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Winter 2012 Volume 18, Issue 1 St. Mark’s School of Texas Alumni Magazine

Serving with Courage & Honor | Centennial Challenge | St. Mark’s Traditions

In This Issue... Serving with Courage & Honor THE PRIDE | Winter 2012 | Vol. 18, No. 1

Elements of Earth by Halbert Bai ’14. Yosemite Falls as photographed for his portfolio, which won second place in its category at the ATPI Fall Contest.

Centennial Challenge Update St. Mark’s Traditions

2012–2013 Alumni Calendar April 19–21

Renewed Commitment:

April 21

Menter B. Terrill Society

Alumni Weekend Alumni Board Open Meeting

May 25

Michael Merrill ’72 proudly shares with friends,


business associates, and new acquaintances his

May 30

Alumni Leadership Speaker Series: An Evening with the Texas Rangers

St. Mark’s story. His parents wanted a school that was

June 20 – 21

creativity. Over the course of his 10 years at St. Mark’s,

outstanding academically and would also nurture his

Alumni Summer Lunches

teachers and classmates encouraged Michael’s

June 26

Hong Kong — Alumni Event

diverse interests. He found a home in the theater

October 26

program. As a member of the Harlequin Players and a

Homecoming Kick-Off Party

set designer for many of Mr.Vintcent’s productions, Michael developed skills and discovered the

April 18–20, 2013

passion that would fuel his nearly 40-year career as a highly accomplished interior designer.

Alumni Weekend

Michael’s alumni experience took on a new dimension in 2005. “After attending an alumni event, I realized that I wanted to do more for the School.” In a fashion consistent with other pursuits, Michael dedicated himself to advancing the mission of his alma mater. Over the course of the last seven years, Michael has invested innumerable hours on behalf of St. Mark’s, the Bay Area Alumni Club, and the Class of 1972. His perspective is clear: “A fine education is the very clearest path to a brighter future for our world. Of the many things I am grateful for, my education at St. Mark’s certainly stands out.” He adds, “I believe deeply in the education St. Mark’s provides—it benefited me, my brother, my son, and so many others.” Michael believes in the importance of supporting the School financially and is a strong supporter of the St. Mark’s Fund. In addition, when he recently updated his estate plan, he added St. Mark’s as a beneficiary. “The Financial Aid program allowed my son to attend the School, and I want to help provide that opportunity for future Marksmen.” He concludes, “For me, a gift to St. Mark’s is a gift that keeps on giving.” With his estate commitment, Michael Merrill ’72 made an important gift in support of The Centennial Challenge and joined with other men and women who have included St. Mark’s in their long-term plans as members of the Menter B. Terrill Society. The Society includes all donors who have included St. Mark’s in their wills and/or established deferred gifts benefiting the School. If you have included St. Mark’s in your estate plans or would like more information about the Menter B. Terrill Society, please contact Scott Jolly in the Office of Development at 214-346-8132 or



PRIDE St. Mark’s School of Texas Alumni Magazine Volume 18, Issue 1 • Winter 2012

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ABOUT OUR COVER Capt. Russell Myers ’99 on a “regular day,” flying a CH-46E Sea Knight transport helicopter during a training mission near Camp Pendleton, California.

St. Mark’s School of Texas


Winter 2012 | Contents


On Campus

in retrospect 1972 Choir This photo was originally published in the Dallas Times Herald in 1972. Despite freezing temperatures, Jim Livengood directed the choir in its first Candlelight Christmas celebration at Dallas Heritage Village, a tradition that continues to this day. If you can help identify them or have a good story about this group of students, please let us know. Send information to Katy Rubarth, St. Mark’s School of Texas, 10600 Preston Road, Dallas, TX 75230-4047 or email her at

In the Last Issue “If I remember correctly there was some good fishing that year…it was a great trip!” ~ Peter Lutken ’67, St. Mark’s Faculty 1972–1977 and 1978–1984 A big thank you to Robert Behrendt ’86 and Peter Lutken ’67 for shedding light on the photograph pictured here. Peter, who happened to be running the Pecos Wilderness program at that time, tells us that it was one of a series taken by a professional photographer on the Pecos Trip

1983 –1984

that summer, and he remembers helping with locations and details. Although he cannot recall exactly what the photos were used for, he and Robert agree that the young ninth grader is Jason Bergman ’87 being helped by Sherpa Eric Reeves ’82 (with the hat), and Peter’s brother David Lutken ’75 (holding the stick). In the background is Lamar Adkins ’83. The Pecos Trip celebrated its 40th anniversary this year. (See page 14.)


On Campus | THE PRIDE

St. Mark’s School of Texas


from the editor


I was driving the morning taxi round one day last week, and as I pulled through the front gates of the School to deposit my two Marksmen, my eldest noted the beauty of the trees that line the campus along Preston Road. “I wonder who planted them,” my five-year-old piped up from the back seat. “They were planted a long time ago” he was told, “by an optimist, no doubt.” This reminded me of a Greek proverb:

Challenge are planting the seeds that will ensure that the School continues its legacy

A society grows great when old men plant

of excellence. Our young men in the military

trees whose shade they know they shall

make sacrifices to serve our country in the

never sit in.

belief that the world will be a better place for

God bless these optimists. They are people

their service. They join the ranks of many

for whom optimism is more than a state

Marksmen who have fought for the freedom

of mind; they are people who act on their

we enjoy today. And the families who build

optimism. I’m fortunate to be surrounded

houses for the needy put their optimism for

by them daily. Educators, volunteers, parents,

the future into action with two-by-fours and

students, the people I see on campus each

paint and hammers and nails.

day doing their best to guide and educate our

I hope that the actions and accomplishments

Marksmen to become men of character who

featured in this issue of The Pride inspire

will make the world a better place. And, our

and serve as a clarion call for all of us to take

boys believe that they should, can, and will

action and effect a brighter future.

do just that. This issue of THE PRIDE pays tribute to

By the way, the optimist responsible for the trees along Preston Road was none

members of the St. Mark’s community who

other than the late Robert K. Hoffman ’65.

embody this spirit. We feature the stories of

Yes, God bless the optimists.

those who have served and continue to serve our country, our School, and our community.

~ Katy B. Rubarth Director of Communications

These people put their optimism into action, believing they can make the world a better place. Just as an optimist planted a row of trees long ago to make St. Mark’s a better place today, the many people who support The Centennial

St. Mark’s School of Texas

Winter 2012 | On Campus


On Campus

visiting scholars program Some Unlikely Math Problems and the Art of Storytelling

problem solving relate to image processing and how partial differential equations helped squash the Los Angeles riots. Students also learned some of the math behind digital image processing and software like Photoshop and iPhoto. With BC Calculus and AP Statistics students, Dr. Bertozzi examined the mathematics of swarming from a data-driven viewpoint. After a rigorous session with Independent Studies students involving fixed points, level curves, and Hamiltonian Systems, Dr. Bertozzi summed it up saying, “It’s just calculus and linear algebra, Dr. Bertozzi chats with Upper School students about math careers.

and then you get to draw all these cool pictures.” Upper School Math Team students had an

Dr. Andrea Bertozzi Brought to campus by the Robert E. Dennard

related careers. When asked about the appeal

an expert in applied mathematics and the first

of applied math, Dr. Bertozzi replied that she

Visiting Scholar in the field of mathematics in

enjoys seeing “math come alive in real-life

more than 12 years, brought her research to life

problems where you can touch it and taste it

for Middle and Upper School students in an

and feel it. For me, that’s more fun than solving

accessible way. She held four sessions with

the 100-year old problem.” Dr. Bertozzi’s visit culminated with assem-

careers for math majors with the Upper School

blies for all students in grades 9–12 and Math

Math Team, and two assemblies. In her role as

Team students in grades five and six on

Director of the Program in Computational and

“Mathematics in the Real and Imaginary

Applied Mathematics at UCLA, Dr. Bertozzi

Worlds.” She showed how she had successfully

collaborates with colleagues from other depart-

adapted a model for predicting earthquakes to

ments to describe real-world situations, like

anticipate street crime. In the “imaginary world,”

crime patterns and the mixing of oil with sand

the applied math of one of Dr. Bertozzi’s former

after the Deep Horizon incident. An advocate

students simulated hair in the movie Tangled.

of undergraduate research, Bertozzi spends her

Dr. Bertozzi is a Fellow of the Society for

time researching, teaching, lecturing interna-

Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM)

tionally, and presenting research papers.

and the co-author of the textbook, Vorticity and

During Dr. Bertozzi’s sessions with advanced math students, she explained how calculus and On Campus | THE PRIDE

about majoring in math and pursuing math-

Visiting Scholar Program, Dr. Andrea Bertozzi,

advanced math students, one discussion of


open forum during which they asked questions

Incompressible Flow. In 2009, SIAM awarded her the Sonia Kovalevsky Prize.

St. Mark’s School of Texas

On Campus

Dr. David Gonzalez Acclaimed storyteller Dr. David Gonzalez delighted students with Hispanic myths and legends as the Willard E. Walker, Jr. ’66 Visiting Scholar. With juniors and seniors, he conducted six hours of storytelling workshops, primarily in Spanish. A descendant of Cuban and Puerto Rican grandparents, Dr. Gonzalez first learned the power of music and storytelling by working with handicapped children. Now, he blends the two in a musical storytelling career. “The way he speaks is amazing,” says John Gunnin ’18. “I was lost in his fantasy world of magic snakes and evil witches.” Dr. Gonzalez’s art employs words, gestures,

members of the Spanish Club and the St. Mark’s

music, timing, and amazing voice effects to

Chapter of the Dallas Area Diversity Youth

capture the imagination in ways both dramatic

Organization, emphasized the importance

and humorous. As sixth grader Mateo Diaz ’18

of knowing oneself and, particularly, learning

explains, “Dr. Gonzalez stirs emotions deep

one’s cultural roots as a way of finding the self.

inside your heart with stories that make you

In 2011, Dr. David Gonzalez received the

laugh, think, and finally be happy at the end.” A bandleader, vocalist, and guitarist,

International Performing Arts for Youth’s “Lifetime Achievement Award for Sustained

Dr. Gonzalez had the Lower Schoolers singing

Excellence.” Other recent awards include the

and clapping with glee one moment and gasping

Joseph Campbell Foundation Fellow, the Drama

in wonder the next. Even after the program had

Desk Award for “Unique Theatrical Experience,”

ended, the youngest group left the room singing,

and the Helen Hayes Performing Artist of the Year

“You got to watch, listen, and learn! You got to

Award. Also dedicated to producing community-

watch, listen, and learn!”

driven projects, Dr. Gonzalez creates multimedia

Speaking primarily Spanish with the

works with social justice themes based on such

advanced Spanish students, Dr. Gonzalez

events as the Underground Railroad and the

shared his secrets of storytelling and his vast

Mariel Boatlift.

knowledge of music. He told stories, read

Dr. Gonzalez has performed at Lincoln Center,

poems, played free jazz, and coached the boys

Kennedy Center, New Victory Theater, and

through storytelling efforts of their own by

London’s Royal National Theatre. He received

employing “the four rivers of storytelling”:

his doctorate in Music Therapy from NYU’s

las palabras, la voz, los gestos, y la imaginación.

School of Education, where he subsequently

His concluding message, one he shared with

taught for 10 years.

St. Mark’s School of Texas

Dr. Gonzalez tells an Hispanic legend to Middle School students.

Winter 2012 | On Campus


On Campus

fall and winter sports news Lions Dominate Winter SPC Championships

Volleyball After a fierce season of volleyball, St. Mark’s emerged second overall in the SPC, winning 21 of their 36 games. The team made it all the way to the SPC Championship on November 4, 2011, placing second to Greenhill.

Football Varsity Football ended its season with seven wins and only two losses, ranking the Lions third overall in the SPC. The team played some impressive games, including its 61– 42 win over Episcopal School of Dallas on senior night, and the final game of the season, where St. Mark’s beat Greenhill, 51–7.

Wrestling The Varsity Wrestling team competed in the SPC Championship Wrestling Tournament on February 11, 2012, at St. John’s School in

(top) Senior Connor Anderson goes up for a spike in the SPC Final.

Cross Country

(above) SPC Champion Wrestling team.

second out of 17 schools at the SPC Championship.

four points with nine wrestlers in the finals, and

They finished another record season running in

just one in the consolation finals. EHS had seven

10 meets. In Arkansas, the Lions finished 10th

in the finals and five in the consolation finals

out of nearly 60 schools and 23 Marksman ran

(team points are awarded for wins, tech falls,

lifetime bests.

and pins in each round). St. Mark’s came back to

Houston. The team forfeited three weight classes For a third straight year, St. Mark’s finished

On Campus | THE PRIDE

Going into the finals, St. Mark’s was down by

Coach John Turek praised his team’s perse-

snag victory in the final two matches of the tour-

verance, noting that for the first time, all of his

nament when Mike Player ’12 pinned his man in

runners lettered in track.

the championship bout at 195 lbs., followed by

The team also benefited from a talk with


and fell behind EHS midway through the meet.

Mark Senter’s ’13 win in St. Mark’s final weight

visiting Olympian Peter Snell, who won three

class. This was Coach Rick Ortega’s 26th SPC

gold medals for track in the 1960’s.

Championship team. Notable SM finishers were:

St. Mark’s School of Texas

On Campus

(above) SPC Champion Swim team. ­

Zach Alden ’13 (2nd/120 lbs), Zach Papin ’14

against an open goal. Kelan finished the game,

(1st/132 lbs), Joshua Jang ’13 (2nd/138 lbs.),

and it was later revealed that he broke his clavicle

Dylan Kirksey ’13 (2nd/145 lbs), Roland

and temporarily dislocated his shoulder on the

Salatino ’12 (1st/152 lbs.), Jimmy Papin ’13

play. Coach Cory Martin won his first and much

(1st/160 lbs.), George Law ’13 (2nd/170 lbs.),

deserved SPC Championship after being in the

Nick Brodsky ’14 (4th/182 lbs.), Mike Player ’12

finals four out of the last five years. It was the

(1st/195 lbs.), and Mark Senter ’13 (1st/220 lbs.).

Lions first SPC soccer title since 1985.



The Varsity Soccer team also played in the

(left) SPC Champion Soccer team.

The Varsity Swim Team also captured

SPC Championship Tournament in Houston.

another SPC title this year, scoring 180 total

Some very wet weather played into the team’s

points, 89 points more than the second place

hands as it forced the tournament to be played

finisher. They won three out of three relays and

at an alternate site with a much larger field,

set SPC records in the 200 Freestyle Relay. The

which gave the advantage to well conditioned

Lions had first place finishes in the 200 Medley

and better skilled teams with deep benches,

Relay, 200 Free Relay, 400 Free Relay, 50 Free,

which is what this St. Mark’s team was built

and 100 Back. Congratulations to Coach Mihai

upon. The Lions played three thrilling matches

Oprea and the Lions on an outstanding season

that all ended in 1– 0 victories. In the champion-

and another SPC Championship.

ship game, John Garnsey ’14 scored the first and only goal of the game in the 37th minute of the first half (assisted by Kareem Itani ’13). In the 60th minute of the game, goal keeper Kelan Nesbitt ’12 went up to punch away a Holland Hall crossing pass, was hit by a Holland Hall player who was attempting to head home a goal, and went down. Play continued for a few very tense moments with Kelan on the ground, but the SM defense was able to clear the ball after

Final Fall SPC Standings Cross Country. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2nd Football. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3rd Volleyball.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2nd

Final Winter SPC Standings Basketball. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8th Soccer.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1st Swimming. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1st Wrestling. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1st

several Holland Hall attempts to tie the game

St. Mark’s School of Texas

Winter 2012 | On Campus


On Campus

literary festival Celebrated Authors Bring their Experience to St. Mark’s

(above) The authors pose with the Literary Festival Chairs and faculty. (right) Kathryne McGarr shares her experiences writing nonfiction. (far right) The authors field questions at an Upper School Assembly.

