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August 7-8, 2004 DAILY LOTTERY

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Reversal of fortune: SMC board approves $135M bond proposal

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Measure headed to ballot amid accusations trustees violated Brown Act


■ The Times of London reported in 1997 that when an employee of the James Beauchamp law firm in Edgbaston, England, recently killed himself, the firm billed his mother the equivalent of US$20,000 for the expense of finishing up his office work. Included in that amount was a bill for about US$2,300 to go to his home to find out why he didn’t show up at work (thus finding his body), plus about US$250 to go to his mother’s home, knock on her door, and tell her that her son was dead. (After unfavorable publicity, the firm withdrew the bill.)

BY JOHN F. MULLER Special to the Daily Press

TODAY IN HISTORY ON AUG. 7, 1942, U.S. forces landed at Guadalcanal, marking the start of the first major allied offensive in the Pacific during World War II. ■ In 1782, George Washington created the Order of the Purple Heart, a decoration to recognize merit in enlisted men and non-commissioned officers. ■ In 1789, the U.S. War Department was established by Congress.


Nicky Five Aces/Special to the Daily Press

Music legend Richie Havens interacts with the crowd between jams during Thursday’s Twilight Dance Series concert at the pier.

SMC — In a stunning reversal, college officials here voted Friday to send a $135 million bond measure to the November ballot just four days after they couldn’t find enough support to pass a similar proposal. After college officials slashed tens of millions of dollars from the original proposal, the Santa Monica College board of trustees voted unanimously in favor of the revised measure at a special meeting called by Margaret Quinones,

Sky’s the limit for Palm pilots BY LONNIE ARNOLD

“Civilization is a movement and not a condition, a voyage and not a harbor.”


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Volume 3, Issue 230

Special to the Daily Press

SM AIRPORT — As the fog dissipated here Friday morning, dozens of women took to the skies in a race that will ultimately see them touch down today in Oregon. The women came from as far away as Florida and Texas to participate in this weekend’s Palms to Pines Air Race. The flyers jettisoned off in 19 airplanes from Santa Monica Airport shortly before 11 a.m. on Friday. Their destination — Bend, Ore. The pilots run the gamut from veteran racers with thousands of hours logged to airline flight officers to newly licensed pilots and flight students — varying in age from as young as 23 to as experienced as 80. The oldest participant is Santa Monica resident Claire Walters, who at 80, co-piloted a plane with Cecilia Weldon, an engineer for Los Angeles Water and Power. Walters, founder of the Palms to Pines Air Race, got her license in 1941. She created the race 35 years ago, and has participated every year since. Walters earned her first flight by raising a pig for market at age 13 and began flying on her own at 17. She said her eyes were on the skies from a very early age.


See FLY GIRLS, page 5

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SM Baykeeper, feds settle suit over sewage spill By Daily Press staff

Crill Hansen/Special to the Daily Press

A plane gets the green flag to take off from the Santa Monica Airport on Friday in an air race that will land more than 40 women pilots in Oregon today.

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LA forced to clean up its act

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the chairwoman of the board. Friday was the last possible day the board could have accepted a bond measure and gotten it on the ballot. The new proposal apparently was good enough for two board members who had voted against the original $175 bond proposal on Monday, and another who abstained. The bond measure needed the approval of five of the seven board members. The only difference between the two proposals is $40 million and less amenities for the City of Santa Monica. “It’s not easy to vote ‘no’ on something you know is for the institution you love, the people it serves, and the people who serve


LOS ANGELES — In one of the largest sewage cases in U.S. history, the Department of Justice, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the Los Angeles Regional Water Quality Control Board, Santa Monica Baykeeper and a coalition of Los Angeles community groups have reached a $2 billion settlement with the City of Los Angeles over years of sewage spills. Under the terms of the historic agreement, Los Angeles will rebuild at least 488 miles of sewer lines, clean 2,800 miles of sewers annually, enhance its program to control restaurant grease disSee SLUDGE, page 8


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Weekend Edition, August 7-8, 2004 ❑ Santa Monica Daily Press


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LEO (July 23-Aug. 22) ★★★★ A key person can pull the wool over your eyes, and on some level you are aware of this fact. Still, you like the fantasy and romance involved with this person. If this person tumbles off his or her throne, you will have only yourself to blame. Put in a must appearance. Tonight: Think through a decision carefully.

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VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) ★★★★★ A friend starts babbling or maybe more than one pal starts to loosen up. Listen carefully, as there are morsels of truth to what is being said. You might need to check in with others to confirm what you are hearing. Lighten up. Tonight: Try a different spot that has music.

PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20) ★★★★★ Say what you feel for a change. Work on diplomacy, especially with a child, new flirtation or loved one. You will find the clarity refreshing. Spend time talking over a meal. Reconnect on a deep, caring level. Tonight: At your hangout.

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Santa Monica Daily Press

Weekend Edition, August 7-8, 2004 ❑ Page 3



COMMUNITY BRIEFS Local photographer snaps up accolades abroad By Daily Press staff

Santa Monica fine-art photographer, Irene Benavente, recently returned from China, where she won top awards in the 2004 International Professional Photo Competition. An internationally acclaimed consortium of American, Canadian and Chinese professional photographers organized the print competition, with the opening exhibit of winning prints being held at the Great Book Store gallery in Beijing. Benavente was awarded a medal and honorary membership in the “Chinese Artistic Photographic Society.” Benavente was the only U.S. representative of the Professional Photographers of America to win an award in this year’s prestigious photography exhibition. In conjunction with the competition, Benavente’s prize-winning photographs, along with those of the other winners, are currently being shown as part of a major traveling exhibit covering China, Canada and the U.S. through the spring of 2005. Her “Pink Orchids No. 1” and “Mickey Mouse Tulip” won two of the major awards at the exhibition. Last week, the exhibit came to the Imaging USA show in Las Vegas where a special ceremony for the USA was held. Benavente met up again with the Chinese and Canadian organizers and was introduced to the presidents of the Professional Photographers of America and Canada. In September, the exhibit will be shown in Niagara Falls, Canada. Benavente was born in the Netherlands. An extensive world traveler, Benavente finally found her home in Santa Monica, where she has lived for the past 15 years. Benavente is known for her beautiful “painting-like” studio fine-art photographs that are both striking and dynamic. Her purity of form has resulted in works that have won her many professional prizes and acclaim nationally and internationally. Galleries regularly exhibit Benavente’s work.

This weekend, look for 2-3 ft. sets, knee- to waist-high, occasionally 4 ft. and fair conditions. On Saturday, look for a mix of SSE swell (170-180), small NW wind swell and some small SW swell. Most breaks will hold in the waist-high and below range. By Sunday, look for the SSE swell to slowly fade with the wind swell and SW swell still providing a touch of energy as well.

Today the water Is:


Write us at and tell us what the surf is doing today at your local break.

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Preparing for the worst By Daily Press staff

City officials are creating a plan of what to do in case of a disaster and they need community members to chime in. Residents are asked through an online survey to give input on the Local Hazard Mitigation Plan, which is now required by FEMA. Hazard mitigation is sustained action taken to reduce or eliminate the risk to life, property and the environment from natural hazards that include earthquakes, landslides, fires, winter storms and tsunami. In order to remain eligible for Hazard Mitigation funds, Santa Monica must have a completed local plan by November 2004. The survey is currently accessible on the city’s homepage, where more than 100 residents, community groups, and other stakeholders in the community have responded. City Hall enacted several mitigative strategies following the 1994 Northridge earthquake, particularly pertaining to building codes. Following the earthquake, Santa Monica qualified for disaster assistance funds used towards repairs and retrofits to several facilities throughout the city. Some of these projects include the Miles Playhouse, several public parking structures, the Pergola, and significant improvements to the sewer system. Log onto http://www/ and click on the link for Local Hazard Mitigation Plan, or contact your local community organization for details. For more information, call the Santa Monica’s Emergency Management Department at (310) 458-8686.


