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Winter 2017 Volume 22, Issue 1 St. Mark’s School of Texas Alumni Magazine

A Marksman at the

White House Gopal Raman ’17 honored as a National Student Poet

February 27 Los Angeles Alumni Event

April 20–22 Alumni Weekend 2017

February 28 USC Alumni Event Bay Area Alumni Event

May 19 Senior-Alumni Luncheon

March 1 Palo Alto Alumni Event

June 8 Young Alumni Community Service Event

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PRIDE St. Mark’s School of Texas Alumni Magazine Volume 22, Issue 1 • Winter 2017




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ABOUT OUR COVER Gopal Raman ’17 takes a selfie with his fellow 2016 National Student Poets at the White House following a poetry reading with First Lady Michelle Obama on Thursday, September 8, 2016. (Kevin Wolf/AP Images for Alliance for Young Artists & Writers) St. Mark’s School of Texas

Winter 2017 | Contents


On Campus

in this issue

“One of the great hallmarks of this community is that we treat one another with great care and respect, honoring our important differences while at the same time focusing on the common values and principles that bind us together.” In December, Eugene McDermott Headmaster David W. Dini spoke to boys in chapel about one of, if not the most wonderful aspects of life at St. Mark’s: our community. Parents, teachers, staff members, trustees, and others work together in the singular focus of transforming boys into men of character who will lead the world. As we begin 2017, we take a moment to celebrate events and moments that illustrate the strength of our community. As the 2016–2017 school year got underway, the student body continued

generosity through their support of Reunions

to demonstrate their close bonds from the

and the St. Mark’s Fund. While these numbers

sportsmanship they demonstrated at SPC to

are impressive, they serve as a proxy to the

the sense of brotherhood found in the Pecos

incredible sense of loyalty and ownership that

Wilderness. This holiday season was an especially

alumni feel for St. Mark’s.

meaningful time for the St. Mark’s community: Grandparents spent the day with their Marksmen;

This year also saw the community rally behind

boys of all ages pitched in to help the Dallas

the creation of Goals for St. Mark’s IV, a strategic

community through the gift drive and McDonald’s

plan that will lay the groundwork for the

Week; and the time-honored tradition of seniors

School’s future. Members from every corner of

carrying their Lower School buddies into the

the community gave their input and feedback

Great Hall to decorate the Christmas tree was as

on ways to strengthen the School. Our feature

moving as ever.

story highlights a number of student and faculty programs that reflect the spirit of Goals IV and

The alumni community enjoyed a strong year,

offers a glimpse of what’s to come.

with events held in Dallas and across the country.


On Campus | THE PRIDE

Marksmen of all ages showed their dedication

The future is certainly bright for St. Mark’s,

to the School through another record year of

thanks in large part to our special community.

St. Mark’s School of Texas

On Campus

campus snapshot

Susan Morris’ second-grade class shows off its homemade puppets of great leaders. The boys crafted their puppets after researching famous leaders, including Mahatma Gandhi, Bo Jackson, and Amelia Earhart. On Grandparents’ Day, the boys presented their reports, including the three questions they would ask their leader.

St. Mark’s School of Texas

Winter 2017 | On Campus


On Campus

Students Showcase Creative Talent in Drama and 3-D Design & Woodworking


On Campus | THE PRIDE

St. Mark’s School of Texas

On Campus

(opposite) Ben Clayman ’18 (left) The Upper School Drama Department’s production of Revenge of the Space Pandas (below left) Michael Then ’19 (below right) Fourth grade drama students perform Borrowing Shakespeare

St. Mark’s School of Texas

Winter 2017 | On Campus


On Campus

(opposite) Christian McClain ’17, Young Arts Finalist (right) Hyer Thomas ’17, YoungArts Finalist (below right) Whit Payne ’17 (below left) Brian Buckenham ’17


On Campus | THE PRIDE

St. Mark’s School of Texas

On Campus

St. Mark’s School of Texas

Winter 2017 | On Campus


On Campus

sports news

As impressive as these accomplishments are, St. Mark’s coaches know that athletics are about

St. Mark’s mission of transforming boys into men is just as true on the playing field as in the classroom.

more than scores and trophies. The coaches strive to teach boys the underlying lessons of discipline, teamwork, and humility. As Assistant Athletic Director Josh Friesen puts it, “Winning is a

(clockwise from top left) The varsity volleyball team huddles up after a win Edward Ro ’18 sets the ball during a game against Ft. Worth Country Day School The cross-country team celebrates their SPC victory


On Campus | THE PRIDE

Every day, the gyms and fields across campus are

byproduct of these traits, but winning is not always

filled with Marksmen training, practicing, or just

the result, even if things are done right.”

getting out and moving. Lower Schoolers compete in One-Bump Lion Ball tournaments with the same

During the fall season, St. Mark’s faced challenging

passion and competitive spirit that their older

competition against its SPC opponents. Under

buddies compete with in SPC Championships.

the leadership of coaches John Turek and Ryan

This year, nearly half of all Upper School students

Hershner, the cross-country team ran in the SPC

are two-sport athletes, with 10 percent playing

Tournament, earning second place overall. The

three sports. Each year, Marksmen leave 10600

volleyball team, led by coaches Darren Teicher

Preston Road to play collegiately and some even

and Brian Meyer, entered the SPC Tournament as

go on to play professionally. This past year, two

the #1 seed from the South Zone. After losing the

alumni played in the NFL and two alumni helped

semifinal game against defending SPC champion

their teams to national collegiate championships

Greenhill, the team regrouped and won the third-

in water polo and lacrosse.

place game against St. John’s.

St. Mark’s School of Texas

On Campus

(clockwise from top left) Canyon Kyle ’18 throws a pass against Greenhill

On the football field, the Lions faced a more challenging season. After losing several key players to injury, the team fought hard in each game under

The cross-country team hoists its second-place trophy

the direction of head coach Bart Epperson, but was unable to make it to the playoffs. While the losses were disappointing, the players found an important

The football team takes the field

lesson in this season. “I learned from this season that sports can really bring a group of people together and make them closer than they ever imagined possible,” said Clark Wood ’17, one of the team’s captains. “The under-

Athletic Director Mark Sullivan recalled one moment

and upperclassmen were closer on this team than

from the fall season that illustrated Marksman

any other team I’ve ever been a part of, and I think

sportsmanship: “At the SPC Tournament, the

that this will benefit the underclassmen when they

volleyball team had less than 24 hours between their

are seniors.”

loss in the semifinals and the third-place game. But the team rallied, got up early, and supported

At the end of the fall season, four football players,

their fellow Marksmen running in the cross-country

two cross-country runners, and five volleyball

championship the next morning. That night, as the

players received SPC honors. Through it all,

volleyball team earned third place, the cross-country

Marksmen displayed a level of sportsmanship

team cheered them on from the stands.”

and unity that aligned with the St. Mark’s mission to develop men of character.

St. Mark’s School of Texas

Win or lose, Marksmen are one team.

Winter 2017 | On Campus


On Campus

holiday traditions Season of Giving Each year, Marksmen celebrate the holidays by giving back to the Dallas community. Before Thanksgiving, the junior classes of St. Mark’s and Hockaday hosted a Hogwarts-themed McDonald’s Week in support of Austin Street Center. The next month, more than two dozen students and faculty served hot meals at the Center. The holidays were made even merrier through the Community Service Gift Drive, which collected more than 2,400 gifts for children across the Dallas area.

(clockwise from top left) Middle Schoolers compete in the “Triwizard Tournament” Head of Upper School Patrick Andrén jokes around with Ronald McDonald Gordon Gunn ’17 collects toys from Lower Schoolers Santa and his elf collect toys for the Gift Drive Harper Sahm ’17 passes out hot meals at Austin Street Center


On Campus | THE PRIDE

St. Mark’s School of Texas

On Campus

Grandparents’ Day More than 700 grandparents and friends joined their Marksmen for Grandparents’ Day. Guests attended classes, where many teachers had special activities planned, from Thanksgiving plays to quiz bowls.

(clockwise from top left) Mrs. Carrio’s first graders perform their Thanksgiving play Avery Pearson ’18 walks to class with his grandparents A Lower Schooler sings a hymn in chapel with his grandmother Colin Campbell ’20 in class with his grandfather Lower Schoolers with their grandparents

St. Mark’s School of Texas

Winter 2017 | On Campus


On Campus

holiday traditions, continued Lessons & Carols The entire community gathered in the Chapel to celebrate St. Mark’s 65th annual Festival of Nine Lessons & Carols. As the Choir sang nine traditional Christmas carols, members of the community, including trustees, parents, and students, read the nine lessons.

(clockwise from top left) Organist and Assistant Choirmaster Glenn Stroh conducts the Fourth Grade Novices Crucifer Waseem Nabulsi ’18 leads the retiring procession The community joins together in singing a carol Choristers sing a carol Dr. Michael J. Sorrell, President of Paul Quinn College, reads a lesson


On Campus | THE PRIDE

St. Mark’s School of Texas

On Campus

All-School Christmas Party On the last school day of 2016, the entire student body filled the Great Hall for one of St. Mark’s most cherished traditions. Seniors carried their Lower School buddies through the Great Hall to decorate the Christmas tree with handmade ornaments. Marksmen cheered as Student Council President Christian McClain ’17 announced that the Gift Drive surpassed its goal, collecting more than 2,017 gifts.

(top) Faculty and student musicians play holiday carols (above and left) Seniors carry their Lower School buddies into the Great Hall

St. Mark’s School of Texas

Winter 2017 | On Campus


On Campus

your support makes these moments possible Making a Difference Each year, the St. Mark’s Fund supports campus life at 10600 Preston Road. Accounting for more than 10 percent of the overall budget, the St. Mark’s Fund allows for the Marksman experience to be truly extraordinary.

