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Le Souvenir 2017 Volume 88

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Family, like branches in a tree, we all grow in different directions, yet our roots remain as one.

Letter from The president

Le Souvenir is our Southeastern family album. The pages within are filled with moments, memories and milestones. Our student body has grown and matured a great deal over the past year. We’ve celebrated success and worked through adversity together – as a family. It is fitting that a tree stands as one of our most treasured campus icons. Representing the myriad people and personalities that fill our family tree’s branches, Friendship Oak watches over campus as a proud parent would. Our students, faculty and staff create the true character of our campus. While we have maintained that small college feel from our earlier days, we are, in fact, the third largest university in the state. Unparalleled academics provide our students with the knowledge and experiences they need to excel in life. The dedicated team of students and advisors who compose Le Souvenir do a masterful job of showcasing our beloved Southeastern. I hope you enjoy this collection of memories of your Southeastern family.



Photo by Tamara Alexander

The Ford Family Clock hangs on the southwest corner of McClimans Hall, which was once of the site of the original Southeastern Training School. The school was the predecessor of the current Southeastern Lab School. Photo by Megan McCormick Students cross Friendship Circle while walking to and from classes. Friendship Oak is one of the 23-named live oaks on campus listed as members of the Live Oak Society of Louisiana Garden Club Federation. Photo by Elizabeth Brown



Lucius McGehee Hall was completed in 1934 and was the campus’s first permanent building. Named after Dr. Lucius McGehee, a member of the Tangipahoa Parish School Board, who lent his prestige and support to the idea of founding Hammond Junior College. Photo by Reid Allen

One of the first memorials built following Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, Memorial Fountain, located in Presidential Plaza, sits in the shadows of Fayard Hall. Memorial Fountain was dedicated on August 27, 2007. Photo by Zach Billiot



A stuffed lion (right) sits on the table surrounded by chocolate and vanilla cupcakes during Gumbo Ya Ya. This year’s Homecoming Week theme was “Roomie’s Road Trip.” Photo by Megan McCormick Jacob Cunningham, sophomore kinesiology major (below), is handed a root-beer float from a Campus Activities Board member during Floats and Votes, a 2016 Election Day event. Cunningham gave his opinion on the election and expressed, “I’m trying to look for who’s going to do better for the country, personally.” Photo by Elizabeth Brown



Vashon Vincent, sophomore accounting major (below), hugs a Coca-Cola machine in exchange for a coke. During the month of September, Coca-Cola was here for one day only advertising their campaign for happiness. Photo by Megan McCormick

The Southeastern baseball team members, including Ryan Byers, a senior outfielder and marketing major (left), enjoy playing frisbee during tailgating. Various campus groups, students, faculty and staff and the community gather together for home games in Friendship Circle to support their beloved Lions. Photo by Elizabeth Brown



Kaysha Barre, sophomore criminal justice major (right), enjoys eating outside to get fresh air in between classes. After suffering smoke damage, Popeyes reopened in Fall 2016, and students hurried to celebrate the return of the restaurant’s chicken and biscuits. Photo by Kelonda Dixon

Raven Price, senior health systems management major, Austin Rogers, a junior management and double marketing major, and Jessica Fenchock, sophomore business administration major (below), take a break from tailgating to pose for a picture. Students gather in Friendship Circle before every football game to enjoy time with friends before walking to Strawberry Stadium to cheer on the Lions. Photo by Megan McCormick



Roomie (below) lions up at the university’s 91st birthday party. The celebration was planned by the Campus Activities Board. Students and faculty were able to enjoy cupcakes and take pictures in a photo booth. Photo by Megan McCormick

Kyndrial Magee, freshman nursing major, and Jaycie Jones, freshman biology major, (left) show off their freshly painted pumpkins at a Pumpkin Carving event hosted by CAB. The organization hosts many events for students to take a break from classes and studying. Photo by Megan McCormick



Student life

A student (right) laughs and mingles during Lion Craze. As a part of Traditions, Lion Craze is an event sponsored by Campus Activities Board and the Office for Student Engagement where students learn about the university’s history. Photo by Larshell Green Amanda Mcloughlin, freshman education major (below left), enjoys dressing up for a photo booth during CAB After Dark. Campus Activities Board partnered with Recreational Sports & Wellness to host an event that included a dance party, games, food, a t-shirt design station and a photo booth. Photo by Elizabeth Brown DeQuaz Humphries, Livingston Hall resident assistant (below right), greets students during Lion Craze. To get the students pumped up, they walked through the Lions’ tunnel before entering the Pennington Student Activities Center. Photo by Larshell Green

student life


Many students (below) enjoy making tie-dye t-shirts with various colors during CAB After Dark. Throughout the year, CAB continued to organize events, enticing students to get involved on campus in a fun way. Photo by Elizabeth Brown

A student (left) boards the Lion Traxx. The Lion Traxx is a free shuttle offered to students as a way to get around campus throughout the semester. Photo by Lorraine Peppo



Letha Hampton, Mongolian and International cook for the Mane Dish (right), cooks chicken on a large grill. The Mane Dish staff members spend hours preparing a variety of meals and dishes for everyone who wants to enjoy the buffet-style breakfasts, lunches and dinners. Photo by Elizabeth Brown Multiple students (below left) enjoy Chick-fil-A for lunch in the Student Union. The union has served as a place where students often go to hang out and eat food in between classes. Photo by Elizabeth Brown As a part of the Mane Dish, many stations, including the international station (below right), gives students the opportunity to taste a variety of foods from different cultures. Guests can also enjoy the pasta station, salad station and pizza station. Photo by Taja Morgan

student life


Students (below) talk while enjoying breakfast in the Mane Dish. The Mane Dish opened in 2014 as part of the War Memorial Student Union renovation and expansion project that began in 2012. Photo by Elizabeth Brown

Adam Torres, a freshman computer science major (left), puts hash browns on his plate during breakfast. “The food’s really good,” said Torres. Photo by Elizabeth Brown



Haley Washington, junior business major (right), does back raises to help build her strength. Students, faculty, staff and community members have been granted access to the Pennington Student Activity Center under various types of membership plans. Photo by Elizabeth Brown Darryl Miles, senior nursing major (below left), does cable flys during his morning workout routine. Cable flys are used to strengthen the upper body including the arms, chest and back. Photo by Elizabeth Brown Gavin McQueen, senior business major (below right), does incline chest presses while at the gym. The incline chest presses strengthen the arms and chest. Photo by Elizabeth Brown

student life


Scotti Dykes, junior biology major (below), enjoys listening to music while doing a side plank. Many students enjoy listening to music while working out at the Pennington Center. Photo by Elizabeth Brown

Blaine Williams, senior kinesiology major (left), holds a barbell with weights on his back while doing back squats. Back squats help strengthen the legs and lower back. Photo by Elizabeth Brown



Katie Becnel, junior biology major (right), sorts through her notes in preparation for an upcoming test. Living on campus provides great convenience getting to and from classes and also other resources available exclusively to residents. Photo by Elizabeth Brown Blade Roger, freshman history and political science double major (below left), enjoys living on campus because he can hang out with his fellow Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity brothers. Photo by Elizabeth Brown Sarah Zeringue, junior elementary education major (below right), enjoys dinner in her oncampus apartment after a long day. “It’s nice,” said Zeringue. “It feels more homey since we all have our own rooms, living room and kitchen. It’s also really fun to decorate for the seasons.” Photo by Elizabeth Brown

student life


Tre’ Johnson, a Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity member and senior accounting major (below), enjoys a break in between classes by playing football on his PlayStation 4.The majority of the fraternity and sorority houses can be found in Greek Village on North Campus. Photo by Elizabeth Brown

Briana Landers, sophomore elementary education major (left), relaxes in her room after a long day. Many students that live in on-campus apartments often like to decorate their rooms with pictures, wall decorations and personal items to add home-like feel. Photo by Elizabeth Brown



Dance Revelation Academy members (right) cheer and dance their way through Friendship Circle during the annual Homecoming Parade. This group of ladies, composed of a variety of ages, showed their talent at the parade. Photo by Elizabeth Brown During Hot August Night, various members of the community (below left) gather in downtown Hammond to explore and buy items from local vendors, artists and businesses. Live music and wine tasting were also available for the community to enjoy during the event. Photo by Jonathan Rhodes A group of people (below right) hang outside the Red White & Brew, a local bar in downtown Hammond. Red White & Brew is a place where people often go to relax. Photo by Jonathan Rhodes

student life


Many young Lions fans (below) catch, including beads and candy, as floats pass during the Homecoming Parade. Each year, Friendship Circle is overflowed with students and community members having a great time during the Homecoming festivities. Photo by Elizabeth Brown

At Hot August Night, young ladies (left) advertise for the upcoming 6th annual Hammond Horror Fest. The festival is designed for artists to showcase various types of art in the spirit of Halloween. Photo by Jonathan Rhodes


hammond life

The Joy Of Arts Hayley Jordan, a junior double major in history and general studies with a concentration in dance, and Joshua Verdun, a freshman marketing major (right), were cast as Acadia, the Step-Mother, and Pierre, the Prince, in the play “Bayourella: A Story of Forgiveness.” The dance performance project was directed by dance instructor Skip Costa who fused the arts of dance, music and theatre to provide an interesting performance. Photo by Kelonda Dixon Every year in October, the university hosts Fanfare to

studies major with a concentration in theatre, played “Sherry”

appreciators of the arts from the community gather together at

“Natalie.” “Distracted” focused on the journey two parents

celebrate the arts, humanities and social sciences. Many several events hosted by students and faculty including a great

variety of experiences anywhere from musical performances and lectures about music to a ventriloquist and art exhibits.

One event in particular that was held at the Columbia

Theatre for the Performing Arts was the “Strange Humors”

face in figuring out what is going on with their son Jesse who

was later diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)

and Generalized Anxiety Disorder while also facing multiple setbacks along the way.

Gros found the process of being able to play “Mama” to be

concert performed by the Southeastern Louisiana University

very interesting since “Mama” is such an out-of-the-ordinary

winning American composer John Mackey including pieces

say true-to-life lines.

Wind Symphony. The event featured the work of awardtitled “Strange Humors,” “Sasparilla” and “Sheltering Sky.”

character who shows extreme, true-to-life emotions and would

“It was interesting because she’s so real, Mama,” said Gros.

Leading up to the event, many students were given the

“She’s a real person, and I’ve played characters where they

visiting the university’s campus in days prior to the performance

person was really interesting. I talked to a lot of mothers who

opportunity to hear Mackey talk about his work while he was

and finally meet him following the Wind Symphony’s final piece of the night.

One student in particular, Hannah Orgeron, a junior music

education major, was thrilled to meet him.

“‘It was so exciting,” said Orgeron. “He came to recital hour

weren’t real people so the process of finding who she is as a have children with ADD and asked them their past experiences

and my biggest influence was from my own mother because my

older brother has down syndrome. I wanted to be as true to this story as possible.”

Many students enjoyed the performance, including Olivia

earlier that day and talked about his work. It was really nice to

Moreno, a senior theatre design major. Moreno, who suffers

Orgeron also felt that the Wind Symphony was excellent in

portrayal of people living in a situation of coping with someone

meet him and feel supported by such a wonderful composer.” its performance and enjoyed the concert.

Fiction writer Kelly Link (above) is a visiting author in the Common Read Program. As apart of the Common Read program, students are given the chance to meet and ask questions about the author’s works. Photo by Megan McCormick

and Harlan Thorpe, a freshman marketing major, played

“The concert was fun and lively,” said Orgeron. “John

from ADD, felt that the play did a respectable job of the who has ADD.

“I thought ‘Distracted’ was incredibly well handled for a

Mackey is an amazing composer and an inspiration for all music

play that was specifically about ADD, specifically because a lot

Another event that was held at the Vonnie Borden

typically viewing ADD as not real or like you’re evil or weak for


Theatre was the play “Distracted” by Lisa Loomer performed by freshman Gavin Gaudry who played “Jesse,” senior general

studies major with a concentration in theatre Misty Gros who played “Mama” and Judah Fabré, a sophomore art major, who

played “Dad.” Payton Core, a sophomore elementary education

major with a minor in theatre, Jordin Jones, a sophomore

communication major and Colin Ross, a junior general studies

major, each also played multiple characters. Olivia Waguespack, a senior general studies major with a concentration in education and theatre, played “Vera,” Angela Griffitt, a senior general

student life


of media surrounding ADD is extremely black and white or

trying to medicate for it,” said Moreno. “I felt like the play was

really nuanced and it seemed as though it came from a really genuine place as if the person who wrote it had either lived

through it, like having ADD, or lived closely with someone who did have it. I appreciated the different viewpoints the play

exhibited throughout and in the end, it comes down to the individual and what works for that person.”

As the years continue, something new arrives for the

community to enjoy and partake.

Story Elizabeth Brown Design Kelonda Dixon

Photo by Elizabeth Brown

Daniel Seimetz, music performance graduate student (right), plays the accordion during the “Strange Humors” concert by the Southeastern Louisiana University Wind Symphony. The wind symphony performs every year during Fanfare. Photo by Elizabeth Brown Misty Gros, senior general studies major, and Payton Core, sophomore elementary education major (below left), practice their roles for the play “Distracted” at the dress rehearsal. “Distracted” was a play that portrayed a family dealing with attention deficit disorder (ADD) and the set backs that come with it. Photo by Taja Morgan Lynn Trefzger (below right), ventriloquist and comedienne, puts on a performance at the Columbia Theatre. Trefzger has appeared on ABC, TNN, A&E and Lifetime with her trunk full of interesting characters. Photo by Kelonda Dixon

student life


Kelly Link, 2016 Pulitzer Finalist (below), signs books and talks to students during the Department of English’s Common Read. Link’s short story collection “Get In Trouble” was featured in Fall 2016. Photo by Megan McCormick

Joshua Verdun as Pierre (Prince) alongside Hannah Davis as Bayourella (left), perform in the Dance Performance Project “Bayourella: A Story of Forgiveness.” Bayourella was directed by Skip Costa who also serves as a dance, choreography and performance lecturer. Photo by Kelonda Dixon



student life



Homecoming Week is an annual event eagerly anticipated by students, faculty and the Hammond community. The 2016 Homecoming Court consisted of 14 students hoping to reign as Homecoming Queen and King. Chosen as members of the sweetheart court were seniors Taylor Drude, Maya Gauthier, Maria Goddard, Cierra Heckmann, and Chelsea Loupe and juniors Margaret Hinson and Haley Loyacano. Members of the beau court were seniors Justin Archote, Justin Bankston, Neil Bourgeois, Duncan Martin and Nicholas Wylie and juniors Seth Leto and Austin Rogers. The 2016 Homecoming Court was announced at halftime of the homecoming football game when the Lions took on Houston Baptist Huskies on Oct. 22, in Strawberry Stadium. The court also participated in various homecoming festivities throughout the week such as Gumbo Ya Ya, the bonfire, pep rally and Homecoming Day Parade. Goddard, a communication major, is a member of PRSSA where she was the most active member in 2013 and served as community service director from 2013-15. She is a recipient of the Press Club of New Orleans Scholarship, the Public Relations Society of America Multicultural and Diversity Scholarship and the Freshman Honor Scholarship. Goddard was part of the team that won awards for the second best college radio station and Best TV Station in the South at the Southeast Journalism Conference. She has been named to the President’s List. Martin, a management major, is a member of Alpha Psi Omega. He appeared in Southeastern’s theatre production of “Encore, Encore!” and directed a scene from the play “Raised in Captivity.” Martin is also Beau of Gamma Beta Phi. He has been named to the President’s List Heckmann, a kinesiology fitness and human performance major, is a member of Phi Mu Fraternity,

captain of the nationally ranked Lionettes dance team, and Sweetheart of Kappa Sigma Fraternity. She has been named to the President’s List. Bourgeois, a marketing major, is a member of Pi Kappa Alpha. He is a Student Government Association Senator and Excel Scholar. He served as a 2014 Orientation Leader and a 2015 Division for Student Affairs (DSA) Leadership Ambassador. He is the recipient of the Green ‘S’ Award and was listed in Who’s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities. Drude, an integrative biology major, is a member of Alpha Omicron Pi sorority, 2015 DSA Ambassador and a member of Order of Omega, Delta Omega Alpha PreProfessional Society, Tri Beta Honor Society and Gamma Beta Phi. She is the recipient of the Vice President’s Award of Excellence and the Green ‘S’ Award. Leto, a political science major, is a member of Delta Tau Delta Fraternity where he serves as vice-president. He is also a member of the Order of Omega, 2016 DSA Leadership Ambassador and served as the Student Government Association Senate Appropriations Committee chairman. He was named Outstanding Freshman Male of the Year in 2015 and is the recipient of the Green ‘S’ Award. Gauthier, a communication sciences and disorders major, is a member of Delta Sigma Theta sorority, National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, National Society for Collegiate Scholars, National Student Speech Language and Hearing Association, Peace and Purpose Mindfulness Organization and a 2015 DSA Ambassador. Gauthier was one of 40 students in the nation selected to participate in the 2016 American Speech Language Hearing Association Minority Student Leadership Program in Philadelphia. She is also an Excel Mentor and member of the Intramural Flag Football Championship Team. Wylie, a kinesiology major, is a member of Kappa Sigma


homecoming court

Fraternity. He is a member of the three-time intramural basketball championship team. Loyacano, an elementary education major, is a member of Alpha Omicron Pi and the Order of Omega. She has served as a Lions Connected Mentor and a 2016 Orientation Leader, where she received the Spirit of Orientation Award. Rogers, a marketing and management major, is treasurer and Junior Founding Father of Pi Kappa Alpha. He served as a 2015 Orientation Leader, 2015 DSA Leadership Ambassador and as an SGA senator. He is also a recipient of the Green ‘S’ Award. Loupe, a kinesiology major, is a member of Alpha Omicron Pi, Gamma Beta Phi, Delta Omega Alpha Pre-Professional Society and Sigma Alpha Lambda National Leadership and Honors Organization, Biology Undergraduate Society, Society for Collegiate Leadership and Achievement and the Kinesiology and Health Sciences Club. She has been named to the President’s List, Dean’s List and the Thirteen Club. Bankston, a computer science major. is a member of Kappa Alpha Order where he serves as president. He is a member of the Order of Omega, the National Society of Collegiate Scholars, Upsilon Pi Epsilon and is Beau of Alpha Omicron Pi. He is the recipient of the Green ‘S’ Award and was listed in 2016 Who’s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities. Hinson, a kinesiology major, is a member of Alpha Omicron Pi and the National Society of Leadership and Success. She has been named to the President’s List and the Dean’s List. Archote, a business management major, is a member of Delta Tau Delta Fraternity where he serves as president. He is a College of Business Ambassador and a member of the National Society of Collegiate Scholars. He has received the Outstanding Freshman Male of the Year award, the Greek Man of the Year award and is a Green ‘S’ Award recipient.

student life


Rights to reign Homecoming festivities are typically anticipated amongst students, faculty members and alumni eager to step foot back onto campus and indulge in all the university has to offer. Fans from all around the area and some from afar arrived to the Strawberry Stadium keen to view the Homecoming showdown and to congratulate this year’s Homecoming King and Queen. On October 22, halftime was finally underway and after much anticipation, Justin Bankston and Margaret Hinson were officially crowned the 2016 Homecoming King and Queen. Hinson, a Denham Springs native and junior kinesiology major, is a member of Alpha Omicron Pi and the National Society of Leadership and Success. She has also earned recognition on both the President’s List and Dean’s List. Once called to claim her title, Hinson was struck with happiness and disbelief, then explained her strategy on winning the hearts of the university. “I cannot even describe the feeling right now,” said Hinson. “It was out of my comfort zone because it is nothing like high school, so I wasn’t used to that which is why I wasn’t even expecting to get on [Homecoming Court] and then, this happened.” Along with her new title, Hinson looks forward to continuing on and representing the university in a positive light. “I just cannot wait to represent Southeastern,” said Hinson. “Hopefully I can do such a great job at it and that’s what I’m

hoping to do, just representing such a great university.” Bankston, a Loranger native and senior computer science major, is a member of Kappa Alpha Order, serving as president. He is also a member the National Society of Collegiate Scholars, the Order of Omega, Upsilon Pi Epsilon and is Beau of Alpha Omicron Pi. He was listed in the 2016 Who’s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities and was also a recipient of the Green ‘S’ Award. With emotions similar to Hinson, he was shocked and very surprised to be crowned Southeastern’s 2016 Homecoming King while also expressing his gratitude as being chosen as this year’s Homecoming King. “There is really no way to explain it; I was not expecting this at all,” said Bankston. “But it is a great feeling to know that all of the student body and all of those who voted feel like I’m a great representative and the face for Homecoming King. It’s a great honor. It was a fun process. I ran with the members of Alpha Omicron Pi, and I talked to my fraternity brothers along with other friends and talked to them about voting, but it was a good time.” As newly crowned King, he has plans to do all that is possible to represent the university and familiarize himself with notable and amazing people throughout the rest of his duration. “I’m sure there are all sorts of banquets and other things I’ll have to go to, but those are actually fun,” said Bankston. “You get to meet a lot of really great people, so I’m really excited about that and just being the face of Southeastern.” Story Taja Morgan Design Kelonda Dixon


After their crownings during halftime, Hinson and Bankston (above) share a photo opportunity with university President Dr. John L. Crain and Mayson Foster, Alumni Association President-Elect. The new king and queen were shell shocked to win with Dr. Crain being the first to officially congratulate them on this honor. Photo by Tamara Alexander homecoming

At Gumbo Ya Ya, students (right) document their memories by posing for fun pictures. Students took a break from classes to enjoy campus events hosted by Campus Activities Board. Photo by Megan McCormick Jonathan Calhoun, a senior communication major (below left), takes a ride on the wild side, riding a mechanical bull at Gumbo Ya Ya. Other activities at the event included rock climbing and license plate prints for students. Photo by Tamara Alexander A student (below right) throws a bean bag at a target while wearing drunk-vision goggles. The University Health Center promoted against drunk driving by giving away free t-shirts to those who succeeded. Photo by Lee E. Lind

student life


Richard Davis, a sophomore middle school education major, and Knyla Houston, a senior kinesiology major (below), show their Lion Pride at Gumbo Ya Ya. Many students enjoyed the afternoon with gumbo and green and gold decorated cupcakes. Photo by Tamara Alexander

Campus Activities Board worker Julie Entremont (left), shows off her very own stuffed Roomie. Students were given the opportunity to StuffA-Roomie as a keepsake of Gumbo Ya Ya and Homecoming Week 2016. Photo by Tamara Alexander


gumbo ya ya

Kappa Sigma Fraternity member Chad Thiaville (right) takes on the challenge of stacking dice on a popsicle stick at Minute to Win It. Minute to Win It is an annual game during Homecoming Week where organizations get to partake in a little friendly competition. Photo by Tamara Alexander Krystal Waddell, a junior accounting major and Sigma Sigma Sigma Sorority member (below left) keeps her head in the game as she focuses on the task at hand. For this Minute to Win It challenge, contestants had to color organize M&M’s one color at a time while using only one hand in under a minute. Photo by Tamara Alexander Another participant (below right) in Minute to Win It takes aim for the last challenge of the competition. Players had to use a water bottle to spray a balloon, keeping it in the air, all the way to the 40 yard line at Strawberry stadium. Photo by Tamara Alexander

student life


Alpha Sigma Tau Sorority and Sigma Tau Gamma Fraternity members (below) participate in Lip Sync for Roomie’s Road Trip 2016 Homecoming Week. After a rain delay, they danced on the “S” in the Student Union Breezway in green, gold and purple attire as Roomie traveled to New Orleans. Photo by Megan McCormick

Sigma Sigma Sigma Sorority members (left) perform as Las Vegas show girls for the 2016 Lip Sync Competition. Alongside Theta Chi and Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity members, the team placed second in the competition. Photo by Megan McCormick



At the start of the Homecoming Parade, Roomie the Lion (right) waves to fans while riding on a float alongside the Southeastern Cheerleaders. Roomie gained his name in 1964 after Hollis “Roomie” Wilson, a biology professor and Lions fan. Photo by Elizabeth Brown Madeline Bartels, a freshman psychology major (below left), shows Lion Pride while riding on the Catholic Student Association float in the annual Homecoming Parade. “I had a lot of fun,” said Bartels. “I’m an international student, and I have never been in something like that, so it was a completely new experience.” Photo by Tamara Alexander Isabella Vazquez, a junior political science major and Phi Mu member (bottom right), waves a noise maker while riding on the Phi Mu and Kappa Alpha Order float. In the midst of the annual Homecoming Parade, students threw candies and beads to paradegoers while also dancing along to music and laughing with friends. Photo by Elizabeth Brown

student life


Cameron Harris and fellow Delta Tau Delta Fraternity members (below) reach out to catch various throws during the annual Homecoming Parade. The Homecoming Parade traveled through downtown Hammond and Friendship Circle. Photo by Elizabeth Brown

Sarah Zeringue, junior elementary education major (left), paints a spider on Akira Stanley’s hand. Akira Stanley has a close familial tie to the university as her grandfather, John Stanley, graduated from Southeastern in 1971. Photo by Elizabeth Brown


homecoming parade

Crowning Glory Miss Southeastern 2017 Kristyn Gary (right) poses with Nick Elliot, Campus Activities Board Coordinator, Cecelia Palumbo, CAB Administrative Assistant, and CAB student workers. CAB began hosting the Miss Southeastern competition in the mid-70’s, making it a yearly event many students, faculty and the community look forward to each year. Photo by Tamara Alexander

With her new title, Kristyn Gary (above) poses with her parents Ricky and Brandi Gary. “My family has always been a major part of everything I do,” said Gary. “This journey would not have been possible without them.” Photo by Tamara Alexander

Miss Southeastern 2017 Kristyn Gary has been groomed for pageants since she was six months old. That hard work has paid off for Gary, a sophomore early childhood education major. Along with the crown, Gary also won the Miss Congeniality Award. Her classic style, grace, personality and overall skill level helped her to win the annual competition that was held on Nov. 19 in Pottle Auditorium. “It is my first Miss [Southeastern] pageant,” said Gary. “I did a teen miss pageant at my high school, and I did pageants from the time I was about six months old till I was about six years old. I did have a little experience coming in, but I had never done a miss pageant. It is completely different and new, but it was a blast. We can come with hair and makeup done, but as far as backstage, it’s all us.” The typical stereotypes that go along with pageants and those that participate in them were dismissed by Gary. “Honestly, when [people] look at beauty pageants, I don’t think they realize what all goes into it,” said Gary. “Academics and your platform and so many other things go into pageants. If people looked into it and really realized all of the parts that go into the pageant, I think they would have a different feeling about them.” Gary admitted that although she engages in healthy eating and lifestyle habits, some adjustments were made in preparation for the Miss Southeastern pageant. “I normally live a pretty fit and healthy lifestyle, but to prepare for this pageant, I was more conscious of what I was eating,” said Gary. “Just that in itself is a way to prepare. I love to run, so it was kind of a win-

win because I was able to run and get ready for this competition.” For the evening wear portion of the competition, Gary wore a blue, trumpet-style dress that showcased her classic style. “I really like elegance and just beauty,” said Gary. “And so, anyone really that pulls off that look is an icon for me and so that’s really what I look for, especially when you’re watching them on the red carpet. The dress that is the most elegant and classy catches my eye.” Gary’s decision to perform a rendition of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” was inspired by an “American Idol” performance by Katharine McPhee. “Growing up, I was in gifted and talented music in school,” said Gary. “My music teacher helped me work on that song, and I just loved it ever since I was little. I’ve always loved to sing. Any chance I get, I do it. It’s something I love, something I’ve always done.” Cecelia Palumbo, Administrative Assistant for Campus Activities Board, first became involved in the Miss Southeastern pageant as a volunteer to help Dawn Dottolo-Starkey, a past Campus Activities Board administrative assistant. Palumbo is confident in Gary’s ability to represent the university as Miss Southeastern 2017. “She has a kind and genuine quality about her that earned her the Miss Congeniality Award at the pageant,” said Gary. “I think those qualities will take her far in life as well as in her role as Miss Southeastern Louisiana University 2017 and in her quest to become Miss Louisiana.”

