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elcome to our beautiful islands of The Eleutheras, whether, you are returning to your second home in Harbour Island, Spanish Wells or mainland Eleuthera (inclusive of all surrounding small islands), discovering our slice of paradise for the very first time, or if you belong to that special group of visitors who find themselves drawn back to our sun-drenched shores year after year. The Eleutheran Magazine in this issue offers a view of the beautifully undulating rhythm of the islands, from our quiet, expansive beauty to the colorful sights and sounds that light up this island of festivals, homecomings, and the nationally loved

tradition of Junkanoo that thrives here. On the cover: On a feisty afternoon in North Eleuthera, just south of the Glass Window Bridge, a group of intrepid young people, eyeing it up close, brave the fury of the Atlantic,

that on rough days send waves crashing over the cliffs, naturally replenishing the salt water pools, locally dubbed the ‘Queen’s Baths’. On the inside: See how the other half makes their travel plans, small group style. Discover the inspiration behind a talented local artist, in a candid conversation. Immerse yourself in the possibilities with a first look at new offerings and upcoming additions at some of Eleuthera’s top resorts and boutique getaways. Engage in a new way to vacation, and explore sustainable tourism opportunities on island. Experience the color, and vibrancy of Eleu-

thera’s cultural celebrations. Get a taste of Eleuthera with myriad dining choices. Take in island fashion and places to ‘buy local’. Adventure, with 110 miles of things to see and do and a breathtaking beach for every day of your visit with us. Welcome to The Eleutheras!

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First spring leaves of the “Gum Elemi” tree among the natural vegetation at French Leave Resort.

Playing in the sand - Harbour Island, Bahamas.

Yoga on the beach at Cocodimama - Instructor, Kerri Verna, seated center.

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Islands of Freedom - The Eleutheras, The Bahamas.

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SKY BEACH, Eleuthera.

Oh ye rolling wave, With might we come Will I brace cause I’m brave or should I turn and run! At the end its all great fun! Splash and play...


n this gorgeous day in March 2017, these two sisters were in a water world of their own, with a parent close by, keeping a careful watch as they rolled, splashed, jumped and ran through the twirling surf of small waves breaking on this fabulous Atlantic facing beach in Governor’s Harbour.

12 | The Eleutheran Magazine

That moment when you spot your reflection in the glisten of the island shores, while skipping on the tips of your toes -unadulterated bliss.

The beauty of the day... It was just two days after the spring equinox, and from the dawn of the sun, not a cloud speckled the sky. Winds were mildly cool and the water had that right amount of energy to offer playful resistance at shore but not enough to stir a single white cap out at sea. Colors radiate on days like this, and smiles reflect the golden sun. The extra hour offered by the changing season, is exactly what’s needed to take it all in. Under the watchful eye of mom, Lauren Cranston, sitting close by, the two sisters, 10 year old Hadley, and 6 year old Chloe, built lasting

memories, of sea blues, sand hues, surf rolls and laughter. The family, which has been visiting the island of Eleuthera for the past six years, from Greenwich, Connecticut in the U.S.A., chose to spend yet another ten days vacationing on island during their Spring Break holiday.


There’s more to do here...

Small group travel is a popular trend, allowing adventure seekers to make the most of their vacation - taking advantage of savings through pooled resources, and enjoying shared experiences, while avoiding the inefficiencies that may come with larger groups. Three couples from Stockbridge, Massachusetts has done exactly that for the past 17 years, travelling to different destinations all over the Caribbean and the Bahamas. “We look at a map, and start looking around,” shared, Bronly Boyd, travelling with his wife Sarah,

along with Paul and Lenore Sundberg, and Stephanie and Carl Bradford - adding that they’d been friends for 40 years, and had all met in Stockbridge, having gravitated there from somewhere else. “We do all of our own arrangements, and make our own reservations - the car, airplane, the whole thing - we don’t use travel agents,” he expressed. After traversing and enjoying Abaco, and the Exumas, the couples who said they do a different island on all of their trips decided to try another Bahamian family island, and discovered Eleuthera in 2017. “We found a couple of villas that made sense, and we finally found one that suited our needs,” Bronly explained. The group settled into their villa tucked away on French Leave’s pink sand beach for two weeks. “Our vacation house is great, it’s what we typically like to find,” he added. The couples who ranged in age from 65 to 77, said that once their children were all grown up and gone, they expanded their travel reach and nurtured their yen to discover other places. “We like to explore, we’ve been all over the island, from North to South. We go to any beach we can see, we stop and check it out. We have some

This beach is a mile long, and there were just three or four other people.

shell people who want to collect shells, so we always have to have a shell beach… We’ve also been to the Levy Preserve, the Haynes Library, Fish Fry on Friday night, visited the Methodist Church on Sunday; we went to Tippy’s and many other places,” smiled Bronly, looking back at what was just their first week on island. As he stood peering over at his travelling companions, who were busy building a sand snowman, to show off with a photo to their grown kids, who were all somewhere quite a bit colder, Bronly quipped that they had discovered Sky beach during their first week, and had decided to come back and spend the day. “It’s beautiful. The water here is just absolutely phenomenal. It’s the best in the world.” “This beach is a mile long, and there were just three or four other people.” He marveled, at their group having such a large, expansive coastline treasure almost all to themselves to fully enjoy. Comparing their trip to some of the other family islands they had visited, Bronly related, “We’d rank Eleuthera equal, but there

is also more to do here.”





one’s life… Guests at The Retreat are contributing to students being trained at CTI, who are not able to pay for tuition, as well as to their stipend received during their time in the program.” The 12 rooms currently available at The Retreat, with 4 to be added to that count by the official opening in late October of 2017, are tranquil and comfortable, with all of the requisite amenities, including, television and wi-fi, air-conditioning, safe, iron and ironing board, mini-refrigerator, microwave and coffeemaker. The hotel property also aims to see its half Olympic sized pool, and Tea Room restaurant, featuring ‘farm to table’ cuisine, opened ahead of the 2018 season. In addition to having sun, sand and sea, other major projects slated for completion during the upcoming season, include further landscaping, tennis courts, a basketball court, nature trails, gardens of fresh herbs and bush medicines, fresh honey from on-site hives, exercise and meditation areas, hammocks throughout the property, as well as local and eco-tours - including unique experiences like crabbing and birdwatching. With co-founder of the One Eleuthera Foundation, Shaun Ingraham, recognized as the winner of the Sustainable Tourism Award at the 17th Annual Cacique Awards in April of 2017, the ground-breaking training hotel is multi-faceted in both scope and reach and closely networked with partner programs within One Eleuthera Foundation’s CTI. Some of the broad goals, said Audrey Carey is to provide more resources to the Eleuthera community, to build capacity through training, to help strengthen other local businesses, and to develop standards within the local hospitality industry.

Eleuthera’s newest hotel property, The Retreat at CTI is also one of its most innovative and dynamic. Currently, the only training hotel in the country, The Retreat is part of an integrated program of sustainable development, nurtured by the One Eleuthera Foundation’s Center for Training and Innovation (CTI). The holistic program hinges on four key components, said Audrey Carey, Projects & Initiatives Manager at CTI, which include: hospitality, training, innovation, and sustainability. The Retreat at CTI, located in Rock Sound on the grounds of the former Rock Sound Club, was first leased in August of 2015, then officially purchased by the One Eleuthera Foundation in May of 2016, and through

20 | The Eleutheran Magazine

CTI’s Learn and Earn program, more than 60 students have been trained in the areas of Hotel and Tourism Management, Plumbing, Carpentry, Electrical and Landscaping, as well as Agriculture. The students were given a stipend that allowed them to learn a trade while they earned a wage. Having received its operational license on April 1st of 2017, The Retreat at CTI is now open. The typical guest, described William Wong, Consultant with CTI, “Is someone who wants to get away from everything - all the hustle and bustle, who wants to get in tune with themselves, and who wants to make a difference. When you come, it’s a vacation with a purpose - you are supporting a cause - and making a difference in some-

As part of its mandate to build capacity and strengthen local business, CTI welcomed its first interns from the University of the West Indies’ Hospitality School, a group of 8, in May 2017 for 12 weeks. The students immersed themselves within the hospitality business community in South Eleuthera where they assisted local owners with developing formal business plans, inventory management, accounting procedures, menu planning, design and layout, traffic flow as well as bolstering challenge areas, like, service levels, quality of food, pricing, décor and ambience, and others - receiving in return, invaluable practical experience in real-world hospitality business operations. Interns also assisted CTI students interested in entrepreneurship with development of their business plans. CTI’s recent acquisitions of canning equipment from P.W. Albury (Champion brand), as well as screen printing and embroidery equipment, will allow them to tie into the development of cottage industries, to go hand in hand with the farming and hospitality elements of CTI, while increasing resources available to the Eleuthera community. “Working along with local farmers and Co-ops, we will be able to process and can Eleuthera and Bahamas-wide grown produce,” explained Gacintha Deveaux-Gordon, Registrar with CTI, “and the canning operation will reduce the oftenseen wastage of unsold produce. It’s an avenue for farmers to make more money, and for local

Opposite page: Stately palms line the half olympic sized pool area, being renovated.

This holistic program hinges on four key components: hospitality, training, innovation, and sustainability.

residents to have wider access to locally grown foods.”

and community members and build a network,” he explained.

The screen printing and embroidery equipment, said Mr. Wong, is now waiting on the decision of where it will be housed, before it’s installed and ready to go. It’s envisioned that the equipment will fully tie into the hospitality product, allowing for branded monograms on towels, linens, uniforms, caps, and souvenir items for the property. “We are trying to tie in different programs and training, each with potential revenue streams and economic opportunities. We will offer the service through the training program, or we will help to develop the entrepreneurial business for students

Another innovative partner program within the One Eleuthera Foundation’s umbrella, complementing The Center for Training and Innovation (CTI), The Retreat at CTI training hotel, and the CTI Farm, shared Mr. Wong, is the Credit Union, where both students and members of the public can open accounts, save money, and have their saved funds matched via a loan to start a new business. “We provide a one stop shop here. We bring you in, train you, show how to save, how to bank and grow your money, and ideas to go and live your passion!”

Above: Fresh flowers welcome and garden grown herbs abound. Below: Tranquil, comfortable rooms await visitors to The Retreat at CTI.

Located - Queen’s Highway, Rock Sound, Eleuthera Call - 1 (242) 334-2700 Email -


Desert bloom reversible bikini top and bottom: Dilly Dally, Harbour Island, 333-3109

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Tel: (242) 332-2974 or (242) 422-9597 Email:

Pool, Restaurant, Beach Front, Elevated, Central Eleuthera, 7 luxury four-bedroom oceanview villas and poolside bungalows.


resorts &


VARIED options of where to stay in the ELEUTHERAS

Eleuthera, Harbour Island, Spanish Wells.

Considerations Where to stay on your next visit?

Tel: (242) 335-5141 / 1 (866) 990-7198

Pool, Restaurant, Beach Front, Fitness Center, Spa, Central Eleuthera, 57-room resort offers a selection of stylish seaside rooms, suites, cottages and villas.


What suggestions will you give your friends? Which beach do you want only brief moments away from your door? Which festival do you want to attend? WIll it be Pink Sands beach, the pink cottages in Spanish Wells, or pink sand beaches in Eleuthera? As a visitor shared recently, “We’ve been visiting for fifteen years and stay in a different spot [In the Eleutheras] each time.”

Tel: (242) 332-3331 Email:

Pool, Restaurant, Beach Front, Elevated, Central Eleuthera, 28 one-bedroom and four two-bedroom condos.



The boutique hotel property industry is one that continues to grow throughout The Eleutheras, and while many are foreign owned, there are a number of local Bahamians who’ve taken on the opportunity to make their mark on the island, developing high quality, standout properties.

in creating the oasis. “We decided to make every space different with the colors. I love experimenting with colors, and we found that to be a very unique feature that our guests write about and talk about - how they felt in each space.” Mahogany countertops finished with Tung oil, and Saltillo Mexican tiles with mosaic inserts are some

Villa Allamanda Eleuthera, is one such jewel, perched on the top of a hill in Cigatoo Estates, Governor’s Harbour, surrounded by lush gardens, with three floors of beautifully appointed King suites and Queen studios - ten rooms in all, offering 360-degree views of the island from its full wraparound deck on the top floor, showcasing the Atlantic Ocean on one side, and the Bight of Eleuthera, or as some call it, the Lucayan Sea, on the other. The world class, Twin Coves beach on the Atlantic coast is also a short 2-minute drive, or 15-minute walk from the Villa. Architect and builder, Mr. John W. McCardy and his wife Mrs. Marsha McCardy are the passionate owners of the hotel, and since beginning operations in March of 2014, have seen a positive trend in the growth of the business. “We are very pleased with the direction we are headed in. Since we opened our doors, to now being three years out, we’ve seen growth that has more than doubled since the first year! We are extremely excited, and we want to sustain what we’ve been seeing,” John expressed. His background as a designer and builder has proven to be advantageous

24 | The Eleutheran Magazine

istic of the owners is being very open to what guests need, and wanting them to communicate that, so they continuously improve on the product they are offering. “We found that opening up ourselves to good criticism when we speak with our guests have been critical to helping us to continuously improve the space. “We always ask our guests - ‘If there is anything you need us to do, please let us know, and we mean anything…’ We found that to be a major difference as to how they would be more open to letting us know what they figure they would need for just a little more ease and comfort during their stay… So, we’ve done quite a bit during the three years that we’ve been open little things to make the space more comfortable or convenient… I look at it as a work in progress, and we treat people how we would want to be treated,” shared John. The McCardy’s have also aimed to make Villa Allamanda as green as possible, with rain water cisterns - ensuring a consistent water supply, solar water heating, energy efficient appliances and air conditioners, and there are future plans of adding wind power.

of the many beautiful touches with the interior design of the spaces throughout the property. There are many reasons why Villa Allamanda has earned the ‘Certificate of Excellence’ on TripAdvisor, and as one guest put it, “The ownership ensures the guest experience is exceptional. We will be back!!!” A signature character-

Expansion, said John, is a must going forward. “As an architect and a builder doing this project, I love thinking about what we are going to do next. We are looking forward to expanding, which is critical for our growth - to be able to offer more than what we offer now. So, with the acquisition of additional property, we will add more rooms and according to the size of the additional property, we would also like to, in response to listening to our guests, add possibly a pool and some other amenities we think will be worthwhile.”

Eleutheran Boutique Hotelier, Mr. John W. McCardy


Daddy Joe’s

Queen’s Highway North, Eleuthera.

Villa Allamanda

Governor’s Harbour, Eleuthera.

1 Mile South of Glass Window Bridge “RELAX, EAT, PLAY” Tel: (242) 335 - 5688/87

Suncrest House

Governor’s Harbour, Eleuthera. “Seafront Villa with spectacular sunset views”

“Where your comfort is our concern!” Excellence Award Tel: (242) 332-3934 or/ 225-9567

Tel: (242) 359-7333


Central Eleuthera, AC, WIFI, Cable, and much more.

The Rainbow Inn

Rainbow Bay, Queen’s Highway Central, Eleuthera.

“Tropical Studios with kitchenette & WiFi”, Excellence Award Tel: (242) 335-0294

Harbourside Rentals Spanish Wells

Office: (242) 333-5022 Cell: (242) 557-7617

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Cape Eleuthera, Resort & Marina Cape, South Eleuthera.

Unique Village Resort,

The Banks, Palmetto Point, Eleuthera. Tel: (242) 332-1830

Cottages at Baja Mar “Escape to the Cape!” Tel: (242) 334-8500 Pool, Restaurant, Beach Front, Elevated, South Eleuthera, 18 spacious new one-bedroom cottages, and 14 luxury two-bedroom villas, a fully outfitted marina - with 47 slips, marina store, fuel sales.

James’ Cistern, Eleuthera. “We’ve got you covered.” Tel: (242) 447-5256

The Retreat @ CTI


Rock Sound, South Eleuthera.

