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Arab Tourists Prefer Bursa ITB-Berlin

KITF-Almaty Karnaval ile Ülke Tanıtımı, Seyşeller

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26 From the Editor

Nature, Environment and Human These three words are essential for the development of tourism, just as the three words; accommodation, transportation and agent at the tourism marketing. People, who cannot protect nature and environment, will not be successful in tourism. Throughout history, humanity settled in the most convenient places for nature and has left their culture there. These places remained to the present with the environment around, and today tourism is created by visiting, experiencing, staying and living those places. When reasons of natural disasters, natural events, climate and atmospheric changes are examined, it is very obvious that people are the most important factor. Think of the damages of volcanic ashes, floods, tsunamis... etc. to world environment. Reasons of those damages are mostly caused by humans that cannot protect environment. If we cannot protect environment around us, we cannot make tourism.

26 Green Bursa Known as “Green Bursa”, this province stands on the lower slopes of Uludag (Mount Olympos of Mysia, 2543 m). The title “Green” of Bursa comes from its gardens and parks, and of course from its being in the middle of an important fruit growing region.


Suat Tore

20 32 Exhibition KITF 2011 New Focus Travel Magazine attends the largest tourism exhibition in Kazakhstan and Central Asia; KITF 2011, which is taking place on 20-22 April in Almaty.

20 Exhibition ITB-Berlin 1,163 exhibiting companies and organisations from 188 countries (2010: 11,127 from 187 countries) again presented the entire spectrum of the international travel industry from 9 to 13 March at the 45th ITB-Berlin.

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42 42 Karnaval ile Ülke Tanıtımı Yıllarca Fransızların lüks tatil cenneti olarak duyduğumuz ve geçtiğimiz yıllardaki kısıtlı ulaşım olanakları nedeniyle de zengin turist destinasyonu olarak tanınan Seyşel adaları bu özelliğini hala koruyor. Mart ayı yüksek sezon olmamasına rağmen 5 yıldızlı otellerin standart oda fiyatları 1.000.-Euro’lardan ve yüksek sezonda aynı odalarda bu rakamlar 3.000.-Eurolardan başlıyor

NewFocus May & June’2011



13% Increase in Tourist Arrivals to Turkey Turkish Culture and Tourism Minister announced two months tourist MONTHS JANUARY FEBRUARY MARCH APRIL MAY JUNE JULY AUGUST SEPTEMBER OCTOBER NOVEMBER DECEMBER TOTAL 2 MONTHS TOTAL

YEARS 2009 751 817 898 927 1 207 729 1 750 281 2 718 788 3 263 089 4 343 025 3 760 372 3 136 010 2 617 193 1 403 740 1 226 143 27 077 114 1 650 744

statistics. According to the provisional data acquired from the General Directorate of Security, the number of arriving

2010 809 974 953 848 1 414 616 1 744 628 3 148 337 3 500 024 4 358 275 3 719 180 3 486 319 2 840 095 1 491 005 1 165 903 28 632 204 1 763 822

2011* 975 723 1 079 505

2 055 228

% CHANGE 2010/2009 7,74 6,11 17,13 -0,32 15,80 7,26 0,35 -1,10 11,17 8,52 6,22 -4,91 5,74 6,85

2011/2010 20,46 13,17










161 454 104 795 86 303 61 592 57 176 53 930 44 627

14,96 9,71 7,99 5,71 5,30 5,00 4,13

148 741 110 249 77 508 50 350 39 715 55 720 29 677

15,59 11,56 8,13 5,28 4,16 5,84 3,11

144 709 30 843 90 018 24 235 33 114 85 935 32 544

16,10 3,43 10,01 2,70 3,68 9,56 3,62


38 256 33 959 32 703

3,54 3,15 3,03

30 053 31 246 32 403

3,15 3,28 3,40

30 176 35 513 31 758

3,36 3,95 3,53


404 710


348 186


360 082



1 079 505


953 848


898 927










272 750 207 691 173 736 143 090 125 708 102 442 77 779 71 793 67 719 60 155

13,27 10,11 8,45 6,96 6,12 4,98 3,78 3,49 3,29 2,93

264 585 200 600 160 639 109 659 98 886 76 353 55 666 64 558 48 716 54 181

15,00 11,37 9,11 6,22 5,61 4,33 3,16 3,66 2,76 3,07

261 313 56 691 165 122 156 728 51 737 64 960 57 403 57 477 54 746 62 823

15,83 3,43 10,00 9,49 3,13 3,94 3,48 3,48 3,32 3,81


752 365


629 979


661 744



2 055 228


1 763 822


1 650 744


(*):Provisional Data.



May & June’2011

foreigners in Turkey in February 2011 increased by 13.17% compared to the same month of the previous year and reached 1,079,505. 18.778 (%1,74) of 1,079,505 foreign visitors arriving in Turkey in February are excursionist. The cities with border gates with the most number of arriving foreigners in February 2011 are: 1- Istanbul   % 39,97  (431 482) 2- Antalya   % 17,33  (187 131) 3- Edirne     % 11,93  (128 764) 4- Agrı        % 5,80    (62 607) 5- Artvin      % 5,07    (54 686) The number of arriving foreigners in Turkey between January-February 2011 increased by 16,52% compared to the same period of the previous year. According to the provisional data acquired from the General Directorate of Security, the number of arriving foreigners in Turkey between JanuaryFebruary 2011 has reached 2,055,228 with a 16,52% increase compared to the same period of the previous year. 31.759 (%1,55) out of 2,055,228 foreigners arriving in Turkey between January-February 2011 are excursionist. The cities with border gates with the most number of arriving foreigners between January-February 2011 are: 1- Istanbul    % 39,40  (809 862) 2- Antalya    % 14,47  (297 307) 3- Edirne      % 12,69  (260 711) 4- Artvin       %  7,01  (144 080) 5- Agrı         %  5,75   (118 076)

Turkey Takes center stage in Rome, Italy Turkey’s 2011 tourism promotion campaign with the “A Never ending Tale” slogan continues in eye-catching locations. The new advertisement of Turkey was at Rome’s popular square; Piazza Navona. Turkey’s new 115 sqm advertisement; a part of the “A Never ending Tale” campaign, was seen from 400 meters away. The Piazza Navona, which is situated in the historic centre of Rome; west of the Pantheon, is one of Rome’s liveliest squares, with many outdoor cafes, restaurants and night clubs in the neighbourhood. Millions of visitors of the square watched famous Maiden Tower in front of the silhouette of Istanbul throughout March 2011. n


Turkish Minister was Awarded with the Medal of Honor by Austria Turkish Culture and Tourism Minister; Ertugrul Gunay was decorated with the medal of honor due to his contributions to cultural cooperation between Turkey and Austria at the ceremony held at the Museum of Anatolian Civilizations. The Turkish Culture and Tourism Minister medal is the highest to be bestowed was awarded with the medal of honor by upon a Turk by the Republic of Austria to Austrian embassy in Ankara.

date. Austrian ambassadress to Turkey Heidemaria Gurer delivered a speech in the ceremony, saying that Gunay contributed a lot to Turkey’s promotion in the areas of culture and tourism. Gunay said that he was proud of receiving this medal. Turkey and Austria had a great cooperation in several areas especially in archeology, Gunay added. During the ceremony at the museum, a book titled “Efes Duvar Resimleri” (Frescoes of Ephesus), published by the Austrian Embassy in Ankara, is launched. Moreover an opening of a photo exhibition that details the most recent results of the ongoing archaeological excavations by the Austria Institute of Archaeology in Ephesus took place. n

Turkey Tops Best Value Holiday Destination for Easter’s research reveals that Turkey was the best value destination for April based on a year on year analysis of the exchange rate increases of its top twenty most searched destinations. Switzerland represented the worst value with a 7% decrease in value according to the research. With Turkish Lira at 2.6 to the Pound, accommodation from as little as GBP 34 for a five star hotel* and with return flights to Turkey from GBP 133 it’s practically cheaper to go on holiday than stay at home! The Polish Zlotych came in second place with an increase in value of 8.4% against the pound. However this fascinating country has much to offer beyond value including great skiing and a fascinating culture. For those wanting to ‘be in America’, the US dollar is once again offering good value up 8% year on year from 2010. Dubai comes in fourth place and the favorable currency combined with duty free and sunshine guaranteed makes it a popular choice, especially with flights to Dubai from as little as GBP 293.

But which currencies have gained against the pound? Avoid the Alps as it is now even more expensive than it once was. If value to the pound is a priority then also steer clear of Australia and Thailand. CEO Gareth Williams commented “Turkey has always been a popular

destination for our customers, but with the strength of the pound against the Turkish Lira it may well be that we see Turkey emerging as one of this year’s most popular holiday destinations.” n

Istanbul Promotion in Singapore Media Singapore’s travel magazine, Escape, promoted Turkey’s Istanbul city in its February issue. In its article, prepared with the contribution of Turkish Culture & Tourism Ministry, the magazine recommended tourists to visit Istanbul which is the only city that unites two continents in the world. The eight-page article

6 NewFocus

May & June’2011

written under the title “the place where east and west meet”, says Istanbul is an important city which unites Asia and Europe in geographical and cultural aspects. Istanbul is accepted as an art and culture centre, and it was selected the European Capital of Culture in 2010, says the article. Escape magazine is a bi-monthly travel and lifestyle magazine. It offers an extensive range of reads on new and favourite destinations, and each city’s scintillating sights and scenes. n


Turkey Forecasts Increase in Ukrainian Tourists Turkish Culture and Tourism Ministry attended the 17th Ukraine International Travel and Tourism exhibition UITT 2011 that was held in Kiev 23-25 March 2011. According to Deputy Head of the State Tourism and Resorts Service of Ukraine Dmytro Zaruba, in 2010 the tourist flow amounted to 17 million people, which is 12% higher than in 2009. This number includes mainly private and business trips, while the flow of tourists on package holidays dropped by 10%. Russia remains the most popular destination for Ukrainians, with 5% growth and 30% of the general number of tourists. “The number of tourists to Poland increased by 35%, while Egypt and Turkey also remain leaders,” Zaruba said. Zaruba noted that the tourist flow to Israel would obviously rise, due to thevisa-free travel accord signed between countries. On the other hand,

tourists will try to find alternatives to Egypt and Tunisia, where the political situations are unstable. Ukrainians would turn from Egypt to destinations like Turkey, Greece, Croatia and Montenegro. Turkish Culture and Tourism Ministry is forecasting 10% increase in tourist arrivals from Ukraine. According to Cumhur Guven Tasbasi, the DirectorGeneral for Promotion in the Turkish Culture and Tourism Ministry, at least 10% increase in tourism arrivals from Ukraine is expected in 2011. On the other hand, Vice President of Association of Leaders of the Tourist Business of Ukraine (ALTU), Elena Shapovalova said that due to the political tensions in Egypt, demand to holiday in Turkey is increased. She said that Ukrainians prefer Egypt in MarchMay and September-November terms, and prefer Turkey between May and September. Therefore, she noted that tourist increase can be seen clearly by the end of season. According to ALTU data, the most favorite destinations are Egypt and Turkey.

