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“As part of [Sign Language], it’s cool to see other people feel accomplished when they learn something new. Through the class and club, I’ve gotten to a point where I can have a basic conversation with a deaf person. Just like anyone, they appreciate that I attempt to communicate with them.”

Rachel Gangwere 12

EAST TO WEST Left: Rehearsing in the new dance room, juniors Andrea Wickstrom and Emma Schultz learn the West Coast Swing. “West Coast is the more difficult type of swing, East Coast being the other,” Foster said. “It’s fun to put all of my swing skills together and feel how it works.” Photo by Nicole Luby. STRUT YOUR STUFF Right: Smiling for a runway photographer, junior Polly Mytinger shows off her best ‘model behavior,’ while accentuating the details of the outfit she models designed by her friend, junior Emily Collins. “I was thinking ‘Wow, this guy knows a lot about real shows and he sees our show as something worth shooting,’ ” Mytinger said. “His ideas make me more excited for next year and how the show can get better.” Photo by Anna Petrow.

260 Clubs

LOVE FOR THE LANGUAGE Above: During a Sign Language Club meeting, senior Rachel Gangwere makes the international sign of ‘I love you.’ “Both the class and the club are being cancelled,” Gangwere said. “Not enough people have time to take and study for a class that gives no language credit, but it’s important enough for some people to give that time, and we use that signing to tell each other how much our love for the language connects us.” Photo by Mackenzie Wylie. SAVE A LIFE Left: Sitting at the check-in table at the Blood Drive on Feb. 25, junior Mackenzie Burroff plays with Dr. Blood, as junior Olivia Lynch wears the Miss Blood Drop costume. “We greeted everyone and comforted them when they were donating,” Mackenzie said. “I think our attitude helped them relax.” Photo by Lauren Bleakley.

Clubs Division 261

FOOTBALL Right: (Left to Right) First row: Peter Winkler, Darian Wilson, Andy Robinson, Bennett Wendlandt, Bucky Kessinger, Max Braasch, Jacob Fritts, Max Werner, Connor Richardson, Gavin Jorns. Second row: Patrick Blackburn, Shane Parcels, Max Kurlbaum, Ernesto Peralta, Michael Mansfield, Daniel Dominguez, Donald Gentry, Patrick Krisman, Jack Longan, Thomas Petrie, Connor McGannon, Nick Kraske, Jon Klassen. Third row: Coach Young, Logan Boudreaux, Connor Relihan, Devin Burton, Michael Kennedy, Samuel Stewart, Bennett Uhl, David Stewart, Jesse Willeford, Ben Sight, Will Cray, Liam Murphy, Troy Wilkins, Coach Anderson. Fourth row: Coach Funk, Will Short, Nick Mason, Chase Glaeser, Nick Pirotte, Billy Sutherland, Vance Wentz, Mitch Sauls, David Sosna, Jake Newton, Parker Johnson, Coach Higgins-.­

Football players try to set records and accomplish goals with their new coach Chip Sherman.


FULL STRETCH Below: Stretching out his hamstrings, senior Beck Johnson warms up before the varsity game against SM Northwest. “It’s always good to get stretched out for football,” Johnson said. “The more you stretch [before a game], the easier and faster it is to run.” Photo by Mackenzie Wylie.

SOPHOMORE VARSITY Right: (Left to Right) First row: Nathan McCloud, Adam Lowe, Michael Stonebarger, Cooper Hylton, Droste Milledge, Jesus Olivarez, Jack Haverty, Zach Jacobson, Will Webber, Kyle Braddock. Second row: Isaac Hendry, Eric Sieck, Logan Rose, Chris Pinne, Brooks Tate, William Geddes, Corbin Barnds, Seth Hartman, Reed Slaughter, Alex Beahm. Third row: Coach Dalton, Patrick Frazell, Connor Carollo, Kurt Jensen, Jay Dunkard, Jack Sayler, Dylan Brett, Sam Henegar, Brady Forbes, Charlie Belks, Austin English, Jake Libeer. Fourth row: Michael Gentry, Keagan Jacobs, Clayton Welsh, Adam Brownlee, Tyler Nelson, Elliot Faerber, Sam Gilman, Christian Wiles, Trent Richardson, Blaine Hill, Coach McGrain.­



About Football

ACCOMPLISHMENTS: State Playoffs and District Runner-ups

AWARDS: 2nd Team: Gabe Miller, Kevin Hertel and Jake Fleming Honorable Mention: Stewart Jensen, Josh Mais, George Brophy and Grant Ellis

Above: (Left to Right) First row: Coach Dalton, Jay Rios, Joe Barahona, Collin Carter, Ryan Olander, Jake Fleming, Tommy Rappold, Brooks Anthony, Brandon Burch, Peter Uhl, Cody Rutledge, Coach Sherman. Second row: Coach Dalton, Jesse Lavender, Spencer Hunzeker, Stewart Jensen,Tom Yeast, Beck Johnson, Andy Yeast, Alex Carver, Kris Hertel, David Owens, Krey Bradley, Jack O’Brien.Third row: Coach McGrain, Will Severns, Alex Pirotte, Riley Hoffman, Tyler Woltemath, Teddy Fields, Sam Fisher, Rocky Hill, John Mais, Jackson Brett, Grant Ellis, Kevin Hertel, Jake Gifford, Coach Ufford. Fourth row: Coach Martin, Brett Miller, Gabe Miller, Robby Moriarty, John Schrock, George Brophy, Brennan Burns, Sean Cameron, Grant Halderman, Cap Welsh, Jack Harrigan, Kirk Doerr, Coach Filbeck.­ ON THE RUN Above: Sprinting up a hill, junior Krey Bradley and the varsity football team train for the upcoming football season. “[Training ] is important because it helps to build up strength and stamina,” Bradley said. “We did a combination of weight lifting and foot speed to train.” Photo by Danielle Norton.

262 Clubs

TD! Above: During the varsity game against SM South, junior Josh Mais and seniors Jake Fleming and Kevin Hertel celebrate a touchdown. “It takes many plays and a lot of teamwork to score,” Mais said. “It takes every person on the field to score, and if one person messes up, the whole team messes up.” Photo by Anna Petrow.

09/ 03/09

09/ 10/09

09/ 17/09



10/ 09/09

10/ 16/09

10/ 23/09

10/ 29/09

11/ 06/09

Olathe NW 24 East 07

Lawrence Free State 29 East 10

SM South 24 East 21

East 28 Lawrence 07

East 38 Leavenworth 0

Olathe South 34 East 31

East 31 SM North 24

East 21 SM Northwest 14

East 13 SM West 14

Olathe North 34 East 14

Clubs 263

09/ 03/09


Olathe North 00 East 02 Blue Valley NW 00 East 02

Olathe East 00 East 02 Leavenworth 00 East 02 SM Northwest 00 East 02

09/12/09 Park Hill 00 East Lee’s Summit 00 Bishop Miege 02 Lee’s Summit 02


02 East 02 East 01 East 00





SM West 00 East 02 SM North 00 East 02 Blue Valley West 00 East 02

Lawrence Free State 00 East 02 Olathe NW 01 East 02 Blue Valley North 02 East 01

Olathe South 00 East 02 SM South 00 East 02 Blue Valley North 02 East 00

Lawrence 02 East 00 Blue Valley 00 East 02 O’Hara 02 East 00 St. Thomas Aquinas 03 East 00 Bishop Carroll 00 East 02 SM Northwest 00 East 02 Olathe North 00 East 02 St. James Academy 02 East 00 Blue Springs South 00 East 02 Veritas 00 East 02 Lawrence 00 East 02 Shawnee Heights 00 East 02 Lee’s Summit West 02 East 00

Volleyball players work hard during the summer to become the undefeated Sunflower League Champs.






10/24/09 SM South 00 East 02 Blue Valley North 02 East 01

A RELAXING RUN Below: Running with her friends, freshman Anna Colby warms up for one of the first Cross Country meets. “Practice is so much more relaxed than the actual meet,” Colby said. “ After sitting in a classroom all day, it’s nice to get outside and stretch my legs and talk with my friends.” Photo by Anna Petrow.


About Cross Country


HIGHLIGHTS: The team gave a signed football to the coaches after being caught playing mud football on one rainy day.

AWARDS: Scott Watson, Charlie Hotchkiss and Spencer Andreson won the “Bad Boy” Award Sam Logan and Harper Coulson won the “Cut-Off Jean Shorts” Award

Above: (Left to Right) First row: Jocelyn Worner, Gracie Tapp, Jennifer Sima. Second row: Kelsey Scott, Anna Sheridan, Rae Ehly, Dani Mader, Alex Hilliard, Emily Cooney, Wanda Simchuk.


Above: (Left to Right) First row: Camille Goehausen, Ashley Allegri, Marlena Smith, Grace Dominique, Taylor Steen. Second row: Elise Kuklenski, Meghan Dickinson, Gayle Stonebarger, Emily Fuson, Audrey Hitchcock, Coach Lenth.

Above: (Left to Right) First row: Libby Eggleston,Tracy Woltemath, Anna Danciger, Katherine Higdon. Second row: Elizabeth Arnold, Abby Schwartze, Anne Recker, Sarah Johnston,Tabor Jorns, Coach Ogilvie.


Above: (Left to Right) First row: Taylor Wolf, Haley Hansford, Lauren King, Leyann Dahlgren, Monica Talavera. Second row: Coach Lenth, Alex Dahlgren, Kareen Schwartze, Logan Weckbaugh, Julie Aliber, Lindsey Sauls, Coach Dowis.

Above: (Left to Right) First row: Sydney Griswald, Caroline Creidenberg, Anna Frame, Henry Lebard, Ali Felman, Kiki Sykes, Haley Martin, Emily Bates, Lauren Alvey, Addie Anthony, Jeri Freirich, Lucy Lehoczky, Vanessa Daves. Second row: Taylor Thompson, Holly Martin, Emily Sneed, Sarah Sedorcek, Laura Rankin, Claire Tracy, Jessie Sykes, Abbie Symes, Calvin Handy, Jackson Dalton, Lydia Shackelford, Philip Bever, Toni Toni Aguiar, Hannah Satterlee, Natalie Barnes, Kayla Koenig, Lindsay Rooker, Maddie Cardell. Third row: Seth Ortiz, Katie Sharp, Betsy Blessen, Molly Kurtz, Holly Lafferty, Abby Moore, Heather Athon, Haley Fosnaugh-Biersmith, Claire Freeman, Megan Sullivan, Mariah Morley, Annie Haynes, Emily Halter, Cara Shaw, Casey Schmidt, Morgan Christian, Kelsey Kost, Amy Cosgrove, Jaret Halberstadt. Fourth row: Hudson Peters, Christa McKittrick, Katie Fay, Anna Colby, John Paul Rowe, Damaris Tuerk, Rachel Rankin, Rhonda Anzawi, Henry Foster, Lois Wetzel, Katie Crawford, Lilli Stalder, Sean Cedillo, Abby Tierney, Sandra Schaller, Joe Deng, Joe Bahr, Erin Reilly, Tara Raghuveer, Whitaker Sherk. Fifth row: Grace Fritts, Grace Cantril, Molly Halter, Jake Belzer, Andrew McWard, Morgan Satterlee, Audrey DiCarlo, Emma Fritts, Maddy Bailey, Alyx Delgado, Rachel Kaskie, Katy Richardson, Madison Haverty, Kelsey O’Rourke, Cassie Sterbenz, Meghan Spivak, Ian Hanmon, Riley Hunter, Jenna Engelken, Emily Mayfield, Emily Kerr. Sixth row: Hannah Roste, Kirsten Clark, Graham Walter, Roberto Sado, Charlie Crossette, Mark Harken, Jason Sabin, Tucker Clark, Griffin Clark, Kennedy Grimes, Emma Van Buskirk, Sam Tulp, Patrick Simmons, Andrew Doerflinger, Beth Liu, Anna Minkler, Nick Carothers, Maddy Rich, Caroline Doerr, Betsey Dee. Seventh row: Paige Kovarik, Jake Lybarger, Will Penner, David Towster, Joe Newman, Emily Bitti, Tyler Germann, Henry Hoffman, John Lee, Amy Franklin, Josh Cook, Andrew Herst, Grant Kendall, Joe Lewis, Megan Metz, Dale Smith, Scott Cantril, Jordan Dietrich, Sheaffer Hoefgen, Christiana Reene. Eighth row: Ian Wiseman, Allison Burton, Alex Ho, Lawrence Weigel, Jordan Herring, Samantha Bartow, Reid Frye, Evan Nichols, Grant Reber, Grant Stauffer, Harrison Clark, Sarah Griffith, Hanna Jane Stradinger, Leah Chesbrough, Joel Anderson, Nathan Are, Drew Rusten, Alex Keller, David Zeiger, Charles Hotchkiss. Ninth row: Jakob Yedo, Alex Kaplan, Nicholas Wassmer, Samuel Rowe, Bryan Morrison, Mason Bur, Jack Howland, John Opsahl, Sam Hattaway, Will Carey, Ian Kaiser, Thomas Read, Graham Redelsheimer, Jake McCoy, Max Hofmeister, Kalvin Murphy, Sam Logan, Kevin Simpson, Austin Lage, Tony McGregor. Tenth row: Burke Smith, David Hill, Matt Gannon, Spencer Andresen, David Beeder, Scott Watson, Nash Reimes, Emily Hofmeister, Andrew Fischer, Teddy Lang, John Troup, Harper Coulson, Jake McCoy, Caroline Miller, Blake Hill, Andrew Arnold, Jay Lehoczky, Mitch Daniel, Zach Clements, Kevin Ash. Eleventh row: Coach Pennington, Coach Beaham, Coach Chaffee.


Cross Country runners work together to improve their times each meet.

Clubs 265


With the addition of a dance room, Lady Lancer Dancers enjoy a new and better environment.

JUNIOR VARSITY BELOW: (Left to Right) First row: Caelan Dolan, Katie Cox, Kellie Johnson, Kaitlin Morgan, Lily Kaufman, Missy Linville. Second row: Abigail Heying, Ashley Olson, Britney Hinote, Grace Cantril, Helen Petrow, Sarah Cook.Third row: Liz Gray, Emma Meara, Ellie McClenny, Hannah Smith, Meghan Spivak, Sophia Hitchcock.

FRESHMAN Left: (Left to Right) First row: Sydney Edmisten, Isabella Weindling, Jayden Robert, Morgan Bush, Lexi Belzer. Second row: Paige Hess, Lacey Gasaway, Sarah Colburn, Lindsey Grimm, Maddie Connelly, Talyor Steen. Third Row: Tori Davis, Grace DeGoler, Emma Robson, Madi Bradley, Carrie Decker, MacKenzie Bridgesm Addie Hotchkiss.

