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As one clicks through profiles on Facebook, a common theme is “i don’t read” under the “Books” heading, lowercase “I” and all. However, this is changing with the help of R.I.S.E. R.I.S.E is the Reading Initiative for Student Excellence. This program was started in an effort to increase student and teacher reading. For every hour students spend reading for enjoyment, they may submit a “lottery ticket,” which is filled out by a parent/guardian or teacher, into a drawing for prizes. Teachers may do the same

Look inside for...

Look inside for...

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Student, teacher reading on the R.I.S.E except their tickets will be filled out by students. Also, for every reading strategy a teacher uses in class, they may submit a ticket. The tickets go into a drawing every two weeks for various prizes such as homework passes and gift cards to local restaurants, department stores, and entertainment venues. For every 50 hours spent reading, a student or teacher is entered into a drawing for a brand new iPad. GRC teachers Erin Cope, Lee Tegt and Matthew Cunningham head up the program. “We are hoping to create a reading culture within our school,” said Cunningham. Their effort has not been in vain. There has been a “dramatic

increase in student reading,” according to Cunningham. The library has also had some major effects due to R.I.S.E. “It has really increased student reading,” said librarian Connie Cobb. “The library has had an increase in traffic and circulation.” Teachers are getting involved, too. “They’ve been taking ‘lottery tickets’ by the sheets,” said Cobb. “As a school striving to be ‘College and Career Ready’,” said Cunningham, “literacy skills are necessary.” R.I.S.E. is combining enjoyment as well as self-betterment for students and staff alike, and rewarding them for their drive to be frequent and better readers.

Soiree, pg. 24 Bowl Predictions, pg. 20

Right, seniors Hunter Obsorne and Raymond Borja at Soiree.

Apocalyptic doom seems no match for Earth Shelby Detring Executive Editor

With the end of the world approaching in the following year, Americans and Earthlings alike are preparing for the end. In preparation, however, fellow-man is standing strong with no fear against the ailing doom. Planet-wide earthquakes, tornados, floods, and fire and flames seem no match for Earth and its inhabitants. These natural disasters have already begun their paths as the state of Florida has fallen below sea level. But the

loss of this vital piece of the Americas and of the country’s ancestors seems miniscule in comparison to the awaiting doom for the Jersey Shore – a hail storm. In addition to natural disasters brought forth by the apocalypse, animals across the world have recently been predicted to collapse dead. With this breaking news, house pets across the planet are living out their last wishes which range from plates of lasagna to unlimited hindquarters to sniff. More negative side effects from the end of the world are

SATIRE surfacing, and with humans everywhere wondering how to survive, many specialists are offering their advice. Mr. Antoine Dotson from Lincoln Park addresses the family-men across the world and says, “Hide yo kids. Hide yo wives.” This urgency, however, is not felt by highly respected and academically prestigious Dr. Phil, who suggests counting to 10 and taking deep breaths. With ranging advice for how to handle the collapse

of humanity, most humans are taking the obvious and simplest of measures. Walmart Supercenters have increasingly witnessed the sale of Pillow Pets and Snuggies. These items are highly recommended for survival by Martha Stewart who claims, “Maximum comfort is important when taking cover from an apocalypse.” She goes on to endorse Pillow Pets and Snuggies as emergency end-ofthe-world items by saying, “No one should ever sacrifice style, even if the end of the world is

approaching.” The end of the world, while a rather definitive term, is not striking as much fear in the world as expected. Earth is banding together and embracing the idea of strength and fearlessness. Life as we know it, while soon to be nonexistent, continues as it is now and all seems to be well. Earth remains optimistic, adults embrace every moment they have left, and children across the world find the “happy” in Happy Meal and enjoy the end-of-the-world toy that comes with each order.

Nurse Aide: A viable program for students pursuing nursing career BRITTANY CLEM STAFF WRITER Independence. Most people take it for granted, but for others, it’s all they want. GRC Nurse Aide students had the opportunity to witness just that when they worked with the residents at Windsor Care Center in Mt. Sterling recently. Students were completing their clinicals before taking the Certified Nursing Assistant state test later this month. Preparation has not been easy though. It has been a long and vigorous process. Students have to complete 59 hours of lecture and 16 hours of clinicals. “Before I take my students to the clinical workplace, they must complete a skill competency check off list,” says Heather Abner, Nurse Aide teacher. Students were placed with a nursing assistant and constantly

observed when working with the residents. “We gave showers and bed baths, changed beds, served meals, assisted residents to and from their wheelchairs, fix their hair and makeup, participated in activities, and developed relationships with some amazing people,” said senior Brea Webb. Working at Windsor Care impacted more than just the residents, but the students as well. “The nursing home was mostly what I expected,” said Kate Bush, senior. “I absolutely loved the experience. I actually hope to keep practicing and volunteering at Windsor Care.” “It made what I want to do more set in stone,” senior Zach Palmer added. “This experience is will be very helpful for what I plan to do in the future.” This experience, however, was not all work and no play.

Bashea Young, senior, said, “I really enjoyed singing Christmas carols in the activity room and looking around to see everyone singing with us.” For senior Morgan Christopher, working at Windsor Care had a personal element as well. “I enjoyed spending time with my mamaw and listening to the residents sing,” she said. GRC Nurse Aide students learned a lot more than just how to care for the residents, but also developed bonds they will carry with them forever. “I had an overall great experience and I learned a lot. I will truly miss the people the people I met,” senior Merissa Everett said. “This group did great. I am so proud of them,”Abner added. “They will truly be exceptional nurses and doctors in the future.”

Senior Brittany Brewer attaches a card to a box of Kleenex. She is a member of the GRC club Senior Smiles, a club focused on bringing a smile to the elderly of Clark County. The club’s Christmas project was to donate boxes of Kleenex to local nursing homes. On each box, the members placed a bow and a card wishing each man or woman who receive it a Merry Christmas..

Senior Bashea Young checks the vital signs on senior Brooke Stoneking. (Photo by India Williams)

Seniors Kate Bush, left, and Brea Webb, right, demonstrate how to move someone from a bed to a wheelchair. (Photo by Tayloir Rose)

Top, from left: Joanna Guerrant; Starla Treadway, Travis Pendleton; Jaylen Abbott and Wes Wattenberger; Mrs. Laswell’s Class; second row, Mrs. Ison, Cory Parr; Austin Spears, Caleb Brown; Below, from left: Aaron Redmon; Allison Becknell; Shanece Sullivan; Johnny Jarrett; bottom row, Anthony Mason, Khmarkis Blanton; Kelsie Barnet; Tyrin Owings, William Pope, Ashton Boyken and Lindsey Hannan.

