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Splendid: Siblings with combined age of 203 in The Bluff Eleuthera:

In March, the North Eleuthera Primary School was renamed for 99 year old, Laura L. Anderson shown on the right, the younger sister of 104 year old Samuel Neely. Read about it on Pages 23 & 24.


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Mar/Apr 2017

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Local CTI Showcases First Year’s Accomplishments 4

Mar/Apr 2017

BY Azaleta Ishmael-Newry Proactive steps to reverse a high employment rate that reaches up to 70% in some areas, strengthen a workforce that is largely unskilled, and decrease a poverty rate that is a little over 20%, are strong commitments embraced by three non-profit organizations. The creation of the Centre for Training and Innovation (CTI), through a partnership with One Eleuthera Foundation and The South

Eleuthera Mission, is a catalyst for helping to reverse those trends and positively impact Eleuthera. In just 13 months, the accomplishments of CTI have quickly been recognized at local and international levels. In early 2016, CTI became the first tertiary education facility to serve Eleuthera with several training and skills programs that are accredited by the National Accreditation and Equivalency Council of The Bahamas (NAE-

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COB). Their training areas include housekeeping, landscaping, farming, carpentry, plumbing and electrical. Math and English preparation courses for BJC and BGCSE exams, introduction to computers, life enrichment and student life are part of the curriculum. Situated on the old Rock Sound Club property that was once a booming facility 30 years ago, the work being done there has created a live lab setting for up to 60 students and 10 instructors to date. Those efforts were showcased at an open house held on March 5, 2017 where 50 plus visitors toured the property’s first stage of hotel renovations, classrooms as well as establishment of a 4 acre-farm. Nearly $3.5 million, primarily towards the purchase, renovation and improvement of the 40-acre Rock Sound Club has been invested into CTI and establishment of the school. Twelve acres were cleared and landscaped and infrastructure work was done that included restoration to 3 cottages that offer 12 rooms for rental income, 1 cottage with 4 rooms for office and classroom space, a staff center with IT room, trainee lounge, and a sick bay and a laundry room. A center with 10 offices, 2 bathrooms, conference rooms, and a kitchen were also completed.

made or services provided. A donation of $385 provides 1 tool kit for a student, one of $17,000 furnishes a carpentry workshop and an $18,000 donation will train and apprentice a CTI student for 1 year. “CTI’s main areas of focus are education, training and economic support,” said Shaun Ingraham, chairman and president. “When people can see how the funds are being used, and the positive impact being made, it’s a win-win for all.” In February 2016, the ratio of male and female students out of 58 was equal. In December, out of 25 students, 40% were female. Traditional vocations commonly held by men are now of interest to women of all ages. Mavis Munnings, a carpentry student, who is in her early 60’s, spoke about her new passion. “Since I liked working with my hands, I took up carpentry. I have assisted with making the headboards for the hotel and helped with the construction of a shed for the farm.” Younger student Cercelia beamed, “I am a woman and I never dreamed that I would be an electrician. Being a female electrician shows that you can do anything.”

Moving into their next phase, CTI, is currently seeking $1.4 million for renovations of an additional 8 rooms at the hotel, install an IT infrastructure and repair the large half-size Olympic swimming pool to ready it for guests and a swim club.

Cercelia’s electrical instructor Stephen Galanis had taught at Central High School before moving to CTI. He spoke about his experience with pride. “It is much more rewarding touching the lives of young men and women. This is a different way of making a difference,” said Galanis. “We have become a safety net to these students. It’s a chance for them to learn a

Donations and income generating activities are core contributors towards CTI’s viability. One hundred percent profit is realized from sales deriving from farm produce, furniture

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HACE sells out!

Organisers of Annual Fundraiser thank generous contributors. BY THE ELEUTHERAN NEWS TEAM The Health Association of Central Eleuthera, led by Chairman, Christopher Gosling, which held their Annual Fundraiser at the Sunset Inn Restaurant in Governor’s Harbour on Saturday, March 4th, 2017, saw everything sold at the small silent auction during the well-attended event. Approximately $11,200 in funds were collected, with further donations expected to raise that figure. HACE organizers expressed a big thank you to all who attended as well as to local contributors who donated the food and drinks for the occasion. A plaque was presented to the owners of the Sunset Inn Restaurant, Mr. Lionel

and Mrs. Jay Fernander in recognition of their continued provision of the premises for the event. Volunteers were also given a big thank you for assisting with the fundraiser on the day, and one of the hot tickets during the silent auction, a high quality new phone, said Mr. Gosling, was donated by BTC. HACE currently operates three ambulances, he shared, with responsibility for all operation and maintenance costs. The community organization also provides supplies and equipment for the clinics when requested. Two ambulances are located in Palmetto Point, servicing from Windermere Island to James’ Cistern. Another

is located in Hatchet Bay, servicing from James’ Cistern to Gregory Town and beyond. Both services, Mr. Gosling explained, are operated by unpaid volunteers and no financial assistance, whatsoever, is received from the Ministry of Health. Operation of HACE is entirely funded by donations and the annual fundraising event, he added, clarifying that, no charge is made or authorized to be made for permanent residents of the island or financial contributors.

Sunset Inn in Governor’s Harbour, hosted the fundraiser. Pictured are patrons of the event, on the deck of the restaurant.

Congratulations !

CONGRATULATIONS to Lakeisha Wallace Lakeisha Wallace, a Savannah Sound native and graduate from Windermere High (2014) was honored on January 26th, 2017 at the University of The Bahamas’ Northern Campus Student Success Ceremony. She along with many other students were awarded for maintaining an average gpa of 3.0 and meeting the requirements for the Dean’s List consecutively for two terms, Fall 2015 and Spring 2016.

From your Loving Parents, Lester & Beulah Wallace

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cOMMUNITY bUILDING RCE President Reviews His Midterm Performance And Shares Vision For 2017

Mr. Colin D. Moss (pictured), current President of the Rotary Club of Eleuthera (RCE), took up his position during a formal handover event at the end of June in 2016. Since taking on the responsibility of leading the Club, he has not been sitting on his laurels. The first project taken up during August of 2016 was the completion of a bus terminal near the SEEP Fire Station in Tarpum Bay for the use of students headed to school at Preston H. Albury High. To get it done Rotary partnered with the Tarpum Bay Town Council, Unity Builder’s, Local Government, One Eleuthera, CTI, and #1886 Clarence R. Walker Lodge. As part of a Literary push, starting in September 2016, which was Literacy Month on the Rotary calendar, members of Rotary, Rotoractors, as well as Interactors took part in readings at schools on the island, including the Zion Children’s Home, the School For Exceptional Learners and many pre-schools. With the aim of strengthening school boards, teachers, administration and staff at schools in Eleuthera, Rotary has partnered with others to assist with several donations to school projects, including; a PA system to the Preston Albury High School, through Alumnus Timothy Ingraham; plans at Emma E. Cooper primary include ramps to address disability access (working with the Men of Faith to get that accomplished) and taking a look at realigning the pavement at the rear, which is

uneven in areas, as well as a storage facility, with Rotary to assist with labour. At the Central Eleuthera High School, as a result of a Rotarian donation, building material has been provided to assist the Interact Club with their lunch bench project there, and Rotary is also looking to assist the PTA with their air-conditioning project. “In November, we were also part of a group that did walkabouts in Hatchet Bay and Gregory Town to try and sensitize the community about giving back, and aiding their children and the PTA by supporting their initiatives, and those efforts are still ongoing,” shared Colin. Two significant milestones, said President Colin, are being celebrated by Rotary International in 2017, with the first being 100 years of the Rotary Foundation. An international conference being held in Atlanta, where it all started 100 years ago, will be attended by a contingent of Rotarians out of Eleuthera from June 10-14. Also being celebrated in 2017 are 30 years of women in Rotary, which opened to them in 1987. Colin expressed the desire to celebrate both women in Rotary here in Eleuthera, as well as women in the wider community who’ve made significant contributions to the development of Eleuthera, in business, education, civics and the like. “Rotary has only been here in Eleuthera for the past seven years, but there are women who have been working long in advance of Rotary’s existence, so we want to highlight the contributions women have made on this island and continue to make.” Colin smiled, as he admitted that the number of women in Rotary on the island currently outnumber the men, with 20 women and 11 men. The Center for Training & Innovation (CTI) in Rock Sound has been selected by President Colin as a signature partner of the Rotary Club of Eleuthera during his term, he said, to be involved with impacting the lives of the students there, and contributing to their self-development. The Bannerman Town library is another project that Colin says he would like to see the Club continue to contribute to, explaining, “We want everyone, at some point, to say that they can feel the impact of what the Club is doing throughout the island, and not just felt in one particular area. That is important for us as we improve on what we do… Rotary is about service, and about how do we take the importance of service and spread that throughout the various locations that we have. Also to develop partnerships with others to do more. That’s the focus.”

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Mar/Apr 2017

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Multi-Faceted Department of Social Services Gearing Up For Child Protection Month Activities BY THE ELEUTHERAN NEWS TEAM

(See schedule of events in April below): •

Senior Welfare Officer and Supervisor, Nickal Fernander, with the Department of Social Services in the Eleuthera District, announced recently that they were getting ready to host a series of activities during the month of April in recognition of ‘Child Protection Month’. Special guests, Pastor Gil Cox and Dr. Novia Carter from the National Child Protection Council are expected on island for the series of school visits planned.

April 25th - 10am - Visit with Preston Albury High School (with Pastor Gil Cox and Dr. Novia Carter - from the National Child Protection Council)Cookie sale day - each package helps to support a child - funds raised to go towards children living in various homes (Zion Children’s Home etc…)Pinning ceremony - of people within the community who have made a significant contribution - and who continues to pledge to do all they can to protect children within their community. April 26th - 10am - Visit with Central Eleuthera High School (with Pastor Gil Cox and Dr. Novia Carter - from the National Child Protection Council) and similar activities of cookie sales and pinning ceremony April 26th - 11am - Fun Day/Movie

• •

Day at Global Outreach Ministries with 4th, 5th, and 6th graders from James’ Cistern Primary, P.A. Gibson Primary and Gregory Town Primary (children’s movie, and discussion about child abuse to aid in prevention) April 27th - 10am - Visit with Harbour Island All Age School (with Pastor Gil Cox and Dr. Novia Carter - from the National Child Protection Council) and similar activities of cookie sales and pinning ceremony April 27th - 2pm - Visit to Current Island - Current Island Primary and Zion Children’s Home April 27th - 6pm - Visit with PTA of the North Eleuthera High School (Parent’s Education Format)

Social Services hosts two major functions annually, including activities for ‘Child Protection Month’ during the month of April, and activities for ‘Senior Citizens Month’, celebrated in October. The Department plays a multi-faceted role within the communities across The Eleutheras. In an interview in March, Mrs. Fernander shed some light on just how many

areas her staff are involved in. “Social Services, basically, help people who are in need within the community,” she explained, “with key areas of concern being safety and sustenance.” The area of Community Support is one of the largest tenets of service in The Eleuthera District, shared Mrs. Fernander. This includes the ‘permanent food assistance’ program, mainly for senior citizens, as well as the ‘temporary food assistance’ program, encompassing younger citizens (under 60) in need. A ‘housing repair’ program also falls

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Social Services Continued from pg. 8 under the community support umbrella, for critical needs of senior citizens. Financial assistance may also be made available in dire cases for assistance with electricity and water bills, and in some cases purchase assistance for beds, refrigerators or stoves, also medicines, and fire relief. Burial assistance may also be available, up to $650 per death. All assistance, said, Mrs. Fernander, is reliant on the availability of funds at any given time. The sensitive area of Child Protection is another key tenet of service provided by the department. In cases of child abuse, Mrs. Fernander commented, “The sad thing about this area, is that we can’t be proactive in it, other than sensitizing the public about it. We are really reactive, when the situation has already happened, that’s when we step in. If we need Police assistance, then we would refer the case, based upon each one individually.” In 2016, there were 10 reported sexual abuse cases in the district, 12 cases of neglect, 2 cases of verbal abuse, and 9 cases of physical abuse, totaling to 33 child abuse cases dealt with by Social Services last year. “This figure represented a decrease, compared to 2015,” she said. Social Services also handle circumstances in the area of Probation. They deal with cases for both adults and minors referred by the courts, in terms of probationary reports, like in the case of drugs, home investigations, counseling and guidance, youth behavioral issues (truancy, theft etc…), as well as referrals to the boys and girls industrial schools. The ‘National Lunch’ program also falls under the umbrella of Social Services (in reference to assessments), with just under 200 students across the district receiving lunch assistance. Family Services is another area where the trained officers on island are utilized, in cases of custody, divorce, separation, adoption, foster care, as well as child care facilities. In addition to their regular programs, the Department also offers Parenting Classes, with a group session held at least once per year (2017 group session scheduled for the month of June), as well as other sessions in response to court ordered participation. The Department of Social Services for the Eleuthera District has 4 Social Service Officers (stationed in Harbour Island, Lower Bogue, Governor’s Harbour, and Rock Sound), 3 Trained Officers (stationed in Rock Sound, Governor’s Harbour, and in Lower Bogue - who can deal with any matters pertaining to Social Services), as well as CaseAids, Clerks, Home Helpers and Custodial Staff, 14 dedicated staff across The Eleuthera district in all.

BE PART of an innovative team! The CAPE ELEUTHERA ISLAND SCHOOL, DEEP CREEK MIDDLE SCHOOL AND CAPE ELEUTHERA INSTITUTE, CENTER FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT seeks qualified candidates for the following positions. • DCMS Application- Grade 7 Skills, Health, Science, PE, Wellness, Art. Email:

• CEIS Human Resource Manager.


• IS Seminar Teacher. Email: • Early Learning Center Internship. Email: • CEI Research Associate. Email: • IS Diesel Mechanic. Email: • CEI Assistant Outdoor Educator Email: • 2017 Island School Summer Apprenticeship Program. Email:

• Scuba Internship. Email: • Communications Associate & Educator.


• CSD Internship. Email: • CEI Outdoor Education Intern.


• IS Environmental Art Teacher. Email: • Risk Management|Medical Intern. Email:

•Proof of Bahamian Citizenship required to apply*

For more information on positions and the application details visit our websites.



