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June 2009 Issue

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VR Style Editorial Staff: Ariel Lingiuan Publisher & Editor in Chief Aristippus Larssen Sherrie Shepherd Iolejanana Chajit Segment Editors Eddi Haskell Photography Director Contributors: Sherrie Shepherd KathleenK Spitteler Cort Parkin Kathy Nikolaidis Staff Photographers: Luscious Giano Roxie Richez Nellie Choche


Ariel Lingiuan

Editor’s Notes: SL has been truly a wonderful opportunity provider. Yours truly have had opportunities to create reading materials that have provided entertainment and information to our residents here in-world. Again, i have the distinct pleasure of introducing once again a reading material that is committed to provide information, entertainment, updates, and opportunities. As the former Editor in Chief of Nu Vibez Magazine, I would like to introduce to you the birth of VR Style. As the publisher of this new magazine, I am very proud to let you know that this is not just another of those magazine. Nope :) we are a lifestyle magazine, catering to the variety of lifestyles we find here in this virtual reality we are at. We will be trendsetters. Information Center, and promoter of what out there for you to enjoy. VR Style is meant for the Virtual World not only in SL but for all that believes in bridging the gap between physical reality and virtual reality. We are launching this issue with a very timely collage of wedding related stuff. As we all know its the month of June, the season where most couples tie the knot and be one in marriage. Sit back as we introduce to you what we can do for you. Cheers!

Ariel Lingiuan Ariel Lingiuan Publisher + Editor in Chief VR Style


Perfect Wedding Places in Second Life By : Sherrie Shepherd Photos by: Eddi Haskell

VR Style list of the nine (9) Best wedding places in SL in no particular order. Tour with us as we show you the fabulous places to have your dream wedding. One of the phenomenons of virtual worlds is the sometimes unexpected ‘real’ emotions and feelings you experience here. In terms of relationships, you can make networks of friends from around the world and for many SLers the magic of a loving relationship can develop. With love and romance also comes the desire of most lovers to make a true commitment by way of simulating a marriage and experiencing the wedding of your dreams. How fortunate the SL community is to have an a vast number of wedding professionals ready to help make dreams come true with endless options of wedding venues to match any budget. We’ve researched and present here some of the very best in SL who are all unique in their own way and are ready to accommodate every bride and groom.


Glendalough Romantic Weddings Sure and begorrah, if you’re looking for an Irish-themed wedding venue, you’ll know you’ve found your pot of gold when you discover Glendalough Romantic Weddings, 67/ 40/. Owners Rudolf Moo and Lilly25 Connolly have designed a touch of Ireland that will charm and delight you. Beautiful St Patrick’s cathedral provides the perfect amount of intimacy and solemnity to give the bride and groom a traditional feel to their ceremony. The Glendalough Ballroom is nestled within an ancient ruin and can provide a lovely backdrop for a candle lit wedding ceremony as well as the after wedding reception. The ruins of the Abbey provide yet another very intimate setting for a wedding ceremony after which you can grab your shillelagh for the short walk to Lilly’s Irish Pub for dancing and merriment. Moo and Connolly have created an environment that replicates the lush green forests and countryside of the emerald isle incorporating the quaint and tiny chapel of St. Kevin, a landmark at the RL Glendalough. You won’t find the Blarney Stone at Glendalough but you will find endless scenic opportunities for photo ops of your special day. When Moo built St. Patrick’s Cathedral, he did it out of love with no thought in mind about being a wedding professional. However, Glendalough Romantic Weddings was born out of the many requests he received from SL residents to marry there. Moo explains, “We are not like a typical “Las Vegas” style wedding venue. We try to offer romance without any kitsch and with a Christian touch.” Moo feels that what sets Glendalough apart from other wedding venues is the aesthetics of St. Patrick’s Cathedral, the romantic atmosphere of the ruins, the gaiety of their Irish pub, and the lovely selection of beautiful and romantic places for wedding photos. Wedding packages at Glendalough modestly run from 2000L to 7000L offering your choice of ceremony and reception venues with a maximum capacity of 90 avatars although a limit of 30-40 avatars ensures a lag-free event. Package options including minister, DJ and photography services are available. For more information about Glendalough Romantic Weddings, contact Moo, Connolly or their wedding host, JF McCaw. You can also go to their blog at


Glendalough Ballroom




The ruins of the Abby in Glendalough replicates the RL ruins and is set up for


an intimate wedding ceremony


Wicked Weddings If you ever thought a gothic-themed wedding would be a dreary, macabre event, you’d be pleasantly surprised when you visited Wicked Weddings, Owners Synnaria Vlodovic and Angelista Janick have created hauntingly beautiful venues for your special day. The chapel, designed for clients who desire a ceremony of the roses, is accessorized with purple aisle runners and stained glass windows giving a rich feel to the venue. The snow-covered rose-themed reception venue is a sight to behold taking your breath away especially when set to midnight with fantastic lighting under a glowing full moon. They’re happy to custom design a venue as well to a client’s specifications fulfilling their every desire for a wickedly dreamy wedding. The ceremony of the rose is traditional D/s and similar to a formal collaring. As Janick describes it, “(The bride and groom) pluck the petals from roses, placing them together in a sacred container … signifying the blending of their lives. Legend has it that roses have sprung up on the graves of couples who have loved so deeply during their physical life that even in death they send back evidence of their everlasting love.” The philosophy of Wicked Weddings is that everyone making the commitment of a lifetime deserves only the best, an A-List celebration. They customize weddings using fifteen unique points that can be tailored to fit each client’s dream day. Vlodovic emphasizes, “If you can dream it, we can build it. We have a fully staffed wedding team consisting of a builder, scripter, photographer, and coordinator, to help bring your vision for a perfect wedding to life. At Wicked Weddings we have left no stone unturned. There are no prefabs, no generic wedding sets. We are unique because each of our clients is unique. They are our creators, our visionaries. We build for them. We offer anything from a vow renewal ceremony to a Ceremony of the Roses, for those wishing to celebrate the unique bond between Dominant and submissive. We specialize in gothic, fairytale, and pagan. We have a real life Wiccan High Priestess at our disposal to


perform hand-fastings.” “It all started with my wedding”, said Vlodovic, describing how Wicked Weddings came to be, “I looked and could not find my perfect gothic fairy tale. Therefore, we decided to build it. Thus Wicked Weddings was born.” She continued, “Wicked Weddings was created to give each couple celebrating their love and commitment to one another a day of unique memories to be cherished for a lifetime. With each couple that we meet, our Wicked family grows. We are a group of real life friends who love each other and truly care about making your dreams a reality.” For more information about Wicked Weddings, contact Synnaria Vlodovic, Wicked Coordinator, Angelista Janick,Wicked Set Designer, Occasus jayaram, Wicked Photographer, or Kono Tyran, Wicked Scripter. All Wicked staff can be contacted by way of the board in their office or via their website,


The hauntingly beautful gothic chapel at Wicked Weddings





The Ceremony of Roses Venue at Wicked Weddings


Happily Ever After Weddings Your dreams of a fairytale wedding will come true at Happily Ever After Weddings,, when the Princess Bride walks across the bridge above the Castle moat on her way to join her Prince Charming waiting to take her hand in marriage. Her journey down the aisle at Happily Ever After Weddings’ medieval castle is lit by brass urns ablaze setting the mood with a glowing romantic feel. Owner Koto Kuu wants Happily Ever After Weddings to be the wedding venue for,”One stop shopping for everything you need for a wedding.” In fact five gorgeous venues and six lovely reception areas are offered to provide the happy couple with many choices to satisfy their every desire. Kuu expressed the vision that he and the co-owners of Happily Ever After Weddings had when they established it, “To be able to bring a bride’s dream in SL to reality and to give a lasting memorable experience to the wedding couple. In addition, we wanted to provide a stress-free environment where “we walk you through the process from start to finish. Our goal is to ultimately leave smiles on the happy couple’s faces and send them off to a life time of happiness with a beautiful memory of their special day.” Kuu feels that what makes Happily Ever After Weddings unique are the selection of venues built by Kuu himself (also the builder of Bogart’s Jazz Club) and a staff that provides close attention to detail in every aspect of the wedding. He explains that the owners and staff of Happily Ever After Weddings genuinely care about people first. While five standard packages are available, all can be fully customized to meet the specifications of the clients. All packages offer the choice of any of their spectacular ceremony venues, Royal Chapel, Beach Chapel, Castle or Waterfall Chapel along with the reception venue of your choice. The Elope Package, modestly priced at 3000L, is intended for the most intimate of ceremonies for the bride and groom alone which includes the minister, marriage certificate and three photos. The Silver Package at 8000L, includes the addition of customized color scheme, choice of cake,


two hour reception, the choice of invitation , and rehearsal. The Gold Package at 11000L includes the addition of the release of doves, choice of ceremony song, and ten photos. The Platinum Package at 15000L includes the addition of the DJ, Severus Sycliffe, and choice of three secluded Honeymoon Getaways, wedding album along with individual photos, fireworks, and garter and flower toss. The Platinum Plus Package at 20000L includes the addition of dressing area, wedding bouquet package, gift bags for guests, guestbook of your choice, jewelry box for bride and groom, Honeymoon, locket for the bride, Jeep for the groom, and Carriage arrival for bride. For more information about Happily Ever After Weddings, contact owners, Lisa Tuxing, Sabian Sodwind and Koto Kuu, or Planners,TouchaHoney Perhaps, BlackDahlia Rodenberger, Laedaanie Nastula, or Xianna Deledda.



