04 Leonard McNab ’60 Grace Wojski McNamara ’77 Mark and Maureen Barrett ’84 McNicholas Barbara Mulvey McQuillan ’76 Catherine S. Menoni Ernest and Janice Merkelis Charles Mertensotto ’63 Dr. James Joseph Meyer ’85 Joshua ’98 and Deidre Meyer Mark ’83 and Christine Meyer Virgil J. Meyer ’51 Robert J. Meyers ’60 Ricky ’85 M’97 and Denise Auld CST’85 Michel Michael J. Michon ’80 Thomas J. Michon ’77 Dr. Gerard J. Mikol ’62


John ’64 and Patricia Travin CST’64 Mikulski Amy Glen Miller ’82 Mike and Candace Severson ’78 Miller Cdr. Edward ’43 and Bertha Nytes CST’42 Miller Francis ’65 and Martha Miller James R. Miller Jerry and Sue Miller Mark T. Miller ’82 Nadine Michelle Miller ’09 Mr. and Mrs. Norman R. Miller Paul ’52 and Gerri Miller Robert ’62 and Judy Miller Jack and Judith Azzarello ’79 Millerick Mary Burke Mills ’79 Thomas and Michelle Mills William H. Minihan ’68 James and Janice Mino Father Todd Allen Mlsna ’92 John and Caroline Mockler David ’70 and Crystal Conway CST’72 Moede Edward and Monica Hennessy ’86 Mohan Megan Patricia Mollison ’10 Gerard ’54 and Joanne Thulis CST’55 Montgomery Andrea Lea Moore ’91 Joseph and Marilyn Moore Martin C. Morano, Jr. ’71 Douglas N. Mormann ’71 Susan Leadley Mormann ’71 Anthony J. Mornar, Jr. ’81 Nancy Miceli Mornar ’81 Dennis ’69 and Beatrice Neurauter CST’69 Morneau Mark Joseph Morneau ’73 Jerome ’68 and Catherine Lauer CST’69 Morzinski Dr. Patrick E. Mottram ’63 Mary J. Moxness CST’71 Patrick M. Moylan ’68 George ’53 and Katie Mueller Dr. Joseph G. Mueller ’82 Maureen Forsythe Mueller ’83 George Muellner ’57 Patricia Gies Mulcahy ’81 Dr. Paul F. Mulcahy ’81 Edward ’65 and Susan Mulhern Joan Cox Mullins ’88 Thomas John Mullins ’86 Bernard F. Mulvaney ’54 Michael J. Mulvaney ’64 Thomas ’59 and Sheliah Mulvaney Fredrick ’83 and Jennifer Mulvany Richard and Barbara Mulvey Mark ’83 and Laurie Munns Gregory and Catherine Murphy Judge James ’66 and Carol Murphy Molly Jeanne Murphy ’97 Thomas P. Murphy, Jr. ’66 Benjamin Stephen Murray ’96 Dr. Jay and Patricia ’91 Mutter Dr. Walter ’56 and Lee Myalls Frances H. Naal Donald R. Nadeau ’85 Jean Strickland Nadeau ’85 Robert ’71 and Deborah Lagenderfer CST’73 Nagle Deborah K. Nahrgang Samuel R. Nardi ’82 Dr. Thomas J. Nardi ’81 Rory ’74 and Roseann Neill Jennifer Lawrence Nelson ’04 Michael R. Nelson ’76 Nathan and Jill Nelson


SMU IR 2011 26-58 10/13/11 12:35 PM Page 32





Travis Lee Nelson ’06 Paul and Lori Ness Gregory and Cynthia Neu Dr. Edward ’64† and Mary Biesanz CST’65 Neubauer Mary Neubauer Dr. Lorin ’52 and Janet Nevling Gregory P. Newton ’77 Dennis and Sharon Nickels Mel J. Niemiec Ronald E. Nitka ’70 Anthony Nitti Robert ’67 and Loveminda Noonan Dr. Matthew J. Nowakowski D’10 Robert V. Obarski ’80 Gary and Lois O’Brien Dr. Leo ’65 and Judy Ochrymowycz Kevin ’73 and Ann Schmitz CST’75 O’Connor Neal O’Connor ’69 Dr. Robert ’67 and Marilyn O’Dea Christiane Fortman O’Doherty ’91 John K. O’Doherty III ’88 Dr. John ’48 and Georgene O’Dwyer Daniel W. Oehmke Malachy ’48 and Alice Cunningham CST’48 O’Gorman David ’57 and Beverly Feather CST’60 O’Keefe Margaret Olsen O’Keefe ’85 Joseph B. O’Leary, Jr. ’71 Dr. Paul ’69 and Kathleen Powers CST’69 Oliaro Terry and Paula Olinger Dr. Martin ’53 and Betty McCormick CST’65 Olsen Gail L. Olson ’80 Randall James Olson M’98 Dennis ’59 and Joan O’Malley Martin C. O’Malley ’57 Michael A. O’Malley ’81 Patricia Holton O’Malley ’83 Megan Elizabeth O’Meara ’91 Jim and Susan O’Neill William ’63 and Roberta O’Reilly Harold and Lynne Ornes Michael ’82 and Katy O’Shea Tim and Jen O’Shea James ’65 and Susan O’Toole Jason Matthew Oujiri ’94 Bennie ’56 and Anita Palmentere Brian G. Palmer ’69 D. Michael Palmer ’58 Susan Arenberg Palmer ’87 Tina M’05 and Michael Palmer Margery A. Pantley Robert H. Paradise ’66 Louis ’66 and Eileen Parker John ’72 and Karen Riley CST’73 Parkinson Ronald ’54 M’69 and Joyce Partyka Dr. Susan Orlowski Paul ’80 Jessica Anne Paulsen ’09 Dr. John and Darlene Paulson Alan Pavik ’76 Richard ’59 and Charma Pavilon David R. Pawelski ’78 Kathleen Michelle Pawlowski ’10 Mary Payne M’91 Dr. Robert H. Paynter ’48 Robert I. Peacock, CFRE M’05 Steven and Katherine M’09 Pederson Mark and Angela Peifer Jason Daniel Pelowski M’00 Serena Nelson Pelowski ’95

James ’66 and Kathleen McNally CST’67 Penfold David and Kathleen Perkins Thomas ’70 and Ann Miller CST’69 Persoon Mary Stumpf Pesch CST’87 Nicole K. Peters Keith D. Peterson ’83 Dr. John ’67 and Gail Strass CST’69 Pettit Larry and Judith Pfaff Joseph ’80 and Golnar Phillips Robert M. Phillips ’77 Elmer ’58 and Patricia Pierre Terri A. Pline Harry ’59 and Jane Plotke Dr. John Poling and Cindy Jokela Gabrielle Ryan Polizzotto ’08 John D. Polka ’64 George Pollock ’62 Brother David Poos, FSC Cheryl L. Prentice Lawrence and Diana Price Dr. Richard and Lorraine Prinz Richard and Mia Probst David J. Putrich ’64 Andrew James Quarfoth ’01 Mark and Denise Rabogliatti Amy Elizabeth Raczon ’98 Dr. Dana and Jonella Rademacher Matthew and Judith Radish Holly Radis-McCluskey Randall and Alexandra Radtke Dr. Abdollah Rahimi Dr. Grace I. Ramseyer Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Rankin Anthony C. Rappold ’83 Debra Walsh Rappold ’83 Christine Heyda Rath ’86 Christopher Allan Rath ’85 Dr. Robert B. Razminas ’60 John S. Redpath ’80 Dr. John and Alicia Reed Eileen Gibbons Reedy ’78 Richard J. Reedy ’76 Dr. Paul ’62 and Patricia McGrath CST’60 Reichenbacher Tracy Jagodzinski Reichenbacher ’86 William Paul Reichenbacher ’87 Pauline Reicher Danelle Moran Reid ’80 Timothy O’Neill Reid ’79 Michael ’64 and Teresa Lanphear CST’65 Reisinger Roger ’66 and Kathy Reitmaier Father Timothy T. Reker ’78 Robert Rendak ’63 Simon and Donna Rendell Mary Smith Renk ’90 Richard J. Renk ’50 John Lang Reszka ’04 Dr. Lawrence ’66 and Rill Ann Reuter Eileen Long Rice ’82 Dr. Thomas J. Rice ’82 Dr. William ’53 and Armilla Rysavy CST’53 Rice John F. Richards ’76 Dr. Matt and Dr. Barbara Hale-Richlen ’93 Meg Leuer Richtman ’97 Michael Paul Richtman ’97 M’99 Walter and Mary Ann Riebenack Bernard ’48 and Evelyn Riley Matthew David Rink ’05 Charles ’71 and Marian Rinn Dr. Dennis F. Rio ’63 Romuald J. Ritter ’57 Thomas Ritter ’54

Daniel K. Rivers ’54 Father Robert Rivers ’65 David Edward Riviere ’85 Mr. and Mrs. John L. Roche Dr. William ’49 and Joan Rock Jim and Jill Rodriguez Kenneth W. Roehl ’77 Lucille Bauman Ronan CST’59 Allison Morrill Rose ’08 Doyle and Kimberly Rose Abigail Marie Rosenthal ’08 Stephanie Jill Ross M’08 Richard ’53 and Mary Pat Roth Laura Betchner Rothe ’07 Timothy Rothe ’07 Michelle Jeanette Rourke M’04 Dr. Kimberly Jentink Rowley ’94 Dr. Matthew Alan Rowley ’93 Thomas and Judith Rowley Robert L. Roy ’60 Dr. Kevin M. Rozman ’72 Renee Zameic Rozman ’84 Leonard ’71 and Peggy Ruby Dr. David A. Ruen ’77 Susan Kauth Ruen ’80 Albert ’58 and Diane Ruppert Father James D. Russell ’56 Brother A. Stephen Rusyn, FSC Dr. George ’62 and Jenny Ruth Brigid Elise Ryan ’06 James ’75 and Rosemarie Ryan Kevin ’81 and Lori Ryan Patrick ’75 and Jayne Ryan Stephen P. Ryan ’79 Bernard ’55 and Suzanne Rysavy John ’73 and Christine Dohring CST’74 Sabados L. Wayne Sachi ’57 Ben and Megan Strange M’08 Sadowski John G. Sahn ’68 Armando and Maria Salgado Donald ’67 and Donna Salkowski David James Samson ’88 Gregory J. Samuelson ’77 Stephen and Lynn Sandquist Rev. Michael J. Sandweg ’73 Dino J. Santelli ’60 William ’69 and Lynn Sarley Dr. John ’58 and Marlene Kreiling CST’60 Sbarbaro John R. Schaupp ’82 Allen F. Schawe Patrick T. Schelble ’71 Kevin and Lynette Scherber Paul ’70 and Eileen Scherrman G. Michael Scheurich ’69 Amanda Bainbridge Schilz ’06 Nathan Schilz ’07 Cheryl Schissel Justin Schlemmer Lisa Janikowski Schlosser ’87 Larry and Judith Schmidt Michael Schmidt Paul and Kathleen Schmidt Robert ’69 and Mary Hartmann CST’71 Schmidt Barb and Paul Schmidtknecht Peter ’51 and Mary Schmit Lawrence and Dorothy Schmitt John ’74 and Joan Schmitz Roger Schneider ’52 David Jayson Schober ’93 Derek Schostag ’09 Angela Schott Robert J. Schottler ’64 Kenneth and Ann Schramm

Martin and Christina Schramm Gary and Mary Schroeder Charles ’70 and Connie Schrup Michael W. Schuett ’72 John ’65 and Donna Meilinger CST’65 Schuh Dr. Michael and Lynn Schulte Daniel ’77 and Susan Schultz Philip G. Schumacher M’74 Rebecca Wilma Schumacher ’75 Kenneth and Marie Schuster Richard and Kathy Schuster John A. Schutz ’51 John ’44 and Sue Schutz Cindy Schwartz Lisa Beth Schwartz M’00 William ’65 and Elizabeth Callaghan CST’67 Seall Fabio ’79 and Debbie Segreti Christopher and Peggy Seipel Timothy G. Seivert Emily Pribyl Semsch ’03 Nathan Barrett Semsch ’04 Daniel James Sepion ’01 Jerome ’64 and Eileen Seppelt Catherine Lynch Serrano ’72 Dr. Ronald M. Severino ’58 Charles ’70 and Denise Seviour J. Roger and Janice Sewell James W. Shanahan ’53 Dr. Gerald W. Shay ’64 Dr. William ’71 and Judith Shay James and Jeanne Sheehan Dr. Francis J. Sheeran ’62 Mr. and Mrs. John Sheerin James and Nancy Sheldon James and Murtice Sherek F. Hugh ’57 and Mollie Frey CST’58 Sherry Edward ’55 and Nancy Shetka Thomas ’61 and Joan Shields Jean Shoemaker Lawrence P. Shomion ’69 Dan ’68 and Susan Beck CST’68 Shomler James H. Shrake ’53 Kenneth ’64 and Mary Blaney CST’65 Sichz John ’91 and Shannon Sieve Dr. Richard H. Sieve ’56 Irvin ’51 and Rita Silchuck Michael ’75 and Janet Firenza Simmons DeAnn Simmons Campbell ’85 Dr. J. Paul Simones ’64 Michael J. Simonett ’77 Jeffry and Judith Simons Cynthia Rae Simson M’05 Bruce R. Sirus ’73 Dr. Djonggi Wirjadi Situmeang ’88 Jean Boduch Situmeang ’88 Walter E. Skavnak ’64 M’69 Dr. Frederick ’57 and Jean Purcell CST’60 Skemp Brad and Kelly Skillicorn Dwight and Donna Skogen Anna Teresa Skonieczny ’08 John P. Skram ’71 Michael ’93 and Amanda Slaggie Steve and Barb Slaggie Thomas Slaggie ’58 Donald ’60 and Joanne Slanina Robert ’59 and Judith Slomka Sara Lynn Sloneker ’06 M’07 Arthur ’51 and Jacqueline Smith David and Carol Smith Dr. Darryl L. Smith ’68 George ’47 and Jeanne Smith

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2010-2011 INVESTORS’ Randy and Geralyn Stanczak ’82 Smith Lee Roy Smith M’10 Dr. Robert and Maureen Smith Kristine Ann Smyth M’06 Dr. John ’54 and Susan Snyder Dr. Gregory and Susan Sobolewski Joseph J. Sodomka ’54 Timothy and Constance Sokol Colin Joseph Sokolowski ’91 Chris and Liz Jankowiak ’82 Sokolowski Kelly Shanle Sokolowski ’93 Dr. Kenneth Solberg Robert C. Solczyk ’60 Sally Sommers Eric Matthew Sonnek ’07 Margaret Soucheray Sonnek ’07 Robert ’69 and Susan Graboski CST’69 Sonnenberg Michael and Yvonne Sontag Dr. David ’54 and Judy Sorg Kelly Shutrop Sorg ’88 Dr. Karen A. Sorvaag D’07 Dr. Scott H. Sorvaag D’07 Robert Soucek ’69 Louise Spalitto Kenneth ’66 and Helen Spanjers Ann Krebsbach Sparks ’76 William R. Sparks ’75 Rose Spear Francis Speck M’89 CST’74 Teresa McNamara Speck CST’76 Doug and Kay Speedling Dr. Stephen M. Speltz ’71 Ronald and Rita Kronschnabel ’77 Spiess William and Kathryn Spitzmueller Dr. LeRoy ’66 and Sandy Sprang John C. Sprangers ’78 Mary Kay Kenney Sprangers ’78 William and Amanda Spriegel James F. Srnec ’60 Michelle A. St. Arnold Brian Douglas Stang ’86 Megan Faricy Stang ’86 Robert Jon Stangler ’99 Thomas ’75 and Jolyn Stanley Thomas ’51 and Kathryn Stanton Betty M. Stattler David and Ellen Osterhaus ’85 Stefaniak Thomas and Rebecca Stefely Diane L. Steffen Dr. John J. Stegeman ’66 Dr. Charles ’64 and Margaret Stegman Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Stein Michael Stellmacher John Stenglein ’61 Brian and Rochelle Stenseth Mark and Cynthia Klee ’77 Stephenitch Robert M. Sterr ’58 Donald ’53 and Anne Stevens Gregory D. Stevens ’68 James J. Stevens ’77 John ’67 and Rita Stevens Dr. Michael ’79 and Mona Stevens Nancy Lazzara Stevens ’78 Mary Stevermer Dominic and Dawn Stier G. Michael Stinson ’69 Jonathan and Cindy Stock Robert J. Stocker ’65 James ’64 and Barbara Stoll Jennifer M. Stone M’07 Steven and Rhonda Stratman Dan and Mary Strebel Dr. John and Sue Strickler R. Peter Strong ’60 Dr. Raymond Suchor ’66


Giving Begins at Home Faculty and staff play a crucial role in carrying out the mission of Saint Mary’s University, teaching students through their work inside and outside of the classroom. Through the university’s annual Employee Campaign, faculty and staff play another important role as donors. Gifts from employees send a strong message that faculty and staff are committed to the work of the university and the students entrusted to the university community. During 2010-2011, over 60 percent of Saint Mary’s faculty and staff made a contribution to the university through outright gifts and payroll deductions. Nelson Updaw, Ph.D., program director for the Doctor of Education in Leadership, has given consistently for several years through recurring payroll deductions. He said, “I support the university’s mission to serve students who come from poorer backgrounds. My contributions are pooled with those provided by other SMU faculty/staff to help fund scholarships for students who might not be able to complete their degrees without some financial assistance.” He also cited another reason for donating to Saint Mary’s. “My wife is a graduate of Saint Mary's. I have seen the intellectual growth that a student can obtain at Saint Mary's University, both in my role as a faculty member and as a family member. I feel confident that the money is going to a good cause. My hope is that my contribution ultimately will help students reach some important goals in their lives — whether intellectual growth, an improved standard of living, greater self-awareness, or even a chance to meet new people with similar interests.” Peggy Ebert, payroll coordinator, has also been a longtime supporter of the university. Peggy has worked at Saint Mary’s for more than 20 years and two of her three sons attended Saint Mary’s. Andy ’02 was active on the baseball team and Chris ’06 currently provides photography services for the university, and is frequently seen photographing home athletic events. Because of her sons’ interests in Cardinal athletics, Ebert often designates her gifts to that department through the Cardinal ‘M’ Club. She also supports the annual fund and “Jeans for a Cause” (where fac-


Nelson Updaw, Ph.D.

Peggy Ebert

ulty and staff donate money to wear jeans on Fridays for a common cause.) She said, “I am appreciative of Saint Mary’s as an employee and as a parent. Two of our sons had good experiences here. And, through the tuition-exchange program, our son Casey was able to attend Saint Norbert’s College in De Pere, Wis. My contributions are one small way I can give back. I love Saint Mary’s, and I do believe in the work happening here. I’m happy to do anything I can to help students receive the best quality education possible.”≠

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2011 Benefactor Recognition Dinner


A Celebration of Generosity On April 2, 2011, Saint Mary’s recognized its philanthropic partners at the university’s annual Benefactor Recognition Reception and Dinner. This special recognition event for members of Saint Mary’s giving circles and societies is an opportunity to publicly thank our benefactors for their partnership and celebrate the ABOVE: Joan and Dr. Patrick Costello '54, with the recipient of the Class of 1954 Anniversary Scholarship, Andrew Adair '11, generosity shown to the and Donald ’54 and Erna Gallagher. BELOW: Recipient of the university. Monsignor Roy E. Literski Scholarship Margaret "Maggie" Nearly 150 guests, inScannell ’11, with Msgr. Roy Literski ’49. cluding friends, alumni, members of the Board of Trustees, Alumni Board and advisory boards, faculty, staff and students attended the event on the Winona campus. The evening began with a social hour and student-provided music led by Dr. Janet Heukeshoven of the music department. Student-athletes and members of the Future Alumni Committee were also on hand to greet guests and provide coat check and valet parking. The formal dinner program included “This signature event allows the university remarks by Brother William, as well as Gerto appropriately convey how essential ald Papenfuss ’62, a longtime supporter of benefactors are in helping Saint Mary’s Saint Mary’s and scholarship benefactor. A achieve its aspirations and priorities as a student perspective was shared by Alison modern, world-class university.” Kremer ’11, Student Senate president and The 2011-12 Benefactor Recognition Outstanding Senior finalist. Reception and Dinner has been scheduled According to Dr. Steven Titus, senior for Saturday, April 14, 2012. Invitations will vice president for University Advancement, be mailed in early March.≠

Bernard ’65 and Marianne Sullivan Bryan B. Sullivan Janet Ann Sushinski ’86 April Sutor Dr. Frank ’55 and Marian Swicker James ’61 and Elizabeth Swinson Gregory ’69 and Alina Szafranski Dr. Walter ’64 and Deb Szalajka Charles ’69 and Carol Jurich CST’70 Szopa Ryan Michael Tanke ’96 W. Dan Tarara ’76 Heike E. Taube Michael Paul Taylor ’97 Thomas ’70 and Kathryn Krueger CST’72 Terhaar Jennifer Butson Teske M’11 Mark A. Thelemann Jennifer Thesing ’08 Dr. Harold ’70 and Ann Thiewes Frank A. Thinnes, Jr. ’54 Paul ’61 and Helen Newville CST’61 Thomas Archibald Boimah Thompson ’03 Lance Jeffrey Thompson ’05 Patrick Daley Thompson ’91 S. Ned Thompson ’67 Peter and Anne Thorp Dr. Elizabeth A. Throop Jeff and Andrea Blume ’98 Tilkes Jeffrey P. Tilkes Dr. Christene Lavigne Timmons ’79 Joy Ann Tkachuck M’97 John L. Toivonen ’82 Joan Piccoli Tomkowiak CST’77 Jeffrey and Claudia Tornquist Ronald ’68 and Karen Toshner Anthony ’63 M’71 and Patricia Towey William ’56 and Ann Trail Victor H. Trauscht ’44 Dr. Thaddeus ’59 and Gabriele Trenn Dr. Richard and Barbara Tristano Darrel and Connie Trom Ronald ’88 and Susan Trombley Frank and Carol Wiltgen CST’76 Trotter Lisa Schreiner Truax Robert ’70 and Doris Truhlar James ’88 and Diane Tschida Fred Trubshaw and Laura TumbarelloTrubshaw ’81 Jean Pierre Turgeon ’65 Christopher Twar ’51 Stephen and Margaret Tyler Robert K. Udziela ’66 Melissa Cachor Ulatowski ’94 Timothy James Ulatowski ’94 Bonnie P. Ulrich Michael ’87 and Molly Updike Lawrence ’50 and Joan Urbanski Josh and Kathryn Flater ’99 Vadnais Katherine Hallberg Valek ’85 Barbara Valerious Rob ’84 and Randi Valerious Jeff Van Fossen Dr. Marcy Church Van Fossen Dr. Edward and Marie Vandenberg Allen and Bonita VanRanst Amanda Vanranst Karen and Joseph Varco ’48 Gary and Sheryl Vasko Andrea Prugar Vennetti ’88 Michael John Vennetti ’87 Anthony ’58 and Hiroko Vertuno Steven ’75 and Mary Mosser CST’76 Vetter Most Rev. John G. Vlazny Thomas ’64 and Dorothy Von Holtum † deceased 2010 – 2011

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2010-2011 INVESTORS’ David E. Von Schaumburg, Jr. ’76 Joel Vonhaden Dr. David A. Voss ’65 Robert ’63 and Barbara Wacek Mildred Lilla Wachowiak CST’47 John R. Wagenaar ’69 Dale ’72 and Nancy Wagner Daniel ’70 and Sheryl Wagner Joseph ’82 and Connie Wagner Kelly Marie Wagner ’11 Wayne ’69 and Margaret Zonsius CST’71 Wagner Dr. Carl and Diana Wahlstrom Bernard ’59 and Jeanne Freeberg CST’59 Walch Charles D. Waletzko M’91 Kathleen Bishop Walker ’74 Vincent J. Walker ’72 Michael Wallgren ’61 M’67 Brother J. Francis Walsh, FSC ’45 Dr. John ’74 and Sheila Tracy CST’74 Walsh Dr. Patrick ’70 and Patricia Walsh Paul ’57 and Constance Walsh Dr. William ’66 and Paula Walsh Terrence Walters and Theresa Wintering CST’73 Dr. Robyn L. Wangberg James Robert Ward ’55 Michael and Maureen Ward Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ward David Ross Warner III ’07 Peter and Judge Teresa Schultz ’81 Warner Roy and Bonnie Warren Quinn ’49 and Shirley Waterloo Matthew J. Waters M’80 Michael E. Waters ’59 James L. Watkowski ’83 Brian and Danette Wayner Linda Nickels Weaver ’91 Dr. Philip and Mary Wegmann Elizabeth Clare Weightman ’87 Dr. Margaret Weightman ’78 and John Knaack Dr. Paul and Kathy Weiner Peter ’57 and Pat Branley CST’57 Weingart James ’54 and Caroline Weis Walter ’79 and Rita Weisenburger Harvey F. Weiss ’59 James ’68 and Rita Welhaven Jeremy R. Wells, CFRE M’06 Frances Wendorff Kara Jean Wener ’00 Jean M. Wenger ’81 Terrence H. Wensing ’76 Brother Robert Werle, FSC Jeff and Mary Lin Smith ’76 Wershofen Michael ’75 and Jean Weum Carmella De Rose Whaley ’85 Timothy James Whaley ’87 Charles N. Wheeler III ’63 Richard and Janice Wherley David J. White Terry and Janet Whitney Merle F. Wilberding ’66 Giles ’61 M’66 and Jacqueline Wilborn Anne Frundt Wildenborg ’77 Mary Wildenborg M’05 C’06 Paul J. Wildenborg ’85 Peter Wildenborg ’78 Dr. C. David ’57 and Judy Wilhelm Roy Wilkes ’50 Dr. Alfred ’64 and Dr. Katherine Williams Dr. Thomas and Chris Wilmot Patrick K. Wiltgen ’72 Nicholas John Winecke ’07

Donald and Florence Winger Therese W. Wintering CST’73 Joseph ’69 and Theresa Ipsen CST’69 Wirtz Kathleen M. Wise M’89 Charles F. Wiser, Jr. ’56 Jennifer Ann Wisniewski ’89 Constance M’00 and Michael Wittek Jayne and Randy Wobig Michael ’65 and Pamela Wold Dr. William ’72 M’89 D’01 and Jill Wold Joshua Joseph Wolever ’03 JuvaLee Carl Wolf ’09 Art and Michelle Emond ’86 Wolfe Susan Spetter Wolfe ’79 Madonna Stein Wolff M’70 Donald ’65 and Paula Wolkerstorfer Michael and Jane Troller ’78 Wood Gloria Woog Kamish Dr. J. Francis ’47 and Elaine McCormick CST’49 Wray Dr. Sara E. Wright Mary and Lee Yankowski Jeanne Halder Yeager ’90 David and Michelle Kust ’82 Yeager Bernice Young† Richard T. Young Jeffrey M ’70 and Nancy Yourell Felix ’64 and Barbara Zaczek Dr. James ’66 and Ann Marie Zagzebski Dr. Peter J. Zehren Dr. and Mrs. Roger Zehren Pauline Wetzel Zelaya M’09 Daniel and Janice Zemaitis Norbert ’61 and Mary Gordon CST’61 Ziegler Eric W. Zimmerman John H. Zimmerman ’65 Terence ’79 and Denise Zost Steven S. Zygmun ’75



Brother J. Francis Walsh, FSC

Total Class Gift: $9,905 Participation: 42.00% C. William Baxa Dr. Gordon V. Boudreau Don S. Brooks William Galante Dr. Lawrence Gulde Dr. John H. Hoffman Col. Jacob A. Joppa Dr. Robert H. Krupp Edward R. Linneman William J. Markham S. Jerome Martin Joseph Mazzarella Virgil J. Meyer Donald B. Regan Fred J. Reker Peter Schmit John A. Schutz Irvin K. Silchuck Arthur M. Smith Thomas J. Stanton Christopher Twar Edward J. Wojcik James M. Yang

CLASS OF 1946 Total Class Gift: $2,660 Paul R. Buhl Joseph P. Calabrese Robert Heer Dr. Edward R. Lee Robert E. Schuten

CLASS OF 1947 Total Class Gift: $877 Philip J. Brokenshire Robert W. Inserra Donald O. Linder George H. Smith Ralph C. Thaemlitz Donald N. Turkington Dr. J. Francis Wray

CLASS OF 1948 Total Class Gift: $106,209 James F. Blazek, Jr. Dr. Samuel J. Cascio Harrie A. Goedde Dr. Jon J. Kabara† Dr. James W. Kahl Dr. James K. Lowry Dr. John A. O’Dwyer Malachy T. O’Gorman Dr. Robert H. Paynter John W. Richter Bernard J. Riley


Total Class Gift: $2,000 Carl J. Calabrese Philip P. Kaiser†

Total Class Gift: $17,170 Dr. James G. Beaudry Robert J. Bertling Dr. Francis J. Boyle James Cunningham Richard E. Gilman Frank J. Gisch Fr. Paul F. Halloran Albert Hoffman Lawrence Juracic Brother Felix Leja Sal Ortenzo Dr. William Rock Robert C. Skemp Robert J. Stiever Dr. Thomas T. Tang Quinn Waterloo Thomas N. Zenk



Total Class Gift: $475 Paul Binek Dr. John L. Buhl Halsey D. Cory, Jr. F. Lee Keller Dr. John H. Rauen

Total Class Gift: $6,535 Participation: 30.23% James P. Crinnion Donald C. Dohring Paul E. Drack Arthur M. Einhorn Brother Ed Everett, FSC John J. Forrest Gerald R. Hoffman Thomas E. Kearney Dr. James B. Lear Cornelius J. O’Connor Robert E. O’Keefe Richard J. Renk Dr. Charles F. Rossow Lawrence E. Urbanski Henry S. Vaughn Dr. J. Vincent Wadden Roy Wilkes

CLASSES Benefactors in bold are also listed in giving circles.

