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PEACE THROUGH TOURISM IN 2017 Wouldn’t that be nice! Hey drop the guns, have coffee, chat about the differences, share religions, mix the colours up and paint some peace on the world canvas. Okay then. I’m done. As I say, would be nice if everyone just said no to violence in all its forms. But then this is planet Earth and it is inhabited by more than a few deplorables. We’ll just have to work around them for now. Millions of tourists are still on the move, and millions of tourists are not. They’d like to be, but the parts of the world they want to visit are somewhat suspect at the moment. My concern is North America. A recent report in a UK newspaper said at least one-million of those tourists holding back on visiting America are Brits. I wonder which lucky country or countries will receive them? Canada, eh? Looking in from the outside now, but having flown, driven, cruised, hiked, sightseen, attended and delivered conference talks across the USA, the invitation to come Visit the USA is sounding a tad hollow. A far cry from when Rosanne Cash and a stage full of multi-talented, multi-race, musicians of all colours, ethnicity and religions joined together to welcome the world’s tourists and travellers. The times are still a changin’ and not for the best. Don’t get me started. Focus. Focus on turning the welcome wave back on. Tourism USA would for sure like to attract a few extra millions of dollars to the country’s coffers. American and Canadian TA’s can help. Let’s get busy. Read on. Don’t forget you have a series of e-Guides you can purchase from The Travel Institute that will help you move ahead in most things related to selling travel. Here’s to your continued success! Best regards. Steve Crowhurst, CTC, CTM Hon.

Hello and greetings to everyone: It’s that time of year once again as one year closes and another opens. The New Year presents us all with a litany of opportunities to further our businesses and I hope and wish for you to win your share. I would like to thank everyone under the Nexion Canada banner for all your fantastic efforts and achievements throughout 2016 and let’s collectively thank our suppliers for their continued support and for putting product on the table for us to sell. With that, here’s to everyone having a safe and happy holiday season. We have some exciting times ahead! Why not join us? Mike Foster President, Nexion Canada



Your expertise is going to be tested in the coming months and throughout 2017. America, one of those countries most travellers want to visit, or revisit is under siege – from a tourism point of view, that is. Travellers and tourists need to feel they will be welcomed to a country and at the moment, America’s greatness, seems to have turned to GRHATENESS. The televised dislike for Muslims, non-whites and LGBT and who knows who is next? I guess the answer will be found on Twitter – the social outlet for hate mongering cowards. What’s a Travel Agent to do? The INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE FOR PEACE THROUGH TOURISM (IIPT) website is a wonder to view and scroll through. So many peace through tourism initiatives going on and backed by countries whose own peoples are deemed not wanted as tourists in the USA. It’s going to be a long slog and a mother of all battles that’s for sure if the industry is to turn this rig around as the Willis Brothers might croon. To turn THIS specific rig around, let’s start right here with the Credo of the Peaceful Traveler.

You’ll notice the keywords in this credo and hopefully Tourism USA officials will knock on the White House door to make sure the credo gets out to those angry mobs waiting to batter those tourists - you know, those same tourists that help bring back jobs and keep food on so many American tables. Scaring them away means job losses in the tens of thousands.

Then there’s this wonderful video, narrated by Robert Redford. As you watch it you will be entranced by the fantastic images of the American landscape and once again, key into the words used. Apparently the land, the parks were all put aside for EVERYONE. Now isn’t that a treat! What went wrong?

Getting GRHATE to GREAT is not going to be easy for travel agents who love to sell and visit the USA. The challenge of course comes if you happen to be a travel agent that wears a religious garb of any kind. A Muslim travel agent might not be allowed in according to the past readings from the GRHATE ORATOR.

than a few countries around the world to warn their world travellers about the danger of visiting the USA. Yes, you can get SHOT and killed on almost every street in the USA.

