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Looking to put airport to the test BY KEVIN HERRERA Daily Press Staff Writer

CITY HALL Washing its hands of the pollution being generated by jets at Santa Monica Airport, the City Council on Tuesday endorsed a state bill that calls for a complete study of the health hazards being posed to nearby residents. The move followed assurances from city staff that the bill’s sponsor, Assemblyman Ted Lieu (D-El Segundo), would work to incorporate several amendments, including one which would shield City Hall from future litigation — but not the Federal Aviation Administration, which has asserted control over the airport, dictating what types of aircraft can operate there. Residents in Santa Monica and Los Angeles hailed the move as a step in the right direction, finally providing them

with the evidence they need to prove that the increase in jet aircraft operations at the airport are negatively impacting their health. Residents have complained of being smothered by jet fumes that smell like Kerosene. “It makes no sense for the state legislature to expand protections for the FAA,” said Zina Josephs, who lives near the airport and is president of the neighborhood group Friends of Sunset Park. “It’s difficult to sue the FAA anyway. Why make it harder? “It’s one thing to protect the city, but it’s another to protect the FAA.” The bill, AB 700, was approved by the state Assembly on June 5 and is now in the hands of state senators in the committee on environmental quality. Amendments approved by Fabian Lewkowicz


TAKING TO THE AIR: A propeller plane readies for takeoff.


Fabian Lewkowicz Students last week pass by the traditional blue-and-gold ship erected from plywood for Santa Monica High School’s graduation ceremonies. The vessel will stage tonight’s annual ‘Grad Night’ celebration, which runs from 9:30 p.m. to 5 a.m., an all-night, alcohol-free party geared toward keeping students safe on what is statistically the most dangerous night of their lives.



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Grooving in grande style Starbucks Hear Music, 6 p.m. — 7:30 p.m. Musician Rocco Deluca of Rocco De Luca & the Burden, best known for his hit single and music video “Colorful,” will perform a free concert at the Starbucks Hear Music coffee shop, 1429 Third Street Promenade. The show is part of the “Lets Meet At Starbucks” summer series. Deluca will perform songs off his new CD “I Trust You To Kill Me.” The show will be followed by meet-and-greet session.


Venice Arts Gallery, 5 p.m. — 7 p.m. The Venice Arts Gallery hosts an opening featuring black & white photography created by teenage girls who have participated for the past nine months in Venice Arts’ Advanced Studies programs. Their work includes documentary photography, self-portraits, environmental portraits, and experimental works. Venice Arts is a non-profit organization providing innovative arts programs to low-income youth. For more information, call (310) 822-8533 or visit

International Surfing Day Venice Beach Surfrider Foundation and other industry friends will host an event that includes a beach clean-up, surf clinic and surf celebrity appearances. ISD organizers aim to raise awareness of the state of our oceans and beaches and help protect and preserve these recreation areas by inviting surfers and beach goers around the world to join in this global celebration. To learn more, go to





Santa Monica YMCA, noon — 1:30 p.m. Dr. Daniel Cole, gastroenterologist at Santa Monica-UCLA and Orthopaedic Hospital, covers the major causes of and treatments for constipation at this free community lecture sponsored by UCLA Healthcare. Call (800) 516-5323 for reservations.

Wanted: Virgins MTV show casting call, through June 30 MTV is casting a new documentary-style reality series that follows virgin guys (18 years of age and up) on their quest to find a girlfriend/lover. Do you get nervous around women? Do the girls you meet think of you more like a brother rather than a boyfriend/lover? Are people surprised to know you’re a virgin? If this sounds like you or someone you know, send an e-mail to with your name, age, location, phone numbers, and e-mail. Be sure to include a current photo and brief history of your love life.

RecoLate Night at LACMA! 10:30 p.m. — 1 a.m. Art watchers are invited to join the summer fun @ LACMA and watch demos projected onto the buildings from: Comic book artist Stephen Platt, concept designers, The Black Frog, Scott Robertson, Nick Pugh and Daphne Yap. This event is free!

Friday, June 22, 2007 Eyes across the pond Fairmont Miramar Hotel, 7:30 a.m. — 9:30 a.m. This free business seminar is being offered to California companies interested in expanding their business to Europe. The seminar is hosted by The British Midlands, an economic development group for Central England. For more information, visit or call (866) 625-5136.

‘Dazed and Confused’ Santa Monica Public Library, 2 p.m. — 4 p.m. The Main Library continues its weekly, summer-long ‘Teen Angst’ movie series with “Dazed and Confused.” Admission is free and all ages are welcome. Seating is first come, first served in the MLK Jr. Auditorium, 601 Santa Monica Blvd.

Malibu Pier sportfishing excursions 23000 PCH, daily through July 1 Half-day sportfishing boat excursions will depart from the Malibu Pier seven days a week. The sportfishing boat excursions last approximately 5 1⁄2 hours. A galley on board will provide food and beverages for purchase. Fishing equipment is available for rent. For more information, call (888) 310-PIER or (310) 456-8031. For more information on any of the events listed, log on to and click the “Events” tab for the given day’s calendar.

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Wife of Delgadillo cops plea BY DAILY PRESS STAFF

Ruling stemmed from 1998 SM traffic citation LOS ANGELES The wife of Los Angeles City Atty. Rocky Delgadillo pleaded no contest Wednesday to a misdemeanor charge of driving without a valid license in connection with a 1998 Santa Monica traffic citation. Michelle Delgadillo’s plea came amid reports that a warrant was out for her arrest after Delgadillo, 36, failed to appear in court nine years ago for the citation, which was issued in 1998 by a California Highway Patrol Officer. She had been charged with driving on a suspended license, without insurance and in an unregistered vehicle. The offense occurred two weeks before she married Rocky Delgadillo. The ticket was written under her maiden name, Namen. When Michelle Delgadillo did not appear in court a month later for her arraignment, the judge in the case issued a $2,000 bench warrant, according to reports. Michelle Delgadillo’s driving history came under scrutiny after her husband’s comments in the recent Paris Hilton case. The city attorney told the judge in that case that the hotel heiress should spend more time in jail for driving with a suspended license and violating her probation on alcohol-related reckless driving charges. Later that same day, Rocky Delgadillo acknowledged, in response to inquires from the Los Angeles Times, that his wife had been ticketed for failing to obey a right-turn-only sign while driving her personal car with a suspended license in 2005. On Wednesday, Michelle Delgadillo was arraigned in Los Angeles Superior Court and pleaded no contest to driving without a valid license. She was ordered to serve a one-year summary probation and pay $431 in fines and penalties. The other charges were dropped, according to published reports. SEE PLEA PAGE 7


Fabian Lewkowicz A surfer looks for more push from the crashing wave he’s riding at Santa Monica Beach earlier this month. Today is being recognized as International Surfing Day, a date geared toward raising awareness of the world’s oceans and beaches and helping to protect those resources.

Anna Nicole Smith’s will enters probate BY LINDA DEUTSCH AP Special Correspondent


Former foes Larry Birkhead and Howard K. Stern sat sideby-side in a courtroom Tuesday as a commissioner admitted Anna Nicole Smith’s will to probate and ordered that Birkhead, father of the late model’s daughter, would be guardian of the estate while Stern serves as executor of her will. “The will dated July 30th, 2001, is admitted to probate,” said Superior Court Commissioner Mitchell L. Beckloff. The step begins a process in which Smith’s assets will be identified and the court will determine how they should be distributed. The will had left an estimated

I’ll pay for your gas.

$710,000 in assets to her now-deceased son. Beckloff said he will notify Smith’s mother, Virgie Arthur, of his action in case she wants to intervene legally. But a lawyer for Stern and the estate, Bruce Ross, said he believes Arthur has no standing in the case. Smith gave birth to daughter Dannielynn in September, a few days before the death of son Daniel, 20, in the Bahamas. In February, Smith died at age 39 in Florida. Stern, her lawyer and companion, initially claimed to be Dannielynn’s father, but Smith’s exboyfriend Birkhead eventually showed he was the father and is now raising the child. The baby could inherit millions from the estate of Smith’s late husband, Texas oil tycoon J. Howard Marshall II.

Outside court, Ross said he would eventually present testimony from the lawyer who drafted Smith’s will, saying that Smith did not intend to disinherit Dannielynn. “There is no provision in the will that names Dannielynn and purports to disinherit her,” said the lawyer. Ross said the attorney who drafted the will would testify that he and Smith discussed the possibility of her having future children. “She said, ‘I probably won’t have future children, but if I do I would want them to be the beneficiaries of the trust,"’ Ross said. Asked why Smith made a provision to leave everything to her son and to specificalSEE SMITH PAGE 7


If we can’t beat your price on a new Honda. Don’t buy a Honda without calling me.



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Word in Edgewise Kenny Mack

Ross Furukawa

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The party’s over: GOP is to blame THE COUNTDOWN TO IRRELEVANCE

RICHARD BROUWER is a ‘neutral observer’ living on the edge in The Netherlands.


A misleading vision of the future Editor:

In regard to the quaintly and euphemistically described “Village” in the heart of the Civic Center, the (rendering the Daily Press) shows looks more like a ghost town (“Sitting down to talk,” June 19). The picture shows one car (with the tippy edge of the hood of another) and about 20 pedestrians. A more honest depiction would show the streets bumper-to-bumper, snarled with traffic congestion and thousands more people coming in and out of Santa Monica. Ah, a charming “Village” by the sea.