CLASS OF 1938 Bernard H. Semler

CLASS OF 1940 Daniel J. Farrell


CLASS OF 1943 Total Class Gift: $2,650 Cdr. Edward J. Miller Reno Rossini

CLASS OF 1944 Total Class Gift: $2,900 Leo J. Casey Dr. Michael P. Joseph John G. Schutz Robert L. Thedinger Victor H. Trauscht


CLASS OF 1952 Total Class Gift: $8,425 Participation: 41.94% Nicholas E. Bedessem Donald Bennewitz James A. Dolan, Sr. Philip E. Feiten Dr. Alan J. Fredian Dr. John B. Gratzek Dr. Julian J. Hamerski James H. Hill Dr. William J. Holohan Joseph T. Magee John L. Mazer Fr. James McDonough Paul S. Miller Donald L. Minucciani Dr. Lorin I. Nevling, Jr. Robert J. Rooney Roger Schneider Dr. Samuel J. Skemp William J. Sullivan

CLASS OF 1953 Total Class Gift: $14,705 Participation: 42.62% Anonymous Bernard Beck Clement J. Caponi J. Patrick Casey Thomas S. Casey Fr. Gerald W. Conway Robert F. Dixon Brother Stephen Eibert, FSC Dale A. Eickman Dr. Robert A. Fallon Robert Garry Roy P. Gillis, Jr. Maurice A. Godsil Dr. David L. Hegg James E. Heili Stephen M. Judd James J. Loughlin Matthew R. McConnell Dr. Eugene T. McEnery Michael J. McGroarty Thomas McManaman Thomas F. Meagher Wayne E. Meekins


SMU IR 2011 26-58 10/13/11 12:35 PM Page 36

SAINT MARY’S UNIVERSITY George H. Mueller Dr. Martin G. Olsen Dr. William H. Rice Richard J. Roth James W. Shanahan James H. Shrake Donald R. Stevens



Total Class Gift: $13,130 Participation: 41.89% Ronald W. Abicht Francis J. Backe James A. Bansley Edmund O. Baumann John W. Beaty Brother L. William Brynda, FSC Theodore R. Carlus Richard M. Citti Dr. H. Patrick Costello Robert H. Fincutter Maurice R. Flynn Donald J. Gallagher John R. Grindel James A. Healy Charles C. Hoffmann Richard J. Hynds J. Richard Jackson Fred A. Kueppers, Jr. Roger P. Laven Eugene F. Lavin Sidney J. MacLeod, Jr. William N. Masterson Floyd F. Mathews Arthur R. Maze John R. McNaughton Gerard J. Montgomery Bernard F. Mulvaney Leroy H. Mungai Ronald J. Partyka Conrad P. Pritscher Thomas Ritter Daniel K. Rivers Richard V. Sherman Dr. Charles A. Skemp Dr. John F. Snyder Joseph J. Sodomka Dr. David A. Sorg Frank A. Thinnes, Jr. Edward M. Vertuno John J. Vitek James A. Weis


Total Class Gift: $8,805 Participation: 28.89% William P. Bertrand Eugene R. Biewen Jerome C. Binko Dr. Bernard R. Dansart Michael J. Denigan Donald C. Gancer Raymond R. Greabe Thomas J. Hennessey William E. Ibe William J. Juneau Daniel F. Keegan John N. Knapp Paul D. McHale Frank G. Mertes Edwin J. Orzada Bernard J. Rysavy James W. Schapp Edward T. Shetka, Jr. James R. Sikorski Dr. Frank A. Swicker James R. Ward


MINNESOTA CLASS OF 1956 Total Class Gift: $5,096 Participation: 35.21% Ray Balcarcel David A. Bissen James E. Bristow Phillip F. Cain Judge C. Bernard Carey Col. John J. Caulfield, DDS Dr. Joseph C. Cerniglia Kenneth L. Delrose Philip R. Dickey Vincent L. DiVenere Robert J. Fridlund Francis J. Giannetti Brother Edward C. Gill, SJ Robert P. Hauwiller Daniel J. Hischier John F. Holland Raymond G. Hoven Thomas J. Judge Dr. Thomas M. Keefe Wayne M. Kulas Kenneth M. Monaco Dr. Walter A. Myalls Bennie Palmentere Elmer E. Randolph Fr. James D. Russell William C. Schacht, Jr. Dr. Richard H. Sieve William P. Skemp Richard C. Steinbach Charles L. Sullivan, Jr. Howard C. Tomashek William K. Trail Charles F. Wiser, Jr.

CLASS OF 1957 Total Class Gift: $8,505 Participation: 35.23% William S. Ahern Dr. Joseph Benigni Richard O. Boudreau Dr. Gerald D. Cavanaugh Donald J. Chopp Alfred Coco Ernest G. Dawson Dr. Frank P. DeGaetano John C. Doyle H. James Farrell Dr. Donald E. FitzGerald John F. Fitzsimmons Fred Fritsch Brother Richard Geimer, FSC Ronald T. Giannoni Lawrence J. Gillis Timothy J. Kavanaugh Dr. Victor L. Kowalski Dr. John J. Lane Col. Robert F. Lang Dr. Thomas F. Maguire George Muellner David B. O’Keefe Martin C. O’Malley Robert E. Pajor Vincent A. Parisi Ronald J. Paukstys Joseph A. Paurazas Romuald J. Ritter Brother Richard Roller, FSC L. Wayne Sachi F. H. Sherry Dr. Frederick C. Skemp, Jr. Fr. Robert P. Stamschror Paul R. Walsh Peter J. Weingart

Charles J. White Dr. C. David Wilhelm Richard B. Willett

CLASS OF 1958 Total Class Gift: $51,895 Participation: 31.96% Anonymous Thomas J. Baryl Richard H. Bergman Dr. William Brannen, Jr. John J. Coffey James G. Coleman Dr. William D. Cox Robert E. Farrell Robert Friel Louis A. Guillou Thomas R. Guy, Jr. Walter Heidkamp Clyde W. Honermann Kenneth R. Jansen Walter J. Jarrett, Jr. Dr. William A. Joern Robert R. Kessler John W. Koenig Stanley A. Lechwar George M. Libera Edward A. Lillig, Jr. Brother Bernard LoCoco, FSC James D. Lorr Ralph A. Marchetta John O. Martin Dr. William E. McDonnell Donald E. McElmury Martin F. McMahon Dr. Thomas P. O’Farrell D. Michael Palmer Robert P. Perozynski Elmer L. Pierre Albert L. Ruppert Dr. John A. Sbarbaro Robert J. Schwendau Dr. Ronald M. Severino Thomas Slaggie Brother Damian T. Steger, FSC Robert M. Sterr Anthony A. Vertuno

CLASS OF 1959 Total Class Gift: $31,030 Participation: 36.36% Anonymous Frederick H. Andrus Dr. Robert R. Bedard J. Patrick Cashin James L. Charles Brother F. Michael Collins, FSC Frank A. Collins James G. Cushing Thomas J. Daly Richard M. Diaz Peter S. Duszynski Dr. Edward A. Ellis Dr. John D. Gould A. Keith Hanzel Terry R. Hebig Dr. Arthur Indelicato Henry E. Irace, Jr. Dr. Dale C. Kaiser Peter P. Kubala Dr. Robert E. LaPata Fr. Donald J. Lovas Gerald L. McCoy Thomas M. McKenna Thomas J. Mulvaney William W. O’Connor

Dennis M. O’Malley Richard F. Pavilon Leonard A. Plein Harry A. Plotke Dr. Richard A. Rock Dr. John J. Schultz Robert A. Slomka James J. Struble David R. Thies Dr. Thaddeus J. Trenn Bernard Walch Michael E. Waters Dr. Harvey F. Weiss

CLASS OF 1960 Total Class Gift: $75,480 Participation: 40.23% Anonymous Fr. James F. Barnett OP Andrew J. Betz William J. Boulger, Jr. Fr. James I. Bream Bishop Robert H. Brom Philip B. Byrne Dr. Stephen P. Collins Michael R. Conroy James R. Cooney Fr. John Czaplewski FCM Dr. Parnell M. Donahue Gerald Fair Roy C. Fisher George J. Giroux Robert M. Gramowski Alan B. Grattafiori George E. Henderson Gerald E. Hendron Dr. Hugh J. Ingrasci James S. Jarvis Patrick J. Leary Dr. George A. Matzkanin William P. McGowen, Jr. Leonard McNab Robert J. Meyers Lawrence P. Monnens Fr. James R. Murphy Dr. Robert B. Razminas Robert L. Roy Dino J. Santelli Loras H. Sieve Donald A. Slanina James D. Smessaert Robert C. Solczyk James F. Srnec R. Peter Strong

CLASS OF 1961 Total Class Gift: $23,561 Participation: 31.58% Rudolph R. Anderle Robert M. Baer James J. Barrett Dr. James A. Barter Morris Berk III Dr. James E. Bierden Jerome J. Bock James S. Cashin Arthur L. Clark Brother Konrad Diebold, FSC Gerald R. Dooley Arthur F. Fitzgerald William J. Ford, Jr. Ronald J. Growney James P. Hackett III Daniel R. Kanka George W. Kies, Jr. Eugene E. Kinney † deceased 2010 – 2011

SMU IR 2011 26-58 10/13/11 12:35 PM Page 37

2010-2011 INVESTORS’ Richard L. Kolker Ronald B. Langton Michael J. Leary George A. Martin Edward M. Passe Dr. Dennis M. Robb Eugene P. Sattelmaier Fr. Donald P. Schmitz Thomas P. Shields Dr. Ronald J. Simone John Stenglein James S. Swinson Ronald F. Symusiak Paul J. Thomas Dr. Matthew A. Toth Brother Thomas Dominic Vance, FSC Robert J. Vondrasek Michael Wallgren Giles S. Wilborn Norbert J. Ziegler

CLASS OF 1962 Total Class Gift: $33,312 Participation: 27.69% John R. Bischof Dr. Ronald J. Boduch Francis W. Boler Dr. Robert O. Buss Brother J. William Clarey FSC Ph.D. Jerry J. Collins Leonard W. Condon Captain Gene E. Dahm Robert W. Davis Eugene C. Dropp Stuart A. English Thomas E. Fremgen Thomas A. Galbraith Michael M. Gostomski Jerome E. Hass Dr. Thomas P. Johnson Francis R. Kary Dennis B. Kay Dr. Lawrence J. Keller George A. Kocher Dr. Albert J. Kollasch William J. Kritek Martin J. Lillig Dr. Wayne E. Mackie Charles F. McCarter W. Jack McCarthy William F. McHugh Dr. Gerard J. Mikol Robert H. Miller Dr. James J. Murray James W. O’Meara John A. O’Reilly Dr. Loren R. Pickart George Pollock Dr. Paul H. Reichenbacher Dr. George R. Ruth David F. Savickas Dr. Philip A. Schaffer Joseph A. Sendelbach Dr. Francis J. Sheeran Walter A. Svec Thomas F. Thomas

CLASS OF 1963 Total Class Gift: $90,449 Participation: 29.66% James M. Boback Thomas J. Bohnert Robert J. Brien Dr. Richard R. Bukrey Robert C. Cachor Donald J. Christl

A. Richard Deitering Dr. Robert Doerr Lt. Col. Damian G. Evans David D. Fisk Dr. Michael G. Flanagan Deacon Joseph T. Forgue Dr. Ronald E. Gates Donald V. Gerum John P. Glish Michael J. Greden Peter A. Hampe Gerald F. Heil Thomas D. Holmes I. Landru Janes Douglas W. Johnson Anthony Jurewicz Ronald J. Kassen Dr. David W. Knutson David C. Kotewa Dr. Michael E. Kurz Thomas M. Laskey Paul P. Magallanes Philip F. Maher Charles Mertensotto Dr. Patrick E. Mottram Dr. James E. Ollmann William J. O’Reilly James S. Pacholski Robert H. Rendak Dr. Dennis F. Rio James J. Smith Michael E. Stallings Anthony J. Towey Patrick G. Trainor Robert L. Trytek Dr. F. Lee Van Horn Norman Vidoni Robert F. Wacek Dr. Donald E. Wedgbury Charles N. Wheeler III

CLASS OF 1964 Total Class Gift: $36,762 Participation: 36.67% Thomas K. Ahern Thomas A. Anzelde Fr. David L. Arnoldt Edward J. Boduch John L. Boege Kenneth C. Burza John J. Cannon Bruno Contreras Daniel P. Cullnan James F. Dougherty Ronald P. Duda Robert F. Erazmus Michael M. Feeney Joseph T. Flad Stanley J. Getch Dr. John F. Greden Anthony R. Hakl Bruce Hartert Dr. Gerald R. Heiman James F. Herlihy William M. Hopper Robert W. Hriszko William P. Hughes Paul A. Hundt Merrill E. Kline Joseph J. Kovarik Robert T. Kueppers Roger D. Kurdys Michael L. Lach Robert Mallon Robert S. Marks Dr. Gary C. McDonald

Thomas C. Mendrala, Jr. Paul J. Meyer John Michaels Mikulski Robert G. Milburn Richard W. Mosiniak David R. Moulton Thomas W. Mullen Michael J. Mulvaney Dr. Edward E. Neubauer† Edward R. Philpott John D. Polka David J. Putrich Michael J. Reisinger Leo B. Reycraft David G. Rivers Kenneth L. Schaefer Robert J. Schottler Jerome E. Seppelt Dr. Gerald W. Shay Kenneth M. Sichz Dr. J. Paul Simones Walter E. Skavnak Ernie Stark Thomas C. Starr Dr. Charles Stegman James W. Stoll Dr. Walter S. Szalajka B. William Vance Thomas A. Von Holtum Dr. Alfred C. Williams Edmund J. Wohlmuth Felix J. Zaczek III

CLASS OF 1965 Total Class Gift: $17,592 Participation: 33.33% John R. Albert Robert H. Andrew Dr. John N. Barrett Robert E. Bellock Paul O. Berendes Charles W. Biesanz, Jr. Edmund P. Burke William A. Chaussee Dr. Jan F. Chlebowski Terrance J. Coleman William E. Costello T. William Coughlan Dr. David M. Cratty Dr. Gene D’Amour Richard Dehlinger James M. Farrell James P. Farruggia Michael J. Fitzgerald John Hampe Dr. Thomas J. Horak John C. Houha David C. Joswick Philip C. Kaczorowski Terrence J. Kandzor Walter T. Kelly Daniel L. Kraus Andrew G. Kurz John R. Landy Peter T. Lotzer Aloysius M. Mazig Dr. Paul B. McAvoy Dennis J. McInerney Francis R. Miller Edward M. Mulhern Dr. Leo A. Ochrymowycz James L. O’Toole William M. Peltzman Fr. Robert Rivers William Rose John A. Schuh


William H. Seall Bruce K. Sorensen Robert J. Stocker Martin J. Strong Bernard J. Sullivan, Jr. Dr. Donald G. Truhlar Jean Pierre Turgeon George A. Valaika William L. Vilendrer Dr. David A. Voss Peter K. Walsh Victor Wittgenstein Michael W. Wold Donald C. Wolkerstorfer Frank P. Zelis, Jr. John H. Zimmerman

CLASS OF 1966 Total Class Gift: $11,785 Participation: 29.88% John R. Bedard Dr. James J. Beier† Bernard Bleizeffer John W. Brennan Patrick J. Bridges John C. Calabrese Brother Francis Carr, FSC Dr. William J. Casey Dr. Jacob J. Clement Patrick J. Delfino Joseph T. Dixon, Jr. James E. Donovan Michael J. Dooley Dr. John E. Dvorak Richard E. Earley John H. Gable Thomas W. Haravon Michael R. Hawkins Joseph J. Heilgeist Lawrence W. Hilfinger A. Michael Holzemer Bruce D. Jamieson Charles G. Joseph Thomas H. Klein Robert A. Kulinski John M. Manahan Judge James V. Murphy II Thomas P. Murphy, Jr. Patrick R. O’Leary Andrew Paprocki Robert H. Paradise Louis F. Parker James F. Penfold Dr. Richard J. Podgorny John Rademacher Roger M. Reitmaier Dr. Lawrence A. Reuter William Russell Anthony Schaufenbil Daniel C. Schrodt Dr. Dominic A. Scudiero Dr. Charles A. Sieracki Kenneth A. Spanjers Dr. LeRoy Sprang Dr. John J. Stegeman Charles O. Sterling Dr. Raymond Suchor Daniel P. Sullivan Dr. Terrence D. Truhler Robert K. Udziela Dr. William J. Walsh Merle F. Wilberding Dr. James A. Zagzebski


SMU IR 2011 26-58 10/13/11 12:35 PM Page 38





Total Class Gift: $28,529 Participation: 21.84% James M. Bambenek Col. Patrick J. Bennett Larry S. Beyna Dr. Patrick L. Coleman David E. Crandall Donald G. Curtin Dr. Michael J. De Stefano Thomas E. Dyer Robert S. Edel Brother Dominic Ehrmantraut, FSC Douglas J. Eichten Gary L. Engel Kenneth Ferraro Dr. James J. Franczyk Patrick K. Frawley Robert F. Gerry Thomas H. Graver Dr. Edwin J. Grayzeck John M. Gustin Dr. Michael R. Hannon Allan M. Henely Brian E. Hughes John G. Jelinek Joseph S. Kerns Kenneth R. Klose Daniel M. Kreutzberg Eric H. Kurz Msgr. Gerald A. Mahon William T. Murray Charles J. Nash Robert W. Noonan Dr. Robert F. O’Dea, Jr. Dr. John A. Pettit Salvatore F. Polizzotto Joseph J. Ross Donald J. Salkowski John A. Stevens S. Ned Thompson Robert H. Wheeler Ralph J. Zito

CLASS OF 1968 Total Class Gift: $12,438 Participation: 30.00% Allan N. Baldes Fr. James L. Barrett Jean Guy Cardin Thomas E. Charnecki Dr. David A. Christenson Robert E. Courchesne Timothy J. Coyne Dr. James P. Daniel Samuel G. Dennison Dr. William S. Dukart James E. Eckel Lewis E. Elbert Stanley J. Fiorito F. M. Fitzpatrick William M. Fraser Robert G. Frie Charles G. Fullenkamp James L. Gardner Dr. James M. Gentile Thomas E. Gibson Kenneth B. Gieske John H. Goss Richard J. Hilgenbrink, Jr. Kenneth M. Howell Thomas P. Joswick Lawrence P. Kampwirth Thomas J. Keenan R. Peter Kollasch Walter V. Kummer

MINNESOTA Joseph J. Kurtzman John M. Lentz Dr. Michael C. Loebach Patrick P. Madison Richard G. May Michael E. McClure William H. Minihan Jerome A. Morzinski Patrick M. Moylan Dennis L. Nigon Dr. Thomas J. O’Keefe Dr. Dennis Parzyck Thomas J. Purtell, Jr. Dr. William H. Rose John G. Sahn Leo D. Schettler Allen L. Schroeder Jeffrey J. Sheehan Dan R. Shomler Dr. Darryl L. Smith Dr. Joseph P. Spalitto John J. Splonskowski Gregory D. Stevens Reid S. Thebault Ronald L. Toshner James E. Welhaven Patrick J. Winters

CLASS OF 1969 Total Class Gift: $12,488 Participation: 26.73% Dr. Jerome J. Ammer Thaddeus E. Andrysiak, Sr. William J. Browne III Thomas M. Cannon Edmund J. Carroll Patrick M. Cerone James L. Coogan Jerome W. Cook Dr. Timothy A. Dooley Dennis J. Doran William R. Dresback David J. Dyer Richard A. Embacher John Galella, Jr. Dr. Gregory A. Gaut Dr. John W. Gfrerer Hubert J. Grogan Dr. Patrick R. Hall Ward M. Hertsted Stephen M. Hujar Ronald G. Jans R. David Jewison Thomas P. Kaiser John C. Kalkirtz Thomas Keane Rudolph R. Kopischke Brian P. Kozlowski Timothy P. Lamb Charles R. Leif Kenneth E. Lindeman Dennis J. Morneau Dr. Peter M. Mrozinski Robert L. Nelis Donald G. Nitti Neal O’Connor Dr. Paul M. Oliaro Timothy J. Padden Brian G. Palmer Daniel W. Pelowski William J. Peterson Anthony M. Piscitiello James S. Reisch William J. Sarley Dr. Timothy E. Scheurer G. Michael Scheurich

Robert W. Schmidt, Jr. Robert E. Shaw Lawrence P. Shomion Dr. Richard J. Smith Robert W. Sonnenberg Robert Soucek G. Michael Stinson Gregory Szafranski Charles A. Szopa Paul J. Tushner John R. Wagenaar Wayne R. Wagner Joseph J. Wirtz Peter M. Wottreng

CLASS OF 1970 Total Class Gift: $10,317 Participation: 26.00% Anonymous August P. Aleksy III Dr. Theodore R. Bambenek Joseph H. Brisch David G. Brom Thomas C. Callen William M. Clark David B. Collins John R. Craig Dr. Philip J. Cullen Michael J. Desmond Richard J. Dowd Dr. Ronald E. Dulek Michael A. Dybas Dr. William C. Engeland Stephen J. Flad John C. Gjeldum Joseph F. Gross, Jr. Albert J. Hagen Michael R. Halloran John L. Hanna Walter D. Haraburda James D. Heim Thomas M. Heineman William C. Herzog Thomas J. Hoban George R. Hoeppner Patrick H. Houlihan David J. Keenan Dr. Robert T. Knotz Captain Thomas C. Lang Lawrence E. Lisack Paul J. Maganzini Robert M. Mahoney Robert J. Malooly William R. McCarthy James A. Miller David P. Moede Ronald E. Nitka Thomas J. Persoon Daniel R. Reif John M. Sarnowski Paul J. Scherrman Richard A. Schreiber Charles J. Schrup III Charles J. Seviour Thomas H. Staebell John D. Stansfield Lawrence F. Stephan Thomas Terhaar Dr. Harold F. Thiewes, Jr. Michael R. Trauscht Robert J. Truhlar Daniel C. Wagner Dr. Patrick R. Walsh Jeffrey C. Yourell

CLASS OF 1971 Total Class Gift: $11,549 Participation: 21.74% Augusto E. Anderson Dr. Robert F. Anderson Dr. Michael J. Barcelona James E. Boehm Judge Arthur J. Boylan Stephen A. Brown Dennis J. Burke Terry Malloy Chism Dennis S. Frederick George F. Girod Thomas M. Hebig Martin P. Hertz III Dr. Michael J. Holland Steven R. Hollander John H. Jungbauer P. Tim Kaspar John R. Kelly Martin D. Kissane, Jr. William A. Kopischke Kevin R. Kubacki Dr. Paul J. Lamberty Robert J. Larson Martin C. Morano, Jr. Douglas N. Mormann Susan Leadley Mormann Stephen M. Murray Robert F. Nagle Lynn Nankivil Charles J. Newling Joseph B. O’Leary, Jr. Anthony M. Onesto Michael K. Purcell Theodore A. Reese, Jr. Charles E. Rinn Stephen A. Romanchuk Leonard C. Ruby Patrick T. Schelble Dr. William A. Shay John P. Skram Stephen N. Smarjesse Dr. Stephen M. Speltz Ronald V. Stoll Edward J. Sye John R. Walsh Jerome P. Wolesky

CLASS OF 1972 Total Class Gift: $10,869 Participation: 21.62% Michael W. Brown Patrick Brown Carol Goyke Cepress Edward Cepress David J. Cichanowski Dr. John P. Federbusch Laura Folk John M. Ganey Michael Gillen Eugene F. Giorgio, Jr. Gordon T. Hoehn Kevin P. Karnick Paul J. Kilkus John S. Klug Fr. Gerald C. Kosse James L. Mader K. Thomas Miller John E. Parkinson Kenneth J. Pellegrini John F. Phelan Dr. Kevin M. Rozman Michael W. Schuett Catherine Lynch Serrano Mark L. Servais

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2010-2011 INVESTORS’


Saint Mary’s Fund The Saint Mary’s Fund is comprised of annual gifts from alumni, parents and friends whose support strengthens the mission of the university. It allows for the dedicated upkeep of our beautiful campuses, renewal of library resources, retaining excellent faculty and staff, and funding for financial aid. Without the Saint Mary’s Fund, the university could not open the doors, turn on the lights, admit, or graduate a single student.≠

Neil A. Sharpe Mark R. Smith Kevin F. Sullivan Thomas M. Sullivan Dr. Scott V. Turner Dale M. Wagner Vincent J. Walker Patrick K. Wiltgen Dr. William F. Wold

CLASS OF 1973 Total Class Gift: $27,923 Participation: 20.41% William M. Bonnamy John M. Brawley Michael Joseph Cannon Thomas R. Corr Dr. Robert F. Duffy, Jr. George A. Evenson Maryellen Tobin Fender Mark G. Frederick William Robert Frett John A. Fuchsel Sharon A. Gallagher James R. Hellige Dr. John Charles Hoehn Dr. Edward Haworth Hoeppner Gordon J. Hofschulte Margaret Guarnieri Isman Mary Lucas Karnick Richard R. Kazmier Michael Keating Dr. Thomas E. Kwiatt Dr. Gregory W. Ling Ron B. Meier Mark Joseph Morneau Kevin J. O’Connor Thomas J. Rodell Patrick J. Rosauer John J. Sabados Rev. Michael J. Sandweg, Ph.D. Carl D. Schmid Bruce R. Sirus Richard E. Williams III Mary Pat Navins Wlazik


CLASS OF 1974 Total Class Gift: $15,835 Participation: 24.24% Gayle Yanchar Bari Roger A. Belmonte, Jr. John F. Calhoun Sally Weldon Cannon Bruce E. Carlevato Macrina E. Cassidy Vito F. Cavallo Mary Muir Chambers Joanne Braasch Collins William Crimmins Michael J. Crowley Dr. Michael C. Dalsing Gregory J. Egan Michael L. Flynn Dr. John E. Forrette, Jr. Richard T. Hallberg Dr. Cecilia Carroll Heiges Michael P. Heiges James E. Hoey Judge Garritt E. Howard Jeffrey L. Johnson Dr. Linda C. Johnson Philip Kaiser Dr. Charles F. Kaminski, Jr. Kevin M. Keane Carol Geldermann Klemke Michael T. Klemke Kevin E. Kolis Michael R. Konicek Mary White Krasner Steven A. Krebsbach Dale F. Lieb Dr. Roland Limpert Donna Lorenzini Mau Dr. William J. McElroy Brian C. McGuire Nancy Murphy McGuire Daniel E. Moore Rory A. Neill Thomas M. Pepper Dr. Kevin V. Quinn Barbara Lorenz Quirk

