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suit up to win: Body, Mind & Soul By Rose M. Walsh

urban call editor

amous Dallas professional football star Michael Irvin was sitting in a barbershop when a young man came in for a haircut. Excited to see the former football player, the young man struck up a conversation. Irvin asked why he was getting a haircut, and the young man said he was going on a job interview. “With those clothes?” Irvin asked. “I can’t afford new ones,” said the young man. That’s the moment when Irvin decided to start one of the many affordable clothing lines available in the menswear department of K&G Fashion Superstore. The power of appropriate clothing is discussed at length in John T. Molloy’s Dress


Carpenter House


Nat’l CARES Movement and Be Great: Graduate

15 Bishop T.D. Jakes

K&G Vice President of Strategic Planning

Keion Carpenter

Tim McClure


on suit brands, and you will find a selection of them at K&G Fashion Superstore. Michael Irvin has suits and Hook-ups; comedian and book author Steve Harvey has the Steve Harvey Collection. Blair Underwood, who portrayed the president of the United States on the TV show The Event, has a suit line, exclusively at K&G. The collection includes three piece suits, dress shirts and ties.The Sean John line of sportswear and suit separates, named after the rapper and music producer, Sean Combs, are also available. A designer to celebrities, Montee Tayion Holland, has outfitted a number of wellknown men including Take 6, who wore his suits to President Obama’s inauguration.

Text URBAN for a 20% suit discount Denzel Washington

Inside... 6

Susan L. Taylor


for Success. Molloy reports that an inner city Chicago teacher testified that after she taught some of Molloy’s principles to her high school students, less than 10% of her class remained unemployed, compared to the 60% who did not hear about the book’s principles. Paying attention to attire pays big dividends in a job hunt, says career coach Randall S. Hansen, PhD (www. Potential employers use shortcuts to save time. “With cover letters, it’s the opening paragraph and a quick scan of your qualifications. With résumés, it is a quick scan of your accomplishments. With the job interview, it’s how you’re dressed,” he says. Many celebrities are putting their names

Fashionable attire. Great prices. Top-to-bottom accessories. At K&G, we can outfit the whole family. We are especially proud of our collections for men and boys. We Mary Beth Blake understand K&G President how important fit is to our customers and have clothing that meets many individual needs. With the Suit Up to Win: Body, Mind & Soul program, we hope more people will become familiar with our stores and benefit from the positive, life-changing information presented.

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Urban Call — Men’s edition


Welcome from the SMSi Companies SMSi-Urban Call Marketing Inc. and Segmented Marketing Services, Inc. (SMSi) are delighted to bring you another Urban Call — Men’s Edition sponsored by K&G Fashion Superstores. It is an integral part of the Suit Up to Win: Body, Mind and Soul initiative providing career building information and highlighting the contributions of African-American men in our communities. With so many positive contributions being made by these leaders, we thought it was time to share the good news.

Suit Up to Win: Body, Mind & Soul program There are many

ways for African-American men to win, whether it’s getting that first job or finding a new perspective on life. Being dressed for the part is step one. Through our Suit up to Win: Body, Mind and Soul initiative, we are delighted to partner with key community leaders and highlight many of their worthy organizations, including church groups, fraternities, community associations and both civic and health organizations. Suit Up To Win ambassadors will work with organizations throughout the country. This Urban Call — Men’s Edition sponsored by K&G Fashion Superstore will be distributed at events and through the many community networks of the SMSi Companies. Take a moment to read some of the great articles on job interviewing, good grooming, dressing within a budget, “how to tie a tie” and mentoring. You will also see just of few of the fine men’s shoe and clothing brands that we are proud to carry at K&G Fashion Superstores. During this initiative, our company will distribute thousands of dollars of discounts and gift card coupons in selected cities across the United States. Another easy way to get a discount is to use the mobile text program*. Simply put URBAN in the text message of your phone and send it to 79999. Follow the Y prompt and get a discount code. (More details on page 6).We also invite you to fill out the survey on page 12. Let us know how we are doing.

Lafayette Jones Publisher, Urban Call President & CEO SMSi-Urban Call Marketing, Inc.