Story Larshell Green Design Kelonda Dixon

student life


Photo by Kelonda Dixon

Miss Southeastern 2017 Kristyn Gary (right), a sophomore early childhood education major, holds her niece while celebrating her new title. Photo by Tamara Alexander Gary (below) introduces herself in the opening of the competition. Gary continued to wow the judges throughout the pageant and won the title of Miss Southeastern 2017. Gary continued her journey by representing the university at the Miss Louisiana Competition in June 2017. Photo by Kelonda Dixon

student life


Gary (below) answers a question during the on-stage questioning portion of the pageant. Gary’s platform was Book It To Success. Gary will promote this childhood literacy program throughout her reign. Photo by Kelonda Dixon

Miss Southeastern 2017 (left) confidently walks the stage in the Lifestyle and Fitness portion of the pageant. Gary balanced her school courses while preparing for the pageant. Photo by Kelonda Dixon


miss southeastern

Trista Kramer, a senior chemistry and physics major (right), answers a question in the On-stage Question portion of the pageant. Kramer was awarded the Student Government Association Academic Award for having the highest GPA amongst the contestants. Photo by Kelonda Dixon Tonykea Alford, a senior elementary education major (below), proudly struts across the stage at her very first pageant. Alford won the Miracle Maker Award, the Lifestyle and Fitness Award and the Talent competition. She was also named Miss Southeastern 2017 1st Runner-up. Photo by Tamara Alexander

student life


Inspired by Katharine McPhee, Kristyn Gary, a sophomore early childhood education major (below), performs “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” for the talent competition of the night. She was awarded the Miss Congeniality Award, and at the end of the night, earned her right to reign as Miss Southeastern 2017. Photo by Kelonda Dixon

Jamie Dearman, a senior communication major (left), smiles brightly during the Evening Wear portion of the pageant. Dearman continued the competition to win the People’s Choice Award. Photo by Kelonda Dixon


miss southeastern

Ronjae Cunnikin Jr, junior accounting major (right), visits the AT&T booth at Strawberry Jubilee. AT&T provided goggles that placed the viewer in an animated world demonstrating how accidents can occur while someone is texting and driving. Photo by Megan McCormick A student (below left) rejoices after sending the ball flying over the net, scoring a point against their opponent. Swamp Bowl is a mud volleyball tournament hosted by Rec Sports & Wellness and Campus Activities Board. Photo by Nathaniel Callaway Kristyn Gary, Miss Southeastern 2017 (below right), poses with the 2016 yearbook in front of the Student Publications booth during Strawberry Jubilee. Miss Southeastern attends and represents the university at various events throughout the community. Photo by Breshon Foster

student life


Ryan Pears and James Stillwell (below) dive into a tray of freshly boiled crawfish at REC Fest. During REC Fest, students were able to enjoy food, games, music and their peers’ company. Photo by Breshon Foster

During Strawberry Jubilee, students (left) sign up to become a member of the university’s Head Start. The Head Start booth offered candy and applications to students who were interested in becoming a staff member or registering their child for child care. Photo by Breshon Foster


spring events

Courtney Bruno (right) and her friend craft flower crowns at one of the many booths at Strawberry Jubilee. At this event, besides making flower crowns, students could also stuff their own animal or take a shot at the dunking booth. Photo by Breshon Foster Jacory Jones (below left) participates in the tenth annual Swamp Bowl hosted by Rec Sports and Wellness. The Swamp Bowl is a volleyball tournament with courts that are dug to create muddy courtss for students and their teams. Photo by Nathaniel Callaway Jasmine Anderson and Racheal Lague (below right) pose with props at a photo booth set up for Strawberry Jubilee. Many students took photos as a keepsake of the traditional spring event. Photo by Breshon Foster

student life


Resident Assistants (below) participate in a game of limbo at Fais Do Do. Hosted by University Housing, Fais Do Do was held at the end of the spring semester to celebrate the close of the semester. Photo by Breshon Foster

Students (left) enjoy playing football at REC Fest. REC Fest provided students with food and games to play as well as hot boiled crawfish. Photo by Breshon Foster


spring events


A love Brew Co-founders of Gnarly Barley Zac and Cari Caramonta (right) stand alongside their brewing crew. “Our team not only consists of several actual friends and family members, but the Gnarly Barley crew has become a family of its own,” said Cari Caramonta. Photo by Elizabeth Brown

At the brewery, beer tastings (above) are available on tap at the bar. Many people enjoy tastings after taking tours on Saturdays. Photo by Elizabeth Brown

Two college students who started as complete strangers soon turned into a married couple owning a successful, local business. Co-founders of Hammond-based craft beer production company Gnarly Barley Brewing Co. and Southeastern alumni Zac Caramonta and Cari Caramonta met through mutual friends. In 2005, they met again by chance in White Hall. Cari was majoring in family and consumer sciences while Zac majored in general studies. Cari described her experience of how they came to be a couple. “He [Zac] had some classes in White Hall for his general studies major, and then I had a bunch of classes in White Hall for fashion merchandising,” said Cari. “It worked out nicely because we had met at Southeastern through some mutual friends, but I was always dating someone and he was always dating someone, so it was never the right time, but then it was 2005, and I’ll never forget it because Katrina had just happened, and we were in the hall and I said ‘Hey, what’s up,’ and we started talking. The rest was history after that.” Four years later in 2009, they married and began their separate careers until he discovered his passion for brewing beer. Prior to getting into showing off their product in the community, since Zac had already been interested in the crafting of beer, he decided to buy the right tools to create something of good quality and got Cari interested, too. “I wasn’t always into beer,” said Cari. “He [Zac] would take me to Red White & Brew, and he would bring some [beers] home. I got into beer styles that I never even knew existed prior to Zac. He had kept talking about how he wanted to brew beer one day, so eventually he bit the bullet and finally did it and was instantly hooked.” After brewing non-stop for a while, they decided to

bring their product to a beer festival to see what people would think. “Eventually we brought our beer to a beer festival in 2011,” said Cari. “We really didn’t know what we were getting ourselves into, but what was cool was while we were out there with our beer, everyone was like ‘Where can we buy this,’ and we told them you can’t, but it was cool because we didn’t know what the response was really going to be.” Cari felt that the response of the people during the festival was what really pushed them to start a business. “Prior to that festival, the only responses we had were going off of our family and friends, but we got the response of the public saying ‘This is awesome; where can we buy this? Like, no really can you please make this and sell it to me,’” said Cari. “We thought ‘Well, okay. We obviously have something going on here,’ and that was really exciting because it gave us that push to say ‘Alright, we can do this. We’re going to eventually quit our jobs and make this happen and follow this dream.’ That’s what we did.” Three years later in 2014, they opened Gnarly Barley in Hammond and since then, their products have become available in many cities such as New Orleans, Baton Rouge and Lafayette and at many local businesses including Red White & Brew, Tacos and Beer and Brady’s, to name a few. Due to their success, the couple was selected by the Alumni Association as the 2016 Young Alumni of the Year. Cari felt that being selected by their alma mater was an honor. “When we found out, we were totally shocked, but also very thrilled and excited to accept the honor,” said Cari. “We thought we wanted to stay here because we wanted to give Hammond a brewery. It was close to the university and it was just a place that we fell in love with.” Story Elizabeth Brown Design Kelonda Dixon



Photo by Elizabeth Brown

Enabling dreams Associate professor Dr. Paige Schulte (right) conducts an activity in her classroom, sharing her knowledge of student learning and development. Schulte was honored with the President’s Award for Excellence in Teaching for her hard work and outstanding teaching skills. Photo by Kelonda Dixon

Schulte (above) describes the importance of conducting interactive activities in a classroom setting. In addition to teaching in the United States, Schulte has had experience teaching in Peru and that allowed her to learn more cultures, experience languages and teaching styles in other countries. Photo by Kelonda Dixon

At a young age, Dr. Paige Schulte, associate professor of education, was inspired to become a teacher. Offering insight and innovative teaching methods to her students, Schulte is known for her teaching style and has been recognized by the university for her excellence in teaching. She received the President’s Award for Excellence in Teaching for 2016. “It is truly an honor to receive an award for the one thing I am most passionate about and have dedicated my life to, which is teaching,” said Schulte. “It also is a testament to the power of mentors in a person’s life. I have had so many wonderful teachers and colleagues who shaped my decision-making and development as a professional throughout my teaching career.” Schulte was inspired by her teachers as a child, which led to her desire to become a teacher. Being encouraged by these teachers sparked an interest, enabling a dream. “I think all of us have wonderful teachers who we want to emulate,” said Schulte. I can still see snapshots in my mind of my first grade teacher, Ms. Lee, and my fifth grade teacher, Ms. Arcement, at Airline Park Elementary in Metairie, who encouraged my curiosity to learn more along with a love of reading. I remember participating in exciting activities and knew I wanted to be just like them.” Being a diverse traveler has also added knowledge and diversity to Schulte’s teaching style. According to Schulte, appealing to a diverse student body is due to being aware of characteristics from many other different cultures. “Building positive relationships with students



is one of the most important aspects of teaching all children,” said Schulte. “My experiences around the world (I have been to 68 countries) have strengthened my ability to incorporate culturally relevant teaching strategies into my courses.” While being an associate professor, Schulte has had many moments where her students, who are now teachers, reconnect and share their experiences with her. Schulte explains that one of her proudest moments as a professor is when she can help children not only here in the United States, but internationally as well. “It is important to me to work on projects that can improve the well-being of children,” said Schulte. “One of my most rewarding and difficult experiences was teaching English to young children in an area of high poverty in Lima, Peru, along with other volunteers.” Schulte had 14 years of experience under her belt when she took a position to volunteer to teach English. She along with the other volunteers were responsible for designing the curriculum and teaching strategies. Despite the limited resources, Schulte describes this experience a successful one. “After being a professor for 14 years, I was put into the position of a new, nervous teacher of a class of fidgety five year-olds, and I was successful and I loved it. ,” said Schulte. “When I encourage my students to step out of their comfort zone, I can assure them that I did it as well.” With receiving the President’s Award for Excellence in Teaching, Schulte continues to show her passion and enthusiasm for teaching. Design Kelonda Dixon Story Kelonda Dixon

Photo by Elizabeth Brown

chasing dreams

Shanna Caprice Lee (right) recently earned her master’s degree in communication sciences and disorders. Lee was recently awarded a prestigious fellowship to Howard University. Photo Courtesy Shanna Caprice Lee

During her fellowship, Lee (above) plans to have a future career that will be built on the foundation of mentoring and educating graduate students. Lee also plans to participate in career-oriented conferences and conventions in the future. Photo Courtesy Shanna Caprice Lee

Honored by the College of Nursing and Health Sciences as the Outstanding Graduate in Communication Sciences and Disorders, Shanna Caprice Lee, who also received her bachelor’s degree from the university, will be continuing her studies at Howard University in Washington D.C. Lee was awarded the Frederick Douglass Fellowship to Howard University to support her doctoral studies and further her education. “The program required me to submit an application form, three letters of recommendation, an official transcript (4.0 GPA), a five-page research proposal, a statement of how the professoriate fits into my career goals and participate in an interview,” said Lee. Throughout her time here, Lee expresses how well prepared she feels going into her doctoral studies as well as her career. “Growing up, I did not know Southeastern existed,” said Lee. “When I started researching schools that had communication sciences and disorders my senior year of high school, I learned of Southeastern. I do not think I could have chosen a better school simply because of the faculty that I had the pleasure of working with. The communication sciences and disorders faculty at Southeastern are top-notch professors and helped to shape and mold me into the scholar that I am today. I would recommend this program to anyone without hesitation. If they are willing to work hard and stay focused, they will achieve at Southeastern.”

After receiving the news of being awarded the fellowship, Lee was thankful. “I felt overjoyed and honored,” said Lee. “I immediately began to thank God for his favor.” Now with a master’s degree under her belt, she is moving on to Howard University with big plans. “I have a desire to teach and mentor graduate students, and I plan on taking on a faculty position at a university at some point in my career,” said Lee. “After obtaining a Ph.D., I plan to work clinically, teach and be involved in scholarly activities. I hope to be able to present my research at conferences and conventions. I do not believe going solely into a faculty position initially will be the right decision for me as I am still a novice and want to continue to build upon my clinical skills. I plan to seek out opportunities where I can work clinically, teach and conduct research, so I can keep my experience going.” Being a native of Monroe, Louisiana, attending Howard University in Washington, D.C. will be a change of atmosphere for Lee. “I am anxious, curious and excited about moving to D.C.,” said Lee. “I was born and raised in Monroe, a small town in Louisiana. Living in D.C. will definitely take some adjusting, but I am excited about learning to live in the city.” As she moves forward in her doctoral studies, endeavors to mentor and clinical research, Lee has her sight set for a new school and a new city, but the same goal in the communication sciences and disorders field. Story Kelonda Dixon Design Kelonda Dixon



Photo Courtesy Shanna Caprice Lee

Expressing art Savannah Perrin, a graduating senior (right) presented her work. Her brand Bake Blvd included macaroon packages for the mock company. Many seniors included package designs in their show to depict their craftsmanship. Photo by Tamara Alexander

Perrin (above) also shows off her web design skills at senior exhibition. The web design class prepares students to design various content for the internet. Photo by Kristen Williams

The Southeastern Louisiana University Contemporary Art Gallery held its annual Visual Art + Design Senior Exhibition, which displayed artwork completed by senior students. The exhibition began with an opening reception that was held on April 13 and the artwork remained in the gallery until after commencement. Seniors built displays and welcomed the public to see what they had been working on in preparation for graduation. In order to prepare for this show, seniors had to enroll in Senior Thesis, which included senior review and senior show. Each student had to pass senior review in order to move on to place artwork into the senior show. In order to prepare for senior review, it took a lot of long nights and practices expressed by graduating senior Savannah Perrin. “After getting all my work together and preparing my packet of Q and A’s, I set up the night before,” said Perrin. “I was the first to go the next morning. I practiced a few times since I don’t consider public speaking my strong suit and just prayed about it.” Other seniors found that professors and colleagues’ critiques helped them prepare for the review too. “I prepared for the senior review by making sure that I properly answer every question given to me in a detailed manner,” said graduating senior Delton Burris. “Also, by studying and reciting my overall artist statement, as well as communicating with my professors and colleagues on how to improve my work after every critique prior to my review, it made things easier for me to talk about my work throughout the review.” After passing senior review, seniors prepared to place their artwork in the senior exhibit held in the CAG. This took much preparing and correcting of

artwork. “I prepped everything to be exhibition ready for show and went to the lengths of making a mockup wall out of drafting paper, that way I could lay everything out exactly how I wanted it to be for show,” said Perrin. When the night arrived, it was a bittersweet moment for all seniors because they were done with their undergraduate career. “When the opening officially started, I felt such a wave of relief,” said Perrin. “It was so bittersweet because I knew it was not only my senior show and I was graduating, but really that it was the last show that I would be working at the SLU CAG. That started to hit me at the opening but didn’t fully sink in until I got home. I really just loved that place so much as well as the faculty and staff of the art department. My experiences that I have had there have helped to shape me into whom I am today.” Other students were nervous but prepared. “I was very anxious because I wanted it to be over but confident because I studied all my information and had my work ready for show,” said Burris. CAG Director Dale Newkirk expressed his honor about the exhibit and the success of the students with work featured in it. “Every single piece in here is a result of serious work put in by the students. They are what makes this a success every year,” said Newkirk. “This year we had less students which made it more personal but still came with complications. This exhibition is really for them. This is what they created and all of these pieces will follow them through their professional life as well.” Story Tamara Alexander Design Kelonda Dixon



Photo by Tamara Alexander

Instructor Aileen Mootoo-Robertson (right), interacts with Jaycie Jones and other students in her classroom. Mootoo is part of the Languages and Communication Department which features foreign language, linguistics and communication classes. Photo by Tamara Alexander Lester Palmisano (below left),listens as instructor Rebecca Hensley lectures in an introductory sociology class in Fayard Hall. Hensley’s specialized teaching interests include power relations, race, gender and globalization. Photo by Tamara Alexander Ashley Jacobsen (below right), speaks to peers in her communication class. Communication is a required course in most majors because it prepares students for public speaking in a professional setting. Photo by Tamara Alexander



Students listen attentively as student Ronald Gros (below), speaks during his communications class in D. Vickers Hall. The university’s student to instructor ratio keeps students engaged in the classroom and allows them to connect with their professors on a more personal level. Photo by Tamara Alexander

Emily Elgin assists Osha Weary (left), in the Southeastern Writing Center located in D. Vickers Hall. The Writing Center provides several services from English majors and graduate students to help students with their assignments and essays. Photo by Tamara Alexander


college of arts, humanities and social sciences

Enhancing Futures

Seniors Skylar Thibodeaux and Cody Davis, both management majors, along with junior marketing major Morgan Age (right) study and eat in Garrett Hall’s lobby. The lobby’s expansions have given more students the chance to enjoy downtime in between classes. Photo by Megan McCormick

Students (above) access the newly updated lab in Garrett Hall Room 73. The new lab opens many opportunities for students to learn real world design related skills. Photo by Megan McCormick

The College of Business houses the departments of Accounting and Finance, Management and Business Administration and Marketing and Supply Chain Management. This past year has been a year filled with awards, including students winning the National Community Bank Case Study competition conducted by the Washington, D.C.-based Conference of State Bank Supervisors, a nationwide organization of banking regulators from all states and U.S. territories. The College of Business has also made renovations with building expansions and held events which both reflect in the positive progress of business students throughout the college. “The new marketing classroom replaced one of the older computer labs in the middle of Garrett Hall,” said Austin Rogers, junior management and marketing double major. “This allows for new classes and assignments to be offered as well as the possibility of future degree programs. I would say that it has had a positive impact on students and gives them new chances to work on projects that can help them in future careers.” Like the other departments on campus, the College of Business believes in making its students “Real World Ready” by hosting events like Biz-Connect. The college partnered with the Office of Career Services to give students the opportunity to meet interested employers. The event was seen as a success after over 350 business students and 32 employers flooded Garrett Hall’s lobby. College of Business majors, like Rogers, enjoyed attending Biz-Connect and other similar businessrelated events because they feel that events like this prepare them for future interviews and allows them to network with prominent businesses in the area. Rogers feels that the business department gives students ample opportunities to prepare for their future. “I think that being ready for the future is always a



great thing,” said Rogers. “I feel that the COB allows us to gain the most out of our college experience and gets us prepared for what the real world can throw at us.” Throughout their time at the university, students are able to learn many lessons and acquire several qualities that can give them a more competitive edge amongst others applying. Rogers feels the most important quality is networking. “You never know who you will meet and how they can help you in the future,” said Rogers. “I actually got my job because of responding to an email that a teacher received from a past student. It is amazing how much one person can change your life.” Besides enhancing the education of already enrolled students, the College of Business recruits to increase the number of business majors over the upcoming semesters. Rogers is the Vice President of Leadership/Operations of College of Business Student Ambassadors. “We have strong connections to people and alumni all over the world,” said Rogers. “Just because we are a smaller university, does not mean that we cannot compete with the larger universities around the world.” Rogers and other College of Business Student Ambassadors recruit by giving potential business majors tours around the college and according to Rogers by giving “them students’ perspectives as opposed to a faculty member telling them everything.” However, the recruiting does not stop there. The college is implementing a new program to be set in place. “We are also starting a mentor program where prominent upperclassmen can help freshman succeed in everything relating to business,” said Rogers. “I feel that the other activities like our Welcome Week have helped to keep current students engaged in the COB, but time will tell if the recruitment process has helped when the class of 2017 comes to Southeastern.” Story Megan McCormick Design Kelonda Dixon

Photo by Megan McCormick

Lindsay Grace, senior marketing major, assists Reese Dugas, senior business administration major (right), with making a logo in instructor April Kemp’s Media and Digital Marketing class. In this course, students use social and digital media to amplify their marketing skills and knowledge. Photo by Megan McCormick Charles Squires (below left), senior business major, talks to a representative from the Louisiana Legislative Auditor’s office during Biz-Connect 2017. Biz-Connect is a career fair hosted in the College of Business that gives students and employees the chance to connect with interested employers. Photo by Brandon Hebert William Busby, sophomore (below right), takes notes while listening to instructor Elizabeth McDougal’s principles of marketing lecture. The university accommodates all learning styles allowing students to write or type notes and record lectures and discussions. Photo by Megan McCormick



Baylee Ives, sophomore business administration major (below), works on homework in the Garrett Hall lobby in between classes. Many students use the space within the hall to get work done or socialize with their peers throughout the day. Photo by Megan McCormick

Dr. Margaret Boldt, accounting and finance professor (left), lectures to her accounting students in Garrett Hall. The small class sizes contribute to the students’ personal learning environment. Photo by Megan McCormick


college of business


Participants (right) discuss how they feel after being corrected at a station. In this station, students read an unfamiliar passage containing symbols and signs and were corrected each time they made a mistake. The purpose of this was to mirror how dyslexic students feel on a regular basis. Photo by Annie Goodman

Dr. Elizabeth Wadlington (above) leads participants and welcomes them to the Dyslexia Simulation. The College of Education held the event to show teacher candidates what a dyslexic student could possibly feel like when in the classroom and how to handle the situation. Photo by Annie Goodman

Each semester, the College of Education hosts a Dyslexia Simulation where teacher candidates are put into high stress classroom settings and asked to complete tasks in the way a dyslexic student would at different stations. These stations included writing with their non-dominant hand, reading a provided passage backwards, reading a passage written in symbols that are not familiar to the reader and practicing various tracing and writing activities solely through the reflection of a mirror. These activities proved to be difficult, and the hurried and disapproving remarks made by facilitators who acted as teachers in this simulation made the teacher candidates feel both frustrated and inadequate when completing rather routine tasks. Heather Mills, a special education graduate assistant who has attended this simulation many times, feels this class is important to all teacher candidates, as one in ten students struggle with this language based learning disorder. “Even if you’re not a SPED major, you are going to be working with a lot of kids who have dyslexia,” said Mills. “So understanding what they’re going through is beneficial in itself, because a lot of the time you don’t see what they have to do or why they’re struggling and getting agitated.” In one station, students were required to complete handwriting worksheets and tracing activities solely through the use of a mirror. Many students found this extremely difficult and with the facilitators rushing them and mocking them in ways that many dyslexic students encounter, making the entire experience frustrating. “The mirror station is a great model for the struggles of a dyslexic student,” said Mills. “It shows how hard it is to write and sometimes read for these

students. So when you are putting the kids on the spot, you can understand their frustrations and how they feel.“ Gail Williams found her biggest wake up call in the feelings of inadequacy that she experienced while completing this simulation. She held concern for these students who may have not faced these roadblocks in their home life. “Definitely one of the things I was thinking about is when a child is with their family, most of their parents and grandparents are cheering them on,” said Williams. “But when they get into school and experience these struggles, it makes them feel inadequate, and it can really leave a child feeling lost and confused.” Williams plans to take these emotions and utilize the skills she has acquired in her classrooms to motivate students with these different learning styles. “This energizes and motivates me to go find different ways to reach students with these types of different styles of learning because they’re not necessarily disabled,” said Williams. “They are different, and different is not wrong.” Proper intervention can lessen the frustrations of the students, making their path to success a much easier road to follow and give them the educational opportunities they deserve. “Even though a lot of people think of dyslexia as special education, I believe it’s something that all teachers should be familiar with and have just a little bit of background information about because you never know what children will be in your class,” said instructor Valerie Young. “As the teacher we need to give all students the best education that we can and that they deserve.” Story Jalina Fourcade Design Kelonda Dixon



Photo by Annie Goodman

Kaycie Bernier, junior elementary education major (right), dresses up as grapes for class participation in a mini novel reading. Students in this class was able to dress up as various characters from books to make story time more interesting as a demonstration of her teaching method. Photo by Kelonda Dixon Keri Cox, education major (below left), presents to her fellow students a presentation of America’s government. Cox went into depth about the three branches of government as a demonstration of her teaching method. Photo by Jalina Fourcade Brittany Cutrera (below right) participates in a class activity where students are using balloons. Class activities are built to help students prepare for their own teaching experience. Photo by Jalina Fourcade



La’ Sheika Weatherspoon, Gabrielle Hyorth and Jennifer Stine (below) sit in a group analyzing and learning social studies. During this activity, students rotated to different tables learning about specific school subjects. Photo by Jalina Fourcade

Dr. Deborah McCarthy (left) assists a student with questions. With the student-to-teacher ratio, the small classes allow students to communicate with their professors. Photo by Jalina Fourcade


college of education

CAREER PREP Tabor Gamblin and Nicholas Wylie, senior kinesiology majors (right), assists their classmate as he performs a barbell squat in their weightlifting class. Weightlifting is one of the many labs offered to students in the Department of Kinesiology and Health Sciences. Photo by Elizabeth Brown

Abagail Roy, junior nursing major (above), practices taking vitals on a meti-man simulator. The nursing program provides various equipment and exercises that prepare students for their future careers. Photo by Elizabeth Brown

Each year, the College of Nursing and Health Sciences gets involved with the community and its people through various events participated in or hosted by organizations that are within the college’s departments. Some of these organizations include the Student Nurses Association (SNA) and the National Student Speech Language Hearing Association (NSSLHA). The departments also host events for students to participate in to nurture their professional development. This year within the Department of Kinesiology and Health Studies, the department organized an event in March called ASK KHS Symposium. According to Department Head of Kinesiology and Health Studies Edward Hebert, this yearly, daylong event is organized for students to improve their professional development while also being able to get insight into the professional, post-college world. “It’s a day-long event that features presentations by professionals who work in careers associated with our degree programs: health promotion, sports medicine, fitness, sport management, physical education teaching, coaching,” said Hebert. Some of the speakers included North Oaks Health System Diabetes Education Clinic Coordinator Debora Jones Outpatient Dietitian Leslie Ballard and University of Southern Mississippi Department Chair of Economic Development, Tourism and Sport Management Dr. Stacey Hall. One student that attended Hall’s lecture about preventing threats within sport events felt her lecture was very informative. “I thought it was interesting,” said sophomore sport management major Mark Theriot. “It makes sense that you would need something like for an event of that scale.” As for the School of Nursing, the SNA participates

in community service projects every semester. According to SNA President Kylie LeCocq, the organization worked with a non-profit organization called Brave Heart in the spring of 2017. “Brave Heart is a local, non-profit organization that provides tangible items to children facing the emotional trauma of being removed from their homes due to abuse or neglect,” said LeCocq. “SNA helps Brave Heart by gathering donations such as card games, binders, toys and money. In addition to donations, students volunteer time to work in the Brave Heart warehouse to sort through toys, wrap presents and organize.” Also, within the Department of Health and Human Sciences, members of NSSLHA traveled to Pennsylvania in November of 2016 to attend the annual American Speech-Language-Hearing Association’s ASHA Convention. This event is an educational program held every year throughout the country for speech-language pathologists, audiologists, speech, language, hearing scientists and related professionals to present their work and network. In the fall, Amanda Council, William Blackburn, Beth Breaux and Leslie Ruiz presented their research projects. Council and Ruiz presented a presentation about therapy and language in infants and toddlers while Blackburn presented his research on writing and its role in neurological development and therapy. Breaux presented her research conducted about an analysis of a six-year-old boy who has autism spectrum disorder and his student clinician during language treatment sessions. Maya Gauthier also participated in the Minority Student Leadership Program. The College of Nursing and Health Sciences strives for excellence for its students and wants them to succeed. Story Elizabeth Brown Design Kelonda Dixon



Photo by Elizabeth Brown

Matthew Robert, sophomore general studies major, Cameron O’Neil, freshman supply chain management major, and Dylan Garrett, senior biology major (right), learn the proper lifeguarding techniques on how to pull a victim out of water with the use of a lifeguard backboard. As part of a lifeguard training course, students use the university’s swimming pool to get a first-hand experience of what a lifeguard has to be prepared for when on duty. Photo by Elizabeth Brown Darian Vining, sophomore nursing major, and senior nursing majors Madison Crawford and Madeline Bush (below left), practice taking vitals in the lab. Nursing labs prepare students not only for the NCLEX, the National Council Licensure Examination, but also for their future occupations in their fields. Photo by Elizabeth Brown Elizabeth Middleton, (below right), watches Southeastern Louisiana University Lab School student Layla Summers rock climb in a Communication Sciences and Disorders exercise class. The lab school has provided university students with the opportunity to interact on a first-hand, interactive. Photo by Elizabeth Brown



Megan Savoy, senior nursing major (below), listens to the chest of a Meti-man during a simulation scenario in an advanced nursing lab class. The Meti-man, a mannequin that is used for training potential nurses and health care providers, is controlled by the instructor for situations the students could potentially face in reallife scenarios. Photo by Elizabeth Brown

Laney Lecompte, senior kinesiology major (left), does an overhead press with a barbell in a weightlifting class where students learn the proper technique of using weights and machines. The overhead press is a weight lifting exercise performed standing while weight is pushed above the head until the arms are fully extended. Photo by Elizabeth Brown


college of nursing and health sciences

New Sights Aymen Burhan, occupational safety major (right), interacts with employers from the industrial construction firm PALA. PALA, along with other various businesses, came to Tech-Connect Career Fair to broaden the knowledge of those students going into related fields of study. Photo by Kelonda Dixon

Jordan Showalter, senior engineering technology major (above), makes his way around to each employer to get information on their companies and how they work. The career fair helped students like Showalter learn more about various jobs that are available to them. Photo by Kelonda Dixon

The College of Science and Technology houses the departments of Biological Sciences, Chemistry and Physics, Computer Science and Industrial Technology and Mathematics. Toward the middle of the spring semester, there was the annual Tech-Connect Career Fair where more than 40 employers came to the university looking to recruit students for internships and job positions. Geico, IBM and Envoc were just a few of the companies that participated in Tech-Connect this year. Over 300 students, majority of them being seniors, took advantage of this opportunity by coming to the career fair. Aymen Burhan, occupational safety major, did not let this opportunity to network with employers go to waste. “I spoke with all of them,” said Burhan. “Even if they weren’t looking for what I had to offer, I was curious of what they did, if they enjoyed it and what they wanted to do or where they wanted to be in the next ten years.” As students reach their senior year, finding a job in their field is not as easy as it sounds. TechConnect is just one of the career fairs that is hosted on campus throughout the year. Jordan Showalter, senior engineering technology major, was prepared to meet with the various employers at the career fair. “I researched every employer in attendance to see if there was a match for my discipline,” said Showalter. “I spoke to everyone as if it were an ‘open

house’ interview; trying to catch the recruiter’s eye and score a second one [interview].” Moving toward the fall 2017 semester, the College of Science and Technology is looking forward to the opening of their new building. This building will be able to accommodate larger labs and space for experiments and also more advanced technology and machinery. Specifically, the third floor will house an outdoor area where solar panel and solar energy experiments can be conducted. Having a building that is equipped and up to date with technology opens the door for expanding some of the college’s programs such as engineering technology, computer science and occupational safety. Dean of the College of Science and Technology Daniel McCarthy, is excited, after the almost 8-year delay, that the building schedule is underway. “Some classes from Anzalone will move to the new building and some will stay there,” said McCarthy. “We also have a lab class that is taught in McGehee. It’s not about having more space but the nature of the space to where we can utilize these different machines that we can’t accommodate right now.” The new science and technology building will be 70,000 square feet with tall, glass windows, framing the building. In the building, there will be classes for this department and, more importantly, more sections of these classes. The building is on schedule to be completed by the fall 2017 semester and ready for faculty and students to fill the halls. Story Kelonda Dixon Design Kelonda Dixon



Photo by Kelonda Dixon

While in a physics lab, Joseph Incandela (right) takes notes on the information being taught by instructor Dr. Troy Williams. In physics labs, students complete hands on project provided by their professor from the lectured material. Photo by Kelonda Dixon

Cassie Lindsay (below left) works diligently on her homework in the math lab. The math lab provides several computers and student-teacher help for the students utilizing the facility. Photo by Kelonda Dixon

A student (below right) prepares an experiment in her organic chemistry class using beakers and other instruments. The College of Science and Technology has several different labs for biology and chemistry for hands-on learning. Photo by Kelonda Dixon



Kayla Wilson (below) works on an assignment for her class. The university provides various computer and technology labs for the needs and convenience of students designing different models for classes, as well as free access to Microsoft Office programs. Photo by Tamara Alexander

Austin Schmidt, junior computer science major (left), surveys a slide under the microscope in a biology lab. Many items are observed on line microscopes in biology labs including plants, insects, and other specimens. Photo by Kelonda Dixon


