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revealing ARTWORKOF mia tavonatti


Written by Evan Senn

W Walking through Mia Tavonatti’s loft and studio is like walking into a perfectly curated gallery, with only little nooks of mess and organized chaos. I gravitated to the first messy nook I could find, to explore and dive into her world. A bottom floor studio full of organized and labeled boxes, crates and shelves surrounding a large work table covered in hundreds of tiny pieces of colored glass, with what looked like a glimpse of a woman’s face and red curls peeked through the shiny sea of glass shards and squares. She picks up a dusting brush and brushes aside whole piles of the tiny colored squares with only a few quick motions. She speaks with poised candor, admitting that these masterful works are long and labor-intensive fights with color and perception. They are not as simple and easy as the final product makes them seem.



LocalARTS™ Orange County Laguna Summer 14  

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