Elizabeth Ryan Reese John W. Schmitz Ann Doescher Shaw William R. Strening Mary Morrison Taylor Barbara P. Tomazevic Kathleen Bishop Walker Dr. John J. Walsh William S. Welch Ann Pitzen Williams

CLASS OF 1975 Total Class Gift: $36,867 Participation: 27.27% William R. Ahlstrom Dr. John E. Barnes Dr. Kevin F. Barrett Dr. William A. Boulanger Mary Cassidy Brawley Gregory C. Buzicky Carmen Alvarez Carlson Dr. Robert T. Carlson Victor C. Cassato Catherine Troka Cerone Robert J. Cerone Brother Patrick Conway, FSC Lou Ann Rothbauer Crowley Mary A. Dempsey Michael V. Doole John H. Ebert David E. Feeney Dr. Mary Catherine Fox M. Langenderfer Grimms Walter W. Grimms Mary Lentz Hofschulte Sharon Staples Hohertz James P. Izzo Kenneth J. Koos Frank A. Kozera III Debrah Fiocchi Krebsbach Edward W. (Skip) Lawson John J. LeClair Dennis Lee Ann Therese Lucas Barbara Bush McNellis

Robert J. McNellis Mary Beth Glynn Mikrut Kevin P. Moss Anne E. Neuberger Marilyn Lueck Noel Lewis J. Reiman James R. Ruth Patricia Bowman Ruth James T. Ryan Patrick K. Ryan Patrick A. Salvi Susan Sughrua Schultz Thomas A. Schultz Rebecca Wilma Schumacher E. Michael Shanahan, Jr. Michael J. Simmons Linda Neuroth Smith William R. Sparks Thomas A. Stanley Steven D. Vetter Bruce J. Wagner Marc J. Weisenburger Michael F. Weum Nancy A. Wiltgen Steven S. Zygmun

CLASS OF 1976 Total Class Gift: $41,330 Participation: 27.11% Jeffrey G. Adair Timothy J. Bauer Paul W. Brueggemann Bruna Bucciarelli Lawrence J. Cap Nancy Lorenz Cassato William A. Clarey II Ann Clark-Whitlock Mary Cunningham Clasen Sheila A. Collins Mark J. Cooney Patricia J. Cullerton Margaret Hans Diebold Philip G. Donovan Elizabeth Skiba Dougherty Michael G. Dougherty

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First-Generation Initiative


Saint Mary’s University is eager to respond to the perplexing problems firstgeneration students face, especially economically disadvantaged persons of color, and proposes the nation’s first comprehensive solution. The FirstGeneration Initiative provides first-generation college prospects with: • sufficient tuition assistance; • on-campus enrichment programs; and • pre-collegiate preparatory work, or “college preparation programs.” Most significantly, first-generation college candidates begin preparing for college, academically and socially, while still in middle school. We’re dedicating our hearts, minds and resources to the education of our brothers and sisters through scholastic guidance, scholarship assistance and individualized mentorship.≠

Jerry A. Duncker Kevin P. Dunigan Thomas J. Evon Robert M. Figliulo Nancy Kelly Freeman John F. Halpin Mark G. Hartman William M. Herzog Dr. Susan Haworth Hoeppner Francis M. Howard Mary Beth McCall Howard Dr. Hubert P. Joswick Ann Janczy Julsrud James R. Julsrud Louis E. Jungbauer Dr. Peter P. Kaye Dr. John W. Kolb Richard E. Lauer Charles F. Mascari Dr. Ruth Mathews Patti Grunt McDonald Terrence J. McElroy Barbara Mulvey McQuillan Patricia Zdarsky Meyer Peter G. Mihojevich Patricia J. Molloy Kathy Kinsella Moss James J. Mularski Michael J. Mulvey Michael R. Nelson Daniel P. Nolan Brian A. O’Connell Alan Pavik Richard J. Reedy John F. Richards Terrance K. Russell Anthony L. Sciurba Kevin J. Skonieczny Renee Smith-Quinn Ann Krebsbach Sparks William J. Speck Daniel L. Spiess

Angela Scully Steger Dr. Robert W. Trauscht Paul F. Trunk David E. Von Schaumburg, Jr. Terrence H. Wensing Mary Lin Smith Wershofen James E. Wright

CLASS OF 1977 Total Class Gift: $14,756 Participation: 30.53% Anonymous Jeffrey R. Black Joseph F. Brosig Elizabeth Bono Buckley Patrick M. Buckley Edward J. Budi Patrick J. Caffrey Jacinta Timmons Carlson Patricia Richards Carroll Ronald E. Choate John C. Cosgriff Lorraine Purcell DeBruin Dr. John M. Domanico Michael J. Eggert Monica Herriges Evon Joan Newell Farrell Michael E. Fischer William J. Fitton Martin H. Froeschl James J. Gannon Jeanne Mullins Gannon Dr. Charles K. Gilarski Robert B. Grala Jeanne Hartle Hamlin James P. Harris Dr. Susan E. Hassig Pamela J. Joachim Thomas E. Joyce Joseph M. Jungbauer Kenneth Kasarski Maureen Galvin Kasarski

Glenn A. Kelley Thomas J. Kneesel Deborah Cantieri Kolb Therese Mary Kolvenbach Michael J. Laak Nancy Laser Michael E. Leonetti Dr. Christine Adams Leska David R. Limpert John P. Maloney Grace Wojski McNamara Thomas J. Michon Gregory P. Newton Robert M. Phillips Robert G. Rettig, Jr. Kenneth W. Roehl Dr. David A. Ruen Brother Joseph D. Russell III Gregory J. Samuelson Daniel J. Schultz Michael J. Simonett Thomas R. Smat Thomas S. Sopkiewicz Mark E. Speck Rita Kronschnabel Spiess Cynthia Klee Stephenitch James J. Stevens Daniel J. Traun Dr. Ann O’Connor Trauscht Anne Frundt Wildenborg Alice Green Wright

CLASS OF 1978 Total Class Gift: $21,235 Participation: 20.94% Nancy Melsha Bendtsen Robert E. Canchola Catherine Wahl Carlson Dr. Thomas B. Carlson Thomas F. Clasen Stephen Anthony Coman Martin J. Cormack

Kevin K. Cushing Barry R. Davis Dr. S. David Demorest Connie Bresler Finnegan Frank A. Giamarese Dr. Brian D. Harrison Nancy Klein Hayes Dr. Joseph W. Heimler John L. Holton Andrea Bonicelli Hopkins Lisa Luetkehans Hubinger Theresa Janczy Marita Williams Jorgensen Mark C. Kempe Judge Thomas L. Kilbride Elizabeth Ivantic Kneesel Linda A. Kuczma Mary Pat Ladner Susan Kell Limpert Paul M. Marincel Greg J. McGovern Candace Severson Miller Bart T. Murphy Nancy Nolan Ouska David R. Pawelski Eileen Gibbons Reedy Fr. Timothy T. Reker Kathleen Conway Russell W. Mark Shaw John C. Sprangers Mary Kay Kenney Sprangers Nancy Lazzara Stevens Dr. Margaret M. Weightman Peter Wildenborg Jane Troller Wood Mary Trusk Yonts


Total Class Gift: $15,383 Participation: 22.12% Anonymous Paul F. Albrecht Nancy Padden Barrett

SMU IR 2011 26-58 10/13/11 12:35 PM Page 41

2010-2011 INVESTORS’ Kristine Gutzmann Bauer Robert M. Biebel Timothy J. Boucher Diane Heinz Buttrey Kathleen Brawley Cavanagh Kevin M. Cavanagh Michael J. Charron Margaret Hansen Clarey Dr. Dahn L. Clemens Mary Verdick Daily Anne Lock Dolan Dr. James R. Dolan, Jr. Barbara Hohenberger Fischer Stephen J. Griffin Dean T. Hara Julie Blaine Herzog Dennis E. Hetrick Mary Schumacher Jozwiak Dr. Kenneth J. Kadziela Christopher Q. Kendall Mary Hildebrand Kilbride Gregory M. Kruzel Kathleen Kust Kruzel Michael J. Lyons Thomas D. Matty Louis J. McCoy Emmett P. McGovern Debra Jorgenson Mehling Judith Azzarello Millerick Mary Burke Mills Janet Riskevich Rayman Timothy O’Neill Reid Robert K. Reif John A. Rhomberg Dr. Mary Beth Storto Rhomberg Dr. Steven W. Rice Stephen P. Ryan Fabio M. Segreti Robert C. Skemp, Jr. Dr. Michael Stevens George J. Thomas Mary Stafford Tillman Dr. Christene Lavigne Timmons Susan Leo Vanderwalker Walter G. Weisenburger Susan Spetter Wolfe Terence P. Zost

CLASS OF 1980 Total Class Gift: $8,342 Participation: 16.67% Donald J. Aleksy Donna Pagliarello Aleksy Mary Finn Caffrey Richard J. Cech Loralee Clark Maryclare McGovern Clemens Teresa Mooney Cullen Terrance J. Cullen Karen M. Cushing Dr. Joel P. Felmlee Carrie Dunn Frey Mary E. Haerle Daniel J. Hall Andrea S. Hogan Colleen Garrett Huey Gerald L. Karel Judy Mohnen Karel Patrick J. Keane Dr. Thomas G. Lisack Susan Metzger Lyons Jane Gallivan McPherson Michael J. Michon Teresa A. Nace Gregory Nilles Robert V. Obarski

Gail L. Olson Dr. Susan Orlowski Paul Lee Ann Paulsen Joseph P. Phillips Francis W. Pomeroy John S. Redpath Danelle Moran Reid Kathleen J. Riley Susan Kauth Ruen Albert G. Rysavy Lawrence J. Schiffler Camille Ebersberger Smith Gail Thompson Smith William M. Walsh Robert P. Ward Daniel J. Wermers, Jr. Ramona Frana Weselmann

CLASS OF 1981 Total Class Gift: $25,957 Participation: 20.00% Susan Kane Bezemes Michael G. Broos John F. Brunner Virginia Bleise Cormack James D. Crews Mary Beth Cyze Ann Singer Elward John P. Elward Paul E. Feind Joseph W. Gale Dr. Renée J. Garpestad Christine Cieslak Gicela Elizabeth Sullivan Grossman Mark F. Hansen Dan J. Healy Allan L. Hines Nancy Blash Holihan Kathryn D. Jarvinen Dr. John J. Joyce Ronald W. Jungbauer Ronald A. Karwoski David A. Kulhanek Kevin R. Kurry Dr. Edward A. Laga, Jr. Douglas E. Luebbe Mary Schwartz Lunzer Peter J. Manieri Honorable Michael J. Mayer Susan K. McFarlane Anthony J. Mornar, Jr. Nancy Miceli Mornar Patricia Gies Mulcahy Dr. Paul F. Mulcahy Dr. Thomas J. Nardi James J. Noonan Laurel Baldwin Noonan Michael A. O’Malley Cheryl Ann Osborne Timothy O’Sullivan Stephen J. Ratican Rory Richards Kevin P. Ryan Margaret Dise Schneider Peter A. Schwab Sharon Collins Seliga Matthew A. Smith Walter E. Smithe III Joseph Philip Sweeney Laura Tumbarello-Trubshaw Judge Teresa Schultz Warner Jean M. Wenger James J. Wolande

CLASS OF 1982 Total Class Gift: $5,358 Participation: 18.83% Florence Cloghessy Anderson George J. Anichini, Jr. Christine Calabrese Ayotte Mark Ayotte Mary Anne McHugh-Chaljub Colleen Moriarity Crews Kimberly A. Delaney Mary Streich Disick Sharon Falkiner Fernandez Rev. John M. Fischer Edward G. Fosco Stephen J. Gryl Jeffrey J. Hargarten James D. Healy Patricia Walsh Healy Brian J. Jardina Raymond A. Jenisch Ann Lodermeier Johnson Connie Mueller Johnson Michael J. Kehoe John K. King Mary Jo Kaufman Malecha Mary A. Malloy Amy Glen Miller Mark T. Miller Michael W. Monahan Dr. Joseph G. Mueller Gabrielle Murphy Samuel R. Nardi Donna Menzel O’Brien Michael J. O’Shea Eileen Long Rice Dr. Thomas J. Rice John R. Schaupp Bradley B. Schleif Geralyn Stanczak Smith Mary Moore Smithe Liz Jankowiak Sokolowski Stacey Sanborn Sweeney John L. Toivonen Tamara Beneke Tyrrell Joseph J. Wagner Edwin J. Wasz Michelle Kust Yeager

CLASS OF 1983 Total Class Gift: $6,286 Participation: 22.22% Steven F. Bailey Jeanine Baldwin Bermes Mark L. Bermes Susan Kathryn Blass Dr. David E. Blume Daniel J. Broos Margaret Pfister Brown Ruth Colclough Church Sheila Moore-Cruz Bea A. Cunningham John P. Cushing Laurene Gacek Demuth Timothy R. Demuth Suzanne Zablocki Deranek Debora Kowles Erickson Laurel A. Feddema Sharon Johnson Fiebiger Sandra Baggio Foody Thomas A. Foody Julie Curran Gildea Joseph W. Glenski Dr. Bobbie Smith Gostout Jeffrey T. Graves Catherine Reardon Grego Stephen G. Grego, Sr.


Teresa Januschka Hauswirth Dr. Alan E. Hein James R. Heit Dr. William H. Hildebrand Thomas J. Hoffman Donna Schuster Hrebec Donald F. Ivansek Henry P. Jakobsze Janice Yerhot Janssen Captain Christopher J. Kaiser Judy Mullins Lucas Susan Malovac Luebbe Matthew D. Marron Derek V. Martin Paulette Giesen McCullough John T. McDonnell Maureen Mangan McDonnell Dr. Patricia A. McElroy Mark J. Meyer Diane Neira Miller Maureen Forsythe Mueller Fredrick S. Mulvany Mark S. Munns Patricia Holton O’Malley Keith D. Peterson Anthony C. Rappold Debra Walsh Rappold Amy Tunnicliff Ratican James P. Redding K. McLagan Schaffenberger Mary Beth Karels Schleif Steven K. Stiel William J. Tyrrell Jane Walerius Ulbrich Mary Brooker Wagner Lisa Pederson Wasz James L. Watkowski David L. Weigman

CLASS OF 1984 Total Class Gift: $5,985 Participation: 16.59% Kirsten Almo Lucille Gerten Becker Mark S. Brawley Terrence G. Browne Aleksandra Markovich Canner Timothy C. Carroll Deidre Chase Clingen Shirley Hazelton Curbow Patrick J. Devane Kathleen Crozier Eikens Todd L. Ethen Terese A. Foley Linda Pawl Graves Dr. Peter F. Guidinger Phillip M. Hearne Carol L. Hennessy Patrice M. Henning Douglas A. Hettinger Dr. Jean Hollenstein Maria Boser Johnson Mary Niznik Joss Julie Meehan Kaiser Chris Von Wahlde Kavanaugh Christopher M. Kavanaugh Jennifer Potvin Kendall Maureen Gronstal Kenney Mary Seitz King John R. Lucas Joyce R. McConville Dr. Andrew J. McCullough Kevin P. McKenna Maureen Barrett McNicholas Eileen Aldrich McShea Marilyn Weller Miller


SMU IR 2011 26-58 10/13/11 12:35 PM Page 42

SAINT MARY’S UNIVERSITY William C. Moore Cyril T. Rohan Renee Zameic Rozman Thomas W. Shellander Mark G. Tomashek Kathleen Murnane Ulfig Rob Valerious



Total Class Gift: $15,880 Participation: 20.45% John Edward Alberts John Lawrence Andra Kristine Bork Beck Todd Steven Borndale Miss Molly Elizabeth Bott Angela Coleman Broos Christine Henderson Burke Michael Thomas Burke Dr. Paul Daniel Degallier Martin Aloysius Dolan Laura Kieltyka Donohue Lucinda Pudwill Ethen Brian J. Eveslage Jane Sommers Freiburger Julie Biesanz Gardner Michael Joseph Geraghty Kathryn D. Guyer Jeanne Marie Heer Kim Rogowski Heit David Leschke Hellstrom Brenda Vucinovich Herald Ann Marie Brooks Hettinger Dr. Maria Swastek Hilgart Dr. Paul Steven Hill Patricia Rice Hooley Patricia Begg Ivansek Ann Tomashek Johnston Barbara Hartnett Keane Blaise Paul Keane Robin Bennetts Kehoe Margaret Maloney Kinsley Edwin Frederick Koezly III Monica Kelley Koezly Andrew Stanley Kojs Loretta Clarke Krydynski Vincent Joseph Krydynski III Melissa Kunert Lafond William Matthew Lafond Kevin John McGrath Dr. James Joseph Meyer Ricky Daniel Michel Kevin James Murphy Donald R. Nadeau Jean Strickland Nadeau Mary S. O’Connor Margaret Olsen O’Keefe Christopher Allan Rath Elizabeth Rigali-Galvin David Edward Riviere DeAnn Simmons-Campbell Ellen Osterhaus Stefaniak Katherine Hallberg Valek Ralph Anthony Vennetti Carmella De Rose Whaley Paul J. Wildenborg Scott Michael Zierden

CLASS OF 1986 Total Class Gift: $8,333 Participation: 19.14% Paul Richard Adank Dr. David Anthony Appel Jennifer Gerise Baryl Michael James Bauers Kenneth James Blouin


MINNESOTA Pauline McMahon Cimaszewski Sean Patrick Collins Kathleen Cullen-Conway Jeanne Marie Doran Gordon Michael Hannon Paul V. Hark Katherine Mulvany Hearne Maureen Adams Hill Rebecca Glenn Hood Mark Edward Johnson Michael Martin Joss Gregory Paul Kaiser Mel Joseph Kaiser Ellen Prendergast Kelly Lisa Rath Maddock William Armel Maddock Susan Ryan Mendiola Monica Hennessy Mohan Thomas John Mullins Susan Connolly Musich Christine Heyda Rath Tracy Jagodzinski Reichenbacher Jennifer Matejka Staats Lisa Brintnall Stadick Terry John Stadick Brian Douglas Stang Megan Faricy Stang Janet Ann Sushinski Kristin Wicka Taunton Terry John Trautman Dr. Laura Ann Vose Paula Maniscalco Whisler Michelle Emond Wolfe Lynn Meyer Zahorak Julie Zost Zierden

CLASS OF 1987 Total Class Gift: $2,423 Participation: 15.18% Jacqueline Maniscalco Adank Michael Anthony Adducci Paul Matthew Algren Annette Tilton Carlson Richard Vincent Cosentino Ernest Samuel Cutro Patricia Long Deckas Thomas David Ek Deacon Michael Joseph Ellis Scott William Faust Michael Joseph Flynn Daniel Paul Garry Elizabeth Doody Gorman Rita Jean Eaheart Gramm Ann Christensen Grode Susan Judith Hellstrom Joseph Arthur Hettinger Stephen James Holtorf Scott James Holzer Jane Powell Kaiser Mary K. Thein Kimlinger Jeffery Alan King Kelly Bingen Koscielniak Robert John Koscielniak, Jr. Margaret Drennan Meagher Michael Joseph Meagher Gregory Francis Nessinger Daniel James Noterman Susan Arenberg Palmer Anne Sternal Piper William Paul Reichenbacher Thomas Martin Sandvik Lisa Janikowski Schlosser Jon Mark Strauss Laura Gabel Strauss Michael Robert Updike Michael John Vennetti

Elizabeth Clare Weightman Timothy James Whaley Joseph Francis Wieseler

CLASS OF 1988 Total Class Gift: $3,735 Participation: 13.62% Wendy Kairies Bregel Gayle Engesser Brekke Mary Beth Gill Clark Cary Tamborski Deringer Michael James Dungan Margaret Mary Hodapp Michael Robert Hodges Mary Welsh Holtorf Gerald Robert Huesing Mary Pat Hellgeth Johnson Cynthia Engesser Jones Ronald Peter Kimlinger Eileen Gibbons Kowles Tamara Lynn Matthees Greg Allen Mattson Amy Rosenstreich Miller Matthew Webb Miller Joan Cox Mullins John K. O’Doherty III Anthony Edward Pocica David James Samson Dr. Djonggi Wirjadi Situmeang Jean Boduch Situmeang Kelly Shutrop Sorg Ronald Joseph Trombley James Matthew Tschida Andrea Prugar Vennetti Rita Jean Welshons Susan Warme Wieseler

CLASS OF 1989 Total Class Gift: $2,293 Participation: 12.83% Anonymous Kimberly Morgan Anderson James Francis Bischoff Rhonda King Dungan Theresa Walsh Fink Eileen Marie Flynn Jodi Nynas Flynn Joseph Robert Guillou Edward John Hennessy Alan Thomas Herman Kathleen Makie Hodges William Anthony Johnson Brian Joseph Kowles Theodore Michel Kronschnabel Glenn Daniel Lisowy Susan Gangl Lovegreen John Daniel McCormick Aileen Mary O’Donnell Nicholas Dean Richmond Mari Beth Utke Ross D. Michelle O’Brien Schimek Robert John Schimek Michael Paul Schmid Rebecca Viertel Schmid Susan Kaye Stephan Maureen McDevitt Troke Kevin Vincent Walczak Kimberly Nagel Walsh Jennifer Ann Wisniewski Peggy Powell Zeuthen

CLASS OF 1990 Total Class Gift: $1,028 Participation: 6.07% Margaret Hick Bailey Daniel Patrick Bauer

Robert Philip Chenier Miss Elizabeth Ann Gardner Elizabeth Dettle Haugen Paul Joseph Hoben Caleb Thomas Jarvinen Kristen Mahon Johnson Anahis Sahagian Mattson Christopher Luke Mayock Julie Jones McCormick Joyce Marie Page Mary Smith Renk Joseph Patrick Sullivan III Christopher Lee Thommes Jeanne Halder Yeager

CLASS OF 1991 Total Class Gift: $2,945 Participation: 13.28% Anonymous Gina Feldten Biel Jennifer Smith Boyle Neil G. Boyle Bernard Lawrence Buehler Michael John Dyer Julie Schuetz Esch Angela Hoffmeister Finley David Peter Finley Christopher Scott Fischer Lisa Marie Furey Daniel Joseph Garrity Dr. MaryMargaret Gross Ann Welter Harveaux Christopher M. Harveaux Charles John Hawkins Elizabeth Feeney Heil Kristen Marie Herrick Theresa Hall Hungerford David Joseph Koezly Janet Nemec Loux Andrea Lea Moore Patricia Mutter Christiane Fortman O’Doherty Jennifer Hogan Peruzzi Kathleen Ann Rooney John Loras Sieve Colin Joseph Sokolowski Susan Cahill Sullivan Timothy Paul Swanson Patrick Daley Thompson Molly McManus Walker Scott Nelson Walker Linda Nickels Weaver Thomas Robert Witchger, Jr.

CLASS OF 1992 Total Class Gift: $2,252 Participation: 8.41% Michael P. Adamski Laura Kunz Butler Julie McCullough Costa Patrick Jerome Dempsey Jennifer Cherry Fischer Kevin Antony Fisk Karri Moynihan Garrity Melissa Mettille Gearen Daniel Eric Hames Molly Guest Hames John Eric Heil Brent Ronald Judd Erin Mayerle Kusske Michael Scott Lehman Amy Jo Patterson Maruschak Stephanie Voss McGuinness Fr. Todd Allen Mlsna Patricia McLaughlin Pleuss Rebecca Zang Reynolds

SMU IR 2011 26-58 10/13/11 12:35 PM Page 43

2010-2011 INVESTORS’ Mark Alan Roeckers Michael Thomas Ruhland Judith Goepfrich Thommes John Charles Trainor Lisa Lynn Van Horn Donna Marie White Marcia Ann Wood Bret Anthony Woodson Kyle Price Yeske

CLASS OF 1993 Total Class Gift: $1,388 Participation: 9.18% Anita Hennessy Birmingham Colleen Musial Bubala Diane Drew Christopherson Miss Heidi Jane Colby Patricia Pahl Herme Lynn Sherek Kenning Elizabeth Marie Kinsella Kent Christopher Linder Lisa Delocine Lunde Ann Whalen Luttinen Daniel David McKinney Jeffrey Jerome Mueller Jesse Frank Pleuss Dr. Barbara Hale-Richlen Dr. Matthew Alan Rowley David Jayson Schober Michael John Slaggie Kelly Shanle Sokolowski James Thomas Tagye

CLASS OF 1994 Total Class Gift: $5,577 Participation: 8.56% Jennifer Robyn Blevins Rebecca Hazelton Bratulich Matthew Ben Bubala Karen Connett Chapple Jennifer Czarnecki Deml Jerome Salvatore Dunphy Cynthia Cassidy Elumba Julia Edmunds Farnan Philip A. Gernes Kevin Ray Haessig Tanya Marie Hamilton Troy Thomas Hauck Rebecca Prell Hopkins Miss Marcia Lynn Kadow Michele Marie Mahoney Jason Matthew Oujiri Susan Tanury Pugh Dr. Kimberly Jentink Rowley Mark Andrew Schwartz Melissa Cachor Ulatowski Timothy James Ulatowski Eric Joseph Van Brocklin Elizabeth Myers Wolter

CLASS OF 1995 Total Class Gift: $1,739 Participation: 7.58% Danielle Lee Bailey Julie Henkel Camara D. Patrick Connolly Brian Thomas Cramer Jeffry John Eiselt Tracy Trowbridge Hale Timothy James Henne Brian Craig Himlie Daniel Mark Hoffmann Michael John Korte Dr. Mary Olmscheid Maytan Brian Patrick O’Connell Serena Nelson Pelowski

Derek Duane Reichl Mary Coughlin Rothschadl Crystal Klepitsch Windley

CLASS OF 1996 Total Class Gift: $1,168 Participation: 9.50% James Robert Bokowski Joseph Michael Burns Rochelle Vacek Cacka Ronnie Edward Cacka Stephanie Roth Cade Jennifer Lang DuBore Adam T. Fink Nikki Kingsley Goodnature Jennifer Peel Greminger Catherine Smyth Hlavacek Rachell Maras Horbenko Wendy Marek-Spartz Benjamin Stephen Murray Kelly Finzen Omdahl Joanne Kreuter Prochnow Ailish Murrihy Ryan James Christopher Simone Ryan Michael Tanke Ann Koenig Van Brocklin Brian Edwin Wagner Paul Matthew Zobitz

CLASS OF 1997 Total Class Gift: $3,312 Participation: 13.33% Anonymous Laura O’Connor Bowman Carolyn Todd Bray Angela Barajas Conn Alan Thomas Conniff Kathryn Kadlec Conniff Michael James Day Jacqueline Olson DuLac Rosanne Hartmann Freitag Steven Grillo Robert James Grumich Adam J. Guenther Kenneth James Hanrahan Peter George Horbenko Cheryl Ann Jandrich Marie Elizabeth Johnson Dr. Karen Padden Kress Jacob Arlo Kugel Anne Miller Leba John Edward LeClair Laura Anne Lentino Kate Jerman Mannor Terry William Mannor Molly Jeanne Murphy Katherine Crawford Oeftger Meg Leuer Richtman Michael Paul Richtman Molly Huenecke Roenna Melissa Goo Schultz Sarah Janson Skinner Maureen Riley Spence Kelly King Stinson Michael Paul Taylor Elizabeth Wiske Unze Amy Unze Zwart

CLASS OF 1998 Total Class Gift: $868 Participation: 7.72% Jessica Werner Atkins Gretchen Marie Baumgardt Kristin Anttila Coudron Sara Crumb Dahlerup Carrie Calkins Felten

Dannielle Kay Hokanson Dr. Jason James Knag Jennifer Mahowald Kugel Victoria Marie Makovec Joshua Meyer Deborah Ann Monahan Dr. Daniel James Olsen Richard Nicholas Petersen Amy Elizabeth Raczon Frank J. Savino Sarah Koves Savino Andrea Blume Tilkes Daniel Vincent Transier Xavier Ari Wilson

