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“In our school, I don’t feel that bad about being a single student. I get attention through friends, and it gives me more opportunities. I feel like being in a bigger school makes me more social. It will give me better people skills, and I will be able to relate to people more.”

Logan Heidmann 11

SWIVEL RACE Left: Rolling chairs outside during Spring Gehring-Lowery’s English class, sophomore Emma Sullivan participates in the Funeral Games, an olympics activity that they held after reading ‘The Iliad.’ “The winners got a crown that said ‘Olympic Winner’,” Sullivan said. Photo by Anna Marken.

CENTER OF THE RING Right: Dancing to Britney Spears’ ‘Circus’, junior Rachel Duvall performs at a pep assembly on Nov. 5. “It’s really fun to work hard on the dances, learning all the moves and be able to show people and our friends how much work and time we put into them,” Duvall said. “We all get really nervous before we perform, but we always have a designated member for the year who gives us a pep talk before each dance.” Photo by Anna Petrow.

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ENDURANCE Right: Swimming in the East pool, sophomore Ree Ae Jordan practices her breast stroke. “The 50 freestyle is my favorite because it’s a sprint stroke so I can go all out without having to pace myself,” Jordan said. “Swimming deals a lot with endurance, and my main goal is to improve my own times.” Photo by Anna Petrow.

PASSING PERIOD RUSH Above: Junior Logan Heidmann walks up the main staircase during passing period. He was usually rushed to get to his classes on time, and he wished the passing time was longer so that he could have more time to talk to his friends. “When passing, my classes are on different floors, so I am usually in a pretty big hurry to get to my classes on time,” Heidmann said. “If I see a friend in the hallway, then I will stop and talk to them.” Photo by Ben Kaplan.

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Color - Size 9 - 0-02079: Shawnee Mission East HS

Gerard Algie Ashley Allegri Hailey Allen

Thomas Allen Anthony Alvarez Lauren Alvey

Nate Andersen Michel Anderson Addison Anthony

Elizabeth Arnold Carter Ascher Joseph Bahr

SING YOUR HEART OUT During the Bunch of Bands event at East, freshman Lilly Kaufmann sings ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ by Journey to the students with the band Letterhead. “I like getting to expand my horizons, and it’s another thing that I’m learning how to do,” Kaufmann said. “Everyone was jamming out and dancing, and it felt great being up there.” Photo by Mackenzie Wylie.

Ryan Baker Allison Bamford Gus Barbour Greta Barling Sara Baumann Hanna Bautz

Michael Abell Chase Ainsworth Hananiah Aldrich Mirrissa Alexander Rolando Alfaro

FREE SHOT Left: During a basketball practice at East in the new auxiliary gym, freshman Anna Colby prepares for a free throw. “Before I take a shot, I try and just clear my head and focus,” Colby said. “The support of my teammates has been great because we have just all gotten to be good friends. I think what has helped me the most in the long run though is doing all the free throw drills throughout the season.” Photo by Andrea Zecy. EYES, NOSE AND EARS Right: On Freshman Orientation day in the auditorium, freshman Max Duncan follows math teacher Hannah Pence’s directions. “We got to talk with our friends and see everyone that we hadn’t seen over the summer,” Duncan said. “I think [Freshman Orientation] was really helpful because coming to East the first day with all the other sophomores, juniors and seniors would’ve been really intimidating, and I’m glad we had one day for freshmen, so we could get used to the school and navigate around without all the other students.” Photo by Anna Petrow.

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A CLOSER LOOK Left: Studying and identifying cell division in Honors Biology, freshman Anne Willman uses the microscope to view the different stages of mitosis and meiosis. “We worked in pairs and drew really complex pictures of what we saw in the microscope,” Willman said. “We do mostly note taking everyday, so we rarely get to use the microscopes. I really like the hands-on activities and labs that we get to do in class. They are more fun to do than taking notes.” Photo by Alissa Pollack. ON THE LIST Right: Checking out the carnations list for Valentines Day, freshman Maddy Connelly searches for her friend’s name. “I was looking with my friend Grace, who got 12 flowers from her parents,” Connelly said. “We were all wanting to get carnations from our parents, but I wasn’t really expecting any. I sent out one carnation, but it didn’t get sent. I was going to send one to one of my friends, but I think they lost it.” Photo by Andrea Zecy.

Senior Portraits 157

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Color - Size 9 - 0-02079: Shawnee Mission East HS

Color - Size 9 - 0-02079: Shawnee Mission East HS

Color - Size 9 - 0-02079: Shawnee Mission East HS

Stephen Becker Lexi Belzer Tyler Benschoter Clara Bernauer Sarah Biegelsen

Stephen Brophy Addison Brown Emilie Bruyere Madalyn Bryce Olivia Brzozowski


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Freshman has participated in ballet since second grade and hopes dance is a part of her future.


the bell rang to end 6th hour, freshman Grace Cantril rushed through the frenzied East hallways to get to the girls’ locker room to get dressed for track practice. Tuesdays, especially in the spring, are hectic for Cantril because after track practice she changes her Nike’s for ballet shoes for three hours of tap, ballet, and pointe at Dancerz Unlimited. Cantril began dancing as a

India Borchardt Connor Borgmier Christopher Boucher Drake Bowers Matthew Boyer Aubrey Burhart

hobby in second grade, but as she grew older, she began to take the sport more seriously. “When you realize you’re good at a sport, it encourages you to become more dedicated to it,” Cantril said. Since then, Cantril has put in a lot of practice time. “Although there is no such thing as a perfect dancer, I want to work hard to come close,” Cantril said. Story by Atiyeh Samadi.

Maxwell Braasch Madison Bradley Zoe Brian MacKenzie Bridges Drew Broeckelman

Jessica Burnes Devin Burton Morgan Bush Tomi Caldwell Grace Cantril

A NEW DANCE SCENE Left: Dancing in the cafeteria, freshman Stefano Byer attends the Lancer Link Dance, fitting the 80’s theme by wearing two polos. “I thought it was a good intro to the high school dances,” Byer said. “All together, it was pretty fun, but the Battle of the Bands was different from just dancing. That was pretty cool. I think maybe some of the freshmen were shy going into high school because the upperclassmen are big.” Photo by Andrea Zecy.

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Nicole Blair Max Blanchard Rebecca Blanner Evan Bloom Dalton Boehm Mason Bur


Samuel Bihuniak Victoria Biles Elizabeth Bittiker Patrick Blackburn Taylor Blackshere Helena Buchmann

LEARNING THE ROPES Far Left: Learning her way around the new school, freshman Emori Delphia checks out a real life-size lancer on Freshman Orientation Day. “I really liked the group I was in and the games that we played,” Delphia said. “I thought the hats that our link leaders gave us were funny, and everyone was just really welcoming and nice.” Photo by Anna Petrow. A FRESHMEN FULL FREQUENT FRIDAY Left: Rehearsing on stage in the Little Theater, freshman Ryan Dugan performs in senior Kat Jaeger’s Frequent Friday, ‘Fools’. “I had some trouble stumbling around lines, but you have to make it seem natural and just go over it,” Dugan said. “[Theater] is cool because you can find out things about yourself that you didn’t know. There’s a lot of time commitment, but probably the hardest part is a lot of times staying in character. It’s trying to react and surround yourself in the scene. It’s a great feeling after the show when you are sitting in the balcony and you are happy it’s over. You are relaxed, and you are proud of the good show you put on.” Photo by Nicole Luby.

Senior Portraits 159

Color - Size 9 - 0-02079: Shawnee Mission East HS


Madison Cardell Cadey Carney Jacob Carolan-frazer Madison Carver Grace Chaney



Students share their favorite foods and snacks from the school cafeteria. PIZZA


“I like the Goldfish snacks in the cafeteria. I love the little fish, and they taste delicious. I only get them every once in a while, but they are a great snack to have for classes. They are easy to eat on the go too, which is good.”

“The Otis Spunkmeyer cookies are delicious, and I like how they are always warmed up. I probably get them every single day with my lunch. I know that they have oatmeal sometimes, but I still like just the plain chocolate chip cookies.”

“I use the cafeteria but not the vending machines. I get the pizza and the cookies at the cash register. I eat school lunch half the time, and then I’ll bring my own lunch. [The pizza] is something that I would normally eat outside of school.”

“I sometimes buy a Pop-Tart at lunch. My favorite kind is definitely the chocolate Pop-Tart because it’s cheap. I probably get it only once a week, and I like them because they taste like chocolate, and they are really delicious.”

Caroline Dickens 9

Parker Johnson 9

Matt Hanson 9

Anna Pusateri 9

Sarah Colburn Anna Colby Emily Colebank Breanna Collier Madeline Connelly

Hannah Dahlor Jackson Dalton Vanessa Daves Dakota Davis Victoria Davis

Mac Cook Emily Cooney Madison Crabtree William Crampton Jake Crandall

Grace Degoler Alexander Dellett Emori Delphia Courtney Dennis Christopher Denniston

William Cray Caroline Creidenberg Charles Crossette Samantha Crowell Hannah Cruse

Thomas Dettenwanger Caroline Dickens Mary Diehl Andrew Doerflinger Caelan Dolan

SNEAKING UP Right: Dressed as a Hippie on the first day of school in the cafeteria, freshman Lexi Belzer talks with her friends and meets new freshmen with the Link Leaders. “I was very scared, but I think [Link Crew] really helped me because we could be with all freshmen,” Belzer said. “I liked walking around the school in our costumes. [Our Link Leaders] brought headbands and peace necklaces and rings. We played a name game to get to know everybody, and we played a game that had to do with getting across the correct path.” Photo by Danielle Norton. MR. ROBOT Far Right: During a gymnastics practice at SM South, freshman Emily Kaplan plans her landing onto a foam mat. “We work at our own pace, and we each know what we need to work on,” Kaplan said. “We run for a while, and then we stretch before practice. The first meet, I was really scared, but it feels good when you land something because you have a sense of accomplishment.” Photo by Andrea Zecy.

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Color Page

Allison Chesbrough Cecelia Clark Harrison Clark Jeremiah Clark Elizabeth Clough

160 Portraits

Color - Size 9 - 0-02079: Shawnee Mission East HS

A WELCOMING TUNE Left: Playing games in a classroom on the Freshmen Orientation Day, freshman William Skrukrud plays the harmonica that he keeps in his vest pocket for the group. The freshmen also played gettingto-know you games where they had to guess each other’s names. “[My favorite part was] probably the costumes,” Skrukrud said. “We had little paper crowns and an opera mask and Mardi Gras beads. [The harmonica] was a wild hobby, and it was a profession. It was an instrument that you could fit in your pocket, and I’ve been playing it since I was about seven.They were easy to play, and I could piece together songs. I liked that we could learn the layout of the school and we made friends that day that stayed with us for the rest of the year. [That day] was very relaxed, and it eased us into the school.” Photo by Anna Petrow.

Senior Portraits 161

Color - Size 9 - 0-02079: Shawnee Mission East HS

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Grace Dominique David Draxler Maxwell Driskill Madelyn Drosenos Ryan Dugan

Luke Faulconer Alexandra Felman Ali Felman Madelyn Ferguson Matthew Ferrel

In memory of his father, freshman takes part in Joel’s Ride, a foundation that raises money for charities.


off the curb at Congregation Beth Torah, freshman Kyle Winston peddles by bike to the annual bike marathon in memory of his dad, Joel Winston. After Joel lost his battle with stomach cancer, the Winston family wanted to carry on his love for bike riding. “My dad would ride his bike a lot,” Winston said. “Sometimes, he would bike to his job, which was on the Plaza.” With the help of family and friends and Rabbi Mark Levin, Kyle and his family decided to organize Joel’s Ride, a yearly bike marathon in his father’s honor. Since 2008, when Joel’s Ride first started, the number of people who participated has grown each year. To participate, people are asked to pay a $25 fee and have the choice of riding a 10 mile or 25 mile route. Proceeds go to charities including The Restart Shelter, Harvesters, and Safe Home. “My dad and I rode together all

Clinton Dunn Jacob Fessler Samantha Fetzer Malachi Fletcher Anna Frame Rachel Franklin


Sydney Edmisten Ellen Frederickson Taylor Freeman Jeri Freirich Sarah Freshnock William Fuhrman

Rae Ehly Andrew Gaar Miranda Gabbard Guston Gall Lacey Gasaway Danielle Gatewood

of the time,” Winston said. “It means a lot to me that my friends come out and join me in the ride. It’s a good way to remember who my dad was and what he did for my family and others.” Story by Madeline Goss.

Graham Eidemiller Alexandra Elattar Jacob Elifrits Jenna Engelken Taylor Estrella-Klein

Joseph Gicinto Chase Glaeser Jacob Glazer Ryan Gochenour Alexander Goldman

FRESH ROCK Left: During the Lancer Link dance in the cafeteria, freshman Ian Harmon plays the guitar in the band Letterhead for the freshmen and Link Leaders. “I was really excited [to play] because other crowds we’ve played for haven’t been that big, and they weren’t really that into it either,” Harmon said. “We usually run through our songs, and we play our guitars without amps, and we sing through them so we can do better in our performances. I don’t usually get nervous anymore, either. [I liked] the crowd’s reaction after we played ‘Don’t Stop Believing.’ The crowd really liked that.” Photo by Mackenzie Wylie.

162 Portraits

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Color - Size 9 - 0-02079: Shawnee Mission East HS

SUBTLE DIFFERENCES Far Left: Identifying cell processes under a microscope, freshman Erin Reilly identifies and draws out the differences between the cells in mitosis and meiosis. “I really like the hands on experiments, and you can do the labs and projects with a friend,” Reilly said. “[This lab was] interesting but really hard to tell the different cell stages.” Photo by Alissa Pollack. PUSHING TO THE LIMIT Left: Doing pushups on the track, freshman Joe Bahr warms up for practice. “We run two laps, then stretch, then do some running drills,” Bahr said. “We run anywhere from three to six miles on this course, and on the track, we run about a mile and half. We usually alternate days, one day we will work out on the track and the next day we will run our own through the neighborhoods. On the track, we usually do sprints and then we jog on the other days.” Photo by Danielle Norton.

Senior Portraits 163

Color - Size 9 - 0-02079: Shawnee Mission East HS

NEW RESTRICTIONS Students describe their driving experience.

“I usually don’t personally see all my other friends drive. When you grow up, it seems like driving is really hard, but it’s not. The point of having the [texting and driving] law is good, but there’s more than just teens that use cell phones, I think it should apply to everyone.”

Lindsey Grimm Sydney Griswold Sarah Guerricagoitia Taylor Guess Deidra Guthrie

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Alexander Ho 9

“[Driving] makes me feel really old and important. I don’t like the new driving laws. I think that if you are safe about it, it’s okay to text and talk on the phone. My friend didn’t get her permit in time, so she won’t be able to drive until she is 17. It makes me feel sad for her.”

“I haven’t really started driving yet, but some of the driving laws I’m okay with and others I think are bad, like moving the age group back to be able to drive. It will affect my friends. I will have to drive some of them around a lot because they won’t be able to drive. It’s nerve wrecking, but its also exciting.”

Madalyn Bryce 9

Addison Anthony 9

“[Driving is] kind of scary. I know some of my friends and I don’t think that they are the best drivers. [The new driving laws] make sense because they keep the roads safer. I know a couple of people who won’t be able to drive until they are 17, and it stinks knowing that they can’t drive for another year.”

“[I like] just knowing you can go wherever you want without your parents having to drive you everywhere. The texting law - I think they should make it for everyone and not only teens. Some of [my friends] haven’t gotten their permits yet, so that’s what you look forward to when you turn 16, but they won’t be able to.”

Cole Harrison 9

Carter Ascher 9

Emmy Hadley Haley Haines Isaac Halberstadt Jaret Halberstadt Molly Halter

Leslie Hamilton Chase Hanna Shelbie Haris-Parks Benton Harkey Ian Harmon

Chandler Harrison Cole Harrison Harrison Harter Madison Hattaway Polly Haun

Sarah Goldman Karie Goss Michael Goss Sebastian Grace Austin Granero-Webster

Gardner Grantham Elizabeth Gray Desirae Green Madison Grieve Lucy Griffith

Emmilly Hayes Mattison Hayes Samuel Haynes Myisha Heinen Sarah Hellman

SWINGING AND DANCING Left: Practicing in the new dance room, freshman Tim Whittaker dances during a Swing Club meeting on a Tuesday. “I love dancing, and my friends said that they were starting [Swing Club],” Whittaker said. “It always feels like you accomplished something when you finish a move and you can show people. The more moves you can do, the more fun you can have. I will always remember that Swing Club was my first actual dance, and we all enjoy dancing. I had never taken a dance class before this, and I really enjoy it now. At practice, we just work on whatever we need more practice with.” Photo by Nicole Luby. A CLOSER LOOK Right: Studying and identifying cell division in Honors Biology, freshman Mimi Rebein uses the microscope to view the different stages of mitosis and meiosis. “We worked in pairs and drew really complex pictures of what we saw in the microscope,” Willman said. “We do mostly note taking everyday, so we rarely get to use the microscopes. I really like the hands-on activities and labs that we get to do in class. They are more fun to do than taking notes.” Photo by Anna Petrow.

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Color - Size 9 - 0-02079: Shawnee Mission East HS

A WORK OF ART Left: Playing the trumpet in Band class, freshman Ben Harkey practices different songs for concert band, pep band and jazz band. “We get free tickets to every single game, and it’s one of the best parts about being in band,” Harkey said. “We get to hang out with our friends and watch the games. We have a tradition of winning. We have more trophies and plaques than any other school in the district, and it makes us feel really proud of ourselves. We may have the smallest band in the district, but we have the best band in the district. I don’t mind playing in the band during games because all of my friends are in band, and we are all comfortable around each other.” Photo by Alissa Pollack.