Visa-free Travel Between Turkey and Russia began in April

Turkish and Russian nationals now able to travel between the two countries with visa free. Officials of the two countries exchanged notes last month regarding a visa-free regime during Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s visit to Moscow. Accordingly, visa-free travel began on April 17, 30 days after the exchange of notes. Citizens of both nations now able to have visafree travel for 30 days within a 90-day period. In May 2010, Turkey and Russia signed a visa liberalization agreement during Russian President Dmitry Medvedev’s visit to Ankara. Earlier this year, officials of the two countries signed a readmission agreement to take a step forward for completing procedures of visa-free regime. n

8 NewFocus

May & June’2011

50+ countries and destinations at UITT 2011 Canada and the Baltic resort of Jurmala are freshmen of UITT 2011. The exhibition strengthens its Balkan and Middle East vectors, for Croatia and Israel increase their stands by half compared to 2010. US tourist operators have showed great interest to the event. The visitors will face a tough choice between the beauties of Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Cuba, Greece, Dominican Republic, Egypt, Indonesia, Italy, Jordan, Kenya, Latvia, Malaysia, Maldives, Malta, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, Thailand, Tunisia and others - UITT 2011 presents more than 50 countries and destinations. Leaders of the national and CIS tourism market, such as IdrisKa tour, MIBS Travel, Pegas touristik, Coral Travel, Turtess Partner, Ukraine International Airlines, Royal Premium, Siesta, Khors, Orient, Inkomartur, Ready Rest, Artex 94 and others participate in the show. Natalie Tours, the one of the CIS largest tour operators, exhibits in Kyiv travel show for the 1st time. n

Turkey is the Most Favored Country in Moscow affect the relationship between Russia and Turkey. The number of the Turkish tourists will double also after the abolishing the visa regime,” Ozarslan added. Ozarslan noted that the number of Turkish visitors who visit Hall 8 and received Turkish Culture and Moscow increased 35% greater attention from in 2010. Tourism Ministry Russian travelers announced that Moreover, Turkey thanks to good Turkey’s stand at received more awards relations between the 18th Moscow from Russia. Turkey’s two countries. Ozgur International Travel Kemer town was Ozarslan, Deputy and Tourism (MITT) chosen as “the Best Undersecretary of exhibition, which is Tourism Destination”, Turkish Tourism held in the Russian Alanya town was Ministry said that the chosen as “the Best capital from 16 – Ministry is expecting 20 March, 2011, is Family and Children’s Turkey will increase awarded. Destination” while the the Russian tourist Turkey’s stand was Amara Dolce Vite Hotel number to four chosen as the “Best in Kemer was chosen Stand” at the world’s millions in the 2011. as “the Best Beach He also said 3.1 million Hotel of Turkey” in a seventh biggest tourism fair, 2011 MITT Russian tourists survey conducted by visited Turkey in 2010. Russian tourism portal Moscow Fair. Turkey attended the fair with “Abolishing the visa Zvezda n regime will positively 1,254 sqm stand at


JATA Gathered in Cappadocia and Istanbul

Turkish Culture and Tourism Ministry announced that a special committee formed by Japan Association of Travel Agents (JATA) gathered in Cappadocia and in Istanbul on 22 and 24 February. The special committee for the Visit World Campaign (VWC) promotion was organized two meetings in Turkey to promote travel between the two countries and found out solutions to the problems travel companies face. Beside the Turkish Culture and Tourism Ministry and Governorship of Istanbul, representatives from Turkish tourism companies, TURSAB, TUROB, TUROFED, Turkish Airlines and TUREB were join the meetings. A total of 195.404 Japanese tourists visited Turkey in 2010; recorded an increase of 32.25 percent over 2009 where 147.641 Japanese tourists visited the country. n

The Vice President of the Greek Government Visited Istanbul the context of a cooperation programme between Greek and Turkish schools, and, with the Sakkoulides’ library at the background, talked with students who attend the Greek language classes. The Vice President of the Greek Government referred to his initiatives as a Minister of Foreign Affairs that resulted in the restoration of the Sismanoglio Megaro. In turn, Mr Theodoros Pangalos visited the the students thanked Mr Sismanoglio Megaro of the Consulate Pangalos for the opportunity they General of Greece in Istanbul, where are offered to study Greek at the exhibitions are hosted, a modern and Sismanoglio Megaro. ancient Greek language school functions, Consul General Mr Vasileios Bornovas and the recently acquired historical welcomed and accompanied the Vice library of Father M. Sakkoulides is being President of the Greek Government in organised. During his visit, Mr Pangalos the Sismanoglio Megaro. n visited an art exhibition organised in

Turkish Wines Awarded at an International Wine Competition

Turkish wines have won 6 medals at the international wine competition “Vinalies Internationales”. Turkey won a gold medal and 5 silver medals at this year’s first international wine contest which brought together nearly 3,500 wines from all over the Turkish Culture and Tourism Minister world. Commenting on the success, Ali announced that Turkey stand at the Basman from Kavaklidere Wines said CroTOUR tourism fair held in Croatia that Turkey’s success in wine-making received an award. sector would make a great contribution Held under the auspices of the Croatian to the country’s promotion. Basman Ministry of Tourism and with the support added that international competitions of the Croatian National Tourist Board and tasting events were much more and the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), CroTOUR 2011 is held 23 – 26 March 2011 in Zagreb. The Izmir Association of Cinema Turkey stand at the fair is awarded as organized the “Second Turkish Films the best stand of fair. According to the Festival” in Hong Kong between April 13 written announcement from Turkish and 17. Culture and Tourism Minister, Turkey President of the Izmir Association received an increase of 38 per cent in of Cinema, Kayhan Kirmizigul, told tourist arrivals from Croatia in the first journalists that they came together Hong two months of 2011 n Kong spectators with Turkish movies for the second time. The Turkish Prime Ministry, Turkish Embassy in Beijing and Turkish Consulate General in Hong Kong have made important contributions to realize the Festival. The Hong Kong Turkish Films Festival is designed to promote Turkish movies

Turkey Stand Received Another Award

effective promotion tools than billboards in that sense. Vinalies Internationales is an international wine competition organized by the Union des Oenologues de France. Vinalies Internationales intends to emphasize the maturation capability of the wines and to honour those wines that attain a high quality level close to the optimal tasting expression of their “appellation” of origin. The competition invites over 100 judges from all over the world whose mission is to assess thousands of samples submitted to their taste buds, and appraise the specifics of the terroir they are grown on. The final objective is to honour each wine with a detailed set of tasting notes. n

Turkish Films Festival in Hong Kong

10 NewFocus

May & June’2011

in the world. About 200,000 magazines were published for the Festival and the publication was distributed free of charge. The “Second Turkish Films Festival” took place at Hong Kong’s biggest shopping mall, Elements. Turkish directors Umit Unal, Mustafa Altioklar, Emre Sahin and Murat Seker and artists Deniz Cakir, Guven Kirac, Selda Alkor, Gokhan Mumcu, Ayten Soykok, Suzan Genc, and Serdal Genc attended the Festival. Among the Turkish films to be screened at the Festival are “Mustafa”, “Bal” (Honey), “40” and “Cosmos”. n


In Brief Altug Uluceviz has been named Country Manager for Turkey at Travelstart Online Travel Operations. Mr. Uluceviz was previously Country Manager for Turkey at Czech Airlines. l Atilla Karaburçak has been appointed Human Resource & Quality Director at Aska Hotels Antalya. l Gülsüm Azeri has been appointed as the new member of Administrative Board of Turkish Airlines. l With effect from April 2nd, Ms. Karlygash Omurbayeva based in Istanbul as Country Manager Turkey. Ms. Karlygash moves to Istanbul from her current position as Marketing Manager in Air Astana’s head office. l Sedat Nemli has been appointed The Edition Hotel Istanbul as General Manager. l Dedeman Hotels & Resorts International has appointed Manfred Moennich to Dedeman Hotel Sofia as General Manager and Regional Manager of Dedeman Hotels in the region. l Hüseyin Gazi Cosan has been appointed as Director at Turkish Culture and Tourism Ministry Istanbul Directorate. l Dedeman Hotels & Resorts International announced the appointment of Pınar Günay Gülbakanoglu as Director of Revenue. l Bike Toku has been appointed Haliç Congress Centre in Istanbul as Director of Sales and Marketing. l Birol Kaymas has been appointed as General Manager to Bursa’s first five star hotel; Bursa Çelik Palas Convention Center & Thermal Spa, which opened by the order of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk 76 years ago. l Marcos Bekhit has been appointed as CEO of Divan Hotels & Resorts. l Mehmet Mulayim has been appointed as General Manager of The Marmara Antalya Hotel. l Patricia Geneux has been appointed Dedeman Hotels & Resorts International as Brand Manager. l Selim Ozcan has been appointed as Marketing & PR Manager at Palazzo Donizetti Hotel in Beyoglu, Istanbul. l Cem Kul, has been appointed to Kempinski Hotel Ajman, Dubai - UAE as Director of Sales. l

Altug Uluceviz

Atilla Karaburcak

Sedat Nemli

Pınar Gulbakanoglu

Bilge Toku

Marcos Bekhit

Patricia Geneux

Gulsum Azeri

Karlygash Omurbayeva

Manfred Moennich

Huseyin Cosan

Birol Kaymas

Mehmet Mulayim

Selim Ozcan

Cem Kul

The 30th Istanbul Film Festival Concludes Organised by the Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts and sponsored by Akbank, the 30th Istanbul Film Festival’s Golden Tulip Awards have found their owners at the closure gala and the awards ceremony which took place at Lütfi Kırdar Convention and Exhibition Centre, on April 16th. The International Competition Golden Tulip Award, which has been given at the Istanbul Film Festival since 1985, has been presented in memory of Sakir Eczacıbası with the support of the Eczacıbası Group since two years. The International Competition Golden Tulip Award is also supported with a 25,000 Euro monetary award also given by the

12 NewFocus

May & June’2011

Eczacıbası Group. 10,000 Euro is given to the director who wins the Golden Tulip Award, the Turkish company to distribute the film receives 10,000 Euros, and the remaining 5,000 Euros is presented to the film that receives the Special Jury Prize. The Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism gives 150,000 TL to the Golden Tulip winner of the Best Turkish Film, and 50,000 TL to the winner Best Director Award. “The Best Actress” award was given to Nazan Kesal with her performance at Saç / Hair. Her award was presented to the actress by Tansu Biçer, who received “The Best Actor” award last year with the film Five Cities. n


The Doubletree by Hilton, Istanbul-Moda to be Opened in May 2011 Hilton Worldwide continues expansion of its upscale Doubletree by Hilton brand in Turkey with the opening its new property in Istanbul’s Moda district. The Doubletree by Hilton, Istanbul-Moda will be operated by Tasyapi Insaat Taahut Sanayi ve Ticaret A.S., under a franchise license agreement with a subsidiary of Hilton Worldwide. Speaking at the press conference, CEO of Tasyapi Construction Company, Mr. Emrullah Turanli said that the hotel that we will open officially in May 2011 after an investment of 80 million euros, is the first of our investments in tourism industry. Mr. Turanli added that they will have 6 more hotel investments in Turkey and abroad. Total investment for Turkish tourism will be around 600 million euros. The Doubletree by Hilton, Istanbul-Moda General Manager Yalçin Aydin said that the brand new hotel is ideally located in Istanbul. It is in middle of two airports; same distance to both Istanbul Ataturk Airport and Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen Airport. Mr. Aydin said that passengers can use ferry and sea bus ports, metrobus – bus, taxi, train, sea taxi or helicopter

to come to hotel. Mr. Aydin added that the Doubletree by Hilton, IstanbulModa will not only be a hot-spot for celebrities and business world but also will be a popular place for locals. This second Doubletree by Hilton in Istanbul will offer 70 guestrooms, 139 deluxe rooms, 10 corner rooms, 19 junior suites, 8 suites, and 1 king suite; a total of 247 bedrooms, meeting and function facilities, two restaurants, bars, indoor and outdoor pools plus underground parking. Room rates are starting from 150 euros and reach up to

2500 euros per night. All rooms have complimentary high-speed internet access. The hotel’s spa; ‘Element Spa’ will be open until midnight and sports center adjacent to the spa will be open 24 hours. Element Spa has massage rooms, a private Turkish hamam, indoor swimming pool, sauna, steam bath. Hilton Worldwide currently operates 10 Hilton, Conrad and Hilton Garden Inn hotels in Adana, Ankara, Dalaman, Istanbul, Izmir, Kayseri, Kutahya and Mersin. n

Arcan Bayraktaroglu, Leader of 2010 by Marriott International Arcan Bayraktaroglu; Assistant General Manager at Courtyard by Marriott, Istanbul International Airport has been awarded at the 2010 Global Leadership Awards which was presented in Budapest. Mr. Bayraktaroglu has been awarded as the ‘Leader of 2010’ for the Europe region. The Global Leadership Awards are Marriott’s annual tradition of recognizing leaders and teams from Sales, Revenue Management, Event Management, Marketing and