SOPHOMORE VARSITY BELOW: (Left to Right) First row: Margaret Peterson, Maddie Sullivan,Taylor Runion, Elizabeth Rodgers, Julie Chalfant, Emily Welter. Second row: Allie Fields, Caroline Doerr, Ashley Johnson, Keelia Corcoran, Haley Stewart, Rachel Duvall. Third row: Alexandra Ferlas, Kirsten Clark, Kaitlyn Pattison, Annie Bennett, Gillian Long, Megan Nass.

FAST FACTS About Drill Team

ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Overall highest GPA of any varsity team


Top Honors for Soloists: Megan Nass, Margaret Peterson and Elizabeth Rodgers Top Honors for Duets: Margaret Peterson and Elizabeth Rodgers

ROCKIN’ IT Far Above: Dancing with her teammates at ‘Cool School,’ sophomore Sarah Cook shows off her hip-hop moves while dancing to the song, ‘Imma Be,’ by the Black Eyed Peas. “I liked wearing the baggy sweatpants and sneakers for this dance because it makes it easier to dance in,” Cook said. “It is fun to hit each dance move on the beat and get into the dance.” Photo by Anna Petrow. DANCING MACHINE Above: During the Senior Night for wrestling, junior Emily Welter performs a pom dance for the parents. “For pom [dances], everything has to be so precise,” Welter said. “It can be pretty nerve-racking to make sure that you keep up with the steps.” Photo by Nicole Luby.

SPIRIT SHOWDOWN Below: Near the end of KCTV5’s ‘Cool School’ event, junior Lauren Fischer and other cheerleaders play “Knockout” against the drill team. “It was really fun to play against each other,” Fischer said.“We actually didn’t get to play for very long and didn’t end up finishing the game because we ran out of time.” Photo by Anna Petrow.



Left: (Left to Right) First row: Jill Saxon, Devery North, Chandler Pruneau, Emily Tuttle, Elizabeth Mergen. Second row: Maddie Collins, Mollie Cooper, Caroline Savage, Paige Kovarik, Emily Frye, Carolyn Wolff.

“I would say basketball, because you’re more involved in it since you’re closer to the game and the stands. Basketball is a faster paced game, so you can do more cheers and get into it.”

Jennifer Gray 11 “My favorite sport to cheer at is probably football, because there are so many fans, and there’s a lot of school spirit. I really like the crowd involvement cheers that we do.”

Mackenzie Nesselhuf 10



Above: (Left to Right) First row: Lydia Shackelford, Bailey Borgmier, Jennifer Gray, Mikaila Gicinto, Marissa Horwitz, Emma Marston. Second row: Allie Hunter, Kendall Kohnle, Makenzie Nesselhuf, Samantha Bartow, Shayla Parcels, Lanie Leek, Elizabeth McCormick.

Above: (Left to Right) First row: Cate Birkenmeier, Margaret Brill, Lauren Fischer, Becca Clay, Ellie Kessinger, Lindy Blackman. Second row: Kristen Fischer, Heather Nelson, Dara Slemp, Maygan White, Ashley Adams, Hannah Mallen. Third row: Mimi Fotopoulos, Mary Kate McCandless, Olivia Harlan, Lauren Newell, Sarah Hemer, Mary Galvin, Abigail Leek.


Cheerleaders share their favorite sport to cheer at during the year.

For the first year, East’s cheerleaders wake up early for morning practices.

Clubs 267




BV North 03 East 00 SM West 01 East 00

SMSouth 06 East01












SM North 00 East 03

Olathe North 00 East 01

SM West 01 East 01

OlatheSouth 03 East 01

Leavenworth 00 East 05

SMNW 01 East 00

Lawrence 00 East 02

Olathe NW 00 East 01

BVNW 03 East 02

LawrenceFreeState 03 East 02

BV West 03 East 04


With 15 new players, the boys’ soccer team works to find their rhythm during the season.





ABOVE: (Left to Right) First row: Garrett Raibble, Jake Seitz, Josh Winter, Jack Rooker, Cole Harrison. Second row: John Dods, Connor Woodson, Jake Little David Katz, Drake Bowers, Louis Ridgeway.Third row: Brendan Kennedy, Max Blanchard, Aidan Robbins, Morgan Denton, Sam Stevens, Drew Surface, Rhys Raglow, Coach Kelly. Not pictured: Jack Sernett.

Senior Collin Carter hit a double in the first three games.

ABOVE: (Left to Right) First row: Jacob Lanan, Luke Rice, Andrew Manalo, Sam Bihuniak,Tommy McGillicuddy. Second row: Takanori Sawaguchi, Andrew, Gonzalez, Sean Luez, Luke Faulconer, Chris Watkins, Geordy Williams, Ricky Abros, G.J. Melia. Third row: Coach Cole, Will Humphrey, Collin Jones, Christian Romero, Max Hofmeister,Tucker Styrkowicz, Carter Olander, Adam Lynch. Not pictured: Mark Troseter.



Junior Dylan Becker hit a home run in the first game.

ABOVE: (Left to Right) First row: Noah Bertholf, Kurt Jensen, Dylan Brett, Austin Lage, Billy Kirkpatrick, Brady Forbes, Chris Pinne. Second row: Matt Johnston, Jackson Brett, Brennan Burns, Vance Wentz, Johnny Sheahan, David Owens, Tim Ahern. Third row: Zach Amrein, Collin Carter, Krey Bradley, Anthony Scott, Jackson Harter, Stewart Jensen, Jacob McGillicuddy, Coach Jared Anderson. Fourth row: Coach Jeremy Higgins, Scott Kennedy, Teddy Fields, Gabe Miller, Alex Cox, Stefan Weinrich, Dylan Becker, Coach Jerrod Ryherd. Not pictured: Will Severns


ABOVE: (Left to Right) First row: Matt Terry, Loren Jamieson, Clint Dunn, Spencer Jarrold, Zane Hath. Second row: Duncan Gibb, Bryce McClanahan, Nathan Ross, Robet Enders, Preston Norman, Dan Colebank, Hank Tamblyn, Jack Esberg.Third row: Coach Meyer, Mitch Kaskie, Max, Duncan, Jack Kovarik, Jeremy Young, Nathan Welch, Cole Turner, Daniel Martinez.

ABOVE: (Left to Right) First row: Chris Melvin, Cooper Toombs, Dustin Ballard, Adam Isenberg, Alex Cox. Second row: Manager Scott Slapper, Quan Brunt, Andrew Goble, Gordon Green, Rhegg Delara, Connor Wilkins,Tyler Rathbun.Third row: Coach Kelly, Cam Smith, Zach Colby, Charlie Freyder, Spencer Barnhill, Lucas Throckmorton, Joe Craig, C.C. Creidenberg, Coach Williams. IN A STANCE Left: Playing KC North on a cold, rainy day, junior Adam Isenberg gets hit hard by a soccer ball in the middle of the game. “I remember wanting to cry because it hurt really bad,” Isenberg said. “But since you’re in the middle of a game, you have to keep on going and toughen up, even if you’re hit.” Photo by Mackenzie Wylie. PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT Right: Before the Black and Blue soccer scrimmage, junior Lucas Throckmorton warms up against the varsity and junior varsity soccer teams. “It’s a really fun game to play, because there isn’t any pressure, and it doesn’t go on our record,” Throckmorton said. “The game helps the players and gets everyone excited for the upcoming season.” Photo by Mackenzie Wylie.

03/ 26/10


BVNW 02 East 07

SMNW 10 East 07

268 Clubs



OlatheEast 01 East 04 BlueValley – East–



Leavenworth – East – Olathe NW – East –

ABOVE: (Left to Right) First row: Patrick Blackburn, Anthony Alvarez, Kyle Braddock, Carter Ascher, Larson Woolwine, Charlie Crossette, Evan Bloom. Second Row: Stephen Brophy, Connor Rellihan, Jason Sabin, Jackson Stephens, Drew Gaar, Jeff Cole. Third row: Jackson Sublette, Michael Steinbacher, Sam Byers, Nash Reimer, Will Short, Trent Richardson, Kalvin Murphy.


UP TO BAT Above: On the first game of the season, senior Jackson Harter bats against Blue Valley Northwest. “I used to get nervous when going up to bat,” Harter said. “But this year, I just step back and pretend that it isn’t a big deal.” Photo by Alissa Pollack.

The baseball team has a new, more relaxed attitude about the games with the addition of a new coach.













SMS – East –

Warrensburg – East –

Heritage – East –

Lawrence Free State – East –

SMW – East –

SMNW– East–

OlatheSouth – East –

SMN – East –

BishopWard – East –

SMN – East –

OlatheNorth – East –

SMS – East –

Clubs 269




Olathe North 00 East 03 Alumni – East –

Olathe East – East –




SMS – East – SMN – East – St. Louis Incarnate Ward – East –





St. Louis Ursuline – East – St. Louis Nerinx Hall – East –

SMW – East –

Olathe South – East – St.Teresa’s – East – Leavenworth – East –





SMNW – East –

Notre Dame De Sion – East–

05/04/10 Lawrence – East–

05/06/10 Olathe NW – East–

05/13/10 Lawrence Free State – East–

After getting off to a great start to their season, girls’ soccer players plan to make a run to State.


Above: (Left to Right) First row: Addison Steiner, Kylee Brooks, Jessie Jacobs, Megan Sullivan, Becca Clay. Second row: Manager Scott Slapper, Lizzy McConnell, Bahar Barani, Heather Nelson, Anna Colby, Sara Schenkelberg, Amanda Chao, Molly Rappold, Hayley Bublitz, Manager Katie Griffith. Third row: Coach Jason Meyer, Kara Hines, Anna Swanson, Kirsten Clark, Caroline Dodd, Lauren Dodd, Katie Crawford, Betsy Dee, Coach Jamie Kelly.



Above: (Left to Right) First row: Jamie Leonard, Ali Dees. Second row: Kassey Hughes, Cara Slemp, Paige Gundelfinger, Kyra Slemp, Shannon McGinley. Third row: Ashley Lewis, Caroline Nick, Rebecca Callstrom, Kennedy Grimes, Morgan Satterlee, Andrea Erickson.

Above: (Left to Right) First row: Sydney Edmisten, Jennifer Sirna. Second row: Brion Boyer, Emily Colebank, Madie Grieve, Holly Martin, Allison Bamford. Third row: Tomi Caldwell, Kelsey Scott, Amy Franklin, Ashley Ogle, Dee Dee Guthrie, Katelyn Reiff. Not pictured: Maribel Regalado, Ashley Lemos.

NOT GIVING UP Above: At the junior varsity game against St. James, junior Hannah Roste fights to keep the ball. “The field was difficult to play on, because there were dirt patches everywhere,” Roste said. “It would make the ball bounce around, making it hard to keep track of.” Photo by Nicole Luby.



FAST FACTS About Softball

INFO: Sophomore Kyra Slemp, who lead the team in most offensive categories last year, was elected co-captain along with junior Haley Fosnough-Biersmith. There are 12 varsity players and 16 junior varsity players. Above: (Left to Right) First row: Addie Anthony, Sarah Spradling, Caroline Creidenberg, Alex Dressman, Paige Martz. Second row: Christa McKittrick, Grace Fritts, Elizabeth Colburn, Gabrielle Vandergriff, Anna Marken, Alex Hilliard, Erin Reilly. Third row: Coach Britt Strick, Katherine Smith, Danielle Norton, Rae Ehly, Anna Seilund, Anna Sheridan, Emma Robson.

Above: (Left to Right) First row: Hannah Dahlor, Abbie Symes, Taylor Guess, Maggie Thomas, Andrea Velez, Andrea Rutledge. Second Row: Courtney Schenkelberg, Greta Barling, Tori Davis, Ingrid Starkey, Anna Frame, Jenna Westra. Third row: Coach Skip Graham, Kylie Guess, Kelsey O’Rourke, Mary Grace Diehl, Molly Halter, Molly Jennings, Chloe Hulder, Madeline Sniezek.

PAYING CLOSE ATTENTION Above: Warming up at softball practice, freshman Madison Grieve works on her throwing technique. “[When throwing], you have to make sure your posture is right,” Grieve said. “And you have to make sure that the ball doesn’t get past you.” Photo by Andrea Zecy.


Having no seniors on the team, junior softball players are forced to step up and lead.












Lawrence Free State – East –

Olathe NW – East –

Lawrence – East –

Leavenworth – East –

Lawrence Free State – East –

SMS – East –

Olathe South – East – Olathe East – East –

SMW – East –

SMN – East –

Olathe North – East –

SMNW – East –

270 Clubs

Clubs 271




SMS 55 East 33

SMW72 East68

SMN 47 East 57



Olathe East 52 East 34

Grandview 72 East 61

01/05/10 SMNW 62 East 44

01/12/10 Olathe NW61 East 50


01/15/10 SMW 37 East 46

01/21/10 Abilene 42 East 64

01/22/10 Sacred Heart 39 East 58

01/23/10 Salina Central 51 East 37








Rockhurst 50 East 32 Leavenworth 60 East 44 Free State 63 East 51 Lawrence 51 East 50 SMNW 43 East 45 Olathe South 60 East 48 SMN 53 East 52

02/19/10 SMN 53 East 52




Olathe North 47 East 54 SMS 54 East 40 Leavenworth 56 East 41

The boys’ basketball team moves forward after losing some key players.




Above: (Left to Right) First row: Connor McGannon, Patrick Simmons, Connor Knabe, Matt Hanson, Hank Tamblyn, Joe Above: (Left to Right) First row: Connor Carollo, Billy Kirkpatrick, Gus Hanger, Christopher Bahr. Second row: Michael Kennedy, Carter Olander, Alex Dellett, Connor Rellihan, Will Cray, Cory Perkins. Third row: Kalvin Heady. Second row: Matt Cantril, Sam Gilman, Coach Peppers, Christian Wiles, Adam Jones. Murphy, Chase Hanna, David Sosna, Billy Sutherland, Chris Tuttle, Devin Burton, Jackson Sublette, Coach Drier. Not pictured: Not pictured: Logan Rose, Rhys Raglow. Nick Pirotte and Coach Hintz.


