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Catalogue 2023

Our mission

To contribute to business results

Chameleon stimulates creativity, collaboration and the sharing of information with inspirational workspace solutions.

02 03

Our values

Design Our Chameleon designers ensure that every product is designed with both aesthetics and functionality in mind.

Inspiration Chameleon wants to inspire the market to include writing and pinning functionalities in the experience of an interior.

Quality We use enamelled steel as the basic material for our products. This means we give you the highest product quality the market has to offer.

Service Production takes place in our own factory in the Netherlands. This allows us to respond flexibly to specific requirements and to deliver quickly. We are dedicated to saying ‘YES’!

Sustainability Producer Smit Visual is FSC® (License code C137061) and offsets CO2 emissions by planting forests through Trees For All. We like to make sustainability measurable.

1 Writing

Whiteboard 1.1 Custom whiteboard wall 1.2 Sharp 1.3 Sharp Wall 1.4 Curve 1.5 VisuWall 1.6 Round & Six-Square 1.7 Speech & Thoughts 1.8 Specials Glassboard 1.9 Glassboard
04 05
1.10 Glass Wall

Magnetic mounting

Chameleon whiteboard walls are delivered with the TÜV certified Chameleon magnetic mounting system. Magnetic mounting is very easy, and we supply a specified assembly drawing with each custom Chameleon whiteboard wall we sell.

TÜV Nederland QA Type Approved M a n uf acturer ofmagnetic mounted boards2410C73 6 a a

1.1 Custom whiteboard wall

Every organisation is unique, but it’ll be even more so with a custom-made whiteboard wall from Chameleon.

• A whiteboard wall that exactly fits the room.

• Your logo as a cut-out with a full-colour print behind.

• A creative shape cut out along the top of the board.

• A cut-out for a screen or other functional applications.

For this product a quote will be prepared.

06 07
Whiteboard walls

1.2 Sharp

Single whiteboards

This single rectangular whiteboard is frameless with white lacquered edges. Chameleon Sharp panels can be hung very easily using the Chameleon magnetic mounting system which is included in the package.

08 09
max 118 max 238 Art. no. Description Size cm 16001.002 Sharp whiteboard 118 x 238 16001.012 Sharp whiteboard 118 x 198 16001.003 Sharp whiteboard 118 x 178 16001.005 Sharp whiteboard 98 x 198 16001.006 Sharp whiteboard 98 x 148 16001.007 Sharp whiteboard 98 x 98 16001.009 Sharp whiteboard 88 x 118 16001.010 Sharp whiteboard 58 x 88

1.3 Sharp Wall Whiteboard walls

A large writing wall with straight corners and without a frame. The edges are lacquered in white. The razor-sharp edge finishing allows for panels to almost seamlessly connect to each other. The enamel steel surface offers a lifetime warranty for perfect writing and erasing.

236 cm 354 cm 472 cm 590 cm 198 cm Art. no. Description Size cm Amount of panels 16006.030 Sharp Wall 198 x 236 2 16006.031 Sharp Wall 198 x 354 3 16006.032 Sharp Wall 198 x 472 4 16006.033 Sharp Wall 198 x 590 5 10 11

1.4 Curve

Single whiteboards

Chameleon Curve is a frameless whiteboard panel with rounded corners (R=20) and black lacquered edges for an attractive contrast. This whiteboard is an elegant design object, a perfect interior statement.

max 118 max 238
Art. no. Description Size cm 16002.002 Curve whiteboard 118 x 238 16002.012 Curve whiteboard 118 x 198 16002.003 Curve whiteboard 118 x 178 16002.005 Curve whiteboard 98 x 198 16002.006 Curve whiteboard 98 x 148 16002.007 Curve whiteboard 98 x 98 16002.009 Curve whiteboard 88 x 118 16002.010 Curve whiteboard 58 x 88 12 13

1.5 VisuWall Whiteboard walls

A large writing wall with rounded outer corners (R=140) and black lacquered edges. The razor-sharp edge finishing allows for panels to almost seamlessly connect to each other.