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Tim McClure K&G Vice President of Strategic Planningof

Sandra MillerOPINION JonesLEADERS & CEO SMSi’s and Urban Call’s CommunityFounder ofSegmented Networks reach URBAN OPINION tional multicultural audiences — the nontraditional route RETAIL LEADERS Marketing Services, Inc. SMSi reaches ethnic markets in their constituents. These gatekeepURBAN CALL


Community of Networks reach iences — the nontraditional route


ers are part of the overall Opinion nontraditional ways through nine “Since 1978, SMSi has perfected Leaders network. SMSi distributes networks comprising the SMSi “Promotion needs to be viewed as unique consumer sampling techniques, millions of samples, promotions Community of Networks that focus a potential long-term core marketing resulting in exceptional trial and converand Urban Call cuson key cultural segments including activity.... With a broader view..., it’s sion of America’s leading national black and Hispanic churches, beauty tom publicapossible to consider sampling for a brands.” tions where consalons and barbershops, youth and brand or service beyond its introduches ethnic markets in their constituents. Sandra MillerThese Jones gatekeepsumers work (job sites), play senior groups, health care centers, tory period.” ers are partFounding of the overall nal ways through nine Chair, Opinion (special events, festivals, parades), entertainment venues and urban Segmented Marketing Inc.SMSi (SMSi) LeadersServices network. distributes mprising the SMSi All About Sampling & Demonstrations shop needs be viewed as (malls/stores), study (schools, retailers.“Promotion Each network has ato“gateMiller Promotion Marketing Association millions of samples, promotions of Networks that focus colleges), worship (churches), groom a potential long-term core keeper” whose presence creates a marketing s segments including and Urban Call cusural and beauty salons) and activity.... With a broader view..., it’s valuable implied endorsement for the (barbershops ispanic churches, beauty tom publicaseek possible to consider sampling a health care. products and services distributed to for tions where conbarbershops, youth and brand or service beyond its introducsumers work (job sites), play ps, health care centers, tory period.” (special events, festivals, parades), nt venues and urban Salon and Barbershop networks. SMSI also distributes samples and All About Sampling & Demonstrations shop (malls/stores), study (schools, ch network has a “gatepromotional materials at multicultural events such as festivals, Promotion Marketing Association colleges), worship (churches), groom ose presence creates a parades, and football and basketball games. andexperts beauty agree salons)that andsampling works. “Retailers have plied endorsement for the (barbershops Marketing An independent research firm, Johnson & Associates Marketing, seeklearned health care. d services distributed to that sampling can increase salesn by 40 percent. No other looked at the effectiveness of SMSi’s non-traditional, grass-roots samcomponent of a marketing plan even comes close to its effectivepling in black and Hispanic churches through its Church Family n chair of Segmented ness,“ says Sandra Miller Jones, founding Network. An average of 80 percent of consumers who received a samSalon and Barbershop networks. SMSI also distributes samples and Marketing Services Inc., (SMSi) a leader in ethnic product sampling. ple reported trying it. promotional materials at multicultural events such as festivals, WELCOME n It is estimated that only 5 percent of ethnic consumers receive samd For consumers who received the sample an average of 50 percent TO K&G REWARDS parades, and football and basketball games. etples through traditional methods. These consumers tend not to use reported conversion to a full-size product. When it comes return THEtoSAVINGS START NOW he works. “Retailers have ng An independent research firm, Johnson & Associates Marketing, traditional banking services (credit cards, checking accounts) from on investment — it doesn’t get much better than that. on es looked the direct-mail effectiveness SMSi’s non-traditional, grass-roots ingby 40 percent. No other which at many listsofare derived. This means they are not sam- For a copy of this and other sampling studies, e-mail jrlawrence@ Show this card every time you shop and watch ’s close to its effectiveon omes pling in black and Hispanic churches through its Church Family included on direct-mail databases. They often live in large cities in bout the rewards add up! ing Network. averagehouseholds of 80 percent consumersmay who samng &chair of Segmented multipleAn dwelling whereofmailboxes bereceived too smalla or ions. er in ethnic product sampling. ple reported trying inoperative, it. resulting in lost samples. “Because As a K&G Rewards member, you can look forward to An SMSi Network and Urban Call Publication of ethnic consumers receive samFor consumers who received average 50 percent SMSi ethnic groupsthe getsample so fewan samples theofones that receiving special coupons and deals, advance notice of se consumers tend not to use reported conversionthey to adofull-size When itadded comesJoseph to return get haveproduct. great impact,” sales throughout the year, and the latest updates about rds, checking accounts) from on investment — itRodney doesn’tLawrence, get muchSMSi’s better than that. Executive Vice President. what’s happening at K&G. So get ready to look great ved. This means they are not For a copy of this and otherSMSi’s sampling studies, e-mail jrlawrence@ Through Church Family Network, custom hey often live in large cities in and save more thanks to K&G Rewards. and co-op gift bags filled with samples, custom mailboxes may be too small or publications and other promotional offers are ng in lost samples. “Because handed to worshippers at the close of Sunday An SMSi Network and Urban Callout Publication Multicultural Marketing and Promotion edition SMSi so few samples the ones that Circulation: 25,000 services. These are seen by the congregation as reat impact,” added Joseph “gifts” and are warmly received. Gift bags and Vol. 1 Issue 1 SMSi’s Executive Vice President. samples are also circulated through SMSi’s Beauty ❍ Winston-Salem, NC 27106-3425 4265 Brownsboro Road, Suite 225 Church Family Network, custom gs filled with samples, custom PHONE: (336) 759-7477 ❍ FAX: (336) 759-7212 ther promotional offers are shippers at the close of Sunday Multicultural Marketing and Promotion edition Circulation: 25,000 seen by the congregation as Publishers: Lafayette Jones, Art Direction: 3CCreative rmly received. Gift bags and Vol. 1 Issue 1 Sandra Miller Jones Director of Operations: irculated through SMSi’s Beauty Constance Harris ❍