At the Upper School Assembly, Mr. Holtberg stressed the importance of competent writing


questions from the event chair and co-chair,

authors from a variety of genres and media for

Rishi Bandopadhay ’12 and Ryan O’Meara ’14,

its fifth annual student-led Literary Festival. The

followed by an open Q&A with the Upper

School welcomed narrative non-fiction writer

School boys. The day concluded with a reception in the

writer and Hockaday alum Kathryne McGarr

Green Library, where students had a chance to

(daughter of Cappy McGarr ’69), Texas Monthly

mingle informally with the authors. During this

staff writer and journalist Skip Hollandsworth,

reception, the winners of the annual St. Mark’s

and humorist Robert Wilder, who made his

writing contest were also announced, as judged

second appearance at the Literary Festival.

by the visiting authors.

The authors visited various English classes

On Campus | THE PRIDE

the learning process. The authors then fielded

On Friday, January 6, 2012, St. Mark’s hosted five

Dean King, novelist Margo Rabb, non-fiction


skills and how they affect all other aspects of

Patrick Ng ’12 won first place for non-fiction,

during the day, meeting with students, sharing

Brooks Jones ’12 won first place for fiction, and

their experiences, and leading writing exercises.

Max Marshall ’12 won first place for poetry.

St. Mark’s School of Texas

On Campus

student accolades

National Merit Recognition Based on their 2010 PSAT/NMSQT test scores, 20 Marksmen in the Class of 2012 have been recognized as Finalists in the 2012 competition for National Merit Scholarships. Congratulations to Jason Altschuler, Rishi Bandopadhay, Rishee Batra, Joseph Bush, Rodney Chen, Galen Gao, Charles Jin, Gregory Kinman, Max Marshall, Blake McCartin, William Morris, Patrick Ng, Alexander Nguyen, Rishi Roy, Samir Saidi, Roland Salatino, Charles Smart, Nicholas Uebele, Reid Weisberg, and Taylor Wilson. Additional congratulations to Semifinalist Travis Brody.

from around the country as Pacemaker winners.

Twenty-five seniors were also recognized

This is the third Pacemaker win in the past seven

as Commended Students. Congratulations to Connor Anderson, Nicholas Brower, Spencer

years for the ReMarker.

Parker Matthews ’11, Duncan Smart ’12, and Richard Freling ’12 with the Certificate of Merit awarded to the 2011 Marksmen.

The 2011 Marksmen yearbook also enjoyed

Bruno, Jacob Cavner, David Cook, Keith

an award-filled year, receiving the CSPA’s

Crawford, Prajan Divakar, Richard Freling,

coveted Gold Crown award for a fifth time.

Phillip Haddad, Noé Hinojosa, Alexander

St. Mark’s was the only school in the nation to

Kadesky, Cameron Kline, Nick Mahowald, David

have both its yearbook and its newspaper

Munoz, John Patison, Lee Perkins, Paul Piccagli,

honored with Gold Crown distinctions. The

N. Michael Player, Amir Saboorian, Rohan Shetty,

yearbook also received the Certificate of Merit

Kenneth Stokes, Thomas Tassin, Austin Terry,

from the Printing Industries of America’s

Carson Warnberg, and Garrett Watumull.

Premier Print Awards, often described as the Oscars of the print world. St. Mark’s is one of

Student Publications Sweep Awards For the ninth consecutive year, the 2010– 2011

only sixteen schools worldwide that earned this award out of more than 2,700 entries. Other

ReMarker student newspaper received the Gold

recipients at this level include Cornell University

Crown award, the highest award given by the

and Penn State. Capping off another banner

Columbia Scholastic Press Association (CSPA),

year for the publication, the Marksmen was

at the organization’s annual convention held on

named a finalist for the National Scholastic

March 16, 2012. This marks the longest succes-

Press Association’s Pacemaker Award.

sive winning streak by a secondary school in the

St. Mark’s literary journal, The Marque,

history of the organization. The ReMarker was

was named a finalist in the Pacemaker awards.

also named a winner of the Pacemaker award by

The literary magazine also received a Gold

the National Scholastic Press Association.

Medal from the Columbia Scholastic Press

The newspaper joins 24 other publications

Association as well as several awards in the

from public and private secondary schools

Gold Circle category.

St. Mark’s School of Texas

Winter 2012 | On Campus


On Campus

The following students were selected for All-State Jazz Band: Senior ~ Michael Patison (trombone). Juniors ~ Chandler Burke (trumpet), Jorge Hinojosa (trombone), and Mihir Srivastava (drums). Freshmen ~ Nick Buckenham (tenor saxaphone) and Chris Carter (baritone saxaphone).

St. Mark’s All-State Orchestra students with instructor David Fray.

All-American Water Polo Warren Smith ’13 was named an “Academic The Marque, now in its 49th year, is an 81-page collection of student work ranging from photography and woodworking to short stories and poems. The ReMarker and Marksmen are overseen by

All-American — With Outstanding Achievement” by USA Water Polo on September 12, 2011. For consideration, a student must have participated in the National Tournament (Junior Olympics) and had a grade point average of 3.6

Gene & Alice Oltrogge Master Teaching Chair

or better. Outstanding Achievement is given to

Ray Westbrook, while The Marque’s sponsor is

those with a 4.0.

Trustee Master Teaching Chair Lynne Weber.

All State Musicians On January 28, 2012, a group of Marksmen

fifth grader won the National Overall Title at

School Music Educators Association’s All-State

the 2011 National Water Ski Championship.

Concerts. The boys were selected from recorded

Joining him in victory is his sister, Grace

samples they sent to the TPSMEA last semester.

Warner, who also won the National Overall

All-State Orchestra: Seniors ~ Alex Rothkrug (viola), Alex Nguyen (violin), Patrick Ng (cello), Daniel Long (cello), and Prajan Divakar (violin). Juniors ~ Will Chang (violin), Hansen Kuo (viola), and Sam Libby (viola).

On Campus | THE PRIDE

Ryan Warner ’19 had a busy summer. The

traveled to San Marcos for the Texas Private

The following students were selected for


5th Grader Wins National Water Ski Championship

Title. The 69th annual GOODE Water Ski National Championships is the world’s largest three-event water ski tournament. In addition to winning the National Overall Title and the National Tricks Title, Ryan won the Boys I National Slalom Title, tying his personal best score of two buoys at 32 feet off

Sophomore ~ Jonathan Ng (violin).

and making a clean sweep in all three categories.

Freshmen ~ Timothy Cho (violin), Stuart

This is Ryan’s second National Overall Title.

Montgomery (cello), Rohan Pinto (violin),

He won the gold Overall in the same age

and William Su (violin).

group in 2009.

St. Mark’s School of Texas

On Campus

Eagle Scout Spruces Up St. Mark’s Garden Students eating from the cafeteria salad bar have begun receiving vegetables that were grown locally. Very locally. For his Eagle Scout service project, Mike Player ’12 constructed four planter boxes for the School garden. A variety of plants, including (above) Jayan Joshi ’19 plots his next move at the World Series of Chess. ­

spinach, lettuce, broccoli, Swiss chard, and cauliflower have already been grown in the garden and served up to hungry Marksman.

(left) A head of broccoli sprouts in the St. Mark’s garden, destined for the serving lines of the cafeteria.

The garden will also receive a compost bin, as part of another scout’s Eagle project. The garden is the focus of the third grade Garden Club sponsored by Catherine Wetzel with help from Sally Stephens, Director of Food Services.

Rediscovering Cotton Kahan Chavda ’12 and Aarav Chavda ’13 are making big waves in a major industry. The brothers assisted researchers with the Technical Association of Pulp and Paper

Checkmate! On November 5, nearly 100 youngsters

Industry’s (TAPPI) non-woven division in

came to campus for the World Series of Chess.

trying to discover new and better uses for

Marksmen led the pack, placing first overall

discounted cotton.

with a hefty point-and-a-half lead over St. John’s

Every year, 10 percent of West Texas’s cotton crop doesn’t fully mature and must be sold at a

Episcopal School. Mark Weisberg ’19 placed first in the fifth–

discount. Researchers at TAPPI have already

sixth grade category and first overall with a final

found that this cotton absorbs more oil than

score of 5.0. St. Mark’s dominated the fifth–sixth

higher quality cotton and hope to find more

grade category, with Marksmen placing in the

uses in the future.

top five slots.

The research the Chavda brothers assisted with was presented at TAPPI’s non-wovens conference in Atlanta this fall. The Association’s

Tianming Xie ’20 and David Li ’20 tied for first place in fourth grade. Elsewhere, Kamal Mamdani ’19 was a winner

president commented on how impressed he and

at the U.S. Chess National K–12 Championship

the other professionals were with how the boys

held at the Hilton Anatole on November 18–20,

presented themselves and interacted with the

2011. In the fifth grade under 600 category,

industry’s best and brightest.

Kamal received second place.

St. Mark’s School of Texas

Winter 2012 | On Campus


On Campus

out of up to 7,000 applicants. It is the sole nominating committee for the selective Presidential Scholars in the Arts program. The St. Mark’s finalists went to Miami for YoungArts Week, the next phase of the competition. There,

Winning photo by Riley Graham ’14.

students from all across the nation will compete

Photographers Shoot to Win St. Mark’s photography program has received

for cash prizes, scholarships to some of the country’s most prestigious schools, and a

numerous awards recently for its talented

chance to become one of the 20 Presidential

student photographers.

Scholars in the Arts, who will be honored at

Riley Graham ’14 was named the “Under 16

the White House.

Environmental Photographer of the Year” by the Chartered Institution of Wastes Management, a London-based non-profit environmental

Great Debaters Rishee Batra ’12 and Zachary Burdette ’13

management agency. Riley received his award

competed in a national debate tournament

at a special ceremony in London, England, on

held at the University of Southern California.

December 8, 2011.

They won all six of their preliminary debates

The Association of Texas Photography Instructors Fall Contest also honored 13

and started elimination rounds as the number one seed.

Marksmen with multiple awards. The Contest

After preliminary competition concluded,

received more than 6,200 entries from schools

Rishee was ranked as the top speaker for the

in Texas, Kansas, California, and New York.

tournament. Zachary and Rishee won four

The winners include: Riley Graham ’14 – Best of Show Max Wolens ’14 – First (Advanced Open) Michael Gilliland ’13 – First (Advanced Still Life)

straight debates in elimination rounds, eventually winning second place overall. Zachary and Rishee went on to their first tier one nationally competitive debate in early 2012, in Nashville, Tennessee, where they won five of

YoungArts Finalists St. Mark’s congratulates two students

as the 7th speaker. This was Rishee’s third

Porter ’12 and Ardis Graham ’12. Wilton was

consecutive year to reach this stage of the

selected based on his ceramic art and Ardis

competition and a very rare feat.

Each year, the highly competitive national YoungArts program chooses only 150 finalists On Campus | THE PRIDE

20th speaker overall and Rishee was recognized

named YoungArts finalists this year, Wilton

for his woodworking.


their six preliminary debates. Zachary finished

Closer to home, sophomores Nikhil Jain ’14 and Charlie Marshall ’14 attended the University of North Texas debate tournament. They won

St. Mark’s School of Texas

On Campus

their five preliminary debates and started elimination rounds as the number-one seed. They maintained that ranking by winning four straight debates and the tournament championship.


(above) The Upper School Choir performing the National Anthem for the Dallas Mavericks.

On Saturday, January 21, 2012, 16 Upper School students participated in the ninth annual Metroplex Math Competition. This competition,

(left) Alex McKenna ’14 at the South by Southwest Film Festival.

initially started by St. Mark’s, was held at Parish Episcopal School. The Parish Episcopal teacher responsible for most of the writing of the contest problems this year was Cas Dunlap ’86. Marksmen swept the categories of Geometry Open and Algebra II Closed, and placed first in Algebra II Open, Precalculus Closed, Precalculus Open, Calculus Open, Team Event, and Sweepstakes. Congratulations to mathletes Jason Altschuler ’12, James Rowan ’13, Alex Choy ’13,

Austin that attracts prominent filmmakers,

Raymond Guo ’15, Nikhil Jain ’14, Nick Jelsma ’15,

musical groups, and technology companies.

Will Jelsma ’15, Rachit Mohan ’13, Vivek

Last year, nearly 20,000 people attended film

Kuppurajan ’14, Vikram Pattabi ’15, Sam Libby ’13,

screenings at SXSW.

Alexander Muñoz ’14, Samir Saidi ’12, Raffy Salcedo ’13, William Su ’15, and Victor Zhou ’14.

US Choir Performs at Mavs Game The St. Mark’s Upper School Choir performed

Student Film Picked for SXSW One of the most prestigious film festivals in

the national anthem in front of thousands of fans at the start of the Dallas Mavericks basket-

Texas be will screening a movie produced by

ball game against the Houston Rockets on

two St. Mark’s students. “Drawings,” made

March 27, 2012.

by Christian Larrave ’11 and Alexander

The Choir’s rendition of “The Star-Spangled

McKenna ’14, was screened at the South by

Banner” was met with thunderous applause

Southwest Film Festival’s Texas High School

in the American Airlines Center. Afterwards,

Film Competition on March 10, 2012. South by

the Mavericks enjoyed a 90 – 81 victory over

Southwest is an annual conference held in

the Rockets.

St. Mark’s School of Texas

Winter 2012 | On Campus


On Campus

st. mark’s traditions Marksmen Making Memories

Students and faculty leaders trek through the wild on the 40th Pecos Wilderness Trip.

Pecos Wilderness Trip Life at St. Mark’s is filled with rites of passage, from lunch lines to blue shirts, but few are as respected and anticipated as the Pecos Wilderness Trip. For 10 days, upcoming freshmen are led through the heart of the New Mexico wilderness along the Pecos River on a journey that teaches them self-reliance, cooperation, and a respect for nature. The experience relies on an old-fashioned approach to camping. The boys hike between three and six miles a day, with only what they can carry in their packs. Led by faculty members and Upper School “Sherpas,” the trip tests each boy’s mental, physical, and emotional limits. The trip culminates in The Solo, a 24-hour period when boys spend a day

originally introduced by St. Mark’s history

alone in the wilderness for a period of quiet

teacher John Huie and influenced by the

reflection surrounded by untouched nature.

Outward Bound organization. He also intro-

Last August, the Pecos Trip celebrated its 40th trek into the wild. The program was


On Campus | THE PRIDE

duced the Searchers activity, known today as The Solo.

St. Mark’s School of Texas

On Campus

Marksmen cross the beautiful New Mexican landscape during the Pecos Trip.

St. Mark’s School of Texas

Winter 2012 | On Campus


On Campus

More than 600 grandparents and guests shared a day on campus with their Marksmen.

Grandparents’ Day Eager youngsters guided their grandparents through the halls while older students displayed their knowledge and hard work for their guests as St. Mark’s celebrated Grandparents’ Day, one of its most beloved traditions. On November 18, 2011, more than 600 grandparents and guests came to campus to attend classes with their boys. The faculty engaged the boys and their guests, offering unique lessons and projects that got everyone involved. The day was capped off with lunch in the Great Hall.


On Campus | THE PRIDE

St. Mark’s School of Texas

On Campus

Marksmen serve their community through McDonald’s Week, the Austin Street Dinner, and the Holiday Gift Drive.