198 cm 196 cm 294 cm 392 cm 490 cm Art. no. Description Size cm Amount of panels 16006.000 VisuWall 198 x 196 2 16006.001 VisuWall 198 x 294 3 16006.002 VisuWall 198 x 392 4 16006.003 VisuWall 198 x 490 5 14 15

1.6 Round + Six-Square Single whiteboards

These whiteboards dispel the myth that a whiteboard has to be rectangular. The shapes on this page contribute to a creative interior design. If you have a different shape in mind, we would be happy to produce it for you. These whiteboards have black lacquered edges.

max ø 118 cm max 118 cm 16 17


Art. no. Description Diameter cm 16003.021 Round whiteboard 60 16003.022 Round whiteboard 98 16003.023 Round whiteboard 118 Art. no. Description Diameter cm 16003.001 Six-Square whiteboard 60 16003.002 Six-Square whiteboard 98 16003.003 Six-Square whiteboard 118

1.7 Speech + Thoughts

Single whiteboards

These creative whiteboards can be used for collecting the ideas generated by your staff, or to serve as a characteristic accent in your office or classroom. They are also perfect for brainstorming sessions.

18 19
max. 88 max. 118 max. 88 max. 118


Art. no. Description Size cm 16003.051 Speech whiteboard 58 x 88 16003.052 Speech whiteboard 88 x 118 Art. no. Description Size cm 16003.061 Thoughts whiteboard 58 x 88 16003.062 Thoughts whiteboard 88 x 118

1.8 Specials

Chameleon’s great strength is that it can provide a wide range of custom-designed solutions. No request is too bizarre and we always relish the challenge of making impossible requests possible. Cabinets, sliding doors, tables – you name it, we can do it.

If the item of furniture or product has a flat surface, an enamel whiteboard can always be incorporated into it. For example, we can supply the enamel (whiteboard surface) as a 0.4 mm sheet cut to size. A furniture manufacturer can then incorporate it perfectly into the furniture. We can also supply the enamel surface on carriers from 3 mm to 26 mm. Pre-drilling, side-straps and coloured coatings are all possible options.

RAL edge colours

As well as the standard white or black painted edges, for larger projects Chameleon also offers the option to finish the whiteboard edges in any RAL colour. This gives organisations the opportunity to incorporate their corporate identity colour in an elegant way or to match the whiteboards to the room decor.

Logo cut-out

Another way to present a corporation’s corporate identity is to cut-out a logo or pay-off. To display the colours, the cut-out is backed by a full colour sheet.

20 21

1.9 Glassboard Glassboard

Magnetic glass writing boards with extra clear safety glass. With 18 different colours, they add a lively touch to any interior. Can easily be mounted with the Chameleon magnetic mounting system.

14800.300 [colour code]

14800.301 [colour code]

14800.302 [colour code]

100 cm 100 cm 100 cm 150 cm 100 cm 200 cm
no. Description Size cm
Glassboard 100
x 100
Glassboard 100
x 150
Glassboard 100
22 23
x 200
G101 Frost G102
G105 Thyme G106 Gum tree G107 Jade light G108 Wolf G109
Chocolate milk G110 Tustcany G111 Ochre G112
ice G114 Rapsberry G115 Blush G116
of pink G117

24 25

1.10 Glass Wall

Magnetic glass writing wall with extra clear safety glass. With 18 different colours (see page 22-23), they add a lively touch to any interior. The Chameleon magnetic mounting system ensures the panels are level and allows you to quickly connect multiple panels.

Glass Wall Art. no. Description Size cm 14800.310 [colour code] Glass Wall 150 x 200 14800.311 [colour code] Glass Wall 150 x 300 14800.312 [colour code] Glass Wall 150 x 400 14800.313 [colour code] Glass Wall 150 x 500 14800.320 [colour code] Glass Wall 200 x 200 14800.321 [colour code] Glass Wall 200 x 300 14800.322 [colour code] Glass Wall 200 x 400 14800.323 [colour code] Glass Wall 200 x 500
300 x 150/200
400 x 150/200

2 Acoustics

2.1 Optimal 2.2 Creatives 2.3 Creative V-Cut Panels 2.4 Creative V-Layer Panels 2.5 Creative Layer Panels 2.6 Creative Education Panels 2.7 Creative Divider Panels 2.8 Sharp Acoustics 26 27

2.1 Optimal

Highly sound-absorbing wall covering that can be printed in any colour. Choose from 8 V-cut designs and with the option to integrate a whiteboard.

• 25 mm PET felt with good acoustic value: α w 0.55 (absorption value 0.9 at 1000 Hz).

• Colour is printed on the surface.

• Produced in Europe.

A quote is offered for this product based on wall dimensions.

28 29

Choose from 8 V-cut designs

Cutting out a V-groove in the material creates a depth effect in the wall. This V-groove can be applied according to various designs. On the right you see 8 basic designs specially designed for Optimal that we can adapt to the dimensions of your wall. In addition, you can of course submit a design yourself or ask us to develop a specific idea.

