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Saint Michael and All Angels Episcopal Church 2013 Annual Report

Hynm 680, verses 1 & 2

O God, Our Help in Ages Past

2014 Annual Parish Meeting Agenda February 23, 2014 10:00

Hymn 680. vs 1-2 Opening Prayer Call to Order – The Rector Report of the Nominating Committees Vestry and Diocesan Convention Delegates – Cliff Miercort, Senior Warden Saint Michael Foundation Trustees – Giffen Weinmann, President Election – Robert Wilson, Parliamentarian Treasurer’s Report – Matt Waller Saint Michael Foundation Report – Giffen Weinmann Capital Effort – Lomo Alto Building – Phillip Wiggins and Jim Skochdopole Stewardship Report – Susan and Dean McSherry Wardens’ Reports Senior Warden – Cliff Miercort Junior Warden – Tom Stewart Rector’s Report – The Rev. Dr. Bob Dannals Election Results (if available) Questions and Responses Adjournment, Concluding Prayer and Doxology

Dear People of Saint Michael and All Angels, As we stand on the threshold of another year of shared life, I continue to be amazed and gratified by the many ways God blesses us as a congregation. Among the greatest of these blessings are the people who serve all of us so generously. In this booklet you will be pleased to find the heart and soul of our varied ministries. In lieu of protracted annual meetings, we ask each of our ministry areas to express the highlights of their experiences in the past year. I hope that each of you will “read, mark, learn and inwardly digest” these personal reflections and discover (again) the many and varied opportunities we have to worship, study, grow, give, and serve in this place. As you read I pray that you will want to be more deeply involved in ministry and mission for yourself. We will all be strengthened by the offering of your gifts. Our community of faith has such talent, strength and diversity, but we have so much undeveloped potential in terms of what God can do through us. May God continue to bless and guide us as we seek together to embody Christ’s loving presence to each other and the larger world.

Robert S. Dannals Rector

Saint Michael and All Angels Episcopal Church Annual Report 2013

Rector’s Report were to complete the new Columbarium and south lawn projects, the installation of the new playground project adjacent to our north parking lot, stabilize and grow our pledging and financial condition, reconsider the purpose and direction of our Foundation, build greater community among our very diverse and large congregation, increase participation in all aspects of our life together, plan new ways of providing Christian Formation – cradle to grave, explore new non-traditional worship expressions with a target population of high school-aged, college-aged and young adults, and continue the strategic planning process of the best uses of our current campus of buildings and the next-door block. We have completed or made tremendous progress on all these fronts.

The Apostle Paul wrote the earliest letter we have in the New Testament – barely eighteen years after Jesus’ death and resurrection. He begins his first letter to the Thessalonians by assuring them of his prayers, and he ends his epistle with the request, “Beloved, pray for us.” In his second letter to the same community, Paul amplifies his The Rev. Dr. Robert S. Dannals request: “Pray for us, so that Rector the word of the Lord may spread rapidly and be glorified everywhere.” Notice that his concern is not to advance his own opinion or need or his own safety or glory, but that God’s graceful Word might be advanced and bear fruit in personal and communal faith and action.

In late fall we completed both projects on the south and north end of our property – the renovation of the original outdoor Columbarium, the building of the new Columbarium, the development of the south lawn Nave Courtyard, and the installation of the new playground equipment and play area. And, this past week we completed the final stage of these projects – the installation of the stained glass doors in the south wall of the church.

Fresh from the morning news, the vocational opportunity, a marital spat or denominational challenge, we discover quickly the needs around us and within us. This includes the regular need to pray for our parish. One specific prayer has been important as I write to you this year:

Two years ago the Giving Council, under then Chair, J Puckett, issued a thoughtful and challenging report regarding a whole range of opportunities with regards to the way we seek, garner, and use resources at Saint Michael in three areas: annual effort/operating budget, capital efforts, and the Foundation. We decided to address the three top priorities of their report during the past year: re-inaugurate the position of full-time Director of Giving, to ask Saint Michaelites to make our parish one of their top-three places of giving, and to re-order the Foundation to make possible a larger buffet of giving opportunities, including establishing an endowment for operations.

“Almighty and everlasting God, ruler of all things in heaven and earth, hear our prayers for this parish family. Strengthen the faithful, arouse the careless, and restore the penitent. Grant us all things necessary for our common life, and bring us all to be of one heart and mind within your holy Church; through Jesus Christ our Lord.” The prayer describes our condition – faithful, careless, penitent – and our need for a common life with unity of heart in Jesus Christ. It also alludes to that key phrase in the Lord’s Prayer when we say, “...On Earth as it is in Heaven.” We might say, “ God’s generous and merciful love is made complete in heaven, may we be found making it visible within our common life and in our own day.”

I am thrilled by the addition of Mary Kardell as our new Director of Giving. She is already demonstrating top-flight expertise and energy in the whole range of “institutional development” and cultivating a culture of giving. We have begun to make some strides in asking for resources in a more personal, direct manner, and making good cases for our parishioners to be excited about the “whys and what-fors” of significant contributions – we still have a long way to go. Thanks to the leadership of Cliff Miercort, Senior Warden, and Giffen Weinmann, President of the Foundaiton, we re-constituted our “buffet” of giving opportunities for the

As I nearly complete my seventh year as your rector, I am grateful to serve in a prayerful community of dedicated, faithful and hard-working clergy and laity, paid staff and volunteers. Our reports give a glimpse, a word picture of our large, vigorous, generous, outreach-oriented congregation. Several of our primary goals going into the spring of 2013 4

is that we need to renovate and expand our facilities for our preschool, to quietly garner the resources to cancel the debt on the Lomo Alto office building, to consider building a great hall/multi-purpose facility on the ground floor We have also put great energy into community building adjacent to our worship space and the Garden Cloister, to and increased participation. Our parish life, engagement, improve the welcoming/community spaces, especially the formation and welcoming ministries’ staff and volunteers entrance ways and gathering points in our building, and to have been working overtime on developing more frequent, crystallize the length and details of our arrangements with and quite frankly, fun, gatherings for community building. the Episcopal School of Dallas. Thanks to Phillip Wiggins, In equal measure we have improved all of the ways we Peggy Carr and a Lomo Alto Committee, we have raised over welcome, incorporate, and involve new and long-time one million dollars toward a three million goal to eliminate members. We have shifted our Inquirers’ series to Sunday our debt service. When we own the building outright, we mornings, making it more accessible to visitors and members will realize roughly $300,000 in extra alike; we have continued our other newcomer activities, and we have added “Pray for us, so that income for church ministries every year from the office building.revenues. inviting ways for newer people to feel the word of the Lord may Phillip is making a public appeal at welcomed and included. We have started spread rapidly and be this Annual Meeting, asking the parish a young couples group, Neighborhood Nights are proving effective in parishioners glorified everywhere.” as a whole to make contributions toward this effort. meeting each other, and events like the Notice that his concern Chili Cook-off make coming to church a great celebration. is not to advance his As of November last year, Stewart Thomas, our incoming Senior Warden, own opinion or need or and Matt Waller, our Treasurer, are coDuring the past year, our strategic planning in all areas focused on two his own safety or glory, chairing a process of detailed planning regarding the range of facility issues listed questions: “In the coming three to five but that God’s graceful above, including formal conversations years, what strategic initiatives in your area Word might be advanced with the Episcopal School of Dallas will, one, increase participation, and, two, increase community-building?” and bear fruit in personal regarding the length and provisions of their presence on our campus. and communal faith During the coming months this This coming year will involve planning process will include the work and action. the re-ordering of our clergy of our Formation 2020 process (we staff areas and ministries. During this spring and summer, are holding three important Christian formation seminars the Rev. Brenda Sol will be leaving us according to the with John Roberto this spring). By early summer we hope Lilly Fellowship period, and assuming a new ministry, to be publishing all this planning for the congregation and likely on the Pacific Coast. I have asked the Rev. Greg continue/begin these many initiatives in the fall. Pickens to assume new responsibilities in operations (he had an extensive background in the business world prior And if that’s not enough, we are also exploring new, more to seminary), and I am finalizing a call for a new priest to creative, non-traditional aspects for worship on Sundays. This begin this summer as the “Vicar” – an experienced but winter we have launched four pilot worship services called slightly younger priest who will give guidance, vision “The Banquet,” trying various locations, times, forms, and and direction to a whole range of ministries, with a focus on music to garner what will be best for our congregation. We will children, youth, young adult, and adult formation. These likely blend some of our findings in once-a-month offerings shifts will not effect the present ministry posts of Kevin throughout spring, with anticipation that we will put in place Huddleston and Lisa Flores. They continue to be the new expressions on a weekly basis beginning in this fall. primary priests in Mission and Outreach and Pastoral Care respectively. In 2011 we received the findings of the Decade Committee’s report regarding our future campus planning. The summary Foundation to include the possibility of donations for annual operating expenses.


I offer my thanks to each of you for your generosity, commitment and support. I extend my deep gratitude to a superior clergy team and staff. I thank my wife, Valerie, our Wardens, Cliff Miercort and Tom Stewart, our Vestry, including those retiring: Cliff, Sheryl Wylie, Ron Staffieri, Stephanie Pearson, and Donell Wiggins. I am also grateful for the service of our Chancellors Robert Wilson, Dianna Bowen, Bob Wilbur, and Scott Wilson; our Clerk, Margaret Spellings, our stewardship chairs, Dean and Susan McSherry; the Foundation Trustees and its President, Giffen Weinmann, and our Treasurer, Matt Waller.

We have an unusual care for each other, and we continue to care immensely for life beyond our walls. We have a renewed sense of getting younger in the many ways of staffing and focus, even as we remain attentive to all ages, including our oldest members.

Beyond all structures and reporting, I thank God for making us into a community of faith and action. Time and time again the Holy Spirit has enabled us to forge through a challenge, reach beyond the usual boundaries of the organization that passes as “church” and enable us to be comprehensive, diverse, welcoming, inclusive, and mission and outreach oriented.

Blessings in Christ,

Thomas Merton once said, “I pray with my eyes and heart wide open to the world, viewing the complexity of human need and the kaleidoscope of possibilities.” May our life and labor unto the Lord be expressed by keeping our “eyes and hearts wide open to the world.”

Robert S. Dannals Rector

Almighty and everliving God, ruler of all things in heaven and earth, hear our prayers for this parish family. Strengthen the faithful, arouse the careless, and restore the penitent. Grant us all things necessary for our common life, and bring us all to be of one heart and mind within your holy Church; through Jesus Christ our Lord.


Senior Warden’s Report Barbara and I transferred to Saint Michael and All Angels from the Church of The Incarnation in 2005, and although we have made many friends in the congregation, I was worried that I did not have enough knowledge that comes from long association to be its Senior Warden. However, I was pleased by Fr. Dannals’ invitation to take on that job and, after much consideration, accepted Cliff Miercort his challenge. It has proven to be Senior Warden a blessing, and I can see that it made 2013 a year of growth for me in many areas. Being a Senior Warden allows, really forces, you to see how our Church is run from both a business and spiritual perspective. I have met and worked intimately with many wonderful people both in the clergy and the laity. I come away with a strong feeling that Saint Michael is indeed in good hands. I am impressed with the ability of the members and how ready they are to offer their time and expertise. The church staff involved in the Church’s business are professional, very capable, and caring. We are blessed to have such a wonderful and dedicated staff helping to move us forward. This year, it has been wonderful to get to know the clergy on a more personal basis. All are dedicated to bringing the Gospel to us as they minister to our spiritual, and if necessary, our secular needs. I hope you are all aware of our good fortune to have such caring and dedicated clergy. Not all churches are so lucky. And lastly, having worked with Father Dannals, as we say “up close and personal,” I see him in action as a dedicated, caring, and spiritual leader. Thank you, Bob, for asking me to work with you, the Vestry, and the other members of our Church. Being Senior Warden has been an enlightening experience, one which has increased my respect for the Clergy, the Vestry, and our capable and generous parishioners. We have lots of opportunities and challenges ahead of us, and I look forward to “bigger and better things” in the years to come. I stand ready to help in any way I can.