Peter Davison Santa Monica

Don’t blame business for trees Editor:

In his recent column “The long shadows of development” (June 19), Mr. Pisarra says this: “The business community is saying that the trees on Fourth Street interfere with their signage and that is adversely affecting their business. Maybe that is true.” The fact is that a petition to save these trees was circulated by a jewelry store owner on Fourth Street. He certainly qualifies as a member of the business community. I, myself, own a small business on Fourth as well; am I not a member of the business community? Numerous other individuals, owners of businesses up and down Fourth and Second streets have expressed dismay at this bizarre scheme. It is simply not correct to say that the business community wants these trees to be destroyed or removed. I invite Mr. Pisarra to ride, drive or walk down these streets, and see if he can detect a single sign — just one — that is obstructed by these trees.

Dan Jansenson Santa Monica

Farmers have enough on plates Editor:

Your article on “terminator” technology is to be commended (“A growing problem down on the farm,” Environment, June 18). USDA and biotech companies are rushing to bring this technology to the marketplace without serious discussions of its potential economic impact upon American farmers and the communities in which they live. We do know that the impact on small farmers in India has not been positive. Farmers in that nation sink deeper into debt cycles as they borrow each year to buy seeds from the biotech conglomerates. Stories of high suicide rates among the poor Indian farmers, rather than farmers’ profits, have characterized the implementation of this technology.

Jim Hoehn Santa Monica

for the Republican party has begun — and they have only themselves to blame. They’ve done nothing to counter the perception they’re hypocrites who will compromise their beliefs for power and campaign cash. And while they can’t stop their demise from happening, they don’t have to accelerate it like they did last week. It started Monday with the no-confidence resolution on Attorney General Alberto Gonzales. This is a man who fired 10 percent of the U.S. Attorneys in the Justice Department, but didn’t (and doesn’t) know why they were fired or why they were considered for termination. Gonzales oversees a Justice Department where an official actually feared if she testified truthfully about the performance of her job duties she could be prosecuted for breaking the law! Senate Republicans called the resolution a “political stunt” which would do nothing but get senators up for re-election on the record so their vote could be used against them on the campaign trail, and used a procedural move to block it from coming to the floor for a vote. Well, if the resolution itself is just a political stunt, then what do you call the move to block the resolution from coming to the floor, if not a political stunt? I call it hypocritical. Then came the news that the “16 words trial” is over. Scooter Libby is going to jail while his appeal is pending. Conservative editorial boards, columnists and rank-andfile Republicans called for the president to pardon Libby. He may have perjured himself, they say, but nobody was charged with committing the underlying crime, so there should have been no trial in the first place. Republicans were singing a different tune when the prosecutor was Ken Starr, the investigation concerned a land deal known as “Whitewater,” the defendant was President Clinton, and the question became whether or not he asked Monica Lewinsky to lie under oath. Talk about no underlying crime — President Clinton was never charged with breaking any laws, Whitewater or Monica-related, but for the crime of lying about getting a little on the side, not only was he impeached, but the Wall Street Journal said the president’s offenses were so serious that he “should be indicted, upholding the principle that even presidents and ex-presidents are not above the law.” They went after him for Whitewater, filegate, the travel office firings and Web Hubbell’s suicide — and they got him for lying. Why not let it go? Because “we cannot tolerate perjury,” according to Ken Starr. Libby’s crime (perjury) was a bit more serious. He misled the FBI to cover his lies, the Vice President’s lies, and the President’s lies. They didn’t lie about something serious like whether they had

touched a consenting adult in a private place, just about Iraq’s nuclear weapons capability in order to justify a pre-emptive invasion of a country. No big deal. It’s not like the result of those lies is an openended military occupation of a Muslim country by a largely Christian army which has cost hundreds of thousands of civilians lives, tens of thousands wounded, and almost 3,500 dead American military personnel — costing almost a half a trillion dollars and leading to a predictable (and predicted) civil war that is tearing the country and the region apart.

EDITOR Michael Tittinger



Melody Hanatani




Rob Schwenker

Julie Martinez







But there was the Journal again, saying “the time for a pardon is now” the day after the guilty verdict, calling the conviction a “travesty of justice.” After the sentence was handed down, the Journal insulted our armed forces by calling Libby a “soldier” in the war in Iraq who didn’t deserve to be “left behind” by the president and insulting the Justice Department by saying Patrick Fitzgerald didn’t know if the case was about outing an undercover agent or perjury and obstruction (actually, the case was about perjury which obstructed the investigation into the outing of an undercover agent). If Libby told the truth about what he knew the president and vice president had authorized, both men would have been charged with the underlying crime. Of course, everyone knows this — from the Wall Street Journal editorial board down to the rank-and-file Republican, they just want their guy pardoned — despite the fact he has never expressed remorse or regret for what he did. That’s why the Republicans are seen as hypocrites and that’s why when November 2008 comes, they’ll lose the White House, seats in the House and seats in the Senate. And they’ll be on their way to joining the onceformidable Whigs and Tories. KENNY MACK is a writer and comedian living in Santa Monica. He can be reached at



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Wacko world of weight loss I THINK WE’VE REACHED A BREAKING

Iconoclast Blast Seth Barnes Send comments to

depicts two women dropping by the drug store after a power walk to pick up a dose.

ning for in order to stave off heart disease). And there are, to say the least, some very catastrophic side-effects that every potential customer will want to keep in mind. You see, the idea behind Alli is that the dieter has to take responsibility for their own weight loss by exercising, eating right, and tracking their progress. Because Alli blocks fat absorption, if the dieter eats too

BECAUSE ALLI BLOCKS FAT ABSORPTION, IF THE DIETER EATS TOO MUCH FAT THEY CAN EXPECT ‘LOOSE OR MORE FREQUENT STOOLS, AN URGENT NEED TO GO TO THE BATHROOM OR GAS WITH AN OILY DISCHARGE.’ Alli works by blocking absorption of up to 25 percent of fat intake. The manufacturers at GlaxoSmithKline claim that you can anticipate 50 percent more weight loss compared to dieting alone, so one could expect to lose 15 pounds instead of 10 pounds on the regiment (these figures were pulled directly from some advertising material I came across, so notice that they don’t claim that Bruno Big Burger could lose 150 pounds instead of the 100 pounds he’s gun-

much fat they can expect “loose or more frequent stools, an urgent need to go to the bathroom or gas with an oily discharge.” Now, this is a family newspaper, and just as there are certain topics that make for inappropriate discussion at the dinner table, there are certain notions that probably shouldn’t be fully explored in print. But I can’t resist passing on the additional information that Alli provides on these “treatment effects” on the company Web site: “It’s probably a smart

Leaders have no aesthetic acumen

CRV ALUMINUM CANS: $1.70 per lb.


I am writing to respond to Bill Bauer’s column (“Civic Center plan is doomed to fail,” June 18). I could not agree more with what he had to say about the plans for the Civic Center. I am appalled that such a plan could possibly get approved. I observed the last meeting of the Planning Commission and could not believe what I saw, and according to some of the expressions on their faces, I don’t think some of them were very happy about it either! It has that same “Disneyland-ish” quality that just about all the housing projects have taken on — high density and no aesthetics. In fact, considering the potential removal of the beautiful trees in the downtown area, I do believe that City Hall is taking classes in “butt-ugly.” I drove down Fourth Street and Second Street today and had absolutely no problem seeing the signs. It is pitiful and outrageous that our town, with so many beautiful and historic buildings and the SM Pier, has to compromise common sense to achieve their objectives. I am afraid that this is a slippery slope and what revenue the city has in tourism will begin to fade along with our quality of life. One of the things that draws people here is the “timeless quality” of Santa Monica. This is reckless and irresponsible to the citizens of this community. The city of Santa Monica has a responsibility to make public any environmental impact reviews on this project to the taxpayers.

(Up to $1.90 per lb.) Drop-off donation bins available 24 hours in front 2411 Delaware Avenue in Santa Monica

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Are You Ready? Hypnotherapy can help you turn on the no-smoking sign for good

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Santa Monica Recycling Center

Sharon McGeeney

City officials have set aside $50,000 to acquire newly-designed badges for the Santa Monica Police Department. The plan has drawn criticism from taxpayer groups who would rather see the money spent on what they claim are more pressing needs.

SETH BARNES can be reached at



Who will budge on badges?

idea to wear dark pants, and bring a change of clothes with you to work.” It sounds to me like it might be a smart idea to wear a raincoat and not leave the house for a few weeks if you’re taking Alli, lest you accidentally eat a plate of french fries or a bowl of ice cream. It’s ironic that GlaxoSmithKline pitches Alli as an empowering agent for change, because sticking to the program requires personal discipline. We won’t stop stuffing faces on our own, we won’t exercise on our own initiative, we won’t eat in moderation, but if we take a drug that literally makes us severely and desperately ill after eating fat, perhaps the unpleasant experience will make us shape up. In a lot of ways, Alli is a cousin of Antabuse, the prescription medication given to some alcoholics that makes them sick after even a sip of booze. I wouldn’t say anyone taking either of these drugs is empowered. I’d call them addicted — to alcohol, to an obsession with food, to a skewed perspective of what qualifies as healthy and natural. Somebody who saddles themselves with a guaranteed intestinal apocalypse if they consume fat in any form is hardly a balanced individual. Pass the french fries.


point in the annals of dieting. The travails of people trying to lose weight in this country are well documented. In fact, if you stack dieters up against the chronically obese, some intriguing contrasts emerge. First of all, most dieters are women. They’re always looking to shed pounds with some new-fangled method, pill, theory of food intake or workout regimen. The chronically obese demographic, alas, consists of men, women, children, hermaphrodites, grandma, Uncle Ralph, and if you’re not careful with your dinner scraps, the family dog. The most noticeable contrast between dieters and the obese is that, generally, dieters don’t necessarily need to lose the weight. Sure, they might look ever-so-slightly better in that new black cocktail dress if they shed five more pounds, but compared to the fellow with a standing reservation in the window booth at Carl’s Jr., their weight problems are mostly a byproduct of their insecurities and the expectations of our society at large. If you’re uncomfortable with my sweeping generalization, take a look at the advertising campaign for the new weight-loss drug “Alli.” Alli is the first over-the-counter FDA-approved diet drug to be sold without a prescription. Print ads for the wonder drug can be found in female-friendly publications like Real Simple and a TV spot


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SWELL FORECAST ( 2-3 FT ) Today looks extremely small: knee high most everywhere. Winds though should be ideally calm in the AM, but the tide will be near zero mid morning.









