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Publisher’s Message To Our Readers: February is the month of love and here at VR Style there is no shortage of just that! Month to month we do our best to bring to the best articles and things that we feel will be of interest to you our dear readers. This month we pose a very interesting question “Is SL Cheating Really Cheating?” With this we also introduce to you our newest column VR Style Asks... presented by our talented writer Carey De Cuir. Each month we hope to bring you some sort of though provoking question and we will seek out the different point of views from SL residents. This month seems to be a very auspicious one with having Valentines Day and Chinese New Year fall on the same day. As such we hope to bring you a little of both East and West in this issue. We hope you have a wonderfully romantic Valentines Day and for our friends in the East we wish you a Happy New Year. To all you Tigers out there have a great year! Always,

Iolejanana Chajit Iolejanana Chajit Publisher + Managing Editor Virtual Style 6

Editor’s Notes To Our Friends, What a coincidence! Celebrating the Chinese New Year and Valentine at the same time! Both this coming February 14, 2010. VR Style is bringing to you the fusion of these two events the day of the hearts and the lunar change of the Chinese. We have a lot of cool articles that we believe you would enjoy. On another note, we would like to introduce once again the Mr. and Ms. VR International which is an annual search prouduced by NAIL Production and VR Style Magazine. This is our way of showcasing the diversity of the virtual world and how this world enabled us to reach out to each other despite distance. As always our committment to your enjoyment is our mission. Virtually Yours,

Ariel Lingiuan

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Human Interest

The 10 Commandments of SL R By: Shartan Silverstar

Relationships in SL involve real people not just 3D avatars with great clothes! The ease with which you can create a SL relationship may mislead you to think that SL relationships are easy. They are not! Here’s some help for you. 1. Thou shall not love a noob No, I am not trying to be snobbish or holier-than-thou, after all who among us hasn’t sported the ultra-sexy, wooden noob hair when we were new? SL is a place of technical as well as emotional learning. No one can understand the depth and breadth of this virtual life until they experience it. Hence, when a person enters Second Life they have no idea what it is and what it can really mean to them. With time they realize the kind of contacts they can make here, the type of people they can meet and the type of friendships and relationships they can form. Once they realize the potential of SL (the potential as it applies to them, it’s a very personal and subjective thing), they start becoming themselves, their character solidifies, so to speak. At that point, they know what they are and what they want. Relationships formed with a person after this self-realization will be much more fruitful than before. 2.

Thou shall not mix business with love

When you are in “love” you naturally want to spend more time together and you want to entwine your lives with each other. When one partner wants to start a business, it’s quite natural for both them to want to be a part of it. What they fail to take into account is that a business relationship can be quite as intense and involved as a personal relationship. Quite a few times one of the two 14



develops problems, or as often happens one relationship puts stress on the other and things start to go bad. If you do want to mix business with a personal relationship, you should take time out to consider all the ramifications of the new situation and openly discuss them including, and I cannot stress this enough, charting out a path to revert to the same state if things do not work out in the new arrangement. 3.

Thou shall not marry in haste

Even though I am a firm believer in the quote “Depth of affection cannot be measured by the length of time.” I have to admit that the passage of time does give us valuable insights into each other’s character and personality. If something is worth having, it’s worth waiting for as well. There is no law that forbids you from spending time together and enjoy each other’s company before or without marriage. So, what’s the hurry in tying the knot? If he or she is so precious to you then invest the time to know them well before trying to lay claim to their heart.



Thou shall not love her sister

Yes, she may be gorgeous. Yes, she may listen to you talk for hours. But that does not mean that she is coming on to you. Unlike men, women can take a purely intellectual interest in a conversation or a person. So, while you are looking down her blouse she may just be enjoying your arguments in favour of plutocracy as opposed to oligarchy. This is not limited to your beloved’s sister or best friend, if you cannot stop your eye from wandering, just don’t get into a committed relationship. What’s the use of saying “I love you” to a woman if you are only going to hurt her later on? 5.

Thou shall seek knowledge

The language of love is universal but it has a limited vocabulary. It is inevitable and essential that you have conversations that go beyond “I love you more!” “No, I do!” and get to know each other. If you are older than one day in SL, you must have seen the legendary text on some profiles – “SL is SL, RL is RL.” or its equivalent “What happens in SL, stays in SL”. You know what? It’s all bullshit! There is no SL without RL. We are what our real life made us and that’s what we bring to SL and share with others. If you were dropped on your head as a child in real life, it would affect all your SL relationships no matter what boundaries you create to separate the two lives. Seek to know the real person behind the avie. There’s no harm in trying to learn if the object of your affections is married in real life and what is the status. Too many relationships end up in tears and a broken heart because the SL partner didn’t know the truth about the RL relationship of their spouse. Don’t let the hope of a wonderful relationship lead you into a pitfall. 6. Thou shall have expectations Everybody has different expectations from their second life. Before you commit yourself to one single person in SL, make sure you talk about your expectations from the relationship and from your second life. She expects to throw herself into her designing business and become SL Business Woman of the Year. He expects to spend hours with her clubbing all night…


He expects the relationship to gradually move into the real while she only wants pixel-love… You can imagine the kind of mess mismatched expectations could lead into. 7. Thou shall not whine Let me save you $150 and a visit to the nearest Ph. D. by sharing with you that open and honest communication is the cornerstone of a successful relationship. Alas! Not all communication can be of the “You are wonderful!” type. There will be things you would not like in your partner, but it is crucial that you are careful sharing these with them. If you come across as whiny and grouchy you may lead the relationship down the drain rather than improving it. When you have something to say, first go through this checklist: 1) Honestly, is it something in their behaviour or something in your reaction? 2) If you waited a while is it possible that the problem will resolve itself? 3) How important is it for you to see this change? 4) Do you really expect them to change if you tell them you don’t like it? 5) What is the best time and place to raise this issue? 6) What is the best way to mention this without offending or hurting your partner’s feelings? 8.