Senior Portraits 165


Color - Size 9 - 0-02079: Shawnee Mission East HS

Mason Henshaw Paige Hess Steven Hetrick Abigail Heying Kyle Hickey

Lexy Janney Farrah Jazeh Daniel Jennett Bret Johnson Parker Johnson

Andrew Hiett Ruben Higadera Katherine Higdon Alexandra Hilliard Nichole Hine

Hayley Johnston Amber Jones Collin Jones Vannis Jones Gavin Jorns

Britney Hinote Audrey Hitchcock Alexander Ho Kim Hoedel Max Hofmeister

Emily Kaplan Mitchell Kaskie David Katz Lillian Kaufmann Brendan Kennedy

Cole Hogan Sarah Horton Paul Hose Adella Hotchkiss Chloe Hubler

Rachel Kephart William Kessinger Megan Kessler Julie Kidd Jeemin Kim

Kassey Hughes William Humphrey Hsiang-Neng Hung Riley Hunter Anna Ignatovich

Jacob King Morgan Kisler Connor Knabe Kayla Koenig Mary Kovzan

OVER THE WRATH Right: Standing on the stage during the ‘Grapes of Wrath’ play, freshman AJ Orth faces the audience as Uncle John. “There was definitely a lot of excitement for the performance, and everyone was excited about the show and to see what we’ve been working on,” Orth said. “I always get the butterflies, but after you get on stage, you feel more focused on having fun than messing up. I was very proud of what I had accomplished, and the entire cast was pleased with the production that we had done.” Photo by Anna Petrow. NO PRESSURE Far Right: At the Can Drive pep assembly, freshman Chloe Stradinger prepares to race against other StuCo Presidents and Vice Presidents. “The actual race kind of hurt, and I got really dizzy,” Stradinger said. “I didn’t have any pressure because I was only a freshman and I was a girl. The seniors really wanted to win and then the juniors wanted to beat them. I had a few bruises, but I thought it was fun.” Photo by Alissa Pollack.

166 Portraits

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Color - Size 9 - 0-02079: Shawnee Mission East HS

SKIPPING ALONG Left: Skipping on the turf at the end of track practice, sophomore Isabella Tomelleri makes her way to the coach and other athletes after pole vaulting. “I like being able to hang out with my friends and get a work out,” Tomelleri said. “[Pole vaulting] takes a lot of believing to get over the pole, and it takes a lot of brain. Before we actually start pole vaulting, we have to stretch the poles out to get them ready for us. There’s a lot of down time, which is nice because we can talk to our friends. I’m always scared, but its a huge adrenaline rush and excitement. Its a big warm feeling when you make it over.” Photo by Brook Barnes.

Senior Portraits 167

Color - Size 9 - 0-02079: Shawnee Mission East HS

Nicholas Kraske Matthew Kunin Max Kurlbaum Keisha Layton Jonny Lefko

Gabrielle Magalski Kaitlyn Magee Timothy Mais Michael Manalo Holly Martin

Edwin Legard Jamie Leonard Jacob Lichtenegger Jordyn Liddicote Frank Lieffring David Martinez

Freshman discovers passion for art from dad.

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freshman Emily Sneed, it’s all about perspective.With a dad, Brad Sneed, that has done illustrations for 22 children’s books, Emily has been able to see life as an artist from an entirely different angle. Brad, whose most recent work is featured in Big Bad Wolves at School and The Boy Who Was Raised by Librarians, has been an artist his entire life, which has enabled him to work

Dane Lofquist Jack Longan Gabrielle LoScalzo Vanessa Lovelace Nicholas Lybarger Nicholas Mason

at home, and across the hall from his biggest fan – Emily. After being surrounded by art for her entire life, it’s no surprise that Emily has taken a keen interest in it. However, she prefers a different art – photography. “I like to take pictures of things from different angles that you don’t normally see things from,” Emily said. Even with a developing interest in both photography and three-dimensional figures, Emily remains curious about the world that inspires her art. “I’m really into nature and wildlife,” Emily said.“I’d really like to be a biologist when I grow up, as a career. I think art will be a hobby throughout my life.” With a developing passion for the outdoors, Emily seems to have her heart set on the subject matter of her photography. Now, she’ll focus on finding a new angle, a unique environment – a fresh perspective. Story by Kevin Simpson.

Raef Maurer Alex May Madison May Nick May Cole McCabe

Adam Lynch John Mack Claire MacLachlan Duncan MacLachlan Danielle Mader

PIGGY BACK RIDES Right: Racing down the center of the gym during the “Cool School” morning, freshmen Caroline Creidenberg and Tiernan Shank piggy-back ride down the court after a wheel barrel race. “It was really early, but it was still pretty fun because they had a lot of fun activities and it was fun to interact with the teachers,” Creidenberg said. “I think it was really cool that our school got picked for “Cool School.” [I liked] when Yoda got a pie in the face. All the kids were cheering really loudly, and all the kids were pretty excited to see her get hit.” Photo by Anna Petrow. OUTSIDE THE CLASSROOM Far Right: Working on Biology homework after class, sophomore Anna Minkler tries to keep up with all the new materials that they got in class. “I think that’s the most challenging part because you get a lot of new materials rapidly,” Minkler said. “[I like] the partner activities and most of the hands on things. It’s easier to learn from them in science than taking notes.” Photo by Alissa Pollack.

168 Portraits

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Josh Light Haley Linden Melissa Linville Benjamin Little Elizabeth Liu Caleb Mason



Color - Size 9 - 0-02079: Shawnee Mission East HS

GOOD POINT Right: Serving up a ping pong ball in a match, freshman Collin Jones practices on a Thursday afternoon. “I had some friends that told me about East Table Tennis club,” Jones said. “I had a ping pong table, and I thought it would be fun to try. Usually we just play one big game so everyone can play.” Photo by Alissa Pollack.

Senior Portraits 169

Color - Size 9 - 0-02079: Shawnee Mission East HS

Down to the facts

Bryce McClanahan Brian McClannahan David McClannahan Connor McGannon Christopher McGee







“I heard that Mr.[John] Nickels’ Honors World Geography was a really hard class.”

Thomas McGillicuddy Eden McKissick-Hawley Brandon McNutt Andrew McWard Emma Meara

“We thought that all the upperclassmen were going to be mean to us.”

“He was really nice, and if you pay attention and write down everything he says, you can do well on tests. People who didn’t pay attention were exaggerating and overreacting.”

“The upperclassmen don’t really bother freshmen, and it was definitely something that was overexaggerated just to get the freshmen scared.”

Chase Ainsworth 9

Thomas Allen 9

Freshmen share their pre-high school fears.


“I heard that my math teacher, Mr. [Michael] Layman, was the hardest math teacher.”

“I heard that my math class was going to be really, really tough.”

“It was kind of intimidating, but it wasn’t as bad as they said. It was mainly upperclassmen from Link Crew that told us, but it was helpful to hear other stuff from them, too.”

“It’s not the easiest class ever, but a lot of rumors were dragged out and hyped up to be something they’re not. At first, I was scared, but then I got used to the class.”

Katherine Higdon 9


Kim Hoedel 9

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Graydon Melia Laura Metz Mariana Mizik Kailey Morash Kaitlin Morgan

Jacob Newton Maggie Niven Ivan Novikov Halle O’Neill Carter Olander

Mariah Morley Elizabeth Morris Bryan Morrison Madeline Mossman Kalvin Murphy

Tyler Olmstead Alex Orth Seth Ortiz Sarah Otterstrom Shane Parcels

Liam Murphy Jonathan Mytinger Mitchelle Ndegwa Morgan Nelson Whitney Nelson

Mason Pashia Zachary Pearson Megan Peery Marc Peplow Cory Perkins

CHEER UP Right: At the football game at SM North with the Little Lancers, freshman Addie Hotchkiss comforts a third grade girl before stepping onto the field. “She was nervous and afraid of all of the people, so I just told her that it was okay and I was there with her,” Hotchkiss said. “We just taught them cheers and how to be more confident and spiritful. We do games at the beginning [of the day], and in between, we break off into their grades and we teach them their cheers for their grade, and at the end, we have a show and tell where we show everyone our cheers. [I liked] teaching everyone and interacting with the little girls.” Photo by Anna Petrow. POWER PLAY Far Right: Playing a doubles match, freshman Eden McKissick-Hawley celebrates a good shot with partner Mickela Miller. “I tried hitting with a few freshmen and then Mickela and I really hit it off,” McKissick-Hawley said. “We got along well together, and we had a few inside jokes such as having little nicknames for each other. We never lost a match together, so she was obviously a good pick.” Photo by Danielle Norton.

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Color - Size 9 - 0-02079: Shawnee Mission East HS

EARLY RISER Left: Yawning at a morning cheer practice, freshman Taylor Steen adjusts to the new cheer practice schedule. “Waking up at 4:30 am to take a shower and getting ready is just intense and a hard way to start the day,” Steen said. “We went over our cheers, did jumps and went over the fight song which was dreadful. It was basically just tiring and doing it at 6:30 am is something I wouldn’t call awesome to wake up to. [I love] seeing everyone’s facs when they wake up and come to practice.” Photo by Anna Petrow.

Senior Portraits 171

Color - Size 9 - 0-02079: Shawnee Mission East HS


Hannah Ratliff Anamika Ratri Carson Rau Alexandria Raymond Katherine Rebein

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Students talk about what activities they regret not participating in.

“I wish I would’ve done more theater and girls’ lacrosse. I’ve always wanted to try lacrosse, and I have a lot of friends in theater.”

“This year, I didn’t have time, but I wanted to do track, but I’ve never been a big runner. A lot of my friends did it, and I did tennis in the fall.”

“I didn’t hear about Robotics Club until too late. It seems interesting and a lot of my friends were in it. The team did well in competitions, too.”

“I didn’t get signed up in time for SME Table Tennis. It sounds like a good way to spend time after school. I’m not the best. I just thought it’d be something fun to do.”

Sarah Hellman 9

Jessica Burnes 9

David Draxler 9

Clinton Dunn 9

Anne Recker Evan Reed Katelyn Reiff Erin Reilly Nash Reimer

Hudson Peters Mary Peterson Thomas Petrie Helen Petrow Adrian Pfantz

Thais Reis-Henrie Connor Rellihan Jon Reuter Madeleine Reynolds Adam Rice

Grace Pickell Nick Pirotte Jacob Price Caleb Pulliam Anna Pusateri

Lucas Rice Kaitlynn Richards Connor Richardson Lauren Robbins Jayden Robert

Abigail Quinlan Garrett Raibble Laura Rankin Rachel Rankin Tyler Rathbun

Cole Roberts David Robertson Andrew Robinson Emma Robson Olivia Rogers

SUMO SUITS Right: Dressing up in silly Halloween costumes in Dottie Mae’s Costume store, freshmen Madeline Reynolds and Helen Petrow try on large sumo wrestler outifts and joke around by imitating them. “[We went] just for fun,” Reynolds said. “It was near Halloween, and we were getting in the spirit. We tried on different costumes and then we would play around. We had a bunch of different food costumes, which was funny and ridiculous.You can be whatever costume you want to be and go into that store and find it.” Photo by Anna Petrow. HIT THE BLOCK Far Right: Sitting on the Cross Country block, freshmen Jeri Ann Frierich and Caroline Criedenberg cool down after a Cross Country practice. “We did warm-ups and drills and we usually run two laps around the track,“ Frierich said. “There are so many memories, but my favorite part of being on Cross Country was just running with my friends.” Photo by Danielle Norton.

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Color - Size 9 - 0-02079: Shawnee Mission East HS

A LIVELY CROWD Left: During a Coalition meeting one Thursday, freshman Brennan Williams spreads the news of the Love 146 event by drawing on paper for posters. “I liked [this activity] because you could put your own creativity in it and you could do your own thing but know that you were helping someone who was so far away,” Williams said. “I think its awesome how our events pull people together and it makes me think differently about people that I didn’t think would’ve come or be interested in helping. Getting the awareness about the different situations is so important.” Photo by Nicole Luby.

Senior Portraits 173

Color - Size 9 - 0-02079: Shawnee Mission East HS

Carolyn Schafer Ann Schlotzhauer Jessica Schneider Zachary Schneider Abigail Schwartze

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Mark Ronning Jacob Rooker Jennifer Rorie Madison Rowe Sam Rowe

Margaret Rowley Kelsey Scott Daniel Sensintaffar Jack Sernett Tiernan Shank Taylor Sheets

Freshman Seniorescapes from Ukraine to live in Prairie Village.


a decade ago, in a small apartment in Slavyansk, Ukraine, freshman Ivan Novikov found his escape. Surrounded by a town littered with bad roads and a rundown playground, Ivan turned to the one thing he and his father, Oleg Novikov, most shared in common – video games. “That’s why I’m not too athletic of a kid,” Ivan said. “My dad pretty much made me a gamer.” Instead of resisting the crime and drug activity that rested just outside, Ivan fought the virtual world in gaming sessions of “World of Warcraft.” Soon, though, Ivan and his mother, Lesya Novikov, needed an escape of their own. In 2002, the pair made the journey to Prairie Village. Ivan bounced

schools quickly. First, he was at Briarwood for a year, then Tomahawk for a few. Finally, he moved through Mission Valley and came to East. He’s constantly reminded of Ukraine. When he sees his fellow Lancers wearing sweatpants to school, he thinks of how formally he always dressed. When he sees soccer games, he can’t help but remember the ones he played in a courtyard in Slavyansk. “I want to stay in the U.S. I think I’m more American at heart than I am Ukrainian.” There are times when he wishes he could visit Ukraine, but Ivan Novikov doesn’t miss it. He’s already made his escape, and he’s not looking back. Story by Kevin Simpson.

Thomas Rutherford Nicholas Sheldon Anna Sheridan William Short Benjamin Sight James Simmons

Andrea Rutledge Joseph Simmons Patrick Simmons Jennifer Sirna Grant Sitomer William Skrukrud

William Sachs Roberto Sada Alexander Samuel Mitch Sauls Haleigh Savage

Scott Slapper Chris Smith Hannah Smith Katherine Smith Taylor Smith

A SOFT HEART Left: Tying knots on the edges of a blanket, freshman Olivia Rogers helps complete a baby blanket for the SHARE project, Blankets for Babies. “They were kind of fun to make, I enjoy sewing,” Rogers said. “It felt good that I was helping out and it was a good thing to be a part of. ” Photo by Lauren Bleakley.

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Color - Size 9 - 0-02079: Shawnee Mission East HS

FAST AND FURIOUS Left: Beating an Olathe East soccer player to the ball, freshman Hank Tamblyn takes off down the field during a junior varsity game. “I remember their team was really good and I really wanted to play, but they are very big and experienced and physical,” Tamblyn said. “I play outside midfield and outside defense. It seems like I’m going up against someone good, but it’s always a good and physical spot. There’s always the bow after games. We all go to midfield and hold hands, whether we win or lose. I like that I play a lot of kids that are sometimes two years older than me.” Photo by Anna Petrow. A DANCE TO REMEMBER Right: Attending the Down Syndrome Dance, freshman Anna Sheridan dances in the Valentines Day decorated cafeteria with another student. “I actually thought the coolest thing was how a lot of kids from East are involved and groups from all different grades came,” Sheridan said. “It was cool how the special needs kids had so much fun when you danced with them. They had Valentines Day themed snacks and streamers.” Photo by Anna Petrow.

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Color - Size 9 - 0-02079: Shawnee Mission East HS


“I loved salad dressing day because the freshmen [had a] Ranch dressing [theme]. I had a plaid shirt, jeans and braided pigtails. I think it was a really creative idea to do.”

“I liked Lancer Day a lot because I had the most stuff to dress up in. I wore pigtails with Lancer ribbons with blue shorts, a T-shirt, blue knee socks and blue Converse.”

“My favorite day of spirit week was Color Wars, where everyone in each grade was assigned a different color. I remember I wore a pink shirt and pink shoes.”

Laura Rankin 9

Hannah Yeoman 9

“I really liked college themed day. I wore an Iowa State shirt because I‘m a big fan, and both of my parents went there so it’s kind of my school.”

“I liked summer day the most. It was cold in the morning, but I think everyone loved it because it was new, and I just liked being reminded of summer when it was that cold.”

Zachary Schneider 9

Mark Towster 9

Students discuss their favorite spirit days this year.

Luke Stewart-Jones Chloe Stradinger Jackson Sublette Camille Sudekum Anna Sullivan

Ann Schlothauer 9

Richard Tamblyn Grace Tapp Matthew Terry Taege Thailing Taylor Thompson

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Emily Sneed Mary Sniezek David Sosna Kailey Spero Sarah Spradling

Callie Thrutchley Joel Thrutchley Isabella Tomelleri Claire Tracy Jordan Trammell

Carly Trout Ethan Tucker William Tucker Samuel Tulp Christopher Tuttle

Kaylie Stabler Meg Stanley Melissa Stasi Taylor Steen Paige Steiert

Michael Steinbacher Matthew Steinbock Addison Steiner David Stewart Samuel Stewart

Bennett Uhl Leah Umstead Taylor Vana-Herrick Emma Vanbuskirk Nora Van Ryzin

SNAPPING TO THE BEAT Left: During the musical ‘Footloose,’ freshman Ryan Dugan joins the cast for the final song and dance. “It’s kind of nerve-wracking at first because I’m a better at singing than dancing,” Dugan said. “There was one part where we had to move to the front and everyone had to weave through each other. One funny memory was when we had to change from street clothes to tuxedos. We were laughing and stumbling backstage, and it was funny but stressful.” Photo by Nicole Luby. COMPLETE CONCENTRATION Right: Practicing in Band class, freshman Meg Stanley focuses on perfecting her song on the flute. “It is a fun and laid back environment and everyone is very outgoing,” Stanley said. “I feel really accomplished, like we’ve played really well [after a concert song]. I would like to make Symphonic Band next year, they play more difficult music and there’s a lot more people in it.” Photo by Mackenzie Wylie.