Try it — you’ll like it!

4265 Brownsboro Road, Suite 225 Winston-Salem, NC 27106-3425 FAX: (336) 759-7212 PHONE: (336) 759-7477

’ll like it!

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The K&G Fashion Superstore principles

Retail prices are subject to change at any time and without notice. Any programs for donations or gift cards are subject to restrictions and can be changed or eliminated at any time and without prior notice.

Tailor on duty One of the great advantages of shopping at K&G is the presence of an in-store tailor who’s ready to make alterations to your suit, tuxedo, or pants. There is a onetime charge for the work, but once a seam is altered, free re-alterations on that seam are available for any reason within the limitations of the garment. You can wait while your slacks are hemmed. You may also request a 24-hour turn-around.

Urban Call — Men’s edition

PAge 3

Steve harvey collection SUITS NECKWEAR ACCESSORIES HATS HOSIERY and... NEW for Fall

SPORTSWEAR Collection Two piece suits

$99.99 for regular sizes $119.99 for Big and Tall

Three piece vested suits $129.99 for regular sizes $149.99 for Big and Tall

Available at


Urban Call — Men’s edition

look great on a first date look for the right price can be more nerve-wracking than asking someone out in the first place. But Prince Charming need not fret. With trendy looks and designer styles from K&G Fashion Superstore, dressing the part has never been easier. Does she wear jeans every day? Dresses? Heels? Noticing a woman’s style can give you insight into how she’ll dress for your date. For example, if she has a more casual look, opt for nice trousers and a crisp button-down, long-sleeve shirt. For the more stylishly dressed, pair your favorite jeans and T-shirt with a structured jacket or navy blazer. This look shows that you took time to dress, but can switch to casual mode with ease. Most women appreciate the craftsmanship of high-quality clothes. Classic brown loafers show a casual sophistication without seeming too overdone. Women pay attention to detail, and the right loafers can look just as sharp with jeans as they do with a suit, making them a safe bet for almost any venue. You’ve reserved the best booth in the place, but unfortunately, you can’t guarantee the temperature. Show her that chivalry is not dead and have a sweater or jacket on hand to keep her warm. Avoid the risk of freezing to death in the name of gallantry by layering a sweater and collared shirt underneath your jacket. When choosing a venue for the first date, it may be tempting to try something flashy, trendy or overtly expensive. Your best bet is to take your date to a place you already know. Impress her with a quality restaurant choice that offers reasonably priced entrées.

Finding the right

Young man finds K&G valuable stop By Jaye Cole

Winston-Salem State University student and SMSI-urban call intern

Growing up, my mother taught me to always look my best. Every day, right before school, she would have a systematic checklist that consisted of what I was supposed to look like. Her goal? A well-kempt, bright-eyed young man with good hygiene. Even as I got older and developed a responsibility for how I dressed, she would always give me advice in her own quirky way, such as “always wear clean underwear when you go out; you never know what may happen.” Although her phrases often provided comic relief for my friends and me, it molded me into a man who takes pride in how I look and dress. Now that I am an adult and a part of the working population, I find it essential that I represent myself — and my family — in all that I do. And I believe that my appearance says a lot about me. Sometimes though, I find it hard to look my best and stay within my budget. That is, until I discovered K&G Fashion

Superstore. About four years ago, I had a formal engagement to attend. A friend of mine suggested that I do my shopping for the event at K&G. Given the list that I had to fulfill, I was sure that one store just wouldn’t be enough. Nevertheless, I agreed, so he took me to the store. When I walked into K&G, I was amazed. There was almost everything a man could ever need. To my right, an employee with a measuring tape around his neck and a smile on his face greeted me and asked whether I needed any assistance. I explained to him that I had a formal event that required color coordination. Not only did he help me find all that I needed in that store, but he also did it in a timely fashion. And since the store had on-site tailoring, I didn’t have to drive across town to find a seamstress. Since then, K&G has become my first stop for all of my clothing needs. From T-shirts to suit ties and everything in between, I usually find what I need at K&G Fashion Superstore. And yes, that includes underwear and socks!