CLASS OF 1999 Total Class Gift: $1,063 Participation: 7.22% Corey Lee Anderson Dr. Eric Wade Aschenbrenner Laura Erickson Aschenbrenner Gregory Robert Beaumont Allison Lucca Geist Kevin William Geist Erin Elizabeth Havel Benjamin Leo Huegel Gina Mandeville Karnick James Charles Karnick James Michael Long, Jr. Tracy Folliard Olsen Amy Berninghaus Peterson Mark Joseph Peterson Rebecca McAulay Roe Joseph Lawrence Schmitt Robert Jon Stangler Katherine Broich Stensing Martin Edward Stensing Anthony Howard Thole Kathryn Flater Vadnais Joseph E. Yach

CLASS OF 2000 Total Class Gift: $819 Participation: 5.93% Stacey Simenson Anderson Laura Kronlage Besler Becky M. Chapel Teisha Smith Devine Joy Wrocinski Foley John Cain Forst Ryan Patrick Hinton Anthony Charles Holter Christopher James McCaffrey Dianne Lord Miller Matthew Robert Palkert Anthony F. Piscitiello Sarah Kronlage Schmitz Megan Johnson Shevokas Kara Jean Wener

CLASS OF 2001 Total Class Gift: $2,332 Participation: 11.65% Jolyn Seltun Anderson Amy Allison Andress Jora Deziel Bart Vickie L. Cada Corey Brandon Detert Marisa Wilson Dille Kristin Sellner Fredricks Timothy John Gossen Brian John Henke Jordan Michael Herzog Dr. Jessica Ruth Johnston Jennifer Ann Judge Kristen Marie Kozlowski


John Paul Kramschuster Miss Kimberly Suzanne Krisman Janet Alison Maegerlein John I. Marshall Shawn D. McCarthy Dustin Arthur Noble Ian M. O’Keefe Edward Rhall Pope Jeffrey Boyd Pope Andrew James Quarfoth John Joseph Scheid Melissa Austin Schneider Daniel James Sepion Dawn Marie Speltz Elizabeth Ori Thole Joseph David Toussaint Ellen Margaret Ulrich Michael John Walsh Julia Guhin Yach

CLASS OF 2002 Total Class Gift: $1,015 Participation: 8.16% Julia Pagelkopf Bernardi Kristen Ann Cooper Timothy Brian Fredricks Eric Olaf Froistad Alissa Erichsen Gibson Rosemary Glesener Elizabeth Swoboda Harris Benjamin B. Houtekier Jesse M. Izzo Stephanie Romanchuk Larsen Amy Henjum Meyers Catherine Marx Moriarity Maureen Hayes Morrison Kelly McGillen Nelson Crystal Mitchell Pope Kimberly Kay Schieber Aaron Anthony Schnitzler Rebecca Deuel Schnitzler Kristin Mary Soderholm Lynn Michelle Streefland John Joseph Vinck Jessica Lee Wolfe

CLASS OF 2003 Total Class Gift: $2,687 Participation: 9.34% Ian Royce Bents Amy Wolf Blaz Chad Herbert Boyer Dr. Krista Austinson Briggs Moira Ann Corcoran Katherine Dougherty Estrada Adam Kim Hennen Dr. Michael Patrick Hollandsworth Katherine Margaret Johnson Benjamin James Klenke Joseph Michael Lentino Nicole Lynch Peterson Mary Katherine McBride Nicholas Andrew Michaels Keith Douglas Moore Monica Deringer Nugent Andrew Phillip Olson Brendan Martin O’Rourke Margaret Rose Ortmann Jenna Robling Rodenz Emilee Conley Scheid Julie Jewison Schultz Emily Pribyl Semsch Archibald Boimah Thompson Anna Marie Tomes Joshua Joseph Wolever


SMU IR 2011 26-58 10/13/11 12:35 PM Page 44



Total Class Gift: $2,040 Participation: 14.06% Margaret DeCoteau Andersen Heidi Marie Andre Alyssa Butenhoff Anguiano Jessica Boll Bare Kevin Edward Coughlan Robert Michael Fiorentino Sarah Ann Fisher Angela Brackey Froistad Anthony Charles Gruenke Beth Larson Gruenke Gretchen Anne Herrick Michael Donald Johnson Kristin Louise Kempiak Elizabeth Ann Kiedrowski Tricia Ann Kohner Angela Gulbranson LaPorte Sarah Jane Marek Monta G. May Tennie Christina McCabe Laura Lane Melby Terrie Marie Moeckly Jennifer Lawrence Nelson Ryan James Pajak Renee Willkom Pearl Sarah Wensmann Petroske Nicole Kadlec Prax Megan Elizabeth Radke John Lang Reszka Anna Shields Riechers Miss Abby Elizabeth Riewe Lindsey Hanson Seipp Nathan Barrett Semsch Shannon Peetz Trakore Krystal Endres Vinck Jamie Lea Witte

CLASS OF 2005 Total Class Gift: $3,250 Participation: 8.57% Brent Edward Bendson Michele Erin Clarke Patrick John Deeg Erin Marie Donnelly Ashley Dingels Gossen Rebecca Ann Grube Patrick Russell Jacobsen Sean William Koch Elizabeth Gies Krussow Charles Robert Kunz Stefanie Jean Lamusga Stephanie Suzanne Messer Christine Cepress Nelson Derek James Nelson Lindsy Nelson O’Shea Matthew David Rink Allison Pendergast Sullwold Louis David Terdan Lance J. Thompson Tessa Stranik Wagnild Jamie Death Wallen

CLASS OF 2006 Total Class Gift: $2,214 Participation: 13.09% Matthew Robert Albrecht Gabrielle Buschmann Blake Andrew Richard Boisjolie Timothy Michael Carroll W. Patrick Chambers Tiffanie Marie Danzinger Carolynne Hoffman Douglas Carl John Gahala Tyler Anton Graf


MINNESOTA Angela Ann Griedl Andrea Marie Hanke Alicia Murr Hill Aubrey Rose Hollnagel Krista Schoeder Huot Stephanie Marie Kalina Kacie Lynn Karels Christina Mary Kluczny Annie Renee Krizan Dominic Theodore Lawrence Sara Vargason Lawrence Christopher James Markov Michelle Mino Markov Megan Germo McAllister Patrick Jon Allen McConnell Stephanie Berent McHugh Travis Lee Nelson Matthew David Perkins Megan Peterson Rask Caroline Aubin Rivard Rachel Rivers Rueda Brigid Elise Ryan Amanda Bainbridge Schilz Charlie Christian Schneider Sara Lynn Sloneker Sara Elizabeth Spiess Kayla Jean Terwey Miss Autumn Krystal Valk Nicole Welle Nere Kevin Louis Wriskey

CLASS OF 2007 Total Class Gift: $2,262 Participation: 12.81% Stephanie Nicole Ashworth Rachel Harrison Behl Kelly Rosaaen Bergey Matthew Albert Bilski Tera Marie Bollig Miss Lisa Marie Boris Christina Racheal Carufel Bridget Kingsley Dicke Megan Wilson Eckers Jacob John Fleming Charles Rivers Helgeson Shelby Anne Hicks James Theodore Hoogerwerf Angela Pieper Kasel April Johnson Kirby Sarah Bellingham Laitinen Katherine Ann Lukens Rebecca Bartelson Mueller Andrea Ruth Nakagaki Allison Leigh Peterson Kristen Marie Rafferty Laura Betchner Rothe Timothy James Rothe Danielle Robinson Rypka Nathan Michael Schilz Jonna Clare Schimek Megan Johanna Schimek Lincoln Andrew Scully Adam Edward Solseth Eric Matthew Sonnek Margaret Soucheray Sonnek Megan Wallisch-Leyba David Ross Warner III Nicholas John Winecke

CLASS OF 2008 Total Class Gift: $3,410 Participation: 18.50% Bridgette Marie Baggio Alexandra Joan Bauman Miss Christie Lee Brunette Amanda Marie Christman

Matthew Paul Clementz Kevin Thomas Collins Lindsay Ruth Dickson Michael Alexander Downes-Borowski Laura Ann Eggert Michael Thomas Everding James Anthony Fangel Harry Anthony Fitzgerald Lisa Jean Frank Anthony James Freeman Christina Nicole Freeman John Michael Freeman Lisa Mahler Freeman Theresa Anne Hartnett Sarah Marie Hayden Timothy David Hepner Allison Leigh Hill Andrea Lynn Hills Aubrey Lea Hirsch Stephanie Ann Humbert Amy Jean Kalina Robin Michelle Karras Kimberly Marie Koecheler Kristina Marian Koecheler Christopher Raymond Lapp Kaylin Dawn Martin Erin Hendricks McCoy Richard Raymond McCoy Erin Elizabeth McGuire Daniel Patrick Murray Gabrielle Ryan Polizzotto Valerie Lynn Rodriguez Allison Rose Miss Abigail Marie Rosenthal Amy Jo Saufferer Christina Giunta Schneider Zachary Thomas Schneider Nicole Lynn Schroeder Kasey Lynn Schultz Anna Teresa Skonieczny Anastacia Louise Sontag Erik Stonestrom Jennifer Ann Thesing Abby Francois Zimmer

CLASS OF 2009 Total Class Gift: $1,177 Participation: 10.33% Miss Emily Ann Berg Colleen Radermacher Borgerding Lori Beth Brunner Sara Elizabeth Clements Bridget Rose Frauenshuh Alex David Gorgone Alyssa Schlageter Gorgone Alan Michael Guanella Neil Martin Leibundguth Nadine Michelle Miller Rosario Antonio Mollo Natalie Marie Nemetz Adam Jon Olson Jessica Anne Paulsen Scott David Potthoff Jillian Rose Reinboldt Holly Sue Roffler Amanda Wiste Rud Brittney Mae Stefonowicz Miss Hannah Marie Szerlong Deven Allen VanHouse Carina Ann Woodward

CLASS OF 2010 Total Class Gift: $1,315 Participation: 8.33% Thomas Elliott Briese Tabitha Lynn Cooper

Ann Catherine Dickey Angela Marie Diercks Sara Marie Eisenhauer Laura A. Flicek Edith Galvez Molly Anne Jewison Katherine Anne Klus Ashley M. Loos Melissa Marie Markert Megan Patricia Mollison Brittney Lynn Nielsen Kathleen Michelle Pawlowski David Reckase Kyle Robert Ryan Kristina Lynn Scherber Kelli Rae Sholl Ye Tong Lily Evelyn Trelstad Eldon John Vaselaar

CLASS OF 2011 Total Class Gift: $660 Participation: 2.49% Luke Joseph Gonnella Jackie Ann Heintz Cierra Lynn Lopis Sarah Patrice McDonough Kelly Marie Wagner

CLASS OF 2012 Matthew Thomas Polum Tyler John Ringeisen

GRADUATE AND PROFESSIONAL PROGRAMS Benefactors in bold are also listed in giving circles. Anonymous Troy Christopher Adams M’03 Donna Pagliarello Aleksy ’80 Gregory James Anderson M’05 Kimberly Jo Anderson M’04 Alyssa Butenhoff Anguiano ’04 M’08 Michael Arfsten M’06 Mary Williams Bambenek M’93 Nancy Jordan Bambenek M’99 CST ’69 Jessica Boll Bare ’04 C’07 Travis John Bare C’07 M’08 David Bayer M’73 Mary Ann Bayer M’72 Sarah Bearbower M’09 Joseph Murray Beattie M’96 C’01 Ellen Bergler ’05 David Swope Bergman M’97 Robert M. Biebel ’79 M’07 Jerome C. Binko ’55 M’65 Duane Richard Bissonnette ’94 Amy Wolf Blaz ’03 M’11 Dr. Leslie Kern Bleskachek D’07 Jennifer Robyn Blevins ’94 C’95 M’97 Elizabeth Fay Block C’97 Matthew Clayton Bluem M’07 Andrew Richard Boisjolie ’06 Keane A. Bonath M’07 Molly Elizabeth Bott ’85 M’97 Tania Jenelle Brandstrom M’08 Rebecca Hazelton Bratulich ’94 M’98 Chad Jeremy Bray M’97 Becky L. Brodin M’99 Michael G. Broos ’81 C’00 Marcy Schroeder Bursac M’09 James C. Cappetta M’08 J. Patrick Casey ’53 Claire Jan Chang M’09

SMU IR 2011 26-58 10/13/11 12:35 PM Page 45

2010-2011 INVESTORS’


Lasallian Catholic Heritage We’re strengthening the university’s Lasallian Catholic identity through programming and educational opportunities for faculty, staff, students and alumni. The Lasallian Catholic Formation Initiative is a direct response to recommendations that Saint Mary’s University continue to clearly articulate and affirm its unique identity as a Lasallian Catholic institute of higher learning. Lasallian education and formation is, consequently, a priority at Saint Mary’s. Gifts dedicated to Lasallian formation will allow the university to provide resources and education for faculty and staff, students, alumni and friends to engage in our Lasallian association. Creation of an endowment will take funding of this initiative, necessary to the Lasallian Catholic identity of Saint Mary’s, out of the annual budget so that its expenses will not compete with the university issues of compensation and program development expenses.≠

Becky M. Chapel ’00 M’08 Kelly Gene Chapman M’08 Patricia Ann Christiansenv M’02 Brother J. William Clarey, FSC Ph.D. ’62 Jean I. Clarke M’79 Tracey Anne Comeau M’11 Alan Thomas Conniff ’97 C’10 Brother Patrick Conway, FSC ’75 M’80 Kristen Ann Cooper ’02 M’05 Glen Wray Cosper M’95 Theresa Jo Crawford M’09 Barbara E. Croucher ’99 M’02 Tiffanie Marie Danzinger ’06 M’07 Melissa Sina Dargay M’06 Christian L. Dembiec M’10 Wayne Elwin Detzler M’03 Brother Konrad Diebold, FSC ’61 M’69 Tamara Marie Dobbins C’10 Kim Renee Dockter M’98 Gerald R. Dooley ’61 Deacon Raymond Louis Finnegan DuBois M’08 Beth Hakala Duffy M’10 Yunge Hae Dutton M’10 Delores Ann Eaves M’91 Dallas Ray Eggers M’95 Patricia Epsky M’96 Susan Ann Fangel M’08 Stacy A. Fender John A. Ferrante, Sr. M’67 David Peter Finley ’91 C’93 Sarah Ann Fisher ’04 M’11 Arthur F. Fitzgerald ’61 M’67 Michael J. Fitzgerald ’65 M’72 Valerie J. Fitzgerald M’10 Dr. Kathleen Flanagan M’75

Barbara Ann Flasch M’95 Michael L. Flynn ’74 M’96 Deacon Joseph T. Forgue ’63 M’69 Mary Catherine Fox, Ph.D. ’75 John Michael Freeman ’08 M’10 Steven Kent Fruechte ’01 Patricia Ann Furtaw M’09 A. Robin Gallagher-McEnery M’71 Elizabeth Ann Gardner ’90 M’03 Dr. Renée J. Garpestad ’81 D’03 Don L. Garrett M’95 Dr. Steven Donald Geis C’98 D’04 Dr. Ann Patterson Gibson D’05 CST’69 Richard E. Gilman ’49 M’67 Mariana Geralyn Ginder M’98 Timothy John Gossen ’01 M’06 Patrick J. Grace M’07 Beth Larson Gruenke ’04 M’07 Holly Hall M’11 Linda Bellefeuille Hall M’08 Gary Reeves Harris, Jr. M’07 Leah Gleason Hebner, CFRE M’04 Benjamin Heimdal M’04 David Leschke Hellstrom ’85 M’98 Karen Klagge Hemker M’04 Adam Kim Hennen ’03 M’04 Joel Thomas Hennessy Monica Jo Herman Jordan Michael Herzog ’01 M’07 Shelby Ann Hicks ’07 C’09 Catherine Smyth Hlavacek ’96 M’97 Rebecca Prell Hopkins ’94 M’00 C’05 Benjamin Leo Huegel ’99 M’00 Joanna Richardson Huegel M’04 Matthew A. Hugg M’94 Dr. Hugh J. Ingrasci ’60 M’66 John Ray Jackson M’09

Cheryl Ann Jandrich ’97 M’03 Kathryn D. Jarvinen ’81 M’89 John Thomas Joyce M’08 Francis R. Kary ’62 Kathleen Bohn Keane M’90 CST’70 Michael J. Kehoe ’82 M’10 Dr. Gary Alan Kelsey M’91 D’01 Christopher Q. Kendall ’79 M’95 Lawrence J. Kirch M’08 Jamie Luv Knutson M’01 William Charles Knutson M’00 Sean William Koch ’05 M’09 Kristina Marian Koecheler ’08 M’11 Tricia Ann Kohner ’04 M’07 Sister Clare Korte, OSF Jeffrey E. Kosel M’05 Dr. Richard Kowles M’67 Roy A. Kriesel M’08 William J. Kritek ’62 M’66 Dr. John J. Lane ’57 M’64 Stephanie Romanchuk Larsen ’02 M’07 Dominic Theodore Lawrence ’06 M’10 Anne Miller Leba ’97 M’00 Patricia Lee Lee M’02 Tracy Lehnertz M’97 Allan R. Lieder M’02 Kathleen Hummel Lombardozzi M’10 Joan Kuhlmann Lompart M’98 James Michael Long, Jr. ’99 M’99 Jeanine Marie Lovell M’04 Ann Therese Lucas ’75 M’02 Mary Christina Luehne M’95 Nicole Lynch Peterson ’03 C’04 Martin Paul Malecha M’01 Mary Jo Kaufman Malecha ’82 M’92 Sarah Jane Marek ’04 M’07 Teresa Goldrick Markes M’89

Dr. Thomas Marpe D’04 Robert Keith Martin M’02 Dr. Ruth Marie Mathews ’76 M’81 Dr. Shelly Yvonne McCallum M’96 Helen C. McDowell M’90 Stephanie Voss McGuinness ’92 M’96 Debra Drotleff McKeever M’01 Brother Michael J. McKenery, FSC M’84 M’97 Deacon Randall Dale McMahon M’10 Shawn Patrick McMahon M’04 Thomas C. Mendrala, Jr. ’64 M’70 Ann E. Merchlewitz M’95 Ricky Danial Michel ’85 M’97 Catherine Ann Mollner M’92 Merri L. Moody M’88 Michael J. Morsberger M’97 Tilghman Huber Moyer IV M’98 Ellen Bridgete Murphy C’90 Father James R. Murphy ’60 Dr. James J. Murray ’62 M’68 Lynn Nankivil ’71 M’98 Julie Ann Nave M’01 Joan A. Neaton M’92 C’94 Dennis L. Nigon ’68 M’87 Donald G. Nitti ’69 M’73 Dr. Matthew J. Nowakowski D’10 Lon Dale Oakley III M’06 Randall James Olson M’98 John A. O’Reilly ’62 M’77 Margarita Despaigne Orta M’03 Lindsy Nelson O’Shea ’05 M’06 Teri Girolamo Otte M’08 Ryan James Pajak ’04 M’10 Matthew Robert Palkert ’00 M’05 Tina Marie Palmer M’05 Ronald J. Partyka ’54 M’69


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Science Center Initiative


We’re creating a 21st century center for education and research focused on chemistry, physics, biology, mathematics and more, inspiring students to new levels of discovery. The Science Initiative is the university’s campaign to shape and design the future of science education and research at Saint Mary’s. Gifts to the Science Initiative are essential in helping the university situate science education, research and facilities for future generations of students.≠

Dr. Stephen Pattee M’04 Mary Payne M’91 Robert I. Peacock, CFRE M’05 Katherine E. Pederson M’09 Dr. Anne E. Peek M’02 Jason Daniel Pelowski M’00 Amy Berninghaus Peterson ’99 M’06 Ryan Christopher Ping C’02 Anne Sternal Piper ’87 M’93 Anthony F. Piscitiello ’00 Anthony M. Piscitiello ’69 M’82 Edward Rhall Pope ’01 M’02 Nicole Kadlec Prax ’04 M’11 Karen E. Quinn M’80 Kristen Marie Rafferty ’07 M’11 Lisa Maria Ramerth M’98 Christina Rich M’07 Nicholas Dean Richmond ’89 M’04 Michael Paul Richtman ’97 M’99 Anna Shields Riechers ’04 M’11 Andrew Nathanael Robison M’08 Mark Alan Roeckers ’92 M’99 Stephanie Jill Ross M’08 Michelle Jeanette Rourke M’04 Dr. Kathy Y. Ryan D’07 Megan Strange Sadowski M’08 David James Samson ’88 Christina Giunta Schneider ’08 ’M10 Derek Schostag ’09 Melissa Goo Schultz ’97 M’01 Philip G. Schumacher M’74 Sister Jean Schuster M’79 Lisa Beth Schwartz M’00 Katrina Klink Scoville M’08 Loras H. Sieve ’60 Cynthia Rae Simson M’05 Walter E. Skavnak ’64 M’69 Sarah Janson Skinner ’97 C’00 Sara Lynn Sloneker ’06 M’07 Lee Roy Smith M’10 Kristine Ann Smyth M’06

Dr. Karen A. Sorvaag D’07 Dr. Scott H. Sorvaag D’07 Jason Spartz ’06 M’08 Francis Speck M’89 CST’74 Melissa Lee St. Aubin M’09 Mary Kelly Stapleton M’06 Brother Damian T. Steger FSC ’58 M’91 John Stenglein ’61 Susan Kaye Stephan ’89 M’94 Jennifer M. Stone M’07 Craig Burton Sundberg M’95 Wendy Massmann Sweeney M’05 Rachel Louise Syverson M’99 Jennifer Butson Teske M’11 Ralph C. Thaemlitz ’47 M’56 Mary Elizabeth Thomas M’09 Renee Ruger Thompson ’03 M’07 Joy Ann Tkachuck M’97 Anthony J. Towey ’63 M’71 Chandu Valluri M’06 Ann Koenig Van Brocklin ’96 M’04 Charles D. Waletzko M’91 Scott Nelson Walker ’91 C’96 M’98 Michael Wallgren ’61 M’67 Matthew J. Waters M’80 Angela Weisbrod M’94 CST’76 Jeremy R. Wells, CFRE M’06 Giles S. Wilborn ’61 M’66 Mary Wildenborg M’05 C’06 Xavier Ari Wilson ’98 Gerald Joseph Windley-Daoust M’03 Kathleen M. Wise M’89 Thomas Robert Witchger, Jr. ’91 M’95 Constance Mary Wittek M’00 Dr. William F. Wold ’72 M’89 D’01 JuvaLee Carl Wolf ’09 Madonna Stein Wolff M’70 Elizabeth Myers Wolter ’94 M’99 Marcia Ann Wood ’92 M’02 Nancy Wray M’92 Pauline Wetzel Zelaya M’09

TRUSTEES Benefactors in bold are also listed in giving circles. Brother Francis Carr, FSC ’66 Brother F. Michael Collins, FSC ’59 Brother Patrick Conway, FSC ’75 M’80 James L. Coogan ’69 Brother Konrad Diebold, FSC ’61 M’69 Michael J. Dooley ’66 Michael G. Dougherty ’76 Thomas E. Dyer ’67 Michael M. Gostomski ’62 William C. Herzog ’70 Mark Jacobs Linda A. Kuczma ’78 Brother William Mann, FSC Brother Michael J. McKenery, FSC M’84 M’97 Michael Joseph Meagher ’87 Paul J. Meyer ’64 Brother Frederick C. Mueller, FSC Salvatore F. Polizzotto ’67 Brother David Poos, FSC Brother Gustavo Ramirez Barba, FSC Richard J. Reedy ’76 Mary Ann Wera Remick CST’64 Joseph J. Ross ’67 Terrance K. Russell ’76 Patrick A. Salvi ’75 Walter E. Smithe III ’81 Celeste L. Suchocki Robert H. Wheeler ’67

TRUSTEE EMERITI Benefactors in bold are also listed in giving circles. Lyle D. Delwiche Thomas F. Meagher ’53 Loras H. Sieve ’60

David R. Thies ’59 Bernie Wagnild


and Brothers in Residence Brother Charles Burke, FSC ’57 Brother Patrick Conway, FSC ’75 M’80 Brother Patrick Craine, FSC ’53 Brother Louis DeThomasis, FSC Brother Edward Everett, FSC ’50 Brother Richard Gerlach, FSC ’35 Brother Paul Grass, FSC ’57 Brother John Grover, FSC ’65 Brother Thomas E. Houde, FSC Brother Lawrence Humphrey, FSC Brother William Mann, FSC Brother Arnold McMullen, FSC ’53 Brother Finbar McMullen, FSC ’46 Brother Jerome Rademacher, FSC ’58 Brother Roderick Robertson, FSC ’63 Brother Stephen Rusyn, FSC Brother Edmund Siderewicz, FSC Brother Damian T. Steger, FSC ’58 Brother Frank Walsh, FSC

FACULTY/STAFF Benefactors in bold are also listed in giving circles. Anonymous Suzette F. Allaire Yasin M. Alsaidi Dr. Jane Anderson CST’62 Alyssa Butenhoff Anguiano ’04 M’08 David Paul Ansell Janelle E. Ansell Michael Arfsten M’06 Jean E. Auman Dr. Carolyn Jursa Ayers Warren Brett Ayers

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2010-2011 INVESTORS’ Nancy Bachler Jerome M. Baertsch Jackie M. Baker Mary Williams Bambenek M’93 Nancy Jordan Bambenek M’99 CST ’69 Dr. Mark Barber Sarah Bearbower Mary Becker James Bedtke Pat Beech Brian K Behling Ellen Bergler ’05 Suzanne Teresa Bergler Robert Biebel ’79 M’07 Gena Stapleton Bilden Alison Bush Block Andrew W. Block Matthew Clayton Bluem M’07 Sherry Boynton Carolyn Todd Bray ’97 Becky L. Brodin M’99 Julie K. Buege Jonathan L. Cada Vickie Speltz Cada ’01 Dr. Richard E. Callaway Dr. Patricia Calton Michael J. Charron ’79 Elizabeth M. Childs Patricia Ann Christiansen M’02 Robert Conover Brother Patrick Conway, FSC ’75 M’80 Joseph G. Coshenet Cheryl L. Cox Theresa Jo Crawford M’09 Barbara E. Croucher ’99 M’02 Dr. William Crozier Carol A. Daul-Elhindi Brandi L. DeFries Christian L. Dembiec M’10 Dr. Kevin Dennis Suzanne Zablocki Deranek ’83 Diane E. Dockery Brendan J. Dolan Sally Dotterwick Joseph Dulak Dr. Marcel J. Dumestre Janet L. Dunn Peggy Ebert Susan Schlink Edel CST’69 Ryan P. Egan Douglas J. Eichten ’67 Dr. Gerald H. Ellis Andrea K. Essar Dr. Roxanne Eubank Fr. Andrew C. Fabian, OP Dr. Sonia Feder-Lewis Nicole L. Fennern Sarah Ann Fisher ’04 M’11 Valerie J. Fitzgerald M’10 Dr. Kathleen Flanagan M’75 Dr. Michael G. Flanagan ’63 Patricia J. Fleming Michael L. Flynn ’74 M’96 June Fox Mary Catherine Fox, Ph.D. ’75 Paul H. Fox Timothy P. Fredrickson Jenna T. Freudenberg Dr. Marilyn Frost Dennis M. Gallagher Dr. Greg A. Gaut ’69 Dr. Steven Donald Geis C’98 D’04 Dr. Richard A. Germundsen Linda Gfrerer, M.S.,R.N. Kimberly J. Gibbs Dr. Ann Patterson Gibson D’05 CST’69