Community Service Marksmen rarely do things halfway. Nowhere is this more apparent than with the Community Service program. Each year, boys dedicate hundreds of hours of their own time to help those in need, and this year was no exception. The spirit of giving could be felt all through the holiday season and kicked off in fun fashion with McDonald’s Week. In the days leading up to the Thanksgiving break, Marksmen and Hockadaisies braved the frigid temperatures to sing, dance, race, rap, and eat in support of the Austin Street Centre. Two weeks later, on December 7, 2011, Marksmen delivered more than 500 hot meals to Austin Street. They passed out cheeseburgers, hash browns, and apple pies, and presented the shelter with a check for more than $11,000. The School easily met and exceeded its Salvation Army gift drive quota for another year, benefiting families all over the Metroplex.

St. Mark’s School of Texas

Winter 2012 | On Campus


On Campus

The community enjoys a candlelit Festival of Nine Lessons & Carols.

Lessons & Carols This year, a Festival of Nine Lessons & Carols celebrated its 60th anniversary at St. Mark’s. The service featured the entire St. Mark’s choir, including the fourth grade novices, accompanied by brass and strings. Representatives from all areas of the School, including students, alumni, parents, faculty, staff, and our Headmaster, were selected to read each of the nine lessons. For many, the Festival remains a hallmark of the Christmas season at St. Mark’s.


On Campus | THE PRIDE

St. Mark’s School of Texas

On Campus

Seniors carry their little buddies into the Great Hall for the All-School Christmas Party.

All-School Christmas Party In a tradition that has become immortalized in the statue overlooking campus, seniors enter the Great Hall, filled with the entire student body, carrying Lower Schoolers on their shoulders to decorate the Christmas tree. The Party symbolizes a rite of passage for these participants, both young and old, as well as the start of the muchanticipated Christmas break. A representative from the Salvation Army personally thanked the boys for their generosity in ensuring that children all across Dallas had a joyful holiday. The debate still rages as to who enjoys this tradition more: the youngsters who ride on the shoulders of the big guys, the seniors who carry them, or the parents and guests who gather to watch.

St. Mark’s School of Texas

Winter 2012 | On Campus


On Campus

celebrate st. mark’s Parents and Alumni Receive a Stiller Education

Meanwhile the chairs of the Online Silent Auction were taking in a record number of items that would go up for bid on February 10, 2012, and (above) Ben Stiller with Celebrate St. Mark’s co-chair Skye Brewer and Bill Brewer. (right) Parents party Zoolander-style.


Live Auction selections. Parents in each class

year’s Celebrate St. Mark’s event. Where would

were assembling Class Baskets to bid on at the

it take place? What was the theme? Was there a

event. When the invitations arrived in the mail,

special celebrity coming? Co-chairs Skye Brewer

the big fashion question became, “What is

and Jennifer Dix and their team of volunteers

Zoolander Chic?” Answer: Anything Goes! A record 800 people attended Celebrate

all the plans together and, with great marketing

St. Mark’s this year and enjoyed an evening

style, they revealed the details of the annual

full of fun, fellowship, and fundraising. The

Celebrate St. Mark’s event in stages.

numbers are still being calculated, but by all

The first announcement revealed the location

accounting, the evening was a tremendous

— the brand new Omni Hotel in downtown

success. Proceeds from the event go to the

Dallas. With a larger, off-campus venue, the event

Parents’ Association Endowed Teaching

would accommodate more people, reduce costs,

Fellowship Fund.

and allow the local alumni to attend, along with

Ben Stiller was an extra special treat. His

current parents, faculty, and staff members.

fee for the evening was a donation to his

Excitement was high as people anticipated seeing

foundation, which builds schools in Haiti.

the new hotel with its rainbow of neon lights.

Ben’s humorous routine included film clips

A few weeks later, tantalizing signs appeared

On Campus | THE PRIDE

were busy securing the Big Board items and the

There was a lot of mystery surrounding this

were hard at work behind the scenes bringing


close one day after the big event. Other volunteers

poking fun at his attempts to find a name for

on campus asking, “Who will be attending

his foundation, featuring Jennifer Aniston and

Celebrate St. Mark’s?” Rumors of a celebrity

St. Mark’s own Owen Wilson ’87. Stiller ended his

guest began to circulate, until finally the big

performance by transforming into his Zoolander

reveal was made. Actor Ben Stiller would be the

character for the final few moments of fun.

featured guest and the theme for the evening

Then, the Spazmatics filled the room with

would be “Get a Stiller Education.”

dance music to end the evening.

St. Mark’s School of Texas

Alumni News homecoming 2011 Alumni and Fans Cheer On the Lions Hundreds of alumni and guests gathered this fall to reconnect and cheer on the Lions at Homecoming.

St. Mark’s School of Texas

Winter 2012 | Alumni News


Alumni News

alumni in the news Marksmen Making National and International News

Harry Lynch ’84 & Wilson Waggoner ’90 Two Marksmen are always better than one, especially when making movies. Documentary filmmaker Harry Lynch ’84 is currently touring the country screening his new film, Switch, which explores America’s desire to transition from coal and oil to the energies of tomorrow.

(above) Harry Lynch ’84 filming his documentary Switch at La Hague nuclear recycling center.

Providing the camerawork is cinematographer and classmate Wilson Waggoner ’90. Harry and Wilson worked together on

(right) The cover of everyday, a collection of photographs by Leonard Volk ’45.

previous projects, including Unconventional and Making the Modern, which documents the creation and construction of the Modern Art Museum of Ft. Worth. Switch will be screened locally at Earth Day Dallas in Fair Park on April 22, 2012.

Martin Tull ’91 The environmental movement has been

Leonard Volk ’45 After an amazing professional life as an


sweeping the nation for years, and now sports venues are the latest group going green. Leading

accomplished architect, Leonard Volk ’45 is

the charge is Martin Tull ’91, executive director

returning to his favorite hobby and releasing

of the Green Sports Alliance. This non-profit

a collection of personal photographs entitled

aims to work with teams and owners to trans-

everyday. Leonard picked up a passion for photo-

form stadiums, fields, and speedways into more

graphy while traveling around Europe the year

sustainable places. The GSA recently teamed up

after he graduated college. Upon returning to

with the Philadelphia Eagles to renovate Lincoln

the States, he served two years in the Army

Financial Field with solar-powered scoreboards,

before studying architecture at MIT. For more

wind turbines, and by recycling cooking fat from

than 30 years, Leonard practiced architecture

the kitchens into biodiesel. Not only are these

in Dallas and led a volunteer-based career

changes good for the planet but, in the case of

working on community goals, neighborhood

the Eagles, will also save the team millions of

improvement, and affordable housing.

dollars in the long run.

Alumni News | THE PRIDE

St. Mark’s School of Texas

Alumni News

Randy Zisk ’77 & Taylor Hamra ’95 It’s not unusual for Marksmen to return to Dallas after leaving 10600 Preston Road, but Randy Zisk ’77 and Taylor Hamra ’95 are taking it a step further. They are reinventing Dallas. Both have enjoyed great success behind the scenes in Hollywood and are now returning to the Metroplex on the crew of TNT’s continuation of the classic television drama Dallas. Neither Marksmen are new to the world of prime-time television. Taylor Hamra ’95 has served as a writer and producer on shows such as Just Shoot Me! and Life Unexpected. Randy Zisk ’77 has produced and directed numerous hit shows, including Monk, Without a Trace, and Lois & Clark.

Evan Daugherty ’00 Evan Daughtery ’00 has had a very good year. Not only has he written two major upcoming motion pictures, but he also sold a primetime television show to NBC. (top) Taylor Hamra ’95 and Randy Zisk ’77 on the set of Dallas in Dallas.

Evan wrote the screenplay for the summer blockbuster Snow White & the Huntsman. Unlike its Disney ancestor, this Snow White is a darker,

and John Travolta as rival soldiers facing off

more dramatic film, starring Kristen Stewart

in the Appalachian wilderness. On the small

as the title character. Charlize Theron plays the

screen, Evan also sold a high-concept television

evil queen who dispatches a fearless huntsman

series titled Afterthought to NBC. The show,

(Thor’s Chris Hemsworth) to retrieve Snow

co-created with Twilight producer Melissa

White’s heart in hopes of stealing her beauty.

Rosenberg, follows an unconventional team

As if one big-budget film isn’t enough, another

within the FBI that investigates the memories of

of Evan’s scripts is in production under the title

the recently deceased to solve murders. Evan

Killing Season, which will feature Robert de Niro

will serve as a writer and co-executive producer.

St. Mark’s School of Texas

(above) Evan Daugherty ’00 on a remote beach in Wales for filming on Snow White and the Hunstman, which he wrote.

Winter 2012 | Alumni News


Alumni News

Ben Grisz ’08 Ben Grisz ’08 is graduating into the big leagues, (above) Ty Montgomery ’11 can’t be stopped, at least not by Pac-12 tacklers. ­

hanging up his Blue Devils jersey in favor of the

(above right) Ben Grisz ’08 pitching for the minor-league Auburn Doubledays.

Major League Baseball came calling soon after

red, white, and blue of the Auburn Doubledays, a minor-league affiliate of the Washington Nationals. Ben’s early graduation from Duke University, making him the 14th active Duke player to join professional baseball. As a Blue Devil, Ben was

(right) Miles Fisher ’02 walking the red carpet.

a force to be reckoned with, pitching more than 100 innings and logging 85 strikeouts.

Ty Montgomery ’11 Ty Montgomery ’11 may still be a freshman,

Miles Fisher ’02 Miles Fisher ’02 has been making a name for


but he made his mark on Stanford this season. In his first start against USC, Ty caught five passes

himself in Hollywood. After achieving internet

for 87 yards, aiding the Cardinal to a victory.

stardom for his impression of Tom Cruise

Overall, Ty tallied more than 1,000 all-purpose

(nearly half a million views on YouTube), Miles

yards, including a 96-yard kickoff return, one of

has landed guest roles on some of television’s

his four touchdowns this season. Ty finished out

biggest hit shows, including Mad Men and

his explosive first season with the Cardinal at the

Gossip Girl. Now he’s gracing the big screen,

Fiesta Bowl, where he caught the final pass of

landing a lead role in last summer’s supernat-

Andrew Luck’s college career. He was named

ural thriller Final Destination 5. Soon after, he

Stanford’s Freshman Player of the Year and was

appeared in Clint Eastwood’s highly anticipated

also named Pac-12 All-Special Teams for his

historical biopic, J. Edgar, as an FBI employee

contributions as a kick returner and punt team

who interviews Leonardo DiCaprio’s Hoover

gunner. Ty was seen back on campus in January,

throughout the film. When he’s not acting in

visiting sixth grade classes, where he was treated

major motion pictures, Miles also pursues a

like a rock star— signing autographs, answering

professional music career, and released his

questions about Stanford, and enjoying lunch

self-titled EP in 2009.

with the Middle Schoolers.

Alumni News | THE PRIDE

St. Mark’s School of Texas

Alumni News

alumni programs Engaging Marksmen Coast to Coast

Alunmi gatherings in Washington, D.C., Nashville, and New York City.

Continuing to Excel With clarity of mission, the Alumni Board has once again teamed up with the Office of Development and Alumni Relations to ensure there is a full slate of opportunities for alumni of all ages to connect. The ongoing mission of the Alumni Board is to strive to be the best independent school alumni network demonstrated by superior alumni engagement and contributions. To achieve their audacious goal, they continue to focus on several key areas: (1) the continued growth of Alumni Weekend and the Reunion Program, (2) a full calendar of events across the nation, (3) a concentrated focus on engaging

St. Mark’s School of Texas

Winter 2012 | Alumni News


Alumni News

Faculty member Bobbi Mailer (above, with Bay Area alumni) and Jeanie Laube (right, in Philadelphia) were just a few legends to hit the road this year and greet alumni across the country.


Alumni News | THE PRIDE

St. Mark’s School of Texas

Alumni News

Alumni Leadership Speaker Series young alumni and students, and (4) achieving

The Alumni Board continues to use the ALSS

more than 55 percent participation in the

as a way to engage community members in

St. Mark’s Fund. With each of their goals,

social, business, and cultural discussions. From

they continue to measure, tweak, and improve

faculty members, to alumni, to visiting scholars,

their methods to greater and greater results.

the ALSS allows for alumni to gather around the

These important initiatives all work together

city in various venues. This program was initi-

to strengthen the St. Mark’s Alumni Network,

ated years ago in response to the call for more

which proves to be stronger every year. More

varied events. The Board’s goal is to host three

than ever, alumni have the ability to connect

of these events each year. This fall, visiting

with each other and with the School in mean-

scholar Dr. George Comer, Associate Professor

ingful ways. They support the School with their

of Finance at Georgetown University, spoke to

time and resources in extraordinary ways and

alumni over breakfast about his academic

continue to set the standard for independent

research surrounding models that predict

schools. The Alumni Board and the School have

mutual fund performance. In December,

a strong partnership that will help build the

Eugene McDermott Headmaster Arnie Holtberg

Alumni Association and, more importantly, move

gathered with nearly 150 alumni at the Tower

the School towards its mission of turning bright

Club to celebrate the holiday season and provide

young boys into happy and productive men.

alumni with a snapshot of the School year.

St. Mark’s School of Texas

In his final year at St. Mark’s, Dr. Ploegstra spent time with alumni in Los Angeles and the Bay Area.

Winter 2012 | Alumni News


Alumni News

(above) Alumni gather at Stanford. (above right) Bay Area alumni with the Headmaster. (right) Dr. Balog and Dr. Ploegstra visit alumni friends on the West Coast.

Regional Events Activity is at an all-time high across the nation, and the Board knows that it must

and nearly tripled from previous gatherings.

engage the more than 2,000 alumni spread

Along with Eugene McDermott Headmaster

across the globe.

Arnie Holtberg, Malcolm K. and Minda Brachman

The Alumni Office continues to focus on

Master Teacher Dr. Henry Ploegstra, Cecil H. and

visits to major cities and colleges and hopes

Ida Green Master Teacher Dr. Stephen Balog,

to travel with an increased number of faculty

and Scott Hunt were members of the traveling

members in the years to come.

faculty. Alumni were excited to reconnect with

To date, the School has visited 11 cities outside of Dallas and hosted more than 15


great effect. At both events, attendance doubled

their longtime faculty friends. The Regional Club program continues to

lunches, dinners, and other events for regional

move forward. While the New York and Bay

alumni. Following up on the success of the West

Area Clubs continue their growth, new Clubs

Coast Launches last spring, the School traveled

look to come online in key cities like Austin,

to the Bay Area and Los Angeles this winter to

Los Angeles, and Washington, D.C.

Alumni News | THE PRIDE

St. Mark’s School of Texas

Alumni News

Alumni representing six decades attend the Dallas Area Alumni Holiday Luncheon.

Young Alumni Activity The presence of our young alumni can be

at an early age — even before leaving School.

felt at every level. On campus, at events, and

The Young Alumni Holiday Gathering over

on Reunion Committees, young alumni

Thanksgiving continues to be a popular tradi-

continue to assume the mantle of leadership.

tion. More alumni than ever before returned to

As the presence of young alumni grows on the

campus for the College-Age Luncheon over the

Alumni Board, so does the focus on effective

holiday break. The Student Alumni Association

engagement for alumni who have not yet

continues to grow their reach into the world

celebrated their 15th Reunion. The Board looks

beyond 10600 Preston Road with personalized

to strengthen the program and engage alumni

care packages for college-age alumni.

St. Mark’s School of Texas

Winter 2012 | Alumni News


Alumni News

College-Age Alumni Holiday Luncheon.