Tropical Dreams Rentals North Palmetto Point, Eleuthera. “It’s home away from home, where your dreams come true” Tel: (242) 332-1632 “Sustainable Tourism” Tel: (242) 334-2700 Pool, Restaurant, South Eleuthera, AC, WIFI, Cable, 16 tranquil rooms. Email -

Pink Sands Resort

Valentines Resort & Marina

Tel: (242) 333-2030 Reservations: (855) 855-9621

Tel: (242) 333-2142 Reservations: (866) 389-6864

Chapel St., Harbour Island

Harbour Island


“This will be our best year ever”, said, key principal, David Barlyn, about the hotel’s gross revenue performance for their fiscal year ending September 30th, 2017. The resort, which is renowned for its world class service through their all Bahamian staff, along with its’ exquisite physical property was also ranked in 2017 as the #1 resort in the entire Bahamas - out of 158 properties - on Tripadvisor. Mr. Barlyn expressed, “We are really proud of that, and it’s not just about the hotel, Pineapple Fields, but it’s about Eleuthera - that’s a big component of what makes Pineapple Fields successful, the island itself, and all that it has to offer - from the people to the beaches, to just the overall experience.”

pineapple fields resort Pineapple Fields, a 32-unit condo resort, tucked along the beautiful Banks Road area of Governor’s Harbour, opposite coral sanded Poponi beach on the Atlantic Ocean, rests among 5 acres of lush gardens, next to the famed Tippy’s Restaurant.

28 | The Eleutheran Magazine

The resort now looks to continue its strong performance through sustainable expansion, with the first component called, The Spa Retreat at Pineapple Fields on the 35 acres behind the Pineapple Fields hotel, where there are hills 80 feet above sea level. “What’s interesting about what we’ve designed is that it’s a multifunctional space, where seminars, board meetings, civic events and others can take place, “ described Mr. Barlyn. “The space can also be divided off into three separate meeting rooms or completely opened up; there’s also an incredible amount of deck space as well for outdoor yoga. There will be catering facilities for the in-house groups, and the space will be

Key Principal at Pineapple Fields, David Barlyn, with daughter Tess, atop the ‘tower’ on site.

STANDING OUT From the Crowd

easily converted into a dining room. The meeting space is designed to accommodate up to 60 people, which fits right in to the room base at Pineapple Fields.” A number, said Barlyn, that they can accommodate with a very high level of both product and service. “Like Tippys, and the neighbouring Levy Preserve, The Retreat will provide world class services, that will attract a substantial market.” “With the increased competition from other hotels and vacation home rentals,” Mr. Barlyn explained, “it’s a way of us differentiating ourselves from everything else, including from other islands in both the Bahamas and the rest of the Caribbean - that’s our competitive advantage - another reason people would want to book Pineapple Fields. We are trying to think strategically about several years down the road, how do we make sure we retain our market share, if not, increase the size of the market for the entire island. Locations offering yoga and spa services are still sparse within The Bahamas, said Mr. Barlyn, “So for one of the largest growing sectors in the tourism industry, we (as a country) are not taking advantage of it.” The Spa Retreat’s development team, he said would be some of the top talents in the region, who would be bringing a valuable skill set and knowledge base that would be passed on to Eleutherans, along with professional training opportunities

for spa employees abroad. Expansion plans also include a permaculture project, revealed Mr. Barlyn, with a wide-reaching vision of a recycling program; and fresh produce going directly from farm to table, from on-site vegetable gardens, fruit orchards and livestock. 5 miles of walking trails for locals and visitors are also being mapped out along with space for a community garden, encompassing a co-op farming aspect to provide fruits and vegetables to local communities at cost; as well as placed-based educational opportunities - working along with local schools. The idea, said Mr. Barlyn was not a new one, but borrowed with consent from other local organizations already doing it, like One Eleuthera and the Island School. “We are not reinventing the wheel,” he said, “but utilizing what people have already started, and trying to apply it to a real world tourist product that can be a model for hotels all over the country.” Mr. Barlyn confirmed in July of 2017 that the timeline for completion of The Spa Retreat at Pineapple Fields was eighteen months, saying, “We’ll start construction within probably the next six months, and it’s going to take about a year to build. So, a year and a half - Christmas 2018, if not a little earlier. We are already pushing roads, and we’ve built a big tower to sight all the different buildings, so this is going to happen. It’s also already funded, so we are not dependent on foreign investment.”


Playful moments with Tippy’s Restaurant in the backdrop, across from Pineapple Fields Resort and Residences. Model: Vashti Nairn Photographer: Elizabeth Bryan

30 | The Eleutheran Magazine

resorts &


listing Harbour Island, Spanish wells & Eleuthera

North Eleuthera

Harbour Island Bahama House Inn


Baretta’s Seashell Inn


Coral Sands Hotel


Dunmore Beach Club


Eagle One Motel


Ocean View Club


Pink Sands Resort


Rock House


Romora Bay Club


Royal Palm Hotel


Runaway Hill Club


Sea Shell Inn


South Bar Club


The Landing


The Sugar Apple B & B


Tingum Village Hotel


Valentines Resort & Marina 333-2142

332-2012 332-3778

Ocean Club Condos


Pineapple Fields


Sky Beach Club


Suncrest House


Villa Allamanda


Palmetto Point Atlantic Suites


Hillside Manor


Latera Palmetto Resort


Palmetto Shores Villas


Paradise Sands


Sir Charles Guest House


Tropical Dreams Rentals


Unique Village Resort


South Eleuthera

Tarpum Bay

Spanish Wells Adventurer’s Resort


Harbourside Rentals


Yellow Tail Cottage


Upper Bogue Sea View Motel

Laughing Bird Apartments French Leave Resort


Central Eleuthera

Gregory Town.

Cartwright’s Cottages


Ethel’s Cottages


Hilton’s Haven Motel


Ingraham’s Beach Inn


Munroe’s Cottages


Rock Sound Hilltop View Guest House


Northside Ocean Resort

334 2573

The Retreat at CTI


The Cottages


Green Castle

Cambridge Villas


Surfer’s Manor


Green Castle Motel


The Cove Eleuthera


Marissa’s Motel Suites


Daddy Joe’s


Hatchet Bay, Rainbow Bay, J.C.

Wemyss Bight

Seven Gables Estates (HB)

Sunny Acres Motel


Bay Inn Estates (HB)


Rainbow Inn (RB)


Deep Creek

Baja Mar Cottages


Seaside Inn


Cape Eleuthera

Governor’s Harbour Buccaneer Club



Cape Eleuthera Resort



32 | The Eleutheran Magazine

oversized hotel room with all the essentials - tastefully done, and added to our 14 - two bedroom, two and a half bath luxury villa units that we have on the opposite side of the property, maximum capacity has now increased from 84 to 120 guests. We expect to appeal to people coming for a romantic weekend getaway, honeymoons, weddings, business groups, church retreats and the like. We want to make certain that we offer a variety of options here for accommodations at The Cape.”

Ms. Smith added, “We can now not only accommodate larger groups than we’ve been able to in the past - with our new restaurant, we have the support of food and beverage, as well as accommodations, right here on site. We are already getting group bookings, and we want that to continue.” The Cape Eleuthera Resort and Marina, beautifully nestled on the tip of South Eleuthera embarked on a program to revamp the unique property in 2013, after welcoming vibrant Bahamian General

Cottage interior, boasting a spacious living area.

18 new Cottages were opened at The Cape Eleuthera Resort and Marina I n J u l y o f 2 0 1 7. M o n i q u e Smith, General Manager then, who handed over to new General Manager, Chris Morris in Septemb e r 2 0 1 7, e x p r e s s e d t h e i r delight with the new offerings, saying, “Our new Cottages at The Cape, 18 - one bedroom, one bath units, are setup as duplex buildings with two units per building. Each Cottage at The Cape is outfitted with a king bed, and beautiful bath with glass shower enclosure. They have a cozy feel, like an

StayWithUs Manager, Monique Smith to lead the changes to take the Cape to new levels of service excellence and luxury amenity offerings. After a summit, with the senior team and owners participating in a think tank, they determined the way forward. “It’s been about rebuilding and rebranding. I like to describe it as the 4 P’s - people, physical plant, promotion, and profitability. We wanted to positively impact those four things and move in a new direction,” explained Ms. Smith. Profitability - has been a buzz word for the local hospitality industry in 2 0 1 7, a n d t h e C a p e E l e u thera Resort and Marina met the challenge head-on, she said - describing significant revenue and occupancy improvements in all revenue streams on property, including villas, slip rentals - at their fully outfitted marina - with 47 slips, marina store, fuel sales, and restaurant.

“It was a true out island destination complete with potholes - so we paved all roads, and also added a swimming pool. Last year we transformed the original restaurant space, which had been converted to housing into the new Harbour Pointe, overlooking the new pool and Sunset Beach. The lower level has now been converted into a Gym, as well as storage space to support the restaurant. Accommodation for a massage area is also in the lower area,” stated Ms. Smith. With her professional experience in human resources, Ms. Smith had an impetus to see improvement in the people on property - improving morale of employees, their opportunities to grow and develop, and to help them

34 | The Eleutheran Magazine

Cottage interior, showcasing the kitchenette area.

Planned improvements have been made throughout the Cape Eleuthera property with a gorgeous new pool, overlooked by the new Harbour Pointe restaurant, as well as significant infrastructure upgrades.

understand how they fit into the new picture of Cape Eleuthera. She said team members have been promoted, and have gained exposure beyond Cape Eleuthera and the Bahamas with training opportunities. “When I came into this role, I sat and thought about what would be our charge every day, and our mandate, and I coined what I call our five star principles: Be proactive and not reactive - with a sense of urgency; Pay attention to detail; Always follow through and get the job done; Follow up and communicate; and Be consistent in excellence - the same way every day,” she described. “During the summit held earlier this year - I usually give feedback - but decided to let the employees give feedback instead; supervisors and managers of different areas during my tenure. So each one had an opportunity to give a brief report on their journey here. The Maintenance supervisor - also gave a perspective of his team of employees. The owner of the resort got up at the end and applauded the team and said to me, ‘Thank you for humanizing the operation. We usually think profit and revenue and projections.’ This is a team that has been transformed, switched on and engaged, understanding the role they play in the big picture - and staying on course. The entire team is now engaged,” shared Ms. Smith. Promotion of The Cape has focused on the guest experience, she said, with targeted attendance at major boat shows in Florida, to get the word out about the new facilities, amenities and improvements. Local and international magazines have also been used to target motivated new clientele, and a rekindled relationship with the Bahamas Out Island Promotion Board has allowed the property to take advantage of incentives provided for members, including domestic and international campaign efforts, including the fly free program. “The Cape is poised for further growth and development, and It’s good to see how far we have come in such a short space of time,” said Ms. Smith.

ART is LIFE Abrian Rankine


A noticeable trend on the island has been the return of young adults and families to Eleuthera, some descendants and others born here who somehow made their way back to continue to build their lives at home. 34 year old, Abrian Rankine, a naturally talented artist, and hardworking entrepreneur with his growing “Weakness fa Sweetness”, Eleuthera based, homemade desserts service, is one of them who returned to enjoy the unique quality of life offered to those who call this island paradise, their own.

In conversation, Abrian shared a bit about his art and his life:

would start with a basic Eleuthera inspired background or scenery. What I do depends on how I feel, and what’s in my head at the time. So it can begin and end as a simple scenery or advance to a full drip piece. My drip technique takes a lot of time and patience.

What is the inspiration for your pieces? All over Eleuthera. I’m very visual. If something catches my eye, that will be in my mind, and I may wake up at 2am in the morning to

How does Eleuthera play into your art? I grew up here, and my best memories, the best times of my life were in Eleuthera, hands down. So just being back home, with that freedom - it helps juices. I don’t have to worry, and there’s no hustle and bustle, so my mind is more open. As simple as going and coming from work. Sceneries, sometimes I would ride the same road all day, every day this week, and then on one day I would see something different - people on the beach, beautiful lighting today that’s different tomorrow. It would catch my attention, and I would go and paint that.

36 | The Eleutheran Magazine

sketch something, or to start a piece - which drives my girlfriend crazy! Sometimes I would ask someone for a random topic, especially If I have a block, and I’m just not hitting it. Something difficult, to get the juices flowing. Sometimes it’s just how I’m feeling. I would be listening to some ‘Bob’, and would feel some reggae, and I’d just start painting. It’s from all over the place.

How would you describe your style?

I’ve been told by other artists that Eleuthera has a special kind of light, different from other places. Is that something you’ve noted as well?

It’s a modern style compared to some of the other art styles you see around here. I like to experiment, so I dabble with a number of techniques. I

I can tell you right now, two places come to mind. The south side of Savannah Sound, the light changes during the seasons, but if you were to visit there each

Art & Life

did a lot of nonsense when I was in school just to do art. I attended D.W. Davis in New Providence, and there they said only the dumb kids do art, and the smart kids to accounts, computer studies and the like, and that’s where they placed me. So, my first year in high school I did well, but I wanted to do art and I got fed up. When I was in grade 11, I’d never forget - on all my exams, I wrote, “I do not want to do this.” I failed everything.

They called my mother in to school; she looked at everything and understood. So she sent me home to Eleuthera, where I got to do art at Central Eleuthera High School. Since then and long before, that’s what I’ve always wanted to do. My cousin Julius and my little brother Sydney, we started off just sketching inside books, and we would have competitions with who had the most details, then it went to comics, and then making our own cartoons. My mother has a bible at home, my first bible that she kept. I would be in church, and all through the bible are sketches...

day looking at the sunset for a week, the hues and colors change all the time. Also at the Glass Window bridge, with the different elevations, undulating landscape and look-off points, just beautiful.

Did you study art formally? No. I always wanted to, and I actually

Artist, Abrian Rankine


In my first two apartments I did murals in my room, and the landlords kept them - they are still there.

rowing me for years about selling my paintings, but I was afraid of what people would think about my work.

Have you always pursued art, or have you had other jobs?

So, it wasn’t until my cousin Julius bought me a huge canvas, and saying he wanted to prove a point - he asked me to put whatever I wanted on it, and he would buy it. I said okay, and created an abstract of Bob Marley - and he bought it for around $1,500. I knew nothing about selling art then, so I was happy to have made a sale. He came home to Eleuthera, and within a week, he called me and told me that he had

After I graduated high school, I worked different kinds of jobs for three years, before joining the Defence Force. I spent 12 years with the Defence Force, but I’ve been painting the whole time. I would paint, and just give them away, especially to family members at Christmas time. I’ve had a number of cousins

38 | The Eleutheran Magazine

sold the painting he had bought from me for $6,000. So finally, I learned that I could actually make money doing my art. Until then, I had been terrified, and that was about six years ago.

I know you’ve been involved in several small business ventures as well, but have you been able to make your art work for you? I’m not quite there yet. From my experience, it’s much better here than in New Providence. If you are an up and coming artist there - un-

less you know people, you have to underprice your work. I’ve also known many artists who’ve been in exhibitions for years, but have never had their own. My cousin Julius and I visited a number of galleries there, who all said our work was awesome, but still asked us to drop our prices. I remember we looked at each other, thinking, ‘this is nonsense’ - we knew what our paintings were worth. At home, we’ve doubled what could be made in New Providence.

I’ve had three exhibitions since coming to Eleuthera, which have all gone well. My first in 2016 was at DaVine in Harbour Island, I also exhibited with a group of other artists and crafters in Governor’s Harbour during April 2017 at a Popup show, and I was also asked to exhibit at the Jazz Festival, which was awesome. I’ve also showcased pieces in Spanish Wells at the Shipyard Restaurant. At exhibitions, I may sell on average, two pieces at the event, but the following week - you get the calls from others who liked your work, so I’ve also done commissioned pieces.

When did you make the move back to Eleuthera, and why then? I’ve been here for three years, since 2014, and I’ve always wanted to come home. I submitted numerous letters to the former Commodore about hav-

ing a base in Eleuthera - I never liked Nassau, to live. I worked, yes, but I’m home here. It’s peace for me. I prefer to be here rather than any other place in the world. At the time, I was in a long distance relationship, and my family is here, so I just finally came to a point where I made a decision to make the move. I received an honourable discharge from the Force, and I haven’t regretted the move even one day.

Where do you see yourself going as an artist here in Eleuthera where do you hope to be? I’m hoping one day to be a full-time artist. I also do crafts, like sculptures, junkanoo dolls and pieces, and automatons. I’ve now met more artists on the island, and I’ve realized that there are tons of them, but no one really pushes it - except for the foreigners. So I’m trying to get a collective together - a hub, a network. It’s moving slowly, but that’s a goal of mine. There are some amazing artists, and there are a lot of collectors and art buyers on Eleuthera. Getting to them is the challenge, but if we have a collective - maybe they would come to us.





Model: Ms. Vashti Nairn, in the spring of 2011, as an 11th grade student of Central Eleuthera High school won the title of Eleuthera’s Jr. Minister of Tourism in competition judged in part by legendary Bahamian Artist and Musician, Eddie Minnis. Since then she has gone on to pursue tertiary education and in 2017 graduated with her Bachelor’s of Education Degree from the University of The Bahamas, becoming a member of the first class of Education Graduates from the Bahamian institution under its new designation, having transitioned in 2016 from a College to a University. The stunningly beautiful Eleutheran is a native of Governor’s Harbour. She’s wearing locally hand-crafted swimwear by Tri-Gems Gift Shop, 808-0261 (Tarpum Bay), and a flowing white skirt from Sophisticated U, 332-0099 (Palmetto Point) at the beautiful Poponi beach opposite Pineapple Fields, Banks Road, Governor’s Harbour.