Clifford R. Miercort Senior Warden 7

2013 – 2014 Vestry OFFICERS

Clifford Miercort

Senior Warden

2011 – 2014

Tom Stewart

Junior Warden

2012 – 2015

Matt Waller


2013 – 2016

Robert Wilson


Margaret Spellings



Christine Ashmore

2012 – 2015

John Gorman

2013 – 2016

Kathy Jenevein

2013 – 2016

Stephanie Pearson

2011 – 2014

Sallie Plummer

2013 – 2016

Randy Rekerdres

2013 – 2016

Grady Schleier

2012 – 2015

Nancy Skochdopole

2012 – 2015

Ron Staffieri

2011 – 2014

Stewart Thomas

2012 – 2015

Donell Wiggins

2011 – 2014

Sheryl Wylie

2011 – 2014


Elections – Vestry Nominations 2014

Peter Beck

Peter is a lifetime member of Saint Michael and All Angels. He has played leadership roles in the development of the church’s Strategic Plan and its subsequent revisions, and has worked on Saint Michael’s capital campaigns. Peter also was a leader of the new Courtyard Columbarium construction team.

Beth Hise

Beth Hise has been a member of Saint Michael for 17 years serving on several ministries including Mission and Outreach, Youth, Engagement, and the Women of Saint Michael. She has been a member of the choir since 2008, a former chair of the Mission and Outreach committee and on the Board of the Women of Saint Michael. Currently she is on the Engagement Ministry’s Connect Team.

Rachel Morgan

A member of Saint Michael for more than 12 years, Rachel has taught Sunday for 4 years and most recently she and her husband, Ross, have lead the Steering Committee for the new Parenting – Building Families of Faith adult formation class. Additionally, she serves as the Children and Family Ministry’s representative to the Engagement Connect Team. Her involvement includes participating at the Saint Michael’s Farmers Market, the Trunk or Treat event, Foyer Supper Club, and Neighborhood Nights.

Tom Rhodus

Tom has a history of service at Saint Michael. He previously served on the Vestry and as a Trustee of the Saint Michael Foundation. He is a verger and acolyte, and has been a confirmation class teacher. He currently leads a weekly adult Bible study class and serves as a Sunday School teacher. He has been a member of the church since 1976.

Kay Whelan

Kay has played an active role at Saint Michael during her 22 years as a member, especially in the Pastoral Care and Mission and Outreach ministries. For the past three years she has been the Lay Leader for Pastoral Care and served with Meals on Wheels, an Austin Street Shelter cook and server, and a By Our Love volunteer. Kay participated in the Honduras Mission Trip, and has had several leadership roles at Jubilee Park.


Diocese Convention Delegate Candidates Marla Briggle

Charles Sartain

Convention delegate 2007 – 2013 Member: Altar Guild, Funeral Guild, Wedding Guild American Convocation of Episcopal Churches in Europe

Former Senior Warden Assistant Chancellor Acolyte, Chalice Bearer

Ralph Cousins

Grady Schleier

Former Vestry member Convention delegate Mission and Outreach, Stewardship committees

Current Vestry member Mission and Outreach committee Saint Michael Audit committee

Michael Davis

Van Sheets

I Believe in Angels co-chair Mission and Outreach committee Honduras Mission trip

Former Senior Warden Former Treasurer Stewardship committee

Blake Hull

Rusty Smith

Former Vestry member Convention delegate 2007 – 2013 Mission and Outreach, Pastoral Care, Adult Formation committees

Former Senior Warden Rector Search committee Acolyte, Chalice Bearer, Lector

James Kerr, Jr.

J.C. Snead

Acolyte, Chalice Bearer, Lector Lay Eucharistic Visitor Pastoral Care Committee

Verger Acolyte, Chalice Bearer Worship Service Master of Ceremonies

David Loomis

Ron Staffieri

Mission and Outreach committee Holy Land Mission trip Pastoral Care committee

Current Vestry member Finance committee Honduras Mission trip

John McFarland, Sr.

Chuck Stewart

Former Vestry member Rector Search committee Chair, Chapel Restoration Committee

Convention delegate Mission and Outreach committee Team Leader By Our Love

Steve McKenney

Tom Stewart

Prayer Ministry Lay Leader Mission and Outreach committee The Gathering – church for the homeless

Current Junior Warden Building and Grounds committee Decade committee

Cliff Miercort

Paul Talbot

Current Senior Warden Jubilee Park – DISD committee Chair, Compensation committee

Saint Michael Choir Stewardship committee Disciples Class teacher

Liz Oliphant

Stewart Thomas

Acolyte, Chalice Bearer, Lector Convention delegate Former Diocese of Dallas Executive Council

Current Vestry member Saint Michael Choir Former Trustee Saint Michael Foundation

Steve Philley

Donell Wiggins

Sunday School teacher Stewardship committee Diocese utility cost task force

Current Vestry member Former President Women of Saint Michael Former Chair Child Development committee

Jim Riggert

Jim Wiley

Former Junior Warden and Treasurer Saint Michael Choir Adult Formation and Stewardship committees

Convention delegate Diocese of Dallas Finance committee Lay Eucharist Visitor Phil Ritter

Former Senior Warden Chair, Saint Michael Convention delegation Stewardship committee 10

Nominees for Trustee – Saint Michael and All Angels Foundation Margot Habiby

Margo is a 13 year member of Saint Michael and All Angels and has been an active member of the Choir, the WomenWork-Word study group, and a founding member of the GenXers organization. She served on the board of the Friends of the Saint George’s Cathedral and College in Jerusalem. She currently is Energy Editor for Bloomberg News. Jann Patterson Mackey

Jann has served in many capacities at Saint Michael with a strong emphasis on the Children and Family Ministries. She has been a member of the CFM Steering Committee, a Barnyard Bash volunteer, a Sunday School Teacher, and has worked at the St. Michael’s Woman’s Exchange. Jann is a graduate of SMU, has a MBA from Thunderbird School of International Management, and a Ph.D. from the University of Texas at Dallas. Bill Peeler

Bill has been a member of Saint Michael for more than 60 years. He has served as Senior Warden of the Vestry, the Church’s Treasurer, chair of the Stewardship Committee, and Trustee of the Foundation. Currently he serves as an acolyte and chalice bearer. Bill is a Certified Public Accountant and certified financial planner. Rowland (Robin) Robinson

A member at Saint Michael for more than 40 years, Robin has been active in the church’s education and school program. He served several terms on the board of the Saint Michael School, prior to its merger with the Episcopal School of Dallas. He also chaired the church’s Wayfinding/Signage Standards Committee. Robin currently is President of the Baylor Health Care System Foundation. Charles (Charlie) Sartain

Charlie has been a member of Saint Michael for nearly 30 years. He is a former Senior Warden and Vestry member, and served on the Rector Search Committee. He currently is an acolyte and chalice bearer, and has been a Sunday School teacher. Charlie has had a successful law practice for more than 30 years.


Finances & Operations

Report on Saint Michael and All Angels Church Finances I am always amazed at the responsiveness and generosity of our parish, and I am thankful for your support.


Our finances are sound and our cash reserves are adequate.


In 2013, we achieved a surplus of $76,711 verses a projected surplus of $3,240.

As of February 1, I can report that the total pledges for 2014 were $4,788,570, a 4.8% increase from $4,568,877 in 2013. The average pledge in 2014 is $3,957, a 1% increase over the average pledge in 2013 of $3,935. The number of pledges increased 6.8% from 1,133 in 2013 to 1,210 in 2014. As treasurer, I am often asked what is the average pledge required to meet the needs of our ministry areas without cuts and with support for growth. My answer is an average pledge of $5,000. As a point of reference, the average pledge at other large Episcopal parishes comparable to Saint Michael range from $5,000 to $8,000.

We continue to support Mission & Outreach ministries financially at a high level. Even with an increase in Stewardship, due to increases in non-discretionary expenses, we still have several areas that are in need of funds. Matthew Waller Treasurer

Having said that, we are grateful to every person who pledges to Saint Michael at every giving level. But in a world of non-profits that ask for our support frequently and in such sophisticated ways, I feel it is so important to prayerfully consider where the church ranks in our giving priorities. I can assure you that the need is great, and we are careful and efficient stewards of your gifts.


Our financial results for 2013 were good, but due to an odd circumstance. Our operating revenue came in at $5,497,866 which was $94,000 under budget. This lack of budgeted revenue was due to lower than expected payment of pledges. The good news is the clergy and staff were able to manage expenses below budget by $167,711. We ended up with black ink, not because of additional pledges but rather due to careful expense management. Of course, we would prefer that our surplus comes from ample pledges to insure our programs are fully funded.


A common question is, “How much of our budget goes to Outreach?” Here is a simple summary: Directly:

Support of the Episcopal Church of the United States and the Diocese of Dallas $645,866 Support of Seminaries 7,000 Mission and Outreach Committee grants 145,000 Allocation of clergy and staff compensation (est.) 1,000,000 Total Direct Support $1,797,866


At the end of a Stewardship campaign that runs from September to January (we have some 300-400 pledges arrive in January), we project the annual revenue that is available for our ministries. In November, our staff engages in a professional budgeting process in which they forecast costs for their ministry area. We then compare those budgets with the results of the Stewardship campaign. In recent years the needs exceeded our projected revenue, so each ministry area had to trim their requests to provide for a balanced budget.

Indirectly (Off budget, but by our parishioners efforts and generosity):

Women of Saint Michael


(Parish Party & St. Michael’s Woman’s Exchange)

Christmas and Easter plate Backpacks for Kids Heart of Giving Parishioners gifts of time, talent and treasure

This process highlights three areas where you as parishioners can be of help: y If you are able, please pledge, because our ability to extend our ministry in the world depends entirely on your Stewardship; y Please pledge as early in the campaign as possible so we can avoid the “scramble” to balance the budget in January; and, y Since we commit to our ministries in advance it is important that, as you are able, pledges are paid timely and in full. 14

$88,105 $40,751 $33,651 PRICELESS



Thanks to prudent management in past years, we have assets to support long-term initiatives. These are not intended to cover short term operating expenses, but do provide a modest cushion against the seasonality of our revenue. These include:

Saint Michael and All Angels has an excellent finance staff led by our Director of Accounting Rob Baber, and includes Stewardship Coordinator Jenny Andrews, accountants Angelia Hunter and Marlene Moncada, and part time consultant Darla Sheeley. We have regular contact with other large U.S. churches, and are aware of none our size that is able to operate with such a lean financial staff.

Over $1,292,000 in Restricted Funds designated to dozens of purposes for which the expenses cross more than a single year’s budget, for example, lecture series, liturgical supplies and youth missions.