Alumni Board Vision St. Mark’s is recognized nationally as having the best independent school alumni network demonstrated by superior alumni engagement and contributions.

Alumni Board Values • • • • •


Alumni News | THE PRIDE

Commitment to Making St. Mark’s Better Passionate Involvement, Generosity, and Service High Standards Pursuit of Learning and Growth Promoting Camaraderie and Fun within the St. Mark’s Community

St. Mark’s School of Texas

What Defines Us... Alumni Leadership. At 10600 Preston Road, we know well the collective impact of St. Mark’s alumni. For three consecutive years, St. Mark’s has led the nation in alumni participation. This tradition of alumni engagement and financial support sets St. Mark’s apart and, most importantly, makes a vital difference in the lives of current boys and their outstanding teachers:

~ Last year, 56% of alumni contributed more than $1.4 million toward the

$2.7 million St. Mark’s Fund.

~ Alumni gifts to the St. Mark’s Fund provided the equivalent earnings of a

$28 million unrestricted endowment.

~ Every dollar given directly supports our mission as we seek to inspire boys

to be great men— men who will lead and serve others. Alumni leadership inspires. Join the ranks of other alumni making a difference.

Lead | Inspire | Be Counted Make your gift at

Spotlight alumni giving Generous and Devoted Alumni Move School Forward

Alumni participation reached 56 percent in the 2010 –2011 St. Mark’s Fund year and by all accounts, led all independent schools across the nation. This achievement also trumps most universities and rivals the numbers attained by the strongest collegiate programs in the nation. St. Mark’s alumni lead in many ways Marksmen from the Class of 1991 at last year’s Spring Alumni Weekend BBQ.

across industries and around the globe. This measure of participation is one more way in

Alumni Assert National Leadership

which Marksmen are making their mark.

Fifty-six percent is the new standard in giving. In 2007, the Alumni Board staked their claim on 50 percent alumni participation in the

at St. Mark’s, classes gather to begin planning

alumni believe passionately in their alma mater

their forthcoming spring reunions. They focus

and understand its lifelong impact. While

on how best to engage the class, what kind of

alumni participation is not the only tool for

reunion activities to schedule and, finally, what

measuring alumni engagement, it is one metric

kind of Reunion Gift they would like to make. This year’s Alumni Weekend marks the end

gauging the effectiveness of the Alumni

of the first five-year cycle for this new campus

Program from year to year.

tradition. Since 2008, the Weekend and the

When the Alumni Board adopted its partici-

Spotlight | THE PRIDE

In what is becoming an early fall tradition

St. Mark’s Fund. They reasoned that St. Mark’s

that has proven to be most equitable when


Reunion Records Broken…Again

Reunion Program have taken root at St. Mark’s.

pation goal as one of its annual priorities, the

By all measures, alumni are embracing Alumni

landscape changed dramatically. St. Mark’s

Weekend and the Reunion Program. Reflecting

alumni now lead the nation in annual fund

the St. Mark’s ethos, classes continue to set

participation. A new standard has been

their sights squarely on establishing Reunion

established, with three successive years

records for attendance, participation and

above 50 percent.

Reunion Giving.

St. Mark’s School of Texas

Spotlight on Philanthropy

This year, Alumni Weekend Chair

challenge themselves and raise the bar for

Ben Vig ’89 and his Committee have worked

classes of every generation. Reunion classes are

diligently to ensure a successful series of

encouraging broad support with a simple end

events. From the Alumni Golf Tournament,

goal — to impact the School in a meaningful

to alumni classes led by faculty, to the Spring

way, while paying tribute to the lasting relation-

Alumni Dinner, to the family BBQ, Alumni

ships that formed their St. Mark’s experience.

Weekend will have something for everyone. As in past years, the Reunion Classes will

This year, several classes are poised to set Reunion Gift records. The Class of 2007 and

drive the majority of traffic, and the Classes

the Class of 1997 are within striking distance of

ending in 2’s and 7’s are on a record-setting

5th and 15th Reunion records for participation

pace. Reunion Committees will continue to

and total giving, respectively. The Class of 2002

work through March and April to engage

has already set a 10th Reunion Record and is

classmates personally and encourage their

still going strong. The Class of 1987 and the Class

full participation. Quite simply, the more

of 1977 have both set records in total giving for

classmates back in town this April, the better

the 25th and 35th Reunions. Both classes are

the Reunion experience.

focused on setting the all-time Reunion Gift

Since the beginning of the Reunion Gift program five years ago, Reunion classes continue to impact the St. Mark’s Fund in

record by raising more than $161,000, a record established last year by the Class of 1981. With Alumni Weekend around the corner,

extraordinary ways. The 10 Reunion classes now

Reunion Committees will work to maximize

account for almost 40 percent of total alumni

their impact in participation and giving. It is

giving with more than $500,000 contributed

already clear that the Classes ending in 2’s and

to the School each year. Each year classes

7’s will leave their mark on the Campus.

St. Mark’s School of Texas

The Class of 1987 celebrating their 20th Reunion in 2007. ­

Winter 2012 | Spotlight


Spotlight on Philanthropy

habitat for humanity Building a House, Providing a Home

(above) The Habitat for Humanity crew pose in front of the finished home. (right) With a loaf of bread, a bottle of wine, and a Bible, the family is welcomed into their finished home.


Spotlight | THE PRIDE

cost with the Michel and Hicks families: Ann and

When John Michel ’10 was a sophomore, his

Chris Mahowald, Nancy and Richard Winston,

parents, Deborah and David Michel, were

Lori and Denton Watumull, Kristi and Wallace

looking for a community service activity that

Hall ’80, Hong and Jim Bass ’77, Barbara and

they could take part in with their son. “When we

Jim Moroney, Lisa and Gabriel Gonçalves, and

looked into the Habitat for Humanity program

Bonnie and Peter Smith. As Deborah Michel

and found out about their rule about the ages of

said, “the enthusiasm for the builds has grown

the students who can work on the builds and

so much that we discussed how we could involve

that parents must volunteer with their children,

more students and their parents. Only a limited

we felt it was a good fit,” explained Deborah

number of people can work on the houses each

Michel. That first year, 2008, the Michel family

Saturday and the obvious solution was for the

provided the full funding for the Habitat build

Community Service Program to commit to build

for the Hockaday and St. Mark’s Community

two houses next year. The sponsors for next

Service program and committed to fund the

year’s houses are lining up to meet the $150,000

following three years’ builds while John was still

goal, and we were close to the goal just a week

a student at St. Mark’s.

after this year’s home was dedicated.”

The experience was so positive for the Upper


Hockaday and St. Mark’s families shared the

The families who receive the house have to

School students and their parents that for the

put in “sweat equity” as their down payment.

second and third year of the Habitat builds,

“The families have been a delight to work with,”

another set of parents, Cinda and Tom Hicks,

said Deborah, “and it’s great for the volunteers

stepped up to share the cost of the build with

to meet and work with the families so they get

the Michels. That support grew in the subse-

to know the people who will occupy the home

quent years until this year when eight other

once it is built.” One special tradition that has

St. Mark’s School of Texas

Spotlight on Philanthropy

(above) Marksmen take a lunch break during the build. (left) Hockadaisies with Ryan Petty ’12 during the build. (far left) Juniors Harrison Quarls and Jorge Hinojosa get a lesson in carpentry.

dedication this year, several gifts were presented to the family from the students at both schools. The Upper School and Hockaday students created a scrapbook of the eight build days for the family, the Middle School families from Hockaday collected household supplies, paper developed since the first build is that the family

products, linens and yard equipment to help

from last year’s build has provided lunch for the

set up the new household. St. Mark’s Middle

volunteers during one of the current Saturday

School students provided the family with a

building days. “We’re really building a neighbor-

new lawn mower, which was purchased with

hood there, a new community,” said Deborah.

the proceeds from a school-wide car wash.

Once the house is occupied, the students keep

The Dallas Furniture Bank partnered with the

in touch with the families and make them part

schools to donate and deliver new furniture

of the annual Thanksgiving food drive and the

for the master bedroom. Dallas Habitat for

Christmas Gift Drive.

Humanity organization provided a toolbox and

Each year, the dedication of the home has

tools so the family could keep their home in

become a true celebration, with St. Mark’s band

good repair. Then there were the symbolic gifts:

members playing music and hamburgers being

a loaf of bread, a bottle of wine, flowers, a Bible,

grilled for everyone in attendance. At the

and finally, the key to the house.

St. Mark’s School of Texas

Winter 2012 | Spotlight



Cour age and Honor H H H H H H H Before beginning their education, every student who passes through 10600 Preston Road must sign their name to the Honor Principle, a half-page mission statement based upon the School motto “Courage and Honor.” For the select few who dedicate their lives in service of our nation, the words “Courage and Honor” are more than just a motto; the Honor Principle is more than just a pledge; it’s a way of life.


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“Many of the ideals St. Mark’s stands for are the same ideals the military strives to impart in its members,” said Lieutenant Commander Russ Crawford ’94, who is serving in Afghanistan. “The Navy’s core values are Honor, Courage, and Commitment. I believe St. Mark’s nurtured and fostered these same ideals in me during my time there.” “Duty, Honor, Country is the motto at West Point, and St. Mark’s nurtured me in all three,” said Lt. Col. Reyno Arrendondo ’87. “The Honor Principle, which I internalized at St. Mark’s, prepared me to understand and live by those values throughout my military career.” Captain Russell Myers ’99 agrees. “Courage and honor were not optional at St. Mark’s, and they are not optional in

Russ Crawford ’94 in the cockpit.

the Marine Corps.” Since the first World War, graduates of St. Mark’s and its

Both Carson and Nick were accepted into the U.S. Military

predecessor schools have accepted the call of duty to defend

Academy at West Point, an incredible achievement on its own.

our country in times of both war and peace, serving in all

Beyond the rigorous physical and academic requirements,

branches of the military, in all corners of the world.

both candidates had to secure a Congressional nomination.

After graduating from the Terrill School, Henry Lindsley, Jr. ’12

Last December, Carson and Nick were called into the

joined the 93rd Aero Squadron, flying SPAD XIII biplane

Headmaster’s office for a surprise phone call from United

fighters during The Great War. His unit served in Europe for

States Congressman Pete Sessions, who informed the boys

13 months, participating in the Meuse-Argonne offensive,

that they had both been accepted to West Point.

part of the final Allied offensive of The War. A century later, Henry’s grandson, Jack Lindsley ’12

“I have always felt a calling to serve my country,” said Carson, who plans to serve as a career infantry officer. “And

will be walking the stage at Commencement as a third-

I feel like St. Mark’s high academic standards have prepared

generation Marksman. That same night, his classmates,

me for West Point across all academic fronts.”

Carson Warnberg ’12 and Nick Brower ’12 will graduate on their way to military service.

Nick adds that his time at St. Mark’s has taught him many valuable traits that will be vital to success at the Academy. “I know that time management is a big issue at West Point, and I feel like I have a head start on the rest of the incoming cadets because of my involvement at St. Mark’s.” Despite the long and arduous application process, Nick and Carson found plenty of help along the way from St. Mark’s vast alumni network. “Dylan Birch ’09 was extremely helpful,” Carson said. “He came down during my junior year, answered questions, and talked about what it was like making the transition from St. Mark’s to West Point.” Nick’s interest in the military peaked during his freshman year when six seniors walked the stage on their way to military service, four to the Naval Academy and

Henry Lindsley, Jr. ’12 beside his World War I fighter.

St. Mark’s School of Texas

two to West Point.

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Ross Perot, Jr. ’77 & General James Jones Visit Campus One of the central pillars of St. Mark’s philosophy is to educate the whole boy. It could be said that the military shares this ideal, giving its soldiers the training, leadership skills, and education needed to transition back into the civilian world. But some veterans still find it a struggle to reenter the workforce after deployment. This struggle is an issue that one St. Mark’s alumnus takes personally. Ross Perot, Jr. ’77 has endeavored to make his company a welcome place for veterans, knowing full well how much they can bring to their job. After graduating from Vanderbilt University, Ross served in the Air Force for eight and a half years. More recently, he served as chairman of the Air Force Memorial Foundation, which opened in 2006 in Washinton, D.C. In his civilian roles, Ross also continues to encourage employment for veterans. He and his wife have set up scholarship programs at different colleges to allow military veterans to continue their education. Perot also emphasizes hiring veterans in his own businesses, a tradition that has been passed down from his father. “During the Vietnam War, my father focused very intently on recruiting men and women out of the war,” Perot said. “In all of the companies we continue to build, we focus on bringing retired military personnel in and giving them great career paths.”

(top) General Jones and Ross Perot, Jr. ’77 respond to questions from students during Upper School assembly. (above) Travis Nadalini ’15 and Jake Holder ’15 with General Jones. (below left) Ross Perot, Jr. ’77 during his time in the Air Force.

On Tuesday, September 20, 2011, Ross visited campus with retired Four-Star General James L. Jones, former

Commandant of the Marine Corps, NATO Supreme Allied Commander in Europe, and ultimately, National Security Advisor. The two fielded questions at a special Upper School assembly, addressing the importance of character, integrity, and leadership. They also answered questions about globalization, and the roles that NATO and the United States have in the future of the world. “Leadership to me is the most precious gift that anyone could be given because of the responsibilities that go with it,” Gen. Jones said. “But it’s also one of the most difficult challenges to do well in.” Perot also took the opportunity to encourage the young men to thank members of the military for their service.


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“Marksmen had a huge part in guiding me towards a service academy,” Nick said. “Lt. Col. Reyno Arrendondo ’87

Luther King, Jr. Memorial, and several presidential libraries. Throughout his 17-year career in the military, he has never

had a major influence on me and has been a wonderful friend

forgotten St. Mark’s and the impression it left on him as a

and advocate.”

young man.

Soon, Nick and Carson will join the scores of St. Mark’s

“St. Mark’s imbued me with the high ideals and values

graduates to serve our country. Today, Marksmen are

that I’ve carried with me during my years of military service.

stationed across the globe, from California to the Middle East,

I had dreamed of becoming a Navy pilot as long as I could

representing a wide range of skill sets and responsibilities.

remember. I believe St. Mark’s just gave me more of

Before deploying to Afghanistan, Lt. Commander Russ Crawford ’94, a Navy aviator by trade, underwent Army

the skill sets needed to pursue the dream.” Looking back, Lt. Commander Crawford remembers how

combat training at Ft. Dix, New Jersey, to serve as a GSA

the variety of lessons he learned at 10600 Preston Road

(Global War on Terror Support Assignments), providing

helped him.

support for the Army. His training included M16 marksman-

“St. Mark’s gave me a great appreciation of culture,

ship, Combat Lifesaving, and familiarization with Mine-

from Art History with Mr. Adams to Western Civilization

Resistant Ambush Protected vehicles.

with Mr. Benke and four years of German with Herr Weadon

After graduating from St. Mark’s, Crawford attended the

and Herr Pickering. St. Mark’s helped teach me and refine in

Naval War College, where he was selected as a host for foreign

me respect, honor, responsibility, commitment, courage,

military officers. This gave him the opportunity to travel

and dedication.”

across the country, teaching his foreign guests all about

Marine Captain James Winston ’01, who served a seven-

American government, culture, business, and society. They

month tour in Iraq, also recalls how St. Mark’s taught him to

walked the yard at San Quentin State Penitentiary, stood

see the world differently.

under the Space Shuttle Atlantis during preparations for its

“My time in the classroom broadened my world view and

final flight into space, and received behind-the-scenes tours

gave me a liberal education that I could only comprehend and

of Microsoft, Boeing, CNN, Coca-Cola, Disney, the Martin

be forever grateful for after I lived in a third world country.”

