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September 2009 Issue

Entertainment with Flair

That’s Entertainment! Woodstock at 40: The Legendary Music Festival Comes to Second Life Dragon Radio: Breathing Fire Into Music SL Burlesque : Classic, Naughty and Humurous Realism and Quality in Tribute Bands Eddi Haskell Interviews DJ and Club Owner Dehrynn Shepherd & Legendary DJ Kaj Juutilainen JazzMan Correia : Gospel, Jazz, R&B, Pop

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Zindra Style Tasty Tiramisu : Designer of the New Flag of the Continent of Zindra

Travel-LOG Bailers: Country Western at its Best

Holistic Point of View Dreamwork/Soulwork The Language of Self-Awareness and Effective Communication Horoscope for the Month of September

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Designer’s Den Entertainment Styles Musashi-DO Nymphetamine Boutique Milady Mondira Fashion Roxxx Star

From the Desk... Eddi Haskell interviews Rawly Rousselot, Master builder

Human Interest Yours Truly, Ann SLanders Up Close and Personal with Musashi-DO and Nymphetamine


On the Cover: Models Eddi Haskell on piano and Sherrie Shepherd singing serenade Iolejanana Chajit and Jago Constantine in Aristippus Larsson and Dorian Tairov’s Blue Room Lounge. Photo by: Eddi Haskell See our online edition at http://

VR Style Editorial Staff: Ariel Lingiuan Publisher & Editor in Chief Aristippus Larsson Sherrie Shepherd Iolejanana Chajit Nadia Felwitch Segment Editors Eddi Haskell Creative Director Contributors: Sherrie Shepherd Eddi Haskell KathleenK Spitteler Cort Parkin Luscious Giano Rajeesh Navarathna Shartan Silverstar Willow Wonder Staff Photographers: Luscious Giano Pam Astonio Nellie Choche Carey DeCuir


Editor’s Notes: Friends, Second Life for most of us is a diversion from our own Real Life, even though we may have a different views on the matter. Whether separately or as an extension, Second Life I would believe is a way for us to be entertained. In this issue we feature some facets of the entertainment SL has to offer. From clubs, tribute bands, places to visit just to relax and chitchat with friends to great shops for the fashionistas, SL has it all! These are all things that capture our imagination and thoughts, making us come back over and over to visit in this virtual world of Second Life. This issue also introduces our new segment, the “Holistic Point-of-View”. Here you will find articles about holistic lifestyles dealing with anything from organic foods to meditation to quantum physics. It also features a monthly horoscope by Rajeesh. Thank you our dear readers for your continued support. It is our pleasure to continue to provide you with the entertainment you seek. Cheers!

Ariel Lingiuan Ariel Lingiuan Publisher + Editor in Chief VR Style


WOODSTOCK AT 40: The Legendary Music Festival comes to Second Life By: Eddi Haskell Photography by : Eddi Haskell



at 40 was a virtual recreation of the 1969 Woodstock festival, the most significant musical event ever held in modern times. And it was great fun for all who attended. Some People under 45 years of age may have been mystified at the huge amount of coverage that the media gave to the 40th anniversary of the Woodstock Festival this past August. Surely a music festival that some grayed “hippies” may have attended cannot be could not be that important. Baby boomer nostalgia was blamed yet again for dominating media coverage. And memory of Woodstock was fading in the era of reality television. In fact, for many of the younger residents of Second Life, the name “Woodstock” brought to mind visions of a little bird sitting on top of Snoopy’s head in reruns of Charlie Brown television specials, not Jimi Hendrix playing the greatest acoustic guitar ever heard. In retrospect, however, when we look at Woodstock, we realize that this event was a uniquely important cultural milestone. Woodstock helped define a generation during the ‘Summer of Love” of 1969. Only superlatives can describe what went on there. Almost 500,000 people, a record for any musical event, gathered peacefully to get high on anything they could lay their hands on in the mud, while listening to some of 14

Lanzer Cleanslate (in front of bus) gets groovy at Woodstock. 15


the greatest music performers of their generation.

Unlike anti-Vietnam War protest gatherings at the time, the crowd got on remarkably well with the police who were maintaining order. Word of mouth helped spread news of the event, in an age before the internet or cell phones, or any other enabling social networking technology. The concert promoters gave up on trying to make money on admission and opened the concert to the public at no charge, something that is hard to imagine would happen today. Almost nothing other than some ‘bad acid” seemed to have marred the event. Second Life residents who were luck y enough to attend Woodstock at 40, held in the Blue Nile region from August Eddi Haskell and Woodstock at 40 org 14 – 17 experienced something unique. The stage sets and musical acts on stage which were playing to over 21 hours of musical recordings, much of which was taped live, felt like the original. It even rained at this virtual Woodstock – but luckily for the attendees there was no mud to have to contend with. Performers, most notably the incomparable Pluto Fairey, who managed to portray Janis Joplin, Arlo Guthrie, Jimi Hendrix, and Grace Slick convincingly, made the music feel live. The founder of SL Woodstock, prominent DJ and Blue Region owner Aristippus (Aris) Larsson, who is also owner of the popular Blue Room Jazz Club, assembled over 165 recordings of live Woodstock performance, some of which were released this year. Another 100 songs were commercially available over the past 40 years. Aris has spent years assembling what is the most comprehensive assembly of original Woodstock music available anywhere. It is possible that an event like this has never been attempted in real life, since some of the original music has just 17

recently been released. Something very good came out of Woodstock at 40. Over L$ 69,000 was raised through kiosks placed around the event site to benefit a real life homeless shelter in Cambridge Massachusetts, Bread and Jams (www. Bread and Jams provides basic living necessities to over 300 homeless people, and is part of the Eliot Community Human Services network, providing sustenance, care and a full range of supports and treatment options to the most vulnerable in society. Virtual Reality, as Woodstock at 40 showed, can have a positive purpose for helping the real lives of many.

Eddi Haskell is the Creative Director of VR Style Magazine. He blogs at www. ganizer Aristippus Larsson Six YouTube videos were made at Woodstock at 40, five by Eddi Haskell (which are actually photo montages) and one moving machinima by filmmaker Cuno Fluno. They can be seen on Eddi Haskell’s YouTube channel at com/eddihaskell. There is an SL Woodstock at 40 event blog. Photographs, videos, and music from Woodstock at 40 are can be seen here. You can make a difference by donating to Bread and Jams today, and help improve the lives of the most vulnerable in society at SLURL to Aristippus Larsson’s Blue Room Jazz Club, featured on the cover of this issue of VR Style:



Clockwise order : Muse Lemon cheers up the Woodstock crowd, Aristippus Larsson plays a wicked guitar, Pluto Fairey portraying Jimi Hendrix, Pluto Fairey portraying Arlo Guthrie, Pluto Fairey portraying Melanie, Loese Dawes playing backup guitar.


Cousin Gabe is feeling groovy! 21




Dragon Radio: Breathing Fire into Music By: Sherrie Shepherd

Dragon Radio, http://rs4.radiostreamer. com:8080, plays a wide variety of music to satisfy SL listeners. Owner Sugar Demar has a team of DJs scheduled throughout the day who specialize in various genres of music. She says, “Our goal is to provide our listeners with the best at all times.” Demar ventured into SL to set up a place where her DJs could host events, that being the Dragon’s Lair which is now a popular venue. Her radio station was already established since she was involved in another virtual world game at the time, The Sims. Once she acclimated herself to SL, she decided to start hosting events herself and promoting the station. Demar’s SL partner Spike Ogapogo manages the station. Demar tells the story of how they met, “I met Spike (Ogapogo) about six or seven years ago at the first internet station I worked for. He was managing the station and trained me for the internet radio. Several years later our paths crossed again in SL during a very difficult time for me. We became close friends and eventually a couple. Spike agreed to manage the station to allow me to deal with some RL issues. He 27

Owner Sugar Demar and Manager Spike

e Ogapogo of Dragon Radio

continues to manage the station and is my business and SL partner.” Looking to the future, Demar offers that the station will continue to broadcast a variety of music and they plan an expansion to the Dragon’s Lair and will be hosting more events there. She says, “We are planning more Gospel events with JazzMan Correia and plan to feature other SL artists as well. Our annual Halloween Party featuring Spike’s Spook House is always a huge event and a lot of fun. That is what we are working on now.” Demar feels her small station has always operated as an extended family. She says, “The majority of our DJs past and present came from Sims on line. Although most have moved on, we are still in close contact and make a point of coming together for events and holidays. It’s like a family reunion.” Speaking from her heart, Demar added, “We never set out to have a hot spot # 1 venue or radio station. It’s never been about popularity or money. We do what we do for the love of music. We enjoy sharing good company, stimulating conversation and great music. I enjoy planning and hosting events. My family and friends roll up their sleeves and help out and we end up having a great time. Those memories are priceless.” Ogapogo interjects, “At Dragon Radio We breathe fire into your music.” 28

Dreamwork/Soulwo Part one In a 3 Par By: Willow Wonder During the challenging times in the journey of our RL and SL dreams can be a very helpful guide. If we can learn their language and make room in our lives for them they can point the way to the inner reaches of our souls. As we travel the road of life, dreams become the various plants we find along the way. They can provide tremendous illumination but it takes care and purpose of intention to grow one. Our nighttime explorations can produce images as bold and sturdy as a wild Black Eyed Susan, as delicate as the diminutive Violet, or as elusive as the rare Trillium. The dream garden is where I find myself growing. It’s where I tend my soul. In the nighttime soil I thrust my spade again and again. This simple action repeated endlessly has created a strong spirit and a bed of dark rich humus in which I scatter the seeds of my desire, desire to understand the words that my soul is speaking to me.

Preparing the Soil Sometimes dreams come easily and frequently. And sometimes they need a little more of an invitation to visit us. In part one; we will explore some of the ways to create a welcome environment for our dreams.

If we listen to our spirit’s words we will Getting Ready To Sleep. be guided, we will get advice, we will How we enter into dreamtime is important, be given clarity, and sometimes we are especially if we have questions or issues even entertained! that we want to take with us. It’s important 31

ork rt series to enter sleep calmly and peacefully without the harsh glare of the television or the rantings of a radio. Our inner self knows best the counsel we need through our dreams and even if there are tough problems to work through, the harmonious transition to sleep is the best preparation for rich dreams. A warm bath right before bed with soothing bath salts is a perfect way to begin your journey. There are many excellent blends on the market today and I especially love the ones with essential oils of orange or lavender. During the bath, as you inhale the calming aromas, you can close your eyes and let the worries of the day leave you and you can gently think about the questions or concerns for which you need guidance. Make an inward request for help in the form of a dream. You might want to sip a cup of relaxing herbal tea as you snuggle into the covers and make a few notes about your day in your notebook. It’s quite amazing how the simple act of saying “Thank you” for your day can, in itself, be an invitation for a significant dream.

The Red Lotus Meditation. Here is another tool to help create an environment for dreaming. I’m not sure why this meditation works, other than opening the image in the third eye area, but I do know that I have found it extremely helpful. I used the lotus image both in a physical way and for dream work when I was pregnant and was given profound dreams. Settle your body comfortably into the covers and take several deep breaths as you let all the stresses of the day melt into the mattress. Gently close your eyes and focus your attention on the area between your eyes. Imagine in as much detail as you can a rose-colored lotus flower floating between your eyebrows. Hold this image peacefully for several minutes before slipping off to sleep. Sowing the Seeds Once we have prepared the soil it comes time to sow the seeds. After we are ready to receive dreams there are a few tools we can use to help our seeds get off to a good start. Dream Mandala – part one. When there is a specific question or issue that you need guidance with it is sometimes helpful to create a mandala that illustrates your soul’s query. Jill Mellick, in her amazing book “The Natural Artistry of Dreams,” defines mandalas as “sacred circular patterns intentionally drawn as a spiritual practice in the East”. The mandala can be as simple as a circle 32

sectioned like a pie, but often the pattern is more intricate and in the pattern lays the meaning, which is not necessary for our thinking mind to understand. Mandalas can be very simple or very intricate; it’s up to you how far you want to go. Start with plain paper and a pencil. Find a circular shape in the size that you want to use and trace around it on the paper. Then clear your mind of all thoughts except the issue at hand. With those questions floating through your mind start to section off your circle. Let your rational side step back and allow your creative side to step forward, and draw lines, and connect sections, and look for the pattern to emerge. Experiment with 33

wavy lines and geometric patterns. If you want, you can color in the sections with colored pencils, or crayons, or markers, or even paint. It’s fun to experiment with dark-colored paper for the background with light-colored pencils in different shades. Creating a mandala is very effective when you can actually set aside all of the mind-talk and allow a quiet mind to take over. This is a similar state to the meditative mind where unconscious forces are allowed to work on a deep level. You can also take a sheet of paper and fold it and cut a design leaving some of the folded area intact. These are like the paper snowflakes we made as children.