black college fraternities :

Great places to make connections

Black men’s college fraternities are a great place to keep in touch with movers and shakers in the world of business and education before and after graduation. Here are some of the most well known black fraternities: Alpha Phi Alpha 2313 Saint Paul Street Baltimore, Md. 22218-5211 Phone: (410) 554-0040 Fax: (410) 554-0054 Email: Website: Kappa Alpha Psi 2322-24 North Broad Street Philadelphia, Pa. 19132-4590 Phone: (215) 228-7184 Fax: (215) 228-7181 Website: www.kappaalphapsi Omega Phi Psi 3951 Snapfinger Parkway Decatur, Ga. 30035 Phone: (404) 284-5533 Fax: (404) 284-0333 Website: www.omegaphi Phi Beta Sigma International Headquarters 145 Kennedy Street, NW Washington, D.C. 20011-5294 Phone: (202) 726-5434 Fax: (202) 882-1681 Website: Iota Phi Theta® 1600 North Calvert Street Baltimore, Md. 21202 Phone: (410) 514-5225 Fax 866-510-1301 Website: Source:

Urban Call — Men’s edition

football is my love but fashion’s my passion

PAge 5

Available at


Urban Call — Men’s edition

Text ‘URBAN’ for 20 percent suit discount Saving on suits

at K&G is as easy as texting. Simply put URBAN in the text message portion of your phone and send to 79999. You will receive a text that asks you to reply “Y.” Next you will get a message that gives you a code which you will need to show at the store to save 20% on any regular price suit. *This is a free service from K&G Fashion Superstore. Message and data rates may apply from your carrier. Receive up to four messages per month on alerts, coupons, specials, and events.

Steve Harvey:

How men think Comedian, radio host, and clothing entrepreneur (his clothing line is carried at K&G as well as Young Kings — his line for boys) is sharing his secrets with women on how men think in seminars across the country and in books, including his latest, Steve Harvey: Straight Talk, No Chaser, How to Find, Keep, and Understand a Man. The book is full of advice for women and has eye-catching sections such as “Every Sugar Daddy Ain’t Sweet” and “The Cookie: More on Why Men Need It, Why You Should Keep It.” Steve Harvey’s Harvey says the roots of his advice book, Steve Harvey: books were planted in his radio show Straight Talk, No segment, “Strawberry Letter” in which he Chaser: How to talked to women about relationships. “My Find, Keep, and Understand a Man intentions were pure: I care deeply about these things because I am a husband, a son, can be purchased a radio personality who speaks to millions at K&G Fashion Superstore. of women daily via my radio show, and, most important of all, the father of four girls — beautiful young women who deserve good men who will love them, respect them, and treat them the way they want to be loved, respected, and treated,” he says in the introduction of the book.

giving back

Helping their communities Following a successful eight-year career playing professional football in Atlanta, Ga., and Buffalo, N.Y., retired safety Keion Carpenter founded The Carpenter House, Inc. a Maryland based not-for-profit designed to ensure that disadvantaged families and single parent homes have access to quality housing. He is also a partner in For My Kids (FMK), an organization helping urban children gain admission to college. Reggie Gay, a talented, trend setting gospel radio and TV personality who is well-known in Atlanta, is the host of The Reggie Gay Gospel Show and an advisory board member of The Stellar Awards. He is active with The Gospel Music Workshop of America Radio Announcers’ Guild. His charities are Reef House, an after school children’s program (founded by professional basketball star Shareef Abdur-Rahim); Roots Adoption Agency, and the “Suitcases for Kids” program he created to raise money to buy luggage for Georgia’s foster children. Michael A. House is president and publisher of the Chicago Defender, Chicago’s historic black newspaper founded in 1905. The Defender is well-known for its community work, especially the founding of the Bud Billiken back to school parade in August, broadcast nationally and internationally. Among the paper’s many community activities are health fairs and scholarship programs for students studying journalism. It also has a faith based program, Pastor Salute, honoring ministers from the area. It has continued to support black women and men and hosts a Men of Excellence award each year. The Defender received a “Best Black Newspaper in America,” award from the National Newspaper Publishers Association. Michael Irvin likes to tell young men that there are times to wear athletic clothes and times to wear suits. “Even Superman had to change clothes,” quips the former Dallas professional football player who helped the team bring home three

Keion Carpenter is a former professional player and founder of The Carpenter House, which promotes housing for disadvantaged families in Baltimore.