(clockwise from top left) Max Wood demonstrates drawing techniques to students in her Drawing & Painting class A Marksman magician makes a coin disappear during the annual 3rd Grade Halloween Magic Show The Class of 2017 shares tacos and advice with the Class of 2020 at the second annual Senior/Freshman mentoring breakfast


On Campus | THE PRIDE

St. Mark’s School of Texas

Your Gift Makes A Difference At St. Mark’s School of Texas, our boys are given unlimited opportunities to learn and excel. With the help of their teachers, coaches, and advisors, Marksmen will be prepared to assume leadership and responsibility in an ever-changing world. Through your gift to the St. Mark’s Fund, you are responsible for changing lives.

~ Last year, 59 percent of alumni and 93 percent of parents participated

in the St. Mark’s Fund, helping the School raise a record $3.79 million.

~ The St. Mark’s Fund accounts for more than 10 percent of the School’s

yearly operating budget and provides ongoing opportunities for students and faculty.

~ The St. Mark’s Fund is a critical component of the day-to-day life on

campus, securing the resources necessary for our boys to thrive. To make your gift or pledge, please visit

Thank you for being part of an extraordinary year at St. Mark’s.

On Campus

student accolades by the numbers Facts and Figures from Across Campus




Scout, the highest honor given by the

House as a National Student Poet (read

Center through the generosity of McDonald’s

Boy Scouts of America

more on page 20)

Week (read more on page 10)




Texas A&M math contest, where the team

the American Cancer Society through

YoungArts Awards, including two

placed second overall

No-Shave November




Marksmen awarded the rank of Eagle

Marksman chosen to speak at the White

Meals and snacks donated to Austin Street


Seniors named Semifinalists (pictured right) or Commended Scholars by the National Merit Scholarship Program

Math Team members who competed in the

Raised by the St. Mark’s community for

Columbia Scholastic Press Association

Games of Jeopardy! Teen Tournament

Crown Awards collectively earned by

featuring Connor Pierce ’19

the Marksmen yearbook, The ReMarker

(pictured right with Alex Trebek)

Marksmen recognized by the 2017

student newspaper, and The Marque literary magazine


On Campus | THE PRIDE

St. Mark’s School of Texas

Do you

St. Mark’s?

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On Campus

The Pecos Wilderness Hours before sunrise on August 12, 2016, the Class of 2020 returned from more than a week spent in the great outdoors. The 91 boys completed the Pecos Wilderness Trip, an eight-day excursion in the mountains of the northern New Mexico wilderness and a rite of passage for all rising freshmen. For almost a half-century, the Pecos Trip has taught boys the skills of an outdoorsman, provided a healthy perspective on modern life, and developed a mentality of stewardship, respect, and appreciation for the natural world.


On Campus | THE PRIDE

St. Mark’s School of Texas

On Campus

(clockwise from top) A ninth-grader takes in the beauty that surrounds him Two students bond over an improvised game of ping-pong Rising freshmen trek through the Pecos Wilderness

St. Mark’s School of Texas

Winter 2017 | On Campus


On Campus

Mr. Raman Goes To Washington Earlier this year, Gopal Raman ’17 missed more than a week of school. But he had a pretty convincing excuse: an invitation Kevin Wolf/Associated Press

(above and right) Gopal and his fellow Student Poets pose for photos outside the White House and the Lincoln Memorial

from the White House.

On September 8, 2016, Gopal and four other high school students stood in the State Dining Room facing the camera flashes of the White House press corps. A few feet away, First Lady Michelle Obama introduced them as the Class of 2016 National Student Poets. “These talented students are what we call living, breathing proof of the power of poetry to transform young people’s lives,” said Mrs. Obama. “We want to honor five outstanding poets each year and give them the mic here in the White House so that they can inspire countless other young people to follow in their footsteps.” Following Mrs. Obama’s remarks, the five Student Poets read samples of their work. Gopal read his poem “august 23, 2005,” which he wrote


On Campus | THE PRIDE

St. Mark’s School of Texas

On Campus

in response to Hurricane Katrina. The poets then traveled across Washington, D.C. to the Smithsonian’s Renwick Gallery, where Gopal read three more of his poems to the audience gathered there. The story of Gopal’s journey to the White House is perhaps a perfect example of how St. Mark’s produces true Renaissance men. In the summer of 2015, when Gopal learned that he had been named a National Student Poet, he was interning at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute in Buffalo, New York, researching the effects of the e-cigarette market in developing countries.

(above) Gopal solves an equation in J.T. Sutcliffe’s class

“In this age of specialization, Gopal is something of a throwback, a Renaissance man already by

Throughout Upper School, Gopal’s interests have

Upper School,” said David Brown, Victor F. White

taken him across campus: in the journalism suite,

Master Teaching Chair, and Gopal’s junior English

where he is a leader of The ReMarker staff;

teacher. “Scholar, athlete, artist, scientist, leader,

in the English classroom, where he chaired last

community servant — he has a passion for it all

year’s Literary Festival; on the court, where he plays

and does it all well.”

on the varsity tennis team; and even out in the community, where he currently co-chairs the

According to Gopal, his journey to the White House

St. Mark’s Community Service Board and has

began in seventh grade, when he was challenged

logged more than 425 volunteer hours since his

by creative writing projects in a Humanities class,

freshman year.

taught by Bob Rozelle ’66.

While his interests are wide and varied, creative

“Mr. Rozelle stressed the importance of creating

writing has always been one of Gopal’s central

our own work,” Gopal said. “After that class, I really

passions. As a sophomore, Gopal designed

started to think of myself as a writer.”

and published a collection of his writing and photography into a book, Beyond the Edge.

As his passion and skill for writing grew, Gopal’s

All proceeds from the book sales were donated to a

teachers encouraged him to submit his poetry and

Dallas ISD elementary school where he volunteers

photography to the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards.

as a tutor and mentor.

This organization partners with the President’s

St. Mark’s School of Texas

Winter 2017 | On Campus


On Campus

(right) First Lady Michelle Obama introduces the Class of 2016 National Student Poets (opposite) Gopal in 2014 with his book, Beyond the Edge

Committee on the Arts and the Humanities to

The National Student Poets Program seems tailor-

present the National Student Poets Program.

made for a multifaceted student like Gopal. In

Throughout his Upper School years, Gopal earned

addition to being outstanding artists, the Poets are

recognition for his work and advanced through

expected to be outstanding community leaders. In

the competition. Just before Gopal’s senior year,

her remarks, Mrs. Obama challenged the Poets to

he got the call. From a pool of more than 20,000

“go out there and share your gifts with others. Show

submissions, he had been selected as one of the

other young people the power of taking risks and

five final National Student Poets.

opening yourself up to the world.”

Throughout the year, the five National Student

Gopal’s White House visit and poetry

Poets will serve as literary ambassadors, attending

reading were live-streamed around the

various events throughout the country to promote

world and are available to watch online at

the importance of poetry and education. To Gopal,

this is a charge he takes personally. “This isn’t just about getting a certificate and a title,” he said. “This program gives me the opportunity to go out and actually become a better writer by engaging with new communities.”


On Campus | THE PRIDE

St. Mark’s School of Texas

On Campus

“august 23, 2005” by Gopal Raman “Scores killed as Katrina pounds states along Gulf Coast” – Sun Sentinel

the lichen dips

and that must be enough,

its furry fingers

to feel the earth crackle

just inches in,

but to not fear the water creeping through the

but it’s enough.


how nice,

to hear ‘prune’

to know when

and think of the fruit.

to stop. to hear ‘cane’ i woke up late today

and not hurry

and cracked open the faucet

to run but to taste the sugar

and dipped my

melt into your mouth.

frail fingers in until they pruned and

my fingers are tightening


up, so i dip them in the stream

i can’t write with


tight skin. but they take longer to i leave the paper


soaking, graphite shading the dripping shadows. the paper just sits, pruned and not wanting to dry off.

St. Mark’s School of Texas

Winter 2017 | On Campus


Alumni News alumni programs

Alumni Leadership Speaker Series (above) Faculty members wish farewell to the Class of 2016 Casey Sherman shares his story with alumni

Young Alumni St. Mark’s celebrated the outgoing seniors with the Class of 2016 Graduate Send-Off, hosted by Eugene McDermott Headmaster David W. Dini. More than two-thirds of the Class turned out for their final gathering before departing for college and were joined by former faculty and members of the Office of Development & Alumni Relations. David expressed his appreciation and respect for the Class, telling the boys, “Know that we already miss you but we’re going to be with you every step of the way.” The evening concluded with a trip to Graduate Hall, where the boys saw their names added to the list of every graduating class since 1907.

Under the direction of the Alumni Board, the Alumni Leadership Speaker Series engages alumni through unique intellectual opportunities throughout the year. The series kicked off with a breakfast with Robert E. Dennard Visiting Scholar Casey Sherman in November. Mr. Sherman led a powerful discussion from his best-selling books The Finest Hours and Boston Strong, which focused on the power of the human spirit and how people rise up in times of crisis to find untapped strength and incredible courage. In December, more than 125 alumni celebrated the holidays together at the annual Alumni Holiday Luncheon at Arlington Hall at Lee Park. Attendees were treated to an introduction by Alumni Association President Alan Shoellkopf ’91 and remarks and a poetry reading from Gopal Raman ’17.


