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Smashing the competition at the Las Vegas Corporate Challenge

THE Las Vegas Corporate Challenge is the largest amateur sporting event in Nevada. The city along with other sponsors bring the games to 18,000 employees from more than 125 companies around Las Vegas. The Corporate Challenge is dedicated to bringing fun competition that builds morale, camaraderie and community for employees of some of the major employers and small businesses in the Las Vegas valley. The Smart City corporate team has been competing in the Corporate Challenge during the first quarter and will continue in to quarter two.

Dodgeball Team pictured LEFT to RIGHT: Quintin Daily (AES Supervisor), Christy Hogan (Customer Sales & Service Manager), Matt Foust (Help Desk Operator), Pedro Arias (Customer Sales & Service Supervisor) Angel Pereda (AES), Sal Bernal-Flores (CSSR II), Kiana Falefitu (AES) and Melinda Hernandez (CSSR III)

The first event participated in was Dodgeball, on March 7. The team battled through fierce competition placing 4th out of 32 teams. On March 13, our Coed Doubles Tennis team took home the 3rd place metal after making it all the way to the semi-finals. The following week, the Indoor Volleyball and Ping Pong teams enjoyed some strong competition. Both securing a victory in their first matches but falling short in round two.

Tennis Team pictured LEFT to RIGHT: LaBrea Marshall (AES) and Dion Doucet (Marketing Associate)

The Las Vegas Corporate Challenge will continue through May. During this time Smart City teams will participate in Bocce Ball, Soccer, Bowling and many more!

Volleyball Team pictured LEFT to RIGHT: Terrell Collins (Senior Systems Administrator), Dina Bower (HR Director), Alexus Gammage (Help Desk Operator III), Dane Hardy (Senior Accountant), Kiana Falefitu (AES) and Pedro Arias (Customer Sales & Service Supervisor)