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Color - Size 9 - 0-02079: Shawnee Mission East HS

PROUD MOMENT Left: Standing through the sunroof of a car during the Lancer Day Parade, freshmen Tiernan Shank and Chloe Stradinger scream to those on the side of Mission Road. “It was really fun being able to stand on top of that float and represent the freshman class,” Shank said. “Since our theme was ‘Hi Ho Cherry Oh,’ we wore overalls and made cherry trees.” Photo by Anna Petrow.

Senior Portraits 177

Color - Size 9 - 0-02079: Shawnee Mission East HS

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Chandler Vaughn Emma Vickers Octavio Viveros Chloe Vollenweider Sana Wadood

Jesse Willeford Brennan Williams Geordy Williams Zachary Williams Matthew Williamson

Brittnie Wages Nathan Walker Graham Walter Samantha Walter Christopher Watkins

Anne Willman Elizabeth Wilson Eliza Wimmer Mariah Wimmer Peter Winkler

Christopher Wehr Isabella Weindling Erik Wekesser Bennett Wendlandt Vance Wentz

Kyle Winston Connor Woodson Jocelyn Worner Evan Wright Ashlee Wrinkle

Jenna Westra Samuel Wetzler Timothy Whittaker Elizabeth Wilcox Troy Wilkins

Lauren Wurm Samuel Wydner Hannah Yeoman Edward Yongstrom Nathan Zerba

NOT PICTURED Tierra Aldridge Kyle Blake Autumn Boling Logan Boudreaux James Brazeal David Brothers Maddison Brown Stefano Byer Malik Calhoun-Khalil

Eugene Canales IV Cameron Carollo Ashleigh Cline Carrie-Lyn Decker Troy Demoss Daniel Dominguez Max Duncan Cameron Edwards Sydnee Edwards

William Ellifrits Alic Erpelding Emily Farley Chang Lucy Gasal Alexander Gelatt Donald Gentry Sydney Griswold Benjamin Hallquist Matthew Hanson Zachary Helder Faith Hestand

Ronald Hilsinger Jess Hole Elizabeth Horner Talia Hubble Steven Joplin Elizabeth Kashka Michael Kennedy Jonathan Klassen Jacob Lanan Sarah Langtry Hailee Larson

CRUNCH TIME Left: Doing crunches on the turf during track practice, freshman Charles Crossette makes sure to do warm-ups and stretching before starting to run to prevent injury. “We sometimes do situps and pushups and crabdips, too,” Crossette said. “Crabdips are kind of like pushups except your back is towards the ground. I did summer running, which helped me a lot. I don’t do any field events, I just like doing anything with running. The most challenging part is sprinting. It feels like you’ve accomplished something [after a race].” Photo by Danielle Norton. SNEAK ATTACK Right: Getting drenched with soap, freshman Chris Watkins does his part at the boys’ swimming car wash. “The car wash was a lot more fun to do than practice,” Watkins said. “We actually had a lot of people come so it was pretty successful and everyone on the team is pretty good friends at practice and outside of school.” Photo by Danielle Norton.

178 Portraits

Garrett Liffick Samuel Lopez John Masfield Chance McCoy Chandler McCray Anna Minkler Jack Mitchell Joseph Moore Seth Myers Sasha Niehorster-Cook Keith Park

Christina Patterson Phylicia Perkins Grant Peterson Lauran Rankin Rachel Rankin Emma Reno Jennifer Richeson Christopher Rooney Drew Rusten Nicole Sakoulas Nicholas Seelbinder

Sara Shehan Ryan Sinkler Callie Smith Ingrid Starkey Jackson Stephens Elizabeth Stoops Wiliam Sutherland Erin Thompson Abigail Tierney Destiny Torres Emma Vanbuskirk

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Color - Size 9 - 0-02079: Shawnee Mission East HS

Sydney Vaugh Max Werner Darian Wilson Alexis Wolfe Emily Woltering Shane Wray

SOUNDING THE SYMBOLS Left: Preparing to clash the symbols during Band class, freshman Max Driskill waits for his turn in the song for concert band. “We kind of switch around, I usually do more bass drums,” Driskill said. “I like the bass drum because it’s the loudest. Depending on the day, we are really lighthearted or serious, the closer we get to the concert, the less lighthearted we get. One time I was walking up to the bass drum and I stopped to pull Mr. Harrison’s chair out a little bit because it was in my way and he sat down and knocked over the xylophone. Luckily it didn’t break. It was the old [xylophone] that we hardly ever use, so no one really cared.” Photo by Lauren Bleakley.

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Shayna Adams Tuba Agbas Toni Aguiar Hiba Akhtar

Maggie Allen Joel Anderson Spencer Andresen Kristin Anthonis

Rhonda Anzawi Nathan Are Melina Arruda Kevin Ash

Stefania Backs Bahar Barani Corbin Barnds Natalie Barnes

THE BIG CHEESE Walking down Mission Road on Lancer Day in front of the sophomore float, sophomore Tom Lynch holds a sign saying ‘Sophomores are the Big Cheese’ with seven other girls. They wore grey clothes with tails and ears to fit the board game theme of ‘Mousetrap.’ “My favorite part was when I got down to the end of the parade, and I saw the other floats, especially the junior ‘Jumanji’ float,” Lynch said. “[I’ll remember] walking down the parade and throwing cheese sticks because usually they throw candy and people were confused to say the least.” Photo by Danielle Norton.

180 Portraits

Trenton Barnes Alejandro Barrera Alec Bartholomew Emily Bates Alexander Beahm Andrew Beasley

Mohammed Abnos Lauren Adams

STARTING YOUNG Far Left: Teaching the Little Lancers new cheers in the East gym, sophomore Chandler Pruneau helps the young girls learn new cheers. “Helping the little girls that look up to you is really fun because it reminds you that you are doing something important,” Pruneau said. “They were surprisingly fast learners when it came to learning the cheers and very hardworking.” Photo by Lauren Bleakley. SOUL TRAIN Left: Dancing in the Coalition Dance Marathon, sophomore Meghan Spivak joins the soul train. “It was a really fun dance, especially when everyone did the soul train every hour,” Spivak said. “I have this huge bin of crazy costumes for dances in my basement, and I just chose the sparkliest and brightest things I could find in the bin and put them on.” Photo by Nicole Luby.

RAIN OR SHINE Far Left: Playing the mellophone on the football field, sophomore Kellyn Harrison tries to ignore the rain while walking in formation on the turf. “I only play the mellophone when we are marching or at pep assemblies during school and for concerts,” Harrison said. “I play the French horn, which I’ve been playing since fifth grade. [I like] playing with other people and making music that looks cool and is exciting. When people watch us on the marching fields, they get to be entertained with their ears and eyes.” Photo by Lauren Bleakley. CHESS CHEERS Left: In the library, sophomore Darius Williams cheers on a friend during a chess game. “I like how [chess] deals with your mind,” Williams said. “When my friends cheer for me, they say ‘go D, you can win’ and they pat me on the back and say ‘good move, good move.’ [After I win] I feel accomplished.” Photo by Alissa Pollack.

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“My house uses recycled stuff, and we separate trash from recycling. I always recycle my graded papers from class. The recycling bins in the cafeteria are usually way too full to use, so those could be bigger.”

“We always recycle, and my mom is very adamant about turning off the lights. It’s hard to think that we could make a big difference. My mom always tells her friends how cheap our electric bill is, so a lot of her friends started turning their lights off.”

Elizabeth Cloud 10

Kyle Biggerstaff Madeleine Biles Jonas Birkel Kaley Blake Jonathan Blunt

Jordan Eimer 10



“I got a pair of TOMS shoes. I think TOMS is a great brand because not only are the shoes environmentally friendly, but I also like that for every pair you buy, they give a pair to a child in need.”

“Last year, I used to buy water bottles from the cafeteria most days at lunch until this year. I realized how wasteful I was being, and I bought a water bottle at the beginning of this year that I still use and just wash it out and refill it everyday. ”

Hallie Beck 10

Miguel Bojorquez Amy Bonds Kyle Braddock Camille Breckenridge Dylan Brett



“I bring my lunch in a reusable bag, reuse the [plastic] that cream cheese comes in and carry a water bottle. It helps keep the bottles out of landfills and makes it possbile to reuse the materials. My family also tries to recycle bottles, cardboard boxes and paper at my house.”

“After practices or games, if I notice water bottles laying around, I try to make an effort to take them home to recycle. It helps keep all of the bottles out of the landfills and makes it possbile to reuse the materials. And my family and I also try to recycle bottles, cardboard boxes and paper at my house.”

Toni Aguiar 10

Molly Jennings 10

Rebecca Brownlee Aaron Burgess Kennedy Burgess Michael Burrell Samuel Byers

Elizabeth Chaney Amanda Chao Simon Choi Sean Chomicky Morgan Christian

William Cameron Matthew Cantril Christopher Carey Connor Carollo Mitchell Chalk

Isabelle Ciaramitaro Chelsea Clark Griffin Clark Matthew Clark Tucker Clark

WORKING IT OUT Right: Squatting in Weights, sophomore Ryan Seybert strengthens his quads. “I think squats are the most helpful for athletes because you always need a powerful lower body, whether it’s for jumping higher or running faster,” Seybert said. Photo by Brion Boyer. LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION Far Right: Sophomores Emilie Wagner and Yesenia Maldonado, directors in Radio and TV Production, film a commercial in the hall. “We were doing a project about a product, and ours was Gatorade,” Wagner said. “There is a lot of ability to use creativity in this class, that’s why I decided to take it.” Photo by Mary Longan.

182 Portraits

McKenzie Nesselhauf 10

reducing your

Hallie Beck Charles Belko Jacob Belzer Noah Bertholf Philip Bever

carbon footprint

Students explain the ways that they “go green” to help make Earth a cleaner place.

SEWN TOGETHER Right: Sewing in Inte-

rior Design, sophomore Carolyn Welter works on her final project. “The final project was my favorite, which was designing our own condo because it was fun to have freedom in design,” Welter said. “I decided to take Interior Design because it’s something I am considering going into in the future.” Photo by Nicole Luby.

Sophomore Portraits 183

Morgan Denton Stephanie Denton Elizabeth Di Silvestro Richard Diaz Audrey Dicarlo

Elizabeth Cloud Jeffrey Cole Madelyn Collins Aidan Conley Joshua Cook

Sophomore has played Senior music since age three.

Katie Crawford Anna Cunningham Henry Curfman Leyann Dahlgren Logan Dalgleish Stephanie Dillman the age of three, sophomore Jonas Birkel has played music. Starting with violin lessons, Birkel has added bass, mandolin, banjo, piano and guitar to his repertoire. Lately, guitar has been one of his favorites. “I like the way a guitar sounds,” Birkel said. “Let me rephrase that. I like the sound of a good guitar. I just have a connection with it.” Birkel’s connection to music

FROM Evelyn Danciger Patricia Dannov Margaret Darbyshire Abigail Davis Brandon Davis Helen Dinkel

eventually led him to be part of a band called Spud. Having been together for over a year, he thought his band got along not only because of their passion for music but also because they were friends. “The people in my band - I like them,” Birkel said. “So when we perform we’re not performing with a bunch of musicians, we’re playing with our friends.” When Spud played, Birkel hoped the blend of music would provide great entertainment to the audience, while it entertained themselves. “Performing is fun, but playing with my band I get a feeling I imagine a lot of musicians get,” Birkel said. “You get a vibe that you’re all doing the same thing – just playing music.” Story by Taylor Runion.

Beverly Dobson Caroline Dodd John Dods Wyatt Donnelly Emily Donovan

Jenna Davis Jordan Davis Julia Davis Spencer Davis Jade Delgado

WAVE AND SMILE Right: Sophomore Maggie Thomas waves to onlookers on the sophomore float in the Lancer Day Parade. “I would have to say that my favorite part of being in the parade is throwing the candy to all the kids,” Thomas said. “It’s a great new way to see things when you are standing on top of the float instead of walking by it.” Photo by Alissa Pollack. TWIST AND SHOUT Far Right: Talking with her friends on the dance floor in the cafeteria, sophomore Kiki Sykes shows some support at the Coalition Dance Marathon. “My overall goal was randomness,” Sykes said. “I wore my moms old cheerleading outfit and some her varying articles of clothing. My favorite part was when the buzzer went off after eight hours and we all simultaneously collapsed from sheer inability to move our limbs any more.” Photo by Nicole Luby.

184 Portraits


Sarah Cook Stephen Cook Sara Cooper Emma Cousineau Taylor Crane Meghan Dickinson

ALL IN FOCUS Right: Using a microscope to focus in on some cells in Biology 1, sophomore Fredrico Zepada learns about the different phases of the cells. “We surprisingly don’t really use the microscopes that often, but we were looking at the cells for a lab,” Zepada said. “We do a lot of activities and everyone is involved.” Photo by Alissa Pollack.

Sophomore Portraits 185


Alexandrea Dressman Chloe Ducrocq Brendan Dulohery Abigail Dunn Nicholas Ecker

Students discuss their New Year resolutions.

Patrick Riggins 10

Elizabeth Eggleston Jordan Eimer Rachel Enderson Andrea Erickson Elliot Faerber Jack Kovarick 10

Samantha Fair Henry Falk Maggie Fenton Seth Ferguson Andrew Fischer

Demi Rice 10

“Mine was to get in better shape. I go to the gym five times a week and use the treadmill. It’s a good feeling to stick with something to better yourself.”

“I really am trying to do better in school this year because my parents will let me drive this summer if I do. It is just something Samantha Williams 10 to work for.”

“I made a list to get better grades and work harder in sports. I’m motivated to do better during the year and be a better person.”

“My goal for this year is to successfully build and maintain a butterly garden in my backyard.”

“It’s good to build up people’s confidence, but I don’t want to put myself down by making a New Year’s Resolution because they are hard to keep.”

“I want to help others more this year. I went to LA for spring break and spent time there helping homeless people. This was a good goal, it kept me motivated.”

Mallory Fisher Lukas Fleming Melanie Fletcher Brady Forbes Mimi Fotopoulos

Sarah Cook 10

Reid Frye Haley Furstner Matthew Gannon Benjamin Garten William Geddes

Tyler Germann Samuel Gilman Camille Goehausen Patricia Gonzalez Neil Grandgenett

Amy Franklin Patrick Frazell Marston Fries Alice Fritts Emily Frye

WORKING FOR A CAUSE Left: Working at the bake sale for a Coalition project, sophomores Sarah King and Isabelle Ciaramitaro wave to cars driving by. “The bake sale was really successful,” King said. “It was the first Coalition event, and it helped everyone got to know each other. My favorite part is just giving back. It gives me an outlet to give back and help spread awareness to the causes, which is one of my passions, and I just enjoy being a part of it.” Photo by Danielle Norton. KEEP UP THE BEAT Right: While in the drumline during a pep assembly, sophomore Jake Williams laughs when a saxophone player plays the drums. “I joined [drumline] because I thought it would be fun and a good experience because you meet and connect with new people,” Williams said. “Before shows I get nervous. Sometimes I won’t eat before a show if I don’t feel prepared. When I mess up, I don’t stop. I just keep playing and try to pick up the beat. I feel very relieved knowing when I’ve done a good job on a song.” Photo by Anna Petrow.

186 Portraits

Andrew Herst 10

DRAWN TO LIFE Right: Focusing on the new colored pencil project in Drawing, sophomore Christiana Reene works to perfect her drawing. “That was my favorite project, because we got to use color when we hadn’t all year,” Reene said. “Mr. [Jason] Filbeck is an awesome teacher. He is really chill and makes the class relaxed.” Photo by Danielle Norton.

Sophomore Portraits 187

Jonathan Granstaff Andrew Green Spencer Green Sara Griffith Kennedy Grimes


Elena Hardy Mark Harken Jessica Harmon Mallory Harrington Theodore Jordan Harrington

Kylie Guess Jordan Harris Kellyn Harrison Seth Hartman Heather Hartong Jack Haverty

Sophomore competes in quarter horse competitions.


sophomore Megan Metz tells people she competes in horse competitions, people might assume one of three things. “They automatically think I race, jump or barrel race,” Metz said. Metz actually competes with quarter horses. Quarter horse competitions aren’t widely known, but consist of four events also called patterns. These patterns are horsemanship, showmanship, trail and English equestrian. When Metz was around 6 years old, she was able to ride her first

Ellyn Gunya Christopher Heady John Hedrick Isaac Hendry Samuel Heneger Robert Henley

horse. Her dad was a doctor, and one of his patients owned a lot of horses and offered to let Megan come out to ride them. Now, she competes in at least once a month in cities like Tulsa and Omaha. She even competed in a brand new area inside American Royal. “I love Quarter horse competing,” Metz said. “My favorite would have to be spending time with people who go to competitions with me. They’ve taught me so much, not just about horses, but about life.” Story by Max Blanchard.

Joshua Gyamfi Andrew Herst Blaine Hill Blake Hill Kara Hines Sophia Hitchcock

Zane Haith Austin Hammer Calvin Handy Augustine Hanger Hayley Hansford

Sheaffer Hoefgen Henry Hoffman Lucas Holsinger Victoria Holt Jennifer Horan

SPINNING HIS WHEELS Right: During Physics 1, sophomore Chris Carey does an experiment with a bike wheel in the hallway outside his classroom. “We were doing an experiment on how inertia is affected by the radius of a circle,” Carey said. “We usually do experiments about twice a week or so.” Photo by Eliza McCormick.