Then glue the mandala on a sheet of You can then place the dream pillow paper that is a different color so that under your sleeping pillow and gently you can see the negative space design. squeeze it to release the scent as you Once you have completed your mandala drift off to sleep. you can place it under your pillow or over your bed to help attract dreams. Hold the image of the design as well as the question in your mind as you drift off to sleep.

Dreamcatcher. Those who follow Native American ways believe very strongly that we have the opportunity to interact with our dreams every night. The dream catcher has become very popular in recent years and you can find all manner of kits at your local craft store. I love to imagine this mandala-like web standing guard over my dreams at night allowing the “good” dreams in, but catching the “bad” dreams in its intricate weaving. Dream catchers are very easy to make. One of my favorites is the one I made on a fourinch circular grape vine wreath using simple waxed linen thread. Use a marker to section your circle in six or seven equal parts and tie your thread to the first mark. Loop the thread and tie it off without cutting it at each of the marks until you go around the entire circle. When you start on the next revolution attach the thread in the middle of the first series of sections. Continue around the circle until you have only a small open section in the middle. You can decorate your dream catcher with feathers, or bells, or shells, or any other thing you feel is symbolic of dream protection.

Dream Pillow. The aromas that we surround ourselves with can create an environment that is conducive to dreaming. A pillow that is lovingly sewn and filled with fragrant fresh herbs is a nice way to help our spirit into the dreamtime. First, choose a natural fiber fabric such as cotton, cotton flannel, silk or my favorite, velvet. Then, cut out two eight-inch squares. If you want to decorate the surface with embroidery, or appliqué, or even beadwork this is the time to do it. Stars or moons embroidered with silvery thread look especially nice. Put the right sides together and sew around the entire square, leaving about two inches open on the fourth side so that you can stuff the herbs into the pillow. Turn the fabric right side out and stuff with the herbs that you have purchased from your local health food store. You can make a blend of several herbs. Herbs that are especially good to promote dreaming and remembering are: lavender, mugwort, and rosemary. Now that we have prepared to receive A few drops of essential oil sprinkled on our dreams stay tuned for the next issue the herbs helps to strengthen the aroma. for part two – nurturing our dreams. 34

Sweet dreams! Willow Wonder

Welcome to another issue of VR Style Magazine. This column is my place, as VR Style’s Creative Director and lead photographer, to share some observations I have with our readers about Second Life, Design, and the emergence of design and style in virtual reality, in addition to conducting one indepth interview with a leading Second Life designer.

From the Desk of VR Style Eddi Haskel Rawly Rousselot

Photography by

Before I begin my interview with Rawly Rousselot, who has designed some of the most gorgeous and livable homes in SL, I want to bring something to the attention of our readers that is not getting enough coverage in the press, either inworld or in the mainstream media. It is the emergency of Second Life as a place to raise significant amounts of funds for people who need it the most. Arts and design has a central role to play with many of these fundraising efforts. Charities supported by Second Life residents, other than the well known American Cancer Research Relay for Life, which has raised over L$ 6,200,000 this year( include Amnesty International, supported by Second Pride 2010 (secondpride. com)which raised L$192,000 in one day for their Teahouse of the Autumn Moon event, and an organization which I contribute my time to, a homeless shelter in Boston founded by Harvard University students, Bread and Jams 37

VR Style Creative Director Eddi Haskel

e’s Creative Director: ll interviews t, Master builder

y: Eddi Haskell

ll relaxing at the Rancho Pacific Resort

( raised over L$ 70,000 at Woodstock at 40 ( which I review in this issue. These are not inconsiderable sums. They make a major difference in people’s lives for the better. Please consider either hosting an event or getting involved in one of these organizations, or donating whatever you can inworld or on their web sites. The next time someone says to you “why are you wasting your time in Second Life?” you can tell them that it is because you are making a difference. I will now move on to our interview with Rawly Rousselot, who, without any exaggeration, is one of Second Life’s greatest builders and architects. I say this because Rawly’s homes are both beautiful and well designed in terms of low prim counts and features. You need to visit them to appreciate how well thought out they are. It is obvious after visiting Rawly’s home models at Rancho Palm Aire that he has considerable experience in building in Second Life. Rawly is also well known as a hard hitting and, many times very funny, writer at SL Inworld Today (, and manager at Costa Rica estates. But it is his home designs, and design for the Rancho Pacific resort, which concerns us in this interview: Eddi Haskell : Rawly, please tell our readers something about yourself. 38

Rancho Pacifico Resort 39


Rancho Pacifico Resort Interior RR: I am from Florida, and I am a building you entered here? contractor in real life. RR: I had read about SL in a car magazine. EH: Do you have any formal design The article said it was a free online game, training? and you could pick out a car and customize RR: I have a Bachelor’s in Construction it and race it against other players, so I Technology and a Master’s in Fine Arts, signed up and checked it out. Racing the which my area of study was Architectural Scions pretty much sucked, but I found SL History. I have never taken the state exam to be interesting in other ways. I got my to become a licensed architect. My real 512 First Land parcel (back when they life partner is a licensed architect, and still offered that program), and one of together we own our own design/build my neighbors was a video game designer from the UK. He’s the one who taught firm. me how to rez a prim. I then built my first EH: How did you first hear about SL, and house, and immediately people started what was the first thing you did when asking me to build for them. 41

of your work in SL? RR: The past year and a half have been spent building in Costa Rica. The first project, which was the one that caught Giancarlo Takac’s eye, was a custom home for someone who was a Costa Rica resident at the time, the D’Atelier Villa. That deal turned sour after the house was completed, so I have been selling it as a prefab, and it is on display at Rancho PalmAire, along with the other 3 houses I have built for retail sale. I have also built the shops and the church at the Costa Rica shopping district, and the Costa Rica Welcome Center built. I built the Rancho Pacifico Resort, and am still working on that project. All of these places are in the picks on my profile. Several of the other things I have built are no longer in existence, because they were built for special events. I have RezFaux’d everything I have built since the EH: What was the first thing you built in D’Atelier, so I have copies of them all. SL that you are proud of? EH: Please tell our readers something RR: The first thing I did for someone, after about your other houses. I placed a classified for building, was a house for Neveah Niu. This was even RR: Because of my position on staff at before I knew how to Rez-Faux stuff, so I the Costa Rica Sims, I have started a don’t have a copy, and she’s since replaced collection of prefab homes that are more it several times. It was pretty newbish by characteristic of what you might find in the today’s standards, but compared to most RL country of Costa Rica. They range in of the prefabs on the market, it’s still an size and price from my “entry-level” Villa interesting, practical, and nice-looking Relevo, which was originally built for the 2009 Relay for Life, up to the D’Atelier design. Villa, which is my oldest home, but it is EH: What are some of the best examples aging gracefully and is still my best seller. 42

Front of D’Atelier Villa 43


I do have plans for some newer designs, so hopefully I will be able to build those in the near future. EH: What about the interior furnishings and plant landscapes used in your models? RR: I have done the landscaping and the interior decorating, and Wet Snowdrop did most of the interior decorating of the Villa Pacifica display home. I do make some of my own plants. I am not a furniture maker, so I am unable to Rear of D’Atelier Villa include any of the furnishings with the homes. I prefer to have my display homes fully landscaped and decorated, to give people a sense of scale, and to jump start them into thinking of ways that their things will fit in the homes and how they can personalize them to make them their own. EH: Where is most of your furniture from? RR: Most of the furniture is from La Galleria or Antique Artistry, but there are things from many other stores, as well. I can’t remember off the top of my head every last piece and where it came from, 45

Interior of D’Atelier Villa

so if someone sees something they like it’s best if they examine it in edit it and get the creator’s name. EH: One thing that I have noticed is how surprisingly low prim your houses are. Do you have any tips that you can share with our readers? RR:Usually, once I get a design in my head, I sketch it out on paper, to see how I can put the design together inworld using techniques that minimize the total number of prims needed to complete the build. I have no problem adding prims here or there for architectural details that I think are important, that give personality to the design, and sometimes I will build something and then go back to it over the span of a few days to see what I can do to make it more efficient. Not all my stuff is as low prim as it possibly can be, because sometimes I think it’s better to add 5 or 10 prims here or there to make something look more well-finished and less noobish. I also think people need to really ask themselves what they really need in SL. I would rather have a smaller house with nice detailing that has all the rooms I need, and have them be richly furnished, 46

Front of Villa Sudidi 47


Rear of Villa Sudidi rather than some huge house with lots of empty rooms because I don’t have enough rooms to furnish them all. EH: Where do you get your textures? RR: I do get a lot of them from TRU or 3d, or I get them from the internet, or scan them from a book I have in RL. I also make or customize textures in Photoshop for special applications, if necessary. EH: What are you future plans for building in SL? RR: I am currently working on Bryant Park for Modavia Fashion Week, and Studio Red has asked me to build the venue for their Halloween party. For Costa Rica, I am going to build a new Estate Mansion complex, a custom villa for the new Miss Costa Rica Sims 2010, a park at the Welcome Center sim, and a few other smaller projects for the Costa Rica Sims Anniversary Celebration, which is in September. I also have my own sim, which is independent of Costa Rica, which will eventually be the headquarters of Rousselot Construction, and 49

the mainstore for my prefabs. EH: I know you have other activities besides building in SL. Can you tell our readers something about them? RR: I am a writer for This is more of a hobby, as putting together the articles can be a very time consuming process. I am also the estate manager for the Costa Rica Sims, so a lot of my time is spent helping residents with various issues. EH: I know you know something about the planned virtual world of Blue Mars. Can you tell our readers about possible building in this new world if it ever becomes a reality? RR: I don’t really have much faith in it at this time, because it was supposed to come online in January of 2009, and as of right now it is still not up and running, Giancarlo Takacs, the CEO of Costa Rica Sims has registered as developer in Blue Mars, with myself as builder, but at this point I still do not have enough information to make any

Rear of Villa Sudidi 50

Front of Villa Pacifica 51


solid decisions. EH: Finally, do you have any advice to any aspiring builders or architects on SL? RR: Take the time to explore, see what other people are doing, and always say, “how can I?”, instead of, “I can’t.” Thank you Rawly! Thank you for spending your time with VR Style today! Rawly Rousselot’s prefab homes range in price from L$3500 to L$ 15,000. They can be seen at Rancho Palm Aire. The SLURL to Ranch Palm Aire is Centro/87/138/24 The SLURL to the Rancho Pacifico Resort is: secondlife/Puntarenas/244/177/21 Eddi Haskell is the Creative Director of VR Style Magazine.

Interior of Villa Pacifica 53

Villa Pacifica Terrace The SLURL to the Eddi Haskell Gallery is: Uxert/223/156/49

Eddi’s main blog is at Eddi’s YouTube channel is at Eddi’s landscape photography can be found at www.haskellphotography.


Front of Villa Relevo 55


SL Burlesque; Classic, Naughty and Humo By: Sherrie Shepherd

Lady of Burlesque, Madison Pinelli entertains at the New Champagne Room 59



Classic Burlesque entertainment is offered for the pleasure of SL residents at the New Champagne Rooms at Jersey Island, Jersey%20Island/217/90/500. The posh club is decorated in the style of the high class burlesque theaters of days gone by. Guests sit comfortably, four at a table, able to lean over and share a laugh with friends as the ladies of burlesque delight the audience with their naughty one-liners and tastefully enticing dance moves. Owner and manager of the New Champagne Rooms, Miss Ahnyanka Delphin, herself a Lady of Burlesque, welcomes everyone and promptly introduces the first entertainer, “Please put your hands together and join me in welcoming the sensational Miss Madison to our stage! Madison Pinelli flashes a smile, glancing from just under the brim of her top hat. She taps her dancing cane twice, kicking it sideways with her foot and catching it in mid air. Pinelli then grins with a wicked little grin and says, “Well, good evening, my, my, my, such a beautiful audience tonight!” She Kicks the dancing cane up again, winks and swings her hips slowly. After taking her time building to a gyrating rhythm she carefully descends the steps from the stage keeping the pace of her sexy bumps and grinds. She saunters over to engage a table of guests paying 61

Owner of the New Champagne Room, M

Miss Ahnyanka Delphin 62

special attention to Mr. Wheely Iwish who is celebrating his Rez Day. She slowly runs her dancing cane across his shoulders, while asking, “tell me, what does a rez day boy, wish for?”….. *winks*. The blushing Mr. Iwish is tonguetied and adjusts his tie nervously. Pinelli laughs and slowly winds her hips in a circular motion. The give and take between the entertainer and the audience adds to the fun as she continues her clever quips ascending the steps again. Slowly she peels her garments until only her Entertainer Madison Pinelli pays special attention to a tab undergarments remain. While there is partial nudity, it’s ever so underplayed and it’s more about the entertainment, humor and titillating conversation. With one last saucy gesture she whips off her upper garment revealing strategically positioned pasties. The crowd applauds whistles and shouts their approval and appreciation! Next to entertain is Miss Ceejay Writer, who represents the sexy librarians of the world. A professional looking gray suit is properly paired with a conservative up do and horned-rim glasses. It’s easy to see the gorgeous face and shapely figure hidden behind the façade of a homely bookworm. You can ponder that the gentlemen in attendance are visualizing her setting her hair free to fall in long soft curls on her shoulders and imagining her tossing her glasses aside and sensuously gazing at the gentlemen with wild hungry eyes. Not to disappoint, that’s exactly what Writer does! The room is electric as she wiggles and gyrates bringing big 63

smiles to the gentlemen’s faces and looks of concern to their female companions.

