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Summer 2012 Volume 18, Issue 2 St. Mark’s School of Texas Alumni Magazine

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PRIDE St. Mark’s School of Texas Alumni Magazine Volume 18, Issue 2 • Summer 2012

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Baccalaureate 2012

St. Mark’s School of Texas

Summer 2012 | Contents


On Campus

in retrospect Group Study Session This photo of a group of Marksmen hard at work was discovered in the St. Mark’s archives. There are no names or dates, but a handwritten note on the back reads “04207, page 292, pic 1.” If you can help identify them or have a good story about this group of students, please let us know. Send information to Katy Rubarth, St. Mark’s School of Texas, 10600 Preston Road, Dallas, TX 75230-4047 or email her at

In the Last Issue Thanks to Vaughn Greene ’73 and Bob McDonald ’77, we have identified most of the Marksmen in this 1972 Dallas Times Herald photo of a chilly choir concert at Dallas Heritage Village’s traditional Candlelight Christmas celebration. In the top row, from left to right, are David Lutken ’75, Jonathan Knopf ’73, Barnett Schlinger ’73, David Silven ’73, and Vaughn Greene ’73. In the middle row are Craig 1972 Choir

Chapman ’79, Bob McDonald ’77, Frank Needham ’77, and David Fields ’79. In the front row, wearing glasses, is Brad Allen ’78. It was a sleeting day, yet we all dressed up and sang very briefly. I don’t think that there was an audience due to the weather but I definitely remember that it was icy. When we drove back we all stayed in my car and drove around the parking lot intentionally spinning in circles on the ice. If it had been a school day, it would have been a ‘snow’ day. ~ Vaughn Greene ’73


On Campus | THE PRIDE

St. Mark’s School of Texas


from the editor


It means something to be a Marksman. Marksmen are a special group and membership doesn’t come easily. But once the title is earned, it is something that can never be taken away: once a Marksman, always a Marksman. Forever members of this family, forever cared for, and forever expected to uphold certain principles. Over the past few months I have had so many opportunities to be proud of our Marksmen. In June, I had the great fortune to accompany my son, who is a fifth-grade Marksman, on Frank Jordan’s 21st Wyoming trip. Watching the passion of our beloved third-grade teacher

each other on the narrow trail, the applause

“Mr. J.” was an experience I will never forget, and

began followed by cheers of “way to go” from

it is safe to say that the other participants shared

each and every Marksman we passed, and I

my joy and awe, including four fathers who are

watched the young man, who had been ready

alumni. There are always so many memorable

to give up an hour or so before, stand two inches

moments of this trip that we highlighted the

taller before my eyes. Indeed, it means some-

special tradition in last year’s issue of THE PRIDE

thing to be a Marksman.

(Vol. 17, Issue 2), but what might not have been

I’m always honored to share stories that

conveyed in that article was what struck me

remind us, and show others, what it means

most on the trip — the character displayed time

to be a part of this legacy. Sadly, our family

and again by even our youngest Marksmen.

mourned the loss of two St. Mark’s legends.

On our last, longest, and most difficult hike,

Both Steve Seay ’68 and Maxine Cantley, in

we had made it nearly halfway up the mountain

their own unique styles, helped to shape the

when one of the boys started to have doubts

character of generations of Marksmen, and

and wanted to head back. Three-quarters of the

the outpouring of love and gratitude for them

group, led by the fast-paced and indefatigable

has been immeasurable and inspiring.

Mr. J., were far ahead as our posse stopped to

Finally, as you will read in our Campaign

regroup. Tears began to fall, and the encourage-

Update, we have a unique opportunity to be

ment began to pour out. Boys offered up their

a part of something greater than ourselves.

own water supply to their brother, and together,

On June 30, 2013, we will all celebrate in the

we continued up the mountain in song. As we

completion of The Centennial Challenge —

approached the summit, we saw the rest of the

and know that we helped shape the future

group descending after already having had their

for generations of Marksmen who will follow

lunch at the top. The brief nervousness and

in our footsteps.

apprehension I sensed by the boys in our group

~ Katy B. Rubarth

proved needless. As the two groups approached

Director of Communications

St. Mark’s School of Texas

The editor on Frank Jordan’s Wyoming trip with a group of Marksmen: Dan Northcut ’81, Wyatt Northcut ’19, Rosser Newton, Jr. ’20, Rosser Newton, Sr. ’83, Katy B. Rubarth, David Campbell, ’86, Colin Campbell ’20, Thomas Loose ’81, and Thomas Loose ’20.

Summer 2012 | On Campus


On Campus

college matriculations 2008–2012 Where Have They Gone?

St. Mark’s graduates attend some of the finest colleges and universities in the world. The following list indicates where Marksmen from the Classes of 2008 through 2012 have enrolled. Ten or more students at: Dartmouth College Duke University Northwestern University Princeton University Rice University Southern Methodist University Stanford University Texas A&M University University of Pennsylvania University of Southern California University of Texas at Austin Vanderbilt University

Five to nine students at: Boston University Columbia University Harvard University New York University Rhodes College United States Naval Academy University of Chicago University of Miami University of Missouri — Columbia University of Texas at Austin — Plan II University of Virginia Washington University in St. Louis Yale University

Four students at: Baylor University Davidson College Georgetown University Massachusetts Institute of Technology University of Notre Dame University of Texas at Dallas

Three students at: Brown University Claremont McKenna College Colgate University Emory University Texas Christian University


On Campus | THE PRIDE

Texas Tech University Trinity University United States Military Academy University of Michigan

Two students at: Boston College California Institute of Technology Carnegie Mellon University Colorado School of Mines Cornell University Georgia Institute of Technology Harvey Mudd College Hendrix College Indiana University Northeastern University Pomona College Southwestern University Tulane University University of Colorado at Boulder University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill University of Oklahoma University of Rochester Williams College

One student at: Amherst College Bates College Bowdoin College Bowling Green State University Brandeis University Bucknell University Chapman University Colorado College Colorado State University Elon University Franklin & Marshall College Franklin Olin College of Engineering Furman University George Washington University

Gettysburg College Hampshire College Haverford College Houston Baptist University Howard University Johns Hopkins University Johns Hopkins University — Peabody Institute Loyola Marymount University Loyola University New Orleans Middlebury College Occidental College Pepperdine University Purdue University Queen’s University — Canada Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Rhode Island School of Design Rollins College Santa Clara University Schreiner University St. Edward’s University United States Air Force Academy University of Alabama University of Arkansas University of California at Berkeley University of California at Santa Barbara University of Edinburgh — Scotland University of Georgia University of Kansas University of Minnesota University of North Texas University of Pittsburgh University of Richmond University of South Carolina University of Texas at Arlington University of Texas at San Antonio University of Wisconsin Virginia Military Institute Virginia Polytechnic Institute Wake Forest University Washington & Lee University

St. Mark’s School of Texas

On Campus

class of 2012 matriculations University of Texas at Austin. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Connor Anderson Evan Berkowitz Tully Campbell Ross Crawford Brooks Jones Andrew Kleiman Ryan Petty Chip Pierce Mike Player Sam Yonack Texas A&M University. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Travis Brody Nick Brower Tower Cook Jack Lindsley Mark Lutz Kenny Stokes Mackenzie Sung Vanderbilt University. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . William McGee Peter Montgomery Will Morris Wilton Porter Marshall Stone Princeton University. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Jason Altschuler Joe Bush Rodney Chen Richard Freling Washington University in St. Louis. . . . . . . . . . . . . Jacob Cavner Kahan Chavda Blake McCartin Mehdi Siddiqui Rice University.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Phillip Haddad Greg Kinman Samir Saidi Southern Methodist University.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Peter Addy Daniel Long Jairo Nevarez University of Texas at Austin, Plan II. . . . . . . . . Michael Patison Lee Perkins Duncan Smart Colgate University. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Cameron Kline Amir Saboorian Dartmouth College. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Prajan Divakar Garrett Watumull Duke University. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Spencer Bruno Kelan Nesbitt Emory University. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Naeem Muscatwalla Thomas Tassin New York University. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Rishi Bandopadhay David Muñoz

St. Mark’s School of Texas

Texas Christian University. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Cameron Cole Cody Sixkiller University of Chicago.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Cuyler Lam Austin Terry University of Michigan. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Rishee Batra Will Perkins University of Virginia. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Paul Piccagli Reid Weisberg Yale University.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Charles Jin Patrick Ng Amherst College.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Taylor Wilson Boston University.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Alex Rothkrug Bowling Green State University.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Jackson Stager California Institute of Technology.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Galen Gao Chapman University.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Noé Hinojosa Colorado State University.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Alex Kadesky Columbia University. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Max Marshall Dallas Baptist University. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Antonio Benavides Eastfield College. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . José González Georgetown University. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Rohan Shetty Georgia Institute of Technology. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Cole Wright Gettysburg College.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Sam Box Harvard University. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Roland Salatino Hendrix College. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Charlie Garcia Houston Baptist University.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Isaiah Huerta Howard University. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Ardis Graham Johns Hopkins University. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Nick Uebele Johns Hopkins University, Peabody Institute. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Rod Demmings Northwestern University. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Spencer Williams Phillips Exeter Academy. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Griffin Cassagne Rhodes College.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Andres Miller Stanford University. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Nick Mahowald Texas Tech University.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Harlan Burk United States Military Academy. . . . . . . . . . . . Carson Warnberg University of Georgia.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Dillard Pinkston University of Miami. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Steve Sorenson University of Minnesota. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Rishi Roy University of Missouri Columbia. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Corey Brooks University of Pennsylvania. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Alex Nguyen University of Wisconsin. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . David McClain Virginia Military Institute. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Luke Smith

Summer 2012 | On Campus


On Campus

spring sports news SPC and State Results

(right) Runners Matthew Brown ’14 and Robert Orth ’13 at a track meet.

Lacrosse Another season, another SPC Championship

Photo by Michael Doorey ’13

(above right) Pole vaulter Alex Kadesky ’12 setting a new School record.

Photo by Michael Doorey ’13

Photo by Bear Goldstein ’13

(above) Danny Koudelka ’13 checks a Highland Park player during a game. ­

for the St. Mark’s Varsity Lacrosse Team. Earning their fifth straight title, the Lions defeated St. John’s 9–5. But SPC was not the end and the Lions advanced to the Texas High School Lacrosse League State Finals only to fall 5– 4 to Highland Park in a gritty match between crosstown rivals. Despite the close loss, the season was a resounding success. Under the leadership of senior captains Will Perkins and Amir Saboorian, junior captain Bear Goldstein, and Head Coach Hayward Lee, the Lions posted a 7–1 record in district play and 17– 4 overall.

victory in the 4 x 800 meter event. Kendrick Spraglin ’13 and Bryce Holcomb ’13 placed

Track & Field The “Evil Empire,” as the St. Mark’s Track

Hewitt ’13 placed first and second in the pole

extended its reign yet another year with its ninth

vault with Kadesky’s vault of 14' 4" setting a new

consecutive SPC title.

School record. Holcomb and Spraglin combined

posted four first-place finishes, including a relay On Campus | THE PRIDE

triple jump, and Alex Kadesky ’12 and Harrison

& Field Team is now affectionately known,

Winning by a margin of 25.5 points, the Lions


first and second in both the long jump and

for 67 of the team’s 158 points. The team is coached by John Turek.

St. Mark’s School of Texas

On Campus

Crew Christening Honors Alumni Thanks to the generosity of an anonymous donor, St. Mark’s Crew added two new double sculls to its rowing fleet. On February 23, 2012, Emeritus Trustee Nelson H. Spencer ’57 and Trustee Charles E. Nearburg ’68 each christened a hull named in their honor, assisted by members of the 2012 rowing team. Spencer and Nearburg were instrumental in the formation of the program, having donated the first two shells to St. Mark’s Crew. Nearburg also rowed while attending Dartmouth College. The Nelson Spencer ’57 and the Charles Nearburg ’68 were officially broken in on March 5, 2012, at the Heart of Texas Regatta at Lady Bird Lake in Austin.

Goalie Bradley Mankoff ’14 lunging for a block.

Water Polo By now, the prestige of St. Mark’s Water Polo has spread well across the state. With the Lions claiming their 11th straight North Texas Region Head Coach Will Fortieth ’96, Mehdi Siddiqui ’12, Patrick Ng ’12, Nelson Spencer ’57, Headmaster Arnie Holtberg, Charles Nearburg ’68, Kahan Chavda ’12, and Roland Salatino ’12 after the dedication.

Title, the talented team knew a deep run in the State Tournament would be a reality. Led by senior captains Alex Nguyen and Mackenzie Sung and junior captain Warren Smith, the Lions defeated two former state champions to advance to the semifinals, where they lost a close match to the #1 seed

Crew The St. Mark’s Crew team, despite lacking the

in the Houston East Region, Strake Jesuit. In the third-place game, the Lions soundly

opportunity to compete for an SPC title, posted

defeated Alvin High School 24–6, capping yet

high marks on its way to a successful season.

another dominant season and posting an overall

The Lions, rowing in two newly christened double

record of 32–6.

sculls, placed second and sixth overall in the

The team is coached by Mihai Oprea.

Texas Rowing Championships held in Austin. St. Mark’s was the only program to have two sculls in the Finals and stole the silver from ESD, beating our rival by less than half a second. Juniors Pramukh Atluri, Gio Lincoln, Adam Rawot, and Harrison Quarls manned the second-place scull, promising a bright 2013 season. Will Fortieth ’96 coached the Varsity Crew team for the 2012 season.

St. Mark’s School of Texas

Final Spring SPC Standings Baseball. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7th Crew.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2nd (State) Golf. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7th Lacrosse. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1st Tennis. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5th Track & Field. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1st Water Polo. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3rd (State)

Summer 2012 | On Campus


On Campus

soul man St. Mark’s Welcomes New Chaplain

Chapel Committee President Max Marshall ’12, who met with Dangelo during the interview (above) The Reverend Michael Dangelo giving the opening prayer at Commencement. (above right) Rev. Dangelo offers students spiritual advice in chapel.


When blue and white shirts filed into Upper School chapel Wednesday, March 7, a fresh face smiled at them from the pulpit. Sporting a black blazer and adorned in a cler-

and a multi-faith congregation.” Arriving on campus with a slew of fans, the Reverend quickly made his mark. “Rev. Dangelo’s inexplicably smooth integration into the school’s lifestyle has been admirable

students to the revamped chapel program.

to say the least,” Paul Gudmundsson ’13 said in the May issue of The ReMarker. “Jumping into

Richard Towers, who left the School for a calling

the busiest time of the year without a misstep,

in Seoul, South Korea, Father Dangelo comes

he has been to numerous athletic events, offered

to us from St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in

guest lectures for freshman history classes and

Lynnfield, Massachusetts, where he served as

continued to give charming sermons, all without

rector of his parish.

evident difficulty.”

With input from students and faculty leaders, including the Heads of Schools, Assistant to the Headmaster Byron Lawson, and Dean of

But Rev. Dangelo looks to provide more than a seamless entry. “I hope to stay for the long run,” he told

Campus and interim chaplain Scott Gonzalez,

The ReMarker. “You can never predict the future,

Eugene McDermott Headmaster Arnold Holtberg

but I hope to. It’s been two months already,

made the selection.

and I feel like it’s been an extended honeymoon.

“I was thoroughly impressed with his engagement as a speaker and nuance as a thinker,” said On Campus | THE PRIDE

come from balancing a Christian foundation

ical collar, Reverend Michael Dangelo welcomed The result of a nationwide search to replace


process. “He recognized the challenges that

I really get up looking forward to coming in, and the days are over before they even start.”

St. Mark’s School of Texas

On Campus

sharing st. mark’s with the world Visitors Offered a Look into the St. Mark’s Community

Foreign Exchange Students On Sunday, January 29, Headmaster Arnie Holtberg and his wife, Jan, hosted the international/exchange dinner at the Headmaster’s Residence. In attendance were former exchange students’ families as well as our current exchange students and their host families. Jun Takimoto is a student from St. Andrew’sMomoyama Gakuin, Osaka, Japan. This is

(above) Austrian exchange student Sebastian Schrems, Marsha McFarland, and Japanese exchange student Jun Takimoto. ­

the 40th anniversary of the St. Andrew’s Exchange Program. St. Mark’s officially joined that consortium of schools in 1999. Sebastian Schrems is an exchange student from Austria,

(left) Visiting teachers observe Dr. Stegemoeller discussing Paradise Lost during the Teacher Institute.

and was here through the ASSIST Program. The Cecil and Ida Green Master Teacher, Ms. Marsha McFarland, serves as the Faculty Sponsor for International Students.

St. Mark’s Teacher Institute On March 27, 2012, St. Mark’s invited middle and upper school teachers from public schools across DFW to its biannual Teacher Institute. Throughout the day, visiting teachers attended classes and workshops led by some of St. Mark’s

Professor Turner presented a program titled

faculty members. Dr. Martin Stegemoeller

“The Epic as the Autobiography of Humankind.”

presented a seminar on teaching leadership and

The Teacher Institute was founded by former

ethics through Paradise Lost; Norma Wilkerson

Victor F. White Master Teacher Emeritus Liz

addressed archetypes in film, fiction, and

Trice and is now led by Trustee Master Teacher

nonfiction; and Nick Sberna discussed using

Lynne Weber.

restaurant reviews to teach argumentations

“Not only do the teachers who attend enjoy the

and creativity. Visiting teachers were also able

opportunity to observe our unique school and its

to sit in on several classes taught by St. Mark’s

amazing students,” Lynne Weber explains, “they

faculty members.

also learn through observation and direct instruc-

The keynote speaker this year was Professor

tion techniques and projects that they can take

Frederick Turner of the University of Texas at

back to their classroom, thus benefitting students

Dallas. An epic poet and specialist on Milton,

outside our immediate area.”

St. Mark’s School of Texas

Summer 2012 | On Campus


On Campus

student accolades

held in Austin on April 28–29, 2012, that 35 St. Mark’s journalism students received statewide recognition for their work. Additionally, both The ReMarker student newspaper, edited by Nick Mahowald ’12, and the 2011 Marksmen yearbook, edited by Hayden Wolf ’11, received the Gold Star award, the top ranking given to student publications. St. Mark’s

The 2012 Cum Laude Society inductees.

journalists also garnered seven Tops in Texas

Cum Laude Society Induction The Cum Laude Society recognizes academic

Awards and 69 awards for their individual work in Conference 4-A competition.

achievement in secondary schools for the purpose of promoting excellence, justice, and honor. Nineteen Marksmen were inducted into The Cum Laude Society on April 25, 2012, at a ceremony in the St. Mark’s Chapel. Dr. Geoffrey Orsak, dean and professor at the Lyle School of Engineering at Southern

Marksmen Qualify for U.S. Physics Team James Rowan ’13, Charles Jin ’12, and Samir Saidi ’12, qualified as semifinalists for the United States Physics Team. Each year, only 350 students nationwide advance to the semifinal round. 