NewFocus May & June’2011

eCommerce. Award winners are selected based upon their leadership skills, outstanding revenue results, superior customer service, and community involvement. GLOBAL Leadership Special Achievement Award Winners Marriott International “The Leader

of 2010” Asia Pacific: Tony Xie Renaissance Shanghai Zhongshan Park Hotel Europe: Arcan Bayraktaroglu Courtyard Istanbul International Airport Middle East Africa: Shady Ghattas n


Ataturk’s Hotel is Renovated and Opened Built in 1935 by the order of father of Turks; Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, Bursa’s first fivestar hotel Çelik Palas has started welcoming its guests after one and a half years of renovation. General Manager of Hotel Çelik Palas; Birol Kaymas said that Hotel Çelik Palas has undergone US$55 million renovation and it has a total of 141 rooms; 120 of them are Premium and Superior rooms and 21 of them are suites. Located just next to the Hotel Çelik Palas; the small building used by Atatürk during his trips to the city, will be renamed as the Atatürk Palas after renovation that will be completed in May 2011. Atatürk Palas will be used as a mini hotel that will be operated with a special service concept; differentiating from the main hotel building. During the renovation, it is revealed that architect Guilio Mongeri used the ‘golden ratio’ at the columns of the building in 1930. The same method at these columns in Atatürk Palas is used by Frank Lloyd Wright’s S.C. Johnson & Son Administration Building that built during the same period. That method brought world’s most important architecture award to the building. Atatürk Palas will have a total of 23 rooms and 8 of them are suites. Mr. Kaymas said that mostly wealthy guests will prefer to stay at the Atatürk Palas by reserving all rooms. He noted that all summer season is already booked mostly by foreign guests. The restoration of both Çelik Palas and Atatürk Palas is done by MOB and almost all interior products are

brought from abroad only curtains and textile products are made in Turkey for the hotel. Hotel Çelik Palas has two restaurants; Panorama – fine dining restaurant and Steak House – a la carte restaurant. The Hotel Çelik Palas Convention Center has Bursa’s largest ball room with 750 sqm area without a column. The ball room has 1500 people capacity. The convention center has additionally 5 meeting rooms. The hotel features 3,000 sqm Thermal Spa &Health Center which has an historical hamam that built accordingly rules of Roman time. The spa center is offering Turkish bath, Thermal pool, sauna, massage service with 12 different massage techniques done by professionals and fitness center for its guests. Purchased by the MSN Construction of Turkey for US$38.9 million at a tender in August 2007, Çelik Palas has undergone an extensive US$55 million renovation

that modernized the historical palace hotel. Speaking at press conference of the hotel, CEO of MSN Construction; Mustafa Kircal said that Çelik Palas is the only hotel work of 1900s famous Italian architect; Giulio Mongeri who is one of the most successful students of the Brera Academy in Milan where he studied under Camillo Boito (1836-1914). During the 1930s, there are only two palace hotels in Turkey that wealthy people stay. One is the Pera Palace in Istanbul and the other one is the Celik Palas (Palace) in Bursa. Hotel Celik Palas was built at the point Atatürk pointed with his walking stick; thermal water brought to the hotel area with pipes from 3 km away. The hotel, which was opened on 26 July 1935, located on 17.000 sqm land and had 36 rooms and 72 bed capacity. The hotel which has one room for Atatürk and Inönü, has also marked history as having the first elevator in the city. n

Divan Hotels Penetrate The Asian Markets World class hotelier of Turkey, Divan, became a member of The Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA), one of the leading global organizations in tourism sector.


NewFocus May & June’2011

Known to be the pioneer in the first and only hotel chain in the industry, Divan Hotels now Turkey to become a member of have the opportunity to better PATA. n penetrate the Asian markets with PATA membership. Divan is also


Antalya to Welcome Zeynep Golf Resort Hotel Sun Zeynep located in Belek, Antalya inaugurates its new identity in 2011 with the opening of Zeynep Golf. Zeynep Golf Resort is the new name for the hotel complex which is comprised of Zeynep Resort and Zeynep Golf. Zeynep Resort is the new name of Hotel Sun Zeynep. The resort has undergone a renovation and will open its doors to travelers on 22 April 2011. Zeynep Resort has 179 standard guestrooms (23sqn), 140 Bungalows (26sqm), 28 Family Suites (46sqm/52sqm), 10 Family Rooms (37sqm), 4 Executive Suites (61sqm), and 6 Villas (79sqm). Zeynep Resort, which is enwrapped in pine trees, is situated at sea level. Experience the perfect ambience of Zeynep Resort and store your new life energy by relaxing on the beach, soothing your soul in the wide swimming pool, participating in resort’s varied activities. On the other hand, Zeynep Golf will be opened on June 1st and will welcome travelers for the first time with its brand new golf resort concept. Zeynep Golf has 111 standard guestrooms (45sqm), 53 superior guestrooms (50sqm), 2 Honeymoon Suites (60sqm), 6 Duplex Lake Suites (96sqm), 6 Terrace Suites (113sqm), and 2 Champion Suites (122sqm). All rooms, situated in the main building and the Bungalows of Zeynep Resort as well as the rooms in the main building of Zeynep Golf, have been furnished with care. They possess either two twin beds or a double bed. There is also central air conditioning, LCD-television, a satellite connection with a music channel, safety deposit box, telephone,


NewFocus May & June’2011

capabilities. For instance, canoeing, wind-surfing, water-skiing or sailing on a catamaran. You can swim in the new 1.200m2 Olympic pool. Here you can experience the joys of a relaxing family holiday. In the Mini Club, which has been re-structured to meet needs, children can play games with trained carers, join activities, mini-bar, bathroom with a shower or cut loose – no limits and toilet, hair dryer, and carpeting or have been placed on fantasies. On the parquet floor. They come either with or other hand, the professional team without a balcony. Reservations may be of animators entertains you with made as with a sea or land view. Villas varied activities throughout the day. which have either a sea or a land view After the sun sets, the showmen and are situated within gardens and located women take the stage for you, wearing at sea level. They have 3 bedrooms, an magnificent costumes. Perfect dance American kitchen with a dining table shows and musicals will excite you. Or and a sitting room. you can wait for the day to end with Guests can get their drinks and enjoy tropical cocktails at Lobby Bar, Pool Bar, and Purple Café before or after meals. There will be 6 A la Carte Restaurants at Zeynep Golf Resort offering delicious foods from Mediterranean, Italian, Chinese, Turkish, French, and Mexican cuisines. Zeynep Resort guarantees entertainment and relaxation to all age groups: it contains a cocktail at one of the bars or at the a large fresh water swimming pool, disco. with a children’s pool within it, AquaAt the Sultan Spa & Wellness Center Pool with three slides, and an indoor which has designed with care, you pool which is suitable for all weather may find services to relax and attend conditions. With its long and beautiful to both your mind and your body. The coastline and jetty furnished with experienced and cheerful staff will look chaise-lounges, it presents you with after you individually in accordance with abundant water sports capabilities, and your requests. The resort has a large invites you to have a pleasurable time. variety of services from the Turkish Zeynep Resort fulfills Bath to the Sauna, and from massages all the desires of to make you feel good to revitalizing sports lovers: Fitness, face treatments. Aerobics, Basketball, Located 30 km away from the Antalya Beach-Volleyball, Mini- International Airport; Zeynep Golf Football, Archery, 6 Resort is 40km away from Antalya city tennis courts, and more. center and 5 km away from the Belek Golf lovers can realize center. their desires at the Its magnificent location next to the neighboring Carya Golf sea and widely structured garden Club. invites you for rest and relaxation. At the same time, you Be mesmerized by the hospitality of may also use resort’s Zeynep Golf Resort and enjoy its unique very varied water sports scenery and Turkish elegance. n


ITB Berlin The 45th ITB Berlin came to a close after attracting a significantly larger number of buyers from abroad and the best exhibitor figures ever. Despite the rail strike the leading international trade show for the travel industry reported that trade visitor numbers remained stable at last year’s level. The good volume of business at the trade show provided an additional boost to the current upturn in the tourism sector 11,163 exhibiting companies and organisations from 188 countries (2010: 11,127 from 187 countries) again presented the entire spectrum of the


NewFocus May & June’2011

international travel industry from 9 to 13 March. The presentations and seminars at the “eTravel World”, a new feature this year, attracted several thousand interested participants and proved to be a complete success. At 110,791 the number of trade visitors remained stable, while new records were set at the ITB Berlin Convention, with a 15 per cent increase to a total of 14,000 participants. Özgür Özaslan, Deputy State Secretary at the Turkish Ministry of Tourism: “ITB Berlin is a good trade show among friends. We still have very good memories of ITB Berlin 2010, when we were the partner country. That brought us additional recognition.”


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PATA Discusses the New Realities of Travel A brief decade into the 21st century has already witnessed phenomenal change occurring within the travel and tourism industry – change that is likely to continue. The Plenary Three session this morning at the Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA)

60th anniversary and Conference event being conducted at the China World hotel, Beijing, had Richard Quest, CNN presenter and anchor, as the moderator for the session that covered topics from distribution challenges; changing demographics; technology innovations, and the rise of ‘good’ tourism. Amitabh Kant, managing director – Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor, opened the proceedings

as lead presenter. Kant began his talk by stating that there was a huge process of urbanisation taking place in both India and China; within the next 15-years, China would create cities equal to the size of most Europe. Mentioning the number of airports that the country has planned in the pipeline, he said that India was creating 115 new airports in its various states, leading to a new form of consumerism. n

BITE 2011 Attracts Leading Travel Industry The Beijing International Tourism Expo, popularly known as BITE, returns to the global stage for its eighth edition from 17 – 19 June, 2011. It is Asia’s leading annual travel and tourism event, and is being staged at a new venue – the China National Convention Centre (CNCC) -- which was used as a communications centre during the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. The previous BITE boasted 82 countries and 25 provinces (with Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan) in participation, 796 exhibitors and

214 hosted buyers. With this in mind, BITE 2011 will soar to new heights. In this highly anticipated BITE 2011, exhibitors can expect high visitorship from industrial players and trade consumers. With the Beijing Tourism Administration (BTA) as a partner and coorganiser, there will be considerable state assistance to the industry making business dealings and networking hassle free! With this liberalisation, processing of travel documents for tourists and travel agencies will be streamlined, and other incentives are in the pipeline. In addition, infrastructural improvements following the 2008 Beijing Olympics, has enhanced the country’s transportation network. China’s

strong economic growth in recent years has also added support to the industry, underpinning domestic tourism, and creating an exciting environment for foreign visitors. BITE 2011 has attracted many travel industry leaders and professionals, from afar, such as South Africa, Kenya, Switzerland, Spain, India, South Korea, and more! These countries are renowned for their wide variety of tourist attractions, and their participation in BITE 2011 will enable interaction and networking with their Chinese counterparts at the highest levels Certainly BITE 2011 is the ideal opportunity for them to gain a foothold in Asia-Pacific markets. n

