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Utdrag ur Refugess with roots cut off

death's blessing I pushed myself into my parents' marriage. and listened to all the words. got my ears full of them. I remember a good day a long, healthy wonderful day, I went miles, sun warmed, the wind blew. days of forgetfulness. days of death's blessing.

the summer when the planes flew low it was the summer of youth when the planes flew low everything around me fell into ruins and I found myself in the end, gently pawing in the soil next to me. the trees stood up long with their crown at attention; now I was therefore alone but not lonely. I wear a sadness under the heart, so it is. but depths, of the different varieties, belong to life and how do I fall when the trees stand to order and protects with their crowns? in that summer I went into the trees ... inside there was a world with sounds like echos from the most beautiful place you can imagine.

nowhere I'm moving through this lands there's an scratch, an itching, hurts while on focus and it can drive any man crazy in a solution way it's like there's an other half of me, to big for my body or that the world is to small I mean all these childish distinctions hunts me while I'm moving through this lands.

snapshots from Alger a yacht weighed anchor and went out to the sea. a child screamed. a dog pulled the leash, wanted to get into the high grass. and her face I remember? she's like a Madonna or a kind of goddess playing with a mocking smile in such superior control, like on Mona Lisa - yes she's probably one of us. in the end it's still me and death. everything else is just solidifying in a delusive way.