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!"#$%&'(&#"("#")*"&! ('#& !+"& ,--'.)!$")!& '(& /0,1.(."2& ,)2& "3-"#.")*"2& %"#4.*"& -#'4.2"#%& ('#& -0#*+,%.)5&'(&6011%&7&-#"5),)!&+".("#%& ASGISA Eastern Cape (ASGISA-EC) is a Special Purpose Vehicle established by the Eastern Cape Provincial Government to facilitate the development and implementation of High Impact Priority Programmes (HIPPs) in the province initially focusing in the Umzimvubu Development Zone (Umzimvubu Catchment). Amongst others, agriculture and agro-processing is one of the HIPPs identified by the Eastern Cape Provincial Government. One of the targets is to the commercial development of 1 million large livestock units linked to value chain processing. As part of this programme and in partnership with the Chris Hani District Municipality and the National Development Agency (NDA) 1 300 livestock units have been sourced for the Sakhisizwe LRAD farms. The overall target of the programme is to support ±150 farms and ensure the management of 12 000 livestock unit. AsgiSA wants to purchase approximately120 bulls and pregnant heifers for the Sakhisizwe Beef program and a proposal is requested from potential Livestock Agents with proven expertise and has financial muscle to assist with supply of the bulls and pregnant heifers within a shortest possible time. In developing the proposal the service provider should put emphasizes on the following:  Explain the process of purchase of the cattle  Delivery of the bulls  BBBEE status  Commission structure, if any  Any future role on the program envisaged

Quotations should include: details of the entity, relevant capability & experience, a proposed methodology and approach, resource availability to complete the exercise within a reasonable time. Evaluation Criteria Evaluation of the bids or proposals shall be done as per the table. Proposals will be evaluated by a Project Steering Committee of AsgiSA-EC. Category Weight Methodology and Functionality 40 Relevant experience, qualifications and competence of the 30 personnel proposed to provide the service HDI Status 20 Price 10 Total 100 Important Conditions for this assignment • All prices shall be quoted in South African currency. All companies requested to quote must have updated registration documents for the ASGISA-EC vendor database. • Failure to supply all the supplementary information may result in the quotation being an incomplete quotation and may not be considered for an award. • An original and valid tax clearance certificate from SARS must be attached. • Penalties will be imposed in respect of late completion of the works as defined in the final contract. • All quotations will hold good for 30 days after the closing date. • The lowest or only quotation will not necessarily be accepted and no reason will be given for the rejection thereof. • Bidders are required to indicate a price based on the total estimated cost for completion of all phases and including all expenses (inclusive of VAT at 14%) for the project. • ASGISA-EC reserves the right to adjust the number of hours/days and the ceiling price allocated for budgeting purposes. • The attached declaration of interest form must be completed and submitted with the proposal.

All proposals clearly marked ASGISA-EC Sakhisizwe Livestock Project, must be submitted to ASGISA-EC offices at: Unit 2 Arundel Crescent, Sterling, East London by 12:00 on Friday, 27 August 2010. Proposals submitted in electronic format, by fax or after the closing date will not be considered.

For more details and enquiries please contact Mr. Mathemba Mapuma at 071 605 8760 email: (Disclaimer: ASGISA-EC reserves the right not to accept any proposal).