OPT101 OPT102 OPT1014 OPT1013 OPT105 OPT106

2.2 Creatives

A custom wall creation with 9 or 18 mm thick PET felt that can be cut into any shape. The coloured felt forms a stylish frame for a whiteboard or gives a creative interpretation to your wall.

• Create a wall covering writing/acoustic surface from wall to wall and floor to ceiling.

• Whiteboard and PET felt follow each other in detail, without any depth differences.

• Choose from 21 carefully selected PET felt colours and create wonderful combinations.

A quotation is offered for this product.

30 31
White P001 Dusty white P002 White marble P003 Calm grey P004 Rough grey P005 Black lava P006 Flat white P007 Turmeric P010 Hare P008 Canyon P009 Rust P011 Iguana
P018 Pink
P017 Dusk P016 Light blue quartz P015 Polar ice
P019 Garnet
P014 Magma P013 Tree bark
Anthracite P021 Green ocean

2.3 Creative V-Cut Panels

A set of 4 acoustic panels in a fixed size with which large wall surfaces can be covered quickly and easily. V-Cut panel is a 9-mm single-layer panel with a choice of 10 different V-cut patterns. The V-cut has a depth of 3 mm and is cut out of the panel to create a 3D depth effect. The edges are finished with a bevel-cut.

See page 31 for the available colours.

32 33 Hare - P008
Acoustics Art. no. Description + pattern Panel size cm (total m2) 11210.140 V-Cut Panel - VP01 58x118 cm (2,74) 11210.141 V-Cut Panel - VP02 58x118 cm (2,74) 11210.142 V-Cut Panel - VP03 58x118 cm (2,74) 11210.143 V-Cut Panel - VP04 58x118 cm (2,74) 11210.144 V-Cut Panel - VP05 58x118 cm (2,74) 11210.145 V-Cut Panel - VP06 58x118 cm (2,74) 11210.146 V-Cut Panel - VP07 58x118 cm (2,74) 11210.147 V-Cut Panel - VP08 58x118 cm (2,74) 11210.148 V-Cut Panel - VP09 58x118 cm (2,74) 11210.149 V-Cut Panel - VP10 58x118 cm (2,74)
VP01 VP04 VP09 VP05 VP03 VP02 VP06 VP10 VP07 VP08

2.4 Creative V-Layer Panels

A set of 4 acoustic panels in a fixed size with which large wall surfaces can be covered quickly and easily. V-Layer panel is a 18-mm double-layer panel with a choice of 10 different V-cut patterns. The V-cut has a depth of 12 mm and is cut out of the panel to create a 3D depth effec, with both the back and front layer visible. The edges are finished with a bevel-cut.

See page 31 for the available colours.

34 35
Back: Turmeric - P010
Art. no. Description + pattern Panel size cm (total m2) 11210.160 V-Layer Panel - VL01 58x118 cm (2,74) 11210.161 V-Layer Panel - VL02 58x118 cm (2,74) 11210.162 V-Layer Panel - VL03 58x118 cm (2,74) 11210.163 V-Layer Panel - VL04 58x118 cm (2,74) 11210.164 V-Layer Panel - VL05 58x118 cm (2,74) 11210.165 V-Layer Panel - VL06 58x118 cm (2,74) 11210.166 V-Layer Panel - VL07 58x118 cm (2,74) 11210.167 V-Layer Panel - VL08 58x118 cm (2,74) 11210.168 V-Layer Panel - VL09 58x118 cm (2,74) 11210.169 V-Layer Panel - VL10 58x118 cm (2,74)
Front: Tree bark - P012
VL01 VL02 VL03 VL04 VL09 VL05 VL10 VL06 VL07 VL08

2.5 Creative Layer Panels

A set of 4 acoustic panels in a fixed size with which large wall surfaces can be covered quickly and easily. Layer Panel is an 18-mm dual-layer panel consisting of 2 layers measuring 9 mm each. Different colours may be chosen for the front and back layers. A pattern is completely carved out of the front layer. As a result, the back layer is clearly visible, resulting in a beautiful combination of two coloured layers. The edges are finished with a bevel-cut.

See page 31 for the available colours.