college of science and technology

Fall Commencement

Maggie Adams Dalila Addison Francesca Addison Ghassan Alkadi

Lawrence Allan Mallory Allphin Kylan Althouse Mikayla Anderson

Katelyn Arbour Kiara Atlow James Austin Dalton Aydell

Kayla Babin Rachel Babylon Anne Baham Jamal Baheth

Alexandra Bales Matthew Banta Justin Barksdale Tyler Barksdale

Jordyn Barlow Taylor Barr Sarah Basile Jessica Bass

Brittany Bates Charles Beemer Kristen Bell Whitney Bell



Leah Benasco Kelly Bernard Kalyn Berot Waco Bickham

Amanda Bittola Scarlett Blades Alex Blanchard Carsyn Bobrycki

Caroline Boone Jessica Boudreaux Lucas Bourgeois Ariel Bourgoyne

Daniel Bourque Jon Bowers Jacquelyn Bowman Tiree Boykins

Briana Bradley Grace Bravata Gavin Breaux Kayla Bridges

Toby Briggs Carol Bright Desiree Brown Jasmine Brown

Lakeiah Brown Landon Brown Randall Brown Shaquille Brown


fall graduates

Vallen Brown Jennifer Browning Haley Bruch Garrett Brumfield

Labria Brumfield Brice Brylski April Buckley Madalynn Buisson

Karisa Buxton Dimetirous Cambell Kayla Campo Katelyn Cancienne

Michael Cannoot Christopher Carrier Ally Carter Auriell Celestine

Kristen Chambers Alyssa Chatelain Danny Cherry Jr Lydia Chiasson

Erin Christ Alexis Chustz Layla Clark Mallory Clark

Chase Cole Andre Colebrook Mikiala Collerd Olivia Collins



Blessin Conner Peter Conravey IV Terrilynn Constant Hannah Cook

Amanda Council Kaitlin Cox Amber Crews Jeffrey Crochet

Crista Daigle Tiffani Dalme Tierstene Dandridge Justin Danos

Kevin Darrah Dimitri Dauphin Devin Dauzat Colby Davis

Dakota Davis Dominique Davis Lauren Davis Ryan Deffes

Kenneth Delin Taylor Demorvelle Emily Devillier Jacquelin Diaz

Morgan Dietrich Saige Digirolamo Kaylee Dimm James Donaldson


fall graduates

Eric Donnelly Bevann Dubuisson Amanda Dufrene Bodie Dufrene

Dillon Dufrene Jarred Dugas Melissa Dugas Madeleine Duhon

Shelby Durbin Sarah Easley Joshua Edwards Jeremiah Eisenhardt

Kristina Elberling Brooke Elisar Julie Entremont Brandi Erwin

Marlise Eschete Marcus Evans Kaci Ezell Ashlee Fairburn

Lacey Falgout Kaitlin Farkas Megan Ferrando Erika Ferretiz

Jessica Firmin Amber Fleischman Alexis Flores Brandon Fogg



William Foil Amber Folchetti Kayleigh Fontenot Kassie Foose

Emily Forcha Shiela Foster Blake Freeman Vilma Funez De Roche

Carley Furlan Hannah Furlan Lauren Garlepied Kathryn Garrity

Brittany Gassen Leslie Gatlin Chandler Gautreau Rachel Gazzea

Brionne Geason Kaylee George Karlyn Gerald Gino Gioe

Stevi Girouard Lawayla Golden Ivy Gonzales Jordan Gonzales

Daniela Gonzalez Amber Goss Arielle Green Jamie Green


fall graduates

Gabrielle Griffin Kami Griffin Aaron Guidry Kyle Guidry

Lauren Guidry Michelle Guillot Sonia Gutierrez Taylor Hall-Clay

Hope Hanaway Rylie Hanson Savannah Hardee Brandon Hardin

Erin Hargis Hannah Harper Louise Harrison Victoria Harrison

Amy Havard Tyron’E Hawkins Kaelyn Henderson Terez Henderson

Jodiee Hendle Stephanie Hennes Alex Henry Robert Herbert

Lakelyn Hill Heidi Hinton Rachel Hobley Claudia Hodges



Mary Catherine Hodges Quincy Hodges Samantha Howie Scott Hurstell

Courtney Hutchinson Skylar Ingraffia Dominique Jackson Grayson Jackson

Jirah Jackson Princeton Jackson Elizabeth Jarrell Davante Jenkins-Gethers

Austen Johnson Kawanee Johnson Whitney Johnson Will’Nesha Johnson

Alexis Jones Davasia Jones Sara Jones Amy Jordan

Grace Jovanovic Kori Fogg Juban Kaitlyn Juneau Courtney Keller

Devin Kelly Kathryn Kennedy Alexa Kestler Forrest King


fall graduates

Maggie Kippes Jonathan Kirchen Savannah Kirkpatrick Kayla Klein

Renae Knight Jonathan Koeppel Kaitlin Kohoutek Rebecca Kron

Matthew Kunkel Lauren La Porte Katherine Lacour Lisa LaFerrara

Jeremy LaFleur Adam Lagarde Allyson Lambert Kourtney Landis

D’Shaie Landor Leslie Landry Tyler Lange Amber Langston

Amelia Lapeyrouse Alexis LaPlante Alvin Laprarie Emma Larmann

Lauren Larson Jessica Lavender Ann LeBas Abby LeBlanc



Jill Leblanc Ashley Ledet Marisa Leger Hunter Lejeune

Kennedy LeJeune Shanna Lentz Christine Leonard Sarai Leonard

Melissa Lester Bryce Lewis Rebekah Linder Jake Lipps

Shelbie Lockhart Salvador Lopez Dylan Lowder Emily Lowe

Rachael Loyd Jamecia Lucasmilton Lynne Lundsgaard Xingbo Ma

Megan Mackles Hannah Maddie Latricia Manning Julia Marchese

Maranda Marquez Brandon Martin Jared Mcgee Keri McGuiness


fall graduates

James McGuire Meghan McInnis Melody McIntosh Candis McLaurin

Reagon McNabb Daniel McQuary Gavin McQueen Katie McReynolds

Madelene Meier Joshua Melugin Mauricio Mena Victoria Mercer

Gabrielle Messina Kurdeshia Meyers Maria Miano Matthew Migliore

Mallory Milton Amanda Miner A’layne Minvielle Jenna Mire

Jannah Mitchell Taylor Mixon Krystal Monlyn Beau Moore

Ramon Moore Steven Moore Deborah Morgan Victoria Morgan



Brandi Morris Trina Morris Nicole Moss Christiano Mouswaswa

Jamie Muller Brittnee Mumphrey Mitchell Murphy Bailey Murray

Raymond Murry Hannah Myers Jacob Myers Brooke Nalesnik

Lauren Naquin Christian Nethery Katherine Newell Taylor Newsom

Giang Nguyen Jennifer Nielson Kayla Noll Mollie Norton

Sarah Oatis Matthew Olivier Chibueze Onyeagusi Chinwendu Onyeagusi

Matthew Oprea Heather Orillion Cindy Otillio Jarred Ott


fall graduates

Benita O’Quin Madelyn Page Erin Palmer Anthony Panepinto

Everett Paretti Jacob Parker Marjorie Parker Christie Patrick

Patricia Patrick Lanie Pearson Amber Pecoraro Gina Percy

Brianka Peyton Ashley Phill Kevin Phillips Kyra Phillips

Stewart Phillips Miranda Picou Catherine Pier Taylor Pierce

Alexia Plaisance Mia Poche Matthew Pogue Sarah Pollard

Kristin Powell Sarah Powell Brianna Pugh Caleb Puissegur



Hayden Rabalais Yesica Ramirez Keisha Ray Michael Redmond

Crystal Reese Hannah Reeves Erica Reine Ashleigh Reynolds

Landon Richard Casey Richardson Cristian Rideaux Nick Rizzo

Trashica Robinson Dereck Robinson Jr Nicole Rodemann Alexis Rodrigue

Harley Rome Jaimee Rome Graham Roth Jeltje Roudolfich

Averi Roundtree Samantha Rushing Jordan Salles Johanna Salminen

Brigette Sanabia Kirstin Sarver Caitlynn Saucier Jarren Saul-Roussel


fall graduates

Austin Savoie Hila Savoie Kyle Schafer Joshua Schexsnayder

Jordan Schilling Chelsea Scott Korbin Scott Brianna Seals

Jared Serpas Braxton Sharp Christy Shelby Chanel Sheppard

Morgan Silvey Lauren Silvio Da’Quan Smith Jacob Smith

Jordan Smith Kristin Smith Nakiya Smith Samantha Smith

Zackart Smith Zachary Stanley Ashira Stanton Jamie Stanton

Celine Starkey Sara Stevens Sabrina Stiegles Brennon Story



Rachel Studley Joel Sutton Keirre Talbert Markia Tasker

Jonae Tassin Kaylee Tassin Lelia Tate Brittany Taylor

Sara Taylor Jennifer Terhune Skyler Terrell Brett Thames

Catherine Thomas Ebony Thomas James Thomas Stephanie Thomas

Chasity Thompson Kayce Thompson Stevie Thompson Brian Toomer

Jaritza Torres Carmen Torres-Diaz Kaitlyn Townsend Laciee Tramonte

Brienne Trapani Amanda Truglio Anne Turner Molly Usner


fall graduates

John Vaccaro Danielle Valentine Jacob Venable Jordan Verrette

Kayla Viavant Nathan Visel Jacob Volpi Katie Wade

Brennen Waguespack Kevin Walden Kelsi Walker Raquelle Walker

Mykel Walls Eric Warren Jaquan Warren Kezelle Warren

Sonya Warren Colton Waskom Brittany Watts Bianca Weeden

Lauren Weidie Mathew Wells Shannon Whelton Domonique White

Dylan White Shannon White Ashton Wilde Zachary Wiley



Caitlyn Williams Jon’vielle Williams Kourtney Williams Sharrona Williams

Stephanie Williams Macy Williamson Molly Willis Taylor Wilson

Paul Woods Britny Yaing Kayla Young Aaron Zell

Heidi Zuelke Blake Zulli Cory Zunker

Trina Morris, graduating senior (above), smiles as she marches into the commencement ceremony. The graduate received her degree from the College of Nursing and Health Sciences. Photo by Tamara Alexander


During the December commencement over 1,000 graduated received their degrees. Students were seen (left) holding their diploma cover excited about the opportunities to come. Photo by Kelonda Dixon fall graduates

Megan Ferrando, former Editor in Chief of The Lion’s Roar (below), stops to smile for a picture with her family. The graduate received her degree from the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences. Photo by Kelonda Dixon

Marisa Evans, graduating senior (above), is seen holding her diploma cover as she exits commencement. The graduate received her degree from the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences. Photo by Kelonda Dixon Jaquan Warren, graduating senior (right), smiles at his parents as he is in line to collect his diploma and take a picture with President Dr. John L. Crain. Photo by Tamara Alexander academics


Students are seen exiting the University Center (below) as commencement came to an end. During fall commencement there were 354 men and 677 women who were receiving 15 different degrees with representatives from 18 states and 16 countries. Photo by Kelonda Dixon

Cristian Rideaux, graduating senior (above), stops while her family members capture a photo of her as she exits the stage after receiving her diploma. Photo by Tamara Alexander After commencement ends, graduates are seen outside of the University Center (left) with their families taking pictures and celebrating their success. Photo by Kelonda Dixon


fall graduates

Spring Commencement

Connie Adams Khadijah Adams Whitney Adams Peyton Addison

Apurba Adhikary Kimberly Aguillard Nicole Ahrens Jonathan Alexander

Monica Alford Ariel Allen Faith Allen Carly Allison

Maria Alphonso Toni Alridge Danielle Anderson Jasmine Anderson

Victoria Anderson Joshua Ansardi James Anstiss Elia Anthony

Alyssa Arceneaux Justin Archote Indira Argueta Jeremy Armand

Cassidy Arthur Jessica Aucoin Marissa Aucoin Samantha Avera



Hayli Azuara Jace Babin Kenneth Babin Nicole Babin

Natalie Babineaux Anthony Baham Wallace Bahm Megan Baiamonte

Evan Bailey Darsie Baldwin Dakota Ball Ashley Balser

Dakota Bankston Justin Bankston Melanie Barattini Dylan Barbier

Richard Barnard Jordan Baron Ashley Barraco Aashish Basnet

Sal Battaglia Jonathan Beard Tyler Becker Catherine Becnel

Lindsey Begault Chad Bender Andrew Benton Hannah Benton


spring graduates

Kiran Bhatta Charles Black Christina Blair Dylan Bleakley

Aaron Blue Maci Boe Rachel Bogle Kevin Bokun

Morgan Boone Caleb Borelly Benjamin Boudreaux Lauren Boudreaux

Brionca Bougere Ashley Bourgeois Holly Bourgeois Jude Bourgeois

Ronald Bourgeois Rusty Bourgeois Christopher Bowman Erin Brady

Megan Brathberry Jennifer Bray Bret Brian Sierra Bridges

Chelsea Brignac Taylor Brignac Trejon Brignac Danielle Broadhead



Andrew Brouillette Maegan Broussard Regina Brown Sarah Brown

Sean Bruhn Victoria Bryant Keiera Buckles Alvin Buckley

Landry Bullock Rachael Bunn Briana Burkett Delton Burris

Alexandra Butterworth Devin Buuck-Whitfield Kassidy Bynum Lunden Bynum

Haley Byrd Danielle Cador John Cambre Jon Candies

Luke Canella Justin Cannon Khristian Capo Terricka Carpenter

Kaitlyn Carroll Kailey Carter Paulo Casanova III Stephen Cassingham


spring graduates

Brittany Castro Jessica Celestine Jharell Chambers Seth Champagne

Hunter Chaney Preston Chaney Nicholle Chatelain Claudia Chatellier

Holly Chesnut Christopher Clark Jennifer Cochran Katelyn Cockrell

Miranda Coe Maghan Coker Davonna Cola Michelle Coleman

Kayla Collier Kaylee Collier Lindsay Colligan John Collum

Alexander Colton Matthew Conaway Danielle Coniglio Heather Conn

Samantha Cooke Joseph Cooper Scott Cooper Rachel Corass



Amairi Cordova Robbin Corkern Corinne Cormier Mecca Cortez

Catherine Costa Marissa Cotton Andrew Cowan Mark Cox

William Craddock Kara Craighead Paige Creel Laken Crockett

London Cropper Tawanda Cummings Alec Cunningham Zachary Cuny

Mark Curry Kristin Curtis Brittney Cusimano Janell Cutrer

Kaitlin Dale Aimee Dalley Gray Mason Dauphin Keisha Davenport

Stephany Davidson Chloe Davis Cody Davis Evelyn Davis


spring graduates

Paige Davis Rachel Davis Stephanie Davis Cameron Dean

Jamie Dearman Alaina Decoteau Eric Dedeaux Gabrielle Deemer

Anthony Degioia Kyle Delhom Alexandra Depp Rachel Deville

Jiachino Dicarlo Tatum Digirolamo Christina Dill Kelonda Dixon

Katherine Dodt Paul Domingues Stacie Doughty Jerica Douglas

Katelyn Dours Taylor Drude James Druhet Allen Ducote

Taylor Ducote Mary Dudley Carlene Duffield Reese Dugas



Chandler Duhe Dana Duplantier Brittany Dupree Erica Durham

Samantha Dussor Reginald Dye Allie Dyer Lisa Earles

Melissa Ellis Stephanie Ellzey Abbigail Erebia Madison Escamilla

Anna Falks Steven Farmer Paul Faucheux Randy Fauntleroy

Erin Fernandez Vaughn Ferrara Erika Ferretiz Miranda Fleig

Jacob Fletcher Daniel Flynn Rosemary Flynn Jacob Fontenot

Stephen Forcier Patricia Fowler Ali Fredericks Amanda Freeman


spring graduates

Emily Freese John Fryoux Nicole Futch Gina Galatas

Madelyn Galdamez Rebecca Galivan Tabor Gamblin Mallory Gardner

Maya Gauthier Dane Gautreau Luke Gautreau Macy Gautreau

Steven Gayle Adile Gendusa Aiden Genovese Lauren Gibson

Rachel Gill Patrice Gilmore Brinley Giluso Maria Goddard

Jennifer Goetz Francis Gordillo Lindsay Grace Chelsie Graham

Kyle Granat Meghan Green Lauren Gregoire Gregory Griffith



Ashton Griggs Christine Grunder Daniel Gruner Hunter Gsell

Morgan Gueho Hannah Guidry Lawrencia Guillory Cynthia Guthrie

Gabrielle Gutierrez Amelia Haag Jeremy Haase Olivia Habetz

Paul Haddican Brooke Haigler Ayanna Hall Madison Hall

Micah Hamner Andrian Harabaru Markisha Harris Kristina Harrison

Courtney Hart Parrie Hartley Joleigh Hartman Emily Hartzog

Ariane Hawkins Michelle Haydel Colt Hayno Adam Hebert


spring graduates

Brandon Hebert Cierra Heckmann Nathan Hedrich Martin Rae Megan Helms

Ashlyn Hemingway Kaitlin Henby Harold Henderson III Kristen Henry

Lana Henry Spencer Herring Jamie Hewitt Christina Hicks

Breanna Higgins Heather Higgins Marrie Hills William Hines

Brandi Hodge Miriam Holmes Allison Hope Megan Howard

Vanessa Hunt Maddison Hutches Martin Hutchins Carla Hutchinson

Greg Igleharte Paige Imbraguglio Chelsea Ingraham Terri Ippolito



Jamie Ivory Zane Jacob Casey Jeanfreau Lekesha Jelks

Katherine Jenkins Kelsey Johnson Lytreil Johnson Ty’Real Johnson

Gabrielle Jones Hayes Jones Nydoria Jones Patrick Jones

William Joseph Jr Pamela Jugan Nancy Kambi Jerry Kattawar

Meredith Keating Chase Keller Marcus Kelly Brenna Kennair

Rachel Kidwell Brandi Kimball Lindsey Kimble Shelby Kirkland

Jordan Kittrell Madison Knapp Sarah Krul Kacie Krulisky


spring graduates

Ryan Lafleur Racheal Lagrue Maurie Laiche Amanda Lally

Michael Lamarca Rhesha Lamonte Elizabeth Lamy Hannah Landry

Jared Landry Micaela Lanus Emma Lapeyrouse Amber Lasher

Lauren Laurent Allison Lawless Alyssa LeBlanc Brittani Leblanc

Katie Leblanc Nicole Leblanc Paul Leblanc Sarah Leblanc

Elizabeth Leboeuf Kylie Lecocq Clare Ledoux Shanna Lee

Courtney Lefebvre John Legrange Kacey Leon Rebekah Levy



Tia Lewis Welton Lewis Rebecca Lincecum Jarrett Lipari

Lauren Lorentz Cameron Loria Blake Lorio Chelsea Loupe

Lawanda Love Chelsey Lowery Hao Luo Mallarey Luttmann

Ian Mackenzie Molly Mackenzie Kaci Maggio Sharie Mahler

Jill Maloy Shelby Marcotte Duncan Martin Jazmin Martinez

Chase Matherne Meaghan Mccardle Damena Mccoy Kara Mccoy

Trinecia Mccoy Brooklyn Mccurley Amber Mcgrath Kody Mcgregor


spring graduates

Jenna Mchugh Laken Mcmorris Thomas Mcneal Jesseca Mcneill

Mallery Mele Randi Menesses Jackeline Mercado Jacob Mercante

Sierra Merritt Logan Metcalfe Kaitlyn Methvien Darryl Miles

Allyson Miller Austin Miller Codey Miller Hunter Miller

Catherine Millet Jann Moecklin Sarah Montelepre Tansha Moore

Destinee Morales Nicholas Moran Anne Morgan Brennan Morris

Janvier Morris Joseph Morris Tammy Morris Marissa Munn



Ladashea Muse Morgan Naquin Renee Navarre Ashley Nelson

Andrea Nershi Beatriz Newell Meaghan Neyrey Nekia Nicholas

Payton Nisby Emma Nobles Emily Nodine Joshua Nye

Paul Obermann Simone Odom Ryan Olynick Stephen Ordoyne

Travis Orillion Peyton Orten Kelli Otillio Sharon Ourso

Rose Overton Branna Owens Chrystol O’Connor William O’Rourke

Espian Pace Gabriela Pacheco Molina Courtney Palisi Courtney Parker


spring graduates

Solomon Parker Marie Parrill Brant Passman Vidhi Patel

Tyler Patton Gennard Paul Kayli Payne Casey Peacock

Amber Pearson Nancy Peck Ronald Pellegrin Angelle Pellerin

Lindsay Pellhum Raven Percy Samuel Perelli Debra Perilloux

Savannah Perrin Gabrielle Perry Rayshell Peters Eric Pham

Brittany Phillips Amanda Piacun Bridget Pierce Charnae Pipes

Brianna Poche Taylor Poche Oleg Pogonych Hannah Pohlmann



Karleacia Pooler Ra’Najawhan Poullard Brittany Puma Connor Raborn

Abigail Ragusa Cody Raiford Ean Rainey Lillian Ramagos

Elizabeth Ramee Subash Ranabhat Dennis Rankin Jr Jordan Recatto

Victoria Reggio Krista Reich Jordan Reid Shelby Reid

Avery Renfrow Marquita Rhymes Kristin Ribando Taylor Ribando

Samantha Ricau Mark Richard Dayja Richardson Kyle Richert

Courtney Richoux Mikaylia Rideaux Ashley Riley Lisa Riley


spring graduates

Kelly Ripple Sarah Robert Mia Roberts Kyla Robertson

Brooke Robichaux Andrea Robinson Clarence Robinson Marisa Rodrigues

Kaci Rodriguez Brooke Rome Ryan Rome Madeline Root

Lauren Rose Joseph Rossman Abigail Rostetter Amy Roux

Sierra Rowe Anna Rudesill Lee-Ann Ryan Hope Sabadash

Jeremy Sadden Nora Saltalmachia Brooke Sampey Darichelle Sampson

Dantrayl Sanders Danielle Savoie Abigail Savoy Jacqueline Savoy



Jason Savoy Michlynn Scalise Bryce Schell Lin Schexnayder

Casey Schibler Joseph Schluter Chamberlain Scott Raeven Scott

Soyeon Seo Victoria Sharp Queen Sheppard Sonoko Shimada

Jordan Showalter Ashley Siliezar Katie Simmons Michaela Simmons

Darren Simoneaux Andrew Slama Zachary Slawson Victoria Slay

Olivia Smart Racheal Smiley Brittany Smith Heaven Smith

Jamie Smith Julie Smith Richard Smith Taylor Smith


spring graduates

Alton Smith III Sontrell Solomon Hayden Songy Katie Songy

Sarah Spangler Kathryn Splane Brandon St. Pierre Randi St. Pierre

Stephanie Staggs Lorenzo Stallion Wando Stampley Alexander Stein

Meunshae Stewart Sydney Stewart Kristen Stilley Derek Storms

Kelsey Stratton Paul Strickland Landon Stringer Kaylin Strong

Brindley Tallia Christine Tarride Danica Taylor Jada Taylor

Jennifer Terre Hannah Terrell Ashley Theriot Chad Thiaville



Ryan Thompson Briana Thorn Breanna Threeton Rachel Tidwell

Javon Tillman Megan Tircuit Morgan Todd Ross Tomko

Matthew Tonguis Ronald Toomer Hannah Tracey Emily Treloar

Myranda Triche Hans Troxclair Gabrielle Tullier Tara Tyree

Joseph Tzeng Paul Vaccaro Taylor Vallette Trevor Vampran

Deuel Vaughn Lauren Veal Colton Vickers Robert Viger

Keely Villar Baleigh Vinyard Grant Von Rosenberg Brent Wagner


spring graduates

Alexa Ward Victoria Weatherington Kristian Westbrook Karlie Wheat

Brittney White Dylan White Kristin White Allison Whitehead

Cory Wicker Jayson Wiedeman Harry Wiggins Emily Wilcox

Bethany Wilhelm Jessika Willard Blaine Williams Cameron Williams

Emily Williams Evian Williams Jimecia Williams Kyle Williams

Mary Williams Stephen Williams Vanessa Williams Willard Williams

Joseph Williams Jr Dru Willis Kayla Wilson Deanna Woessner



Jarrett Womack Vantreece Woodall Brandon Woods Daneeka Woods

Wanyu Xie Leland Yates Luke Yoes Brianna Young

Rayshell Peters, graduating senior (above), poses for a picture as she is marching into commencement. The graduate received her degree from the College of Nursing and Health Sciences. . Photo by Tamara Alexander Madison Knapp, graduating senior (left), poses after crossing the stage and taking a picture with President Dr. John L. Crain. Photo by Tamara Alexander


spring graduates

Ayanna Hall, graduating senior (below) pause to pose for a picture after crossing the stage and receiving her diploma. During the spring commencement over 1,100 students received their degrees. Photo by Tamara Alexander

Ashley Nelson, graduating senior (above), is seen posing for a picture after receiving her degree. Nelson graduated with honors and also received recognition from the University for graduating with a 4.0 GPA. Photo by Megan McCormick Kelonda Dixon, graduating senior and Co-Editor of Le Souvenir (right), poses for her photograph to be taken. Dixon received a Bachelors of Arts with a concentration in Graphic Design. Photo by Tamara Alexander academics


Sontrell Solomon, graduating senior and member of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. (below), poses for a picture as he exits the stage. Photo by Tamara Alexander

Gregory Griffith, graduating senior (above), received his degree on May 13, 2017. During the spring commencement ceremony 410 men and 702 women received degrees. Photo by Tamara Alexander


Myranda Triche, graduating senior (left), poses for a picture after receiving her diploma. This spring 2017 class of graduates included representatives from 22 states and 19 countries. Photo by Tamara Alexander spring graduates

After commencement is over graduates are seen exiting the University Center (below). The graduates are greeted by family and friends that are proud of their accomplishment of graduating. Photo by Tamara Alexander

Maria Goddard, graduating senior (above), poses for a picture after crossing the stage. Goddard graduated with a degree from the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences. Photo by Tamara Alexander Nancy Peak, graduating senior (right), stops to pause for a picture. During commencemnt, students wear stoles and chords representing organizations and honors received during their time at the university. Photo by Megan McCormick academics


Christopher Clark, graduating senior (below), poses for a picture as he marches into commencement. During spring commencement Michele Kidd Sutton, president and chief executive officer of North Oaks Health System in Hammond, addressed the graduating students. Photo by Tamara Alexander

Taylor Hawkins, graduating senior (above) smiles for a picture. Spring commencement was held in the University Center on Saturday, May 13, 2017. Photo by Tamara Alexander Savannah Perrin, graduating senior (left), smiles for a photograph. She received her degree from the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences. Photo by Tamara Alexander


spring graduates



Leah Miller (right) cheers on the Lions and their fans during a football game against McNeese State University. Thanks to the support of the cheerleaders, Lionettes, fans and self-determination, the Lions won 31-24 against McNeese. Photo by Tamara Alexander Susan Oufnac (below left) smiles at the crowd during the 2016 homecoming game against Houston Baptist University. The cheerleaders often help get the crowd pumped up during football games at Strawberry Stadium. Photo by Tamara Alexander Paulo Casanova (below right) waves a Southeastern flag as the football team rushes into the stadium. Many of the cheerleaders can be seen at various athletic events helping spread Lion Pride. Photo by Kelonda Dixon



Sayde Cavalier (below) waves the American flag while the Spirit of the Southland Marching Band plays the National Anthem. For the football game against Abilene Christian, University athletics recognized past and current veterans. Photo by Kelonda Dixon

Haley Dufresne, Brooke Guillot, Alexander Dupuis and Susan Oufnac (left) Lion Up while riding on a fire truck during the first home game of the season. Traditionally, the cheerleaders, along with the Lionettes and the Spirit of the Southland Marching Band lead the Lions fans into the stadium as part of Storm 30 where fans storm the stadium 30 minutes prior to kick off. Photo by Lee E. Lind




Bailey Boudreaux (right) dances to a song played by the Spirit of the Southland Marching Band during a football game. The Lionettes traditionally share the field with the band to entertain the fans during halftime. Photo by Taja Morgan Carlena Wyatt (below left) smiles bright during a performance. The Lionettes showed off in Strawberry Stadium for every home game during the football season. Photo by Kelonda Dixon Payton Nisby (below right) does a high kick. The Lionette choreography included kicks, leaps and turns compiled into routines that are practiced and perfected, making them performance ready. Photo by Tamara Alexander



Re’Jon Alexander (below) stands with poise at the end of a Lionettes’ performance. As the football season came to an end, the Lionettes began preparing for upcoming events such as their National Championship for College Dancing in Orlando, Fl. Photo by Taja Morgan

Jordan Gautreau (left) adds some spice to her routine during a football game against the McNeese Demons. Gautreau, along with other Lionettes, performed each routine with confidence and a smile. Photo by Tamara Alexander




Music majors sophomore Brandon Miranda, junior Jeremy Stringer and freshman Tanner Reese (right) play their snare drums in the 2016 Homecoming Parade. The Spirit of the Southland Marching Band led the parade alongside various organizations. Photo by Tamara Alexander Samuel Pizzolato, freshman music major, (below left) plays the saxophone for the first time of the 2016 football season. After practicing all summer, the band wowed the crowd during the home gameopener against Northwestern State University. Photo by Kelonda Dixon Maryssa Chartier, sophomore music major (below right), performs during the homecoming game against Houston Baptist University. The Spirit of the Southland Marching Band performed during every home game half-time show this season. Photo by Kelonda Dixon



Saxophone players (below) perform at halftime. For each performance, the Spirit of the Southland Marching Band brought something new to the field with different themes. Photo by Megan McCormick

Oscar Hernandez, freshman music performance major, and Wesley Romano, freshman music major (left), play their trumpets for a traditional pre-game showing. Band members also performed outside of Pottle Auditorium before leading the crowd to Strawberry Stadium for kick-off. Photo by Kelonda Dixon


spirit of the southland

Color guard

Annie Goodman and color guard members (right) perform during halftime at the season opener. The color guard joined the band on the field to entertain the crowd. Photo by Tamara Alexander Kyriel Felton (below left) smiles bright as she twirls her flag, kicking off the game against the McNeese State University Cowboys. Color guard, the band and the Lionettes perform a traditional routine before every home game. Photo by Tamara Alexander Ja’Mesha Butler (below right) walks in the Homecoming Parade. The color guard participates in the annual Homecoming Parade that passes through campus, ending near Friendship Circle. Photo by Tamara Alexander



Virginia Eber and other color guard members (below) stand silently as they remember all those fighting and those who have already fought for our freedom during the playing of the National Anthem. Photo by Tamara Alexander

Emilee Hamilton (left) performs along to the beats of the Lions’ fight song before kick-off. Color guard entertained fans during many performances. Photo by Tamara Alexander


color guard

baseball 37-22 (20-10 SLC) Home 20-7 Away 12-11 Neutral 5-4


vs HOFSTRA 11-1 W vs Murray State 1-3 L vs UL Lafayette 5-4 W vs Tulane 8-5 W @ Rice 8-4 W @ Rice 5-15 L @ Rice 12-4 W @ Vanderbilt 6-9 L


@ Vanderbilt 2-4 L vs South Alabama 4-3 W vs Seton Hall 13-1 W vs Troy 5-4 W vs West Virginia 4-2 W @ New Orleans 8-0 W vs New Orleans 8-3 W @ New Orleans 4-2 W @ South Alabama 12-4 W vs Lamar 6-5 W vs Lamar 4-1 W vs Lamar 5-13 L @ LSU 2-8 L @ Houston Baptist 7-8 L @ Houston Baptist 0-4 L @ Houston Baptist 3-6 L vs UL Lafayette 15-3 W vs McNeese 10-2 W


vs McNeese 1-4 L vs McNeese 5-4 W vs South Alabama 12-9 W @ Texas A&M- Corpus Christi 2-3 L @ Texas A&M- Corpus Christi 4-5 L @ Texas A&M- Corpus Christi 8-5 W vs Northwestern State 7-0 W vs Northwestern State 3-2 W vs Northwestern State 4-6 L @ UL Lafayette 2-9 L @ Nicholls 4-0 W vs Nicholls 2-3 L @ Nicholls 11-6 W vs Alcorn State 21-3 W @ Stephen F. Austin 7-0 W @ Stephen F. Austin 11-5 W @ Stephen F. Austin 11-7 W


@ Tulane 16-2 W vs Sam Houston State 2-1 W vs Sam Houston State 3-2 W vs Sam Houston State 3-10 L vs Central Arkansas 10-3 W vs Central Arkansas 10-3 W vs Central Arkansas 3-2 W @ Southern Miss 3-11 L vs Seton Hall 3-16 L vs Seton Hall 10-7 W vs New Orleans 12-7 W vs Sam Houston State 4-8 L vs New Orleans 4-7 L


vs Rice 12-6 W vs LSU 6-11 L vs Rice 5-9 L

Pressing Onward

Head Coach Matt Riser (right) stops to talk to a base runner during the NCAA Tournament match versus Louisiana State University. The Lions competed, but lost to LSU during the tournament. Photo by Jonathan Rhodes

Mac Sceroler, junior pitcher (above), is seen on the mound pitching to an opponent of Louisiana State University. During this game Sceroler had two strike outs. Photo by Jonathan Rhodes

The Lions baseball team ended the overall season with a 37-22, and a 20-10 in conference play. The Lions went on to represent the Southland Conference in the Field of 64, for the second consecutive year. This was also the third NCAA Tournament appearance in four years under Head Coach Matt Riser. Riser described the season as rocky, but in the end they pulled it together. “Earlier in the year I thought we played extremely well,” said Riser. “We had some really hard competition. A lot of people kind of called me crazy with the nonconference schedule we put together, but we did a fantastic job of handling that.” At the beginning of the season the Lions played some hard competitors such as Rice University, Vanderbilt and West Virginia. With a good start to the season, the Lions entered conference play with great momentum until they reached their midseason adversity. “It happens every year, but it was a little longer than I wanted this year,” said Riser. “I thought we got out of it with the McNeese series, but we kind of got back in the funk a little bit with Texas A&M Corpus Christi.” However, with the adversity within conference the Lions were able to get back in the game and move forward. “The guys have done a fantastic job within this last five weeks of getting themselves back on the horse,” said Riser. “We’ve played our best baseball here at the end of the year and so we have everything we want right in front of us.” There were many key players during the 2017 season. Third baseman Taylor Schwaner was named a semifinalist for the 2017 Gregg Olson Award



presented by Toolshed Sports. Schwaner wrapped up the season hitting .332, with 15 doubles, four triples, 16 home runs, 72 RBI and 17 stolen bases. Riser also described Carson Crites as the heartbeat of the team. “Carson Crites has done great for us offensively and defensively more importantly,” said Riser. “He has been our leader and our heartbeat all year long, and I couldn’t be more proud of what that young man has come from and where he is going.” However, there would not be a game of baseball without the pitcher. “It starts on the mound,” said Riser. “Mac, what he has done for us this year, him and Corey being the one two punch, has thrown majority of our innings and done a fantastic job.” Mac Sceroler had a record of 110 strike outs. He also pitched 110.2 innings during the 2017 season. Corey Gaconi had a record of 70 strikeouts and pitched 108 innings during the 2017 season. As the Lions competed in the NCAA Tournament as the number two seed, they defeated Rice, the number three seed, during the first game 12-6, but then lost to Louisiana State University 6-11. The Lions faced Rice again on the mound, losing 5-9 thus ending the tournament for them. Despite the loss, the Lions will be back and ready for fall ball next season. “We have to replace a bulk of our position players and a bulk of our line up because we are losing so many seniors,” said Riser. “Anytime you have to replace those pieces you have a lot of work to do, but I feel like we have identified and signed those guys. Now it’s time to get back to work in the fall and get going to get our minds right.” Story Tamara Alexander Design Kelonda Dixon

Photo by Elizabeth Brown

During a game against South Alabama, Jacob Seward, senior outfielder (right), scored a hit-andrun single to left center field. Seward had a total of 103 RBIs since joining the team in 2014. Photo by Breshon Foster Kade Granier, junior pitcher (below left), pitches to a Lamar batter. Granier struck out four opponents during the game versus the Cardinals. Photo by Breshon Foster Carson Crites, senior infielder (below right), swings at a pitch from South Alabama’s pitcher. Crites earned All-Conference and All-Tournament honors from the Southland Conference. Photo by Breshon Foster



Derrick Mount, senior infielder and pitcher (below), catches the ball at first base to gain an out against the University of Louisiana at Lafeyette. The team ended the game with a 15-3 win. Photo by Elizabeth Brown

Sam Huser, redshirt freshman pitcher (left), warms up before a scrimmage. Huser was named to the 2016 Southland Conference Commissioner’s Honor Roll. Photo by Megan McCormick



women’s Basketball

5-24 (3-15 SLC)

Home 4-8 Away 1-16 Neutral 0-0


vs Loyola University 62-76 L @ University of Mississippi 31-81 L @ University of Houston 80-83 L vs University of Mobile 67-52 W @ Baylor 38-109 L vs Bethune-Cookman 75-63 W @ University of Colorado 54-112 L


@ Colorado State University 31-77 L @ Jackson State University 66-83 L @ UL Lafayette 77-86 L vs Grambling State 71-87 L @ Florida 51-102 L vs Abilene Christian 57-82 L


vs Incarnate Word 76-85 L @ Houston Baptist 87-71 W @ Lamar 68-86 L @ Texas A&M Corpus Christi 61-77 L vs McNeese 83-86 L @ Incarnate Word 56-96 L vs Northwestern State 69-58 W @ Sam Houston 61-68 L


vs Nicholls 60-76 L @ Central Arkansas 55-77 L vs Texas A&M Corpus Christi 53-69 L vs New Orleans 85-70 W @ Northwestern State 71-89 L vs Stephen F. Austin 62-92 L vs Central Arkansas 64-78 L @ Nicholls 57-92 L


@ New Orleans 87-102 L

Lions stick together

Bre Warren, junior guard (right), faces off against an opponent from McNeese State University. Warren, a Slidell, Louisiana native and Northshore High School graduate, ended the 2016-17 season with a total of 217 points. Photo by Elizabeth Brown

Tyler Morrison, freshman guard (above), goes for a lay-up while being surrounded by opponents from Northwestern State University. Morrison is a Baton Rouge native who made a total of four rebounds and three assists, contributing to the team’s 69-58 win against Northwestern. Photo by Elizabeth Brown

The Lady Lions basketball team had a bumpy 2016-2017 season ending with an overall 5-24 and a 3-15 record in the Southland Conference. Their season tipped off with three losses against Loyola University, University of Mississippi and the University of Houston. However, the Lions never gave up and returned to the University Center to earn their first win of the season versus the University of Mobile with a final score of 67-52. “As a team, I feel that our greatest strength is definitely our will to keep fighting through whatever the adversity,” said junior guard Taylin Underwood. Other victories for the Lady Lions were Bethune-Cookman, 75-63, Houston Baptist, 87-71, Northwestern State, 69-58, and University of New Orleans, 85-70. Among these wins is one player’s favorite game from the past season. “Tough to pick just one game as my favorite, but if I had to pick just one, it would be the home game against Northwestern State,” said Underwood. “I pick that for three reasons. One, we won, which is the most important. Two, we were losing at the half by a significant amount of points, but really played together and extremely hard on the defensive end and we won convincingly against a tough opponent and overall good team. Three, we had a great crowd especially on the student section side, which made the game very fun and exciting to play in.” The team ended the season with highs including 87 points made per game against Houston Baptist and University of New Orleans, 71 field goals attempted against Sam Houston State and University of New Orleans and 33 field goals made against University of New Orleans.