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Weekend Edition, August 7-8, 2004 ❑ Santa Monica Daily Press


SMC: Meeting conformed with the Brown Act BOND, from page 1

it,” said trustee Annette Shamey, who abstained from Monday’s vote. “I’m still bothered by the amount. I’m still bothered by the timing. I’m still bothered by the rush factor. “This bond is about the future, I know that,” she added later, on the verge of tears. “I want the best future for this community college, and, therefore, I will support this bond.” The board’s quick turnaround was criticized by a few residents who live near the college, who said that the board did not allow for sufficient public input by moving so quickly. One questioned the legality of the meeting under the Brown Act, which governs the actions of governmental bodies in California and requires them to act in a way that allows for transparency and public input. The revised $135 million bond initiative, if approved by 55 percent of city voters, will provide money to be used to build and upgrade several buildings at SMC, buy new open space in Santa Monica and Malibu, and develop other properties owned by the city. If approved, it would be the second SMC bond proposal approved in 2 1/2 years, and cost the average Santa Monica homeowner $77 in the first year. The average renter would have to pay $13 in the first year. Santa Monica takes the heaviest hit

If approved, it would be the second SMC bond proposal approved in 2 1/2 years, and cost the average Santa Monica homeowner $77 in the first year. The average renter would have to pay $13 in the first year. under the revised proposal. Whereas the previous plan proposed $75 million in projects at SMC, $75 million in joint efforts with Santa Monica City Hall and $25 million in joint projects with Malibu City Hall, the new bond proposes just $45 million for joint projects with Santa Monica City Hall and a slightly reduced amount for SMC. The $40 million college officials deleted from the plans would have been used to build an arboretum, a children’s outdoor fitness center and instructional resources for the college along the coast, among other things. SMC president Piedad F. Robertson said the college staff, which started reworking the original proposal on Tuesday, had to sacrifice those projects in order to preserve other important ones more closely linked to SMC’s educational facilities. She said the college would look into those projects in the future. Vice chair of the board Carole Currey and trustee Graham Pope, both of whom voted negatively on the first proposal,

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expressed reservations similar to Shamey’s before voting in favor of the $135 million bond. Pope said he was worried about the size of the bond and its burden on taxpayers, while Currey said she was unhappy with the timing of the bond in relation to the $160 million college bond initiative passed in 2002. Zina Josephs and Ed Moosbrugger, two residents who live near the college, questioned the legality of a meeting called with little more than 24 hours notice. According to the Brown Act, elected governmental bodies must alert the public of special meetings at least 24 hours in advance by posting the information about the meeting and locating the local media with a written notice. SMC officials alerted local media sources by phone. “The intent of the Brown Act is to both have transparency in terms of the public being able to see what’s going on and also to make room for public participation and public comment,” said Lisa Sitkin, an attorney in the California First Amendment Lawyers Coalition. “To the extent that they

turned things around so quickly with little notice, that would tend to undermine the spirit of what the Brown Act is trying to accomplish, if not the actual law. “And, for a big issue, you would hope that they would comply not only to the letter, but to the spirit, considering what’s at stake.” City Councilman Ken Genser expressed concerns similar to Sitkin’s. “I don’t know what went on behind the scenes, but it doesn’t look like the government was necessarily within the full view of the public,” he said. “If a board meets and turns something down, and then within a day, they publish it on the agenda again and set up a new meeting, you have to think that maybe some stuff went on out of the view of the public.” Don Girard, Robertson’s executive assistant at SMC said the group was careful to act within the limitations set by the Brown Act. “The Brown Act is not about spirit,” he said. “It’s about the law. The law is that you conduct your business in open session. Business was conducted in open session. If the staff report and the changes were all based on comments made in open session from Monday’s board meeting, then staff had ample information around which to develop a substitute proposal. “And I don’t consider that a violation of the spirit or the letter or anything. That’s just listening.”

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A woman flyer freshens up just prior to takeoff to take part in the Pines to Palms Air Race at the Santa Monica Airport on Friday.

Race: Women winging it for sake of camaraderie FLY GIRLS, from page 1

It wasn’t until 1943, when the Women Air Force Service Pilots (WASP) of World War II was formed, that women were able to break into many facets of the aviation world. At the beginning of 1943, 31.3 percent of the aviation workforce consisted of women. Today, the number of women pilots remains comparatively low. According to a study done in 2001 by the Federal Aviation Administration Airmen Certification Branch, of 625,581 total pilots, only 36,757 were female — 6 percent. As they prepared for takeoff on Friday, the women cleaned their planes and talked about everything from flying to runway conditions to airport restrooms. But it is these ladies’ love of flying that, first and foremost, brings them together. As Jane McCormack, who has been flying since 1973, said, “Once I got in that left seat, I never got out.”

“It started when I fell out of my crib onto my head,” she said. “After that, I decided I better learn to fly.” Today, Walters has logged well over 40,000 hours of flying time. The race is timed from fly-by points in Merced and Red Bluff, Calif., and Bend, Ore. Each plane has a handicap — the fastest speed it can operate at in miles per hour. Race results are calculated after the pilots land at their destination in Oregon. “The pilot who beats her handicap by the most miles per hour wins,” said race organizer C.J. Strewn. “The pilots are basically competing against their own best time.” No matter their age, the sentiment among the women is virtually the same. “We are competitive, but safety and camaraderie come first,” said Weldon, who is a member of the Ninety-Nines Club. Founded in 1929, camaraderie is one of the main CUSTOM ENTERTAINMENT • AUDIO/VIDEO SYSTEMS • WINDOW TINTING goals of the Ninety-Nines, KENWOOD • NAKAMICHI • ALPINE an organization of female pilots whose first president was Amelia Earhart. According to member Robin Becker, the NinetyNines was founded to discuss the prospects for women pilots at a time when female pilots were frowned upon. In 1930, a mere 200 women were taking to the skies. IPOD IS HERE! Anne Robinson, a student ASK US FOR MORE DETAILS pilot, feels the best advanFOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY tage to participating in the Palms to Pines Air Race is 2410 Wilshire Blvd., Santa Monica (310) 453-3541 • meeting ladies who started flying during the last century.


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Weekend Edition, August 7-8, 2004 ❑ Santa Monica Daily Press

OPINION LETTERS TO THE EDITOR Trustees acted within Brown guidelines Editor: In response to Zina Josephs’ letter (SMDP, Aug. 6, page 7), it is important to correct misinformation contained in the letter about the legal requirements of the special meeting called by the Santa Monica College Board of Trustees for Friday, Aug. 6. Under the Brown Act, a special meeting may be called on 24 hours’ public notice, with an agenda posted at least 24 hours before the meeting. Santa Monica College complied with this legal requirement, posting the agenda on the college’s Web site and at publicly accessible sites throughout the college more than 24 hours in advance. Ms. Josephs referred in her letter to an “emergency meeting.” In fact, the Aug. 6 Board of Trustees meeting was not an emergency meeting, but a special meeting. Had it been an emergency meeting, the college would not have been required to give any public notice at all. Bruce Smith Public information officer Santa Monica College

Voting: It should be a Choice Editor: SMRR’s endorsement process on Sunday underscored some downsides to the voting system in use by the organization. I would like to encourage SMRR’s members to consider: What if you were allowed to rank your first, second, third, etc. preferences when you voted? Such a system, called “Choice Voting,” has been used in Cambridge, Mass., since 1941. SMRR’s endorsement process, like Santa Monica’s elections, would be made more equitable by the adoption of Choice Voting. Members of SMRR are allotted as many votes as there are seats to be filled. However, members are compelled to withhold some of those votes, since a vote for your favorite candidate becomes less effective if you cast your remaining votes. When a voter “undervotes,” they are not giving a full picture of their political preferences. A recent study performed by Santa Monica Ranked Voting found that in the last three city council elections, over one third of Santa Monicans have consistently undervoted. With Choice Voting, a voter is free to rank all of the candidates without concern that their first choice vote will be weakened by subsequent rankings. In addition, the SMRR endorsement process involves a series of separate runoff elections when not enough candidates have reached the 55 percent threshold in the first round. This unnecessarily prolongs the meeting, and as people leave, fewer people are left to decide the eventual winners. With ranked voting, run-offs are held instantly, since voters indicate their first choice and their run-off choices all on the same ballot. San Francisco will use ranked voting for the first time this November, having eliminated their costly, separate runoff elections. In 1992, a city charter review commission recommended Choice Voting for Santa Monica’s regular City Council elections, but it was not adopted at that time. SMRR could move Santa Monica a significant step closer to Choice Voting in Santa Monica by considering its adoption for its own endorsement process. Amy Connolly Santa Monica

Kerry’s a farce Editor: Since Ed Silverstein (SMDP, Aug. 4, page 4) came up with 101 reasons not to vote for Bush, let me present one disturbing reason not to vote for Kerry. Kerry’s ashamed of his role in Vietnam. Yet, he proudly brings up his service whenever he can. He threw away his medals in protest. But wait, he still has them. He believes that life begins at conception, but has no moral problem squaring that with being extremely liberal about abortion. On Iraq, he voted for the $86 billion to fund it. He said it would be irresponsible not to. Then he voted against the funding. When asked if he owned an SUV he said “no” until it was pointed out he had a fleet of six, to which he responded that they weren’t really his because his family owned them. Early in his campaign he said that he met with foreign leaders and they didn’t support Bush. However when he was pressed about when and where these meetings took place he said that there never were meetings. Most disturbing of all, he said the Boston Red Sox have been his favorite baseball team ever since Eddie Yost joined the team. Eddie Yost never played for Boston. Kerry seems to be an inauthentic, empty suit saying whatever he thinks people want to hear. Conversely, love him or hate him, at least you know where Bush stands on issues. A favorite baseball player? I’m pretty sure Bush (or any genuine person) could tell you the correct team he plays on. Eric Cooper Santa Monica OPINIONS EXPRESSED are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect those of the Santa Monica Daily Press staff. Guest editorials from residents are encouraged, as are letters to the editor. Letters will be published on a space-available basis. It is our intention to publish all letters we receive, except those that are libelous or are unsigned. Preference will be given to those that are e-mailed to All letters must include the author’s name and telephone number for purposes of verification. Letters also may be mailed to our offices located at 1427 Third Street Promenade, Suite 202, Santa Monica, 90401, or faxed to (310) 576-9913. All letters and guest editorials are subject to editing for space and content.

