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Brakes for Nothing The Heiress to The Valentino Empire Part one

The Dream

Written by Lisa Tevdal

To my Family and Friends how encourages me to write and listen to me when I need to bounce ideas off.

Brakes for nothing is a fiction story something’s in the book are not completely accurate to the real world…

© 2019 Lisa Tevdal Förlag: BoD – Books on Demand, Stockholm, Sverige Tryck: BoD – Books on Demand, Norderstedt, Tyskland ISBN: 978-91-7851-006-1

Contents Chapter One – Reaper Chapter Two – Jennie Chapter Three – Antonio/Leo Chapter Four – Akira Chapter Five – Chevy Chapter Six – Reaper Chapter Seven – Vlad Chapter Eight – Ivan Chapter Nine – Armando Chapter Ten – Keith Chapter Eleven – Reaper Chapter Twelve – Giuliano Chapter Thirteen – Jade/Charlie Chapter Fourteen – Jade/Charlie Chapter Fifteen – Armando Chapter Sixteen – Jade/Charlie

Chapter One Reaper I'm sitting here in my bar waiting for my darling to walk in, we have been together for years now and I have never been happier then I’m with her. For the last month I have been thinking about my future or Our future, My darling and Mine future. I bought the ring that I have been looking at for the last five months… I bought the Vest that some Old ladies are carrying last week, and I planned to make tonight special for her. Tonight, is going to be the Night I make her my true old Lady. I’m going to ask her in-front of the whole Club to be my old lady and my Queen… I have plan something for the Night back at our house, the house I bought for her. I sit and drink the beer the prospect gave me a few min ago, I drink with my best friend we are both waiting for Our Girl’s to walk in thru the door.

I close my eyes as I drink the cold beer… I close my eyes to remember when I meet her three years ago stranded in the middle of the night with a car that had broken down, her Red hair was short back then not as long and flowing that she has now. I Remember her standing at the side of the Road with nothing but the cloths on her back, I drove with the Club that Night and as the Gentleman my mother raise me as I stop and offer her help and a place to stay but she didn’t want to be staying with me so one of the Girls offer her a place to stay and she agree to ride with me back to the Clubhouse and it took me three month's for


her to agree to go out with me. I still remember the first date and the first night we had together. Every day that I have spent with her as been the best days of my life I wouldn’t want to share my life with anyone else but with her.

I look at the door I told her to be here at 6 pm but it's closer to 7 now, she have never been late before… Sure every women is late when you are going out but when she come by the Clubhouse after work She is never late. Never not once, I start to wonder what happen. She works at the Tattoo shop at the other side of town, I take my beer and I get up and I walk over to my office and I look at the Clock before I call her Shop. The phone is ringing, and it’s tells me that She did close up the Shop on time. I hang up the phone and I sigh as I let go of the phone, what the fuck's going on. I take another sip of my beer as I look around and that’s when I see one of the Tattoo artist from my Darling's shop walk in and she look worried and she don't give me a smile as her eyes are landing on me, I see her walk thru the Clubhouse, she walk with hurry steps and I frown at this as I look at her as she come up to me.

"I was told to leave this to you. I'm sorry My son was sick, or I would have left it earlier" she tells me and I take the paper she hold out to me.

"How is he?" I ask, Sandy is one of the Few how are not part of the Club but she is still part of the Club. Sandy is a tattoo Artist and I see her as my sister even if We are not sibling and her son I see as my Nephew.


"He's better but I need to get home. She told me to take next week off from work" Sandy tells me and walk out.

I don’t take offend as she walks out because she never like to leave her Son alone for long and if he is sick, she wouldn’t stay longer then she needed. I know that Sandy would have taken him with her to work at the Tattoo shop, I smile as I see her close the door and the party should have been going by now but they all know that we are waiting for one special person, so they haven’t started the party yet. I look down to my hand. I look at the paper I now have in my hand I see it’s my lady’s handwriting, I need to read this alone. I walk back to my office.

My beloved Reaper...

I hate goodbye's my darling and I'm sorry for this… Darling it's time for me to leave now... I can't stay any longer with you I'm sorry... But my heart will always be with you... I'm sorry that I leave you like this, but my heart is breaking as it’s... I took the ring you gave me, Reaper... When we meet I was running away from my family... My Father to tell you the truth, so much that we didn’t say I’m sorry for all of it... My Grandfather found me and told me that he's dead... and I need to return home... since I'm My Father’s only Heir... Reaper my beloved… Please don't look for me it will only bring trouble to you and your club... These Three years I have had with you have been heaven Reaper my Beloved... But I need to get home to get my Father's thing's


ready... I don't know if I will see you again... but remember I only love you...