188 Portraits

BOUNCING AROUND Far Left: Walking down Mission Road on Lancer Day for the Theater float, sophomore Mallory Harrington balances the spinning cardboard and duct tape dice on her shoulders with a strap. “The executives were on the float, and everyone else was a detective, and there were three dice,” Harrington said. “A lot of the detectives went crazy with their outfits. They wore trench coats and hats and had magnifying glasses. My favorite part was just being around the awesome theater kids, and it was relaxing. I painted the dots on the dice, and I was very proud of myself.” Photo by Anna Petrow. NO STAGE FRIGHT Left: During a choir concert, sophomore Abby Moore sings a solo for the Women’s Choir in the Fall. “I sang ‘Away From My Window’ at the first choir concert of the year,” Moore said. “I actually wasn’t too nervous, even though it was my first solo at East.” Photo by Mackenzie Wylie.

Sophomore Portraits 189


Andrew Hornung John Horvath Katherine House John Howland Molly Howland

Students discuss their favorite Winter Olympic events.

HOCKEY Meghan Jackson Keagan Jacobs Molly Jennings Kurt Jensen Kellie Johnson





“I think that hockey is the most exciting event and is fun to watch. Also, it’s a sport I wish I would have tried growing up.”

“My favorite event would have to be figure skating. I really like their pretty costumes, and I just wish I could skate that well.”

“I like [mogul skiing] because I think that the people that do it are great athletes and it’s fun to watch them do their jumps and go so fast.”

“I definitely like curling because they have so much emotion in it. It’s interesting to watch, and it’s just different”

“Super pipe is awesome. I think Shawn White is amazing, and just watching, it makes me want to go skiing.”

Adam Lowe 10

Emily Kerr 10

Shannon McGinley 10

Philip Bever 10

Andrew Herst 10

Sarah King William Kirkpatrick Tyler Knight Ryan Knops Nicole Koch

Oliver Johnson Matthew Johnston Sarah Johnston Abigail Jones Adam Jones

Eloise Jones Ree Ae Jordan Tabor Jorns Heidi Kaiser Ian Kaiser

Jack Kovarik Paige Kovarik Vilma Kreka Kelly Kuhn Emily Kulaga

Katelyn Kulaga Daniel Kurtz-Enko Alex Lamb Emily Lang Theodore Lang

Zachary Kasmiskie Grant Kendall William Kenney Katherine Keohan Emily Kerr

COFFEE BREAK Right: Reading a Cosmo Girl magazine in the coffee shop, sophomore Sierra Laing finds a place to wait and rest while her English class takes a test. “I like the hot chocolate a lot because it is easy to mix, and you can just run in, get it and go,” Laing said. “I like that it’s an easy place to meet people and hang out with friends. I would have to bring my own coffee everyday from home if there wasn’t a coffee shop. I usually go in to get a coffee or hot chocolate and leave, but sometimes it’s nice to relax in there. I like being able to get something to drink that will eventually help me calm down.” Photo by Brion Boyer. FALL FUN Far Right: Tossing leaves in the air, sophomore Miranda Treas hangs out in the front yard of her house on a fall day. “[My favorite part of fall is] getting to see all the changes in the weather and the trees,” Treas said. “I like raking up leaves and then ruining the piles with friends. I like to go outside. Otherwise, I just find something to do inside that’s warm because it’s starting to get cold, and I want to stay cozy. I usually wear the same clothes that I wear in summer, just with leggings or tights. I don’t really change my style that much.” Photo by Lauren Bleakley.

190 Portraits

BE PREPARED Right: At the TAKE Self Defense class, sophomores Morgan Satterlee and Carolyn Wolff work on their attack skills. “My friends and I signed up for it because you never know what situation you are going to be in, and it was for a really good cause,” Satterlee said. “I learned what to do in every kind of situation.” Photo by Anna Petrow.

Sophomore Portraits 191

Alexandria Lavayen Jeanene Lawrence John Lee Mary Leek Lucy Lehoczky

Michaela Mavai Sophia Mazzetti Benjamin McBride Elle McClenny Nathaniel McCloud

In Winter, sophomore Senior snowboards up to three times a week.

Hana Lingenfelter Elizabeth Locke Andrew Long Duri Long Gillian Long Elizabeth McCormick

sophomore Taylor Foley, winter isn’t Christmas or Hannukah. It’s not about opening presents or ice skating with friends. It’s a time to meet the powder at Snow Creek and to meet it three times a week on his snowboard. “Snowboarding is just part of my life,” Foley said.“Every week I just know I’m going to go snowboarding.” Taylor boards at Snow Creek in Weston, Missouri, and goes to Colorado a couple times a year. Before he started snowboarding however, Foley skateboarded for over five years. “Snowboarding is very similar to skateboarding, so [snowboarding] was easy to pick up,” Foley said.


Mary Longan Adam Lowe Sean Luenz Thomas Lynch Yesenia Maldonado Jacob McCoy

Although he began snowboarding about three seasons ago, it wasn’t until last year that Foley decided to begin to board competitively. “I have always been skateboarding competitively and my friends do it too, so I thought snowboarding would be a fun and competitive thing to do with them too,” Foley said. His first competition was the Scion Open, and he won second place. Since then, he has competed in several more Snow Creek competitions in the winter, which includes winning the Midwest Massacre. “I used to get nervous before competitions, but I have been competing enough now that it’s fun and it just feels normal,” Foley said. “I am definitely not stopping anytime soon. I know I will always be boarding.” Story by Mallory Fisher.

Chloe McCrary Shannon McGinley Grayson McGuire Christa McKittrick Madeline McMahill

Anna Marken Grace Martin Haley Martin Deon Mason Keara Masson

SKETCHING IT OUT Left: In Drawing teacher Jason Filbeck’s class, sophomore Jacob McCoy works on a portrait project. “I liked Mr. Filbeck,” McCoy said. “He was a really good teacher, and we all did the same projects, but he gave us a ton of freedom on what we got to do. I really like drawing peoples faces. Someone in the class would be a model and we would draw them.” Photo by Danielle Norton. UP AGAINST THE WALL Right: In the cafeteria, wrapping a column with crepe paper up to the ceiling, sophomores Maggie Thomas and Christa McKittrick help with STUCO in decorating for the Mardi Gras themed WPA. “We come at nine in the morning the day of the dance, and we decorate the halls, cafeteria and bathroom, and we have pizza lunch together,”Thomas said. “I took Mardi Gras beads and linked them all together up the ramp and railings. It’s kind of time consuming, but it’s a really fun way to start the day, and it puts you in a fun mood for the dance.” Photo by Brook Barnes.

192 Portraits


Ashley Lemos Ashley Lewis Joseph Lewis Jacob Libeer Emily Lindeman Elisabeth McConnell

A NEW BEGINNING Right: Presenting a project about himself in Chinese class, sophomore Takanori Sawaguchi talks and describes his personal profile. “I thought it would be easy to take Chinese because I know Japanese, and I thought they would be similar, but they are actually really different,” Sawaguchi said. “We had a Chinese festival at SM South, and all the Chinese students got to sing and dance and eat food.” Photo by Anna Petrow.

Sophomore Portraits 193


Makenzie Nesselhuf Claire Newman Mary Newman Alexandria Nichols Evan Nichols

Students discuss their favorite songs from this year.




“I first heard ‘Wild at Heart’ by Gloriana at a friend’s house over the summer. I loved to sing along to it in the car with the windows down.”

“My favorite song this year is 1901 by Phoenix. It has a stellar rhythm that’s energetic and really upbeat.”

“I like the Black Eyed Peas, and I like the beat of this song. I still continue to listen to it. It never gets old.”

“There’s nothing else added to [this song]. It’s just his voice, and he actually has vocals. I still listen to it almost everyday.”

Christa McKittrick 10

Amanda Chao 10

Max Welker 10

Ben Randolph 10

Caroline Nick Devery North Danielle Norton Hayden O’gorman Jackson O’gorman Bean

Elizabeth Mergen Megan Metz Droste Milledge Iii Mickela Miller Megan Mills-Sturm

Kelsey O’rourke Ashley Ogle Ellen Oliver Ashley Olson Paul Paczkowski

Frank Miner Wendy Monarres Abigail Moore Adrienne Morgan Kathryn Morgan

Jessica Pardo William Patrick Kaitlyn Pattison Natalie Patton Emma Pennington

Lucas Morgan Anna Moritz Lillian Myers Howard Iv Nelson Tyler Nelson

Natalie Pierce Ashley Pierret Madeline Pigeon Christopher Pinne Sophia Poppie

SKETCHING IT OUT Left: In Drawing, sophomores Calvin Handy and Jake McCoy help each other on their projects. “We were working on a colored pencil project where we had to draw the flowers in front of us,” Handy said. “I think my favorite project was drawing our own hands life size. It was really cool to draw something so small and make it really big.” Photo by Danielle Norton.

ACTING THE PART Right: Acting out the play “Othello” in English, sophomore Duri Long makes the most of her costume. “It was a really fun way to act out the book, and it made more sense because it was originally written as a play, and it helped me understand better,” Long said. “We had a props box of costumes. I was playing a senator, and we just took things out of the box to look more like the characters.” Photo by Danielle Norton.

AT A GLANCE Right: Taking a break varsity basketball practice, sophomore Logan Dalgleish checks out how the girls’ basketball practice is going. “We don’t really watch the girls’ basketball practice ever, but even if we did, I probably wouldn’t tell anyone,” Dalgleish said. Photo by Brook Barnes.

194 Portraits

Sophomore Portraits 195


Chandler Pruneau William Purdy Simon Qiu Rhys Raglow Benjamin Randolph

Students discuss their favorite video games.

Brittany Reed Christiana Reene Erin Reynolds Brenton Rice Demi Rice

“FIFA is a classic. It’s most intense when you play live. My friends and I play FIFA all the time and get into competitions.” Zach Jacobson 10

“I play [Wii Yoga] because I want to be stretched out and more flexible during basketball season. It also teaches you breathing exercises.” Shannon McGinnley 10

“For Christmas, I got Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2. It’s got really good graphics, and you get really into it. It looks like it’s real.” William Geddes 10

“I think Rock Band is really cool. There are a lot of different songs you can play. I play the violin, so it’s fun to play other instruments.” Emma Cousineau 10

Morgan Satterlee Caroline Savage Christopher Savage Takanori Sawaguchi Jill Saxton

Trent Richardson Samuel Rider Patrick Riggin Patrick Riott Aidan Robbins

Elizabeth Rodgers Christian Romero Jr. Logan Rose Allison Ross Nathan Ross

Jack Sayler Courtney Schenkelberg Casey Schmidt Alex Schoegler Conner Schrock

Mikael Schuck Jacob Seitz Ryan Seybert Brandon Shatto Cara Shaw

Taylor Runion Charles Russell Jason Sabin Amy Sachse Ateih Samadi

ONE-TWO STEP Right: Dancing at a pep assembly, junior Elizabeth Rogers cheers in front of the junior section. “You get a rush of energy, and you are really nervous, but once you start dancing its really fun,” Rogers said. “I love when we first come out, and everyone screams. It just feels great.” Photo by Anna Petrow. POWER SHOT Far Right: Sophomore Mickela Miller plays a practice match on the East tennis courts. “It’s the support of my teammates that’s helped me the most,” Miller said. “I just try not to think about playing because before I play, I am always just really pumped up and ready to play.” Photo by Lauren Bleakley.

196 Portraits

NO PAIN, NO GAIN Left: Playing at the varsity Black and Blue soccer game, the first game of the season, sophomore Zane Haith grabs his broken leg after sliding on the grass. “It was really painful, and I was kind of out of it, because I was in a lot of pain,” Haith said. “[Because of the injury],I went to the gym every day to work out my arms. I just remember being really slow. It took me like ten minutes to get across the field. One day, it was really wet in the cafeteria, and I fell with my crutches. I think I might have messed my leg up even more from that accident.” Photo by Lauren Bleakley.

Sophomore Portraits 197

Kristen Shedor Eric Sieck John Simmons Reed Slaughter Kyra Slemp


Emily Stanley Dylan Stein Catherine Sterbenz Joseph Stockton Abigail Stolberg


S i er r a Laing was twelve years old when she tuned into Mix 93.3 and heard the ad for ProScout, a talent agency based in Scottsdale, AZ. Laing hadn’t seriously considered modeling before then, though her tall figure and blonde hair had always brought her a range of compliments in the past. “I decided that, what the heck, it was worth a shot to see if they would even want me,” Laing said. After receiving multiple calls back when she was 15 years old, Laing signed with Wilhelmina Models KC,

Marlena Smith Carter Stolberg Michael Stonebarger Tucker Styrkowicz Samuel Sudekum Emma Sullivan

Sophomore Seniormodels for local agency.

a local branch of the international modeling agency. Laing had decided beforehand not to get caught up in the hype of modeling, and “didn’t want to be looked down upon” by friends and family for doing so. Keeping true to form, Laing has learned many things about the industry and kept focused on her goals while still enjoying herself. She takes the job seriously and cherishes the experience she’s gained in the fashion world. “Once I hit a certain age my time will be done, and I’ll probably focus on photography and fashion design, which, with modeling being a background, I’ll have a good head start on changing careers.” Story by Kat Buchanan.

Meara Smith Madeleine Sullivan Stephen Sundberg Stephen Surface Alisson Swope-Behm Kristen Sykes

Madeline Sniezek Abigail Symes James Tankard Evan Tarry Rebecca Thrasher Mark Towster

Grace Snyder Nathalie Solger Scott Soltys Meghan Spivak Lillian Stalder

Isaac Travers Miranda Treas Jane Turner Emily Tuttle Shannon Tuttle

CLAY CREATIONS Right: Kneading clay with her hands in Ceramics, sophomores Sophia Hitchcock and Mollie Cooper soften up the clay and remove the air bubbles before putting it on a spinning wheel to shape. “I like all the different projects, and it’s nice to relax in that class and talk to people and do art at the same time,” Cooper said. “We get to listen to music, and we use the wheels to make [the clay] softer and to the shape we want.” Photo by Eliza McCormick. RIGHT IN TUNE Far Right: Playing the trumpet in Band, sophomore Nathan McCloud pays attention to teacher Kim Harrison’s directions and practices for a band concert. “[I get nervous] only in the concerts when we are all dressed really nice, but at the games, it’s really cool and not as scary,” McCloud said. “When we mess up, we have to keep playing, but I try to make a mental note to not mess up again. I feel really accomplished [when I finish a song], a lot like acing a test or winning a game.” Photo by Danielle Norton

198 Portraits

PERFECT PALS Right: Hanging out during a Pack of Pals meeting, sophomores Mary Newman and Brian Levota share a hug while working together on the computers. “We meet outside of school on Saturdays and go iceskating, bowling and just hang out,” Newman said. “When we went ice skating, I had never [done it] before and everyone had to help me. It shows that its not all about the helpers helping the pals.” Photo by Brook Barnes.

Sophomore Portraits 199

Victoria Vaca Gabrielle Vandergriff Andrea Velez Emilie Wagner Mary Walker

Wilbert Williams Sarah Wilson Dustin Winfrey Joshua Winter Ian Wiseman

Cheyenne Watts William Webber Lawrence Weigel Maxwell Welker Carolyn Welter

Taylor Wolf Carolyn Wolff Madeleine Wolford Tracy Woltemath Caroline Wooldridge

Evan Westhoff Angelica White Christian Wiles Jacob Williams Samantha Williams

Elizabeth Wooldridge Larson Woolwine Jakob Yedo Jeremy Young David Zeiger


Kelly Allen Kerstin Amandola Aaron Baldwin Seth Berkbuegler Thomas Brannian Adam Brownlee Katherine Buchanan Devin Carver Sean Cedillo Mollie Cooper Nelson Costello Alexander Crane Cameron Crane

William Daniel Jacob Darbyshire Edward Dominguez Sarah Driks Austin English Jason Ewing Gammon Favreau-Young Jack Fay Kryssa Ferlaino Ramiro Flores Martinez Taylor Foley Michael Garringer Michael Gentry

Alice Gibbin Kelly Gillsepie Spencer Goulding Gage Hamilton Coleton Harkins Caleb Hayden Jake Heckey Michael Hill Donell Howard Cooper Hylton Daniel Jackson Zachary Jacobson Tama Kapros Grace Keefer Heloise Laffargue

FOCUSING ON THE FACE Left: Drawing the face of a student for a still life project, sophomore Elliot Faerber works from a lower point of view in teacher Jason Filbeck’s Drawing class. “We did a series of those projects where we could pick [to draw] from any point of view,” Faerber said. “We could sit on shelves or lay on the ground. [When you finish] you feel a sense of relief, but you are also pretty nervous because there are a lot of small details, and you want everything to be in proportion, but it’s a lot of pressure off my chest.” Photo by Danielle Norton. MARCHING MICE Right: As part of the sophomore ‘Mousetrap’ float, sophomores Kiki Sykes and Emily Bates walk down Mission Road on Lancer Day, toss cheese sticks and smile at the crowd. “We were very excited, and I was trying to act the mouse part,” Sykes said. “We were going crazy, and the thrill of Lancer Day was kind of getting to me. It was really exciting because we were all just prancing around and being as mousey as possible. I had tried to do the face paint on myself but failed, so I had to have a friend do it for me.” Photo by Danielle Norton.