When Writer descends the stage she doesn’t neglect one table as she sashays around the room stopping to exchange barbs with the gentlemen and ladies alike. She glides to the back of the room and taps the table with her No.2 pencil and murmurs “I certainly do hope no one here has an overdue book tonight...” Slowly stripping as she returns to the stage, she sheds the barrier of cloth on her ample chest to reveal her creamy white ble of guests bosom. She blushes and takes a deep steadying breath, reveling in the admiring glances from the crowd. “I do hope you’re all encouraged to visit the library more often! We have so many stories, just waiting to be told...” Writer gathers her clothes, pushes her glasses back up her nose, and with one last little smile, scurries backstage, her cheeks flushed and her heart racing. Wild applause erupts from the audience as Delphin takes the stage once again to thank everyone for coming, hoping that they enjoyed the show, and inviting them to continue their evening at the Champagne Room by taking to the dance floor for some romantic music and dancing. Delphin explains that she opened the establishment to create a forum for an act that was sultry and yet still had class, that being Burlesque. She recalls, “I’ve always loved vintage burlesque... and was surprised when I came to SL because 64

most of the clubs that professed to be “burlesque” were little more than modern strip clubs. None of them truly had the level of showmanship that I consider central to the art form.” Four shows a week run at the Champagne Room on Jersey Island, focusing on vintage burlesque where the topless dancing

is all about the art of seduction with choreographed routines that draw the audience in using animations, emotes and witty banter. She also has a Champagne Room on Babbage Square in New Babbage, Babbage%20Square/209/212/106, which has monthly events, and is

New Champagne Rooms at Jersey Island is home to classic Burlesque 65

primarily a vaudevillian theater rather than burlesque. There events showcase various forms of performance art. She gives examples of the performances there, “We’ve had everything from fire eaters... to synchronized swimming belly dancers.”Miss Delphin says of her guests, “They’re very

appreciative and enjoy the immersive quality of the events. Most of them like to come to relax and unwind. It’s also a popular date destination. We welcome couples and anyone who is willing to have fun and respect everyone around them. I want to give them a chance to enjoy themselves and get lost in the moment. ” Always looking for new talent, Miss Delphin said, “We’re looking for new burlesque dancers as well as fun and interesting performance art. We’re even looking forward to having some musicians from outside of SL come and share their music… an exciting new venture! “


As I rezzed into the Healing Pool, (The Healing Pool, Enceladus (206, 229, 57), I felt a profound sense of peacefulness surround me. From the ethereal music playing on the stream to the beautiful visuals this sim is definitely somewhere to come and let your stress melt away. Today I am interviewing Nina Lancaster NeuroLinguistic Programming (NLP) Coach and owner of the Healing Pool. Being the inquisitive mind that I am, I wanted to know more about NLP and how it is being presented in SL. This is what Nina had to say about this wonderful technique. IJC: Please explain briefly to our readers what Neuro-Linguistic Programming or NLP is? NL: NLP is a method of change that helps you to respond more usefully in situations that you would otherwise find difficult. We focus on things like overcoming fears, phobias and building confident and wanton states of joy and bliss. IJC: How did you start being an NLP coach? NL: My journey began when I was in a dead end job and I asked the question...’There must be more to life than this’. I began to search my soul for answers and was led down a path of learning and self discovery. 69

I began reading personal development books, going to seminars and learning all I could about how to be happy. I trained in 1998 in NLP and took my practitioner training with the co-creator of NLP Dr Richard Bandler. I then did my NLP master track in 2001 after which I was invited to become an assistant to Richard Bandler, Paul McKenna and Michael Breen, who were running trainings in NLP in London. I found that I had a skill for it and then did my Trainer in NLP and become a certified Trainer of NLP and I also did my diploma in Life coaching. The Spiritual aspect of my work came when I became a student of a course in miracles around the same time as I became an assistant in 2001. I have also studied with Medical Intuitive Caroline Myss on her Sacred Contracts Tour in Findhorn Scotland in 2003. I am also being mentored by Senior NLP Master Trainer Eric Robbie, who co-trained and travelled with Richard Bandler in the 80’s. I am very lucky to have had such good teachers and mentors, now I want to share my knowledge with others. IJC: What made you want to bring to SL NLP? NL: As soon as I saw the potential of Second Life to translate NLP principles, the desire to bring NLP into SL was almost instant. At first I set up introduction to NLP events to demonstrate the power of NLP in helping people to change in the directions they wanted to go. Many would ask me questions about where NLP had been used and how it had helped others in real life. After that I put on some actual courses to 70

teach people how to apply the principles of NLP using SL as a way to enhance its effect in a way they could use it in their own lives after taking the course. One client realized that he had to learn the lesson of taking responsibility for his own reactions to his environment and it helped him to make the shift from Victim mentality to being self empowered. So that’s the kind of reward 71

that makes me want to continue developing NLP and coaching in SL. ICJ: Results like that do inspire. Do you think this technique does have an impact using it in SL? NL: I not only think NLP has an impact in SL I know it does and very powerfully too. You only have look at the testimonies on

without even so much as a needle needed to calm her down. Even I was amazed at the power of SL to make such profound changes. Needless to say her husband was very grateful as was she. IJC: What kind of results can we expect using NLP?

my website to see that it had indeed been effective in treating all sorts of things. I have cured dog and height phobias using my methods, and very successfully cured a dentist phobia, where the client before was so scared of dentists she could not even think about going to one. But after our session she could not wait to make an appointment and went the next day with her husband,

NL: Well as mentioned in the previous two answers, I am able to get very good results using NLP in SL. My experience of real life NLP has been a major part of why it has been so successful for me. Generally one of the biggest questions I get about how I use NLP in SL is about not being able to see people’s facial expressions and body language. However I use the modalities that are applicable to SL, such as voice and text where I can calibrate the changes via voice tone and linguistic structures. If someone comes to me and says...” I ‘have’ a problem and speak about it as if it is happening in the present... I know they still have some work to do. But in contrast if after having worked on that person and they begin to describe the problem as if it is now in the past, I know that they have made shift of what we term as the sub modalities of that experience, such that it does not impact their neurology and or experience in the same negative way that it used to. These are the kinds of things I look out for when working with clients at a distance. Also my clients send me IM’s letting me know how they are doing, it’s a way of keeping them close so that you can monitor their progress, and as you know they are only an IM away and you can usually see 72

them in your friends list too. So it’s good for follow up purposes. I recently got one IM from a client I worked with over a year ago now who was an emotional eater for the best part of her 40 years of life and after working with me on this she no longer has that issue and the emotional eating has never returned. I call that amazing results don’t you?

coach, and for the most part I use coaching techniques to which I apply NLP principles and processes where applicable. But I do not always use NLP as that is only good for some things. You have to be flexible in your approach to working with people as no two clients are ever the same. One of the main techniques I use is the ability to ask the client good questions that enable IJC: Wow that is an amazing result! What them to come up with their own solutions to other type of consulting or techniques do issues, and if they really get stuck I might use some visualization and or meditation to get you use? them to relax and loosen up the unconscious NL: Technically I am what’s known as a life part of their brain that is usually more 73

creative than their conscious mind. The visualization techniques are very powerful, because it’s easy to get my clients to imagine things when they are in SL and sometimes I just build something that we can both see and then I guide them in using that image to create positive changes.

read The Healing Pool Magazine - a special NLP edition in which I interview the cocreator of NLP Dr Richard Bandler himself. There will be products to buy that will improve how you use your mind and body in the form of off the shelf processes that are available for sale at the beauty salon counter. You can also access information about my website, and follow me on Twitter by clicking the bluebird to keep up to date with what I am doing in terms of courses, training and one to one coach mentoring. IJC: Anything else you would like to tell our readers?

IJC: What can we NL: I am coaching people now in Second Life in how to become an SL life coach and find at your sim? it’s proving very successful. The formula I NL: The Healing Pool am using to structure the sessions is working does primarily what out beautifully and my clients are getting it says on the tin. It’s great results. At the moment I teach via a place where you one to one sessions, but I plan to make an can come and relax off- the - shelf - course with workbook and and gain some peace 3D training tools so that the whole 6 weeks of mind and quite course is available to any coaches who time to reflect on what you need to notice in want to learn how to become a Second Life your life that could better. There are place coach. to sit and do meditation with instructions website is www. on how to cleanse your chakras, as well as My a healing chakra table and Tibetan singing where you bowls. There is the Temple of Mary where can listen to my hypnotic lifestyle system you can go to pray and invoke her healing for free after registering your name and energy, and many people have experienced email address. The Hypnotic lifestyle system a shift and just feel better by being close to is based on my experience as both a fitness/ exercise specialist and NLP weight lifestyle the golden Mary statue. The Healing Pool also has a spa where the coach - and comprises of 6. 15 minute focus is on healthy lifestyle where I have an relaxation session with positive suggestions inner beauty spa and gym. You can sit and for changing lifestyle habits to healthier ones. 74


These can also be listened to at the healing pool sim for 150L for 24 hours access. I have put together a magazine that shows the relationship between NLP and Healing as many people are confused about the link between the two. A special NLP edition of The Healing Pool Magazine can be downloaded at my site, which comprises of no less than 15 top trainers of NLP sharing their insights as to the application of NLP to healing. To my knowledge this is the only comprehensive and authentic publication on this topic and I would recommend that anyone who wants to accelerate their knowledge of either NLP or Healing to read it as par for the course. Courses can be booked online via my website and paid in advance in Lindens or via PayPal at 3500L per hour with a minimum number of 6 participants. I am available for talks, coaching, one to one and corporate training in SL and I can be contacted via a note card, as my IM’s get capped or email thehealingpool@

Thank you Nina this has been a most informative interview. If you are having a stressful day, take a few minutes and go to the Healing Pool it will be worth the trip. Until next issue everyone, may your day be filled with wonderment and may you live a healthy, wealthy and abundant life!


Eddi Haskell Dances with Tasty Tiramisu atter her winning entry is announced at headquarters on Zindra 79

This past August, the Zindra Alliance, along with VR Style and several other Zindra businesses, sponsored a major competition to design a unique flag for the new continent of Zindra. Zindra is the new adult-oriented continent in Second Life that is also becoming a showcase for urban design and planning. The purpose

me headquarters in Zindra. Tasty Tiramisu won the contest with her unique design of a body forming a letter Z on a reflective background. Eddi Haskell interviews Tasty Tiramisu on her winning entry in this interview. Through September 15, all the entries can be seen at the (www.

Eddi Haskell interviews Tasty Tiramisu, Designer of the new Flag of The Continent of Zindra Photography by Eddi Haskell of the contest was to help solidify identity for Zindra, unite all Zindra residents, and most importantly, to allow the design to come from the people themselves. The prize for the first place winner was L$10,000 in prizes, and recognition in Second Life for this achievement. Over 25 well designed entries were submitted. Most of the designs can be seen in this article. On August 23, Jago Constantine, Chairman of the Zindra Alliance, announced the winner at a grand event at slapt. mall and headquarters in Zindra. The SLURL to is at: The%20Churchyard/133/130/33 Eddi Haskell: Please tell us something about your Real life. Tasty Tiramisu: This is a hard one for me. I am not comfortable with mixing SL and RL for several reasons, the main one being that SL is much more open than RL in terms of possibilities As soon as you make information from your RL available, end up limiting your Second 80

Life fun. As an example, let’s say that I state my country in my RL profile tab and let us suppose that country is Spain. If I then go to a Japanese themed event, with an Asian shape and skin, someone from Japan might find my avatar attractive, but then may lose interest if they see that I am Spanish. All that I will say is that I am female in my early 40’s. I will not speak on voice because my accent will give away my country, but I am from Europe. I am still looking for that European-style bikini in Second Life, since all the bikinis I have found look like that are from certain US states like Texas!

an episode of Photoshop User TV (, whom I would like to congratulate for posting their 200th episode online this week. EH: Has Second Life helped enhance your design skills? Your winning flag entry really is quite good. TT: SL is a fantastic playground for Photoshop, not only for the photography but also for the design of textures and clothes. I also learn a lot from watching other people’s work.

