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Purpose of Smith Institute Smith Institute for Applied Research encourages curiosity and collaboration at Johnson C. Smith University; it celebrates research achievements that impact the JCSU community by organizing, facilitating, and promoting programs for students, faculty, staff, and community members to engage in meaningful research activities and to enhance the culture of research at JCSU.

Centers of Study Centers of study are home to signature programs including Minority Health & Family Wellness’s Preconception Peer Educators and Phasing Up to New Possibilities, and Social Entrepreneurship & Innovation’s Innovo Scholar Society. Smith Institute maintains three Centers:  Center for the Study of Social Entrepreneurship & Innovation  Center for the Study of Non-cognitive & Metacognitive Variables for Educational Success 

Center for the Study of Minority Health & Family Wellness

Connect With Us Smith Institute supports research experiences, promotes collaboration, and provides funding for faculty-mentored student research, preparing students for graduate study and professional advancement. Student Research Ambassadors develop leadership skills by furthering the research culture at JCSU through peer-engagement and promotion of student-focused resources. Students apply each semester. STAR Faulty Research Mentoring Group is a committee of faculty members who support the Smith Institute and their peers by clarifying and removing obstacles to mentoring students while serving as spokespersons for Smith Institute faculty-focused resources. Faculty and staff apply each year. Visit the Smith Institute website at


Resources for Research Smith Institute provides resources for faculty, staff, and students to engage in research activities. The Multidisciplinary Applied Computational Modeling & Simulations (MACMAS) Lab is a cross-disciplinary resource space whose technology supports faculty in equipping students with research experiences, including conducting research, providing workshops, and offering technical assistance. Through STAR Grants, faculty and staff apply to receive pilot-funding from Smith Institute for faculty-led student-driven research. Recently, Smith Institute also unveiled STAR Student Grants, faculty-mentored projects proposed by students based on students’ interests. STAR Grants are awarded annually.

Faculty/Staff STAR Grants Project Title

Principal Investigator

Employability: Promoting Student Intelligence Investigating Perspectives of Current Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Students to Improve Recruitment and Retention Evaluating Professional Readiness in Dance Cindy Lane/Dillon Lakes Neighborhood Survey

Other Team Members

Monika Rhue

Tracy Brown

3 Interdisciplinary Students

Wanda Ebright

6 Dance Students

Deborah Carter Quick

6 Criminology Students

Project Title

Student Principal Investigator

Faculty Mentor

The Impatient Giant: The Non-Electoral Mobilization of Latinos in the South

Ramon GaribaldoValdez

LaTonya Williams

Student STAR Grants

Attendance Matters: A School Based Parental Engagement Intervention to Facilitate Student Achievement

Davonya Henderson

Ruth Greene

Smith Institute At a Glance  

Smith Institute for Applied Research encourages curiosity at Johnson C. Smith University. It celebrates research achievements that impact th...

Smith Institute At a Glance  

Smith Institute for Applied Research encourages curiosity at Johnson C. Smith University. It celebrates research achievements that impact th...