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Vol 4 | Issue 3 | March 2020


is a time to take the time to let the power

of our faith story take hold of us, a time to let the events get up and walk around in us, a time to intensify our living unto Christ, a time to hover over the thoughts of our hearts, a time to place our feet in the streets of Jerusalem

or to walk along the sea and listen to His word, a time to touch His robe and feel the healing surge through us, a time to ponder and a time to wonder. Lent is a time to allow a fresh new taste of God!

Ann Weems

Presented by the teen class of Smoke Rise Adademy of the Arts

Set in the little village of Anatevka, the story centers on Tevye, a poor milkman, and his five daughters. With the help of a colorful and tight-knit Jewish community, Tevye tries to protect his daughters and instill them with the traditional values in the face of changing social mores and the growing anti-Semitism of Czarist Russia. Rich in historical and ethnic detail, Fiddler on the Roof's universal theme of tradition cuts across barriers of race, class, nationality and religion, leaving audiences crying tears of laughter, joy and sadness.

Showtimes Friday, March 20 7:00 pm

Saturday, March 21 2:00 pm and 7:00 pm

Friday, March 22 2:00 pm

A New Decade Calls for a New Directory Schedule your photography session at the link below or on Sunday mornings Dates Available: March 10-15; March 23-28 Sign up at




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For the 40 days of Lent, if we are willing, to learn to slow down, or perhaps to hurry up and wait, we may discover a blessed renewal. If we are less demanding that our prayers be answered, we may discover that the purpose of prayer in our lives is more than a wish for answers.

Seventy years of marriage is an incredible milestone! Someone you should know in our church has achieved that milestone, an amazing couple, Jim and Juanita Brown.



As we turn the page on a year of celebration and remembrance, a new season of giving approaches. This year, the stewardship committee is asking our members to Look Forward to A New Chapter as we consider what we will pledge in support of the Fiscal 2020-21 Ministry Plan and Budget.

Danny Va n c i l

Minister of Music and Worship 678.533.0560

A B O UT S M O K E RIS E 5901 Hugh Howell Rd. Stone Mountain, GA 30087 Tel: 770.469.5856 Fax: 770.498.3598 Office Hours M-F 8:30 am - 4:30 pm

Smoke Rise Baptist Church is a loving and caring faith community where people come to grow spiritually, worship communally and serve faithfully. We are committed to fostering authentic relationships and engaging in meaningful ministry in our congregation, our community and around the world. We partner with others in an effort to be about God’s work. We commit to love God with all our hearts, all our souls, all our minds and all our strength, and to love our neighbors as we love ourselves. We seek to proclaim the Good News of Christ in all that we say and do.