EH: That is excellent advice. I am trying to figure out what a Texasstyle bikini is, but I imagine that it would go along well with big hair. For our second question, can you tell our readers if you have any formal art or design training?

TT: I don’t have a formal training in design or art, but I have dabbled with photography in the past. I do have quite a bit of experience with Photoshop, and started using version 5.0 around 10 years ago, and am continuously looking at ways to enhance my skills with it. I never miss The entries on display at the m winning flag entry is announced. 83

I’m always amazed at how much the people in SL can be creative, often using a prim or a primset for a purpose no one would expect it for. So when I go shopping, I am in fact learning. Isn’t that a wonderful excuse to shop more? (winking in emphasis)

land ownership. It is simple to describe what I first did – I shopped! My default AV looked so bad. I purchased a set of skins from Nomine and a red salsa dress from Simone; a friend gave me a pair of nice simple red prim shoes. So I was set to go with one nice red dress, and for several weeks all I did was go EH: When did you first enter SL, and to “best in red” events! what did you first do? EH: Was SL your first virtual world? TT: I joined SL in mid 2005. Back in those TT: I started in Alphaworld, but my stay days everyone was a paid member, was very brief, and I don’t remember but there were 2 levels depending on

mall before the 84

The crowd gathers at waiting waiting for the official announcment of the winning entry 85


much about it. EH: What did you first design in SL?

it is, I should probably make it into a freebie someday soon. If you see that dress, please be indulgent and keep in mind that in those days we didn’t have flexible prims or sculpties. It was really challenging to fit prims on an AV to make them add value to the outfit.

TT: I first attended a building class, but did not build anything I can remember. I think the first thing I actually designed that had some value was a red minidress with a beret. It is still for sale at my store, but seeing how old EH: Did you only design clothes at Tasty Tiramisu, the contest winner


first? TT: I remember that short after I did some simple furniture that is now in one of the lucky chair of the store that I coown with Priceless Shaw. She is rarely in SL now. EH: What is your tie in with Zindra? TT: My tie to Zindra is that I want to be able to go everywhere in SL, and do many different activities. I practice mature/adult roleplay; and think that there is a probability that in the near future that someone from Linden Labs will decide that selling nipples rings should happen on Zindra rather than on mainland. Most of my recent designs are intimate jewelries and silks that belong in a Zindra environment. In addition, and on a larger scale, I built the mall for Waterview at Bonanza which while not in Zindra sells adult-oriented merchandise. EH: Please tell our readers something about your Zindra flag design. TT: I started with several ideas, one of which was an 18+ sign using a vibrator as 1 and a pair of cuffs for the 8. I then thought of doing all the letters in Zindra as bodies. I then decided to do the Z in Zindra using my own body in a laying pose. I started my Qavimator and did a first version of the pose but noticed a few bugs, I then did a second version that

showed no naughty bits, which I thought was important for the flag design. EH: Why was it important that the flag not contain adult content? TT: I thought that it was important that the Zindra flag be PG, since it could be used to advertise the continent on the mainland and in other non-adult areas. EH: That is a very good point about the flag not having adult content. How did you actually make the flag? TT: I started the photo shoot, making my legs longer to form a true Z. I worked in Photoshop and then separated the body image as a layer. I then created the background with a reflection and placed text with a reflection on it, making sure that colors matched. All the practical creation only took 2 or 3 hours, but I had been thinking about it for about 2 weeks, so I knew what I wanted as an end result. EH: Do you think you will be doing more creative projects in SL as a result of winning this contest? TT: Of course! I love to design things in SL; it is so easy to be creative here compared to real life. You are not hindered by restrictions that complicate real world design. And winning the contest will inspire me to be even more creative! 88


The flag of the next continent of Zindra flies proudly at sunset 90

Tasty Tiramisu’s Bonanza Mall EH: What are you future plans for SL? TT: I have learned not to make plans for since Linden Labs often forces you to abandon by changing Second Life itself. EH: What would you like to Linden labs do to improve SL? TT: First of all, make more of an effort in eliminating all the bugs in the client. They even make Microsoft look good at times! My second hope is that Linden Lab adds as a standard several more attachments points to the avatar (upper spine, lower spine, ankles, and wrists) so that it becomes possible to wear full prims boots and ankle cuffs at the same time. EH: Finally, what one piece of advice would you give someone who has just entered SL? TT: There are so many things I can think of, but first most, keep your eyes and mind open. Enjoy all the possibilities that SL has to offer. For example, in SL you can fall and not get hurt. You can also go shopping for a skirt and have a female fox 91

buying the same thing. Fire does not burn unless you role play it. Most importantly, save some time for sleep because your real life body needs it! EH: Thank you Tasty! And congratulations again on winning the flag contest! TT: And thank you Eddi for your time today! Eddi Haskell is the Creative Director of VR Style Magazine. He blogs at www.

Winner Tasty Tiramisu and Zindra Alliance Chairman Jago Constantine appear together in front of the crowd on announcement day.


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Owners of Bailers, Carla Chandray

Country Western Best


By: sherrie shepherd Photography by : Pam

yaan and Nugget Gregory

at its

d m astonia

If you’re looking for a friendly country western club to spend an evening, you can’t miss at the ever popular Bailers, Island/157/123/34. However, fabulous country western music and dancing is not all you’ll find at Bailers. Owners and SL partners Carla Chandrayaan and Nugget Gregory make it a point to run various events throughout the day seven days a week. In addition, they sponsor other activities such as fishing contests and change the location of the venue from their club to another location on their island. Their themed hunts are a big favorite of their patrons of which Chandrayaan says, “People really seem to enjoy this because it’s a relaxing atmosphere with friendly people and they can find dozens of fantastically free items that are Bailers exclusives, built or designed for each hunt.” They also offer a monthly bull riding contest with the highest scoring guest winning 1,000L. Their Picks drawing pays 1,000L per week. Scuba diving offers a huge underwater wonderland, complete with hidden areas to discover. Not forgetting SL lovers, they have wonderful, quiet cuddle spots throughout their island and a country church for weddings. Exploring the island, guests will find a farm and ranch, free horseback riding, boating, a full sim race track, hang-gliding, windsurfing and more. They often sponsor spectacular events on holidays with special, free limited edition Bailers gifts and exclusive Bailers games. Chandrayaan recalls how much fun last year’s Halloween events were saying, “It was extreme fun! Last year, we had a Halloween Extravaganza that people are still talking about. It truly was the biggest and best in SL and this year we plan to do it bigger and better!” Gregory reflects on why they decided to open a club in SL, “Carla said we were going to! We got tired of “going” to clubs and abiding by their rules and the way they treated customers. A lot of places were much inbred. 98

That is, they had their own crowd and weren’t very welcoming. We knew if we wanted a place to be run with fun for everyone, we’d have to build it ourselves. We also got a little tired of having to put up with obnoxious, overtly sexual comments and “look at me” antics. We wanted a PG place that could be good fun for everyone.” Chandrayaan adds to that, “From the time we joined SL, we were always looking for new things to try. We explored a lot, but we sort of caught the building bug when we worked on the AMMC project, which is Ann Myers Medical Center, a hospital in SL that is fully staffed by real life doctors and other medical professionals. After we built that, we were left twiddling our thumbs and then a friend of ours mentioned

Bailers Ranch offers fun for visitors

she’d like to have her own club because she was tired of the unwelcoming attitudes of the places we’d visited. So one evening I just blurted out ‘We’re going to open a country/western club.” Nugget is a pretty good sport so he humored me; though I’m pretty sure everyone thought Bailers would be a flash in the pan. We’re in our third year now. It’s been a pretty big flash.LOL!” When asked why they decided on a country western theme, they both agreed that, “It’s just who we are.” Chandrayaan expands on that saying, “Country is not just what we listen to, and it is who we are in SL and in RL. So the country theme was a natural choice. There really was no other style of music on the table for discussion.” Both Gregory and Chandrayaan felt that Bailers was unique in SL for various reasons. Gregory felt that, “Bailers is an approach to SL. It’s friendly without being nasty. Folks won’t have to see naked avatars. We don’t allow children avatars. Everyone else is welcomed. We try to make each person feel valued here, because we really ARE glad they choose to come to Bailers. There are lots of places to hang out at, so we know folks make a choice to come here. Chandrayaan felt that it’s the people who make Bailers unique, “Definitely the people. Bailers tends to draw quality people because of our PG rating and fierce attention to detail. We have proven that it is possible to run a place free of all the ‘adult’ content out there and still be a success. We know there really are a good number of folks in SL who just want to kick back, enjoy some music and clean fun, and not feel like their morals have been violated. Our staff is Top Shelf! We definitely have the best DJ’s and Hosts around. They are friendly and welcoming and just treasures to know. And our VIP’s... Well, without them, we’d be just another empty club. They’re good people who find a place they like and become fiercely loyal to it. We strive to earn that loyalty. Of course much thanks goes to our club managers, RebeccaLynn Bailey and Kyp Ducatillon. They are so great; always going above and beyond to make sure that Bailers is an incredible experience for everyone. 100

A wedding chapel is available at Bailers 101


Another thing that separates us from other country clubs is that when we say ‘country’, we mean it. We don’t sell out and play other styles of music mixed in, hoping to draw from a larger pool of people. We figure if we call it country, it should be country. And that’s one point we have never budged on.” Chandrayaan regards their regulars at Bailers to be like family to them. She caveats that by saying, “But not in the way so many clubs operate. We are not cliquish. We welcome everyone so long as they respect the few simple rules we have. We are as happy to see new faces as we are to see the ones who One of the lovely places to explore at Bailers have been coming here for two years. Every person is very different and we try always to remember that they are not just pixels on a screen. They are living, breathing human beings with feelings, thoughts, opinions and beliefs of their own. And they hail from all parts of the world, so there is always a lot to talk about and to learn from one another. “ Gregory urges SLers to, “Come give us a try. Also, take a stroll around the island. We try to have a lot of fun things to do at no cost.” Chandrayaan goes further saying, “Bailers isn’t just a club. It is an experience. And an experience which we hope more will 103

be a part of. Nugget and I built all of this for y’all to enjoy, so be sure to come check it out and find out why people call Bailers ‘home’. “ To find out more about Bailers, check out their blog. http:// or contact Gregory or Chandrayaan.




Horoscop Sep

By: R

ARIES: This is not the time for bombast and displays of power. This is a time for getting things done methodically, with lots of planning behind it. You can do this, even though it will be hard. Make a plan, stick to it, and grind it out. Things will happen as they should. On the other hand, in the romance field now is the time to pull a few stops out. Throw out the inhibitions and try something new and different, or someone new and different! TAURUS: Watch where you are going, Taurus! Think about what you are doing and for heaven’s sake don’t let that Taurean anger get the better of you. Because right now, if you let it out, you won’t be able to stop it! This is one time where your reluctance to move quickly will help you. If you aren’t sure, find someone close to you and ask them. GEMINI: Things are going to be a little rough for you this month, especially in terms of getting anything done. Your ruling planet, Mercury (which is shared with Virgo) is in retrograde and that means a very confused Gemini. What you need is organization; what you have is chaos. Now would be a good time to stop and look around; you can go back to your usual breakneck pace in a few weeks. CANCER: Break out of that shell, Cancer, because this is a great time for 109

pe for the Month of ptember 2009

Rajeesh Navarathna

you to be in love. Lay those plans to win that special someone with care and attention, and be patient (which you can do) and you will win their heart. Don’t be hurt if it doesn’t happen the first day or two. Stay with it: you are in for a big surprise! LEO: Two words sum up your month: get weird! Of course that’s not a problem for you. But push the limits, even for you. Yes, it is all about you right now, so make sure everyone is watching. You are fighting an urge to be slow, plodding, and deliberate. Forget that! Be outrageous: it’s free! VIRGO: This is your month, so make the most of it. Follow your nose. That means, this is the month to be yourself more than any other month. Lay your plans carefully and in great detail for the next year. If things seem dark right now, remember that your ruling planet is in retrograde, but it won’t be forever. But whatever you do, stay with your plan. This is the best time to make plans, and the plans you make now will serve you well over the next year. So stick with it! LIBRA: Not to alarm you, Libra, but you may want to keep an eye on someone who is not kindly disposed to you. There’s an indication someone is trying to arrange things to get in your way. The solution: cover yourself carefully and don’t let your easy going tendency trip you up. In other words, pay attention! 110