Mar/Apr 2017

Natural Science and Technical & Vocational Day held at Preston H. Albury High School

The Natural Science and the Technical & Vocational departments at the Preston H. Albury High School (PHAHS) joined forces on Friday, March 17th, 2017 to host a special assembly event, followed by short workshop presentations by a variety of community

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presented on the management side of catering, Edith Moxey and Charlie Strachan - local experts in straw craft gave lessons and presentations, Robert Hall with Bahamas Power & Light presented on electricity in the home and energy conservation, Island School reps spoke about sea turtles, in addition to an array of local entrepreneurs who displayed their products - including, Tina Munnings - beautician, Shorlette Francis -

artisan, Vandette Carey - body care and makeup, and local mechanic - Mr. Otis Cooper gave demonstrations on car care and basic servicing. Principal, Fontella Knowles said that some of the feedback from the kids included phrases like, ‘We love it, but it was just too short’, and some expressed wanting to do more with the hands-on presentations, but that overall all the day went very well.

professionals. The assembly, held under the theme: Educating our future generations through Science and Technology, had two special guest speakers. The first was PHAHS alumnus, Mr. Diallo Ingraham, who challenged the students to think differently about the use of technology. Dr. Dexter Johnson, a lawyer, spoke to the students about law and business. Also on the program were special tributes to teachers in the Natural Science and the Technical & Vocational departments, several skits were also enacted - with one highlighting what to wear and what not to wear in the business world. Following the assembly, students from grades 7 to 12 were rostered to attend a variety of 20 minute workshop sessions and presentations. Topics presented ranged from Social Services speaking on abuse and conflict resolution to Water & Sewerage presenting on water treatment and conservation. Other presenters included, Camilla Adair from the Leon Levy Preserve on bush medicine and native plants, the Center for Training & Innovation (CTI) reps on courses being offered, SEEP with demonstrations on fire safety with the fire truck on site, Calae Burrows on entrepreneurship, Brenda Cooper - local pastry chef, gave baking demonstrations, Sophie Lewis

New Transport Management System Rolled Out On Wednesday, March 8th, 2017, the Road Traffic Department’s new Transport Management System was launched throughout the Eleuthera district. The Department, which operates five stations in The Eleutheras, including: Spanish Wells, Harbour Island, Lower Bogue, Governor’s Harbour, and Rock Sound, now requires all persons wishing to conduct any business with the Road Traffic Department to be registered. During the first week in March, a full team from the Road Traffic Department in New Providence was on island in preparation for the Eleuthera launch, which is the third island, after New Providence and Grand Bahama to have the new system implemented. Ross Smith, Controller with the Road Traffic Department accompanied the launch team to Eleuthera, and commented, “We are continuing the rollout of our new automated system…

We have five stations in Eleuthera, which is a large group of stations, so we wanted to make sure we could cover as many individuals as possible as quickly as possible.” He continued, “Eleuthera has given us that opportunity, and we believe from what we have seen so far that things will go well with the new system once we’ve put it in place. It’s an automated system, which allows persons to register online, or register within the Road Traffic Department in some cases, and then come in and do the licensing aspect. It is changing the way we do business, and in the long run it’s going to be a very efficient system. During the first year there may be some longer lines than usual, because we will have to get everybody in the system, but once we

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Three New Jeep Wranglers assisting policing efforts across the island.

The Royal Bahamas Police Force (RBPF) in the Eleuthera District, headed by Superintendent Christopher Wright, at the end of February 2017, had three new vehicles added to their fleet, bringing the total number of vehicles available to the team to eight. “The government has lived up to their commitment to supply the Police Force with operational vehicles to fight the crime situation,” announced Superintendent Wright, on Monday morning, February 27th, 2017. He explained, “We in the Family Islands have not received brand new vehicles in a very long time. The ones we presently have, have a lot of wear and tear, and they from time to

The Eleutheran | Mar/Apr 2017


time give us mechanical problems. So we are very grateful to the Commissioner of Police who recognized the need for the Eleuthera Division to have some vehicles, and he has supplied us with three brand new 2016 Jeep Wranglers.” “They will be distributed throughout the various districts for the smooth running of the Eleuthera Division,” Wright added, and continued, “It will definitely enhance our policing ability, because every station will now have a vehicle readily available to respond to our calls. This will help us greatly.” Anglican Rector, Fr. Ivan (Tim) Eldon was invited by Superintendent Wright and his executive team on Monday, February 27th, to pray for the safe and productive use of the new Jeeps.

April 14th, Friday, Good Friday Public Holiday April 16th, Sunday, Easter Sunday Observance April 17th, Monday, Easter Monday, Public Holiday

highlights in April / MAY HOMECOMING FESTIVALS WILL BE HELD IN Rock Sound, James Cistern & Lower Bogue During Easter week through Easter Monday From: Wednesday, April 12th to Monday, April 17th, 2017 17th Cacique Awards Will be held on April 8th, 2017 at the Baha Mar Convention Center on Cable Beach. Eleutherans have been nominated in several categories.

under 100-days to the start of the FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup Bahamas 2017, members of the Local Organizing Committee said the new stadium will be ready to host thousands of local and international spectators. April 27 to May 7

foot of the Sir Sidney Poitier Bridge New Providence.

Earth Day Festival -

One Eleuthera Foundation

Will be held on Saturday, April 22, 2016 at One Eleuthera’s Center For Training & Innovation, Rock Sound Club, Queen’s Highway, Rock Sound, Eleuthera Phone: 242-3342948; Email:

11th Annual Tim’s Refrigeration Doubles Tennis Tournament Location: Knowles Court, Palmetto Point Time: Begins at 9am Date: Saturday, May 6th, 2017

Eleuthera… All That Jazz 2017 Wednesday, March 29th to Sunday, April 2nd, 2017 UPdated Schedule of events is as follows: *Mar.29 Wednesday 6pm, LeoRose, James’ Cistern - $20 cover charge

Catch Jerry Chile BUSINESS CHALLENGE Founder of the Catch Jerry Chile race, Miska Clarke, is this year throwing out a challenge to all business owners or a worker designate who enters the race and beats him to the finish. If

beaten, Mr. Clarke pledges to donate an additional $200 to this year’s Catch Jerry Chile cause or to the charity of their choice. Up to five people are encouraged to enter this special challenge segment of the race. Contact: JC Discount Superstores at 335-6049 For more information.

Catch Jerry Chile FUN RUN WALK Sat., May 6th, 2017 Venue: Staged from the Cork Tree in James’ Cistern This local fundraiser, has funded the purchase of various vital medical and emergency equipment in Central Eleuthera, from portable defibrillators to portable jaws of life equipment, donated to clinics and the Police Force.

Mar.30 Thursday 5:15pm Jazz Vespers, St. Patrick’s Church, Governor’s Harbour 7:45 pm 1648 Restaurant, Governor’s Harbour - $20 cover charge Mar.31. Friday 7:15pm Jammin’ at Fish Fry, Governor’s Harbour Apr. 1 Saturday 10am Meet the Instrument, Haynes Library, Governor’s Harbour 7:15pm Levy Concert (tickets) Apr.2. Sunday 12:30pm On the Rocks Lunchtime Concert (tickets) Tickets are now available online or at Haynes Library beginning in early February.

School Events: EASTER BREAK: School Closes Thursday, 13th April School Reopens Monday, 24th April National Examinations: BGCSE Examinations Dates Practical Examinations Begin Thursday, 23rd March Practical Examinations End Friday, 5th May Theory Examinations Begin Monday, 8th May Theory’ Examinations End Tuesday, 6th June BJC Examinations Dates Practical Examinations Begin Tuesday, 25th April Practical Examinations End Friday, 26th May Theory Examinations Begin Monday, 29th May Theory Examinations End Thursday, 8th June GLAT Grades 3 & 6 Monday, 8th May to Friday, 12th May



Mar/Apr 2017

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An Eleutheran Profile:

Frank Vento Perry (87) By elizabeth bryan

Introduction: Frank Vento Perry, a dynamic, yet humble, preacher, counsellor and evangelist, at 87 years old, is still continuing in his life’s work of reaching people for the Lord. On a sunny afternoon in early December 2016, I sat and chatted with Brother Frank at his home in Spanish Wells - a place that has welcomed him as one of their own for the past 59 years. He was born in Bermuda on May 28th, in 1929, at the end of the roaring 20’s and brought up there during the Great Depression and World War II, before making his way to the Bahamas in the late 50’s. Conversion: Frank’s Christian walk has been a leading factor in the paths taken on his road of life. So it is there where he began his story. “My mother wanted me to attend an evangelistic service, on the last night, with a famous preacher. People were getting converted and I knew that, so instead of going to church, I went to a beach party - I organized it really, and I was drunk for two and a half days. The irony of it was that I always hated drunkenness, and many a night brought my friends home on my bicycle, drunk, and I never drank. This one time it was to get away from going to church. That Monday, after all day with a hangover, that night is when I got really convicted by the Spirit of God and at my bedside I gave my heart to the Lord. I knew all of the answers and knew the scriptures, because I had been brought up in the church and in Sunday school. Mama and Papa were great Christians, and there were ten in the family - my older brother, Fernance, was a great witness to me as well, and he and I were very close.” Frank was fifteen when he gave his life to Christ, and since that moment was inspired to share his experience. “It was during the month of November, with age sixteen just a few months away. With spiritual work, I started preaching (if you could call it that) right away, in the back yard of my father’s home, in the open air. I did that for about two years, preaching. My brother Fernance was also a speaker/preacher. I attended his church and heard a lot of preachers, a variety of them.” Frank has now been preaching and sharing the gospel for 72 years (if you count the first two shared in the open air, he quipped). “It was really encouraging recently. An elderly lady the other day wanted to know from my younger brother - ‘what about Frankie’ - she always called me Frankie. ‘Where is he?’, and he said, ‘Oh, he’s in the Bahamas, and has been there for many years’ - ‘Well tell him I was one who got converted in the backyard of his Daddy’s when he used to preach, and I’ve been going on ever since.’ So that was inspiring you know, encouraging,” smiled Brother Frank.

Marriage and Education: While still in Bermuda, Frank went on to work in Real Estate, also spending time as a Butcher, working in a Hardware Store and finished up working with his brother as General Manager of his large supermarket, before pulling up roots. “I married when I was 19,” shared Frank, and continued, “Emily was her name, and she was quite a girl, now deceased twelve years ago. She was a great help with whatever I wanted to do. I went to Emmaeus Bible School, in Toronto, Canada when I was 19, in 1948, about 4 months after we got married and she went with me. “Ed Allen, Heskitt Johnson and Will Nottage (life-long colleagues) were also there at the same time. One year was all that I could afford. Emily worked, which was a blessing and I went to school in the morning and worked in the afternoon. That’s how we got through. It wasn’t easy, but it was worth it. What Emmaeus did for me was

it taught me how to study, and gave me the historical background of all the books of the Bible. So that when I was reading it I knew what I was reading about. They were a tremendous help to me.” Bermuda to the Bahamas Frank left Bermuda in January of 1957 at the age of 27 to come out to the Bahamas. Explaining his motivation for the move, he shared, “My first trip here was in May of 1955. I was visiting a Bermudian who was a Brethren missionary in Simms, Long Island (he and I grew up together). He and his wife Eloise were there in Long Island for five years. I went to see them, and I got a good idea of the Out Islands in particular. In Bermuda you had a church on every street corner, practically - well

evangelized. I came out here because there was a greater need, especially in the Out Islands.” He didn’t end up in Spanish Wells right away, but in New Providence, however, he wasn’t to stay there very long. “I lived in Nassau for one year, but I couldn’t get our children, Savannah and Mark into the same school,” said Frank, “and another problem I had was my wife Emily couldn’t drive and didn’t intend on driving - she made that clear to me. So it was real difficult, as I couldn’t travel around as an itinerant preacher. So one day I met this man on Bay Street - I didn’t know him from Adam, and he told me that he had a house on rent for 5 pounds a month, fully furnished. So I told him, ‘Good, let’s go see it’, and he said, ‘No, it’s in Spanish Wells!’ My heart sank when I heard, because I was paying at the time 28 pounds a month, and that made it very difficult too, rent-wise you know. Fortunately though, I was coming to Spanish Wells for meetings, and when I came up I looked at the house, called Emily, my wife and said, ‘Honey pack your bags, we are going to Spanish Wells’. The children could go to school, she didn’t have to worry about driving or anything. So Spanish Wells became my headquarters, and I’ve been here ever since - 59 years.” Reflecting on his tremendous blessings as a father, father-in-law, grandfather, great grandfather and now great great grandfather, he shared, “There were only four of us that came (Frank, Emily, Savannah and Mark), and now there are fifty two in the family.” Frank and his wife Emily were blessed with six children. Tragedy befell one of their sons at four years old when he became the first recorded road fatality in Spanish Wells. From the other five children, said Frank, came 11 grandchildren, 14 great grandchildren, sons and daughters in-law and recently a great great grandchild, who had visited with him a day earlier. Early Ministry and Memories: Continued On Page 13


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An Eleutheran Profile Continued from pg. 12

The Spanish Wells Gospel Chapel (his home base Brethren church), said Frank, was established during the late 1870’s. “In those days there were schooners - sailboats that came out of Nassau carrying freight,” said Brother Frank, “and a Mr. Holder, back then, landed where the Shipyard Restaurant is currently. He started preaching here, and later formed the Brethren Assembly.” Looking back at his time with the Brethren church, including his work with other churches, Frank shared, “I’ve been with the Brethren church for 78 years, but I’ve also preached in many other churches, the Evangelical church in Bermuda, the Methodist Church, the People’s Church - wherever I’m invited, I go. We have about seven or eight churches in Nassau (Brethren), and the Lord has been good to me. I’m very grateful, people have been so kind here in the Bahamas. In small communities, you always have some problems, but we manage to come through it. I learned a long time ago, you don’t come to an island like this and try to change the culture or the laws or the way people live. Otherwise, I became a Spanish Wells person. When in Andros, I’m an Androsian and in Abaco, I’m an Abaconian. I’ve managed to get along with everybody.” In his travels throughout the Bahamas, Frank worked with a dedicated group of evangelists, forging life-long bonds. “I went with Ed Allen, the pastor of Abundant Life - he, Heskitt and I have been great friends, and have worked together, along with Tom Roberts and Hartley Thompson in Freeport, Rex Major, Marcel Lightbourn, also David Cartwright in Marsh Harbour. I can’t even begin to tell you all the wonderful times we’ve had. David, when he was sixteen, just graduated high school, I took him out to Current and Harbour Island and when he met me, he said brother Frank, this is for me, and that’s how he got his inspiration and calling and have been in the work full time ever since - in tent meetings and the like - I can still picture him now with an accordion strapped over his chest, and also leading the singing with the other hand. Marsh Harbour was good for tent meetings, because we drew from Dundas Town to Murphy Town, and of course the islands like Man-O-War, Guana Cay, Green Turtle - many of them came up many nights, even some from Cherokee. After the roads were improved we were able to travel around a little more,” he reminisced. “I’ve been to Andros, Grand Bahama, New Providence and Abaco was one of my great ‘planting grounds’ if I may use the word. I spent a lot of time in Abaco… We had great times. Way back, about 55 years ago, when they didn’t have any roads from Marsh Harbour to Murphy Town, we used to go by boat, and when we got to the north side, we would walk across to the church there. There were no lights, just lanterns, and then we would preach.” He recalled very fondly, how after the service, they would be escorted back in song, with the lights from the lanterns waving - ‘God be with you, ‘til we meet again’, or with, ‘Goodnight, God bless you, one and all’. Brother Frank also remembered years of special blessings in Spanish Wells in 1967, two years after hurricane Betsy, and again in 1996, during meetings where many people came to know the Lord and were baptized. In his humble way, Brother Frank, expressed the importance of always giving God the glory in the work He allows you to do, saying, “No one person can claim the right or the full benefit of leading a soul to Christ. A mother prayed, someone brought them to the services, others prayed, others witnessed one to one, so when we get to glory you are going to discover that there was a chain of people involved in the work of the Lord. I’ve always maintained that, and I believe that’s true. I’m just thankful that I was a part of it. That’s all.” Social/Community Service: Pastor Frank Perry, assisted by many family members and friends, operates a “Care Center” located in Spanish Wells. He spoke of what inspired him to get involved in social service more than thirty years ago, recalling the large fire in Alice Town, Hatchet Bay, that destroyed many homes, and his hand in delivering a truckload of food to the affected families following the tragedy. “That experience burdened me to be more involved in social work,” he shared. The need for a storage facility presented itself during the hurricane Andrew experience, he shared, “We had our porch filled to the ceiling with goods, and rains came, got it all wet, and it was very discouraging. I said, we’ve got to get a place, and that’s why we have a place now, and Savannah (his eldest daughter) has been a tremendous help in that.” “We regularly go to south Eleuthera - Bannerman Town, Wemyss Bight, Green Castle, and also Alice Town, Hatchet Bay - whenever we get the food in. Everything is by faith. If the funds are in, we’ll do it. Now clothing, there have never been a shortage, and our policy has always been, if you can’t wear it, don’t bring it. This year for the first time, we’ve had more new toys than we’ve ever had, with donors from the Bahamas and Bermuda. The people here have been very kind. I’ve had a lot of support - Bahamians are very supportive and I admire them. They’ve been a tremendous help and encouragement to us,” smiled Continued On Page 14 Frank, adding, “The Care