Fabian Lewkowicz

RARE AIR: Nearby residents would prefer if more propeller planes used the Santa Monica Airport as opposed to the many jet aircraft that use the facility currently.

Residents prefer propeller planes FROM AIRPORT PAGE 1 the council have not yet been added to the bill, but Lieu’s staff is expected to lobby for the changes in the coming days. “I would say probably 75 to 80 percent of them (the amendments) are issues in which there has been a broad consensus,” said David Ford, chief of staff for Lieu. The bill would then have to make its way through the state legislature and be signed by the governor. A similar bill, AB 2501, was introduced by Lieu last year, but failed to win the support of the council or former Assemblywoman Fran Pavley, who represented Santa Monica until she was forced to leave office late last year because of term limits. Assemblywoman Julia Brownley was elected to replace Pavley and is said to be working closely with Lieu. The primary reason for the earlier bill’s failure was rooted in funding. The council did not want to support a bill that created an unfunded mandate from the state. If approved, local officials feared a study would cost roughly $450,000 — money that would have come out of the pockets of local taxpayers. The council also opposed the bill because it singled out Santa Monica, and not other airports. Officials also claimed it was unnecessary, in light of an air quality study being conducted by the South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD), with funding from the Environmental Protection Agency. The Airport Commission, along with residents, opposed the council’s decision then to not endorse AB 250, feeling public health should trump financial concerns. Residents also felt the SCAQMD study wasn’t far reaching enough in terms of measuring idling times of jets on the runways. “Last year’s bill was very, very contentious and very divisive between Ted and Pavley, and this year, we’ve restructured the bill, took the mandate off Santa Monica and it has been a much more collaborative process,” Ford said. “We will continue to work closely with Assemblymember Brownley as we move forward.” If the study makes its way through the legislature and is signed by the governor, residents plan to use it to pressure City Hall and

Fabian Lewkowicz

TOWER POWER: Jets get ready for takeoff.

the FAA to place greater restrictions on the types of aircraft flying in and out of the airport, just as residents living near the seaside ports have done to address diesel emissions. “This data is important and, yes, it could be used in a lawsuit,” said Susan Hartley, a member of the Airport Commission. “Maybe that’s what it will take to get this hazard at the airport eliminated.” The amendments approved by the council explicitly state that the bill must not create an unfunded mandate; must force the California Air Resources Board to use the best science available, based on a review of existing data; not discriminate against one aircraft or another, meaning all planes — be it a jet or a piston-powered plane — be studied; and that City Hall should not be held liable for any of the findings since it does not have control over aircraft designs or operations, which are handled by the FAA. Airport Manager Bob Trimborn told the council Tuesday that there are no guarantees the bill will be amended, and that the council must state its position clearly and direct staff to be diligent and work with Lieu on the changes. If the bill is not amended, the council can rescind its endorsement and vote to oppose the legislation.

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Back Pain Sufferers Benefit From New Technology Santa Monica - “New technology may have finally found a non-surgical solution for chronic back pain and sciatica sufferers.” That’s what Santa Monica Chiropractor, Dr. Tim Bullock is saying about a treatment called Spinal Decompression. Dr. Bullock has been using FDA approved nonsurgical spinal decompression in his office for over two years now. This treatment is a drug free breakthrough to treat back pain, disc herniation and sciatica. “I am amazed at the results spinal decompression gets with patients who were about to give up searching for a solution for their problem. And how safe and easy it is… even for patients who have already had surgery. I am also shocked to learn that so few doctors throughout the country have this new technology available in their office,” commented Dr. Bullock.

Due to the tremendous success in back pain patients using this technology, Dr. Bullock has made available a free Research Case Study report to anyone suffering from a painful back caused by disc herniation. “I want back pain sufferers to know they have an option other than drugs and surgery… an option that really works. I want to let them know there is finally REAL hope for their condition. Learn all the details in this free report.” To get your free copy of Dr. Bullock’s recently released Research Case Study report titled, “The Effectiveness Of Spinal Decompression Therapy In Patients With Back Pain, Herniated Disc and Sciatica” just call (310)) 562-6700 and listen to the 24 hr recorded message on how to have it mailed to you free. Call now, supply is limited. Or log on to:


Reagan Wheeler Two girls vie for a loose ball during a 10 & under division soccer game at Santa Monica Beach on Saturday. More than 1,300 kids participated in the tournament.

Closure to case FROM PLEA PAGE 3 This week, the city attorney admitted that his wife had also driven his city-owned vehicle with a suspended license. During one personal errand, she damaged the city vehicle, which was repaired at city expense. On Monday, Rocky Delgadillo said he wrote a check reimbursing the city for the $1,222 repair job, saying it was “the right thing to do.”

The city attorney also acknowledged that he had driven without auto insurance for about a year and his wife had driven without insurance for more than two years. In a statement released to the media, Michelle Delgadillo said she was “very embarrassed” by her situation and intended to correct it immediately to save her husband and family any more embarrassment.

Smith’s saga continues FROM SMITH PAGE 3 ly disinherit future children, Ross said, “Anna was concerned that someone would pop up out of the woodwork.” In an impromptu news conference, Stern and Birkhead said they were on good terms, that both are concerned for the welfare of Dannielynn and will do everything necessary to assure a good future for her. “I’m going to help Larry any way I can,” said Stern. “Larry will be a good father.” A smiling Birkhead said, “I have another new title today. In addition to father, I’m guardian. So it’s a very good day.” He said he had a wonderful Father’s Day with Dannielynn and added, “It’s one I will remember.” Both men expressed hope that public attention would dissipate. “Right now, Dannielynn is the most famous baby in America,” said Stern. “Maybe five years from now it won’t be that

way and she can just be a normal little girl.” He added, “It’s a relief to see a judge in America who’s not interested in getting his own TV show.” Earlier in the day, the Florida judge who decided a dispute over Smith’s remains announced plans to resign amid rumors he will have a TV judge show. Stern also said he’s been looking through mementos of Smith while he’s been in California and he wished she could see her daughter. He said he will return to the Bahamas. Birkhead, who had been a photographer, said he doesn’t know what he is going to do for a career. “You guys are always taking pictures of me so I can’t take pictures anymore,” he said. “Maybe I’ll go to law school.” He said of the baby, “She’s my everything and I’m making up for lost time.” Birkhead indicated he plans to live in Los Angeles unless the paparazzi attention makes it impossible.

Stroller Strides is celebrating its 3rd Anniversary! We invite you to join the festivities by signing up for a monthly membership for ONLY $33! (Regular fee is $75)

First class is FREE! We have locations all over the Westside: Palisades Park: M — S Ocean Park: M, W, F Marina del Rey: Tues & Thursday Culver City: M, W, F For information call 800-795-6708 or visit


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Gritty new series based in quirky Venice BY MELODY HANATANI Daily Press Staff Writer

VENICE “The OC” it ain’t. A California beach-based show aimed at teenagers is about to hit the Web, but this one has nothing to do with the lovestruck, spoiled sect. Produced by former “Welcome Back, Kotter” star Robert Hegyes, a Venice resident, “The Venice Walk” is a new Internetbased show that chronicles the travails of a retired NYPD cop who makes his way to the left coast to become a juvenile probation officer and the seven troubled teens under his charge. The show has been billed as the “Anti-OC teenagers on probation,” a slight against some of the popular television shows that depict life by the beach as being nothing but a string of lavish parties and two-timing relationships amongst beautiful teenagers. “This is showing what is really going on,” said Andrea McDonald, the series’ associate producer. “They’re telling their story to the world and I think that’s what people want to see; that’s what I want to see.” The series premiered on June 14 with the release of the first of six “webisodes.” The 40-minute pilot was edited into six, seven-minute webisodes, one of which will be released each week. The first episode introduces Paco (played by the former “Sweathog” Hegyes), the new probation officer getting situated in his Venice office and dealing with his first charge — a teenager by the name of Frank, a frequent face in the juvenile justice system for dealing drugs.

Photo courtesy ’The Venice Walk’

UNDER THE GUN: Robert Hegyes produces and stars in ‘The Venice Walk.’