Don’t take us for granted MODERN TIMES BY LLOYD GARVER

This year, there are more TV commercials for presidential candidates than ever before. There you are, in the middle of watching “Who Wants to Marry My StepGrandmother?” and all of a sudden, you get a message from John Kerry saying, “hope is on the way.” Or, President Bush might pop up and tell you to “stay the course” while you’re watching, “Good Cops Who Go Bad.” Not surprisingly, both political campaigns use the Nielsen ratings and other market research to help them target which shows to advertise on. What does surprise me is that both campaigns seem to be targeting the exact opposite audiences that I think they should be wooing. Bush’s pollsters tell him that he’s weak among women and African American voters. Kerry’s experts say he could use some help in rural areas and with conservative, urban males. So, what do the campaigns do? Does Kerry buy time on “The Farm Report?” Does Bush invest heavily in “The Ellen Degeneris Show?” No. Kerry buys ads on female talk shows that his constituency is already watching, and Bush advertises on cop shows that appeal to conservative, urban males who probably would have voted for him anyway. Kerry has run hundreds of ads on shows that have African American stars, but President Bush doesn’t even include those shows on his list of the top 100 shows he advertises on. Both campaigns are “solidifying their base,” rather than reaching out to possible new constituents. They’re not even bothering to try to change the minds of the people whose minds are hard to change. We don’t need more “preaching to the choir.” We get enough of that at the conventions when candidates just have to say, “God bless America,” and the people with the funny hats give them standing ovations. I know they have to make some decisions about where and how to spend their money, but I think they’ve gone overboard using their research. Neither candidate seems to be trying very hard to change the color of any of the “red” or “blue” states. Mostly, they’re both just hoping to win over the “undecideds.” It’s like in high school when the pretty girl

ignores the nice, loyal, dependable guy because she’s attracted to the dangerous, sexy guy. The sexy guy ends up breaking her heart, cheating with her best friend, and stealing her mother’s Camaro. Is there a more perfect political metaphor? Ignoring the great majority of us is a big mistake. For one thing, it’s not in the right spirit. Perseverance and bucking the odds are admirable traits and certainly within the American tradition. Fortunately the Colonists didn’t have researchers telling them, “The British are overwhelming favorites, so you shouldn’t even bother with the revolution. Maybe you should think about fighting the French instead.” If your candidate is having trouble connecting with a certain segment of the population, don’t you want him to try harder to convince that group that he is the best man for the job? Shouldn’t this be what a political campaign is all about, not just keeping your base happy, and hoping to get a few swing votes? We all hate being categorized. We don’t like “experts” saying that because of our occupation, skin color, or favorite shampoo they definitely know how we’ll vote. The candidates should be very careful about this, and should remember that it’s just as much of a mistake to assume that they have someone’s vote as it is to assume that they can’t get someone else’s vote. Both candidates should be trying to get all of our votes. Despite the impeccable logic of this column, I don’t expect the campaigns to abandon their Gods of Research and Statistics. However, I think I have a way that we can fight back. We should all just start watching television programs that we normally don’t watch. Then, the ads will be reaching the “wrong” target audiences, the campaigns will have wasted their money, and maybe they will reevaluate their approach. So, to do my part, I plan to start watching, “Desperate Housewives,” “America’s Next Top Model,” and “Amish in the City.” Who am I kidding? I could never survive that. And I’ll bet those cunning political strategists know it. (Lloyd Garver has written for many television shows, ranging from “Sesame Street” to “Family Ties” to “Frasier.” He also has read many books, some of them in hardcover. He writes the “Modern Times” column for’s opinion page and can be reached at

Santa Monica Daily Press

Weekend Edition, August 7-8, 2004 ❑ Page 7


CITY SHOULD QUIT PUSSYFOOTING AROUND This past week, Q-line asked: Do you think de-clawing cats should be outlawed in Santa Monica? Why, or why not? Here are your responses: ✆ “The vets charging major money for de-clawing a cat is outrageous. It’s a practice, at least in this community, that should be abandoned.” ✆ “Good sense dictates that prior to de-clawing cats, we de-nail and de-toenail humans. Then we de-fang snakes, crocodiles and gators, de-claw and deshell turtles. Then let’s de-hoof the horses as well. What is this world coming to when we have to legislate moral and humane loving care to our animal kingdom? No de-clawing, please.” ✆ “I think it should be outlawed in Santa Monica and everywhere, as it is inhumane and causes more behavioral problems. Also, it causes more paw pain for all cats — big and small.” ✆ “Yes, this should be outlawed in Santa Monica. This is a cruel practice for cats. It often changes their behavior and causes them great pain. Let’s not do this.” ✆ “This is an inhumane practice and there are so many other ways to keep your cats from scratching stuff. There are many other options nowadays.” ✆ “De-clawing is unnecessary and cruel. Anyone who does this to their cat should have their own fingernails and toenails ripped out.” ✆ “I inherited a cat from an old tenant and it was de-clawed, which I thought was terrible for the cat, because if it is outside, how can it get away should a big brute be chasing it?” ✆ “I support a ban on de-clawing. This is an unnecessary procedure that is almost always bad for the cat, and I feel very strongly that if cats had a say, they would be against this too.” ✆ “I think de-clawing is deplorable, cruel, painful and leaves these animals totally defenseless against predators should they get outside somehow.” ✆ “If the condition of your furniture is more important to you than the physical health and emotional well-being of your cat, which both are dangerously compromised by the brutal practice of de-clawing, than perhaps you don’t deserve to have a companion animal in your home. Would you have your family doctor chop off your child’s fingers to keep them from, say, drawing on the walls?

Humane options to de-clawing do exist. For a very small fee your vet can clip, but not remove your cat’s claws. Absolutely, the Santa Monica City Council should outlaw de-clawing and should support the efforts of Assemblyman Paul Koretz to ban declawing throughout California.” ✆ “De-clawing is just a nice term for toe-docking. It is a severe crippling of highly dexterous versatile mullet functional limbs. This is animal cruelty. You just have to look beyond the face of it. California penal code, Section 597A, already prohibits this, but the DA is too lazy to enforce it. Here is what it says, in summary: “Any person who willingly maims or harms an animal is guilty of an offense punishable by imprisonment or by a fine of $2,500, or both.” This is not an acceptable practice in any way.” ✆ “Would you pull out your child’s nails because they scratched the walls?” ✆ “People that are more concerned about their things than their animals just shouldn’t have animals. I see some women walking around with nails that scare me a lot more than any cat’s claws ever could.” ✆ “I run an organization for shelter animals. We have been around for over 15 years. We interview anyone who wants to adopt a cat or kitten. One of our first questions is whether or not these people intend to de-claw the cat they plan to adopt. If the answer is ever “yes,” they are not adopting from us. I have seen time and time again the damage that has been done to cats after declawing. Some of these cats suffer horrible pain for the rest of their lives. Domestic cats are easily trained not to scratch furniture with a simple squirt bottle. Most veterinarians do not properly explain the procedure to their clients, and when this surgery is explained, people often burst into tears. If anyone has any questions about training, call 661-513-9288.” ✆ “Support this measure. Whatever you have to do, support this measure. This is a horrible procedure that alters cats forever. They should not have to sacrifice for us.” ✆ “I think they should de-flea and de-odorize the homeless. Lets talk about cats later.”