Reggie Gay is the host of The Reggie Gay Gospel Show and created the “Suitcases for Kids” program to raise money for Georgia’s foster children.

Michael Irvin, a former Dallas professional football star, says it’s important for young men to dress the part for job interviews.

Michael A. House is president and publisher of the Chicago Defender, well known for its back to school parade, scholarships and faith-based programs.

championships. He is now on TV as a professional football analyst. Irvin, who has a line of suits, pants and sweaters at K&G Fashion Superstores, says he encourages young men seeking employment to dress the part. “I tell them you have to learn the language of business. I’d like to give our kids a chance to win on the front end and not have to scrape through the rest of their lives.”

Urban Call — Men’s edition

PAge 7

steven by steven Land dress shirts are: • 100% Cotton • FrenCh CuFFs • Fashion CoLLar detaiLs and trim • dress up with tie For daywear or without tie For CasuaL wear

Available at


Urban Call — Men’s edition

the urban gentleman

Good grooming pays off Urban Call Staff Report

To look sharp you need more

than new clothes. Maintaining your hair, nails, teeth, and skin are good hygiene habits that do not cost much, but say much about your character. You should own a manicure kit. Men’s hands are typically exposed to dirt, and germs get under nails. Manicures keep nails clean, short, and shaped. Likewise, pedicures are also a practice you should not neglect. Let’s talk oral hygiene. You should brush your teeth twice a day. Flossing will keep your teeth clean and disease-free and your breath fresh. If your teeth are dull, consider whitening strips. Routine dental checkups are highly recommended. Many men have dry skin. When you shower, try using a body wash with cocoa or shea butter, and use a loofah sponge.

Moisturize your skin daily with lotion. Razor bumps and skin irritations are common problems. While there is no single cure, there are steps to make it bearable. Experts suggest that a hot shower before shaving will soften your beard and open the pores. Use a pre-shave lotion or thick gel designed for reducing razor bumps with a sharp, single-blade razor. Take your time, shave in the direction of your hair growth, and do not stretch your skin. This helps you avoid nicks and scars. Shaving every other day allows your skin to heal and facial hair to grow longer and straighter instead of being forced back in. Once a week, use an exfoliating facial cleanser to remove dead cells and trapped hairs that may become ingrown. Finally, if razor bumps persist, see a dermatologist or consider growing a full beard. Just be sure to keep your beard well trimmed to look like a successful, urban gentleman.

Mentoring making a difference Susan L. Taylor, Editor in Chief emeritus of Essence magazine, noticed how few struggling black children were getting help from adults to achieve academic and social success. She founded the National CARES Mentoring Movement to recruit and connect mentors with local youth-serving and mentoring organizations, many of whom have waiting lists. “Research proves that mentoring is a lowcost, high-results solution to a deepening crisis. Mentoring has the power to transform even the most challenged children’s lives,” says Taylor’s Website, Oscar winning actor Denzel Washington credits much of his success to the Boys & Girls Club of America. He has been a spokesman for Denzel Washington, author of the book, A Hand to Guide the organization for 18 years and has launched Be Great: Graduate, a program to help Me, has been a national children who are in danger of dropping out of spokesman for the Boys & school. “Our goal is simple to state but hard to Girls Club of America. achieve,” Washington said. “We want to help every Boys & Girls Club member advance to the next grade level every year and graduate from high school on time, prepared with the attitude, knowledge and confidence to succeed and achieve.” Visit

Susan L. Taylor, editor in chief emeritus of Essence magazine and founder of the National CARES Mentoring Movement, Inc.

Ace your interview By Mark Mathosian

Urban Call Staff Writer

In today’s tough job market, first impressions are more important than ever. Making a good impression is not hard if you follow a few simple guidelines. Go into the job interview with the right attitude. That means not expecting the employer to hire you just because you want the job. Remember that other applicants want that same job just as much as you. Here are tips to make a memorable impression. • Research the business and know about the position for which you are applying. Be ready to ask appropriate questions and have an intelligent conversation. • Appearance is important. Be clean, well groomed, and dress appropriately for the position. Be sure your clothes and shoes are neat, clean, and fit properly. • Arrive 15 minutes early to gather your thoughts, and turn off your cell phone. Do not be late. Being late makes you appear unreliable and disrespectful of the employer’s time. • Be polite and courteous. Greet the receptionist or assistant. This is where you make your first impression. • Address the interviewer by title and greet him or her with a smile and firm handshake. Introduce yourself with confidence. • Bring an extra copy of your resume for the interviewer. • Describe your accomplishments and achievements. Now is the time to show what you can do for the company. • Make good eye contact and be enthusiastic. • Take notes, it shows you have an interest and helps you recall details. • Near the end of the interview, express your interest in wanting the position and ask an openended question such as, “Is there anything else I can do to prove I am the right person for this job?” • At the end of the interview, exit the same way you entered. A firm handshake, friendly smile, and say thank you for the interview. This will make your first impression a lasting one. • Send a thank you letter, and do not forget to follow up. Mark Mathosian has been a senior hiring manager in his professional career, has conducted hundreds of interviews, and has filled numerous positions in the banking and government world.