Thou shall have a life

It seems only natural that you would want to spend each and every minute of your (second) life with your partner or beloved. However, that could also be a recipe for disaster if you do not realize that you are smothering the other person with your constant demand for attention. 18

A partner who has been waiting for the other to log on for several hours would surely be resentful if the other showed any inclination to spend time in anything else. Therefore, it’s essential that you do not put your own life on hold or abandon it simply because you are in a partnership now. You should still have your own interests, your friends and other activities that made your SL fun before the partnership. With those things in place, every moment spent together will be special and it will lend a healthy balance to your relationship. 9. Thou shall watch thy step SL is a fantastic place, in every sense of the word. And the real joy comes from meeting people, sometimes from clear across the world, and finding how exciting and thrilling it is to get to know them and spend time with them. This sensation can be quite intoxicating, sometimes too intoxicating if the person on the other side is not as good and pure as you. Technology makes it easy for us to meet each other and it makes it easier for us to get in trouble if we do not watch our step. While you would want to be as open and honest as possible, be mindful of what information you share with your alleged friend and if it is really warranted. Remember, he doesn’t have to know your driver’s licence number in order to know what makes you so wonderfully unique. 10.

Thou shall not love a married man

It is such a common sense thing to say and yet, you can find many people who have fallen into this trap. The problem is not that you didn’t know what you were 19

getting into; the problem is you really wanted this to work and the other person’s intentions were not as honourable as your own. Think objectively before making a dubious choice and ask the tough questions without being blinded by his charm. Ask yourself why he’s still with his wife if there’s no love between them, why does he need to keep your love affair a secret if he’s not doing anything wrong. If you are honest with yourself, it will be very hard for someone to fool you. Also keep in mind that sometimes he may not be deceiving you but he may just be too bogged down in his own messy life, in which case, run for the hills! I am not a prophet but these commandments might save you some heartache if combined with a bit of common sense and compassion. We at VR style wish you all the luck in your love life!



“Kung Hei Fat Choi.” While the West is celebrating the lover’s day of St. Valentine, the East is celebrating Feb. 14, 2010, as the first day of the New Lunar Year or the year of the Golden Tiger, the third sign in the Chinese horoscope. The Tiger is one of the most beautiful creatures on the planet. A natural born leader, this sign symbolizes courage, power, passion, and royalty. The Chinese revered this fearless and fiery fighter because this sign wards off the so-called three main disasters of a household—fire, thieves, and ghosts. What are the characteristics of those people born in the year of the Tiger (1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010)? These people are known to be: • Courageous. • Active. • Self-assured. • Optimistic. • Passionate. • Independent. • Rebellious. • Dynamic and unpredictable. • Quick tempered but considerate. • Affectionate but careless. Horoscope background Lucky Numbers: 4, 5, 7, 9, 13, 34, 44, 45, 54. Equivalent Western Sign: Aquarius. Element WOOD. Color: GREEN. Yin/Yang: YANG. Direction: EAST-NORTHEAST Tiger Compatibility 22

Human Interest

2010 and the Golden

e Year of the n Tiger

Compatible with Horse, Dragon, Dog. Less Compatible with Rat, Ox, Rabbit, Tiger, Ram, Pig. Least Compatible with Rooster, Snake, Monkey. Tiger Personality Tiger people are difficult to resist, for they are magnetic characters and their natural air of authority confers a certain prestige on them. They are tempestuous yet calm, warm-hearted yet fearsome, courageous in the face of danger yet yielding and soft in mysterious, unexpected places. They enjoy life full of challenges and unexpected events, such as visiting unusual places and meeting interesting outstanding people. Other people are easily attracted by the tiger’s enthusiasm and the course of life. A Tiger person finds pleasure in the unpredictable. While other people would rather take a backward step, the Tiger person is not afraid to explore the new and unusual. But it is not that simple to interest the tiger. What the Tiger person really needs is first-hand experience. Usually open and frank, Tiger people are likely to withdraw and can be aggressive when trapped. As soon as the Tiger person has regained his or her sense of security, confidence also returns, enabling the Tiger person to set out once more. Tiger people usually tend to trust their instincts, though there is another side to their personalities that assesses situations thoughtfully before launching into any actions. Friends of Tiger people usually secretly admire their determination and optimism, though sometimes may find it complicated to share the tiger’s enthusiasm and can be pushed away and left behind. 23

Despite the fact Tiger people can be courageous and generous friends, they can be inflexible and self-centered if they are not able to achieve what they want. So if your friend was born in the year of the Tiger, there will be highs and lows in your friendship, but the friendship itself will remain firm. Tiger Love Affairs People born in the Year of the Tiger are often sensitive and emotional. They are capable of great love, but they may also become too intense about it. Sometimes, they are territorial and possessive. If your friend or beloved is a tiger type and he or she wants you to take his or her side against the bad guys, you most likely will do it. As lovers, tiger people are passionate and romantic, but the real challenge for them is to grasp the true meaning of moderation. Tiger people are often attracted to people with an independent character, but it is important to remember that even if a person is stimulated by the tiger’s company and admires the tiger’s energy, they can still manage without them. The Tiger person is usually not afraid to express his or her emotions and feelings, but it is natural for him or her to change preferences. The Tiger person needs a partner who remains steady and constant, and quietly pursues his or her own plans. Tiger Career Because of the fact that people born in this year are urgent creatures and always in 24

a hurry to get things done right, they usually choose to operate alone. Tigers are hard working and dynamic by nature. If you assign a task to a tiger, the job will be undertaken and accomplished with enthusiasm and efficiency. Optimism, determination, and initiative are tigers’ strong points. While some projects may succeed because The Tiger person has the drive to see them through to the end, others will be left half-finished because of the tiger’s inability to deal well with failure. The Tiger person becomes flustered when colleagues discover that he or she has misjudged situation. Despite the Tiger’s enormous energy and commitment, Tiger people must be able to sustain their optimism and drive or they could waste their efforts. Other people should hold the pursue strings, budget for the unforeseen and direct the Tiger to do what he or she is the best at. One of the most important ingredients in a partnership with this type is always to be focused on an objective. Famous People Born in the Year of the Tiger Agatha Christie, Alanis Morissette, Bill Murray, Charlotte Church, Chuck Berry, Crystal Gayle, Cybill Shepherd, Demi Moore, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Ed Harris, Elliot Gould, Emilio Estevez, Enya, Garth Brooks, H.G. Wells, Hilary Swank, HRH Princess Anne, Huey Lewis, Jay Leno, Jim Carey, Joaquin Phoenix, Jodie Foster, Jon Bon Jovi, Karl Marx, Kate Moss, Kenny Rogers, Leonardo Dicaprio, Lionel Richie, Ludwig van Beethoven, Marco Polo, Marilyn Monroe, Mary Queen of Scots, Mel Brooks, Natalie Wood, Oliver Reed, Paula Abdul, Penelope Cruz, Phil Collins, Queen Elizabeth II, Robbie Williams, Rosie O’Donnell, Sheryl Crow, Sir Alec Guinness, Stevie Wonder, Tom Cruise, Tony Bennett, Victoria Beckham, Wesley Snipes, William Hurt