36 37 Art. no. Description + pattern Panel size cm (total m2) 11210.100 Layer Panel - LP01 58x118 cm (2,74) 11210.101 Layer Panel - LP02 58x118 cm (2,74) 11210.102 Layer Panel - LP03 58x118 cm (2,74) 11210.103 Layer Panel - LP04 58x118 cm (2,74) 11210.104 Layer Panel - LP05 58x118 cm (2,74) 11210.105 Layer Panel - LP06 58x118 cm (2,74) 11210.106 Layer Panel - LP07 58x118 cm (2,74) 11210.107 Layer Panel - LP08 58x118 cm (2,74) 11210.108 Layer Panel - LP09 58x118 cm (2,74) 11210.109 Layer Panel - LP10 58x118 cm (2,74)
Acoustics LP01 LP02 LP03 LP04 LP09
LP06 LP07 LP08
LP05 LP10 Back: Hare - P008 Front: Dusk - P016

2.6 Creative Education Panels

A set of 4 acoustic panels in a fixed size with which large wall surfaces can be covered quickly and easily. Education Panel is an 18-mm dual-layer panel consisting of 2 layers measuring 9 mm each. Different colours may be chosen for the front and back layers. A pattern, specially designed for nurseries and education institutions, including primary schools, is completely carved out of the front layer. As a result, the back layer is clearly visible, resulting in a beautiful combination of two coloured layers. The edges are finished with a bevel-cut.

See page 31 for the available colours.

38 39
Art. no. Description + pattern Panel size cm (total m2) 11210.180 Education Panel - EP01 58x118 cm (2,74) 11210.181 Education Panel - EP02 58x118 cm (2,74) 11210.182 Education Panel - EP03 58x118 cm (2,74) 11210.183 Education Panel - EP04 58x118 cm (2,74) 11210.184 Education Panel - EP05 58x118 cm (2,74)
EP04 EP05 EP01 EP02 EP03
Back: Dusk - P016 Front: Polar ice - P014

2.7 Creative Divider Panels

An 18-mm dual-layer panel consisting of 2 layers measuring 9 mm each. Different colours may be chosen for the front and back layers. The cut-out in the chosen pattern fully penetrates both layers. This makes it possible to see through the Divider Panels when these are freely suspended in a room.

Divider Panels come complete with a suspension set with steel cables suitable for both suspended and fixed ceilings. This makes the panels adjustable up to 2 meters below the ceiling.

See page 31 for the available colours.

Art. no. Description + pattern Panel size cm (total m2) 11210.120 Divider Panel - DP01 108x220 cm 11210.121 Divider Panel - DP02 108x220 cm 11210.122 Divider Panel - DP03 108x220 cm 11210.123 Divider Panel - DP04 108x220 cm 11210.124 Divider Panel - DP05 108x220 cm 11210.125 Divider Panel - DP06 108x220 cm 11210.126 Divider Panel - DP07 108x220 cm 11210.127 Divider Panel - DP08 108x220 cm 11210.128 Divider Panel - DP09 108x220 cm 11210.129 Divider Panel - DP10 108x220 cm
Acoustics 40 41
DP01 DP02 DP03 DP04 DP09
DP06 DP07 DP08
DP05 DP10
Left: Hare - P008 Right: Dusk - P016

2.2 Sharp Acoustics Acoustics

A 9 mm thick PET felt panel in 2 different widths and 21 different colours (p. 30-31), matching the Chameleon Sharp Wall (p. 10-11). Add colour and functionality to your whiteboard wall. Sharp Acoustics are sound dampening.




42 43
Art. no. Size cm
[colour code] 198x59
[colour code] 198x118
[colour code] Custom 198 cm 118 cm 59 cm
3.1 Harmonica Workwall 3.2 Flipping Table 3.3 Mobile 3.4 Lean Wall 3.5 Momentum 3.6 Portable 44 45
3 Portable and mobile whiteboards

3.1 Harmonica Workwall

Unfolded, the Chameleon Harmonica Workwall has a work surface of over 3.5 metres wide. Think big, because you can! Moreover, the whiteboard panels are magnetic, so you can work with a variety of scrum magnets and other magnetic accessories. The Harmonica Workwall comprises 6 panels. For each panel either an enamel whiteboard surface or an acoustics PET-felt surface in 21 different colour options (see page 30-31) can be chosen.

Art. no. Description Size cm 15500.997 Harmonica Workwall, 1 piece 118 x 196,5 15500.998 Harmonica Workwall, 2 piece 236 x 196,5 15500.999 Harmonica Workwall, 3 piece 354 x 196,5 46 47
Portable and mobile whiteboards
3540 mm 1850 mm 1180 mm 500 mm 57 mm 180 mm 110 mm

3.2 Flipping Table

The Chameleon Flipping Table is the ideal piece of furniture for organisations that want to creatively challenge their teams! The best ideas are born at the drawing board. Not just figuratively, in this case, but literally as well.