CARDINAL CANDIDS Photos and design by Julie Willian and Colbi Howard

Staff Editorial

Two necessities -- completed vocational school, state funding

Piles of bricks, rocks and steel have slowly transformed into an enormous monstrosity that is growing taller and taller, overlooking Winchester’s Boonesboro Road. This monstrosity not only triumphs over trees and impresses passersby, but the structure labeled as The New High School has brought together students, teachers and community members alike. As a whole, Winchester has banded around the construction of the new high school since the very beginning. And from said beginning, one question has always been in the forefront of everyone’s minds: How will Clark County fund this entire project? The high school building itself is not the one in question, as its completion is set for December 2012 and payments have already been arranged. The current focus of financial attention is the vocational school – a vital piece of any secondary educational facility.

each class period. This busing So how will Clark County is an obvious hindrance to fund the vocational school? instructional time, The answer is not finite and is but further supporting the fact not exactly what Clark County that an off-site vocational school wants to hear, so the state and state funding must become more is not ideal is the fact that busing could motivate students to drop deeply involved. out of vocational classes. Currently, only the shell Letcher County High of the vocational school is School, whose new high school being built. Because only this shell stands, the new vocational school will not be completed and available for use when students are already spending their educational days in the new high school. Students attending the new high school who take vocational classes will be forced to take a bus to the current Illustration by Christian Puckett vocational school

has been completed and new vocational school will be in use by February 2012, experienced the same fate George Rogers Clark is presently facing. For Letcher County, busing to and from a new high school and old vocational school was problematic and discouraging to students. At first, riding a bus to class seemed fun and exciting, but as the year progressed, vocational students dreaded the commute, and a decrease in vocational class enrollment was the result, Perry Sturgill, an official with Letcher County Schools, said in a phone interview with Smoke Signals. George Rogers Clark is facing this same issue with the plan to bus students to their vocational classes. To avoid these issues and truly make the new high school perfect and state-

of-the-art, an on-site vocational school is a necessity. But once again, the question of funding arises. Clark County should follow Letcher County’s footsteps by urging the state to fund the task at hand. For them, the state covered all costs on top of Letcher County’s own $3 million bond capacity. Clark County can only fund so much of the cost of the new vocational school themselves without planning to spend money it doesn’t have, so the state should step in and provide our students with adequate educational tools – an on-site vocational school. To get this funding from Kentucky, Clark County must urge state legislators R.J. Palmer and Donna Mayfield to become further financially involved in this great addition to Clark County and the state of Kentucky. Further state funding of the vocational school will provide for a truly complete and impressive new educational facility for George Rogers Clark.

head to head: star wars vs. star trek Star Wars: A Vacation from Reality

To the casual observer Star Trek and Star Wars seem very much alike. To true geeks, of which I would include myself, they are vastly different. Other than the fact that they both take place in space, people shoot lasers and they both involve aliens (which all speak English and look strangely human with make up), the two have almost nothing in common. I would go so far as to say they are not even in the same genre of film. Star Trek is a science fiction franchise, and Star Wars is a space opera which is totally based in fantasy. Still, the debate

of which is better rages on. Well, there’s no reason to debate. I’ll settle this once and for all. Star Wars is better. Why? There are countless reasons, but I’ll give you my top five. One, Vader: Everyone loves a villain, and Vader is the best bad guy in film history. Two, Luke Skywalker: I like the fact that Luke Skywalker is a “small town farm boy” who grows up to save the galaxy, even though his dad was the one that destroyed it in the first place. I guess I have a soft spot for small farm towns. Three, The Force: Oh

c’mon Jedi are cool, and the force is cool. Four, Action figures: Hey, do you want to play with a toy lightsaber, or a toy phaser? No contest. Everyone wants the lightsaber. Five, Star Trek claims a basis in reality; Star Wars opens with a disclaimer: A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away… This is George Lucas’s (Star Wars creator) way of saying the next two hours are in no way based in reality. Star Trek, on the other hand, claims to be taking place 250 years from now. I much prefer the honesty of Star Wars;

In the midst of the hectic holiday season, it is necessary to stop and ponder those things in life that are most important… namely, which pop culture franchise reigns supreme—Star Trek or Star Wars? While many will quickly cast their votes in favor of the long-enduring brain child of George Lucas, I ask that you, the educated and open-minded reader, suspend your final judgment until you have examined my arguments in favor of the genius of Gene Roddenberry, creator of Star Trek. Exhibit A: The Theme. A long time ago, in a galaxy far away, the power of greed, rage, and evil wrought havoc on a bunch of imaginary planets having no connection to our reality. Meanwhile, here on Earth, our best and brightest are trained to explore the stars, encounter new cultures, and uphold the good name of humanity across the universe. In Star Wars, Lucas revisits the age-

old theme of good versus evil. Star Trek, on the other hand, celebrates the human potential. We have worked through our problems with each other, do not need money, have cured most indigenous diseases, and live in harmony together, with no eye for race, religion, or social status—a functioning utopia. We have conquered warp speed, fuel efficiency, and are able to transport through molecular transfer. We no longer desire to dominate others, and instead direct our efforts toward the acquisition of knowledge, not people or things. Star Trek is about hope, and makes us consider the possibilities of what we can accomplish together. Exhibit B: The Villains. Quick! Who is more horrifying? A hyperventilating bully in a mask and a cape; or a collective of genetically and physically altered creatures functioning as one body and mind, who will stop at nothing to accomplish their task? Sure, Darth Vader

has his moments—using the force choke on Moff Jerjerrod, disintegrating the peaceful planet Alderaan with a fancy laser— but, in the end, he doesn’t stick to his convictions and goes all touchy-feely. What kind of true bad guy does that?! In contrast, Star Trek’s Borg are unmovable. They clearly and concisely state, “Resistance is futile”, and they mean it. Any attempt to appeal to the Borg is useless, for their mission is to assimilate the most efficient aspects of every culture they encounter, with no consideration for the beings they must destroy in their quest for perfection. One cannot reason with the Borg, making them so much more frightening than poor old Anakin making a deathbed conversion and heading toward the light. Humbug. Exhibit C: The Commitment. This one is a numbers game, pure and simple. As a fan of Star Wars, one must only commit to six feature films—seven, if you count the

Rants • No snow • Two-day week before the Christmas break

Raves CHAD RADER TEACHER just tell me up front that this will never happen. I see nothing wrong with a two hour escape from reality. It’s like a vacation.

• Student Section • Morning holiday music • End of NBA lockout • New Subway

Star Trek: “May the Force Be With You”

animated Clone Wars film from 2008. Star Trek aficionados must internalize 11 films and breathlessly anticipate a twelfth, scheduled for release in 2013. In addition, Star Wars fans only have to make time to watch one television series (it’s an animated one at that, aimed at younger viewers), whereas Star Trek fans find the time to watch every single episode of six different series, for an impressive total of 726 episodes in 30 seasons, spanning 39 years of on-air presence. The sheer volume of screen time to which Trekkies (or Trekkers, if you prefer) must commit is some evidence of the superiority of Star Trek as a franchise. In addition, this author has heard tales of a highly intelligent and supremely humble individual who has gone so far as to name one of her children after a Star Trek character. Surely, Star Trek must be a life-altering experience! If the previous assertions have not been sufficient to

KATHERINE LOWTHER TEACHER sway you from the Dark Side, I suggest that you take some time to watch the first few episodes of The Next Generation series, or any encounters with the Borg. If you’re still not convinced, then may the force be with you on your merry, but unenlightened way. For the rest of you who do agree that Star Trek is the more meaningful, insightful franchise, I rejoice for the future of humanity, and say to thee, “Live long and prosper!”

“I look over past work and make sure to get plenty of rest that night. I don’t think finals accurately show what a student has learned, because some people, like me, are not good test takers.”

“I study a day or two before finals. I don’t think there should be finals in AP classes if you’re already taking the AP test.” Irvins Juarez Junior

Victoria Tillman Junior

“When it comes to finals, I usually procrastinate until the night before. I believe that finals are a good way to show our progress and what we need to work on.”

“I prepare by looking at my notes. I think finals are important, because they show what all we have comprehended.” Treven Townsend Sophomore

“My friends and I have a finalcramming party with a lot of pizza and coffee. I try to see finals as just another test, but I know that they can make or break my GPA. That piles on the pressure.”

“I usually study a little for finals, but never a lot. I see it as just another test.” Austin Crum Sophomore

William Mason Senior

Kali Gilette Junior

Kimmie Watkins Senior

“I prepare by going over worksheets from my classes to see what I’ve forgotten, and then I study. My AP classes have had some difficult finals, but the rest aren’t that bad.”