Underwood has also had the most points per game, field goals made, field goal attempts, three point field goals made and attempts and free throws made and attempts seen by an individual player this past season. The ladies are looking forward to the upcoming season. This past season’s team consisted of five freshmen, three sophomores, three juniors and only one senior, forward Chey Stewart. Underwood hopes this young team will continue to persist through the tough times preparing for the 2017-2018 season. “We will be returning a lot of players who have played a lot of minutes this season, so next year we will have a lot more experience than we had this past season,” said Underwood. “We haven’t won as much as I would have liked, but I know we must keep trying.” A big change for next season will be a shift in coaching staff. Due to past head coach Errol Gauff ’s health, he has stepped down from his position. Taking his place will be Hammond native Ayla Guzzardo. Guzzardo began her collegiate days at Shelton State Community College where her team was rewarded as conference champions. Guzzardo continued to play at Akron University in Ohio before returning back to Hammond to coach at St. Thomas Aquinas High School. Underwood has proved playing a collegiate sport is not always about winning, losing or breaking records. To some, it means sharpening qualities that will still be used even after their basketball career ends. “I believe it has helped me in a number of ways [including] discipline, work ethic, and most of all to keep fighting even when things do not go the way I want them to,” said Underwood. Design Kelonda Dixon Story Megan McCormick



Photo by Tamara Alexander

Courtney Dawsey, freshman guard (right), hustles down the court as she dribbles past Grambling State University opponent. Dawsey finished the 2016-17 season with 77 points made, 12 of which were three-pointers. Photo by Kelonda Dixon Bre Warren, junior guard (below left), goes up for a shot in a game against McNeese State University. The Lady Lions put up good offense and defense against their opponents, ending the game with a close score of 83-86. Photo by Elizabeth Brown Charliee Dugas, freshman guard (below right), searches for a teammate to pass the ball off to. Dugas scored a total of 290 points during this season. Photo by Megan McCormick



Taz Stinson, freshman guard (below), plays defense by blocking her opponent from passing or shooting the ball. Stinson made a total of 84 rebounds by the end of the 2016-17 season. Photo by Elizabeth Brown

Tyler Morrison, freshman guard (left), goes for a layup to score two points for the Lady Lions. Morrison contributed with four assists in this game against McNeese State University. Photo by Elizabeth Brown


women’s basketball

Men’s Basketball 16-16 (9-9 SLC)

Home 11-3 Away 5-12 Neutral 0-1


vs Southern New Orleans 81-53 W


vs LSU Alexandria 59-53 W vs Millsaps College 85-39 W @ Tulane 76-93 L vs Jackson State 84-71 W vs Xavier of Louisiana 89-72 W @ UTEP 72-56 W @ Colorado State 59-67 L @ California 55-67 L vs Maryland-Eastern Shore 85-75 W


@ Louisiana Tech 59-88 L vs Florida A&M 108-69 W @ Toledo 56-78 L @ North Texas 65-71 L @ Southern 64-53 W vs Abilene Christian 75-53 W


vs Incarnate Word 74-63 W @ Houston Baptist 74-81 L @ Lamar 54-74 L @ Abilene Christian 56-50 W vs McNeese 79-75 W vs Houston Baptist 83-71 W vs Northwestern State 71-85 L @ Sam Houston State 69-71 L


vs Nicholls 72-44 W @ Central Arkansas 66-68 L @ Texas A&M- Corpus 75-80 L vs New Orleans 52-60 L @ Northwestern State 73-66 W vs Stephen F. Austin 52-60 L vs Central Arkansas 87-70 W @ Nicholls 71-77 L


@ New Orleans 63-58 W vs Lamar 65-77 L

Winning Together

Michael Corchiani, freshman point guard (right), holds off defensively with his fellow Lions shortly behind him. Corchiani finished the season with 16 steals, 25 assists, 29 rebounds and 44 points scored. Photo by Tamara Alexander

Davon Hayes, junior guard and forward (above), aims for the goal during a free throw. Hayes contributed 16 points to this close 79-75 victory against McNeese State University. Photo by Elizabeth Brown

In a story, there is no ending without a beginning. Being victorious takes hard work, preparation and dedication to reach success. This year, the men’s basketball team was the perfect example of just that. The Lions started the season strong with three consecutive victories until their first 17-point loss against Tulane University. As the season progressed, the Lions began to apply more pressure defense wise against opponents. Head Coach Jay Ladner says that applying pressure and playing an energetic game was one of the team’s strong points this season. “One word to describe the way that we play would be pressure,” said Ladner. “We like to pressure the offense and the defense. We did a lot of pressing and fast breaking.” The consistent strategy of pressure led the team to being ninth in the Southland Conference. The Lions played a total of 32 games this season, ending with an overall record of 16-16. Ladner also used the strategy of using more players during the game to build the players up and have a greater rotation than opposing teams. “We utilized a lot of our players,” said Ladner. “We also had a very large rotation of players compared to the teams we played. We played 10 to 11 players per night.” Ladner’s strategy was successful, and it led the players to accumulate impressive numbers. Marlain Veal, sophomore point guard, averaged 14.3 points a game while James Currington, junior forward, averaged 7.0 rebounds per game. Senior center Dominic Nelson,

who is known for his blocking skills, was the only senior playing on the team this season. Nelson accomplished a tie for ninth on the Lions’ career list with 81 blocks while playing for the team. Nelson blocked 62 shots in this season, and he tied for third most blocks in a season by a Lion, placing 44th nationally. Nelson averaged 2.00 blocks per game. Nelson felt that as being the only playing senior, he had to take on a bigger role. “Being the only senior, I felt like I had a big role and responsibility to keep the team focused,” said Nelson. Nelson plans to continue his career by becoming a professional basketball player overseas. This season, the Lions broke the university’s 6-year streak of not having a winning team. They also set the record of having the highest team GPA academically in the university’s history. “Having the highest GPA academically was a great off-court accomplishment; here at Southeastern, that is really important to us,” said Ladner. Despite losing their first game against Lamar in the Southland Conference Tournament, Veal still continues to look at next season with a positive attitude. “I know that next season will be better than this one,” said Veal. “One of my weaknesses was shooting and putting the ball in constantly, but with the experience I’ve gained from the season, these turn overs will go down.” The Lions will continue moving forward as a team for years to come. “The definition of team is everyone being all in, and being brought together for the single purpose of winning,” said Veal. Story Breshon Foster Design Kelonda Dixon



Photo by Kelonda Dixon

Head Coach Jay Ladner (right) discusses a play during a timeout with the team. The Lions finished this season 16-16 overall, placing ninth in the Southland Conference Tournament. Photo by Elizabeth Brown Demi Cook, sophomore guard (below left), searches for a teammate to pass the ball to while being guarded by two opponents. This season, Cook scored 144 points, contributing to the team’s overall efforts. Photo by Breshon Foster George Brock, junior guard (below right), sweeps his way past a Nicholls State opponent in an attempt to score. The Lions triumphed over the Colonels in this game by a 28-point lead, finishing 72-44. Photo by Elizabeth Brown



Eddy Polanco, junior shooting guard and point guard (below), jumps past his opponents for a shot to score. Polanco is a Bronx, New York native who finished this season with a total of 121 rebounds and 299 points scored. Photo by Tamara Alexander

Moses Greenwood, sophomore forward (left), looks to his teammates as he prepares to pass the ball. In this game against McNeese State University, Greenwood led in points, he scored 19 points, contributing to a close 79-75 victory. Photo by Elizabeth Brown


men’s basketball


7-4 (7-2 SLC)

Home 4-1 Away 3-3 Neutral 0-0


@ Oklahoma State 7-61 L @ Southern Utah 23-28 L vs Northwestern 34-24 W


@ Lamar 14-38 L vs McNeese 31-24 W @ Stephen F. Austin 58-34 W vs Houston Baptist 37-3 W vs Central Arkansas 10-45 L


@ Incarnate Word 30-10 W vs Abilene Christian 31-19 W @ Nicholls 44-42 W


Jonathan Tatum, junior kicker (right), kicks a field goal in Strawberry Stadium. Tatum managed a 41yard field goal attempt, making it his season high. Photo by Tamara Alexander

Javon Connor, freshman wide receiver (above), catches a pass despite pressure from McNeese State University defense. The Lions offense continued to shine, ending the night with a win, 31-24. Photo by Tamara Alexander

For the Lions, this season featured a wide array of ups and downs from start to finish. With an overall season record of 7-4, they closed out the season ending with a conference record of 7-2. Though faulty during the beginning of the season against Oklahoma State and Southern Utah, the Lions returned home to the Strawberry Stadium and landed a 34-24 victory against Northwestern State University. The team soon after traveled to Lamar, then returned home and earned yet another astounding win against rival McNeese State University with a final score of 3124. Brandon Acker, senior wide receiver, received an 82yard touchdown pass from Justin Alo, senior quarterback, resulting in a victory with only eight seconds remaining in the game. Later, the Lions headed back on the road to go up against Stephen F. Austin where another win was gained with an overall score of 58-34. In the midst of the season, time had winded down and homecoming was underway. The Lions faced off against Houston Baptist and another victory was soon earned with a final score of 37-3. After a loss against Central Arkansas, the team traveled to Incarnate Word with an overall scoring of 30-10. Upon returning home for Senior Day, the Lions went up against Abilene Christian and ended with a 31-19 victory. Aside from the game, eighteen seniors were honored for their duties throughout their athletic collegiate experience. Seniors included: Acker, Alo, Juwaan Rogers, Miki Fangatua, Rasheed Harrell, Kaelyn Henderson, Da’Quan Smith, D’Shaie Landor, Will Hines, Tre’ Bennett, Caleb Young, Anthony Murphy Jr., Solomon Parker, Justin Barksdale, Taylor Gadbois, Jon Taylor, Javari Nichols and Trent Williams. Among many surprises and notions throughout the season’s duration, Acker was also voted the best receiver in the Southland Conference with 741 votes. His 2015



statistics consisted of 13 catches, 343 yards, two touchdowns and 22.4 yards per carry. The season finale took place at Nicholls State University. Throughout their duel, the Lions continued to showcase their determination and with the fans behind them, the Lions came out with a close score of 44-42, reclaiming the River Bell back to Hammond, Louisiana. Bound together as a family, football coaches sought to prep the Lions throughout the season’s duration. Head Coach Ron Roberts shared his overall thoughts regarding this season and new techniques as older Lions return home while newer players learn to pave their way. “We’ve gotten a lot better,” said Roberts. “Throughout the season, one thing we did was continuously improve and came together closer as a football team with our guys moving in the right direction. I think a lot of our guys have grown up as young men.” “Next spring, the biggest thing will be getting them on the same page and hopefully, we lay a better foundation,” said Roberts. “Again, we have a large group of them coming back, so it’s just important for our newer guys to fit in and hopefully they’ll show them the way.” With a group of eighteen players completing their senior season, corner-backs’ assistant football coach Kevin Weston explained future plans for the upcoming season. “We should be returning our running backs’ and being able to work with those guys and build off of the experiences they had this year,” said Wetson. “Just as a football team in general, we’re just looking forward to building off the things we’ve done this season to get us back to the championship program we’d set the precedence for.” This season was filled with the Lions showcasing their hunger, determination and hard work never going unnoticed. With this season now over, Lion Pride will continue to reign and the team has formed memories that will last forever. Story Taja Morgan Design Kelonda Dixon

Photo by Kelonda Dixon

Max Lyons and Mayori Ellison, junior defensive backs (right), prepare to tackle McNeese State University wide receiver Nick Edwards. Lyons ended the season with 45 solo tackles while Ellison had 14. Photo by Tamara Alexander Kaelyn Henderson, senior running back (below left), fights a group of Northwestern Demons to gain a first down in the first home game of the season. Henderson earned a total of 32 rushing yards throughout the game, contributing to the Lions’ victory, 34-24. Photo by Kelonda Dixon Miki Fangatua, senior defensive linebacker (below right), hypes up the crowd with a fist pump at a game against Abilene Christian. Fangatua made a total of four tackles that night against the Wildcats. Photo by Kelonda Dixon



Rasheed Harrell, senior running back (below), rushes past Northwestern Demons toward the end zone for an attempt at a touchdown. Harrell contributed 124 yards rushing in this game, making that his highest amount of rushing yards per game for the season. Photo by Tamara Alexander

Tre’ Bennett, senior linebacker (left), tackles down a Central Arkansas player. Bennett made a total of six tackles in this game, contributing to his total of 43 tackles in the 2016 season. Photo by Kelonda Dixon





@ Sam Hall Intercollegiate 10th/15 @ Jim Rivers Intercollegiate 6th/13


@ David Toms Intercollegiate 8th/14 @ULM Duck Commander Intercollegiate 7th/10


@ All-American Intercollegiate 7th/18 @ Louisiana Classics 14th/15


@ Lone Star Intercollegiate 13th/14


@ Old Waverly Intercollegiate 13th/16 @Jim West Intercollegiate 2nd/12 @LSU Tiger Classic 2nd/7 @ Southland Conference Championships 5th/10

Diverse Lions

Senior Paul Obermann (right) completed a 74.03 stroke average over 30 rounds. During the 2016-2017 season, Obermann was named to the All-Southland Conference second team. Photo by Kelonda Dixon

Sophomore William Meyers (above) gained an honorable mention recognition after finishing with a 74.70 stroke average over 30 rounds. Meyers completed four eagles in one season, the sixth most eagles for a Lion during the short time period. Photo by Elizabeth Brown

With two athletes from New Zealand, one from France, one from Germany, one from Venezuela and only two from Louisiana, the Lions golf team brings not only Lion pride but also international diversity to the university. “Golf is an international language,” said Head Coach Jake Narro. “It’s funny how people from New Zealand, Germany and Baton Rouge can immediately get along because of the game of golf.” The close-knit team has traveled throughout the southeast region and competed at various tournaments bringing them to the end at the Southland Conference Championship. While there, the Lions finished in 5th place with a total of 930 and 66 over par. Four players made it to the Top 25 those being seniors Paul Obermann, James Anstiss, Gustavo Leon and sophomore William Meyers. Though many victories came from the season and the championship, Narro felt that irregularity was a drawback. “Our biggest challenge throughout the season was inconsistency,” said Narro. “Unfortunately, as our performance at the Conference Championship showed, we never really overcame that.” With Narro’s second season of coaching, the Lions the team had not changed much but leadership was still a major key. “Each year is different because there are different personalities for the team,” said Narro. “Despite having mostly the same players this year as last, the leaders often shape the spirit of the team. We had great leadership on the team this year.” Amongst this leadership were Obermann and Anstiss. These two, along with Meyers, were named to the All-Southland Conference. Obermann and Anstiss earned second team making it their third time receiving All-Southland Conference athletics


throughout their career. For this season, Obermann and Anstiss each also earned a spot on the Southland Conference Spring Commissioners Honor Roll. Both players have learned to manage their athletics and academics while being a Lion. Anstiss and Obermann say that the key to their successes as student athletes is making a daily schedule and practicing good time management techniques. “It is important to have a day planned out so you get all your requirements out of the way which will free up time,” said Anstiss. “I’ve always stuck to a pretty strict schedule which has helped me.” Besides winning, the Lions golf team also works together to be a family, opening their homes for other teammates such as Meyers did for Anstiss. “You never feel alone if you have a team around you and being in any kind of student organization, but especially in athletics gives a new family and so many chances to find new friends, that you just cannot feel very lonely,” said Obermann. “I am not sure how everything would have went if I would have plainly come for studies. I am very glad that college athletics exists in the U.S.” While Anstiss’ goal is to turn professional in 2018, looking back, he would not change anything during his Lion career. Obermann has returned to Germany and hopes to further his education by receiving a master’s degree. His plan may even include him studying abroad and possibly returning to the United States. As the seniors graduate and some move back to their homelands, Narro is looking forward to the future seasons. “We have two new local players coming in,” said Narro. “We’re looking forward to the current players continuing to improve.” Story Megan McCormick Design Kelonda Dixon

Photo by Tamara Alexander

Joris Etlin, sophomore (right), concentrates on putting. Etlin earned the best overall score by a Lion in the 2016-17 season. Photo by Elizabeth Brown Paul Obermann, senior (below left), exemplifies a post-swing position as he watches the ball fly. Obermann’s performance at the Old Waverly Intercollegiate contributed to the Lion’s tie for 17th place at 1-under 143. Photo by Tamara Alexander William Meyers, sophomore (below right), aims the ball. Meyers tied at 39th place with a 12-over 228 at the 32nd Annual Louisiana Classics held in Lafayette. Photo by Kelonda Dixon



James Anstiss, senior (below), swings his club after hitting the ball off the tee. Anstiss accomplished his eighth career eagle, which ties him for sixth all-time by a Lion. Photo by Tamara Alexander

Bailey Smith, sophomore (left), places his ball back on the course so he can make his final shot. The Lions placed 14th overall at the Louisiana Classics. Photo by Elizabeth Brown




7-11-2 (4-6-1 SLC) Home 5-4-1 Away 2-6-1 Neutral 0-1-0


@ University of Memphis 1-4 L @ Jackson State 2-0 W vs Arkansas State 0-1 L vs UL Monroe 0-0 T


vs Mississippi Valley State 2-1 W @ UL Lafayette 1-3 L @ Southern 5-1 W vs Georgia State 0-2 L vs McNeese 3-1 W @ Incarnate Word 1-2 L @ Abilene Christian 0-2 L vs Houston Baptist 1-2 L


vs Texas A&M-Corpus Christi 1-0 W @ Lamar 1-1 T vs Sam Houston 3-0 W vs Stephen F Austin 0-4 L @ Central Arkansas 2-3 L @ Northwestern 0-4 L vs Nicholls 3-0 W


vs Houston Baptist 1-2 L

Bonded together

Vanessa Arzaluz, sophomore midfielder and forward (right), prepares to kick the ball during a game against Mississippi Valley State. The Lady Lions won the match 2-1 against the Devils. Photo by Elizabeth Brown

Players (above) rejoice in a game against McNeese State University. The Lady Lions ended the night with a 3-1 victory over the Cowboys. Photo by Elizabeth Brown

As fall sports came to an end, the Lady Lions wrapped up another soccer season. The Lady Lions ended this season with an overall record of 7-11-2 and 4-6-1 in the Southland Conference. Two seniors, defender Katie Noonan and midfielder/ forward Amber Lasher, recapped their collegiate years and final season while playing for the Lady Lions. Noonan, a Renton, Washington native started in six of her eight matches played this past season. Noonan was also recognized with Preseason All-Southland Conference second team. This past season, she contributed to the team’s 3-1 win over McNeese with one assist. Noonan was injured this season due to pulling her ACL; however, she still says her favorite game was the very first pre-season game since she was recovering from surgery due to her injury. Besides playing even after being told she would not recover in time, Noonan enjoyed this pre-season game because of the environment. “The girls were super stoked and excited to be back on the field,” said Noonan. Throughout the years, Noonan’s favorite memory from being a Lady Lion was her very first game played. “We played Jackson State in the stadium,” said Noonan. “It was the only game we played in the stadium that year. I started as a freshman, which is really cool for me. I didn’t expect that, and I also scored. I felt like a rockstar. It was amazing, and there were so many people there. It was an incredible introduction to collegiate soccer.” Over the past season, the team implemented team bonding events off the field. Noonan notes this “really transferred to the team-playing on the field.” Noonan

hopes the team continues this in the future. Fellow teammate, Norco, California native Lasher started in 11 of the 20 matches she played. This past season, Lasher earned the title of the all-time leader in matches played. She played 82, breaking the record of 81 which was set in 2012. Lasher has made several shots this season, including one in the 1-2 loss to Houston Baptist during the first round of the Southland Tournament and two shots, one on goal, in the tied game 1-1 against Lamar. Lasher had other highlights this season. She assisted the only goal the Lady Lions scored against Houston Baptist and contributed to the 3-1 win over McNeese after scoring first early in the first half. Lasher ended her final season playing for the Lady Lions with honorable mention as Southland Conference Defensive Player of the Week. Lasher has enjoyed her years playing on the team because it has helped her grow as a person and as an athlete. “I think for me, it helped me with adaptability and to be able to think on the fly,” said Lasher. “Soccer is such a fast-paced sport that you really don’t have time to think. You have to just do it. It has helped me to be a good teammate, to work hard and with persistence. I’ve learned to never give up.” Looking forward, Lasher leaves advice for the future Lady Lions. “I think as long as we work together and work hard, then they should do great. Just have that fight. We’ve always had a team that never gave up, so just keep pushing through.” Story Megan McCormick Design Kelonda Dixon



Photo by Kelonda Dixon

Elizabeth McMurray, sophomore midfielder (right), chases the ball down the field in the midst of a home game against Georgia State University. McCurray started in three games this season. Photo by Elizabeth Brown In a game against Nicholls, Linda Karlsson, freshman midfielder (below left), goes neck and neck with her opponent in attempt to gain control of the ball. In this game, Karlsson made a goal, contributing to the overall 3-0 victory. Photo by Kelonda Dixon Casey Peacock, senior forward and midfielder (below right), moves the ball away from her opponents towards the goal. Despite the rain in this game against McNeese State University, the Lady Lions made a 3-1 victory, two of which were made by Peacock. Photo by Elizabeth Brown



Maddie Kresevic, junior defender (below), dominates on the field, pushing through her opponents. Kresevic finished the season with three goals. Photo by Elizabeth Brown

Sofia Olsson, sophomore forward and midfielder (left), goes head to head for the ball as it moves toward the edge of the field. Olsson made a goal in this game against Mississippi Valley State, contributing to the close 2-1 victory. Photo by Elizabeth Brown



Softball 26-29 (12-15 SLC) Home 18-9 Away 7-14 Neutral 1-6


vs Army 7-4 W vs Nevada 1-3 L vs Mississippi Valley State 11-5 W vs Coppin State 6-1 W vs Buffalo 9-1 W vs Middle Tennessee 6-5 W vs Southeast Missouri 0-2 L vs Morehead State 4-2 W @ Louisiana Tech 1-5 L vs Pittsburgh 4-10 L vs Lipscomb 0-7 L @ Troy 8-5 W vs Pittsburgh 0-5 L @ Troy 2-1 W vs Mississippi State 1-9 L


vs Ohio 2-5 L @ Tennessee 0-8 L vs Jacksonville State 0-3 L vs Delaware 9-1 W vs Bradley 5-6 L @ Abilene Christian 2-3 L @ Abilene Christian 0-7 L @ Abilene Christian 5-12 L @ Ole Miss 3-10 L vs Texas A&M-Corpus Christi 2-1 W vs Texas A&M-Corpus Christi 5-1 W vs Texas A&M-Corpus Christi 4-3 W @ Alcorn State 2-0 W @ Alcorn State 6-1 W @ Nicholls State 1-9 L @ Nicholls State 3-4 L @ Nicholls State 7-9 W vs Lamar 2-1 W vs Lamar 6-3 W


@ Lamar 5-3 W @ Houston Baptist 2-3 L @ Houston Baptist 3-2 W @ Houston Baptist 8-4 W @ UL Lafayette 5-13 L vs Northwestern State 8-9 L vs Northwestern State 4-6 L vs Northwestern State 8-0 W vs UL Monroe 11-3 W vs Jackson State 10-2 W @ Central Arkansas 2-10 L @ Central Arkansas 5-6 L @ Central Arkansas 1-5 L @ Southern 11-3 W vs Sam Houston State 8-4 W vs Sam Houston State 9-3 W vs Sam Houston State 8-7 W


vs Southern Miss 1-6 L vs McNeese 1-13 L vs McNeese 4-11 L vs McNeese 3-7 L

Moving Forward

Alli Daigle, junior infielder, (right) catches the ball and prepares to throw it gaining an out for the Lady Lions. Photo by Kelonda Dixon

Kinsey Nichols, junior outfielder (above), catches a fly ball gaining an out for the Lady Lions during a game versus Southeast Missouri. Photo by Elizabeth Brown

The Lady Lions softball team closed out the 2017 season with a 26-29 overall record and a 12-15 Southland Conference record. The Lady Lions t with Northwestern State University for the final spot in the Southland Conference Tournament. However, the Lady Demons earned the sixth and final seed due to taking two of three games from the Lady Lions earlier in the season. Even though the Lady Lions did not make conference play, they still accomplished many great things. “The season went well from a standpoint of us doubling our win total in conference from a year ago,” said Head Coach Rick Fremin. “We were also ranked nationally again in a category of stolen bases. We had a few players break and set some school records and then we won more games this year than we did a year ago as well. The team GPA is much higher than it was a year ago, and community service hours are up.” The Lady Lions showed much strength this season that contributed to the success of doubling their win total and being ranked nationally for stolen bases. “Our strength was probably our base running, our aggressiveness and our speed game,” said Fremin. “There’s a lot of speed on the team and then we were also able to put up big numbers offensively toward the middle and end of the season, and that was really good form a run production standpoint.” There were many games in which the Lady Lions were able to use their strength, but the game versus

Lamar University stood out the most. “I would say the most memorable game this season was Lamar,” said Kasey Neilson. “I believe it was the second game on the first day that we played. We played a double header and that whole series was memorable. We lit it up that entire weekend. We had each other’s back. We have a saying that we call pull the rope. Even when you feel like you’re falling keep pulling because your teammates are there to pull you back up. That’s the best way to describe that weekend.” There were many key players that contributed to the success of the season. Seniors Mychal Truxillo and Nielson, as well as juniors Maddie Edmonston, Grace DeLee and Alli Daigle all received the distinction to be honored as an NFCA All-American Scholar-Athlete by having a 3.5 or higher grade point average. First baseman Mahalia Gibson and junior outfielder Kinsey Nichols were also recognized as members of the 2017 All-Southland Conference Softball Teams. Fremin highlighted the junior and freshman class and how proud of the team he was. “Our junior class really did a great job of putting up good numbers along the way,” said Fremin. “We had a few freshmen step up this season also. So, it was a lot of them,” said Fremin. “And all those players will be back next year, and I’m really proud of them because they had character throughout the whole season whether we were up or down. They’re just great individuals and they’re going make it in life.” Story Tamara Alexander Design Kelonda Dixon



Photo by Tamara Alexander

Maddie Edmonston, junior outfielder (right), runs to first base while opponents scurry to retrieve the ball. She finished with two hits and two runs during the match against Mississippi Valley State. Photo by Elizabeth Brown Jaquelyn Ramon, sophomore outfielder and utility player (below left), throws the ball during a match against Northwestern State University. Ramon had previously completed five putouts against Lamar University. Photo by Tamara Alexander Peyton Sutton, junior outfielder (below right), slides into base. Later in the season, Sutton stole three bases while playing Southern University. Photo by Tamara Alexander



Rachel Hayes, junior pitcher (below), pitches to a Southeast Missouri batter at the plate. Hayes finished the night with eight strikeouts. Photo by Elizabeth Brown

Kinsey Nichols, junior outfielder (left), concentrates on the ball, anticipating a hit. In 2016, Nichols was named Honorable Mention for the All-Southland Conference team. Photo by Elizabeth Brown




3-16 (0-11 SLC) Home 2-8 Away 1-8 Neutral 0-0


vs LSU Alexandria 5-2 W


vs Jackson State 4-3 W @ Southern 4-2 W @ South Alabama 0-7 L @ McNeese 1-6 L


@ Army 0-7 L @ Fordham 0-7 L @ Nicholls 3-4 L @ New Orleans 3-4 L vs Northwestern State 1-6 L vs Stephen F. Austin 2-5 L @ Abilene Christian 0-7 L vs Southern 2-4 L


vs Incarnate Word 2-5 L vs Texas A&M- Corpus Christi 0-7 L vs Alcorn State 2-5 L @ Central Arkansas 0-7 L vs Lamar 1-6 L vs Sam Houston State 3-4 L

Growing strong

Fleur Holtkamp, junior, (right) was ranked 2nd in singles competition against Southern University. Holtkamp and teammate Dalina Dahlmans dominated the doubles match placing first. Photo by Kelonda Dixon

Dany Raygadas, junior (above), also found success in the George E. Fourmaux Fed Cup Invitational. Raygadas earned straight set single victories against LSU- Alexandria. Photo by Sarah Hess

The Lady Lions tennis team faced many trials during this season’s conference. With injuries and with new changes in the roster and less practice time, the Lady Lions to placed last in the 2017 conference. However, Head Coach Jason Hayes and the returning team members have a game plan for tackling the 2018 conference. “Well, it has to improve because we are last,” said Hayes. “It sounds stupid to say it, but you got to take it one match at a time. We’re going to get the new girls in, and I hope we get the returners healthy. Once we get the sick girls and the hurt girls back, we’re just going to play them one match at a time and if we finish first, great. If we finish last then that’s just another way it is. We have too much fight and we’re looking forward to what we’re gonna call the revenge tour of 2018.” Three of the team members were out this season due to injury. Hayes discussed how the injuries have affected the team and what they plan to do strategy wise to improve their ranking in the conference. “It’s always hard managing injuries,” said Hayes. “We’re the only sport that is stupid enough to play on cement, and your body takes a beating on it. You know, it’s unfortunate but that’s what it is. The biggest thing for us is the talent gap with the injuries. There are a few technical things we can work on, and we will. We haven’t been able to practice any because of the limited number. I’m afraid to get somebody hurt in practice so we’re only practicing once a week to try and save us for the matches. It does hurt us because we’re not getting that extra practice time, but hopefully next year when we’re full strength, we’ll be able to get as much practice as possible.” Despite their struggles, Hayes talks about some of the

memorable moments during the season. “I think that the thing that I like is how well this team fights and supports each other and that’s key. They’re such an unbelievable group to be around. I mean, unbelievable. They work hard, their academics are important, no one’s disrespectful, no one’s late, they’re just a great group. I know they want to win, and it just probably hurts them as much as it hurts me. Hayes also highlighted key players that stood out and has the potential to move onward and upward. “I think that Madina had a great year,” said Hayes. “She played 5-6 her freshman and sophomore year. She’s played some matches at 3-2. She’s been able to perform so that’s exciting going in if we can get Fleur healthy. She’s got a bad shoulder. She’s a legitimate number one in our conference. Dany gets a little better every year, so we just got to get that one more match and hopefully we’ll be ready to go next year with the new freshmen coming in.” Even though they placed last in the conference, Hayes discussed how the effort his team puts in made it worthwhile for him to be a coach at Southeastern. “As a coach, what you want to see is attitude and effort and we’ve been there every day this year with those two things,” said Hayes. “So, as disappointed as we are that we’re not winning, it could be a lot worse. These girls fight, and they love Southeastern. They love wearing their green and gold and they want to win. It’s just sometimes it doesn’t go your way. They make my job so easy because of who they are as people and how they represent Southeastern. There’s not a day that I regret coming to work with them. They’re just great.” Story Sarah Hess Design Kelonda Dixon



Photo by Breshon Foster

Dany Raygadas, junior (right), prepares to receive the ball against her opponent from Stephen F. Austin University. The Lady Lions came close to defeating the Jacks, but fell short, losing 2-5. Photo by Elizabeth Brown Dalina Dahlmans, junior (below left), collects herself as she waits for her next set. The Lady Lions tennis team ended the season with an overall 3-16. Photo by Breshon Foster Yasmine Taylor, freshman (below right), prepares to serve the ball across the net in her match against Incarnate Word. Taylor, along with teammate Natalie Duran, played in the doubles competition. Photo by Tamara Alexander



Natalie Duran, junior (below), returns a serve in her singles match. Duran rounded out this season with a total of eight wins. Photo by Tamara Alexander

Lucia Bustamante, junior (left), sprints to return the ball at the baseline. Originally from Guayaquil, Bustamante attended Southeastern to play tennis, where she has won singles over their Southland Conference rivals Sam Houston State, Incarnate Word and Nicholls State. Photo by Tamara Alexander



Cross Country


@ UNO Invitational M: 1/3 W: 2/3 @ Azalea City Classic M: 4/5 @ LSU Cross Country Invitational M: 4/9


@ McNeese Invitational M: 3/6 W: 4/7 @ Choctaw Open M: 3/9 W: 4/8 @ SLC Championships M: 10/13 W: 10/13

growing passion

Tajh Lewis, sophomore distance runner (right), moves forward in the Louisiana State University Cross Country Invitational. The men’s team finished in fourth place in the Invitational. Photo by Tamara Alexander

Bryant White, freshman distance runner (above), sweeps past his University of New Orleans opponent. White finished thirty-first in the Invitational. Photo by Kelonda Dixon

The men and women’s cross country teams started the season off with a hefty start during their season opener at the New Orleans Invitational where both men and women performed to the best of their abilities. This season, the Lions and Lady Lions made 10th place in the Southland Conference Championships with an overall scoring of 314 points for the men and 277 points for the women. During this season, junior Clarissa Smith finished in the top twenty-five in all six of her meets. She also beat her personal best in a 6K race at the Southland Conference Championships by 11 seconds. Smith a Holden, Louisiana native finished 23rd with a time of 22:50.9. Smith also earned honorable mention with being named Southland Conference Athlete of the Week, honors steering from her previous performances shown in Nacogdoches, Texas. Despite some shortfalls, Smith decided to give her overall thoughts on this season. “It went pretty well,” said Smith. “Me personally, I know I’ve improved with the coaching change and everything. It was a struggle to get the team together, but next year should be better.” Throughout the season, the university played with great stamina and gratitude. Smith also commented on strengths the women’s team showcased throughout the duration for this season along with improvements for next season. “The girls really worked together and pushed each other because they were closer together than me,” said Smith. “They did good and they finished strong. Summer practice is going to be the main thing, getting out there and getting at it early on.” With a strong start during the season opener, the New Orleans Invitational at University of New Orleans, both teams competed with great momentum.