Turning away both ethnic tourists and travel agents will have a HUGE impact on the overall tourism reciepts that America needs badly and very much bigly, too. America’s Travel Advisory It was stated so many times during the run for the White House and it has caused more


Furthermore, if you happen to be a black tourist visiting from oversees, you stand an even better chance of being shot. That’s the report from the podium. Possibly by local inhabitants and possibly by the local police. But then hopefully this is only political verbiage. Then again, it was stated so many times, a tourist should take heed and listen to the advisory their country has published. Create Your Own Great Greet If Tourism USA can’t do it then perhaps you and your local tourism connections can and what I’m referring to is to promote your American city, suburb, neighbourhood as a peaceful place to be and invite tourists to come visit. Sending out Greetings that make you GREAT again is the message. A message of love and welcome, well-being and treasure the diversity and learning that travellers from overseas bring with them. Warn Your American Clients… The chance of reverse discrimination is a target on the back of every American tourist travelling overseas. It happened some years ago when Americans wore the Canadian flag as camouflage, and were seriously condemned for their cowardice. So you do not want to recommend that idea in the slightest. You should however make your American tourists heading overseas to be more aware than usual. They are now a target. It could be open season on anyone looking like, speaking like and dressing like an American. You know, it’s just like the rhetoric spewed out by the same GRHATE ORATOR ‘imself. The Golden Haired One. More hate crimes across the land. What goes around comes around as they say. A Muslim in America today, an American in Europe tomorrow. Those careless words of weeks ago will for sure damage the American tourist’s chances

of being well treated abroad. So, here’s what you do. You sell more insurance. Insure Your Clients – Show YOU Care As any travel agent worth their salt, you should always sell your clients the proper travel insurance coverage – and now, today, even more so. There’s the generic coverage and then there’s the more expensive but seemingly appropriate coverage for injuries sustained by being attacked etc. Make sure you know who offers this and the pricing and the rules of engagement. Perhaps the NEW people in the White House have already thought about this and arranged additional protection for American travellers heading overseas. Remember if anything hits the fan, it will be your fault! Last but not least, make sure, 100% each time every time, your clients are advised about insurance and they sign off on the waiver if they decline. In the short term, if you want to add another level of security to your client’s travels is to keep them away from properties being targeted by demonstrations. Most of them are peaceful, but there are the pro trouble makers who might, could instigate an uptick in the expected violence. You just do not need to place your clients at risk. So that’s hotels, golf courses and anywhere else that the protestors are converging world-wide. State Your Case Loud and Clear If your State is a State of peace and not bigotry then you need to stand tall and let the world know – or you will be tarred and feathered, like the good old days and once the worlds travel media has you in its sights, just like back home in the good old USA, you will suffer the long term consequences. Tourists have other choices and many more places to go - 194 or more to be exact. So if you want them to visit your neck of the

woods, you’d best start yourselves as a Place of Peace.


Tour Companies Take Note Too You could wait it out, but now’s the time to rise above the deplorable events and state where you stand on delivering safe travel for all inbound visitors – no matter their head scarf! Your reputation will be handed down from generation of tourist to the next. Do your due diligence and review the history of defunct airlines, hotel chains, tour companies and cruise lines. Must keep your eye on the tourist ball and your finger on the pulse of world travel. Those defunct travel firms rarely make it back. Once dead they stay dead. The Peaceful Travel Agent Movement Contact your head office, your chief of all things related to your consortium or home based company. Push for a marketing plan that promotes you and your colleagues as peace loving American travel agents and wish the world well.

If YOU don’t denounce then you too are in the thick of the Make America GRHATE movement. It is impossible for me to think travel agents are anything other than lovers of all peoples, races, creeds, religions and colour. To be anything else goes against all things we’ve built over the decades since Tommy Cook took his first rail ride back in the mid 1800’s. Go Social With Your Message of Peace Now could be the time to ramp up your own social media activities and hey, if the presidency can be won by Tweeting out, then why not your agency becoming number one in your community, only with a twist – you’ll preach love and safe travels. Your message will be one of GREATNESS, not GRHATENESS. Perhaps you and your colleagues, fellow agents under the same brand could start a movement of peace and align somehow with the IIPT organization. When they go low you go HIGH. Worth a try.