Taylor Collins Sophomore

The Bottom Line

“I look over notes to make sure I understand the material. I don’t really like finals, because I’m not good at testing as it is, and finals make me feel pressured.”

“I usually just recopy my notes and use a lot of flashcards. I don’t mind finals, because I know that when they’re over, it’s like a fresh start.”

Page complied and designed by: Kaylee Raymer

Madi Shirley Senior

Volunteering: It’s about the give, not the take Standing outside ringing bells. Sending off gifts. Singing carols at Nursing Homes. Serving home-cooked meals. A rise in volunteering during the holiday season is just as predictable as snow in the winter and Santa Clause on Christmas. It’s inevitable. However, with the extensive requirements

for volunteer hours on college and scholarship applications, it has become evident that some so-called volunteers aren’t genuinely providing themselves for the right reasons. Instead, their only concern is beefing up their resume or beating out some competition. If you go into

volunteering without an “I just need to get these 3 service hours in” mindset, you’ll likely find that it isn’t the experience you thought it would be. It is very humbling, and the possibilities are endless and everywhere. With the demand for volunteers so high,

especially during this time of year, you are bound to find something that you enjoy doing. Volunteering can raise your self-esteem, expand your interests, teach you something new, improve your character, and it might even give you the reality check you have needed. The bottom line is this: incentive-driven

volunteers take the purpose out of the service acts they perform, many times negatively affecting those around them, the service project, and the community. Volunteering should never be a requirement. It’s a choice. It’s an opportunity to give back. It’s an act that should be taken on willingly.






4. Copy Cat 6.







Rebus, GRC Style The students in Journalism II used their creativity to make these

awesome rebus puzzles! Try to guess the phrase, then 16. check your answers below.





20. 18.




Puzzle concepts by Bree Bates, Ashley Becknell, Janelle Berryman, Caroline Browning, Jordan Conn, Kaeton Crosby, Maddie Hamlin, Kolbi Mitchell, Callie Miller, Haley Pinson, Madisen Reddix, Wesley Renye, Chanda Scobee, Jaclyn Stamper, Ethan Stone, Ashlee Taylor, Brooklyn Thomas, Wes Wattenberger, Kourtney Young; puzzles redrawn by Chanda Scobee

Answers: 2. Apple of my Eye 3. Mind over Matter 4. Suit up, Man up, Gear up 5.To Infinity and Beyond 6. Man Overboard 7. Two and a Half Men 8. Time and Time Again 9. Upper Hand 10. To a Point 11. Beached Whale 12. Wholehearted 13. Think About Me 14. Put your two cents in it 15. Shoot for the Stars 16. Minnesota 17. Pretty Please 18. Head over Heels in Love 19. Make End s Meet 20. Fire in the Hole 21. Curly Q 22. Up to No Good.

The Muppets: a classic remade to perfection TAYLOR WELCH A&E EDITOR Trying to remake a classic TV show can be a hard feat. There are many expectations that must be met, and quite often the remakes just don’t meet them. However this is not always the case. The Muppet Movie brings back all the qualities of the show while also adding new things for a new generation. The movie follows Gary (Jason Segel), Gary’s fiancée Mary (Amy Adams), and Gary’s Muppet brother Walter as they travel to LA for Gary and Mary’s anniversary and a Muppet Studio visit. However, upon arrival to the Muppet studio, Walter discovers an

alarming secret: a big time oil barren is planning on buying the studio and drilling the oil that lies beneath. Knowing the plan, Walter, Gary, and Mary work to reunite the Muppets and make a plan to save the studio before it’s too late. The Muppets brings back the jokes and the witty musical numbers that were made popular by the show. Songs like “Man or Muppet” or “Pictures in My Head,” filled with over the top emotion and dramatics, add so much to the humor of the movie. Although some of the comedy gets a little immature, the film manages to stay in line as both a children’s and an adult movie. The theme of the movie is extremely heartwarming and it’s really something that

applies to everyone. It emphasizes the importance of sticking together and being a family. Of course that’s something that seems a bit overdone as a theme commonly associated with all children’s movies, but the difference is The Muppets actually portrays it well. Since the separation of the Muppets and the movie actually reuniting them the theme has a lot of truth to it, and viewers know it. This movie is definitely worth a watch for people of all ages.

A&E Editor’s Movie Picks for December

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows Dec. 16

Breaking Dawn: saving the best for last TAYLOR WELCH A&E EDITOR With the fourth edition of the Twilight saga finally coming to theaters, Twi-hards are getting what they’ve been waiting for— and more. The film goes past the previous three, focusing less on the battle of Team Edward vs. Team Jacob and developing a new conflict focusing on Bella’s half human, half vampire child. While this conflict is even more ridiculous than the love triangle between Human-VampireWerewolf that has been stretched out over the past three films, it’s

something new and interesting and has the ability to captivate viewer’s attention. Breaking Dawn goes more in-depth than the past three films, partially because it’s broken down into two parts but also because there is only one issue to focus on. The film no longer goes back and forth between Bella with Edward

and Bella with Jacob, but instead focuses just on Bella. Not only does this movie show progress with the plot, but over the past three films the acting skills have improved greatly. Kristen Stewart no longer has an awkward feel about her that makes viewers wonder why did she get that part? Instead she seems more confident and actually does a good job portraying Bella. The same

goes for Robert Pattison, who seems much more comfortable playing a vampire than he ever has before, and seems to really embrace the character. This movie isn’t without its faults though. The movie is still overflowing with cheesy love lines that just make everyone in the theater uncomfortable. Also, the humor is still a little misdirected, and viewers will probably laugh more often at serious spots than any other. Despite these faults the movie is definitely worth going to see for both Twi-hards, and normal people.

The Adventures of Tintin Dec. 21

The Darkest Hour Dec. 25

Young the Giant: Making waves on the airwaves

RAGAN CLARK EXECUTIVE EDITOR Sultry vocals seem to float from underneath light electric strums while soft harmonies meld with the chorus. As the track fades, harsh electric riffs replace the relaxed sound and the feel is suddenly amplified from casual vintage to sharp indie rock. Whether Young the Giant sooths or pulses through you, each song

embodies a general easy going feeling auditory experience when listening to the that encompasses the sound of the song. group. The album Songs you should hear by Young the Giant “Young the Giant” Young the Giant… dropped their debut holds to a thread of My Body album, “Young the cohesiveness while Typhoon (Bonus Track) Giant”, January of this providing a variety of Strings year and have picked sound that keeps from I Got up quite a following. the repetitive monotony Their official video for Young the Giant is for fans of… of tone and flavor “My Body” captured that many albums are Foster the People the attention of over bound by. Experiencing Death Cab for Cutie 2,700,000 viewers on this album has the Kings of Leon YouTube tantalizing effect of and the invoking curiosity for song peaked at number what is to come from this talented rock eight on Billboard band. With “Young the Giant” being the Alternative Songs chart. only full album released by the group, The tone of the guitar and only time and new tracks will tell what the texture of the vocals else this group has to offer. make for a memorable

Coldplay back and even better than before

TAYLOR WELCH A&E EDITOR After three years, Coldplay is finally back with their much anticipated album Mylo Xyloto. This album is much like Viva La Vida in the fact that it features the same sound that they first debuted in that CD. There definitely is a more rock edge to this CD and their songs even portray the turmoil a lot about the difficult times in the world. This would definitely

make sense, seeing as it is inspired by the New York graffiti of 1970’s and the Nazi resistance known as the White Rose. So, maybe this was Coldplay’s way of responding to the world. If that is the case or not, the CD still manages to hold on to the cool, uplifting lyrics and music of Coldplay’s past CDs and the songs are just as, if not more, amazing. Songs like “Paradise” make their positive message very evident and are adored by fans everywhere. These songs are the best of Coldplay in every single way.