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Eleutherans Saving Lives

Princess Margaret Hospital’s Eleuthera Blood Drive Yields 84 Pints Over 3 Days By the eleutheran news team

An Eleutheran Profile

The Blood Drive event hosted by the Health Association of Central Eleuthera (HACE) each March, was held this year on Thursday, March 9th and Friday, March 10th at the Governor’s Harbour Clinic in partnership with the Blood Bank staff from the Princess Margaret Hospital (PMH) in New Providence. “There was tremendous support from Central Eleuthera High School, with 28 students volunteering to give blood. Of these students, 18 were able to donate, with low blood iron levels and recent ear piercing stopping 10 students from donating,” shared HACE Chairman, Christopher Gosling, adding, “A big thank you to Mrs. Marsha McCardy for motivating and organizing these young volunteers.” A total of 57 pints was collected over the two days in Governor’s Harbour, with another 15 people unable to donate because of low iron levels, indicating a fairly robust response to the appeal for the life-giving donations. PMH staff also made a stop in south Eleuthera this year before coming to Governor’s Harbour. They conducted a one day blood drive event at the Island School in Cape Eleuthera on Wednesday, March 8th, which resulted in 27 pints of blood being collected. Mr. Gosling, noted that the supply of blood in Nassau is often critical, so in light of this, each day’s blood supply was transported to Nassau at the end of the day for processing. This donated blood is used in the PMH to assist all patients, whether they are from Nassau or the Family Islands, and no charge is made for the blood itself. He added that, every unit is tested, and in the unlikely

Continued from pg. 13 Center ministry has also touched lives in Cat Island, as well as Eleuthera’s Haitian communities in the Bluff and on Russell Island.” TV and Radio: Pastor Perry currently ministers to television audiences three times per month (on the Bahamas Christian Network - cable channel 660) and radio audiences daily (on Splash FM), which regularly involves him preaching in front of a video camera only, in his dynamic style. The video technician at his home church, the Gospel Chapel in Spanish Wells commented on his natural God-given ability to be fully engaged with his future audience, although, at the time of taping, his message is directed at empty pews. Frank, giving God all the glory, shared that he has had episodes at his advanced age with memory challenges, but said, “When I get in the pulpit, it’s an amazing thing, something happens! There’s more than just preaching, though, there’s also counselling, and I don’t visit as much as before, but I still visit a bit, and I love it and I’ve done so much of it in the past. I work a lot with it by telephone too.” Inspiration to Continue On & A Bit of Advice: “I am thankful. I used to have ten things wrong with me - I only have nine now,” chuckled Frank. He fell off of a roof several years ago and suffered some

damage to his back, but said he still loves to go fishing, with a special day assigned to do just that. Pastor Frank smiled as he spoke about what’s kept him going in ministry all these years, saying, “There have been times, to be honest, especially health wise when I’ve felt like giving up, but then I don’t know what the word ‘retirement’ means to tell the truth, so maybe it’s an inspiration by the spirit of God, moving me and helping me. As long as my mind is clear enough, I will be doing it.” When asked about advice for the younger generation, Brother Frank thought for a moment, and commented first to those who work with young people, saying, “First of all, they must be shown by the older ones that we care. That is important. The day of evangelism should not be over. I’m a realist, nearly 88, but I would love to see the younger ones carry on the baton. People out there are still hungry and yearning for something more in life. The human heart is still the same as it was 50/60 years ago, and the needs may be even greater now. We didn’t have the number of vices and distractions when we were young, like they do today. So it makes a difference, caring. Not just preaching to, but caring for people.”

event that there is some irregularity, the donor would be informed personally. As a result of the 3 day Blood Drive event in Eleuthera, a total of 84 units were sent to Nassau. “When one considers that the Blood Bank in Nassau struggles to get 20 units in one week, I take pride in how well this island does in its endeavour to assist those less fortunate than ourselves,” stated Mr. Gosling. The HACE Chairman, made a special appeal to those who may have been sitting on the fence this time, saying, “I wish to encourage everyone to seriously consider donating in November, as there is no substitute for blood and nobody knows when they will be stuck in a hospital bed waiting and waiting for sufficient blood to be donated for their medical, and often life-saving treatment to commence. Also, please, if you promise to donate, do turn up. It only takes about 15 minutes from start to finish, and you can take pride that one brief moment of discomfort is saving several lives.” The new Aliv mobile phone company also got on board this year, having become recently affiliated with a Nassau based organization called “Friends of the Blood Bank”, said Mr. Gosling, and donated water bottles and an iPhone for the Thursday/Friday event. So everyone who donated received a free water bottle and HACE donated a $5 phone card to all students who participated. Aliv personnel, Lyretta Pinder and Terrilyn Sands also assisted during the blood donation process at the Clinic.

Continued On Page 15


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Blood Drive Saving Lives Continued from pg. 14 The iPhone was won by Mrs. Stephanie Bethel of Governor’s Harbour, said Mr. Gosling, who congratulated her on the win, as she is one of HACE’s regular blood donors. Officers of the local Police Force and Immigration Department were also recognized for their donations, and organizers commented that they hoped these officers and others would continue to contribute.

Above: PMH staff, and volunteer donors all smiles with HACE Chairman, Christopher Gosling.

Above: ALIV representatives with HACE Chairman. The moblie company helped to sponsor the Blood Drive. (L-R) Lyretta Pinder, Terrilyn Sands and Chirs Gosling.

Blood Donation Tips: (Courtesy of HACE Chairman, Christopher Gosling) • • • • • • • •

Anyone 16 and older can give blood (16 year olds need parental consent). Tattoos, ear piercings, colds, or being on antibiotics prevent you from donating. Body weight must be over 110 pounds and you must eat before donating. Only 1 pint of blood is taken and the human body contains between 8-10 pints. This donated pint is replaced by the body within 24 hours. Blood can be donated every 8 weeks. Blood donors are healthier, and donating encourages the body to make fresh blood, rather like changing the oil in a car. One student was prevented from donating through misinformation that a blood donation would prevent athletic participation a week later. This is incorrect! It needs to be stressed that 24 hours after donation, ALL normal activities can be resumed without fear. One unit of blood can be made into three different products, and in effect can save three lives.

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The do’s and don’ts of Pelagic Fishing



The island nation of The Bahamas is well known for its wealth of marine life, which attracts people from across the world to see, dive with or fish these amazing species. These land masses rising from the sea floor force nutrient rich water, carried by deep Atlantic Ocean currents, to the surface which feeds a diverse food web of marine organisms. At shallow depths, where sunlight can penetrate, microscopic organisms use this light and nutrients in a process known as photosynthesis to grow and subsequently kick start this open ocean food chain. This area, known as the epipelagic zone, is arguably

the most productive section of the water column and attracts fish from across the Atlantic. Large predatory fish such as tuna, marlin and mahi mahi follow the schools of small baitfish that congregate in the warm deep waters off the coast of the small Caribbean islands. These migratory species have few natural predators, mainly only sharks and humans, which are both known to gather in large numbers in The Bahamas. Predatory fish have evolved to be streamlined and powerful enough to hunt nimble schooling fish, which makes for a thrilling fishing experience. The opportunity to catch these huge, fast fish attracts thousands of sport fishers from across

the world and brings great revenue to the Family Islands. Although well known for its abundance of bonefish, the waters surrounding Eleuthera are also rich in large pelagic fish, such as mahi, Barracuda and Wahoo. These migratory fish are joined by other predators, like Sailfish and Billfish, named so for their large sail like dorsal fins and/or long, sharp snouts. More specifically, the swordfish and marlin attract thrill seeking fishers who pay great sums of money to catch these fish, known to be the largest and most powerful in The Bahamas. There are several restrictions placed on non-Bahamian fishing boats to control the amount of fish that can be harvested and prevent possible disruption of the ecology and economy of the local area. Any foreign fishing vessel must be in possession of a sport fishing permit to legally catch large game fish. Therefore, any visitor wishing to catch these species must acquire a permit from The Department of Marine Resources or join a guide who has such documentation. The visitors must only use the traditional fishing method of hook and line and can use only 6 rods to fish at one time. Among these fishing restrictions, the Fisheries Resource Regulations also set possession limits to control the number of fish that can be harvested during each fishing trip. A visiting fishing vessel can land a maximum of 18 large migratory fish, such as kingfish, tuna and mahi. The more

A Mahi mahi (Coryphaena hippurus), also known as dolphinfish, caught as part of a past CEI project studying marine debris in pelagic food webs.

powerful billfish are catch and release only and should not be landed, unless under exemplary competition conditions where a tournament permit must have been acquired. This catch and release mentality has been a long term practice of the Bahamian people but has recently become a requirement in the sport fishing industry. It is hoped that the quick release of these fish will reduce the mortality rate associated with sport fishing and offset the great stock decline of the late 20th century. This rule is becoming easier to comply with as the availability of technology increases. The ability to catch a large fish, take photos to show its scale and then return it to the water ensures that the sport fishing industry can continue to provide revenue to the islands with minimum ecological damage.

Local School & District Celebrates Impact of an Educator Online at

| Mar/Apr 2017 17

Mrs. Evelyn Deal honoured at Rock Sound Primary on her Retirement


By the eleutheran news team

Mrs. Evelyn Nixon-Deal, a dedicated teacher for the past 43 years, was celebrated at the Rock Sound Primary School on Friday, March 10th, 2017, on her retirement from the teaching service, with a special assembly followed by a luncheon with colleagues and friends. During the assembly, each grade made special presentations in songs, skits, poems and dances, from K4 (her final class of students) to grade 6. She was plied with gifts, and lauded for her contribution during her time as a teacher by her Principal, Mrs. Nathalie Sweet ing, and District Superintendent for the Eleuthera District, Mrs. Helen Simmons-Johnson. The bulk of Mrs. Deal’s career in education was spent on the island of Eleuthera, primarily in the south, where she taught at the St. Anne’s Catholic School in Rock Sound, at Rock Sound Primary School, and at the We myss Bight Primary School. She also spent time as a teacher in Andros at Central Andros High, as well as at Fresh Creek Prima ry School during an eight year sojourn to that island from 1994 to 2002, accompanying her hus band, Mr. Robert Deal, when he

Above: Honoree, Mrs. Deal responds to the room of well wishers, family and friends. Administrator Glenn Lightbourn and Supt. of Education, Helen SimmonsJohnson and other Education officials were among those present.

was Principal at Central Andros High. Principal Sweeting, following the assembly, commented on the effect Mrs. Deal had on the school and the prospect of losing her talent, saying, “Mrs. Deal has made a great impact on the life of the school, from the smallest child to the adults. The little ones gravitate towards her, they just love her. In the morning when she arrived at school, everyone ran to meet her, and when it came to the teachers whatever assistance she could give she was always so helpful. She was like the life of the

party and kept things going. She will be greatly missed. She is one of a kind and a number one teacher. I’m hoping that she continues teaching and continues to impact lives she touches. Although she is retiring today, I’m very happy to know that she is not leaving right away. She has consented to stay on with us until June. It’s truly been an exciting and enjoyable day!” Mrs. Deal, now plans to take some ‘me’ time, cruising with other friends at a time of her choosing, and also plans to become more involved in community and charitable work, she said. In response to the celebration and accolades afforded to her, she shared, “I’m overwhelmed, because I didn’t expect the turnout. So I can surely say that I am loved. I always said in teaching, to give it your best. When I came into it, a wise person told me, ‘As a teacher - know your stuff, know who you are stuffing, and go and stuff them!’, and that is exactly what I did.”


Island “Buzz”

Mar/Apr 2017

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2017 Eleuthera Jr Baseball League Kicks Off Season dedicated to memory of 15 year old By the eleutheran news team

On Saturday afternoon, March 4th, at 1pm, the Eleuthera Junior Baseball League (EJBL) formally opened, with the 2017 Season being dedicated to young player Devano Taylor of Rock Sound - former student at the Preston Albury High School, who passed away at the age of 15 from an inoperable tumor in 2016. The season got going with six teams on the roster, 4 in the 9-12 Division and 2 in the 1315 Division. Teams facing each other, before and after the formal opening ceremony included the Tarpum Bay Mosquitoes (9-12 Division), the Green Castle Dragons (9-12 Division), the Palmetto Point Legends (9-12 Division),

the Rock Sound Marlins (9-12 Division), Green Castle (13-15 Division), and the Rock Sound Stingrays (13-15 Division). Larry Forbes, President of the Eleuthera Junior Baseball League of Rock Sound, commented on the vision for the league, saying, “It’s to have every settlement on the island playing baseball, hopefully by the end of this year. We’ve sent out invites to everybody. We work with children from age 5 to 15. So if each settlement develops one team with whichever age group they wish - the four divisions are t-ball, coach pitch, minors (9-12), and the juniors (13-15). Whichever division they can secure a team in, we invite them to do so. “We would coordinate the program from the Rock Sound league, and make sure that everyone plays. We intend this year, with Palmetto Point coming on, and Tarpum Bay, with them both fixing their softball fields, and making a portable mound - once that is done, we will move games to each settlement on alternate Saturdays. So everybody can be involved, and everybody would have the opportunity to raise some funds in their concession stands, and we can have a very active program going.” Special guests at the opening ceremony on Saturday afternoon included, Mr. Antoan Richardson, Bahamian baseball player and former New York Yankee, and Mr. Joseph Moss, 3rd Vice President of the Bahamas Baseball Federation. Pastor Lincoln Young, League Executive with the EJBL, and original visionary of the league, despite being bound to a wheelchair, was also there, coaching and supporting his Rock Sound juniors team. Season games began on Saturday, February 25th, and teams will play until the second week in June 2017.


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Remembrance: CEHS Remembers Mr. Cairns

Mr. Stuart John Cairns, who passed away on February 17th, 2017, was remembered in a moving Memorial Service held at the Central Eleuthera High School, on Monday morning, March 6th. A Business teacher at the school for many years, Mr. Cairns was said to have inspired a generation of students in many ways. Heartfelt tributes from colleagues, former students, administrators, and parents, marked the program, which was attended by his widow, Mrs. Liz Cairns and sister-in-law Mrs. Roz Seyfert. A recurrent theme in the memories

expressed by former students, was his genuine concern for their success, his unabashed belief in their ability and his enthusiastic and energetic support and encouragement for their best efforts. Administrators lauded his commitment to the school, and pride in being part of it. Colleagues expressed just how much he would be missed, and the void now left at the school with his passing. May his soul rest in peace. (Stuart John Cairns - Born, August 13, 1965 - Died, February 17, 2017)

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North Eleuthera Shopping Center The Bluff, Eleuthera, Tel: (242) - 335-1880; Vibe: 225-0964; Email: Opening Hours: Mon – Thurs 8am to 8pm; Fri & Sat 8am to 9pm; Sundays 8am to 10am

Greetings to the Rock Sound, Lower Bogue & James Cistern Homecoming Committees

For the Manager’s Special, Ask for Us! Sophie and Burchie




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www. EleutheraNews . com been given out during previous weeks, explained Mr. Cooper, saying, “Today, the committee presented another check to a community person in need, and we’ve given out several checks during the past few weeks to people within the community with medical needs, to assist them. We cannot pay all their expenses, but we can assist. It’s all about community and helping one another.” Other recipients included, Elizabeth Knowles on behalf of her mother Lillian Knowles, and Mr. Benjamin Deal. “We are also looking for more people to join us, so we can do bigger things,” expressed Passing Jacks President, Mr. Cooper. The committee currently includes, President Addison Cooper, Sherrin Cooper, Albert Archer, Alex Archer, Ann Bethel, Sonia Sands, Arlene Clarke, Arlene Collie, Wilson Cooper, Randy Stuart, Delshire Mingo, and Susan Culmer.