During the McNeese Invitational, the men’s team placed third with 68 points and the women’s team took fourth with 110 points. Nearly two weeks later at the Choctaw Open, both the Lions and Lady Lions team’s finished in the top five overall. The women’s team finished in fourth place overall with 101 points while the men’s team earned 125 points, placing them in third place overall in the Division I race. Senior Stephen Cassingham gave his overall thoughts on strengths the men showcased throughout this season’s duration. “We’ve had a really close team,” said Cassingham. “Everybody got along well and it really helped us to push each other. During practices, everyone cheers everybody on and it really helps because when you’re running, it gets really hard sometimes.” Beating his career best 8K time, The New Orleans, Louisiana native took 67th place with a time of 27:22.67 at the Southland Conference Championships. He also competed in six meets with a pair of top 20 finishes. Similar to Smith, Cassingham has also earned career honors with being named to the fall and spring Southland Conference Commissioner’s Honor Roll multiple times throughout his career. With this being Cassingham’s last season competing in distance, he gave his final thoughts about the season and the memories he will always cherish. “We ran the best time in a number of years as a team average,” said Cassingham. “This is the most talent we’ve had too, but we had some trouble kind of running well together on the same day. It was just really good on conference, and everyone had a really great performance to finish off the season. It was a good way to go out for me. Race day any year was a good day, just traveling with the team, hanging out and going out there to see what we’re working for.” Story Taja Morgan Design Kelonda Dixon



Photo by Tamara Alexander

Clarissa Smith, junior distance runner (right), keeps moving forward in the Louisiana State University Cross Country Invitational. In the women’s 5K, Smith finished in 17th place, beating her time from last year by a minute. Photo Courtesy of Sports Info Michael Kiral Ben Vasterling, freshman distance runner (below left), persists through the race while breaking a sweat. Vasterling contributed to the men’s team’s fourth place by finishing 22nd in the Louisiana State University Invitational. Photo by Kelonda Dixon Despite the muddy terrain, Amber Ferguson, freshman distance runner (below right), pushes onward. This season, she finished with one top 10, two top 20 and three top 25 times. Photo Courtesy of Sports Info Michael Kiral



Trevor Johnson, sophomore distance runner (below), pushes himself down the path to the finish line. At the Louisiana State University Cross Country Invitational, he had to endure hills and muddy terrain. Photo by Kelonda Dixon

Salvatore Grizzaffi, sophomore distance runner (left), begins to move past University of New Orleans opponents. Grizzaffi finished 25th in scoring and 30th overall. Photo by Tamara Alexander


cross country

Track and field


@ LSU Purple Tiger @ McNeese Indoor Invite I @ McNeese II @ KMS Invitational


@ LSU Bayou Bengal @ South Alabama Jaguar Invitational @ Samford Open @ LSU Twilight @ Southland Conference Indoor Championship


@Tulane Early Bird Twilight @ NCAA Indoor Championship @ McNeese Bob Hayes Invite @ Louisiana Classic @ Hurricane Collegiate Invitational @ Texas Relays @ Mississippi College Mike McMillan Invitational


@ McNeese Spring Time Classic @ South Alabama Invitational @ J. Fred Duckett Twilight @ LSU Alumni Gold


@ Ole Miss Classic @ Southland Conference Championships @ NCAA Preliminaries


@ NCAA Championships

Chasing success Andre Colebrook, graduate student middle distance runner and hurdler (left), runs with his team’s baton in the men’s 4x400 relay. Colebrook contributed to the team’s first place win in the relay. He also captured the 400 meter dash in 48.57 seconds in his first time running the distance as a Lion, making the fastest time in the Southland Conference this season. Photo by Tamara Alexander

Alex Young, graduate student throws, releases the hammer during a round of competition at the Southland Conference Championships held in New Orleans. Young’s mark of 228-04 broke the Southland Championships record of 222-02.5 set by former Southeastern teammate Jonathan Kinchen in 2015. Photo by Jonathan Rhodes

The 2017 track and field schedule began in January and continued throughout the semester. It ended with a few team members traveling to Eugene, Oregon to compete in the Outdoor Track and Field Championship after qualifying in the preliminaries at the NCAA Division 1 Outdoor Track and Field meet in Kentucky. Amongs the qualifiers were graduate student Alex Young placing first in the hammer throw, graduate student Andre Colebrook placing fifth in the 400-meter hurdles and junior Devin King placing third in pole vaulting. Indoor track and field has also had a successful season with a 2nd place in both the men and women’s side at McNeese State University. The men ended with a twelfth place finish at the South Alabama Jaguar Invitational. Both teams continued to compete at the Southland Conference Indoor Championships in Birmingham, Alabama. The men ended the championships with a 6th place finish out of twelve, and the women concluded 7th out of thirteen teams. While some runners prefer to run on the outdoor track, others prefer competing indoors. Still, some are versatile and compete both outdoors and indoors. Some competitors, including graduate student Dantrayl Sanders, are also adaptable and compete in multiple events, such as sprinting and the long jump. “To be well rounded in field events and track events it just takes focus,” said Sanders. “You have to be focused on the techniques associated with the event you’re doing and how to execute these techniques. What you do in a sprint event is not the same as what you would do in a jump event so you really have to focus and trust what you’ve been doing in practice then just execute it.” Others have competed in individual events, as well

as relays where they must depend on other teammates while running. “The main difference is in a relay you have teammates to help you out, and there is never a dull moment in relays,” said senior Vanessa Williams. “Whether it is a sprint relay or distance relay, there is something special about passing the baton off to your teammate and seeing them finish the race.” Besides just versatility, the track and field team focuses on practicing, being a support system and motivating themselves and other teammates while running. “You see them grow and get better and better,” said Sanders. “And you want to see them get better and better because you know they have the potential to be great. It really makes you proud when you get to see one of your teammates get a lifetime best or even break a record.” It has always been said that running is a mind game, and Williams agrees with this statement. Determined, she remains focused on the track. “One negative thought can put your whole race off,” said Williams. “After running for about 10 or so years, I have learned that you have to intentionally stay positive and focused on your races. If you have more than one race that day, you have to focus on one race at a time or else you will be overwhelmed. Being encouraged by my teammates, not giving into self-doubt and my determination to succeed keeps me motivated. Also, having a strong support system from my parents and sister has kept me going.” With new personal records and new recruits, Lions track and field has a lot to look forward to in the upcoming season. Story Megan McCormick Design Kelonda Dixon



Photo by Jonathan Rhodes

Daijah Washington, junior sprinter (right), pushes down the track during the 200 meter dash. Washington placed eighth during the LSU Twilight meet with a time of 25.83 seconds. Photo by Tamara Alexander Martavius James, freshman sprinter (below left), runs in the 200 meter dash during the LSU Twilight meet. James placed fifth in the 200 meter dash with a time of 22.58 seconds. Photo by Tamara Alexander In an 800 meter run, Lill-Ann Hochkeppler, freshman distance runner (below right), paces herself. She finished fourth during the LSU Twilight meet. Photo by Tamara Alexander



Dwayne Woodard, senior sprinter (below), pushes past his opponents from Dillard University. Woodard placed ninth overall in the men’s 200 meter dash. Photo by Tamara Alexander

Madison Mizell, sophomore pole vaulter, displays her vaulting techniques during practice. Mizell placed 10th at the Southland Conference Championships with a vault of 11-3.75. Photo by Regina Pergola


track and field


7-23 (6-10 SLC) Home 4-6 Away 3-10 Neutral 0-7


vs Southern 3-1 W vs Southern 1-3 L @ Troy 0-3 L


@ South Alabama 2-3 L vs Florida A&M 1-3 L vs Florida International 2-3 L vs Portland State 0-3 L vs UC Riverside 0-3 L @ Utah State 1-3 L @ Purdue 0-3 L vs Xavier 0-3 L vs Kansas 0-3 L vs Lamar 3-2 W vs Houston Baptist 2-3 L


@ Abilene Christian 1-3 L @ UL Lafayette 0-3 L vs New Orleans 2-3 L vs Nicholls 3-1 W @ Central Arkansas 0-3 L @ Northwestern 3-2 W vs McNeese 3-1 W vs Incarnate Word 2-3 L vs A&M-Corpus Christi 0-3 L @ Nicholls 2-3 L @ McNeese 3-2 W vs Central Arkansas 1-3 L @ Sam Houston 1-3 L @ Stephen F. Austin 0-3 L @ New Orleans 3-2 W


vs Stephen F. Austin 0-3 L


In a game against Central Arkansas University, the Lady Lions (right) round up to celebrate a match point. Traditionally, the team tries to gather together in between match points to keep up morale. Photo by Elizabeth Brown

Head Coach, Jim Smoot (above), demonstrates technique during a home match against Nicholls State University. The Lady Lions swept the Colonels with a 3-1 win. Photo by Tamara Alexander

The Lady Lions volleyball team’s season came to an end with a loss against Stephen F. Austin in the first round of the Southland Conference tournament. Transcending the tough start to the season, the Lady Lions pulled through for their spot in the Southland Conference. Along the way, their strength and perseverance never failed and they entered the tournament as the seventh seed. Newcomer red-shirt freshman setter Eylssa Purcell made a big impact this season, receiving All-Conference Honors in her first season and tying for the national lead in tripledoubles. She made triple-doubles in non-conference games and conference games against various teams including the University of South Alabama, Houston Baptist University, Lamar University and Sam Houston State University. This is the team’s third consecutive year making it into the Southland Conference Tournament. When it came down to the home stretch, their last chance to make it into the tournament, the Lady Lions won against the University of New Orleans 3-2. In the game against the University of New Orleans, the team knew what was at stake; they were one game away from solidifying their spot in the tournament. The Lady Lions lost the first set, but triumphed in the end by winning the second, third and fifth sets. Despite being forced into a fifth set with a victory in the fourth set made by the Privateers, with determination, the Lady Lions gained an early lead in the fifth set, allowing them to come out on top for the

ultimate win. Madi Odom, a senior outside hitter, never let the score of the game stop her from giving it her all. “I’m really good at staying positive and not getting inside my own head,” said Odom. “I know how to encourage the team, and I’m a big talker on the court.” With the losses at the beginning of the season, it seemed that the team had a lot of work ahead of them. Landry Bullock, a senior middle blocker and outside hitter, had a knee problem toward the end of the season, but in the game against Stephen F. Austin, that did not stop her from diving to the floor for a pass and making it back up in time to block in a really intense play. The Southeastern Lady Lions entered the tournament as one of the top overall defensive teams, ranking fourth in opponent hitting percentage. When it got tough on the floor, the Lady Lions always remembered to play as a team and not just as individuals. “We just have fun together,” said Bullock. “We go out there and if somebody messes up, we laugh about it and move on. That’s our team; we work together.” The Lady Lions continued onto the conference in Conway, Arkansas to play against the number two seed, Stephen F. Austin, but were defeated with a score of 0-3. Despite the season-ending loss in the tournament, leading up to that point, the Lady Lions never gave up, fighting until the end. Story Kelonda Dixon Design Kelonda Dixon



Photo by Elizabeth Brown

Chloee Holden, freshman outside hitter (right), hits the ball in attempt to send it over the net. In this game against McNeese State University, Holden made eight kills, adding to her overall 2016 season record of over 200 kills. Photo by Taja Morgan As fans watch on, Madi Odom, senior outside hitter, Monica Ramon, sophomore defensive specialist, and Parrie Hartley, senior outside hitter and right side (below left), get in position in anticipation for the ball coming over the net. Throughout this match, Odom had seven digs, Ramon had 23 digs and Hartley had 19 kills against Central Arkansas. Photo by Elizabeth Brown Senior outside hitter Madi Odom, and senior middle blocker Rachael Bunn (below right) double up to block a spike from the opposing team. Bunn had five spikes in this game against the Houston Baptist Huskies. Photo by Elizabeth Brown



Head Volleyball Coach Jim Smoot (below) discusses previous plays and strategies during a time out in a game against the University of New Orleans. Smoot has been leading the Lady Lions since 2013. Photo by Elizabeth Brown

Haley Baker, sophomore setter (left), gets low to the floor in attempt to save the ball during the team’s annual Green and Gold volleyball match. Baker contributed a match-high of 17 assists in this preseason game. Photo by Kelonda Dixon





Madeline Schexnaydre, an Alpha Omicron Pi sorority member (right) participated in the Dodgeball tournament to earn points for Greek Week. Alpha Omicron Pi was partnered with Sigma Gamma Rho, Pi Kappa Alpha and Theta Xi for various competitions throughout the week and together, they formed the Little Rascals team. Photo by Kelonda Dixon Members of Sigma Sigma Sigma, Kappa Alpha Order and Alpha Phi Alpha (below) pull with all their might in the tug of war competition. The Dirty Dancing team placed second overall in Greek Week. Photo by Megan McCormick



Griffin Hakenjos, a Delta Tau Delta fraternity member (below), assumes a squat position to bump the ball to one of his teammates during the volleyball tournament to kick off Greek Week 2017. Fraternities and sororities were also able to enjoy boiled crawfish and watch the cupcake eating contest. Photo by Tamara Alexander

The men of Sigma Tau Gamma and Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia (left) pose with their jail prop during their step show performance. Sigma Tau Gamma partnered together with Alpha Sigma Tau and Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia danced and stepped to the theme of Ghostbusters. Photo by Lee E. Lind

greek week


Matthew Watkins, member of the Alpha Delta Epsilon Chapter of Omega Psi Fraternity, Inc. (right), performs a step during the National Pan-Hellenic Council’s annual showcase. During showcase, each chapter of the NPHC sheds light on their history both nationally and locally. Photo by Kelonda Dixon Tonykea Alford, member of the Nu Delta Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. (below left), goes into a dramatic back bend beginning a step during her performance. NPHC consist of nine organizations in its council all founded on the values of service, scholarship and either brotherhood or sisterhood. Photo by Kelonda Dixon Sh-Kaia Mosely, member of the Pi Iota chapter of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc. (below right), shares the history of her sorority during a performance. Each year, NPHC showcase is hosted during Black History month to celebrate the history of each fraternity and sorority. Photo by Kelonda Dixon



Datron Matthews, member of the Omicron Nu chapter of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. (below), performs the Sigma walk, ending the performance. Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. joined the National Pan-Hellenic Council in 1931, and in 1937, NPHC was incorporated in the State of Illinois. Photo by Kelonda Dixon

Marsha Pierre, member of the Eta Lambda chapter of Zeta Phi Beta Fraternity, Inc. (above), strikes a pose at the end of a step performance. Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc., was one the of founding charter members of the National Pan-Hellenic Council which began in 1930. Photo by Kelonda Dixon Members of the Kappa Nu Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha (left) perform a step sequence. Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., joined the Nation Pan-Hellenic council in 1931 as the council was called the Elite 8 before turning to the Divine 9 in 1997. Photo by Kelonda Dixon



Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. President Cedric Dent Jr. Advisor Alvin Cavalier 1. Amairi Cordova, Dwayne Woodard. 2. Cedric Dent Jr., Eugene Davis Jr. 3. Richard Davis, Alonzo Hall.

Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. President Jessica Lewis Advisor Phyllis McCraney 1. Jasmine Washington, Karleacia Pooler, Breland Sylve. 2. Alexis Williams, Monetria Turner, Alyssa Spina. 3. Ashley Morgan, Arianna Bastian, Danita Winfrey. 4. Taylor Washington, Raven Price, La’Sheika Weatherspoon. 5. Payton Nisby, Cydney Jones, De’Ja Murray. 6. Cameryn Faulkner, Freddranique King, Chelsea Nicholas. 7. Sydnie McClinton, Tequanea Kelly, Decoe Gillette. 8. Alexus Griffin, Chelsea Ingraham, Damaris Washington. 9. Diamond Johnson, Tiara Panyanouvong, Josten Milan. 10. Jasmine Washington, Kadeijah Dalton, Jessica Lewis. 11. Chelsea Coon, DaJae Jasmin, Brianna Carter. 12. Jaira Dove, Brandi Gibson.

Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. President Austin Banks Advisor Edson Pierre 1. Cedric Leblanc, Donovan Thierry. 2. Joshua St. Cyr, Julian Maze, Bryce Carpenter. 3. Austin Banks, Eugene Robinson, Jordan Rheams.



Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. President Jared Grier Advisor Dr. Troy Williams 1. Malik Jackson, Eugene Giles, Jared Grier.

Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. President Mattie Hawkins Advisor Wanda Evans 1. Tonykea Alford, Mattie Hawkins, Layla Clark, Breanna Evans, D’Anna Williams, Maya Gauthier, Jermisha Frazier.

Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. President Datron Matthews Advisor Michael Kyles 1. Datron Matthews, Sontrell Solomon, Nicholas Jackson, Timothy Davis, Troy Hughes.


national pan-hellenic council

Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. President Jimecia Williams Advisor Phaedra Wells 1. Rose Tusa, Gerriane Jones, Chelsea Scott, Erica Johnson. 2. Rayshell Peters. 3. Jimecia Williams. 4. Jessica Celestine. 5. Jasmine Mays. 6. Christina Hicks, Whitnie Douglas, Dorian Gabriel, Marsha Pierre.

Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc. President Tamara Alexander Advisor Sylvia Smith 1. Megan Briggs, Sh-Kaia Mosely, Auriell Celestine, Britney Bell, Cydney Menina, Tamara Alexander.

Alpha Omicron Pi President Corrinne Kirkland Advisor Molly Fenton Allison Alario, Harley Arrington, Alexis Bateman, Kileigh Bethel, Breigh Blouin, Jenna Bordelon, Candace Caminita, Page Clemons, Madeline Deleon, Lyndsey DeVaney, Alyssa Feduccia, Autumn Griffin, Alicia Gutierrez, Courtney Hart, Victoria Harthcock, Baylee Ives, Haley Johnson, Meredith Keating, Abby Kent, Jacelyn Keller, Calyn Landaiche, Fallon Lanusse, Kylene LeBlanc, Ali LeBourgeois, Brenna Licciardi, Margaret Miller, Jill Munchausen, Tori Oestriecher, Gabrielle Reynolds, Hannah Schexnailder, Jade Sheets, Amanda Sistrunk, Angelle Suire, Breanna Stout, Bailey Watts, Brooke Westcott, Sarah Wilson.



Alpha Sigma Tau President Desiree Acosta Advisor Rita Bertolino Krista Achor, Nina Begue’, Peyton Blackwell, Brittany Calecas, Kimberly Chatelain, Danielle Coniglio, Kyla D’Arensbourg, Nicole Dimitri, Jessica Dison, Dawn DuPont, Jennah Duncan, Micah Hamner, Lauren Himel, Jerilyn Jansen, Kelsey Johnson, Starlynn Josey, Leah Lambert, Molly Lopinto, Danielle Magruder, Melanie Marino, Jennifer Mary, Paige Modicut, Samantha O’Neil, Adele Peer, Lauren Parrott, Skylar Quartararo, Taylor Roberts, Elizabeth Rousset, Kaitlyn Scuderi, Gabrielle Sharp, Jenna Spell, Katie Taylor, Haley Todd, Kaleigh Turner, Hannah Vaughn, Lindsay Wilson, Casey Zweifel.

Phi Mu President Kathryn Williams Advisor Chelsea Brignac

Rebekah Arriaza, Marissa Aucoin, Bailey Barker, Reba Becnel, Madison Bentinvegna, Maggie Bishop, Erin Brady, Kate Brown, Magnolia Burchfield, Chloe Chauvin, Madison Chauvin, Courtney Conrad, Mary Ruth Corwin, Claire Cuccia, Leah Dahmer, Rachael Dalgo, Caroline DeJohn, Alli Diez, Dana DiPiazza, Katie Duet, Tori Garcia, Alyssa Gaudet, Brinley Gilusco, Mary Graves, Allie Gressaffa, Maegan Guillory, Madison Hall, Morgan Hall, Alee Hess, Renee Jaynes, Katie Johnson, Taylor Kinnison, Ainsleigh LaCombe, Hannah Landry, Kalyn LeBlanc, Auldyn LeBlanc, Rachael LePere, Elizabeth Langley, Taylor Mangus, Morgan McClendon, Megan McCormick, Madison-Ali Myers, Grace Mikesell, Madison Mincey, Morgan Mincey, Bailey Morgan, Victoria Moss, Marissa Rogue, Jordan Rook, Kaylin Strong, Jessica Thomas, Caroline Thornton, Isabella Vazquez, Caroline Wagner, Emily Whittington, Kathryn Williams.

Sigma Sigma Sigma President Krystal Waddell Advisor Allison Sprouse Stephanie Allee, Tatiana Barr, Catherine Becnel, Summer Carter, Phoebe Castro, Anna Crawford, Amanda Costales, Jourdan Culpepper, Brooke Dawson, Jadan Deshotels, Larsen Glover, Brooke Guedry, Lauren Guitreau, Haley Hudson, Jaimie Jakes, Alesce Kimble, Grace Klein, Micaela Lanus, Caitlynn Ledet, Breanna Ledoux, Bailee Maillet, Taylor McLean, Karlee McKernan, Emily Morgan, Katelyn Netterville, Bethany Ogle, Amber Pearson, Leeamber Perry, Carley Price, Olivia Ratcliff, Brielle Ricca, Jessica Riddell, Olivia Ruffino, Meghan Russell, Maggie Sauter, Sarah Spears, Jessica Thonn.


national pan-hellenic council | collegiate panhellenic council

Theta Phi Alpha President Christina Herrod Advisor Taylor Fonseca Lindsey Begault, Brianna Broussard, Hailey Castiglione, Alex Corkern, Savannah Davidson, Virginia Eber, Brea Ellis, Taylor Eymard, Elizabeth Favre, Kyriel Felton, Allie Fenerty, Christina Ferrando, Kayla Fletcher, Patricia Fowler, Brittany Gallagher, Taylor Gifford, Meagan Gioe, Taylor Graves, Kaylin Guillory, Autumn Hand, Haylie Heath, Katie Herbert, Christina Herrod, Sarah Hess, Kaylan Jones, Raeleigh Joshlin, Madeline Kelly, Mary Lacara, Molly Lesage, Jenna Licciardi, Kaitlyn Lindsey, Victoria McMasters, Kelci Michelli, Laura Montreuil, Leah Piper, Olivia Rivera, Ashley Scaffidi, Michlynn Scalise, Katelyn Schultz, Jermanee Scoby, Halie St. Clair, Kate Thomas, Kayleigh Tutt, Angela Twidwell, Alex Vaillancourt, Lauren Vaillancourt, Samantha Ward, Haley Washington, Hannah Weiskopf, Avery Wells, Taylor Williams, Corrine Zelaya.

Delta Tau Delta President Tristyn Wheeler Advisor Gene Pregeant Griffin Hakenjos, Claudio Franc, Mason Mckey, Cullen Lawton, Alberto Valenzuela, Brandon Luther, Aaron Tumonaro, Logan Sibley, Cameron Duhon, Cameron Pigeon, Matthew Matherne, Seth Leto, William Busby, Bryce Garafola, Tristyn Wheeler, Brent Seibert, David Nicoletti , Joshua Asoodeh, Tanner Leblanc, Austin Behlar, Daniel Bonano, Zachary Rogers, Joshua Balli, Daniel Cuevas, Austin Henderson, Clinton King.

Kappa Alpha Order

President Kamen Carter Advisor Cliff Llyod Joey Morris, Trey Rockforte, Tyler Olivier, Timmy Schell, Daniel Henderson, Geramy Dupont, Peyton Cooper, Billy Chandler, Alec Cunningham, Sal Battaglia, Justin Bankston, Garret Loupe, Justin Alford, Daniel La Rocca, Brett Hollis, Garret Cotton, Alex Bertrand, Preston Gautreau, Brady Morris, Hayden Nickens, Chris Graham, Myles Quick, Coper Richards, Carter Capdeboscq, Jared Forest.



Kappa Sigma President Alec Jones Advisor Curt Mitchel 1. Alec Jones, William Lee, Jordan McMillion, Coleden Heckman, Courtney Rutledge, Lane Bertheaud. 2. Ryan Rossi, Dylan Barbier, Jordan Showalter, Zachary Gaillot, Tyron Mclemore, Brandom Williams, Bryan Wiley. 3. Tristan Bellah, Walter Ladner.

Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia President Benjamin Reaux Advisor Aaron Turnipseed 1. Ben Reaux, Gregory Griffith, Brennan Simmons 2. Heath Feraci, Jeremy Stringer, Matthew Jays, Jiran Batiste, Luke Williamson, Austin Hynes 3. Seth Guerra, Nicholas Rodriguez, Benjamin DePriest, Robert Nelson, Andrew Dilmore, Dr. Ronald Traylor.

Pi Kappa Alpha President Austin Rogers Advisor Donald Kelley 1. Travis Hester, David Murden, Diontae Cannon, Eric Feilden, Josh Smith, Parker Gunterrom. 2. Chris Dominique, Jonathan Hutchinson, Neil Bougeois, Riley Trisler, Austin Rogers, Edward Howard, Christian Rabalais, Benjamin McClain, Alexander Colton.


collegiate panhellenic council | interfraternity council

Sigma Tau Gamma President Cameron Jenkins Advisor Philip Morris Cameron Jenkins, Ronald Joseph Kennedy III, Kristopher Seth Lee, John Hill, Ian Connelly, Mason Bourgeois, Taylor Tully, Bryce Cothern, Benjamin Corb, Alex Sotile, Thomas Branch, Shane Brown.

Theta Chi President Wade Nash Advisor Jeff Broussard 1. Zackery Norton, Earl B. Zahn IV, Kyle Canterbury, Alex Gonzalez, Shelby Eisworth, Jesse Salminen, Daniel Barber, Christopher Williard.

Theta Xi President Samuel Impastato Advisor Michael St. Romain Dylan Kinchen, Gustav Vallo, Nick Carbo, Hunter Bourg, Anthony Wetekamm, Adam Henderson, Thomas Aguirre, Tanner Triche, David Boynes, Bryce Kaufmann, Sam Impastato, Garrett Tranchina, Cameron Loria.



Alpha Kappa Delta President Martha Renee’ Sibley Advisor Dr. Robert Martin 1. Sarah Basile, Tristan Gill, Raine Garrell, Amy Hall, Martha Sibley, Robert Martin.

Alpha Psi Omega President Kelsey Hymel Advisor James Winter 1. Shirley Mier, Kelsey Hymel, Rebecca Miller, Madison Paulus, Meaghan Neyrey. 2. Tara Bennett, Dominique Geraci, Anglea Griffitt, Shelby Elliot, Raven Price, Taylor Meng, Madison Turner. 3. Betty Poret, Harlen Thorpe, Shelly Sneed, Samantha Messina, Mariah Adams, Sarah Balli. 4. Bruce Javery II, Rachel Henri, Neal Eli, Erin Reid, Ernesto Mora, William Schmidt, Taylor Oakly, Lily Tanner, Olivia Waguespack, James Miche.

Chi Sigma Iota President Chelsea Alexander Advisor Laura Fazio-Griffith

1. Scott Moran, Jordan Gonzales, Shallene Joseph, Chelsea Alexander, Ava DeRousselle, Victoria Grant. 2. Robyn Canady, Joshua Allridge, Amy Ettinger, Stephony Mark, Roseanna Hoover.


interfraternity council | honors

Delta Omega Alpha President Katelyn Peat Advisor Edward Nelson Daija Randolph, Tristyn Osby-Jackson, Caitlyn Hoerner, Callie Lambert, Katelyn Peat, Jacob Smith, Marissa Bergeron, Katie Becnel, Lucie Caire, Carmen Owens, Patricia Fowler, Precocia Parlow, Ayleen Angel, Mariah Johnson, Lynzy Rochelle, Lauren Murphy, Danica Taylor, Alexis Bateman, Barbara Bach, Marissa Jenkins, Preslee Jones, Grace Klein, Leamenia Veal, Allana LaGrange, Jessica Coats, Claire Gautreau, Brooke Deeks, Savannah LeBlanc, Alanna Lynch, Maya Grady, Carleigh Adams, Elizabeth LeBoeuf, Eric Vickers, Jamee Rogers Connie Adams.

Gamma Beta Phi President Abbie Chiasson Advisor Amanda Robbins 1. Ian Squires, Brittani LeBlanc, Abbie Chiasson, Erin Hargis, Rachel Kelly. 2. Brandi Baumy, Linda Bailey, Taylor Oakley, Savannah LeBlanc, Kaitlin Henby. 3. Kelonda Dixon, Callie Lambert, Allison Whitehead, Duncan Martin.

Kappa Kappa Psi President Lindsey Poret Advisor Paul Frechou 1. Kayleigh Gregoire, Maryssa Chartier, Brennan Simmons, Lindsey Poret, Sydney Finneman, Heather Blount, Daniel Talley Jr, Taylor Garrett. 2. Derek Stoughton, Abigail Lambert, Matthew Jays, Carmen Vessel, Stephen Williams, Jordan Bergeron, Jess Lambert, Alexandra Steib, Emily Garrett, Robert Malbrough.



National Society of Collegiate Scholars President Brittany Jefferson Advisor Kent Neuerburg 1. Cody Lacoste, Virginia Enlow, Brandy Adolph, Brittany Jefferson, Chynna Bartlett. 2. Mikaylia Rideaux, Kasedra France, Kelonda Dixon, Cierra Robiskie, Nicole Sicomo, Megan Thierry, Adrianna Brumfield. 3. Robert McClelen, Patrick Green, Kadra France, Laken Spears, Ryan Thomas, Jestini Fox.

Psi Chi President Dylan Zepeda Advisor Dr. Paula Varnado-Sullivan 1. Kayla McCaleb, Claire Heyd, Hannah Furlan, Holly Kliebert, Olivia Moreno. 2. Dylan Zepeda, Andrew Cowan, Kaylin Strong, Mia Roberts, Dr. Paula Varnado-Sullivan.

Sigma Tau Delta President Abbie Chiasson Advisor Christopher Genre 1. Jessica Firmin, Ashley Reed, Shianne Melancon, Grace Atwell. 2. Steve Savoie, Christopher Genre, Sherri Craig, Alden Ceasar.



Black Student Union President Josten Milan Advisor Sheryl Baham-Francis 1. Cierra Ropiskie, Michaela Thaners, Mikayla Times, Josten Milan, Raymond Paul, Porchia Montgromery, Ty’Desha Hall. 2. Breanna Donahue, Terri Dawson, Kahne Clark, Nancy Kambi, Bri’an Mouton, Brianna Young, Taylor Washington, Chelsea Scott, Lela Taylor, Asia Young, Brianna Rhodes. 3. Indya Major, Taylor Johnson, Kristen Williams, Dashaun Petrie, Jalon Grant, Natayueon Williams, Ronjae Cunnikin, Ty’Nesha Hall.