Bush’s policies, political ties keep driving up gas costs Why are oil prices so high? Based on historical data, prices today are relatively low — at $40 per barrel of crude oil and over $2 per gallon of gasoline compared with other periods. Today’s price equates to the 1991 high of $60 (in current dollars). Here are some reasons for high prices today. China’s rapid economic growth has exerted significant pressure on oil producers. Further, the U.S. economic recovery (driven by both fiscal and monetary policies) exerts significant pressure on world supplies. The U.S., with 5 percent of the world population, consumes 25 percent of all oil produced. This pressure would have been even greater if the U.S. had not improved its energy efficiency since the early 1980s, driven by a shift from a manufacturing to a service economy and automotive efficiency standards imposed after the oil shocks of the 1970s. Rather than focus on conservation, the U.S. under George W. Bush looked at the supply side only. Bush refused to consider any change in fuel economy standards for the auto industry, any application of passenger car standards to SUVs (classified as trucks), or any change in truck standards. To address the demand side would have taken political courage. Because of potential supply problems, the U.S. Energy Department is adding to the already high demand by continuing to purchase crude oil to fill the strategic petroleum reserves. This action tends to bolster the arguments of the oil traders, who are bidding up future price contracts. With the exception of Saudi Arabia, other producing countries have a limited ability to increase production. Iraq is not yet stable enough to make a difference in the short-term, and Russia is proving to be a less than reliable source of oil. Further, major oil companies have not increased exploration and development of existing reserves as a result of the current spike in prices. Even if they did, a significant increase would not come to market for at least 12 to 18 months. Recent violent incidents in Saudi Arabia are no mere coincidence. Terrorists now realize that they can inflict major damage on the world, and particularly the U.S., by damaging the oil supply lines. Oil traders are betting on higher future prices and are buying future contracts, one of the primary reasons for the increase in prices. Oil trading defines spot market pricing (i.e., oil not fixed by long-term contracts), which ripples through the system to the pump. The U.S. has incredibly complex air quality rules. This means that gas produced for one market may not be usable in another. The logistics of both transport and storage create local shortages that drive prices up in some areas and cause storage problems, and lost production in other areas.

This situation exists because the EPA has standards that are less stringent than state and local standards. Since the end of 2001, the dollar has declined 27 percent against the euro. Thus the European buying power of OPEC producers, for example, is 27 percent less today. So, Saudi princes need more dollars to pay for the same new European Mercedes than they did before. The $40 barrel of oil today equates to a $29 barrel of oil in late 2001 when converted into euros. Since oil is priced in dollars and oil producers want to maintain their buying power, they tend to want to see dollar prices increase as the dollar declines in value relative to other currencies. The recent decline in the dollar’s value has occurred primarily because of monetary and fiscal policies, as well as the trade deficit. The Federal Reserve governs monetary policy in the U.S. The policy can be expansionary, e.g., low interest rates, or restrictive, e.g., high interest rates. With low interest rates in the U.S., investors buy non-dollar denominated securities from countries paying higher rates. As a result, the demand for U.S. Treasuries declines and the demand for euro-based assets increases. This shift in demand means that dollars are sold, thereby lowering the value of the dollar relative to other currencies. Fiscal policy can increase the national debt (be expansionary), or decrease the debt (generally restrictive, except in periods of strong economic growth). The recent Federal income tax cuts were expansionary. More importantly, the lack of a corresponding cut in government spending was expansionary, as was spending on the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. The Bush fiscal policy means that the U.S. will have to borrow heavily in the future, which is viewed unfavorably by monetary markets: Fewer investors want to buy or hold dollars, thereby driving the dollar down relative to other currencies. Trade deficits, which also impact currency valuation, similarly exert psychological pressure on others to sell and avoid dollar-denominated securities. This effect is somewhat illogical, however, since the trade deficit numbers do not treat multinational activities accurately and are thus probably lower than reported. Oil producers would like to see prices increase, including Bush’s friends in Midland and Saudi Arabia. The net effect: American taxpayers spend more dollars for gasoline with the difference flowing to the friends of the president. This is classic wealth redistribution. (Roger Swanson is a management consultant living in the Ocean Park neighborhood and previously worked for Unocal for 10 years in the 1970s, as well as performed numerous consulting assignments with energy companies).

F E D U P W I T H P I C O V I O L E N C E ? YO U R O P I N I O N M AT T E R S PLEASE SEND LETTERS TO: Santa Monica Daily Press: Att. Editor 1427 Third Street Promenade Suite 202 Santa Monica, CA 90401 Or email:

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COMMERCIAL Hermosa Beach Shopping Center Anchored by a major restaurant. Center includes medical group, salon, Pilates studio, boutique, office suites. 6% cap rate $7,050,000 Manhattan Beach Prime N. Sepulveda 5,500 square feet of office space, 42 parking spaces, liquor store & gym. Just reduced! $2,450,000 Manhattan Beach – New Listing 24,000 square feet of land, prime location, signalized corner. Fantastic opportunity! Just reduced! $2,125,000 Hawthorne 2,500 sq. ft. Office/Warehouse - Praire Ave. Just reduced! $375,000 Inglewood/Westchester Adjacent 123 Cedar. C2 Lot with plans. Ask City for possible residential. $259,000 2 Lots in El Segundo – Prime location. Build your own business. Great investement opportunity. $699,000





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LA works to get out of the sewer with $2B deal SLUDGE, from page 1

charges, increase the sewage system’s capacity, and plan for future expansion. The Santa Monica Baykeeper filed its action against Los Angeles in 1998, and the EPA, the Los Angeles Regional Water Quality Control Board and the community groups filed their action in 2001. The community groups include Baldwin Hills Estates Homeowner’s Association, Inc.; Baldwin Hills Village Garden Homes Association; United Homeowners Association; Village Green Owners Association; and Concerned Citizens of South Central Los Angeles. “I commend the various entities that worked together to make this happen. This is a long-awaited victory for clean water,” said Terry Tamminen, Secretary of the California Protection Agency and a Santa Monica resident. “All sanitation agencies should be on notice that enforcement is a priority for Cal-EPA.” With approximately 6,500 miles of sewer lines serving almost 4 million residents, Los Angeles operates the largest sewage collection system in the country. Since 1994, the city has experienced more than 4,500 sewage spills. The United States and the regional board are settling their civil penalty claims against Los Angeles for a total of $1.6 million, which they will share equally. Los Angeles will pay $800,000 to the U.S. Treasury. The regional board is

directing its $800,000 to local environmental improvement projects that Los Angeles will perform. “The joint enforcement action will bring long term significant improvement to Los Angeles’ sewer system,” said Tom Sansonetti, Assistant Attorney General for the Justice Department’s Environment and Natural Resources Division. “This demonstrates that federal and state agencies and local organizations can work together to achieve compliance with our environmental regulations.” This settlement is a groundbreaking effort to address all causes of sewage spills and odors in the city of Los Angeles. The terms of the settlement require a proactive approach designed to prevent problems from developing in the city’s system. Los Angeles is required to undertake more aggressive maintenance practices and advanced planning to identify and repair or replace problem sewers before they spill. “Sewage overflows are a major problem across the country, and bringing systems into compliance is one of EPA’s top enforcement priorities,” said Tom Skinner, Acting Assistant Administrator for the EPA’s Office of Enforcement and Compliance Assurance. “The Los Angeles sewer system is one of the largest, making this settlement significant both in southern California and nationally.” See SLUDGE, page 9

Santa Monica Daily Press

Weekend Edition, August 7-8, 2004 ❑ Page 9


Officials are eager to put sewage mess behind them SLUDGE, from page 8

In total, the city of Los Angeles will perform $8.5 million in environmental projects in addition to the work required to improve its sewer system. The environmental improvement projects required under the agreement include projects throughout the city to restore streams and wetlands and to capture and treat polluted storm drain flows. “This settlement agreement is well worth the hard work that went into it,” said Francine Diamond, Chair of the Los Angeles Regional Water Quality Control Board. “Soon it will not be commonplace to have spills resulting in raw sewage flowing down our streets and polluting

our waterways. The agreement is a great victory for community members, as well as everyone concerned about public health and clean water.” Among the projects under consideration are: ■ North Atwater Creek restoration ■ South Los Angeles stormwater treatment project at 54th and Avalon St. ■ Hazard Creek and wetlands restoration project • Headwork’s Spreading Ground wetlands restoration • Legion Lane Park LA River revitalization and habitat restoration ■ Sycamore Grove stream daylighting ■ Cabrillo Beach water quality enhancement project


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Consumer confidence surges to highest level since January BY WILL LESTER Associated Press Writer

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WASHINGTON — Consumer confidence surged during the past month to its highest level since the beginning of the year, with Americans feeling better about their own finances and more optimistic about the future despite renewed terror threats and rising oil prices. Consumer confidence has been rising for the past four months as the economy has been on a solid path to recovery. The AP-Ipsos consumer confidence index climbed to 104.8 in August, up from 92.0 in July, led by consumers’ perceptions of their own finances and optimism about the future. For Mike Mainello, a North Carolina businessman retired from the military, evidence of the improving economy is all around him. “My wife sells new homes to first-time home buyers. They’re buying right and left,” said Mainello, a 45-yearold conservative Republican from Winston-Salem. “We’re finally paying off bills faster than we’re incurring them.” The AP-Ipsos survey of consumer attitudes by spending and household found a surge of economic optimism that has shown up in several recent measures of consumer attitudes. While months of steady improvement in the job market has fueled some optimism, the AP-Ipsos index found the increase this time was based more on people’s improved perceptions of their own personal finances, and their view of how their local economy will be doing six months from now. The snapshot of consumer sentiment found Americans considerably more upbeat about the economy than a year ago, when the index was at 89.0. Much of the improvement came during the past month, however.