The main complaint over this CD is whether or not Coldplay has sold out now that they collaborated with Rihanna to produce “Princess of China.” While people who say this may have somewhat of a point, if they only took time to listen to the song and realized how good it is they’d be thinking differently. Yes, Coldplay did team with a very mainstream artist; however, the song is still typical Coldplay. Overall this CD has generated much success. Everything about it is what fans expected.

Christmas Movie Countdown 5 days to go...

The Polar Express on ABC at 9PM 4 Days to go...


on USA at 9PM 3 days to go...

Santa Clause

on ABC Family at 5PM 2 days to go....

How the Grinch Stole Christmas

on ABC Family at 8PM 1 day left...

It’s a Wonderful Life on NBC at 8PM Christmas Day...

A Christmas Story on TBS all day

Letters to


Dear Santa, All I want for Christmas is to have a white Christmas. I don’t want a tiny snow storm. I want a lot of snow, so much snow that I can go sledding, make snow angels, snow cream, and a snowman. -Krista Wasson, senior

Dear Santa, I think it’s pretty creepy that you know when I’m sleeping and awake. You’re kind of like that old man from “Family Guy.” However, I would still appreciate some awesome gifts. I have been a very good boy this year, except for that swirly I gave my brother, but let’s not count that. I would also like to do the moon walk (on the moon), to have a country named after me (I don’t care which one; I’m not picky), and a hippopotamus (not a crocodile or a rhinoceros)! Thank You, Santa! Sincerely, Jordan Miller, senior Mr. Cla use

Dear Santa, Give world peace, food to the orphans, a Lambo in my garage, flat screen on my wall, and a fat stack of cash. Sincerely, Erik Helgeson, senior

anta, Kentuc Since it’s m y ky I’m wi since I was first Christma shing f in elem s in or en This ye ar, I w some Christm tary school, an a family as well t a shopping s snow. spree w as som e pre ith m -Emily Chugg tty cool UK s y , freshm tuff! an

ant ristmas. I w , Dear Santa ’t want anything for Ch la hope Kay I don gs though. I in th f o ts lo f get Preston my friends o ills, I hope sk is n n te k c Makenzie gets some si and I hope , st te g in v ri passes his d as ever. test Christm a re g Sincerely, has the nior Ian Rowe, ju

Dear Santa, For Christmas, I want a Red Rider BB gun! I promise I won’t shoot my eye out! Sincerely, Sylan Mayes, junior

, I know th believe ere’s n in everyth you, but what ot many peop le who ing for still me. Not you bring to C my kitch h th r is e en floor , but the presents and th tmas is faces. I t’s sm e spirit of really not Chr iles you put o crumbs on n people istmas w caring y ’s ithout th ou brin P.S. Wh ge e holida y y - Dalton don’t you get P very year. ola Gallens tein, jun r Bears to pu ll your ior sleigh?

Dear S

Dear Santa, All I want for Christmas is a little rocking pony for my big Bear Charlie. I promise I’ll be good! Love Always, Whitney Styles, junior

Dear Santa, My name is Nathaniel Glossenger, and I am setting you out some milk and cookies, like I do every year. You will have to come through the front door though. Sincerely, Nathaniel Glossenger, freshman

your yed true to ta , s e e s v u a la h C u . this Dear Mr e years, yo will be 17 Through th ything on my list. I "big girl" r ing me eve d that I’d like some tt e g ar, y b d r wo ls for my c as ecide d ia e it 'v in I , e o m S . so ew Adid Christmas white Ray Bans or ow, some n maybe n r e e k c li c , o s ts n y prese dy, and k to pla ce I'm a-o me in han uests are for Ethyl! Sin green cleats will co eq nd ? My last r o-be F50 pink a eper jersey to match e and for my soon-t t. en tru lke even a goa ily’s wishes to come ughout his developm o m r fa th y all of m in healthy rs truly, ew to rema h You p e ior n n r o b anker, jun Cathryn B

Dear Santa, I would like a 12-pack of Mountain Dew, a full tank of gas, and an oil change for my car. -Scotty Turner, junior P.S. Tell Mrs. Clause I said Hi and tell Elf pack I want the recipe to his spaghetti noo ke a sixli dle ld u , o w nta and syrup platter with all the candy. Dear Sa or Christmas, I d my car fixed. n F

s, a nk of ga ly, Sincere son, junior en Parker B ndy! ca me some e iv g to Elf

a full ta f Ale-8,


I will , ly busy, so Dear Santa ow you are probab following I kn eserve the el that I d fe I f. ie r b keep it lu-ray sticks on B ing in and out gifts... m o o r B d mp bs an 1. Bedkno ube videos of cats ju T u o Y l 2. More a Nationa ngals and e B of boxes e th r rbowl fo istory . 3. A Supe ip for U.K ew Cunningham, h h s n io p m Cha Matth

P.S. Tell Dear Santa Clause, This year, instead of a toy, I’d like to get accepted into college. Oh wait, I want the Crayola Color Explosion too, and a new sideview mirror for my car and a boyfriend who will buy me things and love me for me. -Kelsie Parido, senior

What is a special tradition your family does for the holidays?

Crystal Torres, junior

Christmas is one of the biggest traditions in my family, because my family is very big so we all get together and eat. The parties last a week or two, because different sides of my family celebrate on different days. We have traditional Mexican food, which is my favorite part.

Evan Baber, sophomore

Justin Meadows, senior

Rachel Sames, freshman

Every Christmas morning, my mom makes breakfast pizza for us. Then we open presents!

My siblings and I bake cookies together and open presents on Christmas Day.

We all usually get to my grandmother’s house early each Christmas to watch the parade together. Also, every person has to cook one thing, so it’s like a potluck.

Maranda Dawson, junior

My family gets together and we eat, talk about good times we had together, and we all open presents together.

Jessica Fox, sophomore We gather the family at one person’s house and have a big dinner. Everyone brings something to share.

Beckah Vires, freshman

My dad and I always make an apple pie the night before Christmas. So after my sister and I open presents, we get a little “snack.” It wouldn’t be Christmas without it!

Matthew Abner, freshman We all get together on Christmas Eve and have a big dinner and open our presents. We do it on Christmas Eve, because when I was little I had to go see my dad on Christmas.

Maricruz Torres, senior Ashton Boyken, junior Every Christmas my 3 brothers and I take a group picture with Santa Clause.

Illustration by Christian Puckett

Breana Bates, sophomore

Caroline Glenn, senior We always have everyone out to our farm and have smoked salmon. I love it!

Christmas traditions, all families have them...but I find mine to be unique. My mom reads The Night Before Christmas at ten o’oclock on Christmas Eve night; she’ll never let me get too old. We bake cookies after, and lay “Reindeer food” outside. The next day, we wake up at ten o’clock and the presents and food begin.

During Christmas, the family each makes a special dish and then we come together and feast. After eating, we play music and dance, and the adults will exchange gifts with one another. Our celebration begins at 10 o’clock at night and continues all night to the next morning.

If Santa Came to GRC, what would you want him to leave just for you? Mr. Cox

I want Santa to bring everyone a copy of Charlie Brown’s Christmas. I hope everyone would watch it and understand the message it relays. And a Red ‘67 Mustang would be nice too.