The Vestry appoints a Finance Committee to oversee and advise on church finances. The members in the past year have been, Rob Baber (Director of Accounting), Steve Black, Bob Dannals (Rector), Bill Felder, Tracy Helms, Kathy Kelley, Suzanne Lipscomb, Casey McManemin, Grady Schleier, Jim Smith, Cliff Miercort (Senior Warden), Matt Waller (Treasurer and Committee Chairman), Giffen Weinmann (Saint Michael Foundation President), Dean and Susan McSherry (Stewardship Co-chairs) and Sheryl Wylie (Vestry Liaison).

Cash reserves not designated to special purposes, which fluctuate seasonally since our revenue is highest around Christmas and lower in the summer. At their low point at the end of last summer, these exceeded $500,000. This essential cushion is modest in relation to the size and complexity of our finances.

The Finance Committee meets and reports to the Vestry monthly, and its minutes are published on the church website. Audits

A bank line of credit for $400,000, which is available if our cash reserves become insufficient to cover revenue and expense timing differences. This line of credit costs us nothing unless we draw on it, which we have not done in several years.

We received an unqualified (or “clean”) audit opinion for our 2012 financial statements, and the 2013 audit will be performed this spring. The church Audit Committee reports to the Vestry and is independent of the staff, the Treasurer and the Finance Committee. Its members in 2013 were Jay Lipscomb (Chairman), Christine Ashmore, Randy Rekerdres, Daryl Rice, and Sheryl Wylie.

The assets of the Saint Michael and All Angels Foundation are completely separate from the church Balance Sheet, but represent important resources devoted to the church’s purposes. At the end of 2013 the Foundation had $2,814,970 in funds designated to various long term special purposes of the church and $2,069,660 in undesignated funds. The Foundation’s undesignated fund assets, as an established policy, do not fund activities that naturally are part of the church’s annual operating expenses. The Foundation trustees ensure that all spending complies with the Foundation By-Laws and individual fund purposes. To ensure coordination with church finances, the Foundation president is an ex-officio member of the Vestry and its finance committee, and the rector and church treasurer are ex-officio members of the Foundation Board of Trustees.


We trust this conveys that the clergy, staff and lay leaders at Saint Michael and All Angels are careful stewards of the church’s resources. The church’s financial health is, however, in your hands as you decide how to use the material gifts you receive from God.


In 2013 we paid down the mortgage on our commercial office building on Lomo Alto to $2,239,790 from $3,000,000. That mortgage is being serviced by the building’s rental income. This retirement of debt is a result of an effort that is currently underway to solicit gifts to pay off that note which would free the cash flow of that building to support parish ministries. If you have an interest in contributing to this effort, please contact Mary Kardell, our Director of Giving.

Respectfully submitted, Matthew Waller, Treasurer


2013 Revenue and Expenses Current year Pledges Prior Year Pledges Unpledged Plate Other Credit Card Fees Total Revenues

Diocese and National Church Seminaries Mission and Outreach Total Outreach

Net Operating Revenue




$4,726,000 175,000 285,000 100,000 344,000 (38,000) $5,592,000

$4,597,972 175,172 308,650 88,771 364,308 (37,007) $5,497,866

($128,028) 172 23,650 (11,229) 20,308 993 ($94,134)

$646,000 7,000 145,000 $798,000

$645,866 7,000 145,000 $797,866

($134) – – ($134)




Operating Expenses Ministries Compensation & Benefits $2,947,000 $2,988,788 Other 659,000 536,910 Facilities & Administration Compensation & Benefits 1,170,000 1,247,671 Services, Utilities, Supplies 1,422,000 1,362,781 Total Operating Expenses $6,198,000 $6,136,149

($41,788) 122,090 (77,671) 59,219 $61,851

Expense Offsets ESD Expense Allocation ($613,000) ($598,482) Preschool Tuition (794,000) (914,378) Net Expenses After Offsets 4,791,000 4,623,289

($14,518) 120,378 167,711

Net Surplus/(Deficit)





Stewardship 2014

Based on our most recent Stewardship campaign report of mid-February, total pledges for 2014 are at $4,847,080 a 5.7% increase from $4,568,877 pledged in 2013. The average pledge in 2014 is $3,931. The number of pledges increased 8% from 1,133 in 2013 to 1,233 in 2014.

As members of Saint Michael and All Angels, we are called by God to work together, complementing each other’s vast gifts and abilities. Stewardship is our collective efforts to manage and exercise Susan and Dean McSherry the financial gifts that God Stweardship Co-chairs has given to us. It is our combined efforts to care for and support God’s work in our church, our community and around the world.

The Stewardship committee, Vestry, clergy and staff would like to thank everyone that supports the annual campaign. In return, we pledge to be the very best stewards that we can be of the gifts you have entrusted to our care. These gifts will allow Saint Michael to reach out to others through worship, Christian education, pastoral care, mission and outreach, and hospitality. Without our collective gifts, none of this would be possible.

Contrary to our annual giving campaign, stewardship is not a season. Giving grounded in God’s generosity is a continual exercise requiring our focus and commitment. Just as God is committed to each of us every day, we must remain steadfast in our commitment to God. Whatever we give represents some proportion of what we have. It is the intentional, thoughtful selection of just what proportion of our wealth we intend to return to God. Stewardship requires acknowledging our role in God’s world and taking action. It is the ultimate answering of God’s call in appreciation for his generosity and grace.

Working together, we will witness the power of Saint Michael and All Angels to make a difference in the world, in our community and in each of our lives. Worship begins with gratitude, prayer begins with gratitude, giving begins with gratitude and we are most grateful to you for your faithful support.

Susan and Dean McSherry Stewardship Co-chairs

As part of our duty in stewardship at Saint Michael, we help to establish and maintain our annual budget. We participate in an annual pledge campaign to cover the costs of running the church on a day-to-day basis. Saint Michael and All Angels must manage to a balanced budget.


The Saint Michael and All Angels Foundation MISSION AND PURPOSE

of the All Angels Society. The Foundation’s Current Gift Acceptance Policy is available online at the Church website.

The mission of the Saint Michael and All Angels Foundation of Dallas is to seek and manage funds to enhance the ministries of the Church we love by encouraging and assisting Saint Michael and All Angels Episcopal Church in its mission.


Grants from the Foundation support the mission of the Parish, and are consistent with the priorities established annually by the Rector and the Vestry. During 2013, approximately $190,000 in grants were approved to support the Department of Lay Ministry Engagement, the operations of the Farmer’s Market, the Parish Nurse Program, the Saint Michael Presents concert series, construction of the pre-school playground, the Faith Formation initiative, catechesis training, and the acquisition of baptismal shells for the Altar Guild.


The Foundation is a separately chartered, non-profit corporation Giffen Weinmann President, Saint Michael exempt under Section 501(c)(3) and All Angels Foundation of the internal revenue code. It is governed by a 15-member board of trustees, five of whom are elected to six-year terms by the parish at large every other year.

Grant requests can be submitted at any time and are first approved by the Church Finance Committee and the Vestry prior to any commitment by The Foundation. A grant application form is available online.

The trustees oversee a professionally managed perpetual fund which is invested prudently for capital growth and preservation, as well as short term funds held for specific purposes on behalf of the Church. The Foundation is separate from Church finances but coordinated with the President of the Foundation serving ex-officio on the Vestry and the Finance Committee, and the Rector, Treasurer, and a Vestry Representative sitting ex-officio on the Board of the Foundation.


Historically, the Foundation has not made grants from most of its funds for needs that are properly within the scope of the Church operating budget. This policy was intended to prevent the Church from becoming dependent upon the Foundation for its normal operating needs and thereby weakening parishioner support of the Church through annual stewardship gifts. While the policy will not change for all existing funds, the Foundation has agreed with the Vestry to create a new Operations Endowment fund that will generate income to be used specifically to support the operating budget of the Church, so long as such support does not exceed 20% of operating revenue. This new fund is intended to provide a giving opportunity for those who wish to donate funds that will contribute to the operating budget in perpetuity, while limiting the impact of such support so as to maintain support for annual stewardship. Unrestricted gifts received by the Foundation pursuant to any gift instrument (will, etc.) that is dated prior to May 31, 2014, or from any existing All Angels Society member, will be grandfathered under the old policy and will not be used for support of the operating budget unless instructions to that effect are received from the donor.


Contributions to the Foundation are encouraged when individuals want to give beyond their annual operating support. These contributions may be made to the Foundation to the undesignated funds or to support one of the designated funds such as Operations Endowment, Clergy Housing, Music, Pastoral Care, Youth Ministry, Outreach/Mission, Columbarium, and the Ratelle Speaker Series. Traditionally, gifts made to the Church from an estate are transferred to the Foundation thus allowing the donor to continue to support the Parish in perpetuity. ALL ANGELS SOCIETY

To encourage all parishioners to remember the Church in their wills, The Foundation established the All Angels Society. Membership in the All Angels Society signals a parishioner’s commitment to include Saint Michael and All Angels Episcopal Church in his or her estate planning. Members of the Parish are encouraged to include the Church that they love in their estate plans and become members

Giffen Weinmann President 18

The Foundation Statement of Assets, Liabilities, and Fund Balances - 2013 December 31, 2013 ASSETS Cash and Temporary Investments


Securities (At Market) Mutual Funds Marketable Securities

375,666 4,074,892 434,072

Total Assets



Fund Balances Undesignated--Corpus & Income Designated--Corpus & Income


2,037,997 2,846,633

Total Fund Balances




REVENUE, EXPENSES, GRANTS AND CHANGE IN FUND BALANCES Fund Balance-Corpus Beginning Balance Contributions to Corpus Return of Grants Grants from Corpus Dividends, Interest, Royalties Realized Gain (Loss) On Securities Unrealized Gain (Loss) On Securities Corpus Before Transfers to Income Transfers to Income Ending Fund Balance-Corpus Fund Balance-Income Beginning Balance Income Transfer-Current Year Grants from Income Expenses Ending Fund Balance-Income

UNDESIGNATED $ 1,675,485 7,824 39 61,728 14,419 220,104 1,979,600 (65,706) $


DESIGNATED $ 2,836,667 226,056 4,000 (706,791) 87,675 241 272,417 2,720,264 (101,908)


$ 2,618,356


TOTAL 4,512,152 233,880 4,000 (706,753) 149,403 14,661 492,521 4,699,864 (167,614) 4,532,250


125,376 65,706 (54,604) (12,374)


240,808 101,908 (95,023) (19,416)


366,184 167,614 (149,627) (31,791)








Junior Warden’s Report – Building and Grounds 2013 IMPROVEMENTS AND PROJECTS:

This year saw the completion of two (2) major projects long in the works at Saint Michael. First, having its origins over a decade ago, we dedicated our beautiful expanded Columbarium and Nave Courtyard on November 3. New stained glass doors into the Sanctuary are now installed. The existing Columbarium received a major upgrade Tom Stewart Junior Warden including new limestone pathways. Designed by architect Max Levy and built by general contractor Beck Construction (with skillful contribution from masonry subcontractor Dee Brown, Inc.) the expanded Columbarium will serve the Parish for generations to come, while the Nave Courtyard creates a serene space for outdoor worship and reflection. In connection

“Fairies” help cut the ribbon at Little Angels Park opening

the entire Building & Grounds Committee for their support and guidance. Second, on October 27, we dedicated the new Saint Michael Preschool Playground on our property north of the Church. The playground was funded by the preschool and designed by Todd Howard & Associates. It will provide a safe and exciting space for our younger members to play, learn and grow. Many thanks to Tracy Helms, The Rev. Greg Pickens, and the Saint Michael Preschool Board of Directors. The symbolism of these two major projects should not be overlooked, as we continue to make our campus a place of comfort, joy, and inspiration for all parishioners throughout their lives. LESS VISIBLE PROJECTS:

• The audio system in the Church was substantially upgraded, including a new digital mixer and user front-end for the general P.A. system. • In response to its continued growth, the Saint Michael Preschool was renovated to create additional capacity and shared play space adjacent to the building. • Continuing efforts to increase the efficiency of our utility systems, “smart” controllers were installed in the irrigation system allowing remote interface, and the second phase of installing auto-flush valves on the water closets was completed. Saint Michael and All Angels is also the charter/ founding member of the Episcopal utility savings initiative for the Diocese of Dallas, pooling our buying power in order to obtain substantially reduced electricity pricing. To date, the Diocese has achieved over $200,000 in savings as a result of this initiative.