CH RIS G E ORGE - Senior Pastor

Lent is a hard season for some of us because it involves waiting. Waiting is almost always considered a negative process. No one says, “Thank God I had to wait such a long time in that line at the grocery.” Or, “I am so glad that the traffic caused me to slow down.” Instead, we complain to the store managers and honk our horns. We describe our lengthy waits at the doctor’s office or the Department of Motor Vehicles as if we were enduring some terrible trial or tribulation. All we want is fast and friendly service—and we want it this instant. Our demand for speed in our personal and professional lives sometimes spills over into our spiritual lives as well. We don’t really have time to wait on God either. We send up our prayers and demand immediate attention. On the “Law and Order” TV show, they can solve the case in an hour. So, why can’t God answer our prayers and solve all our problems in similar fashion? We are willing to offer our prayers, but rarely content to wait for God to answer us. The Quakers are a small Christian sect strong in the northeastern part of the United States. They are perhaps best known for their pacifist stands against war and violence. If you ever have the opportunity to attend a Quaker service, I would encourage you to embrace the experience. It will be far different from any other worship service you have ever attended. The church might have pews, but will more likely have a small circle of chairs. The minister may say a few words, but more frequently, the service will begin in silence. Members and visitors alike will sit quietly and wait. You may wonder when the service will finally start. If you have the courage to whisper to a neighbor, they will tell you, the service has already started. The Quakers have certain sayings that counter modern culture and reveal a part of their perspective on worship. “Don’t just do something, sit there.” Or, “Hurry up and wait.” They believe strongly that God will meet them and speak to them in worship; so they simply wait to hear from God. They sit in silence, re-centering their lives. These Quakers are convinced and convicted that those who wait on the Lord will renew their strength. For them, the process of patience is more than some archaic idea from the past, but is an essential part of their worship as well as how they live their lives in our busy, loud and chaotic modern world. During this Lenten Season, perhaps we can learn something from the Quakers. For the 40 days of Lent, if we are willing, to learn to slow down, or perhaps to hurry up and wait, we may discover a blessed renewal. If we are less demanding that our prayers be answered, we may discover that the purpose of prayer in our lives is more than a wish for answers. As C.S. Lewis once wrote, we may discover, “I do not pray because it changes things. I pray because it changes me.” During this Lenten season, let’s take a few moments to rest, to relax and to allow God to renew us. After our prayers, let’s devote a few moments to listening and waiting for God to respond and speak to us. After reading the scriptures, let’s take a few moments to wait for God’s living word to move in and through us. Patience is a virtue. Holiness happens when we least expect it. Our most precious commodity is not money, but time. When we have patience, when we are willing to wait, we place our most precious gift on God’s altar.




DANNY VANC IL - Minister of Music and Worship

o without ourwe wonderful volunteers What would do without our wonderful at Smoke Rise? You can’ttidying, imagine the an’tvolunteers imagineat the hours spent hours spent tidying, straightening and cleaning cleaning up this vastand complex and, that up thiswould vast complex that isour in addition to volunteers at What we do without wonderful r wonderful building and maintenance our wonderful building maintenance crew.spent tidying, Smoke Rise? You can’tand imagine the hours

straightening up this vast complex and, that Generous folksand like cleaning Paul and Mary Ruth isParham, inand addition to ourSaralyn wonderful Mike Jones, Jaleel,building Lois e Paul Mary Ruth Parham, Mike and maintenance crew. Jernigan and Carol Palmer, to name just a few,

Down at the Cross

el, Lois Jernigan and Carol Palmer, just are dedicated to the neatness of our Generous folks likecare Pauland and Mary Ruth Mike e dedicated to the care and neatnessParham, of beloved space. Jones, Saralyn Jaleel, Lois Jernigan and Carol Palmer, just . to name a few, are dedicated to the care and neatness of We can always use more help around the church

this beloved space. house. What may seem likechurch a small task can e more help around the house. be acan veryalways important Foraround example,the church house. useministry. more help ke aWe small task can be a very important making sure that the parlor is ready to receive may seem like task canisbe a very important ple,What making surebefore thataasmall the parlor family members funeral by turning on ministry. For example, making sure that the parlor is mily members a funeral lamps, providingbefore tissues, mints, proteinby bars ready to receive family members before and bottled water, shows careprotein and attention ataafuneral by providing tissues, mints, bars turning on lamps, providing tissues, mints, protein bars difficult time. shows care and attention at a difficult and bottled water, shows care and attention at a difficult Please contact Danny or Lynne in the church time. office if you would like to volunteer.

Down at the Cross

SundaSyunNdaigy hNtigH htym HynmS n iSnig ng by the Prime-Time Hosted byHosted the Prime-Time ChoirChoir

contact Danny or Lynne in theifchurch nny Please or Lynne in the church office you office if you Sua ndracyh, M cht16 5 :a 0 Pin M tinhtehC eh Ch -Danny wouldDanny like to volunteer. Danny Sunday, M 15ara 0t06P:0M aappeell nteer.