Methodist University, was the featured speaker.

To qualify, students had to score at least 15.5

Dr. Orsak, a St. Mark’s parent, spoke to the boys

on the U.S. Physics Team’s “F=ma” Test, which

about the need to embrace failure and learn

included questions like “A cyclist travels at

from it, citing the inventor Thomas Edison

a constant speed of 22.0 km/hr except for a

during his address.

20 minute stop. If the cyclist’s average speed

From the Class of 2012: Rodney Chen,

was 17.5 km/hr, how far did the cyclist travel?”

Richard Freling, Max Marshall, Kelan Nesbitt, Paul Piccagli, Samir Saidi, Rohan Shetty, Duncan Smart, and Nick Uebele. From the Class of 2013: Chandler Burke,

Middle and Upper School Bands Shine March 23–24, 2012, saw exciting action for both Middle and Upper School band members.

Will Chang, Aarav Chavda, Andrew Graffy,

Five boys from the Middle School Band partici-

Paul Gudmundsson, Mitch Lee, Sam Libby,

pated in the TPSMEA Middle School Honor

James Rowan, Warren Smith, and Steven Tsai.

Band clinic and concert at TCA. Seventh-graders Rahul Maganti and Henry Roberts and eighth-

Journalists Gather Recognition It was announced at the annual convention of the Interscholastic League Press Conference


On Campus | THE PRIDE

graders Johnathon Berry, Greyson Gallagher, and Kevin Wu auditioned successfully in early February to qualify for this select group.

St. Mark’s School of Texas

On Campus

In the Upper School, the rock band

Still Life, and a thematic category consisting of

“Athens,” made up of juniors, participated

iPhone photographs. Marksmen won first place

in a “Battle of the Bands” at The Door in

in three categories and second place in another.

Deep Ellum on March 24, 2012, and placed

Students whose work represented St. Mark’s

high enough to make the finals competition

were: Greg Kinman ’12, Naeem Muscatwalla ’12,

on April 6. The band features Jorge Hinojosa

Carl Dickson ’13, Michael Gilliland ’13, Charles

on lead vocals, Brendan Freeman on lead

Thompson ’13, Otto Clark-Martinek ’13, Bear

guitar, Dominic Garcia on bass guitar, and

Goldstein ’13, Gio Lincon ’13, Justin Harvey ’13,

Chris Hicks on drums.

Halbert Bai ’14, Richard Eiseman ’14, Riley

Competing bands were required to perform

Conner Mullen ’15, Mason Smith ’15, and

The Door previously.

Corbin Walp ’16.

Top Photographers

Marksman Scout Earns Rare Honor

(far left) Award-winning photo by Nick Brodsky ’14.

Eagle Scout Roland Salatino ’12 received

been named “Top Program” for the sixth

his 17th Palm Award from the Boy Scouts of

consecutive year by the Association of Texas

America ­— an achievement matched by less

Photography Instructors.

than two dozen Scouts in the history of the orga-

Public and private school programs across

nization. Each Palm Award signifies earning five

the state participated in the 12th Annual “Top

merit badges in addition to those required, plus

Program” Competition. Schools submitted four

three months of consistent service to the Scouts.

10-image portfolios in seven possible categories,

Less than 5 percent of Boy Scouts reach the

including Architecture, Documentary and

rank of Eagle, and of those, only 1 percent earn

Photojournalism, Landscape and Nature,

a single Palm.

Sports, Portrait, Still Life, and Thematic. This year, St. Mark’s photography students submitted portfolios in Architecture, Portrait,

St. Mark’s School of Texas

(middle) Award-winning cell phone photo by Otto Clark-Martinek ’13.

Graham ’14, Max Wolens ’14, Nick Brodsky ’14,

original material and could not have played at

The St. Mark’s Photography Program has

(above) Eagle Scout Roland Salatino ’12 displaying his numerous merit badges and Palm Awards.

Roland has made headlines before. In 2008, he achieved the equally rare feat of earning all 121 Boy Scout merit badges.

Summer 2012 | On Campus


On Campus

program has honored more than 5,000 of the nation’s top-performing students. Since 1983, each Presidential Scholar has invited his or her most inspiring and challenging teacher to travel to Washington, D.C. to receive a Teacher Recognition Award from the U.S. Department of Education and to participate in the recognition events. Galen chose Jon Valasek, holder of the Leonard N. “Doc” Nelson Alumni

St. Mark’s scholar-athletes.

Master Teaching Chair, to accompany him at

Student Athletes Commit This year, seven seniors were honored for their commitment to continue athletics at the

the ceremonies on June 16. Galen is the seventh Marksman in the past 10 years to be named a Presidential Scholar.

collegiate level. Galen Gao will play water polo for the California Institute of Technology, Isaiah Huerta will play golf for Houston Baptist

New Choristers and Investiture of Verger On Sunday, April 22, at the last Evensong

University, Cameron Kline will play football

celebration of the year, the fourth-grade novices

for Colgate University, Will Perkins will play

were inducted into the Choir of St. Mark’s.

lacrosse for the University of Michigan, Dillard

The new choristers from the Class of 2020

Pinkston will play football for the University

include Wyatt Awtrey, Colin Campbell, Campbell

of Georgia, Amir Saboorian will play lacrosse

Collins III, Brendan Goldaber, Ishan Gupta,

for Colgate University, and Steve Sorenson

Alek Houillion, Justin Kim, John Loftus, William

will play basketball for the University of Miami.

Mallick, Eddie Raj, Matthew Raroque, Daniel Reese, and Charles Rubarth.

Marksman Named Presidential Scholar On May 2, 2012, U.S. Secretary of Education

Cameron Hillier ’13 was also vested as the new verger, succeeding retiring verger

Arne Duncan announced the selection of

Dr. Henry Ploegstra, who served faithfully

Galen F. Gao ’12 to the 48th Class of United

for the past 28 years of Evensong.

States Presidential Scholars in recognition of his accomplishments in academics. The 141 Presidential Scholars named this year include

On Campus | THE PRIDE

Victor Zhou ’14 won an Honorable Mention

one young man and one young woman from

in the Computer Science category, the second-

each state, the District of Columbia and Puerto

place Special Award from Texas Instruments,

Rico, and from U.S. families living abroad, as

and the second-place Special Award from

well as 15 chosen at large and 20 Presidential

Pariveda Solutionsentry for his entry in the

Scholars in the Arts.

Dallas Regional Science Fair titled “Finding

The Presidential Scholars Program was


Student Wins Computer Science Award

Facial Features Using the Hough Transform.”

created in 1964 to honor academic achievement

His implementation of this algorithm identifies

and was expanded in 1979 to recognize students

faces within digital video and images at a near

in the arts. Since its inception, this prestigious

90 percent success rate.

St. Mark’s School of Texas

On Campus

Rice University Math Competition In February, members of the St. Mark’s Upper School Math Team competed in the Rice University Math Tournament. St. Mark’s took fifth place overall with a score of 210.5, less than five points behind the third-place school. The overall school score is based on individual performances in five subject areas and two “team” events where students work together in Power and Team Events. Marksmen winning second place in the Team Event include: Chandler Burke ’13, Alexander

(above) Sam Box ’12, Ardis Graham ’12, and Dr. Terry Flowers, Headmaster of St. Philip’s School and Community Center. ­

Choy ’13, Galen Gao ’12, Raymond Guo ’15, Nikhil Jain ’14, Nick Jelsma ’15, Sam Libby ’13, Rachit Mohan ’13, Alexander Munoz ’14, Vik Pattabi ’15, James Rowan ’13, Samir Saidi ’12,

(left) James Rowan ’13 and Michael Patison ’12 discussing a Quiz Bowl question.

Raffy Salcedo ’13, and Victor Zhou ’14. Fourth-place winners in the Power Event were: Chandler Burke ’13, Galen Gao ’12, Raymond Guo ’15, Rachit Mohan ’13, Alexander Munoz ’14, Victor Zhou ’14, James Rowan ’13, and Samir Saidi ’12. Individual award winners included James Rowan ’13: second place in Calculus and eighth place in Advanced Topics, Victor Zhou ’14: third place in Geometry and 10th place in Advanced Topics, and Raymond Guo ’15: 10th place in Geometry.

Quiz Bowl goes to State In May, the St. Mark’s Academic Team competed in the 13th Annual Texas State Quiz

Seniors Speak at Awards Luncheon Ardis Graham ’12 and Sam Box ’12 spoke

Bowl Championship. The team is made up of James Rowan ’13, Michael Patison ’12, Reid

about the importance of education and commu-

Weisberg ’12, and Luke Munson ’14. St. Mark’s

nity outreach at the annual Destiny Awards

blew through the competition, finishing in second

Luncheon at neighboring St. Philip’s School and

place behind the undefeated Seven Lakes High

Community Center in Dallas. Coach John Turek

School. James Rowan was also recognized as

joined the boys at the ceremony. The audience

one of the top four juniors in the state.

also heard from Jackie Joyner-Kersee, a retired

St. Mark’s performance earned them a ticket to

three-time gold medal Olympic athlete, who

the NAQT High School National Championship

has been regularly noted as the Greatest Female

Tournament in Atlanta. The team also placed

Athlete of the 20th Century.

second at the SPC Championship.

St. Mark’s School of Texas

Summer 2012 | On Campus


On Campus

baccalaureate & commencement 2012 Students Mark Final Milestones

(above) Dr. Henry Ploegstra bids farewell at his final Baccalaureate service as verger. ­ (above right) Seniors applaud the faculty as they enter the Chapel for Baccalaureate. (far right) Science teacher Ken Owens ’89 celebrates Baccalauareate with some of his seniors.


With robed faculty beyond them and flickering candlelight around them, the Class of 2012 walked together into the St. Mark’s Chapel for their Baccalaureate service. The intimate evening, which featured horn-accompanied choral works and remarks from Malcolm K. & Minda Brachman Master Teacher Dr. Henry Ploegstra and student

classroom as a teacher, to the Chapel as the

speaker Max Marshall ’12, gave seniors, family,

verger, and to the community as a mentor.

and faculty a sense of reflection and renewal. Marshall, who recalled singing at the service

Green Commencement Theater, the faculty

Marksman spirit in the face of constant change

returned the favor, lining the brick walkway

(see page 16 for Max’s remarks) that segued

while applauding and embracing the class.

Dr. Ploegstra, who retired after 28 years at

Three days later, on May 25, 2012, the seniors donned their traditional white dinner jackets

10600 Preston Road, gave the students three

and marched onto the Commencement stage.

pieces of advice: “Be gentlemen; be scholars;

Class President Ross Crawford ’12 and

memorize the plays.”

Valedictorian Prajan Divakar ’12, two 12-year

The speech, which included numerous

On Campus | THE PRIDE

Chapel and walked out toward the Cecil & Ida

as a fourth-grade chorister, conveyed a lasting

nicely into Ploegstra’s remarks.


As the seniors took their final steps in the

Marksmen, faced their audience, conveying

Shakespearean excerpts, ended with a standing

lasting brotherhood and hope for the future

ovation that honored his service to the

(see page 16 for Ross’s remarks).

St. Mark’s School of Texas

On Campus

(above) Gus Lee delivers the Commencement Address to the Class of 2012. (above left) Headmaster’s Cup winner Joe Bush ’12 with his family. (left) Spencer Williams ’12 walking to the stage. (far left) Prajan Divakar ’12 displaying Checkpoint Charlie during his Valedictorian Address.

Then Gus Lee took the podium. A New York Times bestselling author and the Assistant Chair of Character Development at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, Lee has worked closely with the School’s Leadership and Ethics program from its inception. “Over the years, gentlemen, it has been my privilege to visit with you and to see the dramatic changes that you have wrought

Senior Awards

within yourselves,” Lee told the graduates.

Headmaster’s Cup ~ Joseph Bush

“What I learned at West Point is what you have

Citizenship Cup ~ Richard Freling

experienced as Marksmen: the deep satisfaction

School Flag ~ Roderick Demmings

of the heart that comes from knowing that you

Valedictorian ~ Prajan Divakar

are living for principles to serve others.”

Salutatorian ~ Greg Kinman

St. Mark’s School of Texas

Summer 2012 | On Campus


On Campus

Speech Excerpts

Max Marshall ’12 ~ Baccalaureate Address With the waves of change that have faced us in the past decade, the Class of 2012 has walked a path to manhood that seemed to lead straight toward a foreign future. What is a school without its institutions? If St. Mark’s is simply the people on campus, the organizations that arrange them and the buildings that house them, does anything remain when all of that changes? Something clearly does. You can look at both sides of this room and see it. The men of the Class of 2012 sit together, but dispersed among the parents sit alumni of the Classes of ’60, ’70, ’80-something, still here with a love of things gold and blue. In the time between father and son, just about everything—from the students and the teachers to the campus and its culture —has changed. But our passion for the place is no different than theirs — both generations know the words to “All Things Bright and Beautiful,” both can give you Pecos stories and epic tales of procrastination. Yes, we lose things with time. But as everything else transforms, a spirit of St. Mark’s permeates

among students, among classes, among generations. It’s the ghost of the alma mater. A sense of mission and drive, exuberance and brotherhood that stands tall when buildings fall and legends retire. Eight years from now (pointing to the rafters), those choirboys will don dark suits for their own Baccalaureate Service. When the organ sounds their final notes, the teachers that lead them and the campus onto which they walk will all be undoubtedly changed. But even without a Davis Hall beyond them or a Henry Ploegstra beside them, without a J.T. Sutcliffe behind them or an Arnie Holtberg above them, those Marksmen — like all Marksmen — will have the alma mater spirit, within them.

Ross Crawford ’12 ~ Commencement Address We’re a group of strong-willed, self-sufficient men, but we would not have gotten here without leaning on some people along the way. St. Mark’s is an amazing school, and because of the education we have received, each of us will have a chance to be successful. But we have leaned on St. Mark’s to give us things that are more important than writing and math skills. We lean on St. Mark’s for a sense of community and for a sense of brotherhood. We lean on our teachers. We have one of the best faculties in the country. But beyond their incredible teaching ability, they have taught us how to be men. We lean on our parents. They have worked to put us through here, they have gotten up early to drive us here, and they have volunteered hours of their time to give us the best experience possible. We have leaned on the Marksmen who came before


On Campus | THE PRIDE

us. We also lean on the Marksmen who come after us; we lean on them to keep the proud Marksmen tradition strong. More than anything, we lean on each other. Leaning on your Marksman brothers is the essence of St. Mark’s. We’re bros. In the years we have been here, we have gone through painful Pecos hikes, impossible junior year exams, and Middle School. We’ve gotten dreadlocks, we’ve dressed like storm troopers, we’ve scored 99-yard touchdowns. And we’ve leaned on each other the entire time.

St. Mark’s School of Texas

On Campus

retiring faculty A Fond Farewell


The last day of classes for the 2011– 2012 school year saw Marksmen advance in rank and lauded faculty retire from the grounds — three St. Mark’s pillars said goodbye to 10600 Preston Road as teachers, mentors, and coaches this May.

Rick Ortega ~ 30 Years The end of the 2011 wrestling season pro-

(above) Rick Ortega celebrates retirement with his fellow coaches.

duced a victory fit for a retiring legend. Nearly 30 years after arriving at St. Mark’s in 1982,

(left) David Genecov ’82, Rick Ortega, and Phillip Huffines 77.

Head Wrestling Coach Rick Ortega won his 26th SPC Championship. His tenure at the helm of the Varsity Wrestling Program has witnessed 17 State Championships, 657 duel wins, and 16 top 20 finishes at the National Prep Tournament. In 2004, Rick was inducted into the National Wrestling Hall of Fame. But beyond all of his accomplishments, and beneath gruff phrases such as “you can sleep when you’re dead,” there lies his motto for St. Mark’s wrestling: “Those Who Stay Will Be Champions.” Rick established that

Dr. Henry Ploegstra ~ 28 Years Arriving at St. Mark’s in 1984, having recently

he intended to not only coach his wrestlers to be

received his Ph.D. from the University of Chicago

championship-caliber competitors on the mat,

and fresh from Phillips Exeter Academy, Dr. Henry

but more important that he aimed to turn them

Ploegstra immediately left his mark on the

into championship-caliber men in the world.

culture of the School. The Harkness Method—

Former wrestlers who passed through his

recognized as an exceptional teaching tool by

program often cite his influence as a defining

Henry while at Exeter—was installed in classrooms

transformation on their journey to adulthood,

around campus at his direction and remains a

praising him as a mentor with a tough but

staple of the St. Mark’s education to this day.

caring, stern but forgiving, countenance. Never

With other contributions to academic life,

upset when confronted with a failure following

such as the sophomore family history paper

100 percent effort, Rick expected — and helped

and the Senior Humanities class that will retire

instill — the same level of effort in his wrestlers’

with him, he firmly believes that “students

souls off the mat. The prestige of the St. Mark’s

and teachers are in this together; it’s not a

Wrestling Program plays second fiddle to the

competition and it’s not a rivalry and it’s not

hundreds of boys’ lives for whom he has been

a confrontation. It’s people around the table

not only a coach but a role model.

trying to figure out things.”

St. Mark’s School of Texas

Summer 2012 | On Campus


On Campus

(above) Marc and Stephanie Barta, Henry Ploegstra, and Arnie Holtberg. (above right) Nick Sberna comments on Jerry Lacey’s retirement. (right) Recently retired faculty member Paul Weadon with Henry Ploegstra. (far right) Jerry Lacey and Senior Master Emeritus Tom Adams.

The wise scholar in sandals hardly focused solely on the academic affairs of St. Mark’s. Henry was a devout fan at nearly all St. Mark’s sporting events. His presence in the hallways

This year, Jerry was the recipient of the Ralph

never went unnoticed, as there was, without fail,

B. Rogers Alumni Award for his excellence in

some miscreant whose shirt tails needed tucking

teaching and coaching: he has also served as the

in or one who needed to be “de – cap – itated,”

coach of the St. Mark’s Tennis Team for 23 years.

as he would say with a beret perched on his

In 2002, he was recognized as the High School

own head.

Boys Tennis Coach of the Year by the National

Dr. Ploegstra held the Malcolm K. and Minda

High School Coaches Association and featured

Brachman Master Teaching Chair and retired

in an issue of Sports Illustrated. That year,

leaving a rich legacy filled with Shakespearean

his team posted a stellar record that included

study, scholarly pursuit, and genuine school pride.