Registration is Open for the ATA’s 36th Congress in Senegal The Africa Travel Association (ATA) announced that registration is now open for the 36th Annual Congress, to be held from May 25-29, 2011 at the Le Méridien President in Dakar. Hosted by the Senegalese Ministry of Tourism and Handicrafts, Liaison with the Private Sector and Small Businesses, the theme of this year’s event is “De! stination Senegal: A Tourism Gateway Inspired by Culture, Heritage and Arts.” Delegates can register for the congress on-line at ATA’s website at events/ac.html or call +1-212-447-1357. Special early bird registrations for ATA members are available until May 10, 2011. The four-day networking and learning industry event engages delegates from around the world in discussions on a range of industry topics, such as marketing and

promotions, niche markets, industry trends, sustainable tourism, climate change, airline access, public-private partnership, and tourism policy choices for Africa. The program also includes gala events and networking receptions. The Gambia will host the annual ATA President’s dinner, showcasing the West African country. As part of the ATA Congress, delegates will participate in TICAA-Dakar, an international tourism travel show, where Africa’s tourism, culture and arts industries will be showcased. Special events include the Business-to-Business Exchange for Buyers and Sellers, in which travel professionals from the USA and Africa will have the opportunity to meet and develop business relationships and linkages, as well as a gala dinner featuring Senegalese folk wrestling. Senegal will also organize a Host Country Day, where delegates will visit Goree Island. Delegates will also explore the city of Dakar, shop at crafts markets and artists quarters, and visit the new African Renaissance

monument. ATA expects several hundred delegates at its hallmark event. Delegates include African tourism ministers and industry experts representing tourism boards, tour operators and their product development executives, front-line agents, ground operator companies, airlines, and hotels. Participants from the travel trade media and the corporate, non profit and academic sectors are also expected to attend, along with African Diaspora representatives. ATA’s Young Professional Network will also gather, bringing North American students and young professionals together with Africa counterparts.Pre and post congress tours will be available. These tours offer delegates the opportunity to sample Senegal’s diverse tourism products and to explore the country’s new offerings. The congress will take place at the Le Méridien President, a 10-minute drive from the airport. n

an exclusive insight into buyer behaviour and values in terms of destinations, experiences, properties and service across four important outbound Asia-Pacific markets – India, Japan, China and Australia. Each specific seminar will help suppliers truly understand the demands of luxury travellers from each country. In addition, the event will host three supplier led seminars giving exclusive advice on how to sell different products: Spa and Wellness programmes – responding to the luxury traveller’s search

for ‘self-fulfilment’ and ‘self-improvement’ experiences; Authentic and Sustainable Travel – exploring those who work closely with their local communities, offering real and indigenous experiences; and Luxury Cruises – assessing emerging destinations, itineraries, new ships and onboard experiences. There will also be a session for both buyers and suppliers on the role of Online and Social Media in the luxury travel sector and how luxury travel brands can effectively use this vital medium, whilst maintaining their core luxury values. n

ILTM Asia Responding to the demand for the global luxury travel industry to understand the AsiaPacific region’s many differing cultures and specific luxury travel demands, ILTM (International Luxury Travel Market) will introduce a new Education Programme to be launched at ILTM Asia (13 – 16 June 2011). ILTM Asia organisers have invited a number of key travel influencers to give


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Please Contact - Email: / Tel: +44 (0)20 7925 0000 or Turkey - Email: / Tel:+ 90 216 391 37 95


ATM Dubai Arabian Travel Market to host dedicated aviation seminars as resilient regional airlines soar despite recession, high oil prices, regional unrest and natural disasters The Middle East’s commercial airline industry comes under the microscope at Arabian Travel Market 2011, with dedicated aviation seminars analysing trends, addressing challenges and

highlighting opportunities. From rising fuel prices to regional unrest, global consolidation and the post-recession economic climate, expert commentators will discuss and debate the most important issues and their regional and global implications.Arabian Travel Market is one of the most popular for airline businesses, among the leading international exhibitions in terms of the high number of airline exhibitors it attracts.“Despite the lingering effects of the economic downturn impacting many industries, along

with unrest in some parts of the region, the Gulf’s aviation sector is displaying strong growth,” said Mark Walsh, Group Exhibition Director, Reed Travel Exhibitions, which is the organiser of Arabian Travel Market 2011Among the senior industry representatives presenting during the seminars is Tim Clark, CEO, Emirates Airline. Among other topics, he will be commenting on the tsunami disaster in Japan and the impact this is having on global airline operations, particularly within the Asia Pacific region. n

ATF 2012 TRAVEX Receives More Early Registrations ATF 2012 TRAVEX boasts 20% more registrations from exhibitors, buyers and media as compared to the same time last year. The 2012 leisure travel trade event, showcasing the largest contingent of ASEAN destination products and services, have reported sales of more than 100 booths till date. Some

200 buyers and close to 85 media have also submitted their registrations early in order to maximise their chances of getting one of the limited hosted places available. Confirmed exhibitors include hotel chains such as Dusit International, the Sol Melia Group, Jakarta, Sunshine Borneo Tours and Travel, Dorsett International, Centara Hotels and Resorts, Oberoi Hotels and Resorts Indonesia, Eastin Hotel, Siam Kempinski Hotel and Vacation Singapore DMC. Among the 200 interested buyers are organisations like Select Vacations Australia, Big Tree Travels and Tours

Malaysia, Optimal Travel Services UK, Tui Netherlands, Go Vacation Thailand and Hotelrooms Inc. ATF TRAVEX Secretariat believes that much of the early interest can be attributed to a successful ATF 2011 that scored high among the over 2000 attending delegates. Delegates included more than 1,000 exhibitors representing more than 400 companies from the 10 ASEAN nations, more than 440 international buyers representing 55 countries, close to 150 media from across 32 countries and more than 400 NTOs. n

Thailand Travel Mart Plus With cooperation between the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) and the Thai tourism industry, Thailand has the honour to be the host of the largest B2B event ‘Thailand Travel Mart Plus Amazing Gateway to the Greater Mekong Subregion’ (TTM+ GMS). The event, first organised in 2001, has the uttermost objective to promote the tourism and service business in Thailand and its Greater Mekong Subregion

(GMS) counterparts. Small and medium entrepreneurs (SMEs) have also been supported on the international stage with their products on offer. The major markets include Europe, South East Asia, Eastern Asia, the United States, Australia, and New Zealand, as well as emerging ones; such as, the CIS countries, Eastern Europe, Middle East, South America, and South Africa. The 10 business categories arranged for the event are Hotels and Resorts, Tour Operators and Travel Agents, Eco and Adventure, Wellness and Spa, Airlines, Entertainment/Theme Parks/Culture Products, Golf Courses,

Associations, Other Travel Services and the Greater Mekong Subregion/ NTOs . For the year 2011, the Thailand Travel Mart Plus is scheduled to be held on 8-10 June, at the Exhibition Centre Hall, IMPACT, Muang Thong Thani, focusing on trade and business talks among operators and participants. Moreover, as an added bonus, TTM+ buyers and media can also enjoy a full range of post tours from 11 June onwards, showcasing Thailand’s world-renowned natural beauty and rich cultural heritage. n

Pow Wow San Francisco Pow Wow is the annual industry trade show where the United States sells itself as a travel destination to international visitors. Over 1,100 international and domestic tour operators from 70 countries attend, as do over 400 travel journalists who will write about what they see and experience here. All are coming to San Francisco for the city’s first Pow Wow in close to two decades. The San


NewFocus May & June’2011

Francisco Travel Association has been planning for this opportunity for over a year, and those early labors — many online and utilizing social media like Facebook and YouTube — appear to be paying off. Registration for the trade show is 20 percent ahead of registration at this time last year, when Pow Wow was held in Orlando, Florida. Ninety percent of the exhibition space is sold for Pow Wow, which takes place from May 21-25. “For San Francisco’s tourism industry, this is the most valuable event we could have,” said Joe D’Alessandro, president and CEO of the San Francisco Travel Association. “It’s not an especially large group by San

Francisco standards — about 5,000 people total — but it is extremely important for the city’s number one industry.” Hosting International Pow Wow is expected to generate $350 million in tourism in San Francisco over the coming three years. Essentially, the city puts on a huge party (or parties, since each night features a different lavish event) that showcases the best San Francisco has to offer. That gives San Francisco an edge over all the other U.S. destinations, from New York to Chicago to Florida to New Orleans, that will also be promoting themselves to the international tour operators. n

China national Convention Centre, Beijing China 17 - 19 June 2011 (Friday - Sunday)

Beijing International Tourism Expo 2011 8th international Exhibition for Business & Leisure Tourism

one platform; Many possibilities! A BITE oF ThE world’s TourIsM pIE! The eighth presentation of Asia’s leading travel event - Beijing international Tourism Expo, popularly known as BiTE, will unveil the widest galore of travel and tourism deals, packages, attractions and destinations from more than 20 countries across the globe! Scheduled for June 17-19, BiTE will be held at a brand new venue, the China national Convention Centre (CnCC), which was the former communications centre for Olympics in 2008. This year’s focus is on establishing new business platforms across the region. Themed ‘One Platform; Many Possibilities!’ BiTE 2011 provides exhibitors and trade buyers with an excellent networking and trading channel.

Hear from our exhibitors! Kenya Airways has always been a regular exhibitor of the Beijing international Tourism Expo (BiTE)! The reason of our continuous support is mainly attributed to the vast business contacts, opportunities as well as the strong networking platform that this event can provide us with. Year after year, BiTE delivers a powerful and synergized pool of key audience, decision makers and trade buyers. We have confidence in this event and look forward to BiTE 2011! russia is an undiscovered land with a wide array of ancient and diversified cultures and heritages, and we are eager to showcase the several destinations, attractions and more to Asia and beyond! We have participated in BiTE on several occasions and this expo has proven to be a credible one-stop business and networking hub. it’s our fourth participating year in BiTE. 2010 was a very fruitful and rewarding experience; we are very much looking forward to BiTE this year! We are happy to be able to participate in the eighth Beijing international Tourism Expo (BiTE) this year! South Africa is an exotic destination comprising landscapes, history and culture alongside with the most breath-taking beaches, natural scenery and wildlife in the world! There are so much in South Africa that we would like to promote to countries i.e. Asia, Middle East, Europe, America and beyond! This is a country where you would not want to miss! BiTE is a formidable business and networking channel and we aim to achieve optimum results through our participation this year!

For sales inquiries, contact Ms Vivi at For advertising / media inquiries, contact Ms Trina at For more event information, please visit OrgAniSEr

inTErnATiOnAL OrgAniSEr

Beijing Tourism Administration (BTA)


CEMS (Beijing) Conference & Exhibition Co., Ltd Conference & Exhibition Management Services Pte Ltd

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Green Bursa Arab Tourists Prefer Bursa The number of Arab tourists visiting Bursa has doubled compared to last year and many come to see Uludag, reached by cable car. As stated by Hasan Erdem, the former President of the Turkish Association of Travel Agents (TÜRSAB), 60,000 Arab tourists have visited Bursa this year, compared to 35,000 last year. Erdem says that the 100 percent increase in the number of Arab tourists visiting the city has considerably boosted the tourism sector and that there is a rising trend for Arab tourists’ preference for Bursa. With is historical and natural treasures, Uludag and thermal springs, Bursa has become a popular destination for Arab tourist, he said. Cable car operators note that cars operate between 8 a.m. and 10 p.m. and that a car can reach Kadıyaylı in eight minutes and, from there, Sarıalan in another eight minutes. They noted that the majority of tourists visiting Bursa opt to use cable cars to reach Uludağ, their numbers increasing each year. The fee to ride on the cable car is YTL 2.5 for children aged 7-12 and YTL 6 for adults. Children 6 and below are free. Officials say recently made modifications to the cable cars, increasing security and comfort, were welcomed by people despite long queues. 26 NewFocus

May & June’ 2011

Focus On Destination

NewFocus May & June’ 2011


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nown as “Green Bursa”, this province stands on the lower slopes of Uludag (Mount Olympos of Mysia, 2543 m). The title “Green” of Bursa comes from its gardens and parks, and of course from its being in the middle of an important fruit growing region. The city of Bursa, southeast of the Sea of Marmara, and derives its name from its founder King Prusias, of Bithynia. Its previous antique name was Prussa ad Hypium. It subsequently came under Roman, then Byzantine rule before falling to Orhan Gazi in 1326, when it become the first capital of the Ottoman Empire. Many important Ottoman buildings remain. Known as “Green Bursa”, the city is filled with gardens and parks and overlooks a verdant plain. It is at the center of an important fruit growing region. Bursa was and is still famous for its peaches, silk trade, towel manufacture and thermal springs. Make a point to try the locallycreated Iskender Kebap, a dish of bread, tomato sauce, strips of grilled meat, melted butter and yogurt. Candied chestnuts are another regional speciality.