SCORPIO: Are you feeling lost? Not surprising: indications are that you need to step back and see just where you are. You are too close to things. Give yourself some space and some time to regroup and you will see that you are in a pretty good place -especially in the romance department. That special someone thinks more of you than you recognize. So chill out and go with it! SAGITTARIUS: Your normal straightforward manner is going to go haywire on you this month. You are certainly clever, but you don’t have to tell everyone how clever you are. Be a bit reserved and a bit modest and your true nature will shine out. That may be difficult but you will be glad you did, because it will save you some serious embarassment this month. CAPRICORN: Your detail oriented talents are magnified this month! Capitalize on them. That project that has been baffling you will come into perfect focus now, and you have the energy and drive to get it done. In fact, a lot of things that were confusing will become clear now. Use the new information to your best advantage, as only you know how. AQUARIUS: You’re feeling particularly giving and generous. That’s wonderful, but be sensible about where you spread your generosity. It probably won’t matter to you, since kindness is second nature to you, but some may waste your gifts. Oh, and just like Capricorn, you will see things a bit more realistically this month. It’s okay; when the sun enters Libra on the 23rd you can go back to your normal unique space. PISCES: You’re going to need some tender loving care this month. Something is fogging your intuition, which will bring out your melancholy mood for a few days. What can you do about it? Find one or two sympathetic people and just absorb their affection for you. Crowds are not the place for you right now. Just try not to bring down those who are trying to help you! 111

The Rock Shoppe, http://slurl. com/secondlife/Daytona%20 Beach/30/208/21, brings to SL the best in Tribute Bands in homage to the classic bands of the 70’s and 80’s, such as NickelBack, Pink Floyd , Motley Crue, Skid Row, KISS, TOOL, Pat Benatar, Kid Rock, Judas Priest and more. Co-Owner and Manager of the Rock Shoppe, highscreen Gumbo, along with the other two owners, Shayla Larkin and Alexander Constantine, are committed to delivering authentic performances while streaming the classic hits of thirtyfive iconic bands based on taped live concert performances. They meticulously replicate the physical appearance of the original band members to include clothing, skins and tattoos, the musical instruments they play, and their performance styles on stage. Gumbo himself is a hands-on manager since he personally performs with seven of the bands. With a total of fortyfive performers, Gumbo makes sure that everyone has an opportunity to perform even if only as a fill-in for an unavailable band member. Some of the band members are actually musicians in RL but Gumbo says, “The love of music has brought everyone together.” He further explains, “We do it for enjoyment and to provide people with a good time.” Each of the thirty-five bands has a team lead that is responsible for organizing 113


and Quality in Tribute Bands By: Sherrie Shepherd


the bands, recruiting band members, and doing all of the coordination with the band members by way of group conference IMs. Some of the key Team Leads who provide this support are KABAL Baxton, Wraith Belgar, Flealove Mazi, and Dracon Dyszel. Most of the team leaders are also DJs who stream the music for their performances. Gumbo himself stands ready to assist if any problems occur during a performance. Reflecting on how Rock Shoppe got its start, he attributes credit to Shayla Larkin who founded Rock Shoppe and remains an active player in the group. Once Gumbo was involved, he helped grow Rock Shoppe to what it is today, a hugely successful business and a widely known and popular choice for countless events around SL. The bands are consistently booked weekly at several venues including Pure Inspirations, which is co-located with the Rock Shoppe. They perform every night at these clubs, as well as being hired to perform at special events. They normally perform to packed crowds with a minimum of twenty-five concert goers at every performance. Gumbo personally builds stages along with some of the other group members. They pay close attention to making them as realistic as possible to include spectacular lighting effects and even designing an elevator platform that raises the KISS band to the stage for a dramatic effect. 115

What sets them apart from other groups of Tribute bands in SL is their keen attention to realistic performances. For example, when their KISS Tribute Band performs, they make it a point to interact with the audience as the original band would do, jumping from the stage to engage the audience and pulling women on stage to play directly to them. If you attend a Motley Crue performance you’ll see them pull ladies on stage when they sing the classic, “Girls, Girls, Girls!” Team Lead AJ Blaylock emphasizes that, “The ability to interact and the quality of the performance are what makes the performances so realistic.” Blaylock continues, “We all do all that we can every day to improve on our performances, continuing to make them better all the time.” Always expanding their collection of bands, several more are in the works. One band soon to be performing is Johnny Cash which adds country western to their repertoire with more to come. Each new band goes through a thorough session of practices before they are booked. Gumbo says that their practices are always well attended by loyal fans. Keeping the new bands under wraps until their first performance is an important element to protecting their creative property. As Gumbo asserts, “its fine to copy our creation after we’ve 116

performed but we certainly don’t want to be a copy of anyone else.” The team spirit of the Rock Shoppe bands is a big part of the reason for their success. Members continuously pitch in to apply textures to the stage builds, to do scripting, or to just contribute their ideas. Gumbo’s RL and SL partner, Sharodie Nightfire, has also helped significantly in assisting with some stage designs and also to help style the band members in the likeness of their RL rock star counterparts including designing unique skins for the perfect look. In the fall, performance dates and venues to be announced, the Rock Shoppe will be performing charity performances to benefit the American Cancer Society. These day long events will include a line-up of all of the Rock Shoppe bands. Gumbo explains that they do this mostly for the love of music and “we do this for people in here who have never been to a RL concert and haven’t been able to see their favorite bands. “ Speaking directly to the SL community, Gumbo says, “ROCK ON!” and “Please enjoy what we have to offer.” To book one of the Rock Shoppe bands or to obtain more information, contact highscreen Gumbo.


Rock Shoppe Manager, highscreen Gumbo, address business matters in the Rock Shoppe Office. 118

Fashion is a woman’s domain and is something that she thinks of constantly and to which she puts a lot of effort into. A woman always wants to look her best which is why she will pursue as many stores and boutiques as possible until she can find the perfect outfit she is looking for. In any case, there are a lot of choices that one can consider when trying to single out the best outfit of all. There are many unique shopping experiences in sl offering great variety and nice quality. I bring to you Five Designers this month to offer our readers a variety of choices for their entertainment styling needs. You will find that these exclusive shops cover it all, providing clothing and accessories in a 121


By: Nadia Photography : and Nelli

ment Styles�

a Felwitch : Pam Astonia e Choche

wide range from casual dresses and party wears to lingerie and formal gowns. Each of these designers offers their own unique quality designer clothes to you in Second Life. Have you ever wanted all eyes on you when you walk through a door? With your body draped in designs by ROXXSTAR, MILADYS, Mondira, Musashi-DO, or NYMPHETAMINE you surely will! Musashi-Do Fashions offers highquality Italian designs. Musashi-Do is one of the historical brands that marked the rise of the Metaverse fashion scene. Specializing in 100% hand-painted patterns, the owner Shiryu Musashi is the oldest Italian designer in Second life. This designer 122

offers exquisite fashions for both ladies and gentlemen. The Musashi-Do line-up is made of three main collections or “labels”: • Musashi-Do Black Label: The main Prêt-à-porter collection • Musashi-Do White Label: The casual and sportswear collection • Musashi-Do Orange Label: A bikini and beachwear collection These

collections are very impressive. Wearing any Musashi-Do outfit will surely bring the oooh’s and aaah’s out whether you’re on the beach styling the new Tan\lines or sparkling in the lime light in an Italian formal gown. 123

Party hoppers will love the sassy rocker wears at ROXXSTAR. Owned by XxjimmyxX Oh, ROXXSTAR offers exclusively designed outfits and accessories for men, women, and kids. Their clothing comes in colorful styles jeans, shorts, skirts you name it. You can surely find something to wear here

for your next club outing. ROXXSTAR’s fashion is appropriate for all age groups and the prices are very reasonable. A real rocker owns their look, their reputation, their attitude. Mondira Fashions offers a comprehensive range of playful yet comfortable casual dresses in bold colors and chic designs. At Mondira Fashions you will find a variety of formal gowns, party dresses, cocktail dresses, smart casuals, business wear, sexy lingerie, costumes, bridal, and wedding dresses. Apart from attractive clothes, exquisitely designed accessories are a bonus here. You can do all your shopping in one place. Mondira offers accessories such as jewelry by The Hell of a Jewelry and Heels from Lonemake Shoes, and hair by Dakara Creations. Mondira Fashions is owned and operated by Montgomery sunnyside and Mondira Carter. MILADYS has a unique collection of classy and sophisticated ladies evening dresses, gowns, secret tunics, and camisoles. MILADYS, owned by Rachel 125

Darling, specializes in cocktail dresses, ball gowns, and business wears. Also, for the discerning lady she offers Milady’s Secret Silks and Fancy freewoman gowns. Featuring the Tasta slave tunic & Sa-Fora, prim slave silks for discerning kajira. NYMPHETAMINE BOUTIQUE is for those who do not indulge in mindless shopping. Here you can find styles that range from formals and costumes to sexy dresses and erotic lingerie. Designer Paeoti Pomeray, offers her clientele the ability to feel oh so sexy and sensual with the desire to be ever so sinful and mischievous while wearing her designs. So what are you waiting for? Time to get shopping for your amazing fashion style!

Model : Iolejanana Chajit Outfit: Black Rose Hair: LAQ Divine Black Skin: Redgrave Moon Pale Skin

Model: Nadia Felwitch Outfit: Flower Me (Brown) Hair: Gurl 6 Skin: Cyrano

Model: Glitter Bolissima Outfit: Obsidian Glitter Skin: League Misty Hair: ETD Bridget

Model:Kimmie Rayna Outfit:Revolution Femme Hair: EDT Skin: Redgrave Shoes: Melanie Zhao

Model: Kimmie Rayna Outfit: Midnight Romance Hair: MADesigns Skin: Redgrave

Model: Glitter Bolissima Outfit: Red Diva Skin: RedGrave Leona Hair: SLink Julianne

Model: Lanzer Cleanslate Outfit: HighLand Wind Skin : REDGRAVE EMIL Hair : Selena Gateaux Warrior Black

Model: Tantalus Nightfire Oufit: Golden Sunrise Hair by Naughty- outsider Skin: Redgrave

Model: Lanzer Cleanslate Outfit: Glorious F (Black) Skin : REDGRAVE EMIL Hair : Hayate Ewing H2L KIRA Black

Model: Tantalus Nightfire Oufit: Glorious F (pinstripes and solid) Hair by Naughty- outsider Skin: Redgrave

Model: Lanzer Cleanslate Outfit: Glorious F (Pinstripes) Skin : REDGRAVE EMIL Hair : Hayate Ewing H2L KIRA Black

Model: Kimmie Rayna Outfit: Seaside Crescent Bikini (Pink Fantasy) Hair: Analog Dog Skin: Redgrave

Model: ioleJanana Chajit Outfit:Summer Sky Yellow Lush Bikini with red trim Hair: Boon NMR32 black Skin: Red Queen Sun @ Type.o1

Model:Glitter Bolissima Outfit: Wave Flow Bikini (Dusk camo) Skin: Atomic Uma Hair: Armidi Super Pony

Model:Nadia Felwitch Outfit:Demetia Hair:Sky Everett Temptress Skin:Cyrano

Model:ioleJanana Chajit Outfit:Surrender Formal Dress Hair:Bish *Entice* Black Skin:Redgrave Moon Pale Skin

Model:Glitter Bolissima Outfit:BORDELLO SET Hair:DK Amy Skin:RedGrave Leona

Model: ioleJanana Chajit Outfit:Surrender Lingerie Set Hair:Bish *Entice* Black Skin:Redgrave Tan Skin Sakura

Model:Nadia Felwitch Outfit:What Dreams My Come Lingerie Set (Black and White) Hair: Gurl 6 Skin: Redgrave

Model: Kimmie Rayna Outfit: ALIX Hair: <TheAbyss> Skin: Redgrave

Model: ioleJanana Chajit Outfit: Midnight Sonata Red Hair: LAQ Divine Black Skin: Redgrave Tan Skin Sakura

Model: ioleJanana Chajit Name of Outfit: Moneypenny Cowlneck Sweater - Cherry and Pencil Skirt - Sage Hair: Analog Dog - Embrace Black Skin: Redgrave Tan Skin Sakura

Model: Glitter Bolissima Outfit: Moneypenny with flexi skirt Skin: RedGrave Leona Hair: Calico Catherine

Model: Glitter Bolissima Outfit: Vogue in black Skin: RedGrave Leona Hair: Sky Everett Lady Sophia

Model: Nadia Felwitch Outfit: Primal-Tiger Skin:Cyrano Hair:Sirena

Model: Kimmie Rayna Outfit: Upminster Hair: Argrace Skin: Redgrave

Model: ioleJanana Chajit Outfit:Atlanta Mauve Hair:Analog Dog - Esse Black Skin: Red Queen Skin- Sun @ Type .01.B

Model: Glitter Bolissima Outfit: Bridal Fantasies-Claire Skin: RedGrave Leona Hair: Damesfly Isydora

Model: Nadia Felwitch Name of Outfit:Paris Brown Skin:Cyrano Hair:Caja

Model: Kimmie Rayna Outfit: ROY BLACK Hair: Hair Solutions Skin: Redgrave Shoes: Annexx

Model: ioleJanana Chajit Name of Outfit: Jackie Black Hair: Red Queen - CRUSH - Onyx/Cherry Skin: Red Queen Skin- Sun @ Type .01.B

Model: Glitter Bolissima Outfit: Elenea Blue Skin: RedGrave Leona Hair: 69 AMK1

Model: Nadia Felwitch Outfit: Hex White Skin:Redgrave Hair:Gurl 6

Eddi Haskell Intervi Dehrynn Shepherd a

Photography of Starfall by 161

iews DJ and Club Owner and Legendary DJ Kaj Juutilainen

y Eddi Haskell 162

The gay clubber has generally covered clubs which have been in existence for at least one year. However, this month things are different - Starfall has been around since late June 2009 and is the subject of this month’s interviews and photography. Dehrynn Shepherd’s and Koen Whitfield Stafall opened to consistently good club crowds in late June 2009. The gay clubber was going to originally interview DJ’s Dehrynn Shepherd and Kaj Juutilainen at the now closed Wharf in this space. As club owner Dehrynn explains here, Starfall was founded immediately after the closing of the Wharf, and has assumed its group and DJ schedules. We first interview club owner Dehrynn Shepherd about his new club Starfall, and the challenges of making it in an ever more crowded roster of competitive gay clubs in Sl. Eddi Haskell: Please tell our readers something about your real life. Dehrynn Shepherd: I’m originally from Ohio, but now I live near Minneapolis, Minnesota in the United State. . I’m actually an engineer and studied electronics in college. I almost always have some sort of music playing in the background when I am working. EH: Were you ever a DJ in real life?