Elite Women President Krystal Monlyn Advisor Aileen Mootoo 1. Alexis Green, Brandi Marioneaux, Tansha Moore, Kaliah Powell. 2. Breanna Henry, Carnisha Tassin, Ikeia Beauty, Monetria Turner, Kendall Cannon, Lauren Davis. 3. Alexis Craven, Kennetta Miller, Jasmine Washington, Raven Gooden, Brachell Brown, Arkyia Williams, Courtney Sylve, Brea Arties. 4. Aliyah Zeien, Aesha Magee, Kayla Martin, Cameryn Faulkner, Jada Taylor. 5. Knyla Houston, Cierra Williams, Ariel Green, Trishay Broussard, Brooklyn Jackson, Sydnie McClinton, Raven Price, Jasmine McDonald, Erin Payton. 6. Jessica Lewis, Danita Winfrey, Maya Ferrill.

Residence Hall Association President Kristen Stamp Advisor Blake Thomas 1. Kristen Calfee, Kristen Stamp, Calyn Landaiche, Christine Peairs, Kristen LeCompte, DeQuaz Humphries. 2. Courtney Mayer, Alicia Schouest, Marianna Carter, Alyssa Larose, Gabby Scioneaux, Barbara Bach, Marissa Jenkins. 3. Chase Cangelosi, Kaelen Novak, Joshua Hodgeson, Kristal Terrell, Christopher Wright, Maegan Saul, Rejerne Tillman, Allie Fenerty.



History and Political Science President Paul Haddican Advisor Charles Elliott 1. Emma Foster, Scott Cooper, Paul Haddican. 2. Alan Comardelle II, Colin Schmidt, Donald Macaluso, John Collum, Cindy Ladner.

Made Men President Julian Maze Advisor Dr. Gabe Willis

1.Kel’Jun Jones, Julian Maze, Cedric LeBlanc, Richard Pugh, Dr. Gabe Willis. 2. Larry Overton, Diont’e Hunt, Austin Banks, Eugene Giles, Joshua St. Cyr.

Pixel President Savannah Perrin Advisor Gary Keown 1. Laura Theall, Kelonda Dixon, Savannah Perrin, Jaquan Warren. 2. Stephanie Carroll, Alyssa Arceneaux. 3. Darian Perrin, Julia Torres, Kayla Morgan, Andrew Granger, Ameal Cameron Jr.


special interest

Society for Human Resource Management President Landon Richard Advisor Carl Phillips

1. Tope Godis, William Busby III, Renae Knight, Gabrielle Deemer, Landon Richard, Rachel Huffty, Terricka Carpenter, Jarod Hopper.

Student-Led Louisiana Early Childhood Association President Lindsay Colligan Advisor Dr. Debra Jo Hailey

1. Dr. Debra Jo Hailey, Maddison Hutches, Jahnice Williams, Jaira Dove, Lindsay Colligan, Paige Imbraguglio, Samantha Cooke, Brittany Jefferson.

Baptist Collegiate Ministry President Bella Mokeba Advisor Sam Cappel Savannah Kirkpatrick, Dakota Taylor, Hikita Foster, Kayla Jackson, Bella Mokeba, Leanne Huffman, Lacey Griffin, Matt Tenhundfeld, Sadie Riccobono, Grace Whittington, Morgan Blanchard, Tanner Stockton, Jake Stasko, Abby Wilcox, Reagan Gilmore, Kristin Calfee, Fonz Vasquez, Maddie Rushing, Luke LeBlanc, Allie Rigdell, Megan Davis, Connor Ferrill, Katie Wimbish, Emma Theall, Alyx Roberts , Brooke Turner, Teylor Berthelot, Autumn Munoz, Rhagan Rider, Hailey Seale, Nathan Seale, Hayden LeBlanc, Madison Jones, Samantha Messina, Jonathan Jee, Caite Leger, Rebekah Arriaza, Morgan McClendon , Matt Case, Zach Husser, Maddie Jenkins, Daniel Vaccaro, Jonathan Vales, Devan Rodriguez, Tiffany Armstrong, Tori Armstrong, Anna Leach, Dillon Sagona, Melinda Sullivan, Jenna Reno, Breigh Allen, Carli Soileau, Caitlyn Williams, Krislyn Kerr, Sarah Swenson, Melissa Daret, Anna Ricobono, Connor Glascock, Dillon Martin, Timmy McGee, Michael Glorioso, Kylie Roberso, Miranda Rainey, Justin LaFleur, Cameron Kirkendol, Josie Jolibois, Ben Cato, Storm Davis, Alex Dunham, Charity Cutrer, Lamyia Landrew, Alexis Baham, Nick Williams, JP Aymond, Michelle Stevenson, Matt Arnold, Madison Nichols, Steven Diggs, Jeremiah Weaver, Sam Taylor, Marcus Soniat, Rachel Perkins, Taryn Dixon, Matt Whiley, Alex McMorris, Ryan Miller, Javunte “TB” Andrews, Tyler Abadie, Ryan Russell, Dan McQuary, Bill Hyde, Mason Lane, Jeremiah Jonhson



Catholic Student Association President Jared Matherne Advisor Ernest Milsted

1. Carly Duet, Mary Grace Kelly, Hannah Furlan, Christine Leonard, Irene Marino, Maci Howard, Mikayla Kackley, Raven Price, Allison Soileau, Grace Butzman, Addison Martinez, Maddison Gallagher, Sarah Brown, Thresa Caire. 2. Riana Bralsman, Laura Montreal, Rachel Studley, Lucy Caire, Abby Johnson, Andrew Cowan, Christian Ruch, Kayla Campo, Katarina Frank, Rachael Johnson, Matt Arnold, Sarah Zeringue. 3. Parrish Masters, Parker Berthelot, Madeline Bartels, Hannah Benton, Cory Soileau, Jared Matherne, Mediline Lanier, Hayden Songy. 4. Joseph Ricci, Nick Johnson, Matthew Labbe, Daniel Cuevas, Daniel Gruner.

Latter-Day Saints Students Association President Ivyleigh Garland Advisor Dane Bounds 1. Kayla Thorne, Ashley Blanchard, Kali Thompson, Ivyleigh Garland. 2. Delton Watkins, Joseph Emerson, Zachary Guy, Faith Conlin.

Presbyterian Campus Ministry President Tracy White Advisor Roxanne Stoehr 1. Taylor Delancy, Everylyn Tuimur, Tracy White, Kaziah Rolle, Haley Vanek. 2. Karson Sharp, Reverend Daniel Vanek, Mack Hamilton, Ashley Riley, Patrick Green.


special interest | religious

Southeastern Nurses Christian Fellowship President Kaitlyn Methvien Advisors Mitzi Meyers 1. Danielle Rodriguez, Ali DeLany, LouAnna Brigalia, Kaitlyn Methvien. 2. Mitzi Meyers, Shanna Money, Emily Weatherford, Ashley Cauble, Kathryn Burkhardt, Kurdeshia Meyers.

Flipbook President Austin Cradic Advisor Cristina Molina 1. Caitlyn Clark, Korissa Kenny, Jordan Clark, Austin Cradic, Nathaniel Bauerle, Ben Delbert. 2. Lojuanda Weary, Kailyn Beck, Janeva Morris, Kelsey Mack, Ra’Jae’ Wolf, Cameron Pittman, Seth Guerra. 3. Dominic Marasco, Kaelen Novak, Kelly Gilson, Joshua Hodgeson, Chad Murray, Justin Bracey, Ryan Kenny.

Financial Management Association President Hannah Reeves Advisor Dr. Danielle Lewis 1. Courtney Klug, Sarah Beysselance, Peggy Schwander, Hannah Reeves, Shelby Wilson, Dr. Danielle Lewis, Shelly Romine. 2. Sawyer M. Benson, Mason Case, Nicholas Byrd III, Tarez A. Cowsar, Austin Polk, Nicholas Brennan.



Pre-Law Students Association President Savanah Edwards Advisor Dr. Lisa Olson 1. Garrett Alline, Janell Cutrer, Ali LeBlanc, Matthew Allen. 2. Vy Tan, Savanah Edwards, Andreia Jackson, Emily Pritchett, Ashley Ellis, Peyton Orten, Kenyatta Barthelemy.

Press Club President Connor Raborn Advisor Amber Narro 1. Ryan Harrison, Brooke Robichaux, Natalie Ragusa, Connor Raborn, Daryl Julien Jr., Justin Redman, Jonathan Rhodes, Jaylon Morris.

Sigma Alpha Iota President Lindsey Millet Advisor Kari Besharse 1. Vivian McCalman, Abby Shallin, Cheyenne Moore. 2. Lindsey Millet, Breianna Gage. 3. Madison Bunch, Abigail Ragussa, Taylor Garrett.


religious | departmental

Social Work Club President Kirsten Clites Advisor Corie Hebert 1. Kristen Clites, Nancy Kambi, Gerriane Jones, Jessica Celestine, Monetrie Turner. 2. Ariel Green, Cara Blanchard, Destiny Morales, Haley Allen, Errin Pontiff, Savannah Sharman, Riana Braselman, Mary Ann Nicole Dykes, Ebone Ferguson, Keyosha Dunn. 3. Lauren Laurent, Mikaylia Rideaux, Alana Johnson, Nicollette Poore, Delaney Brady, Christina Hicks, ZyQuincia Bell, Chad Cashio, Greg Crider, Krysta Boatner, Rona Page.

Southeastern Association of Family and Consumer Sciences President Cierra Calloway Advisor Brandy Williams 1. Claudia Hodges, Saige Digirolamo, Cierra Calloway, Jessica Aucoin, Aimee Simoneaux, Amanda DaCosta. 2. Jill LeBlanc, Stefanie Brignac, Samantha Smith, Rosarielle Jamison, Debra Perilloux.

Southeastern Sociological Association

President DeQuaz Humphries Advisor Russell A. Castro 1. Katherine Davis, Caroline Abadie, Victoria Ramos, Kahne Clark, Zyria Guillory, Katie Abadie, Vincent Ton. 2. Lane Fontana, Katie Simmons, DeQuaz Humphries, Eric Evers, Ashley Graham, William Busby III.



Student Council of Exceptional Children President Pamela Jugan Advisor Colleen Klein-Ezell 1. Reneisha Singleton, Camille Yates, Pamela Jugan, Elizabeth Clark, Katlyn Daigle, Nicole Navarre.

Visual Art Society President Brianna Reeves Advisor James Graham 1. Brianna Reeves, Elisa Gauthreaux, Taylor Berry.

National Association for the Advancement of Colored People President Ciara Devaull Advisor Marjorie Parker 1. India Williams, Danita Winfrey, Tristyn Osby-Jackson, Ciara DeVaull, Jessica Lewis, J’Micah Wilson, Hilda Taylor. 2. Keturah Green, Lauren Davis, Krysta Boatner, Monetria Turner, Tansha Moore, Sonja Page, Rona Page, Nancy Kambi, Asia Toussaint, Kenyatta Barthelemy, Jasmine Washington, Katelyn Small, Jasmine McDonald, Autumn Brown, Vanessa Williams. 3. Sakeena Kadri, Kaylan Harding, Raeven Scott Sy’teria Collins, Richard Davis, Cedric Dent Jr., Kevin Page, Datron Matthews, Knyla Houston, Kendall Cannon.


departmental | service

Student Publications staff members (right) take a break from usual production to take a staff picture. Both Le Souvenir and The Lion’s Roar staff cover campus activities capturing everyday student life. Photo by Lee E. Lind Members of Campus Activities Board, (below left) Administrative Assistant Cecelia Palumbo and Coordinator Nick Elliott pose in the Student Union Breezeway. CAB hosts traditional events, such as Gumbo Ya Ya, Strawberry Jubilee and the Miss Southeastern pageant, as well as other fun events for students throughout the school year. Photo by Tamara Alexander Madison Knapp and others (below right) anticipate opening their rings at the spring Ring Ceremony. Many seniors graduated on May 13, 2017 while others will graduate in December 2017. Photo by Sarah Hess



The 2016-2017 Division for Student Affairs Leadership Ambassadors (below) are recognized at the DSA Convocation. The ambassadors ranged from freshmen to seniors in various majors who worked together to plan a Lions LEAD Retreat in Spring 2017. Photo by Tamara Alexander

Students and President Dr. John L. Crain (left) lion up at The Big Event before dispersing to their respective volunteer spots. Many organizations came together to help local businesses and other campus departments. Photo by Tamara Alexander


organizations’ activities

Meghan Russell and Maci Boe (right) paint cabinets during The Big Event. These cabinets were installed in Garrett Hall as part of the community service many students participated in. Photo by Tamara Alexander Students (below left) assist in planting trees by the entrance near the St. Tammany Hall and Washington Hall dorms. Being one of the main entrances to campus, these new trees would welcome visitors. Photo by Tamara Alexander Dominic Truehart (below right) cleans the bathroom as part of his organization’s Big Event duties. Organizations that participated in the Big Event were in teams ranging from 10-20 students or more. Photo by Tamara Alexander



Members of MADE Men (below) build and replenish gardens in local neighborhoods during the Big Event. The Big Event is an event hosted by Student Government Association to get students involved in the surrounding Hammond area. Photo by Tamara Alexander

Students (left) wash a golf cart used around campus for tours, deliveries and maintenance transportation. It is important to keep these vehicles cleaned and accessible to many departments. Photo by Tamara Alexander


organizations’ activities

Jessica Firmin, senior art major (right), paints faces during the University’s 12th annual Fall Carnival. This event, on Halloween, was for members of the community to have a fun trick-or-treating alternative including games, prizes, candy, spacewalks, face painting and more. Photo by Taja Morgan Danielle Bergeron, sophomore marketing major (below left), puts a penny into the Phi Mu jug during penny wars. Penny wars is an event hosted by Kappa Alpha Order fraternity, where points are earned for donating pennies and deducted for donating quarters, dimes, nickels or cash. Photo by Megan McCormick Members of the Kappa Nu Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc. (below right) pay tribute during the Martin Luther King Jr. celebration hosted by their fraternity. The fraternity also hosted a march representing the several marches Dr. King participated in. Photo by Breshon Foster



Women from the National Pan-Hellenic Council sororities, Elite Women and Black Student Union as well as various other organizations (below) talk in a group. During this Put That Woman First event, NPHC sorority members gathered together to have group discussion about women’s empowerment and lifting and encouraging each other. Photo by Elizabeth Brown

Shreya Bhatt and Shreeja Bhatt, sophomore chemistry majors, and Mahitha Koduri, junior physics major (left), dance to a traditional Hindi song called “Radha Kaise Na Jale” during the 2016 annual International Night. As part of International Night, many students put on various performances including singing, dancing, instrumental playing and skits. The event also serves various international dishes famous in its countries of origin. Photo by Elizabeth Brown


organizations’ activities

Roaring lions

Abbie Chiasson, senior English education major (right) was named the 2017 DSA Woman of the Year. Chiasson was chosen due to her dedication and her involvement on campus. Photo by Sarah Hess

Neil Bourgeois, senior communication major (above), is the 2017 DSA Man of the Year. Bourgeois is involved in many campus organizations including the Student Government Association, DSA and Greek life. Photo by Larshell Green

Neil Bourgeois, named the 2017 Division for Student Affairs Man of the Year, is an extremely active student in the Lion Nation. Bourgeois is a communication major and member of Pi Kappa Alpha where he holds the position of secretary and public relations chairman. He is chief of staff for Student Government Association and is on President Seth Leto’s Executive Branch. Bourgeois is also a Leadership Intern for the Office for Student Engagement where he is co-advisor for ExCEL Scholars and the DSA Leadership Ambassadors. Bourgeois discusses how attending Southeastern has changed him as a person. “I had always imagined myself attending LSU, but when I attended Lion Pride Preview, I fell in love with the university,” stated Bourgeois. “When I left campus that day, I already felt at home, and I truly felt that Southeastern was where I was supposed to be. I didn’t even apply anywhere else. Southeastern has changed me in more ways than I could have ever imagined. It has given me numerous opportunities to grow as a leader and a person. Southeastern has taught me the meaning of hard work and to never let an opportunity pass you by. I am especially grateful for my experiences with being an Orientation Leader, joining my fraternity Pi Kappa Alpha and meeting my incredible mentor Dr. Rault.” Bourgeois’ love for the university is very evident. “I love the feeling of home and family that this university brings to its students and faculty and staff,” said Bourgeois. “I love the Lion Pride that the university has and how from day one as freshmen they instill that in the students. I also love how friendly the administration and all the faculty here. They have an open door policy and care about all the students and because of that, I have been able to make connections with them and learn.”

St. Charles Parish native Abbie Chiasson was named the recipient of the 2017 Division for Student Affairs Woman of the Year award. She has been an active member in multiple organizations and in this year has taken on some key leadership roles. Chiasson is an ExCel Scholar, member of National Society of Collegiate Scholars and is involved in an English honor society Sigma Tau Delta where she was president and attended three national conventions. She is also a member of Gamma Beta Phi where she held the position of corresponding secretary for one semester then was asked to be vice president for a semester to be trained before taking on the role of president. For Chiasson, there is a major difference between just being a member and being an active one within your organization. “I had a lot of invitations to join things, but I guess my philosophy is I don’t want to join something just to put it on my resume,” stated Chiasson. “I want to join something so that I can be an active part in it. I am not, I guess, on paper as involved as some people, but I feel like actively, I’m more involved than most people.” Once she was announced as the Woman of the Year at the DSA Convocation, Chiasson still could not believe that she had won. “I was completely shocked,” said Chiasson. “I was honored to receive the nomination, and I received it while I was on my conference trip. By the time I got back, I only had like five or six days to complete the application. I was like ‘I’m just not going to do it because I just don’t have the time.”’ Both Bourgeois and Chiasson were surprised to be recipients of the awards. With their involvement in multiple organizations and their leadership on campus, the two are exemplary representations of the Lion Nation. Story Sarah Hess Design Kelonda Dixon



Photo by Tamara Alexander

lead the pride

Austin Rogers, 2017 Greek Man of the Year (right) smiles proudly representing his fraternity, Pi Kappa Alpha. Rogers is also actively involved with various other organizations on campus. Photo by Sarah Hess

Lauren Lambert, 2017 Greek Woman of the Year, (above) holds her newly received award at the annual DSA Convocation. Each year a man and woman are chosen for this award based on their leadership and involvement within the Greek community, as well as in other departments and organizations. Photo by Tamara Alexander

Pi Kappa Alpha member Austin Rogers was the recipient of the 2017 Greek Man of the Year award. Rogers has held numerous positions within Greek life and campus life. He is currently the president of his fraternity while staying heavily involved in other campus activities outside of Greek life. College life took an uphill spiral for Rogers as he became involved in Greek life. “I was selected to be an orientation leader and that changed pretty much everything for me,” said Rogers. “That is also the reason why I became Greek because when I started I was kind of set off by Greek life because I didn’t know what it was, but working with my teammates, I saw what it truly was. They kind of pushed me towards going Greek. One friend specifically kind of pointed me towards Pike itself.” Rogers reflected on his time as a Greek thus far during his time as a Lion and the opportunities it has given him. “I think being Greek has taught me that it’s not just about what happens in four years, it’s going to get me prepared for life,” said Rogers. “This is going to be something that is in my life I will keep up with. I was selected to go intern in D.C. with this program that only accepts 45 people from the world. I was selected because of a brother who came from another state who came to help our chapter, and he wrote me letters of recommendation because he was in the program a couple years ago.” Rogers believes his fraternity and brotherhood have a lot to offer to campus. “I think our chapter started off kind of secluded, but in the past couple years, they’ve kind of become a force to be reckoned with,” said Rogers. “I think

there is a lot against us at the moment. Our chapter swept convocation which we were all pretty surprised about. We have a lot of plans for the future. We hope to kind of keep those things going, but our relations alone with sororities, fraternities and organizations that aren’t Greek and the campus as a whole have changed a lot. People knew who we were. They didn’t necessarily know good things or bad things about us, but honestly we try to keep the good things out there more than the negative things. Our members are growing as individuals and as a whole. We’re getting more experience, and I think we’re bringing something new to campus because all the organizations have been here for at least ten years besides us.” The 2017 Woman of the Year Sigma Sigma Sigma sorority member and English major Lauren Lambert has held many positions within her chapter including parliamentarian, philanthropy chairman and recruitment director. The Greek community is special to her. “My favorite thing about Greek life at Southeastern is how we are all a family,” said Lambert. “There is not a huge divide, and we are all willing to help each other. My sisters are always generous and loving. My favorite memories consist of the nights in our sorority house where random and unexpected moments make me realize how blessed I am to be in my sorority. My sorority is so diverse, and I love how I have built friendships with unique girls who share my values. Greek life has given me so many experiences where I can make a difference on campus and in the community. My college experience has been more fulfilling because of Greek life, and I encourage everyone to give it a chance. It’s the best decision I’ve made in college.” Story Sarah Hess Design Kelonda Dixon



Photo by Tamara Alexander

Jonathan Rhodes, a reporter with The Lion’s Roar (right), smiles for a picture while working at Strawberry Jubilee. He has been on the staff of The Lion’s Roar for three years and enjoys covering sporting events. Photo by Lee E. Lind The staff (below) takes a group photo at our annual Student Publications Convocation. At this event, reporters and staff members were recognized for their hard work to publish an annual yearbook and a weekly newspaper. Photo by Lee E. Lind



Annie Goodman, staff reporter with The Lion’s Roar, poses with Morgan Ledet, Editor-in-Chief (below), after receiving an award at the Student Publications Convocation. Goodman was awarded Best Arts and Entertainment Coverage. Photo by Kelonda Dixon

Some Lion’s Roar staff members (left) take a break from production to goof around. Reporters and editors cover events and feature organizations, students and faculty to be published in the weekly newspaper that is delivered every Tuesday. Photo by Lee E. Lind


student publications

Jesse Salminen, Heather Collins and Taja Morgan, Student Publications staff members (right), pass out last year’s books at Gumbo Ya Ya. Many students were given the chance to pick up their yearbook at multiple events on campus. Photo by Tamara Alexander

Tamara Alexander, Le Souvenir Co- Editor (below), hands out the 2015-2016 yearbook during Strawberry Jubilee. Alexander has been on staff for four years where she has worked for The Lion’s Roar as well as Le Souvenir. Photo by Megan McCormick



Megan McCormick, Le Souvenir campus life editor, and Kelonda Dixon, Le Souvenir co-editor (below), take a break from taking pictures to pose for one. Staff members have worked hard taking pictures at various events throughout the year to put together a keepsake for students. Photo by Lee E. Lind

Larshell Green, arts and entertainment editor for, and Morgan Ledet, The Lion’s Roar editor-in-chief (left), participate in a paint party hosted by Campus Activities Board. Outside of work, many staff members and reporters enjoy hanging out together and having fun. Photo by Tamara Alexander


student publications


Caroline Abadie paints Victoria North’s face (right) at Eggstravaganza. University Housing and resident assistants offered various activities throughout the year to allow on-campus residents to take a break from school and enjoy themselves. Photo by Gabby Scioneaux Destiny Morris and Chad Jackson (below) pose for a fun picture during Campus Activities Board’s Valentine’s Day event. At the event, students took several pictures that were made into a flipbook. Photo by Tamara Alexander



Best friends Marleni Simpson and Gabrielle Ybarzabal (below) laugh and smile as they take pictures in the photo booth. Students were able to choose props to make their photos unique. Photo by Tamara Alexander

Dorian Carriere (left) prepares to paint her canvas. Campus Activities Board hosted a paint party that was free to all students who wanted to express their creative side. Photo by Tamara Alexander



Madeline Lanier, (right) a member of the Catholic Student Association, participates in the Homecoming Parade. Homecoming Week, held October 17-22, featured activities and contests with the theme of “Roomie’s Road Trip.” Photo by Tamara Alexander

Jeff Mickey, associate professor (below), shows art students a building demonstration during class. Mickey was teaching the students how to build a table. Photo by Tamara Alexander



Student athletes (below) celebrate their upcoming graduation at Senior Salute. This event is a send-off celebration hosted by the Alumni Association in honor of all graduating seniors. Photo by Tamara Alexander

Members of the National Pan-Hellenic Council (left) attend the Division for Student Affairs Awards Convocation in the Student Union Ballroom. The award ceremony acknowledged the students’ involvement and accomplishments on campus. Photo by Tamara Alexander



2017 New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival Stevie Wonder performs on the Acura Stage during the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival on Saturday, May 6, 2017. Photo courtesy (David Grunfeld/NOLA.com The Times-Picayune via AP)

College Stabbing Mourners gather for a candlelight vigil at a bus shelter at the University of Maryland in College Park, Md, Sunday, May 21, 2017, where a visiting student was fatally stabbed. Another University of Maryland student was also charged Sunday with fatally stabbing the visiting student on campus in what police have described as an unprovoked attack that rattled the school over graduation weekend. Photo courtesy (AP Photo/Caolyn Kaster)

Ariana Grande Concert Blast Police work at Manchester Arena after reports of an explosion at the venue during an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, England on Monday, May 22, 2017. Several people died as a result of the explosion, police said. A representative for Grande said the singer was not injured. Photo courtesy (Peter Byrne/PA via AP)



A Abadie, Caroline 236, 254 Abadie, Katie 236 Abadie, Tyler 232 Achor, Krista 223 Adams, Carleigh 228 Adams, Connie 100 Adams, Khadijah 100 Adams, Maggie 78 Adams, Mariah 227 Adams, Whitney 100 Addison, Dalila 78 Addison, Francesca 78 Addison, Peyton 100 Adhikary, Apurba 100 Adolph, Brandy 229 Age, Morgan 60 Aguillard, Kimberly 100 Aguirre, Thomas 226 Ahrens, Nicole 100 Alario, Allison 222 Alexander, Chelsea 227 Alexander, Jonathan 100 Alexander, Tamara 222, 250 Alford, Justin 224 Alford, Monica 100 Alford, Tonykea 42, 218, 221 Alkadi, Ghassan 78 Allan, Lawrence 78 Allee, Stephanie 223 Allen, Ariel 100 Allen, Breigh 232 Allen, Faith 100 Allen, Haley 236 Allen, Matthew 235 Alline, Garrett 235 Allison, Carly 100 Allphin, Mallory 78 Allridge, Joshua 227 Alphonso, Maria 100 Alridge, Toni 100 Althouse, Kylan 78 Anderson, Danielle 100 Anderson, Jasmine 46, 100 Anderson, Mikayla 78 Anderson, Victoria 100 Angel, Ayleen 228 Ansardi, Joshua 100 Anstiss, James 100, 175 Anthony, Elia 100 Arbour, Katelyn 78 Arceneaux, Alyssa 100, 231 Archote, Justin 29, 100 Argueta, Indira 100 Armand, Jeremy 100 Armstrong, Tiffany 232 Armstrong, Tori 232 Arnold, Matt 232, 233 Arriaza, Rebekah 223, 232 Arrington, Harley 222 Arthur, Cassidy 100 Arties, Brea 230 Arzaluz, Vanessa 178 Asoodeh, Joshua 224 Atlow, Kiara 78 Atwell, Grace 229 Aucoin, Jessica 100, 236 Aucoin, Marissa 100, 223 Austin, James 78 Avera, Samantha 100 Aydell, Dalton 78 Aymond, JP 232 Azuara, Hayli 101 B Babin, Jace 101 Babin, Kayla 78 Babin, Kenneth 101 Babin, Nicole 101 Babineaux, Natalie 101 Babylon, Rachel 78 Bach, Barbara 228, 230 Baham, Alexis 232 Baham, Anne 78 Baham, Anthony 101 Baheth, Jamal 78 Bahm, Wallace 101 Baiamonte, Megan 101 Bailey, Evan 101 Bailey, Linda 228 Baker, Haley 211

Baldwin, Darsie 101 Bales, Alexandra 78 Ball, Dakota 101 Balli, Joshua 224 Balli, Sarah 227 Balser, Ashley 101 Banks, Austin 220, 231 Bankston, Dakota 101 Bankston, Justin 29, 31, 101, 224 Banta, Matthew 78 Barattini, Melanie 101 Barber, Daniel 226 Barbier, Dylan 101, 225 Barker, Bailey 223 Barksdale, Justin 78 Barksdale, Tyler 78 Barlow, Jordyn 78 Barnard, Richard 101 Baron, Jordan 101 Barr, Tatiana 223 Barr, Taylor 78 Barraco, Ashley 101 Barre, Kaysha 10 Bartels, Madeline 36, 233 Barthelemy, Kenyatta 235, 237 Bartlett, Chynna 229 Basile, Sarah 78, 227 Basnet, Aashish 101 Bass, Jessica 78 Bastian, Arianna 220 Bateman, Alexis 222, 228 Bates, Brittany 78 Batiste, Jiran 225 Battaglia, Sal 101, 224 Bauerle, Nathaniel 234 Baumy, Brandi 228 Beard, Jonathan 101 Beauty, Ikeia 230 Beck, Kailyn 234 Becker, Tyler 101 Becnel, Catherine 101, 223 Becnel, Katie 20, 228 Becnel, Reba 223 Beemer, Charles 78 Begault, Lindsey 101, 224 Begue’, Nina 223 Behlar, Austin 224 Bell, Britney 222 Bell, Kristen 78 Bell, Whitney 78 Bell, ZyQuincia 236 Benasco, Leah 79 Bender, Chad 101 Bennett, Tara 227 Bennett, Tre’ 169 Benson, Sawyer M. 234 Bentinvegna, Madison 223 Benton, Andrew 101 Benton, Hannah 101, 233 Bergeron, Danielle 242 Bergeron, Jordan 228 Bergeron, Marissa 228 Bernard, Kelly 79 Bernier, Kaycie 66 Berot, Kalyn 79 Berry, Taylor 237 Bertheaud, Lane 225 Berthelot, Parker 233 Berthelot, Teylor 232 Bertrand, Alex 224 Bethel, Kileigh 222 Beysselance, Sarah 234 Bhatt, Shreeja 243 Bhatt, Shreya 243 Bhatta, Kiran 102 Bickham, Waco 79 Bishop, Maggie 223 Bittola, Amanda 79 Black, Charles 102 Blackwell, Peyton 223 Blades, Scarlett 79 Blair, Christina 102 Blanchard, Alex 79 Blanchard, Ashley 233 Blanchard, Cara 236 Blanchard, Morgan 232 Bleakley, Dylan 102 Blouin, Breigh 222 Blount, Heather 228 Blue, Aaron 102 Boatner, Krysta 236, 237 Bobrycki, Carsyn 79

Boe, Maci 102, 240 Bogle, Rachel 102 Bokun, Kevin 102 Boldt, Dr. Margaret 63 Bonano, Daniel 224 Boone, Caroline 79 Boone, Morgan 102 Bordelon, Jenna 222 Borelly, Caleb 102 Boudreaux, Bailey 136 Boudreaux, Benjamin 102 Boudreaux, Jessica 79 Boudreaux, Lauren 102 Bougere, Brionca 102 Bourg, Hunter 226 Bourgeois, Ashley 102 Bourgeois, Holly 102 Bourgeois, Jude 102 Bourgeois, Lucas 79 Bourgeois, Mason 226 Bourgeois, Neil 29, 225, 244 Bourgeois, Ronald 102 Bourgeois, Rusty 102 Bourgoyne, Ariel 79 Bourque, Daniel 79 Bowers, Jon 79 Bowman, Christopher 102 Bowman, Jacquelyn 79 Boykins, Tiree 79 Boynes, David 226 Bracey, Justin 234 Bradley, Briana 79 Brady, Delaney 236 Brady, Erin 102, 223 Bralsman, Riana 23, 236 Branch, Thomas 226 Brathberry, Megan 102 Bravata, Grace 79 Bray, Jennifer 102 Breaux, Gavin 79 Brennan, Nicholas 234 Brian, Bret 102 Bridges, Kayla 79 Bridges, Sierra 102 Brigalia, LouAnna 234 Briggs, Megan 222 Briggs, Toby 79 Bright, Carol 79 Brignac, Chelsea 102 Brignac, Stefanie 236 Brignac, Taylor 102 Brignac, Trejon 102 Broadhead, Danielle 102 Brock, George 162 Brouillette, Andrew 103 Broussard, Brianna 224 Broussard, Maegan 103 Broussard, Trishay 230 Brown, Autumn 237 Brown, Brachell 230 Brown, Desiree 79 Brown, Jasmine 79 Brown, Kate 223 Brown, Lakeiah 79 Brown, Landon 79 Brown, Randall 79 Brown, Regina 103 Brown, Sarah 103, 233 Brown, Shane 226 Brown, Shaquille 79 Brown, Vallen 80 Browning, Jennifer 80 Bruch, Haley 80 Bruhn, Sean 103 Brumfield, Adrianna 229 Brumfield, Garrett 80 Brumfield, Labria 80 Bruno, Courtney 46 Bryant, Victoria 103 Brylski, Brice 80 Buckles, Keiera 103 Buckley, Alvin 103 Buckley, April 80 Buisson, Madalynn 80 Bullock, Landry 103 Bunch, Madison 235 Bunn, Rachael 103, 210 Burchfield, Magnolia 223 Burhan, Aymen 72 Burkett, Briana 103 Burkhardt, Kathryn 234 Burris, Delton 56, 103