NewFocus May & June’ 2011

A tour of the city beginsin the eastern section at the Yesil turbe (Green Mausoleum). Set in a garden and distinguished by its exterior paneling of tiles, the mausoleum holds the tiled cenotaph of Sultan Mehmet 1. Across the street, the Yesil Mosque of 1424 relects the new ottoman, as opposed to Seljuk, aesthetic. A medrese nearby complates the complex and is also home to the Ethnography Museum. Before exploring this area, stop for a glass of tea in one of the traditional tea houses. Going uphill, to the east, you pass by the Emir Sultan Mosque in its delightful setting and after walking through a district of old houses you reach the Yildirim Beyazit Mosque (1391). Now make your wayto Cumhuriyet Square (known locally as heykel) and stroll along Ataturk Avenue to koza park where outdoor cafes are set among flowers and fountains. At the back of the park, a long building, the Koza Han (1490), houses the silk cocoon trade. From here you proceed to the covered bazaar area, with its narrow streets, caravanserais and bedesten. On the other side of Koza Park satnds one of Bursa’s oldest religious

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buildings, the Orhan Gazi Mosque, built in 1413. Nearby is the large Ulu Mosque, constructed in the Seljuk style. A finely carved walnut mimber (speaker’s platform) and impressive calligraphic panels decorate the mosque. The sadirvan (ablutionary fountain) lies uncharacteristicly within the mosque itself under the ceiling of twenty domes. Walking west from the Ulu Mosque you arrive at Hisar, an old and picturesque quarter of Bursa. In the park that overlooks the valley are the mausoleums of Osman, the founder of the Ottoman Empire and his son Orhan Gazi, who commanded the army that conquered Bursa. The cafes of the Tophane offer a good place to stop for refreshment. It nearby Ressamlar Sokak (Painters’ Street), local artists work in the open air. At the Yildiz Park Tea Gardens in the Muradiye quarter, you get a superb view of the Muradiye complex. The compound, in a tranquil park-like setting, contains the Mosque of Sultan Murat II (1426) built in the style of the Yesil Mosque and the tombs of Murat II, Sehzade Cem and Sehzade Mustafa. These contain some of the loveliest decoration and tile work. The nearby Ottoman House Museum is in a restored 17th century dwelling that provides an interesting glimpse into the lives of wealthy Ottomans. Other places of interest in Bursa include the Culture Park with the Bursa Archeological Museum and the Ataturk Museum on the road to Cekirge.

The western suburb of Cekirge has been known since Roman times for its warm springs rich in minerals. Many modern hotels have thermal bath facilities or you can also visit the old hamams. Yeni kaplica (New Spring) was built in 1552 by Rustem Pasa, the Grand Vizier Suleyman the Magnificent. The Eski Kaplica (Old Spring), built on the site of the original Byzantine baths, is the oldest bath. The karamustafa Pasabaths are reputed to have

NewFocus May & June’ 2011


Focus On Cover Story the best hot mineral waters in the area. Buildings of interest in Cekirge include the Mosque and Mausoleum of Murat I and the tomb of Suleyman celebi, areligious poet. The monument to Karagoz commemorates the character whose humorous antics are immortalized in Turkish shadow puppet theater. Thirty-six kilometers from Bursa is Uludag, the largest center for winter sports in Turkey and offers a variety of activities, accommodation and entertainment. The slopes are easily reached by car or cable car (teleferik). December to May is the best time for skiing, although the area, Uludag National Park, is well worth a visit at any time of the year for the lovely views and wonderful fresh air. A seaside resort town 25km. from Bursa, Mudanya’s fine fish restaurants and night clubs are popular with the residents of Bursa. The Armictice Museum is also worth a visit. Just 12km. from Mudanya, Zeytinbagi (Tirilye) exemplifies the architecture and layout of a typical Turkish town. The Gulf of Gemlik, 29km from Bursa has wide sandy beaches, of which Armutlu and Kumla are the favorites. Formerly known as Nicaea, Iznik lies at the eastern tip of lake Iznik, to the south of Izmit. The city was founded in 316 BC by Antigonas, one of the generals of Alexander the Great and then taken by another general, Lysimachus,


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who named the city “Nicaea” for his wife. later the city fell to the Bithynian Kingdom and was bequeathed to Rome in 128 BC. After playing its role as an important Roman and then later Byzantine city, it fell to the Seljuks in 1078 and passed on to the Ottomans in 1331. The Roman theater was built by Trajan (249 - 251). On the shore of lake Iznik stands the Roman Senate, where the first Council of Nicea took place in 325. In the center of the yown is the Church of St. Sophia, used by other councils was in 745 over

Focus On Cover Story iconoclasm, the role of icons in worship. The  “Baptisterium” has a cupola over the baptistry. The Ottomans converted this church into the Orhan Mosque. Another church is the 6th century “Komesis” Church built for the ascension of the virgin. Iznik stands along with Jeruselam, Ephesus and the vatican in importance in the Christian world. It is still a small town which does not seem to have exceeded its original 4227 meters of Roman walls with their 114 towers. the four gates which alowed access to the city still stand. In the 16th and 17th centuries, Iznik was the center of exquisite

ceramic ware production which made an important decorative contribution to mosques and palaces throughout Turkey. A museum displays the finds of nearby excavations. Among the important Islamic buildings in town, be sure to visit the turquoise tiled Yesil Mosque and the Nilufer Hatun Imarethanesi, After exploring the sights, the lakeside fish restaurants provide delicious food and a relaxing atmosphere. Five kilometers from Iznik in the Elbeyli village there is a 5th century catacomb and an obelisk 15.5m high built by Cassius Philiscus. Yenisehir, 40 km. northeast of Bursa, is filled with many

interesting and lovely old Turkish houses. The 18th century Semaki Mansion, now restored as a museum, is open to visitors. What to do In Bursa there are things you should not miss. First of all you are in the homeland of the delicious “Iskender Kebap”. The candied chestnuts are a specialty and have an unforgettable taste. The peaches of Bursa are unique. As for something to purchase; Bursa is a center of the silk trade and towel manufacturing. It is also the homeland of the very famous Turkish folklore figures, Karagoz and Hacivat.

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KITF 2011 New Focus Travel Magazine attended the largest tourism exhibition in Kazakhstan and Central Asia; KITF 2011, which took place on 20-22 April in Almaty. KITF is organised by the Ministry of Tourism and Sports of Kazakhstan and Almaty City Administration, together with Iteca (Kazakhstan), part of ITE Group Plc (UK). This year’s event broke a record with the number of countries represented by the exhibitors In two pavilions at the Atakent Exhibition Centre, KITF 2011 presented about 500 tour operators and travel agencies from 40 countries, and featured the national stands of nineteen countries.


NewFocus May & June’2011

Over the three days, KITF presented mostly luxurious holidays for Kazakh travelers. Countries’ luxurious hotels, airlines exhibited their products while tour operators featured special holiday offers. Countries represented by KITF 2011 exhibitors: Australia, Brazil, China, Croatia, Czech Republic, Egypt, France, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Malaysia, Maldives, Mauritius, Peru, Portugal, Russia, Seychelles, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey, UK, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, USA and Vietnam. n


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Tura Turizm Develops in Cruise Tourism Over the past 45 years, Tura Turizm has developed an enviable reputation for providing quality services for groups of leisure travel, corporate, business and convention visiting all major cities around the world and Turkey. Founded in 1966 as a Turkey specialist tour operator, Tura Turizm has since expanded her horizons. As a result of this healthy growth backed by experience and know how, today, Tura Turizm has become a landmark for Turkish Tourism. Tura Turizm participated again world’s important cruise exhibition; Sea Trade Miami last month. President of Tura Turizm Mr. Erkunt Oner this year invited world’s cruise companies in Istanbul. Mr.Oner said, “We are happy that world major cruise companies will meet in

Istanbul on December 5-7. Istanbul is now a very popular destination for all major cruise companies and all added Istanbul in their travel routes’’. Being one of the most dynamic organizations in Turkey, Tura Turizm operates in a wide range of activities in various fields of tourism. All departments within the group are reputable, thanks to their commitment to high quality in all services and products they offer.Tura Turizm offers you uniquely different experiences whether cultural, scenic, adventurous or all three. Now with expert staff in Turkey and partners on the ground in many countries, company thinks its experience that makes the difference. Tura Turizm aims to offer

good quality holidays to areas away from the mainstream. Coupled with civilized travel arrangements, accurate information and the specialist’s traditional strengths of in-depth local knowledge, choice and flexibility, Tura Turizm focuses to provide guests with precisely the holiday they seek. n

Tekser Celebrated its 30th Anniversary

Tekser Tourism & Travel Inc. celebrated its 30th anniversary at a special party held at Esma Sultan Mansion in Istanbul. Speaking at the party, Tekser Tourism & Travel Inc. General Manager Feyhan Kapralı said, “Our priority is offering innovative, entertaining and valuable solutions for your travel needs”. Tekser Tourism & Travel Inc. is founded in 1981 in order to answer the travel related needs of the business

community. During the 30 years, Tekser’s corporate and individual clientele significantly expanded and diversified in numbers, fields of activity and product demands. Pursuing a policy of exclusivity in service, Tekser has now become a major international and local tour operator, offering a wide range of travel options with highly competitive quotations for discerning customers. After 30 years, Tekser decided to update their logo presenting their Having universal principles of trust, honesty, creativity, empathy, and make

a difference, Tekser Tourism & Travel Inc. renewed itself and announced its new cheerful logo at the party where invited guests enjoyed delicious snacks and music by Istanbul orchestra. n

Setur Establishes Partnership with Makyol of Kas Marina in April 2009 as a Build Operate Transfer (BOT) project, partners with the leading brand of marina industry in Turkey; Setur Marinas. Kas Marina is expected to open in May 2011 and will have a capacity of 472 yachts, with suitable docking locations for super- and mega-yachts. Üstün Özbey, the General Manager

Turkish construction and tourism company Makyol and Setur Marina have joined forces to construct the Kas Marina, situated at the Kas town of Antalya in southern Turkey. Makyol, which started construction


NewFocus May & June’2011

of Setur, said that Kas Marina will create new routes alongside the Mediterranean coast. “We will rank among the prestigious and reliable yacht marinas in the Mediterranean,” Özbey said. Setur Marinas currently operates 28 percent of Turkish marinas and has a capacity of 3,900 yachts. n


Turkish Airlines’ Announced Net Profit for the Year 2010 Turkish Airlines’ 2010 consolidated financial statements were reported to Istanbul Stock Exchange. Turkish Airlines has increased its capacity in line with its growth strategy for 2010 and years ahead thus secured passenger growth. In 2010 Available Seat Kilometer (ASK) increased by 15 percent and Revenue Passenger Kilometer (RPK) increased by 20 percent. The number of passengers increased by 16 percent to 29 million, cargo and mail carried increased by 32 percent to 314

thousands. As a result, passenger load factor increased by 2.8 points from the previous year to 73.7 percent. Sales revenue increased by 23 percent to 5.6 Billion$. Approximately 81 percent of our scheduled service revenue was obtained from international lines and 19 percent was from domestic lines. According to the reported 2010 financial statements Turkish Airlines’ operating profit and net profit stood at 307 Million$. and 191 Million$ respectively. Turkish Airlines being an

important player in the aviation sector, has increased its capacity with the wide-body aircraft which began to join the fleet in the last quarter of 2010. It is expected to reach targeted number of passenger and unit revenue with the new Business Class concept “Comfort Class” product in the wide-body aircraft and expanding its network by openning new routes. Furthermore, we are taking all necessary steps to minimize the negative effect of the uprising around neighbouring countries. n