Ashley Dingels Gossen ’05 Timothy John Gossen ’01 M’06 Patrick J. Grace M’07 Dennis P. Grandl Laurie Haase Jeffery W. Halberg Denise F. Hamernik Jeffrey R. Hefel Karen Klagge Hemker M’04 Coral Leigh Henthorne Jamie N. Herrick Eric Heukeshoven Dr. Janet Heukeshoven Linka M. Holey Aubrey Rose Hollnagel ’06 Rebecca Prell Hopkins ’94 M’00 C’05 Dr. Christina Huck Benjamin Leo Huegel ’99 M’00 Brother Lawrence Humphrey, FSC Dr. David M. Jackson Patrick Russell Jacobsen ’05 Ann C. Jacques-Klingman Julia B. Jenson Lee E. Johnson Dr. Willie J. Johnson Lisa A. Jonsgaard Alan Joswick Dr. Martin E. Judd Carrie Brooks Keillor Dr. Gary Alan Kelsey M’91 D’01 Christopher Q. Kendall ’79 M’95 Jacquelyn S. Killian Velma (Viki) A. Kimsal William Charles Knutson M’00 Kristina Marian Koecheler ’08 M’11 Sister Clare Korte, OSF Mary E. Kosel Joshua E. Kostuck Dr. Randy Krainock Joshua J. Lallaman Brook M. Lanz Dominic Theodore Lawrence ’06 M’10 Tracy Lehnertz M’97 Neil Martin Leibundguth ’09 Lauren S. Leighton Michael Lester Terri L. Lieder Eric J. Lindquist Jane A. Littlefield Tamra L. Lubinski Matthew P. Lunde Bernard Malchaski Brother William Mann, FSC Terry William Mannor ’97 Dr. Thomas C. Mans Cynthia Marek Dr. Thomas Marpe D’04 Christina L. Mart Dr. Debra Martin Dr. Ruth Marie Mathews ’76 M’81 Monta G. May ’04 Richard G. May ’68 Tennie Christina McCabe ’04 Dr. Shelly Yvonne McCallum M’96 Dr. John Phelps McClure Dr. David McConville Erin Hendricks McCoy ’08 Kenneth McCullough Robert Joseph McElrath Rachel L. McGee Shawn Patrick McMahon M’04 Tracy L. McRae Ann E. Merchlewitz M’95 William P. Miller Sandra K. Moger Merri L. Moody M’88

William C. Moore ’84 Dr. Jaime A. Mueller Dr. Jay D. Mutter Donald R. Nadeau ’85 Deborah K. Nahrgang Joan A. Neaton M’92 C’94 Sandra E. Nicholson Dr. Matthew J. Nowakowski D’10 Terri Nye Laura S. Oanes Daniel W. Oehmke Adrianne Olson Karen K. O’Reilly Sharon M. O’Reilly Lindsy Nelson O’Shea ’05 M’06 Dr. Patrick Michael O’Shea Teri Girolamo Otte M’08 Ian J. Pannkuk Dr. SooJin Pate Deborah K. Pattee Dr. Stephen Pattee M’04 Darlene Paulson Dr. John C. Paulson Amanda L. Pearson Katherine E. Pederson M’09 Dr. Anne E. Peek M’02 Kenneth J. Pellegrini ’72 Dr. Robert Perdaems Lori B. Pesik Nicole K. Peters Sylvia Pflughoeft Sandra M. Pilarski Anthony M. Piscitiello ’69 M’82 Dr. John D. Poling Stacy Popp Cheryl L. Prentice Lawrence G. Price David J. Putrich ’64 Jason A. Putz Janneke C. Quick Megan E. Radke ’04 Dr. John Reed John Lang Reszka ’04 Michelle A. Reuter Nicollette K. Richmond Meg Leuer Richtman ’97 Anna Shields Riechers ’04 M’11 Andrew G. Robertson Laurie J. Robertson Brother A. Stephen Rusyn, FSC Dr. Kathy Y. Ryan D’07 Sr. Judith Schaefer, O.P. Barbara E. Schmidtknecht Katrina Klink Scoville M’08 Dr. Elizabeth E. Seebach Dr. Hugh Skaja Dr. Gregory L. Sobolewski Dr. Kenneth Solberg Dr. Karen A. Sorvaag D’07 Dr. Scott H. Sorvaag D’07 Jason Spartz ’06 M’08 Gregory M. Spath Francis Speck M’89 CST’74 Teresa McNamara Speck CST’76 Dawn Marie Speltz ’01 Melissa Lee St. Aubin M’09 Donald O. St. Dennis Diane L. Steffen Teresa J. Stephens Lynn Michelle Streefland ’02 Lynda L. Sullivan Craig Burton Sundberg M’95 Stacey D. Swanson Joseph Philip Sweeney ’81 Carol M. Tarras Holly G. Taylor


Yonas Mebatsion Teklemariam Jennifer Butson Teske M’11 Lance Jeffrey Thompson ’05 Paul R. Thompson Lisa Marie Thorsell Dr. Elizabeth A. Throop Dr. Steven E. Titus Ruth Torstenson LeMasters Dr. Richard Tristano Lisa Schreiner Truax Dr. Nelson J. Updaw Vally M. Upsher Chandu Valluri M’06 Dr. Marcy Church Van Fossen Gordon J. Vlasak Darrell Volkman Tessa Stranik Wagnild ’05 Dr. Carl I. Wahlstrom Scott Nelson Walker ’91 C’96 M’98 Peggy J. Walters Dr. Robyn L. Wangberg David L. Weigman ’83 Dr. Paul A. Weiner Angela Weisbrod M’94 CST’76 Joseph D. Wener Kara Jean Wener ’00 Paul J. Wildenborg ’85 Nancy A. Wiltgen ’75 Gerald Joseph Windley-Daoust M’03 Dr. Susan M. Windley-Daoust Nicholas John Winecke ’07 Donald S. Winger Toni J. Winter Margaret J. Winters Dr. Mary Louise Wise Jayne Wobig Dr. William F. Wold ’72 M’89 D’01 Amarech Wolde-Michael Dr. Sara E. Wright Tonja S. Ziemann Eric W. Zimmerman

PARENTS Parents of current students and/or alumni of Saint Mary’s University. Benefactors in bold are also listed in giving circles. Anonymous Francia Acevedo Michael ’87 and Deb Adducci Sandra Adducci Thomas and Carmella Aguado David and Jenifer Akers August ’70 and Tracy Reynolds CST’72 Aleksy John and Kathleen Allen Thomas and Michelle Allen Bill and Connie Allis Dr. Donald and Mariann Alsum Rudolph ’61 and Lucy Anderle Augusto ’71 and Margaret Allbee CST’71 Anderson James and Susan Anderson Rick and Julie Anderson Steven and Mary Anderson Mary Blank Anhalt Steven and Laura Assimos Mark and Kristine Audette Patricia R. Auron Douglas and Martha Austin Christine Calabrese Ayotte ’82 Mark Ayotte ’82 Jerome M. Baertsch John and Rita Baggio Marilyn Bailey Christian and Julie Balamut


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James A. Bansley ’54 Manuel Barbosa and Mary WiderholdBarbosa Gayle Yanchar Bari ’74 Michael and Michelle Barthel Jeff and Leslie Bartosz Thomas ’58 and Gail Baryl Ed and Cathy Bauer Timothy ’76 and Nancy Bauer Deborah Scheid Bauernfeind CST’73 Gerald and Julianne Baustian C. William Baxa ’51 David Bayer M’73 Mary Ann Bayer M’72 Frances Beaudry George and Marshia Bechtold Bernard ’53 and Patricia Beck Gary and Beverly Beckmann Tom and Dr. Cathy Bedford James and Maribeth Latterell CST’72 Bedtke Pat and Michael Beech Wayne and Jean Belanger Pamela J. Bender Tina Bengtson Donald and Christine Benson Robert and Catherine Benziger John and Margaret Berges Suzanne and Ken Bergler Robert ’79 M’07 and Mary Biebel DeAnn Bignell Michael and Jackie Bilski Judith A. Biwer Jon and Janie Bjornstad Jeffrey ’77 and Mary Pat Black Stan and Julie Blanda Alan and Peggy Blomquist Thomas and Robin Blondin Edward ’64 and Judith Martens CST’64 Boduch Dr. Ronald ’62 and Karen Boduch Gregory and Lisa Bollig Todd and Harret Bollig Keane A. Bonath M’07 Ron and Ann Borash Larry and Wanda Borowicz Mr. and Mrs. Richard Bott Dennis and Colleen Botto Kenneth and Mary Bouska Margaret Bowman Judge Arthur ’71 and Kate Fromelt CST’71 Boylan Donald and Sherry Boynton Christopher and Suzanne Braun Mary Brendel James ’56 and Mary Keohan CST’57 Bristow David G. Brom ’70 Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Brooker Don ’51 and Mary Brooks Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Broos Gina Brown Jody and JoAnn Brown Leanne Brown Chris and Margaret Pfister ’83 Brown Patrick ’72 and Joan Brown Marianne Brueggemann Sam and Sheila Brune Eugenia Buchmann Thomas and Beverly Buckman Bruce and Colleen Budin Julie and Terry Buege Dr. John ’42 and Mabel Buhl Paul ’46 and Janice Buhl Dennis ’71 and Carol Burke Edmund ’65 and Maureen Burke

Donald and Alice Burns Scott and Monica Burtis Anthony and Christine Buss Albert and Jaclyn Butenhoff Joan Heinz Buttrey Anthony and Christina Cachey Dale and Margaret Cacka Thomas and Colleen Cahill Carl ’41 and Joan Calabrese Judge C. Bernard Carey ’56 Carmen Alvarez Carlson ’75 Dale and LeAnn Carlson Dr. Robert T. Carlson ’75 Will and Debbie Carne Edmund ’69 and Patricia Goslowsky CST’69 Carroll Gary and Catherine Carruthers Chuck and Terry Carter Dr. Samuel J. Cascio ’48 Sam and Angela Castillo Carol Goyke Cepress ’72 Edward Cepress ’72 Patrick ’69 and Phyllis Cerone Michael and Wanda Cerza Sandra Cherry Dawn Christensen Dale and Mary Christian Steven and Patricia M’02 Christiansen Dianne M. Churik Mike and Linda Cichanowski Johnny and Brenda Ciulla Lorraine Clark James and Joyce Clemens Christopher and Jean Tremaine CST’78 Clementz Lorin and Karen Cole Thomas and Colleen Cole Donald and Karen Collins Dr. Roger and Florence Collins Scott and Deitra Collins Thomas and Mary Conklin Dennis and Ellen Conley Sherry Connaughty-Graf Raymond and Elaine Connolly Robert and Julie Conover William and Camille Conrick Michael ’60 and Eileen Conroy Dr. Timothy and Kathy Conway Remi and Barbara Coolsaet Patrick and Joanne Corrow Anthony and Mary Costa Dr. Patrick ’54 and Joan Costello Kenneth and Therese Coughlan Dr. William D. Cox ’58 David and Rita Cronin Dr. William and Selma Crozier Mark and Lisa Cuhel William and Mary Joan Culbertson Robert and Mary Cummins Shirley Hazelton Curbow ’84 Kevin and Mary Curry Marguerite Cusick Stephen and Denise Custer Julie and Michael Dalton Lawrence and Rebecca Dandrea Roger and Bev Dant Philip and Susan Davis Dr. John and Yasmin Dean Larry and Elizabeth DeBruin James and Mary Decker Joe and Linda Dee Laurie Dehning A. Richard ’63 and Janice Deitering Noel and Joy DeLeon Harold and Lynne Delfosse Thomas and Katherine Delwiche

Pam DeMarais Mark and Teresa Depuydt Suzanne Zablocki Deranek ’83 Steven and Eileen DeSpain Lonnie and Vicky Deur Renee Diak-Witek Owen and Theresa Dickey Greggory and Jean Diercks Dr. Larry and Shirley Dieterman William and Lisa Dillon Cheryl Divine Steve and Laura Doane Michael and Lorna Dobihal John and Christine Dockery Patricia Doctor Charles and Mary Doffing James ’52 and Patricia Olson CST’53 Dolan Dr. James R. Dolan, Jr. ’79 William and Jeanne Doll Raymond and Phyllis Donato James ’66 and Myrna Donovan Richard and Alice Dory Elizabeth Skiba Dougherty ’76 Michael G. Dougherty ’76 John C. Doyle ’57 Tom and Cindi Doyle William and Helen Drennan Doug and Anne Duffert Dr. Robert ’73 and Janet Duffy Stanley and Mary Dvorak John and Caron Dwyer Michael ’70 and Dorothy Dybas Thomas ’67 and Mary Ann Dyer Larry and Peggy Ebert Robert ’67 and Susan Schlink CST’69 Edel Dave and Mary Edholm James and Regina Egan Dr. James and Catherine Eiselt Michelle S. Eisenhauer John and Irene Elbert Bobbi Ellenberg Lisa Ellis Stephen and Josephine Embree LaVerne and Sally Emerson Michael and Ginny Emmett Robert F. Erazmus ’64 Lucinda Pudwill Ethen ’85 Todd L. Ethen ’84 Monica Herriges Evon ’77 Thomas J. Evon ’76 Tim and Susan Fangel Richard and Jan Farmer James ’65 and Linda Farruggia James and Carol Feather Philip ’52 and Barbara Feiten Percy and Karen Feldten Dennis and Nora Ferstead Steve and Debbie Fiek Robert ’76 and Kim Febel CST’76 Figliulo Dr. George and Kathryn Firlit William and Michele Fisch Richard and Anita Fischer Roy ’60 and Lucille Farley CST’60 Fisher David ’63 and Marta Fisk Joseph ’64 and Kathy Flad Dr. Kathleen Flanagan M’75 Dr. Michael G. Flanagan ’63 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas S. Flater Dave and Lynn Flattem Chris and Lisa Fletcher Jay Flicker Dr. Frank A. Folk

William J. Ford, Jr. ’61 Edward ’82 and Ann Fosco Stephanie Foster Timothy and June Fox Greg and Betsy Frechette Thomas ’62 and Maureen Fremgen John and Jeanne Freund Terrance and Paula Friedman Richard and Kathleen Frisch Reed and Lisa Froseth Dr. and Mrs. John R. Gaertner Mr. John Gaffney William Galante ’51 Barbara Galvin Marjorie Galvin Hon. Nello and Eileen Gamberdino James ’68 and Jane Gardner Jane Gardner William and Connie Gardner Marsha Garrigan Robert and Margaret Gas Daniel and Lynda Gatto James and Patricia Gauerke Joseph Gedler and Marilyn Elliott David and Patricia Geerdes Thomas and Barbara Geheren Gordon and Dorothy Gehrman Karen Geiger Veronica Genz Robinson John and Peggy Geraghty Dr. Richard A. Germundsen Steven and Jill Gernes Dr. John and Mary Ann Gernetzke Donald and Kathleen Gibson Thomas Gibson ’68 Lawrence ’57 and Letha Gillis Roy P. Gillis, Jr. ’53 Mr. and Mrs. John Gilroy Raymond and Debora Gilson Mariana Ginder M’98 and Micheal Goblirsch Rosemary Glesener ’02 Robert A. Glynn Maurice A. Godsil ’53 Donna Goenne Gerard and Kathleen Goering Joseph and Mary Goldberg Daniel and Nancy Goltz James and Barbara Goodnature Richard and Karen Goodwin Michael ’62 and Joette Gostomski Lawrence and Elaine Graf Dennis and Fran Grandl Julia Grandsart Randy and Ellen Graphenteen Steve and Susan Graves Dennis and Debbie Green Timothy and Janis Griffin Loren and Jean Groehler James and Maureen Grumich Jeff and Terry Grundtner Larry and Janice Gualano Gregory and Carol Guanella Louis ’58 and Maureen Guillou Kathy Gustafson Gerard and Mary Gutzmann Michael and Amy Haas Laurie and Steve Haase Robert J. Haberski Michael and Rosanne Hable Paul and Bonnie Hahn Robert and Emma Haight Anthony ’64 and Sandra Hakl Jeffery and Jennifer Halberg Patricia Hall Michael R. Halloran ’70 † deceased 2010 – 2011

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2010-2011 INVESTORS’ John ’65 and Suzanne Hampe James and Tracey Hanke Dr. Michael ’67 and Gail Manthe CST’68 Hannon David and Paula Hanson A. Keith Hanzel ’59 Joseph and Katherine Harris Dr. Brian ’78 and Nancy Harrison John and Cynthia Hartnett William and Maribeth Hartung Gus and Joan Hasouris Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hauer Diane Haugesag Charles and Dr. Eileen Gallagher Haugh Dennis and Marian Haugh Michael ’66 and Elizabeth Hawkins James and Julie Healy James ’54 and Diane Healy Robert Heer ’46 Gerald ’63 and Barbara Heil James ’70 and Carol Heim Thomas and Janet Heine Douglas and Julie Heintz Peter and Lynn Heinz James R. Heit ’83 Kim Rogowski Heit ’85 Richard and Beth Heitmann Dr. Joan Hemmer Jack and Marion Henderson Richard and Donna Hendricks Jerry and Noreen Hennessy John and Kathleen Henry Eric and Dr. Janet Heukeshoven David and Lynne High Ronald and Linda Hill Dale and Mary Hillman Thomas ’70 and Kathleen Hoban Dr. John ’73 and Linda Enyart CST’73 Hoehn Albert Hoffman ’49 Jeffrey and Mary Hoglin Linka and Gregory Holey Jearold and Theresa Holland Dr. Don and Margaret Hollandsworth Deborah Holloran John and Rebecca Holman Diane Holzworth Allan and Diane Hoogheem John and Carol Hopkins Larry and Carol Horstman JoAnn Hoselton George and Patsy Hough Douglas and Jeanette Howard Judge Garritt ’74 and Barbara Howard Kenneth ’68 and Jeanne Hennes CST’67 Howell Bryce and Kathryn Huemoeller Bernadette Hughes Richard ’54 and Dolores Hynds James and Jodi Hynes David and Audrey Inglett John and Lisa Ingram Cynthia Irrgang Kurt and MaryRose Iten Donald F. Ivansek ’83 Patricia Begg Ivansek ’85 Michael and Corinne Iven Robert and Kathleen Iverson Bernard and Jean Izzo James ’75 and Joan Izzo Dr. Linda and Vincent Jackson Jeanne Jacobson Edward and Diane Jandacek Howard and Julia Jansen Kenneth ’58 and Kitty Merrick CST’59 Jansen

John and Janice Yerhot ’83 Janssen Mr. and Mrs. Warren D. Janzen Dr. Richard† and Kathryn ’81 M’89 Jarvinen Dr. and Mrs. Anthony L. Jaspers Lynn Jaspers John ’67 and Mary Yule CST’69 Jelinek Randall and Victoria Jensen James and Barb Jenson John Jentink Adonna M. Jerman Thomas and Nancy Joerger Paula Joers Johnnie and Linda Johnsen Thomas and MaryDawn Johnsen Barton and Lynn Johnson Bromley and Barbara Johnson Carl and Kaaren Johnson Dale and Maxine Johnson Dr. Donald and Monica Johnson Jeffrey L. Johnson ’74 Kris Johnson Richard and Michele Johnson James and Joan Jones Joel and Eleanor Jones Lisa A. Jonsgaard Dr. and Mrs. Gerald T. Jorgensen Len and Marita Williams ’78 Jorgensen Alan and Peggy Joswick Mr. and Mrs. James Joyce, Sr. Robert and Anne Joyce Peter Jude Ann Janczy Julsrud ’76 James R. Julsrud ’76 William ’55 and Christine Juneau Mike and Kim Jung John ’71 and Jeanne Jungbauer Louis ’76 and Loretta Jedlicka CST’76 Jungbauer Ronald ’81 and Colleen Jungbauer Dr. Jon ’48† and Betty Kabara Dr. Dale ’59 and Carole Kaiser Philip P. Kaiser ’41† James and Susan Karnick Kevin P. Karnick ’72 Mary Lucas Karnick ’73 Joseph and Lucinda Kasel Kurtis and Vicky Kasten James and Marilyn Kavanaugh John and Jeanne Kay Daniel and Mary Kehoe William and Peggy Keilen Walter T. Kelly ’65 Robert and Jeanne Kempiak George and Mary Ann Kendall Mark and Deb Kennedy David and Debra Kes Thomas and Patricia Keyes Dr. Daniel and Cheryl Keyler Robert and Debra Kimlicka Gary and Rebecca Kimlinger Edward L. King John and Eileen King Peter and Mary King Dennis and Mary Lou Kinsella David and Susan Kirsch Mr. and Mrs. Gerald L. Kisch Dana and Elaine Kjome Harold and Loretta Klenke Richard and Rosemary Kloak John and Donna Kluczny John ’72 and Catherine Klug Louis and Frances Klus Larry and Renee Knutson Gregory and Patricia Kobs Edward and Debra Koch

Mr. and Mrs. Everett L. Koenig Edwin Frederick Koezly III ’85 Monica Kelley Koezly ’85 Harold and Christine Kolasa Kent and Jeanne Kollmer Michael ’74 and Debra Konicek William ’71 and Mardy Tierney CST’71 Kopischke Mary Ann Korte Dr. Richard M’67 and Rose Kowles Paul and Cindy Koziarz Paul and Amy Kraemer Donald and Eleanor Kraft James and Celeste Kramer Richard and Mary Kramer Gary and Susan Kraszewski John and Cindy Kratzke Patrick and Lisa Kremer Edward and Betty Kreuter Gerald and Colleen Kritzeck Phillip and Jane Kronlage Barbara Kryzer James and Diane Krzmarzick William and Gina Krzyzanowski Denis and Marcia Kuemerle Michael and Alison Kula Charles and Molly Kundinger Mike and Denise Kunkel Roger D. Kurdys ’64 Bruce and Mary Gail Kwiecinski Jeff and Lisa LaCanne Frederick and Therese LaChance Melissa Kunert Lafond ’85 William Matthew Lafond ’85 Alfred and Elizabeth Lais Gary and Jean Lamusga Joseph and Donna LaNasa Ronald B. Langton ’61 Kurt and Darla Lardy Robert ’71 and Sue Larson Daniel and Karen Lawrence J. Todd & Nancy Leach Stephen and Sharon Lear Patrick J. Leary ’60 Joseph and Mary Lehn Donald and Christine Leist Daniel and Susan Leister Dr. Joseph and Joan Lentino John ’68 and Mary Kay Lentz Lucille M. Leonard Allan M’02 and Terri Lieder Phil and Geri Limonciello Frances Lo Baido Mary Kay Locher Dr. Michael ’68 and Kathryn Loebach Mr. and Mrs. John Loecke James ’58 and Margaret Ahern CST’58 Lorr Tamra and Ondrej Lubinski Kathryn Luetmer Patrick and Deanna Luke Joseph and Theresa Lulic Greg and Mary Schwartz ’81 Lunzer Richard and Elsa Lynch Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Madden Robert and Kathy Maegerlein Joseph ’52 and Maureen Magee Janice Magiera Philip ’63 and Roseann Maher James and Milissa Mahoney Gerard and Barbara Makovec Chris and Pat Malotka Kent and Linda Maltby Nicholas and Kelly Manahan Thomas and Sandra Manion Leonard and Geri Maniscalco


Cynthia Marek William and Pat Markus Geraldine Copp Marqui CST’50 Mary Marros Colleen Marshall George and Patricia Martin James and Laura Martin Mark and Sallie Martin Jesus and Leticia Martinez Anthony and Carolyn Martino John and Catherine Marx Fran Maschka Donald and Judeann Maslinski William N. Masterson ’54 Jon and Kathleen Mathieus Jeanne M. Matug Monta G. May ’04 Roberta Mayer Anne E. Mayock Dr. James and Ann Mazzuca Dr. John Phelps McClure Dr. David and Joyce ’84 McConville Donald and Linda McCormick Louis ’79 and Margaret Stringham CST’80 McCoy Rev. Joseph and Helen M’90 McDowell Linda McElherne Robert and Theresa McEnaney Dr. Eugene ’53 and Sistie McEnery Daniel McGill John and Pamela McGillen William ’60 and Dr. Mercedes Brabender CST’61 McGowen Susan McGrath Michael and Rebecca McGraw Jean Kiley McGregor Padraic and Nancy McGuire John and Patti McIntire Ted and Kris McKeeth Dr. James and Mary Ann McKenna John and Sally McLaughlin Lisa McLean Stephen and Cheryl McMoore Grace Wojski McNamara ’77 Dorothy McNichols Thomas ’53 and Mona Carens CST’53 Meagher Robert and Anna Mekash Ann Marie Menart Catherine S. Menoni Mark and Ann M’95 Merchlewitz Anne Messick Bill and Julie Mikkelson David and Ruth Miller Dianne Miller James ’70 and Marleen Miller Mr. and Mrs. Norman R. Miller Paul ’52 and Gerri Miller Terry and Helen Miller Thomas and Michelle Mills James and Janice Mino Donald L. Minucciani ’52 John and Caroline Mockler Sandra K. Moger Bernard and Mary Ann Molenda Catherine M’92 and James Mollner Kenneth ’56 and Rita Monaco Andrea Lea Moore ’91 Joseph and Marilyn Moore William C. Moore ’84 George ’53 and Katie Mueller Gregory and Kathy Mueller Jeff and Mary Mueller Joan Mullins Richard and Barbara Mulvey Mark ’83 and Laurie Munns


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Scholarships In 2010-11 Saint Mary’s awarded more than $14 million in financial assistance to students, ensuring an accessible Lasallian Catholic education. Without scholarships and other types of financial aid, many students and their families would find themselves unable to choose Saint Mary’s University. Several scholarships exist within the Schools of Graduate and Professional Programs that make education accessible for adult learners. At the undergraduate College, a current gift of $500,000 will establish a fully funded endowed tuition scholarship, based on expected interest income to cover the annual tuition for one undergraduate student per year. New and existing named scholarship endowments are recognized in perpetuity. A gift of $25,000 will establish a fully funded annual tuition scholarship, covering the annual tuition for one undergraduate student per year. Annual scholarships are recognized for each year that the donor agrees to provide funding. Endowed and annual named scholarships can be funded through a multiple-year pledge, a one-time gift of cash or stock, a planned gift, or gifts from multiple sources and people.≠

Gregory and Catherine Murphy James and Joanne Murphy Judge James ’66 and Carol Murphy Patrick and Marilyn Murphy Charles and Patricia Murray Stephen ’71 and Bonnie Murray Richard and Cynthia Muth Frances H. Naal Donald R. Nadeau ’85 Jean Strickland Nadeau ’85 Lynn Nankivil ’71 M’98 and Ken McCullough David and Mary Neitzke Jan and Mary Nelson Nathan and Jill Nelson Tom and Julie Nelson Dr. Michael and Josie Nemetz Gregory and Cynthia Neu Dr. Edward ’64† and Mary Biesanz CST’65 Neubauer Jim and Laurie Newbold Dennis and Sharon Nickels Mark and Jacquelin Nielsen Mel J. Niemiec Mr. and Mrs. F. Gerald Nilles Doug and Ruth Nolte James J. Noonan ’81 Laurel Baldwin Noonan ’81 Eugene and Mary Nord Gerald and Beth Nord Dr. Randy and Kristy North Piotr and Mary Nowak Gary and Lois O’Brien Jane Ochrymowycz Cornelius J. O’Connor ’50 Jerome and Norma O’Connor Kevin ’73 and Ann Schmitz CST’75 O’Connor Dr. Robert ’67 and Marilyn O’Dea Dr. John ’48 and Georgene O’Dwyer Earl and Betty Olmscheid Rhoda Olsen Bill and Bobbi Olson Don and Mary Ellen Olson Howard and Sharon Omdahl Jim and Susan O’Neill Roger and Julie Oreskovich Robert and Jody Orthey Richard and Sharon Osterhaus Timothy ’69 and Barbara Reisinger CST’69 Padden Tim and Mary Kay Pancratz Margery A. Pantley James and Laura Paquette Deborah G. Paradise Robert H. Paradise ’66 Louis ’66 and Eileen Parker Richard and Linda Parkinson Dr. Stephen M’04 and Deborah Pattee Jerome and VeeAnn Patzner Dr. John and Darlene Paulson Mark and Kathleen Pavelich Nora Pearson Steven and Katherine M’09 Pederson Margaret Peel Willard and Pat Percy David and Kathleen Perkins Thomas and Kimberly Perkins Rita Perna Thomas and Christine Perri Thomas ’70 and Ann Miller CST’69 Persoon Robert and Elizabeth Petersen Larry and Judith Pfaff Sylvia and David Pflughoeft Dennis and Sally Phenow