(left) James Winston ’01 with his mom, Millie Winston, returning from a deployment.

St. Mark’s School of Texas

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Captain Winston credits his time on the football field with

Sponsoring the club is photography instructor Scott Hunt,

helping him develop the leadership skills he would need to

who also serves as a platoon sergeant in the Texas State

command more than 100 American and Iraqi soldiers during

Guard. While Scott points out that his service is voluntary

his deployment. For seven months, Captain Winston lived

and distinctly different from traditional soldiers, he is no less

on a small outpost with his multi-national team, protecting

dedicated to serving his state and his country however he can.

local villagers from al-Qaeda intimidators, training their Iraqi

The State Guard is largely responsible for assisting State and

counterparts, and ridding the streets of deadly IED’s.

local authorities in times of emergency, most notably during

“Above all, St. Mark’s challenges its students on a daily

natural disasters. As Scott explains, he and his fellow

basis with the intent of refining the ‘whole

Guardsmen constantly train for an impor-

boy.’ That process of refinement led me to

tant mission that they hope they never

decide that I wanted more challenges after

have to do. “I find that my job requires me to be a teacher, a manager, and a leader,”

St. Mark’s, and I wanted to do them self-

Scott said.

lessly. That’s what called me to serve, led

As a platoon leader, Scott holds his

me to the Naval Academy, and eventually

men to the highest expectations. Just like

the Marine Corps.” With so many Marksmen answering

traditional soldiers, their performance

the call to service, it should come as little

is crucial when lives are on the line, like in 2010 when Scott was deployed to an

surprise that a pair of current students

evacuee shelter in Brownsville during

recently started the St. Mark’s Armed Forces Club. During their trek through the Pecos wilderness last summer, Travis Nadalini ’15 and Jake

Hurricane Alex. “If someone in the platoon makes a mistake or drops

Holder ’15 decided to start a club that would cater to students

the ball, they must have the moral character to own their

interested in the military as well as allow the community to

actions and take responsibility for the shortcoming.”

show its support for our troops. Both Jake and Travis have a special investment in the club, as both already have their sights set on the Naval Academy.

It is this strong code of conduct that Scott then brings back into his classroom and to the boys of the Armed Forces Club. “This is a lesson in maturity and responsibility that must be taught at St. Mark’s if we are sincerely dedicated

Scott Hunt serves as the faculty sponsor of the St. Mark’s Armed Forces Club.

to developing boys into leaders of character.” Under Scott’s supervision, the Armed Forces Club’s 15 members meet weekly to learn more about the military and give back what they can to the troops. The club members learn military customs like how to fold a flag and organize care packages to be sent to deployed soldiers. This year, the club adopted a squad of Texas National Guard soldiers serving with the 143rd Airborne in Afghanistan. The club also hosts various guest speakers, including the Leonard N. “Doc” Nelson Alumni Master Teaching Chair, Jon Valasek, who served in the Navy for 20 years. While many former and current students may have sat through a science class with Mr. Valasek, or an English lecture from Dr. Ploegstra, few may know that both of these men served our nation at home and abroad.


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Courageous & Honorable Marksmen U.S. Army

U.S. Navy

U.S. Air Force

U.S. Marine Corps

E. Graham Martin, Jr. ’44 Leonard W. Volk II ’45 Roy L. Taylor, Jr. ’49 Bruce M. Dougherty, Jr. ’53 William F. Burrow, Jr. ’57 William R. Crawford ’57 James G. Hazlewood ’57 Justin S. McCarty ’57 James E. Perkins, Jr. ’57 Barton F. Schoeneman, Jr. ’57 Vernon R. Young ’57 Stuart A. Morse ’61 James T. Ling ’62 Raymond R. McKinney ’62 Allen S. Nesbitt ’62 John H. Dorie ’63 Russell H. Reed, Jr. ’63 Michael L. Wolfram ’63 Irby M. Rozelle ’64 David E. Wynne ’64 Robert L. Feldman ’65 Charles R. Mathes, Jr. ’65 J. Richard Barrett ’67 Thomas S. Walker II ’71 Stuart R. Oliphint ’77 Anthony P. Fisher ’79 Allan D. Berger ’84 Reynold R. Arredondo ’87 Darrell E. Eikner ’87 Darren Ream ’89 Charles P. Koutras ’90 Matthew A. Forrester ’93 Cedric G. Lee ’96 Adam R. Robbins ’98 James O. Lee III ’00 Robert E. Crotty ’02 Dylan S. Birch ’09 Jacek R. Zapendowski ’09

J.H. Doscher, Jr. ’38 J. Shuman Leclercq III ’39 Robert B. Boyle ’46 Tony C. Diaz ’52 James H. Clark, Jr. ’54 James P. Kennedy ’59 Frank S. Letcher ’59 Joseph A. I. Worsham ’59 John A. Alexander ’60 James L. Cogar III ’63 Nicholas B. Gilliam ’63 Ernest L. Smith III ’63 Stephen D. Barrett ’64 Britton W. Kolar ’64 Paul W. Harris ’65 Eric B. Nye ’66 James A. Knox ’69 Jack H. Van Zandt, Jr. ’72 John W. Hardy ’73 John M. Williams, Sr. ’75 Edward L. Kownslar ’76 Matthew R. McBride ’76 Eric M. Stroud ’77 Adrian J. Marengo-Rowe ’81 Laurance C. Boyd ’82 Robert W. Lett ’83 Christopher S. Weber ’89 Jonathan S. Glass ’90 Jason A. Gordon ’90 A.J. Ortega ’93 Scott Williams ’93 Russell N. Crawford, Jr. ’94 Landric P. Walden ’95 James N. Carter ’99 Matthew H. Gray ’99 Peter Goodman ’02 Robert B. Hicks ’04 John W. Gannon ’09 Charles E. Goodman ’09 Alexander J. Herbelin ’09 Michael G. McPherson ’09 P. Lyle McDonald ’10 Patton Jeta N. Taylor ’11

Henry D. Lindsley, Jr. ’12 J.H. Henderson ’51 Robert E. Maupin ’52 Richard J. Lane ’57 Nelson H. Spencer ’57 Thomas G. Beckett III ’59 Richard A. Buckner ’59 Theodore R. Thevenet ’59 David T. Waggoner ’62 William E. Green ’64 Robert S. Guthrie ’65 William C. Perkins ’65 Peter F. Kemp ’66 Harry B. Lucas, Jr. ’67 Stephen J. Hay III ’73 Raul P. Rodriguez ’74 Ross Perot, Jr. ’77 Rodney L. Greene ’80 Elliott Roosevelt III ’81 James A. White, Jr. ’82 Ralph E. Jackson ’85 Fontaine Alexander ’93 Michael Bush Wisenbaker ’93 Mason W. Enright ’00 Mark R. Ruff ’00 Hill Perot ’05 Jeffrey G. Randolph, Jr. ’05 Zachary A. Walker ’06 Edward R. Wood ’08 Obadamilare Ogundipe ’11

John M. Pace, Jr. ’52 Anthony J. Price ’52 Stanley P. Toland ’52 Robert A. Meadows ’53 Robert W. Maxwell ’54 Richard S. Crane ’59 William H. Roberts III ’59 Carr P. Collins III ’62 John H. Heyer ’64 David W. Denton ’78 Christopher J. Alpert ’84 Rick A. Martinez ’99 Russell W. Myers ’99 James M. Winston ’01 Benjamin K. Stephens ’02 Michael D. Titzer ’04

U.S. Coast Guard Bart B. Brown ’59 Alan L. Freeman ’59

This is a list of those for whom we have confirmation of service in one of the branches of the military. If you served, and don’t find your name on this list, please email your information to St. Mark’s Alumni Director Jim Bob Womack ’98 at If you know of classmates who served, we would be grateful for that information as well.

St. Mark’s School of Texas

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(above) Russell Myers ’99, right, at Camp Leatherneck, Afghanistan. (left) Henry Ploegstra serving in Ansbach, Germany.

“We do not prepare boys specifically for the military,” he explains. “But the rigor and discipline of our curriculum and athletic program prepare them to meet challenges with courage and honor.” Dr. Ploegstra and many of our alumni are quick to point out that one of the greatest benefits of serving in our military For Henry Ploegstra, while his stint in the Army may have been brief and unintended, it provided invaluable

“The ports in the Ukraine and Dubai rank pretty high

experiences he still treasures to this day and ignited a

up as favorite places I’ve visited while on deployment,”

passion for travel that has sent him across the globe.

said Lieutenant Peter Goodman ’02. “The opportunity to be

“I was not happy about being drafted,” Dr. Ploegstra recalls. “But the way it all turned out, I am very glad it happened, for all kinds of reasons.” The holder of the Malcolm K. and Minda Brachman Master

stationed overseas in Europe, and all the access it provides for European and African travel is amazing.” Peter is currently deployed with the U.S. Sixth Fleet in Naples, Italy, where he assists the planning of long-term

Teaching Chair was drafted into the Army on July 17, 1957, and

naval engagements in Africa. His office is in charge of working

served two years primarily in Ansbach, Germany, eventually

with other branches of the military to develop and coordinate

attaining the rank of Specialist 4th Class and serving as Acting

training and engagement plans for partnering countries

Post Sergeant Major. During that time, Dr. Ploegstra also had

across Africa. This training includes everything from teaching

the unexpected opportunity to experience major events in

small-boat maintenance to a group of sailors from Ghana to

world history that stay with him to this day.

organizing high-profile public relations receptions onboard

“I went to the Brussels World’s Fair, to Stratford-upon-Avon, and happened to be in Rome when Pope Pius XII died,”

Navy ships. “We basically keep track of everything the U.S. Navy has

Dr. Ploegstra said. “Thanks to a well-connected Army buddy,

going on in Europe and Africa,” Peter explains. “The neat thing

I even got to be in the Sistine Chapel with only two or three

about my job is being able to experience things like sailing

other people to meet Cardinal Roncalli, who later became

alongside a carrier while they launch and recover F-18 fighter

Pope John XXIII.”

jets and visiting interesting ports of call all around the world.”

Despite his short time in the military, Dr. Ploegstra was


is the opportunity to see the world.

But no matter how far Peter journeys from 10600 Preston

able to bring skills from his service into the classrooms of

Road, the memories he made as a young Marksman stay

St. Mark’s, where he has taught for 28 years.

with him.

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(above) Peter Goodman ’02 on station in Funchal, Portugal in February 2009. (right) Reyno Arrendondo ’87 with West Point CDT Andrew Rodriguez, winner of the 2011 William V. Campbell Trophy.

“I help schedule, plan, and coordinate NCAA Division I Army Athletics,” said Lt. Col. Reyno Arredondo ’87. While at St. Mark’s, Reyno played football, baseball, and

“Carrying my youngest brother into the Commons for the holiday party before winter break is one of my favorite memories of St. Mark’s,” Peter recalls. “And I still remember Sister Rachel’s long discussions on following ‘the Golden Rule.’” While there might be a generation gap between them,

wrestled. Now, coordinating many of the sports at the Academy, he sees the invaluable benefit sports can have on a student. “Alongside the incredible education that St. Mark’s provides all Marksmen, I urge you to play sports,” Reyno said. “The physical development and leadership skills you learn through

Peter’s sentiments on military life and travel are echoed by

teamwork will help prepare anyone for military service.”

retired Navy Commander Jim Knox ’69. During his 10 tours

At St. Mark’s, students are taught that true Marksmen

(six shipboard, four ashore), Jim was stationed in ports and

are Renaissance men, expected to face life’s challenges

cities all across the nation, including Pearl Harbor, Dallas,

with responsible maturity, a strong moral conscience, and

Rhode Island, San Diego, and Washington, D.C. Jim and Peter

a willingness to constantly improve themselves. They’re

agree that there is no such thing as a regular day in the Navy.

expected to face the world with courage and honor.

“That’s one reason it’s terrific,” Jim said. “Tasks and

“The trust and responsibility that St. Mark’s puts in all

employment vary daily, if not weekly. At sea, it can vary hourly.

students allows Marksmen to learn both in successes and

Ships are incredible pieces of work and going to sea, though

shortfalls,” said Russ Crawford. “Marksmen are given the

challenging and hard, is exciting. There is also an implicit

opportunities to lead and be led, developing the qualities

connection with sailors and ships that preceded us across

and tools needed for success after graduation.”

the oceans for millennia.” But before he stepped foot on a ship, Jim had to learn how to read, write, add, and subtract. “First, St Mark’s taught me to write well. That has set

While the average Marksman has a world of opportunity open to him after Commencement, many of our veteran alumni encourage students to consider a future serving their country. “Get ready for an adventure, be open to living and operating

me apart throughout my career,” Jim said. “The other way

in far away places, make sure you talk to St. Mark’s grads

St. Mark’s prepared me is the mathematics I learned there.

currently in the service before joining,” said Peter Goodman.

My capabilities in math greatly facilitated my Navy training

“For any students considering military service, I would

and in particular my postgraduate education.” Closer to home, another alumnus from the Class of 1987 is

encourage them to go for it!” said Russ Crawford. “My time in the military has been extremely rewarding. I have enjoyed

serving his country on the sports field, helping coordinate the

serving our great nation for 17 years and plan on doing it for

athletics department at the U.S. Military Academy in West Point.

as long as they’ll let me continue to serve.”

St. Mark’s School of Texas

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been the most important priority in the Campaign since day one. To date,

With less than 16 months remaining

donors have pledged to fund six Master

in The Centennial Challenge, the

Teaching Chairs, three of which are

St. Mark’s community continues to step

already fully funded and in place. In

forward in support of the Campaign’s

addition, two administrative positions

priorities. Alumni, parents, and friends

have been endowed. More than $1 million

throughout the country are investing

has been committed toward faculty

in our students and faculty in innovative

professional development to expand

and important ways.

ongoing enrichment opportunities

The $110 million Centennial

including graduate study, research,

Challenge is one of the largest fund-

travel, and other professional growth

raising initiatives of any independent

experiences. The St. Mark’s Parents’

school in the country and the largest

Association has, among other things,

ever in the region. To date, hundreds

pledged $1 million to support a new

of donors have collectively contributed

Teaching Fellows Program, which

more than $92.5 million toward opera-

brings talented, aspiring young teachers

tional, facilities, and endowment goals.

to St. Mark’s who will contribute in

The impact of these early contributions

myriad ways.

is already being felt across the campus,

For more than 50 years, St. Mark’s

as faculty and students are benefiting

has worked carefully to remain

from new resources in the classroom,

accessible to boys who will thrive and

on the playing fields, in the art studios,

contribute to the School, regardless

and beyond.

of their families’ financial circumstance.

An outstanding faculty is at the

The Campaign seeks to significantly

core of the St. Mark’s experience. Thus,

expand the School’s financial aid

increasing support for the faculty has

program and, thus, extend opportunities to more promising students.

(top) Headmaster Arnie Holterg speaks at the Central Texas Launch. (left) Attendees at the Houston Launch enjoy a faculty presentation.