Holy Week Worship Service

Holy Week Worship Service Hymns, Readings, Prayers

Hymns, Readings, Prayers Selections from Handel’s


Selections from Handel’s Parts II and III


Palm Sunday April 5, 2020 Palm Sunday 7:00 PM Parts II and III

April 5, 2020 5 | SMOKE RIS E BAPT IST.ORG 7:00 PM


BECKY CAS W ELL- SPEI GHT- Minister of Families, Faith Formation and Connection

March 22, 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm Childcare: 5:30 pm to 8:00 pm Hosts: Graham and Lynne Felton 1853 Chedworth Lane, Stone Mountain Connections is a once-a-month gathering for individuals and couples in their 20’s, 30’s and 40’s. Light snacks and drinks are provided. Childcare is provided at the church. Please RSVP for children by Wednesday, March 18, through the church office 770.469.5856;

Christian Leadership Formation Class On Sunday beginning, April 19, Dr. Rob Nash will be conducting a Christian Leadership Formation class, a five-week course entitled “Moving the Equator: The Families of the Earth and the Mission of the Church.” During this time students will consider an entirely different biblical lens for understanding God’s mission in the world in a time when the Church must be prepared to bless others as much as it is prepared to be blessed by others. April 19, 26, May 3, 17 and 31 3:00 pm Room 223 Contact the church office to register for the class.

March 4

Intro to Leviticus - Chris George - Fellowship Hall Truth Be Told Art - Andrea Smith - Room TBD Faith and TV - Harrison Litzell - Room 223 Missions Report - Appalachia

March 11

Leviticus - Fellowship Hall Spiritual Formation -Joshua Speight - Room 230 Faith and TV - Harrison Litzell - Room 223 Missions Report - New York

March 18

Intro to Deuteronomy - Chris George - Fellowship Hall Spiritual Formation -Joshua Speight - Room 230 Faith and TV - Harrison Litzell - Room 223 Mission Report - Tijuana

March 25

Deuteronomy - Ebby Arnold - Fellowship Hall Spiritual Formation -Joshua Speight - Room 230 Faith and TV - Harrison Litzell - Room 223 Mission Report - Uganda Grief Support Group - Adam Arnold - Room 220



J E R E MY C OLLI V ER - Minister of Youth, Missions and Communications

World Mission Offering

Mission Partner Evaluations One of the roles of the Mission Support Team is to evaluate the mission partnerships in which Smoke Rise Baptist Church is engaged. This process is designed to gather current information about each mission partner, looking at its mission and vision, its financial stability, its community relationship, its faith formation, and its relationship to Smoke Rise Baptist Church. The evaluation process is not designed to be a “head-hunting” process where we sever ties with our mission partners. The Mission Support Team is currently gathering information from each of our mission partners and will be sharing about each through the coming months. We ask that you pray for our mission partners and Mission Support Team.

Neighborhoods of the World

Missions Offering Update Total Given: $22,917

Scholarships Available

Upcoming Opportunities

Tijuana July 18 - 25, 2020 Gary Prophitt – 678-451-5771 Cost: $500, plus airfare

Appalachia (Men) May 17 - 22, 2020 Bill Blanton – 678-510-9390 Cost: $300

Canadian Baptist Seminary August 29-September 5 Bill Blanton – 678-510-9390 Cost: $300, plus airfare

New York July 11 – 18, 2020 Carol Garner – 404-402-0123 Approx. Cost: $300, plus airfare

Appalachia (Ladies) October 4-9, 2020 Jenny Brannan – 770-337-7545 Cost: $300


Smoke Rise Baptist Church has amazing mission partnerships with nine different partnering organizations. One of the ways in which we partner is to go and serve alongside each of the mission partners. If you wish to participate, we don’t ever want money to be a reason you don’t go and serve; so we want you to be aware that there is a Mission Scholarship Fund from which you can request assistance. If you have questions or if you would like to contribute to the Mission Scholarship Fund, please contact the Mission Office.


JA ME S S MIT H - Pasto r al Car e Asso ciate Remember...and pray... When my life was ebbing away, I remembered You, Lord, and my prayer rose to You, to Your holy temple (Jonah 2:7).