Human Interest

Second Chea “Dear Penthouse, The tale I am going to tell is so shameful that I feel compelled to withhold my name. You see, I am a married woman, but recently I succumbed to temptation and for the first time in our 15 years of marriage...please don’t get me wrong, I love my husband dearly, he is a wonderful man and a good provider. It all started when this handsome contractor moved into the apartment next to ours. Until that day I had never realized the allure of a beautiful masculine form...” For some people, it’s a source of shame and guilt, for others a reason for pride, but all of us have thought about cheating on our partners some time in our life. Some people have done more than think and gotten their hands dirty, sometimes even their faces if the spouse found out. The confusion, I think arises from the basic commandments when people read “Thou shall not commit adultery” and then come across “Thou shall love thy neighbour.” They just can’t make up their mind which one to stick with. And this becomes even harder when you mix Second Life into real. In real life, once you see the photographs of your wife with another man, you are convinced beyond the shadow of a doubt that she was cheating on you. But does the same thing apply in Second Life? I think it does, if both the relationship and the cheating take place in Second Life. Moral lines get real blurry though, when the incident straddles both first and second lives. If you are married in real life or in a committed relationship but having sex with other people in Second Life, is that cheating? What about the complete opposite? You are married in SL and go around having sex with other people in real life? Is that not cheating? What are the rules? When should you feel guilty and when can you just enjoy the passionate moment with another person without thinking twice? Some people avoid the whole debate by having “open” relationships in SL and/or RL. But, for those of us who don’t, let’s dissect the issue and find out for ourselves. A well-dressed gentleman approached a beautiful woman in a party and asked, “Just hypothetically, would you have sex with me?” 28


ating - Is it Really Cheating?

By: Shartan Silverstar

With a shocked expression she replied, “No, Sir! I am married!” He persisted, “What if I were to give you 5 million dollars for one night?” The lady was compelled to pause and think, “Well, maybe for 5 million dollars. Yes.” He smiled, “Would you do it for 50 dollars?” Now, she was shocked and offended, “What do you think I am? A whore?” His smiles deepened, “Well, we have already established what you are. Now, we are just haggling over the price!” You see the degree and magnitude of something does influence our decisions. What she would scoff at for 50 dollars, she might consider doing for 5 million. Are there degrees in cheating? You bet there are! It is a common phenomenon, in real life, for a woman to be fantasizing about another man as she is having sex with her husband. The same applies to the man, sometimes. Usually the object of the fantasies is a celebrity figure – a curvaceous supermodel, a handsome movie star...but it’s never considered cheating, 29

for the simple reason that the partner hardly ever finds out. (Unless she happens to scream “Oh Schwarzenegger!” at the crucial moment, and her husband’s name is actually Bill!) Move it higher a notch and think about having coffee with a stranger, or in SL terms, a dance. Is that cheating? Not really. What if they are both tearing each others’ clothes off in their minds? Still hardly constitutes a case for the divorce courts. What if you are married in RL but voice chat with other men from SL? No cheating. Will the addition of a webcam (no nudity) make you change your vote? A woman who is married to a man in real life and married to a different man in Second Life, would you say she is cheating? Perhaps it is. What if both the men knew about each other? Then of course it’s not cheating. I was quite amused the first time I learnt that some people do not consider oral sex as real sex and hence exempt from cheating. I guess the argument would be that since God did not intend the mouth to be a reproductive organ there is no sex taking place. Well, fair enough, if that works for you. Ultimately, the answer lies in your own limits and expectations. Whatever the nature of your relationship in real, if you find the need to hide your SL activities from your partner it is not all honest. 30

Of course,

there are situations where both partners indulge in their fantasies in SL and keep things private from each other. As long as they have a general idea of what the other is doing, they don’t have to be physically present during your “adventurous” encounters for it to be okay. Then there are all kinds of situations where a person feels justified in having a secret second life where they can enjoy themselves without the guilt they would feel if they did the same thing in real life. But this is just our opinion, ultimately you are own moral guide and your behaviour should be guided by your own principles taking into account your involvement with your partner and the depth of your feelings towards them. So, what is the final answer? Is Second Life cheating or not? The answer is not in the technical aspect of SL but the emotional. Will your partner be hurt if they found that you were doing what you are doing? Can you tell your partner what you are doing without fear of making them angry or upset? Will YOU be upset if your partner were doing the same thing with someone else? These are the most important questions and an honest answer to them will tell you beyond the shadow of a doubt if you are cheating or not.




Carey DeCuir’s Random Question Corner

Is Cheating in SL really Cheating? This month we plunge headfirst into the subjective world of ethics. Is “Cheating” in SL really cheating? We define this question solely within the realm of SL, not to involve RL relationships. Two SL residents, Lynn Stardust and Kallaikoi Galicia, are here to discuss the issue. Lynn co-owns a gift card shop in SL with her long-time partner, Jan Trenton, and Kallaikoi is a single SL resident working on an educational sim. CD: Lynn, you co-own a very up-scale card shop in SL with your SL partner. I notice that most of your cards are about friendship and love. I suspect you have thought a lot about the issue of intimacy in SL. So, if you have a serious friend or a partner in SL, is cheating in SL really cheating on them? Lynn: If the character, Lynn, has a fling with another guy different than my SL partner, she is cheating. But not me, just the character Lynn. CD: Can you explain that? Lynn: SL is like writing a novel. Your character can do whatever. Your character can be a murderer, but that doesn’t mean that you are. So, only my character would be cheating, but it wouldn’t be me cheating. CD: OK, lets turn this question around. What would you do if your partner’s avatar had a fling? Lynn: Well, Lynn is my character and of course she inherits my 34