It does boggle the old mind doesn’t it? Well it does mine. For some years now, we have, as a world, been on the decline in terms of making war instead of peace. I was personally expecting the global situation to level off and our fellow man around the world to embrace peace and pitch in to make the world a better place to live. However, not everyone sees that same light. Guns are of course an absolute necessity – I mean how else can a family put food on the table in downtown NYK? That’s right - those pesky rows of steaks at the grocery store, all wrapped up, priced and ready to go, need to be threatened and even shot if they move! Sure beats hunting in the wild. You could get wet going outside! A gun can be used to turn a traffic light from red to green too, even to shoot the guy driving next to you. Such a strange game to play. What else? And did you know that just to point that pistol at a department store manager gets you 20% off, like right now! You bet guns are definitely a present day requirement. Oh and still some banks offer you the latest gun if you open an account. There are rules of course: you are not allowed to use that gun to rob the bank. That automatically disqualifies you and you must give the gun back. And rightly so. BUT, you might get a travel loan for that next trip? Hard to say… just have to wave that sawn-off shotgun and see what gives. 

WHEN THEY FLY LOW, WE FLY HIGH! One the most memorable remarks for a long time. You may want to commit this phrase to your window or agency slogan. It says a lot about you. Of course it’s a play on Michelle Obama’s words and most people will pick that up. It also makes a statement about you and your agency. It means you are truthful, trustworthy and obviously friendly and easy to do business with. You wouldn’t want it any other way would you? Go for greatness every time.


Okay it’s over to you, you being North American travel agents, tour companies and departments of tourism. Canadian TAs – yes you can still sell your clients into the States, American TAs yes you can sell inbound. The only concern is where American TAs send their American clients. It must be a safe place and even the good old stay-home vacations might go awry if the mob detects your client to be not one of them. So 2017 is going to be a bit of a challenge for American TAs. That said, CANADA is close and very peaceful, most of the time! 


I heard you calling from the start A river runs through both our hearts A thousand shades of something new I cannot wait to play for you

You can hear the bells and strings Just wait until you make them ring And it's closer than it seems Come and find your land of dreams

So play your songs and make them real There's a place for all we feel And it's closer than it seems Come and find your land of dreams

Land of dreams, land of dreams Come and find your land of dreams And it's closer than it seems Come and find your land of dreams

Land of dreams, land of dreams Come and find your land of dreams And it's closer than it seems Come and find your land of dreams

Land of dreams, land of dreams Come and find your land of dreams And it's closer than it seems Come and find your land of dreams

The world is smaller in our eyes The city streets and moonlit skies The shining waves and evergreens I will give you everything

What’s happened? What changed? Where’s the invitation?

USA TOURISM Who is taking responsibility to correct the message of GRHATE?

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The Dalai Lama in Toronto

The Porters from my first trip to Nepal in 1992

Steve Gillick Near the Children’s Peace Monument in Hiroshima Japan, you see thousands of paper-origamicranes. Each grouping of 1000 was made by classrooms of children who sought to commemorate Sadako Sasaki, a victim of leukemia brought on by the radiation poisoning of the Atomic bomb. Twelve year old Sasaki thought that if she could fold 1000 paper cranes, then perhaps this ancient Japanese tradition, standing for hope, love, honour and peace would prevent other child victims of war. Sasaki died before she could make all the cranes so her classmates finished the project for her.

It’s a cruel irony that the idea of peace is usually accompanied by negatives, that is to say, what it should NOT be. It’s referred to as the absence of war, the absence of conflict, the absence of stress and anxiety, and in general, the absence of positivity. Most people describe ‘peace’ as the proverbial glass that is half-empty, rather than the more inspirational glass that is halffull.

engaging with the destination in a meaningful way; a way that impacts not only the traveller but also those with whom the travel ‘touches”. In Nepal I learned how to play the checkers-like game of “Tigers and Goats” (Bagh-Chal) from the porters who were carrying our gear all day. They and I developed a fun—joking relationship during the trek—and to this day I remember their smiles and laughs.