Turkish Airlines and National Football Team Partnership Continues million TL (US$5.8 million) to Turkish Football Association (TFF) within a period of two years as part of the new agreement signed today. Speaking at the signature ceremony, TFF President Mahmut Özgener said he is very pleased for the support of THY. Turkish Airlines (THY) will continue Recalling that Turkey will host UEFA to be one of the biggest supporters of Congress in 2012, and U20 World Cup in Turkish football. 2013, Özgener said they will try to bring Turkey’s national carrier; Turkish more events to Turkey with the help of Airlines has extended its sponsorship Turkish Airlines. deal with the national football team for Hamdi Topçu said that that are 50 another two years. sports federations in Turkey and THY The deal was announced at a ceremony has ties with 47 of them. Topçu added at Swissôtel The Bosphorus in Istanbul, that THY is a support of sports as it with the participation of the Chairman made several international sports of Turkish Airlines; Hamdi Topçu and sponsorships in recent years, led by the Turkish Football Federation Main deals with European football giants sponsor of Turkish national football Barcelona and Manchester United. The team since 2008, THY will give 9 carrier also named Europe’s basketball

completion as the Turkish Airlines Euroleague. THY also has deals with NBA superstar Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers and Danish Caroline Wozniacki, the top-ranked player in women’s tennis. Topçu also announced that the carrier is the transportation sponsor of 2009 UEFA Cup winner Shakhtar Donetsk of Ukraine; the signing ceremony will take place on April 12. Turkish national football team coach Guus Hiddink said, “When you are flying all around the world like I do, you are amazed by the way Turkish Airlines presents itself.” Hiddink holding a small THY ball on his hand, read the THY’s slogan written on it: “Globally Yours” and said, “I hope it flies us globally to the 2014 World Cup, but first we need to go to 2012.” Turkish National Football Team will have a group match against Austria on its way to the 2012 European Football Championship on Tuesday at Sükrü Saracoglu Stadium in Istanbul. President Mahmut Özgener, national football team players and coaching staff. n

Azerbaijan Airlines Launched Direct Flights to Izmir Azerbaijan Airlines has launched direct flights between Turkey’s Aegean city of Izmir and Azerbaijani


NewFocus May & June’2011

capital of Baku. A ceremony took place at the International Terminal of Adnan Menderes Airport in Izmir on occasion of new direct flights between Izmir and Baku. Muharrem Asarli, deputy director general of Azerbaijan Airlines said at

the ceremony that flights would take place on Mondays and Fridays. Asarli said that they also planned to start flights to the northeastern province of Trabzon, southern province of Antalya and southwestern resort of town of Bodrum. n

“ T H E O S C A R S O F T H E T R AV E L I N D U S T RY � WA L L S T R E E T J O U R N A L

Middle East Gala Awards Ceremony 2011 Armani Hotel, Dubai, UAE 2nd May To book seats for this must-attend global networking event please email: Event Partners



Lufthansa’s fifth A380 Visited Istanbul The world’s largest passenger jet, Lufthansa’s flagship A380, landed at Istanbul Ataturk Airport on Saturday, 19 March 2011. Lufhansa’s A380 made first visits of this aircraft type to several European airports on Saturday 19th of March. A380 made its first landings in Warsaw’s Frederic Chopin International Airport, Istanbul Ataturk Airport, and Luqa International Airport in Malta. In the last leg of the tour the aircraft returned to Frankfurt. Lufthansa has ordered 15 A380s, holding an option for another five, and deliveries are expected to be completed by 2015. It is set to become the largest operator of the airliner in Europe. The German airline received its first A380 on May 19, 2010. Seating 526 passengers in Lufthansa’s three-class configuration, the A380 can carry about 60 per cent more passengers than the Boeing 747-400 now in service. Its size is impressive, standing just over 24 meters high and 72.7 meters long with a wingspan of just under 80 meters. This summer, passengers will be able to fly with the A380, the most modern aircraft in the Lufthansa fleet, to five destinations: Johannesburg, New York (J. F. Kennedy), Beijing and San

Francisco (from 10 May) and Tokyo (Narita). A sixth destination, which has yet to be announced, will be included in the A380 schedule by the middle of the year. Lufthansa Turkey General Manager Gregor Wende said at the meeting organized for the arrival of Lufthansa’s fifth A380, “Turkey is one of the important destinations of Lufthansa’s network. Today, coming to here with our new A380 plane, we are showing our appreciation to Turkey as they host us here since 1956”, said Mr. Wende.

German airline presently serves four destinations in Turkey, with non-stop flights to Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir and Bursa. All flights provide lean onward Lufthansa operates 73 weekly flights connections to Lufthansa’s German to Turkey. With non-stop flights to destinations, to well over 100 European Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir and Bursa, cities and some 200 destinations Lufthansa presently serves four Turkish worldwide. cities from its gateways in Frankfurt Lufthansa underlines its commitment and Munich. As of April 2, 2011 Antalya to Turkey in particular by introducing will be added to the network. a seasonal summer service from Lufthansa steadily increased its Munich to Antalya as of April 2, 2011. presence in Turkey. In 2010, Lufthansa The weekly service, to be operated launched its new service from Munich by an Airbus A321 aircraft, will depart to Bursa, connecting the Turkish Antalya every Saturday at 6.05pm, city thrice a week to Germany, to reaching Munich in time for convenient Europe and the world. From its connections to almost everywhere in hubs in Frankfurt and Munich the Europe. n Lufthansa strengthens its presence in Turkey

Saudi Arabia’s Nasair Launch Flights to Turkey Saudi Arabia’s budget air carrier Nasair has started direct flights between Adana and Jeddah and Riyadh and Hatay. Nasair Marketing Director Turki al-Jawini said that Nasair made its first scheduled flight to Istanbul’s Sabiha Gokcen International Airport. He said Nasair also started flights to Adana and Hatay. Al-Jawini said flights would contribute to improvement of relations, underlining that the airlines would fly four times a week


NewFocus May & June’2011

between Istanbul and Jeddah, three times between Jeddah and Adana, two times between Hatay and Jeddah and two times between Hatay and Riyadh. Al-Jawini said Nasair was the first airlines company organizing direct flights from Saudi Arabia to Hatay and Adana, and noted they planned to carry 50-60 thousand passengers. Nasair, a subsidiary of the National Air Services (NAS), is a Saudi Arabian domestic low-cost airline. The company’s head office is located on the first floor of the Al Salam Centre in Riyadh. Commercial flights were launched on 25 February 2007. n


Air Arabia Unveils UAE Visa Service Designed for Turkey Air Arabia, the first and largest lowcost carrier (LCC) in the Middle East and North Africa and in partnership with IVS Global Services launched a unique UAE visa service designed for Turkey. For the first time, Turkish passengers will be able to apply for their visa to the UAE through multiple easily accessible channels. Air Arabia has launched this product in partnership with IVS Global Services. Passengers can now apply for their e-visas in four easy ways. • Buy tickets and apply for the visa online from the comfort of their homes • Visit any Air Arabia sales shop. A one stop shop for Visa and Hotel assistance, flight bookings and car rental. • For the first time, a travel agency can apply for a UAE visa right from their office. Air Arabia has a strong distribution network of travel agents who will be authorized to offer visa services

Speaking at the occasion, AK Nizar, Head of Commercial Department, Air Arabia said, ‘We now connect Istanbul to the UAE with four weekly flights and the launch of this visa service is to help accommodate the significant increase in visa requests from across Turkey. Air Arabia has witnessed a steady year-onyear growth in travel from Istanbul to the UAE. This step is a further commitment from Air Arabia to offer value for money air travel solutions and the very highest standards of service”. New Airbus A320 aircraft, the best leg room of any economy class travel, free hotel and car assistance are just some of the benefits of flying

Air Arabia. Air Arabia’s main base is Sharjah International Airport, ideally situated for customers to enjoy the benefits of quick access to Dubai, fast check-in processes, low congestion, friendly airport staff and convenient connection timings. Bookings can be easily made via the company’s website or appointed travel agents. n

Asiana Airlines to Begin Direct Flights Between Seoul and Istanbul South Korea’s Asiana Airlines began direct flights between Seoul and Istanbul on Tuesday. Asiana Airlines will conduct flights between Seoul and Istanbul three times a week. A ceremony took place at Istanbul’s Ataturk International Airport to mark the first flight of Asiana Airlines

between Seoul and Istanbul. 277 Asiana Airlines passengers arrived in Istanbul on Tuesday in a Boeign 777-200 passenger jet and they were welcomed to the Ataturk Airport with flowers. The ceremony was attended by the President of the Executive Board of TAV Airports M. Sani Sener, Chief Executive Officer of Asiana Airlines Young Du Yun, South Korea’s Consul General in Istanbul Jung Kyung Hong and General Manager of the Ataturk Airport Celal Ozugur. A ribbon cutting ceremony took place

at the Ataturk Airport to celebrate the first flight of Asiana Airlines from Seoul to Istanbul. South Korean girls, dressed in traditional “hanbok”, presented flowers to the cabin crew and passengers of the Asiana Airlines jet. Speaking at the ceremony, Asiana Airlines’ Young Du Yun said that he was extremely happy to see flights between Seoul and Istanbul. “I hope that Asiana Airlines would contribute to the development of relations between Turkey and South Korea,” Yun said. n

Onur Air Launches Istanbul – Ercan Flights Istanbul-based low-cost carrier Onur Air has started flights to Lefkosa in Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) and plans to launch flights from Lefkosa to several international destinations including Britain, Italy, Germany and Iran. An Onur Air plane landed at Ercan Airport on Thursday with 176 passengers on board. It was Onur Air’s first flight to Lefkosa from Istanbul after 19 years. “We were flying to London from Lefkosa in the past.


NewFocus May & June’2011

We had carried out flights to Britain, Germany and France in a bid to help support recognition of TRNC,” Onur Air’s CEO Sehabettin Bolukcu said. Onur Air also plans to start flights to Lefkosa from the Turkish north coast city of Trabzon. “We will make 14 flights to TRNC every week. However, we expect to increase the frequency on demand,” Bolukcu said. Onur Air will use its 221-seat Airbus A321 aircraft for Lefkosabound flights. In May, the company

will add an A330 plane to its fleet which currently has a capacity of 8,500 seats in 30 aircraft. n

Destinasyon Karnaval

Karnaval ile Ülke Tanıtımı 42

NewFocus May & June’2011

Yıllarca Fransızların lüks tatil cenneti olarak duyduğumuz ve geçtiğimiz yıllardaki kısıtlı ulaşım olanakları nedeniyle de zengin turist destinasyonu olarak tanınan Seyşel adaları bu özelliğini hala koruyor. Mart ayı yüksek sezon olmamasına rağmen 5 yıldızlı otellerin standart oda fiyatları 1.000.-Euro’lardan ve yüksek sezonda aynı odalarda bu rakamlar 3.000.-Eurolardan başlıyor

NewFocus May & June’2011


Destinasyon Karnaval

Seyşel tamamiyle bir tatil ülkesi. 3 S -Deniz,Kum ve Güneş -satıyor. Turizmde ana pazarlarını başta Fransa olmak üzere İngiltere, İtalya, Almanya, Güney Afrika, Rusya, Orta Doğu, Çin ve Güney Kore’li zengin turistler teşkil ediyor.


lkelerin tanıtım için kullandıkları enstrümanların bir yenisine daha tanık olduk. Seyşel adaları da tanıtım için bir karnaval düzenlemeye başladı. 4-6 Mart tarihleri arasında ilki geçekleşen Uluslararası Seyşel Viktorya Karnavalı ile Seyşel adaları turizmde yeni bir hamle başlatıyor. Afrika’nın doğusunda Madagaskar’ın üstünde yer alan ve 115 adadan oluşan bu adalar ülkesinde Başkent Viktorya, bundan böyle her yıl Mart ayı başında bu karnaval ile tüm Dünyadan daha fazla sayıda zengin turist çekmeye çalışacak. Yıllarca Fransızların lüks tatil cenneti olarak duyduğumuz ve geçtiğimiz yıllardaki kısıtlı ulaşım olanakları nedeniyle de zengin turist destinasyonu olarak tanınan Seyşel adaları bu özelliğini hala koruyor. Mart ayı yüksek sezon olmamasına rağmen 5 yıldızlı otellerin standart oda fiyatları 1.000.-Euro’lardan ve yüksek sezonda aynı odalarda bu rakamlar 3.000.-Eurolardan başlıyor. Bir ülke çok zengin olmayabiliyor ama yine de kaliteli ve zengin turist destinasyonu olabiliyor. Diyeceksiniz ki kardeşim bu ülkeye kaç turist gidiyor? Hemen söyleyelim; 2010 da gelen turist sayısı bu yıla kadar ki en yüksek rakamı oluşturmuş.