105 straight match victories. Known best for his gentle, guiding nature,

Jerry Lacey ~ 25 Years A man of soft words and strong convictions,


On Campus | THE PRIDE

Jerry made an effort to get to know as many Marksmen as he could while roaming and

Jerry Lacey arrived at St. Mark’s in 1987 as a member

teaching at St. Mark’s, whether he was located

of the history department. As a teacher, Jerry has

in Davis Hall or Centennial Hall. While one

been a mainstay of the Middle School Humanities

might assume his coaching career might end

Program. “Through him the boys see an example

with his retirement from teaching, Coach Lacey

of pure dedication and passion,” says Mr. Holtberg.

will stay on to coach St. Mark’s tennis for at least

“They know that the St. Mark’s community is his

one more year to guide even more young Lions

family, and this campus is his home.”

along the path to manhood.

St. Mark’s School of Texas

On Campus

retiring trustees Six Board Members Honored for Service

Jim Bass ’77, father of Kevin Bass ’13, retires after seven years on the Board of Trustees. During his tenure on the Board, Jim has chaired and served on a number of committees, including the Executive Committee. Before joining the Board of Trustees in 2005, Jim served on the Alumni Board for three years. During his time as a Trustee, Jim has challenged us to think critically, to strive for excellence, and carefully consider every alternative. The mother of two Marksmen, D.J. Brooks ’02 and Corey Brooks ’12, Yolanda Brooks joined the Board in 1997. During her 15-year tenure, she has faithfully served in just about every

(clockwise from above left) Jim Bass ’77, Yolanda Brooks, Houston Hall 78, Mike Warnecke ’87, Jack Morris, Jr. ’77, and Ann Mahowald.

capacity, including the Committee on Trustees and the Education Committee, in addition to

Retiring after nine years of service, Jack

serving extensively on the Executive Committee.

Morris ’77 has been an important asset to the

Yolanda’s level of enthusiasm, commitment,

Board, bringing significant knowledge and

and passion inspired us all to be our very best

experience to the School’s construction and

for St. Mark’s.

facilities projects. Jack served on the Facilities

Houston Hall ’78 is retiring from the Board

Committee, including several years as Chair.

after six years of dedicated service. Houston

He also served on the Long Range Planning

has been an active volunteer and supporter of

Committee, the Committee on Trustees, and

St. Mark’s since his graduation, and his service

the Executive Committee. He and his wife,

on the Board culminated with extensive involve-

Liz, are the parents of two Marksmen: Will ’12

ment on the Finance Committee. Houston and

and Clay ’18.

his wife, Michelle, have four daughters.

Michael Warnecke ’87 was appointed to the

The mother of three Marksmen, Nick ’12,

Board in 2009, when he was President-elect

Matt ’14, and Mike ’18, Ann Mahowald joined

of the Alumni Board. He had already served

the Board in 2009 as President-elect of the

in an advisory capacity on the Development

Parents’ Association. During her tenure on

Committee, and continued his active involve-

the Board, Ann has been a very active member

ment with Development efforts throughout his

on both the Development Committee and

tenure, in addition to serving on the Long Range

Education Committee. As President of the

Planning Committee. He served on the Alumni

Parents’ Association, she has done it all,

Board for 10 years and has been a driving force

including serving as Chair of Celebrate St. Mark’s.

behind our ever-expanding alumni program.

St. Mark’s School of Texas

Summer 2012 | On Campus


Alumni News a night at the ballpark Alumni Leadership Speaker Series Bats Around the Business of Baseball

(above) Texas Rangers General Manager Jon Daniels and Ken Hersh ’81 chat about baseball. ­ (above right) Jeff Hillier ’76 and Frank Jordan hold up their autographed World Series baseballs. (right) Jack Lindsley ’12, Don Lindsley ’77, and Robert Keeler ’80. (far right) Chris Tipton ’86 with his guest, Christina Cathey. (below right) Scott Carlson ’05, Cory Martin, and Nicholas Lybrand ’05.


Nearly 150 alumni and guests were on deck for the latest Alumni Leadership Speaker Series event at the Ballpark in Arlington. Before the May 30, 2012 game against the Seattle Mariners, Rangers General Manager Jon Daniels sat down


Ken wrapped up the session by surprising

with alumni at the Hall of Fame Club for a Q&A

Master Teacher Frank Jordan and Alumni

about the business of baseball, moderated by

Association President Jeff Hillier ’76 with

Ken Hersh ’81. Ken and Jon covered topics from

autographed World Series baseballs. After the

player salaries to the finer points of scouting.

session, alumni had a chance to eat dinner in

The floor was then open to the audience, who

the Hall of Fame Club before heading out to the

got to ask questions directly to the GM.

ballpark to enjoy the great American pastime.

Alumni News | THE PRIDE

St. Mark’s School of Texas

Alumni News

summer alumni lunches Eight Decades of Marksmen Gather Together


Two luncheons held on June 19th and June 20th provided the opportunity for Marksmen of all ages to reconnect with classmates and meet other generations of Lions. The two luncheons were divided into alumni pre-1985, and Marksmen who have graduated since. Golden Lion Keith Reddick ’49 and fellow alums heard an update on the year’s alumni affairs from Director of Alumni Relations Jim Bob Womack ’98 and were given a snapshot of current student life by recent graduates Joe Bush ’12, Max

(above) Byron Neuhoff ’88, Ben Vig ’89, and Gavin Roy ’89.

Marshall ’12, and Garrett Watumull ’12.

(left) Tom Amis ’65 and Keith Reddick ’49. (far left) David Greenblatt ’80, Headmaster Arnie Holtberg, and Harold Montgomery ’78. (below) David Dennard ’68 and Fred Vanderwoude ’68. (below left) Director of Alumni Relations Jim Bob Womack ’98, visits with Max Marshall ’12, D.J. Taylor ’09, and Joe Bush ’12.

St. Mark’s School of Texas

Summer 2012 | Alumni News


Alumni News

alumni in the news Marksmen Making National and International News

uncovered evidence that suggests that the wrong man may have been executed for the crime. Zorn has crisscrossed the world in search of new clues and evidence that could reveal a whole new side to the infamous kidnapping. His new book has been reviewed and endorsed by experts, including FBI profilers, criminal researchers, a former New Jersey governor, and a former U.S. vice president. The book

(above) Barry Wernick ’89 and writing partner Matthew Spradlin posing for D Magazine in St. Mark’s Science Lecture Hall. ­

was published on June 14, 2012, and debuted on’s true crime bestseller’s list.

Barry Wernick ’89

(right) Robert Zorn 75 holding a photo of his father, the inspiration for his book Cemetery John.

Bad Kids Go to Hell, according to Barry Wernick ’89. Along with co-writer Matthew Spradlin, Barry has made waves in the comic book world with their series, abbreviated BKGtH, a dark comedy-thriller about students attending a prestigious prep school. After graduating from SMU’s law school, Barry and Matthew shopped around a liveaction script of BKGtH, but were sidelined due to the 2007 writers’ strike. “This turned out to be a blessing in disguise,” Barry explained. “Some friends suggested that our script would make a

Robert Zorn ’75 Some call it the crime of the century when,

sold out in a week and the graphic novel version

in 1932, an unknown assailant kidnapped

sold out in one day.” Thanks to the comic book’s

Charles Lindbergh’s infant son from his New

success, Barry and Matthew are now bypassing

York home. For Robert Zorn ’75, it’s something

the Hollywood system and producing the movie

of a family legend and the subject of his new

entirely on private equity, which allows them to

book, Cemetery John: The Undiscovered

retain all rights.

Mastermind Behind the Lindbergh Kidnapping. As a teenager, Zorn’s father witnessed the conspiracy behind the kidnapping and


really cool comic book mini-series. Each issue

Alumni News | THE PRIDE

Barry credits some of his success to the incredible teachers he had at St. Mark’s, including Bobbi Mailer, Paul Weadon, J.T. Sutcliffe, and

St. Mark’s School of Texas

Alumni News

J.J. Connolly, for teaching him not just art, athletics, and academics, but how to be a man. “In BKGtH, we actually lash out against the sense of entitlement that seems to pervade society today,” Barry explains. “That sense of entitlement is hard to find at St. Mark’s.” Barry recently returned to campus with (above) Jason Hinojosa ’99 with classmates at his book signing at Barnes & Noble. ­

his writing partner for a photo shoot with D Magazine.

Jason Hinojosa ’99

(left) The movie poster for Snow White and the Hunstman, screenplay by Evan Daugherty ’00.

With the release of his debut novel The Last Lawsons, Jason Hinojosa ’99 returned to Dallas for his first book signing at the Barnes & Noble bookstore near St. Mark’s, where many of his friends, classmates, and former teachers came out to support him. Liz Trice, Henry Ploegstra, and Arnie Holtberg were on hand as Jason discussed his book and signed all of the sold-out copies. The book unfolds the secrets of a family as told by three of its members. The literary magazine The Bookseller declares The Last Lawsons to be “a wonderfully subtle novel,”

studio expectations and opening in the number

which “is a moving study of how trauma can

one spot in 30 countries around the world.

unwittingly be passed through generations.”

To date, the film has grossed more than $388 million worldwide.

Evan Daugherty ’00 In a summer of unexpected wins and losses, the dark fairy tale Snow White and the Huntsman,

Jordan Hershiser ’07 In the 34th round of the Major League

screenplay by Evan Daugherty ’00, became an

Baseball draft, USC pitcher Jordan Hershiser ’07

unexpected success, grossing more than $100

was picked by the Los Angeles Dodgers, 1,046th

million in less than a week. Starring Kristen

overall. The selection is especially poignant as

Stewart, Charlize Theron, and Chris Hemsworth,

Jordan’s father, Dodgers legend Orel Hershiser,

the film enjoyed one of the highest debut

was named the Most Valuable Player in the

weekends so far this year, earning well above

1988 World Series.

St. Mark’s School of Texas

Summer 2012 | Alumni News


Alumni News

Photo by John Reid, Cleveland Browns

(above) Manny Acho ’08 makes a catch at a recent Browns practice.

caps an exemplary career, which started at

(above right) Jordan Hershiser ’07 pitching for USC.

St. Mark’s, where as a senior he was recognized as one of the top 150 recruits in the country by ESPNU. Manny joined his brother Sam ’07, at

(right) Charlie Neil ’08 takes a swing while playing for Yale.

the University of Texas at Austin, where he played 48 games, including 26 starts, and recorded 278 tackles. Manny also earned numerous awards and accolades for both his impressive talent on the field and his dedication to his classes and community. Besides an impressive football resume, Manny also leaves UT with a degree in Sports Management.

Charlie Neil ’08 Yale senior Charlie Neil ’08 was drafted by During his college career, Jordan endured

Major League Baseball in the 37th round,

a pair of season-ending arm surgeries. Jordan

joining two other Bulldog teammates going pro.

leaves USC with a degree in Policy, Planning,

The Detroit Tigers picked the outfielder 1,144th

and Development.

overall, after an impressive four-year career at the college level. Charlie’s success in baseball is

Emmanuel Acho ’08 This spring, Manny Acho ’08 traded one


made even more impressive by the fact that he also lettered in soccer all four years at Yale. In

orange jersey for another, ending his college

his time with the Bulldogs, Charlie made 155

career with the Texas Longhorns and joining the

appearances, starting 144 games. He closes his

Cleveland Browns as a linebacker. Cleveland

senior year with a .297 on-base percentage,

picked Manny in the sixth round of the draft,

including 33 hits. Charlie graduated with a

204th overall. The move to professional football

degree in Political Science.

Alumni News | THE PRIDE

St. Mark’s School of Texas


Courageous & Honorable Marksmen This is a list of those for whom we have confirmation of service in one of the branches of the military. If you served, and don’t find your name on this list, please email your information to St. Mark’s Alumni Director Jim Bob Womack ’98 at If you know of classmates who served, we would be grateful for that information as well.





J. Kenneth S. Arthur ’37 * E. Graham Martin, Jr. ’44 Leonard W. Volk II ’45 Keith L. Reddick ’49 * Roy L. Taylor, Jr. ’49 Bruce M. Dougherty, Jr. ’53 William F. Burrow, Jr. ’57 William R. Crawford 57 James G. Hazlewood ’57 Justin S. McCarty 57 James E. Perkins, Jr. ’57 Barton F. Schoeneman, Jr. 57 Vernon R. Young ’57 Stuart A. Morse ’61 James T. Ling ’62 Raymond R. McKinney ’62 Allen S. Nesbitt ’62 James H. Shelton ’62 * John H. Dorie ’63 Russell H. Reed, Jr. ’63 Michael L. Wolfram ’63 Lloyd W. Powell, Jr. ’64 * Irby M. Rozelle ’64 David E. Wynne ’64 Robert L. Feldman ’65 Charles R. Mathes, Jr. ’65 J. Richard Barrett ’67 Thomas S. Walker II ’71 Stuart R. Oliphint ’77 David W. Denton ’78 * Anthony P. Fisher ’79 Rich Esler ’81 * Allan D. Berger ’84 Reynold R. Arredondo ’87 Darrell E. Eikner ’87 Darren Ream ’89 Charles P. Koutras ’90 Matthew A. Forrester ’93 Cedric G. Lee ’96 Adam R. Robbins ’98 James O. Lee III ’00 Robert E. Crotty ’02 Chase B. Park ’03 * Dylan S. Birch ’09 Jacek R. Zapendowski ’09 Carson A. Warnberg ’12 *

J. Henry Doscher, Jr. ’38 J. Shuman Leclercq III ’39 Robert B. Boyle ’46 Tony C. Diaz ’52 James H. Clark, Jr. 54 James P. Kennedy ’59 Frank S. Letcher ’59 Joseph A. I. Worsham ’59 John A. Alexander ’60 William R. Bernays ’62 * James L. Cogar III ’63 Nicholas B. Gilliam ’63 Ernest L. Smith III ’63 Stephen D. Barrett ’64 Britton W. Kolar ’64 Paul W. Harris ’65 Eric B. Nye ’66 James A. Knox ’69 Jack H. Van Zandt, Jr. ’72 John W. Hardy ’73 John M. Williams, Sr. ’75 Edward L. Kownslar ’76 Matthew R. McBride ’76 Eric M. Stroud ’77 Adrian J. Marengo-Rowe ’81 Laurance C. Boyd ’82 Robert W. Lett ’83 Victor L. Vescovo ’84 * Christopher S. Weber ’89 Jonathan S. Glass ’90 Jason A. Gordon ’90 A.J. Ortega ’93 Scott Williams ’93 Russell N. Crawford, Jr. ’94 Landric P. Walden ’95 James N. Carter ’99 Matthew H. Gray ’99 Peter Goodman ’02 Robert B. Hicks ’04 Julian M. Nacol ’05 John W. Gannon ’09 Charles E. Goodman ’09 Alexander J. Herbelin ’09 Michael G. McPherson ’09 P. Lyle McDonald ’10 Patton Jeta N. Taylor ’11

Henry D. Lindsley, Jr. ’12 J.H. Henderson ’51 Robert E. Maupin ’52 Richard J. Lane ’57 Nelson H. Spencer 57 Thomas G. Beckett III ’59 Richard A. Buckner 59 Theodore R. Thevenet ’59 James P. Moore ’61 * David T. Waggoner ’62 Al G. Hill, Jr. ’63 William E. Green ’64 John J. Nance ’64 * Jack W. Chapman ’65 * Robert S. Guthrie ’65 William C. Perkins ’65 Peter F. Kemp ’66 Harry B. Lucas, Jr. ’67 Stephen J. Hay III ’73 Raul P. Rodriguez ’74 Ross Perot, Jr. ’77 Rodney L. Greene ’80 Elliott Roosevelt III ’81 James A. White, Jr. ’82 Ralph E. Jackson ’85 Fontaine Alexander ’93 Michael B. Wisenbaker ’93 Christopher S. Olsen ’96 * Mason W. Enright ’00 Mark R. Ruff ’00 Hill Perot ’05 Jeffrey G. Randolph, Jr. ’05 Zachary A. Walker ’06 Edward R. Wood ’08 Obadamilare Ogundipe ’11

John M. Pace, Jr. 52 Anthony J. Price 52 Stanley P. Toland 52 Robert A. Meadows 53 Robert W. Maxwell 54 Richard S. Crane ’59 William H. Roberts III ’59 Carr P. Collins III ’62 John H. Heyer ’64 Richard C. Rathmann ’66 * David W. Denton ’78 Christopher J. Alpert ’84 Jason A. Gordon ’90 * Lucas DaSilva ’97 * Rick A. Martinez ’99 Russell W. Myers ’99 James M. Winston ’01 Benjamin K. Stephens ’02 Michael D. Titzer ’04 Alden F. Early ’06 *

St. Mark’s School of Texas

U.S. COAST GUARD Bart B. Brown ’59 Alan L. Freeman ’59

* Updated since Winter issue

Summer 2012 | Alumni News


Alumni News

alumni board report Letter from the President

Alumni Association President Jeff Hillier ’76.

2012 – 2013 New Members

Jeb Beckwith ’80

Ryan Bowles ’90

Fraser Marcus ’72

Seth Collins ’02

Rosser Newton ’83

Jesse Diaz ’04

William Roberts ’88

Paul Genender ’87

James White ’82

Craig Meyers ’94


Ask any Alumni Board member and he will tell

to advance the mission of the Board by bringing

you, the vision of our Board is clear — to become

alumni together in interesting venues with

the best independent school alumni association

thought-provoking speakers. In May, the ALSS

in the country. This vision is our guiding

gave alumni a special treat as alumni and guests

principle we work diligently to achieve year in

joined together at the Ballpark in Arlington for

and year out. With some 4,000 alumni spread

an “Evening with the Rangers.” The night started

around the globe, our reach must be international

with a special lecture from Rangers co-owner

in scope. Each year the Executive Committee

and Board of Trustees President Ken Hersh ’81

of the Alumni Board measures our progress in

and Rangers General Manager Jon Daniels. After

several key areas: programming in the Dallas

a lively Q&A discussion covering the team, player

area, Regional Club engagement, and alumni

management, and the World Series, the group

participation in the St. Mark’s Fund. Our Board

had dinner before the first pitch. Young Alumni

members share the same hope — the continued

continue their involvement with the Community

growth of the Alumni Association and our

Service Program with the Young Alumni

Alumni Network.