The word “peace’ actually originated in the Middle East where words such as Shalom (Hebrew) and Salaam (Arabic) became twisted and turned, like a game of broken telephone, into the Latin word “pax’, the Old French word ‘pais” and finally the modern Anglo word “peace”. But at each step of the way the meaning of the word always retained elements of tranquility, comfort, good health, security, good fortune and good will. These are all positive elements and travellers today seem to be seeking their own positively-spun definitions of peaceful adventures.

The Japanese have a wonderful idiom that describes memorable events with friends that can never be repeated. Ichi-go Ichi-e literally means ‘one time, one meaning’ and implies that even if the same friends get together again, it can never repeat the special feelings of camaraderie that emanated from the previous get together.

Defining ‘peace’ for some means high adventure, for others, low levels of activity and for many, it means connecting or

The idea of ‘peace’ is part of the emotional luggage you bring with you when you travel. And in that luggage the implements of peace might include: 

Realistic expectations of the destination. Travel advisors (or agents), guide books and even Google will prove you with the basics of the destination and a quick look

at government travel advisories will provide information on everything from major conflicts, weather disruptions, political concerns to travel scams and petty crimes. 

Realistic expectations of the people. Appreciating a destination means that you leave your North American expectations and habits at home. Bemoaning the ‘poor’ people of a country may speak to the visual evidence of tin roof houses and lack of sanitation but it totally overrides the spirit of family and togetherness that exist or the smiles that you may not see as you walk on the street with your bling (which you should have left at home), or the candies that you throw from the train window that are eagerly picked up by local kids (something you should never do—try bringing pencils or paper for the local school teacher instead). A willingness to connect, means you want to immerse each of your 6 travel senses in as much as possible as they relate to seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling, tasting and that all important, sense of humour. Even if you don’t speak the local language, you can still ‘let loose’ and make people smile and laugh. When I was alone in a Beijing restaurant, I had to imitate the type of food I wanted. So I flapped my arms like a chicken, and pretended to eat rice from a bowl. The whole place broke up laughing, and I laughed too and in those few moments there was an understanding that I was not just a goofy tourist, but a person, comfortable with the fact that I didn’t speak the language, but still, I wanted to eat at that restaurant with the locals. And again, I wandered into a bar in Mandalay

(Myanmar) and played charades so the bartender would know I wanted a beer. After that, just about everyone in the bar wanted to buy me another beer and one person sat at my table to try out his English. This is all part of ‘connecting’ with a destination. Ichigo-Ichi-e. But connecting is also caring. So in countries where bargaining is the expected way to buy goods, the peaceoriented traveller knows to bargain in good faith (and good will) towards the seller and his family by being realistic in the final price. ‘Peace’ is an attitude that the traveller brings with them but it’s also something the traveller leaves behind in the country through relationship building. This can include helping, giving, talking, laughing, taking care of the environment, and showing respect. Leaving something behind includes asking locals before you take their photo, showing them the photo and if you promise to send them a copy, then send it! Leaving things behind as a tourist means you are leaving good feelings about you and the country from which you travelled. This is all part of engendering ‘peace’. The World Travel Organization has recently announced that there were nearly 1 billion international tourists in the first 9 months of 2016, a 4% (34 million) increase over 2015. More and more people see travel as a ‘need’. More people are leaving their countries to settle in others, and then want to travel to see relatives and friends. More destinations are seeing tourism as a boon to the economy with the result that there are more flights available, accommodations to fit all budgets and package tours and cruises that promote destinations that some people never thought of visiting before.

The Dalai Lama has often spoken about tourism as a harbinger of peace through understanding of other people and cultures. He’s noted that it’s important to see situations first hand and to embark on a path of knowledge and dialogue. And this lesson goes hand-in-hand with the fact that major cities are becoming more reflective of global

people and cultures. Travellers can be the global ambassadors of respect and tolerance for all the people with whom they’ve interacted on their travels, as well as all those they expect to interact with in the years ahead. It’s a pretty impressive responsibility—and all done in the context of peace.

So in the context of YOUR global influence, “May your travels in 2017 be like 1000 cranes”.

