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New Heights Every Year

Milestones 2006 - Incorporated as a Private Limited Company,


Establishment of Community Water Centers 2007 - Executed disinfection Water Treatment plants to one of world largest bird meat exports in Germany


2008 - Acquired ISO 9001:2008 Certification, First Mobile Sea Water Desalination plant in Saudi Arabia


2009 - First Mobile Water Treatment plant used for flood and disaster management, Quality Crown Award by BID,


London, Member of Indian Water Works Association (IWWA) 2010 - Constructed 449 Roof top Rain Water Harvesting


structures in Andhra Pradesh, Member of Water Quality association, USA 2011 - Top 3 Water Efficient Company By CII


2012 - NIRD Best Stall Award, NABARD Rural Innovations Award, Karamveer Chakra Award, ASDF “Best CEO” Award


2013 - Change of Name from ‘Smaat Aqua’ to ‘Smaat India’ ,MSME National Award for ‘Outstanding Entrepreneurship’


Technical Capabilities Ÿ State of the art Technology Machinery and Tools Ÿ Having Workshop area of more than 100,000 sq feet of workspace for Manufacturing activities Ÿ Posses Machines like Lathe machines, CNC Lasers, Drill machines, Sheet Operation Machines and Buffing machines Ÿ Trained Engineers for Automation and Remote Sensing Device Creations Ÿ R & D Department with well advanced equipments in Electrical, Electronics and Chemical lab

Our Core Values

Our Business Verticals

Our Products are

Ÿ Sustainability

1. Turnkey Projects

Ÿ Green

Ÿ Commitment to Quality

2. Smaat Zone

Ÿ User Friendly

Ÿ Innovation

3. Community Water Center

Ÿ Eco-friendly

Ÿ Social Responsibility

4. Saqua Packaged Drinking Water

Ÿ Innovative Ÿ Non Chemical

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Aiming towards a Sustainable Nation

Smaat Specialties Ÿ One of world's leading provider for Innovative non-Chemical Water and Air treatment technology Ÿ Reputation of being first in India, and the first ISO 9001:2008 Quality Certified Company in non Chemical technologies Ÿ Global tie-up with reputed Techno Products Ÿ Globally processing 950+ million liters per day Ÿ We follow R8 Policy- Reduce, Recycle, Reuse, Rethink, Recover, Re-Design , Repair and Refuse Ÿ We are the first SME Company in India to follow GRI G3 Guidelines and We follow Triple Bottom Line approach

1. People:Human capital and Fair beneficial business practices towards Labor, Community and Region 2. Planet: Natural Capital and Sustainable Environmental Policies 3. Profit: Economic Capital and Economic value created by the organization ,Real economic impact the organization has on its economic environment Ÿ We are working towards to achieving one of the chapters specified in Millennium Development Goals as Water, Sanitation and

Environment Sustainability

Smaat’s Green Products

Preserving Natural Resources and Serving The Best to the Customers is the Blend Seen in our Products

1. Smaatflow Natural Water conditioner 2. RO Filtration(Industrial & Domestic) 3. Ultra Filtration 4. Nano Filtration 5. Micro Filtration 6. Ultra Violet Filtration 7. Ozone Filtration 8. Pressure Sand Filtration 9. Activated Carbon Filtration 10. Mobile Water Treatment 11. Sea water de-salination 12. Sewage Treatment 13. Effluent treatment 14. Cooling Tower Treatment 15. Food Processing Treatment 16. Boiler treatment 17. Water Softeners (Domestic & Industrial) 18. Rain-Roof Water Harvesting 19. Conventional Pond Constructions 20. Municipal Solid Waste Management 21. Solar Energy Solutions 22. Air Treatment (Ozone, Hepa) 23. Saqua - Packaged Drinking Water



1. Smaatflow Natural Water conditioner

Pharmaceutical Industries

2. Reverse Osmosis Systems

Automobile Manufacturing

3. Ultra Filtration & Nano Filtration

Food Processing Industries

4. Micro Filtration

Brewery & Distillery Industries

5. Ultra Violet Systems

Meat Processing Industries

6. Ozone based Water & Air treatment

Petroleum Refining Industries

7. Pressure Sand Filtration

Manufacturing Industries

8. Activated Carbon Filtration

Textile and Tannery Industries

9. Cooling Tower Treatment 10. Food Processing Treatment 11. Boiler treatment 12. Water Softeners 13. Solar Energy Solutions 14. Sewage Treatment Plant 15. Effluent Treatment Plant



1. Smaatflow Natural Water conditioner


2. RO Filtration


3. Ultra Violet Systems

Fisheries and Animal Husbandry

4. Ozone based water treatment

Sea side villas

5. Pressure Sand Filtration 6. Activated Carbon Filtration 7. Mobile Water Treatment 8. Sewage Treatment Plant 9. Water Softeners (Domestic )

Tourist Destinations Commercial Banks Shops and Establishments Retail Stores

10. Ozone Air Treatment

Municipal 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

Smaatflow Natural Water conditioner Reverse Osmosis Water Purification Systems Pressure Sand Filtration Activated Carbon Filtration Mobile Water Treatment Sewage Treatment Plant Cooling Tower Treatment 8. Municipal Solid and Liquid Waste Management

Application Drinking water supply Sewage Management Effluent Treatment Disaster Management Waste Recycle



1. Smaatflow Natural Water conditioner 2. RO Filtration 3. Ultra Violet Systems 4. Ozone based water treatment 5. Water Softeners (Domestic & Industrial) 6. Solar Energy Solutions 7. Ozone Air Treatment 8. Sewage Treatment Plant 9. Saqua -Packaged Drinking Water

Apartments Individual houses Urban Townships Rooms



1. Community Water Center

Providing Safe drinking water

2. Oorani Pond Construction

Water Harvesting

3. Micro Filtration Projects 4. Desalination solutions 5. Multi Village Scheme 6. Single Village Scheme 7. Sewage Treatment Plant

Water Conservation Water Supply and Management

Smaat- the World Trend Setter Spread over in 33 Countries providing solutions for Safe Water and Waste Water Segments 1.

Bahrain – (Kingdom of Bahrain)

12. Libya

23. Bhutan


Oman (Sultanate of Oman)

13. Morocco

24. Indonesia



14. Mauritius

25. Malaysia


Saudi Arabia (KSA)

15. Nigeria

26. Nepal


United Arab Emirates (UAE)

16. Senegal

27. Singapore



17. South Africa

28. Thailand



18. Sudan

29. Sri Lanka



19. Tunisia



30. Turkey

20. Uganda

31. Pakistan

21. Zimbabwe

32. USA

22. Bangladesh

33. Australia

10. Gambia 11. Kenya

Selling to our Esteemed Clientele Government of India

Uti Bank


Government of Andhra pradesh



Government of Karnataka

State Bank of India

Mico Bosch

Central Public Works Department

Sanghi Group


Vimta Labs

Itc Welcome Group

Indian Oil

Taj Group

Reliance Industries Limited


Nagarjuna Group Coca Cola Wipro Gland Pharma



Mahindra Satyam


1.Corporate Social Responsibility



3.Product innovation

Highest Award Winner In the Field of Water and Environment


6.Research and Development

Smaat India Private Limited Head Office: Karmanghat, Hyderabad-500 097 Customer Care: 9000 365 000, Email: ,

Corporate Brochure  

A brief Brochure on Smaat India Pvt Ltd

Corporate Brochure  

A brief Brochure on Smaat India Pvt Ltd