Busby, William III 62, 224, 232, 236 Bush, Madeline 70 Bustamante, Lucia 193 Butler, Ja’Mesha 144 Butterworth, Alexandra 103 Butzman, Grace 233 Buuck-Whitfield, Devin 103 Buxton, Karisa 80 Byers, Ryan 9, 265 Bynum, Kassidy 103 Bynum, Lunden 103 Byrd, Haley 103 Byrd, Nicholas III 234 C Cador, Danielle 103 Caire, Lucy 228, 233 Caire, Thresa 233 Calecas, Brittany 223 Calfee, Kristen 230, 232 Calhoun, Jonathan 32 Calloway, Cierra 236 Cambell, Dimetirous 80 Cambre, John 103 Cameron, Ameal Jr 231 Caminita, Candace 222 Campo, Kayla 80, 233 Canady, Robyn 227 Cancienne, Katelyn 80 Candies, Jon 103 Canella, Luke 103 Cangelosi, Chase 230 Cannon, Diontae 225 Cannon, Justin 103 Cannon, Kendall 230, 237 Cannoot, Michael 80 Canterbury, Kyle 226 Capdeboscq, Carter 224 Capo, Khristian 103 Caramonta, Cari 50 Caramonta, Zac 50 Carbo, Nick 226 Carpenter, Bryce 220 Carpenter, Terricka 103, 232 Carrier, Christopher 80 Carriere, Dorian 255 Carroll, Kaitlyn 103 Carroll, Stephanie, 231 Carter, Ally 80 Carter, Brianna 220 Carter, Kailey 103 Carter, Marianna 230 Carter, Summer 223 Casanova, Paulo III 103, 132 Case, Mason 234 Case, Matt 232 Cashio, Chad 236 Cassingham, Stephen 103 Castiglione, Hailey 224 Castro, Brittany 104 Castro, Phoebe 223 Cato, Ben 232 Cauble, Ashley 234 Cavalier, Sayde 133 Ceasar, Alden 229 Celestine, Auriell 80, 222 Celestine, Jessica 104, 222, 236 Chambers, Jharell 104 Chambers, Kristen 80 Champagne, Seth 104 Chandler, Billy 224 Chaney, Hunter 104 Chaney, Preston 104 Chartier, Maryssa 140, 228 Chatelain, Alyssa 80 Chatelain, Kimberly 223 Chatelain, Nicholle 104 Chatellier, Claudia 104 Chauvin, Chloe 223 Chauvin, Madison 223 Cherry, Danny Jr 80 Chesnut, Holly 104 Chiasson, Abbie 228, 244 Chiasson, Lydia 80 Christ, Erin 80 Chustz, Alexis 80 Clark, Caitlyn 234 Clark, Christopher 104, 127 Clark, Elizabeth 237 Clark, Jordan 234 Clark, Kahne 230, 236

Clark, Layla 80, 221 Clark, Mallory 80 Clemons, Page 222 Clites, Kristen 236 Coats, Jessica 228 Cochran, Jennifer 104 Cockrell, Katelyn 104 Coe, Miranda 104 Coker, Maghan 104 Cola, Davonna 104 Cole, Chase 80 Colebrook, Andre 80, 205 Coleman, Michelle 104 Collerd, Mikiala 80 Collier, Kayla 104 Collier, Kaylee 104 Colligan, Lindsay 104, 232 Collins, Heather 250 Collins, Olivia 80 Collum, John 104, 231 Colton, Alexander 104, 225 Comardelle, Alan II 231 Conaway, Matthew 104 Coniglio, Danielle 104, 223 Conlin, Faith 233 Conn, Heather 104 Connelly, Ian 226 Conner, Blessin 81 Connor, Javon 166 Conrad, Courtney 223 Conravey, Peter IV 81 Constant, Terrilynn 81 Cook, Demi 162 Cook, Hannah 81 Cooke, Samantha 104, 232 Coon, Chelsea 220 Cooper, Joseph 104 Cooper, Peyton 224 Cooper, Scott 104, 231 Corass, Rachel 104 Corb, Benjamin 226 Corchiani, Michael 160 Cordova, Amairi 105, 220 Corkern, Alex 224 Corkern, Robbin 105 Cormier, Corinne 105 Cortez, Mecca 105 Corwin, Mary Ruth 223 Costa, Catherine 105 Costales, Amanda 223 Cothern, Bryce 226 Cotton, Garret 224 Cotton, Marissa 105 Council, Amanda 81 Cowan, Andrew 105, 229, 233 Cowsar, Tarez A. 234 Cox, Kaitlin 81 Cox, Keri 66 Cox, Mark 105 Craddock, William 105 Cradic, Austin 234 Craig, Sherri 229 Craighead, Kara 105 Crain, President Dr. John L. 5, 31, 239 Craven, Alexis 230 Crawford, Anna 223 Crawford, Madison 70 Creel, Paige 105 Crews, Amber 81 Crider, Greg 236 Crites, Carson 150 Crochet, Jeffrey 81 Crockett, Laken 105 Cropper, London 105 Cuccia, Claire 223 Cuevas, Daniel 224, 233 Culpepper, Jourdan 223 Cummings, Tawanda 105 Cunnikin, Ronjae Jr 44, 230 Cunningham, Alec 105, 224 Cunningham, Jacob 8 Cuny, Zachary 105 Curry, Mark 105 Curtis, Kristin 105 Cusimano, Brittney 105 Cutrer, Charity 232 Cutrer, Janell 105, 235 Cutrera, Brittany 66 D D’Arensbourg, Kyla 223

DaCosta, Amanda 236 Dahlmans, Dalina 190, 192 Dahmer, Leah 223 Daigle, Alli 184 Daigle, Crista 81 Daigle, Katlyn 237 Dale, Kaitlin 105 Dalgo, Rachael 223 Dalme, Tiffani 81 Dandridge, Tierstene 81 Danos, Justin 81 Daret, Melissa 232 Darrah, Kevin 81 Dauphin, Dimitri 81 Dauphin, Mason 105 Dauzat, Devin 81 Davenport, Keisha 105 Davidson, Savannah 224 Davidson, Stephany 105 Davis, Chloe 105 Davis, Cody 60, 105 Davis, Colby 81 Davis, Dakota 81 Davis, Dominique 81 Davis, Eugene Jr 220 Davis, Evelyn 105 Davis, Hannah 27 Davis, Katherine 236 Davis, Lauren 81, 230, 237 Davis, Megan 232 Davis, Paige 106 Davis, Rachel 106 Davis, Richard 33, 220, 237 Davis, Stephanie 106 Davis, Storm 232 Davis, Timothy 221 Dawsey, Courtney 156 Dawson, Brooke 223 Dawson, Terri 230 Dean, Cameron 106 Dearman, Jamie 43, 106 Decoteau, Alaina 106 Dedeaux, Eric 106 Deeks, Brooke 228 Deemer, Gabrielle 106, 232 Deffes, Ryan 81 Degioia, Anthony 106 DeJohn, Caroline 223 Delancy, Taylor 233 DeLany, Ali 234 Delbert, Ben 234 Deleon, Madeline 222 Delhom, Kyle 106 Delin, Kenneth 81 Demorvelle, Taylor 81 Dent, Cedric Jr. 220, 237 Depp, Alexandra 106 DePriest, Benjamin 225 De Roche, Vilma Funez 83 DeRousselle, Ava 227 Deshotels, Jadan 223 DeVaney, Lyndsey 222 DeVaull, Ciara 237 Deville, Rachel 106 Devillier, Emily 81 Diaz, Jacquelin 81 Dicarlo, Jiachino 106 Dietrich, Morgan 81 Diez, Alli 223 Diggs, Steven 232 Digirolamo, Saige 81, 236 Digirolamo, Tatum 106 Dill, Christina 106 Dilmore, Andrew 225 Dimitri, Nicole 223 Dimm, Kaylee 81 DiPiazza, Dana 223 Dison, Jessica 223 Dixon, Kelonda 106, 124, 228, 229, 231, 251 Dixon, Taryn 232 Dodt, Katherine 106 Domingues, Paul 106 Dominique, Chris 225 Donahue, Breanna 230 Donaldson, James 81 Donnelly, Eric 82 Doughty, Stacie 106 Douglas, Jerica 106 Douglas, Whitnie 222 Dours, Katelyn 106 Dove, Jaira 232 Drude, Taylor 29, 106

Druhet, James 106 Dubuisson, Bevann 82 Ducote, Allen 106 Ducote, Taylor 106 Dudley, Mary 106 Duet, Carly 233 Duet, Katie 223 Duffield, Carlene 106 Dufrene, Amanda 82 Dufrene, Bodie 82 Dufrene, Dillon 82 Dufresne, Haley 133 Dugas, Charliee 156 Dugas, Jarred 82 Dugas, Melissa 82 Dugas, Reese 62, 106 Duhe, Chandler 107 Duhon, Cameron 224 Duhon, Madeleine 82 Duncan, Jennah 223 Dunham, Alex 232 Dunn, Keyosha 236 Duplantier, Dana 107 DuPont, Dawn 223 Dupont, Geramy 224 Dupree, Brittany 107 Dupuis, Alexander 133 Duran, Natalie 192, 193 Durbin, Shelby 82 Durham, Erica 107 Dussor, Samantha 107 Dye, Reginald 107 Dyer, Allie 107 Dykes, Mary Ann Nicole 236 Dykes, Scotti 19 E Earles, Lisa 107 Easley, Sarah 82 Eber, Virginia 145, 224 Edmonston, Maddie 186 Edwards, Joshua 82 Edwards, Savanah 235 Eisenhardt, Jeremiah 82 Eisworth, Shelby 226 Elberling, Kristina 82 Elgin, Emily 59 Eli, Neal 227 Elisar, Brooke 82 Elliot, Shelby 227 Elliott, Nick 38, 238 Ellis, Ashley 235 Ellis, Brea 224 Ellis, Melissa 107 Ellison, Mayori 168 Ellzey, Stephanie 107 Emerson, Joseph 233 Enlow, Virginia 229 Entremont, Julie 33, 82 Erebia, Abbigail 107 Erwin, Brandi 82 Escamilla, Madison 107 Eschete, Marlise 82 Etlin, Joris 174 Ettinger, Amy 227 Evans, Breanna 221 Evans, Marcus 82 Evans, Marisa 96 Evers, Eric 236 Eymard, Taylor 224 Ezell, Kaci 82 F Fairburn, Ashlee 82 Falgout, Lacey 82 Falks, Anna 107 Fangatua, Miki 168 Farkas, Kaitlin 82 Farmer, Steven 107 Faucheux, Paul 107 Faulkner, Cameryn 220, 230 Fauntleroy, Randy 107 Favre, Elizabeth 224 Feduccia, Alyssa 222 Feilden, Eric 225 Felton, Kyriel 144, 224 Fenchock, Jessica 10 Fenerty, Allie 224, 230 Feraci, Heath 225 Ferguson, Amber 198 Ferguson, Ebone 236

Fernandez, Erin 107 Ferrando, Christina 224 Ferrando, Megan 82, 96 Ferrara, Vaughn 107 Ferretiz, Erika 82, 107 Ferrill, Connor 232 Ferrill, Maya 230 Finneman, Sydney 228 Firmin, Jessica 82, 229, 242 Fleig, Miranda 107 Fleischman, Amber 82 Fletcher, Jacob 107 Fletcher, Kayla 224 Flores, Alexis 82 Flynn, Daniel 107 Flynn, Rosemary 107 Fogg, Brandon 82 Foil, William 83 Folchetti, Amber 83 Fontana, Lane 236 Fontenot, Jacob 107 Fontenot, Kayleigh 83 Foose, Kassie 83 Forcha, Emily 83 Forcier, Stephen 107 Forest, Jared 224 Foster, Emma 231 Foster, Hikita 232 Foster, Mayson 31 Foster, Shiela 83 Fourmaux, George E. 190 Fowler, Patricia 107, 224, 228 Fox, Jestini 229 Franc, Claudio 224 France, Kadra 229 France, Kasedra 229 Frank, Katarina 233 Frazier, Jermisha 221 Fredericks, Ali 107 Freeman, Amanda 107 Freeman, Blake 83 Freese, Emily 108 Fryoux, John 108 Furlan, Carley 83 Furlan, Hannah 83, 229, 233 Futch, Nicole 108 G Gabriel, Dorian 222 Gaillot, Zachary 225 Galatas, Gina 108 Galdamez, Madelyn 108 Galivan, Rebecca 108 Gallagher, Brittany 224 Gallagher, Maddison 233 Gamblin, Tabor 68, 108 Garafola, Bryce 224 Garcia, Tori 223 Gardner, Mallory 108 Garland, Ivyleigh 233 Garlepied, Lauren 83 Garrell, Raine 227 Garrett, Dylan 70 Garrett, Emily 228 Garrett, Taylor 228, 235 Garrity, Kathryn 83 Gary, Kristyn 38, 40, 43, 44 Gassen, Brittany 83 Gatlin, Leslie 83 Gaudet, Alyssa 223 Gauthier, Maya 29, 108, 221 Gauthreaux, Elisa 237 Gautreau, Chandler 83 Gautreau, Claire 228 Gautreau, Dane 108 Gautreau, Jordan 137 Gautreau, Luke 108 Gautreau, Macy 108 Gautreau, Preston 224 Gayle, Steven 108 Gazzea, Rachel 83 Geason, Brionne 83 Gendusa, Adile 108 Genovese, Aiden 108 Genre, Christopher 229 George, Kaylee 83 Geraci, Dominique 227 Gerald, Karlyn 83 Gibson, Lauren 108 Gifford, Taylor 224 Giles, Eugene 221, 231 Gill, Rachel 108



Gill, Tristan 227 Gilmore, Patrice 108 Gilmore, Reagan 232 Gilson, Kelly 234 Giluso, Brinley 108, 223 Gioe, Gino 83 Gioe, Meagan 224 Girouard, Stevi 83 Glascock, Connor 232 Glorioso, Michael 232 Glover, Larsen 223 Goddard, Maria 29, 108, 126 Godis, Tope 232 Goetz, Jennifer 108 Golden, Lawayla 83 Gonzales, Ivy 83 Gonzales, Jordan 83, 227 Gonzalez, Alex 226 Gonzalez, Daniela 83 Gooden, Raven 230 Goodman, Annie 144, 249 Gordillo, Francis 108 Goss, Amber 83 Grace, Lindsay 62, 108 Grady, Maya 228 Graham, Ashley 236 Graham, Chelsie 108 Graham, Chris 224 Granat, Kyle 108 Granger, Andrew 231 Granier, Kade 150 Grant, Jalon 230 Grant, Victoria 227 Graves, Mary 223 Graves, Taylor 224 Gray, Aimee Dalley 105 Green, Alexis 230 Green, Ariel 230, 236 Green, Arielle 83 Green, Jamie 83 Green, Keturah 237 Green, Larshell 251 Green, Meghan 108 Green, Patrick 229, 233 Greenwood, Moses 163 Gregoire, Kayleigh 228 Gregoire, Lauren 108 Gressaffa, Allie 223 Grier, Jared 221 Griffin, Alexus 220 Griffin, Autumn 222 Griffin, Gabrielle 84 Griffin, Kami 84 Griffin, Lacey 232 Griffith, Gregory 108, 125, 225 Griffitt, Anglea 227 Griggs, Ashton 109 Grizzaffi, Salvatore 199 Gros, Misty 26 Gros, Ronald 59 Grunder, Christine 109 Gruner, Daniel 109, 233 Gsell, Hunter 109 Guedry, Brooke 223 Gueho, Morgan 109 Guerra, Seth 225, 234 Guidry, Aaron 84 Guidry, Hannah 109 Guidry, Kyle 84 Guidry, Lauren 84 Guillory, Kaylin 224 Guillory, Lawrencia 109 Guillory, Maegan 223 Guillory, Zyria 236 Guillot, Brooke 133 Guillot, Michelle 84 Guitreau, Lauren 223 Gunterrom, Parker 225 Guthrie, Cynthia 109 Gutierrez, Alicia 222 Gutierrez, Gabrielle 109 Gutierrez, Sonia 84 Guy, Zachary 233 H Haag, Amelia 109 Haase, Jeremy 109 Habetz, Olivia 109 Haddican, Paul 109, 231 Haigler, Brooke 109 Hailey, Dr. Debra Jo 232 Hakenjos, Griffin 224

Hall-Clay, Taylor 84 Hall, Alonzo 220 Hall, Amy 227 Hall, Ayanna 109, 124 Hall, Madison 109, 223 Hall, Morgan 223 Hall, Ty’Desha 230 Hall, Ty’Nesha 230 Hamilton, Emilee 145 Hamilton, Mack 233 Hamner, Micah 109, 223 Hampton, Letha 16 Hanaway, Hope 84 Hand, Autumn 224 Hanson, Rylie 84 Harabaru, Andrian 109 Hardee, Savannah 84 Hardin, Brandon 84 Harding, Kaylan 237 Hargis, Erin 84, 228 Harper, Hannah 84 Harrell, Rasheed 169 Harris, Cameron 37 Harris, Markisha 109 Harrison, Kristina 109 Harrison, Louise 84 Harrison, Ryan 235 Harrison, Victoria 84 Hart, Courtney 109, 222 Harthcock, Victoria 222 Hartley, Parrie 109, 210 Hartman, Joleigh 109 Hartzog, Emily 109 Havard, Amy 84 Hawkins, Ariane 109 Hawkins, Mattie 221 Hawkins, Taylor 127 Hawkins, Tyron’E 84 Haydel, Michelle 109 Hayes, Davon 160 Hayes, Rachel 187 Hayno, Colt 109 Heath, Haylie 224 Hebert, Adam 109 Hebert, Brandon 110 Heckman, Coleden 225 Heckmann, Cierra 29, 110 Hedrich Martin Rae, Nathan 110 Helms, Megan 110 Hemingway, Ashlyn 110 Henby, Kaitlin 110, 228 Henderson, Adam 226 Henderson, Austin 224 Henderson, Daniel 224 Henderson, Deandre 202 Henderson, Harold III 110 Henderson, Kaelyn 84, 168 Henderson, Terez 84 Hendle, Jodiee 84 Hennes, Stephanie 84 Henri, Rachel 227 Henry, Alex 84 Henry, Breanna 230 Henry, Kristen 110 Henry, Lana 110 Hensley, Rebecca 58 Herbert, Katie 224 Herbert, Robert 84 Hernandez, Oscar 141 Herring, Spencer 110 Herrod, Christina 224 Hess, Alee 223 Hess, Sarah 224 Hester, Travis 225 Hewitt, Jamie 110 Heyd, Claire 229 Hicks, Christina 110, 222, 236 Higgins, Breanna 110 Higgins, Heather 110 Hill, John 226 Hill, Lakelyn 84 Hills, Marrie 110 Himel, Lauren 223 Hines, William 110 Hinson, Margaret 29, 31 Hinton, Heidi 84 Hobley, Rachel 84 Hochkeppler, Lill-Ann 204 Hodge, Brandi 110 Hodges, Claudia 84, 236 Hodges, Mary Catherine 85 Hodges, Quincy 85 Hodgeson, Joshua 230, 234

Confederate Statues New Orleans A statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee is removed from Lee Circle Friday, May 19, 2017, in New Orleans. Lee’s was the last of four monuments to Confederate-era figures to be removed under a 2015 City Council vote on a proposal by Mayor Mitch Landrieu. Photo courtesy (AP Photo/Scott Threlkeld)

Fallen Officers Memorial An honor guard officer stands at rest alongside the memorial wreath during a vigil to honor fallen Mississippi law enforcement officers at the Statewide Fallen Officers Memorial in Jackson, Miss., Tuesday, May 16, 2017. Photo courtesy (AP Photo/Rogelio V. Solis)

Nigeria Kidnapped Girls In this photo released by the Nigeria State House, Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari center, meets with Chibok school girls recently freed from Nigeria Extremist captivity in Abuja, Nigeria, Sunday, May 7, 2017. Five Boko Haram commanders were released in exchange for the freedom of 82 Chibok schoolgirls kidnapped by the extremist group three years ago, a Nigerian government official said, as the girls were expected to meet with the country’s president and their families. Photo courtesy (Bayo Omoboriowo/Nigeria State House via AP)



Trump Budget Secret Service Security personnel stand at the main entrance of Trump Tower in New York City. The Trump administration is asking for more money to protect President Donald Trump’s signature New York skyscraper to add hundreds of new Secret Service agents and beef up security at the White House, according to new budget documents presented to Congress. Photo courtesy (AP Photo/Seth Wenig, File)

India Tibet An exiled Tibetan girl runs with a U.S. flag as she waits to welcome Nancy Pelosi, Democratic leader in the U.S. House of Representatives, at the Tibetan Children’s Village School in Dharmsala, India. Photo courtesy (AP Photo/Ashwini Bhatia)

India Elephant in Swamp A domestic elephant stands by a 10-year-old wild tusker with a rear leg injury in a marshy area where it is stuck at Amchang Wildlife Sanctuary, 40 kilometers (25 miles) east of Gauhati, India. Veterinarians are nursing the 10-year-old male elephant to help it get out of the marshy area. Photo courtesy (AP Photo/Anupam Nath)



Hoerner, Caitlyn 228 Holden, Chloee 210 Hollis, Brett 224 Holmes, Miriam 110 Holtkamp, Fleur 190 Hoover, Roseanna 227 Hope, Allison 110 Hopper, Jarod 232 Houston, Knyla 33, 230, 237 Howard, Edward 225 Howard, Maci 233 Howard, Megan 110 Howie, Samantha 85 Hudson, Haley 223 Huffman, Leanne 232 Huffty, Rachel 232 Hughes, Troy 221 Humphries, DeQuaz 14, 230, 236 Hunt, Diont’e 231 Hunt, Vanessa 110 Hurstell, Scott 85 Huser, Sam 151 Husser, Zach 232 Hutches, Maddison 110, 232 Hutchins, Martin 110 Hutchinson, Carla 110 Hutchinson, Courtney 85 Hutchinson, Jonathan 225 Hyde, Bill 232 Hymel, Kelsey 227 Hynes, Austin 225 Hyorth, Gabrielle 67

Johnson, Trevor 199 Johnson, Ty’Real 111 Johnson, Whitney 85 Johnson, Will’Nesha 85 Jolibois, Josie 232 Jones, Alec 225 Jones, Alexis 85 Jones, Cydney 220 Jones, Davasia 85 Jones, Gabrielle 111 Jones, Gerriane 236 Jones, Hayes 111 Jones, Jacory 46 Jones, Jaycie 11, 58 Jones, Kaylan 224 Jones, Kel’Jun 231 Jones, Madison 232 Jones, Nydoria 111 Jones, Patrick 111 Jones, Preslee 228 Jones, Sara 85 Jonhson, Jeremiah 232 Jordan, Amy 85 Jordan, Hayley 24 Joseph, Shallene 227 Joseph, William Jr 111 Josey, Starlynn 223 Joshlin, Raeleigh 224 Jovanovic, Grace 85 Juban, Kori Fogg 85 Jugan, Pamela 111, 237 Julien, Daryl Jr. 235 Juneau, Kaitlyn 85



Igleharte, Greg 110 Imbraguglio, Paige 110, 232 Impastato, Sam 226 Incandela, Joseph 74 Ingraffia, Skylar 85 Ingraham, Chelsea 110, 220 Ippolito, Terri 110 Ives, Baylee 63, 222 Ivory, Jamie 111

Kackley, Mikayla 233 Kadri, Sakeena 237 Kambi, Nancy 111, 230, 236, 237 Karlsson, Linda 180 Kattawar, Jerry 111 Kaufmann, Bryce 226 Keating, Meredith 111, 222 Keller, Chase 111 Keller, Courtney 85 Keller, Jacelyn 222 Kelly, Devin 85 Kelly, Madeline 224 Kelly, Marcus 111 Kelly, Mary Grace 233 Kelly, Rachel 228 Kemp, April 62 Kennair, Brenna 111 Kennedy, Kathryn 85 Kennedy, Ronald Joseph III 226 Kenny, Korissa 234 Kenny, Ryan 234 Kent, Abby 222 Kerr, Krislyn 232 Kestler, Alexa 85 Kidwell, Rachel 111 Kimball, Brandi 111 Kimble, Alesce 223 Kimble, Lindsey 111 Kinchen, Dylan 226 King, Clinton 224 King, Forrest 85 King, Freddranique 220 Kinnison, Taylor 223 Kippes, Maggie 86 Kirchen, Jonathan 86 Kirkendol, Cameron 232 Kirkland, Shelby 111 Kirkpatrick, Savannah 86, 232 Kittrell, Jordan 111 Klein, Grace 223, 228 Klein, Kayla 86 Kliebert, Holly 229 Klug, Courtney 234 Knapp, Madison 111, 123, 238 Knight, Renae 86, 232 Koduri, Mahitha 243 Koeppel, Jonathan 86 Kohoutek, Kaitlin 86 Kramer, Trista 42 Kresevic, Maddie 181 Kron, Rebecca 86 Krul, Sarah 111 Krulisky, Kacie 111 Kunkel, Matthew 86

J Jackson, Andreia 235 Jackson, Brooklyn 230 Jackson, Chad 254 Jackson, Dominique 85 Jackson, Grayson 85 Jackson, Jirah 85 Jackson, Kayla 232 Jackson, Malik 221 Jackson, Nicholas 221 Jackson, Princeton 85 Jacob, Zane 111 Jacobsen, Ashley 58 Jakes, Jaimie 223 James, Martavius 204 Jamison, Rosarielle 236 Jansen, Jerilyn 223 Jarrell, Elizabeth 85 Jasmin, DaJae 220 Javery, Bruce II 227 Jaynes, Renee 223 Jays, Matthew 225, 228 Jeanfreau, Casey 111 Jee, Jonathan 232 Jefferson, Brittany 229, 232 Jelks, Lekesha 111 Jenkins-Gethers, Davante 85 Jenkins, Cameron 226 Jenkins, Katherine 111 Jenkins, Maddie 232 Jenkins, Marissa 228, 230 Johnson, Abby 233 Johnson, Alana 236 Johnson, Austen 85 Johnson, Diamond 220 Johnson, Erica 222 Johnson, Haley 222 Johnson, Katie 223 Johnson, Kawanee 85 Johnson, Kelsey 111, 223 Johnson, Lytreil 111 Johnson, Mariah 228 Johnson, Nick 233 Johnson, Rachael 233 Johnson, Taylor 230 Johnson, Tre’ 21


Labbe, Matthew 233 Lacara, Mary 224 LaCombe, Ainsleigh 223 Lacoste, Cody 229 Lacour, Katherine 86 Ladner, Cindy 231 Ladner, Jay 162 LaFerrara, Lisa 86 LaFleur, Jeremy 86 LaFleur, Justin 232 Lafleur, Ryan 112 Lagarde, Adam 86 LaGrange, Allana 228 Lagrue, Racheal 46, 112 Laiche, Maurie 112 Lally, Amanda 112 Lamarca, Michael 112 Lambert, Abigail 228 Lambert, Allyson 86 Lambert, Callie 228 Lambert, Jess 228 Lambert, Lauren 246 Lambert, Leah 223 Lamonte, Rhesha 112 Lamy, Elizabeth 112 Landaiche, Calyn 222, 230 Landers, Briana 21 Landis, Kourtney 86 Landor, D’Shaie 86 Landrew, Lamyia 232 Landry, Hannah 112, 223 Landry, Jared 112 Landry, Leslie 86 Lane, Mason 232 Lange, Tyler 86 Langley, Elizabeth 223 Langston, Amber 86 Lanier, Madeline 233, 256 Lanus, Micaela 112, 223 Lanusse, Fallon 222 Lapeyrouse, Amelia 86 Lapeyrouse, Emma 112 LaPlante, Alexis 86 Laprarie, Alvin 86 LaPorte, Lauren 86 Larmann, Emma 86 LaRocca, Daniel 224 Larose, Alyssa 230 Larson, Lauren 86 Lasher, Amber 112 Laurent, Lauren 112, 236 Lavender, Jessica 86 Lawless, Allison 112 Lawton, Cullen 224 Leach, Anna 232 LeBas, Ann 86 LeBlanc, Abby 86 LeBlanc, Ali 235 LeBlanc, Alyssa 112 LeBlanc, Auldyn 223 Leblanc, Brittani 112, 228 LeBlanc, Cedric 231 LeBlanc, Hayden 232 Leblanc, Jill 87, 236 LeBlanc, Kalyn 223 Leblanc, Katie 112 LeBlanc, Kylene 222 LeBlanc, Luke 232 Leblanc, Nicole 112 Leblanc, Paul 112 Leblanc, Sarah 112 LeBlanc, Savannah 228 Leblanc, Tanner 224 Leboeuf, Elizabeth 112, 228 LeBourgeois, Ali 222 Lecocq, Kylie 112 LeCompte, Kristen 230 Lecompte, Laney 71 Ledet, Ashley 87 Ledet, Caitlynn 223 Ledet, Morgan 249, 251 Ledoux, Breanna 223 Ledoux, Clare 112 Lee, Kristopher Seth 226 Lee, Shanna 54, 112 Lee, William 225 Lefebvre, Courtney 112 Leger, Caite 232 Leger, Marisa 87 Legrange, John 112 Lejeune, Hunter 87 LeJeune, Kennedy 87



Lentz, Shanna 87 Leon, Kacey 112 Leonard, Christine 87, 233 Leonard, Sarai 87 LePere, Rachael 223 Lesage, Molly 224 Lester, Melissa 87 Leto, Seth 29, 224 Levy, Rebekah 112 Lewis, Bryce 87 Lewis, Dr. Danielle 234 Lewis, Jessica 237 Lewis, Tajh 196 Lewis, Tia 113 Lewis, Welton 113 Licciardi, Brenna 222 Licciardi, Jenna 224 Lincecum, Rebecca 113 Linder, Rebekah 87 Lindsay, Cassie 74 Lindsey, Kaitlyn 224 Link, Kelly 24, 27 Lipari, Jarrett 113 Lipps, Jake 87 Lockhart, Shelbie 87 Lopez, Salvador 87 Lopinto, Molly 223 Lorentz, Lauren 113 Loria, Cameron 113, 226 Lorio, Blake 113 Loupe, Chelsea 29, 113 Loupe, Garret 224 Love, Lawanda 113 Lowder, Dylan 87 Lowe, Emily 87 Lowery, Chelsey 113 Loyacano, Haley 29 Loyd, Rachael 87 Lucasmilton, Jamecia 87 Lundsgaard, Lynne 87 Luo, Hao 113 Luther, Brandon 224 Luttmann, Mallarey 113 Lynch, Alanna 228 Lyons, Max 168 M Ma, Xingbo 87 Macaluso, Donald 231 Mack, Kelsey 234 Mackenzie, Ian 113 Mackenzie, Molly 113 Mackles, Megan 87 Maddie, Hannah 87 Magee, Aesha 230 Magee, Kyndrial 11 Maggio, Kaci 113 Magruder, Danielle 223 Mahler, Sharie 113 Maillet, Bailee 223 Major, Indya 230 Malbrough, Robert 228 Maloy, Jill 113 Mangus, Taylor 223 Manning, Latricia 87 Marasco, Dominic 234 Marchese, Julia 87 Marcotte, Shelby 113 Marino, Irene 233 Marino, Melanie 223 Marioneaux, Brandi 230 Mark, Stephony 227 Marquez, Maranda 87 Martin, Brandon 87 Martin, Dillon 232 Martin, Duncan 29, 113, 228 Martin, Kayla 230 Martin, Robert 227 Martinez, Addison 233 Martinez, Jazmin 113 Mary, Jennifer 223 Masters, Parrish 233 Matherne, Chase 113 Matherne, Jared 233 Matherne, Matthew 224 Matthews, Datron 219, 221, 237 Mayer, Courtney 230 Mays, Jasmine 222 Maze, Julian 202, 220, 231 McCaleb, Kayla 229 McCalman, Vivian 235 Mccardle, Meaghan 113