Above: Eleutheran Music Legend, Dr. Seabreeze performing at the Seniors Appreciation Event.

Passing Jacks Committee Treats Palmetto Point Elderly By the eleutheran news team

Unique Village Restaurant was the hot spot on island on Saturday afternoon, March 18th, 2017, where all residents of Palmetto Point over the age of 65 were welcomed and treated to a delightful afternoon of fun and entertainment, hosted by the community organization, the Passing Jacks Committee. Mr. Addison Cooper, President of the Passing Jacks, commented, “Today’s event was something to show our appreciation for our senior citizens, all the senior citizens within the community of Palmetto Point - everyone

over 65 years old. We gave them an afternoon of food, drinks and entertainment.” The elderly audience was serenaded by Palmetto Point legend, Dr. Seabreeze, given a belly full of laughs with a fun ‘old time’ fashion show, back in the day games, and showered with gifts, trivia prizes as well as surprises. Gifts were also presented to the oldest male and female residents in the community - 87 year old, Mrs. Mackey and 88 year old Mr. Ingraham. The Passing Jacks Committee, also presented Mrs. Gloria Moss, during the afternoon, with a check on behalf of her brother, Mr. Alton Cooper. Further assistance had

Above: Members of the Passing Jacks Committee who are combining their efforts to make a difference within the Palmetto Point community,


Online at

| Mar/Apr 2017 23

North Eleuthera School Renamed After A ‘Teacher Extraordinaire’

Above: Mrs. Laura L. Anderson, sandwiched by Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Perry G. Christie and Minister of Education, Hon. Jerome Fitzgerald, stands in front of the school’s new sign, with family members and other church and education officials.

(By BIS) - Prime Minister and Minister of Finance the Rt. Hon. Perry Christie said, on March 9, 2017, that the renaming of the North Eleuthera Primary School to the Laura L. Anderson Primary School is quite fitting as it commemorates the contributions of a “dedicated educator in our system.” “This practice is one that was implemented to herald the effective and efficient work of many unsung heroes in our country,” Prime Minister Christie said at the Official Renaming Ceremony at the school in The Bluff, Eleuthera. “It is one way of ensuring that those educators who displayed stellar leadership are forever remembered in the annals of the history of The Bahamas.” He acknowledged the presence of her family, friends, former colleagues, students and church members who came to endorse the naming of a public building in her honour. Prime Minister Christie added that Laura Louise Anderson, a daughter of the Bluff, now 99 years old, one of the oldest residents living in the township of The Bluff, was a “teacher extraordinaire” for more than 35 years and an educator all of her life. Present at the event was 104-year-old oldest living native of the settlement Samuel Neely: her brother. Prime Minister Christie related that the story of Laura L. Anderson began when she was born in The Bluff 1918, a few years after the First World War, “when life was much simpler.” Her role at this school also began “many moons ago” when the North Eleuthera Primary School was called The Bluff All Age School, he said. Mrs. Anderson was just five years old, he added, when she first attended the All Age School. He was advised that in 1922, and records indicated, she was a stellar student, earning five BJC’s and five GCE’s, which she had to travel to Nassau to take. Prime Minister Christie noted that Mrs. Anderson began teaching at the school, as a monitor, when she was 12 years old, under Mr. Mervin W Gibson, from Savannah Sound. She also taught under Principal C.W. Sawyer some years later. “Ms. Anderson then went on to become a staple in the community by serving as the public librarian, registering births and deaths, for more than 28 years, however she did much more than that during her time at the library,” Prime Minister Christie said. “The library became a homework help centre for many of Above: Scenes from the fun afternoon. Also seen are cheque presentations made to members of the community by the Passing Jacks Committee in March 2017.

Continued On Page 24



Mar/Apr 2017

Laura L. Anderson Primary Continued from pg. 24 the children in the community, and Mrs. Anderson would also teach many boys and girls how to read.” “She was also an active member and leader of the Red Cross, participating in first aid and health lectures and also visiting the sick and the shut ins,” he added. “She also assisted in the collection of old age pension and food stamps for the elderly in the community for more than 12 years. “This is an extraordinary testimony to community contribution.” Prime Minister Christie said that he called Bahamians like Mrs. Anderson “pioneering, patriotic and progressive educators.” “She paved the way for the many teachers who served after her,” he said. “She set a precedent that made it difficult for them to perform at anything but a high level of competence. Her dedication to her country and its most valuable resource, our youth, is a testament to her patriotism,” he added. “She went beyond the call of duty to expose them to national educational opportunities.” The Government of The Bahamas is committed to providing quality education for all of its students, Prime Minister Christie said. The development of children and young people involves education, training and refining social skills, he noted. It is a shared responsibility of the family, the church, schools and civil society, he said. “In short, all of us are responsible for offering guidance and assistance to our nation’s youth so that they are equipped to become the leaders of tomor-

www. EleutheraNews . com

row,” Prime Minister Christie pointed out. “Each generation must prepare the generation that follows for a smooth transition of leadership to occur. “Persons such as Laura Anderson understood what had to be done to preserve a heritage of excellence, good work ethic and productivity in our nation,” he added. “She epitomizes what it means to be a true nation builder. She understands that it takes hard work and a strong conviction to accomplish your goals. “I’m therefore, honored to be here today to see her rewarded for her dedication and for her sacrifice.” Prime Minister Christie stated that Mrs. Anderson had won many awards including the following: a Music Award and General Community Service Award, in 1987; a Medal of Honor from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, in 1996; the First National Heroes Award in 2003; and the first National Bahamas Award, he presented to her, for her “spirit of togetherness for selfless, noteworthy invaluable contribution to the people of The Bahamas.” To the administrators and teachers, Prime Minister Christie said that he hoped that they were inspired by her “stellar performance” and that they were motivated to continue to support their students who were “Reaching For the Stars,” as their school motto stated. “You are charged with the task to prepare our students for life in the 21st century,” Prime Minister Christie said. “This is no small feat. The challenges are many, but if you work together, the mountains will seem like molehills.” “Parents, the Almighty has blessed you with the great responsibility of rearing your children to be productive citizens,” he added. “You must give the love, care and discipline that is necessary to make this a reality. I implore you to cooperate with the teachers as they seek, like you, the best for your children.” Prime Minister Christie told the students of North Eleuthera Primary School, that that was the last day when they would be referred to in that way. They would be students of the Laura L. Anderson Primary School from that point on and their patron was an educator who cared about the well-being of children and wanted to see them succeed, he said. “Take your education seriously and always try to do your best -- that was her mandate, her commitment,” he said. “Uphold the name of your school -- that was also what she stood for -- and let it be known as a school where excellence and hard work and discipline is always practiced.”

Above: Oldest resident in The Bluff, Mr. Samuel Neely, now at 104 years old, greets Prime Minister Christie.

Prime Minister Christie thanked the Minister of Education, Science and Technology, the Hon. Jerome K. Fitzgerald, the Permanent Secretary, Donella Bodie, the Director of Education, Lionel K. Sands and the personnel of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology for their commitment to the children of our nation. He acknowledged the Principal, Vernita Thompson, and the administration, teachers and staff for the fine effort expended in organizing that day’s festivities. “Once again, I am delighted to pay tribute to a legendary educator who facilitated the education of our nation’s children with diligence and perseverance,” he said. “It is therefore left for me, in accordance to all of the powers and privileges and benefits that enable me -- on behalf of the people of The Bahamas at this stage in our history -- to declare that the North Eleuthera Primary School is now the Laura L. Anderson Primary School.”

Picture This. Top 3 - Grade Two Spellers!

In The Photos: (right) Winner, Wes Underwood of Samuel Guy Pinder All Age. (left) Winners and coaches all smiles after a very competitive morning Winner, Wes Underwood; 2nd Place, Camilo Cooper, and 3rd Place, Tamia Knowles.


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CTI OPEN HOUSE Continued from pg. 4 trade and real skills that are marketable.” Sentiments of new beginnings were also echoed by Errol McPhee, chief executive officer of CTI, and a long-time educator. “For many, being a part of CTI is a second chance,” he explained. “Some had not completed high school or had the opportunity to improve educationally or as individuals. With our learn and earn program, we target the 50% to 70% of secondary school leavers who are most likely unemployable and assist them by providing a vocation that will help them earn a living.” Currently, CTI’s major program is the learn and earn program that is unique to vocational education in The Bahamas. Students attend courses for 2 days per week and work in their trade while earning a stipend for the remaining 4 days. CTI states that it is an effective approach that improves educational attainment and promotes a locally employed workforce. The certificate of achievement for the learn and earn program includes 10 steps that build character and improves lives. They are: demonstrably upgrading in literacy and numeracy, developing a technical skill that would afford entry into field of study, developing a life plan and budget, establishing a bank account and a savings goal, obtaining standard forms of identification (E.g. voter’s card and a passport), achieving computer literacy, completing CPR/first aid training, BahamaHost training and completing 50 volunteer hours. Support from The South Eleutheran Mission with an afterschool literacy and numeracy intervention program aids students for their literacy and numeracy requirement. Assistant program coordinator, Ade Pinder explained, “Twentyfive percent of the students were operating at a reading level below their grade. Through our education literacy and numeracy intervention program, we worked together in an afterschool program and there has been a 77% success rate.” So far, an average of 81% of the trainees have passed their academic courses with an average grade of 75%. All students have created budgets compared to none when they first enrolled. Many have also set up bank accounts with the One Eleuthera Cooperative Credit Union, another organization working to positively change some of the negative trends of this small island state. Other programs at CTI include workshops and certificate courses for CTI’s affiliates, local nonprofits and the public. The Retreat that is CTI’s hotel and Eleuthera Community Farms (ECF) is an operation that offers education and a commerce aspect where food is grown for learning and economic purposes. Plans for a canning factory will complement the use of crops grown on the farm. Ingraham and McPhee believe that CTI is a driver of innovation and a creator of economic opportunities and social entrepreneurship for a more viable economy in Eleuthera. They seek to expand offerings and at present are reviewing programs in entrepreneurship, hospitality, nonprofit management, and administration and construction, with Institutions like University of Delaware, Bahamas Technical and Vocational Institute, Drury University and Kent University. For more information, visit www.oneeleuthera. org/CTI/projects or call 242-334-2703.

In The Photos: CTI Staff, Students and Donors. The attendees all mingled during the open house to showcase and gain appreciation for the accomplishments of the past year.

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National politics

Summary Commentary EXCERPTS OF THIS WEEK IN THE BAHAMAS (13 – 17 MARCH 2017) BY ELCOTT COLEBY This week in Parliament The Bahamas Parliament met on Wednesday of this week to consider Trafficking in Persons and labour legislation. Amendments to the Employment and Industrial Relations Acts were tabled by the Hon. D. Shane Gibson, the Minister of Labour. These proposed employee friendly amendments will among other provisions, increase redundancy pay by 67%. Also, readers would remember the recent passage of Trafficking in Persons (TIPS) legislation in the House. Well, that passage in TIPS law required amendments to the Criminal Procedure Code to complete the process. These two pieces of legislation dominated the debate in the House on Wednesday of this week. Deputy Prime Minister Philip Davis told House Members that Chinese nationals who entered the country to construct the $3.5bn Baha Mar resort had their passports and work permits withheld, adding that this was done as a means to “control” the foreign laborers. Golden Isles MP Michael Halkitis accused FNM Leader Dr. Minnis of intentionally “provoking an altercation” between the FNM supporters and the campaigners for the PLP who were canvassing the Carmichael Road area on Tuesday. An emotional speech by Fox Hill MP Fred Mitchell heightened speculation that the Government will “ring the bell” for the general election very soon. Mitchell thanked his colleagues in the House for their years of dedicated service and foreshadowed a win for the PLP at the polls. Fort Charlotte MP Dr. Andre Rollins delivered his farewell address. In a parting shot he suggested that FNM Leader Dr. Minnis had not shown he is ready to lead the nation, pointing to his attendance at House proceedings. Rollins further urged Prime Minister Christie to “call out” Dr. Minnis on his inadequate performance.

Christie: “Additional need for more Customs Officers” Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, the Rt. Hon. Perry Christie has called on Assistant Comptroller of Customs in Grand Bahama, Sherick Martin to begin right away preparing another group of Customs recruits for another Customs Training program. The appeal from the Prime Minister came during his address of the 22 new recruits who officially graduated on Wednesday, March 15, 2017, during a ceremony at the Bahamas Union of Teachers Hall. Prime Minister Christie said his request for the formation of another immediate training program comes in light of the fact that the country’s expanding economy demands more Customs Officers, not just in Grand Bahama or Nassau, but throughout The Bahamas. “In speaking with the Minister of Tourism and knowing the extent to which the economy is being expanded, which will create an additional need for even more Customs Officers, I’m minded

to make policy right now on my feet,” the Prime Minister said at the beginning of his address. “As I think of those areas where you only have one officer – which is even dangerous to that officer – you can see why there ought to be coverage that goes beyond one person. “We’ve just indicated a new destination at Ocean Cay, which will require the appointment of more Customs Officers to that Port of Call. There are at least over 5,000 passengers a week on cruise ships going into that destination. “By the Heads of Agreement we entered into with Baker’s Bay in Abaco, we have agreed to have a Port of Entry there at that destination as well. So, that also calls for more Customs Officers. From a pure necessity point of view, we have agreed that we would establish a port of call in Mangrove Cay and that too will call for more Customs Officers.” Minnis proposes “real sale” of Baha Mar Resort FNM Leader Dr. Hubert Minnis suffered a huge backlash and a slew of criticism during the course of the week from many quarters when he pledged to execute a “real sale” of Baha Mar to a purchaser that has the Bahamian people’s interests at heart, should the FNM win the general election. Minnis posted on Facebook: “Your Free National Movement government will engage and execute a real sale of Baha Mar to a qualified and respectable purchaser who believes in Bahamians; a purchaser who will utilize only Bahamian labor to complete the resort, and will put Bahamians back to work with real jobs as quickly as possible.” Deputy Prime Minister Philip Davis lashed out at Dr. Minnis, accusing him of plotting for the resort’s demise for political benefit while spouting untruths. The Chamber of Commerce’s chairman warned all politicians to “not blow up the country for the sake of winning the election.” Education Minister the Hon. Jerome Fitzgerald slammed Dr. Minnis’ coments as “disgraceful”, arguing that it would disrupt employment for hundreds of Bahamians. Fitzgerald further argued that the FNM leader’s assertions showed he was not fit to become Prime Minister. Prime Minister Christie told supporters at a joint constituency meeting that he hoped Minnis would come to the House to defend his comments but the FNM leader was a no-show. FNM Chairman Sidney Collie said while an FNM government would execute a “real sale” of Baha Mar if the current sale process is not complete, if and when it becomes the next Government of The Bahamas, nationalizing the resort is not in the party’s plans. PLP Chairman Bradley Roberts charged that the FNM’s policy position on Baha Mar “is to disrupt the lives of many and the Bahamian economy to satisfy one man who proved he was unable to finish the job in the first place”. Former Deputy Prime Minister Brent Symonette however defended his leader, insisting that “fault” sits with the “untruths and half facts” produced by the Christie administration in recent months.