Alumni News | THE PRIDE

St. Mark’s School of Texas

Alumni News

Regional Travel As the school year kicked off at 10600 Preston Road, the Office of Development & Alumni Relations hosted events throughout the country. Alumni in Austin, Houston, and College Station gathered not only to reconnect with one another, but to visit with beloved faculty members Greg Guiler, varsity basketball coach, and Lynn Terman, fourth-grade teacher. During the week of October 16, St. Mark’s swept through the East Coast, hosting seven events and attracting more than 150 alumni in Boston, Hanover, New Haven, Princeton, New York, Philadelphia, and Washington, D.C. David Brown, Victor F. White Master Teaching Chair in English, and Nick Sberna, Humanities Department Chair, took time out of their busy schedules to attend the East Coast gatherings and share some of their stories from the classroom. St. Mark’s will travel to the West Coast at the end of February, hosting events in Los Angeles, the Bay Area, and Palo Alto. For more information, please visit

St. Mark’s School of Texas

Alumni Holiday Traditions The holiday season at St. Mark’s is filled with special traditions that bring the community together in unique ways. This Thanksgiving, classes from 2002 through 2012 gathered to reconnect and celebrate the holidays at the annual Young Alumni Holiday Party at the Stoneleigh P. Marksmen of all ages celebrated the end of the year at the Alumni Games,

(above left) Andy Parks ’91, Craig Unterberg ’91, and Craig Meyers ’94 at the New York alumni event (above) Alumni and varsity square off on the basketball court

competing against the varsity basketball, soccer, and water polo teams. Family, friends, and classmates cheered for their Marksmen athletes from the sidelines. The Games ended with Alumni wins in basketball and water polo, and a Varsity victory in soccer. The holiday season concluded with the College-Age Marksmen Day, where more than 80 college-age alumni returned to campus for lunch with the faculty, followed by an opportunity to hear from established alumni on how to leverage one of our most valuable resources: the Marksmen Network.

Winter 2017 | Alumni News


Alumni News

alumni in the news

Charlie Nearburg ’68 In the summer of 2016, Charlie Nearburg ’68 (above) Charlie Nearburg ’68 celebrates with family at the Monaco Historic Grand Prix (right) Tyrone Powell ’77

Tom Kohler ’65

participated in the Monaco Historic Grand Prix.

In 1995, Orlando magazine interviewed Tom

Charlie and his team were excited to finish on

Kohler ’65 about his service as executive director

the podium in third place in what was the fastest

of the City of Orlando’s Downtown Development

race of the weekend. This was Charlie’s first race

Board. In the article, Tom was able to chronicle

in the 1970 Brabham-Cosworth Ford BT33, the

the city’s past and predicted that the city was

car in which famed racer Jack Brabham won the

entering a golden age. After working 26 years

South African Grand Prix. Last year, Charlie was

with the city, Tom retired in 2002, but remains

named a St. Mark’s Life Trustee in recognition

involved in Orlando as senior consultant for the

of his many years of dedication and support of

prominent urban planning and research group

the School. Charlie has returned several times to

GAI Consulting Inc. For Orlando magazine’s 70th

share his racing experiences with the boys and he

anniversary, Tom was interviewed again and made

received the Alumni Service Medal in 2005 for his

promising predictions for the city, including big

distinguished and longstanding contributions to

improvements in neighborhoods, supermarkets,

the School.

an increase in one-bedroom apartments, and an expanded SunRail train, among others. Kohler told

Tyrone Powell ’77

Orlando that the city is “now entering the platinum

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf named Tyrone

age.” Over the years, Tom has created a legacy, not

Powell ’77 as the state’s acting Inspector General

only for himself but for the city of Orlando as well.

on August 30, 2016. Powell has an impressive résumé serving as the office’s chief counsel, deputy general counsel, and as Director of the Department


Alumni News | THE PRIDE

St. Mark’s School of Texas

Alumni News

of General Services. Previously, Powell worked as a private real estate attorney. In his new role with the Office of Inspector General, Tyrone will investigate fraud, waste, and misconduct in state agencies.

Riley Graham ’14

Tyrone currently resides in Pennsylvania with his

Riley Graham ’14 and his lacrosse teammates at

wife Mary and their three sons.

the University of North Carolina overcame heavy odds to win the 2016 NCAA Lacrosse National

Steve Jurvetson ’85

Championship. This is the first time since 1991

On June 24, 2016, the U.S. Secretary of Commerce

that UNC has achieved this honor. North Carolina

named Steve Jurvetson ’85 as one of four

is the first unseeded team to win the tournament

new Presidential Ambassadors for Global

in the event’s 46-year history. While at St. Mark’s,

Entrepreneurship (PAGE). PAGE is a public-private

Riley was named to the All-Conference first team

partnership that brings together some of America’s

his junior and senior years. He was first team All-

brightest businessmen and women to use their

State and team MVP his senior year. Riley helped

experiences to mentor younger generations and

his squad to the conference championships his

startups. Jurvetson is a venture capitalist and

freshman, sophomore, and junior seasons, where

currently serves as a partner of Draper Fisher

they won the Texas State Championship in 2013.

Jurvetson. He is a current board member at SpaceX,

Riley is in his junior year at UNC.

(left) Steve Jurvetson ’85 shares his experiences with students during Alumni Weekend 2015 (above) Riley Graham ’14 and his father John

Synthetic Genomics, and Tesla Motors. Steve has returned to campus several times throughout his career. He was named a Distinguished Alumnus in 2005, gave the Class of 2010 Commencement address, and spoke to Upper Schoolers during Alumni Weekend 2015.

St. Mark’s School of Texas

Winter 2017 | Alumni News


Spotlight master teaching chairs Doug Rummel, a veteran teacher he described as “a man of immense intellectual horsepower and wisdom.” Throughout his two decades at St. Mark’s, Doug has mentored hundreds of future scientists, engineers, and researchers, both in the classroom and through the School’s nationally recognized robotics team. “It is always great for any teacher to know that ‘toiling in the vineyard’ has produced results that are appreciated by others, especially your peers,” Doug said. “As a new faculty member, it was always apparent that endowed positions reflected those who had the experience and skill to make me better at my job. I’m humbled to think that I can now try my best to keep that tradition alive.”

This year, St. Mark’s added two exceptional educators to its

Also this year, a new Master Teaching Chair was

growing list of endowed Master Teaching Chairs. The first

announced to honor one of St. Mark’s most

filled a recently vacated Chair established three decades ago by some of the School’s founders. The second position was

influential educators. A true living legend, Tom Adams taught and coached at St. Mark’s for almost half a century. As a coach, he led the

recently established by a dedicated group of alumni who

varsity baseball and basketball teams to multiple

wanted to honor a St. Mark’s legend.

SPC Championships. As a history teacher, he

(above) Doug Rummel, Founders’ Master Teaching Chair

captivated generations of Marksmen with his

The creation of the Founders’ Master Teaching

iconic style. Even in retirement, Tom has stayed

Chair was a poignant illustration of the St. Mark’s

active, returning to campus to assist with the

community’s culture of philanthropy. In 1989,

basketball program and deliver riveting history

excess funds from four existing Master Teaching

lectures during Alumni Weekends.

Chairs were combined to fund an entirely new position, named in honor of St. Mark’s

It’s no surprise that a small group of alumni

earliest supporters.

sought a tangible way to honor this legend. Thanks to their generosity, the Thomas S. Adams


Spotlight | THE PRIDE

With the retirement of longtime ceramics instructor

Master Teaching Chair was established. To

Bill Kysor, the Founders’ Master Teaching Chair

fill this position, David Dini selected Dr. John

was left vacant. To fill this position, Eugene

Perryman, a man who is “cut from the same cloth

McDermott Headmaster David W. Dini looked to

as Tom Adams.” Since joining the faculty in 1998,

St. Mark’s School of Texas


John has served St. Mark’s as a teacher, coach, administrator, and Director of the Leadership and Ethics Program. He spent several years as Assistant Head of Upper School before returning

The addition of the Thomas S. Adams Master

to the classroom full time this year, teaching U.S.

Teaching Chair brings St. Mark’s total number

History and Government and AP English.

of endowed teaching positions to 18. Endowed

positions can now be found in nearly every

“I was humbled, honored, and excited to be appointed to a Chair named for a man who I have known and respected for many years,” John said.

department and division. The Master Teaching Chair Program offers St. Mark’s the unique

(above left) Tom Adams leads an outdoor class in 2006 (above) Dr. John Perryman, Thomas S. Adams Master Teaching Chair

opportunity to reward veteran educators for their dedication and to honor members of the community who helped build the School’s legacy. The history of St. Mark’s can be found in the names of its endowed positions: McDermott,

“The Master Teaching Chair Program is the result of dedicated members of our community who believe that the heart and soul of the School is

Green, White, Nelson, and now Adams. Above all, it is a true testament to the value St. Mark’s places on its educators.

the outstanding teaching that takes place on a daily basis.”

St. Mark’s School of Texas

Winter 2017 | Spotlight



giving back to our school

Since the beginning, St. Mark’s has been built around a culture of giving back. Our mission is advanced by a community of servant-leaders—parents and alumni who work tirelessly to make our School a better place.