Above: (Left to Right) First row: Hannah Satterlee, Amanda Chao, Anna Colby, Sarah Spradling, Molly Rappold. Second row: Maddy Rich, Sarah McKittrick, Anna Seilund, Danielle Norton, Caroline Nick, Shannon McGinley, Manager Katie Griffith. Third row: Caroline Dodd, Hannah Gerwick, Alison Stephens, Logan Weckbaugh, Janna Graf, Haley Dalgleish, Elizabeth Ward. Fourth row: Coaches Kellie Kurle, Rick Rhoades, Jodie Schnakenberg.

FASTAbout FACTS Basketball

FIGHTING FOR THE BALL Above: During the Sub-State game against SM North, senior Anna Seilund rebounds the ball. “Usually I don’t get rebounds, “ Seilund said. “But I knew this game was more important than the rest, so I was able to fight for the ball more than usual.” Photo by Anna Petrow.



Above: (Left to Right) First row: Allison Bamford, Carolyn Wolff, Abby Dunn, Cara Shaw, Anna Frame. Second row: Jade Delgado, Mary Grace Diehl, Kennedy Grimes, Emma Vickers, Emily Frye, Madeline Sniezek, Coach Chipman.

Above: (Left to Right) First row: Addison Steiner, Caroline Creidenberg, Dee Dee Guthrie, Chloe Stradinger, Taylor Guess, Jayden Robert. Second row: Anne Willman, Emma Robson, Rae Ehly, Grace Pickell, Nichole Hine, Anna Sheridan, Kelsey Scott.

AWARDS: Sunflower League Honorable Mention: Scott Kennedy, Ryan Olander, Zach Schneider. Sunflower League Freshman of the Year: Zach Schneider

ABOVE: (Left to Right) First row: Adam Simmons, Ryan Olander, Andy Hiett, Alex Schoegler, Sam Kovzan. Second row: Quan Brunt, Jackson Harter, Kevin Hertel,Vance Wentz, Zach Nass, Scott Kennedy, Kris Hertel. Third row: Manager Libby Steinbock, George Brophy, Logan Dalgleish, Anthony West, Zach Schneider, Sean Cameron, Robby Moriarty, Manager Samantha Bamford. Fourth Row: Coaches Todd McAtee, Shawn Hair, Ryan Oettmeier.

GIRLS BASKETBALL 12/07/09 SMNW38 East 81

272 Clubs

12/14/09 SMS 20 East 69



Lee Summit 42 East 44 Olathe East 42 East 60

12/28/09 Kickapoo 46 East 32

12/29/09 Midwest City 75 East 53

12/30/09 Glendale 52 East 53



Olathe NW 54 East 69 SMW 50 East 61



Olathe South 72 East 63 SMN 37 East 53



BVN 40 East 61

SMW 41 East 51





For the second time in 20 years, girls’ basketball players win Sub-State. 02/18/10

Leavenworth 44 East 56 Lawrence Free State 47 East 54 Lawrence High School 44 East 56 SMNW 31 East 63 SMN 29 East 46



Olathe North 36 East 71 SMS 40 East 50



SMNW45 East 57 SMN 46 East 51

Clubs 273









SM North – East –

KC Christian – East –

SM South – East –

SM West – East –

BV Northwest – East –

Pembroke – East –

Leavenworth – East –


04/24/10 04/28/10 05/05/10 Lawrence – East –

BV West – East –

BV North – East –



Rockhurst – East –











SM West 07 East 06

BV North 07 East 02

BV Northwest 00 East 12

Pembroke 03 East 06

Lawrence 00 East 06

Olathe East 00 East 12

SM South 00 East 21

SM Northwest 05 East 10

Barstow 03 East 09

SM North 03 East 09

Boys’ and girls’ tennis teams try to start the season strong in preparation for State competition.



Right: (Left to Right) First row: Mady Drosenos, Maddy Pigeon, Eden McKissickHawley, Elizabeth Tillhof, Carolyn Welter, Sally Schoenfeld, Madeline Sniezek, Mariana Mizik, Lily Kaufmann, Caroline Wooldridge, Meara Smith. Second row: Elizabeth Wilcox, Emilie Bruyere, Rachel Rice, Jessica Burnes, Amanda Chao, Mimi Fotopolous, Mollie Cooper, Grace Martin, Andrea Erickson, Mary Sniezek, Kelsey Chadd, Madison Carver, Lauren Bleakley. Third row: Coach Chipman, Molly Tidrick, Dani Miller, Tiernan Shank, Lilly Myers, Mary Grace Diehl, Sara Fisher, Mackenzie Haugland, Madeline McMahill, Laura Metz, Emma Cousineau, Corey Neidl, Sammi Kelly, Chloe Anderson, Coach Ogden. Fourth row: Hannah Walter, Katherine Smith, Kristin Chadd, Nikki Reber, Mickela Miller, Maggie Fenton, Annie Bennett, Ellie Jones, Elyse Smith,Torry Spencer, Lauren Reynolds, Maggie Simmons.

Left: (Left to Right) First row:Tucker Clark, Zachary Kasmiskie, Grant Kendall, Connor Richardson. Second row: Andrew Herst, Connor Knabe, Hank Simpson, Grant Sitomer, Sam Wetzler. Third row: Coach Tim Burkindine, Chase Hanna, Grant Burnside, Andrew Morrison, Nick Lucas, Conner Schrock, Ian Boat, Coach Ermanno Ritschl. Not pictured: Jeremy Young.

BOYS Right: (Left to Right) First row: Matt Kunin, Henry LeGard, Luke Rice, Ricky Abnos, Luke Faulconer, Max Braasch, Andrew Reineke, Philip Bever, Jake Glazer. Second row: Jonny Lefko, Bucky Kessinger, David Henderson, Ross Guignon, Spencer Jarrold, Jacob Rudolph, Adam Isenberg, Sam Amrein, Matthew Clark, Harry Harter, Will Fuhrman. Third row: Cameron Robles, Collin Jones, Austin English, David Towster, Drew Surface, Andres Rivera, Brooks Anthony, Logan Heley, Cory Perkins, PJ Guignon, Alex Goldman. Fourth row: Andrew Doerflinger, Jason Bates, Robby Medhi, Will Cray, Takanori Sawaguchi, Zach Nass, Peter Chow, Parker Johnson, Brooks Tate, Zach Williams, Tyler Rathbun.

GIRLS HOPING FOR THE BEST Far Left: During the first practice of the year, senior Andrés Rivera returns a shot to his opponent, junior Zach Nass. “My goal is to go to State for singles this year,” Rivera said. “I want to play tennis at college level, and going to state will give me a better chance.” Photo by Lauren Bleakley.

FAST FACTS About Volleyball


PERSONAL BEST Left: Warming up for a match against Pembroke Hill, sophomore Mollie Cooper is ready to win the first match of the year. “When I win a match, I feel accomplished because I know that I worked hard at winning,” Cooper said. “Even if I don’t win, I know that I tried my best, and I also know what I need to work on,” Cooper said. Photo by Alissa Pollack.

2nd in State 2nd in Regionals 1st in Sunflower League Nikki Reber and Mollie Cooper won 1st in doubles in 6A State Mimi Fotopoulos won 2nd in singles in 6A State


ABOVE: (Left to Right) First row: Aubrey Leiter, Caitlin Benson, Pauline Laberthe, Anne Willman, Eden Schoofs, Drew Auer. Second row: Coach Ritscl, Erika Davee, Sarah Genton, Elizabeth Ward, Caroline Sheridan, Kristina Genton. Not pictured: Coach Burkendine.


03/29/10 BV Northwest – East –

274 Clubs

IN FOCUS Above: Watching her ball carefully, freshman Anne Willman stays focused at a golf tournament. “Focus is the most important [thing] in golf,” Willman said. “You have to concentrate in order to get what you want done. Without that, you won’t do well.” Photo by Anna Petrow.




SM South – Lawrence Free State –SM Northwest – East – East – East –

09/19/09 Olathe North – Olathe South – East –

04/22/10 Washburn Rural – East –






Topeka West – East –

Olathe Northwest – East –

Hutchinson – East –

Leavenworth – East –

Lawrence– East –


Boys’ golf team tries to reclaim State title, while the girls’ golf team is determined to send as many Lancers to the State competition.











East 1st/4 Lake Shawnee

East 2nd/7 Meadowbrook

East 1st/5 Shawnee CC

East 3rd/16 Gardner

East 3rd/14 Lawrence CC

East 6th/18 Alvamar

East DNQ Smiley’s

East 3rd/24 Overland Park

East 1st/11 Overland Park

East 1st/10 St. Andrews

Clubs 275



Spring Hill East Win

Rockhurst East Win

12/12/09 Wellington Invitational East 5th







Johnson County Classic East 8th

Bobcat Invitational East –

Olathe South East Win

Olathe NW East Win

Paola Invitational East 1st

Olathe North East 2nd




SM District Meet Sunflower League East 2nd East 1st












Regionals East 3rd

Olathe East 66 East 137

SM North 179 East 310 Olathe South 67

Olathe Invitational East 1st

SM South 58 East 165

BV North 93 East 98

SM Northwest Invitational East 1st

Topeka Invitational East 1st

East Invitational East 1st

Sunflower League East 1st

State Meet East 1st

Although players suffered several injuries throughout the season, the team sticks it out and only loses twice.


Girls’ team swims through challenges of a large team, while boys’ team pursues State championship.



ABOVE: (Left to Right) First row: Manager Amber Atha, Gavin Jorns, Nick Kraske, John Horvath, Ben Garten, Andy Robinson, TJ Jayde, Tanner Johnson, Jacob Sisna, Bennett Wendlandt, Sean Cedillo, Seth Ortiz, Griffin Clark,Tommy McGillicudy, Carter Kerr, Manager Andrea Rutledge. Second row: Ruben Higadera, Ben Randolph, Alex May, Jon Reuter,Tommy Dettenwanger, Preston Vaughn, Chase Woofter, Aaron Burgess, Peter Uhl, Nick May, Brandon Davis, Jake Kaufman, Alex Beahm, Mason Henshaw, Nick Sheldon, Manager Allison Wendorff. Third row: Coach Carr, Bennett Uhl, Cooper Hylton, Jesse Willeford, Sam Hattaway, Blake Hill, Will Short, Jeff Rutherford, Jack Hedrick, Rhegg Delara, Alex Barrera, Max Kurlbaum, Whitney Kurr, Ian Exline, Jacob Darbyshire, Coach Filbeck. Fourth row: Coach Ufford, Peter Stout, Cole Morgan, Nicholas Mason, Aidan Robbins, Dane Lofquist, Mitch Sauls, Cap Welsh, Seth Berkbuegler, Tyler Nelson, Daniel Jackson, Blaine Hill, David Hill, Andrew Ryan, Coach Woofter.

COMFORT FROM THE CROWD Right: At the gymnastics meet in Emporia, junior Lindy Blackman performs a floor routine in front of the crowd. “We have really great parents and fans,” Blackman said. “My dad is really supportive, definitely giving me the comfort and confidence I need. It makes me feel good that my dad is proud of what I’m doing. Photo by Andrea Zecy.

ABOVE: (Left to Right) First row: Corbin Barnds, Jack Haverty, Tom Lynch, Tyler Benschoter, Jack Sayler, Joel Andersen, Evan Nichols. Second row: Jeremy Steiner, Andrew Hornung, Nathan Simpson, Brian Tucci, Jacob Johnson, Ben Lui. Third row: Clay Finley, Harper Coulson, Andrew Morrison, Andrew Watkins, Conor Twibell, Tim Adison, Andrew Simpson. Fourth row: Hunter Stevenson, Sam Logan, Jack Logan, Morgan Denton, Trent Richardson, Branden Schoofs, Ben Carlson, Chris Watkins, Manager Meg Rowley, Manager Elli Walker. Fifth Row: Carlos Velasquez, Oliver Dubois, Noah Bertholf, Jacob McGillicuddy, Jake Belzer, Adam Isenberg, Peter Frazell, Zach Jacobson, Grant Sitomer, Coach Wiley Wright, Coach Betsy Anderson. Sixth Row: Connor Borgmier, Collin Enger, Patrick McGannon, Patrick Riott, Alec Crampton, Jon Granstaff, Michael Stolle, Theodore Dubois, John Lee. Not Pictured: Spencer Andresen, Mathew Beck, Stefano Byer, CC Creidenberg, Aiden Conley, Elliot Faerber, Jack Fay, Brady Forbes, Henry Foster, Gordon Green, Andrew Herst, Charles Hotchkiss, Droste Milledge, Bryan Morrison, Chris Pinne, Scott Raien, Mark Roning, Conner Schrock, Jeremy Steiner, Jack Walker, Max Welker, Darby Wooldridge, Managers Dana Sherard and Lexi Mische, Coach Wanda Simchuk.

TAKING ON THE BEST Far right: During State, sophomore Blake Hill wrestles one of the best in the State “I was kind of intimidated by him” Hill said. “Before the match, I went through all the moves in my mind in order to know what I was going to do.” Photo by Mackenzie Wylie.

ABOVE: (Left to Right) First row: Emily Ellenberger, Bailey Borgmier, Claire Newman, Lili Stalder, Helen Petrow, Caroline Dickens, Katherine Higdon, Mary Sniezek. Second Row: Ariana Sherk, Allison Kirby, Sarah McKittrick, Evan Reed, Marston Fries, Katy Richardson, Kristina Genton, Caitlin Benson. Third row: Mary Kate Peterson, Paige Steiert, Taylor Burkhead, Megan Metz, Alex Sabates, Tiernan Shank, Kailey Morash, Meg Rowley. Fourth row: Wanda Simchuk, Lauren Stanley, Meg Stanley, Rachel Kephart, Amy Sachse, Ree Ee Jordan, Cassie Sterbenz, Callie Thrutchley, Mary Longan, Julia Davis, Taylor Thompson, Coach Rob Cole. Fifth row: Grace Gillaspie, Helen Dinkel, Libby Woolridge, Megan McGillicuddy, Emilie Bruyere, Taylor Runion, Dana Sherard, Xumei Chaney, Manager Ellie Walker, Hallie Beck, Coach Shelly King. Sixth row: Tori Spencer, Hannah Gerwick, Sarah Genton, Margo Brookfield, Elizabeth Bittiker, Katy Kettler, Riley Hunter, Lucy Griffith. Not pictured: Emily Fuson, Elizabeth Piper.

THE AMAZING RACE Far Left:After a first place win for State swimming, senior Hunter Stevenson hugs teammate junior Connor Twibell. “The win was really surreal because we weren’t favored to win,” Stevenson said. “Everyone really pulled through and swam really well.” Photo by Grant Heinlein.


