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Michael´s AfterLife ��

told by AnnSjöberg

©2024 Sjöberg Anna


Proofreading:Derek Seagrief

Translation andediting:AndreaMöllenkvist

Allrightsreserved. This publication maynot be reproduced,storedina retrieval system or transmitted, in anyform or by anymeans,electronic,mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without the prior permissionofthe copyright owner, Anna Sjöberg

Publisher:BoD –Books on Demand, Stockholm, Sweden

Print: BoD –Books on Demand, Norderstedt, Tyskland

ISBN: 978-91-8057-757-1

to Anna Maria

Oscar, Maja and Alice

To dieisnot theend of life, you´ve changed, that´s all…


This storyisabout how my lifechangedafter Ihad been contacted by Michael's soul afterhehad left hisphysical body.

Asomewhatodd friendshipemerged,where Iliveinmy physical body –and Michael makescontact with me viahis soul.

ThefriendshipthatMichael andI developedisthe most special thingI have ever experienced.

My outlook on lifehas been affected by occasionally visiting otherdimensions.Michael takesmetoplaces andsituations that arecompletelynew to me.

Usually asoul pays avisit onceortwice. With Michael it was different.Michael returned.And he startedtelling me about hislife.



Afirst attempt…

I´vebeen strugglingwith thethought fora while.

–How Ican best tell an unlikelystory.

Idon´tknow whoisgoing to read what Iwrite.

I´veconcludedthatI have to tell just theway Ihave experienced things,which have been happening in my life.

Thereare experiences that sometimescomeasfragments.

Idon´tclaim to be awriter.

Primarily mynotes about my soul´s journeyhavebeen intendedtoget passedontoposterity.

Alreadyatanearly ageI hadremarkableexperiences.This hasbeen recurrent duringmywholelife.


To me it feelssonatural to be able to seeand experience a soul –evenwhenthey´ve left theirphysical body –which for many is regarded as controversial. Yetthe soul liveson, developing furtherinother dimensions.

Occasionally somethinghappens that transforms aperson´s life. It happenedtome.

To beginwith therewas nothing that surprisedme. It happens fromtime to time that asoul showsupfor me.For some reason they contact me.Ifonlytobeconfirmedasa soul.To be assuredthatsomeone sees them.

~ 14

It is here that my ventureintothe unknownbegins, together with thesoul that most of us know as abrilliant artist.

Michael hasshown with absolute certainty that he lives on with hisenergiesinanastralbody. Hissoul is bright andfull of love.

Iamgratefuland humbled forhis great wisdom and everything else that he hassharedwith me.

~ 15

Nowwithoutfurther delayyou aregoing to be sweptright into thesoul-lifeMichael haschosen to live together with me.

Note,thisisnot a”ordinary book”.Michael´s soul is participatinginthe processwhile thesewords arewritten down.

~ 16
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