St. Mark’s Fund and, together with other community members, yielded $3.79 million for the School. This year, to help continue that tradition of excellence, Collin Schumacher, parent of

(above) Parent volunteer Darcy Ribman fires up the crowd at Lion Pride Night (right) Collin Schumacher poses with his son (opposite) The Class of 1976 celebrates its reunion

Parent Volunteers

a second-grade Marksman, joined the Class

Parents are an essential part of the St. Mark’s

Agents to reach out to parents and explain the

community and invest countless hours of their

importance of the School’s culture

time and valuable resources to strengthen the

of philanthropy.

experience of its students and faculty. The School is fortunate to be surrounded by a caring community

As Collin explained, “St. Mark’s provides boys

that, year after year, strives to make St. Mark’s a

with tremendous opportunities, many of which

priority in their lives. A strong parent volunteer

they won’t fully understand or appreciate until

network supports the School by leading in the

they are older. It is important to create a sense of

cafeteria, student store, library, classrooms, and on

responsibility and commitment to give back to

the playing field.

the School.” He said that he volunteers to show his son the importance of community and giving

In addition, parents help make the St. Mark’s Fund

back, and believes that certain lessons are best

a success. Last year, St. Mark’s Fund Co-Chairs

taught by example.

Deborah James, Kama Koudelka, and Nancy Goldberg led a group of 36 dedicated Class Agent

The St. Mark’s Fund is an essential pillar of the

volunteers who worked diligently to ensure the

School’s financial foundation. Its success is a

Fund met and surpassed its goal. The results were

result of the strong community that gives of

outstanding: 93% of current parents gave to the

its time and resources to make the St. Mark’s experience wonderful for every Marksman.


Spotlight | THE PRIDE

St. Mark’s School of Texas


2016 Reunion Giving Results * Indicates a record

Class of 2011

Class of 1986

5th Reunion

30th Reunion

81% Participation* $12,231* Co-Chairs: Jeff Eichenholz and Patrick McGee

49% Participation $183,775* Co-Chairs: David Campbell, David Dienes, and Ryan Robinson

Class of 2006

Class of 1981

10th Reunion

35th Reunion

86% Participation* $15,269 Co-Chairs: Alex Korngut and Andrew Smith

56% Participation $89,868 Co-Chairs: Joe Fogelman, Toby Roosevelt, Al Sorrels, and Taylor Wilson

Class of 2001

Class of 1976

15th Reunion

40th Reunion

62% Participation $75,531* Co-Chairs: Beau Harbour and Collin Lensing

67% Participation* $95,395 Co-Chairs: Sandy Campbell, Tom Fagadau, and Jeff Hillier

Class of 1996

Class of 1971

20th Reunion

45th Reunion

65% Participation $132,194* Co-Chairs: Mark Anderson, Chris Lee, and Reid McGlamery

49% Participation $8,636 Chair: Chuck Kaufman

Class of 1991

Class of 1966

25th Reunion

50th Reunion

84% Participation $160,585 Co-Chairs: Alan Schoellkopf, Kevin Robinowitz, and Robert Einspruch

57% Participation $23,510 Chair: Bart Bookatz

Reunion Giving In just a few months, alumni will return to campus for Alumni Weekend 2017. For 10 St. Mark’s classes, the weekend will hold special significance as they gather for their reunions. Every five years, reunions offer a chance for classmates to come together, celebrate where their lives have taken them, and collectively give thanks to their alma mater. Last year, the 10 reunion classes ending in 1 and 6 accounted for almost 40% of all alumni giving to the St. Mark’s Fund by contributing $810,000. Excitement is building for this year’s reunion program, which will include class years ending in 2 and 7. This year’s Reunion Committees are inspired by the outstanding efforts of last year’s generosity and commitment. In April, hundreds of alumni and their families will return to campus to connect with friends and faculty and support the school that they love.

St. Mark’s School of Texas

Winter 2017 | Spotlight




Features | THE PRIDE

St. Mark’s School of Texas


(opposite) Middle School students gather on the Perot Quadrangle

A Vision of the Future: Goals for St. Mark’s IV Update

St. Mark’s never stands still. A community-

President Jon Mosle ’79. “I’m confident that the final document will be one we refer to frequently—

wide endeavor is underway to define the School’s future.

one that helps motivate and shape the School’s

Excitement is building as plans for the Science Center

actions over the coming years.”

Project approach reality. The Upper and Lower Schools The Planning Committee, alongside the Board of

have appointed new Division Heads and, soon, so will

Trustees and administration, has worked closely

Middle School.Department Chairs are collaborating in new

with members across the St. Mark’s community to

ways to ensure students receive the best education possible.

identify six strategic areas of focus:

As the next few months and years prove to be instrumental •

Students and Learning

Faculty and Teaching

Enrollment, Access, and Affordability

Campus Resources

“The strength of community that we enjoy today indeed did not happen

Civic Responsibility

by accident. It happened because people who cared deeply about your

Institutional Stewardship

in shaping St. Mark’s future, this is the perfect time to form a new strategic plan, Goals for St. Mark’s IV.

experiences devoted themselves to cultivating an environment where boys could develop into good men,” Eugene McDermott Headmaster David W. Dini

Together, these six areas reflect the priorities

told Upper Schoolers during a recent chapel talk.

St. Mark’s will continue to address as it moves forward: building upon its strong leadership

Goals IV will be the guiding document of the School for the next five to

while attracting and retaining world-class faculty;

10 years and will ensure St. Mark’s maintains its long-standing tradition

providing those faculty with exceptional facilities

of excellence.

and resources; teaching each student how to become a man of character; and sending students out to make a positive impact on their community.

“In the course of defining and drafting Goals IV, we have had great discussions involving parents, alumni, faculty and students about what makes St. Mark’s special and where we should focus our resources,” said Board of Trustees

St. Mark’s School of Texas

Winter 2017 | Features



Investing in Faculty If a Marksman’s journey is The Path to Manhood, then

rewarded professionally as well as financially. Both

St. Mark’s teachers are their guides. In the classroom, on

in and out of the classroom, the School offers a

the playing field, and in the art studio, the faculty and staff are key components to the success of St. Mark’s. Ask any

level of faculty support and resources that even led one Upper School teacher to refer to St. Mark’s as “edu-topia.”

alumnus what shaped his St. Mark’s journey and the answer will almost always include a beloved teacher or mentor. “This School is and always will be about the people,” Senior Class President Philip Montgomery ’16 said during his Commencement address last May. “If I mentioned every teacher who sacrificed their time because they love their students and this School, we’d be here all night. It is a commitment we will never forget.” As part of Goals IV, every effort is being made to ensure the School attracts and retains top-rate faculty. While St. Mark’s is proud to remain a national leader in faculty and staff salaries among independent day schools, teaching is more of a passion than a job. To this end, the School seeks to ensure its educators are


Features | THE PRIDE

Through collaboration among teachers, divisions, and departments, and providing resources for faculty and staff to grow in their fields, Goals IV aims to ensure that St. Mark’s attracts and retains the most qualified, talented, and effective faculty and professional staff.

Collaboration At St. Mark’s, teaching is a team sport. Regardless of their role, every St. Mark’s employee is an educator. From the classroom to the lunchroom, Marksmen interact with dozens of professionals across campus, so it is crucial that everyone at

St. Mark’s School of Texas


St. Mark’s is consistent when it comes to the Marksman experience. With some of the best teachers in the nation gathered on a single campus, the administration has been working to foster collaboration within this diverse pool of talent. Just before the start of the 2016–2017 school year, the entire faculty and staff returned to campus for their regular pre-sessional meetings. This year, faculty had several unique opportunities to gather and collaborate with colleagues from all grades and divisions. A handful of faculty presented on a range of topics, including “Differentiated Instruction,” “The Flipped Classroom,” and “How to Develop Empathy in Adolescents.” At a seminar highlighting the Character and Leadership Education Program,

presenting at conferences, and exploring the world.

teachers learned the framework and vocabulary to

From Vancouver to Rome, they furthered their own

create a consistent message and experience for

education and brought valuable experiences back

the boys.

to campus.

With the school year underway, department and

Last June, 16 St. Mark’s faculty and administrators

division heads meet regularly to share success

traveled north to attend and present sessions at

stories and best practices. At one recent meeting,

the annual International Boys Schools’ Coalition

division heads shared tips and suggestions for

summer conference at St. George’s School in

conducting classroom visits. This type of group

Vancouver, British Columbia. They worked with

collaboration ensures that the St. Mark’s experience

more than 600 other educators from around the

is consistent for teachers as well as students.

world to discuss how best to teach and nurture the

(opposite top) Like many faculty members, Coach Dwight Phillips is both a teacher and a mentor to his boys (above) Department Chairs sit down to share advice and discuss best practices

development of boys.

Professional Development One lesson that is constantly reinforced to all

“We were all focused on the common goal of

Marksmen is that education should be a lifelong

providing the best educational experiences to boys,”

endeavor. Learning does not end after graduation.

said Amy Stanbury, Middle School math teacher

As boys mature into men, they should be constantly

and Assistant Director of the Leadership and Ethics

challenging their minds. There is no better example

Program, who presented at the conference.

of lifelong learners than with the St. Mark’s faculty and staff. To this end, the School approves

“It’s good for the boys to see teachers from different disciplines working so closely together.”

nearly a quarter-million dollars in professional development grants each year, all supported by the

At the conference, St. Mark’s faculty and

philanthropy of the St. Mark’s community.

administrators shared their work with other educators during four presentations discussing

Over the summer of 2016, more than 70 faculty and

character education, global citizenship, student

staff members traveled to every corner of the globe,

research projects, and the St. Mark’s Visiting

attending workshops, pursuing advanced degrees,

Scholars Program.

St. Mark’s School of Texas

Winter 2017 | Features



“Having the generous resources to send 16

the rich historic landscape of Italy. While touring

teachers and administrators to this conference

the ancient ruins of the Roman Empire, their Lower

provides us with uninterrupted time, formally and

School lessons on government and infrastructure

socially, to talk about our work and to broaden

came to life and enriched their classrooms.

our relationships,” said Associate Headmaster John Ashton, who attended and presented at the conference.