Urban Call — Men’s edition

PAge 9

Styles by Sean John Check out the New Fall Collection of • Suits • Dress Shirts • Accessories • Sportswear Available in Big & Tall Sizes

Available at


Urban Call — Men’s edition

what is your men’s fashion i.q.? Across

2. A man’s dress jacket, usually black with satin or grosgrain lapels, worn for formal or semiformal occasions is called a T______ ______. 3. A lightweight single-breasted jacket; often striped in the colors of a club or school is called a B__________. 5. A classic texture for men’s suits is a w______________ pattern. 7. A s____________collar on mens’ shirts folds over and around the neck with a wide division between points in front. 8. F_______cuffs refer to cuffs on a man’s dress shirt that are longer and folded back over the wrist.

(turn this page updise down to read)


puzzle answers

1. A sleeveless garment, often having buttons down the front, worn usually over a shirt or blouse and sometimes as part of a three-piece suit. 4. The part of a garment that encircles the neck is called the C______________. 5. Low-heeled Brogue style shoes are also referred to as a W___________ shoe. 6. These Rat Pack style suits were very popular during the 1960’s and are making a comeback today. 9. A low leather step-in shoe that resembles a moccasin but has a broad flat heel is called a L____________. 10. A very popular fabric used in dress shirts is P__________ cloth. 11. Men’s executive 2-button suits often have s_____ vents. 12. P_____________ is a fabric with a colorful swirled pattern of curved shapes often found on men’s ties.

Urban Call — Men’s edition

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The first thing you say is rarely ever spoken. Fulbright

Exotic embossed dress oxford with decorative whipstitch detail. Leather upper and leather lining. Reg sizes only. $59.99.

He who overlooks nothing is never overlooked. Jaguar Crocodile embossed dress oxford with genuine snake skin accents. Square toe, leather upper and leather lining. Reg and wide sizes available. $59.99.

Available at

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Teach your young man how to tie a tie

savvy shopping Four-in-hand How to dress The fashionably on a tight budget Shopping for a suit is challenging on a tight budget, though not impossible. Here are tips to help you expand your wardrobe as you maximize your buying power. Select a classic style and basic color suit as your main foundation. Then mix and match well-chosen, high quality shirts and ties. When comparing suits, do not buy one just because it is the cheapest. You may think you are getting a deal, but you are not. Cheap clothes tend to shrink and wear out quickly. You will likely find yourself replacing those clothes more often than you anticipated. You should also avoid buying imitations. You may not realize it but most people can spot an

The halF Windsor

1. Looking at your reflection in the mirror,

imitation almost immediately. start with wide end of tie on your right Knock off brands tend toand extend a foot below narrow end. look cheaper because they are usually made from lower quality materials. Go for the real deal. 2. Cross wide end over narrow end and One clothier where you back underneath. will find quality, brand name suits, and excellent prices is K&G Fashion Superstore. At K&G, quality clothes and Continue around, passing wide end accessories are sold at3.prices across front of narrow end once more. lower than their competitors. K&G frequently runs sales and special promotions for that extra buying power. Men’s designer suits are top of Pass wide end up through loop. the line from various,4.highly respected designers for up to 70 percent less. K&G’s motto is, “Come to shop. Prepare to save.” 5. Holding front of knot loose with index finger, pass wide end down through loop in front.

6. Remove finger and tighten knot carefully. Draw up tight to collar by holding narrow end and sliding knot up snugly.

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1. Prior to today, have you ever heard of K&G Fashion Superstore? c Yes c No (Skip to question 5)

To better serve you, Urban Call Men’s Edition would appreciate your help. Please take a moment to fill out this brief survey. Your feedback is important to us. Complete and return survey by mail or fax:

2. Where have you heard about K&G Fashion Superstore? c Television c Online c Magazine c Radio c Friend/family c This special publication (Urban Call Men’s Edition) c Other

Mail to: Men’s Edition K&G Fashion Superstore survey SMSi-Urban Call Marketing, Inc. 4265 Brownsboro Road, Suite 225 Winston-Salem, NC 27106-3425 Or fax to: (336) 759-7212 By submitting this information, you understand that SMSi will share the information with K&G Men’s Company, Inc. doing business as K&G Fashion Superstore (“K&G”), and you consent to the use of the information by K&G for marketing purposes, including contacting you via email provided.