Ms. Disney

Ms. Esenbock

I would love to have a new pencil sharpener for my room! I recently bought one from Wal-Mart, and it worked for only two days! My students are always complaining about the quality of my sharpener.

I think I would like a winning lottery ticket! I would like to win enough money to pay my bills, help needy families, and then spoil my students!

Ms. Wills

I want Santa to bring me an abundance of energy and time in order to get my house cleaned from all the plaster repair work in the living room and kitchen.

Mr. Sward

I want a Ducati 998r superbike. Do I need a reason to have a ridiculous fast superbike?

Ms. Laswell

Mr. Kincaid

I would like an expanded room...maybe a science lab in a bag that I could just get out and set up outside my window. With cabinets and lab benches and electrical outlets in more places than on the walls! That would be awesome.

I would want a hippopotamus for Christmas; only a hippopotamus would do. Or I’ll settle for a hovercraft.

Ms. Cobb

SFC Welch

I would like for him to give me the ability to be more thankful for this day and the many blessings I have. Oh, and I would like lots of new Coach purses too.

End of “he said, she said” drama in the school, and students prepared for school for the day, i.e. pencil and paper.

Mr. Latham

Ms. Staria Hatton

Would love for SANTA to bring me tickets for a Caribbean vacation for me and all my friends! Why you may ask........ CAUSE I NEED IT!!!

Mr. Bell

Dear Santa I have been a very good boy this year. I really hope you bring me a projector and a Smartboard. My students and I would love it. Have a safe trip with your reindeer! Senor Bell

Illustration by Christian Puckett

I would like Santa to bring some warm weather!!! I love basketball season, but hate the cold weather!!! And while he’s at it, a nice big winning lottery ticket would be nice!!! Happy Holidays staff and students!!!

Mr. Parish

Mr. Johnson

A substitute teacher, a bag of beef jerky and a large screen TV with ESPN.

Ms. Davies

Peace, love, understanding, iPads for everyone, and a projector for every room.

Ms. Madsen

If Santa visited GRC I would hope he would bring lots and lots of treats for all my awesome students!! GO CARDS!!

I would want Santa to bring understanding and wisdom to our young ladies and young men, who don’t understand why life has presented hardships and tribulations to their lives. Be it the death of family or friends, low self-esteem, family dysfunction, destructive behavior, fear, or any circumstance that causes confusion and conflict, I would like Santa to bring them serenity, courage, wisdom and love.

Order in the Court: Teens assume courtroom roles

Brittany Clem Staff Writer

“All rise. Court is now in session,” is a phrase that most teenagers hear on TV while watching shows like Law and Order, but for some students that phrase has become the start of a nerve filled night. This is Teen Court where students have the opportunity to play prosecuting and defense attorneys, clerks, bailiffs, and jury members. “The judicial system has always been a passion of mine,” said sophomore Hunter Thomas. “Even though I get super nervous, I love the rush I get in a trial and when justice is served.” Every Thursday for five weeks, students went through

training and mock trials to learn the roles they play in teen court before they tackle real cases involving peers. They then went through a swearing-in ceremony where they also took an oath of confidentiality. Teen court is a law-related program that not only allows students to participate in a less formal court process, but also gives juveniles a second chance to realize they are wrong and correct their mistake by showing them ways to prevent making the same mistake in the future. Students get to work with real attorneys, coordinators, and judges to learn how to best fulfill their role in the courtroom. “Through Teen Court, young adults have the chance to

learn the rules of the law for the future,” Thomas said, “and give back to the community through the time and effort put into each trial.” Teen court deals with various minor offenses such as harassment , shoplifting, possession of alcohol by a minor, and truancy to just name a few of the many. After hearing from the prosecution and defense and the questioning of the defendant, jurors will head back to the jury room and decide what kind of punishment should be set in place. After it has been approved by the judge, the jury foreperson will present the punishment to the defendant. The punishment may include victim restitution, counseling,

educational workshop attendance, community service or other appropriate options that fit the offense. Teen court plays a vital role in our community. It allows students who may want to pursue a career in the government learn about the legal system. “I have learned how to be confident, project my voice and be relatable to the jury as well as the defendant to achieve my purpose in the courtroom,” said Thomas. “It is a great program and you learn a lot from the judge, and being able to work in a courtroom is fun,” said Lilly Shear. “I’ve learned about the legal system, and it helps

us realize how crimes affect people.” However, Teen Court doesn’t just affect the students participating in it. It also affects the juvenile in question as well. “It turns the life of the youth defender down a different path by giving them the diverted program,” said Martha Miller, teen court coordinator. Teen court is made up of a diverse group of students. It involves high school, private school, and home schooled students. “I participate in teen court to make a difference and get a feel of what I want to do in the future,” says Cedric Hampton, junior.

Students Beyond GRC’s Halls...

Beyond these halls, you can find Travis involved with curing hams in the 4-H Country Ham Project. By participating in this project, he gets to go to the Kentucky State Fair in Louisville where he presents his cured hams and gives a speech. Travis starts his project with two Travis Drumm, 11 hams; one is judged at the state fair and he keeps the other. “Of course, my favorite part is having a free country ham to eat that I cured myself,” said Travis. He also enjoys the communication skills he gains from giving his speech. In the future, he plans to stay involved with the Country Ham Project as long as possible. Although he doesn’t see himself starting his own curing facility, he still hopes to be able to cure hams for himself at home.

Beyond these halls, you can find Justin handcrafting his own guns. He was inspired by a man at First Baptist Church, Frank Bennet, and his interest in American History. “My favorite part Justin Neal, 12 of the gun building process is the test fire, which is the moment of truth,” said Justin. His finished guns are used for target practice and to enhance his college application. He hopes to teach, learn, and possibly make a career out of his gunmaking business. Whatever he decides, he’ll go out with a bang.

By Emily Jackson and Haley Tye

Beyond these halls, you can find D.J. working on a manuscript for one of her next novels. Her characters’ interesting plots come from her experiences, wit, opinions and desires. “I need somewhere to put my overactive imagination, and you can put a lot in over fifty thousand words,” said DJ. While she has a soft spot for social science fiction D.J. Richardson, 10 novels, her favorite type to write is young adult romance. “I’m a die-hard hopeless romantic, and I have to funnel that lovesick part of somewhere,” said D.J. She also participated in National Novel Writing Month in 2010, where she wrote her favorite realistic storyline about a girl suffering from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) after witnessing 9/11 first hand at age seven. She plans on writing for the rest of her life, and it’s her goal to get published and to one day become a best-selling novelist.