Features | THE PRIDE

To inspire alumni gifts in this regard, two graduates, Casey (and Megan) McManemin ’79 and Bob (and Eveline) Roberts ’64, established the

St. Mark’s School of Texas

Challenge $5 million Alumni Financial Aid Challenge, a dollar-for-dollar match on all new alumni gifts for this purpose. The response to this challenge has been outstanding with alumni financial aid gifts already topping $3.2 million. In addition, parents and friends have also embraced this initiative, with gifts

together and collectively contributed

ranging from a few thousand to more

$35 million to complete Centennial

than a million dollars. Collectively,

Hall and the Robert K. Hoffman Center,

these donors are opening doors of

two buildings that have quite simply

opportunity for current and future

transformed the teaching and learning

Marksmen who will make a difference.

environment on campus. Since the

The Campaign has also generated

addition of these new facilities,

meaningful investments in student

many other donors have joined in

programs across the campus in the

this initiative by making important

arts, community service, athletics, and

investments in the campus, all of

character development. The Leadership

which are matched dollar-for-dollar

and Ethics Program, which has become

with contributions to the endowment,

an integral part of the St. Mark’s experi-

and in some cases they have named

ence, is but one significant example of

new spaces in honor of family members

how important these contributions are

or teachers.

to the School’s future. Early gifts to The Centennial

And finally, the St. Mark’s Fund continues to be the School’s most

Challenge enabled St. Mark’s to

important ongoing fundraising priority.

dramatically upgrade its physical

For this reason, all contributions to the

education and athletics facilities with

St. Mark’s Fund from July 1, 2006

construction of the Norma and Lamar

through June 30, 2013 are included

Hunt Family Stadium as well as the

in the Campaign. These gifts support

expanded soccer, lacrosse, and base-

excellence across the campus and

ball fields. Several years later, when

represent a positive vote of confidence

St. Mark’s was celebrating its 100th

from literally thousands of alumni,

anniversary, a dozen donors joined

parents, and friends.

St. Mark’s School of Texas

(top) Board of Trustees President Ken Hersh ’81 in Austin. (above middle) Former Alumni Board President Drew Clancy ’84, Eric Boyce ’84, and Trustee Bill Graue ’84. (above) Michael Brinkman ’95 and faculty member Cory Martin at the Central Texas Launch, in Austin.

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(above) Young alums gather with Joe Milliet at the Central Texas Launch in Austin. (above right) Manny Acho ’08 in Austin. (far right) Jordan Ramsey ’01 with Brooke Hollimon in Austin. (right) Guests enjoy dinner at the Central Texas Launch.

The Centennial Challenge Launches in Austin and Houston One of the primary goals of The Centennial Challenge is to

held in Texas — Austin in November,

strengthen alumni involvement and

2011, and Houston in February, 2012.

participation around the country.

Like preceding events in New York,

The Campaign is a national endeavor,

Los Angeles, and San Francisco, these

and through regional launches, alumni

launches were led by dedicated Host

from coast to coast and many points

Committees representing five decades

in between have turned out in record

of graduates (see table).

fashion to learn more about the School’s aspirations and progress. In addition to the on-campus launch


Features | THE PRIDE

The final two launch events were

The Central Texas Launch attracted more than 100 alumni, trustees, and other guests, while Houston drew more than

held in November of 2009, the School

60 participants. As in other launches,

has hosted regional launch events in

faculty members led a variety of inter-

five cities — New York City, Los Angeles,

esting and engaging alumni classes to

San Francisco, Austin, and Houston.

rave reviews. Especially noteworthy,

Nearly 600 alumni and guests attended

two faculty members went five for

regional launches over the course of

five —Master Teacher Emeritus Tom

the last two years.

Adams and Thomas B. Walker III ’73

St. Mark’s School of Texas


Austin Host Committee Emmanuel C. Acho ’08 Griffin B. Bayoud ’08 Carlos L.G. Bencomo ’08 Augustus S. Blessing ’11 Eric C. Boyce ’84 Charles V. Branch ’10 William R. Brannan ’99 Bradley Campbell ’78 John T. Cheek ’86 Christopher Dammert ’90 J. Matteson Ellis ’93 Richard Evans ’57 Kerry R. Getter ’70 Richard A. Geyer, Jr. ’66 Brent E. Gillentine ’90 Wallace L. Hall III ’10 Stanton J. Henry ’90 Scott B. Jacobs ’05 William S. Johnson ’11 Stephen M. Jones ’84

Charles O. Kaufman ’71 Luke C. Kline ’07 Mark A. Levy ’94 Michael R. Levy ’64 C. Bernard Lynch ’67 Robert B. Mader ’97 Mark K. Nearburg ’73 Gordon C. Nichols ’85 Royce P. Poinsett ’90 Jordan R. Ramsey ’01 Austin S. Rosenthal ’96 Robert M. Seidel ’70 William S. Sessions II ’08 Franklin M. Shulkin ’05 Andrew J. Smith ’06 Peter J. Strelitz ’90 Jason C. Thumlert ’98 Jason A. Villarreal ’90 David T. Wilkie ’80 Zachary P. Wolfe ’10

Mathematics Department Chair

at M.D. Anderson hospital, spoke in

Joe Milliet participated in every

Houston. He focused on the lasting

regional launch. Mr. Adams offered

impact of faculty relationships and the

historic insights into Presidential

difference the dedicated approach of

elections and shared a bit of what to

his St. Mark’s teachers made in his life.

expect in 2012. Mr. Milliet participated

In addition, the programs included

in panel discussions on St. Mark’s

remarks from President of the Board

approach to educating the “whole boy.”

of Trustees Ken Hersh ’81, Campaign

An important element in each

Association President Jeff Hillier ’76,

highlighting the Campaign’s priorities

and Eugene McDermott Headmaster

and early successes. In each city,

Arnie Holtberg. The success of the Centennial

In Austin, Manny Acho ’08, a senior

Challenge’s regional launches

football captain at the University of

underscores the strong commitment

Texas, shared how St. Mark’s helped to

and active involvement of St. Mark’s

shape his character and his goals and

alumni across the country. Graduates

how he expects to build on these lessons

overwhelmingly express their belief in

in the years to come. C.J. Lyons ’00, who

and support of the School’s mission and

is completing post-doctoral research

demonstrate how important alumni

St. Mark’s School of Texas

(above) Mark Sullivan, Ray Westbrook, Nick Sberna, and Nancy Marmion on the faculty panel at the Houston Launch.

Co-Chair Casey McManemin ’79, Alumni

regional launch is the dinner program

local alumni have joined the program.

(top) Centennial Challenge Co-Chair Casey McManemin ’79 speaking at the Houston Launch.

Winter 2012 | Features



Houston Host Committee Spencer H. Branch ’07 Michael H. Fiuzat ’86 Douglas A. Fordyce ’88 Jonathan S. Gross ’77 Kenric D. Kattner ’79 Michael T. Larkin ’81 James B. Lown ’06 Calvin D. Lyons, Jr. ’00 David B. Morris ’67 John T. Muse ’03 John P. Muth ’69 Stuart E. Nance ’78 David D. Newell ’07 W. Creighton Smith ’90 Harrison Williams ’71 Brett J. Young ’94

(top) Scott Jolly welcomes C.J. Lyons ’00. (top right) Humanities Department Chair Nick Sberna visits with alumni in Houston. (above) Joe Milliet reconnects with young alumni in Houston. (above right) Master Teacher Emeritus Tom Adams at the Houston Launch.

two decades and served as President when the Campaign was initiated. participation is to the School’s future.

Ross personally thanked guests in

As alumni often say, “St. Mark’s is our

attendance for the role they’ve played

school.” The launches also highlighted

in the Campaign’s success to date. He

the powerful bonds that St. Mark’s

also took the opportunity to announce

graduates share with one another as

that The Centennial Challenge was on

many came together in unprecedented

target to reach $90 million by year end

ways. At the same time, the events also

(accomplished in early December).

provided wonderful opportunities for

Gene and Alice Oltrogge Master

alumni to re-connect with their teachers,

Teacher Ray Westbrook, also spoke at

mentors, and friends. Stay tuned for

the event and expressed his apprecia-

upcoming Campaign events.

tion for the opportunity to teach at St. Mark’s and how meaningful it is in

Perots Host Campaign Gathering On November 30, 2011, Campaign


Features | THE PRIDE

his life. He delivered a truly heartfelt talk about how genuinely affected he

Chairs Sarah and Ross Perot, Jr. ’77

was when the Headmaster informed

hosted another gathering for many

him that he had been appointed to a

of the early leadership donors in the

new Master Teaching Chair. It was only

Campaign. This is the second such

fitting that the Perots were there to

event that the Perots have hosted since

recognize Mr. Westbrook in person, as

the Campaign began. Ross has been a

they were the donors behind the estab-

member of the Board of Trustees for

lishment of the Chair he now holds.

St. Mark’s School of Texas


Building on Excellence Anyone passing St. Mark’s on Preston Road for the first time will immediately notice two buildings that make the School distinctive among its peers: the planetarium and the Chapel. Now, through The Centennial Challenge, the School has a unique opportunity to preserve the rich history of St. Mark’s and ensure that the campus remains at the cutting edge of education. Upon its dedication in 1961, the planetarium arrived at St. Mark’s just as America was falling in love with space. Its construction caught the attention of TIME magazine and earned the School national attention. When it opened, the planetarium was one of only two in the Dallas area and to this day serves the greater community, taking students from across the Metroplex on a trek across the stars. Many Marksmen still remember the awe-inspiring planetarium shows, including the 2009 Distinguished Alumnus Alan Stern ’75, who became a leading scientist at NASA. Now, the School hopes to continue its legacy as a leader in education by renovating the planetarium and installing a new projector. The difference made by a new projector would be akin to discussing a piece of art, and then getting to see it live in a museum, according to the Director of the Planetarium and Observatory, Dr. Steve Balog, holder of the Cecil H. and Ida Green Master Teaching Chair in Science.

St. Mark’s School of Texas

“Quite simply,” Dr. Balog says, “the planetarium will serve as an important resource for the entire School.” Across campus, most Marksmen have just as vivid memories of their time spent in the St. Mark’s Chapel. Today, services are held daily, each one bookended by the sound of the organ. Predating the Chapel it lives in, the organ was originally constructed for the Collegiate Chapel, more than 30 years ago. But since moving into the current Chapel, the organ’s voice has been eclipsed in the larger space. “A good organ has to support the choir and have enough variety so that you can do service to the music,” says St. Mark’s organist Glenn Stroh. “It also has to make the music interesting and creative enough to inspire the students.” The Chapel has always supported St. Mark’s rich tradition of Anglican choral music, facilitating its world-famous Boys Choir, who this year embarked on their 14th international tour and performed the 60th Festival of Nine Lessons & Carols. With a new, properly designed instrument, the organist will be given, in effect, more color to paint with, producing a more rich and vivid musical experience for the boys. In its endeavor to educate the whole boy, St. Mark’s remains dedicated to maintaining its facilities to the highest standard. With a modern campus and a relentless pursuit of excellence, the School will continue its legacy as a leader in innovation and education.

Winter 2012 | Features


Remarks 1954 Previously working for the Independent Insurance Center, Stillman R. Abbott ’54 joined the Integrity Insurance Agency in September 2011. Stillman writes various types of commercial accounts, specializing in transportation insurance. Stillman, and his wife, Maria, live in San Antonio. A painting donated by Jim Meeker ’54 was featured in the Pacific Standard Time exhibit at the Getty Center in Los Angeles last fall. The piece, “Standard Station, Amarillo, Texas” by Ed Ruscha, was donated by Jim to the Hood Museum of Art at Dartmouth College. The inscription on the painting reads: Standard Station, Amarillo, Texas, 1963, Ed Ruscha. Hood Museum of Art, Dartmouth College, Hanover, New Hampshire; gift of James Meeker, Class of 1958, in memory of Lee English, Class of 1958, scholar, poet, athlete, and friend to all.


Al Hill ’63 recovering well.

1964 Britt Kolar ’64 and his wife, Margi, celebrated the

William D. Anthony ’57 and his wife, Maria, are

wedding of their daughter, Laura, to John Silson on

enjoying life in Visegrad, Hungary, and share the news of

September 3, 2011, in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.

the birth of their first grandson, Lennox William Lannon, born March 29, 2011.

1963 After suffering a traumatic fall a number of years ago, Al Hill ’63 continues to make significant strides on his recovery and rehabilitation, which now includes walking. Al remains actively engaged with St. Mark’s and has played an important role keeping the Class of 1963 closely connected by hosting class lunches at his home several times a year. Al and his classmates are looking forward to their 50th Reunion in the spring of 2013.

Margi and Britt Kolar ’64 (pictured at right center) at the wedding of their daughter, Laura.


Remarks | THE PRIDE

St. Mark’s School of Texas


Walter Woerheide ’65 reports that his oldest son, Drew, will graduate from Virginia Tech this spring with an M.S. in Structural Engineering. His younger children, James and Jenn, will graduate from University of Delaware and University of Arizona with degrees in Speech & Hearing and Economics, respectively. Walt is a Professor of Investments at The American College where he serves as the Frank M. Engle Distinguished Chair in Economic Security Research and The annual Christmas lunch gathering of The GREAT Class of ’64. This year also welcomed former Headmaster Ted Whatley, former faculty members Tom Adams and Ken Owens, and Headmaster Arnie Holtberg.


the Vice President of Academic Affairs and Dean. Walt and his wife, Patricia, reside in Media, Pennsylvania.

1966 Eric Nye ’66 wrote his own speech and competed in a

Gary Marcus ’65 shares that he and classmates Bob

Toastmasters Humorous Speech Contest. Delivering a

Moore ’65, Mick Weisberg ’65, and Neal Williams ’65,

speech entitled “Jury Duty,” he competed in front of three

met up in Dallas in December for the seventh year of their

live audiences and reached the state championship level.

“Hootenanny Night.” Building upon years of tradition, the

Eric resides in Covington, Louisiana.

group (traveling from both coasts) meets at Mick’s house for straight from 1964–1965. Gary and his classmates started


this tradition at their 40th Reunion in 2005.

Paul Figley ’67 shares that the American Bar Association

dinner, followed by Bob and Gary’s folk music performance

45 Years

is publishing his book, A Guide to the Federal Tort Claims Act, in early 2012. Paul is the Associate Director of the Legal Rhetoric Program at American University’s Washington College of Law. Prior to joining American University, he was a career litigator for the U.S. Department of Justice, representing the United States and its agencies in appellate and district court litigation involving torts, national security, and information law. Paul resides in Annandale, Virginia.

1968 Bob Moore ’65, Mick Weisberg ’65, Garry Marcus ’65, and Neal Williams ’65 at the seventh annual “Hootenanny Night.”

In November 2011, Jerry Carlson ’68 gave a set of lectures in Ecuador about American cult movies, a trip sponsored by the U.S. Embassy. Earlier in the year, he

Tom Taylor ’65 is president and founder of a new company, Dragonfly Sales and Marketing Consulting, selling academic journals around the world. Tom has been in the academic publishing industry for 30 years and was most recently vice-

presented academic papers in Uruguay and the Dominican Republic. Jerry is a Professor at The City College & Graduate Center CUNY and resides in New York City, New York. (photo on the next page)

president of sales and marketing for SAGE. Tom and his company assist in the market development, sales, and marketing of new and existing texts. Tom and his wife, Patty, reside in Westlake Village, California.

St. Mark’s School of Texas

Winter 2012 | Remarks



1976 David Traver ’76 is the head wrestling coach at Midlothian High School and reports that his daughter, Pat, graduated from Southern Methodist University in December 2011, with a Bachelors of Science in English and Journalism. David and his wife, Sue, reside in Bedford, Texas.