New Member

Many people do not have peace with God simply because they feel or think they are too undeserving to talk to God. Yet Jesus emphasized he did not come to call the righteous, but sinners to salvation. Jesus promised He will not cast out anyone who comes to Him. In His immeasurable mercy and unending love, Jesus comes to all people— worthy and unworthy.

Grace Staggs Joined January 26

It is a privilege to pray with people who are grieving, those who are in a health crisis, those who hurt, those who fear and those who feel alone. However unworthy a person may feel, those who reach out to God in prayer are most often met with comfort, peace and grace to continue on in whatever life brings.

Help us to celebrate her upcoming baptism on March 8th!

Remember to pray...and experience peace beyond human understanding.

Someone You Should Know

He then asked her for a date and she agreed, on the condition that he take her to church. Around 15 months later, they were married.

Celebrating 70 years of marriage is an incredible milestone! Jim and Juanita Brown in our church have achieved this milestone! They are an amazing couple whom you should know. We see Juanita almost every Sunday, seated in the choir behind our senior pastor when he is seated before bringing the sermon. Jim is in a care facility now, enjoying pleasant caregivers, visitors, good food and frequent visits from Juanita and their children.

They soon moved to Greenville, SC, and later to Athens and then to Macon, Georgia, before coming to Atlanta. Jim and Juanita first had two daughters and then two sons. The sons came as a surprise—they were twins. “In those days you did not know in advance that you would be having twins,” Juanita explains. “I had gone past full term. And amazingly, unlike typical twins today, one weighed nine pounds and five ounces and the other one weighed eight pounds and 13 ounces!” Now, years later, Juanita says she is not surprised by the size 15 shoes of her big boys.

Jim and Juanita Brown.

Juanita says she first saw Jim when he visited her church; she pointed him out to one of her girlfriends. The next day, he saw her at Spartanburg Junior College, now Spartanburg Community College, where they both attended classes. He introduced himself and mentioned having seen her in church. She simply replied, “Oh,” as if she hadn’t even noticed him.

After raising their family in Macon, the Browns moved to Atlanta and joined Smoke Rise Baptist Church when Truett Gannon was pastor. Juanita joined the choir “just as always in all of the churches where we attended.” They have been blessed by many experiences and relationships through the years at Smoke Rise. “We have always had wonderful pastors and outstanding music,” they remember. Family, friends and the support of Smoke Rise Baptist Church fill their lives today. Jim and Juanita Brown have experienced 70 years together and still counting since their wedding the last day of December, 1949.


CONNEC T I N G AT SMOK E R I SE Smoke Rise Academy of Arts wins big at Junior Theater Festival! Junior Theater Festival Atlanta is the world’s largest theater festival, hosting over 6500 students from the USA, Canada, England, New Zealand, China and Australia. The Smoke Rise Academy of Arts received notification in late October that they were accepted to attend the 2020 festival, after being on the wait list for over seven months! With less than three months to prepare, Janet Chadwick and Greyson Chadwick, the Academy drama directors recruited performers, selected a performance excerpt, tackled fundraisers and put together a “show-stopper” audition! Auditions required troupes to tell the story and introduce all characters within a 15-minute period of dialogue and song. Early Saturday morning, January 18, 31

students, eight chaperones and three directors boarded the Smoke Rise Baptist bus to head to the Cobb Galleria for a weekend of mayhem and excitement. During the day, 127 troupes performed, received critiques from the adjudicators, explored workshops and enjoyed watching professionals on the big stage. The Smoke Rise troupe performed their 15-minute segment from Disney’s Mary Poppins, Jr., receiving a standing ovation! The adjudicators offered praise for the group’s ability to tell the sweet story