Cards have everything needed to return to state AUSTIN CURTIS SPORTS WRITER The GRC Boys Basketball team lost four of the five starters, and leading sixth man last year, but that isn’t going to stop them from their main goal: getting this team back to state. With starting senior leaders Bopper Stenzel, Adam Fatkin, Dominic Vancleve and Charlie Rogers, they can very well achieve the expectations of making it to State. It also helps when you can add offense and defense by having sophomore Riley Caudill and freshman Malachi Isreal coming off the bench. After the first few games of the season, the Cards are 4-2, beating a tough team on the road at Covington Catholic, and

ANALYSIS completely demolishing Mercer County at home and Paris on the road, but losing tough games against the number seventh team in the state at Madison Central and against top 25 district rival Montgomery County on a last second shot. The Cards looked very composed in their victory at Covington Catholic, one of the toughest atmospheres in the state of Kentucky to play in. Every time we needed a big bucket after Catholic went on a run, the Cards would answer with a score of their own; that’s the type of play and composure we need to get back to State. It’s an extremely good sign when you don’t turn the ball over, and so far in this young

season, the Cards have done exactly that, not turn the ball over. When you have a point guard like Stenzel who can break down a defense without turning the ball over and can score at will, along with having experience of starting in huge games like he did last year, you have a formula for victory. In addition to having Stenzel, you have big man Adam Fatkin, who has the ability to dominate anyone who tries to defend him, you have Rogers who can outmuscle almost anyone who guards him, Vancleve who can lock up anyone he guards, and you have Roberts who can not only shoot the three, but also can add points by going by his defender with his length and athleticism. When you can bring in

someone who can step up on offense AND step up and play good defense, that is a characteristic that every team who has ever been successful has had. I feel like when you bring in freshman guard Malachi Isreal, that is exactly what you have, a player who can step up not only on offense, but also on defense. Any single player that comes off the bench adds a spark of offense and a mentality of “I’m not going to let my guy get by me”, whether it be seniors like Tyler Carrier and Taylor Howard, or underclassmen like Riley Caudill and Darren Miller. The only things that will hinder the Cards success are the things that hinder most teams: free throw shooting and injuries. The Cards have everything that they need to be successful, and

Lady Cards... TOUGHNESS (adj.); strong, durable, not easily broken ADDISON LOWRY STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER Starting out the season with a loss has been inspirational for the Lady Cards. It has obviously motivated the girls to step up. The Lady Cards have a 3-2 record, and meet the Bourbon County Lady Colonels Friday. For the first time, the Lady Cards will travel to Disney World in Orlando, Florida, for a tournament on Dec. 18 -23. Elizabethtown and Anderson County are the only other teams from Kentucky in the tournament. “We’re ready to play against different teams from different

states to see where we stack up,” said senior Brittani Gay. The Lady Cards will play three varsity and three JV games in Florida. “Our entire team is extremely excited for our trip to Disney world,” said senior Tayloir Rose. “Between balancing the fun activities, such as Universal Studios and the character breakfast, with playing in the tournament against high level competition, it will be a great test and a good experience for us.” After a short break for Christmas, the Lady Cards will play in the Bourbon County Classic Dec. 28-30, in Paris.

Clark will play Madisonville, Campbell County and Woodford County in pool play and then another game to be determined. Coach Scott True said the Lady Cards must continue to use size to their advantage, and the players agree. “A major strength among our team is having six good post players,” said freshman Paige Taylor. The three seniors are really stepping up to help out the younger players. “Our three seniors have ‘big game’ experience and they need to continue to lead by example,” True said. The Lady Cards’ 10-game

January schedule begins Jan. 2 at Mason County. They then return home for five straight games in Letcher Norton Gym. “We’ve shown a lot of improvement since the first game,” said senior Kelsie Parido. “We need to keep getting better and keep working hard to get where we want to be in March.” Sophomore Carrie Irvin added, “We get along really well and to me that is a great strength. Without that, we can never succeed.” Sandra Skinner goes up for 2 in the Lady Cards’ 49-41 win over Henry Clay Dec. 12. (Smoke Signals photo)

Head Coach Scott Humphrey (Smoke Signals Photo)

as long as they can steer clear of those two weaknesses, then they will have another exciting month of March at Rupp Arena.

Swim Team off to bright start, prepares for tough January Schedule

Amanda Hurtz Staff Writer

The GRC swim team and new coach Alicia Henderson kicked off their season Dec. 6 against the Montgomery County Indians. Though the Cards lost the meet, the results were a

bright start to this year’s season, with approximately 25 personal best times registered at the event. Jansen Browning and Lindy Darnell each placed first in 100 meter breast stroke, and Richard Roche placed first in 100 meter back stroke. Second place finishes went to Darnell,

Drew Coleman swims a butterfly race at the Montgomery County meet. (Photo by James Mann, The Winchester Sun)

200 meter freestyle; Drew Coleman, 100 meter freestyle; Caroline Glenn, 100 meter butterfly; and Sam Ritter, 100 meter breaststroke. Third place finishes were awarded to Jansen Browning, 50 meter freestyle; Caroline Browning, 50 meter freestyle; Parker Dean, 200 meter freestyle; and Sam Ritter, 100 meter freestyle. “This year has been full of changes to promote success,” said Henderson. “The athletes are required to put in more practice time and have been working hard at improving their technique.” The team will have plenty of time to embrace these changes before January which is their busiest time of the season with six meets (two home meets

Richard Roche swims a freestyle race during a meet. (Photo by Julie Willian)

and four away meets). The swimmers’ next meet and last one before the break is Saturday, Dec. 17, in the Woodford County Invitational. With the bulk of the season still ahead, swimmers are motivated by the goals of the post-season. “I would

love to get to state as a team,” said swimmer Caroline Glenn. “State is an awesome experience for any swimmer.” Regions are set for Feb. 10-11 at Eastern Kentucky University with the state meet to be held at U of L Feb. 23-25.

First road trip shows a lot about Kentucky’s young team

Bryce Stephens Sports Writer Saturday’s defeat in Bloomington to the Hoosiers is a hard pill to swallow, but an understandable one. Many things were beyond John

Calipari’s control such as foul trouble, bad defense, and the fact that the Wildcats are a young team. This was UK’s first road test this season and it uncovered the things that need to be worked on in the future. Terrence Jones had a rough game: no rebounds until the second half, six turnovers and only four points in 28 minutes of play. Add that to the fact that Anthony Davis, Kentucky’s star freshman got four fouls early on and couldn’t play as many minutes as Coach Cal would’ve liked him to, and you’re without arguably the two best defenders on the team. Davis creates a rhythm and can

change the momentum of a game with one block, but not if he’s trying to avoid one more foul. North Carolina exploited UK’s lack of defense for three-point shooting and the Hoosiers picked up on it too, going for it 15 times and attaining nine of the 15. Furthermore, Indiana sank seven of those in the second half. Over the past two games, Kentucky’s given up 20 out of 33. There really needs to be some changes for UK’s defense. Evidence of that was the buzzer beater by IU’s Christian Watford that left the game at 73-72. On the positive side,

freshman Marquis Teague, an Indianapolis native, came out the second half, in front of 17,000 Indiana faithful, and scored 15 points. This is what Calipari’s expected of him, and he proved it in one of the toughest places to do it. Another freshman, Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, was excellent on both sides of the ball, coming away with 18 points and nine rebounds. Other players who shined during the second half were Darius Miller, along with Davis, who still played hard, even with his four fouls, keeping up the pressure inside on Cody Zeller. Saturday was a learning

process for the Wildcats but they’re looking to rebound against UT-Chattanooga next weekend. Hopefully Dick Vitale won’t be covering that game.

Upcoming UK Games 12/17/11 Chattanooga 12/20/11 Samford 12/22/11 Loyola 12/28/11 Lamar 12/31/11 Lousiville 1/3/12 Arkansas-Little Rock 1/7/12 South Carolina

Bowling Team has positive outlook for first season as KHSAA sport The bowling team has high hopes for its first season as an official KHSAA sport. The bowlers are off to great start with two matches against Fleming County. The team is hoping for not only success, but also for fun as it begins its 2011-2012 season.

Daesha Moore, Senior Q. What are your goals for this season? A. My goals for the season would be that we do our best and most importantly, have fun.

Q. What do you want others to know about the bowling team? A. We are a group that has fun and takes the sport seriously. Plus we are a group that is small so we get to know each other really well.