“You’re in and out of the place more than the f**king cops are in the donut shop,” Frank’s friend says in the episode. The roughly six-minute clip ends with Paco warning Frank that if he doesn’t sober up, he’ll be thrown in jail. Frank assures Paco that he’s clean, the exchange interspersed with another scene of Frank dealing drugs to his friend. “It’s real edgy stuff,” Hegyes said Tuesday. “Some parts are very funny, some parts are very sad.” FROM ACTING LIKE A PUNK TO WRITING ABOUT THEM

It was back in 1991, long after both “Welcome Back, Kotter” and “Cagney &

Lacey” had wrapped, when Hegyes began embarking on a career in production. He began pitching the story for “The Venice Walk,” which back then was referred to as “The Big Apple,” but the idea never drummed up any interest among financiers. In 2006, Hegyes pitched “Big Apple” to writing partner Craig Titley, who wrote the screenplays for “Cheaper by the Dozen” and “Scooby-Doo.” Titley fell in love with the idea and the two began developing a series. McDonald, a fellow Venice resident and graduate of Crossroads School, then came on board as the associate producer. The local theme extends to the cast members, many of whom hail from the Westside.

More than 2,000 actors auditioned for 10 available roles. Though the job is nonpaying, appearing on the show may prove good exposure for the young actors, many of whom have never been cast in a television show or movie, Hegyes said. Playing the part of probation officer Dr. Sam Collins, Tiffany Moretti, of Santa Monica, sees her involvement with the series as a stepping stone to larger roles. Moretti has made appearances in several television shows in the past. Hegyes contacted Moretti a few months ago, encouraging the 27-year-old actress to audition for the role of Collins, a tough cookie from the East Coast who is hard on her charges. Moretti was shocked when she read the script during the audition, her personality greatly contrasting with that of her character. “She’s being strong and assertive,” Moretti said. “I think Dr. Collins has her own issues. It’s pretty interesting.” Producers of “The Venice Walk” are currently in talks with NBC Universal and Sony/Grouper to finance the show on their online platforms. Networks such as ABC, NBC, MTV and TBS are increasingly offering full episodes of some of their popular shows on their Web sites. Some networks, such as ABC, have even created original shows for the Web. “In the last nine months, there are already platforms that are 24 hours of programming. Things are moving very quickly,” McDonald said. “It’s the wave of the future.” The webisodes are available free online at

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‘Apocalypto’ Written, directed, and produced by Mel Gibson, this graphic action adventure tale of life in ancient Central American, is presented in a Mayan dialect with English subtitles. Story focuses on the journey of a capable young warrior trying to return to his wife and children after his village has been ravaged by another tribe and he’s been taken as a slave. Remarkable art direction, costume design, and cinematography. Added materials include commentary by Gibson, deleted scenes, and a feature entitled, “Becoming Mayan, Creating Apocalypto”. (Touchstone)

‘Venus’ Peter O’Toole was nominated for an Academy Award as an aging actor whose memory and desire for beauty are rejuvenated by the arrival his friend’s niece (Jodie Whittaker) from the countryside. As he tries to imbue the rough-edged young woman with his wisdom and cultural trips throughout London, their give-and-take provide both with new discoveries about themselves. A poignant script by Hanif Kureishi (“My Beautiful Launderette”) illuminates western society’s tendency to discard those over 60. (Miramax)

‘The Hustler’ Collector’s Edition Talented but self-destructive pool shark (Paul Newman) learns about the price of success the hard way. “The Hustler” is a darkly brilliant character study with an all-star cast that includes Jackie Gleason, Piper Laurie, and George C. Scott. Directed by Robert Rossen (”All the King’s Men,” “Body and Soul”) this masterpiece garnered nine Oscar nominations including Best Picture, winning for Art Direction and Cinematography. Over five hours of bonus material includes Newman’s own commentary, pool tips, and a making-of feature. (Fox)

‘Fantastic Voyage’ An adventure of a lifetime takes us not to outer space but inside the human body as Stephen Boyd, Donald Pleasance, and Raquel Welch lead a group of medical and science experts in a race against time trying to save a key government figure who is dying from a blood clot on the brain. Directed by Richard Fleischer who also helmed “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea,” “Fantastic Voyage” won an Oscar for Visual Effects. Special features include commentaries on the film and soundtrack by historians, original stills, storyboards-to-scene comparison and a tribute to the visual effects. (Fox)

‘True Grit’ Special Collector’s Edition John Wayne earned an Academy Award for Best Actor as the rough-edged U.S. Marshall Rooster Cogburn in this classic western. Special features include: “The Law and The Lawless,” “Working with the Duke” and “Aspen Gold.” (Paramount)

‘Von Ryan’s Express American’ Colonel Joseph Ryan (Frank Sinatra) leads a primarily British POW escape from Nazi-controlled Italy. Trevor Howard is excellent as the sour British major who has dubbed the Sinatra character, “Von” Ryan for his unpopular policies as senior Allied officer. The film was helmed by Mark Robson who directed seven different actors to Oscarnominated performances including Kirk Douglas in “Champion.” Special materials include featurettes on the film’s music and a profile of prolific composer Jerry Goldsmith, a making-of piece, and Hollywood war films. (Fox)

‘The Office’ Seasons 1&2 This series was adapted from the BBC hit featuring Ricky Gervais by producer Greg Daniels (”The Simpsons,” “King of the Hill”). Steve Carell is brilliant as the earnest but self-deluded regional manager of a paper supply company in this hilarious look at white-collar employment and all its ego clashes, tedium, and questionable behavior. The DVDs are filled with biting commentary and deleted scenes. (Universal)

‘Mission Impossible’ Second Season Peter Graves heads a top-secret government agency conducting deadly missions. His operatives (including Martin Landau, Greg Morris, and Peter Lupus) learn their assignments from a self-destroying tape recorder. Guests on the 25 digitally-remastered episodes include Darren McGavin, Paul Winfield, and Anthony Zerbe covering topics like a Middle Eastern slavery ring and Communist insurgencies. Barbara Bain won three Emmys as a cast member. (Paramount) Film and television author RANDY WILLIAMS reviews the latest movies, television shows, documentaries and music programs now available for purchase online or at your local retail store.

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A dose of Kemo keeps it eclectic BY DANIEL ARCHULETA Daily Press Staff Writer

The current world of hip hop seems to be more segregated than ever. Sure, the genre has grown from its birth as a predominately black form of music to include Latino and pop influences, but it still falls victim to being labeled in some way or another. Reggaeton has grown from an underground phenomenon into a mainstream monster that shows no signs of slowing its roll. Dirty South has somehow left behind its stigma as being too grimy to appeal to a mass market to become the genre that is getting the most airtime on major radio stations these days. Even pop artists like Justin Timberlake have recruited some of the biggest producers in hip hop to gain the almighty “street cred” needed to cross over to an urban audience. Then you have artists like Kemo the Blaxican. He was a founding member of Delinquent Habits, a group many consider to be one of the seminal Latin hip hop acts, yet the fact that his father was black obviously categorizes him on that side of the musical equation. But, to ask the man himself, he’d rather be considered as just an artist who creates jams anybody can shake it to. “What am I? That stuff even starts to confuse me. I’m all of that. I’m straight hip hop,” Kemo said Wednesday.“I’m just targeting a hip hop audience. I want cats to know me just for

my rhymes. Forget all that other nonsense.” Kemo, whose record release party for his second solo effort, “Not So Rich & Famous,” is scheduled for June 27 at Zanzibar on Fifth Street, has spent most of his life bouncing back and forth from one type of musical genre to another. It seems it’s in his genes. “(My dad) was the type of dude to learn any instrument he touched,” Kemo said. “He had a rock band back in the day and my mom was a good speaker. She was very articulate. In high school and whatnot, I loved music. I was always rolling with the DJs and the B-Boys.” Listening to “Not So Rich & Famous,” it’s obvious this is an artist who has taken all of the different things he’s learned in life and combined them into a hybrid style that is both progressive and nostalgic. Having grown up in Los Angeles in the ’80s and ’90s, Kemo was exposed to a wide array of different influences. From his early days listening to the legendary rap AM radio station KDAY to the countless hours sitting in his room listening to soul pioneers like Curtis Mayfield, Kemo has been a mash up of influences. “I guess, without even thinking about it, that’s the way it emerges. I like soulful stuff,” he said. “Hip hop keeps evolving and keeps changing. I always liked music that has a funky feel about it.” Kemo the Blaxican’s record release party and performance is set for Wednesday, June 27, at Zanzibar in Santa Monica. Call Zanzibar at (310) 451-2221 for information.

Photo courtesy Sal Rojas

LOCAL GIG: Kemo the Blaxican is set to perform at Zanzibar in Santa Monica on June 27. The show will double as the record release party for ‘Not So Rich & Famous, his second solo album.

Teenagers document effects of Vietnam War



are based on a five star scale

Elliott Smith, ‘New Moon’ ★★★ Elliott Smith’s latest release, “New Moon,” proves that there really can be too much of a good thing. The two-disc collection contains 24 unreleased tracks recorded for the Kill Rock Stars label from 1994–1997; the time period in which Smith released his self-titled album and “Either/Or,” both of which received huge critical acclaim. At times, the new collection can feel a little heavy — after all, Smith wasn’t the most cheerful guy and 24 tracks is a

daunting dose — regardless of the artist. Adding to this weighty problem is that most listeners will no doubt be thinking of his death — particularly with tracks like, “Riot Coming,” where the punk-folk singer foreshadows dark and drugged days. In October of 2003, Smith was found dead in his home of stab wounds. The events surrounding his death were questionable and the case remains open with the Los Angeles Police Department.

