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Mar/Apr 2017

Laura L. Anderson Primary Continued from pg. 24 the children in the community, and Mrs. Anderson would also teach many boys and girls how to read.” “She was also an active member and leader of the Red Cross, participating in first aid and health lectures and also visiting the sick and the shut ins,” he added. “She also assisted in the collection of old age pension and food stamps for the elderly in the community for more than 12 years. “This is an extraordinary testimony to community contribution.” Prime Minister Christie said that he called Bahamians like Mrs. Anderson “pioneering, patriotic and progressive educators.” “She paved the way for the many teachers who served after her,” he said. “She set a precedent that made it difficult for them to perform at anything but a high level of competence. Her dedication to her country and its most valuable resource, our youth, is a testament to her patriotism,” he added. “She went beyond the call of duty to expose them to national educational opportunities.” The Government of The Bahamas is committed to providing quality education for all of its students, Prime Minister Christie said. The development of children and young people involves education, training and refining social skills, he noted. It is a shared responsibility of the family, the church, schools and civil society, he said. “In short, all of us are responsible for offering guidance and assistance to our nation’s youth so that they are equipped to become the leaders of tomor-

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row,” Prime Minister Christie pointed out. “Each generation must prepare the generation that follows for a smooth transition of leadership to occur. “Persons such as Laura Anderson understood what had to be done to preserve a heritage of excellence, good work ethic and productivity in our nation,” he added. “She epitomizes what it means to be a true nation builder. She understands that it takes hard work and a strong conviction to accomplish your goals. “I’m therefore, honored to be here today to see her rewarded for her dedication and for her sacrifice.” Prime Minister Christie stated that Mrs. Anderson had won many awards including the following: a Music Award and General Community Service Award, in 1987; a Medal of Honor from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, in 1996; the First National Heroes Award in 2003; and the first National Bahamas Award, he presented to her, for her “spirit of togetherness for selfless, noteworthy invaluable contribution to the people of The Bahamas.” To the administrators and teachers, Prime Minister Christie said that he hoped that they were inspired by her “stellar performance” and that they were motivated to continue to support their students who were “Reaching For the Stars,” as their school motto stated. “You are charged with the task to prepare our students for life in the 21st century,” Prime Minister Christie said. “This is no small feat. The challenges are many, but if you work together, the mountains will seem like molehills.” “Parents, the Almighty has blessed you with the great responsibility of rearing your children to be productive citizens,” he added. “You must give the love, care and discipline that is necessary to make this a reality. I implore you to cooperate with the teachers as they seek, like you, the best for your children.” Prime Minister Christie told the students of North Eleuthera Primary School, that that was the last day when they would be referred to in that way. They would be students of the Laura L. Anderson Primary School from that point on and their patron was an educator who cared about the well-being of children and wanted to see them succeed, he said. “Take your education seriously and always try to do your best -- that was her mandate, her commitment,” he said. “Uphold the name of your school -- that was also what she stood for -- and let it be known as a school where excellence and hard work and discipline is always practiced.”

Above: Oldest resident in The Bluff, Mr. Samuel Neely, now at 104 years old, greets Prime Minister Christie.

Prime Minister Christie thanked the Minister of Education, Science and Technology, the Hon. Jerome K. Fitzgerald, the Permanent Secretary, Donella Bodie, the Director of Education, Lionel K. Sands and the personnel of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology for their commitment to the children of our nation. He acknowledged the Principal, Vernita Thompson, and the administration, teachers and staff for the fine effort expended in organizing that day’s festivities. “Once again, I am delighted to pay tribute to a legendary educator who facilitated the education of our nation’s children with diligence and perseverance,” he said. “It is therefore left for me, in accordance to all of the powers and privileges and benefits that enable me -- on behalf of the people of The Bahamas at this stage in our history -- to declare that the North Eleuthera Primary School is now the Laura L. Anderson Primary School.”

Picture This. Top 3 - Grade Two Spellers!

In The Photos: (right) Winner, Wes Underwood of Samuel Guy Pinder All Age. (left) Winners and coaches all smiles after a very competitive morning Winner, Wes Underwood; 2nd Place, Camilo Cooper, and 3rd Place, Tamia Knowles.


The Eleutheran Newspaper (March/April 2017). Eleuthera, Harbour Island and Spanish Wells Bahamas news, information, real estate, highlight...


The Eleutheran Newspaper (March/April 2017). Eleuthera, Harbour Island and Spanish Wells Bahamas news, information, real estate, highlight...