About Gymnastics


AGAINST ALL ODDS Left: At the first meet of the season, sophomore Julia Davis swims the 100 fly against nine different schools.“I was just trying to get times on the board,” Davis said. “I wasn’t in that great shape, but the coach put me in because I was one of the few people on junior varsity who could finish it.” Photo by Mary Longan.

Team placed 7th at State. Katye Bever won 1st on bars. Grace Gillaspie won gymnast of the year. Junior varsity placed 2nd at their invitational. ABOVE: (Left to Right) First row: Grace Gillaspie, Madeline Goss, Alex Nichols, Lindy Blackman, Emily Kaplan. Second row: Andrea Zecy, Leia Swanson, Mackenzie Beidges, Katy Kettler, Katye Bever, Lexi Mische.

GYMNASTICS 09/08/09 Olathe East Quad

276 Clubs





Lee’s Summit Quad

SM North Invitational

Emporia Quad

Falcon Invitational

With gym construction at East, the girls’ gymnastics team practices at SM South. 10/05/09

All-Around Invitational






SM South Quad

East Quad

League Meet

Regional Meet

State Tournament

03/26/10 SM Northwest – East –

04/01/10 BV West – East –

04/15/10 Aquinas – East –



Lawrence Free State – East –

Lancer Invitational East –

04/24/10 Lancer Invitational East –



SM South – East –

League Championships East –

Clubs 277






SM South

01/28/10 East

Boys 6th

Boys 2nd 2309

Boys 2nd 2328

Boys 3rd 2211

Girls 7th

Girls 2nd 1932

Girls 2nd 1980

Girls 3rd 1827





SM West

SM North


Boys 3rd 2109

Boys 2nd 2457

Boys 5th 2188

Boys 2nd 2136

Boys 3rd 2089

Boys 2nd 2060

Boys 3rd 2092

Boys 12th 2290

Boys 1st 2209

Girls 2nd 1725

Girls 3rd 1875

Girls 4th 1826

Girls 2nd 1685

Girls 5th 1412

Girls 4th 1751

Girls 10th 1277

Girls 11th 1765

Girls 3rd 1359

SM Northwest

Due to large number of participants, track coaches nominate captains to help lead.


02/16/10 East




SM North


FAST FACTS About Track

ACHIEVEMENTS: 1st place at East quad out of 4 teams Chris Clarke got 1st place in 100 meters at East quad Girls’ 4 x 800 got 1st place at quad

PUTTING IT FAR Left: Junior Brian Williamson uses all his power to shot put at the first track meet. “I started shot putting my sophomore year,” Williamson said. “I wanted to continue because I like the sport and it’s a good sport for me. It’s also a good scholarship opportunity for college.” Photo by Anna Petrow.


ABOVE: (Left to Right) First row: Ali Dees, Kelsey McGonigle, Ashley Guerricagoitia, Wendy Monarres. Second Row: Claire Finke, Teresa Corazzin, Coach Patti Kennedy, Coach Larry Kennedy, Dilya Rustamova, Kristin Anthonis. Not pictured: Keisha Layton.

A BOWL AWAY Right: While at the SM North meet for bowling, junior Cameron Mendez keeps a calm attitude about the game. “I just kind of relax and bowl,” Mendez said. “I never try to think about it. I just bowl to have fun.” Photo by Andrea Zecy. GOOD TO BOWL Left: Sophomore Wendy Monarres tries to keep upbeat at a meet against SM North for girls’ bowling. “What helps me do better is when I just laugh and have fun,” Monarres said. “Like if I know the person I’m bowling with, usually I’ll just like joke around with them.” Photo by Andrea Zecy.

RIGHT: (Left to Right) Lauren Raibble, Tori Wrede, Erika Davee, Alyx Delgado, Caroline Sheridan, Emily Bittiker, Olivia Botts. Not pictured: Claire Finke. PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT Left: At the winter sports assembly, senior Lauren Raibble sits with fellow senior heralders Tori Wrede and Emily Bittiker. “We have practice putting up our horns at the right time during the music,” Raibble said. “Mrs. [Kelly] Chapman, the cheerleading coach, makes sure our routine is perfect before an assembly.” Photo by Mackenzie Wylie.




ABOVE: (Left to Right) First row: Will Patrick, Conner Woodson, Drew Broeckelman, Dan Colebank, Adam Lynch. Second Row: Jeff Tate, Eric Peterson, David Frizzell, Johnny Sheahan, Cameron Mendez, Joe Lowrey.Third Row: Coach Patti Kennedy, Coach Larry Kennedy. Not Pictured: Alex Keller, Brennan Burns, Brandon Shatto.

JUMPING THROUGH LIFE Far Left: At practice, freshman Jenna Engelken practices her high jump. “My dad was a high jumper back in high school, so he would sometimes come to practice and give me pointers,” Engelken said. “I like high jumping because it feels like your soaring through the air.” Photo by Max Stitt.

Olathe East

Without a full girls’ team and a very young boys’ team, the East bowlers step up their game.


ABOVE: (Left to Right) First row: Vanessa Daves, Sami Walter, Mimi Rebein, Kiki Sykes, Malika Mirsagatova, Dilya Rustamova, Lindsay Rooker, Sydney Griswold, Molly Kurtz, Emily Bates, Lucy Lehoczky, Tim Whittaker, Heather Athon, Rachel Rice, Emily Sneed, Sarah Colburn, Wendy Monarres. Second row: Nathan Are, Mary Kate Kovzan, Halle O’Neill, Kaitlin Morgan, Paige Hess, Jeri Freirich, Isabella Tomelleri, Connor Borgmier, Joe Bahr, Nick Kraske, Garrett Raibble, Emma Vickers, Madison Hattaway, Ben Williams, Mitchell Kaskie, Tommy McGillicuddy, Nate Anderson, Emily Woltering, Taylor Steen, Jayden Robert, Mariah Morley, Hudson Peters, Thais Reis-Henrie, Carolyn Wolff. Third row: Tucker Styrkowicz, Lilly Myers, Kellie Johnson, Britney Hinote, Grace Cantril, Myisha Heinen, Amber Atha, Jessie Sykes, Holly Lafferty, Natalie Barnes, Rachel Rankin, Tierra Aldridge, Lilli Stalder, Audrey Hitchcock, Emma Pennington, Mallory Kirby, Allison Wendorff, Chandler Vaughn, Kennedy Burgess, Stacy Coffyn, Araceli Villanueva, Adele Daniel, Kristen Shedor, Sarah Cook, Kristin Anthonis, Ian Wiseman. Fourth row: Paige Kovarik, Jack Kovarik, Alyx Delgado, Abby Dunn, Heather Hartong, Collin Enger, Cody Rutledge, Alex Kapian, Miranda Treas, Darian Wilson, Adam Lowe, Jade Delgado, Elizabeth McCormick, Carolyn Welter, Toni Aguiar, Jacob Elifrits, Ali Gibbin, Andrea Zecy, Kelsey Kost, Andrew Dexter, Kirby Clements, Christiana Reene, Jenna Engelken, Caroline Doerr, Quan Brunt, Emily Kerr, Zach Clements. Fifth row: Andrew Goble, Jay Lehoczky, Mark Ronning, Andrew McWard, Seth Ortiz, Sean Luenz, Josh Winter, Henry Hoffman, Joe Lewis, Ben Hargis, Andy Robinson, Ellen Oliver, Graham Walter, Brandon Burch, Troy Wilkins, Madi Bradley, Alic Erpelding, Joseph Gicinto, Jack Howland, Jake Libeer, Griffin Clark, Adam Simmons, John Horvath, Tyler Germann, Zach Colby, Leah Chesbrough, Matt Hoffman. Sixth row: Devin Burton, Chris Tucker, Cooper Toombs, Connor Wilkins, Stephano Byer, Steven Shen, Gail Stonebarger, Sara Griffith, Emma Meara,Thomas Petrie, Sam Stewart,Vince Parsons, Drew Rustell, Gardner Grantham, Sam Stevens, Robert Martin, Dan Colebank, Samantha Bartow, Jordan Herring, Meghan Dickinson, Will Penner, Oliver DuBois, Dominida Golinska, Jordan Dietrich, Scott Cantril, Grace Pickell, Adrian Pfantz, Beck Johnson. Seventh row: Grant Ellis, Alexander Keller, Graham Redelsheimer, Dale Smith, Joe Lowrey, Preston Vaughn, Rhys Raglow, Rhegg Delara, Alec Bartholomew, Andy Yeast, David Zeiger, Sam Hattaway, Tom Yeast, Sam Heneger, Eric Sieck, Cole Turner, Perry Jackson, Carter Olander, Mitch Daniel, Morgan Denton, Carl Rodgers, Thomas Read, Seth Berkbuegler, Evan Nichols, Matt Gannon. Eighth row: Alex Pirotte, Max Blanchard, Tim Madison, David Sosna, Maggie Fenton, Jake McCoy, Josh Mais, Brett Miller, Alex Rorie, Kyle Engelken, Andrew Fischer, Charlie Moore, Elliot Faerbar, Ryan Ash, Austin Miller, Logan Dalgleish, Tony Christensen, Andrew Beasley, Christian Wiles, Brian Williamson, Tyler Woltemath, Tyler Nelson, Emily Hofmeister, Max Hofmeister, Adam Jones, Bennett Uhl.


Heralders continue long tradition, while learning new routines and being part of an important East ritual.

Clubs 279


Teacher David Muhammad helps martial arts students achieve belts and teaches codes for life.


Ping Pong Club tries to have laid-back meetings where different tips and techniques can be shared.


BELOW: (Left to Right) First row:Taylor Smith, Amy Franklin, David Muhammad (sponser), Jayson Williamson, Mallory Harrington.

NEVER GIVE UP Right: Teacher David Muhammad demonstrates a defense move with senior Jayson Williamson. “The idea is that you’re pushing the person’s head and neck back with the strongest part of your hand, [the heel],” Williamson said. “[Muhammad] told us that you don’t stop until you get the person to the floor.” Photo by Claire Wahrer.

Left: (Left to Right) First row: Paige Swanson, Caroline Doerr, Cooper Toombs, Zach Colby, Julie Aliber, Cory Neidl, Jeff Lefko, Lauren King, Kevin Simpson, Cassie Kerr, Julie Chalfant. Second row: Kyle Winston, Alex Goldman, Matt Terry, Logan Heley, Jason Bates, David Towster, Patrick McGannon, Steven Shen, Brooks Anthony. Third row: Garrett Raibble, Dylan Becker, Spencer Jarrold, Robert Enders, Clay Finley, Jack Logan, Andrew Goble, Cameron Smith, Nick Carothers, Evan Myers. Fourth row: Harper Coulson, Sam Logan, Daniel Sensintaffar, Josh Mais, Scott Watson, Peter Chow, Jack Walker, CC Creidenberg.

Above: (Left to Right) Cameron Smith, Joe Craig, Jeff Lefko.

How to


BACKYARD MEMORIES Left: Junior Andrew Goble plays croquet with senior Sam Logan and junior Kevin Simpson. “Our major concern was learning how to play,” Goble said. “It’s really just about being gentlemen and taking every stereotype and making them a reality. We usually play in [senior] Harper Coulson’s backyard.” Photo by Anna Petrow.

Co-founder senior Joe Craig explains how to play ping-pong. “First off, you always have to keep your eye on the ball, as Forrest Gump says. And you need to learn how to hold the paddle. Also, focus on the serve. A lot of people don’t really put much effort into the serves, but serves are what win games.”

TIME TO PING PONG Right: Freshman Collin Jones plays ping pong with his friends on the fourth floor during Ping Pong Club. “It’s fun just playing with friends in [the club],” Jones said. “[Ping pong] is a good way to make friends, and it’s a really fun sport.” Photo by Alissa Pollack.

Joe Craig 12

FAST FACTS About Croquet Club Above: (Left to Right) First row: Emma Schulte, Timothy Whittaker, Nate Andersen, Kristen Shedor, Delaney Herman. Second row: Robert Kelly, Heidi Kaiser, Elizabeth Kashka, Emi Snively. Third row: Niko Colom, Andrea Wickstrom, Jane Turner, Jesse Sharp.

want to

dance? Swing Club members discuss their favorite dances.

SWING IT Above: During Swing Club, senior Delaney Herman dances the West Coast swing with junior Emma Schulte. “The music [for West Coast swing] is usually really pop-y,” Herman said. “Like, you can do West Coast to Lady Gaga. One of the things [we work on] is ‘tension,’ which is an important technique for West Coast that helps the arm balance, which is important for the leader.” Photo by Nicole Luby.

“I always just like the East Coast swing, It’s more of a happy, jumpy kind of dancing. We do the Charleston [a line dance] to East Coast music. I like doing the Charleston because no one really cares if you mess up.”

“West Coast [swing] is a lot more smooth and refined and kind of sexy a little bit. I prefer West Coast because it’s more challenging. It’s more fun that way to me.”

Kristen Shedor 09

Emma Schulte 11

SWING CLUB 280 Clubs

Swing Club gives students the opportunity to learn new dances.

THE RULES: 1. No Denim. You wouldn’t wear jeans on the golf course, so don’t do it on the croquet lawn. 2. Water is For Wimps. H20 is not allowed during play, only iced tea. It’s more cultured. 3. Registered Democrat? Don’t join. No explanation is necessary. 4. Dress Like a Gentleman. If your dad would wear it to work, go for it. 5. Stay Social. Your clubmates may be all you need, but keep an open agenda for other events. Above: (Left to Right) First row: Sam Logan, Jack Logan, Harper Coulson, Clay Finley. Second row: Kevin Simpson, Patrick McGannon, Nick Lucas, CC Creidenberg, Zach Colby, Andrew Goble.


Croquet Club practices a classic pastime while making the sport as gentleman-like as possible.

Clubs 281

DEBATE IN DEBATE Below: Getting ready for his upcoming debate tournament, sophomore Mark Towster practices in the Debate room. “I already had all my stuff that I needed for my debate, but someone was speaking by one of the tubs and I was writing down what they were saying so I could use it in my argument against them,” Towster said. Photo by Alissa Pollack.



Debate and Forensics members tell their favorite case or event of the year.

“My favorite case was the case that I ran this year about public transit. This case basically provided new regulations for metropolitan areas to redo the transit systems so that they could access people in poverty. I liked that this case was a lot more unique than other cases.”

Olivia Sullivan 12 “My favorite case was bringing renewable energy to Native Americans. It was a fun case to run, and there were special arguments we could run with the natives. In the case, we had to introduce wind turbines.”

The Debate team works to qualify for State and earns more spots than any other school in the state.