Dehrynn Shepherd and Eddi Haskell love rock and alternative music, and I guess I’ve always seen DJs as being more glamorous, and loved how some of them were sort of like rock stars. EH: When did you first enter SL, and what did you first inworld?

DS: I’m not a DJ in real life, but I’ve DS: I first entered SL in June 2007 when always played music for my friends. I my RL best friend talked me into it. I did 163

DS: In early 2008, My RL best friend needed help getting start up tunes as a DJ on SL. He raided some of my collection for my goth and industrial bands, and that was how I first heard about DJing in SL. I started becoming interested in being in SL throughout 2008. EH: Where was your first DJ gig? DS: The Wharf, January 14, 2009. It was a brilliant club but it is now closed. I would like to thank Finnegan Chesnokov for first hiring me. After that, I had regular Friday and Sunday gigs at The Wharf, a Saturday gig at Migâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Street Dance Club, and filled in on spur of the moment for not get to spend much time on SL at first InsyX Piranha at The Aqua Lounge. because of my RL job demands. I became more active around May 2008. My time EH: Is The Wharf where you first met was still limited, so I just tinkered with my Kaj Juutilainen? look and tried to find ways to earn some DS: Yes. . In late September/Early extra lindens October 2008, I first went to The Wharf, EH: When did you first decide to become and heard Kaj DJ. That was brilliant, and I noticed that some of the tunes he played a DJ on SL? were ones I listened to all the time. And 164

the wheels started turning. EH: When did you start Starfall? DS: I started Starfall when the Wharf closed. The previous owners transferred the Wharf group to me and I used that as the foundation for the new club and group, Starfall. There was a strong desire to keep our community together. Starfall opened over the weekend of June 20. Koen Whitfield is co-owner of Starfall, as he graciously donated the parcel from his sim, Kliraton, for us to build the new venue. EH: What sets Starfall apart? DH: We tend to be more Rock and Alternative, which seems to be, is a shift from a number of other clubs with a Starfall DJ and club owner Dehrynn Shepherd majority gay attendance. We provide that “other” place, perhaps, as much as it is sort of a hang-out as a club to relax and just be yourself. We have some of the best DJs you’ll find anywhere. We have a sense of community, family, and a feeling of belonging, so I’ve been told. EH: Please tell us about your club DJ’s 165

DS: We have a wonderful group of talented DJs, with a variety of musical tastes. Let me start with Kaj Juutilainen. He is one of the coolest guys I know, one of my closest friends, and in my humble opinion, certainly the best DJ in SL. When I got my start, he was one I looked to as an example. He’s a self proclaimed Music Geek), smart, witty, has a great sexy voice, and musically versatile. He plays at Starfall at 6PM on Monday and Friday nights. Sasch Petrov knows how to put on a great show, and he has such a showman’s flair, hearing him use voice during his sets is always a lot of fun. He has an incredible selection of music that he puts together with a master’s touch for his sets. Sasch plays Starfall on Tuesday nights at 5pm. DJ Kev Darkfold

Kev Darkfield is a new DJ who is hot, cool, and witty. I helped give him his start as a DJ. He was one of my loyal audience during the graveyard sets I played when I started at the Wharf. He has a sharp mind for detail, and the tunes he plays are just excellent. Kev plays Thursday, 6PM. Merrick Ying is another new DJ. His voice is dreamy, and everyone loves see what he’s 166

going to do next. His music has what I’ll call a rainbow effect, upbeat, subversive at times, energetic and cool. He plays Friday Night 8pm SL, after Kaj.

sight. We always have a good time when he plays, which is Wednesday nights at 6pm. Esmiel Posthorn is a friend I really just

Blaise Pooley has a twisted sense of humor, and his taste in music is broad and eclectic. I love his voice, and the fun he seems to have doing what he does. He’s always producing sets that I would call surgically p r e c i s e and flow s e a m l e s s l y, taking you DJ Merrick Ying on a different journey each week. Blaise currently DJs at Starfall on Saturday enjoy talking to when I get the chance, nights at 6pm and Sunday afternoon at but I love him as a DJ. He’s from the UK, 4pm. and he plays some of the best indy, rock Trevor Sin has a cool, sexy voice with and alternative music. Besides all that, I a hint of southern accent somewhere in just think he has a really sexy voice. He there. He’s got a wry sense of humor plays Starfall on Friday at 2 PM, leading the crowd loves his slinky, pulsing tunes off Fabulous Fridays. with that hard and dark edge just out of EH: Please tell us something about some 167

outstanding dancers, hosts, or managers at Starfall. DS: Starfall has a stable of really good hosts. Malden DeCuir simply amazes me with his knowledge and wit, knowing how to keep a party vital and the mood light. Malden has a presence about him that I’d call confidence that really is infectious. Ima Peccable has proven to be both talented and enthusiastic, showing a joy in the job that is both infectious and sincere. Ima loves to change appearance and shift things around with an avatar. Echo Izumi is another host that has been a lot of fun to work with over the last few months, and I’ve really enjoyed bringing him along into the role. He’s quick witted, energetic, and I’d hate to see what would happen if he had a full espresso with sugar and a glazed donut.

Ima Peccable

EH: The gay club scene is much more competitive lately. A year ago, there were only one or two clubs open on Friday night. Now, there seems to be about 10. How can a club make it in this competitive environment? DS: The only way you can compete is to keep things fresh and interesting, and to listen to your audience, a tactic that people seem to like is a round of contests with prizes or cash. Of course, you also have to have a club that is a cool place 168

to be at. Some club owners have created multiple venues or have made alliances to cross promote. It’s tough to compete, that’s for certain. mtd1952 Timeless I guess the final component to success is having the grit to stick it out through the lean times. EH: How do you select the music that you play? DS: I go with the mood I’m in, or I plan the set around a theme. Sometimes you have a song running through your head, and sometimes it’s driven by the contest theme. A few times, due to RL interference, I’ve played on the fly, just grabbing whatever tune happens to catch my eye in the moment, and those have been both exhilarating and scarybeing only 3 minutes ahead of dead air is NOT a position I enjoy. You try to keep that your music selection is about your audience and, at the same time, about you the entertainer. I feel the best when I am able to expose people to new and wonderful things that they may not have heard before. EH: What are your future 169

plans in Second Life? DS: At the moment, I plan on continuing to build Starfall and improve it for our ragged band of sexy misfits, and expand the operations. I also want to spend more time with my boyfriend, continue to meet new people, and explore more of the really interesting sims. EH: Is there anything else that you might want to add? DS: I want to thank all the contributors, both staff and people in the Starfall group that have given their effort and donations to get our little place up and going. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s been one heck of a good time I also would like to thank you Eddi and the staff of VR Style Magazine, for your support and well wishes in featuring Starfall the month, and for the exposure youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re giving to this great group of talented people. EH: The pleasure is all mines Dehrynn. And thank you for your time today! Our next interview is with legendary DJ Kaj Juutilainen. Although Kaj did not want to admit it, his name is synonymous

Zil Oh

for good, intelligent, and hard-hitting alternative rock on the SL club scene. Kaj bristled when I suggested he is one of the pioneers of the genre, but he is far too modest. The gay clubber has been working the Second Life scene since January 2007 and knows that if he gets sick on Britney’s latest release, and wants to hear something that will get his heart thumping, he goes to hear Kaj. He also has a laid-back and friendly “take it as it comes” attitude that is felt in the relaxed club settings he DJ’s at. EH: Tell us something about your real life. Kaj Juutilainen: I’m currently from Minneapolis, MN, USA. I basically grew up in this area although I was born in Indiana. In RL I currently work for a non-profit in the social service/health care arena. Although the pay isn’t all that great the job is pretty rewarding in many other aspects. EH: What is your involvement with music in real life? KJ: I’ve always considered myself a bit of DJ Kaj Juutilainen a music geek, even back to when I was a kid. In college, I DJ’d at the campus radio station. I had two shifts. I did a Tuesday morning jazz show which was a lot of fun. I also had a Friday night 10pm-2am rock shift. We got to play basically whatever we wanted. It was one of the last bastions of free form radio. No corporate giants or Billboard charts telling you what or who to play. I view DJing in SL like that. - Within certain parameters I get to play what I want to play. EH: When did you first enter SL, and what did you first do when you came here? How much time passed before you had your first DJ gig? 171

KJ: I arrived in SL in November of 2006 and just basically ran around to a couple of clubs and with some new friends. I have to admit I tried out a pose ball or two! Then the person, who introduced me to SL, started an alternative music club, since many of us wanted to hear something other than dance music. In May 2007, he invited me to DJ there. I have been at it ever since and now having 5 gigs a week. I started to DJ at other clubs in SL afterwards. EH: How has Malden taken all this? KJ: Malden DeCuir, my SL husband, thinks it’s may take up to many of my nights, but now that his alt (Blaise Pooley) has started to DJ he understand why I love doing it so much. Speaking of Malden or Mal as we all call him, I met him at a club where he greeted. I remember the first time I saw him I was like “OMG he’s the hottest guy I’ve ever seen in SL”. Shortly after that I started to DJ at that club too. EH: Kaj, .like it or not, many people consider you to be a force on the SL club scene in alternative music. I am not sure what alternative music is, but if I hear the term, I think of you. What is alternative music, are you a leader in it, and what explains your reputation in SL as someone who plays good rock that is different. KJ: Thank you so much Eddi! Alternative music got its name back in the day as an “alternative” for what was being played on commercial radio stations. I mean you look at bands like The Pixies, The Talking Heads, The Ramones, Nirvana, The Replacements…well they really didn’t sound like what was being played. I look at the “alternative” scene here in SL as an alternative to what a person “normally” hears in night clubs, mainly dance type music. 172

I don’t know if I would consider myself a leader in the alternative music scene. I would admit that I think I was one of the first to play it here in SL, not the first but one of the first. It is really cool when I’m playing some place new or at a DJ Night event and I get an IM from someone I’ve never met and s/he is all like “OMG dude you rock”. It’s a really cool feeling. I also think I’m pretty good at stringing a series of songs together so they flow pretty smoothly. As I jokingly tell my friends I can barely build a box in SL but I do know how to DJ. EH: What are some of the clubs that you play at now and what sets them apart? KJ: I consider my “home base” to be Starfall... I think Starfall has some of the coolest folks in SL that come there, and has a real ‘family’ feel to it... I DJ at Starfall on Monday and Friday nights at 6pm SL time. I also DJ at The Aqua Lounge on for “Alternative Tuesdays”. In addition, I DJ at my long time friend Jordan Morgenrote’s club, Centerfold, on Saturday night at 6:30pm SL and on Sunday mornings at 11am SL. Centerfold is “adult entertainment” clubs that features dancers who send out some of the hottest, steamiest emotes you’ve ever seen. EH: I know you used to play with DJ Dehryn Shepherd who is also interviewed in this article at the Wharf, which is no longer open. Did you meet him there? KJ: The Wharf is where I met Dehrynn Shepherd. He came with a friend of Malden’s to hear me DJ. I remember I was playing a Concrete Blonde song and Dehrynn sent me an IM about how cool that was. Then one thing lead to another, Dehrynn 173

DJ Blaise Pooley and DJ Kaj J



was asked to be manager at The Wharf, which subsequently closed. He then asked me to DJ at his new club. EH: Who are some of your favorite DJs on SL, and why? KJ: Some of my favorite DJ’s include Blaise Pooley , my husband’s alt. He spins some nice industrial, ebm and rock Bill225 Westland tunes. I also like Merrick Ying; he’s on after me at Starfall on Friday nights. Merrick plays some sexy beats and has one of the sexiest voices I’ve heard in a DJ. Of course I have to give a shout out to Dehrynn Shepherd, Kev Darkfold, Sasch Petrov and Trevor Sin who spin at Starfall too... Outside of Starfall I like hearing Andrey Messmer play, he’s from Brazil and has a very hot accent! If I’m in the mood for “dance” music there’s no one better than InsyX Piranha, Queen Edman or Syrianna Paine. I wish Naughty Nat would come back to DJing; she could rock like nobody’s business. EH: I have noticed that many more clubs have opened. How can a club make it in this competitive environment? KJ: I think for a club to make it these days they have to have an open inviting atmosphere, be friendly and offer something special and unique. Getting a known 175

DJ to play for them can help. They need to offer something not available elsewhere. EH: What advice would you give an aspiring DJ in Second Life? KJ: Start off at a club that’s really friendly and willing to give a new person a break. Keep your expectations realistic and whatever you do, don’t develop a cocky attitude. There’s nothing worse than someone who thinks too highly of him or herself. Invite your friends to come hear you. If you can’t find a club that’s willing to give you a chance start off at your home or a friend’s place and offer to play for a party and see what everyone has to say. Stay receptive to feedback, suggestions and advice. EH: When you select the music you play at your club for your sessions, what guides you?