The Castle ceremony venue at Happily Ever After Weddings




Like most fairy tales, there is a castle to make it Happily Ever After


Wedding Elegance A tropical isle and the ruin of a roman amphitheater set the stage for romance at Wedding Elegance, Island/20/19/22, when the bride walks through the arch of roses toward her loving groom awaiting her. Ocean waves lap gently against the build as guests gaze upon the happy couple with a glowing, glimmering sunset seascape beyond. For the reception, the wedding guests take a short stroll to an open air pavilion called their garden patio which continues the roman pillar architecture but with a white canopy accented with colorful flowers. The backdrop of a beautiful waterfall provides a lovely photo op for the bridal party. CJ Escher, owner and President of Wedding Elegance, emphasizes that, “We offer fully customizable wedding packages. If you have a theme or RP group that you are participating in and would like your wedding customized to that theme, we can accommodate. It’s your special day and we want to make sure it’s everything that you want it to be. “Escher remembers one couple who wanted a Star Trek theme which she said was fun and turned out fabulous. She even customized their wedding invitation to that theme. Escher feels that what sets Wedding Elegance apart from other venues is their invitations and cakes. “We make very detailed custom invitations just for your wedding. We also do birthday, rez day, and holiday cards and invitations”, she said. Explaining how Wedding Elegance came to be, Escher said, “I was working with Dream Studios as a photographer and saw a lot of wedding venues. The quality was not impressive and after every wedding … I would say to myself that we could do this so much better. Finally, with the help of some friends who are very talented in building, we made it happen.” Three packages are offered by Wedding Elegqnce. The first, the Gold Services runs and 5000L includes their specialty custom invitation,


officiate, scripted cake, and five full permission edited photographs of the wedding. The Platinum Service at 7000L, intended for a small intimate wedding, adds a thirty minute photo shoot for a bridal portrait that will be ready for display at the reception, and full photography service the day of the wedding including wedding album. The Diamond Service at 10000L is the most comprehensive package and adds the finest buffet of heavy hors d’oveures, a Champaign toast, DJ, and bouquet and garter toss. A maximum of 75 guests can be accommodated at Wedding Elegance, however, if more guests are desired, arrangements can be made to accommodate the clients. Escher would like the SL community to know that, “We have a beautiful venue that can be the canvas for your dream wedding. If you want banners, or special flowers, or snow, we can make it happen. You just have to tell us your vision and we do our very best to make it happen. We are open and accept all couples in SL who want to get married.” To find out more about Wedding Elegance, contact CJ Escher, or go to their blog


An arch of flowers accents the entrance to the wedding ceremony amph



hitheater at Wedding Elegance



Wedding Elegance ceremony and reception venues


Cobblestone Vineyard Weddings Class and sophistication are paramount at Cobblestone Vineyard Weddings, . The winecountry feel to the outdoor wedding ceremony venue situated at water’s edge, adjacent to tidy rows of trellised grapevines, provides the bride and groom the perfect romantic setting to say “I do”. Guests will not only enjoy the lovely landscaping but will be in awe of the elegant ballroom within the build. Lavish banquet tables draw the eye to the abundant selection of food arrayed to delight the taste buds of fortunate partygoers. Splendidly dressed tables beacon guests to relax and enjoy the music and dancing in the warm glow of beautiful fireplaces positioned at either end of the hall. The owner and creator, Jade Opel, is the genius behind Cobblestone Vineyard Weddings. Rick Wake, Officiate and wedding planner for Cobblestone Vineyard Weddings, talked about the personal attention each client can expect, “Our clients receive many personal customized extras with each wedding package. “ Extras like engraved champagne and wine glasses, wine bottle with custom label, and a special gift for the happy couple’s one year anniversary especially created by Opel herself. Wake related one satisfied couple’s impression of Cobblestone as ‘virturealism’. He felt what sets Cobblestone apart from other venues is the unique style of the venue, the three years of experience of the consultants, himself and his partner Lori Nicholas, flowers and cakes done exclusively by Opel, and their willingness to accept diversity of life-styles and satisfy the client’s desires. He also believes the level of personal attention they provide to each couple helps guide them effortlessly through the process. Another distinction of Cobblestone is the nearby Cobblestone Vineyard Bed & Breakfast Honeymoon House and Beach, Blooms/191/155/23 . The quaint and beautiful Victorian style bed and breakfast includes many amenities such as a bath and shower, pose laden beds and a security system to provide needed privacy for the newly-


weds. Honeymoons may be booked anytime with a voucher reservation system the couple receives. Reflecting on how Cobblestone came to be, Opel explains, “Weddings in SL have become a huge business, but many lack a unique touch to really draw in the clients. When creating Cobblestone Vineyards I wanted to make a place that was both elegant and unique to truly make it a memorable place for anyone that visited. The inspiration for Cobblestone was taken from a real life venue I visited while studying for my BA in biology. The conservatory at Longwood Gardens in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania made the perfect inspiration for my vision at Cobblestone Vineyards, elegant and unique. The nostalgia of a floral conservatory surrounded by topiary gardens and water fountains make for a truly beautiful and memorable backdrop to events as special as weddings, while the vineyards are reminiscent of the Tuscan sunsets and true romance.” Four wedding packages are offered ranging from the Elopement Package for 4000L, where the venue can be readied in 45 minutes or less, through the top of the line Bravura Package for 18250L. All include the ceremony of your choice: traditional, secular, vow renewals, commitment, unity candles, Celtic, Dom/sub, Gothic, Vampire, Pagan, Gay, Lesbian, Native American, Elven, etc. All packages, with the exception of the Elopement Package, include DJ services. While photography is not included in any of the packages, they do recommend an excellent photographer, Dj Barracuda. The venue normally accommodates a maximum of 70 guests but can be expanded to 100 upon request. Wake would like the SL community to know, “We have been joining couples in all types of ceremonies for almost three years in SL now and have wed over 1200 couples. You’ll get professionalism and experience when coming to Cobblestone Vineyard Weddings.” For more information, contact Cobblestone wedding planners Rick Wake or Lori Nicholas.


Lovely Wedding Ceremony Venue at Cobblestone Vineyhard






Panarama of Cobblestone Vineyyard

Fanastacia Weddings Fantastic is truly the word that appropriately describes FanastaciaWeddings, The abundance of beautifully themed wedding sites gives the happy couple endless choices to make their wedding dreams come true. As owner and CEO of Fanastacia Weddings, Anastacia Markova is dedicated to making her clients happy and said, “Our specialty is to help you create your dream wedding, here, or anywhere in SL your heart desires.“ Any of their sites can be changed to fit the clients’ color scheme and will accommodate the background music desired to set the most romantic mood. There are two cathedral settings at Fanastacia. The first is a traditional cathedral, with a darker more serene feel, where you can picture a bridal party dressed in deep rich colors standing aside the bride and groom to witness their solemn vows. The other provides a brighter, lighter feel, yet still possessing the majestic architecture of a traditional cathedral. Here you picture bridesmaids in pastel gowns gently stepping down the aisle, their lovely dress skirts moving with each step giving the vision of floating toward the altar. Describing only a couple more of the countless venue options offered, you are enthralled with the beauty of their tropical Balithemed venue and are in awe of their majestic tropical waterfall venue which takes your breath away. Markova feels that what sets FanastaciaWeddings apart from others is, “our attention to detail and our stellar customer service along with our keen way of capturing and creating your dream day whatever that may be.” When discussing her inspiration in establishing Fanastacia, Markova said, “I had grown tired of looking for venues for my own wedding. I had done events for a few years and decided It was time to create something magical and beautiful, so I did it. Since then we have just kept growing and growing.” The four packages offered range from the modest Elopement Package of 5,000L to “The Works” for 25,000L which includes the option of a


rehearsal dinner, a magnificent fireworks celebration on the wedding day, photography by Passionate Portraits, wedding invitations, wedding certificate, Minister, DJ, Cake and full course meal, flower girls (upon request), and two nights in their beautiful Honeymoon Retreat. With a full sim available for weddings, Fanastacia can accommodate a maximum of 100 guests. Speaking directly to the SL community, Markova wants to convey that, “ We cater to you. It’s all about You. Ask if something can be done..and the answer is Yes! SL weddings are nothing like RL weddings. Many more obstacles need to be overcome to be flawless and fabulous! Trust a tried and true company that has many many references. Don’t chance the most special day of your SL to just anyone. Pay a little more and rest assured that your dream day is being handled by a pro. Don’t settle for a venue you don’t really like because the price is lower. There is no price tag on magical memories. You get one chance to do it right! We look forward to meeting everyone. Please contact one of the staff for a guided tour of our beautiful venues, seven days a week.” For more information about Fanastacia Weddings, contact owner and coordinator, Anastacia Markova, co-owner and officiate, Trystan Zeid, Photographer, Luciferi Demonia, or Assistant Coordinator, Katina Magic, or go to their website


The Tropical Waterfall Wedding Venue at Fanastacia Weddings





The “Light” Cathedral at Fanastacia Weddings


Little Yoshiwara - Shinto Weddings If you want a religious ceremony steeped in Japanese tradition, the Little Yoshiwara sim,, offers traditional Shinto Weddings conducted with respect and simple elegance. High Priestess Utayo Yengawa emphasizes that, “If you’re looking for a traditional authentic Japanese wedding we are the place to come. Our ceremonies match those conducted in Japan every day. We have a number of beautiful shrines dedicated to a variety of kami (spirits). You’re sure to find one that appeals to you and if you do not we are completely capable of holding the ceremony at a place of your choosing.” The Shinto is the native religion of Japan and is more a set of rituals and ceremonies than a system of beliefs or a definite code of ethics. The word itself means “way of the gods.” Yengawa decided to join the Little Yoshiwara Shinto shrines after being a Geisha for a short time. She said “I have always been interested in Shinto and never had a reason to really study it. The timing was perfect for me to join since I have been able to help shape the organization and really get things rolling. Our goal is to provide most of the services that physical shrines do and to help educate the SL community on the subject of Shinto.”The Little Yoshiwara Shinto group provides a number of services in accord with the practices of RL Shinto shrine staff. Shinto Weddings are carried out strictly to RL standards following all the conventional rituals. Miko and Kujo (Priestesses and Priests) perform the weddings. Essentially all rituals and services in the Japanese calendar can be officiated by the Miko and Kujo and can include: general blessings, summoning, and purification rituals performed at annual festivals and celebrations; and divinations. The cost of the wedding service is 3000L plus a donation to the shrines. A maximum of forty guests can be accommodated at the shrines of Little Yoshiwara. However, a location other than Little Yoshiwara can be designated by the bride and groom and will be accommodated. Yengwa explains, “We only offer the traditional Shinto Wedding. It


consists of traditional Shinto elements like san san kudo as well as personal vows by the bride and groom. San san kudo is a very traditional ceremony where the Bride and Groom are served saki three times in three different cups. During this ceremony they are said to be joined as one.” What sets Little Yoshiwara apart, says Yengawa, is that, “We are the only group that performs Shinto weddings in SL as they would be conducted in RL. There is at least one other Shinto group that does weddings, but they are very free form and often stray far from what is traditional.” The Little Yoshiwara sim was created by Xuemei Yiyuan to be a representation of Early Edo Period (c. 1604-1725) Japan. Her vision was to provide as authentic an experience as possible. Yengawa said, “This experience extends to the services offered at the shrines as well. I think we accomplish these goals pretty well.” For more information contact Utayo Yengawa or go to their website, http://