ABOVE: (Left to Right) First row: Jessica Schneider, Samantha Walter, Eden McKissick-Hawley, Ann Schlotzhauer, Mitchelle Ndegwa. Second row: Mary Sniezek, Haley Haines, Gabby Magalski, Molly Halter, Mary Grace Diehl, Victoria Biles. Third row: Kyle Winston, Matt Terry, Alex Goldman, Sam Tulp, Max Kurlbaum.


Thespians explore different aspects of theatre in both the Little Theatre and the new auditorium.


LEFT: (Left to Right) First row: Gillian O’Connell, Tori Wrede, Kelsey Summers, Kylie Morrow, Dawn Selder, Camille Breckenridge, Kat Jaeger, Olivia Mansfield, Emma Marston, Brennan Williams, Kiley Lawrence. Second row: Megan Pavlu, Rachel Gangwere, Annie Slaughter, Isabelle Ciaramitaro, Sarah Cooper, Megan Mack, A.J. Orth, Ryan Dugan, Samantha Williams. Third row: Ashton Adams, Jack Hawkins, Sarah Evans, Natalie Hine, Logan Heley, Cole Fevold, Ben Slater, Maddy Pigeon, Sophie Poppie, Jordan Davis, Kim Hoedel, Chloe Vollenweider. Fourth row: Jake Davidson, Spencer Davis, Andrew Beasley, Taylor Haviland, Kaevan Tavakolinia, Brice Roberts, Nathan Simpson, Alex Rorie, Michael Anderson, Nicole Hine. Not pictured: Max McFarland.

Above: (Left to Right) First row: Dana Leib, Tara Raghuveer, Prarthana Dalal, Madison Haverty, Alissa Pollack, Ariana Sherk, Mark Towster. Second row: Michael Hill, Steven Shen, David Towster, Natalie Parker, Nick Carothers, Anna Bernard, Maddie Bavley, Olivia Sullivan. Third row: Chris Carey, Will Penner, Scott Rainen, Gage Cameron, Alex Moskowitz, Federico Zepeda, Susie Mclannahan, Peter Bautz. Fourth row: Jesse Sharo, Cormac O’Connor, Austin Miller, Stephen Cook, Wil Kenney, Weston Halberstadt.

WE ARE FAMILY Right: Before the SM South tournament, senior Kelly Sabatés rehearses a Forensics piece with the help of her Forensics coach Trey Witt. “Everyone helps each other and gives them tips,” Sabatés said. “We are all very supportive of one another. You can say we are kind of like one huge family.” Photo by Alissa Pollack.



About Thespians

Cormac O’Connor 11 “My favorite event used to be ‘prose and poetry’, but around junior year, it morphed into LD & DX. I used to not like to put time into events, so I read short stories for ‘prose and poetry.’ But when I qualified to Nationals in domestic extemporaneous speaking and almost Lincoln-Douglas, I changed my work ethic.” Sarah Sears 12

“My favorite event is FX. We get three questions about events going on around the world. They are usually about political and economic issues or conflicts that are happening. Then I have thirty minutes to prepare a 5-7 minute, memorized speech about the question I chose. I love it because it is challenging and I get to stretch myself to be a better speaker.” Dana Leib 12

ACHIEVEMENTS: Jack Hawkins got 2nd place for Tech Theater at the Shooting Stars gala.

INFO: ‘Grapes of Wrath’ had approximately 40 cast members and 20 crew members. ‘Footloose’ had approximately 100 cast members and 30 crew members. Right: (Left to Right) First row: Timothy Whittaker, Emma Sullivan, Jessica Schneider, Emily Halter, Tara Raghuveer, Sarah Sears, Olivia Sullivan, Dana Leib, Mitchelle Ndegwa, Eden McKissick-Hawley. Second row: Victoria Biles, Ryan Dugan, Marry Grace Diehl, Hanna Bautz, Federico Zepeda, Emily Mayfield, Molly Halter, Gabby Magalski, Haley Haines.Third row: Annie Sullivan, Jack Mitchell, Michael Stonebarger, Adam Lowe, Jesse Sharp, Peter Bautz, Mark Towster, Michael Hill, Sam Tulp, Max Kurlbaum, Mackenzie Bridges.


ABOVE: (Left to Right) First row: Gillian O’Connell, Sarah Evans, Jack Hawkins. Second Row: Jake Davidson, Hannah Copeland, Natalie Hine, Jack Dee.

BACKSTAGE WORK Above: During the Footloose dress rehearsal, set crew chief junior Andrew North gets ready for the show. “The hardest scene change was going from the Bridge scene to the Town Hall scene because there was a lot of stuff to do and everything had to work out just right,” North said. “I got close to 180 hours working the show.” Photo by Nicole Luby.

The Forensics team works to overcome loss of seniors by developing talent and moving underclassmen up.

Clubs 283


Academic Decathlon tests knowledge in ten areas.


Graphic novel club members read and discuss their favorite series.

LIVE and Learn

Academic Decathlon and Science Olympiad members discuss their favorite part of the club. “The State competition is the most fun because we go without having studied the material. We’re not like other schools who take a class to prepare for the competition, and we still get better scores than some of them.”

Joe Deng 12

“The feeling I get from being an Academic Decathlete is unexplainable. It’s kind of like ecstasy. My favorite event is chemistry because I rock it. It’s kind of like old French chemistry.”

John Troup 12

“I get to let out my inner nerd in a safe environment. There were a couple Friday nights I spent Googling bird noises to prepare for my event.”

Marlena Birkel 12 “It gives me an excuse to be a dork. Let’s just say I had to learn way more about dirt than you would ever want to know.”

ABOVE: (Left to Right) First row: Elizabeth Locke, Melissa Gregg, Elizabeth Capps, Emily Mayfield. Second row: Angelica White, Robert Kelly, Niko Colom.

Meagan Dexter 11

CLUB FOR CHARACTER Above: In the library, sophomore Elizabeth Locke reads a graphic novel with sophomore Angelica White. “Graphic novels actually do have words that tell the stories,” Locke said. “They aren’t all pictures, like most people think.” Photo by Mary Longan.

read for fun

ABOVE: (Left to Right) First row: Ryan Hengy, Steven Shen, Joe Deng, Mark Towster. Second row: John Troup, David Towster, Spencer Davis, Patrick Schuele.

Graphic Novel members explain why Graphic Novel club is one of their favorite clubs at East. “I love being able to hang out with people who share the same interests. I like to scope out new comic books that I haven’t read. And I like hearing what other people say about books I’ve already read.”

Beth Capps 11

“Graphic novels have a form of story-telling that many people dismiss as nerdy or kiddish, but it’s really great. It’s a form of reading that conveys stories in many different ways that are better than other books or movies.”

Niko Colom 11

FAST FACTS About Freelancer

HIGHLIGHTS: The magazine contains poetry, short stories and movie pitches.


Comes out once a year.

8 Staff Members. Katy Westoff and Rachel Arnold are the editors. ABOVE: (Left to Right) First row: Ryan Hengy, Emi Snively, Steven Shen, Joe Deng, Mark Towster. Second row: Spencer Brown, Marlena Birkel, Meagan Dexter, Logan Heley, Jackie Thompson, David Towster.


Science Olympiad has partner labs for special divisions of science.

ABOVE: (Left to Right) First row: Katy Westoff, Rachel Arnold, Shauna Kenton, Sarah King. Second row: Alex Moskowitz, Ford Miller, Duri Long, Paul Mackender.


Students show off their creative writing skills and artwork in the Freelancer.

Clubs 285


StuCo members plan school events and activities for the 2010 school year, along with raising money and collecting canned goods for charities.

WHAT’S YOUR ROLE? StuCo members describe their positions.


ACHIEVEMENTS: Setting up every single school dance.

HIGHLIGHTS: There was always a StuCo member of the week. Every Wednesday, someone always brought donuts.

286 Clubs

A HELPING HAND Above: Before school, senior Amanda Massey hands a can to the Kansas City Chiefs mascot to help with the can drive for StuCo. “I thought it was kind of fun that he was there to bring attention to [the can drive],” Massey said. “He ran up and hugged me, and I was just thinking, ‘Oh my gosh, what is this?’” Photo by Lindsey Hartnett. RAP IT UP Left: At the can drive assembly, junior Chris Melvin presents a rap that he wrote the night before. “I was just doing a little rap to try to inspire people to donate cans and kind of get them riled up,” Melvin said. “A couple people on student council, like [senior] Joe Craig, wanted me to do it, and I wanted to do it also to make this assembly really good and exciting.” Photo by Danielle Norton.

“I was the sophomore treasurer for this year. The treasurer, the secretary and the vice president all work together to help organize events for our class. We organized the class float, and we did tailgating for some basketball games. The president obviously leads the whole thing, but we help him with everything as well.”

“I’m the chair person for the charity committee. I helped organize the can drive. Other than that, I’m just part of the junior class. On the committee, I tell people what they need to do and I come up with ideas. I’ve been on StuCo since freshman year. I wanted to do this because it’s more responsibility than an officer position.”

Tom Lynch 10

Katy Westhoff 11




ABOVE: (Left to Right) First row: Liz Gray, Chloe Stradinger, Tiernan Shank, Caroline Creidenberg. Second row: Joe Simmons, Alexander Eugene Goldman, Nick Pirotte, A.J. Orth, Mark Ronning.

ABOVE: (Left to Right) First row: Maggie Thomas, Christa McKittrick, Carolyn Welter, Abby Moore. Second row: Paige Kovarik, Adam Lowe, Molly Jennings, Tom Lynch.

ABOVE: (Left to Right) First row: Grace Boehm, Emily Collins, Meagan Dexter, Elizabeth Blessen. Second row: Scott Watson, Andrew Goble, Logan Heley, Spencer Jarrold.




ABOVE: (Left to Right) First row: Holly Lafferty, Tara Raghuveer. Second row: Harper Coulson, Tess Duncan, Jessie Jacobs, David Beeder. Third row: Paul Wolff, Ben Jensen, Louisa Morton, Tim Shedor.

ABOVE: (Left to Right) Chris Melvin, Robert Enders, Joe Craig, Not pictured: Amanda Privitera

ABOVE: (Left to Right) Joe Deng, Tara Raghuveer, Louisa Morton, Holly Lafferty, Qi Chen, Katy Westhoff.

Clubs 287


The Newspaper staff works throughout the year to create 16 issues of their publication.

ABOVE: (Left to Right) First row: Kevin Simpson, Sam Logan. Second row: Kennedy Burges, Haley Martin, Kiki Sykes, Aubrey Leiter, Lindsey Hartnett, Mackenzie Wylie, Emma Pennigton, Phoebe Unterman, Tom Lynch, Kat Bunchanan, Eden Schoofs, Nathan Simpson, Dow Tate (sponsor). Third row: Colleen Ireland, Dan Stewart, Anna Marken, Christa McKittrick, Annie Sgroi, Ana Bernard, Maddy Bailey, Kathleen Ireland, Katy Westhoff, Alysabeth Albano, Katie Eastm Alex Lamb. Fourth row:Taylor Haviland, Christopher Heady, Griffin J Bur, Robert Martin, Sammi Kelly, Raina Weinberg, Corbin Carnds, Andrew Goble, Mac Tamblyn, Michael Stolle, Duncan McHenry, Max Stitt,Tim Shedor. Fifth row: Matt Gannon, Ian Wiseman, Grant Kendall, Jack Howland, Lilly Myers, Sarah McKittrick, Evan Nichols, Logan Heley, Grant Heinlein, Jeff Cole, Patrick McGannon, Joe Craig. A LICK OF LOVE Above: Shooting the freshman assembly, junior Andrea Zecy’s camera gets licked by a dog. “I was focusing on the SHARE presenters on stage,” Zecy said. “Then, I saw the dog wandering around on stage. All of a sudden this black blob covered up my lens, and I looked up to see the dog sniffing my lens. It was really funny.” Photo by Alissa Pollack.

ABOVE: (Left to Right) First row: Hannah Walter, Madeline Goss, Anna Petrow, Max Stitt, Kat Buchanan, Rachel D’Autremont, Mackenzie Wylie, Nicole Luby, Lauren Bleakley, John Francis. Second row: Jordan Dietrich, Emily Kulaga, Kate Kulaga, Alissa Pollack, Andrea Zecy, Eliza McCormick, Danielle Norton, Taylor Runion, Maddie Collins, Helen Dinkel, Mallory Fisher, Emily Collins. Third row: Kevin Simpson, Phoebe Unterman, Will Chertoff, Ellie Jones, Carolyn Welter, Libby Wooldridge, Atiyeh Samadi, Mary Longan, Max Blanchard, Dow Tate (sponsor). Not pictured: Whitaker Sherk, Gaby Thompson.

YEARBOOK 288 Clubs

ON THE JOB Right: At the Kansas City Country Club, senior Mac Tamblyn gets his picture taken for a newspaper article. “I wore this for an article that I wrote for the first issue this year,” Tamblyn said. “It was pretty much fictional about me becoming a pro lifeguard and skipping college. I thought it was funny because some people took it completely serious, yet others interpreted it as if it was meant to be read.” Photo by Katie East. KNOCK ‘EM DOWN Far right: During the summer journalism camp in Dallas, junior Logan Heley has a chicken fight with his journalism friends. “After dinner one night, we all decided to go mess around at the pool and cool down after a day of classes,” Heley said. “All of the journalism people bonded real well. Dallas was definitely one of my favorite things to do during the summer.” Photo by Eliza McCormick.


About Newspaper

INFO: 54 Staff members 26 students going to State Won State three times in a row Online won a CSPA Gold Crown

Yearbook staff members stay after school daily to produce a 500-page book.

Clubs 289


With many different projects, SHARE gives students the opportunity to get involved in the community.