40 | The Eleutheran Magazine

i fe

1 . T h e y a re s e l d o m m o re t h a n a s t o n e ’ s t h ro w a w a y f ro m a n y l o c at i o n . 2 . Tr a n q u i l i t y o n o n e s i d e , S u p e r S ur f o n t h e o t h e r. 3. A q u a m a r i n e , t u rq u o i s e , o ce a n d e e p , s k y b l u e s t o d i e fo r. 4. U n c r o w d e d

Sunset at Double Bay beach, south of Palmetto Point on the Atlantic.

T h i n g s yo u ’ v e g ot to lov e a b o ut the b e ac h e s i n o u r islands!

5. T h e g l a s s y a p p e a r a n ce o n those calm days, when a

Taking it all in

p a d d l e b o a rd g l i d e s b y c re at i n g f l o w i n g r i p p l e s a n d

With the sun moving more west through the day, the rich colors facing east reveal their vibrance highlighted still by the yellow golden rays.

t h e w at e r ’ s c l a r i t y b e w i l ders the mind.

The sand is dotted with bits of sea weed, bathed by moving surf washing away the foot prints.

6. Pi n k s a n d 7. S p e c k l e d s a n d

Here the sand is deep and soft and shifts just enough to make taking a

8. Wh i t e S a n d

Sands beach - Harbour Island 1 0. H a n d s t a n d s o n Tw i n C o v e s 1 1 . S u r f b o a rd s i n J a m e s ’ C i s t e r n o r G re g o r y To w n 1 2 . Sw i m m i n g 1 3. S n o r ke l i n g 14. S p l a s h i n g 1 5. Wa d i n g 1 6. B o a rd i n g 1 7. S a i l i n g 1 8. S u n n i n g 1 9. Wat e r S po r t i n g 2 0. A d i f fe re n t b e a c h fo r e v e r y d a y of y o u r s t a y !

Evening exercise at Ten Bay beach, just north of Savannah Sound.

9. H o r s e b a c k r i d i n g o n P i n k

seat a comfortable pastime. Rip currents may be active on Atlantic coast beaches, so more caution should be exercised on these, compared to the often tranquil strands along the western coastline. The average temperature of the clear blue water is 80oF making it ideal for sea based activites, which here centers around, fishing tours, dive tours, kayaking, paddle boarding, snorkeling, beaching it and more...

onthe beach

42 | The Eleutheran Magazine

Beach Moment H a r b o u r i s l a n d , E l e u t he r a

Exhilarated: Pink Sand beach in Harbour Island, nature’s perfect

Brothers, Levi, Hayden, and West, take full advantage of the wide expanse of Pink Sands beach, and its gentle Atlantic surf on this gorgeous summer day in Harbour Island. Their mom, Lang Hudepohl, nearby as they played, is the visionary of the EEO Bahamas, special education literacy program, started 17 years ago. The program currently has a staff of six teachers working with public schools throughout Eleuthera.

playground for the young and young at heart...

44 | The Eleutheran Magazine

Poponi beach, Banks Road, Governor’s Harbour

Handmade bikini top and bottom: Tri-Gems Gift Shop, 808-0261

Average sea Water Temperatures: Jan Feb March

72°F-75°F 72°F-75°F 73°F-77°F

22°C 22°C 23°C

April May June

74°F-75°F 75°F-77°F 78°F-80°F

23°C 24°C 26°C

July 80°F-82°F August 81°F-83°F Sept. 80°F-82°F

27°C 28°C 27°C

October 78°F-80°F Nov. 77°F-79°F Dec. 75°F-78°F

26°C 26°C 24°C


Share the moments! Mother, Jocelyn Gillespie, and daughter, Fiona Gillespie on holiday during March of 2017, enjoying Alabaster Bay beach, literally on the doorstep of their vacation villa. The active duo kayaked the length of the bay before returning to their vacation home base at the northern end, where they met up with husband and dad, Malcolm. The Gillespie’s shared their eclectic family heritages, with Jocelyn originally from Switzerland, and her husband Malcolm hailing from Scotland. Daughter Fiona, currently living and studying in London, England, said she was especially enjoying the warm and beautiful family holiday in Eleuthera! (Bottom Left and Opposite Page)

Wading feet in the shallow water of Alabaster Bay on one of the countless cloudless days.

46 | The Eleutheran Magazine

A beach

for every day Ben Bay Near Gene’s Bay Dock (S) Tay Bay

Opposite Preachers Cave (FF)

Upper Cove

Qn’s HWY near The Current (FF)

Bottom Harbour

Bottom Harbour near The Bridge (A)

Twin Sisters

Near The Glass Window Bridge (S)

Gaulding Cay

Gregory Town (S)

Holiday Beach

Gregory Town (S)

Lovers Beach

Gregory Town (S)

Surfer’s Beach

Gregory Town (A)/(S)

Hatchet Bay Beach Hatchet Bay (FF) Hidden Beach

Rainbow Bay on The Atlantic (FF)

Rainbow Beach

Rainbow Bay looking at the sunset (FF)

The Cliffs Beach

Between JC and Rainbow Bay (FF)

James Point

James’ Cistern on The Atlantic (S)

JC Beach

James’ Cistern (Calm Bight) (FF)

Airport Beach Near GHB Airport on The Atlantic (S) Alabaster/Receiver’s

Near Airport (Calm Bight)

Twin Cove Beach Near Governor’s Harbour (S) Fr. Leave/ Club Med

Bank’s Road in GHB (A)/(FF)

Poponi Beach

Governor’s Harbour (S)

Unique Village Beach North Palmetto Point (FF) Papaw Bay Beach

Palmetto Point (FF)

Double Bay Beach

Near Savannah Sound on The Atlantic (S)

Ten Bay Beach Near Savannah Sound Bight (A)/(FF) Winding Bay Beach

Tarpum Bay


North Side Beach Rock Sound


Whiteland Beach

Rock Sound


Jack’s Bay Beach

Rock Sound


Cotton Bay Beach

Cotton Bay


Lighthouse Beach

Bannerman Town (Active)/(FF)

(S) Secluded, (FF) Family Friendly, (A) Adult See locations on Map (Pages 60-63). Beaches are listed from north to south.




with our beaches

‘BRI’ T-Shirt: Dilly Dally, Harbour Island, 333-3109

Twin Sisters beach, Glass Window

I t s a l l ab o u t :

48 | The Eleutheran Magazine

Pink Sands beach, Harbour Island

Colo urs

War mth - S u m m e r

Pl ay - it’s typically smooth

Pinks & Blues.

a n d w i n t e r t e m p e r at u r s v a r y b y 1 0°F between warm in January and February and warmer. in September and October - Water temperatures reach about 83°F by September.

and tranquil on the western coast. Surf’s often up on northern and east facing coastlines. Bring the toys and play - snorkel, volleyball, paddle board, surf board, kite, sail...

S pac e - I n q u i e t co v e s , p o p u l a r s p o t s o r h i d de n g e m s ,

Twin Sisters beach, Glass Window

Tim e - It takes little or no time to get to your closest beach. And well worth the time travel to beaches along the island’s tips - South Eleuthera - at Lighthouse and The Cape or North Eleuthera in Spanish Wells , Harbour Island or Bottom Harbour (S e e M a p ) .

Ha r b o u r I s l a n d ‘ s Pink Sands - Described as iconic, c i t ed by writers around the w orld, ranked as one of the w orld’s best, this Bahamian t re asure, in The Eleutheras.

2h from Rock Sound 1h from Governor’s Harbour 1 min if you’re in Harbour Island.


There Out

Soaking it all in - the grandeur and the rugged beauty of the Queen’s Baths are pictured here, just south of the Glass Window Bridge, where visitors could also be seen standing near the edge, as the powerful surf replenished the tide pools from the deep blue Atlantic Ocean.

Long blue pants: Sophisticated U, Palmetto Point, 332-0099

50 | The Eleutheran Magazine

Enjoy ! Appreciate the awesomeness of the Ocean or Sea; Sand or Sky; Reflection or Shadow... Here time is a friend. Experience It!

Taking a dip at the Queen’s Baths.

Taking it all in, at the edge of the Queen’s Baths on a calm day.

52 | The Eleutheran Magazine

Intrepid visiting students show off adventure smiles and bruising from the experience.





The Baths are fe d b y t h e Ocean. They are l i t e r a l l y in touch with th e A t l a n tic and this prox i m i t y i s part of what ma ke s t h i s spot truly amaz i n g .

This beautiful geologic a l fo r m at i o n s h o u l d be visited and experie n ce d b u t o n l y w h e n t i d e s a re l o w a n d s e a s a re c a l m . Ev e n w h e n t h e s e a s a re c a l m , w a l k w i t h c a ut i o n ro c k s a re b o t h j a g g e d and slippery in spots and even a small wave can cause the unexpected spill. It is all a p a r t of t h e i n t r i g u e of t h e Q u e e n ’ s B at h s i n Eleuthera, Bahamas.

The entrance to the Queen’s Baths welcomes you through a shaded path of casuarina trees.

Warmth The heat of the g o l d e n sun on the rock s f ro m which the circu l a r p o o l s and naturally he w e d , warms the wate r of these “Hot Tubs ” .

Look out for Sea Urchins; Look at and appreciate Sea Life.

Exhilarating - The Atlantic Ocean’s grandeur. Relaxing - The warmth of the weather worn rock surfaces and the everchanging waters.

the experience

Eye-catching - The magnitude of the surroundings and the small life forms swimming or clinging to surfaces - little fish and sea urchins among them. Alluring - The edge, where the waves break and water splashes, pulls on the urge to get wet and play. Mindful - Slippery surfaces, coupled with waves that may be stronger than expected, calls for caution. Pool side view of the Atlantic


The Atlantic coastline of Eleuthera is spectacular in many ways, as the powerful ocean meets the barrier rock of this long winding land mass.

If you’re driving south from the bridge the sign is on the left by a small wall at the entrance. Walk the trail to the cliffs and explore.

The “Queen’s Baths” located south of the Glass WIndow bridge and well sign posted, is a special spot along the coast where the ocean bathes the rocks and recedes leaving pools of water which heat up in the day’s sun and offer soothing opportunities in an exhilarating setting.

The amount of water in the pools vary depending on the rolls of the ocean. A three minute walk from the entrance leads to an overlook and a further walk around and down takes you to the baths.

54 | The Eleutheran Magazine

See the location on the Map (page 60).

Visitors explore a pool close to the edge at the Queen’s Baths, under the beautiful glow of an afternoon sun.

Queen’s Baths

south of the ** just Glass Window.



Overhead view of the wetlands garden exhibition. Varying depths of water provide habitat for a multitude of local flora and fauna.

Renowned for its gorgeous strands, pristine waters and typically beautiful clime, a mustexplore natural treasure on Eleuthera is the island’s first National Park. The Leon Levy Native Plant Preserve (LLNPP), founded in 2006 and opened to the public in March of 2011, was conceived in a culture of cooperation, collaboration, and enthusiasm. The site was jointly created by the Bahamas National Trust, a non-profit organization which manages the national parks in The Bahamas, and a private not-for-profit foundation founded in 2004 by the estate of

56 | The Eleutheran Magazine

a philanthropist and investment prodigy. Before its restoration, the site’s native ecology was being impacted by flourishing invasive, exotic trees and rubbish from an illegal, onsite dump. In 2017, adding to a numerous collection of prestigious awards, the Florida Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) recognized Raymond Jungles, founding principal of Raymond Jungles, Inc. (RJI) landscape architectural firm, and one of the world’s foremost designers of international cultural and educational gardens, with

an Award of Excellence for his work at The Leon Levy Native Plant Preserve. About his collaborative experience working on Phase I and II of the project, Mr. Jungles said, “When I was brought in, there was already a draft master plan with much of the layout of the site outlined. I think I was brought in at that stage to assist with the aesthetics given my experience in creating designs using subtropical trees. The whole process involved walking the site and sharing ideas with all those involved and really was a lot of fun. The Bahamas National Trust

Memorializing the foundation’s founder, who, along with his widowed wife, was a longtime resident of Eleuthera, the project’s primary focus was to raise awareness of Bahamian plant diversity and bush medicine, aligning with one of the six broad areas for the foundation’s philanthropic legacy: Preservation of Nature and Gardens. The project was completed in two phases, both with similar concepts of expanding educational opportunities into the 25 acre, coppice forest preserve. Through Phase I, Mr. Jungles orchestrated the preserve’s design and siting of main facility structures including a visitor center, educational pavilion, back of house operations center, and restrooms. In addition, the landscape architect designed vehicular and pedestrian circulation and parking associated. There was extensive coppice restoration and the creation of ecosystem-driven gardens including bush medicine exhibition gardens. Phase I also laid the foundation for the visitor experience throughout the preserve, utilizing existing saltwater marsh with a mature stand of red mangroves, secondary dune, and the native coppice, as highlighted ecosystems. Phase II aspired to feature other Bahamian ecosystems and make additional educational opportunities available to the preserve visitors. Major new additions included a native plant propagation center, designed by Mr. Jungles, a freshwater wetland created from a pre-existent agricultural cistern, and a historical agricultural exhibition garden located on the site’s most fertile soils, made rich from eons of rainwater erosion from higher ground. Phase II also incorporated the careful excavation of underground formations of limestone oxidized through rainwater erosion, exposing hidden site geology to visitors. By the end of Phase II, twenty percent of the preserve had been restored to native vegetation and converted into accessible gardens. It has become a sanctuary for humans, animals, and insects. The public has embraced the preserve, and record numbers of visitors continue to propagate awareness of this native oasis. There are plans for expansion of the preserve, as well as a Phase III in the near future.

Overall Master Plan View of the repurposed cistern frequented by local fauna.

RJI is devoted to bringing people closer to nature, creating space that is inspirational, advancing curiosity, knowledge and appreciation of the relationships between people, nature and art. The Levy Preserve showcases this creative, ecologically-appropriate approach to landscape design.

After parking or being dropped off in a restored coppice, the visitors see a window into the new gardens through a portal. The building conceived by the landscape architect is subjugated. Garden and nature are paramount.

Mr. Jungles, a Fellow of the American Society of Landscape Architects, founded his landscape architecture firm soon after graduating with honours from the University of Florida in 1981.

View of the boardwalk laid out to maximize the red mangrove experience.

brought great talent to the project and the expertise provided by Dr. Ethan Freid on the Bahamian flora was invaluable. Even the trustees of the Levy Foundation, Shelby White and Elizabeth Moynihan played an important role in the design process. They were very hands on and provided very creative and smart insights. I believe the success of the project reflects the truly collaborate nature of the project.”



Governor’s Harbour and the adjoining Cupid’s Cay are rife with history of the founding of the modern democratic Bahamas. On Cupid’s Cay you’ll also find the location of the first US Consulate General established in 1789.

Two boulders perched on cliff above termed the “Cow & Bull” continues to attract the attention of researchers postulating on how they ended up where they are (Google it! ). The site is located less than a minute south of the Glass Window Bridge on the Atlantic facing side.

Slave Ruins istorical sites in far South Eleuthera, in settlements close to Lighthouse Point and Princess Cays.

58 | The Eleutheran Magazine

Explore! Bird watch or hike a cliff! Take a moment away from the beach and explore the coastline, the caves, the blue holes, historical spots and more. Visit mainland Eleuthera, Spanish Wells & Harbour Island.

Glass Window Bridge One of Eleuthera’s most alluring attractions, The Glass WIndow Bridge is a narrow passing where nature displays its magnificence. The deep blue Atlantic, aquamarine bight (a part of the Great Bahama Bank), cliffs, sounds - each day is different. When the Atlantic is RAGING, towering water comes over the bridge Motorists are warned against crossing when this is occurring. It’s a few minutes north of The Cove or Daddy Joes. Also it’s just a short trip from Harbour Island and about 40-45 minutes north of Governor’s Harbour by car.


ELEUTHERA ISLAND listing Caves - Hatchet Bay caves are especially magnificent, with still unexplored areas. Preacher’s Cave is significant because it served as shelter for the first “Eleutheran Adventurers” - shipwrecked Bermudians looking for religious freedom who turned out to be the first European settlers of the Bahama Islands. Rock Sound Caves, Ten Bay Cave and caves in Green Castle and Bannerman Town are some of the known places to explore.