The Eleutheran | Mar/Apr 2017

Hanna-Martin: Doppler Radars “significant thrust” for Meteorology Department Four new Doppler radars are being installed to improve the functionality of the Department of Meteorology. The radar will be situated in New Providence, Grand Bahama, Long Island and Abaco. Currently, the only radar system, stationed on New Providence, is being refurbished and upgraded to be established in Ragged Island later. The contract for the radar system was awarded to Vaisala, a Finnish company, at a cost of $20 million. On completion, the entire Bahamas will be under full radar coverage. In addition, the company will install nine more weather stations. Minister of Transport the Hon. Glenys Hanna-Martin made the announcement during a press conference held at the Weather Station at Lynden Pindling International Airport on Wednesday, March 15, 2017. She said that this project puts the country on the ‘cutting edge’ of technology and is a ‘significant thrust’ for the meteorology department as it sets out to build capacity. She also said that this project is part of a larger vision by the government to protect and more effectively forewarn the Bahamian people against major catastrophes such as hurricanes and other storm systems. The Doppler radar will use the SmartMet and SmartAlert system, which means that several features will be built-in, including: automatic generation of weather forecast products, integrated display of various weather observation and data sources, advanced weather situational analysis and weather warning tools. The SmartMet/SmartAlert system is already in use in 10 Caribbean countries including Cuba, Antigua, Jamaica and Barbados. Chamber boss wants government to “reconsider” amended labour laws The Chamber of Commerce has called the latest amendments to the labour laws “ultra vires” existing laws and has asked the Government to withdraw and “reconsider” the reforms as “not one employer” is in favour of the changes. Bahamian employers were outraged at the proposed changes to the Employment and Industrial Relations Acts tabled in Parliament on Wednesday by Shane Gibson, the Minister of Labor. Criticism of the bills, which among other provisions, increases redundancy pay by 67%, employers argue that the amendments would deter Bahamian businesses from hiring and make it more difficult to tackle the 25 to 30 percent youth unemployment rate. The Director of Labor however shot back that there was “no basis” to the Chamber of Commerce’s assertion that the labor law reforms were “ultra vires” because they had not been unanimously approved by all National Tripartite Council members. Mr. Farquharson pointed out that the 40% increase in the minimum wage was not unanimously agreed


by the Tripartite Council as some members wanted a larger increase for workers. The minimum wage hike is now settled law. Also weighing in was the Bahamas Hotel and Restaurant Employers Association (BHEA) who also expressed concern over the proposed amendments to the Industrial Relations Act and the Employers Act. Elated union leaders said they were “ecstatic” over the reforms to the Employment and Industrial Relations Act, hailing them as a “victory for Bahamian workers”. UB to host series of panel discussions on public affairs The Social Sciences Department at the University of The Bahamas (UB) is hosting a series of panel discussions and public forums featuring representatives from every political party. The meetings will focus on national debate, political polling and scientific research. The first in this series was held this week at the Harry C. Moore Library on the administration of justice. Keith Bell, Marvin Dames and Stephen Greenslade represented the PLP, FNM and DNA respectively. Dr. Christopher Curry, chair of the School of Social Sciences at UB, said the concept is a step in the right direction for the country and its political climate, adding that the inclusion of the public and media at this level of the election process should translate into a more involved electorate. Government assessment underway after landfill fire The Department of Social Services said that 290 heads of households applied for assistance out of the estimated 600 homes located in Jubilee Gardens. It was also reported that 1,200 persons are set to receive government assistance as a result of the fire. Meanwhile Anthony Ryan, a public analyst at the Department of Environmental Health Services, said officials conducted air quality tests on 19 homes closest to the dump. He said that there was nothing alarming found. In related news, Geltech Solutions, a firefighting specialist, has been contracted by the Government to assist in extinguishing the massive blaze at the New Providence Landfill. Commenting on the landfill’s remediation cost, Tall Pines MP Leslie Miller pegged the cost at about $5 million. Environment Minister, the Hon. Kenred Dorsett, said the government was preparing to move “full steam ahead” with both the privatization of operations at the New Providence landfill and “fine tuning” its remediation plan.

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OP-ED By Sir Ronald Sanders

By Sir Ronald Sanders (The writer is Antigua and Barbuda’s Ambassador to the United States and the Organisation of American States. He is also a Senior Fellow at the Institute of Commonwealth Studies, University of London and Massey College in the University of Toronto. The views expressed are his own)

A Commonwealth Free Trade Area (FTA) would go down in India “like a lead balloon”. That’s the opinion of Indian Member of Parliament, Shashi Tharoor, as British Ministers and Empire-dreamers run around Britain trying to promote the idea that a Commonwealth FTA is a viable alternative to trade with the European Union (EU) which Britain has elected to exit. A harsher view is expressed by Columnist with the British Guardian Newspaper, Kehinde Andrews, who writes: “Rather than accept reality the (British) government has deluded itself into thinking that Britain can just install an update for empire and return to former glories on the world stage. But outside the EU and devoid of colonies, Britain will find that any nostalgic visions of empire are a mirage, providing nothing to sustain it”. The British advocates of the Commonwealth FTA do not help their own desperate scramble for a Com-

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Commonwealth Free Trade: a British straw man?

monwealth FTA by describing it as “Empire 2.0”. The phrase lacks any semblance of sensitivity to the dark history of Britain’s imperial rule over Commonwealth countries – a rule that not only raped their resources to make Britain rich, but also exploited and brutalised their native peoples.

Shashi Tharoor, who is a former Indian Minister of State, recalls that: “There’s no real awareness of the atrocities, of the fact that Britain financed its Industrial Revolution and its prosperity from the depredations of empire, the fact that Britain came to one of the richest countries in the world (India) in the 18th century and reduced it, after two centuries of plunder, to one of the poorest.” Kehinde Andrews, speaking of the African experience, says “Nations no longer ruled by force and fear will not supplicate themselves to Britain because of misty memories of empire”. And, he adds, “In order to build a prosperous future Britain needs to understand its place in the world; a small island desperately reaching out to countries it formerly ruled in order to try to maintain its relevance. No doubt the former colonies will be willing to trade with Britain. But the idea that these relations will represent anything like those in empire is laughable hubris”. Even as British government ministers are beating the drum of a new Commonwealth Empire for trade, Britain is threatened to become smaller than it is as the leader of the Scottish National Party, Nicola Sturgeon, declares that she will seek a second referendum to make Scotland an independent nation. When the British Prime Minister, Theresa May, indicated that she might block a second referendum, the debate became nasty with Sturgeon asserting that she “was elected” as First Minister of Scotland “on a clear commitment manifesto” while May “is not elected by anyone”. The frenzied effort in Britain to talkup the Commonwealth as a FTA is an illusionary attempt to allay fears that Britain will have what is described as a ‘hard BREXIT’ and, therefore, will be left without favourable terms of trade in the EU or any other market. The Commonwealth is being touted as the replacement for EU trade. But the reality is that the Commonwealth cannot replace the EU for Britain which sells far more goods and services to the 27 members of the EU than it does to the 51 nations of the Commonwealth. In 2015, 44 per cent of total UK exports of goods and services went to the EU; conversely just 9.5 per cent went to the Commonwealth.

As for the other members of the Commonwealth, particularly its smaller members in Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific, there would be no benefit in a Commonwealth FTA. Six Commonwealth countries dominate exports to other Commonwealth countries. They are: Singapore 26%, India 20.37%, Malaysia 26.14%, Australia 10.9%, Britain 9.5% and Canada 6.7%. The other 45 countries between them account for the remaining 16% and they include big countries like Nigeria, South Africa, and Kenya in Africa, and Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka in Asia. The small countries of the Caribbean and the Pacific account for less than 5% of all Commonwealth exports. The Commonwealth ceased being a trading bloc when Britain opted to join the EU in 1973. Over the four decades since then, Commonwealth countries have developed trade links with other nations and regions that are now vital to them. Australia’s biggest trading partner, for instance, is China; followed by the US and Japan; Canada’s are the United States and Mexico. For the majority of Caribbean countries, the US is their biggest trading partner. None of these countries will unravel these vital trading links for the benefit of Britain. Sure, Caribbean countries would want to maintain their level of exports to Britain, but those exports are small in relation to their imports from the UK. In this connection, a FTA with Britain would hardly suit the Caribbean. Some compensatory mechanism would be necessary, and that means an aid an investment component that Britain (if it is Britain and not England and Wales) might not be able to deliver, given the demands on its resources in a post-Brexit world. The Commonwealth has stayed away from trade matters ever since Britain joined the EU. In fact, the British never wanted a Commonwealth trade ministers meeting because it was felt that Commonwealth demands would interfere with its common purpose with the EU, and with the big power alliances that the EU had formed with, for instance, the US over subsidised agriculture which disadvantaged African and Asian agricultural exports on the world market. When a former Secretary-General, Don McKinnon, tried to organise a working lunch of Commonwealth Trade Ministers in Mexico in 2003 in the margins of a World Trade Organisation Ministerial meeting, few Commonwealth trade ministers turned-up. That included the British trade minister. The Commonwealth has the capacity to be many things, among them: a forum for showing the world how

religious and ethnic tolerance could be achieved; for bridging divides between developed and developing nations to help construct pathways to a prosperous and peaceful world; for championing global causes such as Climate Change; and for advancing the development interests of the majority of its states which are small and vulnerable. But, a trade bloc it is not; and never will be, however much it is the straw man that British Brexiteers are conjuring. Responses and previous commentaries:

LETTER Good day Bahamas Tourism Ministry.

We are a Canadian couple on our fifth winter visit on board our sailboat. We have met many friendly and helpful citizens over these years. We are currently anchored at Rock Sound Eleuthera. This past Tuesday evening on our walk back to the dock after a lovely dinner at Sammy’s Place restaurant my wife Alison stumbled and fell at the roadside injuring her hip and leg quite badly. She was unable to walk. We contacted Mr. Harry Horton who helped us get her in his car. He then delivered us to the local doctor’s office. Harry was kind enough to wait while Doctor Guina assessed Alison’s injury. It was apparent that Alison would be unable to return to the boat. Mr. Horton then contacted Ms. Marguerite Culmer in regards to accommodation. We met Ms. Culmer at her property and Alison stayed three nights while recovering her mobility. When I inquired as to her fee she told me she was a Kiwanis member and it is their mandate to help and there would be no charge. As well she checked on Alison morning and night. After the third night we were able to return to our boat. Mr Horton drove us back to the dock and assisted getting Alison down the ladder and into our dinghy. The concern and assistance provided by Ms. Culmer and Mr. Horton was nothing short of outstanding and we wanted to share our story with your Ministry. Best Regards, Dave and Alison Lee Nova Scotia, Canada March 11th, 2016


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The Eleutheran | Mar/Apr 2017

Road Traffic System Changes

Baha Mar Certificate of Occupancy Handed Over

Continued from pg. 10 that the registration process can be timely. Customers are asked to pre-register online which is said to speed up the process. Customers can visit the following link online ( bs/RegisterUser), to create an account and pre-register. The following list of documents are needed to properly register: Citizens are asked to bring in their Passports (Voter’s Card if you do not have a Passport), NIB Smart Card, and Driver’s License when coming in to conduct Road Traffic Business. Non-citizens must present their Passport, Driver’s License, and Immigration Status (Home Owners/Work Permit/Permanent Residence/Residence Card). More information is available on the Road Traffic Department’s website at Karen Mortimer - Trainer (Consultant with Deloitte & Touche), Charlene Johnson - GH Some quick reference information Office Staff Member (Office Assistant), Cassandra Sands - RS Office Staff Member (Execu- (also found at tive Officer), Darelle Ferguson - Trainer, June Thompson - RS Office Staff Member, Barbara To renew your Driver’s Licence onJohnson - GH Office Staff Member (Supervisor). line, follow the steps below:

have them in the system, we shouldn’t have any issues moving forward.” Citing some of the benefits of the new system, Controller, Ross Smith stated, “Major changes are that we move from a paper driven system to an electronic system, where we can save all this information and not have to ask people for the same information every year. You ask them for that information once, and we shouldn’t have to do that the next year. The other thing that we don’t often talk about is that in the second year persons don’t have to come in and request a new driver’s license. You can go online and request that driver’s license, pay for it online and just pick it up here.” “For your car registration, that would be different. You will have to come in, but again, in the second year that process will be very short, because there is only the inspection, scanning in one or two documents, depending on what it is and you could be out in 5 to 7 minutes. Right now, it’s a matter of getting everyone registered in the system... We have it staggered over a 12 month period. We still register persons during their birth

month until we’ve completed everybody. So by next year March, we would have finished all the people in Eleuthera,” he added. Training across all five stations in Eleuthera took place over the course of two days, beginning Monday, March 6th, 2017, with stations up and running and ready for new registrants on March 8th. Road Traffic Department staff from New Providence continued to be present at Eleuthera stations following the training for two weeks, in support of local staff. Controller, Mr. Smith, explained that they would also return again to make sure local stations had the support they needed. The recurring problem with having driver’s licenses printed are also hoped to be, “A thing of the past,” said Mr. Smith. The new system would now allow driver’s to be able to receive new/renewed licenses by next day at all Road Traffic Department stations in The Eleutheras. Local Road Traffic Department stations are asking customers to please be patient as they implement the new system, mentioning

• • • • • • • •


Visit Click Log In at the top right of the screen Enter User Name and Password emailed to you after registering at your local RTD Office Once logged in click on the pad and pencil icon to activate the Renew Licence Page Select the RTD Office where you would like to pick-up your Driver’s Licence Enter the duration of the Licence Enter the Payment Details and click on the “Process Payment” button Cost to renew your Driver’s Licence: Year(s) of Renewal Cost One (1) yrs $20 Three (3) yrs $60 Five (5) yrs$100

The cost to licence and inspect a vehicle varies depending on vehicle specifics.

By Eric Rose, BIS : NASSAU, The Bahamas -Prime Minister and Minister of Finance the Rt. Hon. Perry Christie, said, on March 21, 2017, that the handing over of the Certificate of Occupancy for Baha Mar resort marked “an important day of progress” for Baha Mar and The Bahamas. “Today Baha Mar is being transferred to a worldclass company, one that successfully manages prestigious hotels across the world, including three successful resorts in the Caribbean -- one in Antigua, one in Barbuda and one in the U.S. Virgin Islands,” Prime Minister Christie said at the handing over event that took place on the Baha Mar resort property. Prime Minister Christie added that the new owner had actually increased capital, marketing and pre-opening investment from $200 million to $250 million. “We are grateful for such a strong level of experience and investment to usher in new opportunities for the Bahamian people,” he said. Prime Minister Christie pointed out that during the past weekend he had remarked on the progress leading up to the April 21st opening of the Baha Mar resort. He noted that he said that he would be on the property for the event that current day because “this is real.” “Everyone who is here today can feel the excitement and the activity,” he said. “I, for myself, have seen new employees who are coming in for training and moving forward, all on course to make this project a big success.” Prime Minister Christie said that he had been advised that 650 Bahamians have already been hired by Baha Mar, and 1,500 employees will be hired by April 21st. He pointed out that Baha Mar, like Atlantis, will open in phases, with more job opportunities at every phase. “No one knows better than me how these jobs can change lives,” Prime Minister Christie said. “These new opportunities are going to bring meaningful change for a lot of Bahamian families and that’s what it’s all about. “That’s why we worked so hard to make sure that Baha Mar was delivered to successful and to safe hands.” The Prime Minister beamed at “the hope and excitement and anticipation on the faces of the people who are being employed here -- these are new employees, many of them working for the first time in this kind of an environment,” he said. “It is a defining life experience for them and they will take up ownership of this particular hotel resort complex, and they are going to make it one of the finest resort complexes in the entire world. That is their intention.”