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Wouldn’t that be nice! The convention planning team of multi-national foreigners planning their annual convention and had America in their sights for the last couple of years. But now, the Make America GRHATE Again campaign has soured that desire. It seems to the team that America has them in its sights versus the other way around. What can you do? Why lose these millions of dollars to other countries? I mean every convention planning team does have a choice. They can take their five hundred delegates to a country that will welcome them. Even the white looking guy standing up at the back. He is Muslim by the way. Yes I know, hard to tell without a head scarf. Now, what can YOU do to save that convention from going elsewhere? I mean they sure don’t look very happy do they? After years of planning and building the excitement, just like a jar of Skittles, their plans are skittled. Now if they were all white and toting guns then they would not be worried – but as you can see, Skittles! Agents To The Rescue The convention business reciepts that America used to enjoy was in the billions of dollars. That my readers will be going elsewhere in 2017 and beyond. No matter what the GRHATE one says, it’s going to quieten down. Imaging the lack of business. It will cause extreme losses in convention centers across the country and job losses in the tens of thousands. But NOT if you and your local convention centre put your heads together and come up with a welcome plan and a marketing plan to get the word out.

WE LOVE ALL SKITTLES! Could be a battle cry. You might even contact the Skittles people and get them involved with their approval this time. Why not?

Who Controls The Gate? There is one problem with this idea, I have to say. Unless you control who is allowed into your great land, then your plans of welcome and greetings need to go on hold for a moment. That said, no harm in planting the seeds so that when the situation rights itself as it will, (yes good wins over evil every time but not always immediately) – you’ll be ready to open the doors of your convention center and say “Hi! Come on in.”

Are You Lookin’ At Me? Your job or mission if you choose to accept it then is to remove that thought in your prospective inbound customer’s mind of that deranged cab driver (played so well by De Niro) from the movie and sell them on visiting the Land of Dreams where they will be treated with courtesy and respect. You will be looking at them, not to harm them, but to welcome them. Remember, no inbound tourism, tourists or conventions means no jobs, and no jobs means no food. It’s a very simple equation to get right. Right? 

Your social media marketing campaigns should pick up now especially in terms of getting the message out that you can help send your clients to safe places where the American tourist is still valued and treated kindly. What you don’t want to do is react to social commentary in such a way as to give your agency a bad name – especially on the local scene where you live and work. Remember, behind those smiling faces lies an online persona!

You do not want to become either of the following:

The TWIT of TWITTER When you read travel trade headlines or general commentary about anything to do with your location, life, others – it’s always best to think before reacting. You know this. I’m not telling you anything new. On the other hand when YOU post something, there will be others out there, online, who for some reason, cannot restrain themselves from commenting - and not in a nice way. The people that write these nasty and in some cases horrendous responses are simply cowards. Hiding behind a false name so they can deliver their vitriolic statements. These people are truly TWITTER TWITS and FACEBOOK FOOLS! At least they can be tracked and if you truly wish, you can find them and turn up on their doorstep.

The FOOL of FACEBOOK Beware Of What You Post Unfortunately, this is the world we live in and it’s not that nice. So I urge you to be very careful what you post and or, go for it and turn off the Comments box. That way, you’ll not have to contend with the nonsense others write. THAT’S HOW YOU DO IT! Your Online Image It is a shame that the main man, the guy soon to be in the White House has a penchant for inflammatory responses on Twitter – thus his followers feel they can mimic him. Your non-white image might attract such nasty responses and once again, who needs it – turn off the comments box. Your social life needs to be uplifting and generate new business. Make it so!

Okay here we go. You can’t always tell a book by its cover however you can tell a lot about a state based on its slogan, how it markets itself to the world and wants to be known. Here’s the list. You can visit each state’s website to get the very latest slogan should they have changed – and some might have changed based on the new people in the White House. Interestingly, there’s not too many slogans I can see that tell a visitor to check their religion at the door. It does look like most states were, at one time, very welcoming to visitors from overseas. Again, my travel agent colleagues and inbound tour companies you might just want to tweak the ear of your state marketing team and add a little more friendliness to the state slogan. At first glance each state would seem to fit into the Land of Dreams song.