200 Portraits

Thomas Le Pichon Justin Lee Joseph Lemmon Jordan Less’ard Springett Jacob Little Rebeca Lopez Jacqueline McCune Ryan McNeil Elijah Mitchell Jackson Montgomery Maggie Mowry Jesus Olivarez Jean Orr Dominic Perez Meghan Pitts

Jason Pugh Laila Radwan Brandan Rayton Shane Reed Maribel Regalado Louis Ridgway Gregory Robinson Miguel Ruiz Miguel Ruiz Katie Shehan James Shelton Andrew Simpson Henry Simpson Cameron Smith Sophia Steckelberg

Joeseph Steinmetz Samuel Stevens Brooks Tate Margaret Thomas Samuel Thomson Jack Tretbar Emma Vanbuskirk Preston Vaughn Carlos Velasquez-Gomez Clayton Welsh Nicholas West Nicolas White Darius Williams Daniel Wood David Zepeda

ACTING THE PART Right: Guided up the stairs for a Psychology experiment, sophomores Angelica White and Amy Franklin work together by using their different senses. “It was a little confusing, but for most of the places we went, the kids would yell out where we were,” White said. “It was more fun to be led around, and it was pretty awkward. My partner left me in the first classroom, and she didn’t know she left me, and I had no idea what to do. We listened to what everyone was saying in the classes, and some of [the classes] had a distinct smell.” Photo by Nicole Luby.

Sophomore Portraits 201


Timothy Ahern Alysabeth Albano John Aldrich Julian Aliber

Samuel Amrein Chloe Anderson Jill Anderson Rachel Arnold

Ryan Ash Amber Atha Drew Auer Marlio Avalos

A RACE TO VICTORY At the SHARE Dodgeball Tournament, junior Chase Woofter, part of the ‘Los Loco Boys’ team, wears a pair of jean shorts and a wife beater to match his team. “Before, we played a Daddy Yankee song and ‘She Wolf,’ [by Shakira] to get us pumped up,” Woofter said. Photo by Anna Petrow.

Samantha Bamford Brook Barnes Caroline Barnett Samantha Bartow

Peter Bautz Madeleine Bavley Dylan Becker Natalie Bender Anna Bernard Samuel Berry

Ashley Adams Claudia Adams Laurel Adams Stephen Adams

CHEERFUL MELODIES Left: Juniors Samantha Bartow and Kendall Kohnle sing the school song at the Lancer Day Parade. “The point of cheerleaders is to get the crowd involved, so I really like when the crowd sings in with us,” Bartow said. “It’s mostly adrenaline and excitement.” Photo by Anna Petrow. NEEDING A SPARK Right: Junior Robert Enders attempts to light the fire at the Fall Sports Bonfire. At first, the fire would not start, so senior Joe Craig found lighter fluid. “I was a little nervous when I couldn’t get it started because it took a while,” Enders said. “The first method didn’t work, so someone had to run and get lighter fluid. It was a smaller turnout than last year, but people had a lot of fun.” Photo by Andrea Zecy.

202 Portraits

GARAGE SALE GIRLS Left: During the SHARE fair, junior Chloe Fischgrund promotes her garage sale project by wearing the clothing they are going to sell. “Everybody was really wild and excited about their project and dedicated in the part they have,” Fischgrund said. “It’s a project that’s a big deal to take a big role in.” Photo by Danielle Norton. IT’S AS EASY AS ABC Right: Junior Julie Chalfant plays wiffle ball at the ‘Bryan’s Way’ tournament. Her team was called ‘The Alpha Girls’ and put parts of the alphabet on their shirts. “Each person had 3 letters of the alphabet on their T shirt,” Chalfant said. “Before the game, my team sang the alphabet, and when we got to the letters that were on our T shirts, we would shout them really loud to intimidate the other team.” Photo by Grant Heinlein.

Senior Portraits 203

Kathryne Bever Catherine Birkenmeier Morgan Blackerby Melinda Blackman Betsy Blessen

Molly Caldwell Rebecca Callstrom Sean Cameron Elizabeth Capps Alexander Carver

Senior Junior withstands broadcasts not-alwaysYoutube sketch perfect comedy videos. Photo by Lauren Bleakley. helped him improve. are roughly 100 videos has conditions THERE million videos on “I can’twhile comparehunting my stuff [then] YouTube. Fifteen of those belong to to what I do now,” Watson said. for game. “The difference is night and day, and junior Riley Watson.

Sarah Braden Helen Bradley Krey Bradley Jackson Brett Margaret Brookfield Kelsey Chadd

“It started the first day of freshman year,” Watson said. “I wanted to celebrate the beginning of my high school career by dancing [on film] around like an idiot for fun. I guess it was something to do instead of sitting by myself at home.” His videos are sketch comedies that he has written himself and performed with his friends. “A sketch comedy is a scene or a situation that has hilarity ensue like [comedian] Demetri Martin’s ‘Important Things,’ ” Watson said. Watson hopes to pursue a career in screenwriting or acting, and posting

Kylee Brooks George Brophy Spencer Brown Reid Brummer Hayley Bublitz Kristen Chadd

Julie Chalfant Anthony Christensen Jaeda Christensen Bennett Clark Kirsten Clark

Olivia Bullard Brennan Burns Mackenzie Burroff Allison Burton David Burton

NEW IMAGES Left: Printing photos in the dark room, junior Chenshan Zhou works with the enlarger during Photography 3. “An enlarger is a device for producing a photographic print or negative larger than the original negative,” Zhou said. “The hardest thing to learn was how to adjust and make the picture clear and bright enough to print. My photos are clearer now than what I had before, and I know how to take better pictures. I know to not take pictures in direct sunlight.” Photo by Nicole Luby.

204 Portraits

I’m a surprised that people enjoyed them. But getting into editing and learning what your limitations are helps improve your video.” Watson has learned how to get himself noticed. “To stand out on YouTube, you have to make tags and titles people are interested in,” Watson said. “My advice to people who want post their own videos is to make something original. In the words of the creator of Fox’s Simpsons: ‘Just try to make yourself laugh; don’t worry what other people think is funny.’ ” Story by Eliza McCormick.


Emilie Block Ambar Bloomgren Grace Boehm Bailey Borgmier Courtney Boyd Tyler Cecil

SOAP, SUDS AND SONG Far Left: Washing cars for a choir fundraiser, junior Alex Rorie wipes a window of a car on Saturday morning by the East library. “We were all singing and working around everyone,” Rorie said. “It was a nice day, and we were cleaning cars with music playing. Most of the money went to the Chipotle tour. The choir tries to raise money by also selling cookie dough, and the varsity choir raffled off tickets for two for London to help pay for the choir’s senior spring break.” Photo by Anna Petrow. THE WEIGHT ON YOUR SHOULDERS Left: Lifting a barbell with 25 pounds on each end in Weights for football, junior Will Severns works on getting in shape in the off-season. “When Coach [Chip] Sherman came, he revamped the whole weightlifting program,” Severns said. “It wasn’t taken too seriously [in the past], but lately all of the guys realized that we have to take it seriously in the weight room.” Photo by Nicole Luby.

Senior Portraits 205


Angela Clem Kirby Clements Briana Cochran Elizabeth Colburn Zachariah Colby

Juniors find ways to use their iPhone and iPod applications to pass time during class and on the go.

POCKET TANKS “‘Pocket Tanks’ is a game where you have to figure out what angle to shoot a weapon and how much power to shoot it at, and whoever gets the most shots wins. It was a computer game originally.

Daniel Colebank Andrew Collins Emily Collins Trevor Collins Nikolas Colom

Ali Meyer 11

Kim Conrads Amy Cosgrove Katherine Cox Jan Creidenberg Rebecca Crooks

TETRIS “I really like ‘Tetris.’ It’s a great way to waste time in boring classes. You have figures made out of boxes, and you have to fit them together in a way to complete a full line of boxes.”

FACEBOOK “Facebook is a website that allows you to stay connected with friends all across the world. I love the facebook app because it’s an easy way to get online and see what your friends are up to.”

Sam Nelson 11

Katie Cox 11

WORDS WITH FRIENDS “I really like ‘Words with Friends.’ It’s like scrabble, and you can play with your friends. You can go back and forth challenging each other, and you don’t even have to be in the same room to play,”

Mark Mergen 11

SHAZAM “When you hear a song on the radio that you like, you can just put your iPhone or iPod up to the speaker for 30 seconds, and then [‘Shazam’] recognizes the beat and identifies the song.”

Pete Peterson 11

Alison Dees Rhegg Delara Caroline Dellett Jacob Devries Meagan Dexter

Prarthana Dalal Katherine Darling Jonathan Dawson Elizabeth Dee John Dee

Aveek Dhar Caroline Doerr Mac Dolliver Pablo Dominguez Oliver Dubois

MR. ROBOT Left: Dressed as a robot on Halloween, junior Riley Watson stands in front of his U.S. History class, talking in a monotone voice and doing a slow robot dance. “Since no one could actually see my face, it was like no one could see me,” Watson said. Photo by Andrea Zecy. SNEAKING UP Right: Link Crew member junior Alex Pirotte, prepares for a day of freshman orientation. "We got Mardi Gras stuff from U.S. Toy," Pirotte said. "We just played name games with them, and we would go around in a circle and tell one thing about ourselves." Photo by Danielle Norton. CALMING DOWN Far Right: At the ‘Little Lancer Cheer Clinic,’ junior Kendall Kohnle calms the younger girls. “You have to talk them through it, or they will get nervous,” Kohnle said. “It reminded me of the first time I cheered.” Photo by Anna Petrow.

206 Portraits

Senior Portraits 207

Brandon Evinger Theodore Fields Kristen Fischer Lauren Fischer Chloe Fischgrund


Photo by Sammi Kelly

Dylan Dunn Rachel Duvall Hannah Earley Katherine East Mark Edmonds

Braden Fisher Haley Fisher Haley Fosnough-Biersmith Henry Foster Peter Frazell Hayden Frey

Junior shares Senior artistic ability withstands through his unique not-alwaysgraffiti style. perfect Photo by Anna Petrow. DJ Burton was conditions develop my own style,” Burton said. SINCE junior 12 years old, he has while In middle school, he bought hunting appreciated graffiti art as an art Mark Ecko’s “Getting Up: Contents game. style that relates to him. Everything for Under Pressure” video game. Playabout it captivates him. “The way the letters flowed caught my attention,” Burton said. “Once I started doing it, graffiti felt right. It’s been the focus for the lifestyle I want to live.” This art form has become his life. “The music I listen to, the way I dress and the things I love all fall back on graffiti,” Burton said. Burton was introduced to graffiti in the sixth grade when his friend, junior Whitney Kerr, showed him the ‘Mr. Wiggles’ style of writing the graffiti alphabet. “I copied the letters and started to

Emily Ellenberger David Frizzell Emily Fuson George Galvin Kaitlyn Ganapini Grant Ellis

ing a game about being a graffiti artist gave Burton a glimpse of what he hoped his future could be. Now, he tries to incorporate his graffiti in all types of art.Yet the process to perfect graffiti isn’t always a simple process.“All my ideas start in the pages of my black book,” Burton said. “It’s my bible. It’s my life.” To Burton, graffiti isn’t just big, colorful words on a wall. Instead, it’s a way to express himself. “I like to think I interrupt the world differently as an artist,” Burton said. “And I want people to see it as I do.” Story by Brook Barnes.

Madeline Gaughan Sarah Genton Duncan Gibbs Mikaila Gicinto Lauren Gillespie Heather Glaze

Robert Enders Kyle Engelken Collin Enger Chase Ensz Jack Esberg

Andrew Goble Emily Goering Madeline Goss Amelia Grant Jennifer Gray

HALLOWEEN FUN Far Left: For a Writers’ Workshop creative project, junior Beth Capps explains her trick-or-treating experiences using magazine clippings. “I got really bored and took a picture of someone in a fur coat,” Capps said. “I put a drumstick on their head and an apple for their hand. The look on [teacher Laura] Beachy’s face when she saw the drumstick head was a mixture of deeply disturbed and entertained.” Photo by Brook Barnes. MOLE-SICAL CHAIRS Left: Squeezing onto the end of a chair in the cafeteria, junior Lydia Shackelford gets third runner up in one of the rounds of ‘Mole-sical Chairs’ on Mole Day. “It was really fun with all the games, and people got really competitive after all the moving around,” Shackelford said. Photo by Anna Petrow. SMURF CHEER Right: During the Wiffle Ball Tournament, junior Allie Hunter cheers for their team’s first homerun. "We were the ‘Smurfs,’ which we chose because we knew there would be enough characters for everyone," Hunter said. "I loved hearing the band and [Anne Peterson] speaking [about safe driving]." Photo by Anna Petrow.

208 Portraits

Senior Portraits 209

the homework load

Michael Hart Lindsey Hartnett Samuel Hattaway Madison Haverty Alexander Healey

Juniors describe the average week’s worth of homework.

Monday “Monday nights aren’t too bad for me. I think teachers know that you just don’t have as much time to work in class, but math definitely still takes the longest for me .”

Samantha Bamford 11

Tuesday Wednesday Thursday “I think Chemistry and Spanish take the most time because they both require a lot of outside work. The best techniques are not to procrastinate and to just plow through.”

John Schrock 11

“I don’t have much homework on Wednesday nights because the next day is just my easy classes, but what works best for me is I make myself sit down and put away all electronics.”

Amy Wilson 11

“I usually have around two to three hours of homework on Wednesday nights. Statistics takes probably the longest, but it’s just so easy to get distracted and stuff on the computer.”

Jonathon Dawson 11

Friday “Friday night is always very light. I usually only have College Prep [math homework],which definitely takes the longest. I find sometimes it’s just hard to sit down and get it done.”

Kirsten Heath Logan Heidmann Grant Heinlein Russell Helder Logan Heley

Cole Morgan 11

Courtney Greathouse Melissa Gregg Carly Griffith Katherine Griffith Ross Guignon

Ryan Hengy Callie Hennig Jordan Herring Todd Higbee David Hill

Paige Gundelfinger Allyse Hackler In Chang Hahn Grant Halderman Jacob Hallquist

Matthew Hoffman Emily Hofmeister Morgan Holm Marissa Horwitz Charles Hotchkiss

Kailey Hammond James Harbison Olivia Harlan Jack Harrigan Kaiha Harris

Hsiang-tung Hung Allison Hunter Spencer Hunzeker Isabelle Huyett April Irvine

SHOW SINGER Right: Junior Olivia Mansfield performs her solo as the character ‘Cowboy Babs’ in the musical Footloose. “Singing in front of an audience is the most wonderful feeling,” Mansfield said. “You just forget about everything going on in your life. I get nervous right before the curtain opens, but as soon as I start singing or dancing, I am not nervous anymore.” Photo by Anna Petrow. A LIVELY CROWD Far Right: Cheering on his classmates, junior Zach Colby watches the Can Drive pep assembly, where representatives for each grade put handmade can suits around themselves and ran down the court. “It was a very wild atmosphere, and everyone was so pumped up and into it,” Colby said. Photo by Andrea Zecy.

210 Portraits

A WORK OF ART Right: Heading to the cafeteria, junior Whitney Kerr helps carry ‘Jungle Mechanics,’ a graffiti piece for MORP. “[Junior] Meagan Dexter had the idea and asked me and [junior] DJ Burton to do one because it fit the theme,” Kerr said. “My favorite part of graffiti is the challenge it brings, and it also allows me to express myself.” Photo by Lauren Bleakley.

Senior Portraits 211

Adam Isenberg Perry Jackson Loren Jamieson Thomas Jarrold Cory Jennett

Lauren King Kendall Kohnle Kelsey Kost Molly Kurtz Pauline Laberthe

Robert Jilka Brad Johnson Mary Joyce Grace Junk Nora Kanally

Austin Lage Carmen Lang Christopher Lanza Jesse Lavender Abigail Leek

Alex Kaplan Jacob Kaufman Jennifer Kaufman Tyler Kavanaugh Alexander Keller

Jeffrey Lefko Aubrey Leiter Melanie Leng Brian Levota Holley Lewis

Robert Kelly Samantha Kelly Shauna Kenton Cassie Kerr Precious Kidd

Benjamin Liu Thomas Loudon Josiah Lowrey Nick Lucas Jacob Lybarger

A PROUD SHOT Left: Playing a varsity singles match at East, junior Chloe Anderson is relieved after hitting a good shot. “It’s a great feeling when you hit a really good shot,” Anderson said. “You feel like you deserve it. After a match, I usually go over how I played, and if I did well, it’s a really good feeling. If I didn’t win, I just go over what I need to do differently in my head for next time.” Photo by Danielle Norton. UNDER PRESSURE Right: Working backstage for the musical Footloose, junior Gillian O’Connell takes a break from working on the scenery. “It’s just different to experience the show backstage,” O’Connell said. “You get to see all the actors and actresses between acts. I have always been really involved in theater, and I’m normally in lights and designing [the sets]. During a show, it is really quiet, and its pretty hectic, but it’s always really fun and a good time.” Photo by Nicole Luby.

212 Portraits

OUTDOOR TUNES Right: Playing the flute at the first outdoor pep assembly, junior Nikki Glaze performs the school song. “The band does get people pepped up,” Glaze said. “I like [the song] ‘Smoke on the Water’ [by Deep Purple] because there’s more to do in it. You can improvise, and everyone is pretty much playing the same thing.” Photo by Andrea Zecy.

Senior Portraits 213

Olivia Lynch Garrett Lynn Paul Mackender Timothy Madison Joshua Mais

John Meyer Madeline Middleton Austin Miller Brett Miller Ford Miller

Olivia Mansfield Caroline Marland Emma Marston Robert Martin Daniel Martinez Lauren Miller

Paige Martz Micheala Mathiesen Austin Mccauley Skyler McChristy Susan McClannahan Nicholas Morgan Photo by Anna Petrow.

from Disney’s ‘Lion King,’ junior Margo Brookfield knew nothing about Africa last September. Now, seven months later, she knows a whole other world outside of Kansas. Brookfield was part of The Traveling School (TTS), a program for girls ages 15-18 to travel the world to “enrich the lives of teenage girls with…a deeper comprehension of the world

ASIDE Patrick McGannon Margaret McGilley Jacob McGillicuddy Sarah McKittrick Robby Medhi Robby Moriarty

we live in,” according to the TTS mission statement. Brookfield traveled to South Africa, Namibia, Botswana and Zambia. Each place was unique and nothing like she expected. “South Africa is green rolling hills as far as you can see,” Brookfield said. “In Namibia, we would see sand dunes in one direction, mountains in another and ocean in another.” TTS wasn’t just scenic views. Brookfield visited a center in Zululand that fed kids orphaned due to AIDS. She was surprised to find out that a little boy she held had very little time to live due to the harsh living conditions and a lack of medical support. “[The phrase] starving kids in Africa is just thrown around a lot, but then you see it and wow, it’s real,” Brookfield said. Brookfield values her experiences. “It was one of the most mentally challenging things I’ve ever done… [but] I’m more open. I’m more aware,” Brookfield said. “I’m a lot more thankful for everything that I have.” Story by Andrea Zecy.