Community Service event. This year, alumni

Dallas Area Programming: What could

met at the North Texas Food Bank for their annual

be more important than giving alumni the

opportunity to support various Dallas non-profits.

opportunity to engage with one another and

In June, the annual Summer Alumni Lunches

the School? Alumni Weekend 2012, our flagship

gave alumni the chance to hear from our newest

event, continues to grow and bring alumni of

members of the Alumni Association as they were

every generation back to campus. This year,

joined by several members of the Class of 2012.

nearly 1,000 alumni, faculty, and guests returned

Each of these events helped support the School

to 10600 Preston Road. This year marked the

by strengthening our Alumni Association.

fifth for the Weekend tradition, and by all


2011 – 2012 Retiring Members

Regional Activity: With more than half

accounts, it is beloved by all generations. The

of our alumni living outside North Texas, the

Alumni Leadership Speaker Series continues

Alumni Board also recognizes the importance of

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St. Mark’s School of Texas

Alumni News

regional activity. As the Office of Development & Alumni Relations travels throughout the (above) Young alumni from St. Mark’s and Hockaday help out at the North Texas Food Bank.

country making more than 15 city visits, the Regional Clubs in the Bay Area and New York ensure activity for area alumni is at an all-time

(above left) Ken Hersh ’81 and Rangers General Manager Jon Daniels discuss the business of baseball.

high. In New York this spring, Alumni Association members gathered for an informal Club breakfast, another great opportunity to remain connected. The Club also hosted its annual

(left) Headmaster Arnie Holtberg with guests for an alumni dinner in Hong Kong.

“Intern Welcome,” offering a friendly place for alumni new to the area to connect. The Bay Area Club also hosted a picnic at Crissy Field where alumni and families gathered to watch the America’s Cup World Series. In Hong Kong,

consecutive year we have surpassed 50 percent

Headmaster Arnie Holtberg and his family

participation, and these outstanding achieve-

joined a handful of guests for an alumni dinner.

ments continue to set us apart from all other

Plans are under way to launch Clubs in Austin,

independent schools in the nation—a clear sign

Washington, D.C., and Los Angeles. No matter

that Marksmen love their alma mater.

their location, Marksmen know the importance

My thanks go out to the 34 members of the

of this network in their lives and demonstrate

Alumni Board and the eight tireless members of

that with their attendance.

my Executive Committee, David Campbell ’86

St. Mark’s Fund Participation: When searching

(Vice President), Alan Schoellkopf ’91 (Secretary),

for appropriate metrics, the Alumni Board

Eric Kusin ’00, Kevin Robinowitz ’91, Ryan

recognizes that our Alumni Association’s partic-

Robinson ’86, Greg Sutton ’99, Ben Vig ’89, and

ipation in the St. Mark’s Fund is the clearest

Mike Weinstein ’88. To the many Class Agents,

measurable available. For the 2011 – 2012 Fund

Class Ambassadors, and Reunion volunteers,

year, I am happy to report that Alumni once

thank you for your love and dedication to our

again answered the call in extraordinary ways.

School. It has been a fantastic year and I look

Last year, 53 percent of our members contrib-

forward to 2012 – 2013 getting under way.

uted more than $1.53 million, the highest total

~ Jeff Hillier ’76

amount on record by alumni. This is the fourth

President, Alumni Association

St. Mark’s School of Texas

Summer 2012 | Alumni News


Alumni Weekend

alumni weekend 2012 The Tradition Turns Five

(above) Miles Fisher ’02 and Berndt Mader ’97 speak to a group of students about the entertainment industry. (above right) Dr. Henry Ploegstra teaches an alumni class about Shakespeare. (right) Master Teacher Emeritus Tom Adams fascinates a group of alumni with a history discussion. (far right) Ryan Cotton ’97, Scott Groussman ’87, and Fraser Marcus ’72 speak on the business panel. (below right) Bill Kysor speaks on the finer points of ceramics while current students demonstrate throwing on the wheel.


Alumni Weekend 2012 proved to be the largest in the School’s history with nearly 1,000 alumni,

Alumni Back to School

faculty, and guests returning to 10600 Preston

Friday saw alumni return to campus to relive

Road to celebrate. The three-day celebration,

their days as students. After a welcome from the

hosted in Dallas April 19– 21, proved once again to

Eugene McDermott Headmaster Arnie Holtberg

be a fantastic opportunity for alumni young and

and Alumni Association President Jeff Hillier ’76,

old to reconnect with the School and old friends.

alumni went back to class. St. Mark’s past and present faculty members Tom Adams, Fletch

Alumni Golf Tournament The Alumni Golf Tournament kicked off the


Carron, Bill Kysor, Henry Ploegstra, and Doug Rummel taught this year’s alumni classes.

Weekend on Thursday, April 19 with 115 attendees

Attendees were treated to lessons in history,

gathering at Prestonwood Country Club in Dallas.

engineering, ceramics, and Shakespeare.

Alumni News | THE PRIDE

St. Mark’s School of Texas

Alumni Weekend

Spring Alumni Dinner & Awards Alumni Golf Tournament

(left column) Alumni of all ages enjoyed the time together at the annual Alumni Golf Tournament. Thanks to our many golfers, our Tournament Sponsor Bank of Texas, our Gold Sponsors Highland Park Village, Primexx, Sewell Automotive Companies, and Signal Metal Industries, and all of our hole and gift-in-kind sponsors. (above) Alumni and faculty welcome back several classes of Marksmen at the Spring Alumni Dinner.

Spring Alumni Dinner Friday ended with the Spring Alumni Dinner After burgers and hot dogs on the Green

where more than 400 attendees gathered in the

hosted by the Alumni Board, alumni took the

Great Hall to celebrate. The Alumni Association

opportunity to walk the campus and wander

recognized two alumni and three faculty

into classrooms.

members for their outstanding service to the

To end the afternoon, the Student Alumni

School. Faculty members Jerry Lacey, Martin

Association hosted and moderated the Alumni

Stegemoeller, and Lei Zhang were announced

Panels. As always, these discussions gave current

as the finalists for the Ralph B. Rogers Alumni

students the opportunity to hear from St. Mark’s

Award. Carl Sewell ’02 was awarded the Young

graduates on various business topics as the

Alumni Service Citation and Jeff Genecov ’77

alumni offered up a look at their career paths.

was awarded the Alumni Service Medal.

St. Mark’s School of Texas

(left) Alumni Board President Jeff Hillier ’76 welcomes all alumni, faculty, and guests to the evening of celebration and recognition. Many thanks to our Spring Alumni Dinner sponsors: Ackerman Capital Management, Haynes and Boone, and Al G. Hill, Jr. ’63.

Summer 2012 | Alumni News


Alumni Weekend

(above and above right) Alumni, faculty, and staff catch up at the Spring Alumni Dinner.

Faculty & Staff Service Awards Four hundred St. Mark’s community members, along with four employees, each with 40 years of service to the School, made for one magical evening at last year’s Spring Alumni Dinner. The Alumni Association honored Maxine Cantley, Thelma Levells, Mary Ann Livengood, and Lucy Sheppard for this milestone achievement. The crowd cheered as a video featuring these special ladies was presented, and the speeches that followed built on the message that Lucy, Maxine, Thelma, and Mary Ann had won the hearts of the whole community. Stephanie Barta spoke about what an impact Lucy, Maxine, and Thelma had on the students, “their boys,” each year for four decades. Though all three have different personalities, they each contributed much to making the Food Service Department the warm, welcoming place it is for students, teachers, and staff each school day. They remember names and faces of the alumni and that gift is something that warms the hearts of the Marksmen who come back for a visit to campus. Matthew Fuller ’96 spoke on behalf of Mary Ann Livengood. He praised her influence on his life and those of many Marksmen for whom the choir and music program was the focus of much of their experience at St. Mark’s. Mary Ann’s contribution to the Lower School music program, the piano studies program, and the choir program has been, for 40 years, one of the cornerstones of a St. Mark’s education, helping produce well-rounded students. All four of these wonderful employees have made their mark at 10600 Preston Road and are deserving of our praise and thanks.


Alumni News | THE PRIDE

(above) Mary Ann Livengood. (middle) Maxine Cantley. (top) Lucy Sheppard and Thelma Levells.

St. Mark’s School of Texas

Alumni Weekend

2012 ALUMNI ASSOCIATION AWARDS At the Spring Alumni Dinner, the Alumni Association conferred its annual awards. Congratulations to each of these awardees.

Alumni Service Medal The Alumni Service Medal is St. Mark’s highest volunteer service award, and it is presented to an alumnus who has distinguished himself through sustained and outstanding service to the School. Jeff Genecov ’77 has been a consistent and present force as a key volunteer for more than three decades. He has carried out this critical work for the School while maintaining a successful orthodontics practice and raising a family, not to mention attending to his many other civic obligations. He was one of the original Alumni Chairs of the St. Mark’s Fund — a position he held for several years. He first served on the Alumni Board in the late ’90s, and he rejoined in 2008. To date, he has served as a member of the Executive Committee and as the Alumni Weekend Chairman in 2010. Jeff also serves on The Centennial Challenge Campaign Steering Committee and as the Alumni Co-Chair of the Campaign, performed the duties of Class Agent and Class Ambassador, and served this year as the Chair of his 35th Reunion Committee.

Alumni Service Medal recipient Jeff Genecov ’77 with wife Lisa.

Young Alumni Service Citation The Young Alumni Service Citation recognizes young alumni for outstanding service to the School. Carl Sewell ’02 has answered the call at every turn and continues to be an example of engagement for other young alumni. He always has time for St. Mark’s. This 2002 graduate is a key reason for the close relationships his classmates maintain with one another and with the School. He has served as a Class Agent for many years and has been involved with the Alumni Board since returning to Dallas, serving on various Committees. He joined the Alumni Board in 2009, and since that time, he has served as the Young Alumni Chair and as a member of the Executive Committee. Carl led his 5th Reunion effort as well as that of his 10th Reunion.

Young Alumni Service Citation recipient Carl Sewell ’02 with Arnie Holtberg.

Ralph B. Rogers Excellence in Teaching Alumni Award The Ralph B. Rogers Award honors the legacy of Ralph B. Rogers, the Rogers family, and the St. Mark’s faculty. The award is given annually to a teacher or staff member who supports the School’s mission by extending himself or herself beyond the confines of the job description. Three faculty or staff members are nominated for the award each year. Jerry Lacey was presented with the award at the Upper School Final Assembly (see story on page 29).

St. Mark’s School of Texas

Jerry Lacey receiving the Ralph B. Rogers Alumni Award from Jeff Hillier ’76.

Summer 2012 | Alumni News


Alumni Weekend

Saturday Family BBQ

Alumni and their families enjoy the Saturday cookout.

Family Cookout Saturday afternoon saw more than 400 alumni and their family members return to campus for the annual Family Cookout. Guests enjoyed BBQ, games and activities for the kids, classes taught by faculty, tours, and a student concert on the Green. Chemistry teacher Ken Owens ’89 featured flames, explosions, and root beer-making during his chemistry camp preview, while faculty member Steve Balog took visitors across the universe during the planetarium shows. The Weekend ended with classes ending in 2’s & 7’s celebrating their Reunion. From the Class of 2007 and the 5th Reunion, to the Class of 1962 and the 50th Reunion, more than 455 attendees reconnected with their classmates and faculty on Saturday night. As the Alumni Weekend tradition continues to grow, mark your calendars for Alumni Weekend 2013, on April 18 – 20, 2013.


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St. Mark’s School of Texas

Alumni Weekend

A beautiful day on the Quad for a barbecue.

Class Reunions (left) Class of 1962 50-year Reunion. ­

St. Mark’s School of Texas

Summer 2012 | Alumni News


Alumni Weekend

Class Reunions

(top) Class of 1967 45-year Reunion. ­ (top right) Class of 1972 40-year Reunion. ­ (above) Class of 1977 35-year Reunion. ­ (above right) Class of 1982 30-year Reunion. ­ (right) Class of 1987 25-year Reunion.


Alumni News | THE PRIDE

St. Mark’s School of Texas

Alumni Weekend

Class Reunions

(top) Class of 1992 20-year Reunion. ­­ (above) Class of 2002 10-year Reunion. ­ (above left) Class of 1997 15-year Reunion. ­ (left) Class of 2007 5-year Reunion. ­

St. Mark’s School of Texas

Summer 2012 | Alumni News


Spotlight marksmen young & old establish legacies Alumni of All Ages Illustrate Their Dedication

(above) Seniors, their families, and St. Mark’s faculty and staff enjoy lunch in Spencer Gym. (above right) Senior Richard Freling shakes hands with Director of Alumni Relations Jim Bob Womack ’98.

The tradition of the Legacy Gift began several years ago with graduating classes looking to make a lasting impact on campus. To date, these Class Gifts have supported the St. Mark’s Fund,

(right) Arnie Holtberg recognizes the generosity of the Class of 2012.

Financial Aid, the building of Centennial Hall and Hoffman Center, and the Senior Support Fund, which assists members of the senior

Class of 2012 Legacy Gift Established Just hours before becoming graduates,

Spotlight | THE PRIDE

As in past years, the Class of 2012 looked to

the Class of 2012 attended their first Alumni

make their mark on the School by supporting

Association luncheon.

the programs that gave meaning to their

With more than 450 alumni, faculty,


class with financial aid for various activities.

shared experience.

classmates, and their families in attendance,

In his presentation, Crawford noted, “We

the Class was welcomed with open arms by

have listened closely, and we know the Alumni

Alumni Association President Jeff Hillier ’76.

Association is unique. Our Class is excited to

Class President Ross Crawford ’12, and Legacy

join the ranks of nearly 2,000 Marksmen who

Committee Chairs Kahan Chavda ’12 and

make a gift to the St. Mark’s Fund. We hope this

Charles Jin ’12, took the opportunity to present

gift pays appropriate tribute to those who came

their Class Gift to Eugene McDermott

before us, and inspires those who will come

Headmaster Arnold Holtberg.

after.” From their time on campus and their

St. Mark’s School of Texas

Spotlight on Philanthropy


early dedication to the School and the Alumni Association, the Class of 2012 is making their impact felt. Despite being alumni for only a few months, the Class of 2012 is already setting a pace for future classes to match, as well as joining dozens of other classes in record giving. In just five years, these graduates will return for their reunion and join a very special group of alumni

• A four-year gift to the St. Mark’s Fund that will allow each classmate to participate for his college years. This gift is made in direct response to the Alumni Association’s continued distinction for achieving 50 percent participation for the past four years. • A gift of $5,000 to the Community Service program and Habitat for Humanity to assist with next year’s build. • A gift of $5,000 to the Jan and Arnold Holtberg Family Scholarship Fund in recognition of the Headmaster’s leadership and in response to the Alumni Financial Aid Challenge, established by Megan and Casey McManemin ’79 and Eveline and Bob Roberts ’64. • A gift of $5,000 to the Senior Support Fund to assist future Marksmen for years to come.

who, every year, lead their fellow Marksmen in supporting St. Mark’s.

Reunion Giving Continues to Set the Pace With Alumni Weekend reaching the five-year

participation. Total Reunion Class giving

mark, it is clear that alumni have responded

continues to grow as well. Alumni contributed

with great enthusiasm to the change in Reunion

more than $1.53 million to the St. Mark’s Fund

Programming. The April festivities continue to

this year, with the 10 Reunion Class Gifts

draw alumni, guests, and faculty back to campus

comprising more than 35 percent of total

to reconnect. This year boasted the largest

alumni giving.

turnout in School history, with nearly 1,000 attendees throughout the three-day celebration. The Reunion Committees continue to have a

Seven Reunion Classes broke eight different records this year. The Class of 2007 broke the 5th Reunion Record for class participation with

great impact on overall participation by their

62 percent of their classmates making a gift

classmates. Along with their focus on increased

to the School. The Class of 2002 set Reunion

classmate attendance, the Committees are

Records for participation and total gift with

focused on participation in the Class Reunion

66 percent of the Class contributing more than

Gift for the St. Mark’s Fund. Their effort is clear

$26,000. The Class of 1997 contributed more

when considering the continued growth of the

than $60,000 for their Reunion Gift, setting a

Fund — Reunion Classes are leading the way.

15th Reunion Record for total giving. The Class

This year Alumni Participation reached 53

of 1967 set a 45th Reunion Record, raising more

percent, the fourth year in a row to surpass

than $26,000. Forty-six percent of the Class of

the 50 percent mark, and one of the highest

1962 made a gift to the School, setting a 50th

participation rates in the country for independent

Reunion Record for participation. Two classes —

schools. Reunion Committees from the classes

the Class of 1987 and the Class of 1977— set new

of 2’s and 7’s worked tirelessly throughout the

milestones, breaking the all-time giving record

2011–2012 School year to ensure strong

for a single class. The Class of 1987 raised more

St. Mark’s School of Texas

Summer 2012 | Spotlight


Spotlight on Philanthropy

(above) Class of 1977 Reunion at the home of hosts Sarah and Ross Perot, Jr. ’77. Breadboard for Alumni Awards, posted in Nearburg Hall.

than $180,000, setting the 25th Reunion Record for giving, and the Class of 1977 raised more than $200,000, setting a 35th Reunion Record for giving. The Class of 1977 is also the first class in

and enriches the day-to-day experience for

the School’s history to raise more than $200,000,

every member of the St. Mark’s community.

and in doing so, secured the Class of 1954 Award

To this end, all contributions to the St. Mark’s

for the largest average gift by a class with at least

Fund from the start of The Centennial Challenge

one-third participation.

to its conclusion on June 30, 2013, are included

The St. Mark’s Fund growth over the past five

in the Campaign. Each gift to the St. Mark’s Fund

years can be largely attributed to key Reunion

brings The Centennial Challenge closer to its

Classes and the success of the Committees that

final goal, but just as critically, all gifts make a

fuel the process. Since 2001, overall alumni

discernible difference, positively impacting life

giving has more than quadrupled, and alumni

on campus every day.

represent more than half of the St. Mark’s Fund

With the Campaign in its home stretch,

total. As the Alumni Association matures and

non-reunion classes showed enormous effort

alumni continue to answer the call of leadership,

in ensuring excellence at St. Mark’s.

a legacy of giving is being established — a legacy

At this year’s Spring Alumni Dinner, two of

that sets St. Mark’s apart as unique from all

the three giving awards were presented to non-

other independent schools.

reunion classes. The Classes of 1979 and 1988 tied for the highest participation rate and each

Class Awards

Samuel W. Papert, Jr. ’37. For its amazing growth

celebrate, many other Marksmen are once

in participation from 44 to 55 percent, the Class

again rising to the challenge and displaying

of 1973 received The Alumni Cup.

their commitment to 10600 Preston Road by supporting the St. Mark’s Fund. The Fund continues to be a critical cog that keeps the 10600 Preston Road wheel running


Spotlight | THE PRIDE

received The Papert Bowl, given in honor of

While Reunion Classes have plenty to

As young alumni rise to meet the expectations set by their elder classes, St. Mark’s is poised to continue its tradition of excellence for many years to come.