Yours Jennie

I look at the letter as the meaning of the letter start to sink into my mind, I let out a scream as I throw the beer bottle into the wall. I see how everyone is in the Club turn to me and I re-read the letter and I start growling She left me… As I read the letter again, I see how my brother’s coming into my office and they look at me as put the letter on the desk and I look at it… She left me with a fucking Dear John letter, she didn't have the Balls to tell it to my face. But I knew she was afraid of her father how was a dangerous man according to her, but I can't believe she didn't come and tell me straight to my face and I see how my friends look at me and I breath heavily as I fight to keep the tears back, the Growling and screaming was enough to scare them.

"What's Wrong Jack? " My oldest friend and my VP ask me as he put his hand on my shoulder, I know he must have called me Reaper first and I didn’t react to it so that’s why he said my given name.

"She left" I growl and start throwing things from my desk and she took the only thing I had from my mother with her… the Rose ring...


My mother died when I was barely a teenager and That Ring was the Ring my Father and Grandfather’s and even my Great-grandfather gave that Ring to the women they loved, and they married that women. I sit down behind my raven desk and I look at the letter. She told me not to look for her, is she fucking Kidding me.

"Find her" I growl out to my Crew they nod to me and I get up and I take the letter with me and I walk out of the club and over to my bike I’m going for a ride to clear my head.

It's been only five hours since I saw her last, I was at her Shop for her to make a tattoo on me and had to leave because I need to do somethings for the Club. I drive the way home to the house where we have been living for the last two years. I park my bike somewhere I am hoping that all this is a nightmare or that I will make I before she truly leaves me forever. I don’t walk up the driveway I run up and as I open door to the house, I take three steps inside and my world is destroyed… Everything that belong to her is gone… I walk thru the house and I look thru every room and she is gone like she never been here… I walk into our Bedroom where I was holding her last night close to my chest and this morning as I made love to her as the Queen she is. I look at the wardrobe that’s is open and it’s empty I sink to my knee’s as my world is destroyed… I look at the paper that’s shredded at the bed I bend forward and turn it over and I see the photo We took of us together in the sunset three Months ago. This is the only I have of her now, a Torn


photo of us. I feel the tears running down my cheek’s, my darling is gone. I pick up ever last piece of the Photo and I start tape it back together again… I need it...

"If it's the last thing I do I will find you" I growl out as I look at the only photo, I know We took together Jennie never like taking photo so this is one of the few of her and me together... She deleted me out of her life my darling Jennie... I will find you....

The morning after I get back to the Club telling them all what Have happen and made sure that they all are to look after my Girl... I made sure they all know That Jennie is my old Lady I didn’t say it before but now I do... I see the color drain from one of the Prospect's face and I know I miss something... I made her my old lady the day I put my mother's Ring on her finger... but She wasn't given the Vest to wear because I didn't think she was ready for that step... I walk out of the Club and on to my bike...


Chapter Two Jennie I did the only thing I could... I left everything behind... I only took the gold ring he put on my finger had he ask me to marry him that day I would have told him about what my father did for a living but when he didn't, that's when I knew we wasn't going to last... Three years was the time I got with Reaper before my Father pass away and I could go back home, back to Italy. I never told my Darling that My father was part of the Russian Mafia and the Italian Mafia. I look at the bodyguard how pick me up. I don't know if I'm make the right thing by leaving him, I love him so much. But I found him one-night Balls deep in one of the Girls that hang-around the club, that's was the night I got the call from my Grandfather. I was going to tell him that I think I'm Pregnant that night too, but that night I saw what I was to him. I was just a girl to please him when he wanted, he didn't even claim me in-front of he's brothers when one of them was hitting on me and was trying to feel me up in-front of him. I knew I was leaving that some point that day.