A scenic view of a ceremony venue at Little Yoshiwara



A scenic view of Little Yoshiwara



Love Knot Weddings A fairy bride can don her wings for a walk down the aisle at the Magical Meadows Chapel of Love Knot Weddings, LoveKnot%20Boutique/11/255/24. Her guests sit comfortably on tree stumps and mushrooms and whimsy fills the air at a truly magical ceremony. Diversity is foremost at Love Knot Weddings, since there are five venues to choose from, each one more beautiful than the one before. Their Paradise Chapel sets the stage for an Oasis of romance and their Enchanted Chapel takes your breath away conjuring up visions of a sparkling princess gracefully approaching her knight in shining armor with stars in her eyes. SarahLynn Loveless, owner of Love Knot Weddings, describes her inspiration for creating Love Knot in one word, “Love. I’m a hopeless romantic,” she said. Her vision was to create a place for couples to enjoy themselves at any stage of their relationship, from dating, to romancing, to proposing, to the wedding itself and the honeymoon beyond. While Love Knot celebrated its first wedding on April 4th, 2006, Loveless had a background of creating venues and custom builds for other wedding professionals and friends within SL. Loveless explains, “All our packages are named after stages of love. Customers can select the best package for them and tailor the package with any addon they wish. We also have offsite services to provide professional Love Knot ceremonies anywhere in SL.” In terms of services, Loveless feels, “Love Knot offers the most complete wedding services in SL which can include ministers, DJs, photographers, coordinators, videographers and personal shoppers.” They offer invitations, wedding certificates, five honeymoon / getaways and many special touches. Additional services, soon to be added, will be bachelor and bachelorette parties as well as clubs for any party needs, (birthdays, showers, etc.). Chapels come complete with everything on display as well as poses and cake. Weddings can range from an elopement for couples wanting to make a commitment the same day at 1,500L ( includes any of our great wedding chapels for the ceremony, colors of your choice, minister and ceremony style


of your choice) to a Bride’s dream wedding including all the romance and magic we can create at 30000L (details are on our website or at our booking store). Wedding packages and their add-ons are for Love Knot venues only. Love Knot can accommodate up to 100 guests. Something unique about Love Knot Is that they provide romantic free areas to SL residents in the form of intimate areas for dancing, cuddling, swooning or proposing. Also nearby can be found the Love Knot wedding store, for booking the wedding venues, and the boutique for all wedding related purchases. Loveless believes, “people choose Love Knot Weddings because of the magic of each of the chapels. I have built each one to be highly detailed and unique. No romantic stone has been unturned.” She also feels that Love Knot is essentially a one stop shop for all wedding needs. People come back for renewals or are referred to Love Knot because of the “amazing staff”, says Loveless. She asserts, “They (Love Knot staff) deeply care about each wedding regardless of the cost. Everyone deserves the same magical moment with their loved one. We are here to create that moment they dream of. Without the staff that works with me every day, there would be no Love Knot. I have created the background for romance but they deserve all the credit for delivering it.” Speaking to the SL community, Loveless wants them to know, “Beyond making wedding dreams come true, we are a place for couples to think of romance during the entire journey of their relationship. We offer a dance club to meet other people, hidden retreats to just to spend the night getting lost in each other, private rentals to getaway or have your dream honeymoon, free proposal area to ask the perfect question, free chapel to say I do, wonderfully designed wedding flowers, poses, decor and gifts....endless shopping for soon to be brides (with many vendors right here on site) and giving back to the SL community with numerous giveaways. “She urges SL residents to visit Love Knot and offers, “it’s not possible for me to create the atmosphere you will experience here in words.... have fun and come explore Love Knot. I hope you enjoy!” For more information about Love Knot Weddings, contact, SarahLynn Loveless, Owner, Nathan Stewart, Director of Management, or Winter Littlething, Manager. You can also go to their website, http://www.


Enchanted Chapel at Love Knot Weddings




Devoted Hearts Chapel at Love Knot Weddings



Dream Weddings At Dream Weddings, Roses/225/206/23, you can have a traditional ceremony in the magnificent European styled Cathedral on the hill or choose one of their seven other ‘sets’ which offer choices from Victorian splendor, tropical sunset beaches or their newest addition, the beautiful and magical Secret Garden. The owners of Dream Weddings have gone all out to provide the perfect environment for your guests as they stroll from the ceremony to the elegant reception pavilions past peaceful lakes with graceful swans, possibly stopping to sit on a bench to relax and take it all in on their way. Co-Owner, Joseline Capalini, explains their vision for Dream Weddings, “Dream Weddings was created to bring a little bit of romance back to Second Life.” She felt that what sets Dream Weddings apart from others is, “the personal service. We have wedding planners from all over the world, (New Zealand, Germany, USA, Canada), and we are constantly changing sets to match trends in SL fashion. We offer multi -cultural weddings (Christian, pagan, medieval, traditional civil ceremonies).” Capalini adds,”If you should have any special wishes, just talk to us and we will see what we can do.” One of the things that always bothered Capalini when she attended SL weddings was the issue of lag and the limited amount of guests that could be accommodated. With multiple sims, Capalini is able to accommodate up to 100 guests, although she recommends a maximum of sixty for a lag-free event. Four packages are offered by Dream Weddings ranging from the modest Bronze Package for 3000L which essentially provides use of the wedding ceremony venue, through the Diamond Package for 10000L which includes, the minister, rehearsal coordinator, two hour reception, cake, DJ, and Wedding Certificate. Invitations and a horse and carriage ride for the bride and groom are additional services available upon request. Capalini has a list of affiliated photographers for your convenience of whom she says, “You’ll be amazed at their work.”


To find out more about Dream Weddings, contact co-owners, JulianC Capalini and Joseline Capalini, Wedding Planners, Carenn Luik, Caasie Messerschmitt, Dragon Mizin, Jazmyne Ethaniel or MJrud Ragu. You can also go to their website,


The Cathedral at Dream Weddings




The Secret Garden Set Wedding Ceremony Venue at Dream Weddings



Autumn Skys Country Club, Swamp Water Bayou (166, 212,21)

Tom Denimore is not only a Second Life DJ. He is a DJ with a heart. Teleport into one of the clubs he works at, you will always be promised a good time with great songs playing. VR STYLE MAGAZINE recently sat down with Tom during a surprising break from DJing to talk about Second Life, and his love for music.

Tom regularly spends 3 to 5 hours daily in-world and spends about more or less 12 hours during weekends. Just like most of us, Tom was introduced to SL by a friend who at the moment is still waiting for a feedback if he likes it ( Note to Tom’s Friend : We think he does like it, spending that much time in-world, don’t you think? Tom has been in Second Life for a :) ) year, coming from Florida, USA, At first Tom considered SL as a game just like the popular game “SIMS”, but as time went on, this changed… the people he meets are now RL friends, real people that controls their avatars. Real friends made in a virtual world.

DJ Tom Denimore.... Heartwarmingly Real By: Kathy Nikolaidis Photo By: Nellie Choche 72


Zoffee Loring which he describes as a good friend and a wonderful hostess is one person he can relate to and considered as one of the special person in his life.

and groom. I was so worried that I would screw up the music and ruin their special day. I either did it right or they spared my feelings and said I did a good job.”

Roughly eight ( 8 ) months ago Tom tried his luck to DJ in-world, asked why he chose to DJ, “I started to do it for fun” he says, “and started getting more and more jobs, fashion shows, benefits, rez day parties and even a wedding”.

“DJing is fun specially when people are listening and enjoying the music played. The jokes shared the flirting indicates that the audience is having a good time, and when they are having a good time, of course tips are coming in which is a good thing!”

“Being a good DJ takes a lot of music and patience, but the two ( 2 ) thing that makes them good is the audience and a great host/hostess. In my case it has been a hostess my friend Zoffee Loring” It’s the partnership between the host/hostess and the DJ that makes it work, he believes, when he gets busy greeting his audience in local chats (whenever he can and it can be hard while taking and getting requests ), his hostess/friend takes the request or vice versa, she greets them and he takes request, this makes the feel of the events more welcoming and fun

For aspiring DJs, here are some words of wisdom from DJ Tom. “Get lots of music, jump in with both feet and have fun doing it and have lots and lots of patience during the times it’s slow because it will not always be that way.”

One memorable event that would mark the most in his career is a wedding he played music for. “I think I was more nervous than the bride


Tom, thank you very much for your time and all the best in your Second Life and in Real Life, we hope to hear more of your wonderful music.


A soothing breeze wafts through the The Botanical Gardens. Lovely music plays as you watch waterfalls and swaying evergreens. It’s an everlasting spring punctuated by gentle rain showers and occasional lightning. This lovely place is free to all who need to sooth a weary soul. It’s a collaborative garden and nature park. With it’s many paths to explore and quiet adventures to unfold, it provides a place to relax with friends or a loved one. Come fill your spirit with peace.Free to all who need some space in their hectic lives. It’s open to the general public and is financed by two in- world businesses, Sky Dreams and Spa Licious, which are directly above the gardens. They keep the gardens open for your enjoyment. The gardens were completed in 2007 and the “core” area covers 7423 sqm. The construction of the gardens took quite awhile to complete. The owners of the gardens suggest walking the gardens although flying is possible. You get a better feel of the gardens on a leisurely walk. Some of the places suggested to see:


The Gardens of S By: KathleenK

The SL Botanical Gardens

Second Life Spittler 79

The SL Botanical Gardens


* Floating in the lagoon, right at the base of the waterfall * The balcony at Sunset Cliffwatching the sunset. * The lookout at the top of the Mirage, with draw distance set to 256 You can see the entire sim from here. * Talking to Buddha. * Kissing in the waterfall of the mirage. * Traveling the river in the gondola. Another lovely garden is The Lost Gardens of Apollo. The first thing you notice upon arriving in this ethereal place of peace and tranquility is the lovely music. It’s always peaceful and soul soothing. As you float through the gardens on a magic carpet all real life cares melt away and you are surrounded by vistas of beautiful sunsets and archways reminiscent of exotic destinations. If meditation is your forte, sit on one of the meditation pillows and renew yourself here. Also try some Ti Che in in the floral garden. Cuddle on provided benches with a loved one and dance at the Salas y Boleros while watching one of Apollo’s wonderful sunsets. Walk the “Bridge to Nowhere” as the Second Life breezes engulf you in the magic of this wonderful place.