Blue Holes - There are several on the island including: 1) ‘Sapphire’ Blue hole in North Eleuthera, has a rich color, obscure location, off the main road leading to Preacher’s Cave; 2) Boiling Hole in Rock Sound which connects to an offshore hole via a series of underground caves for a distance of about 0.25miles; 3) The Ocean Hole in Rock Sound which is the largest of the Blue Holes on the island. It is connected underground to the Atlantic Ocean according to a study done.

Ponds - Bird life is Seahorse photo one of the beautiful - Island School benefits the more than 200 inland ponds add to Eleuthera’s natural environment. Seahorses are another less obvious but awesomely intriguing find in some of the ponds and research has shown Sweeting’s Pond just north of Hatchet Bay to have them in abundance. There are 3 known species on the island according to researchers. The Leon Levy Native Plant Preserve on the Banks Road in Governors’ Harbour offers an educational stroll through the natural vegetation of this island. Learn more on page 56.

Trefgarne Bridge Located at the guarded bridge to the private Windermere Island, the monument reads in part: This bridge, the first in the Bahamas over the sea, was planned, surveyed and designed by the first Lord Trefgarne of Cleddau, who died 27th September, 1960. It was built for Lord Trefgarne and his Associate in the Enterprise, The Hon. Harold G. Christie C.B.E, M.H.A. by The Hon. Sir Roland Symonette M.H.A. and is a lasting tribute to Lord Trefgarne’s foresight and endeavour and to the co-operation of all concerned, including the community of Savannah Sound. October 1960.

Old churches - From Harbour Island to South Eleuthera.

Rough Surf at Surfer’s beach is world renown for its wave action on the north coast of Eleuthera Island Shores just south of Gregory Town. Surfers use this and other north coast locations. Above: Camper experiences Eleuthera surf thanks to Bahamas Out Island Adventures.

Lighthouse point It’s about 2 hours from Harbour Island or 1 hour from Governor’s Harbour, but it is well worth the journey in a vehicle capable of travelling the rugged road from Bannerman Town to this spectacular location of expansive beach areas, panoramic views, towering cliffs and unforgettable moments.

Queen’s Baths - natural pools (right) surrounded by breathtaking cliffs. It is found north of Gregory Town before the Glass Window bridge.

Edwin’s Turtle Lake located south of Governor’s Harbour along Queen’s Highway on the road to Palmetto Point in Central Eleuthera.

island map - north & central





Harbour Pointe

The Cape, South Eleuthera. “Caribbean Fusion Cuisine”

Tel: (242) 334-8500 Whether it’s getting a quick bite, having a well planned evening dining experience, an afternoon beach grill, seaside chill, pool side drink, weekend barbecue or fish fry, the islands have a myriad of choices available to whet the appetite.

64 | The Eleutheran Magazine

On behalf of each establishment listed in this trusted section, we invite you to COME EAT WITH US. Contact information and location are included and local Ministry of Tourism offices are always pleased to assist with questions.

Freedom Restaurant & Sushi Bar and Gregory Town Grill, THE COVE, Gregory Town

Sunset Inn

Queen’s Hwy, Governor’s Harbour Restaurant & Bar “Down Home” Bahamian Cuisine Tel: (242) 332-2487

Unique Village Tel: 242.335.5141 Email: Web:

“Ocean front restaurants feature a fusion of Island, American and Asian Cuisine.”

The Banks, Palmetto Point Restaurant American & Bahamian Cuisine

Tippy’s Restaurant

Tel: (242) 332-1830 Open: 7:30am-3pm & 6pm-9pm Daily

Banks Road, Governor’s Harbour


Haynes Avenue, Governor’s Harbour Restaurant Bahamian/Asian Fusion

Tel: (242) 332-3331 Restaurant, Bar & Beach. Menu changes daily depending on the delivery of local produce and seafood.

Tel: (242) 332-2000

PASCAL’S Ocean Front Restaurant & Pool Bar Governor’s Harbour, inside Sky Beach Club

Da Perk

Bay Front, Governor’s Harbour Breakfast/Lunch Cafe Tel: (242) 332-2620 Email: Facebook: daPerkCoffeeShop

Tel: (242) 332-3422 Seafood Restaurant & Pool Bar. Fresh Web: Seafood. Lunch, Dinner, Happy Hour Daily 5-7, Sunday BBQ & Pool Party 3-7


LeoRose Sunset Beach Bar & Grill Queen’s Highway, James’ Cistern

The Boat House Restaurant & The Rooster Tail Bar & Grill | Harbour Island, VALENTINES RESORT & MARINA

“enjoy bahamian culture, cuisine and hospitality on the beach. tuesdays are bahamian night - with live music, finger lickin’ BBq chicken, ribs & pork chops.” Tel: (242) 335-6223

Daddy Joe’s

Queen’s Highway, North, 1 Mile South of Glass Window Bridge

Tel: (242) 333-2142

Bistro Favorites & Island Seafood, Full Menu & Light Snacks

Eat, Stay, Play. Tel: (242) 335-5688/87 Email:

The Rainbow Inn Rainbow Bay, Eleuthera.

Barbie’s Snacks

Tarpum Bay, South Eleuthera

“Down Home Bahamian Food.” Open: 6:30am to 5pm - Mon-Sat Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner Tel: (242) 334-4028 Email:

Tel: (242) 335-0294 Email: FB: Rainbow Inn Eleuthera Bahamas

Fresh Fish, Steaks & Famous Monday and now Thursday night Pizza/Live Music (Reservations required). Closed Sundays and Tuesdays.

The Teakettle

Cupid’s Cay, Governor’s Harbour.

Sammy’s Place

Red Road, Rock Sound “Authentic, Down Home Bahamian Food.” Open: 7:30am - 9:30pm Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner Tel: (242) 334-2121 Tel: (242) 332-2992 / 359-7333 Email: theteakettleeleuthera@ FB: theteakettleeleuthera Web:

Authentic Bahamian Gifts & Cafe. Serving Brunch and Lunch. Open:10am -4pm (Monday to Friday)

COCOA Coffee House

Harbour Island, At Valentines Resort

Tel: (242) 333-1323 FB: COCOACoffeeHouse

Starbucks and Lavazza coffee, with artisan breads, gourmet sandwiches and freshly baked pastries and cookies. Open on Mon-Sat: 7am - 5pm; Sun: 7am - 12pm

Bahamas Coffee Roasters & Bistro Dunmore Street, Harbour Island

Tel: 1 (242) 470-8015

Entrance of the harbour @ Eastern point of Spanish Wells.

Tel: 242.333.5010 Email: facebook: shipyardsw

Restaurant and Bar, “Fresh Bahamian with a modern twist”

Budda’s Snack Shack

Top of the Hill - 12th Street, Spanish Wells.

Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner “Locally Roasted and Blended Organic Coffees” Open: 7:30am - 9pm (Fri/Sat), 7:30am - 3pm (Sun-Thurs)

The Dunmore Deli & Gourmet Market King Street, Harbour Island

Tel: 1 (242) 333-2644 FB: Dunmore Deli and Gourmet Market

The Shipyard

“The #1 Place On The Island For Breakfast and Lunch!”

Tel: 242.333.4111 Web:

Restaurant and Bar

Arthur’s Bakery & Cafe Crown and Dunmore Street, Harbour Island

Tel: 1 (242) 333-2285

“Breakfast & Lunch, with Special Breads & Pastries. Open: Monday - Saturday, 8am - 2pm


CAPE eleuthera

On Da Dock Fresh, from the ocean at the dock across the islands, fishermen sell their day’s catch to visitors and locals alike. Here at the private dock at Cape Eleuthera Marina, the fresh catch of the Florida fishermen in a private tournament is prepared for their use.

the seasons Stone crabs OPEN season: October 16th to May 31st

Nassau Grouper OPEN season: March 1st - November 30th

Crawfish Open season: August 1st - March 31st On The Menu The restaurants featured on pages 64-67 have these and more on their menus, give them a call or stop in. Mr. Preston Gibson on the Dock at Cape Eleuthera filleting the catch of the day for guests of the Resort & Marina.

68 | The Eleutheran Magazine

Dock at Cape Eleuthera



at ANCHOR BAY a modern tradition friday night The Fish Fry event held at Anchor Bay in Governor’s Harbour every Friday evening from 6pm to 1am, since its inception in 1989 by the current organizers, has grown to become an iconic part of Eleuthera’s cultural calendar, and an absolute must do for visitors to the island. Before 2010, the Fish Fry was housed

Scenes of & Around the fish fry

70 | The Eleutheran Magazine

each weekend under tent structures. President of the Governor’s Harbour Development Association (GHDA) and key organizer, Mr. Theodore Petty, recalled, “There were huge crowds with the little tent across the way, and we would get challenges with the weather, high tides would come in, and strong breezes blowing off the tent.

“Plus there was a lot of work involved with us having to always bring everything over - loading onto a truck, unloading, and putting in place - and when everything was done, we had to once again take it up and reload it back onto the truck… We realized we had to put up something a little more substantial here.” In 2010, the GHDA made the move to build a permanent structure to accommodate the weekly Fish Fry event. Since then, locals and visitors have enjoyed the island dining experience, overlooking the bay at the entrance to picturesque Cupid’s Cay, accompanied by music, dancing in the street, local arts and crafts, fresh conch salad, and one-of-a-kind

drinks, including the infamously potent rum bubbas. “We always make sure that we can go to the Friday night Fish Fry... The locals are a blast to hang-out with, and get to know them. The food is great, the drinks are strong, and the atmosphere is out of this world. If you get a chance, go to the Fish Fry,” said a visitor to the island from Arkansas, U.S.A. A family out of Victoria, Canada, also recently raved, “We ordered a bit of everything to eat - choice of chicken, pork chops or fish with choices of sides. Rum bubbas were yummy! Music was great, and everyone was happy to have fun - a must Friday night experience!”



Remote Lighthouse Point, in South Eleuthera with its fabulous beach and capitvating cliff views, served as the setting for this visiting Norwegian couple’s photograph.

restaurants on the menu

listing Harbour Island, Spanish wells & Eleuthera

James’ Cistern

Harbour Island Angela’s Starfish


DJ’s Takeaway


Arthur’s Bakery & Café


Kel-D’s Bar & Grill

Bahamas Coffee Roasters


Lee’s Cafe




LeoRose Sunset Beach Bar & Grill

COCOA Coffee House


Stubbs BBQ

Coral Sands


Governor’s Harbour

Dunmore Beach Club



335-6223 335.6111

1648 Bar & Grille


Dunmore Deli & Gourmet Market


Blue Room Restaurant


Pink Sands


Buccaneer Restaurant


The Landing


Da Perk


Ma Ruby’s Rest.


Gov. Har. Bakery


Rock House


Harbour Inn


Romora Bay Club




Runaway Hill Club


Pascal’s Ocean Front


The Boat House


Sunset Inn Restaurant


The Rooster Tail Bar & Grill




Mon’s Kitchen Express


Spanish Wells Anchor Snack Bar


Budda’s Snack Shack


Palmetto Point Mate & Jenny’s Pizza


Eagle’s Landing


Unique Village Restaurant


Sandbar & Grill


Sweet Dreams


The Generation Gap


Tarpum Bay

The Shipyard


Shantzii’s Restaurant

Lower Bogue

Barbie’s Snacks

Seven Seas


D & J’s Takeaway

N. E. Craft & Snack



Daddy Joes

Unca Gene’s Restaurant & Bar

Sugar Apple Restaurant & Bar Ida’s Delights

Laughing Lizard Surfers Manor



Coco’s Rest & Bar



Nort’Side Eleu Rest.



Sammy’s Restaurant



Deep Creek/Cape / Wemyss Bight


Sheryl’s Restaurant


A & T’s Restaurant


Frigate’s Bar & Grill




Twin Brothers


Harbour Pointe Restaurant

Rainbow Inn


Ship to Shore

Front Porch Restaurant



Hatchet Bay


Leary’s Pizzaria


The Cove

Rock Sound

Gregory Town Elvina’s Rest.



334.8500 334.0111


Shopping beyond the beach With multiple ports across the Eleutheras, catering to both inter-island and international shipping, as well as a diverse pool of farmers, fishermen, craftsmen, artists, and artisans of all kinds on island - all of the essentials for living well can be sourced locally, or brought in from abroad. Farmer’s markets give access to fresh, locally grown fruits and vegetables with locations in South Eleuthera, by The Marketplace. In Central Eleuthera, Hilltop Farm in Gregory Town offers fresh organic eggs, and North Eleuthera farmers, crafters and bakers were able to showcase their fresh produce, crafts, and pastries at Valentines Resort’s ‘Fresh Picks’ weekly Farmer’s Market on Harbour Island, started in 2017. Eleuthera also has a wide variety of well-stocked grocery stores, hardware and homewares shops, gas stations and convenience stores, as well as souvenir and gift shops, Shopping for island vacation wear, beach essentials, unique jewelry, international haute couture, and locally designed fashions are all available. Sophisticated U in Palmetto Point, Central Eleuthera, carries fresh fashions for both men and women, and Dilly Dally, ‘The Bahamian Gift Shop’ in Harbour Island carries a wide variety of gifts, souvenirs, jewelry and vacation wear.

Handmade shoulder bag, bikini top and bottom: Tri-Gems Gift Shop, 808-0261

74 | The Eleutheran Magazine

Local fashion designer and seamstress,

Farmer, Keith Kelly at ‘Fresh Picks’ Valentines Farmer’s Market. He is a full-time local farmer, who grows fresh produce, like cabbages, watermelons, sweet peppers, avacadoes, bananas, cassavas, sweet potatoes, pumpkins, onions and much more. For what’s in season call him at: 1 (242) 464-0441.

Sophisticated U

Queen’s Highway, palmetto point Ladies’ and Mens’ Clothing and Footwear. Tel: 1 (242) 332-0099 Open: Tuesday to Saturday - 10am to 6pm (1pm - 2pm Closed for Lunch, Closed Mondays)

Harbour Island - ‘Fresh Picks’ Valentines Farmer’s Market started in 2017, held on Wednesday mornings. It’s an opportunity to shop for fresh local produce, after a stop in at Cocoa’s Coffee House.

Eleuthera Supply Ltd.

Governor’s Harbour Groceries, Toys & Household Goods, Hardware Section. Tel: (242) 332-2728 E:

Pindling Drive, Rock Sound Groceries, Dry Goods & Beauty Supplies

Tel: 1 (242) 334-2004

BURROWS: “One Stop Groceries”

Tarpum Bay Shopping Center

Queen’s Highway, Gov. Harbour

Queen’s Highway, Tarpum Bay

Tel: (242) 332-2999

Shapreka sporting a locally crafted Androsia patterned top and handbag. Details P78

Hall’s Grocery & Beauty Supplies

“Everything For Anything, We Deliver What Others Only Promise.” Tel: 1 (242) 334-4022, E:

Highway Service Station

Petty GT Seven Eleven

Queen’s Highway, Governor’s Harbour

Queen’s Highway, Gregory Town

“Much more than just a Gas Station! A little bit of gourmet, gifts and snacks, gasoline, tires, batteries, oils and lubricants” Tel: 1 (242) 332-2077; E:

“Groceries, Convenience Items, Gas” Tel: 1 (242) 335-5711

JC Discount Superstores


Bert’s For The Best

James’ Cistern & Gregory Town deep creek Convenience, Drugs and Beauty Supplies Tel: 1 (242) 334-8005, (242) 457-1287 / or 359-7375 E:

Queen’s Highway, Tarpum Bay “Groceries, Household, Dry Goods, Notions” Tel: 1 (242) 334-4253

76 | The Eleutheran Magazine

Two convenient locations to serve you! Fully stocked with Groceries, Electronics, Household Products, Drugs and Gift Items. Tel: (242) 335-6049 -JC / (242) 335-5672 GT E:


when the time comes

Dingle MotoR

Captain Bob’s Marketplace

Queen’s Highway, Rock Sound

Nesbitt Street, Harbour Island

Gas, Groceries, Convenience - plus Batteries, Tires, Oils, Diving Equipment and Spears.” Tel: 1 (242) 334-2031 E:

Buywise Hardware/Carey’s Grocery

Queen’s Highway, Tarpum bay Building Materials, Appliances, Electrical and Plumbing Supplies, also, Auto Parts and Supplies. Tel: 1 (242) 334-4180

Tip Top

“Full Line of Groceries, Seafoods, Meats, Gourmet & Specialty Foods.” Tel: 1 (242) 333-3628 E:

The Princess Street Gallery


Top of Hill - 12th Street, Spanish Tel: (242) 333-4222 W:


Princess Street, Harbour Island “Fine Bahamian Art .” Tel: 1 (242) 333-2788, W: E:

Kay Markets “Guy Harvey” Collection & MORE

Three Sisters Variety Store

King Street, Harbour Island A little bit of everything! Tel: 1 (242) 333-2251 E:

Dilly Dally

King & Dunmore St., Harbour Island “Bahamian Gift Shop.” (P.O. Box EL-27002) Owner: Val Albury Tel/Fax: 1 (242) 333-3109 E:

New Dunmore Subd., HarBour Island

Carrying: Flip Flops/T-shirts Hats/ Swimwear/Tank tops/Dresses and much more. Tel: (242)

“One Stop Shop - Groceries, Household, Drugs and Notions.” Tel: 1 (242) 333-3844 E:


Spanish Wells

Harbourside Gift Store and Golf Cart Rentals On The Dock, Spanish Wells Gift Store, Golf Cart Rentals, Bahamian Crafts, Apartment Rentals Office: 1 (242) 333-5022, Cell: (242) 557-7617 E: W:


Harbour Island, The Eleutheras, Bahamas

Featured in photo above: Shoulder-free tunic Sophisticated U, 332-0099 (Palmetto Point) Ipanema flip flops Dilly Dally, 333-3109 (Harbour Island)

Verda Gardiner, partnering with One Eleuthera, the Eleuthera Cancer Society, and the Ministry of Tourism, staged a number of fashion shows in 2017 showcasing her original designs at the Earth Day Festival, Passion for Fashion 2, during the Pineapple Festival, as well the Breast Cancer Outreach Program’s Pink Fashion show. The photo on page 76 shows a model at Passion for Fashion 2, sporting Verda’s Androsia top with a fashion straw bag, by local strawwork artisan, Emily Mavis Munnings. Contact Verda by email at or call 524-0005.

tarpum bay

Queen’s Hwy, Rock Sound.