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MOY-FINCHER MEDICAL GROUP 100 UCLA Medical Plaza, Ste. 590 • Los Angeles • 310.794.7422 •

BY MELODY HANATANI Daily Press Staff Writer

Photo courtesy Kill Rock Stars

SOMBER NOTE: Elliott Smith’s ‘New Moon’ reflects the troubled songwriter’s decidedly moody delivery. It’s tempting upon first learning of Smith’s latest collection to think he’s been “Tupac’d” — an indiscriminate release of music following the artist’s death — but engineer, and archivist for Smith’s estate, Larry Crane has dutifully compiled an assortment of songs that, to argue semantically, shouldn’t really be called outtakes. Crane’s arrangement captures Smith’s essence — the tracks transition easily between tone and melody — and the compilation fittingly ends with the haunting “Half Right,” a mixed ode — half-plea, half-kiss off — to a friend who’s essentially a lost cause. “Over My Shoulder” is something of a mess, but perhaps it works in that its abrupt chord shifts reflect the lyrical content. Smith satirizes his relationship with a girl he can’t stand — he has to numb himself with drugs in preparation for when she and her friends “start to bitch and moan about being alone” — but still wants to bed. Smith’s soft, harmonious voice gives the song an eerie quality as he scathingly criticizes — all the while, sounding as if he’s moments from snapping.

In direct juxtaposition to “Over My Shoulder” is “Thirteen” — a sweet and hopeful two-and-a-half minute song about a young crush backed up by a simple acoustic melody and Smith’s yearning voice. And joining the goodie-bag is an early version of “Miss Misery,” the Oscar-nominated song from the “Good Will Hunting” soundtrack. For the most part, outtakes should remain hidden in a dark and dusty corner of obscurity for some future music geek to drool over as “a find.” There’s usually a reason for these tidbits not making their way into the light and although it’s true of some of the songs on “New Moon,” almost all of the 24 tracks are worthy of notice on a standard album, which then raises the question that perhaps the collection should have been released as two separate albums. Although many of the collection’s songs stand up alone, the voluminous amount of material threatens to overwhelm the listener — enveloping them in a Smithinduced haze and possibly the only ones willing to enter that fog are hard-core Elliott Smith fans. (Kill Rock Stars)

OCEAN PARK Not all lessons are learned in the classroom. Armed with just a simple handheld camcorder, Olympic High School students Marina Magallanes and Brenda Morales captured the stories of two local Vietnam War veterans and the differences in the quality of their lives in a documentary titled “Remnants of Vietnam.” The compelling accounts of the two veterans — one a homeless man residing in the bathroom of an auto repair shop, the other a Santa Monica Police Department detective — earned Magallanes and Morales the praise of local film critics, the Santa Monica Budding Filmmaker Award at the Second Annual Santa Monica Teen Film Festival (SMTFF) awarded on June 16. The award earned the two girls — Morales a graduating senior and Magallanes an incoming senior — a trophy, $350 gift certificate to Best Buy and a day on the set of the forthcoming film “Jack and the Beanstalk.” “They juxtapose these two people and experiences in war and makes you think about the wide ranging ramifications ... of how war affects people and the aftermath of war and how different people coped,” said Justin Yoffe, the producer of the film festival. Perhaps more meaningful to these teenagers than the shiny new trophy and ticket to Renmar Studios in Hollywood is the lesson they learned in the process — war affects soldiers in different ways, some being able to

handle the mental anguish more than others. It was during the fall of 2006 when the two friends began considering an entry to the SMTFF, exploring different topics until Magallanes’ mother suggested an indepth look at Vietnam War veterans.


With the help of a school mentor, the two students were able to get in contact with Abraham, a veteran who has lived in the bathroom of a Lincoln Boulevard auto repair shop since 1978, and Rene Talbot, a detective with the Santa Monica Police Department. No last name was given for Abraham, Magallanes said. “Each got scarred deeply from the war,” Magallanes said. The documentary features the teenagers’ interviews with Abraham, slouched back on the bathroom sink counter wearing a faded blue shirt that says “hang loose,” and Talbot, sitting in a formal SEE WAR PAGE 13


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Odd Man Out

The Art Palette Hamp Simmons

By Mark Marchillo

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Dawn of summer Summer has arrived. Today, the sun hovers directly over the Tropic of Cancer in the northern hemisphere and summer officially begins. And while the temperature outside is just now starting to heat up, Santa Monica’s art scene is always hot. This weekend has Zydeco, 3-D dance videos, theater for the teen set, music for the tween set and great art for everyone. CAJUN STYLE

June 23-July 21 Opening 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. Saturday, June 23 Schomberg Gallery Bergamot Station 2525 Michigan Ave. (310) 453-5757 The works of Santa Monica College ceramics students, faculty and alumni will be exhibited June 23pf ko July 21 at the Helen Schw arz Schomburg Gallery in Santa Monica’s Bergamot Station. Franklyn Phillips, head SMC’s ceramics program, and his students explore a variety of sculptural approaches to ceramics with freestanding works, wall hangings, mixed media and digital prints related to ceramics.

C.J. Chenier 8 p.m. Saturday, June 23 McCabe’s 3101 Pico Blvd. (310) 828-4497 You’ll be dreaming of bayous and gumbo for weeks after you get a taste of C.J. Chenier’s authentic Cajun music on Saturday.


ree n Pear



Dance video installation from the UK 11 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. Monday-Friday 18th Street Arts Center 1639 18th St. (310) 453-3711 Where else but at here would you be able to don red and green glasses to view a fourchannel stereoscopic video installation displaying a 3-D virtual dance in consisting of four dancers projected onto four screens?

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The cheating virus is spreading EVERYBODY’S DOING IT. IT’S JUST THE

way things are. Men cheat. True. Men do cheat, not all, but, well, yeah... men cheat. In our community, it’s THE thing to do. Sometimes not even behind your lover’s back. I recently looked up the term “GAY” in Webster’s. It read: “A quest for fun, at all cost”. How fun-ny. Ever wonder why the half life of 90 percent of gay relationships between two men average a week and a half? Call that a relationship and I’ll call you a cab. The thought makes you want to sink your teeth into your new boyfriend’s left arm and let lock jaw set in. Notice, I said the left arm. The gay fate of the serial three week relationship makes us out to be more like late teens on a wild and crazy college campus than adults in a lonely (not to mention disease-infested) society. But hey, when you’re gay, college never ends. That statement is more true than I can say. I think it’s safe to assume most of us have experienced or at least witnessed that old cliché of homo-circuitry: the parties, the boys, the pool parties, the naked boys, the bedrooms, the drugs, the used-up boys... It does kinda sound like college to me. Ahh, how I long for those carefree fraternity days. But recalling old frivolities of the past and living them when you’re 30…40…55… (need I go on?) is more like our own communal exploration for the Holy Grail. To a gay, giving up the search is like giving up on life. Some do it, but they grow old and die. We need to be immortal, isn’t that right?

As you like, Cancer

To live forever, James Dean. And to look good doing it. Nothing makes you feel more alive than doing something you shouldn’t. Sneaking around. Finding the new. That rush of adrenaline. The new… that’s what drives us, I think. As the young and hung, everything was new. A new adventure leapt from every nook and cranny. Oh to believe it makes us young again. Because it’s such a gay thing to feel 70 when you’re 25; and you spend the rest of your days trying to recapture that youth. How much we miss. While we’re off gallivanting, life is marching by. The gay cheat has become like one of those viral videos online. A boy just gets passed around, and around (and around) until one day he’s been seen by the thousands. Now he’s gotta either find another circle to get passed around in or be done for good; trapped in the destiny of most viral anything — the bottom of the recycle bin. But, like viral videos, it does seem like the thing to do. We’re so flippant about it, so easy on our peers when they confess their indiscretions to us. And why not? Everybody cheats! There’s nothing different about it. There’s nothing even scandalous about it. The norm. And yet, it’s a virus more costly than any of the others our world faces today. So my take? Be yourself. Why conform to the norm? If everybody’s doing it, it has been done.

JACQUELINE BIGAR’S STARS The stars show the kind of day you’ll have: ★★★★★ Dynamic ★★★★ Positive ★★★ Average ★★ So-So ★ Difficult

ARIES (March 21-April 19)

LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22)

★★★★ Communicate your concerns early on. A meeting proves to be more successful if done in the morning. Digest information and center yourself in the afternoon. Your intuition helps with an investment and a discussion. Tonight: If you don’t want to do anything, just say so.

★★★★ Zoom in on goals early on if you want to succeed. By the afternoon, your mind drifts to other concerns — though not unpleasant, they could be distracting. Close your door if you need to concentrate. Tonight: Think rather than question.

TAURUS (April 20-May 20)

SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21)


★★★★ Quit worrying so much, because it isn’t helping and might be more distracting than anything. This afternoon, reach out for others, ask important questions and say “no” if you would like. Listen to feedback. Tonight: Hang out with friends.

★★★★★ Step up to the plate knowing full well you can handle problems as well as run-of-the-mill activity. Express your competency. Clearly others seek you out. Do make time for the important people in your life, even if it is only an extended lunch. Tonight: Act as if the weekend is beginning.

GEMINI (May 21-June 20)

SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21)

★★★★★ The Force is with you this morning. By the afternoon, you feel energy leaking out of your body and wonder if you can get everything done. Use your organizational skills, especially when dealing with new information. Tonight: Buy a treat on the way home!

★★★★★ Knowing when to call a halt to a problem can be instrumental. Express your sense of timing and direction. Others respond to your energy. Accept leadership graciously. Tonight: A force wherever you are.