35 Years

Don Lindsley ’77 looks forward to celebrating an exciting St. Mark’s lineage this spring. Don’s son, Jack, will graduate Jerry Carlson ’68 (right) with attendees at a conference about the Spanish Caribbean in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic in July, 2011.

from St. Mark’s in May 2012, exactly 100 years after his grandfather, Henry D. Lindsley, Jr. ’12, graduated from the Terrill School. Don shares that his father’s 1912 Terrill

On August 18, 2011, on the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah,

School diploma still hangs in their home today. Don and his

Charles Nearburg ’68 climbed into the Spirit of Rett

classmates will celebrate their 35th Reunion this spring.

and broke the record for the A-Fuel Streamliner (A/FS) class, driving the fastest single-engine car in history. On a track

David Rogers ’77 was at Game Seven of the World Series in

that was damp and slippery, but with a lot more nitrous

St. Louis when he ran into fellow Marksmen Jon Myhre ’96,

oxide, Charles was able to exit the 5-mile point at 394.5 mph,

Chase Russell ’96, and Ethan Garner ’96.

and achieved a 5-mile average speed of 381.8 mph for a new record average of 379.6 mph. This completed a very successful racing weekend for the Spirit of Rett, having raced and set the A/GS record and the A/FS record two times. The Spirit of Rett is named after Charles’ son, Rett Nearburg, who lost a battle with cancer in 2005, at age 21. Charles and other drivers were recently featured on ESPN in a video highlight of their land speed record-setting shootout.

1975 Bob Porter ’75 has been named the Executive Director and CEO of the non-profit, national veterans assistance

(from left) Jon Myhre ’96, David Rogers ’77, Chase Russell ’96, and Ethan Garner ’96.

organization Paws for Purple Hearts (PPH). The program with post-traumatic stress syndrome in a mission to train


service dogs as part of their rehabilitation therapy. Prior to

In August, Tony Atwell ’78 bumped into the St. Mark’s

joining PPH, Bob was a senior government relations advisor

Class of 2015 in Cowles, New Mexico, just before they

at Witt Associates, a vice president at The Cohen Group, and

embarked on their Pecos Wilderness Trip. John Stutsman,

a professional staff member on the U.S. Senate Committee

who was Tony’s ninth grade geometry teacher, photo-

on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs. Bob

graphed the meeting.

engages wounded veterans and specifically those diagnosed

resides in Arlington, Virginia and begins his role at the new Washington, D.C. office for PPH.


Remarks | THE PRIDE

St. Mark’s School of Texas


future filmmakers, the annual Art of Film fundraising gala, and year-round cinematic events. Prior to joining DFS, Lee was the director of marketing and development at the Trinity River and

Sarah and Lee Papert ’83.

Dogwood Canyon Audubon Tony Atwell ’78 (center) with a group of Marksmen, leader Ike Crews ’07 (far right), and faculty member Curtis Smith.

Centers. He has served as executive director of the Arts District Friends, a marketing/membership organization charged with supporting and creating awareness of Dallas’

Paul Schmidt ’78 shares that his older son, Alexander,

truly unique downtown Arts District.

just started at the UNC School of the Arts film school in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Paul recently earned an “A” classification in épée, one of three fencing thrusting weapons, and defeated a 20-year-old in the process. Paul thanks Monsieur Daniel Nevot, fencing master at St. Mark’s, for his fencing background and training. Paul teaches fencing at Princeton Day School.

1984 Scott Kimple ’84 married Elizabeth Spruance on July 5, 2011, at Skibo Castle in Scotland where Scott has been a member for nine years. The wedding festivities began in London with a cocktail party at The Ivy Club and a rehearsal dinner at Annabel’s, where Scott had


proposed on September 25, 2010. Guests took an overnight

Ken Hersh ’81 was recently honored by the Southwest

in the castle. Classmate Matt Lipton ’84 attended.

Jewish Congress (SWJC) with the Flame of Honor Award on

The weekend was the true Scottish experience, filled with

November 17, 2011. The Flame of Honor Award is presented

traditional dancing, tastings, fireworks, and kilts. The couple

by the SWJC to men and women whose qualities of inspiring

reside in Dallas where Scott is principal of Warrington Asset

moral courage, community commitment, and personal

Management Corporation.

train to Scotland where they were treated to three nights

example have enriched our city, state and nation. Ken is the co-founder and CEO of NGP Energy Capital Management, the premier investment franchise in the natural resources industry, and currently serves as the president of the Board of Trustees at St. Mark’s. Ken and his wife, Julie, have two children, Daniel ’13 and Rachel, and reside in Dallas.

1983 Lee Papert ’83 is the new president and CEO of The Dallas Film Society. The Dallas Film Society partnered with the American Film Institute in 2006 to create the AFI DALLAS International Film Festival, now known as The Dallas

Elizabeth and Scott Kimple ’84.

International Film Festival, one of the fastest growing film festivals in the world. Since 2006, the Dallas Film Society has expanded its scope to include educational programming for

St. Mark’s School of Texas

Winter 2012 | Remarks




25 Years

Timothy Zee ’84 shares that he has become a dad for the

This year, Tom Holleman ’87 began his term as president

fourth time. His wife, Wen Li, delivered baby girl Averell Zee

of the Coleytown Elementery School PTA in Westport,

in Singapore on October 5, 2011. Averell joins siblings J.P,

Connecticut, and he looks forward to serving his two-year

Madison, and Morgan. Timothy and his family have relocated

term at his children’s school.

to Singapore but will still keep a home in Hong Kong. He is director and head of structured finance at Barclays Capital Asia Limited.

1988 Chris Flanagan ’88 and Christine Ward Nodine were married on November 19, 2011. The couple, along with Chris’ daughter, Kate (10), and Christine’s daughter, Annette (2), had a wonderful holiday season. Chris and Christine live in Dallas.  Robert Musslewhite ’88 rang the bell to open the Nasdaq on Friday, December 2, 2011, to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Advisory Board Company’s IPO and listing on the Nasdaq. Robert joined the Advisory Board to run corporate development in 2003 and subsequently ran

Averell Zee.


the Washington-based company’s newly formed health care software business. He was named chief executive officer in September 2008. The Advisory Board Company is a global

Robert Behrendt ’86 and Amanda Tyler were married

research, consulting, and technology firm helping hospital

on October 16, 2011, at the Red Corral Ranch in Wimberley,

and university executives to better serve patients and

Texas. Robert’s brother-in-law, former faculty member

students. Robert and his wife, Jean Marie, live in Arlington,

John Allman, was a reader in the ceremony. Guests included

Virginia with their children, Campbell and Nolan.

Alex Abdo ’99, Anthony Lowenberg ’93, Bruce Newsome ’86, and Todd Oakes ’86 (who traveled from


Thailand), and former headmaster Ted Whatley. The couple

Jim Harlan ’89 was recently hired as senior vice-president

live in Austin, where Robert practices law with Kilgore &

and general counsel for Xtera Communications, Inc., in

Kilgore and Amanda is counsel and district director for

Allen, Texas. Xtera manufactures telecommunication

Congressman Lloyd Doggett.

terminal equipment for long haul and submarine applications. Jim, his wife Ellen, and their four children live in Plano. Jim serves as his Class Ambassador. Commemorating the 10th Anniversary of 9/11, Rhett Miller ’89 published excerpts from his personal journal from September 11–13, 2001, when he was living in an apartment just blocks from the World Trade Center. The excerpt was published in the September 2011 edition of The Atlantic Magazine, along with never-released demos of songs Rhett wrote immediately before and after the attacks.

Amanda and Robert Behrendt ’86.


Remarks | THE PRIDE

St. Mark’s School of Texas


1990 Jonathon Samuels ’89 and his wife, Svetlana, welcomed

Chris Gunnin ’90 and his wife, Nancy, announce the

the arrival of twin boys, Leon and Samuel Samuels, on

birth of their third child, Addison Kate Gunnin, who

June 13, 2011. Jonathon and his family reside in New York,

arrived August 25, 2011. She weighed 7 lbs., 13 oz., and was

where he is a physician at New York University. He focuses

21.5 inches. She joins her brother, Cooper, and sister, Ellie,

his research on rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, and

in the family. Chris and his family live in Fort Worth where

all rheumatologic diseases.

he is the Head of Upper School for Trinity Valley School.

Samuel (left) and Leon Samuels.

Barry Wernick ’89 and his wife, Alyssa, announce the arrival of Betsy Rose Wernick, who was born on December 19, 2011, two and a half weeks early, on the day before Chanukah. She weighed 6 lbs., 10 oz., and was 19.9 inches. She was given her Hebrew name, Shoshana Bracha, on December 24, per Jewish tradition at the calling to the Torah in synagogue. Barry and his family reside in Dallas.

Addison Kate Gunnin.

Royce Poinsett ’90 has rejoined the law firm of Baker Botts L.L.P. as a government relations attorney in the firm’s Austin office. Royce has developed a broad range of government relations expertise in handling federal, state, and local issues. Royce lives in Austin with his wife, Hawley, and their three young children. Steven Sklaver ’90 and his wife, Wendy, announce the arrival of a baby girl, Isabella Sara Sklaver, on August 28, 2011.  “Isabella” is named after Wendy’s paternal grandfather, Isaac, and “Sara” is for Steven’s maternal grandmother.  Isabella joins brother, Judah Joe, who recently turned two years old. Steven and his family live in Los Angeles where Steven is a partner with Susman Godfrey, LLP. 

Betsy Rose Wernick.

St. Mark’s School of Texas

Winter 2012 | Remarks



1995 Lee and Brad White ’90

Erik Niel ’95 and his wife, Amanda, welcomed a baby boy,

are proud to announce the

Cade Preston Niel, on August 11, 2011. He weighed 5 lbs.,

birth of their first child,

3 oz., and measured 18.5 inches. Erik reports that all is great

Sebastian Rafe White,

as they settle into their new routine and that Cade is every-

on August 26, 2011, in

thing they could have asked for in a little boy. Erik is the

New York. He weighed

owner and chef of Easy Seafood Bistro & Bar, located in

7 lbs., 7 oz., and measured

the world’s first Coca-Cola bottling plant in Chattanooga,

20 inches. Brad and his

Tennessee. Erik reports that the restaurant is doing great

family reside in New York

as they move into their seventh year of operation.

where he is a portfolio manager for Carlson Capital. Brad currently serves on the Board of Sebastian Rafe White.

Trustees at St. Mark’s.

1993 Matteson Ellis Law, PLLC, founded by Matt Ellis ’93, launched its boutique practice in October 2011, with offices in Austin, Texas, and Washington, D.C. The firm offers in-depth experience and global resources to international companies concerned about anti-corruption compliance.

Cade Preston Niel.

Before forming Matteson Ellis Law, PLLC, Matt worked on the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and anti-corruption

Kevin Portnoy ’95 and his wife, Tracy, are the proud

matters at two prominent Washington, D.C. law firms and

parents of two boys. Ryan Alan Portnoy was born on

international financial institutions. Matt resides in Austin.

April 29, 2011 and joins his older brother Aaron Russell Portnoy (three years old). Kevin and his family live in


Newton, Massachusetts.

On November 14, 2011, Matt Silverman ’94 returned to campus to speak at the annual Senior Leadership Dinner. The current president of the Tampa Bay Rays spoke to students and faculty about his team’s success story and how the Rays

Matt Silverman ’94 speaking at the 2011 Senior Leadership Dinner.

went from worst-to-first in Major League Baseball. His thoughts on leadership and teamwork were inspirational to the young Marksmen

Ryan and Aaron Portnoy.

in attendance.


Remarks | THE PRIDE

St. Mark’s School of Texas



15 Years

Fry Wernick ’95 recently completed a one-year detail

Ryan Fellman ’97 and his wife, Kim, welcomed Hannah

with the U.S. Department of Justice’s Guantanamo Bay

Dien Pham Fellman into the world on October 30, 2011.

Litigation Team where he represented the United States and

The couple reside in Dallas where Kim-Ngan Fellman is

argued for the continued lawful detention of Taliban and

an internal medicine physician at Medical City Hospital,

al-Qaeda enemy combatants. Fry was the lead government

and Ryan is an attorney with Gordon & Rees, LLP, special-

trial attorney in several cases, including the case against the

izing in litigation. They moved to Dallas last summer after

highest-ranking member of the Taliban in U.S. custody,

spending three years in Atlanta, Georgia, and three years in

Mullah Khairullah Khairkhwa, which the United States won

Birmingham, Alabama. They are currently building a house

in May. Fry has since returned to his full-time job as an

and look forward to reuniting with the St. Mark’s community.

Assistant U.S. Attorney in Washington, D.C.

1996 Paul Gutman ’96 and his wife, Stacey, are pleased to announce the arrival of their daughter, Olivia Rose Gutman on October 12, 2011. She was 20 inches long and weighed 7 lbs., 2.8 oz. Paul and his family are doing very well following the experience and still live in New York, where Paul is an Associate  at the law firm Carroll, Guido & Groffman LLP, where he continues to represent musi-

Hannah Dien Pham Fellman.

cians, independent record labels, promoters, managers and

Christian Kelso ’97 married Bethany Slatkin on

other individuals and entities in

September 3, 2011 in Dallas. Fellow ’97 Marksmen

the music industry.

there to celebrate included: Jas Allen, Lars Bube (exchange student and groomsman), Teddy Malone,

Olivia Rose Gutman.

John McKenzie (best man), Marc Nikbakht, and Beck Weathers. Christian proudly noted that their

Alex Sprunt ’96

wedding colors were, of course, blue and gold. Bethany

and his wife, Laurel,

and Christian live in Dallas where Christian is an attorney

welcomed a baby girl, Viola

with Malouf Lynch Jackson & Swinson, specializing in

Ng Sprunt, born August 19,

matters of estate planning, drafting wills, living trusts,

2011, at 7 lbs., 3 oz. and 20

and other business entities, such as family foundations

inches long. Alex shares that

and closely-held corporations. Christian serves as

he and his wife are delighted

his Class Ambassador and is also on his 15th Reunion

to be parents. Alex and his

Committee. (photo on the next page)

family live in San Diego, where he continues to work as a Project Engineer in the Aerospace group at ATA Engineering.

St. Mark’s School of Texas

Alex Sprunt ’96 lending a hand to his daughter, Viola.

Winter 2012 | Remarks



Allen White ’97 and his wife, Christina, welcomed a baby girl, Caroline Georgia White, born on October 20, 2011. She is the couple’s second child and joins her three-year-old brother, Alexander. Allen and his family live in Dallas, where he is employed at Decade Capital Management LLC. (from the left) James Allen ’97, Marc Nikbakht ’97, Christian Kelso ’97, John McKenzie ’97, Beck Weathers ’97, Lars Bube ’97, and Teddy Malone ’97.

Caroline Georgia White.

1998 Jon Agnich ’98 married Jessica Loij on August 27, 2011, at Stanford Memorial Church in Palo Alto, California. Fellow

Veeral Rathod ’97 married Priya Bhola on October 8, 2011,

Marksmen Michael Agnich ’96, Josh Ginsburg ’98,

in Rochester, New York. Several Marksmen joined the

Kevin Meyers ’98, and Jeff Ray ’98 attended the event.

festivities, including best man Brad Hirsch ’97, John

The couple spent their honeymoon in Tuscany and Sicily.

McKenzie ’97, Chess Stetson ’97, and Umang Shah ’13.

Jon and Jessica met in Palo Alto and currently reside in

The couple resides in Dallas where Veeral is the president

San Francisco, where Jon is director of operations at Zaavy,

and co-founder of J. Hilburn, a men’s custom apparel brand.

a manufacturer of custom sports apparel. Jessica is an attorney working as a Public Defender in Vallejo, California.

Priya and Veeral Rathod ’97.

Jessica and Jon Agnich ’98.