Junior attends school in Africa for a semester through The Traveling School program.

Emily Morris John Morrison Alex Moskowitz Pauline Mytinger Megan Nass

Micah Melia John Melvin Cameron Mendez Mark Mergen Alison Meyer

STILL LIFE Right: Coloring a flower in art teacher Jason Filbeck’s Drawing class, junior Trey Emery works on a still life project. “Everybody sits and listens to music while they work,” Emery said. “[Filbeck] gives us the freedom to do whatever we want, as long as we work on our project. I was bad but got a little bit better but not perfect.” Photo by Alissa Pollack. A NEW PLACE TO PLAY Far Right: Strumming the guitar for the first time in the orchestra pit, junior Joe Sernett plays in Footloose. “You don’t actually get any nerves because you aren’t playing out for the audience,” Sernett said. “I thought the orchestra pit was a really great part, and it was just great to hear the cheers and bows for us when we finished. It was kind of one of those ‘wow, that was pretty cool’ feelings.” Photo by Alissa Pollack.

214 Portraits

WOODWORK Left: Working on a project in Woodshop, junior Brandon Evinger utilizes his tools. “I was using the ban saw, and I was making a finger joined box,” Evinger said. “You have to cut little individual things in the end of the wood.” Photo by Nicole Luby.

Senior Portraits 215

brb. tXT u l8tr

Taylor Odell William Olson Joshua Orpin Jeremy Osborne David Owens

Students share their favorite characteristics of their phones.

William Papineau Shayla Parcels Natalie Parker Vincent Parsons Megan Pavlu




“It’s nice to have my music with me wherever I go. I think my favorite thing about my phone would have to be the endless gadgets and apps.”

“The best part of my phone is having the full keyboard. But the only bad thing is after a while the charge goes away and it doesn’t hold battery.”

“When I got it, it was the best phone available, but I wouldn’t recommend it. The best part is its camera, but the touch screen doesn’t scroll well. It’s pretty average.”

Chad Papineau 11

Allison Burton 11

Alex Moscowitz 11

Zachary Nass Corey Neidl Ean Nelson Heather Nelson Samantha Nelson

Nicklaus Powell Keshav Ramaswami Molly Rappold Thomas Read Graham Redelsheimer

Lauren Newell Andrew North John O’Brien Gillian O’Connell Cormac O’Connor

Ricky Reed Andrew Reineke Mikaela Remer-Phifer Alicia Reyna Rachel Rice

HALLOWEEN PHARAOH Left: Tying a red cape around junior Emily Welter, who was Little Red Riding Hood on Halloween, junior Sammi Kelly gets ready for the night with her friends. “We just borrowed stuff from friends and put together random stuff that we found in our house, too,” Kelly said. “I didn’t want to spend any money this year, so it all worked out. [I was] a crazy pharaoh. My favorite part was my beaded headdress that I found in my basement. It completed the outfit.” Photo by Nicole Luby. A PROUD MOMENT Right: Singing ‘Somebody’s Eyes’ from Footloose for playcuts, junior Emma Marston takes center stage as ‘Rusty.’ “I’m most nervous when I’m backstage,” Marston said. “We all squeeze each others hands and listen to the overature, and we try to calm each other down and pump each other up. This year, we all bonded really well, and I personally appreciate what all the techies do to make us look good. It was very stressful a couple of weeks before the show. People were getting sick, and it was crunch time, but we got through it together, and that’s what made it so good.” Photo by Alissa Pollack.

216 Portraits

Claire Perkins Russell Philpott Alexander Pirotte Angela Podoll Alissa Pollack

CHEERING THEM ON Left: During the Can Drive pep assembly, juniors Kathleen O’Connor and Amber Atha watch the StuCo representatives run across the gym. The representatives were dressed in handmade can suits and had to race one another to see who would win. “I like all the hype and how they do different things with the teachers and students,” Atha said. “It feels pretty cool because everyone is excited, and we cheer at the pep assemblies.” Photo by Anna Petrow.

Senior Portraits 217

Dylan Ruffin Andrew Ryan Branden Schoofs Eden Schoofs John Schrock


Kathryn Richardson Michelle Richardson Kerri Ricketts Celeste Rinner Jay Rios

Cody Roberson Emma Schulte Faye Schumacher Anthony Scott Joseph Sernett William Severns

Junior experiences six unique cultures.


lived in six different countries, junior Pauline Laberthe has a lifetime of memories at the young age of 17. Laberthe has moved constantly due to her father’s demanding job as a veterinarian researcher. She was born in France, left for Holland six months after, and then jumped over the Pacific Ocean to Mexico until the age of 6. Before coming to the United States, Laberthe lived in India. “India is different from Europe and here,” Laberthe said.“The people are nice, and there are many festivals. Luckily, they spoke English, so I didn’t have to learn a new language.” Schooling in these countries was different from the United States. Laberthe is in the IB program, whose curriculum is nearly as demanding

as France’s. “In France, the work intensity is the same but the tests are harder. Instead of multiple choice, every answer must be memorized and written down.” Though only a junior, Laberthe already has plans for her future. “I’ll most likely graduate here,” Laberthe said.“And I’m considering Canada, France or Great Britain for college.” Laberthe made many friends throughout her travels.Through the social online network Facebook and texting, Laberthe has kept in contact with her best friends from other countries. Thus far, Laberthe has lived a more diverse life than most. With a love to connect with people and an aptitude for learning, Laberthe works toward having a promising future. Story by Danielle Norton.

Connor Roberson Anne Sgroi Lydia Shackelford Rituparna Sharmacharya Jesse Sharp John Sheahan

Alexander Rorie Dana Sherard Ariana Sherk Anousha Shirazi Dennis Simmons Margaret Simmons

James Rosa Ashly Rosenstock Hannah Roste Donald Roth Jacob Rudolph

Kevin Simpson Nathan Simpson Jacob Sirna Benjamin Slater Cameron Smith

BANDED TOGETHER Far Left: Juniors Russell Philpott and Chase Ensz sing the school song with the band. “My favorite part is just performing with my friends,” Ensz said. “It’s a lot of fun to just be there, and I get really excited before performing at a game. It feels great to get the crowd going.” Photo by Danielle Norton. HELP OVERHEAD Left: Leaning over the podium to get supplies for Link Crew, junior Jonathan Dawson prepares for freshman orientation. “We were getting all the things we needed for the day, which were paper, balls and pencils,” Dawson said. “I really liked meeting the freshmen. I really feel like I helped make them feel more comfortable starting off here.” Photo by Anna Petrow. IN THE JUNGLE Right: Cheering with junior Molly Rappold on Lancer Day, junior Cassie Kerr wears an animal print dress while screaming with the crowd. “We all decided that we wanted to have a jungle theme because ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ had just come out,” Kerr said. “ We all had to chip in and bring stuff from U.S. Toy and just random stuff from our houses.” Photo by Brook Barnes.

218 Portraits

Senior Portraits 219

carrying the WEIGHT

Gail Stonebarger Peter Stout Hanna Stradinger Paige Swanson Jeffrey Tate

Juniors describe the different bags that they use for school.

“I have a Lucky Brand backpack, and it’s a saddlebag so it’s really easy to carry around and it fits all my stuff.”

Rachel Rice 11

“I have a Kipling backpack, and I like that it’s a messenger bag and goes on one shoulder. It holds all my stuff, and I like the look of it.”

“I really like my North Face backpack. It is really a durable backpack, and it’s pretty trendy, I guess. ”

Faye Schumacker 11

Robert Martin 11

Audrey Thompson John Thorpe Lucas Throckmorton Cooper Toombs Gregory Tracy

David Smith Louis Smith Emilia Snively Kathleen Spencer Lauren Stanley

Molly Troutman Dejuanne Tucker Michael Tuschhoff Conor Twibell Emma Tyler

Elizabeth Steinbock Jeremy Steiner Graham Stevenson Haley Stewart Kaitlyn Stewart

Brandon Updyke Shelbi Wade Claire Wahrer Ryan Waisner Reed Waldon

WINTER WONDERLAND Left: Junior Lauren Stanley sweeps snow off the windshield of her car with an old brush. “[The de-icer spray] melts the ice on the windshield, so you can use your windshield wipers,” Stanley said. “My car also has a light that turns on when I’m sliding. I didn’t think the roads would be bad, but I thought the junior lot would be full of sliding drivers. I really like the snow as long as it isn’t hazardous when we are driving home.” Photo by Alissa Pollack. BORN TO BE WILD Right: Wearing a camouflage hat and Lancer shirt for the Jungle-themed float, junior Alex Healey chants and yells to other students after dancing and throwing candy to the crowd. “Protecting the float as a grade the night before was definitely the best part,” Healey said. “I liked to see everyone in the grade there, and there weren’t any cliques at all. We stayed on guard all night.” Photo by Brook Barnes.

220 Portraits

STOP, DROP AND ROLL Left: Running for a win down the basketball court at the Can Drive pep assembly, junior Logan Heley races other StuCo representatives. He wanted to win the race to make the junior class proud. “The juniors started chanting my name right before the Can Drive race,” Heley said. “All the classes were going wild, and once it began, the cheering just got louder. It was just great to hear my fellow classmates cheering me on. It really just helped me pull through and win.” Photo by Alissa Pollack.

Senior Portraits 221

Kaitlyn Westhoff Russell White Andrea Wickstrom Connor Wilkins Claire Williams

Hannah Walter Elizabeth Ward Andrew Watkins Kathryn Watkins Riley Watson

Tanner Williams Brian Williamson Amy Wilson Drake Winn Samuel Wood

Scott Watson Hope Waugh Logan Weckbaugh Raina Weinberg Connor Weir

Tessa Wood Chase Woofter Peter Young Andrea Zecy Chenshan Zhou

Nathan Welch Emily Welter Allison Wendorff Timothy Wendt Alexander West

NOT PICTURED Britini Argeropoulos Blake Arnold Sean Bailey Joe Barahona Mary Kate Beal Dylan Becker Jordan Betlach Ambar Bloomgren

Miles Borchardt Nathaniel Boyles Jaquan Brunt David Dechant Trevon Emery Ian Exline Michael Foster Griffith Gans

BUILDING NEW SKILLS Right: Organizing information in plastic bins for Debate, junior Cormac O’Connor prepares for his upcoming tournament. He listened for instructions from Debate teacher Trey Witt and wrote down details to include in his speech. “[I like] the mental challenge it puts forth and what the different arguments entail,” O’Connor said. “[Debate increases] public speaking skills - not being nervous in front of people and expressing your ideas coherently.” Photo by Alissa Pollack. LOOK ALIKES Far Right: Holding their American Royal SHARE project sign, juniors Natalie Parker and Celeste Rinner stand together wearing matching elephant hats. “We just went down on family day in the fall and helped out with stuff they needed, like guiding people around,” Rinner said. “We got [the hats] at U.S. Toy for ‘Weird Hat Day,’ and we both just had a bunch of funky clothes we wore around. I just kind of like that the students get to lead [the projects], and it gives us more freedom and teaches us leadership skills.” Photo by Nicole Luby.

222 Portraits

Julia Gilmore Max Glaeser Breana Gray Benjamin Hargis Thomas Hayde Jordan Herring CJ Hicks Rachel Hoffman

Riley Hoffman Joseph Kashka Kyle Kerns Frederick Kerr Whitney Kerr 111 Jasmine Kidd Elise Kuklenski Bryan Kurz

Richard Latshaw Alexander Lewis Riley Meurer Caroline Miller Logan Mitchell Timothy Moore Tirrell Moore Thomas Nicoski

Preston Norman Valerie Nutt Kathleen O’Connor Eric Peterson Christopher Pointer Christina Shocke Adam Seligson Samuel Sharp

Connor Simpson Elyse Smith Anthony Steinmetz Daniel Stewart John Stewart John Stiles Ryan Sullivan Rachel Thomas

Cole Turner Derone Watson Christopher Welch Joseph Wheeler Andrew Wickersham Reed Woltering Darby Wooldridge

WANDERING AROUND Left: Stopping at a corner in the Liberty Corn Maze, junior Katye Bever waits for the rest of her friends in the group to show up. “We had to trudge through some mud and decide on which way to go based on what everyone thought,” Bever said. “I kind of liked getting lost because it was fun and exciting, but I was nervous about how to get out. It was a pretty big corn maze. It was kind of easy to get lost, but it was more fun deeper in the maze. If we got lost, we would just yell each others names.” Photo by Andrea Zecy.

Senior Portraits 223


LIVE SUPPORT In the front row of the East gym, senior Andy Yeast screams into The Harbinger Online’s ‘Live-Audience’ camera at the varsity boys’ basketball game against Olathe East. “We try to get crazy, pump everyone up and yell as loud as we can,” Yeast said. “After we win, we all celebrate. [I will miss] just being able to support my friends on the team.” Photo by Mackenzie Wylie.

Zachary Amrein Brooks Anthony Sarah Are

Britini Argeropoulos Andrew Arnold Heather Athon

Keelin Austin Madison Bailey Dustin Ballard

Valery Barajas Holland Barling Spencer Barnhill Kelsey Barrera Patrick Barry

Ashton Adams Lindsey Agee Brian Aitken Caitlin Allen

224 Portraits

PUT A SMILE ON Left: Posing for the senior panoramic photo, senior Molly Tidrick and her friends wear a mix of MORP gear and old costumes for the ‘crazy dress-up’ theme. “Someone kind of jokingly brought up the idea [of dressing up], and surprisingly, lots of people did it,” Tidrick said. “I think it would be cool if our grade was the only one to do this, but it would also be great to start a new tradition.” Photo by Andrea Zecy.

AN EAST TRADITION Left: Senior Caroline Sheridan stands in the center of the court with the other Heralders during the ‘Can Drive’ pep assembly. The girls raised the flags before home games as a symbol of good luck. “It is not really that hard,” Sheridan said. “We always just get directions from the pep band at the beginning, and then we walk to the center of the gym, cross with the person diagonal of us and put up our horn.” Photo by Nicole Luby.

A SERIOUS UPSET Right: Standing in the front row at the varsity basketball game in the SM West gym, senior Grant Stauffer covers his face, while other seniors anxiously watch the game. “We have a traditionally good team and that just makes the games more fun because we expect more of our team,” Stauffer said. “I always blame [the game] on the ref, not the team. I just think that the ref is blowing the game.” Photo by Katie East.

PICTURE PERFECT Right: Senior Janna Graf takes a picture of the StuCo members making a speech on Lancer Day. “Everyone just kind of crazily wore bright colors, and some people dressed as certain characters,” Graf said. “A lot of people came this year, and there was tons of pride. It was a nice day and everyone was really happy to show their class spirit.” Photo by Andrea Zecy.

Senior Portraits 225

Ian Boat August Borchers Jacob Bossing Olivia Botts Erica Brandli


Jason Bates Matthew Beck David Beeder Kathleen Belko Coleen Bellinger

Timothy Bird Marlena Birkel Emily Bittiker Lauren Bleakley Leecarrie Bly

226 Portraits

Senior enjoys spending time with her dad and friends during Indian Princess trips. Photo by Anna Petrow.

cruising down the same slopes over and over again, senior Maddy Bailey had tears in her eyes because she was so tired of skiing. Bailey was on the Indian Princess ski trip in Park City, Utah, and was so fed up with the repetitiveness that she decided to use an alternate transportation device: her bottom. As unhappy as she was at the time, Bailey now remembers this portion of Indian Princesses as her favorite. “My favorite part is the ski trip,” Bailey said. “It’s a good way to bond with your dad and have fun with your friends.” Since she was six years old, Bailey and friends from Belinder Elementary School attend the Princess’ two


main trips every year. They attend a camp-out in Nianga River, Missouri, where they canoe and fight “Water Wars” in addition to the ski trip. The campouts provide a different kind of entertainment for Bailey and her friends.The ski trips consisted of a variety of sports and activities, but the water wars they had in canoes were the most memorable. For Bailey, the best part was not the games she played, but rather the person she was able to play them with. “I like how involved my dad got in it,” Bailey said. “[At one point], he was the head person in charge of everything. It’s just cool that he got involved with it and cares about it so much.” Story by Kevin Simpson.

Annelise Bennett Caitlin Benson Margaret Brill Natalie Brown Samuel Buchanan Griffin Bur Brandon J Burch

Andrew Berger Bridget Bergin Taylor Burkhead Grant Burnside Baleigh Burroughs Zachary Busey Connor Callahan

Charles Bernard Jonathan Bernard Michael Calvert Anthony Camp Scott Cantril William Carey Benjamin Carlson

Jordan Dietrich Nicholas Carothers Samuel Carpenter Collin Carter Kinsey Cates

Senior Portraits 227

Most Likely to

“I think I was chosen probably because I have people over a lot, and my friends and I just like to have fun and have parties a lot. I didn’t think I was going to win, but when I found out, I just thought it was kind of funny. I don’t really like Miley Cyrus that much, and I kind of think she’s annoying and her songs aren’t really good. I hated ‘Party in the USA’ at first, but then it grew on me, but it got old really fast.”