The Daffodil Project

of Mary Poppins and to create wonderful effects with their “Step in Time” dance routine. To add to their excitement, Smoke Rise was one of 15 groups awarded “Outstanding Performance” and were invited to perform a selection on the BIG stage in front of more than 6500 people at the Freddie G. Awards Ceremony! Smoke Rise closed the ceremony with their performance of “Step in Time” and again, brought the audience to their feet! A tremendous CONGRATULATIONS goes out to our JTF troupe. -Denise Burcham, Academy of Arts Director

Smoke Rise Prep students and parents, along with Carol Ann Fulgham, worked together January 16th to plant 250 daffodil bulbs around the sign at the entrance of the church. They helped dig, plant, fertilize and cover the bulbs. This endeavor was a community project for the students that reaches beyond the church grounds. The Daffodil Project was started by Am Yisrael Chai, a nonprofit Holocaust and Genocide Education Awareness Program, who began this worldwide project to empower Holocaust education. The daffodils planted are a memorial garden to commemorate the Holocaust and to celebrate survival and success. The project aspires to plant 1.5 million daffodils worldwide in memory of children who perished in the Holocaust, and to support those who survived and who went on to build new lives after this dark and difficult period; it is also in support of children suffering in humanitarian crises today. The daffodil flower is symbolic of the yellow stars Jews were forced to wear during the Holocaust. The color yellow is the color of remembrance and the daffodil represents hope for the future. We hope to see these daffodils bloom this spring. Be sure to look for them and, when you do, reflect on the lives lost, those that survived and our hope for the future. For more information on this endeavor, please visit -Elizabeth Field, Smoke Rise Prep


GENEROS I T Y A Letter from the Stewardship Committee

As we turn the page on a year of celebration and remembrance with our 50-year anniversary, a new season of giving approaches. This year, the stewardship committee is asking our members to Look Forward to A New Chapter as we consider what we will pledge in support of the Fiscal 2020-21 Ministry Plan and Budget. Pledge Sunday is March 22, but the church office is already accepting pledge cards in support of our new budget. By submitting pledge cards early, we not only help our church leadership plan and prepare for the new fiscal year, we also encourage each other to renew our commitment to the ministries and missions of Smoke Rise that unite us as a family of faith. The finance committee has worked diligently to create a ministry plan that is realistic, while still coming in under budget. Though our budget may be lower, the new chapter opening before us remains rooted in our continued commitment to worship, learn, care, serve and give to our church. At Smoke Rise, the story of God’s work among us is defined by our generosity, which is woven into the very fabric of who we are. Because we are faithful in our commitment to give, we continue to have the resources that are necessary to remain a vital presence of Christ in our community and beyond. We are asking you to help us Look Forward to a New Chapter by prayerfully considering your pledge with sensitivity to God’s calling in your life. If you are a new believer or a first-time giver, we invite you to consider pledging as an act of faith and a response to God’s gifts in your life. If you give sporadically, we ask you to consider a commitment to give consistently through recurring weekly or monthly gifts online, through your smartphone or through your bank. Some may be in a season of life when you can give from stock gifts or retirement earnings; others may be making a new commitment to move toward a tithe for the first time. With gratitude for the generosity of our members, we are Looking Forward to a New Chapter. Our pledges are more than merely numbers on a page. Our gifts are the resource that sustains our support staff and ministers, allows for compassionate pastoral care, maintains life-changing mission partnerships, provides for spiritual formation across generations, and helps foster joyful worship and fellowship. We invite you to help our church write a new chapter, abounding with stories of abundant worship, fellowship, mission and ministry. - Joe Moore, Chair of Stewardship

2020 Budget Overview Caring for Congregation and Community ($221,856--11.2%) Caring for our congregation and community is a team effort at Smoke Rise that begins with pastoral leadership and care that is personal Worshipping and Glorifying God ($276,947--13.9%) Worship is the heart of our church as we express our faith through music, liturgy, prayer, communion, scripture, testimony, and preaching that draws us closer to God and each other. Cherishing Our Sacred Space ($424,930--21.3%)