“We make what you want” Tel: 1 (242) 808-0261, (242) 433-8288 / or 470-8721 Web:

1 (242) 334-2860

78 | The Eleutheran Magazine

“Handmade art, crafts, jewelry, gifts and more.”

Welcome to our closely knitted group of township communities, and enjoy the smiles, the warmth, the energy that is Eleuthera.


Sitting at the dock in Tarpum Bay, all smiles.

Kirtland Roberts, last of the net makers in Sp. Wells.

Taking a stroll through Harbour Island.

Warm smiles in Governor’s Harbour.

our settlements

Anchor Bay, Governor’s Harbour, Eleuthera

Passengers from Harbour Island disembarking a ferry from Harbour Island (5 min. ride) at Three Island Dock.


Ferry To and From Spanish Wells via Gene’s Bay Dock, located 10 mins. North of The Bluff.

ferry Ports

The Townships

North Eleuthera The Bluff, The Bogues & The Currents Location - Ferry rides away from Spanish Wells & Harbour Island. 2h north of Rock Sound Airport and 1h North of Governor’s Hbr.

administrator Mr. Ivan Ferguson. The Administrator works between offices in Harbour Island, Spanish Wells & Upper Bogue. He was appointed in Summer 2017 and serves at the discretion of the Ministry of Local Government.

AIRPORT - North Eleuthera airport (ELH) services both international and local flights. As seen in the map insert below, it easily services travel to Spanish Wells, Harbour Island and North Eleuthera. It is about 20 mins. north of Gregory Town, and 1 hour north of Governor’s Harbour.


Spanish Wells

Harbour Island ELH

The Bluff



The Bogues

The Current

Glass Window

• Gregory Town

Bahamas Ferries operates freight and passenger services to The Current, Spanish Wells, and Harbour Island.


80 | The Eleutheran Magazine

Enumerated in 2010

The Bluff & Blackwood


Lower Bogue


Upper Bogue


The Current


Current Island


North Eleuthera High School is located in Lower Bogue North Eleuthera Primary School is located in The Bluff, The Glass Window Bridge connects North and Central Eleuthera.

North Eleuthera is Diverse. Fishing, Farming and Service jobs, both private and public sustain livelihoods. The townships here are inextricably linked to their more densely populated neighbours, Harbour Island and Spanish Wells. Service providers and airport workers from these communities are often the first to greet the tourists who come in to ELH - Eleuthera’s busiest airport.

Must see

Stunning rugged coastline, beginning with the Glass WIndow Bridge and looking north along the Atlantic coast. Restaurants and residences in this area offer breathtaking settings.

Preacher’s Cave is rife with history. It is most well known as the shelter used by the “Eleutheran Adventurers” - the first European settlers of the Bahama Islands.

Little Miss Bluff pageant 2017. Lilian and Geir Larsson, yachters from Norway, enjoying the Glass Window bridge, during their month long stay in Eleuthera.

Tay Bay beach opp. Preacher’s Cave

Siblings with their spouses, visiting Harbour Island from the USA, took time to travel over to North Eleuthera to visit sites, including Preacher’s Cave.

The blue hole just off the road to Preacher’s Cave has been dubbed “Sapphire Hole” by visitors to the site, because of the rich color and unusual clarity of its water. It is rimmed by a ledge about 20 ft. above the surface and is therefore a tempting spot for a flip or two. Ropes tied to trees are there to assist you back up if you take the challenge and jump.

Photographer: Elizabeth BryAN MODEL: GEM AUSTiN location: small dock, bay street, Harbour island, with the main Harbour island dock as the backdrop

82 | The Eleutheran Magazine

Colorful tunic: Sophisticated U, 332-0099 (Palmetto Point) Ipanema flip flops: Dilly Dally, 333-3109 (Harbour Island)

Home of The Friendly People

Harbour Island quick facts, scenes & information

From this small Bay Street dock in Harbour Island - adorned in the colors of speckled sky, and transparent waters, fully reflected in the background at the main docking port, where visitors to the island get their first taste of this unique community of locals, winter residents, and an array of boutique hotel and restaurant owners and operators - you are most welcomed to the island home of very friendly people. Featured model, Gem Austin and her husband, Ryan Austin, along with their one year old daughter, Zane, have made Harbour Island their home, and are the young Bahamian proprietors of Cocoa Coffee House at Valentines Resort.

Harbour Island


84 | The Eleutheran Magazine



1,762 people enumerated in 2010. | Airport - ELH (North Eleuthera) is a 5 min. land taxi and 5 min water taxi away.

Harbour Island Moments: Photos by Elizabeth Bryan

Harbour Island


briland moments

‘Coming Back to the Island’


here are many fascinating stories about how visitors first arrived on Harbour Island, however, there are even more about how many times, and why they choose to keep coming back. How does your story begin?

THIS PAGE Midmorning break, in the warm setting of Arthur’s Bakery. Young Brilander, unencumbered, bravely leaps from the main dock.

Friends - All Smiles, on a golf cart ride through the streets of Briland. Pies at Valentine’s Farmer’s Market, which debuted in 2017

FACING PAGE Out for the Junkanoo Summer Festival during July Independence Weekend Walking down after a stop in at Cocoa Coffee House

Light & colorful moments on the short ferry ride between Three Island Dock and Harbour Island’s main public dock

Newly ringed couple, with friends after exchanging vows in Paradise.

86 | The Eleutheran Magazine

Above: Repeat visitors from Sarasota, Florida (Nicole and Bode Labelle, with Nicole Dovgopolyi), shared, “It’s hot and sunny there (in Sarasota), but here is better! We’ve both been coming here for over 20 years. We rent every time. We come for about a week, at least once per year. For the past three years we’ve come down during Spring Break. My brother-in-law was a boat captain and was the first to discover the island.”

Harbour Island

on the other side of Harbour Island near the site of the famous ‘lone tree’. On Pink Sands beach, Marty’s post for the horses is generally located between Pink Sands and Coral Sands resorts. The experience has been described by visitors as beautiful, exciting, and so much fun - with one expressing that going on the ride would fulfill their heart’s desires, and having missed the opportunity on their 2017 trip, said that they would definitely not be missing it on a planned return trip in 2018! On this fabulously gorgeous summer day, feature model, Gem Austin, had a blast shooting with the equine beauties. She wore an incredibly comfortable, long sleeveless white maxi dress, during the ride, before changing into a reversible desert bloom bikini pair, topped with a oneof-a-kind ‘BRI’ white tee and colorful Ipanema flip flops - all available at Dilly Dally, the ‘Bahamian Gift Shop’ located on the intersection of King and Dunmore Sts., Harbour Island. BB’s Horseback Riding is owned and operated by Mr. Byron Bullard of Harbour Island and the price of rides range from $75 to $100 per rider. To book reservations, call (242) 359-7759 or 551-1183. White maxi dress: Dilly Dally, Harbour Island, 333-3109

Horse Back riding in Harbour Island - on Pink Sands beach, through the center of town, or along the flats leading to the ‘Lone Tree’.

exploring island life in style

Horsing around on Pink Sands

Galloping, cantering, or lightly trotting on horseback along the coral hued Pink Sands beach in Harbour Island with Martin “Marty” Saunders from BB’s Horseback Riding has become an iconic activity, and a ‘must do’ experience for visitors to the island. Rides encompass the length of the remarkably beautiful and expansive Pink Sands beach, and also include the option to experience the Girls’ Bank flats ‘BRI’ white t-shirt, Desert bloom reversible bikini top and bottom, Ipanema flip flops: Dilly Dally, Harbour Island, 333-3109

88 | The Eleutheran Magazine

Harbour Island

Bahama Island Moment H a r b o u r islan d , E leuthe r a

90 | The Eleutheran Magazine

Simply wonderful days of summer, when each one melts into the other, and fun and relaxation is the name of the game. Young boys from Harbour island, taking full advantage of being surrounded by water on all sides, using the cool depths to balance the brilliant warmth of the day on their idyllic island paradise.

Tours & Fishing

Captain Kid & Son Charters (242) 557-7351 Lil Shan’s Watersports (242) 333-3532 Ocean Fox (242) 333-2323 Bonefish Stuart (242) 333-2072 Dex Adventures (242) 554-5670

Harbour Island

Purple blouse (left), colorful tunic (below): Sophisticated U, Palmetto Point, 332-0099

Pink Sands beach

Information compiled and made available by the Sir G. Roberts Library in Harbour Island.

island notes Historic & Interesting sights

Information compiled and made available by the Sir G. Roberts Library in Harbour Island.

South Bar Cannons The largest concentration of historic cannons on Harbour Island are just visible above ground level on the top of the hill overlooking the southern harbour entrance. As you walk into the site, the cannons are along a path to the left of the road, just before it ends. These cannons are from a range of dates. (Please check in at the South Bar office before visiting this area)

drew Deveaux assembled a private expedition to wrestle New Providence back from them. A total of 120 men from Harbour Island were recruited along with a loan of 50 fishing boats. For the services in the recapture, Harbour Island and Eleutheran recruits were granted “commonages” on the mainland. With documentation, families of these recruits today can claim and cultivate this land.

Commonage Land Nassau had once again capitulated to the force of the Spanish. In 1783, Colonel An-

Methodist Church The original Methodist mission on Harbour Island was established in 1800 and the

92 | The Eleutheran Magazine

church was constructed at the corner of Chapel and Dunmore streets in 1843. Funds for the construction were funded by an initial $2,000 community contribution and the labour of 150 residents. The related cemetery was established on church property to the east and behind the church structure. Shipbuilding Harbour Island was a major boat and ship building center. Shipbuilding reached its peak in 1922 when the “Marie J. Thompson”, a four masted schooner, was launched. It

Green tunic (right): Sophisticated U, Palmetto Point, 332-0099. Desert bloom reversible bikini top and bottom, and colorful wrap (below): Dilly Dally, Harbour Island, 333-3109.

Near the ‘Lone Tree’

was said to be the largest ship ever built in the Bahamas. The shipwrights worked just to the north of the government dock. St. John’s Anglican Church This, the oldest Anglican Church in the Bahamas was built in 1768. The Parish of St. John’s was established by an Act of Parliament to be comprised of both Harbour Island and Eleuthera. Originally it was built with 44’ x 24’ stone walls, a wooden floor, and a shingled roof. In 1806 the church was destroyed by a hurricane. It was reopened in 1835, only to be leveled and replaced again in 1866, this time adding a little bell tower. The Residency Lord Dunmore, Governor of the Bahamas 1787-1796, built a summer house for himself on Harbour Island as a refuge from the vapours and gossip of Nassau. Originally built in 1787, it was demolished in 1912 and replaced, and has served as the Administrator’s residence until about 2004. Currently, it is badly in need of repair and restoration. Fort Point Fort Point is at the northern end of the curved harbour around which Dunmore Town developed. The 1718 Cockram map

Harbour Island

Pink long pants, sleeveless blouse: Sophisticated U, Palmetto Point, 332-0099

shows a cannon placement here that would have complemented the cannons placed at the harbour’s southernmost point, now called Round Head. The crossfire possible from these two positions would have been very effective protection for the town.

Temperance Square A two story building once stood at Temperance Square. The upstairs housed Munroe

Sail Loft, while the downstairs was used for “temperance meetings”. In 1897 the obelisk monument was dedicated to Dr. Thomas Johnson, the first qualified Bahamian doctor. He had studied medicine at Harvard. Subsequently, he served as the island’s physician for many years. Known as a specialist in bush medicine, he is buried in the Methodist cemetery. First Assembly 1729 In 1728 Governor Woodes Rogers was given

Haunted House

94 | The Eleutheran Magazine

White kaftan dress, Ipanema flip flops, necklace: Dilly Dally, Harbour Island, 333-3109

authority to “summon and call General Assemblies of the said freeholders and planters in our islands”. The first Assembly of 24 members was elected in early September 1729 and convened on September 29th, 1729. The monument, near the public dock, commemorates the Harbour

Hill Steps and Tunnel

Sir G. Roberts Library

White dress: Sophisticated U, Palmetto Point, 332-0099

Islanders at this Assembly John Thompson Sr., John Roberts, John Thompson Jr., and Seaborn Pinder. Haunted House More a property of considerable curiosity than historic interest, the house is now a decaying private residence. It was built in 1941 by Colonel Glen Stewart for his English bride, Jessie. Unoccupied for many years, the property was sold in 1964 to a Greek shipping heir, George Lavanos, who according to “legend” purchased it for his bride, who refused to stay in the house. It remained, fully furnished, until 1979 when an accidental fire destroyed the structure. Sir G. Roberts Library Harbour Island library is the second oldest public library in the Bahamas. Established in 1853, the Lieutenant Governor granted 6 pounds sterling towards, “the establishment of a library and reading room” located upstairs on Church Street. It was re-located due to Hurricane Betsy in 1965. The new building was constructed in 1968 on the old cemetery site in honour of Sir George, a native of Harbour Island who became President of the Senate. He was highly respected by all. Hill Steps and Tunnel These beautiful steps were cut into the coral rock by prisoners, and were probably constructed to connect the Cleare family to their Lumber and Shingle business (the building no longer exists, to the left of the steps) and their home at the top of the hill (presently occupied by Rock House). A tunnel under the Hill steps connects the Landing Hotel with the Rock House. It has been closed off and currently serves as a wine cellar for the Landing Restaurant.

added tip: OLD DUNMORE TOWN Rent a golf cart and view the historical homes on a drive through old Dunmore Town

White top (above), blue and white tunic (left): Sophisticated U, Palmetto Point, 332-0099

Harbour Island


Summer festival

Summer Festival

in Harbour Island, Eleuthera


ne of the many enjoyable events in Harbour Island, a tiny gemstone in the archipelago nestled as a physically small part of North Eleuthera, yet big attraction in The Bahamas.


Junkanoo Summer Festival activities take place in Harbour Island during the first week in July, just in time for the droves of U.S. visitors arriving on island celebrating their Independence holiday weekend. Tourism Manager with the Ministry of Tourism for Harbour Island, Mrs. June Dean, always extends a special welcome to guests enjoying the getaway to the island during the holiday. At the Summer 2017 one-day event, along with pineapple eating, bucket relay, and pink sand dance floor competitions earlier during the day on the Saturday, the crowd at the Festival site enjoyed a multi-segment fashion show, highlighting Bahamian Androsia print creations, and unique ensembles locally available on island. They were then treated to a show by, on the rise, talented Bahamian entertainer, Fanshawn Taylor - whose incredible vocals kept the audience glued to the stage and fully engaged. She was backed up by the local ‘One, Two, Three Band’ from Harbour Island. Sweet Junkanoo music rounded out the evening with a Junkanoo rush-out, which combined Briland’s Warriors and Zulu groups, enjoyed by onlookers as they frolicked down Bay Street until after midnight. Visitors can contact the Ministry of Tourism for more information about events on Harbour Island by calling their offices on Dunmore Street at (242) 333-2621.