Parishioners inspect new Columbarium

with the Columbarium project, we relocated the existing monument sign to the area in front of the South Lanai facing Colgate, installed new landscape lighting, raised the driveway in the covered drive at the South Lanai to curb height providing a sheltered drop-off place for physically challenged parishioners, added additional short term parking spaces, and rebuilt the sidewalk along Colgate. In addition, a new monument sign will be installed in front of the Church facing Douglas. Many thanks to Bart Forbes for the design of the stained glass doors, Dr. Tom McConnell for his vision, Jay Grogan and the many donors who made the project possible, Bill Pardoe for countless hours of landscape construction supervision, and 20

• The Building and Grounds Committee continued to support the Saint Michael’s Farmers Market, with the addition of picnic tables and creation of a concession area and “cool” zone. A special thanks to Guy Griffeth for leading the charge and Operations staff member & Market Director Nancy Powers. • New tables and chairs were purchased for use in the Parish Hall, as well as the addition of some much-needed color. • Finally, with the exception of two small suites utilized by the church, the 8100 Lomo Alto office complex is 100% leased thanks to the leadership of the Fredericks Square Title Holding Company chaired by Blair Oden, as successor to Bob Wilbur who served tirelessly in that capacity for many years. Mechanical improvements continue, including the replacement of three (3) HVAC units and the installation of closed loop high efficiency pumps.


The Administration staff continues to support all of our church ministries. Manning the frontline are our wonderful receptionists Sandra Cox and Bonita Frederick. They continue to keep happy faces and a positive first impression for us with all the events and activities on our campus. Our accounting team is headed up by Rob Baber, Director of Accounting, with tremendous assistance from Angelia Hunter and Marlene Moncada. They work on everything from processing all contributions to paying all of the campus invoices and keeping all financials in line for the Saint Michael ministries and the Lomo Alto office building. Tommy Thedford is our Information Technology Coordinator. He provides support for 68 workstations, several servers, switches, routers and bridges. It is an ongoing effort to keep our campus technology infrastructure running smoothly.

Thanks to all members of the Building & Grounds Committee, and most especially Facilities Manager Bracken Reece, Leon Farmer, and their staff, for their hard work and dedication.

Ever wonder about all the family address changes, family additions, email address changes, etc.? These church membership records are kept very organized by our registrar, Celise Stephenson. She also logs all of the births, baptisms, confirmations, weddings, transfers in and outs, and deaths.

Tom Stewart Junior Warden

Kimberly Hughes Robinson, Parish Administrator, keeps track of all meetings and events on the campus calendar. She also supports all of our 60+ staff for human resources needs including administration of the 403b and employee insurance. She also manages the property and liability insurance for the church campus including the Lomo Alto office building. The communications team at Saint Michael is responsible for all print and digital publications including the church’s website, social media postings, the weekly Sunday News and monthly Archangel newsletter, and the video screens throughout the building. The group livestreams on the website Easter and Christmas Eve worship services, and the youth’s Nativity Pageant, which had viewer across the country and in several foreign countries. The group works with the church’s ministries to support and promote their programs. Our entire team works with each ministry area on a daily basis to ensure all administrative needs are met for parishioners, employees and our expansive campus.

Hundreds attend blessing ceremony for new Columbarium


2013 Parish Statistics Holy Eucharist: Saturdays/Sundays Weekdays Private

483 371 289

Daily Office: Sundays Weekdays

61 8

Other Services: Marriages Burials Other

25 45 37

Baptisms-Adults Baptisms-Children Number of Families All Baptized Members as of December 31, 2011 Communicants as of December 31, 2011 Confirmed Adults Confirmed Children Receptions Transferred Communicants Reactivations Other Adds Total Additions Transfers Out-Active Deaths-Active Inactivations Other Losses Total Losses Communicants as of December 31, 2012 All Baptized Members as of December 31, 2012

1 64 2,998

7,180 5,127 6 88 9 48 14 0 165 22 28 110 4 164 5,128 7,126


Ministry Reports

Faith Formation 2020 2013 was an important year for parish faith formation. After a staff retreat in 2011, our Rector, Bob Dannals assembled a team from the spectrum of ministries responsible for the majority of formation in the parish. He charged this team with studying the demographic changes occurring in our country and our parish and, where possible, incorporate those learnings into a document suggesting possible horizons to the faith formation activities of Saint Michael and All Angels. The team used John Roberto’s book, Faith Formation 2020: Designing the Future of Faith Formation and other literature to identify perceived unhelpful trends to faith formation at Saint Michael and suggest remedial solutions. The team found several Driving Forces affecting the future of faith formation at our church. Some of these forces and trends include: a declining demographic who self-identify as Christian, a growing demographic with no religious affiliation, the rise of the “Spiritual but not Religious” demographic, a declining efficacy of the 1950’s Sunday school model, noticeably uneven weekly church attendance for certain demographics, and accepting that church is one of many choices for our parishioners on a Sunday morning. The team began to imagine an adjusted foundation for moving towards more helpful models of faith formation. There was never a question about the quality of teaching at Saint Michael, our mission remains to understand how the teachings of Christ are being transmitted and simply ask, “Is this the best way given what we know about our congregation?”

The team proposes the church take advantage of the demographic shifts and the rise of technology to offer a range of connections that answers questions, provide different types of community settings and experiences, and accomplish faith formation in a variety of settings using technology. The parish has already experienced some of these shifts. For example, Bob Dannals instructed our clergy Advent Meditations to be in a video form so people outside the parish could access them. The teaching ministries of our parish are endeavoring to use multisensory teaching aids when appropriate and the team is working on a website designed to be a help to those who would not normally come inside our parish walls. These are just the very beginnings of what is to come in the area of faith formation. In next year’s edition of this report, you will read about how we are applying the lessons from our faith formation to the balance of the ministries at Saint Michael and All Angels. How we present and teach the saving Gospel of Jesus Christ has everything to do with the future health of our parish.

The Rev. Greg Pickens Associate for Children, Youth and Families



The Music Ministry is pleased to report that 2013 was an exciting and productive year. Much of the ministry’s new efforts focused on the successful launch of the parish’s new community concert series, Saint Michael Presents. In the first quarter of 2013, Saint Michael Presents received a $25,000 grant from the Saint Michael Foundation as seed money for the series’ inaugural season. We are grateful to the Foundation, church Treasurer Matt Waller, the Vestry, and Finance Committee for their guidance and support.

Saint Michael choir provides musical inspiration for worship services

The concert committee set a goal of raising $25,000 from individual donors in its first season, and is happy to report that over $50,000 was raised. We are very grateful to the many who saw the need for this unique evangelistic opportunity and supported this exciting new endeavor.

The Music Ministry is grateful to the Saint Michael Presents committee—Nancy Duncan (chair) and Lowell Duncan, Marla and Tony Briggle, and Jessica and Jim Garner—for their passion, vision, expertise, and hard work that has made the series’ launch a great success.

Saint Michael Presents hosted its inaugural concert on Thursday, December 5, 2013, which featured the Arts District Chorale and Children’s Chorus of Greater Dallas. Despite adverse weather (most area schools were closed the next morning), the audience filled the church that evening. Moreover, an overwhelming majority of the concert goers were visitors. In addition to this concert, the committee planned the second concert of the series, featuring the Grammy Award winning Texas Boys Choir on Sunday March 30.

In addition to hosting guest choirs in concert, the Music Ministry also made arrangements to host guest choirs to sing in services: the gospel ensemble “Appointed” to sing in January 2014, and the “Select Choir” of St. Andrew’s Episcopal School, Austin, in March 2014. 2013 was an excellent year for Saint Michael’s parish choirs as well. The adult choirs continue to enjoy strong, healthy numbers and camaraderie that fuels their dedication on Sundays and the festal services throughout the year. The Sunday-only format of the Children’s Choir is in its second season and has increased by over 100% in membership. It is no small feat that the volunteers and staff of the Music Ministry provide musical leadership to seven services each weekend. As such, the Music Ministry thanks all those who diligently bring beauty and inspiration through music to these Eucharists, as well as to the many festal services and concerts Saint Michael offers to parishioners and community. James Diaz Director of Music

Music Director James Diaz leads church’s music program 25

• filling and maintaining 65 oil candles and 28 glass chimneys • stocking the Sacristy with wafers, wine and other necessities • replenishment of 400 sanctus candles and 6000 prayer station candles • repairing or replacing items necessary for the worship services such as alms basins, linens, processional torches, etc. • maintaining inventories • ensuring the appropriate furnishings are set for services and preparing the church for special services and events according to the liturgical calendar The Altar Guild is dedicated to the enhancement of the worship experience. Our challenge is to educate and update members about duties, train new members, and attract new volunteers to replace those who have moved on due to personal issues, illness or retirement. A special bond of love and friendship exists among this multi-generational group. Working together in the preparation of the Lord’s table is a cherished privilege.


Every week, the Altar Guild assists the clergy and serves the parish community by maintaining the Altars, Sacristies, vestments, linens, vessels, candles, torches, silver/brass, flowers and supplies for all worship services and any other special events. It is our duty to see that everything is in its place so that the services can be conducted with order, decency, and beauty. The Altar Guild consists of five teams with 15-17 members per team. Membership is open to anyone in the church who is willing to be trained in the proper procedure and wishes to serve the Lord in this quiet, but meaningful way.

Laura Noe, Directress Saint Michael and All Angels Altar Guild

In the past year, the Altar Guild has prepared and served at the following: • almost 400 regularly scheduled weekday services • over 400 Sunday services • some 30 services during Advent and Lent • every wedding, funeral, inurnment and baptism • more than 250 visiting communion kits

Saint Michael Acolyte Corp. one of the largest in the Episcopal Church


More than 200 parishioners, ages 12 to 80, assist our clergy in celebrating the Holy Eucharist and other worship services throughout the year. From major feasts, weddings, and funerals to daily services the acolytes and chalice bearers served alongside our priests at God’s Altar for a total of 1,402 services in 2013.

Altar Guild prepares elements for Eucharist

In the past year the Altar Guild responsibilities included: • washing and ironing over 4000 linens • providing 2000 congregational candles 26

Additionally, 50 lay readers, including several young people, are responsible for delivering the Old and New Testament lessons, the Psalm and the Prayers of the People at the many worship services in the church, the Saint Michael and Bishop Moore Chapels, the Parish Hall, and the Theater. Tony Briggle, Acolyte Master


The Usher Corps consists of approximately 115 men and women dedicated to making all people – parishioners and visitors – feel welcome, and to helping provide a high quality worship experience. The ushers are typically the first and last people that visitors see at our church worship services. They bring a friendly, welcoming spirit, and warmth to our services. They are responsible for handing out programs, assisting people in finding a seat, managing the offerings, and for the orderly movement of people to and from communion. Five usher teams serve at services in the main church, the Saint Michael Chapel, and the Theater. A special team trained for funerals is led by Bill Johnson. Tig Thompson leads the team covering the 7:00 a.m. services in the Bishop Moore Chapel. Jim Browne heads the Saturday evening service team, and Ann Jams leads the ushers covering the Sunday evening services in the Saint Michael Chapel.