3: Do you currently shop in K&G Fashion Superstore? c Yes c No

1. Looking at your reflection in the mirror, start with wide end of tie on your right and extend a foot below narrow end.

2. Cross wide end over narrow end and back underneath.

3. Bring up and turn down through loop.

4. Pass wide end around front from left to right.

5. Then, up through the loop, and…

6. …down through knot in front. Tighten carefully and draw up to collar.

4. Do you currently own any of the K&G brand items below, if yes please select all that apply. c Steve Harvey Suits c Sean John Suit Separates c Steven by Steven Land Dress Shirts c Stacy Adams Shoes c Sean John Sportswear c Michael Irvin Hook-ups c T-Fusion suits

6. Which K&G brand would you be likely to purchase in the next three months? c Steve Harvey Suits c Sean John Suit Separates c Steven by Steven Land Dress Shirts c Stacy Adams Shoes c Sean John Sportswear c Michael Irvin Hook-ups c T-Fusion suits

5. How likely would you be to purchase any of the K&G brands in the next three months? c Definitely would buy c Probably would buy c Might or might not buy c Probably would not buy c Definitely would not buy

7. How many suits do you a buy a year? _____________________________ 8. On average how much do you spend a on a suit? ____________________________

NAME (Please print clearly) ­______________________________ ADDRESS (Please use street address, NO P.O. Box) ______________________________ ______________________________ ______________________________ CITY ______________________________ STATE ______________________________ ZIP CODE ______________________________ EMAIL ______________________________ ______________________________



Urban Call — Men’s edition

raise the bar on your wardrobe

If you want to look

great in designer clothes, visit a K&G Fashion Superstore. K&G stocks topof-the-line clothing brands for trendconscious men at a price that will make your wallet smile. K&G specializes in offering private label attire for all occasions. They are the clothiers for the professional business suit, or fun vacation

More brand names at K&G Looking for a particular brand? Savvy consumers shop at K&G Fashion Superstore to receive great deals on designer clothing for men. Below is a list of the highly respected brands you will find at your local K&G Fashion Superstore.

Formal wear tips If you are preparing to purchase a tuxedo, here are some things to keep in mind: Consider the economics. If you have many occasions to rent a tux, do the math. It might be better to own one. Don’t wait until the last minute. Leave enough time to get your tux fitted. No need to go overboard. A classic black tux with simple accessories is timeless and will last longer than a powder blue one with a ruffle-front shirt. A formal tux calls for a formal shoe. The simplest option is a highly polished black oxford. A black patent-leather oxford that laces up is another good choice. Slip-on opera pumps with a ribbed bow are also acceptable.

casual wear, or for the perfect formal affair at prices far below those of their competitors. K&G carries a variety of styles, sizes, and colors from designers like Calvin Klein, Perry Ellis, Jones New York, U.S. Polo Assn., Ralph Lauren, Geoffrey Beene, Chaps, Izod, and Stacy Adams. You will also find a variety of accessories — from jewelry and belts to dress and casual shoes — to complement any wardrobe.

Calvin Klein Joseph Abboud Sean John Stacy Adams Beverly Hills Polo Club Steve Madden Phat Farm Akademiks Rocawear Lauren by Ralph Lauren Evan Picone Louis Raphael

Kangol Michael Irvin Andrew Fezza Nautica Kenneth Cole Dockers Tommy Hilfiger Weatherproof David Eden Timberland Coogi

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If the shoe fits... Looking for athletic shoes, dress shoes, boat shoes, sandals, or exotic shoes with patches of animal skin? Here is a sampling of shoe brands that K&G carries: Stacy Adams Steve Madden Calvin Klein Giorgio Brutini GBX Kenneth Cole Florsheim David Eden Timberland

Robert Wayne Dockers Rockport Bostonian U.S. Polo Assn.

Blair Underwood suits exclusively available at K&G Blair Underwood, the actor who played the president on the TV show The Event, has a new role: founder of the Blair Underwood suit line, available exclusively at K&G Fashion Superstore. Unique in its details and construction, the collection includes threepiece suits, dress shirts and ties. Underwood joins a raft of celebrities, including Steve Harvey, Sean Combs, Michael Irvin and Montee Tayion Holland (a designer to celebrities) who also have suits at K&G Fashion Superstore. Underwood was a Golden Globe nominee for his performance as a Navy fighter pilot in HBO’s critically acclaimed In Treatment. He has numerous film credits including Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Family Reunion. He co-produced the TLC series Million Dollar

Blair Underwood

Christmas and has authored several nonfiction books. Underwood is a co-founder of Artists for a New South Africa (ANSA). In recognition of his longtime health advocacy, a state-of-the-art, full-service HIV/ AIDS treatment clinic, The AHF Blair Underwood Clinic, has been established in Washington, D.C., by the AIDS Healthcare Foundation.