We have been blessed with facilities that are conveniently located for nearby residents and commuters. Our facilities, grounds, furnishings, and equipment are vital to the daily work of our church. Equipping for Ministry and Service ($494,605--24.9%) Providing our leaders and congregation with the resources necessary for our church to carry out its work and mission. Making and Growing Disciples ($320,428-16.1%) Our church supports Christian education, discipleship, and spiritual


formation for all ages. The leadership, time, talent, and resources invested in these ministries foster life-long discipleship. Sharing the Good News ($250,863--12.6%) We are called to “be” the Church and not simply to “go” to church. Of our total giving, 8.5% is dedicated for missions, along with other funds in support of Christ’s call to love others and make disciples. Total Proposed Ministry Plan ($2,046,748)

Fiscal 2020 Ministry Plan Comparison Summary


Fiscal 2020

Fiscal 2019

4/1/20 - 3/31/21

4/1/19 - 3/31/20

Amount % of total


% of total

Facilities (vehicle maintenance, water, electricity, gas, insurance, sanitation, custodian expense, etc.)







Administrative Expense (telephone, postage, audit, office machines, copier supplies, IT service, marketing)







Personnel (salary)







Personnel Other (benefits, administrative costs, etc.)







Ministries Worship (music, ordinances)





Education (nursery, children, youth, adults, women)







Other (conventions, offering envelopes, Baptist Today, recreation, outreach)














Capital Expenditures (facility repair reserve, grounds improvement)







Equipment (computer hardware & maintenance, audio/video, etc.)








$ 2,046,748





*2019 was allotted extra funds for one year to cover the costs of Sabbatical and the church's 50th Anniversary.

We are pleased to submit a budget for 2020-21 that is expected to be fully funded by and consistent with projected revenue from tithes and offerings to our general fund. To this end, the total proposed budget for 2020-21 includes $217,609 in spending reductions. The total proposed budget is recommended as a realistic estimate of anticipated actual expenses. We continue to celebrate the generosity of our members and are pleased to propose a budget that presents the possibility of a surplus that could be used to bolster our reserves. Thank you for the commitment you make to share your time, talent and money for the support of God’s work through Smoke Rise.



BE C KY CAS W ELL- SPEI GHT- Minister of Family, Faith Formation and Connection

5th Grade Retreat

We Need Supplies for Vacation Bible School! Please help us to make VBS a success this year by donating or lending us the following items: Big boxes Markers & crayons Pop-up tents Paint Home Depot/Lowes gift cards Baked treats (7/6-7/9) Framed cross-stitched items Small living room furniture Rugs & lamps



J E R E M Y C OLLI V ER - Minister of Youth, Missions and Communications


February 23 - $50 Deposit April 19 - $100 May 31 - $125

Middle School Day Out

You often see advertisements for “Mom’s Day Out” or Parent’s Day Out,” but why do the adults always get to have all the fun?! March 22, we’re going to flip the script and have a day out for the youth; in particular, the middle school youth. We’ll start with lunch after 11:00 AM worship in the Sanctuary and then we’re going to support our fellow Youth in the Academy of the Arts production of Fiddler on the Roof. After passing out flowers and taking pictures, we’ll play group games before coming back for Choir and Youth Worship. It will be a day out when we can be together and support each other!

Dates to Remember: March 13-15: Family Mission Trip June 5-8: Sing and Serve: New Orleans June 28 - July 3: Passport Missions; Deland, FL


Sunday Schedule 9:00 AM Worship in the Chapel 9:45 AM Sunday school in the basement 11:00 AM Worship in the Sanctuary 5:00 PM Choir in the Choir Suite 5:45 PM Dinner 6:00 PM Vespers in the basement Wednesday Schedule 5:00 PM Dinner 6:00 PM Youth in the basement


Chili Cook-Off | Thank you for helping us to raise over $2,000!