Seyşel Adaları turizm başkanları Alain St. Ange öncülüğünde yeni ürünleri Seyşel Karnaval’i ile tanıtımlarını bundan böyle her yıl Mart ayları başlarında tekrarlayacaklar.


NewFocus May & June’2011

Yaklaşık 175.000 yabancı turist. Ama durun hemen burun kıvırmayın bu rakam ülke toplam gelirinin %21 ini oluştururken, ülkenin toplam döviz girdisinin de % 60 ının turizmden gelmesini sağlıyor. Yabancı turistin ortalama kalış süresi 10.2 gün. Ülkenin nüfusu 87 bin ve bu rakamın %15 e yakın bölümü turizm sektöründe çalışıyor. Ülkede işssizlik yok. Bu bilgilerden sonra bazı rakamları ülkemiz rakamları ile karşılaştırabilirsiniz ! Turizmde ana pazarlarını Avrupa ülkeleri oluşturuyor. Gelen turistin %80 i Avrupa’dan. Başta Fransa olmak üzere İngiltere, İtalya ve Almanya en çok turist gönderen ülkeler. Bu ülkeleri Güney Afrika, Rusya, Orta Doğu, Çin ve Güney Kore’li zengin turistler teşkil ediyor. Seyşel tamamiyle bir tatil ülkesi. 3 S satıyor.( Deniz,Kum ve Güneş ) Balayı, romantik turlar ve aile turları öncelikli. Doğasını korumuş ve koruma önlemlerini sürekli artırıyor. Volkanik dağlar ve etekleri ile ülke yemyeşil. Başkent Viktorya’nın da olduğu ana ada olan Mahe adasının etrafını arabayla gezerek bu beyaz kumlu geniş plajları keşfetmek ve ormanlık alanlarda doğa gezileri yapmak en büyük turistik atraksiyonları. Hemen herkes ana dilleri Creole dışında mutlaka Fransızca ve Ingilizce biliyor. Para birimi Rupi ve 1 USD = 12 Rupi. Türkiye’den 2 saat ileride. Tropikal meyve ve sebzeler ve tabii balık bol ve ucuz. Turizm başkanları Alain St. Ange öncülüğü ile 6 ay once başlatılan karnaval hazırlıkları için ülkenin tüm özel ve devlet kurumları destek vermiş, sponsor olarak karnavalın bir ucundan tutmuş. Devlet Başkanları hem açılış günü hem karnavalın ilk günü saatlerce konukları ile birlikte ve adeta organizasyonun bir parçası olarak karnavala destek verdi. Karnavala 19 ülkeden 65 kuruluş katıldı. Katılımcılar arasında Hindistan, Fransa, Italya,

Destinasyon Karnaval Çin, Rusya, Güney Afrika, Güney Kore, Arab Emirlikleri, Ingiltere, Tanzanya, Endonezya, Zimbabwe, Zanzibar, gibi ülkelerin yanında Seyşel kuruluşları ve okulları da yerel giysileri, dansları ve müzikleri ile Karnavala çoşku kattılar. Yerli ve yabancı sanatcıların davet edildiği organizasyona ABD’li ünlü şarkıcı ve BM tarım örgütü (FAO ) Şeref Başkanı Dionne Warwick de onur konuğu olarak çağrılanlar arasındaydı. Tüm Dünyadan 40 yabancı medya mensubu davet edilerek bu karnavalın tanıtımı için 6 gün boyunca mükemmel bir evsahipliğinde ve profesyonel bir organizasyon içinde

ABD’li ünlü şarkıcı ve BM tarım örgütü (FAO ) Şeref Başkanı Dionne Warwick de onur konuğu olduğu Seyşel Karnavalında ülkemizi özlediğini ve tekrar gelip konser vermek istediğini söyleşimizde bize aktardı. Dionne’nin bu arzusunu Istanbul Jazz Festivali yöneticilerine burdan iletelim.

Adaların tüm cevreleri beyaz kumsalları ile doğal plajlardan oluşmuş. NewFocus May & June’2011


Destinasyon Karnaval

Seyşel Adaları’nın mütavazi başkanı James Michel (ortada beyaz gömlekli) çeşitli ülkelerden konuklarına ve medya mensublarına başkanlık bahçesinde hoşgeldiniz daveti verdi. ağırlandılar. Seyşeller 1980 li yılların sonundan itibaren bir marka. Yıl boyu neredeyse aynı kalan sıcak iklimin de verdiği avantajla bir balayı ve tatil ülkesi. Seyşellerin bugüne kadar nasıl bir turizm markası olduğunun kanıtında bu organizasyon çok basit bir örnek teşkil etti. Ülkelerine daha fazla zengin turist getirme, kaliteden ödün vermeden bir marka olma, rekabet koşulları ile ellerindeki ürünün değerini düşürmeyip aksine daha üst seviyelere çıkarma çabaları belirgin bir şekilde görülüyordu. Hilton, Four Seasons, Le Meridien gibi uluslararası zincirler adaların değişik bölgelerinde yeni resort tesisler açıyor. Mairutus, Madagaskar ve Maldiv gibi Hint okyanusundaki diğer adalarda resort tesisleri olan Constance, Maia gibi bölgesel lüks otel zincirlerinin yanısıra Kempinski ve Banyan Tree gibi markalar da Seyşellerde lüks tesisleri ile yerini alıyor.

Rio Karnavalı ünlüdür, hemen Brezilya’yı hatırlatır, Mardi Gras New Orleans ile bütünleşmiştir, Karayip adalarının hemen hepsinde ülkeleri ile özdeşleşmiş benzer karnavallar yapılır, Meksika’da da hemen her şehrin bir fiestası vardır, Ispanya’da La Tomatino, Almanya da Oktober Fest tüm dünyadan turist çeken marka etkinliklerdir. Şimdi Seyşel’de bu alana katılıyor. Zengin kültürümüzle özdeşleşmiş geleneksel festivallerimizi uluslararası markalar arasına katarak daha çok ve daha kaliteli turist dileklerimizle yazımızı sonlandıralım.

En büyük dostluğu Güney Afrika’lı gazeteciler ile yaşadık.

Rio Karnavalı ünlüdür ama Brezilya’lı güzel sambacılar Seyşel Karnavalında da boy göstermeyi ihmal etmediler ve tabii en büyük ilgiyi de onlar aldılar.


NewFocus May & June’2011

Destinasyon Karnaval

Dostlar bilir, Zimbabwe ile yakınlığımız farklıdır. Onlar ile karnaval da daha da yakınlaştık.

NewFocus May & June’2011



KKTC’ye Yıllar Sonra ilk Charter KKTC’de yeni uygulanan teşvik sistemiyle yıllar sonra ilk defa charter uçuşlar başladı. 15 Nisan Cuma günü Ercan’a inen Tailwind Havayolları uçağıyla Berlin’den KKTC’ye gelen Alman misafirlere özel bir karşılama töreni hazırlandı. 2011 yılında 13 ülkeden 600 charter seferi planlanıyor. Kuzey Kıbrıs Türk Cumhuriyeti’nde uygulanmaya başlanan yeni teşvik sistemiyle charter seferlerin de teşvik kapsamına alınmasıyla yıllar sonra düzenlenen ilk charter seferini Tailwind Havayolları gerçekleştirdi. 162 yolcusuyla 15 Nisan Cuma günü Berlin’den kalkan Tailwind Havayolları uçağı saat 15.20’de Ercan Havalimanı’na indi. KKTC’ye tatile gelen Alman yolcular uçaktan inişlerinde Devlet Halk Dansları ekibinin gösterisi ve ikramlarla karşılandı. KKTC Turizm, Çevre ve Kültür Bakanı Ünal Üstel, bakanlık yetkilileri ve uçuşları organize eden Northern Travel’ın Direktörü Doğan Yalkı Alman yolcuları Ercan Havalimanı’nda karşıladı. Türkiye Cumhuriyeti Lefkoşa Büyükelçiliği Yardım Heyeti’nin desteğiyle Turizm, Çevre ve Kültür Bakanlığınca sürdürülen projeyle 2011 yılında 13 ülkeden 600 charter seferi gerçekleştirilmesi planlanıyor. Northern Travel Direktörü Doğan Yalkı Ercan Havalimanı’nda basına yaptığı açıklamada Kıbrıs Türk Havayolları’nın faaliyetten kalkmasından sonra alternatif arayışına girdiklerini ve Türkiye Cumhuriyeti Yardım

Heyeti ve Turizm Bakanlığı’nın destekleriyle ilk charter seferi gerçekleştirdiklerini söyledi. Bu uçuşların KKTC turizmine büyük katkısı olacağını söyleyen Yalkı, seferlerin her hafta Avrupa’dan dört İran ve Azerbaycan’dan ikişer uçuşla devam edeceğini açıkladı. n

Halil Tuncer’e 40 yıl Sonra Teşekkür Ödülü

Turizm fotoğrafçısı Halil Tuncer’e, 40 yıl önce çektiği fotoğrafın “teşekkür” ödülü verildi. Adıyaman Belediyesi’nin ev sahipliğinde, Adıyaman Valiliği, Başbakanlık Tanıtma Fonu, GAP Bölge Kalkınma İdaresi (BKİ), Adıyaman Üniversitesi ile Turizm Yazarları ve Gazetecileri Derneği (TUYED) işbirliğiyle düzenlenen etkinlik, bir vefa örneğine de sahne oldu. Adıyaman Belediye Başkanı M. Necip Büyükaslan, Adıyaman’ın “turizm hamlesi” etkinlikleri kapsamında, turizm fotoğrafçısı Halil Tuncer’e bir teşekkür plaketi verdi. Başkan Büyükaslan Tuncer’e plaketini sunarken


NewFocus May & June’2011

şunları söyledi: “Halil bey, kentimizin gurur kaynağı, dünyanın sekizinci harikası Nemrut Dağı’nın ilk fotoğrafını 1971 yılında çekmiş. O yıldan bu yana Tuncer, çektiği bir birinden güzel sayısız Nemrut karesiyle kentimizin tanıtımına ciddi bir katkı sağladı. Bu yüzden kendisine Adıyamanlılar adına bir teşekkür plaketi vererek, bir anlamda vefa borcumuzu ödüyoruz.” Duygulu anların yaşandığı ödül töreninde kısa bir konuşma yapan Tuncer, çektiği Nemrut Dağı karesinden oluşturulup Türkiye’ye ikincilik ödülü kazandıran afiş hakkında şunları söyledi: “O kareyi yakalayabilmek için zor şartlar altında olmasına rağmen, Nemrut’te üç gece konaklamak zorunda kaldım. O günlerde bir grup turist Nemrut’tan paraşütle atlayış yapıyordu. Uygun kareyi bulana dek epey film makarası harcadım. Sonunda istediğim kareyi yakalayabildim.” Kopenhag Tanıtım Müşavirliği’nin 1993’te yakaladığı kareden bir afiş yapıp bunu 69 ülkenin katıldığı turizm afişleri yarışmasına katıldığını anımsatan Tuncer sözlerini şöyle sürdürdü: “Bu yarışma Uluslararası Ferie Turizm Fuarı kapsamında gerçekleştirildi. Bu afiş Türkiye’ye ikincilik ödülü kazandırdı ama beni kimse arayıp haber verme zahmetine bile girmedi. Olup bitenleri yarışmadan tam altı ay sonra hem de bir dergide çıkan haber sayesinde öğrenebildim.” n

Gaziantep Mozaik Müzesi Gün Sayıyor Kerem Köfteoğlu

Dünyanın en büyük mozaik müzesi konumundaki Gaziantep Mozaik Müzesi yeni yerinde kapılarını ziyaretçilere açmak için gün sayıyor. Temeli 2008’de atılan Müze için toplam 34 trilyon lira harcandığı belirtiliyor. Konferans salonu ve müze kısmıyla 30 bin metrekare kapalı alana sahip Mozaik Müzesi, çalışmaların tamamlanmasından sonra dünyanın en büyük Mozaik Müzesi olarak Gaziantep’te turizmin hizmetine açılacak. Yetkililerinden alınan bilgilere göre, dünyaca ünlü mozaiklerin yanı sıra, müzede çocuklara yönelik mozaik atölyesi, teknolojinin son harikasından yararlanılarak tabana yansıtılan eğlendirici animasyonlar ve dünyanın en büyük konservasyon alanı bulunacak. Müzenin resmi açılışının önümüzdeki ay Başbakan Erdoğan tarafından yapılması bekleniyor. Müzeyi yıl sonuna kadar 500 bin kişinin gezeceği tahmin ediliyor. n


Moskova’da ‘Endless İstanbul’’ Workshop’u

İstanbul’a, en üst gelir düzeyine sahip Rus turistin gelmesi hedefleniyor. Kültür ve Turizm Bakanlığı, TUROB, THY işbirliği ve Karavan Turizm katkıları ile 13 Nisan tarihinde, Moskova’da ‘Endless İstanbul workshop’u düzenlendi.