96 | The Eleutheran Magazine

Scenes and smiles during the vibrant color and flair of Junkanoo Summer Festival,


On St. George’s Cay

Spanish Wells

quick facts & information


Population: The Dept. of Statistics, 2010 data has the population of Spanish Wells set at 1,551 people. Industry: Fishing & Farming. In season, Spanish Wells farmers service much of Eleuthera with fresh farm goods through local vendors or via delivery. The issue of poaching continues to be a vexing one, that fishermen say threatens their livelihood - one that has fueled the self-sustaining economy of this beautiful island.

98 | The Eleutheran Magazine

The Government elected in 2017, has met with fishermen on the island, to discuss their concerns with the aim of protecting the fisheries in the Bahamas and by extension here in the “Fishing Capital” of the archipelago. Getting There: Fly in to the North Eleuthera Airport (ELH) and take a taxi to Gene’s (Jean’s) Bay Dock, 10-15 minutes away by car. A short 5 minute ferry ride will take you directly to Spanish Wells on St. George’s Cay. The island is bridged to Russell Island. Golf Cart rentals are available on the docks of both Harbour Island and Spanish Wells at $10-20 per hour $40-50 per day with weekly rates also available. Bahamas Fast Ferries offers daily trips

to and from Nassau from Spanish Wells and Harbour Island. More.. The Fishermen’s Fest in mid-July is an increasingly popular festival on the community’s Calendar. Early in July, during the national Independence celebrations, the Spanish Wells township holds a number of events and activities to commemorate and celebrate the country’s Independence. Pictured above are young community members taking part in the slippery pole competition during Independence weekend 2017. All ages compete in this tremendously fun activity, which takes place on the public dock, including little

swimmers, teens and young adults, as townspeople gather in a plethora of golf carts and other vehicles to watch along the dock front. Swimming races are also part of the day’s entertainment. SHOP, EAT, STAY: We recommend two places to eat on Spanish Wells - you can’t miss the Shipyard Restaurant, located at the easternmost point of the island, and on the top of the hill, 12th Street, you will find the unique Budda’s Snack Shack. Shop at: Three Sisters Variety Store (333-4040), as well as J & A Liquor Store (333-4222). Stay at: Harbourside Rentals (333-5022 or 557-7617) Tours & Fishing: Captain Kid & Son Charters (557-7351). See page 8 for more info.


Little Mermaid (left): One of several Literacy Week art and expressions at the All Age School in Spanish Wells. Ring Circle (above): Expression by the young ones at the Fishermen’s Fest 2017. Flying high & The Row (below) - Color and vigor at the Independence celebrations on the dock.

art & eXPRESSION island life - all smiles

Spanish Wells, Eleuthera, Bahamas.

Vibrance is the key word to much of the life on Spanish Wells, whether its in the hues of yellow, blue, green or pink on the homes of the scaped yards, art work on buildings or the faces and expressions of the people.

A young girl in full character mode at the Literacy Week march through town.

Featured here are two of the many displays for the

100 | The Eleutheran Magazine

In The Water : Bright big Spanish Wells smiles from the Swimmers & Slippery pole survivors wading at the Harbour Front at Independence celebrations. 2017 annual literacy week parade held by the All Age School on the island, where storybook characters came to life, Across the page above, vibrant colors abound on the park on a Saturday afternoon at the Fisher-

men’s Fest where the littlest members of society donned Androsia patterns and danced for the parents and neighbours out to celebrate in July. Art and Expression is a way of life on the island.


Above & Opp. Page: Leaping hand in hand at Independence celebrations in Spanish Wells. The event saw many take to the water, some swimming, jumping, diving, leaping, or slipping in during the slippery pole competition - all with smiles and in good fun.

102 | The Eleutheran Magazine

directory Business

SPANISH WELLS Damianos Sothebys Realty 333-4590 Food Fair Supermarket 333-4675 Harbour Side Rentals 333-5022

Pinders Supermarket 333-4049

Lynette’s 333-4205

Three Sisters variety store 333-4040

budda’s snack shack 333-4111

Tees R Us 333-4046

j & A Liquor store 333-4222

Harbour island Arthur’s Bakery & Internet 333-2285 Bahamas Coffee Roasters 470-8015 Bahamian Shells & Tings 333-2839 pink sands resort 333-2030

Captain Bob’s Marketplace 333-3628 Cocoa Coffee House 333-1323 Daddy D’s 333-3700 Davine Wine Merchants 333-2950 Dilly Dally 333-3109 Dunmore Deli 333-2644 michael’s cycles 464-0994

Pigly Wigly Grocery 333-2120 Princess Street Gallery 333-2788 (Art) Tip Top 333-2251 royal palm hotel 333-2738 Valentine’s Resort/ Marina 333-2142 kay market 333-3844

LOwer BogUE Jimmy’s Liquor Store 335-2101

Bahama Hoppers 335-1650 (Airline)

North Eleu Craft & Snack 335-1700

North Eleuthera Service Station 335-1128

Freedom Tours 335-1700

Shop Smart 335-4042 Builder’s Square 335-1446 D & T Nursery 335-1446 Johnson’s Groceries 335-1340

the bluff

North Eleuthera Shopping Center 335-1880

The Townships

Central Eleuthera quick facts & information

Population 2,436 enumerated in the 2010 Census

travel (by car): About 40 miles by car, from Savannah Sound to Gregory Town. other

BY AIR: If your arrival point was Governor’s Harbour Airport (GHB) then you arrived directly in at Central Eleuthera. 1 hr. away from ELH airport in North Eleuthera and about 45 minutes away from RSD airport in South Eleuthera. You’re within minutes of spectacular beaches, resorts, restaurants, people and more. The Island’s main tourism office is in town and its management and staff are always eager to assist.

Administrative Center: Governor’s Harbour Administrator: Gilbert Kemp Main Ports: Governor’s Harbour International Airport (GHB), Cupid’s Cay Dock, Hatchet Bay Dock.

The photos show views of: Haynes Library and the Fish Fry from Cupid’s Cay; Haynes Library and The Anglican Church on Cupid’s Cay from across the Harbour; and the entrance to Governor’s Harbour’s Town Center from the north.

The Pulse A fully air conditioned, nicely stocked grocery store, Midway Cost Cutters, has opened in Savannah Sound that offers services to the local and vacation homes that populate the surrounding areas, inclusive of Double Bay, Ten Bay & Windermere Island.

Cell phone and Wifi services on the island got a much needed upgrade with the introduction of a new player (ALIV) in the market this year, coming up against BTC. Both providers have enhanced the services available on the island. ALIV’s flagship store in Central Eleuthera is located in Governor’s

104 | The Eleutheran Magazine

Harbour adjacent to Eleuthera Supply, across from the Governor’s Harbour Police Station. On the Bay Front in Governor’s Harbour extensive road work was undertaken to reinforce the seawall and road surface.

New stores, eateries, vacation spots and services have sprung up in the District especially in Governor’s Harbour. The Ministry of Tourism, through its main office in Governor’s Harbour is always willing to assist with information. Contact them at 332-2142.

Townships Highlights Gregory Town: Cliffs hosting the Bull & Cow, Queen’s Bath, Glass Window bridge and overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. Home to The Cove Eleuthera Resort, Hill Top Farm, convenient Petty GT Seven Eleven, Daddy Joe’s , Hilly Sunsets, surfing seas and beaches the likes of Gaulding Cay.

Chinnici McDonald, Administrator with the Cancer Society of Eleuthera (CSE), runs on a picturesque challenge course through the hills and along the harbour, in Governor’s Harbour in support of CSE and its efforts to educate and support potential victims and survivors.

Hatchet Bay: Home of the safest harbour in the country, a protected harbour with an entrance cut through that allows welcomed visits on calm days, and shelter in times of storms. James Cistern: Seaside town known for its North coast beaches of James’ Point and JC Beach, also home to JC Discount Superstore.

Governor’s Harbour:

A stalwart of the community and famous Savannah Sound baker, Mr. Henry Sands, out to enjoy a community celebration in Palmetto Point.

The administrative center of Central Eleuthera. Hosts most head offices of Government Departments, Paddle boarders from Denver, Colorado, holidaying in Central Eleuthera. banks, real estate agencies, telephone companies, courier services and insurance services, as well as numerous vacation homes and resorts. The Bahamas Out Island Adventures GHB airport is 15 min. north of town. Robust construcGregory Town tion continues throughout the Primary Contact: Mr. Tom Glucksman township. Phone: (242) 335-0349(242) 551-9635

Nature/Adventure Tours

Palmetto Point: Home to the Cancer Society’s Wellness Center/Headquarters, Tropical Dreams resort, Unique’s Restaurant, fabulous beaches and more. Some impressively large trees rise above the Hatchet Bay, home of the safest harbour in the country. settlement which connects to the famous Banks Road. The newest member of parliament for South & Central Eleuthera, Mr. Hank Johnson, is a native. MAGAZINE Find It Now Savannah Sound: Home to Ministry of Education’s RePage 60 Central Eleuthera Map: source Center, a private high school, beautiful beach locaPage 50 Natural Attractions: tions like Ten Bay and Double Page 64 Restaurants: Bay, as well as a natural sound, Page 22 Places To Stay: teeming with protected Page 106 Telephone Directory: turtles, and managed conch beds. Midway Cost Cutters Page 116 Events: supermarket is an awesome addition to the town.

Email: Website:

Water Tours / Fishing Charters Paul Petty Governor’s Harbour Mr. Paul Petty Phone: (242) 332-2963 or (242) 557-7209 Overview - A licensed fishing/diving guide for many years. Paul is also often forefront in lending assistance when others may be in distress at sea.

Fishbone Tours Savannah Sound Mr. Julias Rankine Phone: 332-6524 / 464-0039 Web:

Jeremy Lewis James Cistern (242) 422-9055/470-1763/699-5310 Email: Web:

Central Eleuthera

directory Business

governor’s harbour

Governor’s Harbour Bakery 332-2071

Real Estate Damianos Sotheby’s

Great Expectations Boutique - 332-3484


Eleuthera Beverages HG Christie



Coldwell Banker

Ronnie’s Enterprises 332-2307


eating out Buccaneer Restaurant 332-2000

Valerie’s Souvenirs 332-2641

J’Anna’s Gift Shop 332-3862

Sunset Inn & Rest. 332-2487

Ma’s Bargain Mart 551-1582

Da Perk 332-2620

Burrows Grocery 332-2999

French Leave (1648) 332-3777

700 Wines 332-2629

Pascals Ocean Front 332-3422

Pammy’s Takeaway 332-2843

Harbour Inn Restaurant 332-2686 (Catering)

Burrows Liquor

The Blue Room 332-2736 (Takeaway)

Eleuthera Tourism

Shopping Touch of Class

Eleuthera Supply

Eleuthera Petroleum 332-3829

Janet’s Upholstery 332-2167

Kid’s R Us Daycare 332-2757

Where To Stay Sky Beach Club 332-3422

Pineapple Fields 332-2221

Villa Allamanda 332-3934

French Leave Resort 332-3778

Suncrest House 359-7333

MEDIA The Eleutheran

Argentine couple frames visit to the Glass Window bridge with the calm aquamarine backdrop.




Top of the Line

Sophie’s Boutique



Byron’s Hardware

Office General



Awesome Kitchens

Kiss Boutique



Clear Water Dive Shop 332- 2146

Service Theresa Burrows Photo... 332-2992

Highway Service Station 332-2077

The Photoshop





Dornell’s Treasures

Griffin’s Auto Repair

White laced tunic: Sophisticated U, Palmetto Point, 332-0099


Eleuthera Pest Control 332-2617

At the site of one of Eleuthera’s oldest churches, St. Patrick’s Anglican in Governor’s Harbour.

106 | The Eleutheran Magazine

palmetto point Agape Daycare 699-5188 E-Z AUTO 332-1950 NUA Insurance 332-1256 More than 100-year-old Wesley Methodist in G.H.

Lakia’s Variety Store 332-0188 Millard’s Grocery Store 332-1239 Paint Paradise 332-1375 Tacy Auto Parts 332-1256 Tropical Dreams 332-1632 W.D. Electrical, A/C & Refrig 332-0445 Sunset leap at Double Bay, north of Savannah Sound, Central Eleuthera.

CS Service Center 332-1096

Eleuthera Dental 332-1477 Hailsham’s legal 332-0470 COUNTRY CAFE 332-0100 Unique’s Hardware 332-1288

james’ cistern

Carl Sands Construction 332-0246

Big Rock General & Deli 335-6008

Wind Chimes Rest. & Sports Bar 455-0452

J.C. Discount Grocery 335-6049

Paradise Service Plaza 332-0033

East & Final

Bay Inn / Twin Brothers 335-0730 Gateway Service Station 335-0455 Front Porch Delights 335-0727 Rainbow Inn Restaurant 335-0294

Gregory town hilltop farm 335-5244 Ida’s Delights 335-5023


Big Daddy’s Rental Cars 332-1592

Island Made Gifts 335-5369

D&D Service Station 335-6444

Jay’s Laundromat 335-5655

Island Farm 332-0141

LeoRose Sunset Beach Bar & Grill 335-6223

Mr. Bones Liquor Store 335-5489

hatchet bay

Petty GT Seven Eleven 335-5711

Smart Roofing & Construction 464-0123 Mate & Jenny’s Pizza 332-1504

Renown Eleutheran musician, Cebric “Dr. Sea Breeze” Bethel at one of his live performances the sounds of which has entertained many over the years.


Unique Village 332-1830


BAY Liquor Store 335-0068 Lutra Pure 335-0499

J.C. DISCOUNT 335-5672 DADDY JOE’S Restaurant 335-5688

The Townships

South Eleuthera quick facts & information about S. ElEU

Left: Art & Expression: The Eleuthera Art and Cultural Center in Tarpum Bay, South Eleuthera is one-of-a-kind on Eleuthera. It serves as a location for a myriad of events throughout the year that highlight the arts, and community life, while enhancing learning opportunities. Right: Erica Saunders with her son, Isaac Deveaux, cracking conch along the bayside beach in the picturesque township of Tarpum Bay. Descendants of Tarpum Bay, the family recently moved to Eleuthera in June of 2017.




Center of Administration

A seaside community with an active Bayfront, Cultural Center and Junkanoo Culture.

The Blue Seahorse: Gift Shop

A resident Doctor serves the Clinic.

The Lumbershed:

Other important buildings/services include the South Eleuthera Administration Building, Government Offices, Rock Sound Airport, South Eleuthera Police Main Building, Bank of The Bahamas, Electricity Generation Plant for South Eleuthera, One Eleuthera’s main offices and the Center for Training and Innovation (CTI) located on the site of the former Rock Sound Club. The Retreat at CTI also recently opened its doors.

Hardware/Household Dingle Motors: Gas, Convenience

The Market Place: Supermarket/Hardware/ Automotive/Banking/Insurance services available on the property.

• • •

Sammy’s Restaurant Hall’s Variety and Beauty Supplies The Retreat at CTI: Eco/Sustainable Tourism

Sights: The Ocean Hole | Rock Sound Caves | North Shore Beach

108 | The Eleutheran Magazine

Recommended: • Barbie’s Snacks • Bert’s For The Best • Your Friendly Store: Groceries • Tarpum Bay Shopping Center: Household, Hardware, Appliances, Furniture.

Roadside Vendors Conch meals

See the business directory for other listings in Tarpum Bay

OTHER SETTLEMENTS Waterford, is home to Davis Harbour Marina. There is also Green Castle, Waterford, Wemyss Bight, Deep Creek, and Bannerman Town. Deep Creek leads to Cape Eleuthera, home to the Island School and Cape Eleuthera Resort & Marina. Bannerman Town is the gateway to captivating Lighthouse Point/Beach and Princess Cays - the private cruise ship Island Getaway.

Organisations to Partner With: One Eleuthera Foundation Rotary Cub Kiwanis Club

• Population • Travel • Other

2017/2018 overview The Trippe family, with a long history in South Eleuthera, donated a much welcomed recreational court facility, adjacent to the Wemyss Bight Primary School, to the community in April of 2017.

Population 2,971 enumerated in the 2010 Census

travel (by car): About 30 miles by car, from Tarpum Bay to Bannerman Town or Cape Eleuthera. other Administrative Center: Rock Sound Administrator: Gregory Knowles Main Ports: • Rock Sound International Airport • Rock Sound Dock (in need of repair) • Davis Harbour - Waterford (private) • Cape Eleuthera (private) • Princess Cays (private)

Voluntourism is an ongoing trend on the island, where youngsters of church or school organisations travel to the island and as part of their trip, help out in little ways.