CANCER (June 21-July 22)

CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19)

★★★★★ Though you could be slow to get started, you sparkle midafternoon. Feeling as if no task or project is impossible, you start believing just that! Move forward from a creative standpoint. Others will respond. Tonight: As you like!

★★★★ A partner defines his or her expectations. You will want to work with this person rather than walk away. An element of detachment helps when dealing with others’ moods and issues. Expect a challenge to your ideas here or there. Tonight: Feed your mind — rent a movie for escape.

LEO (July 23-Aug. 22)

AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18)

★★★ Use the morning hours to the max, as you will peak then. Afterward, you are on a downward tumble, trying to accomplish all that you can, and as effectively as possible. Know that you might need to make it an early day. Tonight: Just for you.

★★★★★ Others tweak and toy with your ideas. What they are doing might not be meant in any other way but to tease you. Don’t get stuck. Loosen up and laugh. Start focusing on a new diet or health program. Tonight: Time with a special person.

VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22)

PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20)

★★★★ Accept responsibility, and you will emerge a winner. Your sense of direction and skill with detail make you a necessity! The end results prove to be excellent. Let others rally around you. Enjoy all the attention. Don’t you deserve it? Tonight: Where your friends are.

★★★★ Hop into a project early on this morning if you want to get a lot done. The afternoon proves to be distracting and at times challenging if you are too focused on work. Be a smart Fish — loosen up. Go with the flow. Tonight: Let someone else make the first move or decide on plans. Lie back.

Born Today Prince William (1982) Actress Jane Russell (1921) Philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre (1905) Jacqueline Bigar is on the Internet at (c) 2006 by King Features Syndicate Inc.

Happy Birthday! Midwinter might present options you thought could be only dreams. Use what occurs to your maximum benefit. Seize the moment. At first you might not like what happens. Know that there is a silver lining ahead in this cloud. Trust in positive happenings. Money seems to dwindle or run through your fingers, especially when dealing with others. If you are single, you could meet your future life partner this year. Ironically, more than one suitor could come forward. If you are attached, adjust to the changing nature of your sweetie. He or she is growing to a new level.

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Documentary wins award FROM WAR PAGE 11 suit in his office at SMPD headquarters. In the opening scene, the girls walk into the bathroom, giggling nervously, searching for Abraham. The bathroom looks cold and uninviting, a pile of Abraham’s belongings sitting on the counter. The teenagers are about to give up on the interview when they see Abraham coming in from outside, a smile on his face. The stories of the two men take completely different directions following each man’s exit from the Vietnam War. Following his service, Abraham speaks of how his mother took him to a psychiatrist located on Broadway and Euclid Street. The psychiatrist turned him away, saying he was “property of the U.S. government,” Abraham said. Abraham was later admitted to the Veterans Administration. Eight years after he left the service, Abraham found his new home in the auto repair shop, which was not identified in the documentary. “If I had never been in the service, I would have a big mansion in Cabo San Lucas,” Abraham says in the film. “Now I’m here, working on cars day and night.” Following the end of the war, Talbot had about 10 free days before he enrolled in college. It was difficult to adjust to college life, calling his first day on

campus a culture shock. While in college, Talbot found comfort in an organization for veterans. The girls believe one of the biggest differences between Abraham and Talbot, perhaps the defining reason why their lives are so different, is family support. Talbot came from a supportive family, Morales said, while Abraham has not seen his four sisters and one brother in decades. During the documentary, Abraham speaks of how he hasn’t seen his sisters since they allegedly stole $14,000 from him. But aside from the differences, the two men are united by the scars from their experiences during the Vietnam War, both choking up as they reflect on their time in combat. Abraham wipes his tears away, remember reading in the newspaper about his friend from high school who died while serving in Vietnam. Talbot’s voice shakes as he talks about the fear of dying in war. “The first time I went to Vietnam, I didn’t think I could die,” Talbot said. “The second time I knew I could die. I saw how easy it is to die.” The interviews were an emotional experience for the young filmmakers, who say they cried during the interviews. Lessons were learned during the process for Magallanes and Morales, who say they now see homeless people in a different light and admitted they were a bit nervous about their interview with Abraham.

Mirror image When LARRY BI RKH EAD looks at his 9-month-old daughter, Dannielynn, he sees her mother, Anna Nicole Smith. “She has long legs and chubby little toes exactly like Anna’s; it’s like a mirror image,” Birkhead tells OK! magazine in its latest issue. “It’s really incredible. And I think her lips are her mom’s lips; especially when she pouts. ... She also gets what she wants exactly like her mom always did as soon as she’d pout.” Smith died in Florida in February. She was 39. The former Playboy Playmate gave birth to Dannielynn in

September, a few days before the death of her son, Daniel, 20, in the Bahamas. Howard K. Stern, her lawyer and companion, initially claimed to be Dannielynn’s father, but Smith’s ex-boyfriend Birkhead eventually showed he was the father. The baby could inherit millions from the estate of Smith’s late husband, Texas oil tycoon J. Howard Marshall II. Birkhead plans to raise Dannielynn in Los Angeles, where he complains about the attention from the paparazzi. “I was a photographer and I understand they need a picture, but when they’re

Thomson, a media mogul based in Toronto, plan to marry this year, said her publicist, Jennifer Plante. The couple met last year. Rowan portrayed

AERO THEATRE 1328 Montana Avenue (310) 395-4990

AMC LOEWS BROADWAY 4 1441 3rd Street (310) 458-1506

Melody Hanatani

DOA: Dead or Alive (PG-13) 1:05, 3:15, 5:30, 7:45, 10:00 Knocked Up (R) 12:55, 3:45, 6:45, 9:50 Ocean’s Thirteen (PG-13) 12:45, 3:45, 6:45, 9:30 Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End 2:45, 6:10, 9:40

TOPS: Marina Magallanes and Brenda Morales.

“Whenever I saw people with signs saying they were from the Vietnam War, I thought they were lying,” Magallanes said. “From the people I met, Renee and Abraham, they made me appreciate (vets more), the next time I see guys that were in the Vietnam War asking for money, I’ll think OK, and give them money.”

“He’s been really supportive, and we’re civil for the sake of Dannielynn,” Birkhead says. Both men were in a Los Angeles courtroom Tuesday as a commissioner admitted Smith’s will to probate and ordered that Birkhead would be guardian of the estate while Stern serves as executor of the will. The step begins a process in which Smith’s assets will be identified and the court will determine how they should be distributed. The will left the entirety of Smith’s estimated $710,000 in assets to her now-deceased son. ASSOCIATED PRESS

Publicist: Rowan of `The O.C.’ engaged to billionaire Thomson KELLY ROWAN, who portrayed a wealthy wife on “The O.C.,” is engaged to Canadian billionaire David Thomson. Rowan, 41, and


Witness for the Prosecution (1957) (NR) 7:30

Birkhead says baby looks just like Anna

running you off the road and you’re in the car with your daughter and they’re putting lenses up to the car so that it’s like lightning in the car, it gets to be too much,” he tells the magazine. He’s hired a nanny to help out with Dannielynn. “She’s just there to assist me, not to take over any parenting. ... I’m really handson, like too hands-on with my hand on the baby, a hand on the cell phone, a hand on the diaper,” says Birkhead, who jokes that he has “a supersonic sense of smell when it comes to diapers.” Birkhead is also getting help from Stern.


Kirsten Cohen on the Fox prime-time soap “The O.C.” for more than three years. The series ended in February. AP

BROADBENT ADDED TO CAST JIM BROADBENT is joining Indiana Jones on his latest adventure. The Academy Awardwinning actor has joined the cast of the fourth installment in the “Indiana Jones” series, according to an announcement posted Wednesday on Lucasfilm Ltd.’s Indiana Jones Web site. Production began Monday on the not-yettitled film, which reunites director Steven Spielberg, executive producer George Lucas and Harrison Ford as the archaeologist-adventurer who made his first appearance in 1981’s “Raiders of the Lost Ark.” Broadbent, 57, won a supporting-actor Oscar for 2001’s “Iris.” He joins previously announced co-stars Cate Blanchett, Shia LaBeouf, John Hurt and Ray Winstone. Broadbent’s other films include “Moulin Rouge,” “The Crying Game,” “Bridget Jones’s Diary” and “The Chronicles of Narnia.” AP

AMC 7 SANTA MONICA 1310 3rd Street (310) 289-4262 Hostel Part II (R) 12:45, 3:10, 5:40, 8:00, 10:25 Knocked Up (R) 12:35, 1:35, 3:30, 4:35, 6:25, 7:35, 9:30, 10:30 Ocean’s Thirteen (PG-13) 12:30, 1:20, 3:15, 4:25, 6:00, 7:25, 9:00, 10:20 Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End (PG-13) 12:50, 4:20, 7:50 Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End DLP-Digital Projection (PG-13) 3:00, 6:30, 10:00

LANDMARK NUWILSHIRE 1314 Wilshire Blvd (310) 281-8223 Brand Upon the Brain! (NR) 1:15, 4:15, 7:15, 9:55 Golden Door (Nuovomondo) (PG-13) 1:00, 4:00, 7:00, 9:45

LAEMMLE’S MONICA FOURPLEX 1332 2nd Street (310) 394-9741 The Boss of It All (Direktoren for det hele) (PG-13) 12:00, 2:20, 4:50, 7:30, 10:00 Once (R) 12:20, 2:40, 5:00, 7:20, 9:40 Paris, I Love You (Paris, je t'aime) (R) 1:00, 4:00, 7:10, 9:55 Waitress (PG-13) 12:00, 2:30, 5:05, 7:40, 10:15