St. Mark’s School of Texas

Thank You! Thank You for making a gift to the 2011– 2012 St. Mark’s Fund. Together with more than 2,800 alumni, parents, and friends of the School, you helped us raise a record $2.78 million for current Marksmen and their teachers. During The Centennial Challenge, these gifts are more important than ever to sustaining excellence at 10600 Preston Road.

53% of all alumni contributed a record $1.52 million to the St. Mark’s Fund, exceeding 50% participation for the fourth consecutive year.

88% of current parents participated in the Fund, and all classes in the Lower School achieved 100% participation.

100% of the Class of 2012 made a graduation gift to support the St. Mark’s Fund, the Holtberg Family Scholarship Fund, and Habitat for Humanity.

Thank you for being part of an extraordinary year of support at St. Mark’s.

The Centennial Challenge

Lead | Inspire | Be Counted



More than six years ago, the St. Mark’s

amassed a current total of nearly $100

community embarked on the most

million in donations, a testament to the

ambitious fundraising effort in the

generosity, vision, and commitment of

School’s history: The Centennial

alumni, parents, and friends of the

Challenge, an endeavor to raise $110

School. While the Campaign has been

million. Now, as the Campaign enters

an overwhelming success to this point,

its final months, not only has it changed

the School now enters a critical stretch

the current state of the School, but it

to reach the $110 million goal, which

has also provided the resources and

is well within reach.

initiatives necessary to help carry

Centennial Challenge Chairman Ross Perot, Jr. ’77 gives an update to a group of Campaign donors and volunteers.


Features | THE PRIDE

Through the contributions that

St. Mark’s forward for the next 100 years.

have already been invested in the

The Centennial Challenge, one of the

School, The Centennial Challenge

largest fundraising enterprises of any

has substantially altered the face of

independent school in the country

St. Mark’s. In 2007 and 2008, the Math

and the largest ever in the region, has

Building and Davis Hall were taken to



the ground, replaced by Centennial Hall and the Robert K. Hoffman Center. Centennial Hall features Harkness tables in English, history, and humanities classrooms, which facilitate natural

meticulous care with which they were

discussion and group learning, allowing

designed and built, but also by the

students and teachers to interact mean-

power of their simple yet meaningful

ingfully in a collective setting, as well

décor. Both buildings are adorned with

as mathematics classrooms equipped

a combination of artistic works created

with Smart Boards and the latest in

by Marksmen and historical photos

technological innovation. The Hoffman

commemorating the School’s history.

Center is home to the foreign language

As current students use the space

departments and includes the Paul

for their daily work, they are reminded

Weadon Language Lab, a technologically

that they are a part of a long lineage

advanced center that has revolutionized

of St. Mark’s boys. These students and

language-learning at the School. The

faculty pictured in these photos are

Hoffman Center also includes the

among those who created what St. Mark’s

journalism suite and houses the debate

is today, just as our current students

program, providing both popular

will shape its future.

endeavors with the optimal facilities

(above) Paul Weadon Language Lab.

These new academic environments

in which they can continue to achieve

significantly change what is possible

national prominence.

in a St. Mark’s classroom. As these

Both new buildings are LEED-

(top) The new Robert K. Hoffman Center.

two buildings opened their doors for

certified, “green,” state-of-the-art

the fourth year this fall, the community

learning centers, complete with beau-

is immeasurably grateful that The

tiful classroom space, ample faculty

Centennial Challenge enabled the

offices, and communal meeting areas

creation of these new spaces. But

that allow Marksmen to learn and grow

buildings alone do not make a school

in an environment that is conducive

great — it must be filled with visionary,

to achievement. Walking the halls of

purposeful individuals to achieve its

Centennial and Hoffman, one is not

potential. To this end, the primary

only struck by their beauty and the

cornerstones of The Centennial

Summer 2012 | Features



to recruit and to retain the very best instructors in the nation, simultaneously allowing the School to honor excellence in teaching, promote faculty longevity, and recognize dedication to the School. In addition, the Campaign has earmarked more than $1 million toward faculty development opportunities, Marksmen use network resources around a Harkness table in many of the new classrooms.

allowing St. Mark’s faculty to seek exciting opportunities to hone their Challenge have increased faculty

teaching skills. Along these same lines,

support and financial aid resources.

the St. Mark’s Parents’ Association

Prior to the Campaign, St. Mark’s

pledged $1 million to support the

had 12 endowed faculty positions,

Fellows Program, which brings enthusi-

including nine Master Teaching Chairs,

astic and talented aspiring teachers to

two department chairs, and the

the St. Mark’s campus where they teach,

Headmaster position. To date, the

coach, and advise, adding significant

Campaign has facilitated the creation

energy to the campus in the process.

of six new Master Teaching Chairs,

The Campaign has also enabled

three of which are already established

St. Mark’s to bolster its financial aid

and have been fully funded. These

resources significantly. The St. Mark’s

Master Teaching Chairs allow St. Mark’s

community should be accessible to all boys who can thrive and contribute, regardless of their financial circum-

CAMPAIGN HIGHLIGHTS 5,515 Donors 20,451 Unique Gifts More than 1,100 Volunteers

McManemin ’79 and Eveline and Bob Roberts ’64 have provided by establishing the $5 million Alumni Financial Aid Challenge, more than $3.4 million has been raised from

Gifts from 83% of Parents

alumni. Additionally, parents and

$3 Million in New Technology 8 New Endowed Faculty Positions

Features | THE PRIDE

leadership that Megan and Casey

Gifts from 67% of Alumni

80,000 Square Feet of New Facilities


stances. Thanks to the vision and

friends of the School have followed the lead of the Alumni Challenge, making gifts to financial aid ranging from one thousand to several million dollars. As the Campaign nears its

St. Mark’s School of Texas


FOJTASEK FAMILY LOWER SCHOOL Building Will Serve as Lasting Tribute conclusion, this focus on financial aid resources becomes even more critical, as support in this area will ensure that all deserving future Marksmen will have the opportunity to enter the St. Mark’s community and make a difference. As the Campaign enters its final push to completion, major initiatives have come to the forefront. By endeavoring to make the renovated planetarium and new organ for the Chapel a reality, St. Mark’s once again seeks to provide the necessary elements for each boy to seek excellence to the fullest and to be inspired along the way. Thanks to generous support of the Campaign, the planetarium will be renovated, complete with a new projector installed, and the Chapel will have a new organ, custom made and perfectly tailored to the space and its acoustic qualities. The Centennial Challenge has invigorated life at 10600 Preston Road. The Campaign has allowed the St. Mark’s community to create and maintain the finest buildings and grounds possible and to establish new faculty and student

St. Mark’s recently announced that a gift had been made to The Centennial Challenge from longtime supporters, Ola and Randall Fojtasek ’81, and their family, and that the Lower School will be named in their family’s honor. This most recent commitment increases their giving to St. Mark’s to approximately $3 million, and is representative of extensive involvement and tremendous support over several decades. Randall has served in a wide variety of roles at St. Mark’s, including as the Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees for the past two years and, effective July 1 of this year, he became Board President. The Fojtaseks are joined in this most recent gift by Randall’s mother, Jacqueline Fojtasek, and this commitment honors the memory of his late father, Joe Fojtasek. Randall and Ola have a son in the Class of 2015, and Randall’s brother, Russell, graduated from St. Mark’s in 1980. Randall shared the following thoughts about his family’s support of the Campaign:   Without the education and support of the faculty, coaches, and staff of the School, I would not be the person I am today. But I am not alone in that distinction. Every time I am on campus and see the boys, or gather with fellow alumni, or travel to different cities on behalf of the School, I see the incredibly interesting, productive, and diverse lives that the graduates of St. Mark’s lead. If I ever had a doubt in the School’s hand in shaping lives, I am reaffirmed by my interactions with these men. They are smart, hardworking, genuine, and engaged in making the world a better place, and those traits make me aware of how St. Mark’s touched their lives just as it did mine. The opportunity to give back to St. Mark’s in a significant way, and to name the Lower School in honor of my late father, seems fitting — after all, he and my mother sent my brother and me to the School almost 40 years ago so that we could get the best education possible. Meeting the School’s mission of molding boys into fine young men cannot be achieved without all of our support.  The proceeds from this gift will generate matching endowment funds. A ceremony to dedicate the newly named Lower School will occur in 2013.

support systems that fill the campus with the most curious students and inspiring faculty. The successful completion of

leadership of the School began six years

the Campaign is vital for St. Mark’s to

ago, the entire St. Mark’s community is

continue this forward momentum and

immeasurably grateful for the generosity

cement the reputation that St. Mark’s has

and determination already displayed

established as one of the finest academic

and is equally excited and inspired to

institutions in the world. As we near the

see what lies ahead as the Campaign

end of a tremendous vision that the

moves closer toward its ultimate goals.

St. Mark’s School of Texas

Summer 2012 | Features



the importance of The Centennial Challenge and the meaningful difference it is making in the lives of our teachers and students. Teaching excellence underpins everything at St. Mark’s. From the beginning of the Campaign, faculty support has been at the forefront of funding priorities. St. Mark’s parents David Genecov ’82 and his wife Lisa have generously committed to fund the establishment of the Sally and Roderick Demmings ’12 accepts the School Flag from Head of Upper School Wortie Ferrell.

Edward Genecov Master Teaching Chair in honor of David’s parents.

Responding to Priorities In early spring at the Headmaster’s Council Dinner, (now former) Board President Ken Hersh ’81 recognized

This gift will further expand the School’s ability to attract and retain the very best teachers imaginable. Another cornerstone priority is

several recent contributions to the

to increase student accessibility by

Campaign that have had an enormous

expanding the scope of the financial aid

impact on the School. Gifts such as

program. Thus far, the Campaign has

these, and many others, underscore

witnessed incredible responsiveness




Faculty Support



Financial Aid







Sustaining Endowment



Campus Improvements






Program Support Centennial Hall & Hoffman Center

St. Mark’s Fund Undesignated

Total (as of October 8, 2012) $110,000,000 $99,314,523


Features | THE PRIDE

St. Mark’s School of Texas


to this important initiative, most notably from alumni. Such is the case with Steve Winn ’64, his wife Melinda,

SALLY & EDWARD GENECOV MASTER TEACHING CHAIR Alumnus Establishes Chair for Parents

and the Winn family, who have made a gift through the Winn Family Foundation, which will establish the Winn Family Scholarship Endowment and support Centennial Hall and the Hoffman Center. Their gift will provide expanded opportunities for talented boys throughout Dallas who can contribute to the fabric of our School. And finally, Board of Trustees member (now current President) Randall Fojtasek ’81 and his wife Ola have been longtime supporters of St. Mark’s and dedicated volunteers. Last spring, they made an extraordinary commitment toward our new facilities that will generate a dollar-for-dollar match for endowment. This recent gift increases the Fojtaseks’ support for the Campaign, which included a major commitment to the Norma & Lamar Hunt Family Stadium and fields project. In recognition of their ongoing support, the St. Mark’s Lower School will be named in honor of the Fojtasek family. The commitments of these alumni families represent a collective affirmation of the fundamental goals of this

One of the cornerstone priorities of the Campaign is the addition of new Master Teaching Chairs. Three new Chairs have already come online since the start of the Campaign, and three more are expected in the coming years. Lisa and David Genecov ’82 have responded to this challenge with a $1.5 million gift that honors David’s parents, Sally Genecov and the late Edward Genecov. The Genecov family has a long and close association with St. Mark’s. David currently serves as a member of the Board of Trustees, and the Genecovs’ son, Michael, attended St. Mark’s through the 11th grade; their son, Max, graduated from St. Mark’s in 2011; and their son, Matthew, is a senior this year. David’s older brother, Jeff, is a graduate of St. Mark’s from the Class of 1977, and Jeff’s son, Adam, graduated in 2009. David recently expressed his sentiments about St. Mark’s and what motivated his family to make this commitment: My mother and father withstood many challenges to send my brother Jeff and me to St. Mark’s. The concepts of hard work, honor, and leadership were laid down by our parents and built upon by the teachers and administrators. These values were instilled in our boys at St. Mark’s, as well. As our youngest son Matt began his senior year and the Campaign entered its final year, Lisa and I began to think about how we could honor our families’ involvement in St. Mark’s. All of the Marksmen in our family have benefited from our ability to speak another language and the opportunities we have had to study abroad and learn about other cultures. We also feel that for St. Mark’s to maintain and grow its position in the community, we need to secure the best educators possible. To that end, we decided to fund a Master Teaching Chair in foreign language studies. We are naming it after my parents, Edward and Sally Genecov, because without their vision and support it is unlikely that my brother and I, or our boys, would have had the privilege of becoming Marksmen. The Sally & Edward Genecov Master Teaching Chair will further strengthen faculty support and provide an important boost to the teaching corps.

Campaign. Their support, along with the many other donors who have demonstrated a willingness to make meaningful and important investments in the School’s future, serves as an inspiration for us all.

Summer 2012 | Features





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St. Mark’s School of Texas


Evolving in the Digital Era New Website This summer, St. Mark’s received an electronic face lift. As students returned to campus on August 28 for the first day of school, virtual visitors to St. Mark’s website were greeted with a completely redesigned experience. With the old website approaching the end of its relevant life expectancy, a brand-new digital domain with the promise of a streamlined user experience was ready for launch. The new is designed to both address the issues of the aging site and stay current for years to come. The overall look of the website has been updated with the School’s official fonts and colors, and news, photos, and videos are now more prominently featured. The horizontal menu bar divides the website into distinct sections for students, alumni, parents, and prospective parents, and a new Quick Links section draws on research into the most popular pages, such as athletics, Class Pages, and School bulletins.

ALUMNI SMARTPHONE APP RELEASED St. Mark’s released a new smartphone app for Apple and Android devices, with powerful tools to help alumni stay connected.

i r B Ter d o Ro Mente Pres



1 60 T 75 30 as

John Ma ksman 10600 P es on Road Dal as TX 75230 214 346 8000





Look up fellow Marksmen

Find alumni based on location

Submit a photo or status for Class Notes

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Upcoming alumni gatherings

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St. Mark’s School of Texas

Summer 2012 | Features



Students in Byron Lawson’s U.S. History class take notes on iPads while engaging in a discussion.

The alumni section also received extensive attention, resulting in a

pens and pencils. As technology creeps

completely new experience. The Alumni

deeper into our everyday routine,

Association’s landing page displays a

the classroom is finding itself more

welcome from the Director of Alumni

connected and interactive than ever.

Relations, a short video highlighting

In Byron Lawson’s U.S. History class,

some of the School’s alumni, and a

technology gives students no excuse

calendar of upcoming events. Within

for missing work.

the alumni section, there is information

“When there is a sick kid in my class,”

In Paul Mlakar’s AP Calculus class, Will Moor ’13 sketches the second derivative of a function on an interactive board.

good old-fashioned pencil-and-paper

on the Alumni Board, Regional Clubs,

Lawson said, “My only question is, ‘Are

arithmetic. Once a student thinks he

social media, upcoming events, Alumni

you too sick to listen?’”

has the answer, Mr. Mlakar invites him

Weekend and Reunions, and the newly

Through video chat, students can

to his Smart Board, where the student

virtually attend Lawson’s class from

can use a finger to trace the answer

anywhere in the world. Even when he

over a projected computer program.

is access to the more than 4,000 alumni

is out of the state, Lawson can still

Then he can tap a button on the screen

around the world. Alumni can form

hold class through Google+ Hangout,

to see how close his guess is to the

connections through the online directory.

chatting with students in the library,

correct answer.

Users can search, not just by name

in classrooms, or, in the case of two

or class year, but also by profession,

students, at home sick. As the weather

electronic advancements in the

college, city, and even employer.

cools, he hopes to take his classes

classroom and beyond, it is important

outdoors, using laptops and iPads to

to note that these tools are just that.

continue work.

Despite all of the sophisticated tech-

formed Student Alumni Association. One of the most powerful new tools

Tech in the Classroom


and iPads are nearly as prevalent as

As St. Mark’s continues to pursue

The look of the modern classroom

Across the hall in Paul Mlakar’s AP

has changed dramatically in the past few

Calculus class, students solve and graph

they are merely tools to support

years. Chalkboards are being swapped

functions using high-tech calculators

excellent teachers and the inquisitive

for interactive Smart Boards, and laptops

and graphing programs to augment

minds of boys.

Features | THE PRIDE

nology appearing in today’s classroom,

St. Mark’s School of Texas

Remarks 1957


JOHN MCLEAN ’57 held a

Dallas members of the GREAT Class of ’64 took a culinary and

concert in Paris, France,

cultural road trip to Austin and Taylor, Texas, in April 2012.

this May, where he played

Special guests included Marcie and Tom Adams and Ted

the flute and saxophone and

Whatley. The group enjoyed a barbeque lunch, dinner and live

also sang vocals. John lives in

music, and brunch at the home of MIKE LEVY ’64. Joining the

Paris, where he is a musician,

Dallas alumni were MARK BIERNER ’64 and Karol and KENT

actor, director, teacher,

MIDDLETON ’64 of Austin and Eveline and BOB ROBERTS ’64,

playwright, composer, pilot,

who flew in from Rockville, Maryland. Classmates continued

husband, and parent.

to connect over the summer when ALLEN CULLUM ’64 and his wife, Sissy, hosted Margi and BRITT KOLAR ’64 and John McLean ’57 on alto saxophone.

JAMES PERKINS ’57 and ROBERT RUIZ ’58 donated their collection of the Mexican publication, Artes de Mexico, to St. Mark’s Green Library. Artes de Mexico is a 104-volume series of journals dating back to 1988 that covers all aspects of Mexican society, from ceramics to pop culture, in both

Michele and SHAD ROWE ’64 at their home in the Blue Ridge Mountains in July 2012. The three couples then drove across North Carolina to visit Linda and JIM HARRIS ’64 in Manns Harbor, North Carolina. While on the coast, the four Marksmen toured Kitty Hawk, the site of the Wright brothers’ first airplane flight. (additional photos on the next page)  

English and Spanish.

1962 CLAY MCCORD ’62 wrote and published The Truth About Fibromyalgia, where he offers a pathogenic theory based on recently accumulated data from experts in the field, and suggests therapy based on this theory and FDA-approved drugs. Clay and his wife live in Klamath Falls, Oregon, where he practices medicine. He enjoys fishing and golf, and is currently attempting to get a record deal for 16 of his original ballads as a musician. His motto is: “You’re never too old until you’re too old.” ALLEN NESBITT ’62 recently published a book titled The Devil’s Shoestring. Allen shares that St. Mark’s provided a strong influence, as many of the characters are loosely based on several of his classmates. Allen is a CPA and lives in Portland, Oregon, with his wife and two dogs. He enjoys spending time with his son, daughter, and their families, who live nearby.