Ushers greet parishioners and guests at all services

Ed Ladd, Director



y The Distinguished Lecture Series format moved to Sunday mornings in a combined adult class so that more people could attend. A second session with the speaker was offered over a lunch presentation. y The Spring Lecture with Dr. Gary Dorrien, Rhienhold Neibuhr Professor of Social Ethics at Union Theological Seminary, was cancelled due to extreme weather and flight cancellations on the east coast. y The Rev. Dr. Craig Barnes, President and Dean of Princeton Theological Seminary spoke on “When Life is Interrupted” and “The Blessing of Limitations.” y Home Communions were offered during Lent and Advent. y The Lent Retreat hosted 100 parishioners in hearing the Superior of the Society of Saint John the Evangelist Monastery Bro. Curtis Almquist. y The Advent Retreat was cancelled because of icy weather and resulting low attendance expectations. y Lenten and Advent Meditations, written by staff and parishioners, were published in hard copy and offered online. y In the fall, the ministry for older singles reorganized with more members on the steering committee and more activities for the year. They changed the name of this group to Singles n’ Saints y The Prime Timers continue to minister to the senior members of our congregation with monthly lunches and monthly field trips. y The Adult Formation Council worked diligently on visioning for Adult Formation, focusing both on the Strategic Plan and on addressing the challenges in John Roberto’s Faith Formation 2020.

The particular task for Adult Formation is to provide opportunities for education, fellowship, spiritual formation; for asking questions, discovering answers, growing in our relationships with each other and with God. The classes, retreats, seminars, workshops and lectures Saint Michael’s offers both our Shelly Vescovo Adult Formation congregation and the wider community are designed to educate and challenge all people in their life-long Christian formation. During the year, the 20 members of the Adult Formation Council meet to plan, implement, and evaluate the offerings to our parish and community. The Council spent considerable time reading and analyzing John Roberto’s book Faith Formation 2020 to understand how cultural trends impact our parish. In 2013, these events took place to aid the formation and transformation of our parish: y In the spring, congregants could choose from 6 Sunday classes: The Rector’s Forum on “Life’s Hard Questions’, Adult Bible Study, Family Foundations, and Pressure Points: Faith and Society. y The summer adult Sunday offering continued the popular “Faith and Literature” series with an average of 100 attending each week. y In the fall, adults could choose between 6 classes: The Rector’s Forum: Basic Christianity-Anglican Style; Family Foundations: Faithful Marriage in the Real World; Adult Bible Study: The Four Gospels; Inquirers’ and Newcomers Series; Pressure Points; Parenting: Building Families of Faith. y 15 weekday Bible and Book studies met in the spring and fall .

Shelly Vescovo Director of Adult Formation

Adult Formations offer a variety of classes and Bible and book studies throughout the year 28

SMAA 20S&30S:

Based on the transitional nature of this demographic, the group experimented with different meeting styles and settings ranging from communion services in the homes of parishioners to bible studies in the church Parlor. Currently, the group meets once a month for brunch after the 11:00 service and one evening a The Rev. Brenda Sol Associate for Young month for Bible study in a restaurant. Adults and Pastoral Participants are both married and single, Care and although the size of the gatherings are relatively small, they have begun to bring friends. WOMEN-WORK-WORD:

SMAA 20s&30s celebrate Eucharist at home gathering

This continues to be a foundational group for women who work outside the home. Because they are unable to attend day-time events, the members are appreciative of the evening schedule. They currently discuss one of the Sunday scripture readings each month, as a way to share their faith journey. This format ensures that newcomers can easily participate as inclusivity is one of the key values of the group. GENXERS:

After a number of people, who felt they had outgrown the 20s&30s group, commented that they were looking for opportunities to socialize with other parishioners in the 3545 age group, the GenXers were initiated. Their activities were kicked-off with a brainstorming session, and then a pizza and game night. Since then, they have gone on several outings together, including adult night at the Perot Museum. The participants include married couples without children and singles. NEWLYWEDS:

Another ministry within the Young Adults demographic was inspired by participants in the Marriage Preparation classes. These couples, either soon-to-be-married, or married less than five years, and in their 20s and 30s, are excited to meet other parishioners at a similar stage of life. Each month, lunch is served, while the topic of the day is introduced by Brenda Sol, and a mentoring couple (parishioners who have been married multiple years) help to engage the group in discussion.


Children, Youth, and Families the staff and Vestry of Saint Michael an outline of a possible future for faith formation in our parish.

In my ministry at Saint Michael, I am so grateful to be involved with a team of clergy who take our roles and responsibilities so seriously and yet are able to experience joy. In 2013, I had the opportunity to teach with my wife, Noralyn, at the 10:00 Sunday Adult Formation hour. The series, Marriage The Rev. Greg Pickens in the Real World, is part of my Family Associate for Children, Foundations sequence and we have had Youth and Families a great time getting to know couples around the topic of marriage. It is our goal to hold up strong marriages as one building block for a stable family life and individual spiritual growth.

As part of the work in this process, the Children’s Ministry and Youth Ministry labored to evaluate and construct a scope and sequence document outlining the critical Bible stories, Episcopal heritage elements, and spiritual skills that we expect the children and youth to possess as they make their way toward adulthood. This was a difficult assignment in that gaining clarity in this area only comes with patience and a dedication to the overall goal of forming Christians in the Episcopal tradition. Please look for a report on Faith Formation 2020 in this booklet for a more in depth report on this work. Each of the CYF ministry areas has a complete report in the pages to come. I encourage you to spend some time with each of those accounts; they show the experience, dedication, and innovation that the CYF team members bring to Saint Michael and All Angels.

I also have the privilege to spend time with a group of men in Bible study. The Dad’s Bible Study happens every first and third Tuesday at the church. We come together around food, fellowship, and the Bible to study and learn about the readings for the following Sunday. All are welcome, so if you are interested, just give me a call at the church.

Our team believes that strong families are important to establish a robust faith in our children. We offer opportunities to bring families closer through fellowship, study, and mission. We have classes on Sundays that challenge and support parents. We also regularly host special gatherings where experts in relationships and sexuality provide insight into the complexities of raising children into young adulthood.

2013 was a year of change for the Children Youth and Families (CYF) team. If there was a reoccurring theme for this team it was, “Strengthen Our Focus.” We started out the year tasked with two priorities. The first was to self-reflect on our ministry areas and spend the time necessary to answer two questions posed by our Rector: 1) How do we increase involvement at Saint Michael, and 2) how do we increase commitment in the people of our spheres of influence? Children, Youth and the Saint Michael Preschool each returned with a list of possibilities from our separate lay steering teams. The Rector and Vestry then gathered the thoughts from each ministry area and cast a parish-wide vision that included individual ideas marked as high priority from a parish-wide perspective. The CYF team has already accomplished a significant number of what was elevated by the Rector and Vestry, but we all know there is more to do for the Kingdom of God.

You are invited to experience all that we have to offer children, youth, and families here at our church. Whether you have children in your house now or not, please come to any of our events or meetings, we would love to partner with you in these ministries.

The second priority for CYF was to delve deeper into the work we started in 2012 by imagining what faith formation would look like at Saint Michael in the year 2020. It seems clear that the current demographic shifts in those who attend our Sunday and mid-week offerings, the rise of technology in our lives, and the varying definition of what constitutes “regular church attendance” signals a change in how a parish communicates the saving Gospel of Jesus Christ. CYF partnered with the Young Adult Ministry and the Adult Formation Ministry to offer to 30


This year has been one of strengthening and deepening ministry. Gifted and joyful staff, coupled with strong parishioner participation and support, has created many different expressions of ministry and an expanded sense of community. A few highlights are: Emily Given Children and Family Ministry

Christian Formation (Midweek) • Wednesday afternoons continued to be a place for learning and exploration thanks to experiences such as Faith Lab (science experiments infused Biblical connections) as well as Lego My Bible (Bible adventure class), Cooking on the Edge (cooking class for fourth and fifth graders) and Faith Builders (sacred art class for fourth and fifth graders). y Small groups were a source of inspiration, exploration, challenge and connection. Groups include MOMS Bible Study, Women of the Spirit, and Women-Work-Word. y Catechesis of the Good Shepherd continued to partner with Saint Michael Preschool for weekday enrichment.

Christian Formation (Sunday Morning) y Sunday morning continued to grow in exciting ways that expand knowledge, foster connections and increase community. y 3’s and Preschool – NEW Play and Worship class was taught by preschool teachers with the assistance of parent volunteers. y Large Group – Kindergarten through Faith Lab gets into sticky issues third grade experienced a large group/small group gathering in the gym with storytelling, music, activities, prayer, multimedia presentations, small group discussions and games. Adults took the role of guide in place of teacher. y Catechesis of the Good Shepherd is an approach to the religious formation of children in which adults and children share their faith life together. They met in specially prepared rooms called atria where the children use simple, beautiful materials to meditate on the scriptures, liturgy, and sacraments. It is based upon the educational principles

Joy Mass introduces worship to youngest parishioners

of Maria Montessori. We had 4 atria available on Sunday mornings- 2 for 4-6 year olds and 2 for 6-9 year olds. y Edge Sunday School – All fourth and fifth grade students met in the Edge Room for a large group experience. We moved away from a classroom setting for the Sunday 10:00 hour to an interactive and conversational model. This hour had elements of music, scripture, popular culture reflections and large and small group activities. The theme for the 2013-2014 school year is “Words to Live By.” Worship y Joy, Discover, and Celebration Masses continued to be services which invite children and families into the center of our worshiping community. y Pajama Prayers (Wednesdays during Advent and Lent) offered another way to share our Biblical story and experience a condensed version of Compline. (Plus a yummy bedtime snack!) y Good Friday for Children created a place for families to come close to the Holy Week story in ways that were engaging and age appropriate.


(Lenten reflections mid-week art class) and Cooking on the Edge Nativity Pageant y Over 100 of the children and youth of Saint Michael shared a dramatic retelling of the coming of the Christ child through song and story in the main sanctuary on the fourth Sunday of Advent.

Early Childhood Ministry - A renewed commitment to our youngest families (birth through age three) y Sunday morning parent/child gatherings created a place for young families to meet during the 10:00 hour. y Play and Worship was the new Sunday morning class for threes and fours. This time incorporated play, music, art, storytelling and Bible study. y MOMS Luncheon Group was a place of learning and connection through monthly speakers, fellowship, and a tasty lunch. y Baptismal Guild/Baptismal Support began making banners for each child being baptized as well as offering a consistant welcoming presence to baptismal families. y Increased participation in Foyer Groups gave parents of young children a chance to form relationships. y MOMS Bible Study started late in the year. It was an informal exploration of the most popular stories told to children, yet looking at them with our adult eyes. y The Easter Egg Hunt was the perfect combination of fun and fellowship.