Paul and Marilyn Piazza Bryan and Karen Pierskalla Anthony ’69 M’82 and Kathleen Ordahl CST’70 Piscitiello Harry ’59 and Jane Plotke Rosemary Poland Sal ’67 and Eileen Polizzotto Gary and Patti Polum Brian and Mary Polzin Stephen and Diana Potthoff Richard F. Prendergast Dr. Richard and Lorraine Prinz Richard and Mia Probst Rudolph and Patricia Pugel Camille Pullia Thomas and Christina Pysh Thomas and Deanna Quinn Dr. Dana and Jonella Rademacher Matthew and Judith Radish Randall and Alexandra Radtke Elmer ’56 and Susan Randolph Robert and Karla Rangitsch Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Rankin James and JoAnne Ranstrom Christine Heyda Rath ’86 Christopher Allan Rath ’85 Dr. John H. Rauen ’42 Bob and Karen Reddish Eileen Gibbons Reedy ’78 Richard J. Reedy ’76 Donald ’51 and Jean Joyce CST’55 Regan Dr. Paul ’62 and Patricia McGrath CST’60 Reichenbacher Pauline Reicher Robert ’79 and Elisabeth Reif Lewis ’75 and Sharon Reiman Simon and Donna Rendell Robert G. Rettig, Sr. Michelle and Roger Reuter John A. Rhomberg ’79 Dr. Mary Beth Storto Rhomberg ’79 Dr. Steven ’79 and Susan Rice Dr. William ’53 and Armilla Rysavy CST’53 Rice Walter and Mary Ann Riebenack Mr. and Mrs. James Riemer Mary Ries Arnold and Sharon Riese Elizabeth Rigali-Galvin ’85 Terry and Colleen Riley Brad and Sue Ringeisen Duane and Evelyn Rivard Peter and Marylou Rivard Jeff and Kathy Robatcek Jack and Susan Robb John and Connie Roche Mr. and Mrs. John L. Roche Gertrude O. Rocheford Dr. William ’49 and Joan Rock Jim and Jill Rodriguez Stephen A. Romanchuk ’71 Barbara J. Romanko Ronald and Dorothy Ronchak John and Nancy Ronhovde Paul and Marianne Rosaaen Stephen and Sharon Roth Steven and Sandra Roth John and Haseena Rouner Richard and Paulet Rousseau Thomas and Judith Rowley Richard and Jennifer Rubenzer Elizabeth Rude Gerald and Cindy Ruether Kathleen Conway Russell ’78 Terrance K. Russell ’76 † deceased 2010 – 2011

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2010-2011 INVESTORS’ Jeanne Rutledge James ’75 and Rosemarie Ryan Dr. Kathy Y. Ryan D’07 John ’73 and Christine Dohring CST’74 Sabados Armando and Maria Salgado Michael and Nancy Sandager Stephen and Lynn Sandquist Jerome and Maryann Sauerer Lynette Saunders Steven and Mary Schaub Robert and Joan Schaupp Joseph and Denise Scheib David and Terry Schepers Kevin and Lynette Scherber Paul ’70 and Eileen Scherrman John and Diane Schimek Cheryl Schissel Stephen and Kelly Schmall Larry and Judith Schmidt Barb and Paul Schmidtknecht Lawrence and Dorothy Schmitt Thomas and Margaret Dise ’81 Schneider Thomas and Elizabeth Schneider Gary and Mary Schroeder Dr. Michael and Lynn Schulte Susan Sughrua Schultz ’75 Thomas A. Schultz ’75 Rebecca Wilma Schumacher ’75 Kenneth and Marie Schuster Peter ’81 and Kim Schwab Cindy Schwartz Marilyn Scully Richard and Heather Scully Victor Sebahar Penny Selch Greg and Laurie Servais J. Roger and Janice Sewell Dwaine and Dawn Sexton Kevin and Nancy Shannon Don and Sonja Sheehan James and Jeanne Sheehan Mr. and Mrs. John Sheerin James and Murtice Sherek Patrick Sheridan Brad and Sally Shewmon Kenneth ’64 and Mary Blaney CST’65 Sichz Loras ’60 and Rose Sieve Philip and Theresa Sievers Dr. Ronald ’61 and Marcia Simone Jeffry and Judith Simons Tim and Jill Sisk Dr. Charles ’54 and Barbara Bracken CST’54 Skemp Robert ’49 and Frances Perry CST’51 Skemp William P. Skemp ’56 Kevin ’76 and Paula Losinski CST’77 Skonieczny Steve and Barb Slaggie Al Smith David and Carol Smith Charles Smith and Mary Murphy-Smith Scott and Elizabeth Smith Mary Moore Smithe ’82 Walter E. Smithe III ’81 Renee Smith-Quinn ’76 Michael and LouAnn Snell Elizabeth Sokolowski Robert C. Solczyk ’60 Mr. Dave Solland Sally Sommers Michael and Yvonne Sontag Emil and Antoinette Sopcak

Lynn T. Soukup Paul and Cindy Spaulding Doug and Kay Speedling Peter and Maureen Salmon CST’72 Speltz Ronald and Rita Kronschnabel ’77 Spiess William and Kathryn Spitzmueller William and Amanda Spriegel Linda St. Laurent Judy Stapleton Thomas and Rebecca Stefely Curt and Annette Steffen Thomas and Marlene Steidler Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Stein Mark and Carolyn Skemp CST’81 Steingraeber Brian and Rochelle Stenseth Mike and Teri Stephens Charles ’66 and Marilynn Sterling Robert M. Sterr ’58 Donald ’53 and Anne Stevens Judd and Judy Stevenson Mary Stevermer Dominic and Dawn Stier Dennis and Susan Stranik Dan and Mary Strebel Tom and Deb Streefland Steven and Karen Stremlau Michael and Julia Stringer Henry and Bernadette Sturm Thomas and Ann Suchla Charles ’56 and Jane Mannion CST’57 Sullivan Joseph and Kathy Sullivan Kevin ’72 and Jacqueline Sullivan Leonard and Sandra Swanson Anita Sweeney Joseph Philip Sweeney ’81 Nancy Sweeney Stacey Sanborn Sweeney ’82 Wendy Massmann Sweeney M’05 Dirk and Jan Swiderek Charles ’69 and Carol Jurich CST’70 Szopa Doug and Jolene Tanke Michael and Robyn Tanke Carol M. Tarras Heike E. Taube Steven and Laurie Tefft Bruce and Michelle Terwey Michael and Arlene Tester Connie Thibault Frank A. Thinnes, Jr. ’54 Mary M’09 and Steven Thomas Paul ’61 and Helen Newville CST’61 Thomas Glenn and Brenda Thompson John and Rosalinda Thompson Paul and Jane Thompson Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Thoms Daniel and Peggy Tierney Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Tiller Beverly Timmons Thomas and Gertrude Tinerella James L. Tobin Don and Judy Tobroxen Howard ’56 and Patricia Tomashek Jeffrey and Claudia Tornquist Anthony ’63 M’71 and Patricia Towey Michael and Debra Trainor Pat and Rose Mary Trask Victor H. Trauscht ’44 Timothy and Jeanne Traxler Dr. Richard and Barbara Tristano Darrel and Connie Trom David and Theresa Troumbly

Dr. Donald G. Truhlar ’65 Larry and Diane Tureson Deb Twardowski Lance and Lois Twedt Stephen and Margaret Tyler Leonard and Susan Uhal Bonnie P. Ulrich Agnes Unze Ernesto and Ana Maria Valenzuela Barbara Valerious Cheryl A. Valle Daniel and Joan Van Leeuwe Adrian and Kristine Van Lith Dr. Edward and Marie Vandenberg Steve and Shelly VanHouse Gary and Sheryl Vasko Thomas and Maureen Vaughn Ralph and Katherine Vennetti Lori Viertel John ’54 and Sheila Vitek Gary and Mary Voigt Thomas and Charla Voigt Darrell and Patricia Volkman Janis Vose Dr. David A. Voss ’65 Dr. J. Vincent ’50 and Mary Wadden Bernie and Jan Wagnild Russ and Tracy Wahl Bernard ’59 and Jeanne Freeberg CST’59 Walch Molly McManus Walker ’91 Scott Nelson Walker ’91 C’96 M’98 Randall and Peggy Wallerich Dennis and Beth Wallisch James and Lynette Walsh Dr. John ’74 and Sheila Tracy CST’74 Walsh Paul ’57 and Constance Walsh Peter ’65 and Kay DeClerk CST’67 Walsh Peggy J. Walters Terrence Walters and Theresa Wintering CST’73 Michael and Maureen Ward Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ward Peter and Judge Teresa Schultz ’81 Warner Dr. James and Arlene Watts Robert and Dawn Webster Joseph and Christine Wegesin Dr. Philip and Mary Wegmann David ’83 and Lisa Weigman Angela M’94 CST’76 and Al Weisbrod Walter ’79 and Rita Weisenburger John and Gayle Weizeorick James ’68 and Rita Welhaven Frances Wendorff Joseph and Carol Wener Gary and Debra West Ralph and Jessica Westphal Richard and Janice Wherley Terry and Janet Whitney Mary Wickersham Vincent and Bernadette Wielenberg Mary Wildenborg M’05 C’06 Paul J. Wildenborg ’85 William and Colleen Wilder Scott and Barbara Williamson Dr. Thomas and Chris Wilmot Mary Jo Wiltgen Bernard and Bernadette Windschitl Isabelle Wiske Constance M’00 and Michael Wittek James and Debra Wobschall Michael and April Wojahn Stanley and Linda Wojcicki Jerome P. Wolesky ’71


Tony and Jodie Wolf Allan and Carol Wolfe George and Jo Anne Wolkerstorfer Douglas and Sheila Wollak James and Mary Wolter Gloria Woog Kamish Alice Green Wright ’77 James E. Wright ’76 Valerie Wright Mary and Lee Yankowski Bernice Young† Vito and Barbara Zaccaro Waneta Zacher Gary and Paula Zajac Daniel and Janice Zemaitis Paul and Wendy Zierk

FRIENDS Benefactors in bold are also listed in giving circles. Anonymous Lisa M. Abicht-Swensen Dr. Khaled Abughazaleh Dr. Stuart E. Adair Sandra Adducci Robert and Kathleen Aiken Julie Allen Kevin and Sue Amundson Marcella Anderson Susan Anderson Rina Vinzani Andrea CST’62 Tom Armstrong Jeff and Ann Ashenfelter Dolores Audette Paul and Joan Austinson Mary Burke Baggot CST’77 Dennis and Beth Baier Patrick and Hester Baier Randall and Debra Baier Roger and Orpha Baier Michelle Haas Bailey CST’63 Jeffrey and Amy Baird Raymond and Mary Balcarcel Danny and Amy Ball Martine Banda-Wolk Carolyn Bang Harlon and Ardis Bang Norman and Melda Bang Henry Barbato Jane Ritter Beaty CST’55 Bill Beaupre Dudley Mary Bednar Judy Beier Kurt and Lynette Beinlich Michael and Mary Bemis Gale Benton Julie Berg Cory and Tonya Berget John M. Bernardi Robert Berndt Margaret Bertelsen Donna Louise Betcher CST’84 Denis and Laurie Biagini Joseph Biagini Joyce M. Biagini Margaret Williams Bierden CST’62 Kenneth and Nancy Biettler Elaine Bina Peter M. Blumer John and Mary Boie Carole Bouthilet Dr. Susan Bowar-Ferres CST’65 Christopher and Wendy Boyer Patrick and Eileen Brassil Roberta Bray


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Frank and Tammy Bremser Patrick and Michaela Bremser Tom Brierton Bill and Carol Bruce John and Kathi Buck Barbara Bennett Burchill CST’71 Lawrence Burgart James and Patricia Byrnes Leila Campbell Thomas J. Campbell Jerome and Therese Carberry Arnold and Jean Carlson Jayne Carlson Mary Ann Russell Carlson CST’59 Victor and Marie Caruso E.M. and R.J. Carvatt Barry and Kim Cash B.J. Cassin Dwayne and Barbara Castleberry Patrick and Sheila Castleberry John and Catherine Catalano David and Karen Cayler Meghan Chandler John and Patricia Charlesworth Elizabeth Krembs Charnecki CST’68 Dr. Lori J. Charron David and Kathleen Chatelaine JoAnn M. Chevalier CST’87 John and Charene Childers Gerry Cichanowski Carol M. Cocchiarella Anne Cocherl Eugene and Jacolyn Cody Mary C. Colbath Kevin and Patricia Cole Stephen and Kathleen Collins Victor and Catalina Comacho Sherry Connaughty-Graf Dr. Erin Cooke and Alex Turnow Dr. William and Lindy Cooke Wayne and Julie Courtney Barbara A. Crudo Gerald and Eleanor Cunniff Mr. Frank Cunningham, Jr. Sandra L. Curtin Kenneth and Linda Cutler Cecilia Ryan D’Acquisto CST’77 Blane and Renee David Dr. William E. Davis Cynthia Clayton Decker CST’82 Paul Delmore Robert and Margaret Delmore Theodore and Judith DeWitt M. Elbia Diaz Thomas and Catherine Doherty Michael and Cecelia Dolan Lloyd and Lisa Dombek Joan Donegan Lt. Col. George Dostal Mary Forestell Doucette CST’69 Judy Doughty Dr. Bridget M. Doyle CST’63 Alyssa Edholm Doris Edholm Michael and Rita Edmunds Dr. Brooks S. Edwards Lillian Cisek Eickman CST’52 Patricia E. Eiynck Birger and Phyllis Eklov Alice Ernster Scott and Kathryn Escher Gerald and Sharon Every Rebecca Fain and Richard Olson Donald and Ann Falls William Feriancek Joseph and Debra Ferrari

MINNESOTA Michael and Jane Finn Elizabeth Batterman Fisher CST’88 Thomas and Sheri Fisher Cletus Fleming Fredrick R. Fletcher Dr. Larry M. Forness Erick and Ann Fors Steven and Denise Forster Frederick and Marilyn Foss Larry and Mary Fowler Glen and Bonnie Freudenberg Gail Froida Mary Froida James and Marlene Fugere Sandra Smith Gaffigan CST’64 Judy Gallagher Mary O’Neil Garry CST’53 Alan and Laura Garven Roger and Patricia Gas Mary Gates Philip and Diane Gavin Kurt and Christine Geissler Randolph and Peggy Geissler Daniel and Diane Geraghty John and Donna Geraghty Lois J. Gernes David and Anne Gezon H. Eileen Goyette Judith Gramling and Mary Hartmann Jane Greiling CST’68 Deborah Gromek William and Allison Gunlock Michael J. Haas Alfred and Beverly Haehnel Scott Halberg Charles B. Hall Evelyn Hanus Darrell and Leona Hart Rita Frisch Hartert CST’63 Frank and Agnes Hartmann Fred and Gladys Hartmann Beatrice E. Healy Robert and Linda Heath Brian and Kara Heidtke John L. Heimerl Dr. Julian and Ursula Heitz Jack and Patricia Henderson Barbara Heyrman Jerome and Jane Hiess Dr. Jeffrey R. Highland Gregrey and Cynthia Hinz Richard A. Hnasko Maureen Hogan William Holden Bob Hoodecheck and Dr. Sue Jelense Mary Hoppe CST’73 Robert and Brenda Horner Gary and Kathleen Hovel Douglas and Melody Hudson Monica Huesing Steven and Karla Hughes Eugene and June Hulett Toby Hurley J.M. Hurt Thomas and Reita Hutton Audrey P. Janiak Darius and Angela Jaspers Corey Jensen Gerald and Arlene Jensen David and Janice Jessen Mary Pat Jewison CST’74 Duane and Loretta Johnson Dwight and Kate Johnson Jay E. Johnson Dr. John J. Johnson Kent Johnson

Lee and Susan Johnson Matthew and Kelsey Johnson Paul and Patricia Johnson Elaine Johnston Catherine Jordan James V. Jordan Kevin Jordan Marilyn A. Jordan Terence and Susan Jordan Timothy and Cynthia Jordan David and Karen Jorve Theresa Joyce Mary Albel Judge CST’58 Curtis and Maxine Kalmes Donna Kamann and Eric Christensen Margaret Keaveny Patrick and Katie Keaveny Jeanette E. Kelsey Jon and Colleen Kelsey Mary Kelsey Robert Kerska Bob Kierlin and Mary Burrichter Stephen and Frances Kieselhorst Allan and Pat King Marilee Kistler Lorelle J. Klein Phil and Mary Lynn Knepper Diane Knight Robert and Cynthia Knutson Ken and Mary Lu Kot James and Mary Kaye Kramer Craig and Rose Kroening Dennis Kronebusch Steven and Sue Kueck John E. Kumm Tamotsu and Rosie Kuramoto Father Joseph La Plante Kenneth and Phyllis LaCroix Thomas and Kerrin Lahr Thomas and Michaellynn Lambert Peter and Linda Lanasa Ronald Lange and Nancy Blair James Lannon Joan Lannon Patricia Lannon Mary Bodensteiner Laskowski CST’64 Randy and Mary Lau Jean Lauer John and Cindy Leaf Jean Laux Leary CST’64 Robert and Barbara Lechner David and Wanda Lee Dorothy Leitner Elizabeth Leitner J. and T. Leslie Joyce Letven David P. Levisen Paul and Ruth Levisen Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Ley Lee Ann Lien Valerie Lim Phil and Geri Limonciello Ed and Dorla Lind Joan and Daniel Lindstrom Dr. Sharon Locy CST’63 Mark and Debra Loughney Michael and Colleen Lowery William and Rose Lubbesmeyer George T. Lulic Margaret M. Lulic Patrick Lulic Carol Lunney Gregory and Ellen Lusk Bradley and Julie Lyberg Hans and Rebecca Lyberg Karen Machlica CST’77

Maureen Madigan Michael and Nancy Mallan Kevin and Ruth Manley Edward Mann Paul and Karen Marquardt Dr. Mark L. Martin Scott and Beatriz Martin Daniel and Margaret Martinus Eugene and Joanne Mashak Bonnie E. Maske Sandra Maskell CST’84 Roger and Sandy Mathison Jeanne M. Matug Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Mauszycki Christopher and Ruth Mayr Robert and Jeanne McAndrews Donna K. McCoy Madonna Rodgers McCutcheon Elizabeth Connelly McEnery CST’56 Dr. Mercedes Brabender McGowen CST’61 Nigel and Kathleen McGrath Stacey and Ursula McGuire Todd and Rachel McKay Daniel and Carol Meagher George A. Meisch Mark Merchlewitz Ernest and Janice Merkelis Rev. John and Helen Merkelis Robert and Wendy Meske Siv Ann Meyer Steven and Jane Meyer Lora Middlestaedt Ricky and Barbara Mikshowsky Thomas and Denise Milcarek Hugh and Vera Miller James R. Miller Jerry and Sue Miller Jim and Candy Miller Mary E. Mingo Kenneth and Sally Mogren William and Kathleen Moore William and Patricia Morien Bradley and Patricia Morrow Michael and Renee Moseman Mary J. Moxness CST’71 David and Sandra Mullenbach Matthew and Angela Mullins Frank Murphy Michael and Heather Murphy Catherine Murry Dean L. Muschamp Dolores Nerbun Paul and Lori Ness Mary Neubauer Joel and Patricia Newby Barbara E. Nicholson Robert and Mary Nicholson Anthony Nitti Mildred Nolte Amy E. Nord Paul and Marilyn Nord Susan O’Brien Patricia Macken O’Connell CST’76 David M. O’Connor Mary O’Connor Terry and Paula Olinger Lee and Carol Olson Harold and Lynne Ornes Mary O’Shaughnessy Tim and Jen O’Shea Esther Palma Patrick and Beth Palma Thomas and MaryKay Palmer Joanne B. Parker Carolyn Parmer

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2010-2011 INVESTORS’


School of the Arts The School of the Arts is proud to uphold the highest standards in training the next generation of performers, artists, designers, stage technicians, and arts educators, in presenting exceptional performances and exhibits to the community, and in providing opportunities for artists to share their work, dreams and vision with appreciative audiences. Gifts to the School of the Arts help provide an exceptional arts experience for current and future students.≠

Theresa Passe Dwight and Donna Paulson Mark and Angela Peifer Colleen Kocer Peplinski CST’87 John and JoAnn Persico Timothy and Jodi Persico Mary Stumpf Pesch CST’87 Jeffrey and Cheryl Petersen Mr. and Mrs. R.W. Peterson Kenneth and Elizabeth Petschel Mary R. Pfrommer Dave and Mary Jo Phillips David and Joy Pilrain Dr. L.M. Pippin Terri A. Pline Mark and Bridget Plunkett John M. Polak Robert and Rae Ponath David and Debbie Priebe Randy and Rachelle Puls Most Rev. John Quinn Mark and Denise Rabogliatti Holly Radis-McCluskey Dr. Abdollah Rahimi Gerald Rahman Steven and Mary Rahman Dr. Grace I. Ramseyer Scott and Theresa Read Gregory Reinhardt John D. Remick John and Tamera Resch Rill Ann Reuter Leona Reynolds Patricia Rapp Reynolds CST’64 Frank and Mary Rhoades Joan Richie Harold and Margaret Riehm Robert and Sharon Rigdon Julienne Ripp Roger and Diane Rislow Joy Catherine Robbins Lucille Bauman Ronan CST’59 Joanne Rosczyk Doyle and Kimberly Rose Michael and Amy Rosenbaum Rosemary Vanderah Rossini CST’43 Robert and Carol Rubbelke Ronald and Heidi Rubenzer

Charles and Gretchen Rubin Brian and Karen Rude Ronald and Cynthia Ruf William and Helen Ruf Daniel and Judith Ruth Arturo and Claduia Salgado Dr. Robert and Jane Salinger Valentine Saufl Allen F. Schawe Justin Schlemmer Verlaine Schlemmer James and Valerie Schmidt Michael Schmidt Paul and Kathleen Schmidt Steven and Mary Jane Schmitt Terrence and Rebecca Schmitz Joan Schneck Angela Schott Arlene Schramm Kenneth and Ann Schramm Martin and Christina Schramm Theodore Schramm James and Michelle Schuetz James and Kathleen Schumann Richard and Kathy Schuster Fred and Pam Schwantes Christopher and Peggy Seipel Jeffrey and Katherine Seitz Gary P. Seivert John and Virginia Seivert Timothy G. Seivert Daniel Servais Eric M. Servais Patricia Sharkey James and Nancy Sheldon Jean Shoemaker Dr. Mary Dunn Siedow CST’64 Lorrie L. Sienko Tim and Michelle Simmons Frances Perry Skemp CST’51 Jean Purcell Skemp CST’60 Brad and Kelly Skillicorn Dwight and Donna Skogen Dr. Robert and Maureen Smith JoAnne Snow Timothy and Constance Sokol Susan Graboski Sonnenberg CST’69 Tom and Julie Sorenson


Louise Spalitto Rose Spear Keith and Theresa Speltz Roger and Bernadette Splitt Dennis and Roberta Springer Michelle A. St. Arnold Betty M. Stattler Michael Stellmacher Dr. William Stevens Jonathan and Cindy Stock Ernest and Cynthia Strack Steven and Rhonda Stratman Dr. John and Sue Strickler Dave and Amy Strunk Bryan B. Sullivan Florence Summers April Sutor Ruth Swanson Margaret Taylor Matthew and Jennifer Teeuwen Dr. Michael and Joy Tessmer Robert and Maureen Tessmer Craig and Sandy Tester Gina Thelemann Mark A. Thelemann Paul and Lisa Thelemann Robert and Maureen Thomas Peter and Anne Thorp Jeffrey P. Tilkes Sr. Rafael Tilton CST’80 Joan Piccoli Tomkowiak CST’77 Dick and Judy Tornowske Paul Travis Bernard and Stacy Trenda James A. Trenda Ross Trenda Frank and Carol Wiltgen Trotter CST’76 Chuck and Rose Tydrich Derek and Ledys Updike Donald and Judith Van Buskirk Jeff Van Fossen Douglas Vanderwerf Allen and Bonita VanRanst Amanda Vanranst Most Rev. John G. Vlazny Cynthia Von Feldt Joel Vonhaden

Mildred Lilla Wachowiak CST’47 Gilbert and Debra Waibel Margaret Bresnahan Walch CST’69 Roger and Peggy Wald Roger and Deborah Wargo Roy and Bonnie Warren Brian and Danette Wayner Eric and Angela Wedemeyer Dr. Paul and Kathy Weiner Jane Weiss Brother Robert Werle, FSC Sarah Wernimont and William Rogers Peter and Diane Whebbe Albert and Mary Wheeler David J. White Joyce M. Wicks Joyce Wilhelmy Dan Williams Mary Jo Wiltgen Diane Winecke Therese W. Wintering CST’73 Paul Wirtz Richard Worke Joseph and Marie Wyman Richard T. Young Dr. Peter J. Zehren Dr. and Mrs. Roger Zehren Keith and LuAnn Ziebell Norbert ’61 and Mary Gordon Ziegler CST’61 Richard and Carol Ziegler Larry and Marlys Zimmerman Robert and Barbara Zitkus Arthur and Anita Zwiefelhofer

ESTATES H.C. Garvin Estate Kathleen Janikowski

IN HONOR OF Dr. Jane Anderson CST’62 Anonymous Thomas J. Baryl ’58 Jennifer Gerise Baryl ’86

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Mary McCullough Bresnahan CST’41 Margaret Bresnahan Walch CST’69 Robert Brewer ’10 Matthew Thomas Polum ’12 John I. Briese ’80 Thomas Briese ’10 Virginia and Anthony Carlevato Bruce E. Carlevato ’74 54

Mike and Linda Cichanowski Watlow Class of 1978 Robert E. Canchola ’78 Class of 2009 Rosario Antonio Mollo ’09 Tanya Cohen Janneke C. Quick Paul Dettling John L. Heimerl Br. Louis DeThomasis, FSC Financial Executives International Twin Cities Chapter John ’77 and Joan Fallon CST’78 Domanico Charles and Gretchen Rubin Mrs. Dominic Dougherty Elizabeth Skiba Dougherty ’76 Michael G. Dougherty ’76 Robert Francis Fisher ’97 M’06 Anonymous Matthew Paul Clementz ’08 Lindsay Ruth Dickson ’08 Roy ’60 and Lucille Farley CST’60 Fisher Roy ’60 and Lucille Farley CST’60 Fisher Thomas and Sheri Fisher Dr. Paul A. Froeschl ’67 Robert E. Canchola ’78 Lindsay Johnson ’08 Barton and Lynn Johnson Brian Joyce ’08 and Colleen Joyce ’10 Robert and Anne Joyce Helen Galella John Galella, Jr. ’69 Erik Germundsen ’14 Diane Haugesag

Dr. Priscilla J. Herbison Mary Payne M’91 Dr. Anne E. Peek M’02 Rachel Louise Syverson M’99 Dr. Nelson and Autumn Updaw Charles D. Waletzko M’91 Kathleen M. Wise M’89

Bennie ’56 and Anita Palmentere’s 50th Anniversary Victor and Marie Caruso Louise Spalitto

Donna Schuster Hrebec ’83 Kenneth and Marie Schuster

Phi Mu Alpha Robert E. Canchola ’78

Steve and Kathy Kalina Amy Jean Kalina ’08

Br. Jerome Rademacher, FSC ’58 Patricia J. Fleming

Jeremiah Keenan Dr. Elizabeth A. Throop

Reckase Family David Reckase ’10

Ellen M. Ulrich ’01 Bonnie P. Ulrich

Dr. Gary Alan Kelsey ’M’91 D’01 AFP Greater Toronto Chapter Gary Reeves Harris, Jr. M’07