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National Commentary Continued from pg. 27 Freak storm damages Bahamasair ATR aircraft A tornado hit the Lynden Pindling International Airport early Tuesday morning causing damage to the landing gear and fuselage of a Bahamasair ATR aircraft, parking lot booth and several cars at a nearby car rental agency. Bahamasair’s Chairman expressed fears that its upcoming services for peak Easter travel period may be disrupted, after one of its 70-seater ATR planes was damaged by the early Tuesday morning tornado that struck the Lynden Pindling International Airport. The Department of Meteorology did not issue a severe weather warning yesterday morning before severe weather around Lynden Pindling International Airport led to a tornado damaging a $20m Bahamasair aircraft, because the department did not “capture anything that would point to a severe thunderstorm warning”, according to Deputy Director of

the Department of Meteorology Basil Dean. In Passing… Baha Mar on Monday held its first day of casino dealer training prior to the property’s soft opening on April 21. It said the 170 recentlyhired casino employees had been enrolled in a four-week gaming course to perfect their skills and refine their customer service expertise. Graeme Davis, President of Baha Mar and the Bahamian subsidiary of CTFE, commented that Rosewood Hotel’s 2018 delayed opening was not a construction issue, but rather, a design and programming concern. CTFE is expected to inject an additional $35 million dollars into the completion of the Rosewood Hotel. The National General Council (NGC) of the PLP unanimously endorsed Wayne Munroe over Senator Frank Smith on Monday night, ratifying the attorney for the Free Town constituency. That action completed the ratification process as all 39 of the

party’s candidates are now ratified. In his concession speech, Senator Smith said that he has not always won all of his battles in life. Party Chairman Bradley Roberts characterized the process as “free, fair, transparent, democratic and compliant with the provisions of the Party’s constitution.” In his victory speech, Munroe ridiculed the pledge made by FNM Leader Dr. Minnis over the sale of Baha Mar as dishonest and irresponsible, and accused the opposition party of pandering to the agenda of former developer Sarkis Izmirlian. Transport and Aviation Minister Glenys Hanna Martin hit back at the most recent US State Department’s advisory against jet ski operators, charging that if left unchecked, it could overshadow the “significant progress” her ministry has made to address the issues within the industry. Five hundred jobs are expected to be created when the second phase of The Pointe opens in late 2018, Deputy Prime Minister Philip Brave Davis said at the groundbreaking for the Downtown Nassau development. Phase 2 will include the development of a 150-room branded resort and spa and the development of a 100-room, eight story condominium complex. A new cruise port in East Grand Bahama will be constructed on the north shore west of Stat Oil in an area that has been determined to suffer the least devastating environmental effects. PM Christie revealed that the cruise port will take two years to build and will significantly benefit the island. Emmanuel Komolafe, chairman of The Bahamas Insurance Association has estimated that The Bahamas will benefit from a $300M foreign currency inflow from reinsurers as a result of Hurricane Matthew. He said that insurance claims incurred as a result of the hurricane stand at $176M and that the injection of foreign currency into The Bahamas through the industry could be seen as one positive from the storm. Travel Daily highlighted that Royal Caribbean International formalized a multi-year agreement with the government of The Bahamas to grow tourism, increase the cruise line’s employment of Bahamian nationals, and invest in Bahamian hospitality training to develop talent at the recent signing ceremony attended by Prime Minister Perry Christie. PM Christie said that relocating residents in Pinders Point is not something that government will consider as no such recommendation has been made to it. He said that studies were undertaken in relation to the industrial pollution in Grand Bahama many years ago and more recently by the Pan American Health Organization and World Health Organization in 2015. The Grand Bahama Chamber of Commerce’s President has expressed optimism that the island’s economy can be revitalized, even though Freeport is much different from the days when it was named the “magic city”. Bahamas Junkanoo Carnival was officially launched last Friday (10th March), with the Bahamas National Festival Commission committing to its mandate to hold the annual festival with a two million dollar reduction in this year’s budget, from $7 million to $5 million. Scheduled for the 4th through 6th May 20176, the Bahamas Carnival Band Owners Association is still hoping some money in the Government’s $5 million budget has been allocated for them to market themselves. Prime Minister Christie had been ordered to pay the full legal costs incurred by Save The Bays (STB) after his recusal application was rejected by the Supreme Court. The Prime Minister, in his capacity as Minister for Crown Lands – appear with several other senior officials and developer Peter Nygard – as a respondent in three Judicial Review cases brought by STB to challenge the environmentally destructive constructions works that were allowed to take place at Nygard Cay over the past three decades. The Caribbean Journal reported that Silver Airways announced the launch of new nonstop flights between West Palm Beach and Bimini, the first flights to Bimini out of Palm Beach County. Elizabeth MP Ryan Pinder had not attended a sitting of the House of Assembly for the year, according to the at-

tendance records of the House of Assembly. According to the rules of the House of Assembly, a member of the House shall vacate his seat in the House if he is absent from sittings of the House for a period of 90 days without leave of absence from the House. The business of tourism will be on display at the Baha Mar Convention Center on April 8 as the Ministry of Tourism presents the 17th Cacique Awards. Foreign Affairs Minister the Hon. Fred Mitchell met with the President of the University of The Bahamas Dr. Rodney Smith and the university’s student union president Keyron Smith on Thursday afternoon at the Harry C. Moore Library’s conference room. The courtesy call came upon the return of a group of university students from an exchange field trip to Atlanta. Accompanying the Minister was the Bahamas’ Consul General to Atlanta HE Randy Rolle and the Director General of the country’s Foreign Service, Mrs. Sharon Brennen-Haylock. The governing Progressive Liberal Party held another joint constituency meeting on Thursday of this week. The constituencies were Garden Hills, Tall Pines and Golden Gates. Delivering the keynote address was party leader and Prime Minister the Rt. Hon. Perry G. Christie who admonished supporters to be energized and focused because of the critical importance of this election. The Prime Minister berated FNM Leader Dr. Minnis over his noticeable absence from the House of Assembly on Wednesday, telling a crowd of PLP supporters that the Killarney MP has opted to hide behind social media in the wake of yet another massive error in his leadership tenure. Marco City MP Greg Moss announced on Thursday night that he will not be seeking a re-nomination in the upcoming general elections for personal and business reasons, and has resigned as leader of the United Democratic Party. Interim Deputy Leader John Pinder said that the party will march on. As Grand Bahama builds its industrial sector, at the Grand Bahama Shipyard in Freeport from 26 March to 6 April, Princess Cruises’ Caribbean Princess is to be fitted with interconnecting staterooms, Ocean Medallion technology, and newly renovated areas for children and teenagers. Shane Gibson, Minister of Labor and National Insurance says The Bahamas only has “minor examples” of child labor, as he opened a joint two-day seminar on the issue. The Bahamas’ new mobile operator will bring a $50 million capital raising ‘Aliv’ next week, its advisers “a very successful offering”. Days after Island Luck CEO Sebas Bastian announced that he is working towards releasing an initial public offering (IPO), Chief Operating Officer (COO) of the Bahamas International Securities Exchange (BISX) Holland Grant explained the procedures for any company to enter the securities market. Both the governing progressive Liberal Party and the opposition Free National Movement hosted candidate launch events on Friday night in Freeport Grand Bahama for that island’s candidates. The PLP worshipped at the Jubilee Cathedral while the FNM hosted their event at the former bowling alley. On Friday FNM Chairman Sidney Collie accused the PLP government of using public funds to finance its election campaign, specifically charging that the BAMSI print ads were paid for by the public treasury. PLP Chairman Bradley Roberts “emphatically and unequivocally” refuted those claims, branding them as “patently false.” He stated that the PLP paid for the ads.


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The Eleutheran | Mar/Apr 2017

gLObal warming By: Andrew L. Burrows

the Politicians have bought into the global lie that man is controlling the world’s climate. Because you repeat a lie or error does not make it true or correct, eventually the truth will resurface and the lie will fade away.

The voices that boast of ‘climate change’ and ‘global warming’ grow louder and louder. It is convenient to blame something that you cannot control for all the things gone wrong for what you should control. Most of

A world that refuses to acknowledge the God who made and sustains it will do just what we see being done today, the unthinking mind will swallow what is touted as facts without question, whereas the questioning mind will examine what is being proclaimed as facts and will find that what God said is true, the whole world is deceived. The very first thing we must get right in our minds is that God, our Creator, and He alone controls the Earth’s weather. First you must read

Job chapter 38 and Genesis 8:21-22 where God made it absolutely clear that Man has no input in the controlling of the climate of this Earth. He, and He alone governs the climate! The amount of ignorance I hear being boasted in the name of science is criminal. This planet Earth receives from the sun a consistent amount of heat continuously. As the earth rotates once every twenty four hours, the globe receives an even portion of solar energy. However, the planet is rotating on an axis tilt of twenty three degrees in relation to its’ orbit around the Sun. It is this rotational tilt that causes the change in seasons. Also, as a result of the tilt, the North and South poles experience in summer perpetual day, and in winter perpetual night. So we distinguish the north

from the south by calling them ‘Hemispheres’. While the Sun is continually heating the world, there are numerous factors that regulate the rate and intensity of that heat to make living on this planet possible. These include: 1) Time of day - hottest at midday. 2) Height of land - There is snow and ice on the top of mountains. At sea level or below is where atmospheric pressure is highest (Death Valley, USA, and Dead Sea, Israel) and the temperature is also very high. However, as you rise higher above sea level the atmospheric pressure drops and so does the temperature, and that is why there is snow and ice on mountains even at the Equator. So what makes weather? First, we have the heat of the Sun, and that is being affected by the height of the land, the vastness of the oceans,


lakes and rivers. Next, there are the clouds that form and move from place to place in the wind. But, there is more, the ice at the poles melt and cools the oceans in the north when it is summer there, and in the south when it is summer there. Winter storms and Cold Fronts bring cold arctic air south to make our winters cool, while summer hurricanes develop in the tropical oceans to absorb excess heat in the ocean waters and funnel it high up into the atmosphere where it is radiated away. So you see our God does agreat job of controlling the weather of this world and when any human tells you that lighting a fire in some way causes the world to be hotter, remind them of what God said to Mr. Noah, and Mr. Job. The oceans are not rising beyond what is normal, and the climate is not changing. The reason there is such a thing as climate is because the Weather is ALWAYS CHANGING.

Working Together: GHDA donates needed funds

to the Health Association of Central Eleuthera As the Health Association of Central Eleuthera (HACE) geared up for its annual fundraiser event held on Saturday, March 4th, 2017 at the Sunset Inn, the Governor’s Harbour Development Association (GHDA) stepped up to the plate to make a donation of $1,000 to the Association which operates and maintains three ambulances and provides essential ‘volunteer’ emergency services in Central Eleuthera. On Tuesday morning, February 28th, 2017, HACE Chairman, Mr. Chris Gosling, accompanied by HACE Treasurer, Mrs. Carleta Culmer-Turnquest, met up with GHDA Chairman, Mr. Theodore Petty, and GHDA Treasurer, Mr. Arthur Turnquest, to formally accept the donation. “The ambulance service is such a vital one in the community of Central Eleuthera,” expressed Mr. Turnquest, adding, “We didn’t want to miss an opAbove: GHDA Chairman, Teddy Petty; GHDA Treasurer, Arthur Turnquest; HACE Treasurer, Carleta Culmer Turnquest; and HACE Chairman Christopher Gosling.

portunity to be a part of that… We all felt that this was indeed a cause that this organization should contribute to.” Highlighting the impact the donation would have on assisting with HACE activities, Mr. Gosling expounded, “We rely on donations from many sources and every donation is vital. This one donation will license and insure one vehicle, and we run three ambulances, so off the top our expenses per year for licensing is $3,000. So we really appreciate the Fish Fry (GHDA), and all these organizations, like Fish Fry, Cancer Society, the Fire Engine, HACE – we all basically work together for the community, and we are very grateful.”


Crime News

Mar/Apr 2017

www. EleutheraNews . com

Reports are printed to keep the public informed of the incidents of crime that are reported within our communities. All reports are to be treated as allegations only. Reports issued by the RBPF locally.

Traffic Accident Report - At about 5:35pm on Saturday, 18th March, 2017, an adult female contacted the G.H.P.S. and reported that she was involved in a serious traffic accident in the area of The Cove, Gregory Town, Eleuthera, and that several passengers of her vehicle were injured. Police assistance was requested. Officers visited the scene . There was a two vehicle collision involving a 2002 Champagne Chevy Malibu driven by an adult male visitor who reported that sometime around 5:00pm, he was travelling in a southern direction headed to the Cove and was driving in the right hand side of the road and collided with a 2003 Chevy Astro Van driven by an adult female . Her passengers were an adult female and (7) juvenile males all received minor injuries. They were all treated for the same at the Gregory Town Clinic. Measurements were taken. Hospital forms were issued. Both drivers received N.O.I.P. forms. Investigations are ongoing. Traffic Offence Report - At about 2:30pm on Friday 17th March 2017 Officers reported conducting Traffic Inspections during which (4) persons were charged with various traffic infractions they were informed of the offence and warned of prosecution. Arrest Ref. Causing Harm - At about 1:52pm on Thursday, 16th March, 2017, Insp. Officers came in at the Governors Harbour Police Station with an adult male suspect under arrest and reported that he was arrested and cautioned at about 1:50pm in reference to a complaint of Causing Harm made on 16/3/17. The suspect was processed where he admitted the offence. The suspect was taken into custody. Arrest Ref. Stealing from a Vehicle At about 4:15pm on Thursday, 16th March, 2017, Officers while at the Governors Harbour Police Station arrested and cautioned and adult male in reference to stealing from a vehicle. Investigations are ongoing. Causing Harm Report - At about 12:50am on Thursday, 16th March, 2017, an adult male came in at the Governors Harbour Police Station and reported that sometime at about 12:00 am on same date, 16/03/17, while leaving a local Bar along with his cousin, they got into an altercation with several young men of who attacked them which resulted in him receiving a laceration to the left jaw, laceration to the head and a stab wound to the right shoulder. Police action was requested. The suspects were later arrested and Charged. Causing Harm Report -At about 3:30am on Thursday, 16th March, 2017, an

adult male came in at the Governors Harbour Police Station and reported that sometime at about 12:30am on the same date, while at a local Bar along with his cousin, he got into an verbal altercation with a young man he knew after he intentionally bumped into him. The altercation eventually became physical resulting in him getting ganged by the male and several other young men who joined and kicked him about the body and head at which time one of them dropped a block on his head causing injury and pain. Police action was requested. The Police later arrested and charged several young men in relation to this incident. Police Assistance Requested - At about 12:05pm on Wednesday, 15th March, 2017, an adult male contacted the Governors Harbour Police Station via telephone and reported that a guest at his business reported to him that some unknown person stole her handbag from her unlocked vehicle while same was parked in the area. Police assistance was requested. Officers responded to the scene and spoke with the complainant who reported that she was on the beach at Knowles Drive, Governors Harbour near “The Deck Restaurant” when someone unknown entered her unlocked vehicle and stole her brown purse containing her black Samsung cell phone, room key for a local resort, credit cards, $250.00 USD cash, driver’s license and other personal effects. Police assistance requested. This matter is under active investigation. Stealing Report At 2:00pm, on Tuesday, 14th March, 2017, an adult female came into the Governors Harbour Police Station and reported that she receive information from her assistant who reported to her that her office laptop was missing which contains private information. Police assistance requested. Investigations are ongoing in this matter. Stealing Report - At 1:50 pm, On Tuesday, 14th March, 2017, an adult male reported to the Hatchet Bay Police Station that sometime between 6:00pm, Sunday12/03/2017, and 10:00pm Monday, 13/03/2017, a man he knows stole two sheets of T-1-11 plywood from his property. Police action requested. Officers visited the scene and arrested the suspect in reference to stealing and receiving. They reported arresting him at 1:30pm after he was found in possession of four sheets of T-1-11 plywood belonging to the complainant. The suspect was interviewed, processed and charged with the mentioned offences. Road Accident Report - On Sunday, 12th March, 2017, sometime around 5:00am, an adult male came into RSPS and reported that his son, was involved in a traffic accident in the area of the Rock Sound Home-coming site. Police assistance requested. Officers responded to the scene located just south of the Home-coming site where he observed a grey 2006 Toyota Corolla registered to an adult female, which had extensive damage to the left front and rear door, front bumper, rear bumper, fenders, tire, rim, front right axel, windshield dash board, hood and both air bags had deployed. Officers visited Rock Sound Clinic where