I look at the plane that was going to take my Home, but that’s not true, I’m leaving my home. Home is where the heart is… I get on to the plane and we are leaving for my Home... What I'm going to do… What I’m going to do if I’m pregnant like I think I’m… I know that this will get trouble if Jack find out I left with he's child he made it clear that any


children of he's will be raise in the Club. But I’m in trouble with my family since my Child will be a bastard. born out of Wedlock it a sin in my family and no one will Marry someone how is pregnant with another man’s Child. I will not let this happen to my baby.

I take my seat in the plane and I fall asleep on the plane for the first time since I was 18 years old I’m surrounded by bodyguards again… I was 18 years old when I left this Guards are the trusted guard that was loyal to me and my mother, but they were My Father’s Guard… I turned 36 three weeks ago and I wish Jack was with me. He would have loved my Home in Italy, but I couldn’t tell him. I couldn’t tell Him how I truly was.

"Jasmine, please talk to us" one of the Guard ask me and I look at him and I look up to see that my old friend's and Bodyguard are with us.

"I think I'm Pregnant" I tell them, and they look at me, they Know the Sin I carry.

"Where is the Father? I will" He start Growling and I look out the window not meeting his eyes.

"Don't, I left him. he doesn’t know anything. I use Jennie not Jasmine... he won't find me... I still love him so don’t" I tell him, and they look at me...


"You need a man to take the father's role... Your Grandfather will help you with that..." another of them tell me...

It's normal for my family to do this... We fall in love with someone we can't marry, and we have their baby… That's why My Stepfather tried to kill me because I wasn’t his Child... My blood father was of Russianand Spanish blood… A Man high up in Russian Mafia... And my mother Italian and Scottish also with Ties to the Mafia but in Italy... This made my temper high and deadly, I found out when I was 18 that the man, I called Father was not my Father I found my mother told me only what blood he came from not his name or anything else. Jack tried to keep me away from the trouble he had with the Club, but I knew Just a call and I could take care of it, but I never did. I never got involved with the Club. Now I need to find a man how will Raise my child with me, and accept that he will never sleep with me... I love Jack and my child will know from an early age who its father is. I look at the Boy's how have been Guarding me all my life...

"Don't worry Darling. You are home" they tell me, but My home I left behind…

For weeks I look at the Photo of Reaper and My grandfather find me a Russian man with some Italian blood... the Rules of the Mafia Since I’m Italian my husband must have Italian blood… The first time I meet him I told him everything about what I had done, He listen and told me


that he knew that my Child will be the only child because he will not sleep next to me… he will not touch me in privet... I see that I hurt him when I tell him this, but he accepts it… I know that this will be hard for him to understand but I still Love Reaper...

"You still love him?" he asks, and I look at him.

"Yes... I can't stop loving him... Three years of my life and I still love him..." I tell him and he smile.

"Don't worry Jasmine" He say, and I look at him it's strange to hear my real name again... I have been Jennie since I left home at 18 years old so my step-father didn't find me.

"Thanks Antonio" I say and I’m give him a small smile, he looks at me with a soft look like he is thinking something over.

"Leo darling... Call me Leo, when we are alone..." he tells me and kiss my hand.

Antonio's voice reminds me of Jack... I take one look at Antonio and I see that they could be brother's... only that Antonio's arms are not cover with tattoo like Jack arms are and oh how I miss waking up in Jack’s strong arms or tracing his tattoo on his chest with my tongue... They both have dark hair and Steel Gray eyes... Jack is more tanned


then Antonio, but they are the same high and the same broad shoulders, the same ruff hand's... but Antonio's English is like Jack's Italian... Just don't go there... I keep my Russian up to speed, so we speak Russian or Italian with one and other. I look at my Grandfather how are working out the things about the married we are going to have. My grandfather doesn’t even know that I’m pregnant yet. I don’t like telling my family that I have Sin and that I’m Carrying a bastard’s Child. Antonio promise never to tell anyone about that I was pregnant before the wedding… But one thing I have been pushing since he agrees to marry me was Bodyguard’s for my baby. Bodyguard before my baby is born.

"So bodyguard for our son" Leo say and I look up at him.

"I believe it's a Girl I’m having" I tell him and he look at me the same look he have been giving me the last five time’s we have spoken about my child, he want it to be a boy since he know it will be the only Child of ours.

"Bodyguard for the little one." he ask he don't want to fight me what I believe my baby will be...

"One from Russia one from Spain one from Italy one from Scotland and one from USA" I tell him, and he look at me as he writes, he doesn’t like it but he can’t say shit about it.


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