Robert and Myrtland Rettig Robert ’77 and Debra Rettig

Dolores Weigman David ’83 and Lisa Weigman

Robert G. Rettig, Jr. ’77 Meghan Chandler

Women’s Hockey Sara Marie Eisenhauer ’10

Meg Leuer Richtman ’97 Lindsay Ruth Dickson ’08

Claire and David Zwaschka James M. Yang ’51

Dr. William Rock ’49 Sister Jean Schuster M’79


Christopher Q. Kendall ’79 M’95 Robert ’77 and Debra Rettig Lynn Sherek Kenning ’93 40th birthday James and Murtice Sherek Michael Kenny Dr. Elizabeth A. Throop Katie Klus ’10 Louis and Frances Klus Barbara Kusek M’70 Barbara Heyrman Roger P. Laven ’54 Bennie ’56 and Anita Palmentere Dominic Theodore Lawrence ’06 M’10 Daniel and Karen Lawrence

John Paulson Elmer ’58 and Patricia Pierre

Kenneth and Ordella Rolfson Brian and Angela Pieper ’07 Kasel Gail and Ron Rosenthal Abigail Marie Rosenthal ’08 Br. I. Basil Rothweiler, FSC ’38 David ’59 and Marlys Thies Br. Stephen Rusyn, FSC Dr. Richard and Barbara Tristano

Kenneth and Maureen Troke Lance Jeffrey Thompson ’05 Melanie M. Tyler ’09 Stephen and Margaret Tyler

Anthony J. Adducci ’59 Michael ’87 and Deb Adducci Matthew Albert Bilski ’07 James F. Bachmeier ’66 Joseph T. Dixon, Jr. ’66 James ’66 and Myrna Donovan Thomas ’66 and Ann Klein Dr. Terrence D. Truhler ’66

Kellie M. Simons ’11 Anonymous

Ramona Bissonnette Duane Richard Bissonnette ’94

Kevin ’76 and Paula Losinski CST’77 Skonieczny Anna Teresa Skonieczny ’08

Grace Boudreau Dr. Gordon V. Boudreau ’51

Bill and Linda Mahler Lisa Mahler Freeman ’08

Arlene Savard Will and Debbie Carne

Brother William Mann, FSC Edward Mann Benjamin Stephen Murray ’96

Gary and Mary Schroeder Nicole Lynn Schroeder ’08

Br. Finbar J. McMullen, FSC ’46 Mary Cunningham Clasen ’76 Thomas F. Clasen ’78 Elizabeth Skiba Dougherty ’76 Michael G. Dougherty ’76 Mary Hildebrand Kilbride ’79 Judge Thomas L. Kilbride ’78 Thomas D. Matty ’79

Emily E. Toenjes ’10 Eldon John Vaselaar ’10

Br. Ed Siderewicz, FSC Gordon Michael Hannon ’86

Dr. Melissa M. Luedtke Lily Evelyn Trelstad ’10

Ruth Matthews Gabrielle Ryan Polizzotto ’08

Carol Thompson Lance Jeffrey Thompson ’05

John W. Billings ’57 and Donald B. Hickey ’57 Dr. Gerald D. Cavanaugh ’57 Alfred Coco ’57 Dr. Frank ’57 and Elizabeth Sweetman CST’57 DeGaetano Ronald T. Giannoni ’57 Gordon Michael Hannon ’86 Dr. Thomas ’57 and Beatrice Maguire David ’57 and Beverly Feather CST’60 O’Keefe L. Wayne Sachi ’57 Dr. Frederick ’57 and Jean Purcell CST’60 Skemp Dr. C. David ’57 and Judy Wilhelm

Saint Mary’s University Christian Brothers Both Past and Present Ashley Dingels Gossen ’05 Timothy John Gossen ’01 M’06

Dan and Pam Martin Kaylin Dawn Martin ’08

The Christian Brothers Carl ’41 and Joan Calabrese

Dr. Karen D’07 and Dr. Scott D’07 Sorvaag Kristina Lynn Scherber ’10 Lisa Sowa M’99 Brittney Lynn Nielsen ’10

Frank J. Gisch Frank ’49 and Mary Gisch

Dr. Wesley E. Miller Monta G. May ’04

Br. John Grover, FSC ’65 Patricia J. Fleming

Doug and Peggy Mollison Megan Patricia Mollison ’10

William ’52 and Gloria Sullivan’s 50th Anniversary Valerie Lim Bryan B. Sullivan

Joyce Hecht Christina Racheal Carufel ’07

Jennifer Lawrence Nelson ’04 Daniel and Karen Lawrence

Fr. Robert H. Taylor ’53 James ’74 and Ann Hoey

John Brenner ’55 Terrence J. Kandzor ’65 Don Brooks, Jr. Don ’51 and Mary Brooks Gregory M. Brosig ’81 Joseph ’77 and Julie Brosig Richard Brown Joanne Rosczyk Dr. Gary M. Bunger ’76 Dr. Ann O’Connor Trauscht ’77 Dr. Robert W. Trauscht ’76

SMU IR 2011 26-58 10/13/11 12:35 PM Page 55

2010-2011 INVESTORS’ Tim Burchill ’68, M’00 Barbara Bennett Burchill CST’71 Glen Wray Cosper M’95 Patricia J. Fleming Joel Thomas Hennessy Don L. Garrett M’95 Lawrence J. Kirch M’08 Jeanine Marie Lovell M’04 Tilghman Huber Moyer IV M’98 Lon Dale Oakley III M’06 Tina M’05 and Michael Palmer Jennifer M. Stone M’07 Mary Lou Byrne Philip B. Byrne ’60 Lacey Rose Cada Lisa A. Jonsgaard Mark A. Carey ’67 Robert ’67 and Susan Schlink CST’69 Edel Douglas ’67 and Donna Eichten Patrick ’67 and Sandie Frawley John ’67 and Ann Palubicki CST’67 Gustin Robert ’67 and Patricia Wheeler Ralph ’67 and Marianne Zito

Lawrence ’60 and Carol Monnens Dr. Paul ’62 and Patricia McGrath CST’60 Reichenbacher

Donald and Judith Van Buskirk Roger and Peggy Wald Larry and Marlys Zimmerman

David L. Kuhn ’80 Rich and Carrie Dunn ’80 Frey Dr. William Stevens

Thomas R. Ethen ’87 Lucinda Pudwill Ethen ’85 Todd L. Ethen ’84

Norbert Haas ’33 Michael J. Haas

Marilyn Kurdys Roger D. Kurdys ’64

George E. Hansen ’57 Mark ’81 and Aileen Hansen

Dennis Krysmalski, Member Original Board of Visitors for the School of Business Mary Catherine Fox, Ph.D. ’75

Fr. Thomas J. Etten Mark J. Cooney ’76 John G. Fain ’56 Robert J. Fridlund ’56

Millicent I. Harrison ’14 Mariana Ginder M’98 and Micheal Goblirsch

Coach Tom Farren Valerie Lynn Rodriguez ’08

Brother I. Patrick Hayes, FSC Francis M. Howard ’76

Joyce Willmes Finnegan CST’61 Anonymous

William L. Hedrick ’81 Ann Singer Elward ’81 John P. Elward ’81

Dr. Arthur N. Flodstrom ’64 Charles John Hawkins ’91 Robert ’64 and Mary Mallon Daniel James Sepion ’01 Lorna Folk Laura Folk ’72

Dana Chase Jr. Deidre Chase Clingen ’84

Walter Gale Joseph W. Gale ’81

John W. Chmelik ’62 William F. McHugh ’62

Trygve and Rosemarie Garpestad Dr. Renée J. Garpestad ’81 D’03

Jerry Clark Lorraine Clark William ’70 and Susan Clark

Maryann Gatto Daniel and Lynda Gatto

Colonel William Clark Francis M. Howard ’76 Verlene McCormick Clayton CST’44 Cynthia Clayton Decker CST’82 Jason Stephen Collins ’95 Michele Marie Mahoney ’94 Roger Connaughty Sherry Connaughty-Graf Joel Vonhaden Brother Leonard Courtney, FSC ’37 Thomas ’58 and Gail Baryl Dr. Francis J. Sheeran ’62 Dr. John Davis Rev. Michael J. Sandweg ’73 Kathleen Doran Dennis J. Doran ’69 Betty Draganowski Daniel and Lynda Gatto Irene Drvota Bill and Carol Bruce Michael ’66 and Claudia Drvota CST’68 Dooley Lt. Col. George Dostal Meadowbrook Country Club Anthony M. Onesto ’71 Andrew ’66 and Mary Paprocki Brother H. Raphael Erler, FSC ’38 Arthur L. Clark ’61 Dr. David ’65 and Gayle Cratty Joseph ’70 and Suzanne Gross James ’70 and Marleen Miller


Michael J. Georgen ’53 Sarah Patrice McDonough ’11 Brother Richard Gerlach, FSC ’35 Dr. Patrick ’54 and Joan Costello Charles and Dr. Eileen Gallagher Haugh Louis ’79 and Margaret Stringham CST’80 McCoy James ’75 and Rosemarie Ryan Dr. Ronald E. Goedken ’53 Lisa M. Abicht-Swensen Barthe & Wahrman, P.A. Dudley Mary Bednar Cory and Tonya Berget John and Mary Boie Christopher and Wendy Boyer Roberta Bray Thomas J. Campbell Koh Peng Chua Cargill Law Department John and Patricia Charlesworth Gerald and Eleanor Cunniff Kenneth and Linda Cutler Cletus Fleming Jane Fuller William and Allison Gunlock Dr. Priscilla J. Herbison David and Karen Jorve Kenneth and Phyllis LaCroix Ronald Lange and Nancy Blair William and Rose Lubbesmeyer Mary E. Mingo Oppenheimer Wolff & Donnelly, LLP. Mark and Denise Rabogliatti Dr. William ’53 and Armilla Rysavy CST’53 Rice Joy Catherine Robbins Michael Paul Schmid ’89 Rebecca Viertel Schmid ’89 Peter and Anne Thorp

Dr. John J. Hoffman Dr. James ’61 and Dorothy Barter Donald ’57 and Marylin Chopp Michael ’65 and Pamela Wold

Brother J. Robert Lane, FSC Frank A. Collins ’59 Sheila Collins ’76 and David Vargo Mary Beth McCall Howard ’76 Dr. Leonard C. Laskowski ’64 Mary Bodensteiner Laskowski CST’64 Sister Pauline Lerch M’79 Mary Hildebrand Kilbride ’79 Judge Thomas L. Kilbride ’78 Judson Letven M’99 Joyce Letven

James Hurley ’63 Toby Hurley

David P. Leuer Meg Leuer Richtman ’97

Raymond A. Janiak ’49 Audrey P. Janiak

Thomas J. Linder ’81 Kent Christopher Linder ’93

Luke Jaspers ’02 Dr. and Mrs. Anthony L. Jaspers

Salvatore LoBaido Frances Lo Baido

Jay Johnson Dr. John J. Johnson

Anne K. Locher ’97 Mary Kay Locher Michele Marie Mahoney ’94

Dr. Jon J. Kabara ’48 Mary Catherine Fox, Ph.D. ’75 Marjorie Galvin Daniel and Judith Ruth Mary Clare Karnick ’97 Dr. William and Selma Crozier Kevin P. Karnick ’72 Mary Lucas Karnick ’73 Michele Marie Mahoney ’94 Patricia Ross Kauppi Mary C. Colbath James G. Kelly ’51 Dr. William ’52 and Charlotte Holohan Steve Kieselhorst, Jr. Richard A. Hnasko Stephen and Frances Kieselhorst Vicki L. Kleist ’98 Erin Elizabeth Havel ’99 Holly Radis-McCluskey Mark Andrew Schwartz ’94 Josh and Kathryn Flater ’99 Vadnais Lily Klinger Tom Brierton Darrel Knutson William Charles Knutson M’00 Thomas A. Kolker ’64 Richard ’61 and Janet Kolker Mary Lynn Kruger Denise Hamernik

Brother J. Raymond Long, FSC ’43 Thomas ’58 and Gail Baryl Mary Haerle ’80 and Andy Sutcliffe Mary Beth McCall Howard ’76 Bennie ’56 and Anita Palmentere Alan Pavik ’76 Romuald J. Ritter ’57 Daniel Lucas ’47 Kevin P. Karnick ’72 Mary Lucas Karnick ’73 Richard and Michael Luehne Mary Christina Luehne M’95 John Mackiewicz Saint Mary’s Press Paul T. Madigan ’55 Raymond ’55 and Dolores Greabe Maureen Madigan Philip Marek Sarah Marek ’04 M’07 and Murl Landman Kevin McCreary Brother Joseph D. Russell III ’77 William McEnery ’55 Elizabeth Connelly CST’56 McEnery Max and Darlene McGrath Kevin McGrath ’85 and Molly Fernholz Lt. Thomas Meagher, CPD Thomas ’53 and Mona Carens CST’53 Meagher


SMU IR 2011 26-58 10/13/11 12:35 PM Page 56

SAINT MARY’S UNIVERSITY Robert H. Meixner ’66 Joseph J. Heilgeist ’66 Trudy Michon Thomas J. Michon ’77 Brother James H. Miller, FSC ’66 Nathan and Jill Nelson Margaret Miller James R. Miller James ’70 and Marleen Miller Richard T. Young 56

Max F. Molock ’35 Edward ’58 and Sally Lillig Bennie ’56 and Anita Palmentere Arthur ’51 and Jacqueline Smith Brian W. Montgomery ’79 Robert ’79 and Elisabeth Reif Brother Regis Morgan, FSC ’45 Brother Richard Geimer, FSC ’57 Brother Justus Morneau, FSC ’38 Mark Joseph Morneau ’73 Sigrid Docken Mount Mary J. Moxness CST’71 Dr. Leo Ochrymowycz Robert ’68 and Sandra Courchesne Dr. Leo ’65 and Judy Ochrymowycz Dr. Terrence D. Truhler ’66 Kevin P. O’Connell ’73 Charles Robert Kunz ’05 Phi Mu Alpha Music Fraternity Thomas J. O’Connor ’65 Mary O’Connor John Michael O’Day ’75 Mary Catherine Fox, Ph.D. ’75 Brother K. Basil O’Leary, FSC Dr. Greg Gaut ’69 and Marsha Neff Brian S. Orloske ’91 Christopher Scott Fischer ’91 Jennifer Cherry Fischer ’92 Brother Paul Ostendorf, FSC ’53 Sheila Collins ’76 and David Vargo Brother George L. Pahl, FSC ’36 Dr. Edward R. Lee ’46 Dr. Thomas T. Tang ’49 Dr. Terrence D. Truhler ’66 Dr. John and Ruth Paulson Dr. John and Darlene Paulson Brother Alphonsus Pluth, FSC ’39 Brother Stephen Eibert, FSC ’53 Dr. Terrence D. Truhler ’66 John R. Rapp ’79 Terence ’79 and Denise Zost Florence W. Reeder Xavier ’98 and Sarah Wilson Catherine M. Ross Terry Malloy Chism ’71 Mary C. Colbath Joseph ’67 and Barbara Ross


MINNESOTA Katherine K. Ryan Cecilia Ryan D’Acquisto CST’77 Frank Schneck ’55 Joan Schneck Paul M. Schollmeier ’72 Dale ’72 and Nancy Wagner Rose Schreiner Lisa Schreiner Truax Larry Scully Marilyn Scully Geoffrey and Angela Scully ’76 Steger Helen C. Semler Bernard ’38 and Mary Ann Semler Brother Charles Severin, FSC Richard H. Bergman ’58 Richard ’49 M’67 and Dorothy Gilman Donald ’58 and Sharon McElmury Bennie ’56 and Anita Palmentere Dr. Ronald M. Severino ’58 James W. Shanahan ’53 Dr. Thomas T. Tang ’49 Dr. Terrence D. Truhler ’66 John M. Sharkey ’53 Patricia Sharkey Adele Sheridan Patrick Sheridan Valerie K. Sewell ’88 J. Roger and Janice Sewell

Peter Wentink ’68 Rudolph ’69 and Jane Kopischke Michael ’65 and Pamela Wold Clare Weizeorick John and Gayle Weizeorick Kenneth Wiltgen Dennis ’59 and Joan O’Malley Robert Soucek ’69 David ’59 and Marlys Thies Frank and Carol Wiltgen CST’76 Trotter Mary Jo Wiltgen Brother Julius Winkler, FSC ’36 Delores Ann Eaves M’91 JuvaLee Carl Wolf ’09 Lawrence J. Wlazik ’73 Mary Pat Navins Wlazik ’73 Maurice, Lily and Anne Winter Wright Dr. Sara E. Wright Robert and Dr. James Young ’73 Mary Pat Navins Wlazik ’73 Bernice Young† Susan A. Wall ’97 Michele Marie Mahoney ’94 Peter Wentink ’68 Anonymous Stan Wilma Rebecca Wilma Schumacher ’75

Thomas H. Skemp Peter T. Lotzer ’65

Robert Woods Robert ’64 and Karen McKenna CST’65 Marks Robert J. Vondrasek ’61

Anthony Spalitto ’58 Bennie ’56 and Anita Palmentere

Gert Zygmun Steven S. Zygmun ’75

George Speltz Dr. Stephen M. Speltz ’71


Timothy L. Stapleton ’95 Anonymous Kevin and Mary Curry Michael James Dungan ’88 Rhonda King Dungan ’89 Edward L. King Michele Marie Mahoney ’94 Carmen Thronson Jeffrey and Katherine Seitz Brother I. Ambrose Trusk, FSC ’43 Dr. Lawrence ’66 and Rill Ann Reuter Theodore and Mary Trusk ’78 Yonts Paul Turner ’46 Thomas ’59 and Judith McKenna Christopher Anthony Van Horn Dr. Lee ’63 and Mamiko Van Horn Brother Theodore Voelker, mentor, guide and friend Charles J. Newling ’71 Brother Laurence Walther, FSC ’44 Lawrence and Diana Price

Benefactors are listed in this report the year they make a gift. Companies are listed when their match is completed. 3M Abbott Laboratories Fund Aetna Life & Casualty Foundation Allstate Foundation Ameriprise Financial AT&T Foundation Bank of America Foundation Bemis Company Foundation Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation Capital Group Companies Cargill, Inc. Caterpillar Tractor Company ChevronTexaco Coca-Cola Company Deloitte & Touche Deluxe Corporation Foundation Dow Chemical Company Ecolab Foundation Emerson Electric Company ExxonMobil Foundation GE Foundation General Mills Foundation George A. Hormel and Company Home Depot Foundation

IBM International Foundation Illinois Tool Works Foundation J.P. Morgan Chase Foundation Kiddo’s, Inc. KPMG Foundation Land O’Lakes, Inc. LexisNexis Libbey Lockheed Martin Corporation Macy’s Foundation Medtronic Foundation MetLife Foundation Microsoft Corporation Monsanto Fund Motorola Foundation Northern Trust Company Northwestern Mutual Life Novartis US Foundation Nuveen Investments Oracle Corporation P&G Fund Pepsico Foundation, Inc. Pfizer, Inc. PPG Industries Foundation Prudential Foundation Quest Diagnostics RBC Foundation Rockwell Collins Ryan Companies US, Inc. SC Johnson Fund, Inc. Science Applications International Securian Financial Group, Inc. SFM Mutual Insurance Company State Farm Companies Foundation Textron Charitable Trust Toro Foundation U.S. Bancorp Foundation UBS Foundation USA W.W. Grainger, Inc. Wells Fargo Bank Xerox Corporation Fund

FOUNDATIONS Anonymous Abbott Laboratories Fund Aetna Life & Casualty Foundation Alliss Educational Foundation Allstate Foundation Arts Midwest AT&T Foundation Bank of America Foundation Bemis Company Foundation Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation Bucyrus-Erie Foundation, Inc. Casper Foundation Catholic Community Foundation Citizens Scholarship Foundation of America Clara Abbott Foundation Confidence Foundation Deluxe Corporation Foundation E. Theodore & Lois M. Thompson Family Fund Eagle Foundation Ecolab Foundation Elizabeth Callender King Foundation Elks National Foundation ExxonMobil Foundation FMC Foundation GE Foundation General Mills Foundation George M. Pullman Foundation Hansen-Furnas Foundation, Inc. † deceased 2010 – 2011

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2010-2011 INVESTORS’ Helen Brach Foundation Helen M. Harrison Foundation Hiawatha Education Foundation Home Depot Foundation IBM International Foundation Illinois Tool Works Foundation Independent School District 761 Foundation Initial Teaching Alphabet Foundation Iowa Farm Bureau Foundation J.P. Morgan Chase Foundation Kendall Foundation KPMG Foundation La Crosse Community Foundation Macy’s Foundation Mayo Foundation Scholarship Plan Medtronic Foundation MetLife Foundation Milwaukee County D.R.E.A.M. Fund Minnesota Community Foundation Minnesota Private College Fund Monsanto Fund Moorhead Area Education Foundation Motorola Foundation MSRA Scholarship Foundation National Science Foundation Northland Scholarship Fund, Inc. Novartis US Foundation Oshkosh Area Community Foundation P&G Fund Page Education Foundation Pepsico Foundation, Inc. Philip H. Corboy Foundation Plainview-Elgin-Millville Scholarship Fund PPG Industries Foundation Printing Industry of MN Education Foundation Prudential Foundation RBC Foundation Rochester Area Foundation Rochester Community & Tech College Foundation S. St. Paul Education Foundation Saint Paul Foundation SC Johnson Fund, Inc. Scholarship America Slaggie Foundation Sleepy Eye Education Foundation State Farm Companies Foundation Textron Charitable Trust TJX Foundation, Inc. Toro Foundation Tozer Foundation Scholarship U.S. Bancorp Foundation UBS Foundation USA Warren/Alvarado/Oslo Public School Education Foundation Wasie Foundation Waunakee Scholarship Fund, Inc. Winona Community Foundation Winona Foundation Xcel Energy Foundation Xerox Corporation Fund

CORPORATIONS 3M Altra Federal Credit Union American Electric Power Ameriprise Financial Barthe & Wahrman, P.A. Body Shop Supply Co. of La Crosse, Inc. Borkowski Towing & Salvage, Inc. CAESH Enterprises, LLC

Camelot Cleaners Capital Group Companies Cargill Law Department Cargill, Inc. Caterpillar Tractor Company ChevronTexaco Chicago Blackhawks Coca-Cola Company Community First Credit Union Courtesy Corporation Days Inn - Winona Deloitte & Touche Dolan Law Offices, P.C. Dornfeld Marine Dow Chemical Company Emerson Electric Company Exide Technologies Figel Public Relations, LLC For Eyes Optical George A. Hormel and Company Greater Minnesota Credit Union Health Partners Hiawatha Broadband Communications, Inc. Insurance Center International Scholarship & Tuition Services, Inc. James McHugh Construction Company John Lee Pictures John W. Traeger Agency, Inc. Kane Appraisal Services Kiddo’s, Inc. Knitcraft Corporation Land O’Lakes, Inc. LexisNexis Libbey Liberty Carton Company Lockheed Martin Corporation McGrath Nissan Meadowbrook Country Club Med-Chem Labs, Inc. Merchants Bank Microsoft Corporation Mid-West Family Broadcasting Modern Ready Mix Morgan’s Jewelers Mullins Food Products Northern Trust Company Northwestern Mutual Life Nuveen Investments Oppenheimer Wolff & Donnelly, LLP Oracle Corporation Patten Septic & Well Svc., LLC Pfizer, Inc. Philipps Bus Service Premier Banks Primex Plastics Corporation Quest Diagnostics Terry Rindahl Rockwell Collins RTP Company Ryan Companies US, Inc. Saint Mary’s Hockey Institute Saint Mary’s Press Sartell Paper Mill Schott Distributing Science Applications International Securian Financial Group, Inc. SFM Mutual Insurance Company Smart Scholarship Funding Corporation St. Paul Eye Clinic Stens Corporation TFAZ Group, Inc. Thorne’s Refrigeration



Athletics The Athletic Department at Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota provides student-athletes the opportunity to succeed in the classroom and in athletic competition through its emphasis on academic integrity, social responsibility, and athletic excellence. Gifts dedicated to athletics will be utilized to attract and retain outstanding coaches, recruit qualified student athletes, enhance the development of athletic programs, and upgrade athletic facilities and equipment. An endowment makes possible increased opportunities for Saint Mary’s Cardinals to excel in their chosen sports and for all students to improve their physical well-being through outstanding facilities and intramural sports.≠

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MINNESOTA Tone Products Toshiba American Electronic Components, Inc. TR Computer Sales, LLC W&C Printing W.W. Grainger, Inc. Walter E. Smithe Furniture Wastebasket Revue, Inc. Watkins, Inc. Watlow Weaver Popcorn Company, Inc. Wells Fargo Bank Wells Fargo Bank - Winona William Miller Scrap Iron & Metal Co. Winona National Bank Winona Radio



Minneapolis Expansion Saint Mary’s latest purchase is expanding the university’s educational offerings and impact to better serve our 4,600 graduate students, members of the Twin Cities community and alumni. The Harrington Mansion and Events Center encompasses 1.66 acres at 2540 Park Avenue. The purchase doubles the size of the university’s campus footprint in Minneapolis. Gifts to the Minneapolis Campus Expansion campaign will fund renovations to the newly acquired buildings and create an endowment that will support the university’s long-term plans for the properties, including expansion of our graduate programs, community outreach, alumni event venues, and revitalization of the Phillips neighborhood.≠

ACT AFAS AFP Greater Toronto Chapter AGRA Advisory Service American Business Women’s Association American G. I. Forum American Legion American Legion Post 269 American Legion Post 494 American Legion Post 550 American Legion Post 85 American Red Cross Appleton Tigers Baseball Club Association of Universities & Colleges of Canada Catholic Aid Association Christ Lutheran Church Christian Brothers Community Glencoe, MO Christian Brothers Saint Patrick Community Christian Fellowship of the Peace Church of St. Stephen Church of St. Thomas Aquinas Church of St. Timothy Citizen Potawatomi Nation City of Lakes Community Land Trust College of Saint Teresa Alumnae Association Congregation de Notre Dame Cooperating Community Programs, Inc. Cooperative Educational Service Agency #4 Cotter High School Croatian Fraternal Slavic Center Scholarship Funds Culinary School of the Illinois Institute of Art Delta Epsilon Sigma Office of National Secretary/Treasurer Diocese of Davenport Diocese of Madison Dollars for Scholars - Fairmont Dollars for Scholars - Henry Sibley Dollars for Scholars - Le Center Dollars for Scholars - Madison Dollars for Scholars - Maquoketa Valley Dollars for Scholars - Spring Grove Dollars for Scholars - Winthrop Dollars for Scholars McLeod County East Eric Christensen Memorial Fund Financial Executives International Twin Cities Chapter First Catholic Slobak Ladies A Geneva Community Unit School District 304

Glen View Club Scholarship Good Samaritan Society - St. James Goodview Activity Group Hastings Public Schools Hill Murray High School Holy Family Catholic Schools Immaculate Heart of Mary Seminary Independent School District 282 Independent School District 534 Independent School District 2137 Independent School District 492 of Austin Institute of International Education Japan Karate-Do Genbu-Kai of Minnesota Karl Ludvigson Scholarship Kiwanis Club of Stewartville Kiwanis Club of Woodbury Area Knights of Columbus #3613 Annandale/Maple Lake Lady Slipper Lake Geneva Joint School District 1 Lancer Booster Club Louisville Seminary Masonic Lodge 203 Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe Minnesota Masonic Charities Minnesota State Arts Board Miss Winona Scholarship National Catholic Society of Foresters National Merit Scholarship National Naval Officers Association Network for Development of Children of African Descent Oneida Tribe of Indians of Wisconsin Order of Eagles Asbury Auxillary P.K.M. Electric Co-op Trust Plymouth Crime and Fire Prevention Fund Quail Forever River Falls Lions Club Rotary Club of Winona SELCO Sigma Alpha Iota Alumnae Chapter Mpls. / St. Paul SMU Phi Mu Alpha Music Fraternity South Suburban Assoc. of Chiefs of Police Southeastern Minnesota Arts Council Southwest Christian High School SS Peter and Paul Congregation St. Albert the Great Province St. Michael the Archangel Church State of Minnesota State of Rhode Island & Providence Plantations Trail’s End Scholarship Turtle Mt. Band of Chippewa Twin Cities Adult Education Alliance U.S. Dept. of Education Veseli Area Jaycees White Bear High School District 624 Winona Area Retired Educators Association Winona Health Auxiliary Winona Masonic Lodge #18 Winona-Dakota Unity Alliance Wisconsin Grocers Association Zumbro Area Eagles #2228