Indoor Track Takes Off

Top Returners Boys: Mark Davis, Clay Dixon, Andrew Ping, Jacob Koch, Jonathan Hubbard, Brandon Bailey Girls: Lindy Darnell, Ivy Gapp, Michelle henry

Compiled by Lauren Woosley

Q. What are your goals for this season? A. I’m not looking to take a state championship or go out and be the most dominant team in our conference. I’m looking for our team to get better. We are a young team this year but I feel as though I want our team to have fun. Q. How do you feel about bowling now being an official KHSAA sport? A. I think it’s great, for GRC and KHSAA. It gives other students more opportunity to make an impact in a sport. GRC needs more sports teams so that GRC can grow to be more diverse.

Q. How do you feel about bowling now being an official KHSAA sport? A. Now that bowling is an offical KHSAA sport, it shows that it takes practice and determination to do well, just like any other sport. It might not be an athletic sport, but it is a sport.

“We have high hopes to win our home meet and the Mason County meet,” said Clark coach Dodd Dixon. “I want both of our teams to place in the top 20 at the indoor meet.”

Nick Oliver, Junior

Q. What do you want others to know about the bowling team? A. I want people to understand that we’re just like any other sports team at GRC. Also, we all have a good time with what we do. Many people don’t know but the Bowling team used to be one of the most winning teams at GRC. We have gone to state six years in a row now. Also, the GRC girls’ team is looking for two more girls that are interested in bowling. You don’t have to be good. It’s all about getting better. Compiled by Brooke Powell

Making A’s and Making Plays Caroline Browning Sports- Golf, Cheerleading, Swimming, Tennis GPA- 4.0 Trevor Grey Sports- Basketball GPA- 3.8

Brandon Bailey runs for GRC last year in an indoor meet. (photo submitted)

“Sports have always been a big part in my life, but school has always come first. If I have free time in a class, I try to get work done then because I always have a sport after school.”

“ Managing both school and sports can be pretty difficult. I use good time management by studying or doing homework either before or after practice. If practice was late the night before, I use free time in class to do my work.”

Bowl Mania: Sports Staff predicts year’s biggest football matchups

Brent Stephens IHigh Editor

Illustration By Christian Puckett

While you’re sitting enthralled on the edge of your seat watching the famous Idaho Potato Bowl, the gildan New Mexico Bowl, and the acclaimed Beef O’ Brady’s bowl, realize that there is hope my friends. In looking at this wonderful bowl schedule, these are the four games I dub worthy of turning on the television for.

Tostitos Fiesta Bowl Stanford (11-1) vs. Oklahoma State (11-1)

This is the most interesting and the most difficult to pick of all the games this bowl season. While some argue that Stanford star Andrew Luck hasn’t had the season expected of him, the Cardinal offense has become more balanced this season and has effectively ran the ball. Oklahoma State was .0086 points in the BCS standings away from being in the title game, but the Cowboys will certainly be motivated to show they deserved the spot. My Pick: Sta-27 OSU-20 Austin’s Pick: OSU-31 Sta-28 Bryce’s Pick: OSU-35 Sta-31 Brooke’s Pick: OSU-34 Sta-30

BCS National Championship Alabama (11-1) vs. LSU (13-0)

While Part 1 of this two game series was certainly not the most exciting, it may have been the best conglomeration of NFL talent on a football field on college history. LSU’s Tyrann Mathieu is not just the best cover corner in the collegiate ranks, but he also has proven to be one of the top punt returners in the country. Alabama’s Trent Richardson has as effective a combination of speed and power as anyone in the nation and had the best game any runningback has had against LSU’s stout defense. My Pick: Ala-13 LSU-9 Austin’s Pick: LSU-28 Ala-24 Bryce’s Pick: Ala-17 LSU-14 Brooke’s Pick: Ala-17 LSU-10

Sports Staff from left, Bryce Stephens, Brent Stephens, Austin Curtis and Brooke Powell show their excitement for bowl mania.

Rose Bowl Game Wisconsin (11-2) vs. Oregon (11-2)

Wisconsin’s Montee Ball is one touchdown off the NCAA record set by Deion Sanders at 39, and has the capability to take over a game. Oregon didn’t have the power to overwhelm LSU, who plays a similar style as Wisconsin, but the Badgers don’t have the speed of LSU’s defense, which handled the Ducks pretty easily. My Pick: Ore-38 Wis-23 Austin’s Pick: Ore-37 Wis-24 Bryce’s Pick: Ore-31 Wis-21 Brooke’s Pick: Ore-32 Wis-20

Capitol One Bowl Nebraska (9-3) vs. South Carolina (10-2)

After losing sophomore tailback Marcus Lattimore to a season-ending knee injury and having starting quarterback Stephen Garcia kicked off the team, South Carolina looked destined to fall off the map. But after rallying around the Gamecocks defense, USC has regained their Top 10 self. Nebraska has depended on stud runningback Rex Burkhead who has carried the Cornhusker offense but also has taken the entire load himself. My Pick: USC-31 Neb-13 Austin’s Pick: USC-24 Neb-14 Bryce’s Pick: Neb-27 USC-14 Brooke’s Pick: USC-20 Neb-14

Celebrity Look-A-Likes: Right photo, from left: Addison Lowry, 11; Robert Hatler, 12; Corey Dotson, 12; Frank Sum, 12; Hayden Grissam, 9; Kevin Landwehr, 12 Left, from left: Laura Prepon (Donna Pinciotti), Ashton Kutcher (Michael Kelso), Topher Grace (Eric Forman), Danny Masterson (Steven Hyde), Mila Kunis (Jackie Burkhart), Wilmer Valderrama (Fez)


Santa always leaves plans for his elves to determine the order in which the reindeer will pull his sleigh. This year, for the European leg of his journey, his elves are working to the following schedule, that will form a single line of nine reindeer: Comet behind Rudolph, Prancer and Cupid. Blitzen behind Cupid and in front of Donder, Vixen and Dancer. Cupid in front of Comet, Blitzen and Vixen. Donder behind Vixen, Dasher and Prancer. Rudolph behind Prancer and in front of Donder, Dancer and Dasher. Vixen in front of Dancer and Comet. Dancer behind Donder, Rudolph and Blitzen. Prancer in front of Cupid, Donder and Blitzen. Dasher behind Prancer and in front of Vixen, Dancer and Blitzen. Donder behind Comet and Cupid. Cupid in front of Rudolph and Dancer. Vixen behind Rudolph, Prancer and Dasher.


Alice, Ben, Carol, David, and Elsa who are neighbors to each other, decided to celebrate Christmas eve together, using the progressive dinner approach. They would eat one course of dinner at one’s place and move to the next person’s place. The courses in their Christmas dinner include Soup, Salad, Pasta, Steak, and Dessert. For Dessert, each one of them ate a different kind of desert from the following choices: Ice cream, cake, pie, pudding, and trifle. • Soup was served in the home of the person who ate cake for dessert. • Salad was served in Carol’s home. • Pasta was not served in Alice’s home. • Steak was served in the home of the person who ate pie for dessert. • Dessert was served in David’s home. • Ben chose cake for dessert. • Elsa chose pudding for dessert. • Salad was not served in the home of the person who ate ice cream. Find out which dinner course was served in each person’s home, and which dessert each person ate during the Christmas dinner.