MANN'S CRITERION THEATRE 1313 3rd Street (310) 395-1599 Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer (PG) DLP-Digital Projection 11:00am, 1:30, 4:30, 7:00, 9:30 Fantastic Four:

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Complete Import Service Tune Ups • Tires Complete Body & Paint Brakes • Mufflers

10488 Picoo Blvd.. Santaa Monica,, CAA 904055 • 310-584-9600

Rise of the Silver Surfer (PG) 12:00, 2:30, 5:30, 8:00, 10:30 Mr. Brooks (R) 1:10, 4:20, 7:20, 10:20 Nancy Drew (PG) 11:50a.m., 2:20, 4:50, 7:30, 9:50 Shrek the Third DLP-Digital Projection (PG) 11:40a.m., 2:10, 4:40, 6:50, 9:40 Surf’s Up (PG) 12:10, 2:30, 5:00, 7:10, 9:20

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Janric Classic Sudoku

Girls and Sports

By Justin Borus and Andrew Feinstein

Fill in the blank cells using numbers 1 to 9. Each number can appear only once in each row, column, and 3x3 block. Use logic and process of elimination to solve the puzzle. The difficulty level ranges from Bronze (easiest) to Silver to Gold (hardest). Difficulty


The Meaning of Lila

By John Forgetta & L.A. Rose

Š 2006 Janric Enterprises Dist. by Creators Syndicate Inc.

GETTING STARTED There are many strategies to solving Sudoku. One way to begin is to examine each 3x3 grid and figure out which numbers are missing. Then, based on the other numbers in the row and column of each blank cell, find which of the missing numbers will work. Eliminating numbers will eventually lead you to the answer.

The Other Coast

By Adrian Raeside



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Call us today at (310) 458-7737

Dog eat Doug

By Jim Davis

By Brian Anderson

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RACE TIME: 1.44.21

Fabian Lewkowicz

The first person who can correctly identify where this image was captured wins a prize from the Santa Monica Daily Press. Send answers to

Although every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the winning number information, mistakes can occur. In the event of any discrepancies, California State laws and California Lottery regulations will prevail. Complete game information and prize claiming instructions are available at California Lottery retailers. Visit the California State Lottery web site at


Natural Selection

Speed Bump

By Russ Wallace



â?š Timothy Rouse, 19 (and who had been charged with assaulting an elderly person), was matter-offactly released from the Kentucky Correctional and Psychiatric Center in LaGrange in April after jailers accepted as official a crudely written, ungrammatical fax ordering him freed, supposedly from the state supreme court but whose originating line clearly showed a local grocery store. Furthermore, it took the jailers two weeks to realize they had been scammed. (Fortunately, Rouse was easily re-arrested at his mother's house.) â?š "Zoo," a movie about men in quasi-romantic relationships with animals (based on the notorious farm near Enumclaw, Wash., that was the site of the 2005 death (from receptive sex) of a horselover), was released in April, and is generally not judgmental toward the human characters, according to a May review in "(Zoophilia)'s just like if you love your wife," said one of the men, and, "You're connecting with another intelligent being," said another. The characters throw parties that resemble mundane, all-male, suburban nights out. "These were people I could trust," said one. "I'd invite them to my home. (I) did ... Thanksgiving, I did Christmas dinners." However, noted the reviewer, the bonhomie was interrupted when one suggested, "Hey, let's go out to the barn and pester the animals."


By Dave Coverly

The colony of New 1664 Kingston, Jersey is founded. Jamaica is founded. 1692First exhibition of Pablo 1901 Picasso's work opens. Moscow Victory 1945 Start Parade of the Berlin 1948 Blockade. The Soviet Union makes overland travel between the West with West Berlin impossible. The U.S. Supreme Court rules that obscenity is not protected by the First Amendment. Space Shuttle program: STS-7 Mission Sally Ride, first female American astronaut, returns to earth. Yale computer science professor Dr. David Gelernter loses the sight in one eye, the hearing in one ear, and part of his right hand after receiving a mailbomb from the Unabomber. In New York, Capital punishment was declared unconstitutional.


1983 1993


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VENICE 2+2 2308 Pacific unit B upper stove fridge d/w, washer/dryer hookups, microwave, granite counter tops, tile and carpet, and hardwood flooring, 2 car parking. $2650/mo (310)578-7512

SEEKING PRIVATE investor for startup website. Need $50 to $100k. Serious inquiries only. (310)928-3861 or email for more details.


2212 Lincoln Blvd in Santa Monica

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Chevy Suburban ‘93 Suburban-1500 4x4. Dual air, 3rd Seat, HD tow, sunroof, alloys, grill guard, 60k miles. Excellent condition. $6500.00 310-390-4610

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Notices TSG No.: 3264973 TS No.: 20079019201832 FHA/VA/PMI No.: Notice Of Trustee's Sale YOU ARE IN DEFAULT UNDER A DEED OF TRUST, DATED 8/29/2006 UNLESS YOU TAKE ACTION TO PROTECT YOUR PROPERTY, IT MAY BE SOLD AT A PUBLIC SALE. IF YOU NEED AN EXPLANATION OF THE NATURE OF THE PROCEEDING AGAINST YOU, YOU SHOULD CONTACT A LAWYER. On 7/5/2007 at 11:30 AM First American Loanstar Trustee Services, as duly appointed Trustee under and pursuant to Deed of Trust recorded 09/08/2006, as Instrument No. 06 2004384, in book , page , of Official Records in the office of the County Recorder of Los Angeles County, State of California. Executed by: Timothy Adams, A single man, will sell at public auction to highest bidder for cash, cashier’s check/cash equivalent or other form of payment authorized by 2924h(b), (payable at time of sale in lawful money of the United States) At the front entrance to the Pomona Superior Courts Building, 350 West Mission Blvd., Pomona, CA All right, title and interest conveyed to and now held by it under said Deed of Trust in the property situated in said County and State described as: As more fully described in the above mentioned Deed of Trust APN# 4270-017-135 The street address and other common designation, if any, of the real property described above is purported to be: 2621 Centinela Avenue 16 , Santa Monic, CA 90405 The undersigned Trustee disclaims any liability for any incorrectness of the street address and other common designation, if any, shown herein. Said sale will be made, but without covenant or warranty, expressed or implied, regarding title, possession, or encumbrances, to pay the remaining principal sum of the note(s) secured by said Deed of Trust, with interest thereon, as provided in said note(s), advances, under the terms of said Deed of Trust, fees, charges and expenses of the Trustee and of the trusts created by said Deed of Trust. The total amount of the unpaid balance of the obligation secured by the property to be sold and reasonable estimated costs, expenses and advances at the time of the initial publication of the Notice of Sale is $330,899.03 The beneficiary under said Deed of Trust heretofore executed and delivered to the undersigned a written Declaration of Default and Demand for Sale, and a written Notice of Default and Election to Sell. The undersigned caused said Notice of Default and Election to sell to be recorded in the County where the real property is located. Date: 6/14/2007 First American Title Insurance Company First American LoanStar Trustee Services 3 First American Way Santa Ana, CA 92707 First American Loanstar Trustee Services may be acting as a debt collector attempting to collect a debt. Any information obtained will be used for that purpose. Original document signed by Authorized Agent Teresa Marianos – For Trustee’s Sale Information Please Call (714) 573-1965 P296550 6/14, 6/21, 06/28/2007

’04 Solara LE $18,995 (ACTUAL CAR NOT SHOWN) V6, Leather, Moon, Alloys, Toyota Certified. (4U022615) Toyota Santa Monica (800) 579-6047

’02 Passat GLX $12,700 Beautiful Black/Grey Lthr, Auto, V6, Moon & More! (2P120249) Toyota Santa Monica (800) 579-6047

’01 CLK320 $22,995 Black/Palomino, Summer’s here – enjoy it! (1T055424) Toyota Santa Monica (800) 579-6047

’04 XC90 (ACTUAL CAR NOT SHOWN) Lo Mi, Leather, Moon roof, Alloys, Running Boards & More! (41047116) Toyota Santa Monica (800) 579-6047

Vehicles for sale $500 POLICE Impounds! Cars from $500! Tax Repos, US Marshal and IRS sales! Cars, Trucks, SUVs, Toyota's, Honda's, Chevy's, more! For Listings Call 1-800-298-4150 x1721


$$ CASH 4 $$

’04 Tundra DBL Cab $19,995 4WD, Auto, A/C, Full Power Pkg, Alloys, CD (4S453826) Toyota Santa Monica (800) 579-6047


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Running or Not

Call us today at (310) 458-7737


Any Questions Please Call

(310) 995-5898


(310) 458-7737

’05 Cooper Conv’t $22,900 Low Mileage, Auto, Leather (5TG12933) Toyota Santa Monica (800) 579-6047

LOCATION 1427 Third Street Promenade, Suite 202, Santa Monica, CA 90405


A newspaper with issues


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Vehicles for sale

458-7737 Vehicles for sale

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Vehicles for sale

Vehicles for sale

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’04 Cayenne Turbo $59,995 (ACTUAL CAR NOT SHOWN) AWD, Silver/Grey leather. Wow! Must see! (4AL90640) Toyota Santa Monica (800) 579-6047

’06 G35 Coupe (ACTUAL CAR NOT SHOWN) Silver, auto, Bose, 19” wheels, Moon roof, 3,000 miles (719308) $35,995 Infiniti Santa Monica (866) 507-7253