St. Mark’s School of Texas

(top) Richard Pullman ’64, Mike Levy ’64, Mike Phillips ’64, and Ley Waggoner ’64 at the Levy home in Austin. (above) Ira Einsohn ’64, Bob Roberts ’64, and Kent Middleton ’64 in Austin.

Summer 2012 | Remarks



PETER MAXSON ’65 married John Charles Randolph Taylor V (“Jack”) at St. John the Evangelist Episcopal Church (1823) on April 28, 2012, in Duxbury, Massachusetts, near their summer home. Peter and Jack were gratified by the enthusiastic support of both families and friends. THE REV. MICHAEL WINSOR ’65 assisted in the ceremony, which was also attended by Peter’s brother, JACK MAXSON ’58, cousins BILL ROGERS ’65 and LEE DEGOLYER ’73, and friend JOHN DARRAH ’72. Cousin SMOKEY GOODRICH ’65 attended the Austin reception. Peter and Jack met as graduate students at the University of Virginia and have made a life together in Austin for 37 years.

(top) Mike Phillips ’64, Allen Cullum ’64, Ted Whatley, Richard Pullman ’64, and Tom Adams in Taylor, Texas. (above) Britt Kolar ’64, Jim Harris ’64, Shad Rowe ’64, and Allen Cullum ’64 at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina.

LEY WAGGONER ’64 received the George Washington Honor Medal of The Freedoms Foundation of Valley Forge for his many hours of volunteer service to sick and disabled children in Dallas. The FFVF is a non profit education organization dedicated to helping students, teachers, and citizens gain a greater awareness and appreciation of the principles of a free and democratic society. Ley will be presented with a medal at an awards ceremony in Dallas this fall.

Peter Maxson ’65 and Jack Taylor.

1966 SEAN MITCHELL ’66 recently wrote a book titled Why the News from Hollywood Always Wears a Tan. Sean shares that he examines Los Angeles as a place to consider the varying


demands and contrasting

After a successful summer starring in Men in Black III,

film as well as the historic

TOMMY LEE JONES ’65 is diving into U.S. history. Later this

power structure in Hollywood

year, he will appear in Steven Spielberg’s highly anticipated

that values the box office. Sean lives in Southern California,

biopic, Lincoln, playing House Republican Thaddeus

where he is a writer and journalist.

experiences of theater versus Cover of Sean’s new book.

Stevens. Next year, Jones will star as General Douglas MacArthur in Emperor, a historical drama set immediately after World War II, in which General Bonner Fellers (Matthew Fox) is tasked with deciding the fate of Japanese Emperor Hirohito.


Remarks | THE PRIDE

St. Mark’s School of Texas





ANDY BYRNE ’76 retired on May 31, 2012, after working

President of ErgoGenesis

30 years with Dallas County as a Probation Officer. Andy

LLC, a company that

shares that he is still adjusting to the time off and hopes to

specializes in custom-

spend much more time with his grandchildren.

made BodyBilt Ergonomic Chairs. During Alumni

CLIFF FRIEDMAN ’76 married Ms. Cyd Goldenberg Shaw

Weekend, Bernie made

on November 6, 2011. The couple lives in Dallas, where Cliff

a special trip to the

is an attorney with Smith, Stern, Friedman & Nelms P.C.

Headmaster’s office to


present Headmaster Arnie Holtberg with a

MICHAEL LARKIN ’81 and his wife, Margaret, share news

custom-made St. Mark’s chair. Bernie lives in College Station, Texas.

that their oldest child, Katie, graduated as the Valedictorian Bernie Lynch ’67 presents the Headmaster with a special gift.

of the Class of 2011 from Houston’s Episcopal High School (EHS). She now attends the University of Texas at Austin


and frequently sees WILL JOHNSON ’11 (son of SCURRY

MICHAEL MERRILL ’72 and his design studio are proud to

and Robert, have started at EHS, where Robert plays football

announce that they have been awarded First Place for

and baseball and Emery plays field hockey. Michael and

Kitchen Design at the annual ASID Design Excellence

Margaret live in Houston and enjoyed seeing Marksmen and

Awards in San Francisco. Michael serves St. Mark’s as the

friends at the Houston Launch of the Centennial Challenge

Chair of the Bay Area Club and most recently served on his

in February.

JOHNSON ’81) on campus. Katie’s younger siblings, Emery

40th Reunion Committee. TOBY ROOSEVELT ’81 married Emily Lawrence on JAY STAUB ’72 shares news of his first grandchild, Grant

May 5, 2012, surrounded by family and close friends in

Henry Staub, born November 2, 2011, to son Blake and his

a ceremony in Highlands, North Carolina. The couple

wife, Laura. Jay recently served on his 40th Reunion

lives in Dallas.

Committee for the Class of 1972.


40 Years

1982 MICHAEL LEVITZ ’82 and his family were this year’s

VAUGHN GREENE ’73 rode in the American Diabetes

honorees for City of Hope’s National Home Furnishings

Association Tour de Cure bicycle ride on June 2 and 3 in

Industry’s West Coast Golf & Tennis Tournament. The

Cary, North Carolina, in honor of ARNO GOETZ ’16, son

Levitz Family is celebrating more than 100 years of selling

of Vaughn’s classmate, JACK GOETZ ’73. The ride helps

furniture in America. Michael, along with other family

to raise funds and awareness for diabetic research. Vaughn

members, continue to operate stores of Sam Levitz

lives in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, where he works in

Furniture in Tucson, the Ashley HomeStores of Dallas, and

consumer product support at Kidde Safety, a UTC Fire &

RoomStores of Phoenix. Michael shares that he and his

Safety Company.

family are proud to have helped innovate, streamline and


reinvent many phases of the furniture business.

DAN HARRIS ’75 married Dr. Dawn D. Gregory on February 12, 2012.

St. Mark’s School of Texas

Summer 2012 | Remarks



DONALD LLOYD-JONES ’82 is the Senior Associate Dean

MARTIN TULL ’91 was honored by Portland, Oregon’s green

for Clinical and Translational Research and Chair of

building community with a 2012 Better Bricks Award in the

Preventive Medicine at the Northwestern University

“Emerging Leader” category. The awards, part of the

Feinberg School of Medicine. He is currently featured in

Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance’s commercial building

the HBO documentary, The Weight of the Nation, as part

initiative, is designed to honor structures and programs that

of the section titled “Can a lifetime of excess weight

deliver building performance that goes above and beyond

lead to heart disease?” Don and his wife, Kathleen, and

others in the region. Martin lives in Portland, where he is the

three children (Cam, 14, Adam, 11, and Caroline, 7) live

Executive Director of the Green Sports Alliance.

in Winnetka, Illinois.


1992 Doris and THOMAS FORTEITH ’92 welcomed a baby girl,

HARRY LYNCH ’84, director and producer at Arcos Films,

Zoe Gabriella Forteith, on Thursday, February 2, 2012. She

released a new film this spring titled Switch. He led Q&A

weighed 8 lbs., 9 oz. and joins big brother, Drew. Thomas and

sessions at the screenings in Washington, D.C. and New York.

his family live in Westwood, Massachusetts, where Thomas

Switch examines the future of energy and the challenge of

is an English

transitioning to alternatives, told through a globe-trotting

teacher at

road movie that explores the world’s premier energy sites

Noble and

for all resources, from coal to solar and oil to biofuels.




25 Years

RON CHAPMAN ’88 has been elected to the Board of Directors of Ogletree, Deakins, Nash, Smoak & Stewart, P.C. (Ogletree Deakins), one of the nation’s largest labor and employment law firms. Ron was elected to the position during the Annual Meeting of Shareholders in Atlanta, Zoe Gabriella Forteith, with big brother Drew.

Georgia, on January 28, and first joined Ogletree Deakins as an associate. BRIAN HARGROVE ’88 has joined Mercersburg Academy as the Assistant Head of School for Advancement. Brian most

1994 KEN GASPAR ’94 and his wife, Jennifer, welcomed Gwendolyn Jett Gaspar on July 19, 2011. She weighed 8 lbs.,

recently served 10600 Preston Road as the Director of

12 oz., was 20 inches

Development for the past eight years. Brian and his family

long, and joins older

have settled into Mercersburg, Pennsylvania, where they are

brother, Honor. Ken and

excited to explore the area and connect with friends nearby.

his family recently moved from Miami to


Austin, where he is a

JASON BLOOM ’91 and his wife, Lauryn, welcomed Avery

Global Brand and Social

Jean Bloom on January 4, 2012, who joins big brother,

Media Manager at Dell.

Hudson, in the family. The Blooms live in Dallas, where Jason is a jury consultant and Lauryn is a CPA.

Gwendolyn Jett Gaspar.


Remarks | THE PRIDE

St. Mark’s School of Texas


Barbara and PAUL KU ’94 welcomed the birth of their third child, Grace Marie Ku, on May 27, 2012. Grace is happy and healthy and was welcomed by older siblings Jean Paul (3) and Gianna Frances (2). Paul and his family live in Helotes, Texas, where he is an emergency physician at Southwest General Hospital. Heidi and MIKE PICKENS ’94 are overjoyed to announce the arrival of Henry Edwin and Dixon Thomas on March 6, 2012. Mike and his family live in Dallas, where he is Vice President of Pickens Energy Corporation. Hampton and Rachel with James Owen and Miller Hampton.

1996 DAVID BECKER ’96 and his wife, Betsy, announce the arrival of Jackson Walter Becker on March 14, 2012, in Austin, Texas. He weighed 6 lbs., 8 oz. and was 19 inches long. David and his family live in Austin, where he is an associate with

Henry Edwin and Dixon Thomas Pickens.

Vinson & Elkins.

1995 HAMPTON RICHARDS ’95 and his wife, Rachel, welcomed twin boys, James Owen Richards and Miller Hampton

Jackson Walter Becker.

Richards, born 10 minutes apart on January 29, 2012. Rachel has retired from her position as a Nurse-Supervisor in the Neonatal ICU to focus her care on their two boys

WILL FORTEITH ’96 has joined The Walker School in

100 percent of the time. Hampton continues to work with

Marietta, Georgia, as Middle School principal beginning

his father in private practice at Walnut Hill OB-GYN. He

July 1. Most recently, Will spent nine years at St. Mark’s,

gets to work with St. Mark’s graduates daily at Presbyterian

where he served as a fifth- and sixth-grade humanities

Hospital of Dallas and Forest Park Medical Center, Dallas,

teacher, deputy humanities department chair, and Assistant

and is honored to serve as an editor for Doctors In Training,

Head of Middle School. Will received the 2007 John H. Murrell

the second-largest medical school board review program

Excellence-in-Teaching Award and was Head Crew Coach.

in the country.

Will and his wife, Heather, and 2-year-old daughter, Elise, recently settled into their new home in Marietta.

St. Mark’s School of Texas

Summer 2012 | Remarks



JEREMY GINSBERG ’96 and Kristin Harrison were married

Earlier this year, CHRIS LEE ’96 took a new position as a

in May 2011 near San Francisco. To celebrate, the newlywed

Principal at KKR, leading the capital markets efforts within

couple is taking a year off and traveling around the world.

its real estate group. Prior to KKR, Chris spent three years at

Highlights of the journey so far include trekking in Nepal

Apollo Global Management, where he was a Principal, and

and Bhutan, volunteering as photographers with non profits

seven years at Goldman Sachs, where he was a Vice President.

in Cambodia, cycling in Vietnam, and learning to sail in New

Chris currently serves as a member of the St. Mark’s Board

Zealand. Fellow Marksmen at the wedding included ALEX

of Trustees. He and his wife, Nyssa, live in Manhattan.


CHASE RUSSELL ’96 and his wife, Ashley, welcomed a baby


girl, Samantha Lou Russell, on May 10, 2012. Chase and his family live in Dallas.

Kristin and Jeremy Ginsberg. Chase and Ashley with Samantha Lou.

EUGENE JABBOUR ’96 and his wife, Melanie, welcomed baby Caitlin Grace Jabbour on May 25, 2012, at 1:18 p.m.

She weighed 7 lbs.,

4 oz. The Jabbour

family live in Dallas,

and have a son in

the first grade

at St. Mark’s.

1997 CHRISTIAN KELSO ’97 and his wife, Bethany, welcomed Preston Scott Kelso on January 11, 2012. Christian shares that while he had thought the name “10600” would be edgy and unique, Bethany encouraged him to rethink this clever idea, and they compromised with Preston. As for the happy parents, Bethany has resumed her job as a flight attendant with American Airlines, and Christian is enjoying his position at a North Dallas law firm. Christian and his family live in Dallas.

Caitlin Grace Jabbour. Preston Scott Kelso.


Remarks | THE PRIDE

St. Mark’s School of Texas


BRENDAN LEVIN ’97 and his wife, Tonya, announce the

Graeme captivated students with tales of meeting a blood-

arrival of Eben Thatcher Levin, born on February 16, 2012.

thirsty wrestler, an Indian railroad minister, and a Central

Brendan and his family live outside of Charleston, South

African judge who specializes in sentencing witches. Graeme

Carolina, where Brendan has been recently named Chef de

shared his experiences with the Class of 2012 at this year’s

Cuisine at Oak Steakhouse.

St. Mark’s and Hockaday Senior Dinner.

JEREMY STEWART ’97 and his wife, Lila, welcomed Aiden


Blossom Stewart, born on October 15, 2011. She weighed

15 Years

Kristin and BOOTH ALDRED ’98 welcomed a baby girl,

8 lbs., 10 oz. and was 21 inches long. Jeremy and his family

Vivienne Elise Aldred, on August 4, 2012. Vivienne joins big

live in Dallas, where he and his wife founded Hari Mari, a

brother Dimitri, who

company dedicated to producing high-quality, comfortable

is now 2 years old.

flip-flops in a responsible way. For every pair sold, $3 is

Kristin and Booth

given toward fighting childhood cancer.

live in Salt Lake City,

Utah, where Booth is

finishing his radiology

residency at the

University of Utah.

Vivienne Elise Aldred.

FABIAN ARROYO ’98 and his wife, Kelly, welcomed twins, Allison Elizabeth and Megan Grace, on March 18, 2012, at 10:01 and 10:03, respectively. Alli was 14 inches and 2 lbs., 7 oz., and Meg was 16 inches and 3 lbs., 1 oz. Fabian and his family live in Forney, where he is a graphic designer and youth minister. Aiden Blossom Stewart.

GRAEME WOOD ’97 and his partner, Louisa Lombard, welcomed a baby girl, Zuleika Kwan Nicolaysen Wood, born on April 24, 2012. Graeme is a freelance reporter and contributing editor to The Atlantic. He recently visited campus in March, talking with journalism and history classes about his stories for such publications as The Wall Street Megan Grace and Allison Elizabeth Arroyo.

Journal, The New Yorker, and The Atlantic.

Zuleika Kwan Nicolaysen Wood.

St. Mark’s School of Texas

Summer 2012 | Remarks



After meeting in Galveston in April to compete in a half-

RIQUI VILLARREAL ’98 and his wife, Esther, welcomed a

Ironman race, classmates GARRETT MURPHREE ’98 and

son, Emory Ignacio Villareal, on March 20, 2012, at 8:35 a.m.

NATHAN WILHITE ’98 met in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, in June

Emory weighed 6 lbs., 15 oz. and was 20½ inches long.

to compete in that town’s annual full Ironman (a 2.4-mile

Riqui and his family live in Grapevine.

swim, 112-mile bike ride, and 26.2-mile run). They faced cold temperatures during the swim, strong winds on the

Sarah and JIM BOB WOMACK ’98 were excited to welcome

bike, and a hot sun during the run, but Garrett was able to

their first daughter Layne Margaret Womack on May 26, 2012.

complete his third Ironman finish while Nate got his first.

Layne was happily greeted by big brothers Braydon and Bo. Mom, baby, and the entire family appreciate the many Marksmen good wishes they have received. All are healthy and doing well.

Classmates compete in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.

Ashley and JEFF RAY ’98 welcomed their first daughter, Emma Elizabeth Ray on December 9, 2011. Emma weighed 5 lbs., 12 oz. and was 19 inches long. The new family of three is doing great and praising God for such a precious blessing!

Layne Margaret Womack.

1999 DOUG CONNER ’99 and his wife, Ryan, welcomed Claire Jane Conner on February 7, 2012. She weighed 8 lbs., 12 oz. and was just under 21 inches long. Doug reports that Ryan and Claire are both doing great, and they’re head over heels for this little one. Doug and his family live in Dallas, where he is an associate with Civitas Capital Management, LLC.

Emma Elizabeth Ray.

Claire Jane Conner.


Remarks | THE PRIDE

St. Mark’s School of Texas


B.A. CULLUM ’99 and his wife, Victoria (Hockaday ’99),

TUCKER THOMAS ’99 and his wife, Valerie (Hockaday ’99),

welcomed a son, Montgomery Best Cullum, on March 14,

welcomed Emily Doris Thomas at 12:12 a.m. on March 22,

2012. Mom and Dad report feeling blessed and thrilled,

2012. Emily weighed 5 lbs., 12 oz. and measured 18¾ inches

saying that Montgomery was born weighing 7 lbs., 10 oz.

long. Tucker and his family live in Dallas, where he is in

and was 19½ inches long. B.A. and his family live in Dallas,

commercial real estate development with Jackson-Shaw,

where he is in Acquisitions & Development at ClubCorp.

and Valerie is an attorney with Krage and Janvey, L.L.P., practicing corporate and securities law.

Emily Doris Thomas. Victoria and B.A. with Montgomery.

CHRIS WINN ’99 and his wife, Alicia, welcomed twins, JASON HINOJOSA ’99 recently relocated to Los Angeles and

Archer Harrison and Abigail Grace, on May 10, 2012. Archer

accepted a position at Brentwood School, where he will be

was born at 4:09 p.m., weighing 5 lbs., 13 oz., and was

teaching humanities. He returns to the classroom after three

18½ inches long. His sister, Abigail, was born at 4:11 a.m.,

years away, during which time he volunteered long-term

weighing 5 lbs., and was 18 inches long. Chris and his family

with Mother Teresa’s Missionaries of Charity in India and

live in Dallas.

Rwanda, managed a group home for developmentally disabled adults, and published a successful debut novel titled The Last Lawsons. His next book, The Conception of Zachary Muse, is slated for release in June 2013.

Archer and Abigail Winn.

St. Mark’s School of Texas

Summer 2012 | Remarks



2001 PRESTON ZAPFFE ’99 and his wife, Whitney, are happy

Rashay and MATT BRADFORD ’01 are excited to announce

to announce the arrival of Benjamin Taylor Zapffe on

the birth of their first son, Nathaniel Roland Bradford.