Que Deed

KJ: It really depends on where I’m playing or what the event is. At Starfall I can play whatever I want and I usually stick to alternative and rock but yes from time to time there I’ve been known to “get my gay on” as we say. You know spin some old classic disco or Madonna to keep some of the boys happy. At Aqua it’s all alternative and rock. At Centerfold it’s mainly alternative and rock music but nothing really 176

heavy. If I get as event I always ask like me to play. that required me to I generally turn th many other DJâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s o job with that genr

EH: What are you

KJ: Keep doing wh with the amount of me to time to ha friends too. May how to build som than a box.

EH: Is there anyth add?

KJ: Just a thank interviewed for VR privilege!

EH: The honor is a for your time toda

SLURL to Starfa Kliraton/230/100/ The website for Sta can be found at ww Dehrynn Shepherd com Kaj Juutilainen b . Yo current DJ schedule

--------------------Jago Constantine 177

Eddi Haskell is the Eddi maintains a se

sked to DJ at a party or a private k what type of music they would I’ve only really DJ’d one event o play 3 hours of “dance” music. hose down as I believe there are out there who do a much better re.

ur future plans in Second Life?

hat I’m doing. I currently happy f time I get to DJ. It also leaves ang out with my SL hubby and ybe one of these days I’ll learn mething a bit more complicated

hing else that you might want to

you Eddi for asking me to be R Style! It’s been an honor and a

all mines Kaj. And thanks again ay!

all: www/ /71 arfall with the current club schedule d blogs at www.dehrynn.blogspot.

Gage Shippe and Charley Eismann blogs at www.currentdjschedule. You can check this blog for Kaj’s e. Kaj plays at Starfall from 6 – 8 PM SL time.


Creative Director of VR Style. He blogs at eparate blog of Club Photography at


UnZipped and Steampowered Nuts I, Tesla Isle (113, 118, 24)

Reggie Spires (A.K.A. JazzMan Correia), has been a performing artist since the age of seven and has been writing his own songs for seventeen years. He brought his outstanding talent to SL because he felt SL was an, “Incredible way to get exposure for very little money investment.” He also feels that, “Low overhead, playing in my boxers, and the amazing global outreach to so many people” are all benefits to performing in SL.” Correia explains that, “The Gospel is my calling…Honoring the One who blessed me with the talent. The gospel addresses what I believe is a need in every human being which is a spiritual feeding of sorts.” However, Gospel is not the only genre that Correia performs, he says, “The other, which is a fusion of Jazz/R&B/Pop is for another need I believe every human needs and that is entertainment. They are very different in their purpose and focus but both a part of my life’s purpose.” Reflecting on how he got into performing, he said, “Gospel is what I have performed since I was a kid growing up in the church. Jazz I started liking when I started playing trumpet in the 6th Grade. My band director also started a middle school jazz band and I was hooked from that moment forward. Now I love anything with a groove and decent lyrics.” 181

JazzMan Gospel, Jaz

By: Sherri

n Correia: zz, R&B, Pop

ie Shepherd

Of his song writing, Correia says he gets his inspiration based on what he may be going through at the time or what he observes. He says, “All my music is deeply connected to me in one way or another ... most of it based directly on something I have experienced.” Getting started in SL he attributes to Trax which he describes as an incredible resource for live musicians, “It has a ton of info-based tutorials that show you how to do it. I have always been a gadget geek so I had a lot of stuff from my RL gigs that helped me get started quickly. I asked a friend (Distracting Nighbor) to manage me and off we went. Then not too long ago I added Maali Beck to my team as PR Director/ Hostess and she has been amazing in building the fan base at shows. She is without a doubt one of the most gifted people in that area I have met on here. Nighbor is equally gifted in working with venue owners. She has also been very instrumental in bringing fans to the group.”

Looking to the future, Correia believes he will be very successful. He adds, “It has been a long road, and very difficult at times. It is difficult right now... but it is what I do, who I am. I can’t do anything else. I will never forget or totally leave the folks here on SL. My fans truly are an extended family to me. I love them JazzMan sings Gospel dearly and will forever be grateful for 182

JazzManâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s new Club, House of Jazz



every moment and Linden they have invested in my career. It is very difficult sometimes to help people understand that although the majority of folks in SL are here for fun, it is a job for me. It is business. At the end of the day, I have to feed my family and pay bills like everyone else. I work hard at trying to keep my expectations realistic here but at the same time I believe the sky is the limit. I hope that I not only take from SL but am also a vibrant part of leadership, growth, and change in the Live Music Scene. I desire to give as much as I receive.â&#x20AC;?


Opening Night at the House of Jazz


Up Close and Personal with Musashi-DO and Nypmphetamine By: Nadia Felwitch

Second Life Fashion is vast, varied and most importantly â&#x20AC;&#x201C; accessible. Everywhere you teleport to; the private sims and the mainland are overflowing with department stores, malls, fashion chains, independent designer boutiques, and even yard sales. Second life offers us shopping choices and opportunities and the ability to buy new or used clothing from practically anywhere in this second world. The most we have to do is search for a shop, teleport, and wait for the perfect outfit to rezz in front of us. Heaven forbid it takes longer than 5 seconds for items to rezz. But is it really that easy? Of course not! When we shop virtually, just like in real life, we want the best that our money can buy. There are plenty of resellers and designers out there, all fighting for our business and offering everything we could possibly want or need. But whatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s missing amongst most of these shops? Uniqueness and Quality something I feel each designer should possess to set them apart from the rest. I was looking for designers that could fill this gap; Designers that stand out from the rest and bring something different to the table. So this month I invite our readers to get up close and personal with two designers, Shiryu Musashi and Paeoti Pomeray, whom I have found truly posses the qualities to be known as true original Designers that offer their customers unique and amazing fashions and will not empty your bank 191

account! Let me briefly introduce to you first, Musashi-Do Fashions. This remarkable store has been in world since November 27th 2004 providing residents with top quality Italian fashions intertwined with a bit of Asian flare at a very affordable price. Owned and operated by the Oldest Italian designer in second life Shiryu Musashi. Musashi-Do fashion provides unique, exquisite clothing for both male and female cliental in a variety of styles. “Musashi-Do concentrates its range of products on quality, retaining a fairly slow but steady cycle of releases designed with absolute precision and perfectionism to satisfy even the most demanding fashionistas.” I found this statement to be very true when I had the pleasure to try and see first hand Musashi-Do’s latest design: “TAN\ lines” from the bikini and beachwear collection. How can a bikini be tasteful, subtle, simple, and classy, yet also be totally sexy and wildly provocative? Shiryu Musashi has definitely been able to capture all of this and more with his latest bikini designs. The designs are offered in a variety of packages, each containing several layers and colors of the bikini, with actual tan lines included. TAN\lines could be considered the Eighth Wonder of the World. It is an essence worth capturing and bottling. Ok Time to get up close and personal with Shiryu Musashi: Nadia: Tell me a little about yourself. Where are you from? What’s your educational background? What are your general professional and non-professional interests?

Shiryu: I am from Milano, Italy. I work as a marketing consultant specializing in the web and virtual worlds. I actually began my studies in scientific and humanistic subjects during high school. I received my diploma in fashion brand management at the Accademia Montenapoleone 5 Fashion School in Milano. As you can tell my professional interests all revolve around fashion and marketing. As for my non-professional interests I enjoy sports, mostly martial arts and I have a passion for photography. Also, I am a long standing video gamer. Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve been playing video games since the age of Mattel Intellevision and Sinclair ZX Spectrum. Anyone can read my post and reviews of video games as well as online games on my blog at http:// Nadia Felwitch: How long have you been designing and what was the first article of clothing you made? Shiryu Musashi: I began designing the day after I joined second life. Initially it wasnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t supposed to be a commercial thing. A friend brought me to second life on Nov 18, 2004. After exploring this new world for a few hours I was invited to a party. Now I would not dare show up to a party without a gift. So the next day, Nov 19, 2004, I created my first design, I made a kung fu outfit to give as my gift. After seeing the gift, my friend encouraged me to continue designing. This gave me incentive to buy my first piece of land so about 5 days later I opened my first shop. 193

NF: What inspires you? SM: It’s very difficult to identify what inspires me. Basically, anything can be a source of inspiration. Most of the time my designs are inspired from certain people I have in mind and what I would like to see them wear. As for my male designs, well I design what I like to wear. I find it easier for me to design what’s missing from my personal wardrobe instead of shopping around for what I need. NF: How would you define your fashion? SM: That’s difficult to define; I don’t have an easy to define style. I would say I am eclectic. My fashion actually changes very suddenly whenever I find a new inspiration or when my taste change. I don’t focus on one particular area, therefore I am able to offer a variety of fashion at Musashi-Do; depending on whom or what has been my latest inspiration. NF: What sets your style apart from other designers? SM: I’m not going to tell you what sets me apart from other designers. But one thing that characterizes my style is the quality of my designs. I am not afraid to reload textures 100 times or scrap a whole design if it’s not up to my standard of quality. I value quality over quantity. The most important part of my designs is my textures and patterns that I normally hand-paint line by line, starting from several sources of inspiration (be it nature, or maybe a specific geometric pattern that I found on the brickwork of a country church) and ending up with what you can see in my shop. NF: What matters to you most as a fashion designer? SM: Like I said previously, what matters the 194

most is th the most clients ar and prov

Nadia: W

SM: My f patterns feel of a for it. I us My patte NF: Wha

Shiryu: A afraid to the fast p time. But be. I am even if it comprom

NF: Wha

SM: Ther you have your targ target th identify t source of things tha my inspir Shiryu Musashi

NF: Wha

SM: Qua affordable price for everyone. I am passionate about producing beautiful- to- see designs. I l love and time I put in to my designs. I may sound overly proud but I think of myself as a tailo

NF: What are you excited about for style and trend going forward for Musashi-Do? SM: Since completing fashion school I understand the concept of â&#x20AC;&#x153;trendâ&#x20AC;? a bit more. I persona with trends I see more fit to Second Life. Right now I am launching my newest collection of bik I am excited to see what things my inspiration will lead me to design next. 195

he quality of my design. I don’t care about being the best designer around. What I care about is that every pixel I make is in the exact position it’s supposed to be in. I like to ensure that my re satisfied with any design purchased from Musashi-Do. I try to keep my prices reasonable vide more for less by offering a lot of different colors and layers in same package.

What’s your favorite part about conceptualizing a design?

favorite part of my designs is the textures. I enjoy creating patterns and seeing how certain change the look of certain cuts, or how certain color variations can completely change the a pattern. Just like in real life, you can change the look of a design by changing the fabric used se adobe illustrator and all my imagination and experience to create patterns for my textures. erns are where I put all my imagination and inspiration. at do you believe makes a quality article of clothing?