Police Contact Numbers

HeadQuarters (GH) Governor’s Harbour OR O/C Governor’s Harbour Gov.Harb. Airport Station Deep Creek Station Tarpum Bay Station Rock Sound Station

332-3500 332-2111 332-2117 332-2723 332-2323 334-8207 334-4033 334-2244

they observed an adult male who was suffering from a laceration to the left eyebrow, forehead, and swollen mouth with cuts to the lips and he was in a dazed and confused state. He was unable to obtain an account from him at the time. Officers also saw and spoke with an adult female who brought her cousin an adult male into the clinic who was a passenger in the vehicle as he was complaining of head, neck, back and right ankle pain. He was later assessed by Dr. Sidney Smith and was determined to have suffered a broken right ankle and needed to be flown into New Providence for further treatment and x-rays. Enquiries continue in this matter. Housebreaking and Stealing At about 10:30am, on Sunday, 12th March, 2017, Officers received information from some tourist,s that while walking on a dirt road near the beach, opposite the Governors Harbour International Airport they discovered an assortment of Tools in the bushes. Police assistance requested. Officers responded to the scene where they observed as assortment of Tools thrown about in the nearby bushes. The following tools were recovered: (1) Milwaukee Sawzall, (1) West Marine Power Inverter, (3) Measuring Tape, Roll of Everbilt Cord, (1) Hangon Vacuum Cleaner, (2) set of hinges, (3) Shears, One Yellow metal file, (1) Makita Circular Saw, (2) Power Drills, (1) jigsaw (1) hammer, one cutlass, (1) crowbar, (1) powered speaker box and one green bag containing an assortment of small tools. All of the items appeared to have been exposed to the elements for several weeks. The Officers then canvassed the nearby residence and discovered that the residence and the nearby tool shed was broken into. The residence was secured and enquiries are being conducted to identify and notify the owners. The exhibits were collected and transported to the GHPS for further investigations. Arrest reference to House breaking and Stealing At about 12:53pm, on Saturday, 11th March, 2017, Officers while in the area of Palmetto Point, Eleuthera, arrested and cautioned an adult male reference to Housebreaking and Stealing complaint. The suspect was subsequently charged with those offences and remains in custody at this time. Traffic Accident - At about 5:20am, Saturday, 11th March, 2017, an anonymous male caller contacted the GHPS via telephone and reported that a serious traffic accident had occurred on Eleuthera main road; Queens Highway; in front of Island Luck Web shop and BTC buildings. Police assistance requested. Officers responded to the scene and reported that upon arrival to the scene noticing

Rock Sound Sgt. Office Rock Sound Airport Station Lower Bogue Station (Airport) Harbour Island Station O/C Harbour Island Spanish Wells Station Gregory Town Station Hatchet Bay Station

334-2212 334-2052 335-1208 333-2111 333-2327 333-4030 335-5322 335-0086

(2) two vehicles that were involved in the alleged traffic accident namely a white 2003 Nissan Presage van driven by an adult male visitor and a tan Honda Accord registered to and driven by an adult male . Both drivers elected to give verbal accounts under caution; Driver of vehicle No1. stated that he was travelling north along Queens Highway in the area of BTC and Island Luck web shop, when he attempted to turn right when the driver of the tan car, who whom was going at a high rate of speed collided with his vehicle, Driver of the tan vehicle stated that he was proceeding south along Queens Highway in the area of Governors Harbour near Island Luck, when suddenly the driver of vehicle 1 collided with him. Measurements of the width of the road was taken and N.O.I.P. forms were served on both drivers. Both vehicles extensively damaged and all supporting documents were present and inspected. Inquiries are ongoing. Damage -On Saturday, 11th March, 2017, sometime around 6:25am, an adult male contacted Rock Sound Police Station via telephone and reported that while at Rock Sound Airport he noticed that some unknown person(s) had broken both the front driver and passenger windows of a green 1996 Ford Ranger same of which was parked at the airport . Police assistance was requested. Officers visited Rock Sound Airport and viewed a green 1996 Ford Ranger Truck with both front driver and passenger windows broken. Nothing appeared to have been stolen. 11.3.17 at 9:02am: the owner of the vehicle contacted Rock Sound Police Station via telephone and stated that his wife is responsible for causing damage to his vehicle and that she had called him and told him this. Further that she told him if he is not on the island by today’s date, she will burn the ##@#3 down. He stated that he will be arriving on the island on 12.3.17 and would visit Rock Sound Police Station to make a formal complaint. This matter is under active investigation. Stealing Report - On Saturday, 11th March, 2017, sometime around 2:39pm, an adult male contacted Rock Sound Police Station via telephone and reported that some unknown person(s) at the establishment had stolen monies out of an employee’s bag. Police assistance was requested. Officers responded to the scene where they saw and spoke with an adult female who reported that earlier in the day, she placed $20.00 in her purse and placed it in her backpack. Sometime around 11:00am she went to look for her money and noticed that it was missing. The proprietor of the establishment viewed the security camera in the presence of the Officers where they saw an employee removing the money from the complainant’s bag. The complainant did not wish any police action in this matter but just to have the

Crime News

Online at money returned to her which was done. As a result, the suspect was terminated from the establishment and the area was left quiet. Shop Breaking Report: - At about 7:46am on Friday, 10th March, 2017, an adult female contacted the Governor’s Harbour Police Station and reported that some unknown person/s smashed the eastern facing glass door of Highway Service Station and proceeded to steal an assortment of snacks from the store .Police action requested. Suspect Arrested Ref: - Shop Breaking/House Breaking/Stealing On Friday 10th March, 2017 sometime around 11:50am Supt. C. Wright, along with a team of Officers came in at the GHPS with an adult male suspect under arrest and reported that suspect was arrested at 10:00am while in the area of Water front; west of Bet’s plaza in reference to: Shop Breaking, House Breaking, and Stealing. He appeared to be in good health with no reported complaints. The suspect was processed and further cautioned. He was charged with: (3) counts of Shop Breaking contrary to section 362, (2) counts of House Breaking contrary to section 362, (5) counts of Stealing contrary to section 340 (5), (5) counts of Receiving contrary to section 358, and (5) counts of Damage contrary to section 338 all of the Penal code Chapter 84. The suspect also lead Police to recover eleven (11) bags of suspected stolen goods along with two television sets, a lawn mower and a weed whacker. Damage and Stealing from a vehicle - At about 9: 40 am on 10th March, 2017, an adult female came into the Governor’s Harbour Police Station and reported that on Wednesday, 8th March, 2017, while by Twin Sisters Beach in Gregory Town sometime around 2:00 pm, she discovered that her rented white 2004 Yukon was broken into. She further stated that her and her friend bags were stolen which contained personal documents . Police action requested.

16.2.17 . As a result, he was arrested and cautioned. The suspect was processed and interviewed under caution . He admitted to the offence. He was further cautioned and subsequently charged for the offence of causing harm. He was released on bail in the sum of $1000.00 with one surety to attend Magistrates Court, Rock Sound on Thursday 30th March 2017 at 9:30am. He left in good health. Suspect Charged - At about 2:31pm on Thursday, 9th March, 2017, Officers while at the G.H.P.S. charged and cautioned a suspect with Trespassing contrary to section 154(1) of the Penal Code and Vagrancy contrary to section 4(5) of the Vagrancy Act, Chapter 89. He was further cautioned and said nothing in response. The suspect was taken into custody. Arrest in reference to Dangerous Drugs - On Thursday, 9th March, 2017, something around 12:50pm, Officers came in at the station with two adult male suspects under arrest for possession of dangerous drugs. They reported that sometime around 12:30 pm while on bicycle patrol on Queen’s Highway, Tarpum Bay, in the vicinity of “Bert’s for the Best” food store, observed a gold Toyota Passo traveling south with a driver and passenger, known to the police. Upon seeing the officers the men began acting suspicious. The officers stopped the vehicle and informed the occupants that they were suspected of being in possession of dangerous drugs and firearms. The officers directed the occupants to exit the vehicle and so that search could be conducted. As the driver exited the vehicle he stated “Officer that’s a joint that I was smoking, I put it in the door panel” Upon searching the door panel The Officer found what appeared to be a homemade grassy substance suspected to be marijuana. As a result both men were arrested and cautioned. They appeared to be in good health. Both suspects were charged with possession of dangerous drugs.

Damage & Stealing - On Friday, 10th March, 2017, sometime around 8:32am, an adult male contacted the Rock Sound Police Station via telephone and reported that sometime between the hours of 4:30pm on Thursday, 9th March, 2017 and 7:45am on Friday,10th March, some unknown person(s) broke the right side quarter panel glass of his white 2000 Suzuki Grand Vitara Jeep while it was parked at the Rock Sound Airport, gained entry into the vehicle and stole a C/D radio player value unknown at this time. Police action was requested. This matter is under active investigation.

SHOP BREAKING & STEALING REPORT At about 1:00am on Wednesday, 1st March, 2017, an adult female reported to the North Eleuthera Police that her store was broken into. She stated that sometime around 12:45am a concerned resident contacted her and told her that a known male was breaking into her store. She then contacted Police and her son. Upon arrival they met the suspect exiting the store and her son pointed his shotgun at him. She told him not to shoot him and this suspect jump out through a western window and made his escaped. Outside this window they found two shopping bags with items taken from her store which includes tissues, Rothmans Cigarettes, Vaseline, portable stove, cereal, bread and other food items. A large bag was found on the inside also fill with grocery items. Upon checking the point of entry it was discovered that two window panes were removed to effect entry. Total value of all the items and damages is estimated to be at $800:00. Statements were recorded and investigation continues. Checks were made for the suspect without success.

Arrest/Causing Harm - On Friday, 10th March, 2017, sometime around 2:20pm. an adult male came in at Rock Sound Police Station and was informed of a complainant of “Causing Harm” made against him on

SHOP BREAKING REPORT - At about 7:30am on Wednesday, 1st March, 2017, the North Eleuthera Police Station received information of a break-in at the North Eleuthera Primary School. Police assistance

Traffic Offence Report - On Friday, 10th March, 2017, Officers while conducting road checks on Queen’s Highway, Governor’s Harbour, in front of the GHPS; reported four (4) motorist for various traffic infractions. The offenders were informed of the offence and warned of intended prosecution.

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was requested. On the mentioned date Officers visited the mention school and interviewed the complainant. She stated that sometime between 4:00pm on 28/2/17 and 8:02am on 1/3/17 some unknown person broke into the Tuck Shop at the North Eleuthera by forcing open a northern door. It was discovered that a small Am/Fm radio, frying pan, first aid kit, seasoning and some juices were stolen, valued at $220:00. These items were later recovered at another break-in where the suspect left the scene. Statements were recorded and investigation continues. STEALING FROM A VEHICLE - At about 3:00pm on Thursday, 2nd March, 2017, an adult male came to the North Eleuthera Police Station and reported a stealing from his vehicle. He stated that sometime between 12:30pm & 2:20pm on the same date, some unknown person broke a back passenger side window to his 2003 Toyota Rav 4 Jeep in the area of Ben Bay beach Jean’s Bay. The culprit searched and stole prescription glasses valued at $30.00. He suspected a dark male clad in a black T Shirt and a long black pants about 18-20 years old who was seen in the area around the time. His statement was recorded and investigation continues. Arrest reference to Trespassing and House breaking - Officers came in at the Hatchet Bay police station with an adult male under arrest and reported arresting him at about 9:15pm on the 8/3/17 while in the area of Hatchet Bay, in reference to trespassing and house breaking. He was transported to the Governor’s Harbour Police Station where he was processed and later charged with those offences. Possession of unlicensed firearm with intent to endanger life. On Tuesday, 07th March, 2017, Officers saw and spoke to an adult male in reference to a complaint made on Saturday, 04th March, 2017, at 2:30 am in regards to being assaulted with a deadly weapon (a shotgun) by persons known. A written statement was recorded from the complainant however he declined police action in this matter ,but maintained that suspects are in possession of a firearm that is believed to be unlicensed and possibly stolen. A team of officers executed search warrants based on information received in regards to this matter. However both warrants results were negative. Assault With A Dangerous Weapon Report: On Tuesday, 7th March, 2017, at 1:30pm an adult male came into the Governor’s Harbour Police Station and reported that sometime around 8:15pm on the 4th March, 2017 , a lady driving a gold jeep behind him was so close to him that he had to jump out of the way to avoid getting hit. He reported that the vehicle graze his right side and then drove off without stopping to see if he was alright, police action requested. As a result an adult female came into the Governor’s Harbour Police Station where she was arrested and cautioned in reference to Assault with a dangerous instrument. A statement under caution was taken from her and she was released pending further investigation. Shop breaking Report - On Monday, 6th March, 2017, sometime around 1:00pm, an adult male came in at the Rock Sound Police Station and reported that sometime


between the hours of 5:30pm on Friday 3rd March, 2017 and 11:30am on Monday 6th March, 2017, some unknown persons(s) break and entered his business establishment and stole a 32 inch flat screen television valued at $325.00 from the bar area. Entry was gained by prying open a southern back door. No suspects at this time. Police action was requested. This matter is under active investigation. Traffic Accident Report - On Monday, 6th March, 2017, sometime around 9:16pm an anonymous caller contacted Rock Sound Police Station and reported that there is a traffic accident in Rock Sound near Dingles Gas Station. Police assistance was requested. Officers responded to the scene and upon arrival saw a red 2005 Chrysler Town and Country Van in a stationary position on the eastern side of the street on Queens Highway Rock Sound in the area of Saunders Electrical with extensive damage to the right side, a shattered front windshield and both front airbags were deployed. They also saw a gold 1997 Ford F-150 Truck on western side Queens Highway with extensive damage to the front right fender and axle which was parked directly behind a gray 1999 Nissan Sentra . They saw and spoke with an adult male, the driver of the Sentra, who stated that a short while ago he was in the process of pulling the Ford F-150 Truck when the red van collided into the right side of the truck causing damage to the same. Officers also saw the driver of the van, also an adult male , and made attempts to speak with him under caution however he was mute. Instructions were given to his nephew who was on the scene to accompany him at Rock Sound Police Station to have a caution statement recorded from him via interpretation. Measurements were recorded and N.O.I.P forms issued. The scene was cleared after both vehicles were removed by Kemps Towing. Investigations are ongoing. Stealing report On Sunday 05th march 2017 sometime around 8:45am an adult male came into The Rock Sound Police Station and reported that on Thursday 02 March 2017 while doing construction on a building located Fish St Rock Sound along with tow other males , he left his blue apple ipad playing music during the lunch break which was between 12md and 1pm .However upon his return the ipad was gone and the other workers denied any knowledge of the same being removed. The said ipad is valued at $200.00 and can be identified if seen again. Police action requested. Enquiries are continuing. Indecent Assault Report - At 4:30pm on Sunday 5th March 2017, an adult female reported to the Police Station that sometime around 7:00pm on Saturday 04/03/2017, she left her daughter age 8 yrs and son at the residence with her grandmother . On Sunday the 05/03/2017 around 11:30am her daughter informed her that she was indecently assaulted by her grandmother’s boyfriend , Who grabbed her by the waist while asleep and began thrusting his pelvis to her buttocks in a sexual manner. Police action requested. Arrest Reference to Indecent Assault At 4:30pm on Sunday, 5th March,

