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S ERVIN G ON M I S SI ON J E R E MY C OLLI V ER - Minister of Communications, Missions and Youth

Huevos del Rey (Eggs of the King) The repairs and upgrades of the poultry house are finished and at the beginning of December the staff worked on the legal part of the project which consists of an operation permit extended by a national agency (SENASA). SENASA made an inspection visit of the premises and gave their approval of the operation. HOI is now waiting on the operation certificate in order to purchase the chickens. We are hoping for a March purchase. The operation will have 2 batches of birds in rotation. When they are older, they will be sold locally for food. The younger batch will then be producing. This operation will be owned/run by Claudio Aguirre and Carlos Aguilar. HOI Economic Development Coordinator, Eriberto Rivera, will continue to assist and monitor the business. The eggs will be sold to the HOI Nutrition program, The First 1000 Days, and locally. This health program supplies pregnant mothers being monitored by HOI’s Health Director, Dr. German Jimenez, with an egg a day for each person in their family. After the baby is born, this egg a day will continue for the first 1000 days of the infant’s life. Supplying this daily protein will help in the development of the newborn and other children in the family. This nutrition program began in the summer of 2018 and is expanding this year to include additional mothers, potentially up to 50 in 2019.

MAY 19 - 25


J U L Y 1 3- 2 0



$300 plus airfare

JULY 13 - 20

TIJUANA MISSION TRIP $500 plus airfare


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April 2019 CrossTie  

April 2019 CrossTie