Nativity Pageant featured more than 100 children

y Both presentations of the pageant were webcasted in realtime. The web viewership reached 80 screens as grandparents and loved ones around the world shared in the experience. y The Parish Hall was packed for a delicious potluck lunch and fellowship time. Vacation Bible School y The parish traveled with Saint Paul to ATHENS! It was a week of music, worship, storytelling, drama, crafts, games and more. y The outreach effort was focused on the children of Dallas through the ministry of The Rainbow Room of Community Partners. Truck loads of school supplies made their way into the hands of hundreds of children throughout Dallas County.

The Edge learns about living in the 3rd world at the World Hunger Relief Farm

The Edge The Edge ministry grew and evolved in meaningful ways. A wonderful sense of participation emerged through the implemenation of new faith formation initiatives. The emphasis of multi-sensory experiences for Christian education as well whole family faith experiences were successful changes in the new curriculum. Highlights included: y Community Building – Edge Christmas party, Edge lock-in, and summer swim nights y Mission and Outreach – Edge mission trip to the World Hunger Relief Farm, and an ongoing relationship with the Jubilee Park Neighborhood y Midweek Formation and Connection – Faith Builders

Family Fellowship y The Parish Hall was packed with families for the Advent Family Fair. Families dined on Grip Mediterranean, posed in the Bethlehem photo booth, belted out a few tunes on the Karaoke stage, painted Advent jar candles as well as made prayer cubes for daily devotion. Back by popular demand was John the Baptist and his chocolate covered bugs. y The north parking lot was filled with ghostly creatures, lovely princesses and dozens of superheroes during the third annual Trunk or Treat Sunday. y The Feast of Lights celebration was a remarkable blend of wonderful worship, fantastic food, and a deep sense of 32

y Foster key leaders and faith-formers within the parish family

community. The large Mardi Gras-style magi puppets, sparklers, s’mores stations, and the Perot Museum mobile planetarium helped to create a festive feel for all. y Swim nights and movie nights gave families fun opportunities to gather over the summer months.

Submitted by: Emily Given, Director On behalf of: Suzanne Finan, Children’s Minister Austen Crossley, Early Childhood Coordinator Jill Delabano, Program Administrator Gabrielle Ott, Catechesis Coordinator

Family Outreach y This year Children and Family Ministry focused a lot of attention on mission and outreach as a family. One Sunday each month was dedicated to family mission on or off campus. Ministry areas included North Dallas Shared Ministries, Jubilee Park, and The Gathering. y Spring Break Sundays were the perfect time to participate in mission moments for places like Medical City Children’s Hospital and The Gathering.


Faith in the Home Enrichment: Social media campaigns to support individual and family faith were huge successes. Project 40 for Lent gave a daily message of inspiration and love. RADVENT’s Instragram style texts brought a daily image to inspire hope and anticipation to people of the parish as well as a far-reaching subscribership around the county and beyond.

Andy Sahl Youth Director

Youth Ministry at Saint Michael and All Angels enjoyed another year of excellent formation among our 6th12th graders and their families. The highlights listed below tell a bit of the story, but what is harder to tell is the story of the strong sense of community and belonging among our young people.

Some highlights of 2013 include: • Our young people traveled to New York and Austin on mission trips. Both trips proved to be catalysts for growth in faith and perspective for our young people. An international trip to Israel was planned for the summer of 2013 but cancelled due to safety concerns. y Our small group ministry continues to grow under the leadership of Carolina Armstrong. Groups meet at local houses and restaurants, providing an opportunity for our

Communication The use of social media and eblasts has become the two primary sources of information and resource sharing. The use of posters and other large visuals was another key mode of communicating events and opportunities. Bulletin boards were also used as a center for children and family event large photo display. Faith Formation 2020 The Children Youth and Family staff studied the work of John Roberto to help guide them on the path to what is next at Saint Michael in the way of forming Christians in knowledge, service, community, and worship. Growing Edges of Ministry for the Coming Year y Cultivate more small group community and study y Expand resource development for family and individual faith building y Increase communication y Reach out to families on the fringe y Expand midweek and “other than Sunday morning” gathering times y Build on the meaningful ways for families to participate in mission and outreach

High School youth at New York City Mission Trip 33

young people to connect in a way that fits their busy lifestyles y Peder Eide led a family worship experience for the Disciples Class and their families. This new addition to the Disciples class was warmly received. y This summer a number of events where held to keep our young people connected to the church and each other including; ultimate Frisbee, video game LAN party, pool parties, and movie nights. y During Holy Week, the Wednesday night group experienced a Seder Meal. y The ninth grade focused program “Jump Start� had its largest attendance yet. Parents were invited to the final session which included dinner and a family communication workshop. y Encounter, our Sunday morning education experience, was re-designed with curriculum pieces in three-week segments. Each segment is focused on developing a faith asset of a young person. Some Sunday mornings include guest speakers and parent invitation, a dynamic that has received a warm response. y 50 youth served at Vacation Bible School this year. The youth ministry staff spent the week shepherding the high school students, which was a valuable time of both service and relational ministry. y Our traditional Winter Retreat proved to be a transformational weekend for our middle and high school students. y 85 sixth graders were confirmed through the Disciples class program. This program continues to be led by an amazingly gifted team of volunteer adults. y Our Wednesday night program was renamed to AXIS (middle school) and Crosspoint (high school). The time that each group meets was separated to allow for a higher level of community and safety among the distinct age groups.

The Disciples Class retreat prepares 6th graders for Confirmation

All of the formation staff of Saint Michael continues to study the changing culture and demographics to best serve our community. This study has been centered on the work of John Roberto, a church consultant that we regularly study and look to for guidance in the tweaking of our ministries. The primary pieces that have developed in response to this work include our small group ministry, the (ongoing) development of a resource website, and short classes centered on a specific context (i.e. 9th graders). One significant staff change this year is the hiring of Brooke Pearce as Youth Ministry Coordinator. Brooke started with us in December and handles all of our administrative logistics and is a leader at our programs including Wednesday nights, Sunday mornings, retreats, and mission trips. Like all ministries, youth ministry evolves every year. For many, youth ministry conjures up images of lock-ins and dodge ball.

Youth group prepares bags with books and food for outreach mission

Saint Michael middle school students work with children in Jubilee Park 34

While we still love dodge ball, youth ministry is also growing up as we work to involve parents as much as possible in the lives of their young people, provide opportunities for deep community in small groups, and call our young people to positions of leadership among their peers.

• SMP is working on engaging families with several different events. We are working on more family chapel opportunities and had huge success with Donuts with Dads, Muffins with Moms, and our parent party “Casino de Mayo”. • SMP will be offering 6 weeks of Exciting and FUN summer camp starting in June. • We are working on a SMP website and please be sure to like us on our Facebook Page!

Andy Sahl Youth Director

We look forward to a new year full of wonder and discovery for your children. Katie Riley, Director Barb Wynn, Assistant Director

Katie Riley Director, Saint Michael Preschool

Barb Wynn Assistant Director, Saint Michael Preschool


Below are highlights from 2013-2014 school year that we would like to share and celebrate with you. • The Saint Michael Preschool (SMP) became a member of the National Association of Episcopal Schools. • The new playground was finished and we had the blessing and dedication during our annual Trunk or Treat celebration in October. • The 2013 edition of the Charish Our Children Dinner and Auction was a lot of fun and a success in raising awareness and funds for our preschool. • SMP welcomed 157 families into our school. • SMP added 8 certified State of Texas teachers, a reading specialist, and an educational evaluator to our preschool staff. • SMP students had the opportunity to participate in exciting enrichment activities including: Techie Tots, Soccer Palz, Stretch-n-Grow, Catechesis, Mr. Donavan, music, and library. • We working to increase our family outreach and volunteer opportunities for our students and their families.

The new preschool playground is a blessing for the kids and teachers


Caring & Sharing PASTORAL CARE

The Rev. Lisa Flores Associate for Pastoral Care

To build the kingdom of God by responding in love to those in need – this is the mission of Pastoral Care. The Pastoral Care Ministries grew steadily in 2013 with a total of 9,417 occurrences of Visiting, Caring, Praying and Serving. This represents an increase of 1,708 additional pastoral care contacts made in 2013.

Each Pastoral Care chair reports monthly to the Lay Leader of Pastoral Care regarding their preceding month’s activity. The chairs of Lay Eucharistic Visitors, Friends in Christ, Congregational Care, the Priest for Pastoral Care, the Assistant for Pastoral Care, the Lay Leader for Pastoral Care, and our Vestry liaisons meet monthly to review the pastoral needs of the parishioners and to follow up by responding in love to those in need.

Prayer Bears are knitted for children facing serious illnesses

were sent to parishioners who celebrated a birthday, had a new baby, were recovering from illness or surgery or a hospital stay, or had lost someone close to them. The Care Giver Support Group, led by Sandra Klingeman, Drew Stull, and Liz Wheelan, provides a place for those caring for ailing loved ones to confidentially share their challenges. We have welcomed 236 attendees during the past year. They continue to reach out to the parish by planning events featuring guest speakers who serve as a resource for caregivers. In addition to their meetings, the Care Givers have created a resource library for families whose loved one is dealing with dementia. Please check out the Care Giver’s Corner in The Power Library.

There are currently 21 different lay ministries that reach out to those in our parish who are in need. Each of those chairs of the Pastoral Care Ministries meet a minimum of three (3) times a year to review the status of each ministry and to insure that all Pastoral Care Ministries are working together to respond to those members of the Parish who are in need. VISITING Friends in Christ: Under the leadership of Catherine McGee, 17 Friends in Christ made 338 visits and contacts. In the annual Easter Flower delivery last spring, Friends in Christ visitors took Easter Flowers from the altar to 58 parishioners who were homebound and could not attend services on Easter Sunday.

The Grief Ministry is best known for the Faith and Grief Luncheons held on the second Thursday of each month. Led by Meg Badgett, the mission of the Faith and Grief ministry is to provide ongoing comfort to persons who have experienced the death of a loved one. The luncheons begin and end with a clergy-led liturgy, a presentation by someone who has experienced the loss of a loved one, and small group discussions led by lay volunteers. In 2013, 246 people attended the luncheons.

Lay Eucharistic Visitors: Led by Ruthie Garrett, has over 25 Lay Eucharistic Visitors who have been trained and licensed to take communion to parishioners in the hospital, at home or in assisted living facilities. The ministry continues to support those who are unable to come to church on their own. This past year 798 parishioners were visited by an LEV. There are several new parishioners including families who joined the Ministry in 2013.

The ministry also offered an Advent Liturgy of Remembrance followed by a reception in December. The liturgy was enhanced by special music and the opportunity to remember loved ones through the lighting of candles and special blessings. This was the second year that we offered this special service; with approximately 51 individuals attending the service, this is now a regular offering during Advent.

CARING The Card Ministry administered by Pat Moore, Jan Moncrief, and Sarah Martin, sends cards and notes to provide comfort, support, and to share in life’s celebrations. In 2013, 319 cards 36

their experience and readings that are helpful to a deeper understanding of this form of prayer. All are welcome. In 2013, over 139 people participated in this spiritual practice.

Stephen Ministry is a one-on-one, confidential ministry which provides care to individuals facing life challenges or difficulties. A Stephen Minister is a trained individual who can walk beside someone who needs help facing a loss in their life by providing encouragement, resources and prayerful concern. Each Stephen Minister has more than 50 hours of in-depth study and training.

The Daily Intercessory Prayer Ministry offers prayers from requests that come to them via the personal requests, online prayer requests, or the Connect Cards from the Sunday Services. 68 volunteers participate in this confidential prayer ministry through daily prayer. 767 people were prayed for in 2013.