The Lost Garden of Apollo



The Gardens of Da Vinci at Kalepa give you the feeling of being transported back to the time of Da Vinci, Copernicus and Galileo. The hills provide you with vistas of Italian gardens. Ride gondolas down waterways throughout this sim. The feeling is of pure Italy. This is all done with Mt Vesuvius in the background, threatening to blow it’s top. Be sure to visit the observatory and look through the telescope at the heavens. Riding the Davincicopter and you know what Da Vinci knew about flight, before there was such a thing. You think helicopters are an invention of the 20th century? No, they are not. The idea is over 500 years old. Da Vinci developed the concept of flight but was not able to build what he envisioned. We can only wonder what Leonardo would have thought about it’s reinvention. Ride this sim in the virtual Davincicopter and know how he might feel. And if that’s not enough, ride the rocket to Mars and explore in a Mars mobile. Go inside the volcano and feel the heat. But be careful, the inside is full of strange things,like bats. Explore the castle on the hill with vista’s of


Da Vinci Gardens


Da Vinci Gardens


Kalepa at it’s best. An eagle will take you to the clouds to explore a mountain paradise. But be sure to plan on a few hours to fully explore this magical place. As I complete my tour of only a few of the many,many gardens of Second Life, I’m filled with awe, at the beauty and imagination of some of the creators of such places. What a wondrous place Second Life can be. How generous are the people that share all this with all of us who behold their breathtaking beauty. Second Life would indeed be a poorer place without the gifts we all have been given by such people


If you find yourself longing for greener work pastures, don’t immediately go looking for the first exit ramp off of your chosen career path. The Balance Team, which specializes in professional- and personalgrowth seminars for administrative and executive assistants in Fortune 1000 companies, suggests these 10 tips for staying content at work:

10 Tips For Stayin

By: Beverly West, Monst Photo By: Ne

1. Keep Personal Problems Personal. When you’re preoccupied with personal issues, it’s difficult to concentrate or be happy at work, says Alison Rhodes, a founding partner of The Balance Team. By all means, make sure you have your kids covered in the event of an emergency, but realize that nobody’s personal life is ever going to be completely problem-free. Just as you need to let go of work to enjoy your time at home, it’s important to leave personal worries at home so you can focus and be productive


at work. 2. Create an Office Nest. “You are at your job for at least 8 hours a day, which is more time than you probably spend in your bed,” says Jennifer Star, a founding partner of The Balance Team. “Make your space your own, decorate your area as much as your company policy permits, and make yourself as comfortable and relaxed as you can be in your office.

ng Happy at Work

ter Contributing Writer ellie Choche 3. Develop Office Support System. “Gathering a circle of colleagues who share similar backgrounds or lifestyles can take a lot of pressure off you at work”, says Rhodes. “When you are able to voice your feelings to people who understand, it can really help minimize stress.

throughout your workday can really make a difference in your energy level and attitude,” says Shirly Weiss, a certified holistic health and nutritional counselor and consulting expert for The Balance Team. “And if you an manage to maintain a diet of whole foods, as opposed to refined foods such as sugar and bread, then you’ll really be ahead of the game.

5. Be Organized. Create a manageable schedule to handle workloa, suggests Stacy Raden, a founding partner of The Balance Team. “A sense of empowerment stems from accomplishment,” she says. “When you feel overwhelmed, it tends to intensify dissatisfaction. By being proactive and taking control, employees can feel a sense of satisfaction, enhanced confidence and motivation.

4. Eat Healthy and Drink Lots of Water. “Maintaining a good diet and keeping yourself properly hydrated 6. Move Around. “Working in an


office can be a very sedentary job, so it’s especially important to your overall sense of health and happiness to take a few minutes during your workday to get up and move a little,” says Jason Bergund, founding director of Dancetherapy, a dance class, and a consulting expert for The Balance Team. 7. Don’t Try to Change Your Coworkers: “You can’t change anyone; you can only change the way you react to them,” says Star. “Don’t let other people’s actions affect you. Just figure out a way to resolve conflicts and avert uncomfortable situations.” 8. Reward Yourself: Identify a reward outside of your job, and indulge yourself, says Raden. Whether it be dinner with friends, a movie, exercise or a manicure, treat yourself every once in a while. Just as stress from home can interfere with work, the positive aspects of your life can influence mood at work as well. 9. Take a Breather. “In yoga, we practice the breath of joy, in which we inhale a long breath and then exhale laughter,” says Sarah Schain, founding director of Yoga Tales studios for children and a consulting expert for The Balance Team.


Stand with your feet together and your arms at your sides. Inhale deeply, then exhale laughter and bend forward. Try to do this movement 10 times. 10. Focus on the Positive: “Identify the things that you like at work, even if they are as simple as your coworkers or the nice view from your office window,” says Raden. “You create your own mind-set. If you stress the positives, you will make your job more enjoyable. Worrying about the negatives may cause you to become overwhelmed.”

The Perfect Second L By Reverend Eddi Has

Photo courtesy


Life Wedding skell

y of Greg Paslong and Vivien Janick

I have two great passions (other than my partner of course!) in Second Life. As many of you who are reading this article may be aware, I am Director of Photography for VR Style, and have my own gallery and photography business. I do have one other passion – and that is serving as a wedding minister or officiate/celebrant. There is nothing that gives me as much job as seeing two people, who have met in Second Life, formally unite in the presence of a congregation of family and friends in a wonderful wedding ceremony. The fact that our wedding service is in a virtual world can make little difference to many couples. The emotions can run as high as in a real life wedding! The anticipation worries, and finally, sublime love and fulfillment when rings are exchanged and our couple are proclaimed as such by the wedding officiate will be remembered for all your first and second lives. The question many people have is this. How can they make sure that their wedding service is perfect and memorable, and occurs without a hitch? I believe that the selection of a good wedding minister officiate is one of


the most important things that you can do to ensure a perfect wedding. The officiate should help design a personal wedding service, and can help you select music, readings, and pace your wedding so it can go off without a hitch. An experienced officiate knows what pitfalls to avoid, and what parts of the wedding service to emphasize. And, most importantly, a good officiate will listen to your concerns, and make sure that you do not have a cookie-cutter wedding that appears to be the same as everyone else. Many wedding establishments provide a wedding officiate as part of a “package� deal. These officiates can be every bit as personal and qualified as a freelance minister- there often is no need to hire your own. I would, though, make sure that personal detail and advice is made available to you if you decide to go down this route. There are three decisions you will have to make for the perfect personalized wedding service. First, and most important, is


Reverend Eddi Haskell

this- will your wedding be religious or secular (nonreligious)? I perform both types of weddings in Second Life, and actually am qualified to do real life weddings in the State of Florida where I live in real life as non-denominational clergy. Although all my religious weddings to date have been Christian, I look forward to being asked to perform a Jewish, Buddhist, or other type of religious wedding one day! If I am asked to do a religious wedding in Second Life, I ask the prospective couple if there are any religious tracts or prayers that they would like me to say. I also ask what they prefer I wear, my standard suit- or my religious vestments. In any case, I made sure to show the couple the service I have written before the wedding to see if they are comfortable with it. Even if I am asked to do a secular wedding, I ask permission to say a non-denominational prayer at the start of the wedding. I want to share my favorite with you. It is by the great Scotsman, Robert Louis Stevenson. However the inclusion of this is entirely up to the couple. “Lord, Behold our family here assembled. We thank you for this place in which we dwell, for the love that unites us, for the peace accorded us this day, for the hope with which we expect the morrow, for the health, the work, the food, and the bright skies that makes our lives delightful; for our friends in all parts of the earth. In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Sprit Let us all say Amen.� Secondly, will your wedding service be done in chat ( typing and cutting and pasting ) or voice? My weddings are done exclusivly typed in chat.


I do not want to take the risk of having something go wrong with sound. Many wedding ministers (who also function as DJ’s) can speak though a shoutcast server or other web setup just like they do as a club. Others use voice. It is my recommendation that you do not use in-world voice and only a DJ’s services if you want voice. There are simply too much voice glitches that can occur when you get a large group together for a ceremony.

Your third choice is the selection of wedding music Reverend Eddi Haskell during the wedding ceremony. Here are some traditional m I recommend that the DJ that MP3 download on playlist ( your hire for your wedding sites including you tube. You reception also broadcast MP3’s on Amazon. personalized music and work The first processional is usuall in together with your minister march. Here are some famou at the wedding service, unless * Trumpet Voluntary (also k the DJ is also your minister! Composed by Jeremiah Clark You will need to decide whether This is the best known trumpe you will use be modern or * Trumpet Tune, composed traditional during the ceremony. * Rondeau, for brass, string However, most couples choose 1; “Masterpiece Theater” The traditional music for your processionals- up the aisle to start the wedding, and down the aisle after the officiate proclaims you as a couple.


The second processional can marches. I prefer the full inst written for full orchestras and different and play whatever

chose one of these two standards: * A Midsummer Night’s Dream, incidental music, Wedding March, Composed by Felix Mendelssohn * Lohengrin, opera, Bridal Fanfare and Chorus, Composed by Richard Wagner For background music during the 20 minutes or so of the actually wedding service (I like to keep this to no more than 20 minutes), something soft and romantic works well. Try to avoid music with vocals during your service. Here is one piece I love, and I recommend as background music for many weddings.