Animal of the Month:

Reindeer - Also known as a caribou - Both sexes grow antlers - Their large hooves spread apart to help them walk across snow. You can compare them to human snow shoes. - Reindeer travel in herds - They are herbivores

Illustrated by Christian Puckett

ANSWERS: Progressive Dinner: Soup was served in Ben’s home. Salad was served in Carol’s home. Pasta was served in Elsa’s home. Steak was served in Alice’s home. Dessert was served in David’s home. Alice chose pie for dessert. Ben chose cake for dessert. Carol chose trifle for dessert. David chose ice cream for dessert. Elsa chose pudding for dessert. Order of the reindeer: Prancer, Cupid, Rudolph, Dasher, Blitzen, Vixen, Comet, Donder, Dancer

The Little Things: The Adventures of Wayde and Aunt Sissy There are often times in our lives when we chose to mourn before we worry; we jump to the worst case scenario before there is a sense of certainty. When these times come, we often feel as if we are alone in every step we take. That feeling of not finding the silver lining becomes the usual and we’re lost with no designated path to lead us out of the darkness. That exact feeling stopped me in my tracks on Halloween and to my amazement, the only person that could pull me back to the surface was a 2-year-old little boy; the only hope that day: my nephew, Wayde. Early that morning, I traveled to Lexington with my older sister, Lindsey to find out the sex of her second child. From the beginning of the pregnancy, I was convinced that I was going to have a niece and when the technician said those three little words, I threw

a party in my head; it’s a girl! life. With this disorder, I knew she would be ‘different’ and the During the ultrasound, baby Preslee was extremely active and only thing that bothered me already adorable. My excitement, about that was my grasp on how cruel people can be. however, was crushed I was also worried about how she would when my sister came have to live. I knew that Preslee’s physical out of the abilities would be room after restricted therefore meeting her life would be alone with the doctor. challenging. With this knowledge, I With tears somehow managed to in her eyes, hold my composure Lindsey until I was alone. said that When I had time to the baby’s Kelsey White comprehend and think blood Expressions Editor about what this precious test read baby would have to deal positive for with, I mourned. I fell into that Spina Bifida, a defect that is pessimistic, worrisome stage. characterized by a hole or I had little time to worry opening in the spine. before trick-or-treating that From that moment, my night with Preslee’s big brother, mind jumped from thought Wayde. I knew I had to perk up to thought as I had no solid for that little boy; I had to be understanding of what the strong. From the moment we disorder could do to my niece’s

arrived downtown until the end of the night, he was attached to my hip. At his age, I knew he couldn’t understand what exactly was going on with his sister, but he acted as if he understood how worried we all were. Though he’s in that “holding is for babies” stage, he refused to walk, holding his arms up toward me anytime his little feet met the ground. As much as I loved his compassion for me that night, Wayde isn’t a small kid and my arms were beginning to feel like noodles. Whenever I tried to give him to his daddy, however, he yelled, “Sissy!” and was back in my arms in no time. Wayde will probably never quite understand how he helped me that night, but I know for a fact that the reason he was so attached was his grasp on what was going on; even at such a young age, he knew something was seriously wrong. As cliché as it sounds, he is my sunshine. He makes me


A Heart’s Dream Heather Weatherford, 11

He walked into my life, out of the blue, the abysmal deep blue. And into what he calls “a beautiful mess, a beautiful purposeless mess;” Lead me through a long, nefarious blaze, the crimson, bloody blaze, And into a divine garden of never ending roses, eternity of phenomenal rosesHe said unto me, “When the final rose dies here, in utter loneliness and despair, Will my love for you die, and my heart along with it, my cold, forsaken heart.” For the first time, I felt as if I were fixed- neither my mind nor heart. But the passion I lingered and longed for, the envy and lust, I felt as if, for the first time, I felt completed, not stitched up or plastered together, But as if I was not just fragments of a broken heart in the first place… As if I had been whole all along.

happy when skies are gray. No matter how intense or inevitable the pain is, his toothy grin is always there to bring me back; his laugh there to serenade. Wayde is not yet two, but he never fails to teach me what life is truly about in the great view. Simplistically, he shows me everyday through the cute little things he does how beautiful life is. Whether he realizes it or not, he’s changing who I am and my perspective on the unfortunate. The next day, we found out that Preslee’s blood test was a false positive, meaning she is a completely healthy baby girl. Without her big brother’s compassion and understanding, the time between the false diagnosis and the relieving news would’ve gotten to the best of me. I couldn’t be more thankful to call such a beautiful child my nephew and I’m so glad I have him in my life.

Not by blood, but by heart. We were sisters from the start. Time after time, you’ve helped me through things. When I was down, you gave me wings. Others leave, but sisters stay. True friends from the beginning -- to this day.

Ashley Becknell, 10 Feeling artistic? Submit any poems, stories, artwork, etc. to room G-115 to be considered for the next issue of Smoke Signals!

Pen and Paper

No matter if no one listens, no matter if no one sees, there’s one thing I have that’s stable, I believe. It’s pen and paper that let my emotions reek. An outlet like no other; my heart bleeds out in ink. Each word I write is a piece of my soul; And to share that with you is my main goal. Because no matter if you listen, no matter if you see, I tried to reach out and that’s all that matters to me.

or done something said

JOKE: provoke



A skeleton walks into a bar and begins to order. He asks for a coke, a bucket, and a mop.

Jokes by Mr. Bruce

Did you hear about the toilet paper thieves? They were easy to catch. They left a paper trail.

Why is it fun to dance with mushrooms? They’re fungis.

What did one bean say to the other? Quit stalking me!

What is a pirate’s favorite letter? argh? You would think that, but it’s actually the C!

The End is Near This year has already begun. We plan to have so much fun. We will have our ups and downs. We will have our smiles and frowns. The bond we have will remain strong, Because we have all been cool way too long. We have lost some of us along the way, But in our hearts, they will always stay. Makenna and Kyra, we miss you so much. All the souls you both have touched. It’s not the end; it’s the beginning for y’all.

Look down and smile on us all. You left so soon; we could never forget All the memories you’ve shared and all the people you’ve met. As the sun rises and sets everyday, We sit and count down until May. Ready for high school to end; Ready for college life to begin. We sit and reminisce about the times we’ve had. Laughing and crying about the good and the bad. Class of 2012 is what we represent. #TeamSeniors get

What Art Means to YOU… Mrs. Baumgardner’s Clay & Sculpture students find ways to express themselves through their unique creations. They show that art is all about having choices and being a free spirit.

“I take pride in my work, and I tried to make it as realistic as possible.” -Allison Becknell, senior

rowdy at every event. Been running this school since Freshman year. We will leave our mark on this school, like a souvenir. Unforgettable-Class of 2012 will be. We run this school, who doesn’t agree? Let’s finish this year off right. So fun; it goes by like the speed of light. Party hard every day. Seniors are coming through, CLEAR the way. Running this school is our first priority. We run this school, with all of the

Brittani Gay, senior authority. As the year starts to end, Never forget about your friends. Reminisce on the times you share. Tell them you love them; tell them you care. Tomorrow is not always guaranteed. So try your best to succeed.

“It fills me with joy when I have a completed project.” -Austin Shelton, senior

“I liked it because it seemed fun to sculpt.” -Marcus Ingram, senior

“It started as Little Red Riding Hood. It was inspired by the new scary movie that came out.” -Matthew Ford, senior

Will you go to


with me? Jerod Metz doing the Cupid Shuffle.

Top row from left: Samantha Ball, Colbi Howard, Kimberly Watkins, Lindy Darnell; Alyssa Sellars; Mark Vance, Melodi Greer; Breanne Webb, Kate Bush, Logan McQuerry Second row: Nikki Napier, Nick Lambert Third Row: Clay Dixon, Ashley Taulbee; Mr. Parish; Allison Ratliff, Betty Claire Saylor, Hayley Tye, McKenzie Burgess, Krista Wasson; Joanna Guerrant Bottom: William Kiniry, Taylor Epperson, Wesley Wattenberger, Christian Muncie, Rebecca Everman

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Smoke Signals December 2011  

The December issue of GRC's Smoke Signals