Leah Chesbrough Peter Chow Katherine Clark Nicholas Clark Christopher Clarke

Photo by Lauren Bleakley.

Rebecca Clay Zachary Clements Stacy Coffyn Keegan Conrad Scarlett Cooley

Alexander Cox Joe Craig Jacqueline Crain Dylan Crandall

Hannah Copeland Teresa Corazzin Keelia Corcoran Carl Cornwell Richard Harper Coulson

David Crane Matthew Creidenberg Connor Creighton Rachel D’Autremont

CHAT AND CHEW Left: Answering a prompt in Writer’s Workshop, senior Annie Haynes works on her writing style while listening to other students’ stories. “We do something different every day, and we write poems or stories that we can share if we want to,” Haynes said. “My favorite [assignment] was writing a scary story. We read a couple of scary stories by Poe, and we developed our own little story, polished it and wrote a full story, instead of just throwing some stuff on paper.” Photo by Brook Barnes.

228 Portraits

Photo illustration by Michael Stolle.

keelia corcoran

have a party in the usa

Katelynn Cauthon Matthew Chalk Rachel Chaney Qi Chen Will Chertoff

FAVORS FOR THE FANS Left: Sitting with blankets on at Olathe East varsity soccer game, seniors Louisa Morton, Alison Stephens and Amilia Winter enjoy suckers provided by parents. It was misting, but the precipitation did not bother the girls. “We would all just go and try to get front row seats and cheer on the guys,” Morton said. “For some reason, someone would always give us suckers. There was a giant bag that would get passed around.” Photo by Mackenzie Wylie.

PARTY ANIMAL Right: Dancing with senior Whitaker Sherk in her ‘neon-jungle’ outfit, senior Anna Swanson makes the most out of her last MORP. “It was just really energetic, and everyone seemed to be having fun,” Swanson said. “I liked going up on the raised part [of the cafeteria] and dancing with all of the seniors. We stepped outside once to cool down, but mostly I just ignored the heat.” Photo by Mackenzie Wylie.

Senior Portraits 229

Max McFarland

Alyx Delgado Joseph Deng Andrew Dexter Andres Diaz Lauren Dodd Kirk Doerr John Dollar Alexa Donahue Theodore Dubois

“I just saw the movie, and I noticed that Max doesn’t seem to be able to control his rage–I feel like I have a step up on him there. He is this wild beast pretty much and really just lets his emotions make decisions for him, but I am not that emotional of a person. I also feel like I am a lot more functional in social situations than Max was in the movie. But I definitely do like to go to the park, take off my shirt, run around and climb trees and stuff; I like to be a beast, I suppose.”

Most Likely to Become

MAX from where the wild things are Alexandra Dahlgren Haley Dalgleish Adele Daniel Erika Davee Tess Duncan Jamieson Edwards

Jake Davidson Jai Dayal Erik Dayton Megan Deay

230 Portraits

Photo by Anna Petrow.


winter, senior Beck Johnson and his dad made frequent treks to the ‘Bushwood Hunt Club’ in Clinton, Missouri, for duck hunting season. The extended waiting periods and biting temperatures made it easy for hunters like Johnson to get frustrated. “Sometimes you just get skunked and you sit out there for four or five hours, and other days you’re done in an hour,” Johnson said. “That’s why they call it duck hunting and not grocery shopping.” Duck is one of Johnson’s favorite foods to eat, and that’s one of the reasons why he and his dad fight

the winter cold every year. Coming home with “too much” duck has never been a problem for Johnson. “None of it goes to waste,” Johnson said. “We definitely use all of the meat or give it away to friends. It’s absolutely delicious.” Hunting has not only provided Johnson with great food, but also camaraderie during the summer of his seventh grade year, he traveled to Argentina with his dad for a duck and dove-hunting trip. On one day of his trip, Johnson’s group of four people shot 1,200 doves, a feat he holds as his most cherished hunting memory. Story by Logan Heley.


Photo by Anna Petrow.

Senior withstands not-alwaysperfect conditions while hunting for game.

Doni Eilenberger Andrew Elliott Lauren Engelken Hunter Ensz Lauren Epstein

Senior Portraits 231

Most Likely to Become

“I watch ‘The Colbert Report’ occasionally. I like all of the interviews because he’s funny, but he’s also informative. I don’t really think that I compare to Stephen Colbert much, but I think we have a similar sense of humor. People occasionally say that I act like him, and we both have black hair, so some people might think that I vaguely resemble him.”

Alexandra Ferlas Cole Fevold Alexandra Fields Kathryn Finke Clayton Finley

Photo by Anna Petrow.


Lauren Erickson Sarah Evans Zachary Fair Jesse Fancolly Kathleen Fay

Samuel Fisher Sara Fisher Valerie Fisher Jacob Fleming Andrew Forbes

Marisol Galicia Benjamin Galloway Mary Galvin Rachel Gangwere

John Francis James Franklin Claire Freeman Charles Freyder Emma Fritts

Kristina Genton Hannah Gerwick Jared Giabbai Samuel Gifford

LYRIC LINEUP Left: Senior Micah Patterson practices with seniors Stewart Jensen and Jake Parleman during Chambers choir class. The Chambers singers did not warm up with the school song at the beginning of class like most other choir classes do. “We just dive into an easy song that’s mellow,” Patterson said. “It’s nice being in a group where people can learn music quickly and then perform it really well.” Photo by Rachel d’Autremont. NOT IN UNIFORM Right: At the ‘Can Drive’ pep assembly, senior Brian Rogers plays [rapper Lil’ Wayne’s] ‘A Milli’ with the drumline. “I remember we spent the whole time before learning the drumline show because we hadn’t practiced it,” Rogers said. “It was pretty funny because it’s kind of a goofy song, and we figured that unless we got really into it, we’d look really stupid. ” Photo by Andrea Zecy. HALFTIME FLAGS Far Right: Standing on the field at a varsity football game, senior Margaret Peterson starts a flag routine with the drill team. “Flags aren’t my favorite because it’s not the best in the dance aspect,” Peterson said. “But it’s fun to perform.” Photo by Mackenzie Wylie.

232 Portraits

Senior Portraits 233

Most Likely to Become Lisa Giles Grace Gillaspie Nathan Goldman Dominika Golinska Janna Graf

“I’m dating Mac, and we do watch ‘The Office’ frequently. We’re both in Journalism, which is like an office in its own way. We’re surrounded by a lot of strange people, so there’s plenty to make fun of around here.”

Anna Petrow “I guess I’m somewhat tall, so that qualifies me to be Jim. I’m definitely a huge fan of ‘The Office’; I think I have seen every episode. I didn’t expect to be nominated at all, but I’m a huge fan, so I’m honored.”

Kristina Grandon Amelia Grant Aubrey Grantham Sean Graybill Gordon Green

Photo by Lauren Bleakley.

Mac Tamblyn

Anna Petrow & Mac Tamblyn Teresa Harbison Benjamin Hargis Montrell Hargraves Jackson Harter Mackenzie Haugland

Jake Greene Gage Grimes Ashley Guerricagoitia Pierre Guignon Charles Gunya

Lauren Hackworth Nellie Haghighat Yong Hahn Weston Halberstadt Emily Halter

Taylor Haviland John Hawkins Annie Haynes Sarah Hemer David Henderson

SEARCHING FOR AN ANSWER Left: Sprawled out on the floor in the dance room, senior Jessie Jacob works with her group during principal Karl Krawitz’s leadership class. “We do a lot of simulations where he puts us in a situation to see what we would do, so we get in a group and talk about how we would solve the problem,” Jacob said. “I love listening to what [Dr. Krawitz] has to say. I hang onto every word, and I know the good advice will pay off.” Photo by Andrea Zecy. OPENING UP Right: Painting on the wall outside ‘The Little Theatre,’ senior Hannah Copeland readies the school for the Open House. “I like leaving my mark on places artistically,” Copeland said. “I didn’t help with ‘The Grapes of Wrath,’ so this was my senior year contribution. I used projection and thought up a color scheme. Overall, it took me a really long time—at least nine months.” Photo by Brook Barnes.

234 Portraits

PUT YOUR HANDS TOGETHER Left: Senior Jake Fleming cheers at the Olathe East varsity soccer game. “[The soccer games] are a lot of fun because you are really close to the field,” Fleming said. “It’s great socializing, and it’s good to be out there to cheer on your friends.” Photo by Mackenzie Wylie. PAJAMA PARTY Right: Chatting about the book Song of Solomon for AP English, senior Nick Wassmer relaxes and enjoys his food in his pajamas. “[Senior] Anna Petrow gave me the footie pajamas so that we could wear them together in unison, and she ended up not wearing hers, so I was the only one,” Wassmer said. “I felt awesome. I’m definitely going to make a second comeback.” Photo by Anna Petrow.

Senior Portraits 235

Most Likely to


Sydney Henley Celia Herman Kaley Herman Elizabeth Hernandez Catherine Herst Evan Herstowski Kevin Hertel Kris Hertel


After growing up on Oklahoma Joe’s BBQ, senior has the chance to become a barbecue judge.

Parker Heying Johanna Hild Rocky Hill

Natalie Hine Collin Hoefer Carly Holland Audrey Howell Gretchen Hummel

236 Portraits

Photo by Anna Petrow.

growing up on Oklahoma Joe’s BBQ, senior takes opportunity to become barbecue judge. For as long as he can remember, senior Spencer Low has been eating barbecue. Low grew up down the street from Oklahoma Joe’s BBQ, and he has been eating there for the last 18 years.  Needless to say, Low is one of the biggest barbecue fans around, so when he got an e-mail presenting him and his brother with the opportunity to be a judge at a


barbecue contest at the American Royal, he devoured it like a Z-man. At a typical contest, judges are given pulled pork, ribs, sausage, chicken and brisket from each competitor.They rank each on a scale of one to nine, with nine being the highest, based on appearance, taste and texture, with the heaviest importance placed on taste. The experience was so delicious to Low that he decided to take a class at the Kansas City Culinary Institute and become a certified judge. The class was very detail-oriented; Low learned several secrets of the meat judging trade. “Each meat is different,” Low said. “One of the neat things I learned about ribs is that if it falls off the bone, it’s overcooked.You’re just supposed to get what you bite. Also, pork can’t be too mushy; if it sticks to your mouth when you eat it, it’s not good.” With this passion for the grill, Low has a goal for his future contests. “Once you’ve judged 30 competitions, they make you a grand master judge,” Low said. “I got a really tricked out name tag, instead of a normal one. That’s my goal right now; I’m getting a grand master tag.” Story by Kevin Simpson.

Photo illustrations by Michael Stolle.

Photo by Max Stitt.

“I think I was chosen because I’m a fierce athlete. I think to be in a Gatorade ad means that I’m going to be the next big thing, and I definitely think I could star in a Gatorade ad. I knew my pure athleticism would take me places one day.”

Photo by Lauren Bleakley.

“When I found out, I was excited, and it made me feel good that my class thinks I’m athletic and that I excel in a sport. I think that there are a lot of other talented and super athletic girls in our grade that deserve it as much as I do.”

JAKE FLEMING & JANNA GRAF Marisa Hunter Austin Hunzeker Colleen Ireland Kathleen Ireland

Jessica Jacob Kathryn Jaeger Danielle James Travis Janney

Senior Portraits 237

Most Likely to Become

Kenny dobbins


Veronica Kerr Elizabeth Kessinger Chloe Kester Katherine Kettler Eunryung Kim

Photo by Anna Petrow.

“I’m intimidated that I have to live up to Kenny Dobbins’ standards. The man put ultimate frisbee before his family. I’ve taken four semesters of Team Games, so I know the legend: he’s potentially the most ridiculous man ever. I don’t know if it’s an honor or if people think I’m crazy. I guess just hard work and dedication will pay off.”

Benjamin Jensen Stewart Jensen Ashley Johnson Beck Johnson

Allison Kirby Mallory Kirby Kelsey Kirkpatrick Kathleen Klehm Charlie Kline

Jacob Johnson Tanner Johnson Alyssa Jolitz Kale Justice

Megan Klugman Samuel Kovzan Ashley Kurtzman Holly Lafferty Hannah Lang

DARE TO DANCE Left: Keeping her promise to seniors Anna Swanson, Emily Bittiker and Sydney Henley, senior Whitaker Sherk dances from 75th Street to Prairie Village Shopping Center during the Lancer Day Parade. “I’ve danced down Mission Road every year, and I’ve never walked,” Sherk said. “We didn’t want to break the tradition our last year.” Photo by Mackenzie Wylie. WINDING UP Right: Playing for ‘Team Dobos’ during the dodgeball tournament, senior Mac Tamblyn winds up for a throw. “Mostly, we stuck to the techniques they used in the movie ‘Dodgeball’,” Tamblyn said. “Dodge, Duck, Dip, Dive and Dodge.” Photo by Anna Petrow.

238 Portraits

Benjamin Kaplan Grace Karnowski Rachel Kaskie Alfred Kass Scott Kennedy

SOLAR ART Left: Sitting outside during Photography class, senior Valery Barajas waits for her picture to solarize. “It was really cool because it involved both photography and printing,” Barajas said. “I took it outside because I had to make the negative with sunlight.” Photo by Nicole Luby. FOOTBALL MEETS DODGEBALL Right: Wearing a football practice jersey, senior Ryan Olander cheers his team on at the SHARE Dodgeball Tournament. “Some of the games are pretty competitive, especially when we’re playing our friends,” Olander said. “We lost in the second round to our friends’ team.” Photo by Mackenzie Wylie.

Senior Portraits 239

Most Likely to Photo by Anna Petrow.

Brian Little John Logan Samuel Logan Jesus Lopez Martinez Spencer Low

Photo illustration by Will Chertoff.

“I guess people think that I have a future in music, and I kind of hope they are right, but it’s pretty difficult to make it in the industry. I guess it means that the senior class enjoys my music. I know I can publish my music to iTunes, but the thing that would feel good would be to be successful with my music. If I put something on iTunes, and it was the number one best selling thing, then I would probably go nuts.”

Nicole Luby John Luther Megan Mack Madison Magalski Molly Mahon



Kiley Lawrence John Lehoczky Dana Leib Adam Levin Ashley Lillis

Geoffrey Maxwell Emily Mayfield Mary Mccandless Max Mcfarland

Hannah Mallen Evie Marshall Grace Martin Amanda Massey Daniella Mata

Megan Mcgillicuddy Kelsey Mcgonigle Elizabeth Mcgranahan Charles Mcgraw

FACING YOUR FEARS Left: While doing classwork in Environmental Ed, senior Sam Logan lets a snake slither over his shoulders and onto the table. “I’ve always been kind of a wimp about snakes, and I just decided to man up and hold it,” Logan said. “It wasn’t that bad, [but] I like the hedgehog a lot because he’s pretty exotic and not like anything I’m used to.” Photo by Eliza McCormick. WAVE OF A WAND Right: During the Lancer Day Parade, juniors Kirsten Clark and Caroline Doerr and senior Annie Bennett smile at the crowd. “When we heard [the theme] was board games, we knew we wanted ‘Pretty Pretty Princess’ because we wanted the pretty costumes,” Bennett said. “My favorite part is always the walk down Mission and then getting to the end and seeing all the other floats.” Photo by Nicole Luby. GOOFING OFF Far Right: Dancing with senior Tara Raghuveer, senior Ben Jensen tries to get people to sign up for his ‘Village Food Pantry’ project at the SHARE fair. “We spent the first two sessions getting people to come and sign up for our project, and by the time we got to the juniors and seniors, we were goofing around,” Jensen said. “I think it’s fun because you can see the different projects available in front of you. It’s something different that other schools don’t have.” Photo by Nicole Luby.

240 Portraits

Senior Portraits 241

Most Likely to BECOME

“Winning is great, but I don’t feel comfortable hooking a worm or eating a fish. The only person I’ve been compared with on TV is Captain Kirk on ‘Star Trek.’ Being voted most likely to be Bear Grylls is a huge honor. It feels great to know that people think I have survival skills. I’m thinking my show would be ‘Kirk is Probably Going to Die’. In the wilderness, I’m the law.”

Christopher Miller Danielle Miller Gabriel Miller Lexi Mische Andrew Mohn

Photo by Lauren Bleakley.

Jesuha Monarres Charles Moore David Moore Caitlin Morley Kylie Morrow

Drake Myers Evan Myers Xyrus Najar Megan Nemechek Anders Newman

Louisa Morton Jonathan Moss Matthew Mueller Brice Mullane Alex Munns

Joseph Newman Azad Nowzari Kelly O’neill Ryan Olander John Opsahl

SAVING SUCKERS Left: As a last minute attempt to save the plastic suckers on the float, senior Katie Belko duck tapes the candy pieces together to withstand the chilly October wind. “We had a couple problems with the suckers falling over, but we got it under control,” Belko said. “[I will remember] working with the whole senior class as a team and the fun we had. I thought it went pretty well.” Photo by Anna Petrow. UP, UP AND AWAY Right: After walking up to the stage at the Sweetheart assembly, seniors Hunter Stevenson and Amanda Privitera settle into their seats. “We decided it would be funny to hold hands instead of her grabbing my arm for sweet heart nominations,” Stevenson said. “I thought it was pretty nerve-wracking, and I think I walked a little too fast the first assembly but I got a chance to fix it at the second assembly.”

242 Portraits



Duncan Mchenry Tyler Mckelvey Andrew Mcnamara Louis Mehlstaub Dana Meyer

HELPING HANDS Left: Squeezing meat out of a tube and into a skillet during a Spanish 5 party, senior Kaley Herman helps prepare the chilaquiles. “My favorite part was cleaning up afterwards with [senior] Anna [Swanson],” Herman said. “We just put the entire bowl in the bathroom and threw everything in the sink.” Photo by Anna Petrow. TIGHT SQUEEZE Right: Getting ready to perform a skit for the school at the ‘Can Drive’ pep assembly, senior Tyler Woltemath tries to fit into an extra cheerleading uniform. “There was a bunch of pulling and tugging, and there were multiple people helping each other,” Woltemath said. A couple of the uniforms ripped, but they were extras so it was OK.” Photo by Mackenzie Wylie.