Saint Michael has 10 Stephen Leaders and 14 Stephen Ministers, available to serve our parish community, and is lead by Jean Coleman. Approximately 286 touches were made during 2013 by Stephen Ministers.

The Prayer Shawl Ministry knitted 128 prayer shawls for those in need during 2013. This ministry, led by Byrd Teague, gathers weekly to knit and for fellowship. In addition to the beautiful shawls that were knitted, we began knitting Prayer Bears for children going through illness. A second knitting group, Alterknit, meets at night. Led by Nancy Cantwell, this nighttime group is open to those who cannot attend during the day and contributes to the supply of shawls. This is also a great group to join if you are a first time knitter and would love to learn! Sunday Service Prayer Teams pray with those in need, as an extension of the Eucharist each Sunday at all services. Prayer team members include young families, mature couples, and single adults. The prayer ministry is always open to new members and is lead by Steve and Mary Ruth McKenney. In 2013, the SSPT prayed with 635 parishioners and has conducted special training sessions to qualify team members to participate in this ministry.

Stephen Minister Leaders are commissioned at Sunday morning worship service

Touch Base Phone Ministry provides a personal phone call made by volunteers Barbara Henley and Elizabeth Ygartua. Barbara and Elizabeth call to provide comfort or share in life’s celebrations. 180 phone calls were made in 2013. Many calls were made to families who had lost a loved one or who are homebound.

In addition to their prayers on Sundays, the ministry has offered a new monthly series, Perspectives on Prayer. This has been a warm and inviting gathering for fellowship, reflection, and learning from the parish clergy, staff, and lay people. Everyone is invited and encouraged to join us.

Christian Yoga: Instructor Annette Lentz, leads this free class every Monday night. The class is designed to help individuals gain increased strength and flexibility, to seek spiritual centering and have fun. 501 people attended yoga classes in 2013.

SERVING Extended Care Cooks, the Funeral Reception Guild, and Good Shepherds, are three lay ministries that serve members of Saint Michael in the most practical, loving, and hospitable ways. I am grateful to Ann Mills, the Good Shepherds, the Extended care Cooks and the Funeral Reception Guild for the superb ministry they do by reaching out to any parishioner who is in need. See Ann Mills report under Congregational Care

PRAYING Centering Prayer led by Mary Ann Webster meets weekly, Tuesdays at 10:00 a.m. in the Chapel Conference Room. Those who meet together are seeking to practice centering prayer as a part of learning to live a more contemplative life. They spend 30 minutes in silence and share afterwards about 37

These women meet in the Parlor, every Monday at 1:45 to offer each other support, encouragement, laughter and tears in a confidential and non-judgmental setting. This group is led by Sue Patton and Charlie Stobaugh.

The Parish Nurse Ministry serves parishioners by making hospital visits and providing basic health screening and information about health issues. Our Parish Nurses, coordinated by Dianne Boyd, also follow-up with parishioners recently released from the hospital or who are known to have on-going health issues. The volunteers, in addition to being Registered Nurses, have gone through additional training to serve in our parish’s program. On the third Sunday of the month, they are available to take blood pressures and to provide counseling concerning health and wellness topics. In 2013 our Parish Nurses made 301 touches with Saint Michael parishioners.

Recovery Advocates are dedicated to enhancing the spiritual, physical, and emotional well-being of those who experience substance abuse or other addictions. This group hosts an Annual Recovery Mass in the spring, this year on May 1, and hosted two special event speakers. This ministry reached out to over 63 people in 2013 and is coordinated by Melanie McGill.

Our Parish Nurses also coordinate the Blood Drives and the goal is to hold two drives a year. We partner with the American Red Cross and our February drive collected 45 units of blood and the October drive collected 35 units of blood.

This has been a big year for all the Pastoral Care ministries. I am consistently amazed and proud of the selfless giving that so many in our parish exhibit on a daily basis. Pastoral Care is that quiet, behind the scenes ministry that isn’t flashy or glamorous, but vital to the health and well-being of the community. So many people are touched by the ministry and I know that we will continue to provide the love and support each and every day. If you are a volunteer, thank you for giving so willingly and lovingly of your time and talent to minister to the needs of this congregation. If you are not a volunteer, please consider becoming a part of one of our ministries, it will not only impact the life of another, but yours as well! Even though we are quiet, we still have lots of fun! A huge thank you to our Vestry liaisons - Donell Wiggins and Kathy Jenevein and hosts Pat and Jane Jenevein, for helping us honor our lay leaders with a fall fiesta. It was a great night of food, fun, and fellowship! It goes without saying how much I appreciate the work of the Pastoral Care team that has been created here at Saint Michael. We are a great team and I am honored to work with each of you. Katherine Bowen – Administrative Assistant for Pastoral Care, Terry Demler – Lay Leader of Pastoral Care, Marillyn Seeberger – Pastoral Care Communicator, and The Rev. Brenda Sol, each of you do so much behind the scenes to support all of us in our ministries, I can’t thank you enough!

Saint Michael Bone Marrow registration drive attracts more than 2,500 people

In addition to our two blood drives, we hosted a special Delete Blood Cancer DKMS donor drive for the National Marrow Donor Program. In April, we signed up 2,611 people to be on the national registry. This overwhelming response was to support a Saint Michael parishioner who needed a Bone Marrow transplant. Because of the efforts of this community, that parishioner did receive a donor and is continuing to experience good health.

The Rev. Lisa C. Flores Associate for Pastoral Care

The Women’s Cancer Support Group has served the women of Saint Michael for 15 years. Attendance for 2013 was 403. 38


THE NUMBERS: • Easter Offering: $32,105.37 • Christmas Offering $54,777.07 • Heart of Giving: $32,945.01 • 115 people from Jubilee Community attended the Jubilee Sunday January 19, 2014 • 53 People helped with the Jubilee The Rev. Dr. Kevin Thanksgiving Elder Luncheon Huddleston • 104 Volunteers for the I Believe in Associate for Mission and Outreach Angels Event • Over $50,000 raised for BACKPACK 4 KIDS program • Feeding an average of 23 children per day (Monday through Friday) in the Joe Eagle Bear Center on the Rosebud Reservation • $145,000 in Grants distributed • Over 400 volunteers gave more than 4,000 hours at Jubilee. • 24 People participated in the Tela, Honduras Mission Trip • 8 People participated in the Honduras Threads Mission Trip • 10 People participated in the Rosebud Mission Trip • 8 People went on the 1st Mission Trip to Cuba • Genesis Cooks provided monthly meals for women and children at the Genesis Women’s Shelter. • 4 People traveled to help at the orphanage in Amistad, Bolivia. • 75 Individuals have participated in cooking or serving at Austin Street Shelter once a month for the past year. • Over 160 volunteers, on 16 delivery routes, served more than 15,700 meals through the VNA Meals on Wheels program.

Seniors at Jubilee Park enjoy Thanksgiving lunch prepared by Saint Michael

Honduras children sing with joy and jubilation

The numbers tell only a part of the story. A more essential component of Mission and Outreach are the lives we change and transform: our own lives and the daily life of others. Ask anyone who delivers Meals on Wheels, serves as a reading partner at O.M. Roberts, goes to Rosebud, Honduras or just helps support the Backpack 4 Kids program. They will tell you that it is only in giving that we receive. Listen to them in their own words: “Being a mentor at O.M. Roberts is so meaningful that I recruited my friend (who does not attend Sain Michael) to be a mentor.” “Thanks for the chance to witness with you all to the work of the Spirit in a very special group of people there in Tela. I’m overwhelmed with the glory we saw, and the chance to sneak in there under the guise of providing some manual labor. I have the feeling that I took back so much more than I brought, and so I

Children at the Rosebud Reservation are given fluoride treatments 39

humbly pray that I can get better every day in bringing something to the party. Each of you made the weekend very special. “ “Brothers— Thanks for the opportunity to be with the four of you these past four days and to work as a team doing God’s work for a group that values help from outside their country.” From Rosebud “I enjoyed the opportunity to get to know each of you better and hope to have the chance to do it again in the future…maybe this time next year?? Thanksgiving turkey is carved at Jubilee Park

In creation, God reached out to create communities of life. With Israel and throughout history, God has moved to restore people to unity with God, with one another, and with all creation. In Christ, God is still on mission in the world through the Holy Spirit. The church’s call is to join God in that mission. The central act in God’s mission is God’s self-sending in Jesus Christ, the word made flesh and dwelling among us in love. As God’s mission became incarnate in the person of Jesus, so people and communities are central in the mission in which God invites the church’s participation as the body of Christ. The reign of God that Jesus announced: this we are called to proclaim and enact in mission. The love of God that Jesus expressed in presence, compassion, healing and justice: this we are called to live in mission. The reconciliation that God offers a sinful and broken world in Jesus’ death and resurrection: this is the hope we offer the world in mission.

Crafts teach and entertain Rosebud children

The Rev. Dr. Kevin Huddleston Associate for Mission and Outreach

Davids’ Place at Jubilee Park provides a community Head Start program



Congregational Care fosters community by encouraging members of the parish to befriend and care for one another. In 2013, hundreds of volunteers carried out their ministries of compassion, care, hospitality, and fellowship. Ann Mills Associate for Children, Youth and Families

Congregational Care serves the needs of our parish family though the efforts of the: • Good Shepherd Ministry • Extended Care Cooks • Funeral Reception Guild

The Good Shepard Regional Leaders are (front, left to right), Paula Rzomp, Judy Cole, Ann Mills, Kathleen Bywaters; Back (left to right) Anne Leary, Mary Massengale,Cora Mason, Nita Scholtz, and Maria Ward

shoulders of the Clergy who would not be able to meet the needs of all those who are served by this Ministry.

Volunteers of the Good Shepherd Ministry respond to needs within their neighborhood. This neighbor-helping-neighbor ministry is the oldest and largest program within the Pastoral Care area. Judy Cole did an incredible job of leading this ministry in 2013. Regional Shepherds Paula Rzomp, Nita Scholtz, Maria Ward, Anne Leary, Cora Mason, Mary Massengale and Kathleen Bywaters were responsible for the Shepherds representing 101 different neighborhoods.

The Extended Care Cooks offer their ministry of presence and caring by delivering a home cooked meal once a week to those in need. Last year over 60 volunteers participated in this ministry by delivering over 150 meals to our parishioners. Gay Rekerdres does a splendid job as chair of this ministry.

y The Good Shepherd Ministry enabled parishioners throughout the church to know that the Church cares about them. y The Good Shepherd Ministry provided close to 200 Shepherds with an opportunity to get to know and feel connected to the parishioners in their neighborhood. y The Good Shepherd Ministry took a huge burden off the

Every bereaved family holding a service at Saint Michael is offered the thoughtful presence and kindness of the Funeral Reception Guild. In 2013 our 45 volunteers baked homemade goods while other volunteers worked before the funerals to beautifully prepare for the receptions. Susie Yeckel, Claire Jones, Gayle Kesinger, Kay Hyland and Cora McClure continue to do an outstanding job in leading this quiet ministry. Ann Mills Director, Congregational Care

Welcome Ministry solicits new members at Homecoming booth

Funeral Guild members Cora McClure, Kay Hyland, Susie Yeckel, Claire Jones, Carol Kimberly, Judy Cole 41


Each group created a banner that was carried into the services by a member of their team. It was a compelling display of over seventy ministry groups that gave a strong visual statement of all that goes on in our parish. In addition, a Ministry Fair was held in a tent in the north parking lot with excellent participation. It was a very creative and a colorful display of all the opportunities for engagement.