Weekly Schedule

March Dates 1 Martha Stearns Marshall Sunday

Sunday 9:00 AM - Worship in the Chapel 9:45 AM - Sunday school for all ages 11:00 AM - Worship in the Sanctuary 5:00 PM - Youth Choir

13-15 Family Mission Trip 15 Down at the Cross Hymn Service 20-22 Academy of the Arts - Fiddler on the Roof 22 Connections

5:45 PM - Youth Dinner 6:00 PM - Youth Vespers Wednesday 4:45 PM - Dinner in the Fellowship Hall 6:00 PM - Journeys, Children's Activities,

Youth in the Basement

7:00 PM - Sanctuary Choir

Get Ready to Spring Forward! Set your clocks ahead one hour on March 8.


Thank you, David! On March 31, 2020, David MacFarlane will be retiring as the administrator of Smoke Rise Baptist Church. In business terminology, David has assumed the responsibilities of both a COO and a CFO. However, David has always seen his role first and foremost as one of ministry, serving Christ, this congregation and the community. David arrived in May 2008, during Dr. Bob Browning’s time as pastor. Bob wrote, “David MacFarlane was sent by God to Smoke Rise to fill a void in our administrative staff. He brought with him the skills and experience that we needed and a desire to serve alongside our ministers to strengthen the good work being done by so many. I deeply appreciated his passion, diligence, faithfulness and friendship.” During David’s tenure, the church embraced new community partnerships such as the Smoke Rise Prep School. David sought to help us share our space more effectively and be a good

neighbor congregation. Former Associate Pastor Ernie Forrester remembers, “David helped to save us thousands of dollars a year. He networked computers and made it possible for us to be ‘in the office’ no matter where we were physically. He spoke the language of vendors responsible for our internet connectivity and made sure we always had the ‘fastest thing going,’ running much of the cable himself. I am very grateful for having had the opportunity to work with this man who uses both sides of his brain quite effectively.” David felt his purpose was to help Smoke Rise become more efficient financially and more advanced technologically. He has helped to touch many lives as he has worked to strengthen our church. Senior Pastor Chris George reflects, “Since my arrival nearly seven years ago, David MacFarlane has been not only an important part of the Smoke Rise staff, but also a source of inspiration and support to me. I am grateful for having had the chance to serve beside him and I consider myself lucky to call him a friend. I will always be thankful for his dedication to our church and for the firm foundation he has built for us in areas of stewardship and technology.” We wish David the very best in his retirement, sending him with our heartfelt gratitude and prayers for God’s blessings during this next season of life.

Please Welcome Our New Finance and Business Manager We are pleased to welcome Fe Williams to our church staff as our new Finance and Business Manager. Fe is a native of the Atlanta area who comes to us with nearly 15 years of church finance and management experience. In addition to her financial management skills, Fe has served with the Georgia Department of Defense—Georgia State Defense Force as a medic and also as finance and resource manager. Fe has also served as a FEMA Community Emergency Response Team Instructor and is a passionate volunteer with the Fayette County Humane Society. During her many years of work in the church, Fe has overseen bookkeeping, payroll, accounts payable/receivable, human resources, and related finance and business operations of the church. Fe has a broad educational background that has served her well as a leader and manager of others, including a Master of Arts in Human Behavior and a Bachelor of Science in Family and Consumer Sciences. “Fe was our top candidate to serve as our new Finance and Business Manager,” says Bart McNiel, associate pastor. “We are excited to have Fe join our team. Her knowledge and experience will be invaluable and will serve Smoke Rise and its members well.” Fe will be working Sundays through Wednesdays in the coming weeks. Her schedule will include office and remote working hours due to a longer commute. You can reach Fe by calling the church office or by email at financeoffice@

Spring Ladies Event

Tuesday, April 21st at 6:30 pm with Bruce Goddard, Christian Comedian Tickets Cost $20

Smoke Rise Baptist Church • Holy Week 2020 • April 5-12 On Easter Sunday we will have one unified Worship Service at 11:00 am. Address Correction Requested

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