Senior Portraits 243


Most Likely to


Jordan Pfeiffer Anna Piepenbring Amanda Pierce Madeleine Pinne Elizabeth Piper

“I am not really sure why I was chosen, but I was so surprised to find out. I love doing hair. I do it for going out and for dances. I like doing curls, and I kind of teach myself. I used to use Herbal Essences a lot, but now I have a million types of hair products that change all the time. I think my favorite would have to be Herbal Essences’ ‘Hello Hydration.’”

Alexander Place Nicole Prenevost Amanda Privitera Austin Puckett Hannah Quillec

Photo by Mackenzie Wylie.

Tara Raghuveer Lauren Raibble Scott Rainen Zulema Ramirez Thomas Rappold

Ryan Osborne Jacob Parelman Micah Patterson Rachel Pedicino

Rebecca Rea-holloway Sami Rebein Nicole Reber Maria Reyes Lauren Reynolds

Will Penner Margaret Peterson Matthew Peterson Anna Petrow

READY TO COMPETE Left: Pumping himself up for the SHARE Dodgeball Tournament, senior Harper Coulson and his teammates show their team spirit. “We were called the ‘Grundletrolls,’ ” Coulson said. “The outfits were a little intimidating. Our costumes were mainly just to distract the other teams.” Photo by Lindsey Hartnett.

LEARNING TO LEAD Far Left: Singing with the band Menlo, senior Adam Levin performs at the Bryan’s Way Wiffle Ball Tournament. “Everybody had a really good time,” Levin said. “I like playing for people who are into it because if everyone is just standing there staring at you, you don’t get any energy,” Levin said. Photo by Andrea Zecy. VICTORY IS THEIRS Left: As part of the ‘Victorious Secret’ team in the Wiffle Ball Tournament, seniors Erika Davee, Olivia Botts, Haley Dalgleish and Megan McGillicuddy cheer before playing their opponents. “We were absolutely awful,” Davee said. “But we were playing against our guy friends, so we weren’t really there to win.” Photo by Anna Petrow. LEARNING TO LEAD Right: Senior Alex Munns writes on the white board during principal Karl Krawitz’s Leadership class. “I like the hands on aspect of [the class],” Munns said. “It’s not like a booklearning class. It’s a really fun class and it’s informative. Everything I learn in that class will be useful.” Photo by Andrea Zecy.

244 Portraits

Senior Portraits 245

Most Likely to BECOME

Phil Roach Brice Roberts Sara Robertson Cameron Robles Brad Robson


Carl Rodgers Allison Roebuck Brian Rogers Lindsay Rooker

Hannah Satterlee

Photo by Anna Petrow.

Senior pursues her life passion by interning at the University of Kansas Medical Center.

Photo by Nicole Luby.


MARGARET BRILL & HANNAH SATTERLEE Connor Rice Madeline Rich Travis Riedel Lauren Riley Mildred Roque John Rowe

Lyndsey Riley Luis Rivera Cara Rivers Elizabeth Roach

246 Portraits

senior Jacqueline Crain, it took her only 10 weeks to redirect her goals and set off on a new road, one that she plans on following the rest of her life: medicine. Crain first heard of an internship at University of Kansas Medical Center from her dad’s friend, who had started the program. Crain applied and was accepted, making this her first time to work in an official lab dealing with medical research. “I liked literally everything about it,” Crain said. “It was a little intimidating at first though. Stuff in school is good to know, but hard to understand until you finally get the



“I hope that I was chosen because maybe my classmates could see me as a good mother in the future. I had no idea I would be chosen; it was a complete surprise. I didn’t even think of myself when I filled out the sheet. I was just really shocked because I don’t really see myself as a housewife right now, but I am trying to take it in a positive way.”

chance to apply yourself.” Crain worked specifically in pharmacology and toxicology. Here, she cultured cells and worked with data involving cancer research. As Crain progressed through the internship, she began to work more independently and felt comfortable completing experiments. She knew she had found the right niche for her. She started to see the effects of her work and how far a few experiments could go. “When you work in a doctor’s office, you help one patient, but when you work in a lab, you can cure a whole disease,” Crain said. Story by Kiki Sykes.

Brooke Royle Dilya Rustamova Jeff Rutherford Cody Rutledge Kelly Sabates

Senior Portraits 247

“I want to go to [Pittsburg State University] because they have a good automotive technology program there. I want to go into mechanics, and maybe be a diesel mechanic.”

Ted Dubois 12

“I want to go to [Kansas State University]. I want to study interior design. “I want to go to It’s really close and it’s [the University of one of the top programs Kansas]. It’s close, in the country, but I might affordable and transfer [to another colthe only college I lege] in a couple of years. am interested in. I’ve always really liked it, I would study His- and I took Interior Detory, and maybe sign classes at East. I reteach history. ally enjoyed them.”

Charlie Gunya 12

Maria Reyes 12

“SCAD its short for Savannah College for Art and Design. It’s just completely about art. I’m really interested in graphic design, and they have a big program. If I decide that I don’t want to do that, they have a bunch of other stuff that I can study. I know that I want to move away for my college. When I get on the website and read about everything, I get a lot more excited than when I go to other schools’ websites. I think it’s a good fit for me. It’s smaller, and I like smaller colleges.”

Sarah Sedorcek Anna Seilund Dawn Selder Kelsey Shaffer

Anna Piepenbring 12


Katharine Sharp Timothy Shedor Steven Shen Caroline Sheridan


As they move on from high school to college, seniors plan their future “where and what”.

Whitaker Sherk Carl Skrukrud Annie Slaughter Dara Slemp

Hannah Satterlee Lindsey Sauls Sandra Schaller Sara Schenkelberg

Kareen Schwartze Corey Scinto Laura Scott Sarah Sears

Photo by Nicole Luby. Photo illustration by Michael Stolle.


Nolan Schmidt Alexa Schnieders Sally Schoenfeld Patrick Schuele

“The idea just came to me to tie a video camera to a hawk and have it fly around and after a year, catch him and make a mix tape of all the crazy stuff he did. I would probably release it around Shawnee Mission East so people can see places they go. I would probably want to do it soon. The sooner, the better.”

Most Likely to BECOME


248 Portraits

Senior Portraits 249


Most Likely to BECOME

“I was somewhat surprised because I’m not an extraordinary baker. But when I have free time, I like to bake cupcakes and cookies and bring them to school and make everyone’s day a little brighter.

Hunter Stevenson Maxwell Stitt Michael Stolle Justin Stults

Kiley Lawrence

Photo by Lauren Bleakley.

“I’ve always loved baking and cooking. I had my own little cooking show when I was little called ‘Katie and Adrienne’s Gourmet Cookout.’ I guess people have grown to know that I like to cook, and I’ve baked cookies since freshman year.” Adrienne Whitham

Megan Sullivan Olivia Sullivan Kelsey Summers Anna Swanson

ADRIENNE WHITHAM & KILEY LAWRENCE Dale Smith Kevin Smith Mckayla Smith Tierney Smith Sarah Snodgrass

Chandra Swanson Leia Swanson Maxwell Sweet Jessica Sykes

Juliana Stahelin Ellen Stanziola Grant Stauffer Alexander Steinbock Alison Stephens

Alexandra Szczygiel Monica Talavera William Tamblyn Mary Tanner

SHOWING HIS TRUE COLORS Left: Looking over Hamlet’s “To Be, or Not to Be” soliloquy in the International Baccalaureate English 12 class, senior Jack Walker marks the nouns, verbs and adjectives with the appropriate highlighter colors. “It’s a really tedious process to only draw a few conclusions from an extract,” Walker said. “I use different keys for different sections. [Teacher] Ms. Beachy likes it, but I don’t. I think other key issues can be found by other methods, like the 5-S strategy or regular annotating. But color marking is better this year because last year we just did parts of speech. This year, we look for themes, too.” Photo by Brook Barnes. SCOUTED OUT Right: Playing on the ‘Hurl Scouts’, the team that made it farther in the SHARE Dodgeball Tournament than any other girls team, senior Hannah Satterlee tries to peg a person on the opposition. “I wanted to have fun while supporting the donation of green beans to homeless children,” Satterlee said. “But at times, [the gym] got really heated because it was really loud, so it was hard to hear the referees’ calls.” Photo by Lindsey Hartnett.

250 Portraits

TRENDY TEAM Right: During a Categories competition, senior Dana Leib discusses a trivia question with senior Nick Carothers. “[Nick] is the one who got me to try out, and I didn’t even know the team existed.” Leib said. “We got the uniforms last year, and we have started a trend because now most other teams have uniforms.” Photo by Alissa Pollack.

Senior Portraits 251

Joshua Thrutchley Molly Tidrick Elizabeth Tillhof Maggie Townsend

Photo by Anna Petrow.


Kaevan Tavakolinia Melanie Thomann Daniel Thompson Gabriella Thompson

“I am amused that I won, I guess. I’m usually associated with the type most likely to blow something up. I’m very excited about science; I love science. I have fun doing labs. On my own, I have uranium that I bought online and a spool of magnesium. I’m crazy enough for people to know about it.”

Most Likely to BECOME



Seniors talk about their favorite movies in 2009.



“‘A Serious Man’ was really hard to understand. It is a very strange movie. [My favorite part is] the end when everyone in the school is scrambling to get inside because the tornado is coming, and the last shot is the tornado destroying the whole street.”

“My favorite movie this year was probably ‘Star Trek.’ It was just a really exciting movie and totally full of action. I saw it at the theater with some of my friends. When I was younger, I used to watch the original version a few times. “

John Troup 12

Erin Tuttle 12



“‘Avatar’ was flipping sweet. I had my mouth open the whole time. I saw it with two of my other friends, who took me because they were going to see it again. [The best part is] probably when the main character takes down the main dragon and gets to ride him. That was flipping tight.”

“I saw ‘Alvin and the Chipmunks: the Squeakel.’ It was really silly, but it was entertaining, and I thought it was just really funny. The girl chipmunks had [Beyonce’s] ‘Single Ladies’ dance. It was a little embarrassing buying the tickets, but I thought it was funny.”

Jacob Johnson 12

David Towster John Troup Damaris Tuerk Joseph Turner

Natalie Turner Erin Tuttle Peter Uhl Phoebe Unterman

Sydney Henley 12

Hannah Vaughn Araceli Villanueva Jack Walker Nick Wassmer

252 Portraits

Senior Portraits 253

Madison Weaver Anna Webber Stefan Weinrich Grant Wekesser

Alexander Wilson Cody Winlaw Dalton Winn Amilia Winter

Paul Wolff Tyler Woltemath Mason Wooderson-philpot Kaitlin Woodson

Gregory Welsh Sadie Wendler Anthony West Avery West

Victoria Wrede Tori Wydner Mackenzie Wylie Tyler Wysong

Lois Wetzel Kylie Wheeler Maygan White Adrienne Whitham

Ali Yaqubian Andrew Yeast Thomas Yeast Elliott Yohn

Andrew Wickersham Brooks Williams James Williams Robert Williamson

HIGH EXPECTATIONS Right: Varsity seniors Jessie Sykes and Maddy Rich run on the track during Cross Country practice. The varsity runners had to run faster intervals than the rest of the team. “Mondays and Wednesdays are hard because of the track workouts,” Sykes said. “Thursdays are fun because we get to set the pace and hang with the varsity team.” Photo by Brook Barnes. MORE THAN A MARATHON Right: Dancing in the cafeteria, senior Megan McGillicuddy attends the first ever ‘Dance Marathon’ in support of Coalition. “They had a bunch of tables of food and every hour, on the hour, and they had a big ‘Soul Train” line where everyone danced down the middle,” McGillicuddy said. “We kind of dressed up, and there weren’t that many people at the beginning, but it got more crowded when the Lancer Dancers showed up. We all sat on the floor and cheered for them. We all loved it.” Photo by Nicole Luby.

254 Portraits

NOT PICTURED Isatou Baldeh Robert Beal Steven Bradford Stefanie Brown Marjorie Delich Kathryn DeMoss Joe Dodson

Se-Hyun Kang Katherine Murphy Zachary Nutt Michael Olson Patrick Robinson Jesse Russell Khadijah Smith

Senior Portraits 255


Kristin Anderson Steve Appier Terry Archer Vicki Arndt-Helgesen

Julie Baker Robert Bickers Stephanie Blackmer Jeannette Bonjour

Debe Bramley Tim Burkindine Sue Chipman John Comstock

Carol Craig Julie Curry Tom Defeo Scott Dowis

NOT CHICKENED OUT At KCTV5’s “Cool School” event, art teacher Jason Filbeck rushes to win the Chick-Fil-A chicken nugget eating contest. “I felt a little cheated because we didn’t all go at once like a normal eating contest, and there was no water in sight,” Filbeck said. “I heard ‘free chicken’, so what else is there to think about?” Photo by Mackenzie Wylie.

AN HONOR Far Left: Standing at the podium at the NHS Initiation Ceremony, English teacher Marla Lindsay makes her acceptance speech for the Teacher of the Year Award. “It is so thrilling to be honored by those you teach,” Lindsay said. “It is reassuring to know that students remembered their experiences from previous years.” Photo by Alissa Pollack. IN THE SAFARI Left: Going in for a dunk, History teacher David Muhammad plays in the faculty basketball game at the StuCo Can Drive Assembly. “The last time I played before that game was in the previous year’s faculty game vs. [SM] West,” Muhammad said. “I hit a few shots, and I think most people recognized the hidden talent I possess. Even when I missed some shots, I made sure to do it with style, grace and the calmness of a cheetah in the safari. My main goal was to not embarrass myself and to look as if I was better than I actually am.” Photo by Andrea Zecy.

256 Portraits

Fred Elliott Jason Filbeck Brenda Fishman Ken Foley Crystal Frutchey-Miller Brian Gay

CHEW IT OVER Far Left: Downing a few chicken nuggets in the ‘Cool School’ chicken eating contest, science teacher Morningstar Pruitt gets some support from the Chick-Fil-A cow. “ You can’t beat Chick-fil-A for breakfast, but it seriously felt like time slowed as I was chewing,” Pruitt said. “What was tough about the contest was following Mr. [John] Stonner. I was sure he would win it.” Photo by Mackenzie Wylie. PLAYING THE PART Left: Dressed up as a monk for class around Halloween, history teacher John Nickels entertains his class with a costume. “Dressing up gives the class variety and a change of pace,” Nickels said. “You always have to keep the students wondering what’s next. My hats are by far my favorite, but I like the monk, and I also like the Roman senator.” Photo by Andrea Zecy.

Faculty Portraits 257

Spring Gehring-Lowery Barb Gianakon Monique Goodeyon Skip Graham Deanna Griffey Shawn Hair

Jay Meara Alex Migliazzo Yolande Mountjoy David Muhammad Rebecca Murphy John Nickels

Kim Harrison Jamie Heller Jeremy Higgins Susan Hogsett-Duncan Jennifer Holder Jennifer Horn

Debbie Ogden Cole Ogdon Nick Paris Karen Pearson Hannah Pence Deb Pontier

Rick Rhoades Rick Royer Lucy Rupf Angela Schieferecke Jodie Schnakenberg Carolyn Seeley

Ann Hunt Pam James Traci Jardes Maureen Johnson James Kelly Katherine Kessler

Bridget Kilpatrick-Brewer Elaine Kramer Shelby Krumm Kelly Kurle Laura Carter Jonathan Lane

Priscilla Shelton Linda Sieck Wanda Simchuk Jason Smith Ron Stallard Lonnie Stephenson

John Stonner Dow Tate Catherine Tubbesing Mary Ward Becky Wiseman Athanasia Worley

Chris Larson Lisa Leslie M Lindsay Linda Longbria Deeanna Mcclendon Janine Mcphee

A NEW JOB Right At the Culvers’ Night for East, English teacher Jeannette Bonjour serves Spanish teacher Rosa Detrixhe her dinner.“Culvers’ Night is always fun- it’s a good time to see students with their parents and friends,” Bonjour said.“My family shows up close to the end, so we always have dinner together.” Photo by Andrea Zecy. RAIN OR SHINE Far Right: At a football game against SM West, American Government teacher Nick Paris cheers on the varsity team. “I was happy to support the football team because coach [Chip] Sherman has brought a new enthusiasm and energy to the program,” Paris said. “I have always loved going to the games because there’s nothing like high school sports at the purest level.” Photo by Danielle Norton.

258 Faculty

WORK IT OUT Far Left: Teaching a workout class at Woodside Racquet Club, Art teacher Jodie Schnakenberg leads the exercise. “I like the members at Woodside,” Schnakenberg said. “They like to be challenged and try new things and they make my job easier by being open to change. It is a great feeling to help other people achieve a healthier lifestyle.” Photo by Mackenzie Wylie. TOUGH JUDGE Left: At “Cool School,” English teacher Laura Beachy judges for the American Idol contest. “I told performers that their singing was like a dolphin swimming in butter or that they made the song their own, á la Paula Abdul,” Beachy said. “I was channeling her bizarre and confusing spirit. I tried to clap like she does, with her fingers splayed and bent back, but it hurt.” Photo by Mackenzie Wylie.

Faculty Portraits 259

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Portraits Division Portraits 155 154 Logan Heidmann 11 ENDURANCE Right: Swimming in the East pool, sophomore Ree Ae Jordan prac- tices her b...

2nd Section Small  

Portraits Division Portraits 155 154 Logan Heidmann 11 ENDURANCE Right: Swimming in the East pool, sophomore Ree Ae Jordan prac- tices her b...