Urban Call — Men’s edition



U -F






T - F USIgood. ON There is a feeling that a man has when he dresses well and looks





The T-Fusion Suit collection is available at K&G Fashion Superstore. T - F USI O N

T-Fusion suits start at $99.99. Available at

Urban Call — Men’s edition

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think positive—your first step to a rewarding life By Mark Mathosian

Urban Call Staff Writer

Have you ever met someone who radiates positive

energy? They immediately leave a good impression on you and you enjoy being with them. Not only is positive thinking good for your personal and business relationships, it also improves your overall health. Here are tips from experts to help you become a positive thinker: Start by taking charge of your mental attitude. This means approaching your day from the positive side instead of the negative side. Make an earnest effort to conquer the negative. Surround yourself with optimistic people who have a cando attitude instead of a cannot-do attitude. Remember that thinking positive means anticipating happiness, joy, health, and success. Avoid people who zap your energy. You know who they are. These are the people with chips on their shoulder who blame everyone else but themselves for the problems in their

life. They are the “woe is me” people. Do not let them drag you down. If you cannot avoid these people, simply do not allow them to bring you down. When a negative thought enters your mind, recognize it for what it is and replace it with positive thoughts. Push out all feelings that are not positive. Keep at it and eventually the replacement of negative thoughts with positive ones will come easy for you. Get exercise. A run, walk, or playing a sport can improve your outlook. Workouts release endorphins, a chemical which makes you feel good and fight stress. Physical activity does

Atlanta is headquarters of 100 Black Men of America

Pastor provides guidance Any success program needs preparation and the power of a good attitude says Pastor T.D. Jakes, the senior pastor and founder of the Potter’s House, a multiracial, nondenominational church in Dallas. His book, Reposition Yourself Reflections: Living a Life Without Limits, is full of wisdom and lifechanging advice.

Montee Tayion Holland:

Urban Call Staff Report

Suits are a work of art

Networking is a supportive system of sharing information and services among individuals and groups having a common interest. It’s an especially good tool to employ for job hunting. One of the most well known national networks for black men, 100 Black Men of America, is headquartered in Atlanta. Albert E. Dotson, Jr. of Miami, Fla. is chairman of the board. 100 Black Men of America, Inc., 141 Auburn Avenue Atlanta, Ga.30303 Telephone: (404) 688-5100 Fax: 404-688-1028 Email: Website:

wonders for your body, mind, and soul. Regardless of your religious faith, being around people with similar beliefs will strengthen your soul and positive outlook. Seek out others who look at a cup as half full instead of half empty.

Montee Tayion Holland

When it comes to designing men’s clothing, Montee Tayion Holland is a standout.This successful AfricanAmerican entrepreneur grew up in a tough, west side neighborhood in Detroit. However, that did not stop him from becoming successful; first as a school athlete, then as a college graduate and finally as a respected businessman and clothing designer of men’s suits. Holland’s T-Fusion is a best seller at K&G. Describing his clothing line in a YouTube interview, Holland said he

strives for a “custom-like suit with all the bells and whistles at an affordable price.” “To me a suit is a work of art. When I look at my finished products, I’m like a kid opening up a Christmas gift. I like to see people look good in my suits.” So, who wears Holland’s suits? Celebrities like actor/singer Christian Keyes, who wore one in Tyler Perry’s Diary of a Mad Black Woman, comedian Jonathan Slocumb and Take 6, the harmonizing group who wore his suits to President Obama’s inauguration.


Urban Call — Men’s edition

Your pursuit of style starts here. Up to 70% off department store prices—every day—on clothing, shoes, and accessories for the whole family. Don’t miss our extensive men’s Big & Tall section—with up to size 6X in tops, 50 in waists, and 60 in jackets. On-site tailors, plus FREE measuring and fitting, at every location. Find the store nearest you or shop 24/7 at




Offer expires February 25, 2012 Promo Code: GADN1010101


*General restrictions applicable to all offers: subject to availability. You must present this coupon at any K&G Fashion Superstore or enter in your promo code at checkout online to receive 20% off the regular price of any suit. Valid only for new purchases. Discount may not be applied toward the purchase of gift cards. Discount is not combinable with other promotional offers or discounts. Coupon is not redeemable for cash or credit. Customers returning items purchased with this coupon will forfeit the portion of the discount used for those items; the K&G return policy will apply to the remainder of the purchase. Limit one per customer. Offer good through 02.25.2012.


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