The AP-Ipsos confidence index is benchmarked to a 100 reading on January 2002, the month the index was started by Ipsos. Lynn Staggs, a 33-year-old saleswoman from Austin, Texas, said she can sense the economy is doing better just from looking around her neighborhood on the way home. “It seems like the housing market is doing better. I don’t see as many houses around here for sale,” said Staggs, a political independent. “I see a lot of people in my neighborhood turning up with new cars and making big purchases.” Staggs said she thought the tax cuts of the past couple of years have helped people save money and make purchases. The rise in consumer confidence comes at a time of mixed indicators for the American economy. June’s payroll was the 10th straight month of gains, though the total of 112,000 new payroll jobs was lower than expected. Many retailers reported lackluster sales gains in July, particularly mall-based apparel chains such as Gap. Some analysts attributed the disappointing sales to higher gasoline prices, which made some people more cautious spenders. On Wall Street, stocks fell Thursday as worries about rising oil prices rattled investors. And all that combines with renewed fears of terror attacks. Mark Zandi, an economist with, said the increasing optimism was surprising, given the current uncertainty. But he said the steady increase in the job market in recent months along with the surging house market could be contributing to optimism. Home sales have been a major factor in the economic recovery this year. Economists said they expect both new home sales and existing home sales to set all-time records for the year, even if sales slump some this summer. The number of people who felt their personal finances were strong increased from just over two in 10 in July to almost three in 10 now. More than half of those making $75,000 or more a year, 52 percent, said their financial situation was strong. Only two in 20 of those making $50,000 or less felt that way. Republicans were twice as likely as Democrats to say their personal finances were strong. The health of the economy is at the center of the presidential campaign, with President Bush arguing that the economy is snapping back, and Democratic nominee, John Kerry, saying any gains in the economy are not helping millions of Americans.

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Kerry’s $80M in ads buys him cover BY LIZ SIDOTI Associated Press Writer

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WASHINGTON — John Kerry shelled out $80 million over five months to plaster television screens with campaign ads trumpeting his biography and priorities. So what did all that money get him? An even race. Kerry’s ads largely neutralized the campaign ad wars, giving him cover from President Bush’s onslaught of critical commercials and carrying the Democrat through his most vulnerable period when he was the party’s newly minted standardbearer. “His ads gave him enough ballast to help weather the Bush attacks. Given the redundancy behind those messages, you would have expected really sharp drops,” said Kathleen Hall Jamieson, an expert in political communication. “Bush’s attacks should have taken hold, and would have, in the absence of Kerry’s advertising.” Unanswered, Bush’s nearly $100 million in advertising since March could have crippled the Democratic challenger permanently — the same thing that happened to Republican Bob Dole in 1996. That’s the year then-President Clinton buried his Republican opponent through advertising. This past spring, Bush tried to do the same to Kerry, but independent liberal groups helped the candidate stay competitive on the air as he rebuilt his campaign funds after securing the nomination in early March. The groups, which can’t legally coordinate with Kerry’s campaign, spent more than $40 million on anti-Bush ads. Kerry, too, went on the air, mainly with upbeat ads in an attempt to introduce the four-term Massachusetts senator to the electorate. Only a few spots mentioned Bush and those ran early on. Now Kerry has pulled his ads until September to hoard as much of his $75 million general election government check as possible for the fall homestretch. Independent liberal groups are pinch-hitting yet again for Kerry. Andrew Kohut, director of the Pew Research Center, said the candidates are fighting over so few undecided voters that ads aren’t having much, if any, effect on who’s winning the race. "It’s all been fluctuating at a narrow range,” Kohut said. However, he noted that there have been changes in Kerry’s image since early March, although he said the shifts can’t be attributed to advertising alone. Kerry and Bush now are evenly matched on most measures — from strong leadership to who would make the best commander in chief — an achievement for a challenger who voters didn’t know that well before Bush’s ads began. However, after five months of ad wars, Kerry also been dogged by the label flip-flopper, which may be attributed both to Bush’s commercials and the Democrat’s own struggle to find his voice on Iraq. And the president still has an edge in some polls on his principle strength — voter perception of who would be best at handling the war on terrorism — although Kerry has improved in that area.

Through March, April and May, Bush succeeded in driving up overall negative impressions of Kerry, from a positive opinion held by a majority of Americans as Kerry came out of his primary fight in March to a largely divided view as the race entered summer. Most of June and July belonged to Kerry, as Bush pulled back some of his advertising. Meanwhile, Kerry poured tens of millions into commercials that praised his candidacy and coincided both with his announcement of John Edwards as his running mate and with the ticket’s nominating convention in Boston last week. Now the public’s positive views of Kerry personally have returned about to where they were in early March when Kerry secured the Democratic nomination. Kerry’s ads didn’t respond directly to Bush’s attacks. But they were effective because they implicitly rebutted Bush’s accusations, said Jamieson, director of the University of Pennsylvania’s Annenberg Public Policy Center. “If you believe he was decisive in Vietnam, then he still is decisive and you can’t be a flip-flopper. And if he saved the lives of people like you, and they testify that he’s a good guy, then he can’t be out of the mainstream. If you believe that he was a war veteran, then he can’t be weak on defense,” Jamieson said. The two presidential campaigns paint starkly different views of the effectiveness of Kerry’s ad campaign. Kerry pollster Mark Mellman called it “tremendously successful” in accomplishing its goals, particularly in the 19 or so competitive states whose media markets have been flooded with ads. “There’s no question that John Kerry’s image in the battleground states is stronger today than before the advertising campaign began,” he said. But Bush’s chief campaign strategist Matthew Dowd argued that Kerry’s ads haven’t worked. “They started out five or six points up in March and they’re basically even now,” Dowd said. “In the course of the last four months, they lost the advantage they had.” As a challenger, Dowd said: “Even is bad news for them.”


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Weekend Edition, August 7-8, 2004 ❑ Santa Monica Daily Press

COMICS Natural Selection® By Russ Wallace

Speed Bump®

Reality Check® By Dave Whammond

t r u e t o f o r m. Carrie Macy - Owner/Instructor -

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By Dave Coverly

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BLUE RIBBON Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning locally owned and operated • 310-729-2931

Santa Monica Daily Press

Weekend Edition, August 7-8, 2004 ❑ Page 13


Santa Monica Daily Press

$350 per day. Up to 15 words, 20 cents each additional word. Call 310-458-7737 and promote your business opportunities to our daily readership of over 15,000. CLASSIFICATIONS:

Jewelry Wanted Travel Vacation Rentals Apartments/Condos Rent Houses for Rent Roomates Commerical Lease

Announcements Creative Employment For Sale Furniture Pets Boats

Gardening LAWN & Garden Service Maintenance English speaking, excellent local references. 877-476-7236

Employment ACCOUNTING MANAGER for Established 50yr old WLA General Contractor Accounting functions include job costing, budgets, financial reporting, etc. on American Contractor Software Fax 310-477-2887 BILLING CLERK needed for Plumbing Contractor. Good typing skills, knowledge of Quickbooks, answering phones, 310-395-5130

BUSY HARDWARE Store seeking experienced only Cashier call Manager at 310-454-4116 CLEAN HUMANE Pet Job seeks friendly, motivated team player. Must have pet job experience 310-453-7676 COUNTER HELP Needed- Main Street Coffee/Panini Shop, Fast Paced, Apply in Person, 2715 Main Street

FIGURE MODEL wanted. Fit female model wanted for figure drawing by artist. No experience necessary. Call (818)5010266 HOUSEKEEPER/CAREGIVER 20hr+ Flexible week for reliable, honest,English speaking person who drives, w/references 310-488-7516

ORTHODONTIC DENTAL Office-Exclusive Office in Pacific Palisades. Exceptional opportunity please call 310-454-6317 SALES & MANAGER:Trendy Jr. clothing store in Santa Monica is hiring for sales & management positions.Benefits available 310-638-9931 or fax resume to HR at 310-638-9954 WLA FINANCIAL Co. Telemarketing business to business,$10-$15/hr Starting pay +bonuses. Flexible hours, fun atmosphere & excellent exposure to the equipment financing industry. Call 310-737-1984 ext.224


THE DAILY press is seeking production interns for the fall semester. Flexible hours and a great working environment.Gain experience in production, newspaper layout, ad design and working for the only daily local newspaper in Santa Monica. If interested, e-mail resume to

THE SANTA MONICA DAILY Press is seeking one Advertising Intern. This is a fantastic opportunity to jump into the advertising field. Local knowledge of Santa Monica is helpful, a good, outgoing personality is important. Flexible hours, college credit available. Email resume to Venice Boardwalk or Promenade Work on Food cart PT/FT,good pay, fun job. Call (310)392-7306, 10am-5pm WANTED: CLASS-A Driver w/clean DMV Record F/T apply at SoCal Disposal 1837 24th Street S.M.

