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YOU TH AT S M O KE R I SE J E R E M Y C OLLI V ER - Minister of Communications, Missions and Youth Ashes to Flowers 40 days can seem like a long time. The beginning of the 40 days is marked with an ashen cross placed on your forehead while hearing the refrain, “From dust you came, and to dust you will return.” Then there are 40 days, minus Sundays, until Easter morning. There is Holy Week that begins with the procession of palms on Palm Sunday marking Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem. There is Maundy Thursday where we hear the story of the Passover meal that has become our Lord’s Supper. Good Friday is a solemn day as we are reminded of Jesus being hoisted onto the cross and dying because, and for, us. Three days later we arrive back at church with our best pastels, Easter Lillies, and celebratory anthem of Jesus rising from dead. These are the signposts that take us from Ash Wednesday to Easter Sunday. But what happens to those other 40 days in the middle? Down in The Basement, that’s what the Youth will be talking about and focusing on; those other 40 days. We’re going to be reading the stories of Jesus’ life; how he interacted with the groups of people that surrounded him to hear his teaching, how he prepared his disciples for when he would be gone, how he talked and prayed with God to keep himself centered on God’s will. As we look at these stories again, our hope is that we will again be transformed by the living Christ. Our hope is that our lives will emulate more of what the life of Christ looked like. That our lives will have meaning in-between the ashes we came from and the ashes from which we will return. Join us in this journey through Lent as we rediscover the living Jesus. The Jesus that lived, laughed, loved, prayed, preached, and played, so that you too may be transformed. -Jeremy

APRIL 13 - 14



Sunday Schedule 9:00 AM Worship in the Chapel 9:45 AM Sunday school in the basement 11:00 AM Worship in the Sanctuary 5:00 PM Choir in the Choir Suite 5:45 PM Dinner 6:00 PM Vespers in the basement Wednesday Schedule 5:00 PM Dinner 6:00 PM Youth in the basement


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April 2019 CrossTie  

April 2019 CrossTie