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Employee of the Month

December: Desmond Baskerville, Data Operations Professional Inianda Convention Center

Left to Right: Desmond Baskerville (Data Operations Professional) and Ben Behnkendorf (General Managert)

DESMOND noticed that Smart City did not have a report within Aesop to print off BIPI tags to place on the ethernet cord we install at a customer’s booth. For a while he utilized something that he created himself. This still involved a lot of manual work for each event that had BIPIs. Towards the end of 2018, he started working on something bigger and better. He got involved with Duane Law and myself. Then we all started working directly with Bob to get a report created within Aesop based off Desmond’s work. After some tweaks, we arrived at a report that matches Desmond’s initial vision. Bob then got official approval to add the report into Aesop.

It is for this reason, as well as everything else that Desmond does, that I nominate him for employee of the month. He deserves it for continually improving processes and making our customers’ experience more uniform when they travel from Smart City center to Smart City center. Thank you for your hard work and dedication, Desmond! JanuaryL Josias Badillo, Technician Geor

January: Josias Badillo, Technician George R. Brown Convention Center

Left to Right: Josias Badillo (Technician) and Chris Wharry (General Manager)

IN addition to performing his job at an exemplary level, Josias demonstrates an extraordinary commitment to our daily basics. While truly seeking the best, Josias has to-date provided referrals that have resulted in three technician hires within our GRB and NRG properties. All of which incorporate the same qualities and values we have come to respect in Josias.

February: Cecily Beltran, Event Coordinator Santa Clara Convention Center

Left to Right: Dan Concepcion (General Manager) and Cecily Beltran (Event Coordinator)

CECILY was nominated for living out all of our company values, additionally: Since Cecily’s promotion in June of 2018 to Event Coordinator, she has been a one- person-show. Until recently, she managed show management and exhibitor requirements—ensuring SOP’s were followed correctly. As a result, revenues increased and our customer satisfaction scores average around “5”.