“By experiencing a variety of cultures and people, I will be better able to convey to my students the need to understand and respect all people in our


Features | THE PRIDE

Meanwhile, on the other side of the world, three

world,” said Kay Carrio, Ackerman Family Master

Lower School teachers spent the summer exploring

Teaching Chair in Lower School.

St. Mark’s School of Texas


Professional development grants also afford teachers the opportunity to further their educations and add to the already impressive number of faculty with advanced degrees. In addition to teaching Middle School science and codirecting the Wilderness Program, Lukas Rahlson earned his Master’s of Education from Vanderbilt University. Lukas’s dedication to his graduate work and St. Mark’s was evident during last

“Having the generous resources to send 16 teachers and

summer’s Pecos Wilderness Trip. Each night, after

administrators to this conference provides us with

coordinating efforts at base camp, Lukas stayed up

uninterrupted time, formally and socially, to talk about our

in his tent typing out his final 20-page assignment.

work and to broaden our relationships.” —Associate Headmaster John Ashton

“For a young teacher just getting started in my career, St. Mark’s professional development has been an amazing opportunity,” Lukas said. “The

preparing healthy meals, 11 members of the

administration has been incredibly supportive

cafeteria staff attended the National School

of my research, whether it was assisting me in

Nutrition Association Conference this summer.

implementing a faculty-wide survey or helping me

During the three-day conference, they met with

understand the complexities of the School’s budget

new vendors and sources for local and organic food,

and financial aid. David Dini and John Ashton

learned new recipes, and attended sessions on how

always made time to talk through how the research

to incorporate more vegetarian menu options.

was beneficial not only to my own growth but also the School’s.”

At St. Mark’s, the School’s mission can succeed only if every faculty and staff member is performing at

To ensure that St. Mark’s is at its best, every

their very best. As the School continues to plan for

member of the team is encouraged to seek

the future, attracting and retaining quality faculty

professional development. Anyone who has

and staff will remain a priority.

(opposite) Associate Headmaster John Ashton speaks with students (above left) Middle School teacher Lukas Rahlson completes his final graduate school assignment at base camp (above right) St. Mark’s faculty at the International Boys Schools’ Coalition summer conference

been in the Great Hall around noon knows the importance of a hearty lunch to the success of every Marksman. To further their mission of

St. Mark’s School of Texas

Winter 2017 | Features



Computer Science As Goals IV examines the St. Mark’s curriculum, one area of focus is computer science education. The world is becoming more connected, mobile, and technologically advanced, propelling computer science into a required skill. In the professional world, Marksmen are pioneers and innovators, with alumni taking on important roles at groundbreaking companies like Microsoft, SpaceX, Google, and many others. As technology becomes a necessity in every field and industry, even the youngest Lower Schoolers are learning the basics. With this in mind, St. Mark’s computer science instructors Kurt Tholking and Kendall Murphy have begun introducing fundamentals like coding and problem solving to their Lower and Middle School classes. “We want the boys to be able to envision how they can change the world with a new digital idea and then to feel like they are capable of implementing

Investing in Students

such a task,” Kendall Murphy said.

Within the School’s Statement of Purpose is a principle that

Computer science is a vital skill for any student,

resonates with the overall mission of Goals for St. Mark’s IV:

regardless of his future career. Similar to math and

“St. Mark’s aims to prepare young men to assume leadership

English, learning to code requires problem-solving skills and the ability to communicate one’s needs

and responsibility in a competitive and changing world.”

and ideas.

The core values of St. Mark’s have stayed true since 1906, and St. Mark’s motto,

With a strong Lower School foundation, students

“Courage and Honor,” builds upon the proud legacy of the Terrill School’s

are ready to move on to more advanced subjects

motto, Literrae et Mores (“Content and Character”). At its core, St. Mark’s will

in Middle and Upper School, including the new

always be focused on transforming boys into good men and leaders who have

AP Computer Science Principles class. Advanced

the capacity to influence the world in positive ways.

students are required to code and publish smartphone apps and create programs that range

Goals IV acknowledges that a world-class education requires first-rate

from card games to graphics editors.

programs and gifted educators both in and out of the classroom. A Marksman


is more than just a scholar — he is also a man of strong character who can

“Computer science allows us to be creative, think

handle complex and challenging circumstances. The St. Mark’s academic

critically, have the opportunity to address real-

and co-curricular programs must constantly be assessed and enhanced when

world problems, and build relevant solutions,” Kurt

necessary to ensure that the boys are well-rounded and ready for lives

Tholking said. “Students are designing their own

of leadership.

websites, publishing smartphone apps and games,

Features | THE PRIDE

St. Mark’s School of Texas


and building programs to enhance their other

students later in life, whether or not they go into

studies. These skills will help them succeed in jobs

the tech industry.

that don’t exist yet.” “Programming skills are necessary to become In computer science, as in all subjects at St. Mark’s,

creators, and not just consumers, of new

character education is an ever-present lesson

technologies in this century,” said Doug Rummel,

woven into the curriculum. Boys are taught to be

Founders’ Master Teaching Chair and the Robotics

aware of their digital footprint and to make ethical

Team Coach.

(opposite) An eighth grade student works on a coding assignment (above) Kendall Murphy introduces Lower Schoolers to Chromebooks

decisions when interacting on social media and engaging with online content.

While the Robotics Team is a co-curricular club, Doug’s Information Engineering class is a

Like many subjects at St. Mark’s, the lessons

college-level course where students combine their

taught in computer science find application in

knowledge of computer programming with hands-

other classes and activities. In the middle of the

on electrical engineering experience. Class projects

McDermott-Green Science Building, an obstacle

result in robots and devices that do everything from

course of PVC pipe and wooden boards serves

performing complex analysis of large data sets to

as the testing ground for the Robotics Club.

tracking real-world objects to creating motion-

Students on this nationally ranked team spend

controlled video games.

their nights and weekends coding the machines for competition. These skills prove invaluable to

St. Mark’s School of Texas

Winter 2017 | Features



Health and Wellness St. Mark’s is renowned for challenging its students intellectually and producing young men who thrive at the most competitive universities and job markets in the world. Going into this environment, St. Mark’s seeks to instill a sense of balance and discipline in the lives of its Marksmen. Developing a more comprehensive health education program has emerged as a key component of the plan’s broader focus on students and learning. But health is about more than exercise and eating right. St. Mark’s aims to produce men who are healthy and balanced in every facet of their being:

“Computer science allows us to be creative, think critically,

recent years, several programs have already added

have the opportunity to address real-world problems, and

to the students’ health education and serve as

build relevant solutions,”

perfect examples for how the School can continue

—Kurt Tholking, Computer Science Instructor (above) Kurt Tholking teaches his eighth grade class about coding (opposite) Lower Schoolers learn the basics of computer science

In a few years, the Winn Science Center will open with dedicated computer science spaces that will further enhance the incredible work being done by Marksmen. Doug and other science faculty members have worked closely with the Board of Trustees’ Architectural and Construction Committee to ensure the new building will meet programmatic needs. “Without a doubt, the new Science Center will bolster computer science education,” Doug said. “More advanced robots and artificial intelligence are on the horizon. Machine learning implemented by neural networks and cloud-based systems will process large amounts of data and learn to become more efficient at their tasks. I fully expect us to have courses dedicated to these topics in the 2020s in the new building.” Just as the new Science Center will provide the facilities for the next generation of science education, Goals IV will create a framework for defining the next generation’s curriculum.


physically, mentally, socially, and spiritually. In

Features | THE PRIDE

pushing the St. Mark’s experience forward. One of the most stressful times in the life of a Marksman is the transition between grades. Boys are given more independence as well as more responsibilities. To help them find balance in their school work and personal lives, Dr. Gabby Reed, Lower Grades Counselor, has been teaching a Life Skills class to fifth- and sixth- graders. “The Life Skills curriculum aims to give our boys the tools they will need to be successful as adults in the 21st century,” Dr. Reed said. “The class is about setting solid goals, problem-solving, making strong decisions, recognizing and managing emotions, and having empathy for those around us. We believe that these skills are paramount to success in the classroom and beyond.” The curriculum in Life Skills dovetails with the School’s wider Character and Leadership Education Program and introduces students to a range of topics and skills that maturing boys need to address. Beyond the universal lessons of time management and decision-making, boys learn about issues that are relatively new to this

St. Mark’s School of Texas


St. Mark’s School of Texas

Winter 2017 | Features



In Upper School, where many Marksmen compete in two or three sports, the need for healthy balance becomes increasingly important. Athletes are constantly pushing themselves to become faster and stronger, and coaches are always looking for smarter ways to train their athletes. To help with this, the Athletic Department recently brought on Kevin Dilworth as the School’s full-time Strength and Conditioning coach. Coach Dilworth is now a staple in the weight room and on the sidelines, teaching boys the best and healthiest way to get fit and stay strong. “Coach Dilworth constantly challenged me to lift more and become faster every single time I trained,” (above) Coach Kevin Dilworth works with a Marksman athlete

Nehemiah McGowan ’17 told The ReMarker last fall. Nehemiah, who has already committed to play lacrosse at Amherst College, said, “His guidance and words of wisdom have made me and will

(right) Dr. Gabby Reed teaching Life Skills

continue to make me be the best student-athlete that I can be.” The Strength and Conditioning program goes beyond weights and push-ups. Coach Dilworth’s main focus is on building up the team and ensuring that every link in the chain is as strong as possible. As he puts it, “Training and changing your body builds character.” An athletic mindset of constant improvement is generation: balancing a healthy level of “screen time,” addressing the use of alcohol and

reflected in Goals IV. The strategic plan is, in effect, a strength and conditioning plan for the School; a

drugs, and understanding the messaging

way for St. Mark’s to identify its defining traits and

within advertisements.

make them even better.