Right: (Left to Right) First row: Tess Duncan, Sarah Genton, Lauren King, Adam Isenberg, Cameron Smith, John Logan, Clay Finley, Sam Logan, CC Creidenberg, Brooks Anthony, Zachariah Colby, Evan Myers. Second row: Tara Raghuveer, Teresa Harbison, Araceli Villanueva, Gillian O’Connell, Annie Sgroi, Maddie Bavley, Prarthana Dalal, Caitlin Morley, Molly Troutman, Olivia Harlan, Samantha Bartow, Ashley Adams, Emilie Block, Clair Finke, Megan Sullivan. Third row: Elise Kuklenski, Rosie Bellinger, Maddy Rich, Sally Schoenfeld, Sarah Sedorcek, Sam Nelson, Megan Nass, Sarah Hemer, Anna Petrow, Tori Spencer, Claudia Adams, Raina Weinberg, Julie Chalfant, Emily Welter, Caroline Doerr, Becca Clay, Emily Goering, Chenshan Zhou, Kristen Fischer, Olivia Mansfield. Fourth row: Mallory Kirby, Molly Tidrick, Grace Martin, Lauren Erickson, Megan McGillicuddy, Hannah Satterlee, Stewart Jensen, Amilia Winter, Jessie Sykes, Sydney Henley, Jessie Jacob, Mackenzie Burroff, Olivia Lynch, Chloe Fischgrund, Celeste Rinner, Natalie Parker, Margaret Brill, Olivia Botts, Lauren Fischer. Fifth row: Hannah Lang, Hannah Mallen, Louisa Morton, Sara Schenkelberg, Lauren Dodd, Colleen Ireland, Kristina Grandon, Camille Goehausen, Sophia Hitchcock, Emily Frye, Amy Sachse, Haley Martin, Meghan Spivak, Tori Holt, Cameron Edwards, Emily Collins, Emma Fritts. Sixth row: Spencer Barnhill, Charlie Freyder, Katie Darling, Sarah McKittrick, Haley Dalgleish, Maddy Bailey, Mac Dolliver, Logan Heley, Andrew Watkins, Joe Sernett, Matt Beck, Jeff Rutherford, Gabe Miller, Zach Amrein, Janna Graf, Alison Stepens, Mary Galvin.



Lancer Link Leaders help freshmen in their transition from middle school to high school. LEFt: (Left to Right) First row: Sam Logan, John Logan, Kevin Simpson, Zachariah Colby, Cameron Smith, Cooper Toombs, CC Creidenberg, Clay Finley, Harper Coulson. Second row: Natalie Bender, Chloe Fischgrund, Kaitlyn Stewart, Aubrey Leiter, Olivia Mansfield, Emily Welter, Drew Auer, Cassie Kerr, Corey Neidl, Jennifer Gray, Alissa Pollack, Amilia Winter, Jessie Sykes, Angela Clem, Emma Schulte. Third row: Kiley Lawrence, Robert Enders, Steven Shen, Kerri Ricketts, Maddie Gaughan, Julie Chalfant, Maggie McGilley, Dejuanne Tucker, Prarthana Dalal, Gail Stonebarger, Jordan Herring,Torry Spencer, Chenshan Zhou, Celeste Rinner. Fourth row: Olivia Lynch, Mackenzie Burroff, John Francis, Brooks Anthony, Paige Swanson, Julie Aliber, Lauren King, Megan Nass, Gillian O’Connell, Maggie Simmons, Sam Nelson, Annie Sgroi, Micah Melia. Fifth row: Rebecca Callstrom, Logan Heley, Grant Ellis, Caroline Miller, Natalie Parker, Emily Hofmeister, Susie McClannahan, Jonathan Dawson, Lauren Stanley. YOU NAME IT Far Left: Playing a name game on the first day of school, senior Link Leader Lauren Epstein tries to lighten the mood for the freshmen. “I learned the game at cheer camp,” Epstein said. “It was like ‘jump in, jump out, and introduce yourself.’ And then they’d say their name, their favorite food and their mascot.” Photo by Anna Petrow.

EXECS RIGHT: (Left to Right) First row: Charlie Freyder, Hannah Lang, Spencer Barnhill. Second row: Hannah Mallen, Mallory Kirby, Louisa Morton.

MIRROR MIRROR ON THE WALL Left: Getting ready to go to Regionals for Mock Trial at East, senior Kelly Sabates holds up an old award to use as a mirror. “I was playing a doctor in the military, and my hair needed to be extremely neat,” Sabates said. “We used to have mirrors in our old room, but we don’t have them anymore, so I decided to use that.” Photo by Alissa Pollack.

GOT A FRIEND IN ME Left: Juniors Chris Melvin and Scott Watson bond with new friends at the down syndrome dance for SHARE. “The kids with down syndrome are the nicest group of kids and are also a lot of fun,” Melvin said. “The dance gives me a chance to interact with them and gives them a chance to have a good time and to get out of the house.” Photo by Mackenzie Wylie. Right: (Left to Right) First row: Stewart Jensen, Clayton Finley, Zachariah Colby, Cameron Smith, CC Creidenberg, Brooks Anthony, Maddy Rich, Molly Howland, Eden McKissickHawley, Caroline Creidenberg. Second row: Kevin Simpson, Ali Felman, Phoebe Unterman, Kristen Shedor, Camille Goehausen, Emma Pennington, Jaqueline Crain, Monica Talavera, Holly Lafferty, Hannah Satterlee, Emily Lindeman, Tori Holt, Erin Reynolds, Mark Mergen. Third row: Rachel Kephart, Maggie Niven, Janna Graf, Amilia Winter, Jessica Jacob, Hayley Bublitz, Elizabeth Ward, Molly Rappold, Lilly Myers, Hallie Beck, Anna Sheridan, Eric Sieck. Fourth row:Tyler McKelvey, Anna Colby, Katie Darling, Molly Kurtz, Katy Richardson, Drew Auer, Emma Tyler, Jade Delgado, Amanda Chao, Alex Pirotte.

PEP CLUB 290 Clubs


About Mock Trial

HIGHLIGHTS: This year, the team competed in the Regional and State competitions.

ACHIEVEMENTS: They placed 2nd at both State and Regionals. East had 5 out of 14 teams in Johnson County Area.

ABOVE: (Left to Right) First row: Dana Leib, Tara Raghuveer, Olivia Sullivan. Second row: Peter Bautz, Nick Carothers, Stephen Cook, Mark Hill, Michael Towster. Third row: Jesse Sharp, Weston Halberstadt, Chris Carey, Wil Kenney.

Pep Club organizes all of the pep assemblies that are during seminar.


Students in Mock Trial try their cases in front of real attorneys and judges.

Clubs 291


International Baccalaureate students push themselves academically with a rigorous curriculum, while also performing community service.



New club inspired by “The Office” finds unique ways to have fun.



FINER THINGS Members from League of Finer Things describe what they do in the club. “It’s based off of one ‘The Office’ episode, and the point of it is to dress up fancy and bring treats. In my Pre-Calc class, we all love ‘The Office,’ and some people just decided to make a club. It ended up getting a whole bunch of people to join. For the picture, we basically just grabbed a bunch of random clothes and hats and put them on. None of us smiled.”

Olivia Lynch 11

ABOVE: (Left to Right) First row: Anna Webber, Allison Roebuck, Phoebe Unterman, Annie Haynes, Evan Myers, Leia Swanson, Dana Leib, David Towster. Second row: Drake Myers, Jordan Dietrich, Tara Raghuveer, Natalie Hine, Sarah Evans, Adele Daniel, Bridget Bergin, Madeleine Pinne, Joe Deng. Third row: Peter Chow, Alex Dahlgren, Steven Shen, John Troup, Qi Chen, Jason Buchanan, Jack Walker, Brice Roberts.

ABOVE: (Left to Right) First row: Caroline Dellett, Angela Clem, Prarthana Dalal, Maddie Bavley, Annie Sgroi, Anna Bernard. Second row: Molly Caldwell, Logan Heley, Tom Hung, Pauline Laberthe, Chenshan Zhou, Katy Watkins. Third row: Cooper Toombs,Vince Parsons, Keshav Ramaswami, Lauren Stanley, Micha Melia, Mikaila Gicinto. Fourth Hour: Naresh Singh, Patrick McGannon, Zachariah Colby, Lucas Throckmorton, Caroline Miller, Jonathan Dawson, Gail Stonebarger. ABOVE: (Left to Right) First row: Katie Darling, Megan Nass, Will Severns, Brooks Anthony, Betsy Blessen, Emma Tyler, Amy Cosgrove, Eden Schoofs. Second row: Samantha Nelson, Hannah Copeland, Logan Heley, Olivia Lynch, Rachel Rice, Mackenzie Burroff, Caroline Miller. Third row: Gillian O’connell, Sarah Mckittrick, Katy Richardson. Fourth row: Molly Kurtz, Madison Haverty, Grant Heinlein, Dan Stewart, Hanna Jane Stradinger, Sam Heneger.

“It’s basically just a fun club where we dress up and eat weird food. We also try and fail at discussing classic novels. We try to get food from different culture, but usually we end up with brownies.”

Amy Cosgrove 11


About Interact

HIGHLIGHTS: They do many service projects around the Kansas City area.

SERVICE PROJECTS: Yard Work Pet Connection Trick-or-Treating PAINTING AWAY Above: As part of Decades Day, when IB students explore the main events of a decade, junior Mikaila Gicinto joins the other IB students in recreating a 1940’s painting. “We all just grabbed cups with different colors and started throwing it [on the canvas],” Gicinto said. Photo by Mackenzie Wylie.

YIG 292 Clubs

ABOVE: (Left to Right) First row: Conor Twibell, Maddy Rich, Anna Bernard, Maddie Bavley, Clair Finke, Emily Halter, Emma Sullivan. Second row: Andrew Watkins, Chris Lanza, Araceli Villanueva, Caroline Dellet, Molly Caldwell, Joe Deng, Steven Shen, Olivia Sullivan. Third row: Jake Fleming, Gabe Miller, Vince Parsons, Logan Heley, Zach Amrein, Gail Stonebarger, David Towster, John Troup.

As part of a discussion-based club, Youth In Government members discuss today’s government.

ABOVE: (Left to Right) First row: Tom Hung, Joe Deng, Allison Roebuck, Anna Webber, Dana Leib, Kati Klehm, Leia Swanson, Drake Myers, Prarthana Dalal, Michah Melia. Second row: Gail Stonebarger, Jonathan Dawson, Aveek Dhar, Steven Shen, Evan Myers, Sarah Evans, Alex Dahlgren, David Towster, Maddie Bavley, Chenshan Zhou, Caroline Dellett. Third row: Vince Parsons, Keshav Ramaswami, Sam Buchanan, Peter Chow, Tara Raghuveer, John Troup, Qi Chen, Jack Walker, Jason Bates, Lauren Stanley, Annie Sgroi, Molly Caldwell.


Interact Club participated in volunteer projects for the community.

Clubs 293


Students build robots to compete in tournaments held by the International Robotics Organization.


Model UN members research countries in order to answer questions about public policy.


About Model UN

INFO: Started this year at East 3 officers assigned to each country: Andrew Beasley-Colombia; Sami Rebein-India; Ashton AdamsAustria. 1st Model UN Conference: April 21st At the conferences, every country has their positions on different topics, and they can bring up these positions in order to meet with other countries and make resolutions. This is modeled after the United Nations (UN) conferences, and it gets students more involved in world news.

ABOVE: (Left to Right) First row: Andrea Wickstrom, Emma Schulte, John Mack, Brian McClannahan, Paul Hose. BATTLE OF THE BOTS Above: In the Robotics room, Robotics programer and junior Tyler Second row: Robert Kelly, Heidi Kaiser, Andy Collins, Matthew Williamson, Carter Stolberg. Third row: Chris Cecil helps build a robot for the first competition. “Building a robot is remarkably rewarding Canza, Nash Reimer, Niko Colom, Alex Ho, Russell White. because very rarely in the real world do you get to see something you worked hard to build work right in front of you,” Blackman said. “It’s just like competing in a sport, but it’s against other robots.” Photo by Anna Petrow.

ABOVE: (Left to Right) First row: Marissa Horwitz, Emily Mayfield, Sarah Sears, Olivia Sullivan, Tyler Kavanugh. Second row: Kyra Slemp, Olivia Harlan, Ashton Adams, Sami Rebein, Caroline Barnett. Third row: Jamieson Edwards, Chris Miller, Andrew Beasley, Phil Roach, Robert Bickers (sponsor).



An FCA member explain about what the club does in a meeting.

“At the meetings, we usually have either a student speaker from the club or someone from a local church come and talk to us about how we can be more Christian and about God’s love for us.”

Alex Rorie 11

THE POWER OF KNOWLEDGE Above: Sitting with senior Dana Leib, senior Nick Carothers takes ABOVE: (Left to Right) First row: Peter Bautz, Nick Carothers, Joe Deng, Dana Leib, Patrick Barry. Second part in an annual Categories tournament held at the Indian Creek Center. “Prior to each tourna- row: Collin Hoefer, Adele Daniel, Brice Roberts, Harper Coulson, Nick Paris (sponsor). ment, we go to [teacher] Mr. [Nick] Paris’ room and review knowledge-based questions through trivia books,” Carothers said. “East has won the postseason tournament in the past two years and has the most number of tournament titles in all of the schools.” Photo by Alissa Pollack.


The Categories team competes against other schools in academic trivia, which is similar to Jeopardy.

ABOVE: (Left to Right) First row: Betsy Blessen, Emma Tyler, Will Severns, Brooks Anthony, Sam Heneger, Alex Dressman, Haley Martin, Emily Kerr. Second row: Billy Kirkpatrick, Mary Kate Peterson, Maddie Cardell, DeeDee Guthrie, Lauren Dodd, Katy Richardson, Megan Spivak, Sarah Evans, Max McFarland.Third row: Stephen Cook, Alex Rorie, Annie Bennett, Kirsten Clark, Haley Dagleish, Jennifer Rorie, Hanna Jane Stradinger, Caroline Nick, Sarah Mckittrick, Caroline Dodd, Andrew Beasley, Spencer Brown.


PRIDE AND JOY Above: During a morning meeting in February, senior Haley Dalgleish, founder of East’s FCA club, talks about pride. “I thought it would be so cool to start this club because I love the Lord and sports and thought it’d be great to share both of those things,” Dalgleish said. “I talked about pride in the Little Gym in February during basketball season because it seemed to fit during that season.” Photo by Dan Stewart.

FCA, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, is a student-led club, which is the largest Christian sports organization in the America.

Clubs 295


Students meet once a month to play games and discuss topics about Latin.


DECA provides opportunities to make business contacts, increase community awareness and develop leadership skills.