Largest settlements by population (2010 Census): Rock Sound 961 ppl 766 ppl Tarpum Bay Green Castle 370 ppl Remaining towns: 874 ppl

Tarpu m Ba y Rock Sound Green Castle Cape Eleuthera Deep Creek Waterford Wemyss Bight Bannerman Town Lighthouse Point

Tours in South Eleuthera Center in Tarpum Bay, is an outdoor Below: Down the steps leading from the porch of Eleuthera Arts and Cultural stage with a beautiful setting, which on the pictured occasion was being used to showcase youth performances.

MILLER’S DIVE SHOP (Capt. Daryl Miller) 242-436-3644 PINEAPPLE TOURS (Lyle Brathwaite) 242-470-7876 ELEUTHERA TOURS (Donald Anderson/Kristel Kingston) 242-225-4408 ELEUTHERA ADVENTURE TOURS (Thomas Sands) 242-334-2356 CALVIN JOLLY Wemyss Bight 242-557-7948 OCEAN FOX (Al Curry) 242-334-6300

importance of reducing plastic waste, and some of the negative effects it can have on the natural environment all around us.


campers Beach it! Summer learn & f un

BAY FRONT, Tarpum Bay, Eleuthera

110 | The Eleutheran Magazine

The beautiful expanse of soft, speckled sand along the bay front in Tarpum Bay, served as the backdrop for an active bunch of youngsters from South Eleuthera, participating in the Bahamas Plastic Movement’s summer camp, to take in the

On this warm, blue skied day in June, the children competed, in great fun and all seriousness, to see which group could collect the most plastic waste off of the bay front, as camp counsellors and parents looked on.

The shimmering water on the bay beckoned the youngsters in for a fun time of swimming and splashing around afterward, before heading back to the Eleuthera Arts and Cultural Center, based in Tarpum Bay, where the Plastic Pollution and Ocean Conservation Camp was being hosted. Through the rest of the week the camp-

housed in plastic, lobbied local businesses to join a month-long plastic-free campaign, and created a ers would go on to collect 2,000 pieces of trash from around the local library, park, dock, alleys and roadways in the township - nearly 80% of which was found to be made of plastic. The camp which focused on innovating solutions to plastic pollution, allowed the thirty young campers to apply what they learned about

plastic pollution through art, scientific research, political advocacy, lifestyle change and business engagement. So, in addition to fully enjoying the local beaches, the thirty-strong group during the week, created a call to action video, learned do-it-yourself alternatives for every day necessities



he Bay and surrounding area is a fulcrum of life and a bastion of history.

On most days of the year it’s a backdrop to the active classrooms of the town’s Primary School, and launching pad for small fishing boats. The street along the bay is dotted with places to sample a bowl of conch, sip a daiquiri or cool off with another beverage of choice. The docks are awesome locations to find fish and ready seafood for the kitchen.

mural from collected plastic illustrating marine pollution for public display.

directory Business

Rock Sound,

South Eleuthera

Hall’s Variety Store 334-2004/334-2438 Step by Step Shoe Store 334-2976 Unique Island Treasures 334-2103 In Da Hole 334-2967 Best Bet Souvenirs 334-2872/3/4/ Eddie’s DepT. Store 334-2322 Forever Beautiful Body 334-2943 Rock Sound Hardware 334-2253/334-2257 Coco Plum’s Restaurant 334-2962

Lighthouse Beach at Eleuthera’s southernmost tip.

Ingraham’s Beach INN 334-4066 Ingraham’s Furniture 334-4263 The Cottages 334-2031 The Lumber Shed 334-2031 The Market Place 334-2203 Leary’s pizza 470-0107 dingle motor service 334-2031 North Side Restaurant 334-2573 Wild Orchids 334-2778

A&M Clothing Store 334-2804 Sammy’s Place 334-2121 Veta’s Place 334-2425 R & R Enterprise 334-2667

Eleuthera Stationery & Office Supplies 334-2494 Leary’s Import & Export 334-2494 Sturrups Liquor Store 334-2219 AID (Automotive ...) 334-2060

Sawyer’s Food Store 334-2123

Eleuthera Fish & Farm 334-2489

Gibson & Son Upholstery 334-2403

Carey’s Service Station 334-2165 The Blue SeA horse 334-2860

Faith 4 Life Gift Store 334-2855 Office General 334-2090 Saunder’s Elec & Maintenance 334-2866

Miller’s Dive Shop 436-3644 Capt. Daryl Miller


The Island School 334-8552 CAPE ELEUTHERA RESORT US 844-884-1014 ELEU 242-334-8500

DEEP CREEK Jemmaks 334-8005 Sheryl’s 334-8111

A&T’s Restaurant 334-8347 Bill’s Sweets N’ Things 470-1475 Eleu. Island Tours 225-4408 Seaside Estates 334-8179

waterford Down Home Sports Bar & Grill 456-9654

Orange beaded tunic: Sophisticated U, Palmetto Point, 332-0099

Davis Harbour Marina 334-6303

WEMYSS BIGHT Rochique’s Boutique 334-0003 Ship To Shore Restaurant 334-0111

Kel’s Takeaway 334-0104

GREEN CASTLE Avon Gift Shop & Library 334-6493 Brown’s Grocery 334-6009

tarpum bay, Your friendly store Grocery and Produce 334-4600

Pop’s Body Shop Rentals/Auto 334-4160

Old Dad’s Scooter Rental 425-6758

Bert’s For The Best 334-4253 Grocery

Shantzii’s Seafood Restaurant & Bar 334-4505

Bayshore Snacks & Drinks 334-4467

Carey’s Buywise 334-4180 Hardware & Home

Tarpum Bay Shopping Center 334-4022 Hardware/Household

Ethel’s Cottages & Rentals 334-4030/4233

D & J Takeaway 334-4130 Restaurant Kinky’s Korner Auto Shell/Auto 334-4208

Terry Ingraham’s Heavy Equipment 464-0199 D & D’s Restaurant & Bar 225-8307

Carey’s Groceries & Drugs 334-4247 Barbie’s Snacks 334-4028



Rock Sound’s spectacular Ocean Hole, at moonrise.

north district

• Harbour Island • Spanish Wells • North Eleuthera

Harbour island World Famous Pink Sand Beach and much more on the “Home of The Friendly People”, like diving, fishing, horse back riding and exploring - See the Harbour Island section (Pages 82-97).

spanish wells Boat tours / Fishing trips / Peaceful rest/ The Devil’s Backbone See the Spanish Wells section of this publication (Pages 98-103).

North Eleuthera • Preacher’s Cave - See Map (Pages 60-63) • ‘Sapphire’ Blue Hole - located just off the road leading to Preachers’s Cave - is small and beautiful in color. Take a dive! • Glass Window Bridge - Just north of Gregory Town is Eleuthera’s narrowest point, just 30 ft. wide, where dramatic cliffs separate the deep Atlantic from the shallow Bight of Eleuthera.

114 | The Eleutheran Magazine

CENTRAL district

• North of GHB airport • Governor’s Harbour • South of Governor’s Hbr

north of ghb airport • Expansive, amazing Hatchet Bay Caves • Surfers Beach in Gregory Town • Atlantic Cliffs all along the east coast • Boat tours/Fishing charters (See Page 8, 91, 105)

Governor’s harbour (GHB) • Historic Cupids Cay (site of first U.S. Consulate General) • Haynes Library • Fish Fry on Friday • Beautiful Century Old Churches • See the Central Eleuthera section (Pages 104-107)

south of ghb • Palmetto Point beaches (northside Unique Village beach and southside) • Savannah Sound (protected turtles and a variety of sealife abound in the natural sound).

south district

• Tarpum Bay • Rock Sound • South of Rock Sound

tarpum bay • Winding Bay beach • Roadside Vendors conch meals • Boat tours/Fishing trips (See Page 109)

ROCK SOUND • The Ocean Hole • The Boiling Hole • Rock Sound Caves • Northside beach

South of rOCK SOUND • Public Tennis Courts (Wemyss Bight) • Cape Eleuthera Resort & Marina (Cape Eleu.) • Slave and Church Ruins (Bannerman Town) • Lighthouse Point & Beach (Bannerman Town) • See Map (Pages 60-63, 109)

White beaded tunic: Sophisticated U, Palmetto Point, 332-0099

At the Glass Window Bridge with a view of the Bight of Eleuthera. The Ministry of Tourism, with offices in Harbour Island and Governor’s Harbour are available to assist with information and special requests. Governor’s Harbour - 1-242-332-2142 Harbour Island - 1-242-333-2621


This Canadian couple were married at The Cove Resort, in Gregory Town, a five star property, five minutes south of the Glass Window Bridge.

Along with some of the best beaches in the region, a welcoming people, and an array of stunning wedding sites and locations, Eleuthera also has a reputation for making the legal process a painless one with helpful and accommodating marriage officers and island administrators. Couples wishing to be married in The Eleutheras can obtain a Marriage License at any one of the five Administrator’s Offices in the Eleuthera District.

Admin. Offices are located in: Spanish Wells - 1-242-333-4054 Harbour Island - 1-242-333-2275 Governor’s Harbour - 1-242-332-2112/3 Upper Bogue (North Eleuthera) -1-242-335-1364 Rock Sound (South Eleuthera) - 1-242-334-2034

Marriage Officers on the island: Joshua Culmer Palmetto Point, Eleuthera Phone: 332-1173/557-7680 Overview - A licensed marriage officer for many years. Mr. Culmer celebrated his 300th wedding in 2014. Lambert Farrington Hatchet Bay, Eleuthera Phone: 551-0397 Overview - A licensed marriage officer. Mr. Farrington also pastors at the St. Stephen’s Baptist Church in Hatchet Bay.

Wedding Planners: WEDDINGS ELEUTHERA Governor’s Harbour, Eleuthera, Bahamas P.O. Box EL 25068 Phone: 1.242.553.6971/ or 814-1913 Owner: Tia Seyfert

2017 / 2018

Holidays Events&

116 | The Eleutheran Magazine

For the Rock Sound homecoming, April 2017, hundreds of people descended on South Eleuthera for a weekend of celebrations. The homecomings outwardly center around the nightly gatherings at the homecoming site - lined with vendors; entertained by Sweet Bahamian music; headlined by singers who come in from New Providence.


Harbour Island, Eleuthera, Spanish Wells

bahamas Holidays Jan 1 Jan 10 Mar 30 Apr 2 May 21 Jun 1 Jul 10 Aug 6 Oct 8 Dec 25 Dec 26 Jan 1

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(jUN - dEC) Jun 5 Jun 2 Jul 10 Aug 7 Oct 9 Dec 25 Dec 26

| Monday | Friday | Monday | Monday | Monday | Monday | Tuesday

ROCK SOUND Homecoming A large crowd awaiting the main entertainment of the Easter Friday night in Rock Sound, April 2017. The homecoming in Rock Sound is significant in that it kicks off the annual homecoming and festivals season, which runs from Easter (March/April), up until November.


| 3rd Annual Eleuthera Junkanoo Parade | A Taste of Eleuthera | 5th Annual Hope Ball (Cancer Society) | Annual Second Homeowner’s Reception | Homecomings: Rock Sound/JC/L. Bogue | Eleuthera All That Jazz Festival | Earth Day Festival (One Eleuthera) | Homecoming: Palmetto Point (May 18-21) | 31st Ann. Pineapple Festival (May 31-June2) | Deep Creek Conch Fest (May 30-June 3) | Homecomings: Green Castle/Bluff/Sav. Sd. | Spanish Wells Fishermen’s Fest | Bannerman Town Festival (July 25-28) | BAY FESTS: Hatchet Bay/Tarpum Bay | Goombay Summer Festival | North Eleuthera Sailing Regatta | Wemyss Bight Homecoming | Governor’s Harbour Homecoming | Green Castle Homecoming (Nov 15-18) | Min. of Tourism Craft Show | Cancer Society’s Music in the Garden


| Whit Monday | R. Fawkes Labour Day | Independence Day | Emancipation Day | National Heroes Day | Christmas Day | Boxing Day

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With at least eighteen homecomings and festivals on Eleuthera’s annual calendar of recurring island events, the huge Eleuthera diaspora have every opportunity, or ‘excuse’ to make their way home from wherever they may have settled, at least once during the year to return to the island of Festivals. Beginning during the March/April Easter holiday, with Rock Sound, Lower Bogue and James’ Cistern, all staging homecoming events, every holiday weekend on island, sees at least two festivals happening, usually on opposite ends of the island. So for someone heading home to south Eleuthera, there’s usually a good reason to take time out to visit the north as well, during the home getaway. After the excitement of the Earth Day and Jazz Festivals in April, May follows quickly with the Labour Day and Whit Monday holiday weekends, when Palmetto Point, and the Deep Creek Conch Fest beckons to their natives to head home. The ever popular Ministry of Tourism Pineapple Festival, celebrating its 31st anniversary in 2018, also takes place during the Labour Day weekend, having settled nicely into its new location north of the Gregory Town center. A slew of Festivals follow during the summer break period, beginning with events surrounding the Independence holiday in July, including, The Bluff, Savannah Sound, and Green Castle. On their heels in mid-July is the Spanish Wells Fishermen’s Fest, ahead of the opening of the crawfish season on August 1st, when community commercial fishermen head out for weeks of fishing offshore. The Bannerman town Festival rounds out events in July. August ramps up at the very start on August Monday, or Emancipation Day holiday weekend, with the twin Bay Fests that take place in Hatchet Bay, and Tarpum Bay. Goombay Summer Festival events continue during the month friends hoMecoming October and of August in varying locations. @ November serve as the closing months of festivities, with the renown North Eleuthera Sailing Regatta and Homecoming during the Heroes Day holiday weekend, The Governor’s Harbour Homecoming at iconic Anchor Bay takes place during the first weekend in November, and Green Castle wraps up the nearly year-long season of Festivals in late November.

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Out N’ About at the Rock Sound Homecoming in April 2017 for this group of young ladies who like many others use the Easter Weekend to reconnect and come out to the homecoming site in the evening at the waterfront. 2017 saw hundreds gather for this festival which occurs at the same time as the two smaller homecomings in James’ Cistern and Lower Bogue. In this group are senior students and recent graduates. In the mix have been active on the track and in Junkanoo parades as well as other events for their South Eleuthera High School, Preston H. Albury High. Its a gathering of blossoming young ladies radiating beautiful Eleuthera smiles.

by the hundreds they are ferried or flown back, each one, if only for two or three days. it’s all a way of life that binds the ties.


Calendar 2017/18 International performing artist, Myra Maud lighting up the Levy Preserve stage.

2017 july 10th bahamas (Monday) independence (1973) Independence Flag flying, Fireworks, and varying celebrations across The Eleutheras.

homecomings The towns of The Bluff, Savannah Sound & Green Castle.

AUGUST 07th bay fests (Monday) (2 locations) Emancipation The seaside towns of Hatchet Bay and Tarpum Bay hold their annual Bay Fests over this holiday weekend. Both areas come alive with large numbers of locals returning and lots of energy in the air. The biggest celebrations occur on the weekend ending on the first Monday in the month.


Eleuthera - all that jazz The 5th annual Eleuthera… All That Jazz 2017 overtook Governor’s Harbour on the weekend of Wednesday, March 29th to Sunday, April 2nd, with a series of events that brought the soothing and swinging music of this year’s performers to beach fronts, fish fry, ocean fronts, historic churches and the signature Saturday evening concert under the pavilion of the Leon Levy Native Plant Preserve on the Banks Road. Capacity audiences were treated to fantastic performances, tapped off by renown headliner, Myra Maud with captivating mood, melody and spirit. The incredibly talented line-up included a number of Bahamian artists, including: vocalists, Anuschka Wright, Osana Neely and Eleutheran Brendalee Petty, as well as musicians; Kevin Dean, Tino Richardson, Lamont Gibson, and Adrian d’Aguilar and The Jazz Cats. International artists, included; Italian saxophonist, Tommaso Starace; composer, arranger, and pianist, Massimo Colombo, also of Italy; The Steve Koven trio, with artists, Steve Koven, Rob Clutton, and Anthony Michelli; along with Johnny Schutten, who also serves as the musical director for the Eleuthera… All That Jazz festival. Myra and other performers also took time out on Saturday morning, during the education segment of the Jazz festival weekend, to meet with

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october 9th (Monday) National Heroes Day

In 2016, The Cabinet of The Bahamas affixed the second Monday of October as the day to observe National Heroes Day.

regatta & Homecoming The North Eleuthera Sailing Regatta in Harbour Island is held in the week/weekend prior. The Wemyss Bight Homecoming in South Eleuthera is also held in the week/weekend prior.

dec. 25th (Monday) Christmas

Christmas Day Junkanoo

dec. 26th (Tuesday) Boxing Day

Boxing Day Junkanoo

The location rotates between participating settlements... More details can be found on closer to the date.... or:

Harbour Island - Home of the Friendly People

More Dates on P126

Bahamian saxaphonist, Tino Richardson performing solo at the Eleuthera...All That Jazz Festival 2017.

a myriad of young Eleutherans, from mainly the north and center of the island, introducing them to their favorite instruments as well as vocals and giving time for questions and interaction, bringing music to their ears and smiles to their faces. Founded and Chaired by Patricia Oakes Leigh-Wood, direct proceeds from this event supports the Haynes Library, while the wider impact supports others throughout the community. Eleuthera‌ All That Jazz 2018 is scheduled to take place from April 11th to April 15th. For more information, E-mail:, visit the Website: www. or reach out to the Haynes Library at 242-332-2877.