Remarks | THE PRIDE

St. Mark’s School of Texas


Josh Ginsberg ’98 married Naphtali Ginsberg (née

David Marcus ’98

Cummings Larsen) in Durango, Colorado, on June 18, 2010.

and his wife, Leslie,

Among the wedding party were his two brothers, Jeremy

welcomed a baby girl,

Ginsberg ’96 and Justin Ginsberg ’00, and classmate

Elizabeth Jane Marcus

Jon Agnich ’98. His father, Michael Ginsberg ’66,

on November 22, 2011.

also attended. Josh and his wife live in Great Falls, Virginia.

She weighed 6 lbs.,

After 18 months as an independent contractor for software

3.6 oz., and is happy

engineering services, Josh took a full-time position with

and healthy. David

SocialCode, a division of the Washington Post Company that

and his family reside

is a full-service social media advertising agency. He leads

in Atlanta where he is

their software engineering and systems administration teams.

a resident in radiation oncology at Emory University School of Medicine.

Elizabeth Jane Marcus.

1999 Ryan Brannan ’99 accepted a new position last November in the Governor’s Office of Budget, Planning, and Policy. Before joining the Governor’s policy team, Ryan worked at the Texas Public Policy Foundation. Ryan resides in Austin.     Jeff Lowe ’99 and his wife, Wanchi, welcomed a daughter, Parker Grace Lowe, born on December 23, 2010. Jeff and his family live in Dallas where he is the co-founder and CEO of, an interactive, fantasy sports-based site that provides user-generated advice, sports-picking enterNaphtali and Josh Ginsberg ’98.

tainment, and online community for the active sports fan.

Garland Hampton ’98 and Krystle Randall welcomed a baby girl, Nylah Gabre’el Hampton, on July 12, 2011. Garland brought Krystle and Nylah along to meet his Marksmen classmates and friends at the St. Mark’s Alumni Basketball Game on New Year’s Eve.

Parker Grace, in the arms of her father, Jeff Lowe ’99.

St. Mark’s School of Texas

Winter 2012 | Remarks



2000 On May 6, 2011, Remy Fellman ’00 married Megan Godby at Marie Gabrielle in Dallas. Megan is a former special education teacher and a 2012 degree candidate for her Master’s in Speech Language Pathology at The University of Texas at Dallas. Remy is a residential contractor with Windsor Renovations, which specializes in renovating homes in the Park Cities and North Dallas areas. The couple currently resides in Lake Highlands.  

Lindsay and Brad Schlueter ’00.

2001 Collin Lensing ’01 married Jasmine Rose Garza on October 15, 2011, at St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church in Dallas, followed by a reception at the Filter Building Megan and Remy Fellman ’00.

on White Rock Lake. They spent their honeymoon in Italy, on a two-week road trip from Rome to Florence, Venice, Sienna, Elba, and back to Rome. Jasmine grew up in

Brad Schlueter ’00 married Lindsay Lowrance

Brownsville, Texas and attended Texas Woman’s University

on September 4, 2011, in Big Sky, Montana. Other

where she majored in child development. Jasmine begins

Marksmen there to celebrate included: Jay Barnard ’00,

culinary school at the Le Cordon Bleu School this spring.

Willie Kline ’00, Eric Kusin ’00, Kyle Mapes ’00, David

After graduating from NYU, Collin received his J.D. from

Owen ’00, Tony Ruggeri ’00, and Jake Wagner ’00.

SMU Dedman School of Law in 2009 where he served as

Lindsay and Brad live in Dallas where Lindsay works in commercial real estate at the Weitzman Group, and Brad works in the highway division for Trinity Industries.


Remarks | THE PRIDE

St. Mark’s School of Texas


law senator and was a member of the International Law

Jeremy Silverman ’01 married Mirja, a Berliner,

Review. Collin is currently an associate attorney with

in October 2011 with their friends and family in Berlin,

Hameline and Eccleston, LLP, an oil and gas law firm based

Germany. Marksmen classmates in attendance were

in downtown Dallas. Jasmine and Collin reside in Lake

Brian Beneke ’01, Tim Fuller ’01, Gordon

Highlands with their three dogs: Dominic, Layla, and Tuna.

Huddleston ’01, and Ned Price ’01. The ceremony took place at the Berliner Dome, followed by a reception at the Schlosshotel in Gruenewald. Jeremy and Mirja reside in Berlin where Jeremy is a hotel consultant specializing in concept development, and Mirja owns an online agency. Jeremy shares that he has been working in Berlin now for five years, and if any St. Mark’s alumni are traveling through Germany, he would love to act as a Texas ambassador.   

Jasmine and Collin Lensing ’01.

Nick Orenstein ’01 was asked by a climate change blog named “Skeptical Science” to write a guest post about his “Just Science” app. Nick focused on the educational merits of mobile apps and finished the piece with a reference to a life lesson learned in his St. Mark’s eighth-

Mirja and Jeremy Silverman ’01.

grade geometry class taught by Dr. Michael Keyton. As Nick recalls, Dr. Keyton drew two circles in chalk on the blackboard. One was very large, the other about mediumsized and fully contained within the larger one. “The larger circle,” he told the class, “represents All Knowledge. The smaller circle represents Human Knowledge.” Dr. Keyton remarked on the fact that they were not yet equal and challenged Nick and his classmates: What does it take to grow the inner circle, and what are you doing to help the cause?

St. Mark’s School of Texas

Winter 2012 | Remarks




10 Years

Robbie Baty ’02 and Skyler Renschler were married

Eric Hage ’02 married Alejandrina Aguirre on

on September 10, 2011, in Waco, Texas. Marksmen alumni

May 28, 2011, in Guadalajara, Mexico, Alejandrina’s

in the wedding included: Brice Chaney ’02, Peter

hometown. Marksmen classmates in attendance were

Lynch ’02, Conner Ryan ’02, Paul Schneider ’02,

Robbie Baty ’02, Conner Ryan ’02, Paul Schneider ’02,

and Ben Stephens ’02. The couple resides in Dallas where

Matthew Tranchin ’02, and Eric’s brother, Scott

Robbie is a tenant representative at Cushman & Wakefield,

Hage ’08. Eric and Alejandrina met at the University of

and Skyler is a client relations manager for Merriman

Richmond where Eric attended as an undergraduate and

Associates/Architects, Inc.

Alejandrina was an exchange student from Mexico. The couple resides in Dallas where Eric is director of business development with Structure Tone, and Alejandrina owns and operates the consulting firm, The Hage Group.

Skyler and Robbie Baty ’02. Alejandrina and Eric Hage ’02.

Peter Goodman ’02 and his wife, Jessica, recently moved to Naples, Italy, where Peter began work on the staff of

In June 2011, Juston Johnson ’02 graduated with an

Commander, Naval Forces Europe, Naval Forces Africa,

M.B.A. from the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth

U.S. Sixth Fleet. While in Naples, Peter will be a staff officer

College. He has moved to South Korea and currently works

on the Africa Partnership Station Planning Cell, which plans

at Samsung in the Global Strategy Group that oversees

and organizes U.S. Naval Engagements and training with

projects aimed at creating the vision of the future for

African partner nations. Recently deployed on no-notice

Samsung affiliate companies.

orders to a ship in the Mediterranean, Peter hopes to return home soon and start enjoying all the travel and cultural opportunities that make Europe so unique. His wife Jessica continues to pursue graduate studies while enjoying the open-air markets scattered around Naples. Peter recently caught up with Matt Jacobs ’02, during a trip to Cape Cod. (Read more about Peter’s deployment in the “Courage and Honor” feature on page 36.)


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Akshay Chugh ’03 is currently living in Mumbai, India.

Howard Chang ’05 recently moved from San Francisco

He is working as a director at Aura Investment Partners,

to Hong Kong. He begins work with Bravia Capital, a firm

a Los Angeles-based business and financial advisory firm

that specializes in aviation and transportation-related

that focuses on cross-border deals in mergers & acquisitions

investments around the globe. Howard shares that he is

and capital raising across all industries.

excited about beginning a new chapter in another exciting

2004 Nick Monier ’04 is a second-year law student at Tulane University Law School. Prior to law school, Nick participated

town and also moving closer to his parents. He looks forward to exploring more of Asia and meeting up with St. Mark’s alumni in the area.

in Teach for America in New York City, where he taught


fourth grade Special Education in an inclusion classroom in

Zach Walker ’06 married Kylie Wright on June 18, 2011,

the Bronx. Nick graduated cum laude from Middlebury

at the Air Force Chapel in Colorado Springs. Zach is a

College with a B.A. in International Politics and Economics.

graduate of the Air Force Academy and is currently stationed at Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado Springs.

Kylie and Zach Walker ’06.

St. Mark’s School of Texas

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5 Years

Wasting no time in his rookie NFL season, former

Jake McAuley ’08 was recently named one of only

Longhorn Sam Acho ’07 has made it known throughout

36 students nationwide to receive a Marshall Scholarship,

the League that he means business. Sam started the final

an award that will allow Jake to study for two years at a

10 games, recording 40 tackles, seven sacks, and four

university of his choice in the United Kingdom. Jake is

forced fumbles, making him a valuable addition to the

currently a senior at Harvard University and a history

Arizona Cardinals defense.

and literature concentrator. He plans to pursue a D.Phil.

2008 Emmanuel Acho ’08 played his final game for the Texas Longhorns in the Holiday Bowl. He led his team in tackles, totaling 131 for the season, with three sacks and a forced fumble. In his final year of college football, Manny made third team AP All-America, first team All-Big XII, was a finalist for the Lott IMPACT Trophy and the Wuerffel Trophy, and made the UT Athletic Director’s Honor Roll for a seventh time. Manny graduated early from UT and has recently moved to Arizona to train with

in Modern European history, which would continue his current undergraduate work on American engagement with Vichy France. Jake has also recently written historyrelated articles that were published in The New Yorker online and The Crimson.  Edward Wood ’08 is currently at the United States Air Force Academy. After spending his first session in Germany, Edward was in Florida for his summer 2011 training session. He was excited to have the chance to navigate the F-16 and F-23 fighter jet.

his brother, Sam, in preparation of the NFL draft. Florian Dhondt ’08 graduated from Boston University a semester early with a major in International Relations (Environment and Development in Latin America) and a minor in Spanish. During his time at BU, Florian played club water polo, gave tours as an admissions ambassador, studied abroad in Peru, and was president of the Outing Club.

Edward Wood ’08, in the navigator’s seat during fighter jet training last summer.


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Faculty & Staff

Charlie Goodman ’09 and Alex Herbelin ’09

Melissa and Casey Gendason welcomed Sophia Grace

were in the same group for summer training this year

Gendason, born on August 25, 2011, at 6 lbs., 1oz. and

at the United States Naval Academy. They are pictured

17 inches long. Casey is the Associate Director of College

here during the week they spent with the Naval Aviation

Counseling at St. Mark’s. Casey has assured everyone

community. Charlie and Alex are midshipman in the

that he has not yet started working with Sophie on her

Naval Academy’s Class of 2013.

college admission process.

Sophia Gendason.

Former Director of College Counseling and Head Varsity Soccer Coach Paul Mott adopted a new baby girl, U.S. Naval Academy midshipmen Charlie Goodman ’09 and Alex Herbelin ’09 during training last summer.

Sydney Gray Mott, with his wife, Quenby, on January 26, 2011. They live in the Philadelphia area, where Quenby is the Vice Dean & Director of Undergraduate Admission at the

Blake Yanez ’09 was inducted into Baylor University’s

University of Pennsylvania and Paul runs a private consulting

Japanese Honor Society in fall 2011. Members are expected

firm, TeamBow

to maintain high standards in Japanese language and

Consulting LLC,

participate in various activities including community

with a specialty in

service and tutoring students. Blake plans to study in

sports business.

Japan for the fall 2012 semester.

Previously, Paul was President of the New Orleans Hornets.

Sydney Gray Mott.

St. Mark’s School of Texas

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In Memoriam St. Mark’s Fund Director Anne Murphy and her

Janica Cogar Beacham, November 17, 2011,

husband, Conor, welcomed their first child, Ava Cadbury,

mother of Jim Cogar ’63.

on February 3, 2012. Ava weighed 6 lbs., 13 oz. and was 20 inches long. Her favorite activities are sleeping, crying,

George M. Boswell, December 5, 2011,

and following UVA sports. The family is doing well and

grandfather of Bobby Koudelka ’11, Danny Koudelka ’13,

enjoying getting to know their little girl.

Teddy Koudelka ’17, and Matthew Brown ’14. Dorris Marie Gaines Cass, August 12, 2011, mother of A. Baron Cass III ’61. Arabella Wofford Craddock, September 1, 2011, mother of Thomas W. Craddock ’64. Robert B. Drinkwater ’46, October 9, 2011. Heinz Felix Eichenwald, September 8, 2011, father of Eric C. Eichenwald ’76 and Kurt A. Eichenwald ’79, grandfather of Adam J. Eichenwald ’10, Samuel I. Eichenwald ’16,

Ava Cadbury Murphy.

Sally Stephens, Director of Food Services at St. Mark’s,

and Ryan J. Eichenwald ’13. Loumelia Morton Ellis, September 27, 2011, mother of G.C.M. Ellis ’71.

announces the arrival of her grandson, Sawyer Allan Ward, born on August 16, 2011, weighing 9 lbs., 10 oz, and measuring 21 ½ inches in length. Sally’s daughter, Emily, and her husband, Michael Ward, also have two daughters,

Joe Fojtasek, November 24, 2011, father of Randall Fojtasek ’81 and Russell Fojtasek ’80, grandfather of Jack Fojtassek ’15.

McCartney and Sallie. Emily and her family reside in Belews Creek, North Carolina.

Mary Louise McNeese Forteith, November 15, 2011, grandmother of Thomas Forteith ’92 and Will Forteith ’96. David Samuel Hirsch, October 24, 2010, former crew coach at St. Mark’s.

Sawyer Allan Ward.


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Melvin C. Kadesky, August 13, 2011, father of

Emanuel Rohan, August 16, 2011, father of

Keith Kadesky ’80 and Kevin Kadesky ’80, and grandfather

Richard A. Rohan ’78.

of Alex Kadesky ’12 and Keith C. Kadesky ’17. Pat E. “Wolfe” Rudman ’60, December 31, 2011, Roger Kallenberg ’62, September 25, 2011.

brother of Michael E. Rudman ’56.

Ken Kling ’56, October 30, 2011.

Gertrude Stein, November 7, 2011, grandmother of Jefferson D. Stein ’07.

Alfred Garland Kyle, April 7, 2011, grandfather of Carrington Kyle ’15 and Canyon Kyle ’18.

Arthur Herman Stern, January 5, 2012, grandfather of Alexander D. Lamb ’05.

Keith Langford, July 17, 2011, grandfather of Joseph K. Lauinger ’04 and George C. Lauinger ’07.

Arnold Sweet, September 29, 2011, grandfather of Zachary Moskowitz ’08.

Mary H. Lansing, September 20, 2011, mother of J. Townsend Lansing ’91 and Charles B. Lansing IV ’89.

H. Dean Toombs, October 25, 2011, father of David D. Toombs ’80.

Frances Zimmerman Mankovsky, October 2, 2011, mother of Jerald A. Mankovsky ’68.

Arthur William Underhill III, January 2, 2012, father of A. William Underhill ’72.

Ernest G. Mantz, July 18, 2011, former St. Mark’s Board of Trustees member, father of E. Bradford Mantz ’74. Stanley A. Moussa, December 26, 2011, grandfather of Tanner Moussa ’06. Juliette Louise Owens, November 9, 2011, mother of William C. Pickens, Jr. ’80. Stanley Pearle, July 22, 2011, father of Gary D. Pearle ’70. Lloyd Bob Preston, October 28, 2011, father-in-law of Eric Kusin ’00.

St. Mark’s School of Texas

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