* Siegfried Idyll, for small orchestra marches . These are freely available as in E major, composed by Richard , or other web Wagner can also purchase them at a low price as Here are some other decisions you will have to make for a perfect service: ly a trumpet or other celebratory * How will you proceed to the altar us ones: or podium? Will someone be giving known as Prince of Denmark’s March). one of you away? In many traditional ke (also attributed incorrectly to Purcell). weddings, the father of the bride or et procession. a close family member “gives” her by Henry Purcell away. However, this practice has been gs & timpani (from Suite of Symphonies No. dispensed with in many modern realeme)Composed by Jean-Joseph Mouret life weddings. You can both proceed be served by one of two very famous up to the altar if you wish as equals; trumental version of each. They were this practice is common in same-sex d not slow organs. You of course can be weddings. music you like, but most people seem to


Photo courtesy of Demoneka Daehlie * Will the couple write their own vows, or will the minister prepare this for them? Even though all of my couples to date have written their own vows, I always read some traditional vows. * Will there be an exchange of rings? And who will the ring bearer(s) be? Will there be one ring bearer (usually the groom’s best man in a traditional wedding), or two supporters? * Will members of the wedding party or other close friends be saying some words to you during the ceremony, or doing some readings of poetry? I think that this adds a nice personal touch. Your wedding officiate should be able to recommend some nice readings if you wish. There are, of course, more questions you will bring up to your wedding officiate, and more decisions you will have to make for the perfect service. But by keeping these questions in mind, and exploring all your options at hand, you will be on the way to having a perfect memorable Second Life wedding ceremony. Which should last forever!


Redgrave Black Elegance Suit Ensemble Emilia Redgrave’s black elegance men’s dress suit comes with many shirt, vest, and jacket options. Included are stylish accessories including a silver pocket watches and a cufflink set. Although expensive, this outfit is one very elegant choice for the stylish man. Redgrave Black Elegance Suit: L$ 1200 Available at Redgrave Men’s Fashions: Slurl: REDGRAVE%20Mens%20 Fashion/35/218/23

Men, Form W By: Cort Parkin


There are hundreds of possible formal wedding outfits that the the perfect look on his weddin some options- to give you an i might look.

Redgrave Black Striped Suit Another elegant Redgrave choice is the simpler black striped suit, with fewer accessories than the Black Elegance ensemble. This is paired with the Redgrave color-changeable pastel shade tie, which can match most wedding color schemes. Redgrave Black Striped Suit: L$ 850 Redgrave Tie Pastel Shade 85 Available at Redgrave Men’s Fashions Slurl: REDGRAVE%20Mens%20 Fashion/35/218/23

mals and Weddings...

e tuxedos, dress suits, and other e groom can pick from to ensure ng day. Here, we take a look at idea of how the perfect groom 109

EM Tuxedo with Sculpted Bow Tie and Accessories Soren Romulus EM Tuxedo gives many unique accessory choices and styles. The version here comes with a unique pumpkin paisley vest; many other colors and options are available. Three styles of pants, shoes, socks, and briefs are included as accessories. EM Tuxedo with Sculpted Bow Tie and Accessories: L$: 500 SLURL:


Blaze Columbia Signature Tux in Silk Red Blaze Columbia has several discerning tuxedos and dressy suits for the discerning groom. This signature tux, in silk red, will set the groom apart in a world of black and white formal choices. The Columbia comes in black, white, earth tone, and other color choices. Open and closed jacket versions are included. Blaze Columbia Signature Tux in Silk Red: L$ 500 SLURL: Blaze/68/118/23



Casa Del Shai Amorsolo Suit in Black ( Far Left ) That western themed wedding does not have to be rough cowboy hats and chaps. Shai Delacroix’s Amorsolo suit is a very elegance black ensemble that is both stylist and unique. This suit also comes in stone grey . *Shai* The Amorsolo Suit, L$ 650 SLURL:

Rebel Hope Designs The Rich Man Tuxedo with Red Accessories ( Close Left ) Rebel Hope offers a very simple two piece tuxedo at a reasonable price. Several color choices are available. Although options are limited, the cost justifies the purchase especially if the color required is for a one time wedding ceremony. Rebel Hope Designs The Rich Man Tuxedo – Red: $250 SLURL:


DD’s Orig

ginals mainstore, Kazzkark (140, 223, 124 )

Rebel Hope Designs - Carlton Tuxedo White This elegant white Tuxedo comes with several vest options. Other color vests can be purchased for an additional charge. The basic Carlton Tuxedo comes also comes in came, black, wine, and grey. Rebel Hope Designs - Carlton Tuxedo: L$ 500 SLURL:


Styles of Edo Tuxedo 4 coordinated 29 Edo Tone’s Styles of Edo offers a huge choice of classic tuxedos with many options and colors. The Edo model 4 has a shawl collar and comes with a rich blue-green vest, many other color options are available. Edo 2008 tuxedo 4 cordinated 29: L$ 800 SLURL: Tyche/139/128/55




Blaze Regal Tux in White with Blue SF Design Vest and Tie The Blaze Regal white tux is tintable if a custom shade is desired. However, what sets this outfit apart is it’s pairing with and elegant blue vest and tie from swaffette Firefly’s SF Design superstore. Vest customization is one way to set the grooms’ outfit apart, and there is no need to have a standard look from one designer! Blaze Regal Tux: L$ 500 SLURL to Blaze: Blaze/68/118/23 sf design vest, shirt, and tie set in blue: L$ 120 SLURL to SF Desgin: secondlife/Innisfree/158/75/537


Classico Designs Cavalier Tuxedo in Black: Stones Beaumont’s Cavalier Tuxedo is a stylish and unique design that stands apart from a cookie-cutter fit. Wide lapels and a full design set it apart. This model is well priced, and also comes in white and burgundy. Other models for formal wear are available. Classico Designs Cavalier Tuxedo: L$ 495 SLURL: Select%20Commerce/45/197/25


Belle Bartlett and Blaze Nielsen are a match made in heaven or at least in heavenly skyboxes. This is true, not just because of their two year SL partnership but because of their two year creative and business collaboration, Bartlett & Nielsen, Virgins Cove (113, 5, 517), that has produced the most extensive product line of everything from finely made furniture, beautiful and versatile spas and pools, seaworthy luxurious yachts, stylish and quality built prefab homes and unique drop-dead gorgeous skyboxes. One stroll around the three-sim store constitutes an enjoyable journey of amazement as you marvel over such wonders as the most magnificent line of oriental style bedroom furniture, several Southwestern themed bedroom selections and every other style imaginable including the novel



By: Sherrie Shephe

Left to right, Belle Bartlett, Blaze Nielsen and VR Style’s Editor Sherrie Shepherd at the Barlett & Nielsen Store.

ve Match Made in Heaven


Photos by: Eddi Haskell 125

New line of Southwestern Style beds at Bartlett & Nielsen

Hawksview House - Latest pre-fab available at Bartlett & Nielsen


Bartlett and Nielsen embrace on one of their extensive line of Oriental style beds


The Castle and fun Mr.Skybox and Miss at sunset, Nap-man onebeds of the environments available via an and thecontrolled owner outrageous menu. and hilariously macabre Guillotine bed. Nielsen proudly asserts that it’s Bartlett who creates most of the beds and he affectionately refers to her as “the bed queen”. All of their beds and most of their other furniture are loaded with up to 150 of the most realistic and fluid animations for romance and passion. Nielsen explains, “I think people are looking for interesting ways to make love in SL, to keep it fresh, that’s why we put our poses on so many different things: beds, pools, spas, showers, even kitchen counters!” All of the spas have two sets of menus for two couples with 150 poses each. Nielsen’s goal was to create a stimulating environment as he puts it, “… with two menus so that the spas could be more of a social place.” Taking a teleport up to the Sky Castle Skybox, Nielsen talks about his reason for creating this unique concept in skyboxes when he says, “I wanted people to have a wonderful castle experience in a small structure with fewer prims than most castles.” The castle sits in a 50 meter square box with a holodeck effect providing


a menu for changing the static view from the castle. The views literally take your breath away making you forget completely that you’re in a skybox. The occupant need only select the scene of their choice by accessing the menu with options like enchanting misty forests, mood setting and romantic sunset beaches, snow capped majestic mountains, dazzling and dramatic futuristic urban landscapes and more. Another accomplishment achieved by Bartlett and Nielsen is the castle itself, authentic and traditional in structure, yet with an interior design bathed in a warm glow due to clever use of lighting for a cozy atmosphere, contrary to the standard feel of a cold dark and damp environment. All of their skyboxes come fully furnished with pose laden objects and with a romantic spa for comfy cuddles or more. Other styles of their skyboxes include a Cabin, a Cape Cod and the contemporary urban apartment feel of their Fantasy Skybox. Another unique offering is the fantastic Jungle Dome. In lieu, of a skybox with a build inside, the dome is the ‘home’ simulating an outdoor environment with a twist that sets it appart from any skybox. The


Some of Bartlett & Nielsen line of yachts and boats



dome provides a 360 degree surround video of looping scenes. The occupant again selects from a menu of options such as towering palm trees swaying to balmy tropical breezes or a sparkling urban cityscape under starry skies as if viewed from a perch along a hill side. One feels very much at home comfortably sitting on stylish sectional furniture or cuddled up on a love rug in front of a warm glowing fireplace sipping Champaign. However, don’t get too comfortable since your tranquility may be interrupted by the video selection of a blazing comet striking the earth. Best to hold on tight to your loved one, lest you both get flung far and wide in the aftermath of destruction! What fun! SL is fortunate to have these two talented creators to help make experiences more interesting, stimulating, and aesthetically beautiful and appealing. Barlett reflects on how she began to build and gives all credit to Nielsen. She said, “He started me building, showed me how and I live for making him say “WOW!” She is especially proud of their latest collaboration on an amazing pre-fab, the Hawksview House. When speaking of her


Video Dome at Bartlett and Nielsen showing the Tropical Waterfall video


Video Dome at Bartlett and Nielsen show


designs she says, “I just get ideas in my head and go with it… see where it goes.” Nielsen gives his account of her first build, “When Belle and I first got together I spent a month building a 75 meter yacht while she sat there and watched… so I told her to build a chair. I said, “I don’t care how long it takes, just make a chair”. Since then, she just took off and has really learned how to do amazing things.” A visit to the Bartlett and Nielsen store is an adventure unto itself; however, you can also find their product line on xStreet.

wing the Night-time City-scape video


Ah, June. The month for dads, grads, and, especially, I dos. As most know, partnering in Second Life exists as the virtual reality equivalent to marriage in real life. People become enamored with each other, court each other, propose, have elaborate ceremonies to celebrate the partnering, settle into a house together (or run businesses together), and even, at times, raise a virtual family. Of course, partnering in SL has quite a few differences from marriage in real life. You don’t have dirty socks to pick up from the bedroom floor, no lawn to mow, and, if the kids are being too pesky, you just mute them. Oh, for a mute button in real life.

