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Request for Proposals Implementation of Grain Silos: Reference No: AsgiSA-EC 37/10 ASGISA-EC, hereby invites qualified and experienced professional service providers to submit proposals for the Refurbishment of existing Butterworth Corrugated Steel Silos and related infrastructure requirements for proper completion of the project. One of the challenges that impact heavily on the programme currently is the unavailability of storage facilities (i.e. Silos) to ensure that maize is kept and released in stages to the market, thereby increasing profitability and efficiency levels. As part of its growth and development strategy ASGISA-EC has identified the existing state infrastructure as posing a risk in the attainment of its development agenda; specifically retaining and attracting new investments, expanding the economic base, developing the existing infrastructure and revenue generation as identified rural development nodes. Revenue generation is identified as the main reason for embarking on this exercise. Compulsory Inspection: A compulsory briefing session will take place at Butterworth Silo Complex, Claymore Road, on 8th October 2010 starting at 10h00 after which a site inspection will be undertaken. Evaluation criteria: The 80/20 preferential point system as per PPPFA and associated Regulations will be applicable in the evaluation of submissions. The closing time and date for the receipt of bids is 11:00 on 21stOctober 2010. Important conditions to prospective bidders: The following information must be submitted with the proposals: •

Detailed capability statement

Similar previous work undertaken, proposed project team, BBBEE status ,their CV’s and proof of professional registration with Engineering Council of South Africa(ECSA)

A valid original TAX clearance certificate from SARS

A certified copy of company registration certificate with CIPRO

All proposals submitted should remain valid for 90 days after the closing date. Responses to this RFP must be sealed and deposited in the tender box located at the reception area of AsgiSA-EC Offices, Arundel Park, Unit 2 & 3A, 12 and 14 Old Transkei Road, Stirling, East London, 5247. Proposals submitted electronically, by fax or after the closing date will not be accepted.

Terms of Reference for the above invitation of proposals are obtainable from AsgiSA-EC website ( or at our offices during business hours. All technical enquiries may be directed to: Mr X. Ntshokoma, Manager Infrastructure Tel: 043 735 1673 Email:

TERMS OF REFERENCE SCOPE OF WORKS The successful Bidder will provide and undertake services in the execution and achievement of the following objectives: •

The refurbishment of the existing 6000 tons Butterworth Corrugated steel silos, Butterworth

Rehabilitation of Internal Roads

Re-installation of Power Supply

Re-installation of Water and Sewer reticulation

Bagging Facilities

Weigh Bridge unit

Refurbishment of existing storage shed and

Other associated work required for proper completion of the project

PROJECT EXECUTION PLAN The Project Execution Plan outlines the objectives, processes and strategies that will be employed by the parties managing the project to execute the works and also establish a framework to ensure that the project expectations and key performance indicators are met.


Overall responsibility for delivery of the project and agreed project outcomes

Provide leadership and direction

Manage all aspects of the project in accordance with agreed delivery criteria, policies, management plans and constraints

Assume the role of Owner’s Agent for administering contracts

Conduct regular report on project progress and review meetings with the project team

DESCRIPTION OF THE SITE The site is located at Tanda Industrial Area, Butterworth (see attached Addendum A). The access to the site will be from the main road of Msobomvu Township (as per attached Addendum B)

TECHNICAL PROPOSAL The Technical Proposal will be composed of the following: COMPANY PROFILE •

Office details: location(s); staff compliment(s); Tools and equipment (both hardware and software) etc

Formal Company/firm details, include the major legalities

Experience in undertaking Projects of a similar nature

Applicable and relevant experience


It is a requirement that the qualified and experienced Engineering Consultant shall have a Staff Organogram that will be based on the following main posts. Appropriately detailed CV’s of the first two will be one of the pre-requisites of this Bid.

Team Leader •

The Team Leader for this Engineering Consultancy Project should be a Qualified, registered and of +10 years experience in works of a similar nature. This person will be the overall head/signatory and will be liable for the whole project.

Project Manager/Engineer •

The Project Manager shall be a Registered Engineer with a minimum of 15 years experience on consultancy works of a similar nature. This staff member will be responsible for the actual site implementation of the contract. He will be responsible for the communication/liaison with the client and interpretation of all work ethics on site.


Approach to Project

Goals and Objectives

Proposed Methodology and Process for the execution of the Assignment

PROGRAMME The Programme to include the following items: •

Staff Involvement and Time Input

Document Submissions


FINANCIAL PROPOSAL THE TIME BASED FEE-REPORT STAGE The pricing of the Financial Proposals will be based on Estimated Staff Time Input on each identified Programme Activity and the Rate of Cost per unit time as per ECSA Guidelines. EVALUATION OF THE TECHNICAL PROPOSALS The evaluation shall be undertaken by tender evaluation committee in accordance with the PPPFA, its Regulations and Asgisa-EC Supply Chain Management Requirements. It shall be in accordance with the following technical evaluation criteria and maximum scores in respect of the said criteria, i.e.

FINAL SELECTION The final Selection will entail weighting the technical proposal and the Financial Proposal in the proportions of 80% and 20% respectively, as per PPPFA and associated Regulations. Category Methodology and Functionality Relevant experience, qualifications and competence of the personnel proposed to provide the service Points for HDI Race

Weight 25 20 10





Price Total

35 100

Implementation Schedule: The appointed service provider is required to complete the work within 4 weeks (22 working days) from the date of appointment. Important Conditions • • • • • • • •

All prices shall be quoted in South African currency. All service providers requested to quote must have updated registration documents for the ASGISA-EC vendor database. Failure to supply all the supplementary information may result in the quotation being an incomplete quotation and may not be considered for an award. All quotations will hold good for 90 days after the tender closing date. The lowest or only quotation will not necessarily be accepted and no reason will be given for the rejection thereof. Only the quotation that is accepted will receive written notice of the decision. ASGISA-EC reserves the right to adjust the number of hours/days and the ceiling price allocated for budgeting purposes. An original and valid tax clearance certificate from SARS must be attached. The attached declaration form must be submitted with the proposal. Proposals submitted in an electronic format, by fax or after the closing date will not be accepted.

Contacts • Quotes clearly marked “ REFURBISHMENT OF BUTTERWORTH SILOS” to be hand delivered to the ASGISA-EC offices for the attention of the Supply Chain Manager to the address mentioned below:-

Arundel Park, Unit 2 & 3A, Old Transkei Road, Stirling, East London 5247. •

All technical enquiries relating to this request for quotations to be directed to Mr. X. Ntshokoma (e-mail: or Tel: 043 735 1673.

Closing Date

All proposals must be submitted by Thursday, 21st October 2010, at 11h00. PLEASE NOTE: Failure to provide adequate information or to adhere to the Terms of Reference of this quote may result in disqualification.


Butterworth Silo Layout Plan


Direction to Butterworth Silos

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