moral code of conduct. So, I would dump his sorry a--. CD: Are you suggesting that it would be OK for Lynn, your avatar/ character, to have a fling but it would not be OK for your partner’s avatar to have a fling? Lynn: Oh no, my character Lynn has my morals and she wouldn’t do that. CD: Kallaikoi, what are your thoughts about the ethics of Cheating in SL? Kallaikoi: I agree with Lynn, we come to SL to engage in a fantasy world, creating an evolving story as we go. In fact, I suspect that many people have multiple characters and engage in multiple fantasy lives. However, there is always a person behind each avatar we interact with and we do have to remember that people can be hurt by our actions. CD: this might suggest that having a relationship with someone other than your partner using an alt is not cheating on your partner. Kallaikoi: hmm, interesting point. Personally, I would not care if my SL “significant other” was living a double life using an alt, as long as it did not interfere with or take time away from our relationship. After all, SL allows you to explore many sides of yourself and you need not do that with the same avatar. So, as Lynn pointed out, you might want to explore more than one fantasy life here. CD: Getting back to “writing a novel” about your character. Might you make a distinction between indulging in SL fantasy by having random sex with no emotional attachment, as opposed to a more serious emotional commitment? Lynn: Are you asking me if cheating comes from the act of doing sex? If you watch a movie and fall in love with Mel Gibson. Then you masturbate while fantasizing about him, is that cheating? I would say no because everybody does it. But, somehow if you involve a cartoon 35

character then everyone is upset and sex is more than just sex. CD: I believe you are suggesting that the interaction between your cartoon character with another cartoon character is a significant step beyond..... um... your individual fantasy indulgences, and that it brings an additional level of emotional involvement that can be upsetting to a partner. Lynn: Yeah. ;) cyber sex, although not real, is really great! It is like masturbating with graphics. Kallaikoi: there is something very powerful about our avatar selves. They quickly become our alter egos and we start living vicariously through them. This, of course works both ways, which is why people behind the avatars can become very vulnerable to the actions of a specific partner avatar or character. CD: this brings us back to our friend Mel Gibson and the idea of the power of the graphics. I have noticed that some avatars just don’t do anything for me and some I find to be quite attractive. Lynn: omg, it’s true.... and they are all just cartoons. Big beefed up guys just don’t do it. Kallaikoi laughs.... it would appear that about 90% of the males in SL are living a fantasy life that is perhaps not as attractive to females as they think then. CD: hmm, this leads to another discussion about how men might make more attractive avatars, at least from a female perspective. But, perhaps we should leave that one for another day.



Human Interest

Be My (Cheap) Valentine! By: Alicia Chenaux

Ah, Valentine’s Day. Hearts and flowers, chocolates and diamonds, love and…a large bill at the end of the evening? It most definitely doesn’t have to be that way! You can have a wonderful day with your significant other and barely have to spend one single $Linden. Now, if you’re with someone who is going to definitely want a gift, the best thing you can do is start hitting the blogs. There are a lot of blogs out there, so your best bet is to hit up some of the feeds, such as the Shopaholic Feed (http:// or I Heart SL (http://iheartsl. com). At your fingertips will be some of the best fashion/style blogs from some of the most tasteful people on the grid. They will for sure be able to tell you where to go to get some pretty or fun things for your Valentine! There will also be announcements for sales, so that is good for those on a budget. Since Valentine’s Day is on a Sunday this year, it’s a sure bet that the bargain groups like Fifty Linden Friday, Weekend Fever, and 60L Sunday will be out in full force putting out some cool and cheap gifts. Be sure to check 38


the transfer permissions, of course! If you’re taking someone out for Valentine’s Day, there are a lot of really fabulous (and free!) places that you can go. Take your sweetheart dancing at some of the nicer clubs, such as Frank’s Place, The Blue Note, or Bogart’s. You will have to dress up for most of these places, but isn’t that what a Valentine’s date is about anyway? If clubs aren’t your thing, there are many beautiful sims where you can take your date to sit and chat, or cuddle on some available pose balls, or dance. The two most well known places would probably be Inspire Space Park and The Lost Gardens of Apollo. You could also head to the beautiful Chakryn Forest or Tempura Island for some gorgeous scenery. Spend the $10L upload fee and give your date a picture to remember your day! And, if nothing else, a note card with some sweet words or poetry is almost always a pleaser. And of course, it is totally free. Put just a little time and thought into it and you’re sure to delight your special Valentine. Happy Valentine’s Day!



“Being powerful is like being a lady; if you have to tell people you are, you aren’t!” Winston Churchill wasn’t off the mark when he said that and it still applies after so many years but being a lady in real life doesn’t automatically translate to Second Life. So many women are not enjoying their RL sex life as much as they would want to and SL provides them the freedom and anonymity to fix this. There is also no shortage of adventurous teenagers (real and simulated) who want to explore and enjoy this virtual sex life to the extent that they can never dare to in real life. While some women are looking to live out their forbidden and oftentimes dangerous fantasies in the safe boundaries of this virtual world, others are just addicted to the rush they get watching their avi getting it on with a handsome stranger.

“Slut” has been a title that the society usually slaps on the women who are considered “easy” or prone to “sleeping around”. This one word has deterred many a woman for centuries from stepping out and making the worst mistake of their life, but sometimes also being too cautious and losing what could have been the love of their life. No matter if you are the adventurous type or the cautious one, chances are at one time or another you must have faced this inner question - “Am I a slut?” or its counter-part - “Do I need more sex in my life?” Well, here’s your chance, answer these simple questions and find out. Do you dare? Quiz 1. When you buy a dress, you think.. a. “Oh, my ass would look so hot in that!” b. “That looks like a gorgeous dress.” 42

c. “If this doesn’t make men IM me, nothing will.” d. “My boyfriend would love it.”


When you go to a club and see a guy who looks really interesting you… a. Immediately IM him with a “You look really hot!” b. Wait for him to IM you for 5 minutes then IM him with “Hello” c. Walk past him 4 times then IM him d. Wait for him to IM you otherwise forget him.


Majority of the dresses in your wardrobe, can be described as.. a. Sexy b. Revealing c. Outrageous d. Elegant


You notice a guy dancing with a girl and he’s just your type. You… a. IM him with “I am more fun than her!” b. IM him with “Can I have the next dance?” c. Don’t IM him at all d. Wait for him to get off the dance floor then IM him with “hello”.

5. You just started dancing a slow dance with this man and he “/me lets his hand move down and rubs your hot ass”, you… a. Click “stand up” and walk off. b. Tell him, “Not yet, we just met.” c. “I am not that kind of girl!” d. “/me presses her breasts on your chest”. 6.

When you dress to go out, your keyword is… a. Hot b. Well-dressed c. Mouth-watering d. Covered

7. You are standing in a club, a man IMs you with, “You look absolutely fuckable!”. You… a. Blush beet red in RL, close the IM window and don’t reply b. Reply with “That’s not very polite”. c. Reply with, “/me blushes, ‘thank you’” d. Try to find him and if he’s handsome you follow option c 8. He’s dancing with his wife but IMs you with, “Wow, you are sexy!”. You.. a. Thank him but ask him to pay attention to his partner. b. Reply and flirt with him in IM 43

c. Thank him and let it go. d. Try to zoom in if he’s handsome, flirt with him.