The tabletop has a pleasant low-gloss appearance and is highly erasable for whiteboard markers. Our own research suggests that users tend to write away from themselves, meaning their arms won’t accidentally drag through the ink.

Art. no. Description Surface 15400.200 Flipping Table Low-gloss enamel 48 49
Portable and mobile whiteboards
2960 mm 710 mm 868 mm 1100 mm 505 mm 1790 mm

3.3 Mobile

This mobile whiteboard is ideal for flexible use of space. Start a pop-up meeting with the Chameleon Mobile and then move the whiteboard to a workplace to develop plans.

The acoustic panels are made from recycled PET bottles that are processed into a strong soundabsorbent felt. The felt is also suitable as a pin board. Chameleon mobile has transparent one-direction skate wheels instead of castor wheels. This makes the frame even sturdier when writing.

1/3 PET
1/3 PET
2/3 white
whiteboard White
whiteboard 50 51
Portable and mobile whiteboards
Art. no.
side 1 Surface side 2 15200.422
felt panel -
white enamel whiteboard
felt panel -
1923, 5 886,5 532,9 34

3.4 Lean Wall

Chameleon Lean Wall is a flexible solution for walls where screws are not allowed or cannot be used. The whiteboard leaves walls intact. No damage due to fixed mounting!

For those who need a larger whiteboard: several Chameleon Lean Wall panels can be tightly connected to each other by means of magnetic plates on the back. This creates a whiteboard wall without using a single screw. The thick rubber top and bottom edge protects both the wall and the floor, and provides grip.

294 cm 392 cm 98 cm 221,6 cm 196 cm Art. no. Description Size cm Amount of panels 15400.100 Lean Wall 98 x 221,6 1 15400.101 Lean Wall 196 x 221,6 2 15400.102 Lean Wall 294 x 221,6 3 15400.103 Lean Wall 392 x 221,6 4
52 53
Portable and mobile whiteboards

3.5 Momentum

Chameleon Momentum is the go-to whiteboard for spontaneous consultations and brainstorms. Its light weight (10,9 kg) and compact form makes the Chameleon Momentum extremely portable. The board is only 25 mm thick, so it takes up very little storage space.

Art. no. Description Colour 15400.001 Momentum Blue 15400.002 Momentum White 15400.003 Momentum Grey 54 55
Portable and mobile whiteboards
1904,5 1300 700 25 757


The details determine the aesthetic value of this double-sided whiteboard. A real buffalo leather strap, a rubber trim; Chameleon Portable deserves a place where it can be seen. In fact several places, because being portable, it lets you take information with you.

Portable Portable and mobile whiteboards 56 57 Art. no. Description Size Size cm 15300.001 Portable M 82 x 82 15300.002 Portable L 82 x 112 15300.003 Portable XL 82 x 172 76001.040 Additional wall mount - -
828 42 828 958 ± 30 mm) 1132 1004 ( ± 30 mm) 42 823 828 1270 ( ± 30 mm) 1128 823 1870 ( ± 30 mm) 1728 1732 42 1054 ( ± 30 mm) 823
58 59
4.1 Projection Boards 4.2 Writing + Pinning 4 Education

4.1 Projection Boards Education

Chameleon Projection Boards are connectable whiteboards finished in Low Gloss enamelled steel. The boards are exactly the right size for 88-inch or 100-inch ultra short throw projection, including space for a touch sensor. Linking panels can be used to vary the width.

60 61 Projection Board 16:10 / 16:9 210 222 118 148
panel 98 118 148 118
Art. no. Description Size cm Projection ratio - size 16001.034 Projection board 118 x 210 16:10 / 16:9, 88 inch 16001.038 Projection board 148 x 222 16:10 / 16:9, 100 inch Art. no. Description Size cm To be combined with 16001.035 Linking panel 98 x 118 18001.034 16001.037 Linking panel 118 x 148 16001.038

4.2 Writing & Pinning Education

Chameleon Writing & Pinning is a multifunctional concept in which whiteboards and bulletin pinboards are combined into one surface. Thanks to the Chameleon magnetic mounting system, the different panels can be easily connected.