McCarthy, Dr. Deborah 67 McClain, Benjamin 225 McClelen, Robert 229 McClendon, Morgan 223, 232 McClinton, Sydnie 220, 230 McCormick, Megan 223, 251 Mccoy, Damena 113 Mccoy, Kara 113 Mccoy, Trinecia 113 Mccurley, Brooklyn 113 McDonald, Jasmine 230, 237 McDougal, Elizabeth 62 Mcgee, Jared 87 McGee, Timmy 232 Mcgrath, Amber 113 Mcgregor, Kody 113 McGuiness, Keri 87 McGuire, James 88 Mchugh, Jenna 114 McInnis, Meghan 88 McIntosh, Melody 88 McKernan, Karlee 223 Mckey, Mason 224 McLaurin, Candis 88 McLean, Taylor 223 Mclemore, Tyron 225 Mcloughlin, Amanda 14 McMasters, Victoria 224 McMillion, Jordan 225 McMorris, Alex 232 Mcmorris, Laken 114 McMurray, Elizabeth 180 McNabb, Reagon 88 Mcneal, Thomas 114 Mcneill, Jesseca 114 McQuary, Daniel 88, 232 McQueen, Gavin 18, 88 McReynolds, Katie 88 Meier, Madelene 88 Melancon, Shianne 229 Mele, Mallery 114 Melugin, Joshua 88 Mena, Mauricio 88 Menesses, Randi 114 Meng, Taylor 227 Menina, Cydney 222 Mercado, Jackeline 114 Mercante, Jacob 114 Mercer, Victoria 88 Merritt, Sierra 114 Messina, Gabrielle 88 Messina, Samantha 227, 232 Metcalfe, Logan 114 Methvien, Kaitlyn 114, 234 Meyers, Kurdeshia 88, 234 Meyers, Mitzi 234 Meyers, William 172, 174 Miano, Maria 88 Miche, James 227 Michelli, Kelci 224 Mickey, Jeff 256 Middleton, Elizabeth 70 Mier, Shirley 227 Migliore, Matthew 88 Mikesell, Grace 223 Milan, Josten 220, 230 Miles, Darryl 18, 114 Miller, Allyson 114 Miller, Austin 114 Miller, Codey 114 Miller, Hunter 114 Miller, Kennetta 230 Miller, Leah 132 Miller, Margaret 222 Miller, Rebecca 227 Miller, Ryan 232 Millet, Catherine 114 Milton, Mallory 88 Mincey, Madison 223 Mincey, Morgan 223 Miner, Amanda 88 Minvielle, A’layne 88 Miranda, Brandon 140 Mire, Jenna 88 Mitchell, Jannah 88 Mixon, Taylor 88 Modicut, Paige 223 Moecklin, Jann 114 Mokeba, Bella 232 Molina, Gabriela Pacheco 115 Money, Shanna 234 Monlyn, Krystal 88 Montelepre, Sarah 114

Montgromery, Porchia 230 Montreal, Laura 224, 233 Moore, Beau 88 Moore, Cheyenne 235 Moore, Ramon 88 Moore, Steven 88 Moore, Tansha 114, 230, 237 Mootoo-Robertson, Aileen 58 Mora, Ernesto 227 Morales, Destinee 114 Morales, Destiny 236 Moran, Nicholas 114 Moran, Scott 227 Moreno, Olivia 229 Morgan, Anne 114 Morgan, Ashley 220 Morgan, Bailey 223 Morgan, Deborah 88 Morgan, Emily 223 Morgan, Kayla 231 Morgan, Taja 250 Morgan, Victoria 88 Morris, Brady 224 Morris, Brandi 89 Morris, Brennan 114 Morris, Destiny 254 Morris, Janeva 234 Morris, Janvier 114 Morris, Jaylon 235 Morris, Joey 224 Morris, Joseph 114 Morris, Tammy 114 Morris, Trina 89, 95 Morrison, Tyler 154, 157 Mosely, Sh-Kaia 218, 222 Moss, Nicole 89 Moss, Victoria 223 Mount, Derrick 151 Mouswaswa, Christiano 89 Mouton, Bri’an 230 Muller, Jamie 89 Mumphrey, Brittnee 89 Munchausen, Jill 222 Munn, Marissa 114 Munoz, Autumn 232 Murden, David 225 Murphy, Lauren 228 Murphy, Mitchell 89 Murray, Bailey 89 Murray, Chad 234 Murray, De’Ja 220 Murry, Raymond 89 Muse, Ladashea 115 Myers, Hannah 89 Myers, Jacob 89 Myers, Madison-Ali 223 N Nalesnik, Brooke 89 Naquin, Lauren 89 Naquin, Morgan 115 Navarre, Nicole 237 Navarre, Renee 115 Nelson, Ashley 115, 124 Nelson, Robert 225 Nershi, Andrea 115 Nethery, Christian 89 Netterville, Katelyn 223 Newell, Beatriz 115 Newell, Katherine 89 Newsom, Taylor 89 Neyrey, Meaghan 115, 227 Nguyen, Giang 89 Nicholas, Chelsea 220 Nicholas, Nekia 115 Nichols, Kinsey 184, 187 Nichols, Madison 232 Nickens, Hayden 224 Nicoletti, David 224 Nielson, Jennifer 89 Nisby, Payton 115, 136, 220 Nobles, Emma 115 Nodine, Emily 115 Noll, Kayla 89 North, Victoria 254 Norton, Mollie 89 Norton, Zackery 226 Novak, Kaelen 230, 234 Nye, Joshua 115 O

Oakley, Taylor 227, 228 Oatis, Sarah 89 Obermann, Paul 115, 172, 174 O’Connor, Chrystol 115 Odom, Madi 210 Odom, Simone 115 Oestriecher, Tori 222 Ogle, Bethany 223 Olivier, Matthew 89 Olivier, Tyler 224 Olsson, Sofia 181 Olynick, Ryan 115 O’Neil, Cameron 70 O’Neil, Samantha 223 Onyeagusi, Chibueze 89 Onyeagusi, Chinwendu 89 Oprea, Matthew 89 O’Quin, Benita 90 Ordoyne, Stephen 115 Orillion, Heather 89 Orillion, Travis 115 O’Rourke, William 115 Orten, Peyton 115, 235 Osby-Jackson, Tristyn 228, 237 Otillio, Cindy 89 Otillio, Kelli 115 Ott, Jarred 89 Oufnac, Susan 132, 133 Ourso, Sharon 115 Overton, Larry 231 Overton, Rose 115 Owens, Branna 115 Owens, Carmen 228 P Pace, Espian 115 Page, Kevin 237 Page, Madelyn 90 Page, Rona 236, 237 Page, Sonja 237 Palisi, Courtney 115 Palmer, Erin 90 Palmisano, Lester 58 Palumbo, Cecelia 38, 238 Panepinto, Anthony 90 Panyanouvong, Tiara 220 Paretti, Everett 90 Parker, Courtney 115 Parker, Jacob 90 Parker, Marjorie 90 Parker, Solomon 116 Parlow, Precocia 228 Parrill, Marie 116 Parrott, Lauren 223 Passman, Brant 116 Patel, Vidhi 116 Patrick, Christie 90 Patrick, Patricia 90 Patton, Tyler 116 Paul, Gennard 116 Paul, Raymond 230 Paulus, Madison 227 Payne, Kayli 116 Payton, Erin 230 Peacock, Casey 116, 180 Peairs, Christine 230 Peak, Nancy 126 Pears, Ryan 45 Pearson, Amber 116, 223 Pearson, Lanie 90 Peat, Katelyn 228 Peck, Nancy 116 Pecoraro, Amber 90 Peer, Adele 223 Pellegrin, Ronald 116 Pellerin, Angelle 116 Pellhum, Lindsay 116 Percy, Gina 90 Percy, Raven 116 Perelli, Samuel 116 Perilloux, Debra 116, 236 Perkins, Rachel 232 Perrin, Darian 231 Perrin, Savannah 56, 116, 127, 231 Perry, Gabrielle 116 Perry, Leeamber 223 Peters, Rayshell 116, 123, 222 Petrie, Dashaun 230 Peyton, Brianka 90 Pham, Eric 116 Phill, Ashley 90

Phillips, Brittany 116 Phillips, Kevin 90 Phillips, Kyra 90 Phillips, Stewart 90 Piacun, Amanda 116 Picou, Miranda 90 Pier, Catherine 90 Pierce, Bridget 116 Pierce, Taylor 90 Pierre, Marsha 219, 222 Pigeon, Cameron 224 Piper, Leah 224 Pipes, Charnae 116 Pittman, Cameron 234 Pizzolato, Samuel 140 Plaisance, Alexia 90 Poche, Brianna 116 Poche, Mia 90 Poche, Taylor 116 Pogonych, Oleg 116 Pogue, Matthew 90 Pohlmann, Hannah 116 Polanco, Eddy 163 Polk, Austin 234 Pollard, Sarah 90 Pontiff, Errin 236 Pooler, Karleacia 117, 220 Poore, Nicollette 236 Poret, Betty 227 Poret, Lindsey 228 Poullard, Ra’Najawhan 117 Powell, Kaliah 230 Powell, Kristin 90 Powell, Sarah 90 Price, Carley 223 Price, Raven 10, 227, 230, 233 Pritchett, Emily 235 Pugh, Brianna 90 Pugh, Richard 231 Puissegur, Caleb 90 Puma, Brittany 117 Q Quartararo, Skylar 223 Quick, Myles 224 R Rabalais, Christian 225 Rabalais, Hayden 91 Raborn, Connor 117, 235 Ragusa, Abigail 117, 235 Ragusa, Natalie 235 Raiford, Cody 117 Rainey, Ean 117 Rainey, Miranda 232 Ramagos, Lillian 117 Ramee, Elizabeth 117 Ramirez, Yesica 91 Ramon, Jaquelyn 186 Ramos, Victoria 236 Ranabhat, Subash 117 Randolph, Daija 228 Rankin, Dennis Jr 117 Ratcliff, Olivia 223 Ray, Keisha 91 Raygadas, Dany 190, 192 Reaux, Ben 225 Recatto, Jordan 117 Redman, Justin 235 Redmond, Michael 91 Reed, Ashley 229 Reese, Crystal 91 Reese, Tanner 140 Reeves, Brianna 237 Reeves, Hannah 91, 234 Reggio, Victoria 117 Reich, Krista 117 Reid, Erin 227 Reid, Jordan 117 Reid, Shelby 117 Reine, Erica 91 Renfrow, Avery 117 Reno, Jenna 232 Reynolds, Ashleigh 91 Reynolds, Gabrielle 222 Rheams, Jordan 220 Rhodes, Brianna 230 Rhodes, Jonathan 235, 248 Rhymes, Marquita 117 Ribando, Kristin 117 Ribando, Taylor 117



Ricau, Samantha 117 Ricca, Brielle 223 Ricci, Joseph 233 Riccobono, Sadie 232 Richard, Landon 91, 232 Richard, Mark 117 Richards, Coper 224 Richardson, Casey 91 Richardson, Dayja 117 Richert, Kyle 117 Richoux, Courtney 117 Ricobono, Anna 232 Riddell, Jessica 223 Rideaux, Cristian 91, 97 Rideaux, Mikaylia 117, 229, 236 Rider, Rhagan 232 Rigdell, Allie 232 Riley, Ashley 117, 233 Riley, Lisa 117 Ripple, Kelly 118 Riser, Matt 148 Rivera, Olivia 224 Rizzo, Nick 91 Roberso, Kylie 232 Robert, Matthew 70 Robert, Sarah 118 Roberts, Alyx 232 Roberts, Mia 118, 229 Roberts, Taylor 223 Robertson, Kyla 118 Robichaux, Brooke 118, 235 Robinson, Andrea 118 Robinson, Clarence 118 Robinson, Dereck Jr 91 Robinson, Eugene 220 Robinson, Trashica 91 Robiskie, Cierra 229 Rochelle, Lynzy 228 Rockforte, Trey 224 Rodemann, Nicole 91 Rodrigue, Alexis 91 Rodrigues, Marisa 118 Rodriguez, Danielle 234 Rodriguez, Devan 232 Rodriguez, Kaci 118 Rodriguez, Nicholas 225 Roger, Blade 20 Rogers, Austin 10, 29, 225, 246 Rogers, Zachary 224 Rogue, Marissa 223 Rolle, Kaziah 233 Romano, Wesley 141 Rome, Brooke 118 Rome, Harley 91 Rome, Jaimee 91 Rome, Ryan 118 Romine, Shelly 234 Rook, Jordan 223 Root, Madeline 118 Ropiskie, Cierra 230 Rose, Lauren 118 Rossi, Ryan 225 Rossman, Joseph 118 Rostetter, Abigail 118 Roth, Graham 91 Roudolfich, Jeltje 91 Roundtree, Averi 91 Rousset, Elizabeth 223 Roux, Amy 118 Rowe, Sierra 118 Roy, Abagail 68 Ruch, Christian 233 Rudesill, Anna 118 Ruffino, Olivia 223 Rushing, Maddie 232 Rushing, Samantha 91 Russell, Meghan 223, 240 Russell, Ryan 232 Rutledge, Courtney 225 Ryan, Lee-Ann 118 S Sabadash, Hope 118 Sadden, Jeremy 118 Sagona, Dillon 232 Salles, Jordan 91 Sallimen, Jesse 226, 250 Salminen, Johanna 91 Saltalmachia, Nora 118 Sampey, Brooke 118 Sampson, Darichelle 118 Sanabia, Brigette 91

Sanders, Dantrayl 118, 202 Sarver, Kirstin 91 Saucier, Caitlynn 91 Saul-Roussel, Jarren 91 Saul, Maegan 230 Sauter, Maggie 223 Savoie, Austin 92 Savoie, Danielle 118 Savoie, Hila 92 Savoie, Steve 229 Savoy, Abigail 118 Savoy, Jacqueline 118 Savoy, Jason 119 Savoy, Megan 71 Scaffidi, Ashley 224 Scalise, Michlynn 119, 224 Sceroler, Mac 148 Schafer, Kyle 92 Schell, Bryce 119 Schell, Timmy 224 Schexnailder, Hannah 222 Schexnayder, Lin 119 Schexsnayder, Joshua 92 Schibler, Casey 119 Schilling, Jordan 92 Schluter, Joseph 119 Schmidt, Austin 75 Schmidt, Colin 231 Schmidt, William 227 Schouest, Alicia 230 Schulte, Dr. Paige 52 Schultz, Katelyn 224 Schwander, Peggy 234 Scioneaux, Gabby 230 Scoby, Jermanee 224 Scott, Chamberlain 119 Scott, Chelsea 92, 222, 230 Scott, Korbin 92 Scott, Raeven 119 Scuderi, Kaitlyn 223 Seale, Hailey 232 Seale, Nathan 232 Seals, Brianna 92 Seibert, Brent 224 Seimetz, Daniel 26 Seo, Soyeon 119 Serpas, Jared 92 Seward, Jacob 150 Shallin, Abby 235 Sharman, Savannah 236 Sharp, Braxton 92 Sharp, Gabrielle 223 Sharp, Karson 233 Sharp, Victoria 119 Sheets, Jade 222 Shelby, Christy 92 Sheppard, Chanel 92 Sheppard, Queen 119 Shimada, Sonoko 119 Showalter, Jordan 72, 119, 225 Sibley, Logan 224 Sibley, Martha 227 Sicomo, Nicole 229 Siliezar, Ashley 119 Silvey, Morgan 92 Silvio, Lauren 92 Simmons, Brennan 225, 228 Simmons, Katie 119, 236 Simmons, Michaela 119 Simoneaux, Aimee 236 Simoneaux, Darren 119 Simpson, Marleni 255 Singleton, Reneisha 237 Sistrunk, Amanda 222 Slama, Andrew 119 Slawson, Zachary 119 Slay, Victoria 119 Small, Katelyn 237 Smart, Olivia 119 Smiley, Racheal 119 Smith, Alton III 120 Smith, Bailey 175 Smith, Brittany 119 Smith, Clarissa 198 Smith, Da’Quan 92 Smith, Heaven 119 Smith, Jacob 92, 228 Smith, Jamie 119 Smith, Jordan 92 Smith, Josh 225 Smith, Julie 119 Smith, Kristin 92 Smith, Nakiya 92

Exchange Sea Turtles Released Donna Shaver, chief of the Division of Sea Turtle Science and Recovery for the National Park Service, Padre Island, Texas, places on the sand Kemp’s ridley sea turtle hatchlings during the parks first public release of 2017 on Wednesday, June 7, 2017.The Division of Sea Turtle Science and Recovery, plus dedicated volunteers, released 78 turtle hatchlings into the Gulf of Mexico. Photo courtesy (Courtney Sacco /Corpus Christi Caller-Times via AP) /Corpus Christi Caller-Times via AP)

NCAA Baseball SE Louisiana vs. Rice Southeastern Louisiana’s Ryan Byers (6) avoids the tag by Rice first baseman Addison Moss (36) at first in the fifth inning of an NCAA college baseball tournament regional game in Baton Rouge, La., Sunday, June 4, 2017. Photo courtesy (AP Photo/Gerald Herbert)

Russia Protest Police form a human chain during an anti-corruption rally in St. Petersburg, Russia, Monday, June 12, 2017. Riot police in St. Petersburg have begun detaining demonstrators in an unsanctioned opposition rally in the center of the city. Photo courtesy (AP Photo/Dmitry Lovetsky)



Puerto Rico Statehood Governor Ricardo Rossello and Congresswoman representing Puerto Rico Jennifer Gonzalez celebrate the results of a referendum on the status of the island, at the New Progressive Party headquarters in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Sunday, June 11, 2017. The governor announced that the U.S. territory overwhelmingly chose statehood on Sunday in a non-binding referendum held amid a deep economic crisis that has sparked an exodus of islanders to the U.S. mainland. Voter turnout was just 23 percent. Photo courtesy (AP Photo/Carlos Giusti)

San Francisco Summer of Love This artist’s rendering, released by the San Francisco Recreation and Parks Department, is what the Conservatory of Flowers in Golden Gate Park will look like when it is illuminated with psychedelic lighting in tribute to the 50th anniversary of the Summer of Love. The city’s Recreation and Park Department announced this week it will host the “Surrealistic Summer Solstice,” a four-hour jam “featuring over 40 legendary musicians” on June 21, 2017, followed by a lighting of the Victorian-era glass greenhouse that will remain through October. Photo courtesy (San Francisco Recreation and Parks Department via AP)

Ending Lunch Shaming On Friday, May 19, 2017 photo, Seventh-grade students eat lunch at Mount Jordan Middle School in Sandy, Utah. Canyons School District administrators are proposing that the school board adopt a policy that takes a kinder, gentler approach to school nutrition service to children whose accounts are in arrears. Photo courtesy (Laura Seitz/The Deseret News via AP)



Smith, Richard 119 Smith, Samantha 92, 236 Smith, Taylor 119 Smith, Zackart 92 Smoot, Jim 208, 211 Sneed, Shelly 227 Soileau, Allison 233 Soileau, Carli 232 Soileau, Cory 233 Solomon, Sontrell 120, 125, 221 Songy, Hayden 120, 233 Songy, Katie 120 Soniat, Marcus 232 Sotile, Alex 226 Spangler, Sarah 120 Spears, Laken 229 Spears, Sarah 223 Spell, Jenna 223 Spina, Alyssa 220 Splane, Kathryn 120 Squires, Charles 62 Squires, Ian 228 St. Clair, Halie 224 St. Cyr, Joshua 220, 231 St. Pierre, Brandon 120 St. Pierre, Randi 120 Staggs, Stephanie 120 Stallion, Lorenzo 120 Stamp, Kristen 230 Stampley, Wando 120 Stanley, Akira 37 Stanley, Zachary 92 Stanton, Ashira 92 Stanton, Jamie 92 Starkey, Celine 92 Stasko, Jake 232 Steib, Alexandra 228 Stein, Alexander 120 Stevens, Sara 92 Stevenson, Michelle 232 Stewart, Meunshae 120 Stewart, Sydney 120 Stiegles, Sabrina 92 Stilley, Kristen 120 Stillwell, James 45 Stine, Jennifer 67 Stinson, Taz 157 Stockton, Tanner 232 Storms, Derek 120 Story, Brennon 92 Stoughton, Derek 228 Stout, Breanna 222 Stratton, Kelsey 120 Strickland, Paul 120 Stringer, Jeremy 140, 225 Stringer, Landon 120 Strong, Kaylin 120, 223, 229 Studley, Rachel 93, 233 Suire, Angelle 222 Sullivan, Melinda 232 Summers, Layla 70 Sutton, Joel 93 Sutton, Peyton 186 Swenson, Sarah 232 Sylve, Breland 220 Sylve, Courtney 230 T Talbert, Keirre 93 Talley, Daniel Jr 228 Tallia, Brindley 120 Tan, Vy 235 Tanner, Lily 227 Tarride, Christine 120 Tasker, Markia 93 Tassin, Carnisha 230 Tassin, Jonae 93 Tassin, Kaylee 93 Tate, Lelia 93 Tatum, Jonathan 166 Taylor, Brittany 93 Taylor, Dakota 232 Taylor, Danica 120, 228 Taylor, Hilda 237 Taylor, Jada 120, 230 Taylor, Katie 223 Taylor, Lela 230 Taylor, Sam 232 Taylor, Sara 93 Taylor, Yasmine 192 Tenhundfeld, Matt 232 Terhune, Jennifer 93

Terre, Jennifer 120 Terrell, Hannah 120 Terrell, Kristal 230 Terrell, Skyler 93 Thames, Brett 93 Thaners, Michaela 230 Theall, Emma 232 Theall, Laura 231 Theriot, Ashley 120 Thiaville, Chad 34, 120 Thibodeaux, Skylar 60 Thierry, Megan 229 Thomas, Catherine 93 Thomas, Ebony 93 Thomas, James 93 Thomas, Jessica 223 Thomas, Kate 224 Thomas, Ryan 229 Thomas, Stephanie 93 Thompson, Chasity 93 Thompson, Kali 233 Thompson, Kayce 93 Thompson, Ryan 121 Thompson, Stevie 93 Thonn, Jessica 223 Thorn, Briana 121 Thorne, Kayla 233 Thornton, Caroline 223 Thorpe, Harlen 227 Threeton, Breanna 121 Tidwell, Rachel 121 Tillman, Javon 121 Tillman, Rejerne 230 Times, Mikayla 230 Tircuit, Megan 121 Todd, Haley 223 Todd, Morgan 121 Tomko, Ross 121 Ton, Vincent 236 Tonguis, Matthew 121 Toomer, Brian 93 Toomer, Ronald 121 Torres-Diaz, Carmen 93 Torres, Adam 17 Torres, Jaritza 93 Torres, Julia 231 Toussaint, Asia 237 Townsend, Kaitlyn 93 Tracey, Hannah 121 Tramonte, Laciee 93 Tranchina, Garrett 226 Trapani, Brienne 93 Traylor, Dr. Ronald 225 Trefzger, Lynn 26 Treloar, Emily 121 Triche, Myranda 121, 125 Triche, Tanner 226 Trisler, Riley 225 Troxclair, Hans 121 Truehart, Dominic 240 Truglio, Amanda 93 Tuimur, Everylyn 233 Tullier, Gabrielle 121 Tully, Taylor 226 Tumonaro, Aaron 224 Turner, Anne 93 Turner, Brooke 232 Turner, Kaleigh 223 Turner, Madison 227 Turner, Monetria 220, 230, 236, 237 Tutt, Kayleigh 224 Twidwell, Angela 224 Tyree, Tara 121 Tzeng, Joseph 121

Vanek, Reverend Daniel 233 Varnado-Sullivan, Dr. Paula 229 Vasquez, Fonz 232 Vasterling, Ben 198 Vaughn, Deuel 121 Vaughn, Hannah 223 Vazquez, Isabella 36, 223 Veal, Lauren 121 Veal, Leamenia 228 Venable, Jacob 94 Verdun, Joshua 24, 27 Verrette, Jordan 94 Vessel, Carmen 228 Viavant, Kayla 94 Vickers, Colton 121 Vickers, Eric 228 Viger, Robert 121 Villar, Keely 121 Vincent, Vashon 7 Vining, Darian 70 Vinyard, Baleigh 121 Visel, Nathan 94 Volpi, Jacob 94 Von Rosenberg, Grant 121 W Waddell, Krystal 34 Wade, Katie 94 Wadlington, Dr. Elizabeth 64 Wagner, Brent 121 Wagner, Caroline 223 Waguespack, Brennen 94 Waguespack, Olivia 227 Walden, Kevin 94 Walker, Kelsi 94 Walker, Raquelle 94 Walls, Mykel 94 Ward, Alexa 122 Ward, Samantha 224 Warren., Jaquan 94, 96, 231 Warren, Bre 154, 156 Warren, Eric 94 Warren, Jaquan 94, 96, 231 Warren, Kezelle 94 Warren, Sonya 94 Washington, Daijah 204 Washington, Damaris 220 Washington, Haley 18, 224 Washington, Jasmine 220, 230, 237 Washington, Taylor 220, 230 Waskom, Colton 94 Watkins, Delton 233 Watkins, Matthew 218 Watts, Bailey 222 Watts, Brittany 94 Weary, Lojuanda 234 Weary, Osha 59 Weatherford, Emily 234 Weatherington, Victoria 122 Weatherspoon, La’ Sheika 67, 220 Weaver, Jeremiah 232 Weeden, Bianca 94 Weidie, Lauren 94 Weiskopf, Hannah 224 Wells, Avery 224 Wells, Mathew 94 Westbrook, Kristian 122 Westcott, Brooke 222 Wetekamm, Anthony 226 Wheat, Karlie 122 Wheeler, Tristyn 224 Whelton, Shannon 94 Whiley, Matt 232 White, Brittney 122 White, Bryant 196 White, Domonique 94 White, Dylan 94, 122 White, Kristin 122 White, Shannon 94 White, Tracy 233 Whitehead, Allison 122, 228 Whittington, Emily 223 Whittington, Grace 232 Wicker, Cory 122 Wiedeman, Jayson 122 Wiggins, Harry 122 Wilcox, Abby 232 Wilcox, Emily 122 Wilde, Ashton 94 Wiley, Bryan 225 Wiley, Zachary 94 Wilhelm, Bethany 122

U Usner, Molly 93 V Vaccaro, Daniel 232 Vaccaro, John 94 Vaccaro, Paul 121 Vaillancourt, Alex 224 Vaillancourt, Lauren 224 Valentine, Danielle 94 Valenzuela, Alberto 224 Vales, Jonathan 232 Vallette, Taylor 121 Vallo, Gustav 226 Vampran, Trevor 121 Vanek, Haley 233



Willard, Jessika 122 Williams, Alexis 220 Williams, Arkyia 230 Williams, Blaine 19, 122 Williams, Brandom 225 Williams, Caitlyn 95, 232 Williams, Cameron 122 Williams, Cierra 230 Williams, D’Anna 221 Williams, Dr. Troy 74 Williams, Emily 122 Williams, Evian 122 Williams, India 237 Williams, Jahnice 232 Williams, Jimecia 122, 222 Williams, Jon’vielle 95 Williams, Joseph Jr 122 Williams, Kathryn 223 Williams, Kourtney 95 Williams, Kristen 230 Williams, Kyle 122 Williams, Mary 122 Williams, Natayueon 230 Williams, Nick 232 Williams, Sharrona 95 Williams, Stephanie 95 Williams, Stephen 122, 228 Williams, Taylor 224 Williams, Vanessa 122, 202, 237 Williams, Willard 122 Williamson, Luke 225 Williamson, Macy 95 Williard, Christopher 226 Willis, Dr. Gabe 231 Willis, Dru 122 Willis, Molly 95 Wilson, J’Micah 237 Wilson, Kayla 75, 122 Wilson, Lindsay 223 Wilson, Sarah 222 Wilson, Shelby 234 Wilson, Taylor 95 Wimbish, Katie 232 Winfrey, Danita 220, 230, 237 Woessner, Deanna 122 Wolf, Ra’Jae’ 234 Womack, Jarrett 123 Woodall, Vantreece 123 Woodard, Dwayne 205, 220 Woods, Brandon 123 Woods, Daneeka 123 Woods, Paul 95 Wright, Christopher 230 Wyatt, Carlena 136 Wylie, Nicholas 29, 68 X Xie, Wanyu 123 Y Yaing, Britny 95 Yates, Camille 237 Yates, Leland 123 Ybarzabal, Gabrielle 255 Yoes, Luke 123 Young, Asia 230 Young, Brianna 123, 230 Young, Kayla 95 Z Zahn, Earl B. IV 226 Zeien, Aliyah 230 Zelaya, Corrine 224 Zell, Aaron 95 Zepeda, Dylan 229 Zeringue, Sarah 20, 37, 233 Zuelke, Heidi 95 Zulli, Blake 95 Zunker, Cory 95 Zweifel, Casey 223

An aerial photo captures flooded Hammond Eastside Elementary Magnet School and Hammond High Magnet School in Hammond, La. (right) after heavy rains inundated the region Saturday, Aug. 13, 2016. A combination of an incredibly moist air mass and a slow moving storm system resulted in feet of rain for southern Louisiana. The epic rains caused devastating flooding, which led to the evacuation of tens of thousands, killed at least thirteen people, and paralyzed the region. As much as 31 inches of rain was recorded in Watson, northeast of Baton Rouge. Photo courtesy AP Photo/Max Becherer The men’s basketball team (below) pose for a picture during flooding recovery efforts. Student athletes contributed many hours of community service helping locals recover after the record flooding. Photo courtesy Public Information



Volunteers (below) pull a boat with a woman and young child as they evacuate from their homes Saturday, Aug. 13, 2016, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Gov. John Bel Edwards said more than 1,000 people in south Louisiana had been rescued from homes, vehicles and were even clinging to trees as a slowmoving storm hammered the state with flooding. Photo courtesy John Oubre/The Advocate via AP

Many students (left) stand outside of the Student Union as they prepare to lend a hand to local flood victims. After the August 2016 flood many departments, organizations and students came together and helped the community with clean up and rebuilding efforts. Gov. John Bel Edwards’ office estimated that 109,000 houses were damaged and tens of thousands of people rescued; other people escaped on their own. A statewide state of emergency was declared and President Obama declared a major disaster in 20 parishes. Photo by Lee E. Lind



letter from the editor

As Co-Editor of Le Souvenir, I can say it has been a very humbling experience. This is my second book as Editor of Le Souvenir and it has been a great experience like none other. This experience has made me into a great leader on this campus, and I will forever hold Southeastern near and dear to my heart. Southeastern will always be my family. Thank you to my Co-Editor Kelonda Dixon and my campus life editor Megan McCormick as well as the rest of the staff. This is not a goodbye, but a hello to all of the opportunities that will open up after I graduate from this amazing university.

As Co-Editor of Le Souvenir, it has been nothing short of a learning experience. I’m proud of the work that was produced this year and that I was able to be a part of this experience. As a graduating senior in Graphic Design, the skills I have learned while working for Student Publications is apparent to my future in this field. I am so grateful for the people I have met and worked with, and the experiences I have gained. When I finished my training and was promoted to Co-Editor I faced a great dilemma. I didn’t know whether I was ready for the responsibility, but ultimately I learned that in this position I was able to guide as well as teach what I learned from my core design classes to the staff. I am genuinely honored to have been a part of documenting the memories of students, staff, and campus life here at Southeastern Louisiana University. closing


Colophon Le Souvenir Volume 88 2017

Le Souvenir, which in French means “the memory,” is the official student yearbook of Southeastern Louisiana University. The yearbook has been printed since 1929 and is distributed each year in the fall. Le Souvenir is published through the Office of Student Publications, part of the Division for Student Affairs. Created by students of the university, the publication and members of the staff operate under the freedom of expression granted by the First Amendment of the United States Bill of Rights. Student Publications also defends the rights of student journalists relative to freedom of speech. The Lion’s Roar newspaper, Le Souvenir yearbook, their associated websites and other electronic media are designated public forums. Student editors have the authority to make content decisions without censorship or advance approval. For Volume 88 of the book, body copy was written by the staff of Le Souvenir unless otherwise noted. The staff of Student Publications took more than 500,000 photos throughout the year. Additional photography was provided by the Southeastern Office of Public Information or was submitted for use by individuals, unless otherwise noted. Candid Campus Photography provided many of the portrait pictures of graduating seniors. Photos included on the Index spreads were provided by the Associated Press. Photos

submitted were received through electronic means or scanned from hardcopy images. Le Souvenir was digitally designed by the staff using Apple iMac computers. Layout design was assembled using Adobe InDesign CS6. Graphic design aspects were created using Adobe Photoshop CS6 and Adobe Illustrator CS6 software. Photos were taken using Canon EOS 60D, Canon EOS 30D, Canon EOS Rebel T5i, Canon EOS Rebel T3i, Canon Digital Rebel XTi or the self-owned cameras of individual staff members. Le Souvenir 2017 has 272 full-color pages, printed on 80# gloss finish paper. The cover of the Le Souvenir is printed on 150 pt. art board. The 2017 Le Souvenir yearbook was produced and printed in the USA. Anne Peytavin of Jostens Inc., provided pre-press and production assistance. The Office of Student Publications at Southeastern Louisiana University owns the copyrights to this yearbook. No part, in piece or in whole, may be reproduced without the written permission of the Director of Student Publications. All inquiries should be directed to: Le Souvenir, Office of Student Publications, Student Union Room 1303, SLU 10877 Hammond, LA 70402.

Photo by Megan McCormick colophon