February 15, 2012. He weighed 7 lbs. and was 19¾ inches

Nathaniel was born on January 26, weighed 7 lbs., 13 oz.,

long. Preston is a consultant with PwC and has worked in

and was 20 inches long. Mom, dad, and son are all doing

consulting for almost 10 years. He shares that he would be

well. Matt and his family live in Plano.

glad to talk to other Marksmen who are interested in career advice for his industry. Whitney enjoys seeing the other

new moms from

the St. Mark’s

Class of ’99.

Preston and

his family live

in Dallas.

Benjamin Taylor Zapffe.

2000 WILLIE KLINE ’00 married Lydia Elliott (Hockaday ’01) on March 26, 2011, in Gonzales, Texas, at the Elliott family’s Tuna Rosa Ranch. Other Marksmen there to celebrate included: BENTON BAGOT ’07, DREW BAGOT ’03, JAY BARNARD ’00, LYLE CHAPMAN ’00, FADI CONSTANTINE ’00, JUSTIN GINSBERG ’00, LUKE KLINE ’07, ERIC KUSIN ’00, KYLE

Nathaniel Roland Bradford.

MATTHEW ESHELBRENNER ’01 and his wife, Nicole, welcomed the arrival of their firstborn daughter, Violet Elise, on February 17, 2012. Violet weighed 6 lbs., 13 oz., was 20 inches long, and had a full head of blonde hair. The family lives in Columbus, Ohio, with their dog, Charlie.

MAPES ’00, TONY RUGGERI ’00, CHRIS SAHLIYEH ’00, BRAD SCHLUETER ’00, KALEN THORNTON ’00, and JAKE WAGNER ’00. Lydia and Willie live in Houston, where Lydia is an attorney, and Willie is an investment banker for J.P. Morgan.

Violet Elise Eshelbrenner.

Lydia and Willie Kline ’00 kicking back at their reception.


Remarks | THE PRIDE

St. Mark’s School of Texas


BEAU HARBOUR ’01 and his wife, Stephanie, are excited

SCOTT PALMER ’01 has joined St. Mark’s Development

to introduce the newest member of their family: Luke Scott

Office as the Director of Advancement Operations. Scott and

Harbour. He was born on April 7, 2012, weighing in at

his wife, Joni, have been living in Concord, Massachusetts,

7 lbs., 4 oz. Luke is now 6 months old, smiling, and keeping

where Scott worked as the Associate Director of College

his parents quite

Counseling, a ninth-grade English teacher, advisor, and

busy! Beau and

varsity tennis coach at Middlesex School. Joni joined

his family live in

the faculty at Hockaday this summer and is teaching

New York City,

AP economics and journalism.

where he is a Director at Mount

SCOTT SELINGER ’01 married Claire Randall on April 21,

Kellett Capital

2012, in Claire’s hometown of Galveston. Claire and Scott


met in medical school at the UT Health Science Center at San Antonio. Fellow Marksman NICK ORENSTEIN ’01 was in the wedding party and other classmate attendees included MATT BRADFORD ’01 and BRIAN BENEKE ’01. Scott is currently serving as chief medical resident at Legacy Good Samaritan in Portland, Oregon, and will be moving Luke Scott Harbour.

down to the Bay Area as soon as his wife, Claire, begins her psychiatry residency at Stanford University.

NICK ORENSTEIN ’01 reports from the Bay Area that he and other Marksmen RUSSELL PACHYNSKI ’90, TONY ROBERTS ’01, TRES EVANS ’03, DILLON PARKER ’88,  and WILLIAM CARGILL ’85 recently banded together to go target shooting at a local rifle range. They dubbed the event “Marksmen Marksmen,” and it was a huge success, as they fired their favorite pistols, rifles, and shotguns hitting an impressive number of bull’s-eyes. Throughout the day, they shared many stories and look forward to repeating the event soon.

Claire and Scott Selinger ’01.

The Marksmen take a break from the range.

St. Mark’s School of Texas

Summer 2012 | Remarks



2002 NOLAN SHUTLER ’02 married Thuy Nguyen on June 2, 2012,

TYLER MUSE ’03 recently launched Lingoo, a new website

on Manteo Island, Outer Banks, North Carolina. Nolan’s

that offers one-on-one Spanish lessons with native teachers

brothers, NATHAN ’98 and NEALE ’07, were best men, and

around the world over videochat. Tyler shares that he is now

the ceremony was attended by fellow Marksmen CHRIS

fluent after taking weekly lessons from a teacher in Guatemala

BLACK ’02 and KEVIN BUDNER ’02. Nolan and Thuy live

City, and enjoys learning about the Guatemalan culture.

in Portland, Oregon, where the sun occasionally shines. Thuy attends medical school at Oregon Health Sciences University.

KYLE THORNTON ’03 finished up his last season of

Nolan graduated this May from Lewis and Clark Law School,

eligibility at the University of North Alabama, where he

and will sit for the Oregon and New York bar exams.

excelled as an offensive lineman. He was named to a variety of All-American teams following the 2011 season, by and Don Hansen’s Football Gazette.

2004 CHRISTOPHER IRWIN ’04 and CHAD BAILEY ’03 received their residency match notifications in a ceremony at The University of Texas Health Science Center in Houston. Christopher will be going to UT– Houston, specializing in anesthesiology, and Chad will be going to UC– Davis, specializing in plastic surgery. They both graduated May 25, 2012, as Doctors of Medicine from The University of Texas Thuy and Nolan Shutler ’02.


Health Science Center, in Houston.

10 Years

TAYLOR JENKINS ’03 was recently named Head Coach of the Austin Toros. For the past four seasons, Taylor served as Assistant Head Coach and helped guide the Toros to the 2012 NBA D-League Championship and the playoffs in 2009 and 2010.

Christopher Irwin ’04 and Chad Bailey ’03 just received their residency match notification.

Taylor celebrates the 2012 NBA Development League Championship win for the Austin Toros in spring 2012.


Remarks | THE PRIDE

St. Mark’s School of Texas


DUNCAN FULTON ’04 received a Juris Doctor from Tulane

AUSTIN PEÑA ’04 and Catherine Jensen were married on

University School of Law, May 2012. He graduated magna

May 19, 2012, in San Francisco. The ceremony was officiated

cum laude and was inducted into the Order of the Coif.

by former St. Mark’s Chaplain, the Reverend Dr. Kevin

During his third year, Dunc served as a Managing Editor of

Huddleston. Marksmen in attendance included best man

the Tulane Law Review and a Student Attorney in Tulane’s

TRAVIS PEÑA ’06, groomsman KANE HOCHSTER ’04,

Civil Litigation Clinic. After taking the Texas State Bar Exam,


Dunc plans to travel to China before he begins a two-year

DANIEL REDDIN ’07. Katy Reddin (Hockaday ’04) attended

clerkship with the U.S. Department of Justice’s Executive

as a “groomsmaid.” Cate and Austin spent their honeymoon

Office for Immigration Review in Atlanta.

in Thailand and Cambodia. They met as undergraduates at the University of Pennsylvania. Currently, Cate is a doctoral

NICK MONIER ’04 is in his second year of law school at

candidate in Neurobiology and Behavior at Columbia

Tulane, in New Orleans. He also has served as the Director

University, and Austin is an associate in the investment

of Development for Into the Meadow, a dinner, dancing,

banking unit of

and auction fundraiser that supports the preservation of

Barclays. The

North Texas lands, local foods, farmers, and culture. Since

couple lives

the event’s inception in 2010, St. Mark’s graduates have

on the Upper

served as committee members, supporters, and directors

West Side of

of the fundraiser. Current Marksmen volunteer their time


each year to help set up and take down the supplies for the evening. This year’s event took place on September 22, 2012, at the Connemara Conservancy in Allen, Texas, and once again showed how Marksmen impact the North Texas community.

Catherine and Austin Peña ’04.

ALEX SOBEY ’04 is an Aerospace Design Engineer at NASA at the Marshall Space Center and currently serving as the lead structural designer for the “High Energy Replicated Optics to Explore the Sun,” referred to as the HEROES Tanya Miles (Hockaday ’04), Nick Monier ’04, Mackenzie Cody (Hockaday ’04), Jessie Drayton (Hockaday ’04), Katy Reddin (Hockaday ’04), Kace Phillips ’04, Katie Hogan (Hockaday ’04), Alex Palma ’04, Alex Eshelbrenner ’04, and Stephen Unterberg ’04.

project. Alex will be designing the structure and mounting two telescopes known together as the “Solar Aspect System” next to the main telescope. He will also be designing an alignment system that uses LEDs and lasers to measure the thermal distortion of the telescope and altitude. Alex currently lives in Huntsville, Alabama, and will travel to Goddard Space Flight Center in Maryland as well as Fort Sumner, New Mexico, for this project.

St. Mark’s School of Texas

Summer 2012 | Remarks



ALEX ST. CLAIRE ’04 has been granted his third patent since

After graduating from Southern Methodist University in May

graduating from MIT in 2008. It is titled “Shaped Charge

2011 with a degree in Finance, DUSTIN HESSELTINE ’07

Resistant Protective Shield.” His previous patents were

completed an internship with the 417th District Court of

“Flyer Plate Armor Systems and Methods” and “Systems and

The State of Texas in Collin County. He spent the summer

Methods for Mitigating a Blast Wave.” All three patents are

attending sports car races and playing ice hockey before

aimed at protecting U.S. military personnel overseas.

beginning law school at Pepperdine University.


LUKE KLINE ’07 joined Mill Creek Residential Trust, LLC

SAM ACHO ’07 shined in his rookie season with the Arizona Cardinals, registering more sacks than any other Cardinals rookie since 1996, and earning the respect and admiration of his teammates and coaches. But Sam never forgot 10600, and returned during the summer with his brother, MANNY ’08, to coach their annual Brothers Acho FUNdamentals Youth Clinic at St. Mark’s. Read more about Manny’s recent draft by the Cleveland Browns on page 24.

as an Acquisitions Analyst in March 2012. Luke now lives in Dallas, where he recently served St. Mark’s as committee Chair for the 5th Reunion of the Class of 2007. DARIUS WHITE ’07 recently finished a master’s in education at Stanford University. He plans to stay in the Bay Area, where he will be teaching English and humanities in the Berkeley School District this fall.


5 Years

Recent Duke graduate ASHWIN AGARWAL ’08 was featured in Duke Today as one of the 22 seniors in the 2012 Senior Profile Series. He was recognized for his work and dedication as president of Duke Violin Tutors, a program where Duke students teach music to individuals and small groups in underfunded Durham, North Carolina, public elementary and middle schools. Ashwin was a member of the St. Mark’s orchestra and continued his passion in the Duke Symphony Orchestra as a violinist. He is currently attending the Duke University School of Medicine. JORDAN BLUMENTHAL ’08 and ALEX MILES ’11 are on the Sam Acho ’07 and a camper at the Brothers Acho Youth Clinic at St. Mark’s.

Northwestern University policy debate team, which ranked seventh in the 2011– 2012 national policy debate college competition. They built upon the training they received

NATHAN BARNETT ’07 joined the Ontario Reign of the

under Tim Mahoney, St. Mark’s Debate Coach.

ECHL, formerly the East Coast Hockey League, as the second-youngest play-by-play broadcaster in the 23-team league. He also serves as an Account Executive with the LA Kings’ affiliate after spending the 2011– 2012 season in a part-time sales role with the club. Nathan currently lives in Southern California and sends his best wishes to 10600. 


Remarks | THE PRIDE

St. Mark’s School of Texas


TOBIN FULTON ’08 graduated summa cum laude from

JAKE VANDERMEER ’08 graduated from Stanford in June

Tulane University with a bachelor of arts in anthropology

2012 and was named a recipient of this year’s Frederick E.

and minors in Portuguese language and Brazilian cultural

Terman Award for Scholastic Achievement in Engineering,

studies in May 2012. He was inducted into the Phi Beta

one of the most selective academic awards at the university.

Kappa Society and received the Almir Bruneti Award for

The award is based on academic performance and is

Excellence in Luso-Brazilian Studies for his honors thesis

presented to the top 5 percent of each year’s School of

based on 10 weeks of fieldwork in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil in

Engineering seniors. Jake was given the opportunity to invite

2011. While at Tulane, Tobin founded a local chapter of

the secondary-school teacher who had most influenced

Manna Project International and organized and led three

his scholastic career to attend the award ceremony. Jake

spring break service trips to Guatemala, Costa Rica, and

selected Dr. Henry Ploegstra, who joined him for the

Ecuador. Tobin was awarded a Critical Language Scholarship

ceremony in Palo Alto, California. Jake now lives in New

from the U.S. Department of State to study in an intensive

York City, where he is an analyst with Morgan Stanley.

Indonesian-language program at the Negeri University of Malang in Malang, East Java, Indonesia during the summer of 2012. Recent Stanford graduate PAUL OCKELMANN ’08 was highlighted by ESPN’s college sports website for helping to train the Cardinal women’s basketball team. Women basketball teams regularly use men as practice players for an added challenge. Paul played with the women’s team on and off since his freshman year and, according to ESPN W, said, “I love the game of basketball, and I came to the game late. I played tennis in high school, and I didn’t play varsity until my senior year. This gives me a chance to play in an organized form. It helps me get better, and I’d like to think it helps them improve, as well.” Paul, a political science major and recent 2012 Stanford graduate, attended practices right after his weekly foreign policy class, taught by former

Jake Vandermeer ’08 and Dr. Henry Ploegstra.

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. WILL YOUNG ’08 recently graduated cum laude with a double major in history and German from Duke University. He received the Ole R. Holsti Award in American Foreign Policy and International Relations. While at Duke, he was a member of Phi Alpha Theta Honor Society and Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity. He also co-owned University Shipping, a moving and storage business catering to the Duke student body. Will has accepted a position with the Audax Group, a private equity firm in Boston.

St. Mark’s School of Texas

Summer 2012 | Remarks



Alumni Receive Fulbright Scholarships Andrew Smith ’06 and Michael Shashoua ’08 were honored to receive Fulbright Scholarships for the 2012 – 2013 year. The Fulbright Program is the flagship international educational exchange program sponsored by the U.S. government, designed to increase mutual understanding between the people of the United States and the people of other countries. Andrew will be conducting independent research on fluid flow and gas hydrates on arctic continental margins in Norway. He graduated in 2012 with a master’s of science from the Jackson School of Geosciences at the University of Texas at Austin. Andrew received a B.A. from Dartmouth College. Michael will be working in Madrid with the Spanish government to create efficient legislation and best practices for microfinance institutions. He graduated in May from USC with a degree in business administration/international relations and a minor in communication law and media policy.

Michael was a four-year member of the USC men’s water polo team, which won four consecutive NCAA National Championships since Michael joined the team.

St. Mark’s Fulbright Scholars Greg Nobles ’66 John E. Mennel ’88 Charles B. Lansing IV ’89 Ali R. Rowghani ’91

Robert A. Kaufman ’04 Andrew J. Smith ’06 Michael E. Shashoua ’08

The Office of Development & Alumni Relations is compiling a list of our Marksmen Scholars. If you received any prestigious appointment, please contact Director of Alumni Relations Jim Bob Womack ’98.

2010 CONNER YOUNGBLOOD ’08 was recently approached by an

JOHN MICHEL ’10 is a junior at Dartmouth University and

advertising agency to work on a few spots for Under Amour’s

is leading the Dartmouth Entrepreneurial Society, which

new advertising campaign for female athletes. Conner’s song,

had its second annual business plan competition this year.

“Australia,” will be used as the background for the new ad.

John helped to launch the first competition last year and

Conner describes his style as ambient and organic with some

has seen the competition generate expansive business ideas.

electric flair. In March 2012, Conner performed at South by

Recently, John also wrote two 2,500-word pieces for the

Southwest, one of the largest, most influential music festivals

Dartmouth Business Journal; ran marketing for CoupFlip, a

in the country. Conner graduated in May from Yale University

startup at the Tuck School of Business; and is now working

and has moved to Nashville to pursue a career in music.

with Whitetruffle, a startup that matches undergraduate engineers with companies. John enjoyed spring term in Paris in the French immersion program and has also started to learn Spanish. KARAN SAWLA ’10 is an Indiana University Student Ambassador and one of only seven students profiled on the university’s “Hoosier Hub,” a microsite for incoming freshmen. 

Conner Youngblood ’08 at work in the recording studio.


Remarks | THE PRIDE

St. Mark’s School of Texas




JOHNATHAN CHEN ’11 is a sophomore at New York

EVAN BERKOWITZ ’12 received The Dallas Morning News

University and recently founded a non profit organization

Scholarship, an award given to Dallas-area high school

called OneReasonRecordings that raises funds for social

seniors pursuing degrees in journalism. Evan developed a

justice issues around the world through music. With the

passion for writing in Ray Westbrook’s journalism classes,

release of its first album, the organization is raising funds

where he found the confidence and skills to advance his

to help build a water well and bring awareness to the

talent. Evan plans to study journalism and business at

collective need for water.

The University of Texas at Austin.

Freshman MAX GRUNEWALD ’11 was featured in

Recent graduates JOE BUSH ’12 and MAX MARSHALL ’12

UT–Dallas’s alumni magazine for his ongoing work in

spent their summer months back on campus as interns

its science labs and the growing impact of research

for St. Mark’s Office of Development & Alumni Relations.

laboratories in academic settings. Max entered the George

The two helped update the School’s new website and

A. Jeffrey NanoExplorers Program as a St. Mark’s student

reached out to fellow Marksmen to help wrap up another

and also won second place at a state-level science fair for

year of outstanding support for the St. Mark’s Fund. Max

his project in nanotechnology. Max is a sophomore at

is attending Columbia University this fall, and Joe is

UTD and has a continuing interest in laboratory research

studying at Princeton.

in renewable energy as well as economic policy and Chinese studies. JOHN WETZEL ’11, a sophomore at the University of Notre Dame, served as a designer for The Shirt Project, the student-led committee that creates the University’s official football shirt. Since it began in 1990, The Shirt Project has become a tradition on campus, culminating in an unveiling ceremony that draws thousands of visitors. All proceeds from the sale of The Shirt support students and organizations across the university.

Director of Alumni Relations Jim Bob Womack ’98 with Joe Bush ’12 and Max Marshall ’12.

Catherine Wetzel’s third-grade class models one of John Wetzel’s designs.