Your Place

Then, too, partnering is not legally binding, so that if problems occur, it is easy to merely pack up and leave, the partnering is dissolved, and all that’s left is the bickering, the ill will, and, perhaps, as sense of wanting to get back.

By: Aristipp Photo By: R

Some partnering has lasted for long periods of time in Second Life, but, unfortunately, too many times, partnering dissolves as quickly as it came together.

intentions not to partner. Oh, and you should have some great secondary line to show that, while you might not want to partner, you might want to have a good time.

So, for those who have partnered and been disappointed, whether one time or many, or for those who do not want to partner in Second Life, here are some lines that will quickly show your

For Men:


10. Hey, didn’t I see you the other night at Sleazy Sam’s Escort Emporium? 9. As I tell my other girlfriends, nude looks good on you.

3. Did I leave that out again? 2. Please warn me before the PMS cycle kicks in so I can mute you. 1. I’ll IM you in the morning. Fpr Women: 10. You, know, they do make that in sizes larger than petite. 9. Nice Newbie suit. 8. Oh, did I tell you I know where they sell a castration animation.

e or Mine?

pus Larsson Roxi Richez

7. When was the last time you looked into a mirror. 6. Nice dance. I hope you didn’t pay for that. 5. You remind me of my first idiot partner. 4. If you give all your lindens, I might let you be a friend. 3. I appreciate the offer, but your friend looks like she could be more fun. 2. Let me see, what’s the best way to define “dim bulb”?

8. I’m looking for a Tuesday woman to 1. I’m sorry, I don’t ride Yugos. complete my week. 7. You know, you can edit those bigger. 6. Come watch me work out in the virtual gym. 5. Nice hair. It reminds me it’s time to shampoo the dog. 4. Want to see my bachelor pad’s view of the nude beach?


KONA Radio, KONA Radio Station, Nowhereville (119, 56, 22), has since February 2007, offered SL residents pop and rock music from the 60s, 70s and 80s, 24/7 with a library of 6,700+ tracks.

Of the genre of music, Bentham muses, “It’s the “Soundtrack of my Life”. To be more specific, I play mainstream pop and rock from the 60s, 70s, 80s. I also play mashups, novelty songs, soundtracks, a bit of country and cover Owner and DJ, Ravishal Bentham, tunes.” along with his “Girl Friday”, GoSpeed Bentham loves to share his music and Racer, a fellow DJ, are the driving really enjoys meeting people who also force and the heart and soul behind love music. KONA Radio. He uses broadcasting software that

Having a deep love of music and a allows him to program a playlist

KONA Radio: Rocking 24/7 By : Sherrie Shepherd Photos By: Nellie Choche

passion for broadcasting, Bentham has, since 2004, been broadcasting from his home using a hobby kit transmitter. Once he joined SL, he discovered the presence of radio stations here.

which is divided into two categories: up tempo and slow tempo. He adds, “I play these songs in four song sets to avoid abrupt tempo changes.” He’ll play at any type of special event and is happy to tailor the music to a theme. He recalls playing all his scary, creepy and morose tunes for a Halloween party and remarks, “It’s the only time I will ever play “DOA” by Bloodrock.” At a pirate themed gig he selected tunes like “Six Month on a Leaky Boat” and “Come Sail Away”.

In 2006, an opportunity presented itself when a major SL estate asked him to stream music 24/7. During the several months of his broadcasts there, he developed a strong following. Taking advantage of another opportunity, he began broadcasting from the Hawaiian themed sim of Hukilau, thus the name KONA Radio As far as the future of KONA, Bentham seemed appropriate and was born. counts on expansion by word of


Ravishal Bentham and GoSpeed Racer DJing a regular gig at Fibber Magee’s in Dublin.


Ravishal Bentham and GoSpeed Racer outside the KONA Radio Station


mouth. He feels his style of being interactive and responsive to requests and his ability to sense the mood of the crowd add to his popularity and secure a good following. Bentham feels, “Music is a precious commodity. It is a language to convey ideas and feelings. My playlist has a lot to say about me and my generation. I want to share that experience with others.”

To find out more about KONA Radio contact Ravishal Bentham or go to http://www.KONASTREAM. com. The link for parcel use is or http://gold.slser KONA Radio can also be heard via iTunes under the Golden Oldies & Classic Hits of 70s, 80s, and 90s Radio categories.

His appreciation of music originated inworld is evidenced as he emphasizes, “I would like it known that I am accepting music from SL musicians.”



s ( 24, 23, 2002 )

Isabel Brocco & Orso Templar: By: Sherrie Shepherd

Cover Story: May 29th, 2006 was a special day for Isabel Brocco and Orso Templar. It was the day they met in SL and little did they know at that time but almost exactly three years later , May 31st, 2009,they would be walking down the aisle together. Brocco is a representative of Elan Models, an instructor with SuperElite Models and was the JCNY Showcase Model for


April 2009. Another distinction is that Brocco holds the title of the first Miss Virtual World 2008. Of her Miss Virtual World title she says, “Winning Miss Virtual World was a surprise and quite an honor to not only win but be part of the contest. I was lucky enough to meet some great women. I’d do it again in a heartbeat.”

A Perfect Second Life Wedding Photos by: Roxi Richez

Brocco remembers the day they met, “My best friend had joined SL so I took her out skin shopping. I looked over and saw a newbie woman wearing a box and couldn’t help but laugh. Orso, who was with her, laughed as well and we caught each other’s eye.” After conversing for awhile she noted that, “he looked good and had a good sense of humor.” She

felt an attraction right away, however, she was committed to someone else at that time. However, they continued to hang out and talk and soon she knew, “he was the one”. For Templar’s part he seemed to know right away. As he explains it, “I thought she was the hottest girl I had seen in SL. She had a lovely way about her, very charming and friendly.” He admired


her personality saying, “she’s very easy to get along with and always happy and upbeat.” He adds with a smile that, “She’s also challenging, thought provoking and little mischievous at times. I just wanted to be around this lady.” A few months into their relationship, Templar proposed to Brocco. She recounts how he asked her, “he took me out for romantic dancing, had the DJ play a special song and popped the question.” When they decided to have a formal wedding, Brocco thought about what would represent the dream wedding for her. She felt that finding the perfect dress was high on the list with her interest in fashion but more importantly she wanted to have friends there to take part in their happiness. She’s happy that they found the perfect venue with the right atmosphere for the wedding, Celestina’s Weddings, and relieved a lot of stress by having a wedding planner. She found her perfect wedding gown at Son!a’s which features a sleek fitted dress with a small train, short veil and a belly bearing midriff which she says is, “sexy but tasteful.”


The happy couple has recently bought their dream home in Bonaire overlooking the water, however, Brocco emphasizes, “any place is a dream home if I’m with Orso.” Last May 31, 2009 at 1pm slt, Isabel and Orso tied the knot so to speak, at the Celestinas Wedding Chapel in a very private and romantic ceremony. Their entourage consist of Gamp Lane, Finncaev Riederer, and the Maid of Honor was Isabel’s long-time friend, Gingers Milosz. At 12:30pm slt, guest started to arrive at the church and everyone can feel how special that day was for the couple. Orso waited patiently for his lovely bride to walk down the aisle as he looks so handsome and debonair. At exactly 1:13pm slt, the lovely bride came through the church door and was walked down the aisle by the best man and the bride’s brother, Raphael Lazarno. Officiated by Sonyeke Lane, Isabel and Orso exchanged “I do” as they became husband and wife with vows of forever love and happiness. Right after the ceremony, a wonderful fireworks display was set-off by the bridge connecting the church and the reception area. While champagne



was passed around, everyone To Isabel and Orso, VR Style with its cheered to the newly weds. team would like to congratulate you A lovely gazebo waited for the and wishes you the best in your life couple and their guests, the first together. dance as husband and wife was done in the tune of Bryan Adam’s “Everything I Do, I Do It For You”, afterwhich the guests followed in the dancing. Eveyone was so happy with this union, and felt that both Isa and Orso deserves this much happiness.

Truly, a match perfectly made, a couple with so much love for each other that will surely grow more each day.




Moon Lounge ,Mystic Havens ( 34, 221, 25 )

Your’s Truly, Ann


Miss SLanders takes a lighthearted how to deal with each other with wondrous world of SL. Dear Ms. SLanders, I have a tremendous workload in SL. I own a lot of property and rent it out. I also sell properties. It’s profitable but I find I don’t have time for the fun things of Second Life. It’s just too much for me. My partner is a good person and I really care for her. Do you think I’m being a fool, just giving it all up like this? I don’t want to take the time to sell it. I’m just tired of it all. Bogged Down Dear Bogged Down,


I’m assuming that your property is pretty valuable. If it weighs that heavy on you. I don’t think this would be an unreasonable thing to do. But first I would make sure that the “gift” pf this property wouldn’t be a burden to your partner. Make sure she knows the work all this involves. Most of us come to Second Life for fun and relaxation. Perhaps this would put undue pressure

n SLanders

By: KathleenK Spitteler

d look at friendships, romance and h more respect and humor in this

him. and have a conversation. The doubts you are having are obviously ruining your relationship. There may be a very simple explanation for his disappearances. Perhaps it’s late where he is and he just doesn’t want to tell you how tired he is. Maybe you’re putting undue strain on his life by keeping him up late. Second Life relationships can sometimes be hard because of the time zone constraints. Whatever the reason, it’s always best to sit and discuss things. Communication is the key here. It’s always better than doubt and worry.

on your partner. Also make sure the profit goes strictly to your partner otherwise she could feel like she’s being used. But my advice to you would be simplify your life either by gifting it or selling it. Sounds like your Second Life Ann SLanders experience will be far better off. Dear Ms. SLanders, Ann SLanders Dear Ms. SLanders, My BF keeps disappearing on me. We will be in the middle of an interesting conversation and all of a sudden he just disappears. He keeps telling me that his internet went out but he has used this excuse so many times, I’m starting to doubt him. I really care for him but his actions upset me. Should we have a conversation about this or am I a fool to doubt him. Doubtful

Dear Doubtful,

I like to go to concerts in Second Life. I think it’s the best thing about Second Life. My GF however doesn’t want to go to them. Every time I ask her to go hear one of my favorite musicians, she says she’s not in the mood. I’m beginning to think that we don’t have enough in common. Other than that we seem to be getting along pretty well. Do I end the relationship or stay with her for awhile? Craving Music Dear Craving,

Since the rest of your relationship I would say it’s time to sit down with seems to be going well, I would ask


her what kind of music she likes. Perhaps if you went to hear the music she enjoys it would be more fun for her. I’m assuming that you have asked her this. It couldn’t be much fun going to hear music you don’t like. Just put yourself in her shoes. Maybe both of you can find music that is enjoyed by both of you. There is such varied music in Second Life. I’m sure that with the wide variety, there would be some that the two of you could compromise on. A good relationship is too hard to find, not to work these small details out. Ann SLanders


Price Paradise Island HQ, Mackinac Island ( 40, 212, 21)

Pretty Brides All In A Row.. . Photos by Roxi Richez Just like any event, wedding is something women normally gets excited about. Sometimes this event is the most awaited of all, walking down the aisle and meeting the man of your dreams at the end of that long aisle. But before the actual ceremony we look for the perfect gown for the perfect day to meet the perfect man. Here are some suggested gowns in Second Life for that perfect day.