The majority of the girls on your friend list are…? a. Colleagues b. Girls you have had 3somes with c. What girls on your list? d. Girls you go trolling with

10. You are with a girl friend, a man from your contacts IMs you to “come, I’ll show you my bedroom”. You… a. Ditch your friend and take the TP b. Stay with your friend but flirt with him in IM c. Tell him to wait for you d. Tell him you are with your friend and will talk another time 11. In a typical SL week, you have sex…times? a. 0-2 b. 3-5 c. You are an SL virgin d. You lose count, just as many times as possible 12. A girlfriend’s husband wants to dance a slow dance with you when she’s not there. You… a. Politely decline b. Accept the dance but stop him if he tries to flirt c. Dance and flirt but don’t let it get to sex d. Let him seduce you and hope your friend doesn’t come online 13. The clubs you go to… a. Are classy places with great music b. Are best places to meet sexy guys c. Have words like “cum” and “bukkake” in their names d. Have poseballs for dance as well as kissing and sex 14. The weirdest place you have had sex is…? a. Your bedroom b. A club’s toilet c. An RP sim d. On your friend’s lawn 15. The following is true about you… a. You have been featured in at least 1 SL porn movie. b. The number of people who have seen you naked can be counted on one hand. 44

c. You have been featured in at least 1 SL adult magazine. d. Your house is full of all kinds of sex pose balls. Scoring: 1. a=3, b=1,c=4, d=0 2. a=4,b=1,c=2,d=0 3. a=2,b=3,c=4,d=1 4. a=4,b=3,c=0,d=1 5. a=1,b=2,c=1,d=4 6. a=2,b1,c=4,d=0 7. a=1,b=2,c=4,d=3 8. a=1,b=4,c=1,d=4 9. a=1,b=4,c=2,d=3 10. a=4,b=3,c=2,d=1 11. a=1,b=2,c=0,d=4 12. a=1,b=2,c=3,d=4 13. a=1,b=2,c=4,d=3 14. a=1,b=4,c=3,d=2 15. a=4,b=1,c=3,d=2 If your total is: 51-60 You are a major slut and you knew it before you have started this quiz. Take down my number and call me ASAP. 41-50 You are a slut and sex is probably your major focus while you are in SL. 31-40 You have a healthy, exciting sex life and you enjoy it without caring much about what people think about you. 21-30 You have a moderately active sex life and are probably in a committed relationship. 10-20 You are next in line for the Second Life Mother Theresa award. Loosen up and have some fun while you are here.




Rainforest Oasis at Love Knots


Romantic Getaways for Valent By: Sherrie Shepherd Photography by: Kimme Rayna 48

tine 49

Romance is in the air as Cupid prepares to shoot his arrows into the hearts of SL lovers. It’s the perfect time to break away from the crowd, tell the gang to party without you, and set IMs to busy so you can steal some private quiet time to rekindle the passion of your romance. A perfect way to do that is to take advantage of the unique and exotic getaways throughout SL. From a tropical paradise, to the luxurious tent of a sheik, to a step back in time to the Roman Empire, every possible fantasy is waiting for you. VR Style has found a few getaways that will make this Valentine Day the most special yet so ladies get your sexiest negligee ready and gentlemen be sure to visit SL vendors to get your sweetheart a dozen roses, the perfect valentine card, a heart-shaped box of candy and don’t forget the bling since diamonds are still a girl’s best friend! It may sound corny but most ladies still really want all of that! Sarahlyn Loveless, owner of Love Knot Weddings, LoveKnot%20Honeymoons/247/246/24, has created several romantic getaways, each one unique and exotic, to suit your sensual dreams. You’ll be in awe of Love Knot’s Rainforest Oasis with its lush green forest and a lovely fountain where you can relax and cuddle. As you explore the forest, you come upon the ancient Aztec temple where you can dance under the stars with your lover. You can stop for awhile to rest upon a beautiful giant flower and when the time is right you can retire to a cozy bedroom and let cupid work his magic for you while you the listen to the falling rain immersed in this sensual experience. You’ll feel like the God and Goddess of Love at Love Knot’s Roman Oasis. Ancient ruins set the atmosphere as you snuggle near a waterfall perhaps feeding each other grapes and kissing when the mood strikes you. The warm waters of the Roman bath inside the ancient temple will relax you while the grandeur of the lavishly furnished and decorated bedroom will entrance you and set the stage for an evening of romance that will never be forgotten. Peace, tranquility, nature and romance abound at Love Knot’s Asian Oasis. You can start your experience by sitting near the stream that gracefully meanders through this serene Asian paradise. Opportunities to cuddle and snuggle are around every corner of this beautiful getaway. While exploring, you can cross a quaint bridge and travel up the path to a rustic hut where you can continue to cuddle or you can rest in each other’s arms on a lazy hammock. Soon you’ll discover a lovely gazebo with a warm fire where you can commune with nature, and sit and chat or just quietly enjoy each other’s company. As the sun begins to set in the sky you can take a swim in the pool or dance at the water’s edge as you enjoy the spectacular sunset. Finally as the stars start to shine down on you, you can make your way inside the Asian Villa for a night of passion with an oriental flavor.


Rainforest Oasis at Love Knots 51

Roman Oasis at Love Knots 52


Roman Oasis at Love Knots 54

Two other equally as beautiful and romantic getaways can be found at Love Knot, the Arabian Oasis and the Mediterranean Oasis. Rental of the getaways can be by the hour for 250L per hour, or 12 hours for 1200L. A full 24 hours is available for 2000L. For more information contact Sarahlyn Loveless. You can also go to their website, http:// If a more traditional romantic getaway is what you’re looking for then Jade Opel’s Cobblestone Vineyard Bed and Breakfast,, will suit your desires. This quaint beach side Victorian style cottage is in view of the vineyard and has all the amenities to make your stay there special. You can take a swim in the gorgeous in-ground pool and when you’ve dried off, you can relax in the pool-side cabana while planning your evening of romance. A lovely gazebo with comfortable seating for cuddling is the perfect place to enjoy the sea breezes in the evening while you gaze at the stars. When the stars are in your eyes, it’s time to retire to the classy cottage bedroom for a night of love. The Cobblestone Bed and Breakfast is available for your romantic getaway for 500L an hour. For more information you can contact Rick Wake or Lori Nicholas.