About Latin Club

HIGHLIGHTS: Play Gladiatorial Games, where students make their own swords and shields to fight Play Latin trivia games Plan dinners, and have a dinner banquet at the end of the year

ABOVE: (Left to Right) First row: Michael Tuschhoff, George Galvin, Sam Logan, John Logan, Jeff Rutherford, Richard Coulson. Second row: Madison Haverty, Katy Richardson, Julie Aliber, Sarah Genton, Molly Troutman, Molly Rappold, Julie Chalfant, Caroline Doerr, Allie Hunter, Lindy Blackman, Lauren Newell, Jordan Herring, Torry Spencer, Raina Weinberg, Logan Mitchell. Third row: Sam Nelson, Ariana Sherk, Corey Neidl, Krey Bradley, Lauren Fischer, Kirsten Clark, Kristen Fischer, Lauren King, Cassie Kerr, Caroline Sheridan, Paige Swanson, Ross Guignon , Jack Thorpe, Peter Frazell, Claudia Adams, Allison Burton, Allyse Hackler. Fourth row: Rachel Rice, Eden Schoofs, Emilie Block, Aubrey Leiter, Hannah Early, Sammi Kelly, Ellie Kessinger, Margaret Brill, Maddy Rich, Maygan White, Rosie Bellinger, Hannah Satterlee, Becca Clay, Rachel d’Autremont, Molly Tidrick, Caitlin Morlen, Lauren Bleakley, Maggie Townsend, Alex Pirotte, Andrew Ryan, Cody Roberson. Fifth row: Michael Calvert, Calli Henning, Jennifer Gray, Grant Heinlein, Stewart Jensen, Tommy Rappold, Sarah Hemer, Matt Beck, Emily Mayfield, Paul Wolff, Hannah Mallen, Zach Amreins, Cameron Smith, Mary Kate Mccandless, Nikkie Reber, Hannah Roste. Sixth row: Maggie Simmons, Hayley Bublitz, Baleigh Burroughs, Catherine Herst, Alison Stephens, Gordon Green, Beck Johnson, Mary Galvin,Tony Pena, Buddy Bell, Dustin Ballard, Chris Clark, Gabe Miller, Jacob Fleming,Tyler Woltemath. Seventh row: Megan Nass, Elise Kuklenski, Elizabeth Ward, Hannah Jane Stradinger, Andrew Watkins, Conor Twibell, Branden Schoofs, Theo Fields, Adam Isenberg, David Frizzell, Brennan Burns, Zach Nass, CC Creidnenberg, Jack Esberg, Dylan Becker, Kirk Doerr, Tyrese Smith, Brett Miller, Kevin Simpson, David Owens, Robert Enders.

SWORDUM FIGHTUM Above: Latin teacher Athanasia Worley and junior John Aldrich sword fight with fake weapons after the Gladitorial Games, where Latin Clubs from different schools in the area come together.“[While we were sword fighting], I tripped and fell,” Aldrich said. “Then Dr. Worley stabbed me and I lost.” Photo by Brook Barnes. Right: (Left to Right) First row: Rachel Gangwere, Alexa Schnieders, Kiley Lawrence, Maeve Omstead, Susi Hogsett (sponsor) Second row: Delaney Herman, Jesus Lopez- Martinez, Gillian O’connell Third row:Valerie Nutt, Payal Sharmacharya, Hannah Copeland, Logan Heley



A Sign Language member talks about her favorite part of the club and why she thinks it is important.


“We play a lot of fun games in Sign Language, like this game called ‘Board Game,’ which we do on the [dryerase] boards. I’m glad we have the club for people that still want to learn it. I think that we just need to pay more attention to [sign language] in our community.”

Alexa Schneiders 11

Sign Language Club members learn a new way of communication.

FIRST, SECOND AND THIRD Above: Seniors Beck Johnson and Sarah Hemer greet senior Hannah Satterlee at the mini awards after the State competition for DECA. “We did really well [at the mini awards],” Hemer said. “In one category, we got all the awards, 1-5, which is a really big deal. We kind of expected to do well because we had more people than the other schools.” Photo by Lauren Bleakley. RIGHT: (Left to Right) First row: Paul Wolff, Rosie Bellinger, David Henderson, Gretchen Hummel, Pablo Dominguez. Second row: Dustin Ballard, Kristina Grandon, Lexi Mische.


BPA, Business Professionals of America, prepares students for careers in business and industrial technology.

Clubs 297


Students learn how to advertise products with realworld business opportunities.


Environmental Club members help make the world more eco-friendly.

HELPING OUT THE WORLD A member talks about the importance of recycling.

“We just go around and collect all the recycling at school. I kind of get really paranoid about recycling. Like in my family, if someone doesn’t recycle something, I freak out. [It’s important because] it’s like the one thing we can control and it helps our environment.”

Maddy Bailey 12

ABOVE: (Left to Right) First row: Megan Sullivan, Claire Freeman, Holly Lafferty, Laty Watkins, Kristen Shedor. Second row: Olivia Harlan, Ashleyu Adams, Qi Chen, Chenshan Zhou, Molly Mahon, Olivia Mansfield. Third row: Maddy Bailey, Mallory Kirby, Raina Weinberg, Mac Dolliver, Logan Mitchell, Caroline Doerr, Julie Chalfant, Samantha Bartow.

PICKIN’ UP PUMPKINS Far right: At the Asbury Church pumpkin patch, sophomore Miranda Treas spent the day searching for pumpkins to carve. “In the fall, I love going to pumpkin patches d. “I also like getting pumpkin spice lattes and things that you normally can’t get in the othr seasons.” Photo by Lauren Bleakley.

ABOVE: (Left to Right) First row: Ellie Kessinger, Margaret Brill, Maddy RIch, Maygan White, Rosie Bellinger, Hannah Satterlee, Becca Clay, Rachel d’ Autremont, Molly Tidrick, Caitlin Morley, Lauren Bleakley, Rebecca Holloway. Second row: Stewart Jensen, Tommy Rappold, Sarah Hemer, Matt Beck, Emily Mayfield, Paul Wolff, Hannah Mallen, Zach Amrein, Kirk Doerr, Mary Kate McCandless. Third row: Baleigh Burroughs, Catherine Hersh, Alison Stephens, Gordon Green, Beck Johnson, Mary Galvin, Brad Robson, Dustin Ballard, Chris Clarke, Gabe Miller, Kenny Powers.

FAST FACTS About Marketing/Deca

HIGHLIGHTS: East has the largest DECA chapter in the state of Kansas

ACCOMPLISHMENTS: DECA projects raised over $5,000 for charity East has two more State Officers this year than last

SELL OUT Above: Selling ads for The Harbinger, juniors Ariana Sherk, Hanna Jane Stradinger and Rachel Rice get real-world experience in their Marketing 1 class. “Every other week we have to sell ads for the newspaper,” Rice said. “We get to interact with people and learn how to sell and advertise our products.” Photo by Alissa Pollack.

ABOVE: (Left to Right) First row: Joe Deng, Evan Myers. Second row: Natalie Hine, Bridget Bergin, Adele Daniel, Duri Long. Third row: Spencer Daves, John Troup, Drake Myers, Brice Roberts.


HELPING THE WORLD Above: Junior Chenshan Zhou, a member of the Environmental Club, helps collect the recycling from around the school. “Recycling is important, and it’s not hard to do,” Zhou said. “It’s an easy way to keep the environment clean.” Photo by Alissa Pollack.

Philosophy Club members discuss philosophical questions and relate old theories to modern life.

Clubs 299


Coalition members have several events to raise money and awareness for third world countries.


International Club allows exchange students to experience American culture.


About International Club

HIGHLIGHTS: They welcomed all of the foreign exchange students with a reception

ACTIVITIES: They met every Wednesday and had dinner Each exchange student gave a presentation on their country

Above: (Left to Right) First row: Marisol Galicia, Dominika Golinska, Dilya Rustamova, Caroline Creidenberg, Amilia Winter, Dami Tuerk, Chenshan Zhou, Anna Seilund. Second row: Steven Shen, Brooks Anthony, Matt Creidenberg, Robert Enders, Susie McClannahan, Jaqueline Crain. Third row: CC Creindenberg, Logan Heley, Cameron Smith, Parker Heying, Ben Jensen, Paul Wolff.

FAST FACTS About Coalition

HIGHLIGHTS: Approximately 500 people joined the Facebook group For the Coalition dance marathon, they danced for 8 straight hours for Partners in Health

ABOVE: (Left to Right) First row: Madeline Goss, Hiba Akhtar, Emily Collins, Anna Petrow, Sarah Are, Brennan Williams, Mimi Rebein, Mitchelle Naegwa. Second row: Araceli Villanueva, Rhonda Anzawi, Kate Kulaga, Emily Kulaga, Carolyn Welter, Emily Bates, Jessie Sykes, Grace Chaney. Third row: John Francis, Brooks Anthony, Tess Duncan, Kiki Sykes, Meghan Spivak, Amy Sachse, Caroline Barnett, Logan Heley. Fourth row: Nathan Are, Morgan Satterlee, Haley Martin, Sara Griffith. MUSIC IN SIGHT Left: Raising awareness for Invisible Children in Uganda, sophomore Toni Aguiar participates in the Coalition walk with sophomore Emily Bates. “Everyone who was involved met at the Macy’s parking lot before school and walked up to East,” Aguiar said. “It means a lot to know that I can make a difference outside of the Johnson County community and get the word out about these kids who are kidnapped into the army of Joseph Kony.” Photo by Brook Barnes.


“We meet once a month, and at every meeting, someone gives a presentation about their home. It’s fun to hear about other people’s experiences. Mrs. [Brenda] Fishman always makes brownies and cookies for us, but sometimes we go out to eat at like Indian and Mexican restaurants.”

Dami Turk 12


Students in Math Club explain their reasons for joining the club.

“I joined it because I’ve always loved math and that kind of stuff. My [math] teacher was the sponsor for the club, so she was the one who told me about it and got me interested in it.”

Lauren Raibble 12 “I joined because I really enjoy mathematics. It gave me a chance to join a club at East that would be fun. My favorite thing to participate in is the larger competitions like Emporia State and Pittsburg State.” Above: (Left to Right) First row: Nick Carothers. Second row: Sadie Wendler, Qi Chen. Third row: Weston Halberstadt, Spencer Brown, David Crane. Not pictured: Lauren Raibble.

MATH 300 Clubs

An International Club member describes getting to know the cultures of her classmates through activities.

David Crane 12

Math Club members creatively solve mathematical problems and compete with other schools in monthly competitions.

Clubs 301


Through meetings and outings, French Club and FNHS members embrace the French culture and language.


Students get the chance to showcase their art and express themselves by giving back to the community with service projects and art shows.



About FNHS

HIGHLIGHTS: For their initiation, instead of lighting a candle, each member “lit a cupcake.” Watched ‘Amélie,’ a French movie about a waitress in Paris

Above: (Left to Right) Sponsor Adam Finkelston, co-presidents Kelly Sabatés, Adrienne Whitham, and Colleen Ireland.

Played games like ‘Mille Borne,’ a French card game and ‘Monopoly’ in French

Right: (Left to Right) First row: Mary Kate McCandless, Allison Roebuck, Alexa Schnieders, Anousha Shirazi, Natalie Parker. Second row: Jonathan Dawson, Gillian O’Connell, Lauren Stanley, Annie Sgroi, Anna Bernard. Third row: Nathan Walker, Spencer Barnhill, John Troup.

ABOVE: (Left to Right) First row: Ellie Jones, , Chad Papineau, Aveek Dhar, Sadie Wendler, Katie Fay, Kat Buchanan, Rachel Arnold, Chensan Zhou. Second row: Adam Finkelston, Maria Reyes, Adrienne Whitham, Sarah Sedorcek, Eden Schoofs, Natalie Pierce, Araceli Villanueva, Teresa Harbison, Kennedy Burgess, Anders Newman. Third row: Megan Nass, Maggie Simmons, Valerie Barajas, Evie Marshall, Alicia Reyna, Kathleen Ireland, Lily Myers, Duri Long, Jonathan Moss. Fourth row: Amy Franklin, Katie House, Lauren Engelken, Maddy Bailey, Gail Stonebarger, Taylor Burkhead, Danielle Norton, Amilia Winter, Grant Heinlein. Fifth row: Libby Cloud, Jamie Edwards, Ali Yaqubian, Colleen Ireland, Kelly Sabatés, Olivia Sullivan, Caroline Miller.


TIE-DYE TROUBLES Above: Senior Katie Fay, juniors Sammi Kelly and Aveek Dhar and sophomore Lilly Myers tie-dye shirts for NAHS. “We always do fun, little random art projects [in NAHS],” Fay said. “We actually ran out of ink because [the ink] was really concentrated and there was a lot of water, so not many people got to do it that day. We finished doing it at the next meeting though.” Photo by Eliza McCormick.

OFFICERS Above: (Left to Right) First row: Zachariah Colby, Richard Coulson, John Logan, Brooks Anthony, Cameron Smith, Kevin Simpson, John Francis. Second row: Anna Petrow, Kiley Lawrence, Grace Gillaspie, Emily Welter, Jessie Sykes, Maria Reyes, Prarthana Dala, Dana Leib, Anna Webber, Caitlin Benson, Emily Halter, Clair Finke, Ashley Guerricagoitia. Third row: Lauren Dodd, Alexa Donahue, Lauren Erickson, Ellie Kessinger, Grace Martin, Tara Raghuveer, Kale Herman, Sally Schoenfield, Katie Sharp, Leia Swanson, Alex Dahlgreh, Annie Haynes, Joe Deng. Fourth row: Madison Haverty, Sarah McKittrick, Annie Bennett, Haley Dalgleish, Sara Schenkelberg, Catherine Herst, Leah Chesbrough, Steven Shen, Susie McClannahan, Peter Chow. Fifth row: Laura Scott, Above: (Left to Right) Sara Schenkelberg, Tara Raghuveer, Kiley Emma Fritts, Logan Mitchell, Raina Weinberg, Adam Lovin, Matt Beck, Hannah Jane Stradinger, Branden Schoofs, Jack Walker, Sam Buchanan, David Towster, Jack Slater, Drake Myers. Lawrence, Lauren Erickson.

SNHS 302 Clubs

Since the Franklin Center project closed, SNHS members find a different way to do community service.