“In Dr. Reed’s class, I learned how to balance out

As St. Mark’s enters its second century, Goals for St.

all of my academic and extracurricular activities,

Mark’s IV will provide a guiding document for the

how to engage and interact with others, and how

School’s future. Never content with maintaining

to make the right decisions,” said Collin Katz ’21.

the status quo, Goals IV identifies the School’s

“She also taught me how to not get as worried over things like tests, speeches, and performances. All of

priorities for the years ahead and sets the pace for the next generation of Marksmen.

these lessons helped me to manage my time, have fun, and accomplish great things.”


Features | THE PRIDE

St. Mark’s School of Texas


Thanks to the vision of its founders, the generosity of its community, and the guidance of its leadership, St. Mark’s is poised for a bright future.

St. Mark’s School of Texas

Winter 2017 | Features


Remarks 1957 NELSON SPENCER ’57 was inducted into the Texas Rugby Football Union’s inaugural Hall of Fame at the TRU’s Annual Summit in Dallas. Similarly, last year he was recognized with a Lifetime Achievement Award by the United States Rugby Football Foundation at their Hall of Fame Dinner in Chicago.

cockatoos. They are both high school teachers in Dallas; Cas at Parish Episcopal School and Heather at W.T. White.

1987 | 30th Reunion JOSHUA COHEN ’87 joined Ackerman Capital Management as Partner and Director of Wealth Management. Josh works alongside DAVID ACKERMAN ’89, the Managing Principal and


Director of Investment Strategy.

ALLEN NESBITT ’62 published his second book, Left-handed


Dog, on March 10, 2016. Allen currently lives in Portland, Oregon with his wife Carolyn and their two dogs.

1975 The School Flag was recently presented by the School to TAVE CAMPBELL ’75, after the original School Flag that Tave was awarded at Commencement in 1975 was lost along with his home and all of his family’s belongings in a rapidly moving Colorado wildfire. Tave has been a longtime volunteer and active supporter of St. Mark’s and it’s great to see the flag back in his hands. Carrie and CRAIG LEVERING ’75 are proud to announce the birth of their granddaughter, Colleen Ashley Redlich, who joins their grandson, Hunter.

Alyssa and BARRY WERNICK ’89 are proud parents of a new baby girl. Betsy Rose (4) and Alice Genevieve (3) welcome their little sister Libby Paulina to the world on January 25, 2016. OB/GYN DR. HAMPTON RICHARDS ’95 is now 3 for 3 in delivering Wernick girls. Barry’s latest movie which he wrote and produced, is the second in his successful Bad Kids comic book/movie franchise, Bad Kids of Crestview Academy, which hit theaters in the winter of 2016. Alyssa’s food styling career continues to grow and her latest pastry styling work can be seen in Michael’s Stores circulars, websites, and in retail locations throughout the U.S. and Canada. JON LASSER ’89 recently co-authored Grow Happy with his daughter, Sage. The early childhood picture book teaches kids how they can cultivate happiness. Jon is a professor at Texas State


University and teaches courses in School Psychology.



KINCHEN ’79 participated in the 2016 Pan-Mass Challenge, an annual two-day, 192-mile bike ride from Sturbridge to Provincetown, Massachusetts, which raises money for the Dana Farber Cancer Institute in Boston. The Marksmen were overjoyed to see each other, as they were unaware of one another’s involvement with the organization.

1986 CAS DUNLAP ’86 and Heather Hinds were married in Fiji on July 27, 2016, in a sunset ceremony. While on their July trip to Australia, New Zealand, and Fiji, they went on zip lines, bungee jumped, rode in helicopters and luges, trains, planes, boats,

ANDREW BROOM ’90 began a new position as Executive Director at Citation Jet Pilots, Inc. Andrew and his wife Melissa reside in Enterprise, Florida, with their three sons, Colin, Jack, and Spencer. CHRIS GUNNIN ’90 and MARWIN BROWN ’90 watched courtside in Austin, Texas, as their daughters competed on opposing teams in a middle school volleyball game earlier this year at St. Stephen’s Episcopal School. Chris is Head of School at St. Stephen’s, and Marwin works for Shire, a leading biotech company.

and had first-hand visits with koalas, kangaroos, camels, and


Remarks | THE PRIDE

St. Mark’s School of Texas

Class Notes

Tave Campbell ’75 Mark Penzel ’78, Eric Bradford ’78, and Jason Kinchen ’79 Cas Dunlap ’86 married Heather Hinds Alyssa and Barry Wernick ’89 welcomed Libby Paulina Wernick Chris Gunnin ’90 and Marwin Brown ’90

St. Mark’s School of Texas

Winter 2017 | Remarks



Rebekah Ruth Taylor Daniela Cristina Lee Ryan Kirkham ’98 married Kelly Dowling Cody Roberdeau ’98 married Jessalyn Bree Murray Kimberly and Heb James ’98 welcomed Thomas Mason James II Megan and Alexi Mantas ’99 welcomed Michael Joseph Mantas Torin Sebastian Keenan Mathews Gabriel Chi Dinh Mark Clasby ’00 married Amanda Shaw


Remarks | THE PRIDE

St. Mark’s School of Texas


1993 Rulanda and WILLIAM TAYLOR ’93 welcomed their third child, Rebekah Ruth Taylor, on May 5, 2016, weighing 7 lbs., 9 oz. Rebekah joins older siblings, Hannah (14), a freshman at Hockaday, and William III (9), a third-grader at St. Mark’s.

1996 CHRIS LEE ’96, his wife Nyssa, and son James were excited to welcome Daniela Cristina Lee into the world on August 27, 2016, weighing 5 lbs., 12 oz. The family lives in New York City. On August 8, 2016, CLAY WILKINSON ’96 joined the family law group of Quilling, Selander, Lownds, Winslett & Moser, P.C. He represents clients throughout Dallas-Ft. Worth in all matters of family law, including divorce, prenuptial and postmarital agreements, and adoptions. Prior to this, Clay was a founder and co-owner of the family law and personal injury law firm of Howery & Wilkinson, PLLC.

1997 | 20th Reunion JON STEIN ’97, CEO of Betterment, was named to Fortune’s 40 Under 40 list. His leadership of the largest startup in the wealth management industry helped him to gain this recognition.

1998 RYAN KIRKHAM ’98 married Kelly Dowling on July 2, 2016. The wedding took place in a 15th-century castle in the village of Kitzbühel, Austria. Though it was a small wedding, Marksmen were on hand for the occasion: HUNTER HILL ’98, PAUL SARTIN ’93, and, of course, best man STEWART KIRKHAM ’92. CODY ROBERDEAU ’98 married Jessalyn Bree Murray on May 29th, 2016, at The Denver Botanic Gardens. Two Marksmen were in the wedding party, Cody’s brother, WOOD ROBERDEAU, JR. ’95, as well as JAY WOODWORTH ’98. Other Marksmen who attended were WES GILBREATH ’98, KENNETH GEORGE ’98, NATHAN WILHITE ’98, and FRED GIOIA ’98.

HEB JAMES ’98, his wife Kimberly, and daughter Nora (3) welcomed Thomas Mason James II on May 30, 2016, at Greenwich Hospital in Connecticut. He weighed 6 lbs., 13 oz. The family resides in Greenwich, where Heb works in private equity.

1999 LATHAM FINK ’99 graduated from the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston, Texas with an M.D. and Ph.D. in Neuroscience. He is now a resident in psychiatry at the Dell Medical School at the University of Texas at Austin. ALEX ABDO ’99, his wife, Laura Phipps, and daughter June welcomed the birth of their son, Cyrus Edward Phipps Abdo, in August 2016. ALEXI MANTAS ’99 and his wife Megan welcomed their son Michael Joseph Mantas into the world in January of 2016. Alexi is a practicing gastroenterologist in Dallas and partner at Digestive Health Associates of Texas. DANIELLE CANTERBERRY ’99 and her partner Jessica Grey live in Austin, Texas. Danielle recently began working as a data security engineer for Raytheon-Forcepoint. BEN MATHEWS ’99 and his girlfriend Katie welcomed their son, Torin Sebastian Keenan Mathews, on August 14, 2016. The family lives in London, where Ben works as a software engineer at Facebook. MICHAEL DINH ’99 and his wife Rebecca welcomed their son Gabriel Chi Dinh on February 29, 2016. Michael completed his MBA in Healthcare Management at Oregon Health & Science University in 2015.

2000 MARK CLASBY ’00 married Amanda Shaw on July 3, 2016 in Dallas, Texas. Several Marksmen helped the couple celebrate their big day. DARREN MCDOWELL ’92 conducted the ceremony, KOREY MACK ’00 was the DJ, and DWIGHT CLASBY, JR. ’98 was the Best Man.

St. Mark’s School of Texas

Winter 2017 | Remarks



Purva and PARAG VAIDYA ’00 were excited to welcome their

ROSS RUSCHHAUPT ’04 married Maggie King on May

daughter, Amalia Jain Vaidya on July 16, 2016. Amalia weighed

14, 2016, at the Nasher Sculpture Center in Dallas. KEVIN

6 lbs., 8 oz., and was 19.25 inches. The family resides in Dallas

HUDDLESTON, former St. Mark’s Chaplain, was the officiant

where Parag is the co-founder of

of the wedding, and Ross’s brother REED RUSCHHAUPT ’06


served as Best Man.