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2010-2011 INVESTORS’



The Lasallian Legacy Society at Saint Mary’s University honors all those generous benefactors who are ensuring the legacy of Saint John Baptist de La Salle through their commitment of planned gifts to Saint Mary’s. Saint John Baptist de La Salle created an education model that balanced the skills for success with the understanding of personal responsibility, leadership, faith, and service to others. Three hundred years later, these gifts of the blessings of this life provide the strong financial foundation that ensures a Lasallian Catholic education at Saint Mary’s for future generations. We are honored to list the names of alumni, parents and friends who have made provisions for Saint Mary’s University in their charitable gift plans, as well as those who have completed their earthly journeys, leaving behind a legacy at Saint Mary’s through their planned gifts.≠ To learn more about building your own legacy at Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota, please contact: Nancy Wiltgen ’75, J.D. Senior Development Director – Planned Gifts 800-635-5987, ext. 1467

LASALLIAN LEGACY SOCIETY MEMBERS (Italics denote deceased members.) Anonymous Class of ’39 Anonymous Class of ’43 Anonymous Class of ’54 Anonymous Class of ’61 Anonymous Class of ’70 Anonymous Class of ’71 Anonymous Class of ’75 Anonymous Class of ’77 Anonymous Class of ’79 Anonymous Class of ’88 Anthony ’59 and Sandra Adducci Edward A. Albrecht Whitfield H. Alley Angeline Ammann Dr. Jerome Ammer ’69 Dr. Robert F. Anderson ’71 Collette Bailey ’77 Alfred J. and Florence M. Bambenek Raymond D. Bambenek Thomas C. ’30 and Kathleen Barger Herbert and Victoria Barnes Martin T. Barrett ’38 Ray P. Basso ’47 Stephan C. Bednar Dr. Joseph Benigni ’57 William ’41 and Julie Berry James E. Bierden ’61 Frank D. Biesanz

David ’56 and Audrey Bissen Robert A. Bobrowski ’60 Henry ’40 and Marcella M. Bowker John J. Bretzlauf ’68 Rev. Sylvester F. Brown ’52 Dr. Frank W. Browning ’62 Tim ’68 and Barbara Burchill Edmund P. Burke ’65 Matthew and Cathryn (Rocheford ’83) Burley Thomas C. ’70 and Bonnie Callen Ella Sarah Burns Daniel D. Campion Edward E. Campion ’18 Thomas and Bridget Ellen Campion Robert E. Canchola ’78 Magdalen M. Canepa Peggy A. Carroll Dr. Samuel ’48 and Rosemarie Cascio Mary A. Casey J. Patrick ’59 and Charlotte Cashin James Casimir ’61 Gerald ’57 and Patt Cavanaugh Thomas A. Cavanaugh ’62 Robert A. Cern ’72 Dr. Robert H. Chase ’45 Terry E. (Malloy ’71) and Charles R. Chism, Jr. Elinor K. Choate Donald J. Christl ’63 James G. ’58 and Clara Coleman Mary T. Conley M’90

Rev. Gerald Conway ’53 Thomas M. Conway ’79 Rev. Dan Corcoran ’37 James F. Corrigan ’54 Halsey D. Cory ’42 T. William Coughlan ’65 John J. Cummiskey ’27 John J. Daley ’79 Dr. Philip ’64 and Patricia Dalsin Msgr. Joseph E. Davy ’26 Loretta Delaney Michael J. Denigan ’55 A.E. Dick ’32 Michael ’66 and Claudia Dooley Michael G. Dougherty ’76 Paul ’50 and Elaine Drack Dr. Ronald E. ’70 and Sally Dulek Rev. Dominic P. Eichman ’39 Dorothy Eichman Dale ’53 and Lillian Eickman Francis S. and Annie Ek Michael Emery ’62 Eugene Fagan Marie C. Farrell Laurel A. Feddema ’83 David E. Feeney ’75 Michael M. Feeney ’64 Phil ’52 and Therese Feiten Maryellen T. Fender ’73 Rev. J. Thomas Finucan Stanley Fiorito ’68 F.M. Fitzpatrick ’68

James E. Fitzpatrick ’59 John J. Flad Barbara Flasch M’95 Michael L. Flynn ’74, M’96 Dr. John ’74 and Marcine Forrette, Jr. Mary Catherine Fox ’75, P.h.D. Rev. Joseph C. Frisch ’42 Dr. Helen Galloway William M. ’50 and Marjorie C. Galvin Dr. Renee Garpestad ’81, Ed.D. ’03 Robert H. Gartz ’42 Herbert C. Garvin Roger C. Geis ’48 Michael ’62 and Joette Gostomski Anthony ’47 and Mary Jane Graham Eldon E. Gremelsbach ’40 Michael E. Grimes ’67 Raymond H. Groble, Jr. ’39 Raymond ’61 and Katharine Grulkowski Alan M. Guanella ’09 Margaret Guarnieri George Guiney ’30 James P. Hackett ’61 Msgr. Joseph E. Hale ’27 Jeanne Hartle’77 Hamlin William ’59 and Barbara Harwood Dr. Susan E. Hassig ’77 Charles and Dr. Eileen Gallagher Haugh Msgr. Julius Haun

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Roger S. Haydock ’67 Br. I. Patrick Hayes, FSC James A. Healy ’54 Mary Healy Robert H. Heath ’49 William ’70 and Kathy Herzog James R. Hilliard ’68 Albert J. Hoffman ’49 Raymond H. ’50 and Arlene Hoffman Helen Hoffman Lillian Davis Hogan Richard A. Honquest ’56 Jan F. Hosea M’98 Helen C. Howe Norbert Huennekens ’32 David R. Jackson ’40 Cletus P. ’62 and Kathleen M. Janikowski Herbert Jensen Shirley Jensen Douglas ’63 and Patricia Johnson Elaine (Mrs. Thomas ’43) Johnston Charles G. ’66 and Katherine L. Joseph Dr. Michael P. Joseph ’44 William ’75 and Janet Jungbauer Lawrence Juracic ’49 Dr. Jon ’48 and Betty Kabara Fr. Joseph L. Keefe ’68 Dr. Thomas M. Keefe ’56 Daniel F. Keegan ’55 Dr. Lawrence J. Keller ’62 Stephen and Frances Kieselhorst Margaret Klasen Minnie Klaseus Msgr. Edward Klein ’40 Rev. Frank Klein ’42 Philip J. Kolbet ’84 Edwin Kraus ’28 Alphonsus Krebsbach ’21 Fred A. Kueppers, Sr. Andrew G. Kurz ’65 Gertrude (Mrs. Henry M. ’50) Kusher Frieda Kvasnicka Gerald ’63 and Lucia LaBonte James T. ’54 and Dolly Lavan Roger P. Laven ’54 Sharon Hui Ling Lee M’07 Thomas J. Lee ’60 Emma Leja Thomas J. Linder ’81 Emelia Literski Msgr. Roy Literski ’49 Rev. Melvin Long ’62 Michael K. Lowery ’64 Daniel ’47 and Veronica Lucas Marc A. Macarol ’75

Dr. Leo ’66 and Kathleen Mary Mack Walter J. ’55 and Helen Madigan Paul T. Madigan ’55 Msgr. W.T. Magee ’42 Dorothy Magnus Msgr. Bernard Mangan Leonard Maniscalco Geraldine Marion Thomas D. Matty ’79 Michael C. McCall ’73 Elinor K. McCarthy Raymond W. McConnell ’31 Esther M. McDonald Helen (Mrs. Rev. Joseph) McDowell M’90 Daniel ’37 and Margaret McEnery Eleanor McEnery Robert and Christine McFadden Brian McGoldrick ’81 Margeret A. McMullen Paul McNair M’08 Thomas F. ’53 and Mona Meagher Mary J. Meixner John A. Metcalf ’27 Ronald ’70 and Nancy Michalski Mary Beth (Glynn ’75) Mikrut Benjamin A. Miller Louis P. Miller ’73 Philip ’42 and Patricia Morris Michael M’97 and Marybeth Morsberger Rev. Edward C. Mountain ’44 George H. Mueller ‘ 53 Rev. Sabinus E. Mulcahy ’26 Lottia M. Murbach Daniel Vincent Murphy ’16 Rev. John T. Murphy ’27 William W. Murphy ’40 George J. Murtaugh ’61 Donna (Mrs. Robert ’48) Muza David ’64 and Katherine Ness Ardella M. Nilles David F. Obrzut ’68 Mary (Mrs. Thomas ’65) O’Connor William W. O’Connor ’59 Gerard J. O’Flaherty ’67 David O’Hern ’38 Dr. Martin ’53 and Betty Olsen Dr. O. Gerald and Sarah Orth ’59 Vincent D. O’Toole ’39 Joseph C. Page Brother George Pahl FSC ’36 Tina Palmer M’05 Ronald ’54 and Joyce Partyka Ernest and Mary M. Paul John F. ’72 and Stephanie Phelan Carl J. Pinard Jr. ’36

Eugene D. ’49 and Marceline Pinski George Plein Msgr. Thomas Ploof ’42 Harry A. Plotke ’59 Salvatore ’67 and Eileen Polizzotto Hugo ’49 and Judith Pribor Rev. Raymond Redder ’35 Richard ’76 and Eileen (Gibbons ’78) Reedy Roger ’66 and Kathy Reitmaier Rev. Timothy Reker ’78 Duane and Evelyn Rivard Joseph J. Rivers ’38 Jeanne L. Robinson Thomas A. Rocheford Donald and Mary Therese Ross Regina Rosskopf D. Tracy Rumford ’55 David J. Samson ’88 Msgr. Max M. Satory ’27 Dr. Ambrose ’36 and Myrtle Schmelzle Dr. H. Giles Schmid ’54 Margaret Murtha Schmidt Jack ’55 and Theresa Schneider Lee Schoenbrunn ’36 Allen ’68 and Susan Schroeder William ’41 and Barbara Schuler Dr. John ’59 and Sandra Schultz Philip Schumacher M’74 Joseph N. Schurb ’46 Robert Schuten ’46 Dr. Jack Scott ’66 John J. ’33 and Eleanore Sculati Robert J. Scurio ’57 William J. Sepke ’43 Thomas J. Shalloo ’57 Sylvia I. Sharretts Margaret Shelko John J. Shields ’32 John L. Shrake ‘54 Loras ’60 and Rosemary Sieve Robert ’49 and Frances Skemp Thomas H. Skemp Theresa Slebodnik Albert W. Smith Msgr. Henry F. Speck ’31 Most Rev. George H. Speltz ‘32 Terry ’86 and Lisa (Brintnall ’86) Stadick Thomas ’51 and Kay Stanton Angela (Scully ’76) Steger John Joseph Steger Margaret Stevenson Oscar H. ’52 and MaryJane Straub Rita A. Sullivan

Ronald Surprenant ’60 Raymond Sweeney Walter S. Szalajka ’64 Dr. Thomas Tang ’49 Fr. Robert H. Taylor ’53 Reid ’68 and Cathi Thebault Peter M. Thelen ’80 David ’59 and Marlys Thies Ronald ‘68 and Barbara Thiewes Albert ’60 and Margaret Tighe Howard ’56 and Patricia Tomashek Howard J. Toner ’66 Kathleen Nosbusch Toner Dr. Matthew Toth ’61 Daniel ’53 and Joanne Trainor Stefanié Valéncia-Kierlin Gordon Van Brunt Rev. Robert H. Vandenberg ’47 William C. Verdick ’80 Dr. Marianne T. Vivino George Vosen Andrew “Bert” Vuco ’44 Dr. Robert ’44 and Margaret Wagner Bernie and Jan Wagnild Marian C. Walscheid Frank and Helen Walsh Marjorie F. McDonnell Walsh Joseph R. Warnert ’67 Pearl Josephine Waxweiler Thomas Weidenkopf ’59 Sarah Weir ’10 Harvey F. Weiss ’59 Harry J. Welch, Jr. Roman J. Wieczorek Merle Wilberding ’66 Anne Frundt Wildenborg ’77 Peter Wildenborg ’78 Ronald J. Wilkins ’39 Nancy A. Wiltgen ’75 Edward Winkels ’31 Betty Wirtz Joseph ’69 and Theresa Wirtz Joseph Wisocki ’42 Dr. John and Mrs. Roma Witzig Eugene Wojcik ’69 Richard T. Wojcik ’60 Susan M. (Spetter ’79) Wolfe Anastasia M. Woods Robert Woods Jerome J. Workman ’76 Clara M. Yeager James R. ’73 and Beatrice Young Bernice Young Elliott M. Ziegenfuss ’38 Ralph J. Zito ’67

Every effort has been made to include all individuals who, as of May 31, 2011, have confirmed that a provision for Saint Mary’s University is part of their estate plans. If we have made any errors, please let us know so that we can correct the information promptly. If you have included Saint Mary’s in your charitable gift planning but your name does not appear as part of the Lasallian Legacy Society, please contact our office at (800) 635-5987, ext. 1467. We are honored to recognize your generosity on our web site and in future publications.

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2010-2011 INVESTORS’


SCHOLARSHIPS 2010-2011 TOMORROW’S LEADERS FAMILY OF SCHOLARSHIPS The Tomorrow’s Leaders Scholarships are the most prestigious scholarships available at Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota. Scholarship recipients demonstrate a Christian lifestyle, peer leadership potential and a history of extracurricular service activities. Frederick Gardner Cottrell Scholarship Delwiche Family Scholarship A.E. Dick ’32 Memorial Scholarship Marjorie and William Galvin ’50 Scholarship Dr. William ’39 and Jean Hendrickson Scholarship Dr. John Hoffman Scholarship The Lillian Davis Hogan Scholarship Marian Scholarship Max E. McGrath ’49 Scholarship John F. O’Connell ’46 Family Scholarship Remick Fellows Program Catherine M. Ross Scholarship William R. and Edna B. Ross Endowed Scholarship Captain Jack Schneider ’55 Scholarship Wagnild Family Scholarship Harry J. Welch, Jr. Scholarship Richard T. Wojcik ’60 Ethics in Business Scholarship

2010-11 ENDOWED AND ANNUAL SCHOLARSHIPS Access & Equity Pooled Scholarship Fund Charles and Ellora Alliss Educational Foundation Scholarship James F. Bachmeier ’66 Memorial Scholarship Alfred J. Bambenek Scholarship Class of 1957 Billings-Hickey Scholarship Archbishop Binz Scholarship Greg Brosig ’81 Memorial Scholarship The Tim Burchill Scholarship Buuck Family Foundation Scholarship Mark Carey ’67 Memorial Scholarship Cargill Access & Equity Scholarship Cargill Diversity Scholarship Cargill Galileo Scholarship Carlson Family Foundation Scholarship Christian Brothers Endowed Scholarship Jerome W. Clark Memorial Scholarship The Class of 1954 Anniversary Scholarship The Class of 1959 Scholarship The Class of 1960 Scholarship The Class of 1961 Scholarship The Class of 1985 Scholarship The Class of 2000 Scholarship The Class of 2005 Endowed Scholarship Clifford-Hayes Endowed Scholarship James ’69 and Marianne Coogan FirstGeneration Initiative Scholarship James R. ’60 and Judy Cramer (CST ’60) Cooney Endowed Scholarship Philip H. Corboy - Mary A. Dempsey Endowed Scholarship Rocco J. Corso ’67 Scholarship The Joan Costello Scholarship Brother Leonard Courtney ’37 Scholarship Cristo Rey Alumni Scholarship

Curry Scholarship Clayton J. and Helen Dooley and Anthony and Irene Drvota Scholarship Paul ’50 and Elaine Drack Family Scholarship Brother Raphael Erler Scholarship Tom Etten Scholarship (Father Thomas J. Etten Scholarship) Evert Scholarship Father Andrew Fabian Endowed Scholarship Michael M. Feeney ’64 Scholarship Charles J. Fiss Scholarship in Business Administration Arthur N. Flodstrom ’64 Memorial Scholarship Frankard Scholarship Fund Galileo Pooled Scholarship Fund B.C. Gamble & P.W. Skogmo Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation Scholarship Herbert Garvin Scholarship Jul Gernes ’61 Memorial Scholarship Sister Giovanni Scholarship Gostomski Family Foundation Scholarship Graco Foundation Scholarship Raymond H. Groble, Jr. ’39 Endowed Memorial Scholarship Monsignor Julius C. Haun Scholarship John M. and Louise V. Healy Memorial Scholarship William Randolph Hearst Foundation Scholarship William L. Hedrick ’81 Memorial Scholarship Bishop Patrick R. Heffron Scholarship Peltier Hein Family Scholarship T. R. Hennessy Scholarship Dr. Priscilla J. Herbison Scholarship Fund John J. Hoffman Memorial Scholarship Robert Hough ’40 Memorial Scholarship IBM Scholarship Fund John Johnson Endowed Scholarship Orris and Evelyn Johnson-Jerry and Delilah Keenan Families Scholarship Kelly Family Scholarship Steve Kieselhorst, Jr. Scholarship Vicki Kleist Memorial Theater Scholarship Knights of Columbus Owatonna Council No. 945 Scholarship David Kuhn ’80 Memorial Scholarship Gerald ’63 and Lucia Labonte Scholarship Lanoga Corporation Scholarship Anton and Mary Ledworowski Scholarship Judson P. Letven Memorial Scholarship Thomas J. Linder ’81 Memorial Scholarship Monsignor Roy E. Literski Scholarship Anne Locher ’97 Memorial Scholarship Br. J. Raymond Long ’43 Memorial Scholarship Brother Urban Lucken ’35 Scholarship L.W. Mack ’66 Scholarship Fund Paul T. Madigan ’55 Scholarship Paula Ann Maniscalco Scholarship Martin Scholarship Ellen McGee Memorial Scholarship Lt. Thomas F. Meagher, C.P.D. Scholarship Medtronic Foundation Scholarship B.J. Meixner Scholarship Merchants Bank Scholarship Merrill Scholarship Meslow First-Generation Scholarship Terry and Margaret Meyers Scholarship Minnesota Scholars Fund Philip M. Morris ’42 Scholarship

Lottia Murbach Scholarship Jack Nankivil Memorial Scholarship Ochrymowycz Family Foreign Language Scholarship Officer Denis O’Leary Scholarship Joseph C. and Marie F. Page Memorial Scholarship Gerald ’62 and Patricia Papenfuss Scholarship John F. and Christine E. Parmer/John C. and Carolyn Noonan Parmer Scholarship John Paulson Jazz Scholarship Philanthropy and Development Alumni Scholarship Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia/Kevin P. O’Connell ’73 Scholarship Brother Alphonsus Pluth ’39 Endowed Scholarship Dominic and Rosina Polizzotto Memorial Scholarship Robert J. Reardon Memorial Scholarship Jean A. Joyce Regan Endowed Scholarship Regan Family Scholarship Regan Sisters Scholarship F. Walter and Mary Ann Riebenack Scholarship Douglas and Ruth Robinson Scholarship The Rotary Club of Winona Service Above Self Scholarship Brother I. Basil Rothweiler Endowed Scholarship Rural Haiti Scholarship Fund Rwandan Student Academic Scholarship Saint John Baptist de La Salle Undergraduate Faculty Scholarship St. Jude Alumni Scholarship Helen C. Semler Scholarship SGPP Bachelor Completion Scholarship SGPP Faculty/Staff Scholarship Brother Charles Severin Scholarship Sieve Family Scholarship Timothy L. Stapleton ’95 Memorial Scholarship Maurice Joseph Sullivan Memorial Scholarship Tennant Company Diversity Scholarship Tozer Scholarship Brother Ambrose Trusk ’43 Chemistry Scholarship UPS Foundation Scholarship U.S. Bancorp Foundation Scholarship Christopher Anthony Van Horn Memorial Scholarship Susan Ann Wall ’97 Memorial Scholarship Frank and Helen Walsh Memorial Scholarship Fund Brother Laurence Walther Memorial Endowed Scholarship The Wasie Foundation Scholarship Wells Fargo Foundation Minnesota Scholarship Wells Fargo Bank (Winona) Scholarship Peter F. Wentink ’68 Memorial Scholarship Ken Wiltgen Endowed Scholarship Brother Julius Winkler ’36 Scholarship Winona Senior Friendship Center Scholarship Lawrence J. Wlazik ’73 Scholarship Robert M. Woods Memorial Scholarship Xcel Energy Foundation Scholarship James R. Young ’73 Memorial Scholarship The Wendy Zufelt-Baxter Academic Excellence and Philanthropic Passion Award


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COUNCIL OF REGENTS The Council of Regents for the Schools of Graduate and Professional Programs is advisory to the President of Saint Mary’s University. CHAIR Elizabeth Kautz Burnsville, Minn. VICE CHAIR Russell V. Michaletz Minneapolis, Minn.



BOARD CHAIR John Ehlert ’67 Boca Grande, Fla.

BOARD CHAIR Mary Ann (Wera CST’64) Remick Rochester, Minn.

Mark Chronister Bloomington, Minn.

Jane (Flynn CST’62) Anderson, Ed.D. Minnesota City, Minn.

Brother Louis DeThomasis, FSC, Ph.D. Minneapolis, Minn.

Alyssa (Gostomski ’98) Carter Minneapolis, Minn.

Julie Hendrickson Montpelier, Vt.

Dave Bogie ’74 St. Paul, Minn. Bruna Bucciarelli ’76 Minneapolis, Minn. Nikki Fennern Winona, Minn. John Killen Winona, Minn.

Ivy Chang Minnetonka, Minn.

Judy (Mullins ’83) Lucas Oak Brook, Ill.

Kent Eklund St. Paul, Minn.

John McDonough ’75 Elk Grove Village, Ill.

Farley S. Kaufmann Minneapolis, Minn. G. Carlos Lopez Burnsville, Minn. Matt Mahmood Eden Prairie, Minn. John Montague Minneapolis, Minn. Brother Michael Quirk, FSC Chicago, Ill. Loras H. “Red” Sieve ’60 Edina, Minn. Kate Walsh Soucheray M’07 Woodbury, Minn. Donald St. Dennis Shoreview, Minn.

Nick Michaels ’03 Dyer, Ind. Jeremy Miller Winona, Minn. Bob Paradise ’66 St. Paul, Minn. Michael Regan ’79 Stillwater, Minn. Terry Skrypek ’70 White Bear Lake, Minn. Tim Thone Woodbury, Minn. Jack Zachary ’82 Carmel, Ind.

B.J. Cassin Menlo Park, Calif. John Domanico ’77, D.D.S. LaGrange, Ill. Michael Dougherty ’76, J.D. Burnsville, Minn.


Michael Kelly Celebration, Fla. Edward Mann Scarsdale, N.Y. Lindsay McCabe Edina, Minn. Susan Kenny Stevens, Ph.D, Saint Paul, Minn.

James Horan ’72 Chicago, Ill. Michael Meagher ’87 Western Springs, Ill. Salvatore Polizzotto ’67 Naperville, Ill. Brother Ed Siderewicz, FSC Winona, Minn. Loras “Red” Sieve ’60 Edina, Minn. Kelly Simon Chicago, Ill.

KABARA INSTITUTE FOR ENTREPRENEURIAL STUDIES ADVISORY BOARD BOARD CHAIR Robert Figliulo ’76 Burr Ridge, Ill. Donald Alesky ’80 Peru, Ill. Donna (Pagliarello ’80) Aleksy Peru, Ill. Dan Arnold Winona, Minn.

Kathy Wilde M’92 Minneapolis, Minn.

Matthew Bubala ’94 West Dundee, Ill.

Willie Mae Wilson St. Paul, Minn.

Dominic Lawrence ’06, M’10 Winona, Minn. John Leaf Winona, Minn. Rhoda Olsen Blaine, Minn. Jack Schmid ’76 Dubuque, Iowa Trevor Hall Onalaska, Wis.

SAINT TERESA LEADERSHIP AND SERVICE INSTITUTE FOR WOMEN ADVISORY BOARD BOARD CHAIR Betty Ford CST ’75 Robbinsdale, Minn. Michelle R. (Hass CST’63) Bailey Stillwater, Minn. Bridget Doyle CST’63, Ph.D. Eagan, Minn. Susan K. (Schlink CST’69) Edel Winona, Minn. Janet Heukeshoven, D.M.A. Winona, Minn. Sharon Locy CST’63, Ph.D. Santa Monica, Calif. Sandy Maskell CST’64 Brooklyn, N.Y. Mercedes (Brabender CST’61) McGowen, Ph.D. Streamwood, Ill. Mary Dunn Siedow CST’64, Ed.D Durham, N.C.

ALUMNI ASSOCIATION BOARD PRESIDENT Nathan Semsch ’04 Crystal, Minn. PRESIDENT ELECT Joseph Hettinger ’87 Lindenhurst, Ill. EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR Meg (Leuer ’97) Richtman Winona, Minn. EXECUTIVE SECRETARY Pat Beech Winona, Minn. Donald Aleksy ’80 Chair, Development Committee Peru, Ill. Jora (Deziel ’01) Bart Minneapolis, Minn. Gayle (Engesser ’88) Brekke Parkville, Mo. Patrick Connolly ’95 Chair, Communications Committee Saint Paul, Minn. Aleksandra “Sasha” Denisova M’07 Oakdale, Minn. Donald Ivansek ’83 Riverside, Ill.

Terri Wintering CST’73, J.D. Wabasha, Minn.

Henry Jakobsze ’83 Downers Grove, Ill.

Peg Winters Rochester, Minn.

Roberta “Bobbi” Kochevar M’08 Lakeville, Minn. Kimberly Krisman ’01 Champaign, Ill. Grace (Wojski '77) McNamara White Bear Lake, Minn. Molly Murphy '97 Co-chair, Engagement Committee Saint Paul, Minn. Robert “Bo” Rettig '77 La Grange, Ill. Christina Rich M'07 Minneapolis, Minn. Liza Soto M’08 St. Louis Park, Minn. Thomas Sullivan ’72 Chicago, Ill. Renee Thompson ’03, M’07 Co-chair, Engagement Committee Lonsdale, Minn. Joy Tkachuck M’97 St. Paul, Minn.

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In Closing... Saint Mary’s University is grateful for the support of loyal alumni and friends. In partnership, we are preparing tomorrow’s leaders for ethical lives of service and leadership. With your continued support, Saint Mary’s will provide our students — at all campuses and locations — with an accessible, relevant and rigorous education. We are positioned to begin our second 100 years with faith and zeal, blessed by the caring commitment of our benefactors. Thank you.

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Enriched by the Catholic, Lasallian heritage, Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota awakens, nurtures, and empowers learners to ethical lives of service and leadership. MISSION STATEMENT In the Lasallian spirit of faith and zeal, Saint Mary’s University – a global and diverse learning community – serves students through relevant and innovative educational programs, experiences, and enterprises. The university is nourished by its Catholic intellectual, moral, and cultural traditions and is inspired by excellence in teaching as modeled by Saint John Baptist de La Salle, founder of the Brothers of the Christian Schools. The hallmark of the university is its commitment to serve the needs of individual learners and promote life-long learning in a variety of contexts: •

The College integrates undergraduate education in the liberal arts with a residential experience to challenge and support students in their intellectual, spiritual, personal, and professional development. The Schools of Graduate and Professional Programs provides relevant and rigorous academic experiences for adult learners through an integration of practical, professional, and ethical education offered in dynamic and caring environments. Enterprising outreach and consulting programs provide a wide range of services that promote individual growth and organizational development.

The Saint Mary’s University community, together and by association, is dedicated to quality, diversity, accessibility, social justice, and sound stewardship in all its endeavors.

VISION Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota will transform society one learner at a time, so that faith, zeal, service, and leadership – all directed toward the common good – become society’s defining hallmarks. APPROVED BY THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES, MAY 2004

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700 Terrace Heights, Winona, MN 55987-1399 USA (507) 452-4430 • (800) 635-5987 To learn more about Saint Mary’s, its programs and locations, go online to:

2010-11 Investors Report  

Saint Mary's University Annual Investors Report

2010-11 Investors Report  

Saint Mary's University Annual Investors Report