Devine Sarah Bernhardt Wedding Flexy By: Nonna Hedges Made from wonderful intricate and detailed lace this sexy and romantic gown matched with a two tier veil is something a bride would like to be seen with on a beautiful wedding day. Model: Dakini Nightfire Hair by: Calla Lily Monrada Brunette


Total Abandoon By: Grace Winnfield Hand painted flower embossed satin gown. Combinations of flex and sculpt combined with intricate floral and sheer design to crate a gown with total abandon. No Veil. Model: Ariel Lingiuan Hair by: ETD Roslin


Chained Princess Silk By: Akita Meili Fine fashion silk dress with distinguished style. Complete set with 28 items, all prim, handcrafted textures. Fits perfectly like custom clothes. Model: Roxi Richez Hair by: Damselfly - Verity Ruby Blend


Kait’s Doll By: Grace Winnfield Satin Brocade shiny modern gown. For the high fashion runway bide. Scalloped empire waist with sculpt sleeves. No Veil Model:Lauren McCaw Hair by: The Pirate Alley “Heather2”


MD Amalia Wedding Gown By: Aradhana Voight Classy wedding gown, now avaliable in darker colors! You can wear this as a wedding gown or formal wear. The most eye-watering feature is the high slit side, offering a really enticing view of your legs, it’s sexy, elegant but yet retains the “classy” feel of the gown! Check out the top too, revealing strapless front, with just a clasp to keep it together, it’s only for those who dare to show! This set includes top, 2 flexi skirts (one for ballroom), a cute ribbon and of course a veil! Model: Nadia Felwitch Hair by: Sky Everett Designs, Kiera Blonde


Lady in White By: Grace Winnfield Full lace low cut gown with delicate overlay and slender skirting. Optional sheer gloves. Gown comes with 17 different options for the colored ribbon. Model: Nadia Felwitch Hair by: Sky Everett Designs, Kiera Blonde


Deeply Devoted By: Grace Winnfield Deeply Devoted is a straight front full lace gown with a cathedral length train overlaid with sheer lace. The halder neck bodice is deeply cut and the back completely open. Model: Roxi Richez Hair by: ETD Janae-Black


MIamai Lilys By: Monica Outlander A brocade and silk bodice, with a sheer laced undershirt, brocade and silk gloves, an amazing jeweled sculpted gown with a silk trail and sculpted flowers and petals like elements, pearls, and a wonderful flexy and sculpted, jeweled head dress. And matching shoes with sculpted feet, color change for the skin and resizable, in white silk and gold brocade. A one of a kind dress, that merges the sweetness and purity of the lily flower with the precious look of the pearls and the lusciousness of the gold brocade and the purest white silk. The exceptional flexy of this gown will make you look like an aethereal, amazing butterfly in the day of your dreams. Model: Monica Outlander Hair by: W&Y 37 - Black


Divine Collection Champagne Gold By: Nicky Ree The bodice, skirt and sleeves of the gown is intricately beaded with seed pearls and lace. Model : Kathy Nikolaidis Hair: Calico Creations “Catherine”

NInette Softly By: Grace Winnfield

Gloriously airly andlight. layered generously with silk. The strapless bodice the back with diamond c embroidered to match th and skirts with sculpt and

Model : KathleenK Spitte Hair: Calico Creations “C


....this gown is h embroidered sher e is buttoned down cluster buttons, and he skirt. Includes veil d without.

eler Catherine�


Cynthia Wedding Gown By: Aradhana Voight This traditional white wedding gown is designed especially for your special day! This perfect gown is made from delicate lace, with luxorious gold trimmings on both the top and the skirt prims of the gown to add that “extra” touch! Aradhana has designed the gown with a bit of see through lace top to highlight feminism. Just because you are wearing a long flowing gown, doesn’t mean you can’t show off some assets! What is so fantastic is Aradhana does romanticize her gowns. This set includes 2 tops (one without straps), train, mega flexi skirt and a veil! You can pretty much mix and match how you like; we suggest you team it up with beautiful Mashooka jewels for a complete look! Model: Ariel Lingiuan Hair by: *Brits*B-Day Barbados, Black


Mashooka Jodhaa Princess Gharara & Mashooka Jodhaa Akbar Suit By: Aradhana Voight Heavy velvet jacket with sequins, jari and kundans work. The pagri/turban is beautified with pearls and rajput based traditional jewels which matches the bridal dress. The chicness of the complete outfit will create a timeless look on your special day. And about the dress: a gorgeous bridal gharara, designed on net base with a satin lining, garnished with aari work with sequins and antique jardozy work. This gorgeous dress will give you a royal traditional indian look on the most memorable day of your life Models : Dakini Nightfire & Monster Lorgsval Hair: ETD, Kerri


Opening Ceremony on May 23, 2009

The Gay Clubber, Reports 180

Second Pride is Second Life’s biggest celebration of diversity. This annual celebration of the GLBT (gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transsexual) community saw unprecedented crowds and recognition this year from May 23May 30. This packed festival, held over 6 Sims, had 8 packed days of cultural and entertainment events. Amnesty International co-hosted the event; final fund raising tallies will show a significant donation towards enabling its human rights efforts. Here are how some attendees and organizers of the event answered the question “What does Second Pride Mean to you?”. (Note- some minor editing for grammatical consistency was made, but the content was unchanged). Eddi Haskell blogs at http://www.

s from Second Pride Photos By: Eddi Haskell 181

The Crowd Gathers for Nightime Entertainment



“Funny thing about my real life is that I grew up Irish yet have the skin of an African American. My identity was a hard thing to figure out. I guess I am a living dichotomy. Well one thing I am certain of is that my sexual preference is towards men. One cannot have total pride in themselves and their culture until one fully embraces it. Well I embraced my homosexuality and really I can’t think of when I was not embracing it. Sure there was a time when I did not know which team to play for. I am a beer drinking, sports watching, rowdy guy…but my sexual preference is still not undeniable. What I sleep with and how I act are two different things but they make up my whole. Pride to me is being happy and fulfilled by knowing the parts that make you one- just like we all make up one big group of diverse individuals. Take pride that you are a small part of a bigger and awesome whole”

- InsyX Piranha, DJ “One thing I have always loved about SL is being able to meet interesting people from all over the world. Second Pride gives the GLBA community a chance to come together as a whole and showcase our talents. I would like to thank The Pride Team for doing such an amazing job, and making sure everyone has had such a great time!”

- Regi Yifu “To me, pride is about coming together and embracing our diversity and celebrating our commonalities. Like the pride rainbow together as a community we display our beautiful colors in togetherness. And as a true rainbow each color is necessary and contributes to the whole.”

- Kianan Ocello “For me pride is a good way to build a network of friends and business For me it is all of that especially when I am trying to build a group for gay men with disabilities”

- Tom09 Castro


Jace Lewis and DanielScarlet Destiny, Pride Officers


It’s Party Time at Second Pride!



The Eternal Flame at Second Pride, visible in six sims

“SL Pride means three things for me. First, it is a time to feel the excitement of the call and what is to come Second, it is a time to swim from your own little pond into the vast Ocean And finally, it is a time to see the migration into one gay community.” - Benu Boyer


“Gay pride is special because it lets us celebrate what we have in common as well as celebrating what makes us different. It’s also a special time to share with those we have not seen in a while and celebrate the time we have together on this Earth.” - Zim Gunsburg Owner, Agape Men’s Shapes

“First most, Pride to me means NEVER being afraid to show who you are and what you believe. Secondly, Pride is a time when all GLBT People come together with a common purpose... to have fun and celebrate! Finally, Pride means honoring the lives of those who have come before us and made it possible for me to say, today, I am a gay man.” - Jarrod Fitzpatrick Owner, Club Blaze and DJ “Pride for me is all about community. It started with the drag queen community refusing to give into the bullying tactics of the police force. Pride, for me, is now about taking a sense of pride in all the accomplishments of gay citizens worldwide. I started Second Life not knowing that I would find the exact same community in a virtual world, support groups for hiv/ aids, families supporting each other. The community is just an extension of I come from a small town in the state the physical world and I take pride in of Wisconsin. Pride means allot to the growing community” me. It’s a day for me to reunite with - LilTank Thibedeau, DJ old and new friends to come. I would say it is a special time for me – where we stand ground and keep marching “Pride is Freedom of Choice.” in the right direction. Happy Pride! - Connor Whitman - Kelly Boyington Owner, Club La Cage


Second Pride is a time when my freedom to express my sexuality and complete dislike of gender as an issue in government, in society and in one’s relations with other human beings. It is a time when the joy of SL’s open, free gay community, allowing one to “be” that which best expresses one’s idea of artistry, one’s feelings of fantasy and self-image, and overcomes the limitations that “real life” so frequently forces upon us. Finally, it is a time when .the gathering of souls, relating to one another in respect, camaraderie, and pure joy of celebration of our gay lifestyles, regardless of politics, religion, race, gender, or sexual orientation, possible in Second Life like nowhere else on earth. Love rules here, and love conquers all! - mtd1952 Timeless