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Junkanoo a Thriving tradition

The spectacle Junkanoo - the foot stomping, heart pounding, drum beating, horn blowing, bell ringing, costumed dancing, explosion of colour and culture parade, is a thriving tradition throughout The Eleutheras. In December and January, there are now four full weekends of Junkanoo events. The colourful cultural parade competitions and showcases begin during the Christmas holiday weekend, with a Junkanoo parade hosted in various townships in Eleuthera. The culturama continues in Harbour Island, and as far south as Deep Creek during the New Year’s holiday weekend. The third weekend of Junkanoo comes again quickly, during the Majority Rule holiday weekend in early January, with Junkanoo groups converging on Governor’s Harbour, from townships across Eleuthera and Harbour Island.



The season culminates with the Eleuthera Junior Junkanoo competition, held during the final Saturday in January, where Primary and High Schools compete for bragging rights. Eleuthera schools also currently stand as the proud champions of the national Junior Junkanoo competition, in both the primary and high school divisions, which is held annually in New Providence during the second week in December.

The process The final Junkanoo parade product is the result of many weeks of preparation, creation, and practice. One arts teacher commented on the creative process and the community it encourages, saying, “It’s amazing! As a teacher, you are always looking for that thing that will pull people together, and get parents behind you, and what will get the businesses within a community involved and working with young people, and the glue here in the community in Eleuthera right now seems to be Junkanoo. “What happens in a Junkanoo shack is - you have different types of people, from all walks of life - it’s a classic story; they would never be in contact together, but you have a shared goal and a shared project. That feeling of togetherness, I think is what keeps bringing people on Eleuthera back to Junkanoo in their communities.” Although, the Christmas and New Year’s holidays have been the traditional season for Junkanoo, demand has grown for the spectacle, so many events throughout the year showcase different aspects of Junkanoo.

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The energy, and color and vibrancy of the Junkanoo parade within The Eleutheras are all seen here on the shining faces of young and older participants in the national tradition.

Junkanoo Faces


2018 January 10th (Wednesday) Majority Rule

Typically, in Eleuthera in January, the

Festival series have also extended Junk-

drum beating may not reverberate with

anoo events and performances beyond

the same force as it does with the adults,

end of year celebrations.

but the rhythm abounds, enthusiasm impresses and the evidence is everywhere,


that a new generation of Bahamian youth are eagerly taking forward a proud

Junior Junkanoo in some ways struggle

tradition, that in many ways, links to time

on the national stage, while locally it


continues to thrive.

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Majority rule day, junkanoo in governor’s harbour This event was held for the first time in 2016 and is expected to be even bigger in 2018. Event flyers will be posted online on closer to the date.

april 2nd (Monday) Easter

homecomings (3 locations)

May 18-21st (Monday) Whit Monday

palmetto point homecoming

May 31stjune 2nd

pineapple fest and deep creek conch fest Eleuthera’s pineapple

(Friday) Labour Day

Ministry of Tourism’s Junkanoo Summer

mark your calendar

Easter Sunday is sandwiched by the Good Friday and Easter Monday holidays and many returning locals and visitors are on island at this time of the year. The Town Homecomings for 2018 begin on this weekend, in the towns of Rock Sound, James’ Cistern & Lower Bogue. Rock Sound’s is the largest of the three.

Palmetto Point holds its homecoming in the week/weekend ending on Whit Monday.

themed events, held on the Labour Day weekend in Gregory Town, and the Deep Creek Conch Fest are hot ones on the calendar and attract locals and visitors alike.

July 10th bahamas 45th (Tuesday) independence Independence Townships throughout the island July 13-14th (Friday/Sat.) Fishermen’s Fest

hold celebratory and commemorative events. homecomings The towns of Bluff & Savannah Sound hold homecoming festivals on the closest weekend to the holiday

august 6th (Monday) Emancipation Day

Emancipation day bay fests (2 locations) The seaside towns of Hatchet Bay and Tarpum Bay hold their annual Bay Fests over this holiday weekend.

North Eleuthera dancer at the Eleuthera Junkanoo Parade held in Governor’s Harbour.


Afternoon stroll in Harbour Island while a child races to the surf, bucket in hand to build that first castle.

telephone #’s

Island Administrators


North Eleuthera

Police Contact Numbers

Harbour Island Spanish Wells Upper Bogue

(242) 333-2275 (242) 333-4054 (242) 335-1364

Central Eleuthera Governor’s Harbour (242) 332-2112/3

South Eleuthera Rock Sound

(242) 334-2034

Eleuthera Tourist Office Located opposite the Governor’s Harbour primary school, Queen’s Highway, Governor’s Harbour, Eleuthera. Tel (242) 332-2142 Fax 242) 332-2480

Harbour Island Tourist Office

hospitals - None

Dunmore Street Tel .....242) 333-2621 Fax .....(242) 333-2622


Banking / ATM’s First Caribbean Intl Bank Gov. Harbour - (242) 332-2300

Royal Bank of Canada Gov. Harbour - (242) 332-2856/8 Harbour Island - (242) 333-2250

Commonwealth Bank Spanish Wells - (242) 333-4131

Bank of the Bahamas Rock Sound - (242) 334-2620

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Head Quarters (GH....332-3500 Governor’s Harbour....332-2111 OR....332-2117 O/C Governor’s Harbour....332-2723 Gov.Harb. Airport Station....332-2323 Deep Creek Station....334-8207 Tarpum Bay Station....334-4033 Rock Sound Station....334-2244 Rock Sound Sgt. Office....334-2212 Rock Sound Airport Station....334-2052 Lower Bogue (Airport.)...335-1208 Harbour Island....333-2111 O/C Harbour Island....333-2327 Spanish Wells Station....333-4030 Gregory Town Station....335-5322 Hatchet Bay Station....335-0086

Governor’s Harbour Clinic ......(242) 332-2774 Doctor .....(242) 332-2020 The Levy Medical and Health Center was donated in 1963 by the Harrisville Company in honor of June and Austin T. Levy who started the Hatchet Bay Plantation. There is a resident Doctor and Dentist who are stationed in the Central Eleuthera district.

Rock Sound Clinic .....(242) 334-2226 Doctor .....(242) 334- 2226

Clinic .....(242) 333-2227 Doctor .....(242) 333-2225 The staff consists of a Doctor and Nurses. The Doctor is on call 24 hours, and is the District Medical Officer.

Spanish Wells Clinic ......(242) 333-4064

GETTING HERE: From Ft. Lauderdale or Miami Silver Airways US ..... (800) 231-0856 NE ..... 335-1278

American Eagle US .....1 (800) 433-7300 NE .....335-2055

From Nassau Southern Air Nas.....225-1117/225-1119/2014 GH.....332-3270; NE.....335-1720 BahamasAir Nas.......377-8451; GH ..... 332-2648 RS.....334-3000; NE.....335-1152 Pineapple Air Nas.......377-0140; GH ..... 332-3811 RS.....334-2125; NE.....335-2081 Bahamas Fast Ferries Nas.....323-2166



Cargo Boats from Nassau Eleuthera Express................... 3931064 Bahamas Daybreak..................335-1163 Current Pri de............................393-1064 Bahamas Fast Ferries Nas.....323-2166 GH.....332-2077; HI.....333-3133

Cargo Boats from US Seacor Shipping....................332-3066 Bimini Shipping..................305-634-8858

Customs Brokers Elite Customs BrokersGH‌.........332-3066 Paul Simmons Customs Brokers...332-2571

The Eleutheran Newspaper 1-242-422-9350

Pelicans often perch or fish in the harbours around the island. This beauty was photographed coming in for a landing in Governor’s Harbour on a sunny summer afternoon.

Harbour Island



Electricity - 120 volt, 60 cycle (same as the US and Canada).

Area - Districts: The Eleutheras is comprised of several islands with three islands having the vast majority of the population. There are a total of ~3,915 counted households on these islands: •

Mainland Eleuthera is 110 miles long and ~ 2 miles at its widest area. Pop. Census. 2010 is 8,202 people. (M4,058, F-4144, Households - 2718) • Harbour Island, the next largest, is 3 miles long and ½ mile wide. Pop. Census. 2010 is 1,762 people. (M-873 F-889 Households 597) • Spanish Wells on St. George’s Cay is ½ mile wide by 2 miles long. Pop. Est. 2010, is 1,551 people. (M-754 F-797 Households 600) • Current Island, just off the settlement of Current is home to approx. fifty (50) Eleutherans. • Eleuthera’s population changes very little over time because of a migration away from the island of young adults. The people of Harbour Island and Spanish Wells through commonage rights own large areas of land in mainland North Eleuthera. Beaches - See Contents Pages (6 & 8)

Eleuthera is a small part of an archipelagic country. It is not administered as a cohesive island, but rather as an amalgamation of Districts administered separately by appointed civil servants who serve as Administrators. Each report to the Minister of Local Government in New Providence who is also responsible for their appointment.

The transformed Bay Front of Governor’s Harbour, one indication of the growth taking place in and around the central island capital.

Business HOURS Most shops and businesses are open from 9am-5pm. Monday thru Saturday. Government offices are open Monday thru Friday. Several family owned and operated stores within towns may stay open until sundown or even later. Business (Sunday): Many food stores are open for a few hours on Sunday - usually until around 10am. Keep in mind that many gasoline service stations are closed on Sundays, though for the few reduced opening hours, service stations attached to stores may also open their gas pumps. Capital The ‘capital’ of Eleuthera is Governor’s Harbour. The town is home to most government offices and offices of several national companies. The Superintendent of Police in Eleuthera (Officer in Charge of Police in Eleuthera) is also based in Governor’s Harbour. Other centers Rock Sound is the center of commerce and local government for South Eleuthera. It has the office of the Administrator of South Eleuthera. Spanish Wells & Harbour Island are relatively densely populated islands with thriving businesses and a common locally based Administrator.

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Climate Type: Subtropical maritime. Seasons: Summer (or wet season) which is from May thru September and Winter (or dry season) which is from October thru April. The remnants of North American cold fronts bring comfortably cool weather during the winter months with generally no experiences of frost, snow, sleet nor extreme temperatures. Seldom will temperatures fall below 60oF and they will often reach as high as 75oF during this time of the year. In summer the warm temperatures seldom go above 90oF and may fall to 78­oF or lower at night. Humidity is typically fairly high (Average ~ 65%) . Summer rains enrich the green colour in the natural vegetation, leads to a plethora of flowers in island gardens and by extension insect repellent comes in fairly handy just before and after sunset. Hurricanes: The Atlantic hurricane season runs from June 1st to November 30th. In 2017, Eleuthera was generally spared from the ravages of several extremely strong hurricanes, including Irma and Maria which wreaked havoc throughout the Caribbean. Driving RIGHT IS WRONG! This cannot be emphasised too

much. Drive on the left side of the road. For tourists, a ‘home’ driver’s license is good for up to three months. Rent a car and drive safely on the left. Streets linking towns are dark at night and there are many twists and turns. Drive Carefully! Getting Here - by Air There are several airlines which service the Eleutheras via the three airports in North, Central and South. Bahamasair, Southern Air and Pineapple Air offer regular competing daily service to and from Nassau. Bahama Hoppers with their private terminal at North Eleuthera airport, offers Air Charters throughout The Bahamas, Turks & Caicos and the Dominican Republic. North Eleuthera airport receives the most flights from the United States directly. Government Prior to independence in 1973, The Commonwealth of The Bahamas was a British Colony. To this date, The Bahamas remains a member of the Commonwealth and also holds membership in several international bodies, including the United Nations and Organization of American States. The political system is based on the British parliamentary system. The Parliament comprises the House of Assembly and the Sen-

helpful tidbits ate. Members of the House are elected directly every five years (Last Election - May 2017). The members of the Senate are appointed by the Governor General. The Prime Minister proposes the majority of the Senators, the Opposition Leader proposes 1/4 of the Members, and the remaining (1/3 of the number the Prime Minister proposes) members are appointed on the advice of the Prime Minister after consultation with the Leader of the Opposition. The Prime Minister is the head of the Executive Branch of Government and heads a Cabinet of minimum 8 other ministers, one being the Attorney General. The Family Islands’ Local government districts elect councils for town planning, dump site management and maintaining government buildings. Current Leaders • Governor General Dame Marguerite Pindling replaced Sir Arthur Foulkes (summer 2014) • Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Dr. Hubert A. Minnis of the Free National Movement. Opposition Leader: Hon. • Philip Davis of the Progressive Liberal Party. Gratuities - Customarily, gratuities or tips are paid to hospitality industry personnel who render good service. The accepted norm is 15 per cent of the total cost of services. Some establishments add gratuity to the final bill. Health Services Nurses, area doctors and volunteer emergency personnel are on the front line of health care on the island. Closest Hospitals: • Public: Princess Margaret Hospital in Nassau. • Private: Doctor’s Hospital in Nassau. • Flying to Nassau takes about 20 min, and up-front payment is often necessary for airlift. There are government clinics in most townships which are open from 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. The district doctor is on call to handle emergencies only. Clinics are not equipped to handle serious emergencies, which are sent into Nassau. There are several ambulances on the island. Dial 919 for emergency situations. People All colors, friendly, & resourceful.

Population (2010 estimates of people) 8,202 - Eleuthera 1,762 - Harbour Island. 1,551 - Spanish Wells. Postal Services Each township has a post office to transact mail services. Radio, TV & Tel. There are 17+ radio stations in the Bahamas. Most are FM stations. ZNS-104.5 FM, and 1540 AM are the national stations managed by the Bahamas Broadcasting Corporation. SPLASH FM - 92.5 is one of the local stations located in Spanish Wells. Cable TV, Internet, and Telecommunications services are modern. A new mobile carrier (ALIV) was introduced in 2016, as a competitor to BTC. Topography - Eleuthera is long and narrow with several rolling hills. The highest point is 168 feet in Gregory Town. Money & Banking • The Bahamian dollar is pegged to the US dollar on a 1:1 basis. Value Added Tax of 7.5% now • applies to the purchase price of goods and services. See the Gov. website or an administrator’s office, for more info on exemptions or reimbursements. Language ENGLISH is spoken by the vast majority of people. Creole is spoken by the Haitian and Haitian-Bahamian population, present in just about all settlements on the island. Transportation Renting a car is your best option if a car does not accompany the accommodation of choice. Taxis are found at all airports and can take you to your destination and often assist with your rental. Ferry services connect Spanish Wells and Harbour Island to the main land. Biking is another option, however, especially in Central Eleuthera, the rolling hills are demanding for the average rider - also bear in mind that the island is 110 miles long. Time - Spring Forward & Fall Back. Our islands are on the same time clock as the eastern US. We observe Eastern Standard and Daylight Saving times. Day Light Saving period runs from the second Sunday in March to the second Sunday in November.

Lionfish Flair: Innovative, beautiful, island made jewelry & accessories thanks to Lionfish and other natural resources available in Rock Sound. 1- (242) - 334-2860

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The Eleutheran Magazine 2018 (winter) - Harbour Island, Eleuthera, Spanish Wells  

2018 Winter Issue highlights Activity, Sights, Beaches, Governor's Harbour, Harbour Island, Spanish Wells - updated Restaurants, Shopping, R...

The Eleutheran Magazine 2018 (winter) - Harbour Island, Eleuthera, Spanish Wells  

2018 Winter Issue highlights Activity, Sights, Beaches, Governor's Harbour, Harbour Island, Spanish Wells - updated Restaurants, Shopping, R...

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