WORK P/T No experience needed, evenings, $8/hr, flexible schedule. Call (888)2639886 .

For Sale HOT TUB 2004 Model. Neck jets. Therapy Seat. Warranty, never used. Can deliver worth $5700, sell for $1750 818-785-9043

MARGARET MURRAY Adkins, Age 96 Recently of Neenah, died Aug.3, 2004 at Peabody Manor after a long illness. Born in Osaka, Japan of missionary parents, she moved to Santa Monica, CA in 1920 where she attended Santa Monica High School. After graduating from Mount Holyoke College in 1929 she took post graduate work at Harvard and Stanford and worked as a clinical psychologist. Margaret married the late Robert Withnell Adkins in l936. After raising their family in Santa Monica they lived in Aspen, CO, Rocky Hill, NJ, Ithaca, NY, and Bloomington, IN. Margaret moved to Neenah, WI in 1993 upon the death of her husband. Always an avid traveler, Margaret visited all continents including Antarctica. Margaret strongly believed in charity and gave generously. Among her main areas of concern were the Humane Society, wildlife conservation, Planned Parenthood and Indian and African-American health and education. Her wide range of interests included current affairs, women’s issues, gardening, bridge and a passion for dogs. Margaret is survived by her daughters, Jean Kahl and Kerrith Jones of Neenah, her son, Dr. David Adkins of West Plains, MO, brother Dr. William Murray, five grandchildre and six greatgrandchildren.A family memorial will be held in Cedar Rapids, MI.

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Claude Short Auto Sales Offering Quality Service to the Westside since 1927

Four Generations


Devoted Service

e low miles, on

‘ ‘01 F150 XLT Supercab $18,988 Low Mls. Great buy! (1KA29098) Santa Monica Ford (310)451-1588.

OF ‘95 SANTA MONICA Honda Civic EX $6995 Air cond. Spread (vin#027532) Santa Monica Ford (310)451-1588.

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‘01 Ford Expedition XLT $22,995 (ID#B59858) Santa Monica Ford PriceFord $22,995 Santa Monica (310)451-1588. Rebate $5,000

‘96 FORD MUSTANG CONVERTIBLE Alloy Wheels VIN 231581 $6,995


2004 T-Bird

2004 Freestar * Bonus Cash $1,000

‘98 Lincoln ( 1,000 bonus cash! MustContinental finance through FMCC) $11,995 (ID#B626495) STK# 432153/A24450 Santa Monica Ford $16,895 1 at this cost (310)451-1588.

2004 Focus Zx3 Santa Monica Ford Price 12,995 Rebate $3,000

STK# 432613/R125787 $9,995 1 at this cost Red, A/C, Leather (ID#71978) $10,995


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’99 Ford Explorer

CLAUDE SHORT 3x3.5 4 generations of serv

0 coupe ‘00 Volvo C7 $19,995 18256 owner, vin#0

Vehicles for sale



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Real Estate Real Estate Loans Storage Space Vehicles for Sale Massage Services Computer Services Attorney Services


‘00 DODGE STRATUS Full Power, Low Miles VIN 226997 $7,995


2501 Lincoln Blvd. in Venice

OFFER ENDS 08/31/04

(310) 395-3712 TOYOTA SANTA MONICA

LEXUS/VW OF Santa Monica



2003 Lexus ES 300 Sedan 4D

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1230 Santa Monica Blvd. 310-451-1588

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Auto Climate Control, Power Steering CD, Air Bags, Leather, Moon Roof $28,995 (VIN: 142327)

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Air Conditioning, All Power, CD Premium Sound, Dual Front Air Bags $16,995 (VIN: 032097)

2001 Lexus RX 300 Sport Utility 4D

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Silversport Edition, Tilt Wheel, Air Bags ABS (4-Wheel), Leather, Dual Power Seats $24,995 (VIN: 106109)

Air Conditioning, All Power, Cruise Control Premium Sound, ABS (4-Wheel), Moon Roof $20,995 (VIN: 290398)

1100 Santa Monica Blvd

1100 Santa Monica Blvd






1966 MUSTANG, HARDTOP COUPE. Needs new wiring, excellent condition, perfect interior all stock. Original radio intact, new sound system inside. $4000-Firm 310-823-4793



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Your ad could run here! ✆ Call us today at (310) 458-7737

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Weekend Edition, August 7-8, 2004 ❑ Santa Monica Daily Press

CLASSIFIEDS Vehicles for sale TOYOTA

2002 TOYOTA ECHO Coupe 2D TOYOTA CERTIFIED Auto, AC, Power Steering, CD player. $12,990 (20221753)


For Rent

For Rent

For Rent

Commercial Lease

3RD STREET PROMENADE Apts. City & Oceanviews,2+2 $2200-$2800. W/D in Unit, fireplaces. 1453 3rd Street. (310)862-1000.

PALMS/BEVERLYWOOD $1100/MO 2bdrms 1.5ba, appliances, no pets, parking, 2009 Preuss Road #7, Los Angeles CA 90034 Manager in #1

1316 THIRD ST. Promenade 1 Office available. 10x23 Great Creative Space (310)613-1415.

BRENTWOOD $1995/MO 2+2 Condo, Near everything Montana & San Vicente, Negotiable 323-728-1968

S.M. $1625/MO Lower, 2bd 1ba, Hardwood throughout, 2 parking, refridgerator,oven, laundry, 1year lease, 949-500-6512

SANTA MONICA,Unf., 2bd 1.5 bath, w/c pet, stove, carpets, large closets, laundry, quiet neighborhood, new paint, WSRC credit check, one year minimum lease,310-395-RENT

BRENTWOOD $2500 3+2 High Ceilings Microwave Dishwasher 2 parking spots. 818-773-8778

SANTA MONICA (upper), Unf., 2bd1ba w/c pet, r/s, carpets, pool, laundry, sauna, parking included, month-to-month, cable included, August 1st,

SPACIOUS 1 bd,1ba apts. with large courtyard and swimming pool, 4 blocks to the beach. Gated private parking, laundry room,quiet neighborhood. 2000 Alberta Ave. 310-823-0354 1 year lease, no pets. Will be shown Aug 4th at 5:30-7:30pm and August 7th from Noon-2 $1100/mo

FULL SERVICE OFFICES & secretarial bays available in upscale Santa Monica building. 310-883-3333


NAI CAPITAL Commercial (310)440-8500


BRENTWOOD 2+2 New appliances,secured parking, $1725/mo Open House Sat/Sun 2-5 11929 Kiowa Ave. 310-948-9036pp


ELLY NESIS The Best Rentals




ELLY NESIS CO. INC (310) 396-4443

V6, Power Everthying,

CD player, $21,100 (Z798780)


FREE RENTAL Lists & No Fee Rentals. Sullivan-Dituri Company. 2111 Wilshire Blvd. Santa Monica, CA 90403. HOWARD MANAGEMENT GROUP 310-869-0468 AVAILABLE RENTALS 1037 5th Street #1 2bd 2ba Front Unit 2 car parking $2195/mo



832 Santa Monica Blvd.


LAcarGUYcom .

Instruction IN LA AREA- Learn from an Internationally Renowned Chess Master, David Zimbeck. $40/hr. Lessons & coaching also available to groups and schools. References available-Call David, cell 614-563-6226 or email at

Wanted LOOKING TO rent/sublet covered space in SM near Ocean for storage of classic car. 310-395-3268 PIANO TEACHER Wanted, looking for a patient piano teacher for lessons in my home in Santa Monica. Call Steve 310-666-2191

For Rent *BIG BEAR* Worldmark by Trendwest, 6,000 Credits, 12,000 Available, *$5200* 1-877-478-7938

Your ad could run here! ✆ Call us today at (310) 458-7737

CHECK OUT OTHER AVAILABLE RENTALS AT: INGLEWOOD 2BDRM 2ba $975/mo 836 Beach Ave. Close to Freeways, on-site laundry, gated bldg w/parking. 310-330-0261

MAR VISTA 2 bd 2 ba, split floor plan with two fireplaces, new carpet & paint. 2 car gated parking. $1450 1 year lease, no pets 310-396-4443 MAR VISTA $1195 Spacious Upper, 2+1 Enclosed garage, gated, no pets, 818-983-8293 MAR VISTA 1+1 $975/mo 12610 Caswell Ave. Pet friendly move-in special, $200/off first month rent! Stove, refrigerator,carpet,blinds, laundry, parking 310-578-7512 MAR VISTA 2+2 $1300/mo 1246 Pacific Ave. #8 Stove,dishwasher, A/C,carpet, fireplace, balcony, intercom entry, laundry, parking, no pets 310-578-7512 MARINA PENINSULA Luxury 2+2 Quiet, private, beautiful beach apartment $3195/mo 617-816-8320