Lay Ministry Engagement’s mission is to inspire, expand, and engage our full parish community. We do this by listening to our members, encouraging their faith journey, and welcoming their involvement. I am blessed to work with a group of outgoing, passionate, ambassadors who represent Marta Holden Lay Ministries every aspect of our church life, called Engagement the Saint Michael Connect Team. Together we work to ensure that every member has the opportunity to use their gifts in ministry and find their niche at Saint Michael.

This year we were pleased to help the Welcome Ministry bring back the Inquirer’s Class on Sunday morning. Each week different members of the Connect Team helped host the sessions and welcomed people interested in learning more about Saint Michael and the traditions of the Episcopal faith. As the church “concierge,” I have the pleasure of meeting with new members who are interested in learning about our church and some long-time members who are looking for new opportunities to serve. We look forward to continuing as a resource dedicated to the parishioners of our church family. Let us know how we can help you!

This year one of our most successful new initiatives was Neighborhood Nights. Church members who live in the same geographic area were invited to gather for a purely social time in one of the local homes on a Sunday evening. We had eleven gatherings in 2013 with 40 – 50 attending. The overreaching comment from each event was how much fun it was to meet other members from their community who attend Saint Michael. We are planning our 2014 schedule now and if you are interested in hosting or helping, please give us a call.

Marta Holden Director Lay Ministry Engagement

In September on Homecoming Sunday a new component was added to our worship with the Procession of Ministries.


The Welcome Ministry is led by a 10-member Steering Committee chaired by Sherry Wilson, and over 100 volunteers who strive to make all who enter the doors of Saint Michael feel welcome. The committee meets periodically over lunch, which is coordinated by Lynn Hood, and the meeting begins with an inspirational devotion by Karen Wiley. Our warm, helpful, and growing team of Sunday Greeters has extended a personal welcome to all those who come through our many doors, both guests and parishioners. Seventy-five (75) volunteers, coordinated by Terry Demler, rotate through the vestibules of our worship spaces to welcome and assist in any way they can. They also greet the thousands of people who attend church at Christmas and Easter to encourage them to come in and hear the Christian story and invite them to become a part of our church family. Newcomers’ Luncheons were held in the spring and fall. Over 50 newcomers and visitors joined us for a delicious Greek meal coordinated by our volunteers. The gathering concluded with a presentation by the Rector

Procession of Ministries filled the church on Homecoming Sunday 42


A Newcomers’ Weekend was held in the Spring of 2013 for those who were visiting, transferring, or interested in joining our church. They learned about the Episcopal Church and Saint Michael and met others who were seeking to serve Christ in their church, this city, and the world. The hard working Newcomers’ Weekend Team, chaired by Cherri Oakley, included Margretta and Jose Aviles, Carol Price, Lea Courington, Lynn Hood, Patti Flowers and Genie Rousseau. In the May 2013, two adults were Confirmed and one Reaffirmed.

Parish Life Events began 2013 with the best Twelfth Night celebration yet! Four hundred parishioners attended the Epiphany service, and then followed the three wise men from the burning of the greens to the candle-lit Garden Cloister for a feast fit for a king including s’mores roasted Tish Visinsky Parish Life Events over the fire pits. The Perot Museum brought its mobile planetarium and hosted star gazing programs in the gymnasium.

In September, we kicked off a new Inquirers’ Series which replaced the Newcomer’s Weekend. The classes were held every Sunday during the fall in the Parlor. Led by The Reverend Michael Dangelo, along with other clergy and lay ministers, our Inquirer’s class is for all seekers – newcomers, long-time churchgoers, skeptics, or those who haven’t thought about their faith in a long time. In January, three adults were Confirmed, six Received and four Reaffirmed.

The Lenten season started off with the festive Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper in the Parish Hall complete with Mardi Gras beads and hot pancakes flipped by the Men of Saint Michael. The Wednesday evening Lenten suppers continued to be held before the Evensong services. Parishioners enjoyed the restaurant catered meals, and, as always, the dinners were graciously served by volunteers from various church ministries. The meaningful Easter Vigil service and reception rounded out our Lenten offerings.

The Rt. Rev. Dean Wolfe (former vice rector at Saint Michael) confirmed, received, and reaffirmed the following at services on January 12: Leah Collins, Chris Armstrong, Andrew Armstrong, Catie Albritton, Lisa DeMaio, Ben Leal, Kim McCabe, Jo Miller, Chris Musso, Jim Colley, Chris McClung, Cynthia Sample, Mary Ann Scott

Patti Flowers and Adele Broughton, Mentor Coordinators, did a wonderful job of matching each of our new confirmands with one of our parishioners prior to both 2013 confirmations.

The Men of Saint Michael prepare pancakes on Shrove Tuesday

Fun times were had by all at our summer receptions in the Garden Cloister. Pie for the Fourth of July, ice cream sundaes over Memorial weekend, and frosty treats at our new Back to School-Back to Church reception were devoured as we spent a few relaxed summer Sundays together.

Those who transfer to our church continue to be given a special welcome by the Transfers Team. Delicious homemade coffeecakes, prepared lovingly by Nancy Wilbur, are delivered to the transfers’ homes by Valerie Dannals and Christi Morrow. We are grateful for the many volunteers who make Saint Michael a warmer and welcoming place to come, serve and worship.

Saint Michael and All Angels kicked off the fall season in September with our Homecoming event, Rise & Shine and Give God the Glory! Close to a thousand parishioners gathered for worship, a big country breakfast and explored the ministry

Ann Mills and Tish Visinsky 43

Blessing of the Animals attracts more than 200 pets despite the weather

In November, we paused to say thank you to our brave veterans. This service and reception continues to be a highlight of the year, giving us a chance to spend time with some of our heroes which this year included over 50 veterans, their families, and friends filling the Saint Michael Chapel to capacity!

July 4 celebration features apple pie and more

fair which made a comeback this year. The always popular Blessing of the Animals was expanded this year with a community-wide event on Saturday, October 5th in conjunction with the Saint Michael’s Farmers Market. Despite the cold and rainy weather, Fr. Dannals and Fr. Pickens blessed over 200 animals! We were thrilled to have the support of new community partners (the SPCA, area pet stores, groomers, and others). In fact, two of the 4 SPCA dogs who joined us (and were blessed!) were adopted and another family left our blessing, went straight to the SPCA and found a new family pet! The traditional Blessing of the Animals was also held on Sunday afternoon in the Garden Cloister for those who couldn’t join us on Saturday.

The Parlor and the live Christmas trees around the church lovingly were decorated by parishioners at a revamped Greening of the Church on December 22nd, and before we knew it we were celebrating Christmas Eve in the Parlor with an open house reception for the entire parish. A huge thank you to the hundreds of Parish Life Events volunteers who shared their time and talents with this ministry. Thanks to you, the events at Saint Michael in 2013 were a tremendous success! Tish Visinsky Director of Parish Life Events

Veterans Day service and reception honors service men and women 44


Jan Baldwin WOSM President

The Women of Saint Michael is comprised of all women who are members of our Parish and wish to become involved. Our purpose is to “be the extension of Christ’s Kingdom by uniting the women of the parish on a program of worship, study, service and fellowship and leading them into the service for the Church, in the parish, the community, the diocese, the nation, and the world.”

Through its fund raising efforts, primarily at the St. Michael’s Woman’s Exchange and the biannual Parish Party, the Women of Saint Michael since 1958 has granted more than $7.8 million to non-profit charities, mostly in the greater Dallas community.

St. Michael’s Woman’s Exchange is staffed by more than 150 volunteers

The Women kicked off 2013 with the bi-annual parish party, held at Brook Hollow Golf Club on February 1. More than 650 parishioners were in attendance, and the auction raised a record breaking $150,000 for community outreach. Highlights of the year included: • The St. Michael’s Woman’s Exchange, with its more than 150 volunteers, raised over $500,000 for community outreach. • The 30 member Gifts Committee researched and deliberated over 100 grant requests, and awarded 89 non-profit agencies, primarily serving the Dallas area, a total of $506,000. • The annual Spring Luncheon, on May 7, featured Lee Woodruff, a contributor to CBS “This Morning” program and author of Perfectly Imperfect: A Life in Progress and Those We Love Most.

Parish Party provided food, fellowship and fun

The Fall and Winter programs featured: • September: Chad Houser, from Café Momentum and the Social Enterprise Alliance of North Texas; • October: Dottie Indyke, Executive Director for Creativity for Peace; • November: Michael J. Sorrell, president of Paul Quinn College; • January: Jennifer Sampson, CEO of United Way of Metropolitan Dallas, and Roslyn Dawson Thompson, CEO of Dallas Women’s Foundation. Celebrating the Angels Among us and those in our community Jan Baldwin 2013-2014 President

The Parish Party Auction raised money for charities 45


Saint Michael’s Farmers Market saw expanded growth and the addition of several amenities, which attracted more shoppers, during its second season. Total attendance exceeded 10,000 shoppers and the number of approved vendors grew to more than 40, with nearly 30 displaying their products every week. The number of shoppers each week was consistently higher than the year before. The market was open Saturdays from 8:00 a.m. until 12 Noon from April 27 through November 2. Products ranged from fruits, vegetables, and produce to organic meats, cheeses, specialty breads, and popsicles. Saint Michael’s Farmers Market was open on Saturday mornings during the summer and early fall

The addition of a concession tent featuring a “cool zone” and seating areas helped the market become a Saturday morning meeting place for the neighborhood. Guests could enjoy breakfast tacos, sweet breads, coffee and soft drinks while they shopped. The completion of the children’s playground by the Saint Michael Preschool, will be a welcome addition for next season’s shoppers. The market, a community outreach ministry of the church, gave exposure to Park Cities and north Dallas residents who are not regular worshipers at Saint Michael. A volunteer team staffed a Welcome Booth, distributed water, and a flier, which featured a seasonal recipe on one side, and a short devotional reflection on the other. The annual “Blessing of the Animals” celebration was combined with the October 5 market which attracted children and guests well beyond the neighborhood.

Fresh produce and farm grown products attracted shoppers from throughout the community

Saint Michael’s Farmers Market is scheduled to begin its third season on Saturday, April 5 running through October 4th. Nancy Powers, Farmers Market Manager The Rev. Brenda Sol



Clergy of Saint Michael and All Angels

The Reverend Dr. Robert S. Dannals Rector

The Reverend Michael Dangelo Sunday Assistant

The Reverend Dr. Kevin D. Huddleston Associate for Mission and Outreach

The Reverend Michael Harmuth Sunday Assistant

The Reverend Lisa C. Flores Associate for Pastoral Care

The Reverend Pamela Theodore Sunday Assistant

The Reverend Greg Pickens Associate for Children, Youth and Families

The Reverend Neal Hern Assistant for Pastoral Care

The Reverend Brenda Sol Associate for Young Adults and Pastoral Care

The Ven. James Webb Deacon The Reverend Ariail Gores Deacon

Photography generously provided by Ray Hand, John Scott Glass, Smokey Goodrich, and Pat Flautt.

Saint Michael and All Angels Episcopal Church 8011 Douglas • Dallas, Texas 75225

Profile for Saint Michael and All Angels

2013 Annual Report  

A look back at all the wonderful things that happened at Saint Michael and All Angels during 2013

2013 Annual Report  

A look back at all the wonderful things that happened at Saint Michael and All Angels during 2013