ABOVE: (Left to Right) First row: Holly Barling, Adrienne Whitham, Spencer Low, Mac Tamblyn, Jeff Rutherford, John Logan, Beck Johnson, Matt Creidenberg, David Moore, Jessie Sykes, Mallory Kirby, John Francis. Second row: Heather Athon, Lauren Raibble, Laura Bleakley, Stacy Coffyn,Tim Shedor, Hunter Stevenson, Holly Lafferty,Tara Raghuveer, Clay Finley, Harper Coulson, Olivia Botts, Megan McGillicuddy,Veronica Kerr, Tess Duncan, Annie Bennett, Becca Clay. Third row: Lindsay Rooker, Allie Fields, Margaret Brill, Sally Schoenfield, Alexa Donahue, Lauren Erickson, Emily Halter, Sara Schenkelberg, Molly Tidrick, Sarah Sears, Kiley Lawrence, Alexa Schnieders, Grace Martin, Hannah Satterlee, Alyx Delgado, Drake Myers, Sarah Are, Mary Kate McCandless, Megan Sullivan, Allison Kirby, Rachel Kaskie. Fourth row: Spencer Barnhill, Joe Graig, Dana Leib, Anna Webber, Leia Swanson, Alison Stephens, Elizabeth Piper, Sarah Evans, Ben Jensen, Janna Graf, Jessica Jacob, David Towster, Jordan Dietrich, Nick Carothers, Evan Myers, Joe Deng, Lois Wetzel, Phoebe Unterman, Claire Freeman. Fifth row: Sadie Wendler, Michael Calvert, Catherine Herst, Ashton Adams, Sami Rebein, Steven Shen, Jason Bates, Taylor Burkhead, Alexandra Ferlas, Emma Fritts, Adele Daniel, Alex Dahlgren, Caitlin Benson, Sydner Henley, Hannah Lang, Lauren Dodd. Sixth row: Greg Welsh, Carl Rodgers, Charles Above: (Left to Right) Haley Dalgleish, Tara Raghuveer, Emily Halter, Bernard, Qi Chen, Brice Roberts, John Troup, Jack Walker, Peter Chow, Brian Aitken, David Beeder, Adams Lovin, Matt Beck, Scott Rainen, John Lehoczky, Haley Dalgleish, Maddy Bailey Sami Rebein.


After being accepted to National Honor Society, members continue to follow the four pillars.

Clubs 303


Band members enjoy creating music in their own, newly constructed room.


ABOVE: (Left to Right) First row: Connor Callahan, Micah Melia, Adele Daniel, Tyler Cecil, Lucas Throckmorton. Second row: Daniel Colebank, Zach Williams, Michael Calvert, Prarthana Dalal, Bailey Borgmier, Tyler Germann, Ree Ae Jordan, Nikki Glaze, Claire Tracy, Emma Reno. Third row: Rebecca Thrasher, Loren Jamieson, Ingrid Starkey, Bridget Bergin, Kellyn Harrison, Alex Keller, Dale Smith, John Opsahl, Ryan Sullivan Emily Hofmeister, Duncan Gibbs, Connor Creighton. Fourth row: Russell Philpott, Grace Junk, Carl Skrukrud, Joseph Kashka, Ali Dees, Sam Rider, Chase Ensz, Collin Enger, Collin Hoefer, Cole Harrison, Cameron Robles, Kristen Shedor, Tom Hung, Spencer Low. Fifth row: Mr. Harrison, Brian Rogers, Paul Wolff, Andrew Goble, Ryan Waisner, Burke Smith, John Horvath, Ted Dubois, David Beeder.


About Band

HIGHLIGHTS Both Concert Band and Symphonic Band went to San Antonio, Texas They performed the music of ‘West Side Story’ for the Marching Band show

ACHIEVEMENTS: 15 students made AllDistrict band Five students made AllState musicians

304 Clubs

BEFORE THE SHOW Above: Under the direction of Kim Harrison, senior Dale Smith performs with the rest of the band during the winter jazz concert. “Before each concert, the band will get together and warm up before Mr. [Kim] Harrison introduces us to the audience,” Smith said. “The band does a good job at staying together on the beat of each song. Harrison doesn’t even have to conPLAY IT LOUD Right: At a concert for the Jazz Band, sophomore Sam Rider plays his trumpet. “A lot of schools don’t actually have a Jazz Band,” Rider said. “They just have a Concert band and a Marching band. I like Jazz Band because you get to play so many different kinds of music.” Photo by Mackenzie Wylie.

ABOVE: (Left to Right) First row: Jacob Lybarger, Nic White, Nate Anderson, Kristin Anthonis, Nora Kanally, Daniella Mata. Second row: Megan Perry, Elizabeth Kashka, Amber Jones, Chris Mcgee, Maddie Ferguson, Meg Stanley, Phylicia Perkins. Third row: Sasha Niehorster-Cook, Promise Clutter, Grant Peterson, Keagan Jacobs, Andrew Long, Max Welker, Shane Wray, Matt Kunin, Jon Mytinger. Fourth row: William Geddes, Trent Richardson, Ian Crawford, Tim Whitaker, John Mack, Isaac Halberstadt, David Robertson, Ben Harkey, Chris Boucher, Hayden O’Gorman, Nathan McCloud, Andy Robinson, Graham Eidemiller, Rebecca Brownlee, Peter Hung. Fifth row: Max Driskill, Jacob Lanan, Ryan Gochenour, Harrison Clark, Luke Trent-Jones, Connor Borgmier, Jake Williams, Jeff Tate, Andrew Fischer, Khaaliq Martin, Sean Cedillo, Larson Woolwine, Mr. Harrison, Mrs. Watzke.

Clubs 305

Choir students perform back in the auditorium and have a newly constructed choir room.




OH GLORIA Above: At the winter concert, choir director Ken Foley leads the Choraliers, includABOVE: (Left to Right) First row: Oliver Johnson, Brooks Tate, Jack Haverty, Kyle Braddock, Will Penner. Second row: Grayson McGuire, Luke Morgan, Kurt Jensen, Andrew Herst, Kurty Blunt, Noah Bertholf. Third row: ing junior Chloe Fishgrund, in singing winter-themed songs. “My favorite [song that we sang] was ‘Gloria’ because we sang it a lot over the year,” Fishgrund said. “I just really liked it because it gets Jonathan Moss, Jay Lehocsky, Mac Tamblyn, Andrew Beasley, Mitch Chalk, Adam Jones, Gage Cameron. really loud and emotional. It sounds really pretty when it’s all put together.” Photo by Anna Petrow.

CHANSONETTES ABOVE: (Left to Right) First row: Celeste Rinner, Tori Wrede, Lizzie Roach, Araceli Villenueva, Maddie Guaghan, Callie Hennig, Olivia Mansfield, Emily Welter, Raina Weinberg, Maggie McGilley, Keelia Corcoran, Julie Chalfant, Emma Marston, Kelsey Summers, Betsey Dee, Lauren Raibble, Stacy Coffyn, Kaley Herman, Jacqueline Crain, Jessie Sykes, Ashley Guerricagoitia, Megan McGillicuddy, Molly Kurtz, Maria Reyes, Betsy Blessen, Alicia Reyna, Chloe Fishgrund, Kirstin Chadd Grace Gillaspie, Kiley Lawrence, Kirsten Heath. Second row: Lydia Shackelford, Heather Glaze, Sarah Sears, Dominika Golinska, Lauren Staley, Grace Boehm, Emily Fuson, Jennifer Gray, Sarah Are, Katy Fay, Sydney Henley, Emily Bittiker, Kelsey Chadd, Haley Fisher, Olivia Lynch, Natalie Bender, Dylan Dunn, Morgan Holm, Johanna Hild, Lois Wetzel, Annelisa Bennett, Olivia Botts, Amy Cosgrove, Sarah Sedorcek, Katy Richardson, Hayley Bublitz, CJ Hicks, Caroline Marland, Kristina Grandon, Emma Tyler. Third row: Lindsey Hartnett, Mary Joyce, Paige Swanson, Ashton Adams, Peter Young, Beck Johnson, Matt Mueller,Vince Parsons, Cooper Toombs, Alex West, Jennifer Benson, Chris Melvin, Jeremy Steiner, John Meyers, John Francis, Brian Aitken, William Carey, Matt Creidenberg, Jacob Rudolph, Cody Rutledge, Stewart Jenson, Elise Kuklenski, Gretchen Hummel, Olivia Harlen, Melanie Thomann, Emily Mayfield. Fourth row: Kaitlin Woodson, Michaela Mathiesen, Rebecca Calstrom, Kaevan Tavokalina, Rocky Hills, John Dollar, Graham Stevensen, Harper Coulson, Grant Stauffer, Presten Norman, David Frizzell, Riley Hoffman,Tim Madison, Alex Rorie, Jonathan Bernard, Daniel Stewart, Jack Dee, Max McFarland, Jonathan Moss, Tanner Williams, Zach Colby, Micah Patterson, Jacob Parelman, Jessie Jacob, Katie Darling, Abigail Leek, Samantha Bartow, Ashley Adams.


About Choir

BELOW: (Left to Right) First row: Meara Smith, Andrea Velez, Chelsea Clark, Natalie Solger, Atiyeh Samadi, Devery North, Ellie Walker, Elizabeth Mergen, Camille Breckenridge. Second row: Lucy Lehoczky, Abby Moore, Maggie Thomas, Kiki Sykes, Ashley Olsen, Emily Lindeman, Jill Saxton, Katie Crawford, Shannon Tuttle, Mallory Harrington, Sarah Wilson.Third row:Tori Holt, Christiana Reene, Jenna Davis, Maribel Regalado, Ali Gibbon, Kaley Blake, Emily Tuttle, Kylie Guess, Lanie Leek, Madeline Sniezek, Molly Jennings, Mary Longan, Mikaela Remer-Phifer. Fourth row: Lauren Adams, Abbie Davis, Amy Sachse, Meghan Spivak, Morgan Satterlee, Katie Keohan, Sarah Johnston, Heather Hartong, Kaitlyn Pattison, Stephanie Denton, Amy Bonds, Molly Howland, Gillian Long, Jennifer Horan, Beverly Dobson, Maddie Wolford.


HIGHLIGHTS: Chamber singers sang at private parties


Chamber singers sang ‘Sing Me Heaven’ and ‘Riding on a Mule,’ (a Chinese song) Choraliers went to Vienna, Salzburg and Prague for spring break Varsity Mens Choir sang the ‘Spongebob Square Pants’ theme song on the Chipotle Tour

306 Clubs

ABOVE: (Left to Right) First row: Kaitlin Woodson, Olivia Mansfield, Sarah Are, Ashton Adams, Katy Fay, Sydney Henley, Jacqueline Crain, Johannah Hild, Lois Wetzel, Jessie Jacob, Ashley Guerricagoitia, Kristina Grandon. Second row: Harper Coulson, Back Johnson, Matt Mueller, John Meyers, Ben Jenson, William Carey, Brian Aitken, Jack Dee, Tanner Williams, Micah Patterson, Stewart Jenson, Jacob Parelman.

LEFT: (Left to Right) First row: Taylor Guess, Jenna Westra, Morgan Bush, Samantha Walter, Isabella Weindling, Jeri Freirich, Halle O’Neill, Maddie Connelly, Sydney Edmisten, Hannah Yeoman, Vanessa Daves, Garret Raibble, Henry Legard, Harry Harter, Matt Hanson, Hudson Peters, Javet Halbestadt. Second row: Andrea Rutledge, Morgan Kister, Taylor Freeman, Jordyn Liddicoe, Sarah Guerricagoitia, Laura Metz, Lindsey Grimm, Grace DeGoler, Grace Dominique, Emily Colebank, Addie Hotchkiss, Evan Reed, Haleigh Savage, Elizabeth Wilcox, Kalvin Murphy, AJ Orth, Scott Slapper, Liam Murphy. Third row: Chandler Harrison, Gracie Tapp, Britney Hinote, Katherine Higdon, Kaylie Stabler, Mary Kate Peterson, Melissa Stasi, Hailee Larson, Breanna Collier, Dani Mader, Tiernan Shank, Audrey Hitchcock, Emma Robson, Katey Magee, Anna Frame, Samie Fetzer, Chris Watkins, Grant Sitomer, Alex Samuel, Andrew Garcia, Adam Lynch. Fourth row: Elizabeth Kashka, Clara Bevnauer, Emily Hadley, Hannah Dahlor, Madison May, Sarah Hellman, Maggie Niven, Abby Tierney, Nicole Blair, Nichole Hine, Maddie Rowe, Max Duncan, Chase Ainsworth, Drew Broeckelman, Cole Harrison, Jake Fessler, Mason Pashia.

Clubs 307


A newly constructed room and new music welcome Orchestra students back to East.


ABOVE: (Left to Right) First row: Kelly Kuhn, Joe Deng, Jean Orr, Heather Athon, Grace Martin, Ali Felman, Holly Lafferty, Erica Brandli, Grant Kendall. Second row: Devery North, Angela Clem, Heather Nelson, Katie Klehm, Ian Wiseman, Emily Kulaga, Charlie McGraw, Greg Tracy. Third row: Claire Freeman, Laura Scott, Lauren Gillespie, Emi Snively, Maddy Bavley, John Rowe, Nick Carothers, Olive Dubois, Emily Lang, Katie House, Kristin Anthonis, Jonathan Dawson, Megan Metz, Kate Kulaga. Fourth row: Weston Halberstadt, Allison Chesbrough, Mackenzie Burroff, Peter Chow, Brice Roberts, Sami Rebein, Rebecca Callstrom, Lucas Holsinger, Andrew North, Nathan Simpson, Hunter Stevenson, Spencer Brown.

MUSIC IN SIGHT Above: During class, sophomore and second violinist Emily Kulaga sight reads the first movement of an orchestra piece by Mendelssohn. “Mr. [Jonathan] Lane had never had us sight read very much, so we took a break from our concert music to see how we would do,” Kulaga said. “It was kind of tough, and we were all frowning at the music, but it was definitely a good experience.” Photo by Danielle Norton.



Right: (Left to Right) First row: Claire Williams, Bahar Barani, Wendy Monarres, Dani Miller, Evan Westhoff. Second row: Emma Cousineau, Austin Hunzeker, Jack Tretbac. Third row: Jakob Yedo, Kevin Ash, Shayla Parcels, Patrick Riggin.

ABOVE: (Left to Right) Front row: Jenna Engelken, Cecelia Clark, Kait Richards, Matt Boyer, Mattison Hayes, Jack Rooker, Olivia Brzozowski, Mitchelle Ndegma, Mimi Rebein. Second row: Grace Pickell, Madison HaHaway, Jeemin Kim, Vannis Jones, Lauren Wurm, Jacob Elifrits, Olivia Rogers, Addie Hotchkiss. Third row: Jennifer Rorie, Torie Davis, Elizabeth Bittiker, Emily Colebank, Ellen Frederickson. Fourth row: Joe Simmons, Sam Rowe.

FAST FACTS About Orchestra

HIGHLIGHTS The auditorium provided better acoustic sound.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Had more students make District than any other orchestra in the area 16 people made State, the most of any school in the state

308 Clubs

Clubs 309

3rd Section Small  

“As part of [Sign Language], it’s cool to see other people feel accomplished when they learn something new. Through the class and club, I’ve...