62 63
Art. no. Description Size cm 11609.800 [colour code] Pinning panel 118 x 198 11609.801 [colour code] Pinning panel 59 x 198 11609.802 [colour code] Pinning panel 88 x 118 11609.803 [colour code] Pinning panel 44 x 118 11609.897 [colour code] Pinning panel Custom 16001.070 Writing panel 118 x 198 16001.071 Writing panel 88 x 118 Custom Writing panel Custom 59 cm 198 cm 118 cm 118 cm 118 cm 88 cm 44 cm 88 cm
2187 2204 2206 2207 2208 2209 2210 2211 2212 2213 2214
2162 2166
64 65 5.1 Starterkit & accessories 5.2 Scrumkit & accessories 5.3 Add-Ons
5 Accessories

5.1 Starterkit & accessories Accessories

Each part of the Starter Kit Deluxe is magnetic. As a result, pens, sprays and microfibre cloths can be hung fixed to your whiteboard* anywhere. For frameless whiteboards (Sharp, Curve), Chameleon offers a transparent design tray that can be fixed to the bottom with an adhesive strip (this product is not magnetic).

* Does not apply to glas boards.

Art. no. Description



All-magnetic accessories kit for whiteboards, 4 magnetic boardmarkers, 1 magnetic cleaning spray, 1 magnetic cleaning cloth and 10 cylinder magnets

Magnetic markerset for whiteboards, set of 4, black, red, blue, green

14031.110 Magnetic cleaning spray for whiteboards (2x 120ml + clip)

14020.250 Magnetic cleaning cloths microfiber, grey, set of 3

14019.960 Design cylinder magnets, set of 10


Design pen tray, transparant (non-magnetic)

66 67
14019.960 76002.060 14016.230 14031.110 14020.250 14017.113

5.2 Scrumkit & accessories

Toolbox with all the essential parts so that you can start scrumming at once. Designed in partnership with Agile specialists.


• 6 magnetic column cards, 150x50 mm

• 30 magnetic task cards in 6 colours, 75x75 mm

• 5 magnetic attention cards

• 5 static brainstorming note blocks, 5 colours, 100x70 mm, 100 sheets

• 1 roll matrix tape, black, 10 metres

• 10 memo magnets, black, ø10 mm

• 1 magnetic microfibre cleaning cloth

• 8 dry erasable plan markers, assorted, fine point

Article number: 14017.401

Task cards (5 pcs)

Green: 14034.601

Orange: 14034.602

Yellow: 14034.603

Red: 14034.604

Purple: 14034.605

Blue 14034.606

Note blocks (100 sheets)

Green: 14036.020

Orange: 14036.021

Purple: 14036.022

Pink: 14036.023

Blue: 14036.024


Other Set column cards: 14034.610

Attention card (5 pcs.): 14034.441

Matrix tape: 14036.902

Micro fibre cloth (3 pcs.) 14020.250

Plan markers (4 pcs.) 14016.115

68 69

Task cards

Static note blocks

Column cards

Attention cards

Matrix tape

Magnetic micro fibre cleaning cloths


5.3 Add-Ons Accessories

These magnetic whiteboard accessories add style and functionality to a whiteboard or whiteboard wall. They keep all your equipment including post-it notes, tablet, telephone and even your coffee mug just where you need them. Or you can use them to display an inspiring magazine or a trendy plant. Chameleon Add-ons always come in handy!

The Chameleon Columniser is a handy magnetic aid for drawing straight marker lines to use as a table or scrumboard. The Chameleon Scrumkit column cards fit exactly within the lines.

Art. no. Description

14021.201 Chameleon Columniser

14021.202 Chameleon Stack Box

14021.203 Chameleon Magazine / Pad Stand

14021.204 Chameleon Cup Holder

14021.205 Chameleon Coat Hanger

70 71
Columniser Stack Box Coat Hanger Magazine / Pad Stand Cup Holder

The Chameleon product portfolio is an addition to any furnishing project where collaboration and creativity are important goals for end users. The whiteboards, acoustic products and pinboards are available in pCon.planner, pCon.catalog, and pCon. facts.

Get started with Chameleon products in pCon.planner. Place assortment product or build your own whiteboard in the custom configurator.

Chameleon assortment products are freely accessible and can be downloaded as 3D files in pCon.catalog. is a handy tool to configure Chameleon whiteboards and place them directly in a room via augmented reality. It is also possible, for example, to upload a 2D map in which our whiteboards can be placed in the right size.

With pCon.facts you always have all the information about our Chameleon products at your disposal. Ideal for presenting products on site with images, 3D models and product information.

72 73

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