St. Mark’s School of Texas

Summer 2012 | Remarks



Faculty & Staff RODERICK DEMMINGS ’12 spent a portion of his summer

DUANE BARNHART, the Assistant Director of the Physical

at the Wanamaker Organ Camp in Philadelphia. Roderick

Plant, and his wife, Maria, welcomed a new grandchild,

was one of six high school students from around the nation

Emma Nicole Graham, on April 10, 2012. Emma weighed

who were brought to Philadelphia for two weeks of intense

8 lbs. and was 20½ inches. Emma’s mother, Heather

training in the pedagogy of performing, hymn playing, and

Graham, is the youngest daughter of Maria and Duane.

improvisation. The campers received tutelage from a host of teachers, including Alan Morrison, the Head of the Organ Department at The Curtis Institute of Music and Peter Conte, the Grand Court Organist of the Wanamaker Organ. Roderick had the opportunity to perform on the Wanamaker Grand Court Organ, the largest organ in the world, and was interviewed by National Public Radio. Roderick is attending the Peabody School of Music at Johns Hopkins University.

Emma Nicole Graham.

Former faculty member GENE BATISTE received his Ed.D. in educational and organizational leadership from the University of Pennsylvania in May 2012. His dissertation focused on the role of relational trust for heads of school in their first year of headship in independent schools. Gene is Vice President for School Field Services and Equity and Justice Initiatives at the National Association of Independent Schools in Washington, D.C.

Roderick Demmings ’12 sits on the bench in front of the Wanamaker Organ in Philadelphia. Dr. Gene Batiste.


Remarks | THE PRIDE

St. Mark’s School of Texas


Congratulations and welcome to Leavenworth McGill

Japanese language teacher, MARIKO JINBO, was married

Ferrell III, born on May 7, 2012, to Head of Upper School

to David Kline on June 2, 2012, at Park Cities Presbyterian


Church in Dallas. Mariko and Dave met in Japan 26 years ago.

and his wife Courtney. McGill entered the world at 6 lbs., 9 oz. and has two big sisters, Rosie and Giles.

Leavenworth McGill Ferrell III.

Reverend BRIAN FIDLER, former St. Mark’s Chaplain,

Mariko and David Kline.

recently accepted a position as Chaplain at The Bishop’s School in La Jolla, California. Brian and his family are

The Jubilee Park & Community Center board honored

enjoying navigating and discovering Southern California.

former St. Mark’s faculty member JEANIE LAUBE by

Brian also reports that he presided over the wedding of

naming their new school The Jeanie Borlaug Laube Early

Marksman Dan Hunt ’96 to Toni Munoz in Santa Fe, New

Head Start School at Jubilee Park. Jeanie retired in 2011 as

Mexico, in February 2012. Brian is thrilled to have remained

head of the Hockaday & St. Mark’s Community Service

connected to many Marksmen throughout the years.

Program after 20 years of service to both schools.

St. Mark’s Assistant Athletic Trainer MATT HJERTSTEDT

With joy we give thanks for the arrival of Pablo Samano to

and his wife, Anna, welcomed Westin Matthew Hjertstedt

LETY SAMANO and her husband Juan. Pablo weighed in at

on June 27, 2012. Westin weighed 9 lbs., 10 oz. The family

7 lbs., 12 oz. and was born on July 13, 2012. Lety is a member

is doing well and enjoying spending time together.

of the Food Services Department.

Westin Matthew Hjertstedt.

St. Mark’s School of Texas

Summer 2012 | Remarks



In Memoriam NANCY ACUFF, July 14, 2012, mother of former

JOSEPH MARION HAGGAR, JR., June 1, 2012, grandfather

faculty member George Acuff and grandmother of

of Daniel P. Novakov ’99.

J. Matthew Acuff ’03. MARY FRANCES HOLLY, March 6, 2012, mother of DEE ANDERSON, May 26, 2012, mother of Kenneth

staff member Sarah Key, and grandmother of

“Rex” Anderson ’81.

Benjamin S. Key ’01.

WEBSTER ATWELL II ’80, May 24, 2012, son of

ANDERSON STUART HURST, JR., June 2, 2012, father of

Anthony Atwell ’53, and brother of Anthony Atwell, Jr. ’78.

John G. Hurst ’84 and Mark A. Hurst ’82.

CURT BECK ’41, December 3, 2011.

COLEMAN G. JACOBSON, April 10, 2012, father of Stuart E. Jacobson ’72*.

WILLIAM RICHARD BERNAYS, February 7, 2012, father of William R. Bernays ’62.

CASSANDRA JAMES, August 17, 2012, wife of Mark Bierner ’64.

SHARLENE ABRAM BLOCK, August 17, 2012, mother of Gary E. Block ’77 and Harris A. Block ’74.

PAUL HAYNE JOHNSON III, February 2, 2012, father of Brent P. Johnson ’89*.

LELA MAXINE CANTLEY, September 11, 2012, staff member.

SONDRA O. KAUFMAN, August 27, 2012, mother of Aaron S. Kaufman ’68, Charles O. Kaufman ’71, and Harold

SHIRLEY S. YU CHU, July 9, 2012, mother of

Kaufman ’83 and grandmother of Robert A. Kaufman ’04.

Dennis T. Chu ’72 and Daniel T. Chu ’81 and grandmother of Zachary D. Chu, former student, Class of 2011.

LOIS KENNEDY, February 16, 2012, mother of faculty member Mary Ann Livengood.

WILLIAM HENRY CLARK III ’48, March 17, 2012. JERRY M. LEWIS, JR., August 5, 2012, grandfather of ALVA MARIAN CLUTTS, July 13, 2012, mother of

Jbeau Lewis ’98.

John R. Clutts ’82 and James A. Clutts ’74. JOHN LIPPAS, May 31, 2012, father of Marc G. Lippas ’73 JAMES MELVILLE COX, January 26, 2012, father of

and Matthew D. Lippas ’75.

faculty member David K. Cox, and grandfather of Jordan D. Cox ’18.

JOHN STEPHENS LITTLE ’78, May 20, 2012.

LIBBY SUMRALL DANIELS, May 2, 2012, grandmother of


Edward C. Daniels, Jr. ’13, Samuel M. Daniels ’15, and

mother of David A. Dean ’65 and William B. Dean ’65.

Joshua M. Daniels ’18. RHEA LAVONNE MITCHELL, August 11, 2012, mother of LEONARD GRAIVIER, June 17, 2012, father of

St. Mark’s staff member David Mitchell.

Miles H. Graivier ’77 and grandfather of Lee G.G. Becker ’05. DOROTHY GRIBBLE, March 9, 2012, mother of Jan Holtberg, mother-in-law of Arnold E. Holtberg. 68

Remarks | THE PRIDE

* Deceased

St. Mark’s School of Texas


ADELE LYNES NEEDHAM, May 5, 2012, mother of

JERRY S. STOVER, February 7, 2012, father of

Frank E. Needham ’77 and mother-in-law of

J. Sterling Stover ’68.

Donald W. Winspear ’77. NANCY TIERNAN SWENSON, March 8, 2012, mother of GERDA K. NEEL, August 10, 2012, former faculty member.

Bruce “Smokey” Swenson ’63.

HELEN LUCAS PAPPAS, July 12, 2012, grandmother of

WILLIAM TAYLOR, March 13, 2012, grandfather of Patrick

Thomas U. Mattingly ’16.

Forest Cummings-Taylor ’15.

JAMES MOORE PLUMLEE, April 24, 2012, father of Daniel

MADELEINE CURTIS THOMPSON, July 21, 2012, mother of

L. Plumlee ’74 and grandfather of Daniel L. Plumlee, Jr. ’08

Sally T. McPherson, Emeritus Trustee, and grandmother of

and former student David R. Plumlee ’14.

Edward R. McPherson, Jr. ’95.

JOHN H.B. ROBERTS ’50, May 6, 2012.

MARTINE TIRMENSTEIN, February 13, 2012, grandfather of Martin L. Tirmenstein ’14.

ROBERT ROE, JR., June 16, 2012, former faculty and father of Robert C. Roe ’79.

JAN WEINER, June 1, 2012, mother of Gary B. Weiner ’77 and Daniel R. Weiner ’76.

MEHDI ROWGHANI, father of Ali R. Rowghani ’91 and Mahmud R. Rowghani ’95.

HARRY L. WEINSTEIN, April 10, 2012, grandfather of Kyle Weinstein ’15 and former student Blake M. Weinstein ’13.

HOMER C. SCHMIDT, February 5, 2012, father of Paul E. Schmidt ’78.

MAXINE WEINTRAUB, June 25, 2012, grandmother of former student Benjamin Fichtenbaum ’97.

MICHAEL SCHULTZ ’65, April 27, 2012. DOLORES WIEGMAN, January 16, 2012, grandmother of STEPHEN M. SEAY ’68, April 4, 2012, former

Trevor J. Martin ’06.

faculty member. PHILLIP EARLE WILLIAMS III ’90, June 16, 2012. RHODA MIRIAM SEGAL, May 6, 2012, grandmother of Aaron Segal ’92.

RUBY WILSON, June 21, 2012, former staff member.

ELAINE CLAIRE SMITH SHOOK, April 26, 2012, former


St. Mark’s staff member.

grandmother of Matthew M. Woodberry ’15.

STANLEY SHULKIN, March 30, 2012, grandfather of

MARY FRANCES YANCEY, January 19, 2012, mother of

Franklin M. Shulkin ’05 and Zev A. Shulkin ’98.

S. Foster Yancey ’57*.

ROY SIMPSON, June 23, 2012, father of Timothy I. Simpson ’77.

* Deceased

St. Mark’s School of Texas

Summer 2012 | Remarks


St. Mark’s Mourns the Loss of Two MAXINE CANTLEY ~ 1941– 2012 St. Mark’s mourns the loss of Maxine Cantley, who died September 11, 2012, at the age of 71. A dedicated member of the Food Services and Cafeteria staff for more than 40 years, Maxine was a part of the heart and soul of the School. Her care for the boys and for the teachers was matched only by her quick wit and marvelous sense of humor. Four decades of alumni fondly recall their daily encounters with Maxine and more important, the imprint that she left. While quick to sternly correct straying Marksmen young and old, Maxine was known by all to have an absolute heart of gold. Whether reminding boys about tucking in their shirts or “giving them the business” for trying to take an extra dessert, Maxine had a warm, endearing smile that always let you know how much she truly cared. Maxine Cantley joined St. Mark’s in 1972, when food service was in the old gym. Among many other things, Maxine helped the transition into the A. Earl Cullum, Jr., Alumni Commons with its state-of-the-art servery and dining hall. During the yearlong construction of this new facility, the cafeteria staff served lunches in a temporary tent behind Davis Hall that became affectionately known as The Blacktop Café. When it rained, water literally ran through the tent like a river, but Maxine and her colleagues kept everyone’s spirits high. Sally Stephens, Director of Food Services, said of Maxine, “There is no one at St. Mark’s who loved the boys more or is more loyal to the School than Maxine. She was dependable to a fault and you could count on her to always tell you what she thought! She loved working with our volunteers and made many good friends over the 40 years she worked here.” In addition to her work during the school year, Maxine was also a fixture for many years at the St. Mark’s Day Camp. Counselors and campers alike knew and loved Maxine. She made sure that everyone felt welcome and valued, regardless of his or her age. Maxine was known for always remembering the names and graduation years of alumni when they returned to campus. Whether still in college or grown with children, “her boys” were at the center of her life. In April 2012, the St. Mark’s Alumni Association Maxine in the old kitchen. honored Maxine


Remarks | THE PRIDE

at the annual Spring Alumni Dinner for 40 years of dedicated service to the School, along with her cafeteria colleagues Lucy Sheppard and Thelma Levells. Stephanie Barta, Stephen M. Seay ’68 Science Department Chair and Director of the St. Mark’s Camps, paid tribute to Maxine, saying, “She is a true St. Mark’s legend. No one at St. Mark’s has ever been so outspoken in her views or had a deeper love and affection for the entire school community.” Maxine leaves behind six children, and multiple grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Eugene McDermott Headmaster Arnie Holtberg wrote, “Maxine loved St. Mark’s and its people dearly. In turn, she was a remarkable individual whom we loved. She has left an enduring imprint on the life of this School. We are grateful for her having been in our midst.” Maxine Cantley made many wonderful contributions to St. Mark’s and she will be sorely missed.

Maxine in the serving line.

STEVE SEAY ’68 ~ 1950 – 2012 It was the autumn of 1959 when Steve Seay, then 9 years old, first arrived at St. Mark’s. At the time of his arrival, the new Math and Science Quadrangle was under construction, and once the Green and McDermott aviary and greenhouse were in place, Arthur Douglas captured Steve’s imagination by weaving together everything from color theory and geography to Latin and genetics among the flora and fauna within the greenhouse walls. After earning a B.A. in psychology from Stanford University, Seay returned to begin his teaching career at St. Mark’s. Certainly a drive to understand and the ability to communicate ideas contributed to making Seay a great teacher, but what was it that made this man not just good but the best teacher ever in the eyes of so many boys? The assessment is not simply a matter

St. Mark’s School of Texas

Community Legends of opinion, as Seay’s former students love to attest, with their ability to still rattle off the things they learned under Mr. Seay. “Maybe it was his unannounced use of fireworks in class to demonstrate how to put out an oil well fire (bang! oxygen deprivation),” muses Wallace Hall ’80 “…or possibly his science experiments utilizing liquid nitrogen on the American cockroach. He exuded this sense of wonder, and it was infectious.” Science Chair Stephanie Barta once noted, “When I would pass Steve’s classroom, I would sense something akin to static electricity in the air. It was learning in its most original form.” Learning in its most original form was the exceptional gift that Steve Seay gave St. Mark’s, and one that shaped and defined the School. It created an atmosphere in which young minds were made open and receptive to both understanding and wonder. It is the defining edge that St. Mark’s has always striven to provide. Dan Northcut ’81, a student of Seay’s who returned to teach Earth Science at St. Mark’s just as Seay had before him, says, “Steve Seay was exactly the kind of teacher who makes St. Mark’s the extraordinary school that it is.” Seay’s integrated, creative mind broke down walls between the disciplines as he whistled and sang, referenced current and historical events, quoted literature and called to mind works of art, all within the loose boundaries of the ever expanding field of science and nature. The mix was intoxicating. Barta, who holds the endowed position that was named the Stephen M. Seay ’68 Science Department Chair upon Seay’s retirement, described Seay as “a scientist, storyteller, and teacher all rolled into one.” Seay’s teaching career at St. Mark’s spanned a full quarter century and extended across subjects from Earth Science, Astronomy, and Geology to Life Science and Physics. Scientific Photography and extracurricular beekeeping were subjects with which Seay expanded and enriched the St. Marks’ curriculum, the latter a tradition he carried on from his own mentor Arthur Douglas. In addition to serving as the Director of the St. Mark’s Planetarium and Observatory, Seay devoted seven years to serving as Chair of the Science Department. An active leader in the Middle School Wilderness and Outdoors Program, Seay not only led several groups into the Pecos Wilderness but also built new traditions, such as his Llano Trip, trips to his Circle A Ranch, and ventures into the more distant wilds of Colorado and Alaska. His contributions and legacy were formally recognized in 1984, when he was awarded the Murrell Excellence-in-Teaching Award. He received the same award again in 1997. In 2000, the St. Mark’s School of Texas Alumni Association bestowed one of its highest honors on Steve, when it awarded him the Ralph B. Rogers Award for Excellence in Teaching.

St. Mark’s School of Texas

On the afternoon of April 11, 2012, the St. Mark’s community gathered to celebrate Steve’s life. Certainly, one would be hard pressed to find another memorial so full of Earth Science terms. Then again, one would probably be Steve Seay ’68 in his early years of hard pressed to find teaching at St. Mark’s. a memorial service with a mesquite wood fire burning outside the Chapel door, or with bluebonnets piled high around the pulpit and a single wide-brimmed hat sitting casually in their midst. These unique elements were woven throughout the gathering, and each one was powerful because each so strongly connected to the memory of the man and aura of the legend. Colleague and friend Peter Lutkin ’67 closed the ceremony celebrating Seay’s life: “We painted the picture this afternoon, all of us, and now we have to let the wind take it if we want it to keep its magic … these memories go up on the wind to God, and they live on.”

Steve on one of many trips to Alaska.

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Young Alumnus Plans Ahead: Menter B. Terrill Society Christian Kelso ’97 remembers the exact moment he knew that he wanted to be a Charter Member of the Menter B. Terrill Society: “When it was first mentioned to me.” Kelso began his career at St. Mark’s in the first grade, and the School has remained an important part of his life since. Kelso graduated from St. Mark’s in 1997 and earned a B.A. from the University of Texas before returning to Dallas for law school at Southern Methodist University, where he received both his J.D. and L.L.M. degrees. Now a lawyer in Dallas focusing on estate and tax planning, probate, and general corporate matters, Kelso sees first hand the importance of having an estate plan and the peace of mind that accompanies it. “To me, the Terrill Society is one of those deals that just makes sense,” he says. “With so many ways that you can include St. Mark’s in your will, there is everything to gain for anyone involved.” Kelso has been an active member of the St. Mark’s alumni community since his graduation, serving as a Class Ambassador for many years and on reunion committees for the 10th and 15th Reunions for the Class of 1997. Kelso plays a pivotal role in keeping his class engaged and connected to St. Mark’s, organizing and hosting various class gatherings throughout the year as well as the class Facebook group. For Kelso, the Terrill Society is another way to give back to the School. He continues, “It connects with what I do professionally, but it is important for everyone in the St. Mark’s community to consider. The opportunity exists for people who may not have the ability to make a huge difference right now to be heavily involved and also to create a lifelong connection to St. Mark’s.” Kelso believes that it is of the utmost importance that St. Mark’s establishes the Terrill Society as a key component of the School’s fundraising efforts, and he is proud to take a leadership role in this endeavor. “It is only right for me to circle back and do what I can to help.” With his commitment, Christian Kelso ’97 has made an important unrestricted gift for the long-term benefit of the School, and is a proud Charter Member of the Menter B. Terrill Society. If you have included St. Mark’s in your estate plans or would like more information about the Menter B. Terrill Society, please contact Scott Jolly in the Office of Development at 214.346.8123 or

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St. Mark’s School of Texas

The Centennial Challenge | Remembering Legends | Evolving in the Digital Era

THE PRIDE | Summer 2012 | Vol. 18, No. 2

St. Mark’s faculty member Dan Northcut ’81 remembers, “This photo of newly graduated seventh-grade Marksmen on top of Enchanted Rock was taken by Steve Seay ’68 on one of his famous field trips to the Llano Uplift in June of 1990.” 

The Pride | Summer 2012  

St. Mark's semi-annual Alumni Magazine, featuring stories from around campus and around the world.

The Pride | Summer 2012  

St. Mark's semi-annual Alumni Magazine, featuring stories from around campus and around the world.