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Crime Reports Continued from pg. 33 2017, Officers reported that acting on information received and while at the Governors Harbour Police Station they arrested and cautioned an adult male in reference to indecent assault. Investigations are ongoing in to this matter. Threats of Death Report -At 4:00pm on Sunday 5th March 2017, an adult male reported to the Governors Harbour Police Station that sometime around 1:30pm on the 05/03/2017 while at his residence with his girlfriend, her daughter came to the residence cursing and threatening to kill him and accused him of fooling with her daughter. He reported that he is in fear for his life and is requesting Police action. Arrest Reference To Threats Of Death: - On Tuesday, 7th March, 2017, at 2:34pm an adult female came into the Governor’s Harbour Police Station where she was arrested and cautioned in reference to Threats of Death - a complaint made on the 5th/3/2017. The suspect was released from police custody pending further investigation. Trespassing Report On Saturday, 4th March, 2017, sometime around 9:05 am, an adult female came in at the Rock Sound Police station and reported that while cleaning her home this morning around 8:00am she found a black Alcatel cell phone, when she asked her daughter about it, she stated that an adult male brought it to the residence around 2:30am . The complainant further stated that she has a matter in Magistrate’s Court with him and he was warned by the court to stay away from the home. Police action requested in this matter. Investigations continue into this matter. Arrest in reference to Threats of Death, Possession of a firearm with intent to put another in fear and Possession of an unlicensed Firearm. At 2:15pm on Wednesday, 1st March, 2017, an adult male came in at the Governors Harbour Police Headquarters and was arrested and cautioned for threats of Death and Possession of a fire arm with intent to put another in fear. While at the Police District headquarters a search was conducted of a white 2004 Jeep grand Cherokee in reference to Firearm same ended with negative results . Investigations are ongoing. HoUse Breaking Report - At 4:45 pm on Wednesday, 1st March, 2017, an adult male contacted the Governors Harbour Police Station and reported that he is the caretaker of a home , further that sometime between the 22/02/2017 and 4;15pm on 01/03/2017, some unknown person/s broke and entered the basement of the home by prying open a wooden door, nothing appeared to be stolen, Police action requested. Investigations are ongoing Damage & Assault - At about 12:38 pm on Tuesday, 28th February, 2017, an adult male came in at the Governor’s Harbour Police Station and reported that he was on the porch of a local restaurant when a male known to him stood up and said “You cannot go in there with that Black & Mild, I will tear your #@## head off “. the suspect then grabbed him in the chest and in doing so broke his Giorgio Armani Sunglasses valued

at $330.00.Police action requested in this matter. Arrest reference to Damage and Assault - On Tuesday, 28th February, 2017, sometime around 3:15pm, Officers came in at the G.H.P.S. with an adult male suspect, under arrest reference to Assault and Causing Damage. He was later interviewed and subsequently charged with Assault contrary to section 133 and Damage contrary to section 155 of the Penal Code chapter 84. He was fingerprinted and released on bail in the amount of $800.00 to appear in Magistrate’s Court on 28th March, 2017, to answer to charges. Arrest Report ref to Causing Harm On Tuesday 28th February 2017 sometime around 8:00pm Officers came into RSPS with an adult male suspect under arrest in reference to Causing Harm - a complaint made on 11th February 2017. The Suspect was interviewed under caution. He admitted to hitting the complainant with a stick but said only in self defense. He was charged with Causing Harm contrary to Section 135(1) of Penal Code Chp. 84 and he was later released on bail to appear to court. Road Accident Report - At about 6:40pm on Monday, 27th February, 2017, Officers came in at the Governor’s Harbour Police Station and reported investigating a traffic accident which occurred along Queen’s Highway, Palmetto Point in the area of Unique’s Hardware involving two vehicles, a white 1996 Ford Super Duty truck driven north along Queens Highway by an adult male which had damages to the right passengers door, also a green 1998 Ford F150 truck owned and driven north along Queen’s Highway by an adult male with extensive front end damages. Both drivers were cautioned and the driver of the white Ford Super duty truck stated that while travelling north along Queens Highway he attempted to turn into Unique Hardware after putting on his turn signal, and as he got about halfway in the yard he suddenly felt the impact of a vehicle hitting the right side of the truck which he was driving causing damage to the right door and pain to his neck and back. The driver of the green Ford F150 stated that he was travelling north along the mention road at a high rate of speed when the white truck in front of him suddenly turned right as he attempted to pass and he collided into the right side door causing extensive damage to the front end of his truck also causing pain to his head. Both drivers was issued an NOIP form and measurements was recorded of the scene. Investigations are ongoing. Assault with a Dangerous Instrument and Threats of Death - At about 8:30am on Saturday, 25th February, 2017, an adult male came in at the Governor’s Harbour Police Station and reported that sometime around 8:30pm on 24/02/17 while attending a wake at his grandmother’s residence two male occupants came onto the property armed with knives and called out to him to come outside of his grandmother residence saying they will kill him putting him in fear of his life. Police action was requested into this matter.

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At about 2:25pm on Saturday, 25th February, 2017, while at the Governors Harbour Police Station Officers arrested and cautioned two adult males in reference to assault with a dangerous instrument, causing public terror, and threats of death. Both men were interviewed, processed and released pending further investigation. Police Information (Dog Attack) At about 6:55pm on Friday 24th February 2017 an adult female came in at the Governors Harbour Police Station and reported that sometime at about 7:00am on today’s date while on the beach at Coco De Mama taking her morning walk, she was accosted by a pack of dogs of which she was able to defend herself with a piece of stick which she had in her hand. The dogs was eventually called off by a Caucasian woman with an American accent. Same is reported for police information. Damage - On Friday, 24th February, 2017, sometime around 8:00pm an adult female , came in at Rock Sound Police Station and reported that while at her residence a male known to her came to her residence trying to get inside and smashed the eastern side window of her house. Police action was requested. Officers responded to the scene where they saw the damage and arrested an cautioned an adult male . He was processed and charged with Damage. Arrest ref to Possession of Dangerous Drugs with Intent to Supply: - On Thursday, 23rd February, 2017, sometime around 12:10pm, officers came into Rock Sound Police Station with two adult males under arrest ref to Possession of Dangerous Drugs with Intent to supply. The Officers reported arresting them in the area of Tarpum Bay sometime around 11:45am, after discovering (3) foil wrappers and (1) clear wrapper all containing a grassy substance suspected to be marijuana that was found in their possession. They were both charged with that offence. Illegal Immigrants Apprehended At 12:30 p.m. on Thursday 23rd February, 2017, a Police & Immigration Team came in at the GHPS with 10 Illegal Immigrants:, All of whom were arrested during an operation in the Northern District of Eleuthera. All of the Illegal Immigrants were later transported to New Providence via private Air craft for further processing at the Detention Center in Nassau. Suspected Stolen Vehicle Impounded At 12:17 p.m. on Thursday 23rd February, 2017 Police received information that a suspicious unknown vehicle was parked at the rear of a residence, Police Assistance requested. Officers responded and discovered a white Toyota Tercel sedan after discovering no registration disc was attached to the windshield. The vehicle was therefore impounded. Structural Fire Reported On Wednesday 22nd February, 2017 at 11:30pm an anonymous caller contacted the Hatchet Bay Police Station and reported that an abandon green and white building situated next to Five General Food Store on Meeting Street Hatchet Bay Eleuthera was on fire, assistance is requested. Officers and volunteers responded to scene with Hatchet Bay Volunteer Fire Truck. At 11:40pm, the fire team arrived on scene where they met the mentioned structure full engulfed in flames, the blaze was later extinguished ending with no additional damages to

neighboring properties, the area was left quiet Shop Breaking - At about 10:00am on 20/02/2017 an adult female c/o of the Ministry of Tourism; mainland contacted the GHPS and reported that some unknown persons had broken into the Ministry of Tourism building Queens Highway, Governors Harbour. Police Assistance requested. Assault report -At about 1:15pm on Sunday 12th March 2017, an adult male came to the North Eleuthera Police Station and reported that at about 11:30pm on Saturday 11th march 2017 while in the area of the Service Station lower Bogue a male known to him slap him in his face. A statement was recorded and police action is requested. Investigation continues. Threats of Death report At about 5:15pm on Monday 13th March 2017, an adult male came to the North Eleuthera Police Station and reported that at about 5:00pm on Sunday 12th March 2017 while at home in Upper Bogue his step threaten to kill him. He is in fear of his life and requested police action. At about 5:40pm on the same date Officers caution and arrested an adult male suspect while at the North Eleuthera Police Station. He was interview in the presence of his mother and he admitted to threatening the complainant. He was charged with that offence. Arrest Possession of Dangerous Drugs - At about 9:15pm on Monday 13th March 2017, Officers caution and arrested an adult male for being possession of a small plastic bay with a grassy substance believe to be Marijuana while on Current Road. He was taken to Harbour Island Police Station where he was interview, admitted and charge. Arson report - At about 9:50am on Monday 13th March 2017, an adult male contacted the North Eleuthera Police Station via telephone and reported a house is on fire at Kelly Street, The Bluff, Eleuthera. Police assistance is requested. As a result of this information received Officers responded . Upon arrival officers met a blue and white two story stone & wooden structure totally engulf in flames. This house consist of three bedrooms, one bathroom, one living room and one dining room and is owned by an adult female. At the time of this fire the house had no running water and electricity. The owner stated that on the mention morning her son was around her resident speaking to her other son through the window. On several occasion he threaten to burn her home down and she suspect her son for burning the same down. She has no insurance and does not know the value of the house at this time. Police & Clergy visited the scene and was appraised of the fire. At about 2:15pm on the same date Officers caution and arrested the suspect in this matter while on the sea rocks located in the Bluff Eleuthera. He was transported to Harbour Island Police Station where he was later interviewed and charged.


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Kicking Up Heels for a worthy cause at the 4th annual Eleuthera Cancer Society Hope Ball By the eleutheran news team

The 4th Annual Hope Ball fundraiser, hosted by the Eleuthera Cancer Society at the Wellness Center in Palmetto Point was an elegant affair, with attending guests dressed in their finest. The evening offered fine dining, fun entertainment, and the opportunity to give in support of a most worthy cause. Cancer survivors from across

Eleuthera were in attendance, and the event was dedicated to them in honour and recognition of their collective experiences and challenges and their will to overcome, with the theme: Celebrate life, you are a survivor!. The Kiwanis Club of South Eleuthera, partnered with the Cancer Society on the evening to

cater the event, serving a delicious four course affair. Master of Ceremonies for the evening, Matthew Rolle I, out of New Providence, lit up the Ball with his infectious brand of comedy, even managing to get a fair crowd on the dance floor at the end, with couples swaying and groups getting down. In between, local solo talent, Malikah

Supt. of Police in Eleuthera, Christopher Wright, Front and Center on the Dance floor, all for a good cause at the 2017 Cancer Society of Eleuthera, Ball.

Cancer survivors beaming with beautiful smiles at the Ball.

A fun evening for a serious cause.

Cancer Society team all adorned for the evening.

Women of Rotary, out in full support of the elegant event.

Pinder serenaded Ball guests, and Shelly Elisee impressed with her eloquent spoken word - poetry performance. The CEHS school band, attired in formal black and white, also provided special music during segments of the evening program.


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Laura L. Anderson Primary School BY THE ELEUTHERAN NEWS TEAM

Celebrates Victory

On Saturday evening, March 4th, the old Homecoming Site in Lower Bogue was abuzz with activity, as children, teachers and parents of the Laura L. Anderson Primary School (formerly North Eleuthera Primary School) assembled on and around the area to stage a redo of their successful Junior Junkanoo rush

out performance in Tarpum Bay at the competition held in early February, where they won the Primary School division. Principal, Vernita Thompson commented, saying, “A lot of parents were not able to get to Tarpum Bay, so we’ve brought the Junkanoo to them. We wanted to showcase

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what we put on in Tarpum Bay to let them know why we deserved to be Eleuthera’s champions!” Ms. Thompson further explained that after the initial results of Junior Junkanoo were announced, they had lodged a formal protest for being placed in second position behind another primary school, which had not met the size criteria to be placed in their division. After consideration, the Junkanoo Committee judged in favor of their protest, and they were declared the Group A, Primary Division Winners.

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LLAPS rushing through Lower Bogue 2017 (formerly NEPS)

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LLNPP and Tourism Partner to host: Winter Residents So-

cial 2017.

The Ministry of Tourism each year, hosts an Annual Winter Residents Party, which began almost 30 years ago in a number of islands throughout the Bahamas as a way to show appreciation to Winter Residents for the confidence shown in their choice to invest and live in The Bahamas, with all the other choices available worldwide. This year’s party in Central Eleuthera was hosted at the Leon Levy Native Plant Preserve venue off of the Banks Road in Governor’s Harbour, centered at their Education Pavilion. Preserve Manager, Falon Cartwright, welcomed her guests and used the opportunity to inform the group about the history of the park and the vision behind its creation by fellow winter resident, Mrs. Shelby White. Above: The hard working Eleuthera team of the Ministry of Tourism is pictured with Manager of the Leon Levy Native Plant Preserve. The Ministry team and the Preserve partnered to host members of the Winter Resident community at the 2017 annual afternoon party.

The afternoon was catered by Pauline Johnson of Unique Village Restaurant and authentically Eleutheran crafts were displayed by artisan, Emily Munnings. Sweet Bahamian music echoed across the Pavilion from the The Island Flavour band and party-goers were also treated to a fashion show, highlighting local original creations by seamstress, Verda Gardiner.

Right: Live band entertainment on the evening was provided by The Island Flavour Band.

The Eleuthera Tourism office was also well represented, with Eleuthera Tourism Manager, Jacqueline Gibson; Training Manager, Deborah Young-Fox; Glenda Johnson, Kay Bethel and Donnalee Miller as very gracious cohosts.

Above: Manager of the Preserve, Falon Cartwright and General Manager Central & South Eleuthera, Bahamas Ministry of Tourism, Jacqueline Gibson.

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