Joni and SCOTT PALMER ’01, and their daughter Renee (3)

DREW MCDONALD ’04, and his wife Taryn, welcomed their

welcomed Tobian Stewart Palmer into the world on May 17,

daughter, Madison Louise McDonald, on May 24, 2016. Madison

2016, weighing 8 lbs. 1 oz. and 21.5 inches long. The happy family

weighed 7 lbs., 5 oz.

resides in Dallas. Taylor Anne and ZACH RAMSEY ’04 are happy to announce the COLLIN LENSING ’01 recently started a new position with

birth of their daughter, Blake Christina Ramsey, born April 24,

Vendera Resources as General Counsel and VP of Corporate

2016 weighing 6 lbs., 13 oz.

Development. Collin and his wife Jasmine live in Dallas with their daughter, Elle.

2002 | 15th Reunion

KACE PHILLIPS ’04 began working for RocketBrand in July 2016 as Marketing Director. RocketBrand is a Dallas-based media production, branding, and marketing agency started by

ERIC HAGE ’02 and his wife, Ale, are thrilled to announce the

ROSS CROMARTIE ’03. RocketBrand caters to clients in the

birth of their daughter Valentina Claire Hage. She was born on

commercial real estate category, but also serves clients in many

April 3, 2016, weighing 6 lbs., 1 oz. and was welcomed by brother

different industries.

Lucas (2). Eric is the Vice President of Business Development at Structure Tone Southwest in Dallas.


2005 Kristy and MICHAEL PERRIN ’05 are pleased to announce the birth of James Huynh Perrin on March 29, 2016. Michael

Stacy and ADAM WRIGHT ’03 were married in Maui on

is a Senior Manager at Walmart Stores, Inc., working on the

September 22, 2016. Adam’s brother, DAMON WRIGHT ’04,

Sam’s Club Regional Buying team, and Kristy recently finished

served as Best Man, and COLIN COURT ’03 was also in

her residency and works as an anesthesiologist at Washington

attendance. The happy couple resides in San Jose

Regional Medical Center in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

and both work at tech companies in the Bay Area. SHEPHERD ROBINSON ’05 married Hillary Lauren Hall in


Santa Fe, New Mexico on March 19, 2016. Hillary grew up in

After dating for four years, JORDAN WOLF ’04 married

Austin, graduated from Westlake High School, and the couple

Stephanie Wallace on July 2, 2016, at the Texas Discovery

met while attending TCU in Fort Worth. A number of Marksmen

Gardens in Dallas, Texas. Stephanie graduated from Ursuline

were involved in the proceedings, including JEFF FIJOLEK ’05,

in 2004. Frank Jordan (Jordan’s third grade teacher) officiated


the ceremony. Many generations of Marksmen and community

and STAN CUNNINGHAM ’05. The newlyweds recently moved

members were present, including SCOTT BERRY ’04, TRAVIS

to College Station as Shepherd plans to pursue his MBA at


Texas A&M.



Remarks | THE PRIDE

St. Mark’s School of Texas


Amalia Jain Vaidya Tobian Stewart Palmer Ale and Eric Hage ’02 with Valentina Claire Hage Stacy and Adam Wright ’03 Jordan Wolf ’04 and Stephanie Wallace with Frank Jordan Ross Ruschhaupt ’04 married Maggie King Madison Louise McDonald Blake Christina Ramsey Shepherd Robinson ’05 married Hillary Lauren Hall

St. Mark’s School of Texas

Winter 2017 | Remarks



Case Martin ’06 married Elizabeth Monier Spencer Branch ’07 married Terrell Finnegan Vincent Tenorio ’07 married Kate Dzurilla Jake Holder ’15 and Will Johnson ’11 Tim O’Meara ’16, Charlie Marshall ’14, Dylan Clark ’14, Ryan O’Meara ’14 and Mike Dangelo


Remarks | THE PRIDE

St. Mark’s School of Texas




CASE MARTIN ’06 married Elizabeth Monier in Antigua,

JAKE HOLDER ’15 gave WILL JOHNSON ’11 his first salute

Guatemala in late March. Case’s brother, MATT MARTIN ’08

upon Will’s graduation from the United States Naval Academy

was the Best Man, while HUNTER BIRCH ’06, GRAHAM

this summer. The first salute is a big honor, which Will reserved

CANNADY ’06, and JACK TOSI ’06 were all in the wedding

for Jake. Will currently serves as an Officer in the U.S. Navy, and

party. Case met Elizabeth during an orientation for medical

Jake attends school at the Naval Academy in Annapolis.

school, and now they are both beginning their residency programs in San Antonio.

2007 | 10th Reunion SPENCER BRANCH ’07 married Terrell Finnegan on June 11, 2016, in Houston. Terrell is a 2007 graduate of St. John’s

2012 | 5th Reunion After completing an internship with Palantir Technologies last summer, GREG KINMAN ’12 began a full-time position as an Engineer in Palo Alto, California.

School, and the couple met while attending The University


of Texas at Austin. Fellow Marksmen attending the wedding were

TAUBERT NADALINI ’13 was awarded the 2016 USC School of


Dramatic Arts Stanley Musgrove Award last summer. The award


recognizes the student who has shown the most outstanding


creative talent in the theatre. Taubert is in his senior year at USC.



CROWLEY ’07. The couple lives in Austin.


VINCENT TENORIO ’07 married Kate Dzurilla on May 28, 2016,

St. Mark’s Chaplain, Father MIKE DANGELO, at his church,

at Pomona College in Claremont, CA. Both Vincent and Kate are

Church of the Redeemer in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts, and

graduates of Pomona College and were married in the courtyard

shared a meal together.

O’MEARA ’14, and TIM O’MEARA ’16 met up with former

of their freshman dormitory. JOSHUA RODRIGUEZ ’07 officiated the ceremony. Fellow Marksmen in the wedding were: EDGAR FLORES ’07, MICHAEL GENECOV ’07, and BENJAMIN HUDSON ’07. Vincent and Kate live in New Haven, Connecticut where they both attend graduate school at Yale University.

2008 DANIEL PLUMLEE, JR. ’08 was recently named Vice President — Acquisitions and Development for the Lincoln Property Company — Mid-Atlantic Region. MANNY ACHO ’08 recently joined Texas Game Day Desk on the Longhorn Network providing expert analysis regarding all Longhorn football games. Acho also appears regularly on Austin’s Fox 7 morning show, Good Day Austin.

St. Mark’s School of Texas

Winter 2017 | Remarks



Faculty KRISTIN and PAUL MLAKAR are thrilled to announce the birth of their daughter, Madeline Rey Mlakar, born on July 2, 2016, weighing 6 lbs., 15 oz., and 20.25 inches long. Kristin and Paul both work at St. Mark’s. Kristin is the Assistant to the Director of Finance & Administration, and Paul is the Director of Academic Information Systems and an Upper School math teacher. Nick and CHRISTINA JARKE are the proud parents of Brooks Anthony Jarke, born August 20, 2016. Brooks weighed 7 lbs., 2 oz., and was 20 inches long. Christina is the Director of the St. Mark’s Fund. MARION GLORIOSO-KIRBY, her husband Nathan, and their son Michael welcomed Christopher Maggio Kirby into the world on Thursday, May 12, 2016. Marion is the Fine Arts Department Chair and an Upper School Drama teacher at St. Mark’s. Chris and BONNIE FLINT welcomed their daughter, Claire Nicole Flint, on March 9, 2016. She weighed 8 lbs., 9 oz. Bonnie is a biology teacher at St. Mark’s. JIM WINDLINGER was recently inducted into the 50 States Marathon Club, which recognizes runners who have completed a marathon in all 50 states. Jim is also a member of the 50 States Plus D.C. Marathon Club. In total, Jim has completed 58 full marathons, three in California, six in Texas, and one in every other state plus the District of Columbia. Jim serves as St. Mark’s Controller in the Business Office SCOTT HUNT and GREG KINMAN ’12 were reunited this summer when they crossed paths with each other at Yosemite National Park. Scott was doing photo work and professional development, while Greg was on the tail end of hiking a section of the Pacific Crest Trail, which took him more than 40 nights to complete. Greg began his hike near the Mexico border and ended at Yosemite. Madeline Rey Mlakar Brooks Anthony Jarke Christopher Maggio Kirby with his brother, Michael Claire Nicole Flint


Remarks | THE PRIDE

St. Mark’s School of Texas


in memoriam GEORGE R. BEAUCHAMP, April 21, 2016, grandfather of

Kyle B. Fisher ’20 and Chase B. Fisher ’23. ROSEMARY H. BRIGGS, May 4, 2016, mother of

Michael P. Briggs ’67 and Robert M. Briggs ’71, grandmother of Benjamin A. Briggs ’96 and Christopher Briggs ’99. COSTANDY N. BOURY, April 20, 2016, grandfather of

Alexander A. Abdo ’99. CAROL Y. CAMPBELL, August 2, 2016, mother of

Aaron J. Campbell ’10. LUCILLE L. CUMMINGS, August 19, 2016, grandmother of

Charles S. Cummings ’99. BILL L. “BULLDOG” CUNNINGHAM, April 24, 2016, grandfather of

Scott Cunningham ’98 and Michael R. Cunningham, Jr. ’23.


WILLIAM R. DENMAN, April 7, 2016, father of staff member

Don E. Denman, grandfather of Robert R. Denman ’17.

ANDREW M. KLENK ’12, July 23, 2016, son of former faculty

member Kenneth R. Klenk.