Share The Wonder; also (formerly on its license plate) Stars Fell On Alabama and Sweet Home Alabama; (always on its license plate with a heart shape, as required by state law since 1951) Heart of Dixie


Beyond Your Dreams, Within Your Reach; The Last Frontier; on its license plate


The Grand Canyon State; also on its license plate


The Natural State; also on its license plate Formerly Land of Opportunity


Eureka! ; The Golden State (On its license plate)


The Centennial State; (formerly) Fresh Air and Fond Memories Served Daily


Full of Surprises


It's Good Being First

District of Columbia

The American Experience; Taxation without Representation; also on its license plate; (formerly) Celebrate & Discover


Sunshine State ; Visit Florida;


Georgia on My Mind; also its state song


The Islands of Aloha


Great Potatoes. Tasty Destinations. (Formerly) Famous Potatoes; also on its license plate


Mile After Magnificent Mile; Right Here. Right Now.


Life Changing; Fields of Opportunity


Honest-to-Goodness Indiana


Kansas, as big as you think, (formerly) Simply Wonderful


Unbridled Spirit; also on its license plate; (formerly) It's That Friendly; (formerly) Where Education Pays


Fall in love with Louisiana all over again [1]; Come as you are. Leave Different.; Sportsman's Paradise (on its license plate)


It Must Be Maine; The Way Life Should Be (formerly) Vacationland; also on its license plate


If you're looking for a merry land, go to Maryland!, (formerly) America in Miniature; (formerly) More Than You Can Imagine

Massachusetts Make It Yours; The Spirit of America (on its license plate) Michigan

Pure Michigan, (formerly) Great Lakes, Great Times; More To See; Water/Winter Wonderland; previously on its license plate


Explore Minnesota; Land of 10,000 Lakes (on its license plate)


Feels Like Coming Home; The South's Warmest Welcome


Where the Rivers Run ; Show me State (On its license plate)


Big Sky Country


Nebraska Nice "The Good Life"


Battle Born ; The Silver State ; A World Within. A State Apart.

New Hampshire Live Free or Die New Jersey

Give us another try, also on its license plate; Garden State

New Mexico

Land of Enchantment; also on its license plate; "New Mexico True"

New York

I Love New York; also its state song, The Empire State (on highway welcome signs)

North Carolina

A Better Place to Be; First in Flight (on its license plate)

North Dakota



So Much to Discover; Birthplace of Aviation (on its license plate); (formerly) The Heart of It All


Native America; also on its license plate


We Love Dreamers; Things Look Different Here (1987-2003); Pacific Wonderland (on its license plate 1959–1964)


Pennsylvania. Pursue Your Happiness; (formerly) State of Independence, Memories Last a Lifetime, You've Got a Friend in Pennsylvania, America Starts Here

Rhode Island

Ocean State

South Carolina

Smiling Faces. Beautiful Places. Also on one of its two base license plates.

South Dakota

Great Faces. Great Places.


The Stage Is Set For You; (formerly) Sounds Good to Me (formerly) Follow Me To Tennessee; also on its license plate


It's Like A Whole Other Country; The Lone Star State (official state nickname: referencing Texas's struggle for independence from Mexico and its former position as an independent nation, also on its license plates); Don't Mess With Texas (originally an anti-littering slogan)


Life Elevated; (formerly) Greatest Snow on Earth and Utah! Where Ideas Connect (the former and the "Utah!" part of the latter were both on license plates)


The Maple State"


Virginia is for Lovers; (formerly) Virginia is for history lovers


SayWA!; (formerly) Experience Washington; The Evergreen State; also on its license plate as Evergreen State

West Virginia

Wild and Wonderful; also on its license plate as Wild, Wonderful; (formerly) Almost Heaven


Stay Just a Little Bit Longer; America's Dairyland (on its license plate)


Like No Place on Earth

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Sales & Marketing Tips, Tools & Techniques for All Travel Trade Professionals