A lot of time, sweat, and love for creating. Quality develops from the dedication of not being o reload a texture 100 times if the seam is off by one pixel. Many designers have evolved into pace of designing and will overlook their textures if they are a bit off because it saves them t it’s important to me that no pixel is off. My textures must be the way they are suppose to not willing to compromise. I just keep constructing it and uploading until it is exactly correct t takes me 1 month instead of 1 day. If you compromise with your textures then you’ll start mising with other aspects, and finally your quality is going to plummet.

at is the most difficult aspect of running your own label: design, sales, finance, or advertising?

re’s nothing really extremely difficult in running a brand in second life. It is easier though if e some background training in real life as I have. I would say one of the main things is finding get. Many think that the second life resident is an average Joe. But he isn’t. It’s a very specific hat needs a very specific kind of marketing to be reached and enticed. Once you correctly the second life target everything becomes easier. Also, sometimes it’s difficult to find a worthy f inspiration that just makes that spark fly. Doing things without inspiration makes you produce at are not up to par. Sometimes you must wait for that spark to ignite. I waited until I found ration I was looking for and now I am back ready to release my newest designs.

at is the concept or brand direction for Musashi-Do?

ality! Quality! Quality! The main concept for Musashi-do would be ensuring quality at an like my clients to be able to look at the outfit they have purchased and be able to see all the or, not an artist or a big designer. I make quality clothing and I leave art to actual artists.

ally love to mix real life trends that I find around or identify with my own cool hunting activity, kinis called TAN/Lines. I have designed 3 different styles in an array of multicolor and patterns. 196

NF: What kinds of projects do you have going on for the future? SM: Remodeling my fashion shop for one and updating it with some of the new technology. Also, I’m keeping my shelves stocked with my (often heavily discounted) old designs but my customers will be seeing quiet a lot of new designs on the shelves soon. Getting my diploma took two years, several hours a day, so I didn’t have much time to create and add new designs in my store. Now that I have finished school I want to apply everything I learned and more to my second life designs. I am going to try and bring more real life fashion concepts into them. NF: What trends do you see being big for 2010? SM: That would depend on the season. I’ll tell you what I see for winter and summer. For winter I can see a lot metallic colors. The fashion industry will probably show a lot of browns, dark greens, not too much black for once, more earthly colors and less flashy colors. I also think we are going to have a lot of prints. With prints being popular it will let me research more on my beloved patterns. For summer, I can see still having prints plus I have a feeling that seethrough fabric might make a come back. See through never goes out in second life, since ladies tend to be more daring here. Summer colors never really change too much, being usually pastels with lots of pinks, yellows and oranges. We’ll probably see even more pastels next year, with a decline of fluo colors. 197

NF: What are some of the challenges you see for designers in 2010? SM: The big challenge is competition in second life. It is getting more popular to design clothing. More people think that designing in sl is there way out of needing a RL job. The more competition out there the more designers must strive to achieve quality. And of course the economy being the way it is may make the competition fiercer as customers are looking for the best quality at the best price. I personally feel designers, while still bringing out quality things, should put one hand on their heart and one on their wallets to decide on what they would like their customers to pay during this economic crisis. Innovation is often overrated in sl but quality and customers are important. NF: What advice can you offer to our readers who are new to the design scene? SM: Don’t try to compete with me! I kid, I kid. At least partly: my advice would be not to compare yourself to much with your competition. You have to take your competition in consideration only from a technical and marketing point of view, but not from an emotional point of view. Don’t take it to heart if they earn hundreds of thousands of L$ a week and you barely scrape a thousand at the beginning. Identify your vision and your dream and stick to it. Don’t fret and worry about what people say about you. Do only what your vision and your dream tell you. And remember don’t hurry! Express your imagination and it will all come natural. Don’t design for 198

money. Design because its fun. Last but not least don’t photo-source. It’s cheap and it doesn’t express who you are. It just expresses how good you’re at Google. Try designing your clothes by yourself and you will find your niche much easier. Finally, remember that second life is a virtual world, but also a community. No matter how good you are, you aren’t Armani or Valentino, so there’s no reason to act like you were. Always accept open communication with your customers, and take criticism as a way to learn and improve. To get more info and updates on Musashi-Do Fashions you can visit the shop at: http:// While you’re their shopping be sure to pick up the freebies inside or a gift card for a friend. You can also catch the latest news and developments on the blog Lastly, I introduce you to NYMPHETAMINE Boutique owned and operated by Paeoti Pomeray. The name itself surges of a rush of excitement and passion through ones veins. Paeoti specializes in adding her touch of life’s special ingredients to her designs. Therefore bringing to the woman of second life some very sexy and unique quality designs, ranging from lingerie to formalwear and anything in between. This quaint little addictive shop can be found at one of the new adult sims: LIL Sturgis 1 (116, 84, 21)


Finally lets get up close and personal with Paeoti Pomeray: NF: Tell me a little about yourself. Where are you from? Whatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s your educational background? What are your general professional and non-professional interests? Paeoti: I am orginally from Nashville, and live in East Tennessee. I graduated High School in 1981, and was attending the college I worked for in 2002 but had some health issues arise and had to drop courses as well as my employment. For the past 5 years my general profession has been Secondlife. As far as my My non-professional interest, I have a wonderful family that comes first, and an awesomely diverse group of friends whom encourage me and love me uncondionally. Art and music in all mediums, fill in the cracks inbetween. I also study Demonology in real life, from a bibilical point of view and apply that to helping others in need. Nadia: How long have you been designing and what was the first article of clothing you made? 200

Paeoti Pomeray: I actually started designing in another virtual reality program called MO a German based company. You could earn their version of inworld money there but you w Play money if you will. I did exceptional well designing on considering there was automatically kicked right in on creating clothing and once again did exceptionally well. My oddly enough I still get asked for to this day, although I am not sure why. Its horrible. LOL NF: What inspires you?

PP: It can be a multitude of different things. It can be a scene from a movie, a person, a ma feel sexy I am able to create clothing that exudes that mood. If I am not feeling very sexual, I know its wierd but Im honest about it! NF: How would you define your fashion?

PP: An eclectic mix of this and that. LOL I am not huge on fashion. I like what I like and w will be out tomorrow anyway. I don’t work that fast. I would never be able to keep up. I’ll NF: What sets your style apart from other designers? PP: I think that the answer to the above question pretty much answers this question. NF: What matters to you most as a fashion designer?

Paeoti: I’ve never wanted conform to the cookie cutter way of life. My cookie may look diff or may not be better than other cookies, its still a much different cookie! NF: What’s your favorite part about conceptualizing a design?

PP: I do little conceptualizing when I go to design a outfit, mainly because the end result nev learned to roll with the flow and simply rely on my own instinct to make it “mine”. When just know its right. NF: What do you believe makes a quality article of clothing?

PP: Good design, taking into the consideration the curves, the build. Nicely made texture appropriately. NF: What is the most difficult aspect of running your own label: design, sales, finance, or

Paeoti: Without a doubt the business part. It really takes me away from what I should be doin Which is why I have brought Stacy Maracus aboard to help me run the business portion of NYM animal and therefore all aspects of a business here is usually different. One must think outside a different attitude when approaching business on SL. As long as it is honest and not a misrepre yes I am refering to the use of TRAFFIC BOTS, CAMPING CHAIRS, and COPY BOT or any o Lab has allowed that behavior to go on for so long that it has been the majority of the reason a part of it, even if it means going under. I am not shy about voicing that opinion. I wouldnt 201 around the end of 1999, which was were not able to cash it out on the open market. snt a lot to choose from and when I came to SL I first actual outfit was a mardi gras set to which

agazine ad but my largest inspiration is sex. If I , I usually am not able to create a lot. LOL, yeah

what I like is not always in style. Whats in today l leave that stuff to the fashionistas. :-)

ferent, it may taste different and while they may

ever comes out like I had conceptualized. I have it all comes together and goes “BOOM!”. You

es are great but even those need to be placed advertising?

ng, which is concentrating on drawing/designing. MPHETAMINE. Secondlife is a different breed of e of the box and make allowances or incorporate esentation of ones products. When I say “honest”, other such devices. They are unethical. Linden n that the SL economy is crippled. I refuse to be t even think anyone would argue the fact unless

Paeoti Pomeray

ofcourse you use these devices and are part of the problem. NF: What is the concept or brand direction for NYMPHETAMINE Boutique? PP: To simply be unique. If I can continue to achieve that, and stay loyal to me, then I’ve done what I sat out to do. I’ve already far supassed what I sat out to do anyway. I am however re-inventing myself at the moment and if not my whole self, part of myself by going back to basics in the way I see business, in the new store design, and creations. NF: What are you excited about for style and trend going forward for NYMPHETAMINE Boutique? PP: We will have to scratch that word “trend” out of the picture for me. I am however excited about the new changes to NYMPHETAMINE where Stacy is concerned as well as the upcoming products. Its a gamble honestly. I guess gambling can be exciting..... if you win! LOL NF: What kinds of projects do you have going on for the future? PP: I actually have two new lines coming out soon. Im very excited about both. One of them imparticurally will allow me to bust out of my safe box and allow for a bit more expression. We’ll soon see how that goes. NF: What trends do you see being big for 2010? PP: More, bigger better more powerful Traffic bots, copybot type devices and 203

camping chairs? LOL LOL NF: What are some of the challenges you see for designers in 2010? PP: The compition out there is STIFF! STIFF I tell you! It can be very intimidating but combined with the fact that everyone and their uncle’s Mother’s brother’s Daddys Baby, are now able to buy a business in a box, I think I can safely say that that will be a major challange for the future. Nadia: What advice can you offer to our readers who are new to the design scene? Paeoti: Do what you love, love what you do and be deligent in doing it. Sooner or later that gumption will show in one way or the other and you will have stayed true to YOU. Keep updated on news and products from NYMPHETAMINE Boutique by stopping into shop and joining the scribe-o-matic and don’t forget to pick up some of those freebies on the counter or a gift card for a friend. You can also check out their blog here http://nymphetamineboutique. Fashion, whether real life or second life is fast paced, relentless and ever changing but we love it to pieces as it just keeps growing. Finding top quality designers offering fabulous fashion at reasonable price is an added bonus in today’s market. I hope all my readers enjoy these two designers and their clothing as much I do. Recession or no recession, fashion is here to stay…. the love of shopping is in our genes! Till next time… Enjoy!!


Yours Truly, Ann SLanders

By: KathleenK Spitteler

Miss SLanders takes a lighthearted look at friendships, romance and how to deal with each other with more respect and humor in this wondrous world of SL. Dear Ms. Slanders: I’ve been so worried lately. My gf seems so distracted. I talk to her and she doesn’t seem to hear me. I try repeating myself but she seems to bee someplace else in her head. I have asked her what the problem is but she won’t tell me. She just says “nothing” I’m at my wits end about this. I have the feeling that it’s some kind of RL problem but she’s not confiding. What can I do to help her? Feeling Helpless Dear Helpless, You can’t help somebody that doesn’t want help. Perhaps it’s financial or some other RL problem that’s on her mind. Just give her space and tell her that you will be there for her to talk to if she desires. Other than that, there’s really not much you can do if she doesn’t want to share. Just be there for her and tell her that you’re willing to talk out any problems that she wants to tell you. Being there for someone, sometimes is all you can do. Ann SLanders 207

Dear Ms Slanders,

Dear Ms SLanders, My bf has told me that I am the only one but sometimes when we’re talking, he seems to get lost. I know he’s talking on other IM”s but he denies it. Isf he hadn’t told me that he was true to me, this wouldn’t make me so mad. I’ve tried and tried to get him to admit it but he won’t admit this. We were once so close. This is tearing me apart. At this point, I’m not sure just what to do, break up with him or just try and forget that he may be, being unfaithful. How do I deal with this? Suspicious Dear Suspicious,

I’m in a new relationship and he’s going to be moving into my house soon. I have been here for two years and took a great deal of time making things just like I want. I don’t care for his things and I really don’t want them around. How can I get it through to him that I really just want to leave things just as they are, without his junk? I know this may seem cold but I take a gret deal of pride in wherever I live, RL or SL. Am I asking too much? Miz Neatnick Dear Miz Neatnick, Are you sure you want him to move in with you. It sounds to me like you’re quite happy with the way things are. If you love somebody, you want to share with them. Not letting him have his things around him doesn’t show much love. I know they may seem like junk to you but to him they may have many memories. If you can’t let yourself go and not share your home with him, you may loose him. He may think you don’t like anything about him if he can’t at least bring some of his things. Perhaps you can let him bring a few things into your house and build a little get away room for him. You don’t have to spend all your time together. Let him have his little space with his personal belongings and be happy. If he has a few things in your house, he will feel included. This is important. If you truly love him, you will share your space.

I know you’re dealing with a lot of pain right now but you may be misreading this. He may just have a lot of friends that he talks to. Are you sure it’s not this? Do you like his friends? Perhaps he’s keeping his conversations private because he knows you don’t like his friends. Ask him. If he is cheating on you. It would take a magician to be able to be cheating on you, while he’s with you. And if he had an alt, well, there is no way to tell that. I think you’re just going to have to trust him on this one. If you continue to doubt him, this may drive him off. This one depends on you. If you love him and trust him, leave this alone. If you doubt him, then make your feelings known. Have a talk with him and then make your decision. Tell him that you have doubts but also tell him that you love him and if he wants to talk to his friends on his time, that’s fine, It’s just that you don’t want to be Ann SLanders included. Ann SLanders


September 2009 Issue  

September 2009 Issue

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