MDR ADJ $695 large single, lower, w/large closets, full kitchen, refridgerator, very light, freshly painted. Laundry, parking & no pets. (310)828-4481 MDR ADJACENT Large 2bed 2bath, newer gated building 2car gated parking, AC, fireplace, quiet neighborhood, laundry rm. 1 year lease,no pets $1550 310-578-9729 MIRACLE MILE $2300/mo Got 2 C 3+1 Renovated Victoria Park Duplex. Appliances Included, brick driveway323-571-0038


SONIA WILLIAMS Past, Present Future, Psychic. Spiritual, clairvoyant, palm reader, fortune teller, tarot cards. 310-278-5099

*Psychic* *Spiritual Clairvoyant* *Palm Reader* *Fortune Teller*


SANTA MONICA 2+1 Bright Upper, with view laundry, parking, new appliances, 638 Hill Stt $1595/mo310-390-2765 SANTA MONICA 2BD Upper, peak ocean view,hardwood floors lots of windows,bright & airy $1800/mo 310-729-5367 SANTA MONICA 3bdrm 1.5ba $2300/mo 1244 11th Street Unit I Stove, carpet, blinds, laundry, parking, no pets 310-393-6322

SANTA MONICA : $1440/mo, 2bd 1.5ba Upper, Double enclosed garage,fresh paint,water paid No pets(818)222-5683 . SANTA MONICA Apt., Unf., 1 Bdrm, 1 bath, 1441 19th St., refrigerator, stove, balcony, hardwood floors, yard, brand new appliances, walking distance to hospitals, one year minimum lease 310-395-RENT SANTA MONICACUTE COTTAGE STYLE APARTMENTUNF OR FURN, (lower), Studio, 1 bath, 1117 17th St., #C, no pets, refrigerator, stove, carpets, laundry, quiet neighborhood 310-395-RENT SANTA MONICA LUXURY RENOVATED APARTMENT IN CLASSIC BUILDING, (lower), Unf., Studio, 1 bath, 143 Hollister, #3, no pets, refrigerator, stove, hardwood floors, large closets, quiet neighborhood, w/ kitchen, about 400 sq ft, high ceilings,half a block from the beach! ocean breeze, or 310-395-RENT SANTA MONICA Single $1200/mo 833 5th Street #104 Stove, refrigerator, carpet, blinds, laundry, pool, intercom gated parking, no pets, Mgr 310-393-2547 SANTA MONICA Single 818 Cedar #8 $895/mo, includes all utilities, parking, newly remodeled, 310-268-1170

SANTA MONICASPANISH STYLE APARTMENT, Unf., Studio, 1 bath,no pets, refrigerator, stove, patio, controlled access, carpets, laundry, quiet neighborhood, street parking, one year minimum lease, utilities included 310-395-RENT SANTA MONICA TRADITIONAL DUPLEX, 2Bd1ba, plus family room,w/c pet, r/s, d/w, hardwood floors, W/D, yard, street parking, flexible lease, share utilities 310395-RENT SANTA MONICA TRIPLEX,1bd1ba,w/c pet, r/s, controlled access, hwdflrs,W/D,microwave,tiled kitchen, parking included, six month minimum lease, 310395-RENT SANTA MONICA Unf.,2bd 1.5ba, w/c pet, refrigerator, stove, hardwood floors, large closets, laundry,

320 WILSHIRE at 3rd Street Promenade. Office Space 550sq/ft $1250/mo 310-576-3433

Real Estate PROPERTY ROQUE & MANAGEMENT MARK Co. 2802 Santa Monica Blvd.



STORAGE GARAGES: 3 Blocks to Venice Beach. Easy Access. $150-225 a month. 310-396-4443 THIS BUILDING is very convenient for any commute.It is on a quiet street. There is plenty of street parking beyond the assigned space. 1 year lease, no pets. $895. 310-396-4443 VENICE $1450/MO 225 3RD Ave Spacious 1bdrm 1ba Prime location near beach,restaurants & shops,parking, wood floors, tile kitchen & bath, washer hook-ups, cable hookups, no pets. 310-578-7512 VENICE BEACH Beautiful, recently remodeled single 1/2 block from beach. Hardwood floors. 1 year lease, no pets. $995 310-466-9256

VENICE BEACH front 1930’s bath house. Completely renovated 4-story brick building with lots of charm and unbeatable views of the ocean, mountains and sunsets. All singles w/ full kitchens and bathrooms, some with exposed brick.Laundry room, storage available, water and gas heat paid. 1 year lease, no pets. $925. (310)466-9256 VENICE BUNGALOW Rental Darling Craftsman 1 Bed/1 Bath, Light & Bright, Garage Avail. Call Lori 310-380-0830

VENICE DUPLEX 2bd 1.5ba with hardwood floors,w/d hookups, dishwasher, two car parking, fresh paint and lots of natural light in this upper.Close to beach, shops, and restaurants. 1year lease, no pets, no smoking. $1525. 310-396-4443 VENICE SINGLES $850/mo 501 N. Venice, Stove, fridge,carpet, laundry, utilities included, parking, no pets 310-574-6767 9am-6:30pm

Houses For Rent SANTA MONICA $2595/mo 2+2 Craftsman House w/garage, wood floors, washer/dryer, yard, No dogs 310-399-6888 WESTCHESTER AREA 2bd+Office Fenced Backyard, quiet street, Garage contact Don 310-216-9558 $2150

Commercial Lease

Christina S. Porter Senior Associate

310-440-8500 x.104 PACIFIC PALISADES Village 1,000 Sq/ft 3 offices, sub-lease, 2 years. Furnished or unfurnished. Call Rick at 310-459-6256; 310-466-9066 WEST L.A. PRIME PROF. OFFICE- Share 1,367 sq/ft. office w/patio view, conference/filing room, dsl line. $1350/mth. Available 7/1. CALL 310-479-4484

BEACHFRONT CONDOS for Sale! Private Party in Rosarito. MOTEL/GIFTSHOP/HOME Minnesota High Traffic area Coldwell Banker Beacon Realty. http:/ Louise: 800-546-3061 PAC OCEAN Properties

Pac West Mortgage

Reception telephone answering. High speed T-1 Internet. Full use of conference rooms, copier, printer, faxes...etc. Parking. Flexible lease terms.

310-526-0310 1,000SQFT ACROSS from St.Johns Hospital. Reception, business office/ba 3exams, conference room 3,350/mo for 5years (310)663-8062


Upper 2 bed, new carpet new blinds, dishwasher

1203 Washington


Lower 1 bed + bonus room, hardwood floors, remodeled

OFFICE SPACE 1247 Lincoln $695 Upper 3 room suite, near Wilshire negotiable lease terms

WEST LA/BRENTWOOD 10906 S.M. Blvd., WLA, $800 Upper single, new carpet, stove & fridge, near UCLA

649 Barrington, BW, $1175 Upper 1 bed, pool, new carpet, laundry room

1723 Barrington, WLA, $1450 Upper 2 bed, 2 bath, new carpet, new blinds, balcony

Very aggresive rates 30 year fixed 5.5%. 10 year/1 arm 5.375% 7 year/1 arm 5.125% 5 year/1 arm 4.75% 3 year/1 arm 4.25% 1 year/1 arm 3.25% 6 mos./6 mo. arm 2.875%

1 mo./1 mo. arm 1.250%

* Rates subject to change

Individual Offices New building. All services included.

1449 Princeton

Real Estate




Lower 1 bed, hardwood garage, fridge & stove


1(888) FOR-LOAN WILSHIRE/FAIRFAX HOTEL/APT 18 room/15 bath 7900sq/ft R4 corner $100K under operated net$3.2 Million/Offer, $900K down. Owner will carry principals only!6060 W. 8th Street Los Angeles 8am-8pm 310-497-7114

WESTSIDE ZERO-DOWN Payment Lovely 3bd 2ba homes. Quiet streets,$750K1.2M Free recorded message 800-577-7489ext3001 Keller Williams Realty Sunset

FOR MORE LISTINGS GO TO WWW.ROQUE-MARK.COM WESTSIDE BUYERS! Would you like to find your new house from the comforts of your own home?Free Recorded Message1-877-545-2201 ID#2001

Storage Space W.LA 3-CAR GARAGE for rent, Storage Only $500/mo, 310-391-8880 WLA 3-CAR Garage-Storage Only $500/mo 310-391-8880

Massage 5’2” HOURGLASS Figure offers full-body sensual massage. Very private, very discreet, 6am-9pm. Incall/Outcall special rate between 6am-9pm, Rachel 310-339-6709 BLISSFUL RELAXATION! Heal your body, mind, spirit. Therapeutic, Swedish, Deep-tissue. Energy balancing. Strictly nonsexual. Introductory specials from $50.00/1hr. Lynda, L.M.T. (310)749-0621

Deep Tissue Bodywork $40/hr Swedish & Thai Included. Non-Sexual. Paul. 310.741.1901. EXPERIENCED HANDS soothe your aching body. Deeply relaxing Massage. Bundy & Montana, Frances 310-826-2275


Santa Monica Daily Press

Weekend Edition, August 7-8, 2004 ❑ Page 15


Chiropractic & Accupuncture

Victoria D. Lucas D.C., LAc. QME


310-449-1222 2222 Santa Monica Blvd.• Ste. 203 • Santa Monica, CA 90404

EXQUISITE, INTUITIVE, strong and tender relaxing bodywork by mature European. Professional Lady Sonja (310)397-0433. FULL BODY Swedish to light fingertip massage by classy European therapist. Serious callers only. (310)826-7271. MELT ON my Table-Eslen long strokes massage & herbal bath. Non-sexual call Ditta. 310-435-6054

OCEAN THERAPY: nice relaxing massage Spanish & Asian Staff (310)899-3709.