’04 G35 Sedan (ACTUAL CAR NOT SHOWN) Nav., alloys, lthr, Moon roof, loaded! (603264) $26,495 Infiniti Santa Monica (866) 507-7253

’04 Volvo S60 Sedan 4d (ACTUAL CAR NOT SHOWN) Black, 5-Cyl. 2.4L, Auto, FWD, AC, CD, Air Bags, Leather (I8007A) $19,995 Infiniti Santa Monica (866) 507-7253

’02 Lexus IS 300 Sdn $21,991 Certified, CD, Alloy Wheels, Security System (PL16418) Lexus Santa Monica Pre-Owned (800) 406-7782


Run it until it sells!*

M SA ’00 Cadillac Catera $6,995 Local Santa Monica Trade, Lthr, Moon & More! (30359621) Toyota Santa Monica (800) 579-6047

’02 Oldsmobile Alero GL (ACTUAL CAR NOT SHOWN) Silver, V6 3.4L, Auto, Pwr pkg, Multi CD, Air Bags, Leather (I6942A) $6,995 Infiniti Santa Monica (866) 507-7253

’03 Infiniti FX45 SUV (ACTUAL CAR NOT SHOWN) Silver, V8 4.5L, Auto, AWD, Multi CD, Rear Spoiler (P1547) $26,995 Infiniti Santa Monica (866) 507-7253

’06 Sienna LE $19,995 Toyota Certified! Low Miles. (6S483773) Toyota Santa Monica (800) 579-6047




’04 Lexus GS 300 $31,995 Certified, Black/Ivory, Air Bags, Sun Roof (LR16398) Lexus Santa Monica Pre-Owned (800) 406-7782



1964 Pontiac Catalina New Transmission, new paint job. 150K original miles. Immaculate condition inside. Kept in garage for many years. Must see!


ADVERTISE! CALL US (310) 458-7737

(310) 458-7737 Ad shown actual size

Package includes: ’02 Wrangler $14,995 Silver, 6 Cyl., Auto, Low miles (2P770502) Toyota Santa Monica (800) 579-6047

’05 Ford Mustang 2Dr LX (ACTUAL CAR NOT SHOWN) V6, 5 speed, A/C, P/W, P/L, Alloys, CD, RWD (I7069A) $15,995 Infiniti Santa Monica (866) 507-7253

’05 Nissan Maxima SE (ACTUAL CAR NOT SHOWN) Leather, Alloys, V6, Pwr Pkg (819775) $22,995 Infiniti Santa Monica (866) 507-7253

’02 Lexus Ls 430 $32,991 Certified, Crystal White, Leather, Driver Memory Seat (LS71181A) Lexus Santa Monica Pre-Owned (800) 406-7782

’04 Lexus RX 330 $28,992 Certified, Power Moon Roof, Spoiler, Heated Leather Seats (RX81110A) Lexus Santa Monica Pre-Owned (800) 406-7782

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’02 Yukon XL …. $16,995 (ACTUAL CAR NOT SHOWN) Denali, Black, Leather, Chrome Wheels, Moon. (2J265395) Toyota Santa Monica (800) 579-6047

’06 Toyota Sequoia SR5 (ACTUAL CAR NOT SHOWN) Alloys, 6 CD, Running Boards, Sharp! (273845) $29,995 Infiniti Santa Monica (866) 507-7253

’06 FX35 (ACTUAL CAR NOT SHOWN) Leather, Alloys, Pwr Pkg, 6 CD, Loaded, Only 200 miles! (105535) $36,995 Infiniti Santa Monica (866) 507-7253

’05 G35 Sedan (ACTUAL CAR NOT SHOWN) Black, Alloys, Moon roof, Lthr, 21K miles (217041) $27,495 Infiniti Santa Monica (866) 507-7253

’03 GS 430 4dr Sdn $33,991 Certified, Air Bags, Pwr Pkg, Security System, Sun Roof (PL16402) Lexus Santa Monica Pre-Owned (800) 406-7782 ’05 LS430 (ACTUAL CAR NOT SHOWN) Black, Low 31K Mi. Must See! Loaded! (024112) $45,995 Infiniti Santa Monica (866) 507-7253

BOLD IT! MAKE YOUR AD STAND OUT ’06 Honda CRV SE (ACTUAL CAR NOT SHOWN) AC, P/W, P/L, Alloys, CD, Moon Roof, Leather, ABS, Tilt (P1556A) $26,495 Infiniti Santa Monica (866) 507-7253

’03 G35 Sedan V6 (ACTUAL CAR NOT SHOWN) Leather, Alloys, Moon roof, Only 32K miles (325126) $22,995 Infiniti Santa Monica (866) 507-7253


(310) 458-7737

’04 Nissan Altima (ACTUAL CAR NOT SHOWN) Silver, V6 3.5L, Auto, AC Tilt Wheel, Cruise, CD (P1571) $16,995 Infiniti Santa Monica (866) 507-7253

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’07 Lexus GS 450h $59,991 Certified, Crystal White/Cashmere, Remote Keyless Entry, Loaded! (PL16421) Lexus Santa Monica Pre-Owned (800) 406-7782

(310) 458-7737

*Terms and conditions. Ad will run for thirty (30) consecutive days. After 30 days, ad will expire and advertiser must call to schedule a free renewal. Ads are renewed for an additional 2 weeks. Advertiser must call within 5 days of ad expiration to renew. If renewal is placed after 5 days of ad expiration, advertiser must pay full price. Photographs must be submitted digitally in JPG or TIFF format. Email photographs to Photographs only appear on print edition. 20 word description maximum; additional words 50 cents. Call for more details. Private parties only. Terms subject to change without notice.

ADVERTISE! CALL US (310) 458-7737

Your ad could run here! Call us today at (310) 458-7737

’02 Lexus LX 470 SUV $38,991 Certified, Nav. System, Pwr Pkg, Security System, Loaded!! (PL16423) Lexus Santa Monica Pre-Owned (800) 406-7782

’04 Lexus GX 470 $42,991 Certified, Tinted Glass, Running Boards, Sun Roof (LR16379) Lexus Santa Monica Pre-Owned (800) 406-7782

’03 Lexus IS 300 Sdn $23,991 Certified, Gray Pearl/Black, Air Bags, CD, Alloy Wheels (LR16417) Lexus Santa Monica Pre-Owned (800) 406-7782


’03 ES 300 $23,992 Certified, Silver/Black, Leather, Nav. System (LR16334) Lexus Santa Monica Pre-Owned (800) 406-7782

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’02 Toyota Avalon XL (ACTUAL CAR NOT SHOWN) Lthr, Alloys, 32K miles, Clean! (248751) $15,995 Infiniti Santa Monica (866) 507-7253

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Call us today at (310) 458-7737 ’04 New Beetle … $16,995 Convertible, Auto, Lo Lo Miles, Immaculate! (4M339603) Toyota Santa Monica (800) 579-6047

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1971 Buick 67000 miles, one owner, Caramel color. $5,500 firm. Great condition. Nadine 626-796-3946

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LOCATION 1427 Third Street Promenade, Suite 202, Santa Monica, CA 90405

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Meet or beat any rate NO JOB TOO SMALL Reaganville From $49.50/hr + min

Problem Solving Specialists All RepairsCarpentry- PaintingPlastering- Electrical Interior/Exterior Installations Termite & Dry Rot Repair

Also crews available on premises Landscaping

Design Consultation

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Friendly Professional Service

Ca l l t h e H o u s e H e a l e r

7 days wk • packaging aval lic and insured T155991

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(310) 815-0240 WLA



All aspects of construction from small repairs to complete remodels



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Life is short — Why make it shorter

John J. McGrail, C.Ht. Certified Hypnotherapist (310)) 235-2883

BEST MOVERS No job too small Fully insured. We make it EZ. Free prep. & boxes. Discount for handicap & seniors! Since 1975 Lic. T-163844

(323) 997-1193 (323) 630-9971

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Movers with Style, Inc. CAL T-190313


CA 338038

Licensed & Insured

Handy Man

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LIC: 0002088305-0001-4

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Call us today at (310) 458-7737




Phone: (



Classification (Pets, Yard Sale, Etc...):

Pool and Spa

Ad Copy (attach copy if necessary) 3 ____________________ 2____________________ ____________________



Fill out this form and fax to: (310) 576-9913 ATTN: Classifieds

6 ____________________ 5____________________ ____________________



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The Handy Hatts

15 ____________________ 14 ____________________ ____________________

Requested Start Date:




Requested End Date:




Email your ad to:

Extras (Additional 20 cents/word): ❒ ALL CAPS ❒ bold ❒ italics ❒ Box (.50/day) ❒ Reverse($1/day) Payment: ❒ Visa ❒ Mastercard ❒ AMEX ❒ Check



___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___ Exp:

| 20

Check #:

Make checks payable: Santa Monica Daily Press



Call us with questions (310)



Your ad could run here! Call us today at (310) 458-7737

Call Annie Kotok! (310) 458-7737 Ext. 114


Painting and Decorating Co.

FULL SERVICE HANDYMAN FROM A TO Z Call Brian @ (310) 927-5120 (310) 915-7907


ADVERTISE! CALL US (310) 458-7737

HOURS MONDAY - FRIDAY 9:00am - 5:00pm

Visit us online at LOCATION 1427 Third Street Promenade, Suite 202, Santa Monica, CA 90405




Santa Monica Daily Press, June 21, 2007  

The newspaper of record for the City of Santa Monica and surrounding areas.

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