Second Pride makes Pride Global, allowing us to meet people from around the globe and share experiences Pride allows members of our community to party and celebrate, and show your SL Pride for a week on 6 sims with many activities Pride is a place where LGBT parties meet art, education and culture from the whole world - Zac Preminger Chair, Second Pride



Cole Warden

DJ Muhu Janus and Caleb Bruin


Quagmire Juran, Eddi Haskell and Rickie Zabaleta


“For Me Pride is about Family, the Family we chose. It’s the Love and Support that we show each other around the World. Those still oppressed in their countries, WE are here and support you. Don’t give up HOPE”

- Rickie Zabaleta

Owner, Club Tiger’s Eye & DJ “Second Pride is an opportunity to look at one’s own heart and soul, be proud of them and then “turn them inside-out” for the world to see. As a Black Gay man, I have much to be proud of both within myself and in my community and Second Pride is an important venue to share that with others. Let us carry with us; this feeling of Pride and Unity into RL and keep it burning like a torch to light the way for others.” - Ravel Moonwall Second Pride is a time to celebrate my friends, my brothers and sisters, in a common feeling of openness, love and acceptance. It is a chance to meet new people, to learn new things about others and myself. And, a time to revel in who I am. - Brendan Tsarchon


Jordyn Carnell & Eddi Haskell, caught in a Bubble

For me, Pride is about being free to define yourself and being comfortable with wh0 you are. It’s a time to reflect on how far the world has come, and how far it still has to go. - Jordyn Carnell”JC” Publisher of


Kolin Wylie


SL friendship transitioned to an RL cross continental love story for Gord McGinnis, living in Canada, and Nicka OKelly, who lived in Spain. Their RL wedding took place on December 29th, 2008 when these two lovers who lived an ocean apart were joined in marriage witnessed by both RL and SL friends. Their story is truly a dream come true made possible by technology and the destiny always in the stars for these two exceptional people.

It all started so innocently, when they met on Avatar Island on September 27th, 2007 and began sharing noobish experiences together while exploring SL. McGinnis recalls, “I was very interested in her right from the beginning. Using other forms of messengers over the years, I had never really met anyone outside of my country. I was never a big fan of chat rooms but again, after doing research on SL, I knew tht this was much more than just a glorified chat room.

Gord and Nicka : A Perfect SL to RL LoveStory By: Sherrie Shepherd


Photos by: Roxi Richez

We had agreed right from the start that if I helped her improve her English, she would help me improve my Spanish and that we would learn and grow together in our new-found world.” Of McGinnis, Okelly says, “He was a nice guy who became my best friend in the virtual world. I didn’t have too much time to spend in SL, because of RL work... and we only could spend some time together on Thursday and Friday nights and some weekends. I always looked forward to talking to him. I never thought about the fact that he was 6000km away from me.” After a period of time together in SL, they decided to be what McGinnis described as “SL BF GF – SL boyfriend and girlfriend.” At that point, it was still essentially a game to them. They continued to explore while incorporating dancing and expanding their knowledge of SL. Okelly was realizing that she was falling in love with McGinnis because of, in her words, “ The person he is, his character, how he treats me, he always treats me like a Queen. He is kind and always trying to help someone. He has a big heart.” McGinnis explains, “While we had an SL love for each other our RL love for each other did not happen until much later in our SL lives.” As time went by, McGinnis realized that inworld relationships could be extended to portray things that can be done in RL. This is when he decided to propose to

OKelly in SL on November 1st, 2007. When Okelly accepted McGinnis proposal, they decided they wanted the very best in terms of an SL wedding. They searched long and hard for the best fit for them and finally found Happily Ever After Weddings. Co-Owner Koto Kuu showed them what they had to offer and provided them with all the information needed to plan their perfect SL wedding. They had their SL wedding on November 9th, 2007. Of the wedding, McGinnis said, “Everything went according to plan and the wedding was more than anything that we had expected. The fact that it was so close to RL made it even that much more enjoyable. After attending several more SL weddings with friends in SL, I would have to say without a doubt, that Happily Ever After Weddings are still, to this day, by far the best weddings we have ever seen.” The transition to an RL love story happened over time. For McGinnis part, he said, “Feelings started to develop for me that I never thought would be possible in a virtual world let alone online as a while. As you know with any relationship, communication is key, and we certainly had a lot of communication. We would always talk to each other as if we were in the same room and would always talk about our RL selves and not that of an SL nature. Over time, we grew to know each other on a more


personal, and real level. We started using Skype and video to get to know each other in an RL atmosphere while still being in SL.” Okelly traveled to Canada to spend her vacation in July of 2008. McGinnis picked her up at the Toronto airport and describes what that moment was like, “When she arrived, and I saw her for the first time in person, for me, it was love at first sight. Over the course of her stay, we fell madly in love with each other and knew that we had to have more.” While both of their hearts were broken to part, they were both living separate lives at the time. A future visit to Canada was planned over the Christmas holiday season and as McGinnis put it, “We could once again be in each other’s arms.” As the weeks passed they realized that they wanted to start their lives together and McGinnis proposed to her which she immediately accepted. Of their RL engagement Okelly said, “It was a special day for me. I couldn’t believe it was happening to me. After my visit to Canada, when I came back home, it was harder than ever. We fell in love with each other and we knew for sure that our feelings were true.” Their ceremony was planned for December 29th, 2008 in Niagara Falls, Canada.

with their special SL sister Harleybeth28 Amoufhaz present to photograph the wedding and to provide an internet connection so that the ceremony could be viewed via Skype by Okelly’s family in Spain. The happy coupled decided to settle down in Spain, where Okelly had family commitments and where immigration was not as difficult for McGinnis Vs the more complicated and time consuming process to immigrate to Canada. McGinnis reflects, “For me, being with her meant much more than anything else in the world so it did not matter to me where we ended up so long as we were together.”

When asked what impact their RL marriage has had on their SL life, McGinnis said, “It has changed some aspects of our SL lives but we still come to be with our friends and family here and still continue our SL lives together.” They have abandoned their SL business and scaled back on their in-world real estate ownership. Now they sit side by side on their laptops and log into SL to continue exploring, enjoying their friends and just having fun. McGinnis adds, “Because SL is where we first met, fell in love, and started our lives together, it will forever be a part of us and our They had an intimate, yet romantic, family.” setting for their wedding in a small chapel not far from the Falls. Both RL Of the SL experience in general, and SL friends were in attendance with McGinnis feels, “Sl is always, at first,



considered by many as just a game. As you grow and learn, you realize that it is more than just a game and it is a place that you can make all of your RL dreams come true. You can do things here that not many people are able to do in RL, which certainly has its advantages. SL also breaks down the boundaries of borders, cultures, people, places and most importantly, racism.


It accomplishes what RL has been trying to do for many centuries, to bring the entire globe together as one community. For all non-believers of dreams and fantasies both in RL and SL, take it from us and the experiences that we have shared and will continue to share as two hearts are now as one, dreams really do come true.�

When I was first asked to come on board as part Glitter Bolissima and Tesan L of the steering committee for the 2009 Mr and Ms International I really had no idea what I would be involving myself in. I had never been really big on pageants but when I was told we would be giving away 250,000L split I knew that this would end up being something really big. We decided on such a big purse because we did not want to have just another pageant, but one that would have an impact on the lives of those involved. It was an investment on our part in someone’s future. Whether the winners would use the money to start a business, pay tier, or help others out, we knew that a sum that large would make a difference. In the early phases of planning the pageant I think we never imagined the adventure it would be for all of us involved, I know I didn’t. We met some challenges along the way, learned some lessons but in the end we persevered and most importantly we had a great time going through these growing pains. Our main purpose was to bring to the residents of SL a pageant in which anyone could join. It was not a pageant for the elite and beautiful, although our contestants did not lack in that department, but one of risk takers that truly believed in themselves. Our contestants ranged from models to builders to business owners. The pageant preliminaries started out as early as March. At that point eight contest boards where set up in eight different Sims in SL. We searched for seven sim owners that would help us make this event come true. We found those in Aristippus and Dorian Tairov of Reva Ent., Tammy Toll of Musicland, Beth McCaw of Breakers, Starlite Schnook of Eternal Isle, Jesie Graves of Teabag, Avalon Raymaker of Zenland, and Johnathan Hiess and Jenna Coppola of JCS Agency.


And t


Lane, 2009 Mr. & Ms. SL International

the Winners Are....

By: Iolejanana Chajit Photos By: Nellie Choche


The contest board was where we had our initial contact with our contestants. There they were required a minimum of 50 votes to become eligible to continue to the preliminary phase of the pageant. The board not only served as the entry point but even then it gave back to our contestants as they received 15% of the monies earned in the boards so that they could use that towards buying outfits and accessories to use in the pageant. Next came four preliminary pageants, two for men and two for women. From each of those preliminaries came our top 16 finalists. Then the final nerve wrecking night finally came on May 29th, 2009. I did not envy our judges of the night who were in charge of picking the reigning Mr. and Ms. But they did an excellent job. I can proudly announce that our winners where Tesan Lane as our first Mr. International and Glitter Bollisima as our first Ms. International. This was a truly magnificent evening. That night working backstage with those contestants made me reflect on everything that we went through throughout all these months. Seeing how they would encourage one another, how in such a short time such great friendships where forged, I realized that all the hurdles we had to jump over and all the resistance we met on the way where worthwhile just to see this interaction unfolding before me. I always believed the cliche that contests and pageants


Couture Boulevard, Venue of the Mr. &

brings out the worst in a person, but this group of people showed me not only that night but throughout all the preliminaries that there is still the possibility to have good sportsmanship and friendly competitiveness. This pageant proved to me that there is still a good side of human nature that can shine through even if there is a lot of money involved. I have had the distinct pleasure of knowing each and every one of our contestants and I can say that they are truly magnificent people. In my eyes they are all winners. I thank everyone of them for making this experience for me that much richer and for showing me that good sportsmanship is not a thing of the past but can be something very real. In the end I feel that there were not only two winners that night, but a room full of them me included.

& Ms. SL International Finals


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June 2009 Issue of VR Style  

June 2009 Issue of VR Style

June 2009 Issue of VR Style  

June 2009 Issue of VR Style

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