Business Opps

Yard Sales

REVITALIZE & Rejuvenate. Body, Mind & Spirit with an exquisite full body Swedish/Deeptissue massage.Laura (310)394-2923(310)569-0883.

ABSOLUTE GOLDMINE! 60 Vending machines with excellent locations all for $10,995. (800)234-6982.

market. 13000 Venice Blvd., Los Angeles, CA. Antiques, toys, crafts, collectibles, jewelry, clothes.August 14, 2004, second Saturday each month. 9am-4pm. Free admission & free parking. Vendor information call (310)390-5851.

THAI YOGA & Swedish Massage by Thai Ladies. Non-Sexual Only $45/hr www.phthaiyogamassage. com Call 323-219-2845 TWO WEEKS only. Goddesstouch, Tantra, Sacred Spot. 10am-7pm. M-F. (805)660-8056 Rose and Lincoln

Announcements PROOFREADER AVAILABLE for Novels, Manuscripts, Biographies, Scripts,etc. More than a decade of experience, currently an Editor of a Local paper. 310-451-1699


HOMESTAY SERVICES INT’L STUDENTS!!! short term / long term



7 310-393-533

Yard Sales DON’T MISS THISALL BOOKS ONE DOLLAR THOUSANDS OF TITLES SAT 8:00AM 627 9TH STREET IN THE ALLEY FAMILY YARD Sale Saturday August 7th 8am-2pm 710 23rd Street Santa Monica

TWO YOUNG Professionals Consolidating. Items worth having Will go fast. 1342 10th Street Sat 8-4

VENICE HIGH School flea

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Member: National Association of Professional Organizers



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Blue Ribbon Carpet Cleaning locally owned and operated


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NOTICE TO READERS: California law requires that contractors taking jobs that total $500 or more (labor or materials) be licensed by the Contractors State License Board. State law also requires that contractors include their license number on all advertising. You can check the status of your licensed contractor at or 800-321-CSLB. Unlicensed contractors taking jobs that total less than $500 must state in their advertisements that they are not licensed by the Contractors State License Board.


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Santa Monica Daily Press


Page 16

Weekend Edition, August 7-8, 2004 ❑ Santa Monica Daily Press


Un-Christianlike: Slater sickness delays ‘Cuckoo’ By The Associated Press

EDINBURGH, Scotland — Christian Slater’s British stage debut has been delayed further because of chicken pox. Organizers earlier this week scrapped the premiere performance of “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest,” which was to open in Edinburgh Friday and run for three weeks in conjunction with the city’s annual arts festival. Producer Nica Burns said Friday that another three performances had been called off because Slater, 34, had developed a secondary infection that doctors fear might lead to pneumonia without proper rest. “Christian has been an absolute hero,” Burns said. “He got up from his sick bed yesterday and worked for an hour and a half. However, by the end of the afternoon he had developed a fever and was totally exhausted.” The play is to run at Edinburgh’s Assembly Rooms before moving to London’s West End next month. Producers said those holding tickets for the first four performances can exchange them for another night or get a refund. They said the rest of the run would go ahead as planned. HADDAM, Conn. — Alice the albino python had a little too much to eat for dinner. Just hours before its owner, rocker Alice Cooper, was to take the stage at a theater in Wallingford last weekend, the 8-foot-long snake ate a live rat and then swallowed a 12-by-14 inch heating pad, wires and all, that had been left in its cage by mistake. Before Saturday night’s show, Cooper’s roadies saw the snake’s unusually large bulge and called at-risk snake helper Alison Sloan, who directed Alice to Higganum veterinarian Richard Jacobs. “It was absolutely an emergency,” Sloan told The Hartford Courant Thursday, noting the wires could have ruptured Alice’s intestines or other organs with fatal results.

After sedating the python, Jacobs said he cut a 5-inch incision along a row of scales and maneuvered the heating pad out. “That’s an outrageous X-ray,” Jacobs said Thursday, looking at the pre-op picture that showed the wires and contacts from the heating pad — plus a rodent. “It’s probably the most astonishing X-ray I’ve taken in my career.” Sloan, director and owner of Ashleigh’s Rain Forest in Essex, allowed Cooper to borrow a yellow anaconda for Saturday’s show to replace the python, which undulates onstage with Cooper during his performances. Alice the snake was resting comfortably at Jacobs’ office Thursday. Cooper was unavailable for comment. WESTPORT, Conn. — Eartha Kitt, the original Catwoman on the “Batman” television show, suffered minor injuries when the vehicle she was driving collided with another car and flipped over, police said. Kitt, 77, was treated at Norwalk Hospital and released, hospital officials said. The accident occurred Thursday morning, said Sgt. Jerry Shannon. Kitt’s all-terrain vehicle was crossing an intersection when it collided with a car, causing Kitt’s vehicle to roll over onto its roof, police said. Her two toy poodles, who were in the actress-singer’s car, escaped injury. The cause of the crash was under investigation. LOS ANGELES — A mental health activist has sued the “Dr. Phil” talk show, claiming it violated the Americans with Disabilities Act in its treatment of him. Neal David Sutz of Mesa, Ariz., filed a lawsuit in federal court in Phoenix last week in connection with his effort to attend a taping of psychologist Phil McGraw’s syndicated series in 2003. Sutz, a paralegal student, and other prospective audience members were asked to sign a waiver attesting that

they didn’t suffer a mental illness and weren’t under psychiatric care, according to the lawsuit. Sutz, who’s been treated for bipolar (affective) disorder, informed a show representative of his condition and was told that he could watch the taping if he didn’t talk to McGraw or participate in the program. He declined. In his lawsuit against McGraw and producer Paramount Domestic Television, Sutz alleges that their actions “clearly and brazenly disregarded” the section of the federal disabilities act banning discrimination on the basis of disability. The studio and McGraw declined comment Thursday, a spokesman said. While acknowledging the studio told him it had changed the waiver’s language, Sutz contended he suffered mental and emotional anguish and sought an injunction to “permanently assure no further such discrimination targeted at the disabled.” He also filed a complaint with the U.S. Department of Justice in which he asked the department’s help in filing another lawsuit to gain compensatory and punitive damages. Sutz noted in the complaint that a plaintiff’s filing under the federal disabilities act, such as his federal lawsuit in Phoenix, is ineligible for financial compensation. STOCKHOLM, Sweden — After a bag didn’t arrive on her flight from London, Martina Navratilova had to borrow everything to play her match at the Nordic Light Open: a racket, clothes, shoes — even eyeglasses. Preparing for her Olympic debut at age 47, Navratilova lost her first-round doubles match Thursday. She and Elena Tatarkova were eliminated by Maria Elena Camerin and Flavia Pennetta 6-3, 7-5. Navratilova didn’t blame the loss on her missing gear. In the Olympics, Navratilova will play doubles with Lisa Raymond.





2004 IS300 Lease for


/month plus tax

10 at this payment.

48-month closed-end lease on approved credit. $3,500 due at signing. $0 security deposit. 12K miles per year. 20¢ per excess mile.

2004 RX330 4x4 Lease for


/month plus tax

3 at this payment.

48-month closed-end lease on approved credit. $3,500 due at signing. $0 security deposit. 12K miles per year. 20¢ per excess mile. All advertisement prices exclude government fees and taxes, any finance charges, any dealer document preparation charge and any emissions-testing charges. Expires 8/14/04.

“A better way to buy a car, from the name Santa Monicans have trusted for over 25 years.” — Mark Harding

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Our family of dealers includes:

Our family of dealers includes:

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Toyota Santa Monica • Scion of Hollywood • Lexus Santa Monica • Scion Santa Monica • Volkswagen Santa Monica Toyota of Hollywood • Lincoln Mercury of Hollywood • Pacific Porsche • Pacific Audi • Pacific Volkswagen



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