Türkiye ve Rusya’dan turizm sektör temsilcilerinin katıldığı workshop’ta; üst gelir grubuna dahil olan Rus turistlerin, İstanbul başta olmak üzere, Türkiye’nin tarihi ve kültürel yerlerini ziyaret etmesine yönelik çalışma başlatıldı. n

Divan Bodrum Yenilendi Condé Nast tarafından “Avrupa ve Akdeniz’in En Büyüleyici Oteli” seçilen Divan Bodrum, yenilenen yüzüyle yaz sezonunda konuklarını karşılamaya hazırlanıyor. Göltürkbükü koyundaki eşsiz konumu, masmavi sahili, konuklarına yaşattığı butik otel şıklığı ve konforuyla Divan Bodrum, bu yıl yenilenen yüzüyle hizmet verecek. Otel, yalnızca kendine has mimarisi ve muhteşem sahili ile değil, konumuyla da misafirlerine Bodrum’un tüm avantajlarını sunuyor. Milas – Bodrum Havaalanı’na yarım saatten az bir mesafede bulunan Divan Bodrum, havaalanı – otel arası ulaşımları da konforlu ve lüks araçlarla sağlıyor. Eğlence hayatının kalbinin attığı Göltürkbükü’nden, Bodrum’un merkezine ise yalnızca 10 dakikada ulaşılabiliyor. Çevre düzenlemesi; İTÜ Mimarlık Fakültesi

Peyzaj Mimarlığı Bölüm Başkanı Ahmet sezonuna hazır hale getirildi. Konuklar; Yıldızcı tarafından gerçekleştirilen otelin yenilenen iskelesinde masmavi otel, tüm odaları renove edilerek yaz denizin veya palmiye ağaçlarının gölgesindeki relax oturma gruplarıyla çevrili havuzun tadını doyasıya çıkarabilecekler. Yaz günlerinin tatlı sıcaklığından bunalan konuklara gün boyu hafif içecekler (refreshment) ikram edilecek. Ayrıca dileyen konuklar, otel bünyesinde yeni açılan Divan Pastanesi’nin eşsiz lezzetleriyle, beş çaylarını yudumlayabilecekler. En güncel beğenilere göre yeniden hazırlanan menü seçenekleriyle bir şölene dönüşecek akşam yemekleri ise, Sahil Restaurant’ın nefis atmosferinde servis edilecek. Bodrum’un en eşsiz koylarından birinde konumlanan Divan Bodrum, yenilenen yüzüyle konuklarına butik ve egzotik bir deneyim yaşatmaya devam edecek. n

Hasankeyf Çarşısı Yenileniyor Ilısu Barajı”nın suları altında kalma tehdidi ile karşı karşıya kalan, doğu ve batı uygarlıklarının temeli Hasankeyf”in eski çarşısı imece ile yenileniyor. İnsanlığın en değerli kültürel varlıklarından biri, Türkiye”nin güneydoğusundaki en etkileyici doğa ve kültür mirası Hasankeyf”e yıllardır hiçbir yatırım yapılmıyor. Birinci derece arkeolojik sit alanı olan ve 1960”lı yıllardan bu yana Ilısu Barajı”nın suları altında kalma tehlikesi ile karşı karşıya kalan kentte; halk barajın belirsizliğinin yarattığı olumsuz ortamda, ciddi ekonomik sıkıntılar içerisinde yaşıyor.

Doğa Derneği ve Hasankeyf Belediyesi, birçok olanaktan yoksun haliyle bile yılda 2 milyon turist çeken Hasankeyf için Hasankeyf çarşısını iyileştirme seferberliğini hayata geçiriyor. Bu çalışmayla çarşıda yer alan tüm bina cephelerinin onarımları, boyaları ve bakımları yapılacak. Sokağın bütününü kapsayan ahşap gölgelikler takılarak, Hasankeyf”e özel tasarlanan ahşap tabela ve aydınlatmalar asılacak. Doğa Derneği Hasankeyf Kampanya Sorumlusu Derya Engin “Hasankeyf”i de içine alan Dicle Vadisi, UNESCO”nun on “Dünya Mirası” kriterinin dokuzunu

birden sağlayan dünyadaki tek yer. Hasankeyf ve Dicle Vadisi”nin UNESCO Dünya Mirası ilan edilmesini talep ediyoruz. Hasankeyf Çarşısı, kentin can damarı. Bu çarşının tarihi dokusunun iyileştirilmesi Hasankeyf”te yaşama kararlılığımızı daha da çoğaltacak.” diye konuştu. Çarşı esnafından Ömer Güzel ise “Bu proje ile çarşımıza renk gelecek, hayat gelecek. Çalışmaların tamamlanmasını merakla bekliyoruz. Tüm çarşı esnafı olarak onarımları, boyamaları el birliği ile yapacağız, Hasankeyf”e birlikte can vereceğiz” dedi. n NewFocus May & June’2011


Focus on KISA...KISA...

TH 20 Year th year 18th 18 yearMay & June’2011 NO:119 101 May/June’08 May/June’08 no: 101 no:

KISA KISA New Focus Temmuz/ Ağustos 2011

Yönetciler • Altuğ Uluceviz Travelstart Online Travel ‘ın Türkiye müdürü oldu. * OTTF - Haydarabat • Atilla Karaburçak Aska Otelleri insan kaynakları ve kalite * OTTF – Kalkutta müdürlüğüne atandı. • Karlygash Omurbayeva Air Astana’nın yeni Türkiye Turizm fuarlarında dağıtılacak. Haber ve Reklamlarınız için müdürü oldu. son gün 24.Haziran.2011 • Sedat Nemli The Edition otel Istanbul genel müdürlüğünü üstlendi. • Bike Toku Haliç Kongre Merkezi’nin pazarlama ve satış direktörü oldu. • Birol Kaymas Bursa Çelik Palas genel müdürlüğüne atandı. • Marcos Bekhit Divan otellerinin CEO’luğuna getirildi. • Mehmet Mulayim ‘in yeni görevi The Marmara Antalya otelin genel müdürlüğü.

Tesisler • Ankara HiltonSA’nın yenilenen Marco Polo Salonu açıldı. • Ünlü Gürcü topluluğu Samaia, konaklamak için The Marmara Şişli’yi seçti. • Aviareps Türkiye ofisini açtı. • Elite World Prestige otel’in Aşçıbaşısı Mithat Yalçınkaya kömürlü döküm ütü üzerinde pişirdiği lezzetler ile gastronomi kültürüne yeni bir sunum ve pişirme tekniği kazandırdı. • Enka Oman havaalanı terminalini yapacak. • Dedeman otellerinin geleneksel “Mehmet Kemal Dedeman Araştırma ve Geliştirme Proje Yarışması”nın bu seneki başvuruları 1 Eylül 2011 ve 1 Kasım 2011 tarihleri arasında gerçekleşecek. • Mardan Palace’da göreve gelen yeni yönetimle birlikte pazarlama sistemi de değişti. • BW The President otel ile BW Citadel otel uluslararası Best Western International tarafından verilen ‘Global Kalite Ödülü’ plaketlerini aldı.


Acentalar • Intra Tours Latin Amerika pazarına yatırımlarını artırdı. • Hey Travel Dünya festivallerine özel turlar düzenliyor. • Germanwings uçuş ağını genişletiyor. • VIP Turizm’in birbirinden özel 300 farklı tur programına artık mil puanlarıyla katılmak mümkün. • Emirates Holidays’in tüm destinasyonları içeren 2011-2012 A World of Choice adlı kataloğu tanıtıldı. • Etstur Sanayi ve Ticaret Bakanlığı Tüketici Memnuniyeti ödülü’nü üçüncü kez aldı. • Kuoni 2011 için Türkiye’ye talebin yüksek olduğunu açıkladı. • TÜRSAB ülke ziyaretlerini Slovenya ile sürdürdü. Havayolları KISA KISA... Yöneticiler • Lufthansa Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir ve Bursa, uçuşlarına bir yenisini 2 Nisanda başladığı Antalya seferlerini de ekledi. • Harun Bilgiç Bodrum Green Beach Resort otel müdürü oldu. • ve Ali Barut Concordia Celes genel müdürlü¤üne atand›. • Etihad ile Nisan fırsatı! Şimdi alın Mayıs Haziran’ da otelavantajlı uçun. New Focus Mart/Nisan ’08 • Faik Kaptano¤lu ALTAV - baflkanl›¤›na yeniden secildi. K›z›l Alkoçlar otel, Uluda¤ genel müdürlü¤üne atand›. • easyJet filosuna 15 Airbus A320 ekliyor.•• Mustafa Riza Epikmen ve Feyyaz Yalçin UKTAS yönetimine seçildi. ITB - Berlin Serap Garipo¤lu Sungate Port Royal otel pazarlama müdürü oldu. • Türk Hava 2011 Yaz Tarifesinde ••Beyruta (Lübnan) uçuşlarını arttırıyor. TURYolları - Goteburg Suat Kantacio¤lu Ankara Radisson SAS as F&B müdürü oldu. • SingapurMAP Havayolları Uzakdoğu’ya Mayıs ayı sonuna kadar promosyonlu fiyatlar uygulayacak. - Paris • Air Astana Class servisi ile taktir ediliyor. MITTBusiness - Moscow Havayollar› • Airyolcuları France ABD uçufllar›nda uyguluyor. • Atlasjet Adana,Ve Antalya, Bodrum ve İzmir içinpromosyonlar uçaktan indikten sonra ve havalimanına ulaştırmak için, • Pegasus Airline yeni bir Boeing 737-800 u filosuna katt›. - Kiev kullanmakUITT üzere ücretsiz otobüs servisi başlattı. • SunExpress ‹zmir - Samsun uçufllar›na bafllad›. Turizm fuarlar›nda. Haber ve reklamlar›n›z›n yay›n› için son gün 22.fiubat.2008

• • • •

Pegasus uçak içi promosyonlar› uyguluyor. American Airlines 2008 de ABD uçufllar›nda özel tarifeler uygulayacak. Turkish Airlines Hatay ucuslari basladi. British Airways Antalya-London ucufllar›na bafll›yor.

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Dakar, Senegal

What: ATA’s signature event provides a networking, learning and agenda-shaping platform for travel professionals. The congress addresses timely industry topics, offers professional development opportunities, and includes roundtables for tourism ministers, an Africa Bazaar for buyers and sellers, host country days, gala dinners and pre- and post-country tours.


DISCOVER WHAT YOU’VE BEEN MISSING. In this wonderful country where smiles seem to be the national language, where welcomes are always heartfelt, and where making new friends is so easy, here you’ll discover true warmth.

New Focus Travel Magazine May/June 2011  

New Focus Travel Magazine May/June 2011

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