RICHARD F. “DICK” DINI, May 20, 2016, father of Eugene

McDermott Headmaster David W. Dini and grandfather of HOMER J. RADER, JR. ’54, May 19, 2016, father of

Thomas W. Dini ’15.

William S. Rader ’87. Emeritus Trustee ASHER DREYFUS, JR., June 21, 2016, father of WILSON SCHOELLKOPF, JR. ’53, September 10, 2016,

Lynn A. Dreyfus ’64.

son of Emeritus Trustee Wilson Schoellkopf, Sr. (deceased), brother of Emeritus Trustee Alan C. Schoellkopf, Sr. ’60,

ELVA C. EICHENWALD, June 24, 2016, former St. Mark’s nurse,

uncle of Trustee Alan C. Schoellkopf, Jr. ’91, and great-uncle

mother of Eric C. Eichenwald ’76 and Emeritus Trustee

of Alan C. Schoellkopf III ’27.

Kurt A. Eichenwald ’79, grandmother of Adam J. Eichenwald ’10, Ryan J. Eichenwald ’13, and Samuel I. Eichenwald ’16.

JOSEPH C. TAYLOR ’66, September 5, 2016. MORRIS J. FOGELMAN, April 3, 2016, father of GEORGE M. YOUNG ’50, July 16, 2016.

Evan M. Fogelman ’78 and Morton J. Fogelman ’81.

KEITH P. YOUNG ’76, September 9, 2016.

BILL L. GUNNIN, April 18, 2016, father of Michael M. Gunnin ’87

and Christopher L. Gunnin ’90.

Community Members Emeritus Trustee EDWARD M. ACKERMAN, October 1, 2016,

MARGARET P. HUDSON, April 2, 2016, partner of former faculty

member Elizabeth Trice.

father of Trustee David B. Ackerman ’89, Edward W.

Emeritus Trustee H. BRYCE JORDAN, April 12, 2016, father of

Ackerman ’93, former faculty member Paula Ackerman

Christopher J. Jordan ’78.

Menendez, and Samantha Ackerman Simons, grandfather of Samuel H. Menendez ’23, Owen D. Ackerman ’25, and Phillip E. Simons ’18.

St. Mark’s School of Texas

Winter 2017 | Remarks



NORMA L. KEELAND, April 3, 2016, grandmother of

JAMES W. SHOREY, July 16, 2016, father of Christian V. Shorey ’87,

Michael G. McPherson ’09.

father-in-law of Daniel A. Northcut ’81, and grandfather of Tenzing

ERNEST KHOURY, August 3, 2016, grandfather of

Rex Northcut ’17 and Wyatt E. Northcut ’19.

Zachary A. Houillion ’16 and Alek Q. Houillion ’20.

BRUCE C. STOVER, July 13, 2016, brother of J. Sterling Stover ’68.

LILY A. KHOURY, May 26, 2016, grandmother of

GEORGE M. UNDERWOOD, JR., May 9, 2016, father of

Zachary A. Houillion ’16 and Alek Q. Houillion ’20.

George M. Underwood III ’65.

HARVEY J. KOPITA, April 14, 2016, grandfather of

CARTER “CHANCE” URSCHEL, February 29, 2016, son of Trustee

Phillip B. Kopita ’16.

Harold C. Urschel ’77, nephew of Bradley V. Urschel ’79 and

EVANS R. MANK, May 28, 2016, former faculty member, father

Sterling V. Urschel ’82, brother of Bradley Carrington Urschel ’20.

of Timothy M. Mank ’87 and Bruce E. Mank ’86, grandfather of

Emeritus Trustee THOMAS B. WALKER, JR., October 11, 2016,

Carter F. Mank ’24 and Maddox T. Mank ’22.

father of Emeritus Trustee Thomas B. Walker III ’73 and uncle of

CORAL L. MAXWELL, December, 2015, mother of

Hal W. Maxwell II ’77. VICTOR J. MEDINA, September 16, 2016, father-in-law of

Rosser C. Newton, Sr. ’83. STERLING J. WIEDEMANN, July 27, 2016, brother of

Neth S. Wiedemann ’05, and son of Harden H. Wiedemann ’71.

Scott L. Katz ’85, grandfather of Jack H. Katz ’19 and

SARAH E. T. “SALLY” YOUNG, April 26, 2016, wife of Life Trustee

Collin J. Katz ’21.

Barney T. Young and mother of Jay T. Young ’76.

MARGARET P. MUNGER, April 6, 2016, mother of

ALLAN ZIDELL, May 10, 2016, father of Michel B. Zidell ’74 and

Robert P. Munger ’70.

grandfather of Daniel W. Zidell ’08.

MARY FRANCES NICKLES, June 16, 2016, grandmother of

Mark D. Miller ’91 and Scott D. Miller ’96. WILLIAM R. OLDS, March 26, 2016, father of William D. Olds ’82. CATHERINE F. “CAPPIE” POTTS, May 18, 2016, mother of

George G. “Garry” Potts, Jr. ’71. MARTIN L. PRICE, May 15, 2016, father of

Edward C. “Ned” Price ’01. GEORGE F. RAYMOND, June 19, 2016, father of Trustee

Katherine R. Crow, grandfather of George T. Crow ’14 and Harlan R. Crow ’17. VERNON J. “JIM” RICE, September 8, 2016, husband of former

faculty member Carole Rice. BARBARA L. ROSSETTI, August 4, 2016, grandmother of

Gordon D. Gunn, Jr. ’17.


Remarks | THE PRIDE

St. Mark’s School of Texas


St. Mark’s School of Texas

Winter 2017 | Remarks


Endnotes ONLINE GIVING The St. Mark’s Fund is the School’s most important, ongoing fundraising priority, providing more than 10 percent of its annual operating budget. You may give online through our secure server at Every gift makes a difference.


PRIDE St. Mark’s School of Texas Alumni Magazine



Katy B. Rubarth

From the Terrill School, all the way to St. Mark’s School of Texas, ours is


a school with a long and rich history. If you have something that you would like to donate to St. Mark’s to be preserved in our archives, please contact the Office of Development & Alumni Relations at 214.346.8800.

SUBMISSIONS Do you have a great story you’d like to share with your fellow alumni? Have you made any changes in your life such as a new job, new degree,

David Carden


PHOTOGRAPHIC CONTRIBUTORS Ryan Norman ’18 Charlie Rubarth ’20 Aki Shane John Wetzel ’11 Kevin Wolf/Associated Press


marriage, children, or other announcement? Please send your stories, along

Jim Bob Womack ’98

with any photos, to the Office of Development & Alumni Relations


so we can include them in our next issue. Submissions may be made

Alex Eshelbrenner ’04

in any of three ways: • Use our online form to send in your “Remarks.” • Email | Send your information and high-resolution photos to Alex Eshelbrenner ’04 at • U.S. Mail Send to St. Mark’s School of Texas, Attn. Alex Eshelbrenner, 10600 Preston Road, Dallas, TX 75230-4047 Submissions received after October 1, 2016, will appear in the next issue of The Pride.

THE PRIDE is published twice annually by St. Mark’s School of Texas, Office of Development & Alumni Relations, 10600 Preston Road, Dallas, Texas 75230-4047, and is distributed to alumni, parents, and friends of the School. In producing this magazine, every effort has been made to ensure that it is accurate. Please report any errors, or receipt of multiple copies, to the Office of Development & Alumni Relations, and accept our sincerest apologies. St. Mark’s School of Texas does not discriminate in the administration of its admission and education policies on the basis of race, color, religion, sexual orientation, or national or ethnic origin. ©2017 St. Mark’s School of Texas An Office of Development & Alumni Relations Publication


End Notes | THE PRIDE

St. Mark’s School of Texas

Creating a Legacy There are many members of the St. Mark’s family who care deeply about the School throughout their lifetimes. The Menter B. Terrill Society offers a unique opportunity to leave a legacy through planned gifts, which offer many creative and meaningful options of giving in perpetuity. For the past decade, the members of the Class of 1967 have been working to make a special gift of their own. In addition to their support of the St. Mark’s Fund, the class created an endowed financial aid fund. Financed through a mixture of cash and planned gifts to the School, The Class of ’67 Financial Aid Fund provides opportunities to generations of future Marksmen. As an example, Dave Morris ’67 and his wife Nancy recognize the significance of a St. Mark’s education and have made a gift to The Class of ’67 Financial Aid Fund through an estate gift. “Because of our love for St. Mark’s, the school that helped open doors for me will receive a thank you and a small encouragement to carry on its mission,” said Morris. As the class celebrates its 50th Reunion this year, class members continue to make the Fund a priority. Collectively, the class has raised $500,000, and enthusiasm continues to build as they make progress toward their $1 million goal. To help realize their goal, an anonymous classmate has stepped forward with a provision in his estate for a gift of $250,000. “There are a lot of worthwhile charities I could support,” he noted, “but I think St. Mark’s has the potential to make a great and long-lasting contribution to society by offering an education to boys who might change the world. It is my belief that receiving an extraordinary education may lead some student to be able to do good for the world around him.” Friends of St. Mark’s can support our program through bequests, charitable gift annuities, charitable trusts, and by making St. Mark’s the beneficiary of retirement plans and life insurance policies. To learn more or join the Terrill Society, please visit the Planned Giving webpage at, or contact Scott Jolly in the Office of Development & Alumni Relations at 214.346.8132 or

10600 Preston Road Dallas, Texas 75230-4047 214.346.8000 •




St. Mark’s School of Texas

St. Mark’s School of Texas

Marksman Honored at the White House | Investing in Students & Faculty

THE PRIDE | Winter 2017 | Vol. 22, No. 1

The Pride | Winter 2017  
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