Asian Oasis at Love Knots 56


Asian Oasis at Love Knots 58

Amenities at Cobblestone Vineyard Bed and Breakfast 59

Quant and Comfortable Cobblestone Vineyard Bed and Breakfast 60




Officially opened on November the 27th, 2004, Musashi-Do is the oldest Italian fashion br fashion scene. Offering fashions for both ladies and Gentlemen, the Musashi-Do line-up is made of three m Musashi-Do Black Label: The main Prêt-à-porter collection Musashi-Do White Label: The casual and sportswear collection Musashi-Do Orange Label: The bikini and beachwear collection

Musashi-Do Flagship Store Landmark: Musashi-Do Flagship Store SLurl: Musashi-Do Blog: Musashi-Do Flickr album: (feel free to use the pictures included in your publication) Musashi-Do Facebook Fan Page: Musashi-Do Moolto group: Musashi-DO XstreetSL retail:

About Shiryu Musashi:

Shiryu Musashi, having just reached his fifth rez-day, is one of the oldest survivi the chaotic and sprawling fashion market that we see now. Known for his unforgiving perfectionism (and for being quite slow due to that) until every single pixel is in the right place. He also worked and works as a builder and consultant for several real world b events in Italy and Europe. He recently graduated with top marks at the Montenapoleone 5 fashion acade

Shiryu Musashi’s Twitter: Shiryu Musashi’s Plurk:


rand in Second life, and one of the historical brands that marked the rise of the Metaverse

main collections or “labels�:




ing designers of Second Life, belonging to that first generation that laid the foundations for and for being a Hand-Painting activist, he’s not afraid to upload a texture again and again

brands in Second Life and is often invited to hold speeches about the Metaverse at several

emy in Milano.




Designer’s Den

The Elegant and Romantic Style of “AZUL” By: Nadia Felwitch Photos By : Pam Astonia

Mami Jewel, SL top Fashion Designer 68


Romance is in the air! Ladies time to get those glamorous dresses ready for Valentines or any other special date you may have. This month we treat you with the elegant and romantic styles from Mami Jewel of Azul. One word can describe how you will look in designs from AZUL simply… breathtaking. Azul designs are characterized by an exquisite attention to detail, impeccable construction and use of rich luxurious fabrics. Meet this gifted designer, Mami Jewel. Nadia: Tell me a little about yourself. Where are you from? What’s your educational background? What are your general professional and non-professional interests? Mami Jewel: I’m from Japan, I graduated Art University but I started to ‘touch’ PC or Photoshop since 10years ago, just for enjoyment. , I had never worked for designing job. SL business is my RL job now. Nadia Felwtich: How long have you been designing and what was the first article of clothing you made? MJ: I opened my very first store at Nov 2007; first article of clothing was Bikinis. NF: What inspires you? MJ: My inspiration comes from everything which I see in RL from TV, Magazines, people and all types of other sources mixed in my head. NF: How would you define your fashion?

can be elegant and sexy with class for special MJ: I define my fashion as elegant, sexy and days in this virtual world. When she walks or dances, showing the beautiful movements of classy. skirt, show stoppers, taking care of details, etc. NF: What sets your style apart from other I think people can enjoy my designs because designers? of it. MJ: My target for creation is ‘how women NF: What matters to you most as a fashion 70

conceptualizing a design? MJ: To be different from RL NF: What do you believe makes a quality article of clothing? MJ: It’s a synergy. Then many other designers will follow the level of quality, and people can enjoy SL fashion more. NF: What kinds of projects do you have going on for the future? MJ: I love to build, but I don’t think I will be a builder. NF: What advice can you offer to our readers who are new to the design scene? MJ: Here we can meet many people, many languages, and many opportunities. Enjoy your new world :) If you love glamorous designs and talent for detail then Azul is your hot spot for shopping this month for exquisite gowns. Happy Shopping! azul/118/129/25

designer? MJ: To do SL business with using my expression for fashion, and I’m happy if many people can enjoy their virtual life with my design. And also to have possibility to work for charity things which is not so easy to do in RL. NF:

What’s your favorite part about


Model Name: ioleJanana Chajit Outfit: AZUL- Agy/Onyx Skin: Sophie Skin by Unique Hair: ETD Anisa Acessories: Alienbear- Ambrosia II Black Pearl Set 72



Model Name: Roxi Richez Outfit: Azul Arwen melanie cocoa Skin: rockberry farrah d tan Hair: *X*plosion Kayli (umber) Acessories: 7 Deadly Prims ::HH:: Dark Topaz Dion necklace, ring and earrings 75

Model Name: Nadia Felwitch Dress: Dietrich Garnet Skin: Tuli Hair: Sky Everett Jewelry: BBM Rev Coll Set 1 Rubies & Diamonds 76


Model Name: Glitter Bolissima Outfit: AZUL- Linda -Sapphire Skin: Lara Hair: Truth Acessories:JCNY 78



Model Name: ToniT Oh Dress: -AZUL- Sora/White Skin: [Rockberry] Ferrah Hair: :MIRONE: CERIA V2_honey Jewelry: J and W Jewelers Shoes: 24’s Wow! No. 12 platinum


Model Name: Leesa Donner Outfit: Azul Melinda White Skin: Lara Skin Selena Smokey3 Red lips/ Tan Hair: A&A Darla 6 Red Acessories: CCD Michele Black 82



Model Name: Diane Handschuh Outfit: AZUL Odette Gown in Red Skin: YourSkin Your Shape Adriana Skin in Glitter Red Hair: Katherine Hair in Black by Truth Earrings: Gold Dew Roses by Purple Rose Jewelry Shoes :Neyya in Cherry Red Leather by Maitreya


Model Name: Kimmie Rayna Outfit: -AZUL- Malena -NudeSkin: Redgrave Hair: GuRL 6- Edgy Accessories: (Shiny Things) Florina Collection (earrings and necklace), JCNY (wedding band) 86




That’s Entertainment!

Sweethearts Ball at the Princess Castle By: Sherrie Shepherd Photography by: Kimme Rayna



A gala Sweethearts Ball was held at the Princess Castle, Passions (232, 160, 28), on January 18th as an early Valentine event where SL lovers danced the night away to a music stream of romantic favorites provided by DJ Aquarius Vacano. . Koto Kuu, owner and builder of the Princess Castle, is also the owner of Happily Ever After Weddings. Kuu designed the castle to be a magically beautiful wedding venue but decided to host weekly Sweethearts Balls as well inviting all of the couples who have been married at Happily Ever After Weddings. However, all are welcome to attend the balls where games and prizes are also part of every event. The amazingly talented Kuu has keenly captured the fantasy and the beauty of a fairytale castle while skillfully creating a technically perfect design right down the smallest detail. First sight of the castle, upon arrival, takes your breath away. Equally as remarkable is the level of detail inside the ballroom where party-goers dance on shinning marble floors reflecting the stately pillars of the grand structure. Valentina Silvercloud who attended the event said that although she and her partner, Paul Mavinelli, did not get married at Happily Ever After, they did plan to renew their vows there and she asserted, “… and this is where we will do it!” She went on to say that the Princess Castle was spectacular and “we are both happy to be here. It’s gorgeous!!” Kuu wants Happily Ever After Weddings 92

to be the wedding venue for, “One stop shopping for everything you need for a wedding.” In fact several beautiful wedding and reception venues are offered to provide the happy couple with many choices to satisfy their every desire. Kuu expressed the vision that he and the co-owners of Happily Ever After Weddings had when they established it, “To be able to bring a bride’s dream in SL to reality and to give a lasting memorable experience to the wedding couple. In addition, we wanted to provide a stressfree environment where “we walk you through the process from start to finish. Our goal is to ultimately leave smiles on the happy couple’s faces and send them off to a life time of happiness with a beautiful memory of their special day.” Kuu feels that what makes Happily Ever After Weddings unique are the selection of venues built by Kuu himself (also the builder of Bogart’s Jazz Club) and a staff that provides close attention to detail in every aspect of the wedding. He explains that the owners and staff of Happily Ever After Weddings genuinely care about people first. While five standard packages are available, all can be fully customized to meet the specifications of the clients. For more information about the Princess Castle or to plan an event at Happily Ever After Weddings, contact owners, Lisa Tuxing and Koto Kuu.






With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, I decided to choose a DJ that I not only consider a close friend, but he’s a colleague of mine at one of the clubs I DJ for. I’d like to think that in the year and a half I’ve gotten the opportunity to work with him, that I’ve gotten to know him fairly well as a person too. I guess the best way to introduce him to our readers is to introduce him the way I have for so long on the mic…and that is simply to say…”Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, the one and only, hot and sexy one himself…the DJ with the voice that makes ALL the ladies panties drop… DJ…J…Admiral Maelstrom!” Luscious Giano: Of course the first thing I wanted our readers to know is when JAd was born in SL. JAdmiral Maelstrom: I was born a poor skinless child back on October 9th, 2004, a time in Second Life where the only way to transport was hub to hub, where prims didn’t flex, sculpties were only a dream, and furries having sex in public was like a train wreck— you just had to look. LG: I also asked if he’d mind telling us where he’s from in 1st Life. JAd: The Maelstrom Mansion is located in beautiful Southern California, allowing a strategically-placed hideaway for all the beautiful people of Hollywood to escape paparazzi and fans alike for a needed respite from the stressful life of awards banquets, press junkets, and the exposure of their mistresses.

That’s Entertainment!

LG: Everyone is always curious as to what brought us to Second Life to begin with.

By: Luscious Giano



True story—an in-flight airline

Fun with JAdmir

ral Maelstrom

magazine. I had been a member of There. com for a whopping five weeks when an article in the magazine talked about online worlds, including this one strange and eclectic world where flying women in skimpy bondage attire were in plentiful supply. So naturally, I had to take a look. Skimpy bondage attire… check. Plentiful? Well… let’s just say there’s always room for more. LG: DJ’s aren’t just DJ’s, many own other business. Clothing designers, clubs, artists, and home builders among us, I couldn’t resist finding out what JAd does behind the scenes! JAd: Any time I make something good in SL, whether it be clothing, jewelry, or furniture, I start to give it away to everyone I know. So, I suppose my business could be described as pro-bono maker of whatever strikes his fancy. You could also describe the owner of this business as a doofus. (Trust me, JAdmiral doesn’t even come close to a doofus! He’s more intelligent then he’ll let on…keep reading and you’ll see!) LG: The number one question we’re all asked of course: ”What did you do in Second Life before you decided to become a DJ?” JAd: I used to bitch that the DJ didn’t have my request. Also a true story. Jenna Fairplay, the owner of the first SL club, The Edge, would never have my Depeche Mode requests. After about the third time, she invited me to apply to be a DJ. And when I say “invited,” I mean this the same way that a bad comic “invites” a heckler to come up on stage to see if they can do better. So, with me cast as the heckler, I took mic for the first time. That was about one and a half months into my SL tenure. It’s 99

all been downhill from there, mainly for my audience and fans. How I’ve been DJing for over five years, I have NO idea. LG: And the dreaded hard to answer question: ”Why do you do what you do when you do it?” JAd: Any DJ that doesn’t admit to being an attention whore is lying to you. But it’s a damn good thing I’m not. So besides that, being able to share a musical experience that, hopefully, meshes well with the crowd and the event you’re DJing at is a fun thing. I try to feel my audience and the mood they’re in, but on that same note, I often try to have my audience feel me and my mood. Somewhere in between, I’m likely to play music that alienates most of the listeners. Go figure. (In all the months I’ve known JAd, I truly cannot remember anyone leaving a club or event that felt alienated! I think most of ‘em leave pretty hyped up and the ladies…well they take him off into their fantasies!) LG: What types of music do you prefer to play? JAd: You know, this world would be a happier place if we could just have more Polka music. When you look at the strife, turmoil, and financial situation worsening in the world today, and you compare this to the decline of Polka music listening worldwide, there is an obvious correlation that cannot be denied. However, Polka aside, I enjoy playing alternative rock music, both modern and the older “modern rock” variety. 70s and 80s music is also some of my favorite.


(Okay so yes I did tell you he’s very intelligent, but maybe I forgot to mention he’s got a wild sense of humor? It’s what makes JAdmiral an extremely sought

after talent at any club, event or celebration.) LG: Have you done any special events in SL and if so, which ones? JAd: I think I’m most known for my weekly Disco event. I would never have categorized myself as a fan before I started doing this event nearly four years ago, but it not only has grown on me, but apparently a lot of my listeners. I like to physically transform the club to a disco setting which helps everyone get a little more into the mood. For two hours, to be able to step into the Wayback Machine and enter a disco, hearing only the best of the original disco era is a unique experience for most people, and one that I’m hopeful to have them come back to week after week. 101

LG: Okay so I know for a fact that our readers just haven’t lived the club life until they’ve seen you in John Travolta mode, but is there one particular style of music you enjoy most? JAd: Ok, ok… you got me. I’ve been talking about Alt Rock, 70s, 80s, and Disco. Even the comment about Polka music tried to throw you off the scent, but I can see there’s no fooling you. My REAL passion is Tuvan Throat Singing. Oh, to sit back and have a vocal rendition of the rolling Borbangnadyr-style singing, or the calf-birthing sounds of Kargyraa-style throat singing… I mean, wow. Those Kargyraa-style low vibrations once helped loosen my bowels beyond control, but… well, that’s probably more than you care to know right now. (Uh huh…extremely wild and a little crazy sense of humor! Hey you aren’t the ones who have to try to keep a straight face and ask him these questions right? And I’ve dealt with this for 18 months? I just couldn’t wait to see what came out next!) LG: What’s your favorite kind of event? JAd: I’d have to say pretty much any event where the women arrive scantily clad, and after being charmed by my wit and irreverent humor, throw caution and their remaining articles of clothing to the four winds. Yeah. That’ll pretty much do it for me every time. For my audience, the kind of event THEY enjoy most is when they throw their articles of clothing to the wind, and getting to listen to the subsequent tongue-twisted, metaphor-mixing, stuttering nimrod that I turn into. (Trust me, I have witnessed a dance floor covered in ladies intimate apparel when JAdmiral is on the mic…it’s pretty…I’ll just say…amazing. I pretty much knew the answer to the next question…at least I was hoping it was what I wanted to hear. JAdmiral did NOT disappoint me!) LG: If you have a favorite club, any fun experiences or happenings there you can share? JAd: I miss the club where it all began, both for me and for clubs in Second Life: The Edge. That damn pyramid was home to some of the wildest events, and the start of many long-lasting friendships. The Edge closed down nearly two years ago, and after a short stint at a different club, I found Flattlined, my home club. What makes Flattlined unique, or any club for that matter, are the people. The guests that breathe life into a club; give it its personality. No people, no club. Attract the wrong people, and you may see your core audience go bye-bye. It was the people that attracted me to Flattlined. They’re a bunch of fun-loving goofballs that make me look better than I am. But one thing about Flattlined that is endearing is the support of the military. We often have troops in the field, stationed worldwide, that listen in to the DJs we have. So, why do I bring all this up? One of the proudest moments of my DJ career is when the U.S. Army gave yours truly a Certificate of Appreciation; a commendation for the hours and hours of broadcasting to the troops. For the opportunity to take them away from the sacrifice they’ve made, if only for a few hours a week, is such a great honor for me. It’s 102

a small thing that I do, but I guess there are some people out there (and at times it has numbered over 10,000 troops) who like it. (And of course the one question I was just dying to know the answer to…well since you know…the voice thing and all those panties…) LG: What do you plan on doing for Valentines Day? JAd: From 6:00 to 7:00pm, there’s Lacie. From 7:00pm to 8:00pm, Angel is lined up. From 8:30pm to 10:00pm, there’s Tiffany. And from 10pm to dawn, there’s Catherine. I can pencil you in from 8 to 8:30pm. Interested? Oh, you said WHAT am I doing on Valentine’s Day. Nevermind. HAHA!! Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone!! Until next month!! Lushy




Horoscop Fe

By: R

AQUARIUS If you have your own business, this is not the time to expand. Sit tight on what you have. Avoid litigation and if someone comes to you with an ultimatum, be diplomatic instead of confrontational. If you have doubts about a co-worker, do a little investigation – it will pay off. PISCES Stop living for today and start paying attention to the long term. Cut back on spending on entertainment, especially for the kids, or else it will result in problems later in the month. As you look to the future, consider a trip to an exotic destination, because if it will happen, it will happen as a result of the plans you make this month. Watch your health and diet this month. Be honest in your communication with others, and don’t lose your cool if someone backs you into a corner. ARIES If you are going to turn things around, you have to pay attention to them. Don’t be too quick to open your mouth: listen first. You may be taking a trip for business this month. Finally, don’t let others tell you how to work with (or around) your family. TAURUS Now is the time to pay attention to your health. Don’t be too secretive, especially where work is concerned: it will bite you back if you are. This is a good time to talk to your partner about vacation. The second week of February could find you isolated and alone. Be prepared to stand on your own. 106

pe for the Month of ebruary 2010

Rajeesh Navarathna

GEMINI There’s a lot going on around you, make sure you keep your head level. Avoid getting too emotional or irrational where money is concerned. Hang around small groups that include both young and old: you will learn something from both. Your hard work is finally going to be recognized. CANCER This is not a good time to spend a lot of social time with colleagues, because it will cause problems later in the month. Pay attention to music this month, and if you are musically creative, this is a good time to make use of that creativity. Your partner will step in to help you with things you don’t want to do yourself. LEO Work harder than you like to: I can’t put that more directly. And channel your work energy – if you’re going to have to work hard, might as well make it effective. Cut your expenditures or you will find yourself in a deep financial hole. Difficulties in an organization to which you belong will upset you. Find out what’ s going on and do what you can to fix it. VIRGO Emotionally, this is not going to be a good month for you so seek calm wherever you can find it. You may find it among some unusual circumstances and eccentric people you are going to meet this month. Make sure you know all the facts before acting. Intellectually, 107

this will be a better month and you will find it easy to learn. LIBRA Find time to visit long time friends and family, especially those you don’t see often. Take special caution around vehicles and machinery. Now is a great time to make your opinions known – tactfully – about work issues. This will be a good month socially in many instances. SCORPIO Let your partner worry about money and paying bills this month – they are better equipped to handle it than you right now. A friend will come to you for assistance, but you won’t be able to help them. Don’t react too quickly to demands on your time or your money. This is a good month for changes in your appearance. SAGITTARIUS Don’t hem in your close relatives, it will annoy and possibly alienate them. Be careful if a friend asks for advice. You will receive information that will help you in all aspects of your life. Your children or young relations may demand more of you financially than you can afford. CAPRICORN Don’t avoid your colleagues or co-workers. If you do, you will find your words distorted and someone may get the wrong message about you. You may find yourself the third wheel in a relationship struggle. Be careful you don’ t get knocked off in the struggle. Watch your diet this month. This is a good month for socializing – and don’t forget your co-workers!






February 2010  

February 2010 Issue

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